klb_hi, I can't start watch tv. When I check the logs I see that it is looking for 1016_2009118162152.mpg in the live directory I set up. I looked in the directory and it is not there, I don't know where it went or why but is there a way for me to regenerate it or have it start a new one?00:33
crodrigues_Hi. Can someone please tell me how can I use an already xmltv format file available on-line?00:50
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perilousapricotis it possible to use https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Installation/WindowsServerNetboot to boot the mythbuntu testing ISOs?01:20
tgm4883perilousapricot, I don't know if anyone has tried01:29
perilousapricottgm4883, I'm finding a lot of tutorials for booting an initrd image, but not a simple iso01:30
lobolifeI'm looking for front-end to watch torrents and dvds. Would mythbuntu be a good solution for this?01:38
perilousapricottgm4883, unetbootin is the answer to my previous question01:52
MythbuntuGuest16Hi Ii'm intrested in RSS feeds from MythWeb. I've read a couple of sites that said I should have that capability with 7.04, but I can't seem to find it...01:54
perilousapricotwhat do you mean rss feeds?01:54
MythbuntuGuest16I'm trying to setup my Zune to download the latest episode of a show when its recoreded through an RSS video feed.01:56
MythbuntuGuest16Here is what I'm trying to use: http://www.mythtv.org/wiki/MythWebRSS01:58
perilousapricotone sec, my browser just decided to lock up02:00
perilousapricotfirefox has been doing this a bunch recently :(02:00
MythbuntuGuest16I've had the same issue, have to tried Google Chrome?02:00
perilousapricotwell, I have firefox plugins that I like02:01
perilousapricotthere's some other plugins02:02
rhpot1991MythbuntuGuest16: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/MythExport02:02
perilousapricot(getting back to the RSS)02:02
rhpot1991poke at that some02:02
perilousapricotgrrrrr, I wish nvidia would get off their asses and recompile their drivers against the new xorg02:21
perilousapricotdo the open source nv- drivers have XV support?02:24
iokyhello, I just get a Hauppauge Wintv HVR 1600 PCI card06:16
iokyI don't know how to get the remote to work06:16
iokyit mean be related to the IR receiver06:16
iokyI am not sure , any idea?06:16
phunyguyhave you looked at any lirc docs?06:22
phunyguyit would be a good idea to start there, ioky.06:22
iokyyes, however, I don't really get how it actually work with my remote06:24
phunyguythen you should format and install windows.06:25
iokyI don't even know is the IR receiver is supported or not. haha06:25
phunyguyare you using the reciever that came with the remote?06:25
phunyguyand you are on mythbuntu?06:25
phunyguywell you have to find the correct driver for the reciever06:26
phunyguyand put it in /etc/lircd/hardware.conf06:26
phunyguythen find a lircd.conf to match the remote  (codes)06:26
iokywell, the receiver come with the Card, it is like on board06:27
phunyguyif you cant find codes, you need to record your own06:28
iokythis is the remote I have06:28
phunyguyand if you can't take the time to learn how to do it, then you shouldnt be using linux.06:28
iokyI just not sure the receiver come with the card is actually supported06:28
phunyguythat is the config file you need06:28
phunyguysave that as /etc/lirc/lircd.conf06:29
phunyguythen you have to set up mythtv to use that remote06:29
phunyguythe config for that is ~/.lirc/mythtv06:29
iokyThank you so much06:29
iokyjust one little question06:30
iokyif the TV turner part of the TV card is supported, is that mean the IR receiver are also supported too?06:31
phunyguythey may be supported, but it is not insinuated06:31
iokythanks for you help06:32
phunyguyyou are welcome.06:33
iokyJust wondering. How can you tell, is the onboard receiver is working or not?06:45
ioky*ir receiver06:46
iokyI run sudo mode2, as the page said, it output "error opening /dev/lirc" "No Such file or directory"06:57
phunyguytry sudo mode2 -d /dev/lirc006:59
phunyguyyou have to point it to the right device06:59
iokysame thing happen07:00
phunyguythen lirc isnt running07:01
phunyguysudo service lirc start07:01
phunyguyps axf | grep lirc     -  to check and see if process is running07:02
iokyit said "loading Lirc modules [OK]" and then Starting remote control daemon LIRC [Fail]07:04
iokyit is loaded now07:13
iokyhowever, it still say No Such file or directory07:17
iokyps axf | grep lirc return07:34
ioky6440 pts /0 s+ 0:00 | \_grep lirc07:35
ioky6430 ? s+ 0:00 /usr/sbin/lircd --device =/dev/lirc007:36
iokyand mode2 still saying error opening /dev/lirc0, no such file or directory07:36
doodzHey peeps... I've running Mythbuntu (surprise) and got a simple question ... I installed it on a 500gig drive and I'm just wondering where the majority of my hard drive space is so that I can copy larger files to there...I just did default install nothing fancy14:34
bogus-df -h?14:37
doodzso when i type 'df -h' it lists everything.. except the listing only accounts for 150gig of my 500gig..so not sure where the other 350gig is ?14:41
rhpot1991is that 150g free or total?14:41
doodz150gig total .. about 143gig free14:42
superm1doodz, possible that your BIOS doesnt allow drives past that 147gb barrier?14:43
superm1doodz, you can check in fdisk what it's recognized as14:44
superm1or gparted14:44
rhpot1991could fire up gparted and see what it says14:44
rhpot1991superm1 beat me to it14:44
superm1gparted is probably a little easier to use14:44
doodzI've got a terrabyte drive plugged in via USb and it recognises that14:44
doodzok checking out gparted14:44
superm1well the barrier exists for ide drives normally, i'm not sure about sata - but i'm sure it doesnt exist on USB14:44
doodzok gparted lists sda2 as 'extended' and is hoarding all my drive space14:45
doodzactually.. sda6 (sub tree of sda2) has a size of 453gig with 317gig used and 135gig unused... which doesn't make sense cos the drive basically has a fresh install of everything only14:47
doodzand 'df -h' says that sda6 is only using up 1.1gig where gparted says it is using 317gig14:51
* doodz cries they stole my hard drive space14:52
doodzahh I think I may know why I have a problem14:59
doodzI installed my system from a backed up image file... the original disk was only 150gig15:00
doodzis there a way to tell Ubuntu that I have a 500gig instead ?15:02
superm1doodz, boot into gparted from the live disk. you may be able to adjust that15:04
doodzooh ok15:05
doodzill check it out15:05
superm1if you can't, then what you'll have to do is recreate your partition table, but i have a bad feeling that won't work properly and maintain you data15:05
superm1so what you would want to do at that point is create the partitions as normal, and format them.  loop mount your backup image and rsync the files out of it15:05
doodzok im not bothered if I lose my data cos i have them backed up in the image file15:06
doodzis there a way to start from scratch and apply the image file in a smarter way ?15:06
rhpot1991what data do you have?  Might be easier to just backup the mythtv db do a fresh install then import the db15:12
doodzwell i have other stuff installed other than mythtv...what's the best image program these days ?15:13
doodzactually think i might be going good... I followed superml's instructioins and have deleted/created partitions to how I want them..and now I will restore xfs image15:15
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urioli just installed mythtv and the hard disk is working very hard allways, and i don't know how to stop it21:47
urioli have a tdt decoder on an usb stick21:47
urioli installed it in order to record tdt channels on the hard disk21:48
aegisHey guys, can you install mythbuntu onto an existing ubuntu server?  In other words, can an existing ubuntu server become a mythbuntu server without losing all the custom settings already worked.23:21
tgm4883_laptopaegis, not sure how well it would work on the server kernel23:21
rhpot1991IIRC the server kernel is a bad idea23:21
aegisugggh...  that sucks.23:22
aegisI put a lot of work into this server...23:22
hadsChanging kernel isn't hard.23:23
aegishads: you mean I could just change the existing kernel and keep my current settings?23:24
hadsSure, just install linux-image-generic or whatever it's called.23:25
hadsBut if you're installing on a server beware that all of X etc. will probably be pulled in.23:26
aegisso you mean backup xorg.conf23:29
hadsOh if you're already got X installed etc. then it won't matter. A normal server install wouldn't have X.23:30
aegisyeah, I have gnome desktop installed and vnc into it...23:31
hadsSo just a desktop with a server kernal then :)23:31
aegisso any recommendations on how I should start going about that?  Burning a mythbuntu CD and trying to install over the existing server?23:32
hadsNo, install the generic kernel, reboot into it, remove the server kernel, install mythbuntu-control-centre, and the use that to configure your mythtv stuff.23:33
aegishads: sweet... I saw mythbuntu-control-centre in synaptic.  thank you very much.23:34
hadsno probs.23:34
* hads moves conference rooms23:35
aegishads: uname -r shows 2.6.26-23-generic23:36
aegisso am I correct in assuming I am good to go?23:36
hadsaegis: Yes.23:48
hadsSo it's not a server at all, just a desktop :)23:48
BatshuaCould someone be so kind as to assist me?  I'm currently fighting with my graphics card, after which I'm going to have to fight with the tv tuner card.23:55

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