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asacarmin76: does ephy-browser build for you on top of xul 1.9? (hppa)?11:11
armin76asac: no clue11:22
armin76haven't tried11:22
asacok ... if noone complained ;)11:41
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fta2why is evolution so slow to display html content?17:43
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asacfta2: not sure ;) ... does it use gecko?20:23
asaci really go crazy with this sound thing20:23
asaci mean i dont ask for too much ;)20:23
ftaasac, http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=103457320:32
asacfta: i dont have any sound still :(20:33
asacif i use alsa only i have sound, but i am incapable directing line-in to my speakers20:34
asacso that doesnt help much20:34
ftawhat do you see when you start pulseaudio manually?20:36
asacfta: just pasted it to -devel20:36
asacfta: are you in group pulse-rt?20:38
asacfta: how am i supposed to be in that group?20:39
asacis that postinst magic or what?20:40
fta$ groups20:41
ftafta adm cdrom floppy audio dip video plugdev lpadmin scanner admin fuse pulse-rt kvm libvirtd dialout20:41
asacfta: which pulse-* gorups are you member20:41
asaci will try20:41
* asac relogs in20:41
asacso i dont have any startup sound still20:43
asacdoesnt sound promissing20:43
asacjust a mess20:44
ftaOct 17 23:40:39 <crimsun> asac: grab http://www.alsa-project.org/alsa-info.sh and run it using bash20:47
ftaOct 18 20:18:41 <crimsun> if it happens again, use `bash alsa-info.sh --noupload' and paste{,bin} the /tmp/alsa*20:47
asacthe pulseaudio upstream guy lives in my town ... i think i will visit him ;)20:48
asaci think first thing to do is to build vanilla upstream pulse20:50
asaci have the feeling we patched this thing to death20:51
* asac gets http://0pointer.de/lennart/projects/pulseaudio/pulseaudio-0.9.14.tar.gz20:51
* asac installs build-dep20:52
asac./configure --prefix=/home/asac/local_pulse/20:53
asacthats what came out of it;)20:54
* asac spins this shit20:55
asacsuddenly my sound card started to work again :/21:00
ftaafter the build or during?21:01
asacduring build21:01
asacbtw, the build failed ;)21:01
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asacthis is _just_ _crap_ (TM)21:02
asacfta: have you tried "Input" test of gstreamer-properties?21:03
asacis that supposed to just pipe what gets in to the output?21:03
ftabut i have no mic here21:04
asaci dont want mic, i want line it :(21:05
asacfta: any clue how i can find alsa hwX card names?21:08
asacok so nothing is muted in mixer anymore :(21:09
ftalspci -vv ?21:09
asacfta: how does that map to alsa names?21:10
asace.g. i have hw0:0 or hw2:021:11
asacwhere does that come from?21:11
asacok i give up ... i have to start windows now to test that the line-in jack is actually not broken21:11
ftaboot on an older live cd21:13
asacfta: so you are not supposed to be in pulse-rt21:34
ftaasac, at work, i'm not (still using intrepid, but a ~fresh install from 2 months ago)22:12

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