MianoSMNice is process scheduling.00:00
soulresinno sense of humor.00:01
maxbaldwinsoulresin: I have a sense of humor00:02
soulresini noticed that.00:02
soulresinmaxbaldwin: i like the cut of your jib.00:02
maxbaldwinthank you.00:02
the_squircleDoes anybody know how to change the mirror from the command line (apt-config something?)?00:39
MatBoyhow stable is ubuntu-server comparing to Debian stable ? OK, stable has very old packages01:15
maxbIt's hard to quantify that sort of thing, really. but given I happily run Debian *testing* on a server, I'd wouldn't have concerns about using Ubuntu on a server01:20
MatBoymaxb: I have used sarge for years when it was in testing.. really great !01:46
MatBoymaxb: I have some issues with the sarge packages... too old (again)01:47
p_quarlesMatBoy: I run 8.04 on a VPS - it hasn't had any stability problems since I first booted01:50
p_quarlesMatBoy: but it is hard to quantify; use cases vary so dramatically01:51
p_quarleshence why "works for me!" is usually not a good answer :)01:51
MatBoyp_quarles: I have a server running about 2 years now with Ubuntu and without any problems02:04
MatBoyUbuntu is well documented02:04
MatBoyDebian isn't02:04
MatBoyand old02:04
MatBoyand politics02:04
MatBoyand no support when you barely need it02:05
MatBoyubuntu all the way ;)02:05
MatBoy(but I need to change the root-pass ;))02:05
p_quarleswhatever, Debian's great too02:05
p_quarlesand Lenny is on the verge of release, and I understand has fewer outstanding bugs at this point than Etch does02:06
p_quarlesperfectly reasonable to use that for a high availability esrver02:06
p_quarlesserver, even02:06
MatBoyp_quarles: yes true02:17
MatBoybut the question if if they will make it with the release02:17
Ying hi. i am looking for the drive to my ZTE modem, model MF622 HSDPA USB MODEM.03:27
Yingwhere can i find it?03:28
uvirtbot`New bug: #318649 in mysql-dfsg-5.0 (main) "not sure was loading update and system reported a bug" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/31864906:26
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smultronanyone in here set up mailgraph?07:21
smultroni'm just getting broken images on the cgi webpage07:21
[gnubie]i don't have a gui and i am running ubuntu server 8.04 lts.. is there a detailed documentation about the upstart since sysv initscript is gone?09:27
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uvirtbot`New bug: #318703 in nagios-plugins (universe) "nagios check_smtp expects integer instead of double" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/31870310:45
c64zottelhello, i have running an opvpn server, and now i am wondering why there are 2 ip's in the tunnel, my server is, but what is good for?10:48
c64zotteltun0      Link encap:UNSPEC  HWaddr 00-00-00-00-00-00-00-00-00-00-00-00-00-00-00-0010:48
c64zottelinet addr:  P-t-P:  Mask:
c64zottelNafallo: there is no connection, and the endpoint gets an ip address from a pool like -, and also, there could be much more connections as just one10:54
Deepsc64zottel: because you're using a point to point tunnel, which needs each endpoint defined11:09
Deepsif it makes you uncomfortable or you experience any oddities, you can switch to using tap devices instead11:10
c64zottelDeeps: i guess i am reading it right now in opvpn FAQ: ifconfig-pool option use a /30 subnet, cause of some window-stuff11:10
c64zotteli am right?11:10
Deepson point to point tunnels, yep11:11
c64zottelso, it is a connection between linux and the real endpoint11:11
c64zottelDeeps: thank you11:12
Deepsall i did was expand on what Nafallo said11:14
c64zottelDeeps: no offense, but just endpoint gives me nothing, ok, i didn't ask that much details, but i expected a bit more.11:19
Jeeves_Q: If I use ubuntu-vm-builder, how do I log in?11:25
yann2Jeeves_ > you can specify a login and password11:33
yann2ah its in the arguments somewhere :)11:34
Jeeves_!canonical-- # No manual entry for ubuntu-vm-builder11:34
ubottuError: I am only a bot, please don't think I'm intelligent :)11:34
yann2just run it without arguments11:34
Jeeves_You cannot enter a password11:35
yann2well I use --user and --ssh-user-key11:35
yann2but I think there is a password argument too11:35
Jeeves_It's really great that canonical writes all these scripts11:35
yann2and my version isn't the default one in hardy11:35
Jeeves_But *SO* annoying that there is no documentation11:35
Jeeves_I'm running Jaunty11:35
yann2then it should be fine11:36
yann2give #ubuntu-virt a try you may get better support11:36
yann2if you run it without argument is should display the documentation though11:36
Jeeves_didn't know that was around11:36
Jeeves_yann2: 'man' should always work :)11:36
yann2I didn't say there wasn't any problem :)11:37
frippzI'm looking for a suitable FTP-server along with a web interface to administer FTP-users11:53
frippzany suggestions?11:53
yann2cant remember :x13:05
yann2oups wrong windows :)13:05
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Deepsupgraded my 8.04.1 server to .2, new kernel etc14:54
Deepsnow on reboot it hangs configuring network interfaces14:54
_ruben.2 is out? must've missed that announcement15:02
Deepsi didnt realise it was either til the machine didnt come back from reboot and i saw it in grub15:04
Deepsappears to be sendmail hanging15:04
Deepsindeed, at boot time, it brings up eth0, which in turn tries to bring up sendmail, which attempts to do a host on eth0's ip, which hangs15:11
ivoksbringing eth0 up, brings sendmail?15:12
ivokswhat did you do to your /etc/network/interfaces?15:12
Deepsindeed, it's in if-up.d15:12
Deepsno idea why15:12
Deeps# This script is called when a network device comes up.15:12
Deeps# Here is where we'll start sendmail if needed.15:12
Deeps# Written By Richard Nelson <cowboy@debian.org>15:12
ivoksyou are wrong, ubuntu doesn't provide that in that file15:12
ivoksthat was a custom made change15:13
Deepsi certainly didnt!15:13
ivoksoh, sendmail15:13
Deepsit's in if-down.d too15:13
Deepspost-down even15:13
ivoksah, directory?15:13
ivoksi thought it's in your /etc/network/interfaces file15:13
Deepsnope, certainly not15:14
ivoksso, sendmail fails to start?15:14
Deepsroot@router:/etc/network# find /etc/network| grep sendmail15:14
Deepseth0 ip, at boot time it tries to bring up sendmail, which in turn tries to host, and it hangs there15:15
Deepswell, it tries to birng up eth0, wihch in turn prompts the sendmail in if-up.d15:15
ivokswhat's in /etc/hosts?15:15
Deeps127.0.0.1       localhost15:15
Deeps127.0.1.1       router.truman.lan       router15:15
Deeps192.168.1.254   router.truman.lan       router15:15
ivoksthat doesn't look good15:16
ivoksremove the middle line15:16
Deepsi added the 3rd line just before reboot attempt number 1215:16
ivoksremove the second line15:16
ivoksleave the 3rd15:16
Deepskilled bind, host still hangs15:16
ivoksnow reboot15:16
Deepsbrb then, this machine doubles as my adsl router15:17
Deepsnope, still hangs15:20
Deepscommented out auto eth0 from interfaces, rebooted, got a shell prompt, tried to birng it up and it works15:21
Deepstake it down, kill bind, do it again, it hangs15:21
Deepswatching ps ax indicates that when host times out, it tries again15:21
ivoksso, network starts before bind15:21
ivoksand sendmail script tries to find a hostname of that ip15:21
ivoksthat shouldn't hang if everything is ok in /etc/nsswitch.conf15:22
* Deeps looks15:22
mathiazhello ivoks !15:22
ivoksmathiaz: hi15:22
ivoksDeeps: grep ^hosts /etc/nsswitch.conf15:22
Deepshosts:          files dns15:22
ivoksegrep even :)15:22
Deepsline above you15:23
ivoksDeeps: and your /etc/resolv.conf?15:23
Deepssearch truman.lan15:23
Deepsmiddle i added recently15:23
Deepsin an attempt to fix (which clearly didnt work)15:23
alazhey. anyone thats good with routing between two subnets?15:24
Deepsi figured lo would be up by then, and connect refuse host, and cause it to carry on, didnt account for sendmail to loop host til it succeeded15:24
ivoksDeeps: how about removing those nameservers?15:24
ivoksDeeps: that's a bug in sendmail script15:24
Deepspretty sure this behaviour is new, just dist-upgraded to .215:24
ivoksDeeps: sendmail didn't change in 8.0415:24
Deeps:> /etc/resolv.conf; host; times out15:25
alazI got two subnets connected. net is where the gateway for internet is located. net has internet access but cant connect to other comps on the network. is there a way to route traffic between pcs on the two nets?15:26
ivoksDeeps: does 'host localhost' works?15:27
Deepsfound the problem15:27
Deepsi'm using bind9-host15:27
Deepsswitched to normal host and it works properly15:28
ivokswell, bind9-host is default15:28
ivoksand that shouldn't be a problem15:28
Deepsit wasn't on here15:28
Deepsi dont think it was, anyway15:29
Deepsmight have been the ovh box it wasn't15:29
Deepskilling bind, using bind9-host, it times out looking up
Deepskilling bind, using host, it successfully looks up15:30
ivoksdnsutils depends on bind9-host | host15:30
ivoksbind9-host works on my machine without bind with no problems15:30
Deepswithout any reachable nameservers?15:31
Deepsfor resolution of ips in your hosts file?15:31
ivoksright, it doesn't15:31
Deepsthere's the problem then i think15:31
ivoksnot even for hosts in /etc/hosts15:31
ivoksDeeps: you shouldn't use localhost|local ip as a DNS, anyway15:32
ivoksbut that doesn't change a thing15:32
Deepswell it's the local caching nameserver for the lan15:33
ivokshost should read /etc/hosts first15:34
Deepsbind9-host appears to ignore it15:34
ivoksit doesn't work as expected, it ignores /etc/nsswitch.conf15:34
ivoksthat's a bug15:34
Deepsso i've found two bugs in one go? nice15:34
ivoksonly one :)15:34
Deepssendmail looping host isnt a bug?15:35
ivoksno, it relays on a working functionality15:35
ivokscould be a whishlist bug15:35
Deepswont let me file a bug against it15:36
ivoksit's a bind9, not bind9-host15:36
ivoksDeeps: good catch15:41
ivokszul: ping15:42
zulivoks: yo homie15:42
Deepsivoks: can you confirm? https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/bind9/+bug/31882815:43
uvirtbot`Launchpad bug 318828 in bind9 "bind9-host does not respect /etc/nsswitch.conf" [Undecided,New]15:43
ivokszul: bug #22741015:43
uvirtbot`Launchpad bug 227410 in bacula "[SRU] catalog Backup fails because .my.cnf is not read" [Medium,In progress] https://launchpad.net/bugs/22741015:43
maswanhost has alwasy just asked dns, "getent hosts" is a much better way of going through ns15:43
ivokszul: that's fixed in hardy proposed, and it's fixed on native upload in intrepid and jaunty15:43
zulivoks: ok15:43
ivokszul: SRU is requested, and people reported that proposed version works for them15:44
ivokszul: what else do we need to get this into updates? :)15:44
maswanI frequently use host vs getent hosts to determine differences between dns and hosts in case of trouble..15:44
zulivoks: people reporting it in the bug report saying that it works? ;)15:44
ivokszul: it worked for one guy and me15:44
ivokszul: no one else said anything :)15:44
zulivoks: please update the bug repot then15:45
Deepsmaswan: either host needs to respect nsswitch.conf, or the sendmail startup script needs to use getent hosts or whatever instead; there's a bug somewhere though15:45
maswanDeeps: I'd say sendmail fix is needed, documentation for host say that it is a DNS lookup utility, not a generic name lookup utility15:46
Deepsmaswan: please comment on bug 318828 then!15:47
uvirtbot`Launchpad bug 318828 in bind9 "bind9-host does not respect /etc/nsswitch.conf" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/31882815:47
maswanMore of a user friendly dig than a good way of determining how hosts resolve15:47
Deepswhat purposes does the hosts line in nsswitch serve then?15:48
maswanDeeps: For everything that resolves through libc, those rules apply.15:49
* Deeps reboots now with host instead of bind9 host in the hopes it works15:49
maswansince host is for diagnosing dns etc, it has it's own resolving logic15:49
ivoksi would expect it to read /etc/nsswitch.conf, or, at least, my /etc/hosts15:50
Deepsback to normal15:51
* Deeps files a bug against sendmail too then15:51
maswanivoks: Well, it'd still differ in some corner cases I'd expect, since it doesn't use the libc resolver.15:52
Deepsi wonder if apt and v6 will play nice again now too15:54
maswanivoks: hosts in ldap, nis, etc are very unlikely to be queried and parsed by host15:54
ivoksthis is a sendmail bug15:54
ivoksDeeps: sorry for misleading you15:54
Deepsthat was my first instinct too15:54
ivoksDeeps: i'll close your bug :)15:55
Deeps"sendmail uses 'host' instead of 'getent hosts' to determine local ip resolution"?15:56
ivoksDeeps: right; you really love sendmail?15:56
Deepsnot really, it was installed by default15:56
ivoksby default?15:56
maswanI'll not comment on the bug then15:56
ivoksmaswan: you can, sure15:57
Deepsi assume so, i cant see any reason why i'd have installe... oh15:57
Deepsprobably installed it for a website i was developing for a friend15:57
maswanActually, I just had it all typed out. So "comment", then head off for dinner. :)15:57
ivoksDeeps: we install postfix by default, and there could be an error where exim could get installed, but no, not sendmail15:57
ivokswe love our users :D15:57
Deepspostfix isn't installed, nor was it by default (mail-server task wasn't requested)15:58
ivoksDeeps: if you install any app that requires MTA, you'll get postfix or, in some strange cases, exim15:58
Deepswasn't a packaged app, i just needed an MTA for the oscommerce site i was customising15:58
Deepssendmail was what i'd used in the past without fuss15:59
ivoksi've just heard people complaining on debian's packaging of sendmail, which we include in ubuntu too (in universe)15:59
* Deeps removes16:00
uvirtbot`New bug: #318828 in bind9 (main) "bind9-host does not respect /etc/nsswitch.conf" [Undecided,Won't fix] https://launchpad.net/bugs/31882816:05
alazOne question about routing: I got two subnets connected. net is where the gateway for internet is located. net has internet access but cant connect to other comps on the network. is there a way to route traffic between pcs on the two nets?16:33
alaznot just internet from the router on
simplexioalaz: do you mean that is on eth0 and is behind eth1. and you wat acces from that computer to both subnets or what16:36
Deepsalaz: the default router for clients on the subnet needs to know to route to the ip address of the machine in hte middle of both subnets16:48
Deepsalaz: likewise the default router of the machines in needs to know to route to that same machine16:51
alazDeeps: the router is connected to so i should create a route -
Deepsalaz: i dont understand your network layout, if you could draw a diagram it'd be easier to explain to you17:12
alazDeeps: og give me a few minutes17:13
frippzI'm looking for a suitable FTP-server along with a web interface to administer FTP-users, any suggestions?17:19
Deepsebox with whatever ftpd's included in main?17:19
frippzDeeps: right, forgot about ebox. will check it out! thanks17:19
spiekeyany idea how to fix this? http://pastebin.com/m3516281a17:21
henriquelmhello there17:26
yann2looks painful spiekey17:26
yann2I had the same issue once.. very painful17:27
yann2can't remember how I fixed it17:27
yann2doesnt work with aptitude neither?17:27
henriquelmCan anyone tell me how can I setup ubuntu's vnc to start running since the logon screen?17:27
spiekeywhats the command line command? i dont like the gui17:27
alazDeeps: http://jabrahamsen.com/Drawing4.jpg17:29
z10dejPlease, give me some link for quick gid. (for dummer):-D17:29
Deepsalaz: is also on the network?17:30
Deepsalaz: what's its ip?17:30
alazeth0: eth1:
alazhas its own dhcpd17:31
Deeps10.0.0.3 is assigned to another pc according to your diagram17:31
alazDeeps: its just a typing error.17:31
Deepson, add a route to via
z10dejPlease, give me some link for quick gid for server configurations. (for dummer):-D17:33
Deepsz10dej: http://doc.ubuntu.com/ubuntu/serverguide/C/17:34
henriquelmCan anyone tell me how can I make Ubuntu's VNC to work on the logon screen?17:35
z10dejDeeps: thenks.  Russian server ha17:35
z10dejDeeps: Rassian server is clear in this qastion:)17:35
zoopsterspiekey: not sure why yann2 thinks it's painful...dpkg is the right tool to use, but you need to find out why nagios is complaining...need more detail than what you are showing17:43
MatBoysre there any package disadvanatges on the 64 bits version ?17:43
Deepsanyone here knowledgeable with ipv6 and apt?17:44
yann2zoopster > basically when a package's uninstall script doesnt work (breaks, return 1) the script doesnt get removed17:44
zoopsteryann2: understood, but that doesn't mean its painful...there is always a reason for it17:45
yann2yes but well it took me quite a while to figure it out last time :)17:45
yann2and last time I think the reason was a bug17:45
zoopsteryann2: ah...painful to YOU. Ok.17:46
yann2zoopster > well I'm all listening :) how do you do when a package refuses to uninstall? but thanks for the nice hint that I'm stupid :)17:46
zoopsteryann2: wow...wrong side of the bed today?17:47
yann2or bad english, I must have misunderstood :)17:47
zoopsteryann2: I only said that it's painful to you. I have had the same problem and quite recently...I dug through to figure out what caused it and fixed it...turns out that my problem was a bug as well, but the remedy was rather simple...install again and remove correctly17:49
yann2how do you reinstall if its already installed? dpkg-reconfigure?17:49
zoopsteryann2: sorry...too much to write there...the package was partially removed...or I guess partially installed.17:51
Deepsalaz: what tool did you use to draw your network map?17:54
frippzDeeps: are you sure that there even exists modules for any kind of ftp-server for ebox?18:09
Deepsfrippz: well pro and pureftpd both use system user accounts for their authentication by default18:10
Deepsfrippz: as does vsftpd18:10
Deepsfrippz: so once you've installed it, all you need to do is add users without shell access18:10
frippzDeeps: ah well, that's true. I used that method before but with webmin18:10
Deepsi'm sure ebox has user management in it, which is what you originally asked for iirc18:10
Deeps!webmin | frippz18:11
ubottufrippz: webmin is no longer supported in Debian and Ubuntu. It is not compatible with the way that Ubuntu packages handle configuration files, and is likely to cause unexpected issues with your system. See !ebox instead.18:11
Deeps^^ that would be why i recommended ebox18:11
uvirtbot`Deeps: Error: "^" is not a valid command.18:11
frippzah :D18:11
frippzdamn... I better remove those install that are already present then :)18:12
frippz*webmin installs18:12
* frippz purges webmin from five servers at once ^^18:12
frippzDeeps: I was actually thinking about using MySQL auth or something like that18:15
Deepsfrippz: proftpd has a mysql auth module18:16
dinsdale07Does this line mean that the httpd process is started by init? It's a line from ps -ef:        www-data 13833     1  0 13:56 ?        00:00:01 /usr/sbin/httpd18:16
Deepsfrippz: vsftpd might too18:16
yann2dinsdale07 > try pstree18:16
yann2but yes18:16
frippzthis will be a server where clients uploads stuff to us, but they should all have their own home dir, so maybe system accounts will be better suited for this18:16
dinsdale07yann2 - with pstree the same process shows up as perl: "  |-perl,13833     ". I don't understand how to find out about how this process was started.18:20
dinsdale07htop on the other hand shows /sbin/init as the PID18:22
frippzDeeps: are there any alternatives to ebox?18:30
Deepsfrippz: sure, loads, none of wihch are supported by ubuntu though18:41
DawnLight1hello. i've followed https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Exim4 after that I couldn't use SMTP from my home e-mail client so i've changed dc_relay_domains from '' to '*' and now it seems that my exim is not asking for any authentication. why isn't it asking for authentication?18:41
frippzDeeps: yeah, I read up a bit on it just now18:41
frippzDeeps: I find ebox a bit lacking. I'll have to check it a bit more before I pass any real judgment though :)18:42
ivokszul: i don't understand pitti's comment :)18:59
zulivoks: bug # again?19:01
ivokssorry, wasn't here :)19:04
alberticohas anybody tried zfs on ubuntu?20:15
uvirtbot`New bug: #318915 in mysql-dfsg-5.0 (main) "max_connections fixed to 886" [Undecided,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/31891520:15
p_quarlesalbertico: since it doesn't exist, no20:19
alberticohmm... what about the zfs-fuse?20:20
p_quarlesdid that ever go anywhere?20:20
alberticop_quarles, I have read about issues on performance20:21
alberticop_quarles, then, any suggestions on a filesystem with snapshot/copy-on-write capabilites?20:21
p_quarlesright, but is that proejct still even in active development? haven't heard anything frmo zfs-fuse in a while20:22
p_quarlesbtrfs is in the newest kernels20:22
alberticop_quarles, everything I have found so far points only to experimental use of btrfs for now20:23
alberticop_quarles, have you tried it?20:24
p_quarlesno, I have not, and yes, it is still experimental'20:24
p_quarlesbut unlike zfs-fuse, it is actually still being actively developed20:24
alberticop_quarles, ok... so I read...20:25
p_quarlesin any event, I think a need for those features would mean using Solaris at this point20:25
alberticop_quarles, how about ext3cow... any advice you can give?20:25
p_quarlesnot something I'm familiar with20:26
p_quarlesbut, it sounds like a workaround, and I prefer to avoid those if possible20:26
p_quarlesparticularly since there is a free version of Solaris now20:26
alberticop_quarles, well, there is someone marketing win 2003 shadow copy on my work...20:27
p_quarlesI don't follow20:27
alberticop_quarles, so I am looking for a similar functionality20:27
p_quarlesOh, I see what you mean20:28
alberticop_quarles, it's a windows "feature" that creates snapshots of files20:28
p_quarleslike I said, OpenSolaris gives you ZFS -- Ubuntu doesn't, and won't have that until btrfs is here20:28
alberticop_quarles, ok... I will stick to my strategy of using vfs plugins for samba... or maybe switching to freebsd for my file servers...20:30
ivoksalbertico: then't you'll move back when brtfs goes stable :D20:30
alberticoivoks, yep ;)20:31
alberticop_quarles, thanks for your feedback20:34
uvirtbot`New bug: #318954 in krb5 (main) "Please sync krb5 1.6.dfsg.4~beta1-5 (main) from Debian unstable (main)." [Wishlist,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/31895420:51
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jetolehey guys21:54
jetoleI am looking for a cheap data center to host a DNS server for me. This will be a tertiary DNS server running TinyDNS simply to make sure all of our DNS are not hosted on the same subnet/AS/datacenter21:55
uvirtbot`New bug: #318975 in kerberos-configs (universe) "Please sync kerberos-configs 1.22 (main) from Debian unstable (main)." [Wishlist,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/31897521:55
jetolecan anyone recommend a trustworthy company that will be fairly cheap?21:55
uvirtbot`New bug: #296719 in kerberos-configs (universe) "kerberos-configs fails to configure if dnsdomainname fails" [Undecided,Fix committed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/29671922:01
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uvirtbot`New bug: #318994 in mysql-dfsg-5.0 (main) "package mysql-server-5.0 5.0.67-0ubuntu6 failed to install/upgrade: subprocess post-installation script returned error exit status 1, server cannot bind to port" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/31899422:35
knottyerSendmail ques re Ubuntu 8.04: Sendmail is running on my sendmail.server box. As seen from there, port 25 is open (nmap -p25 localhost), but closed when viewed from other Ubuntu 8.04 boxes on local network (nmap -p25 sendmail.server). On sendmail.server, firewall is off, TCPwrappers allows all traffic from local network, and there are no errors in mail.log.  /etc/pam.d/ holds no sendmail modules.  Local network is a subdom22:43
knottyerain of 192.168, and sendmail's access file set to "192.168   RELAY".  Any ideas on what could be causing this weird behavior?22:43
knottyerAdditional info: All firewalling takes place at the gateway, not between boxes on my domain.22:45
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