ubottuThe operation succeeded.02:02
ubottuIn ubottu, emma said: !there is currently no factoid for luks (and there should be?)02:02
tonyyarussoerm, we seem to no longer have a bot in my loco channel.  Who's handling that stuff these days?02:02
ubottuIn ubottu, emma said: !luks is <reply>Linux Unified Key Setup, the current most  popular way to use full-disk encryption on linux.  It replaces  the older cryptsetup method02:02
Jack_Sparrow@mark #Ubuntu Tyoons I would like compensation for ubuntu ruining the life of my machine. I am wondering who to sue.  02:24
ubottuError: Not in that channel02:24
Jack_Sparrow@mark #ubuntu tyoons ...I would like compensation for ubuntu ruining the life of my machine. I am wondering who to sue.  02:25
ubottuThe operation succeeded.02:25
tonyyarussoJack_Sparrow: Did you tell him to 'cat /etc/motd' ?02:58
Jack_Sparrowtonyyarusso, He had all the links, he was just on a rant in pm and the only thing he wanted to know or discuss was who to sue02:59
Jack_SparrowHe is still around if you want to try and discuss it with him03:00
tonyyarussoeh, no real reason to03:00
tonyyarussoJust pointing out that the OS ships with the answer to that very question, and the answer is "you have no case whatsoever - have fun burning money in legal fees"03:01
Jack_SparrowHe had no intention of discussing anything..03:01
FlannelDrDerek could use a removal in -ot04:47
nickrud  Flannel whatever happened to access list changes in -ot?04:49
Flannelnickrud: Red Tape04:49
nickrudgah, whatever happened to the fire first think later op system we all knew and loved ;)04:49
Flannelnickrud: Same thing that happens to everything:  Bureaucracy is put into place to handle some stuff, and then is used for everything once its in place04:51
nickrudI think I'm going to be absent a little more: every time I sit down to watch/help #ubuntu, I NEED A CIGARETTE04:54
wastrelubottu: locale05:20
ubottuTo set up and configure your locales, see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/LocaleConf05:20
wastrellocaleconf package no longer exists, doc needs updating or trigger should be removed05:21
ubottuveloc1ty called the ops in #ubuntu (grndslm)05:22
nickrudlocaleconf has been gone for a few releases now ...05:23
FlannelStill relevant for Dapper05:26
nickrudthere's a command that can change locales in hardy (used it) but for the life of me I can't remember05:27
FlannelWhat is Paddy_EIRE going on about?06:35
wastrelthinks josh is using neighbor's open wifi without permission06:36
Flannelwastrel: erm... please don't idle here :)06:36
nickrudhe's said he has permission ...06:36
wastreli forgot i was in here actually :]06:37
Paddy_EIREhey homecable in #ubuntu is trying to send me all sorts of nasty things.. could he/she be kicked?07:51
FlannelPaddy_EIRE: Send how?07:52
Paddy_EIREFlannel, offensive mp3's07:52
FlannelPaddy_EIRE: right, but ... oh DCC?07:52
Paddy_EIRErecordings of himself or something07:52
Paddy_EIREyeah dcc07:52
FlannelI'll look into it, thanks.  Any idea why you?07:53
Paddy_EIREhe has stopped.. for now :)07:53
Paddy_EIREFlannel, I dont recognise the nick07:53
FlannelPaddy_EIRE: alright, thanks for the heads up07:53
Paddy_EIREI guess I will wait it out.. :)07:53
Paddy_EIREbest way07:53
FlannelHi homecable, how can we help you?08:00
homecablei'm going to give you hell !!!!!!08:02
Flannelhomecable: This channel is for administrative discussion.  Is there something you had to discuss?08:02
Flannelhomecable: Once again, please don't send unsolicited files to random people, nor should you query them with offtopic things.08:04
Flannelhomecable: If there's nothing we can help you with, please don't idle here.08:07
tritiumFlannel: anything that can be done for dholbach in #ubuntu-irc regarding his request to register #ubuntu-classroom-de?08:25
Myrttigood morning people08:40
tritiumGood morning, Myrtti.08:41
tritiumMyrtti: if you get a chance, can you please see the recent scrollback in #ubuntu-irc, and see if there's anything that we can do for dholbach?08:41
Myrttiwill do, once I get my second cup of tea08:43
tritiumThanks, Myrtti!  I'm off to bed.  Have a good day!  :)08:44
MyrttiI probably don't have enough privileges myself, but will check08:47
FlannelI think it'll have to be a Council person08:47
Myrttiyeah, I don't have enough muscle to do a thing08:49
Myrtti/ns myaccess08:49
Myrttino -classroom there :-<08:49
Flannelubottu: tell Aurax about away08:55
bazhanghomecable, is there something else?08:55
MyrttiI think I might need a third cup08:56
bazhanghomecable, please dont idle here as per the channel topic08:57
MyrttiWhen in Rome, do as Romans - I decided I will not have coffee while here08:57
FlannelMyrtti: yay tea!08:57
MyrttiI might need to knit a tea cozy08:59
topylii also saw you saying "miles"09:04
Myrttitopyli: after Seeker` used it ;-)09:07
topyliokay then :)09:08
FlannelOops, that should've had a different reason.  Oh well10:27
Flannelthat's what queries are for I suppose10:27
FlannelMyrtti: mind helping homecable find his way out of here?11:13
jussi01ikonia: ping12:14
Tm_Tjussi01_: alive?13:10
jussi01_Tm_T: 13:25
Tm_Tjussi01_: ah, good13:25
Myrttiubottu: tell D-- about away13:28
Jack_Sparrow@mark #ubuntu sambagirl i was told that president obama is going to make an executive order requiring everyone to use Ubuntu ;) Then she just got rude in PM13:38
ubottuThe operation succeeded.13:38
Jack_SparrowMyrtti,  Gotta love this.. <sambagirl> kiss my ass. i will speak to seveas about this.13:39
MyrttiJack_Sparrow: you didn't exactly give her a warning about refraining from talking politics13:40
Jack_SparrowTried the offtopic and PM's13:40
* Myrtti shrugs13:41
Jack_SparrowShe has certainly been around long enough to know we dont do politics in the channel13:41
* Tm_T huggles Myrtti 13:45
MyrttiI wonder who mib_kbfmgqbv on -ot is13:46
Myrttisomeone from India I presume13:46
PiciI don't know who it is, which is why I didnt comment when he asked if you were an Ubuntu guy.  14:01
Myrttiand also why I didn't reply to his question14:02
Picier, wrong screen window14:03
topylianyone watching -ot? i'll have to turn my back for a minute14:24
topylifailfailtroll is being fed14:25
topylifailfailtroll: hello14:53
failfailtrollis this ubuntu off topic?14:54
topylifailfailtroll: you have been forwarded here so we can chat14:54
topyliwhat's going on? you make no sense and use the channel for your own purposes, whatever they are14:54
failfailtrolli am fail fail trolling14:55
failfailtrollanything wrong with that14:55
topyliyes. you'll get banned14:55
failfailtrollthen how come i am not banned already?14:55
failfailtrollcause i am not really trolling14:55
failfailtrolljust not making sense and saying that i am a (fail fail) troll14:56
failfailtrollis that not legal?14:56
topylii'm going to say "no"14:56
failfailtrollit's not legal?14:56
failfailtrollno as in "not legal" or not to "not legal"?14:57
failfailtroll*no to not legal?14:57
topyliit is not legal14:57
failfailtrolli dont see how its not legal14:57
topylinow that you know, you can leave this channel14:57
failfailtrollam i troubling anybody by doing what i am doing?14:58
failfailtrollmaking no sense and saying that iam a (fail fail) troll?14:59
topyliplease part the channel14:59
failfailtrollwhen i try to join #ubuntu-offtopic , nothing happens15:00
failfailtrollforward me there15:00
Jack_SparrowIt is called a ban15:01
Jack_SparrowBAn is on BOTH accounts fail and your real name15:02
failfailtrolli no, i did not try to join with my real name, it just happened automatically15:02
failfailtrolli shall leave this room now15:02
Jack_Sparrowthank you15:03
failfailtrollnever  to return again15:03
Jack_Sparrowthank you15:03
Jack_Sparrowthank you15:03
topyliinteresting fellow15:04
ubottuIn #ubuntu, Ward1983 said: !vpn is about IPC15:09
Ward1983sorry that was an accident15:09
Tm_Tbluesmoke: hi, how can we help you?15:41
=== bluesmoke is now known as Amaranth
Tm_TAmaranth: hi, how can we help you?15:41
MyrttiTm_T: :-P15:42
grndslmcould somebody please unban me from #ubuntu....  i made one funny ha ha and somebody screamed for the ops16:01
Tm_Twhat was this "funny" haha?16:01
ubottuThe operation succeeded.16:01
grndslmi just typed in "join #buttsex"16:01
Tm_Tgrndslm: no that's not funny16:02
Myrtti@bansearch grndslm 16:02
ubottuMatch: *!*@24-119-80-142.cpe.cableone.net by nickrud in #ubuntu on Jan 19 2009 05:22:48 (ID: 9232)16:02
grndslmwell... i'll never be funny again16:02
nickrudgrndslm, better is to try to be actually funny16:02
grndslmgood point16:03
nickrudgrndslm, you'll avoid sexuall humor in the future?16:03
grndslmswee... thanks16:05
nickrudok, I've removed the ban, but you should also look at 16:05
ubottuThe Ubuntu Code of Conduct to which we ask all Ubuntu users to adhere can be found at http://www.ubuntu.com/community/conduct/16:05
grndslmwill do16:05
nickrudgrndslm, it'll give you an idea of humor topics that are bannable on sight16:05
nickrudgrndslm, and humor goes over better in #ubuntu-offtopic16:05
nickrudgrndslm, unless you have some other questions, we're done here16:07
mneptokthat's a fantstic joke. subtle, wry, and mentions butts!16:08
nickrudjuvenile. But, I hear similar stuff from 40 yr olds :(16:08
Jack_Sparrowmneptok, For some it is a BIGGER joke than others :)16:09
nickrudsee!!! Another one :)16:09
topylino, i will join no such thing with you :(16:09
Jack_SparrowYou cant look behind you without seeing another joke about them... Ok I will stop16:10
* nickrud wishes he had -ops here, he'd ban everyone who just talked for 24 hrs 16:10
Jack_SparrowMy wife would thank you16:11
nickrudmneptok, ^^16:11
nickrudnext time you're in the San Diego area, it'd probably be good for a meal16:11
Jack_SparrowAny time you like16:12
nickruddang, this quitting smoking thing is ruining my morning coffee16:12
Jack_SparrowGood for you but.. ugh hard to do...16:13
nickruda friend said he didn't stop missing his morning coffee and cigarette for something like 3 years ...16:14
Jack_SparrowI'm addicted to coffee that is for sure16:15
Myrttiwhich reminds me16:16
Jack_SparrowLet me know if there is a meal in town, get Flannel and we can all tell stories16:16
nickrudJack_Sparrow, come to scale. 16:17
Jack_Sparrownickrud, Where and when, I expect to be going to Vegas tonight.. but that may get delayed16:18
nickrudJack_Sparrow, http://scale7x.socallinuxexpo.org/16:18
nickrudnot sure which night of that weekend, it'll have to be negotiated 16:19
Jack_SparrowI am not sure where I will be 2th of feb..16:21
nickrudgee, that means you can move it to the top of the pile16:21
nickrudme, I'll be at work about .8 mile from the hotel16:21
Jack_SparrowSure, easy for you.,  Im not even sure which of 4 states I will be in that weekend16:22
Jack_Sparrowor even which coast16:22
nickrudIt's where two of us will be. You're welcome to join. Actually, I'm not sure of Flannel's schedule for that weekend. He's gonna be extremely busy I do know that16:22
genii-aroundjussi01_: ping16:55
ubottuThe operation succeeded.17:00
Tm_Tops awake in -classroom channels?17:04
* mneptok goes to peek17:06
mneptok12:06 -ChanServ(ChanServ@services.)- You are not authorized to perform this operation.17:07
mneptokno +o for me17:07
Tm_Tmneptok: interested to watch over?17:07
mneptokTm_T: can't promise to. i'm at the office.17:07
mneptok(and i don't have ops there)17:07
Tm_Tmneptok: ah, well, i'll op you anyway for now17:08
mneptokbut i can keep a weather eye17:08
jussi01_genii-around: cores down due to a bug. I assume that was the ping reason?17:35
Tm_Tjussi01_: I'll send you a mail as soon as my Kmail is rebuilt, sorry for delay17:36
ubottuScottK called the ops in #ubuntu-motu ()17:38
jpdsSorting it out.17:38
genii-aroundjussi01_: Yes, I caught what was going on now in #quassel channel :)17:40
jpdsHey Seeker`.18:48
Seeker`how be?18:48
jpdsNot too bad, yourself?18:49
Seeker`am good18:52
NGL-Jabrroahello everyone19:39
ubottuThe operation succeeded.19:40
NGL-Jabrroawhats that?19:40
ubottuError: Your hostmask doesn't match or your password is wrong.19:40
NGL-Jabrroawhats that? Jack_Sparrow19:41
Jack_SparrowLogging in to our tracker.  HOw may we help you today19:41
NGL-Jabrroaoh ok cool :) i dont need help actually :) sorry i was just saying Hello to everyone. hope you all are having a good day! :19:42
Jack_SparrowPlease dont idle in this channel. It is  for official business only and I see that we have had dealing with you at least 6 times in the last week or so19:43
Jack_SparrowIncluding ban evasion19:43
Jack_Sparrow!idle > NGL-Jabrroa 19:44
ubottuNGL-Jabrroa, please see my private message19:44
PiciYay. GoogleCal plugin can do a basic @schedule now.20:02
Jack_Sparrow@mark #Ubuntu GeilerBock Hey check this out http://tinyurl.com/94exmn Porn Spam20:30
ubottuError: Not in that channel20:31
mneptoki set -classroom +m until tomorrow's sessions21:07
jribmneptok: why? :/21:50
jussi01nalioth: your needed in -meeting ;)21:59
mneptokjrib: why not?22:00
mneptok-meeting should be used only for meetings, and not for general hang-out and discussions, AFAIK.22:01
Flannel-meeting vs -classroom22:02
jribmneptok: we're not talking about -meeting :)22:02
mneptokugh. sorry.22:02
* mneptok is reentering after a month off22:02
jribanyway, a few people use -classroom to take people who have trouble following with the traffic in #ubuntu22:02
mneptokobviosuly i need some synapse lube22:02
* jrib lubes mneptok22:03
jribwait, that came out wrong22:03
mneptokso put it back in and try again.22:03
jussi01ikonia: ping22:11
ubottuThe operation succeeded.22:32
Myrttioh for gods sake... oh. right. Finnish time. nevermind22:34
topylii do mind. good night :)22:47
PriceySorry i didn't make it earlier, real life getting in the way.23:04
PriceyAnd hmm PriceChild seems to have gone missing. Hopefully he'll be bask asap.23:04
jussi01Pricey: just heading to bed. nick is gonna reschedule the meeting for feb sometime23:12
Myrttinew slippers ♥23:22
naliothare they furry?23:23
naliothbutterflies? bunny rabbit slippers are warmer :p23:35
Seeker`Myrtti: good day?23:38
Myrttimost excellent23:39
Seeker`Myrtti: cool. Whatcha get up to?23:39
Myrttinothing that speshul, but I'm the low maintenance kinda girl23:40
Seeker`got any touristy stuff planned?23:40
Jack_SparrowIll be in Las Vegas tomorrow does that count23:41
Jack_SparrowLittle business, a little fun23:42
MyrttiSeeker`: weekend is for Meeting The Parents, EEEEEEEK23:42
Jack_SparrowMyrtti, His or yours23:42
MyrttiHe's got it easy, my parents don't speak a word of English23:43
Myrttibut I've got to actually try to sound and say intelligent stuff23:43
Jack_SparrowIt'll be fine23:44
Seeker`Myrtti: where are you going for that?23:46
MyrttiI need to get the shawl done before that though23:47
bazhangpresumably she has already met her own parents23:48
Myrttibazhang: he hasn't23:48
Seeker`Myrtti: but you have23:48
Seeker`Myrtti: is that why you've been nervous?23:49
Myrttino, that was because of work stress23:49
Seeker`ah, ok23:50
Myrttitime to go to bed methinks23:51
MyrttiI have to try to be working again tomorrow earlyish to be somewhat synced with Finland working hours23:52

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