bazhangStealthCP, ??00:00
StealthCPthat's one of the worst scripts ever00:00
StealthCPso dangerous and crude00:00
the_g3rmso would anyone know why when i reboot i have to run in low graphics mode00:00
kcardenanyone that can help installing and using synCE for my WM6.1 device?00:00
rwwStealthCP: what on earth are you talking about?00:00
JohnPhysfor compiz, go to the settings manager, click "General", and hten it's in the Display Settings tab.00:00
StealthCPthat iso2usb.sh script he gave me00:00
Skiessihow can I convert ext3 partition to ext4?00:01
ChlorateJohnPhys: Alright.. I'll just mess with it.00:01
ubottuSorry, I don't know anything about ext400:01
StealthCPno error or sanity checking, no nothing00:01
StealthCPjust crude automation :P00:01
sketch2002anyone know what would cause my resolution to be 800x600 on my laptop display without a monitor attached, with one attached it uses the max res for that monitor (1024x768). How do I get it to realize that without a monitor it should be 1920x1200?00:01
Skiessiokay I found it00:01
StealthCPit's screwed a lot of things up, for some reason it tried to unmount every device on my running system00:01
ActionParsnipSkiessi: http://forums.fedoraforum.org/showthread.php?t=21061100:02
mib_6357a9does ubuntu have like a system restore?00:02
IndyGunFreaksketch2002: are you using nvidia?00:02
ChlorateJohnPhys: Any place I can look to check the refresh rate for my graphics card?00:02
kcardenanyone that can help installing and using synCE for my WM6.1 device?00:02
ActionParsnipSkiessi: make sure you have a decent backup of your important data00:02
edenrozhello,i have a sony viao vgn-cs11z, how can i use the touchbutton? (play/foward and sound control)00:02
bazhangmib_6357a9, not really no00:02
StealthCPI give up - can someone here provide guidance on installing Ubuntu from a USB drive?  from the first, bootable partition on it too?00:02
bazhangmib_6357a9, though you can rsync backups progressively00:02
ari_stressgood morning all :)00:03
kcardenstealth: are you on an ubuntu box right now?00:03
bazhangStealthCP, using intrepid or other00:03
JohnPhysChlorate: I don't know how to do it for ATI, only really know for nvidia00:03
StealthCPintrepid bazhang00:03
ChlorateJohnPhys: Maybe it's similar, how do you do it for nvidia?00:03
bazhangStealthCP, what about the usb-creator builtin to intrepid00:04
JohnPhysChlorate: lol, I load up "nvidia-settings" and check00:04
StealthCPis this on the ubuntu forums?00:04
kcardenSteathCP:  the USB creator is located under system>admin>USB creator00:04
Cyber_HadesIt's hard to create a cluster ?? I have 2 ubuntu linux pc in lan ????00:04
bazhangStealthCP, no, its in the drop down menu in intrepid00:04
ChlorateJohnPhys: Hah. Crap.00:05
BigMikeHi! whats the best port to use to hide ftp from scanners? anything????00:05
StealthCPI can't see intrepid because I haven't installed it yet00:05
Cyber_HadesHow i can create CLUSTER betwen 2 pc in lan ? Some tutorial ??00:05
MickmeisterBigMike, any port number above 1024 would be a safe bet.00:05
kcardenanyone that can help installing and using synCE for my WM6.1 device?00:06
BigMikeok tyvm00:06
sketch2002IndyGunFreak... not sure how to respond the way you sent that message to me... see private chat please (or educate me, that'd be better)00:06
DVA5912anyone familiar with moto4lin00:06
fosco__DVA5912: a few00:06
Cyber_HadesHow i can create CLUSTER betwen 2 pc in lan ? Some tutorial ??00:06
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IndyGunFreaksketch2002: i don't respond to PMs unless i solicit them, but that card should work fine w/ the restricted driver, i have it on my main PC.00:06
bazhangCyber_Hades, please dont repeat so often00:06
MickmeisterBigMike, no problem.00:06
StealthCPbazhang, I'm currently running a messy Slax installation, on an EeePc with no cd-rom drive, wishing to boot the install from USB for intrepid00:06
DVA5912fosco_know how to make it work with my Motorola I33500:07
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bazhangStealthCP, okay; you want the netbook remix then?00:07
JohnPhysChlorate: yeah, sorry00:07
sketch2002IndyGunFreak: ... understandable, how do I respond like you sent the message? It shows up with your name in yellow on my side... is it just because you put my name followed by a colon?00:07
StealthCPbazhang, yes, however I thought that was post install00:07
fosco__DVA5912: i've used it with SLVR L7, just make sure you know the right device00:07
IndyGunFreaksketch2002: you just did, just prefix anything you say w/ my name.00:08
bazhangStealthCP, nope, that is the install :)00:08
IndyGunFreaksketch2002: or whoever you happen to be talking to.00:08
edenrozhello,i have a sony viao vgn-cs11z, how can i use the touchbutton? (play/foward and sound control). am under ubuntu 8.1000:08
DVA5912fosco__: how do i know the right device?00:08
cinco29ubuntu i luv this os00:08
fosco__DVA5912: plig in the phone and run dmesg command00:08
Abedguys i have a question, i made a c code and gcc -o code code.c and i want only the root to run it so i did sudo chown root code && sudo chmod +s code but when i try it by any other users it runs noramlly00:08
DVA5912aww man i got to sift through all that00:09
fosco__DVA5912: mine is /dev/ttyACM0, look for someting similar00:09
sketch2002IndyGunFreak: Ok, thought it was something that only I saw, not the rest of the room, cool. XChat doesn't tell you that anywhere I could find. Back to my problem, I've tried the nv and nvidia drivers (96, 173, 177, 180.11, 180.22) none work, I'm stuck using the vesa driver. But it doesn't make sense that I get 1024x768 with the monitor connected and only 800x600 without it?00:09
nvrpunkhow do I check if someoen else is SSH'd into a box?00:09
IndyGunFreaksketch2002: i honestly can't explain that00:10
DVA5912fosco__: [30649.609885] cdc_acm 1-7:1.0: ttyACM0: USB ACM device   i guess mine would be too?00:10
rwwnvrpunk: The "who" terminal command shows a list of everyone logged into a system.00:10
bazhangsketch2002, with dual monitors?00:10
fosco__DVA5912: yes, it is00:10
sketch2002IndyGunFreak: lol... thanks, at least I don't feel so noobish if I'm not alone00:10
nvrpunkok, thanks00:10
StealthCPbazhang, according to http://www.canonical.com/projects/ubuntu/nbr it is simply packages to install on top of a regular installation00:10
StealthCP"You can download the packages for Ubuntu Netbook Remix at so and so..."00:11
sketch2002bazhang: the laptop display and a connected monitor00:11
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bazhangStealthCP, eeebuntu is what I was referring to; /msg ubottu usb or pendrivelinux.com00:11
edenrozhello,i have a sony viao vgn-cs11z, how can i use the touchbutton? (play/foward and sound control). am under ubuntu 8.10. sorry if i repeat again00:11
bazhangStealthCP, if you have any questions then give a shout00:11
mynameismudis there anything wrong with putting labels on my partitions?00:11
rwwmynameismud: works fine for me00:12
Abedguys i have a question, i made a c code and gcc -o code code.c and i want only the root to run it so i did sudo chown root code && sudo chmod +s code but when i try it by any other users it runs noramlly00:12
mynameismudrww cool00:12
ActionParsnip!label | mynameismud00:12
ubottumynameismud: To rename the labels of your partitions, see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/RenameUSBDrive.00:12
DVA5912fosco__ i have this at http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=1043652 ive posted the output of moto4lin if you can decifer it00:12
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bazhangsketch2002, that would be limited to the total allowable resolution for the two displays combined00:12
StealthCPhmm, I steered away from eeebuntu as in the past it provided me with serious headaches with stuff built and installed from source and system breakages when updating packages00:12
bazhangsketch2002, ie in your video card00:12
sketch2002bazhang, not sure I follow. without the monitor I'm stuck at a lower res than with it. Both the internal display and the external one show the same thing when it's connected00:13
mithroon intrepid where I can put scripts to be run after a resume from ram?00:13
bazhangStealthCP, just installed it the other day without worries, you may also go for straight ubuntu but takes a bit o tweaking to get all the fn etc keys wifi working00:13
IndyGunFreakStealthCP: so install regular ubuntu 8.10.. do you have an SSD or hard drive?00:13
vockUpgrading from 8.04 to 8.10: Will i lose all my programs/things installed under wine, etc?00:13
boscoslifecan somene please help me install phpbb3 in ubuntu00:14
mynameismudok, /dev/sda7 is equivalent to hd(0,6) yes?00:14
bazhangvock, net upgrade?00:14
vockbazhang: From the update manager00:14
mithroit use to be /etc/acpi-support - but they never seem to be run anymore00:14
StealthCPhmm, got you then, perhaps it's improved in time, I'll give it a shot, what a waste of time this has been, the past 3 hours :P00:14
Skiessiyock, at least then no00:14
bazhangvock, via the net and not a fresh install should keep them00:14
serengetiJohnPhys, success ;) I have forced the original version of NetworkManager, removed the line regarding eth0 from /etc/network/interfaces (now why was the line there? I had never edited this file before), and after a reboot ran sudo nm-connection-editor. And the Auto profile now remembers my static ip even between reboots.00:14
StealthCPand I need to get up for college in 5 :/00:14
vockbazhang: thanks00:15
sketch2002bazhang, I've done a lot of playing around with xorg.conf and not gotten very far. At least I've learned how to edit it from the prompt (sudo nano /etc/X11/xorg.conf) and from within X (terminal > sudo gedit /etc/X11/xorg.conf)... and I've tried all sorts of combinations trying to get both to work and not be identical.00:15
bazhangStealthCP, well come back when or if you have questions :)00:15
serengetiJohnPhys, thanks for your help :)00:15
JohnPhysserengeti: glad to hear it!  No problem00:15
BigMikeMickmeister I changed the port and now cant connect to my ftp by cell phone does the phone use port 80 only or should it matter?00:15
mynameismudok, /dev/sda7 is equivalent to hd(0,6) yes?00:16
mynameismuder, (hd0,6) rather00:16
ezerhodenmynameismud: yes00:16
sketch2002BigMike, getting in the middle of your conversation and I don't see the start, but if you changed the port you may need to specify it, put :PortNumber after the server name00:16
StealthCPbazhang, there was no mention of install size, do you know if the netbook remix will still fit on my 4GB SSD?00:17
=== paulj1 is now known as pauljw
bazhangStealthCP, with ease :)00:17
EtFbPlanning to upgrade my laptop.  Any advice on what to choose, or NOT to choose?  Price range is under AUD$1000, and I've already decided to avoid Dell and ASUS due to their poor customer service.00:17
StealthCPok, cool thanks :)00:17
EtFb(Oh, I should add: I'll be using Kubuntu 8.10.)00:18
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LetterRiphi all - i've mounted an os x shared folder (sharing using smb) and trying to copy files to it but it always times out (a single text file transfers ok - but trying to do larger stuff it times out/never seems to start)00:18
LetterRipany suggestions00:18
sketch2002EtFb, customer service is a poor reason to choose (or not choose) a company. Usually you're better off with Google than any customer service department, lol00:18
tsunamiI migrated from kubuntu to ubuntu to use boxee and with a fresh install of boxee it fails without error (i blame the move from kubuntu > ubuntu, is that reasonable?).  I am trying to reinstall ubuntu but booting off flash isnt working and i have no cd drive.  What are my options...?00:19
SteelflintEtFb, I have a Toshiba, AMD64 dual core/ATI graphics, Ubuntu runs fine on it.00:19
Abedguys i have a question, i made a c code and gcc -o code code.c and i want only the root to run it so i did sudo chown root code && sudo chmod +s code but when i try it by any other users it runs noramlly00:19
ic3fr0gHello,, im new to ubuntu today i have installed it.. im wondering if its any mIRC Scripts for linux, and where i can find it.. or a base code to make remotes/addons by myself. thanks.00:19
bazhangic3fr0g, mirc? there is a linux version00:20
dsnydersHi all!00:20
tsunamidsnyders: hi!00:20
Rocking-Wno linux mirc00:20
ic3fr0gbazhang Script... protect channel self automated commands.. flood prots etc..00:20
bazhangic3fr0g, mirc via wine?00:20
ic3fr0girc scripts exist on linux or not ?00:21
gleakenquestion regarding bluetooth mighty mouse left clicking issue.  I cannot left click.  Scroll and movement works, left and right click don't work00:21
bazhangic3fr0g, via wine?00:21
gleakenany ideas?00:21
sketch2002bazhang, what did you mean by "that would be limited to the total allowable..." ? my problem is that with a monitor connected my displays are both 1024x768, without it I can get a max of 800x600 on the internal display. It should easily get 1920x1200, which it uses in Windows.00:21
Rocking-Wkonversation is good irc00:21
fosco__ic3fr0g: yes, take a look on www.xchat.org00:21
ic3fr0gbazhang dont undesteand what you talking abount m8. :/00:21
squirt33_How do I find what graphics drivers I am using?00:21
tsunamii don't like mirc as a client00:21
bazhangic3fr0g, mirc is windows app00:21
ActionParsnipgleaken: do you use compiz?00:21
gleakenActionParsnip: yes00:22
ic3fr0gmicrosoft internet relay chat..00:22
EtFbsketch2002: In Dell's case, however, the poor attitude to single users combines with their habit of using even more non-standard components than usual.00:22
ic3fr0gok then..00:22
BigMikeyes but mirc does work in wine00:22
ic3fr0gany IRC = internet relay chat Script ?00:22
bazhangic3fr0g, yes, so it needs wine to run00:22
Bodsdaic3fr0g, emphasis on 'microsoft' why would you wont it on linux?00:22
ActionParsnipgleaken: its a compiz thing, I've seen compiz break mouse clicks loads00:22
BigMikeyes I ran it in wine00:22
Brack10mount without arguments will display all mounted filesystems.  What displays all devices available for mounting?00:22
Rencxhow to install Cinelerra00:23
gleakenActionParsnip: my internal trackpad works00:23
bazhang!info cinelerra00:23
gleakenActionParsnip: let me turn off compiz00:23
ubottuPackage cinelerra does not exist in intrepid00:23
BodsdaBrack10, no, it displays mounted volumes, use sudo fdisk -l  to see your drives00:23
Brack10bodsda: mounted volumes, sorry00:23
BodsdaBrack10, no worries, same thing basically -- sudo fdisk -l   is what your looking for though :)00:23
gleakenActionParsnip: nope, no luck00:24
Rencxdoes anyone now how i can install cinelerra00:24
tsunamiare there known problems from migrating to ubuntu from kubuntu?00:24
Brack10Bodsda:  So if I wanted to mount /dev/sda3 to  a folder, I could do "mount /dev/sda3 /hdd2"?00:24
gleakenActionParsnip: this is not the clicking issue I have seen in firefox, no mouse click is recognized at all00:24
bazhanghttp://cvs.cinelerra.org/getting_cinelerra.php#ubuntu Rencx00:24
edenrozhello,i have a sony viao vgn-cs11z, how can i use the touchbutton? (play/foward and sound control). am under ubuntu 8.10. sorry if i repeat again00:24
BodsdaRencx, http://cinelerra.org/getting_cinelerra.php#ubuntu00:24
BodsdaBrack10, yes, but you would need to use sudo -- sudo mount /dev/sda3 /hdd200:25
Brack10ok cool00:25
BodsdaBrack10, assuming you have a /hdd2 folder00:25
Brack10the folder needs to exist first?00:25
deeahi all. what's the name for gnome-mag application? And generally how can I find out program names from installed packages?00:25
sketch2002EtFb, valid. I ran across a few comparisons of netbooks a while back that seemed pretty informative. I think the put the Eee in first place, but then I think it was listed like 4 times for the various versions. The netbook business is still too new to have any really good options though.00:25
BodsdaBrack10, just a quick fyi, its common to put mounted devices in /media/filename00:25
ActionParsnipgleaken: does the mouse click create an event in xev00:26
inmanedenroz there maybe a fix i dont know but i have a acer and cant use the same buttons but no great loss to me i prefer linux00:26
linuxman410rencx use this link it tells you http://cinelerra.org/getting_cinelerra.php#ubuntu00:26
BodsdaBrack10, yes -- although i think pmount will make it on the fly for you00:26
jasonWagstaffi am trying to boot a linux live cd 8.10 x_64 and am getting comreset errror.... is there a way to get around this?00:26
EtFbsketch2002: Not looking for a netbook, though; they're too tiny for serious use as a main machine.00:26
Brack10ok sweet00:26
Brack10thanks a bunch00:26
gleakenActionParsnip: haven't checked yet, what would the best way to do that be?00:26
edenrozinman, :)00:26
ActionParsnipgleaken: run xev in terminal and click in the lil box, it will react00:26
gleakenActionParsnip: got it, nope, no events registered00:27
sketch2002EtFb, ah, somehow I translated your initial question to asking about netbooks specifically. :-) my bad00:27
chris_83anyone knows if the ati hd3300 on amd 790gx mainboards is working fine with fglrx?00:27
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gleakenActionParsnip: the motion, scrolling register, but not left or right click00:27
ActionParsnipgleaken: ok then you need to reconfigure the driver or link between as the mouse click is not being detected00:28
gleakenActionParsnip: ok, well, I tried plain jane setup with the new gui config, and I tried using the older change to xorg.conf which I used before, both the same issue00:29
EtFbsketch2002: np.00:29
ActionParsnipgleaken: what make / model is the mouse?00:29
gleakenActionParsnip: it uses the evdev driver00:30
brettHey, I'm getting a FATAL:  unrecognized configuration parameter "redirect_stderr" when starting postgresql 8.300:30
ActionParsnipgleaken: gleaken: what make / model is the mouse?00:30
gleakenActionParsnip: Bluetooth Mighty Mouse00:30
mithroso anyone know?  on intrepid where I can put scripts to be run after a resume from ram?00:31
TrelWhen using loadkeys, if I wanna bind something to Alt+Left what do I set it = to?00:31
squirt33_Is there a tool for reconfiguring GTK themes in the next release of Ubuntu?00:31
mithrosearching the web has not reveled much, just the old locations which no longer work00:31
ActionParsnipgleaken: http://www.marteydodoo.com/2007/06/08/wireless-mighty-mouse-on-ubuntu-linux/00:31
Rencxcant install it00:32
gleakenActionParsnip: yep, I used a different xorg.conf section because I don't want the mighty mouse to be my main mouse, so I changed corepointer to option sendcoreevents true, but this site also says left clicks are issues, but the main article has no problems00:33
dsnydersHi all!  Is there an active kpovmodeler irc channel anywhere?00:33
squirt33_Is there a tool for reconfiguring GTK themes in the next release of Ubuntu?00:33
quiksilveri'm an official ubuntu user now00:33
ActionParsnipgleaken: i'd try it as the main mouse to see if it makes it work00:33
quiksilveri'm wondering where the heck to get all the drivers i need for my dell though00:33
Cyber_HadesPlease someone ! I true make a cluster... i must install Kerriquhed on oth computer ?00:33
quiksilversuch as graphics, sound drivers, etc00:33
squirt33_quiksilver: didn't they come on your system when you installed Ubuntu?00:34
Cyber_Hadesor just one...00:34
Cyber_Hadesi have to install kerriqhed on all computer or just one if i wanna cluster ?00:35
Cyber_Hadesok tnx i going to kill myself...00:36
squirt33_quiksilver: What drivers are you missing? What version ubuntu (I'm assuming 8.10 Intrepid, right?) ?00:36
sketch2002ok, so maybe I just need to try 1920x1080 instead of 1920x1200... going to try that, later all.00:37
quiksilversquirt33_: yes00:37
gleakenActionParsnip: considering the way input devices are automatically recognized, what way would be best to stop the touchpad from being enumerated as the corepointer, just change the entry in xorg.conf?00:37
quiksilverit auto  prompted me to enable my geforce drivers but it says something about being locked when i try and install00:38
squirt33_quiksilver: which ones, though? sound, wifi? What cards, chips do you have? No one can help you if you don't post that.00:38
the_squircleDoes anybody know how to change the mirror in ubuntu server (command line)?00:38
JohnPhysquiksilver: do you have synaptic or the add/remove programs program open?00:38
Gerinychim using a usb adapter to connect my ps2 controller to my computer. somehow i need to map it to /dev/js0. how?00:38
quiksilversyanptic is updating my system right now00:38
quiksilver220 some odd updates00:39
quiksilveri just converted to ubuntu today00:39
quiksilverno more microsoft00:39
JohnPhysquiksilver: that's why, only one program can install/update packges at a time.  wait until synaptic is done, then you should be able to get the geforce stuff00:39
the_squirclequiksilver: congrats!00:39
ConstantineXVIthe_squircle, edit /etc/apt/sources.list00:39
gmm46I am running a script for my new game console I made (Ubuntu Linux Based) and I need that script to run in fullscreen without me pressing F11. Is this possible?00:39
squirt33_quicksilver: what other drivers do you need?00:40
the_squircleConstantineXVI: I know I can do that... but it'll take me an hour to change every single entry... is there any way to do it with apt-config or something?00:40
quiksilverJohnPhys: this was before i tried installing the mass updates00:40
quiksilversquirt33_: i don't know, my system is pretty old00:40
=== Guest21742 is now known as lykfe
JohnPhysquiksilver: something else might have been using it, just try it when synaptic is done, and close all other programs just to make sure00:40
ConstantineXVIthe_squircle, it's called find/replace :)00:40
quiksilverim pretty sure i need a creative blaster driver though for sound00:40
=== lykfe is now known as byflash
__mikemberot3, would you please not ctcp me00:40
the_squircleConstantineXVI: using nano or vi or what?00:41
EnverexI just install Ubuntu onto a USB device, that had issues becayse it enabled composite by default, turned that off and it's at least viewable now, but al the icons from the gnome menu are missing00:41
=== Agent is now known as Guest22945
ScuniziWhat's ctcp __mikem00:41
__mikemScunizi, something you don't need to do to me00:41
squirt33_Quicksilver: Is your sound card on the list of them on this page?http://gerry.ws/2008/11/360/creative-sound-blaster-x-fi-driver-source-code-released.html00:41
quiksilveri am incredibly impressed by the power of ubuntu for web development00:41
ConstantineXVIthe_squircle, editor of choice.  in vim, i think you use ":s/old/new/g"00:42
=== Fizban is now known as Steelflint
Scunizi__mikem: I wouldn't just curious what it is.. I don't like bothering people with needless stuff.00:42
the_squircleConstantineXVI: Thanks!00:42
gmm46How do I make my linux scipt run in fullscreen automaticly?00:42
LetsGo67How do I mount a Kodak Easyshare C340 as a USB mass storage device (as opposed to camera)?  Vista supports both.00:42
quiksilversquirt33_: i dont think so00:43
Scunizi__mikem: another name for irc?..00:43
__mikemScunizi, no, its something you do to get information about another user on IRC00:44
rwwScunizi: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Client-To-Client_Protocol has a pretty good summary00:44
quiksilveris there a great book out there for understanding the architecture of linux?00:44
quiksilverim brand new to this and i want to investigate more00:44
broly_whats a good webcam program for ubuntu?00:44
the_squirclequiksilver: Linux for Dummies?00:45
ScuniziThanks rww.. so it's used for pm, dcc..00:45
j_nwbhi, I installed ubuntu 8.10 using netinstall on my /dev/sdb2. When it asked me for loading grub, I told it to install it on /dev/sdb2 instead of changing my mbr. I usually do this.. and then go and update my grub file manually. I did that for Ubuntu, but its not booting.. telling ..Bad File descriptor... , I can mount the /dev/sdb2 to a /tmp/x and contents looks good.. any ideas ..00:45
squirt33_quiksilver: Try to find out what sound card you have, then we can find a driver for it.00:45
the_squirclej_nwb: re-install grub00:45
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Brack10I'm trying to mount my extra hdd but it says "must specify filesystem type" so then when I do -t ext3 it says "CANNOT FIND EXT3 PARTITION"  I'm going "mount /dev/hda /extrahdd"00:45
squirt33_quiksilver: If you have to, reboot into Windows and find out that way.00:46
gmm46actually quiksilver i remember seeing Ubuntu Linux For Dummies online in the walmart catalog. i am sure you could find it somewhere online00:46
j_nwbthe_squircle:  re-install grub where ? /dev/sdb2?00:46
runderwoj_nwb: So if I hear you correctly, you did not actually install grub in the MBR?00:46
tsunamiare there known problems from migrating to ubuntu from kubuntu?00:46
ConstantineXVItsunami, shouldnt be00:46
Brack10also why am I banned from #Debian?00:47
runderwoj_nwb: Also, is "Bad File descriptor" really the error you are getting?00:47
Brack10is it because I ask noob questions all the time?00:47
gmm46is there anyway to run a linux script in fullscreen automatically?00:47
rwwBrack10: you'd need to ask them. We don't control #debian.00:47
j_nwbyes.. I do not do that for other oses... my MBR boots in to fedora.. I have other operating systems.. like suse...etc... I go and manully change the grub file in fedora installation to point to other installations.00:47
runderwogmm46: A fullscreen terminal?00:47
Brack10rww: how can I do that when I'm banned?00:47
j_nwbmount their partitions.. and copy menu.lst snippet.00:48
rwwBrack10: /msg chanserv access #debian list to get a list of operators, find one that's online, and ask them.00:48
j_nwbIrunderwo: I will reboot and get u the exact description.. in a min.00:48
gmm46ya when i run my script i want it to run in terminal but in fullscreen without me pressing F1100:48
runderwoj_nwb: So, you do get GRUB, and then when you select Ubuntu, it fails?00:48
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OneClickBwww.myspace.com/oneclickbeats   <- best producer online right now, Awesome music check it out00:48
FloodBot1OneClickB: Please don't flood, use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste, don't use Enter as punctuation.00:48
Ward1983_i have this script in which i use ddclient, i want to make a cron job out of it but ddclient must be run with sudo00:48
Ward1983_so whats the best way to do this?00:48
Brack10ok let me re-ask this...How can I mount /dev/hda to a folder on my filesystem?00:49
DasEiBrack10:open a terinal..00:49
netsurf3has anyone actually been able to remove the popping etc from pulse audio in hardy?00:49
runderwoBrack10: /dev/hda is not likely to actually have a filesystem on it.  It should be /dev/hda1 or something like that.00:49
Brack10DasEi: done00:49
MK13hey, is there a way to take a driver (nvidia) off of a Mandriva install cd, for use with ubuntu or will it not work cause of the different distro?00:49
Brack10runderwo: fdisk -l tells me it's /dev/hda00:49
DasEiBrack10:sudo mkdir /mnt/mydisk00:49
EnverexI have no icons on my Applications, Places or System menu, anyone encountered that before?00:49
j_nwbrunderwo: yes00:49
runderwoWard1983_: sudo crontab -e should put it in root's crontab.00:50
RencxI cant install Cinelerra cold i get some help here?00:50
DasEiBrack10:sudo apt-get install pastebinit00:50
Ward1983_runderwo, ah thanx man :)00:50
Brack10runderwo: fdisk -l oh wait nevermind you're right00:50
j_nwbThe errors is "File Not found." (sorry.. it was bad file descriptor... few hrs back.)00:50
Brack10sorry I'm not used to bitchx00:50
quiksilveris there a way to see what kind of sound card i have?00:50
DasEiBrack10:correct device name ?00:50
linuxman410did you try the link Rencx00:50
ConstantineXVIBrack10, then why are you using it?00:50
runderwoj_nwb: Is it the kernel that is not found?00:51
j_nwbrunderwo: yes. I tried putting root (hd1,1) but is not helping.00:51
linuxman410what does it do when you try to install00:51
Brack10ok nevermind I found it, you were right it was /dev/hda100:51
DasEi!who | brack1000:51
ubottubrack10: As you can see, this is a large channel. If you're speaking to someone in particular, please put their nickname in what you say (use !tab), or else messages get lost and it becomes confusing :)00:51
Brack10DasEi: several people were tying to help, sorry00:52
linuxman410what does it do when you try to install Rencx00:52
quiksilverhow can i locate my sound card drivers?00:52
quiksilveri have no way of knowing what they are00:52
runderwoj_nwb: Do you have a separate /boot partition?00:52
edenrozhello,i have a sony viao vgn-cs11z, how can i use the touchbutton? (play/foward and sound control). am under ubuntu 8.10. sorry if i repeat again00:52
Brack10now I need to know how to use cp to copy a directory and all subdirectories to another location :P00:52
DasEiBrack10:filesystem of hda1 ?00:52
j_nwbrunderwo: ok.. I tried to set root (hd1,1) and then use find from the grub command prompt.. thats when it gives me bad file or directory type.00:53
gmm46Brack10: use cp -r00:53
runderwoquiksilver: cat /proc/asound/cards00:53
MK13is there a way to download nvidia driver then install it? my internet connection breaks alot and I don't want it to break while installing it.00:53
Rencxlinuxman410: from your lik it asks for key00:53
Brack10cp -r ok00:53
gmm46cp -r is for directories and just cp is for files00:53
ConstantineXVIMK13, no need to worry00:53
Brack10thanks everyone00:54
quiksilverrunderwo you are awesome00:54
MK13why's that?00:54
ConstantineXVIMK13, it won't install till it's fully downloaded00:54
quiksilver 1 [Live           ]: EMU10K1X - Dell Sound Blaster Live!00:54
quiksilver                      Dell Sound Blaster Live! at 0xdda0 irq 1700:54
runderwogmm46: gnome-terminal --full-screen appears to work.  You may file a bug so that the manual page includes this.00:54
runderwoquiksilver: yw :)00:54
Brack10so to copy all the subdirectories of the one I'm currently in: cp -r * /location ?00:54
quiksilverruderwo: where do i get those now?00:55
ConstantineXVIMK13, and if your connection drops, it'll pick back up next time you try to install it00:55
MK13kk, that is what i needed to hear thnx.00:55
Rencxlinuxman410: from your lik it asks for key00:55
runderwoquiksilver: They are included with the kernel and loaded.  If you are not hearing sound, maybe it is muted or volume is down.00:55
MK13i have had a bad experience trying to do it before, it wouldn't resume00:55
quiksilveroh wow00:55
runderwoj_nwb: So /boot is inside /dev/sdb2 and not on a separate partition?00:55
Brack10is it possible to get cp to show some kind of information like an ETA?00:56
gmm46Brack10: if you type info cp it will show you the info on the cp command00:57
Appl3Korkis there a command to stop the X Server?00:57
quiksilverrunderwo: check private messages please00:57
edenrozhello, when i use acpi_listen for hit super+F5 it say: ^[[15~ whicj combination i have to put in event=sony/hotkey SNC???00:57
ConstantineXVIAppl3Kork, as in to restart it?00:57
gmm46yes Appl3Kork try killall xserv00:58
squirt33_is there a gtk theming channel around?00:58
Appl3Korkwell like i'm tryin to install a driver, and when i load up the driver it says that i'm running xserv00:58
Appl3Korktried that gmm46 but it says xserv: no process killed00:59
ConstantineXVIAppl3Kork, try sudo killall00:59
the_squircleDoes anybody know how to make apt compatible with RSync?00:59
DVA5912Any software out that will gps based on the NEMA out on my phone?00:59
runderwoj_nwb: What happens when you try to use tab completion to find the kernel when you're in the grub loader?01:00
Appl3KorkConstantine I've tried bout hwith and without sudo01:00
RencxDo anyone can help me install cinelerra??01:00
bittinRencx: sudo apt-get install cinelerra01:01
Rencxbittin E: Broken packages01:01
bittincheck if u added the stuff in synaptic01:02
Rencxi did01:02
gmm46 Rencx: use sudo apt-get update01:02
whoDathow do i find out what module handling a particular device in /dev ?01:02
darth_grantiusdaedalusx64 beta 2 released soon01:02
the-weshello all. I am having an issue with pulseaudio hanging hard when I try to get it to point to bluetooth. is there a room more focused on that sort of issue?01:02
ludmilmmhi. ubuntu 8.10 + nvidia (propr drivers). the nvidia config tool does not list my monitor's 1680x1050 mode, but only 1600x1024 and 1600x1200. i found 2 threads on ubuntu forums, but non of the suggestions there helped. any idea how to enable 1680x1050 mode?01:02
gmm46Rencx: then try sudo apt-get install cinelerra01:02
the-wesI also have strace output if anyone is interested.01:02
Rencxgmm46 dont work the same01:03
runderwowhoDat: Try /proc/devices and ls -l to see the major and minor of the one you're interested in.01:03
mx-tvthey... Is ext4 supposed to be slower or faster than ntfs (under windows). I am copying the same files from my home partition to an ext4 parition in an external drive, and from windows to another ntfs parition on the same external drive. Windows seems to copy files at 14mb/s while ext4 in lnux goes between 5-901:03
Rencxgmm46 maybe i have add wrong stuff in synaptic01:03
whoDatrunder: thanks man01:03
j_nwbrunderwo: When I try file completion.. it is trying to get to my fedora partition ... as root is set to (hd0,0)01:03
runderwoj_nwb: :-)  Something's wrong there.01:04
afrokenhi, how do i update from the command line ?01:04
j_nwbrunderwo: The ubuntu is using uuid to set root01:04
MK13how good is the JFS filing system?01:04
Knysliux001afroken: sudo apt-get update01:04
whoDatrunder: it looks like lshw gave me what i needed too01:04
JorophoseHi, I'm trying to help a friend install ubuntu, but for some reason GRUB won't install, and when it does, it won't allow her to boot. It just says that there's no operating system (or something along those lines)01:04
Knysliux001afroken: sudo apt-get upgrade01:04
JorophoseAny idea on what to do? I tried installing grub manually, but it won't find the OS.01:05
j_nwbrunderwo: And there is no root directive... so it is not finding it.01:05
runderwoj_nwb: That is okay when it comes to the kernel.  When it comes to grub, it needs to know the BIOS disk and partition number.01:05
graysonHi all.01:05
runderwoj_nwb: that's why grub uses the (hdX,Y) stuff.01:05
j_nwbrunderwo: I added root (hd1,1)01:05
afrokenKnysliux001, upgrade -will download the latest versions of the software i'm running plus security updates?01:05
Knysliux001afroken: exactly01:05
afrokenKnysliux001, thanks01:06
Knysliux001afroken: and not only download, it will install them01:06
RencxDo anyone can help me install cinelerra??01:06
runderwoafroken: Unless the newer version of the software requires a new package that it didn't require before.  In that case, you'd have to use dist-upgrade.01:06
graysonaptoncd refuses to find more than 3 packages?? Where iare the packages please I will have to save them manually. thank you01:06
LetsGo67How do I mount a Kodak Easyshare C340 as a USB mass storage device (as opposed to camera)?  Vista supports both.  PM please.01:06
moldy_what package should i install to get the nvidia driver?01:06
=== moldy_ is now known as moldy
afrokenrunderwo, will apt tell me i need to use that?01:06
runderwoJorophose: What kind of computer is it?01:06
Rencxhow can i install this file??? cinelerra-4-ubuntu-i686.tar.bz201:07
graysonmoldy, depends on your card01:07
runderwoafroken: If you see packages "held back", then that tells you that dist-upgrade is required to be fully up-to-date.01:07
TheFunkbombSo, what's the next step?  I have a pretty good feel of Ubuntu now but feel stupid having a swiss army knife of OSes and only using the tweezers01:07
j_nwbrunderwo: And it gives Bad File or directory type01:07
afrokenrunderwo, thanks01:07
TheFunkbombpretty good metaphor, right?01:07
moldygrayson: i cannot check which card right now... what is the general recommendation?01:07
Brack10I have 18 gigs of music, thousands of files to copy, is it faster to tar, copy and extract, or just copy the files?01:08
RencxDo anyone can help me install cinelerra?? I need step by step because of erors..01:08
runderwoBrack10: Just copy them, unless it's over a slow link.01:08
moldygrayson: i ran aptitude search nvidia, but i am confused now. what is the correct version to install?01:08
j_nwbI tried file completion with (hd0,0)/  ... it works .. with (hd1,1), it does not!! But if I boot in fedora, I can mount /dev/sd2 and see the contents.!!!01:08
gnubuntuRencx: What is your problem?01:08
Brack10rimderwo:  No, it's 2 IDE hdds01:08
Rencxgnubuntu cant instal video editing soft01:08
runderwoj_nwb: Is it possibly switching the two disks on you?01:09
Knysliux001gnubuntu: for some reason cinelerra is not in repositories anymore01:09
gnubuntuKnysliux001: ah really? i had install it in hardy and had no problems01:09
Rencxgnubuntu is drops eror mesage  E: Broken packages01:09
Jorophoserunderwo: Intel Core 2 Duo, built by HP01:09
runderwoJorophose: Laptop?01:10
Knysliux001interpid can't find it01:10
graysonmoldy, system, preferences, appearance check the level you want the choice should be found for you "Recommended"01:10
j_nwbrunderwo : how do I know if that is the case ? (though I do not personally think..)01:10
runderwoJorophose: What error does grub give you?01:10
moldygrayson: i don't have a gui01:10
treatsI want to reinstall as much as possible in ubuntu without reformatting, what should i do01:10
moldygrayson: i need to setup a chroot environment for an ltsp client to which i currently have no access01:10
Cometcan anyone tell me what the actual command is for the gnome terminal server client?01:11
graysonmoldy, sorry I am only good with gui :(01:11
moldygrayson: ok. thanks anyway :)01:11
runderwoj_nwb: Well, check the BIOS and see which drive is which according to it.  Sometimes grub is set up to monkey with that (usually to deal with windows) which would mislead you into thinking /dev/sdb is the second disk, in that case.01:11
gnubuntuRencx: Sorry. i cant help you with that.01:11
=== binarymutt_ is now known as binarymutt
Rencxgnubuntu can you help me with input sound?01:12
Jorophoserunderwo: it just says it failed to find (but I believe this is the BIOS) or load the OS01:12
linuxman410Rencx just extract file to folder and run it i just did and it works fine01:12
TheFunkbombDamn.  Ubuntu is already releasing 9.04?01:12
runderwoJorophose: What error does grub give you when you try to install it?01:12
Mr_Bunny_How do I see what driver xorg is using?01:12
rwwTheFunkbomb: not until April...01:12
j_nwbrunderwo: I just checked I have an old fedora installation on (hd1,4) and grub is correctly finding it..!!!01:12
badfish69Knysliux001, it's probably in a respository you haven't added01:13
Rencxlinuxman410 but there are not any setup file01:13
TheFunkbombrww, I just installed 8.10!01:13
JorophoseShe installed grub when I wasn't there, it seems grub installed fine when it was done manually.01:13
rwwTheFunkbomb: Ubuntu releases every six months. 8.10 will be supported until April 2010.01:13
Knysliux001badfish69: yes, I see in their site that i have to add one. Thank's01:13
TheFunkbombrww, well, I'll have to upgrade01:13
graysongone digging, chow01:14
runderwoj_nwb: Makes no sense to me.  grub could swap the drives but it can't mix up partitions.01:14
HustlinTomTurkeyhi, I'm using the live cd right now and I'm trying to install it onto a partition I made earlier01:14
gmm46i gtg01:14
gnubuntuRencx: i have this link for you: http://cvs.cinelerra.org/getting_cinelerra.php#ubuntu01:14
j_nwbrunderwo: May be I will try once more .. (tried it few times).. and not install grub this time.01:14
HustlinTomTurkeyI'm at step 4 where it says 'prepare partitions', and there's nothing there01:14
runderwoJorophose: How did you partition the drive?01:15
quiksilverhow do i see what django is pointing to?01:15
quiksilveron my system01:15
linuxman410just execute cinelerra that file got into folder double click it and program will run01:15
Jorophosethe "entire disk" option01:15
Rencxgnubuntu when i put stuff in snapic it ask for some key01:15
runderwoJorophose: I have no idea what the problem is.01:15
gnubuntuRencx: just accepted the keys. should ok01:15
quiksilverany idea?01:16
gnubuntuRencx: or get the keys from the site01:16
JorophoseWhere could we pick a failure point at? Is it during grub's installation, or is it because we might be missing swap? Could the BIOS itself cause the problem?01:16
DVA5912how do i install google earth?01:16
DVA5912am i able too?01:16
misteralexanderI'm trying to learn how to output the contents of a directory to a file (text file - name, size, date).01:17
Rencxgnubuntu i will se now01:17
ubottuGoogle Earth is now available, for free (only as in price), for Linux, too. To download it see http://earth.google.com/download-earth.html - A package for Ubuntu is available in the !Medibuntu repository01:17
runderwoJorophose: The only thing I can see interfering is some lame BIOS antivirus.01:17
Jack_SparrowDVA5912, Add medibuntu. it is in there01:17
rwwDVA5912: add the medibuntu repository and install it from there01:17
rww!medibuntu | DVA591201:17
ubottuDVA5912: medibuntu is a repository of packages that cannot be included into the Ubuntu distribution for legal reasons - See http://www.medibuntu.org01:17
gnubuntuRencx: good luck.01:17
badfish69DVA5912, it's in the repositories01:17
=== omgwtfbbq is now known as afton
runderwomisteralexander: ls -l > output.txt ?01:17
TheFunkbombso, if I wanted to build a good Ubuntu machine, is there a guide?01:17
unopmisteralexander,  what's this for?01:17
aftonwhere is the grub.conf file located in ubuntu?01:17
runderwomisteralexander: If you need to pick fields out of it, use awk.01:17
misteralexanderLots of great ideas, is there a web resource I can look up to learn more about this?01:18
ubottudocumentation is to be found at http://help.ubuntu.com and http://wiki.ubuntu.com - General linux documentation: http://www.tldp.org - http://rute.2038bug.com01:18
Knysliux001afton: there is no grub.conf in my system01:18
Jorophoserunderwo: It's a phoenix bios... and although it might have been sensationalism, I heard about them having problems with linux... do you think it could be that?01:18
runderwomisteralexander: Anything on log processing with awk should help.01:18
gnubuntuafton: /boot/grub01:19
SuperDefenderXHey, if I wanted to write "Ubuntu" in binary code on my forehead, how would I do it?01:19
unopmisteralexander,  http://wooledge.org:8000/BashGuide01:19
misteralexanderrunderwo: thanks!01:19
bazhang!ot | SuperDefenderX01:19
ubottuSuperDefenderX: #ubuntu is the Ubuntu support channel, for all Ubuntu-related support questions. Please use #ubuntu-offtopic for other topics. Thanks!01:19
SuperDefenderXI mean, I know I would use a pen or something.01:19
=== exodus_m1 is now known as exodus_ms
rwwSuperDefenderX: 01010101011000100111010101101110011101000111010101:19
unopis that big or small endian ? :)01:20
aftonok. I'm trying to get my computer to boot up with the plymouth graphical boot loader.  I have it installed, but I'm not sure how to ... enable it.01:20
Rencxit wrorks now with 2 metods :)01:20
gnubuntuRencx: nice to hear that01:20
Rencxgnubuntu can you help me also with input sound?01:20
gnubuntuRencx: just ask your real question. i will see01:21
IndyGunFreakTheFunkbomb: what do you mean a good guide.. what i've done in the past, is i get a list of things i'd like to use, then use Google and the part name and "Ubuntu", and see if i get hits on problems w/ that devie... Its never let me down01:21
seraphin_i have a problem with ubuntu sound shortcuts and Fn keys on my laptop. the keys are recognised as XF86AudioLowerVolume and simillar and simillar, the icon is appearing on the desktop, but the sound is not getting louder/quiet/muted. alsa 1.0.18, snd-hda-intel01:21
runderwoJorophose: Have you looked for any kind of antivirus or MBR protection in the BIOS?01:21
Jorophoserunderwo: I will right now01:21
TheFunkbombIndyGunFreak, I mean something beyond compatibility lists.01:21
IndyGunFreakTheFunkbomb: like...?01:22
Rencxgnubuntu I need fix sound for skype and also when i record on Audacity it is very low..01:22
IndyGunFreakTheFunkbomb: like a build how-to?01:22
TheFunkbombIndyGunFreak, yeah something like that01:22
TheFunkbombIndyGunFreak, like recommended hardware01:22
Cometdoes anyone know what the command for the gnome terminal server client is?01:22
gerobI just installed ubuntu 8.10, should I install all of the available updates?01:23
IndyGunFreakTheFunkbomb: well, i don't know about recommended hardware for a linux machine, you might find one.. but usually MaximumPC, builds a computer each issue...  if you're wondering about the build process01:23
gnubuntuRencx: ah ok.  i had this problems too with hardy. i had fix it now. do you have ubuntu 8.10?01:23
unopComet, tsclient perhaps?01:23
DaveWgerob, yes you should01:24
TheFunkbombIndyGunFreak, I can build a Windows based computer.  I guess I should just do that and do your thing of googling each part.  I'm wondering if Ubuntu would support Intel's new i7 processor and stuff like that01:24
IndyGunFreakTheFunkbomb: just remember.. motherboards- Asus/MSI, Harddrives- WD/Seagate, Optical Drives- Lite ON, GPU- Nvidia.. and you'll probably be OK01:24
Rencxgnubuntu: can we talk in private chat?01:24
Cometunop: thanks :D01:24
DaveWcomet, have you tried tsclient?01:24
TheFunkbombDoes anyone run Ubuntu on a quadcore?01:24
IndyGunFreakTheFunkbomb: well, yeah, you're not gonna find a guide to building a pc specifically for linux(at least i don't think so)01:24
badfish69gerob, it would do you well to install all of the updates01:24
gnubuntuRencx: sorry. but i have to go sleep now. just search your problems in ubuntuforums.com01:25
TheFunkbombIndyGunFreak, I might do it and document my results.  It could be an untapped area where a new guy could help the process01:25
CometDaveW: yea, no luck.. but i noticed it is an actual program01:25
IndyGunFreakTheFunkbomb: eh, ubuntu's hardware recognition is pretty solid, so really you're probably not gonna have many hardware issues, unless you buy really odd, or really new hardware01:26
Rencx I need fix sound for skype and also when i record on Audacity it is very low..01:26
Cometi'm asking in the wrong place, but i'm using freebsd.. i know ubuntu comes with the terminal server by default, so i figured someone would have a quick answer.. i compiled gnome and wasnt sure if it comes with it by default01:26
TheFunkbombRencx, double click on the speaker and go to preferences01:27
RencxTheFunkbomb ty :)01:27
gerobI am also wondering how I get my video card working?  I am running 2 geforce 8600 GT in SLI mode on a 20.5" LG with a native resolution of 1680x1050.  How do I get all that working? Video card and Monitor support?01:27
DaveWcomet, it sounds like youre not sure if its installed then? if so, try installing/reinstalling01:27
TheFunkbombRencx, no problem.  There are a lot of playback and recording features in there01:27
CometDaveW: well if i knew the command, then i could search the HD to see if its installed..01:28
RencxTheFunkbomb do you also now how to set skype devices?01:28
Cometbut i dont, so i'm compiling some program called tsclient now01:28
quiksilver(05:28:15 PM) quiksilver: how do i see what all my directories are pointing to01:28
quiksilver(05:28:20 PM) quiksilver: symbolic01:28
docmurI just compiled the kernel from source but when I install the ati drive from the ati site and add fglrx into xorg.conf my screen doesn't work it kicks into gdm but then all that happens it white artifacts and it restarts and putting ati for the device driver in xorg.conf doesn't work because the ati drier doesn't exist.  All I can use it vesa01:28
quiksilverln -l?01:28
Yokataii don't speak french01:28
DasEigerob:8.10 ?01:28
RencxTheFunkbomb: i mean inputs and outputs01:28
Yokataii don't speak english01:28
hanselquicksilver_ readlink01:28
TheFunkbombRencx, that I do not know.  I don't have enough friends to warrant installing skype :(01:28
gerobDasEi: Yes in 8.1001:28
Jack_Sparrowgerob, I dont think you will get two cards in sli mode working correctly from what I hear01:28
rwwYokatai: what do you speak?01:28
Yokataii speak french01:29
ubottuCe canal est en anglais uniquement. Si vous avez besoin d'aide ou voulez discuter en francais, merci de rejoindre #ubuntu-fr01:29
_slax_Comet: If not you can always find something like tightvncserver which is in the ports, no need to compile anything01:29
rww!fr | Yokatai01:29
ubottuYokatai: please see above01:29
=== burkmat0 is now known as burkmat
quiksilveri need to see where my django is pointed to specifically01:29
DasEigerob:I own no 8600, but might run in probs with firmware, additional see:01:29
ubottuFor Ati/NVidia/Matrox video cards, see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/BinaryDriverHowto01:29
hanselquicksilver_ which django            if you have a link then you can ls -alh        and readlink softlinkname01:29
Yokataiubottu one mintue please, translate01:29
ubottuInformation about dual-head on linux can be found on http://wiki.linuxquestions.org/wiki/DualHead - See also !Xinerama01:29
ubottuError: I am only a bot, please don't think I'm intelligent :)01:29
ubottuSorry, I don't know anything about resulution01:29
ubottuCe canal est en anglais uniquement. Si vous avez besoin d'aide ou voulez discuter en francais, merci de rejoindre #ubuntu-fr01:29
ubottuThe X Window System is the part of your system that's responsible for graphical output. To restart your X, type « sudo /etc/init.d/?dm restart » in a console - To fix screen resolution or other X problems: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/X/Config/Resolution01:29
badfish69gerob, my 8800gt worked excellent01:29
BobDoletanyone know how i can give the www-data permission to read users home directories01:30
quiksilverhow do i see everything ive created symbolically01:30
badfish69works i should say01:30
quiksilverwith the ln -s01:30
BobDoletim trying to make a php script that searches through a users directory01:30
hanselBobDolet - you JUST want to read?01:30
tsunamiI want to "reformat" my ubuntu box but i don't have a cd player and my usb boot disks don't work.  It is running ubuntu now, what is the best way to achieve this?01:30
Yokataibye bye01:30
roroomy nvidiafx5200 can't worked in excellent01:30
j_nwbrunderwo: https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/grub/+bug/207001 http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=76902601:30
Yokataiau revoir01:30
BobDolethansel, well im having a php script run find * -name ...01:30
BobDoletin the users directory01:30
Yokataibonne appetie01:30
hanselBobDolet - you can do it a few ways... set the group ownership of /home to SOMEGROUP and recursively give it read perms.      Or you can chmod o+r /home/ recursively...01:30
badfish69i replaced my sound card and video card at the same time and just did a fresh install of ubuntu01:31
princehi eo all01:31
Yokataipopopopopoker face01:31
badfish69come on01:31
hanselBobDolet - locate is more efficient if you updatedb on a regular basis.01:31
badfish69this is english01:31
BobDoletis it possible to add www-data to some general user group01:31
Yokataisuper nous avons un chinois maintenant =)01:31
BobDoleti dont really want to o+rwx all users directories01:31
rorooi just know a little english01:31
Jack_SparrowYokatai, STOP01:31
YokataiJack_Sparrow quoi ?01:31
hanselBobDolet - dont rwx just r.01:31
j_nwbrunderwo: Is there any way for me to have multiple grub chained together... i.e. my fedora grub to simply hand it over to /dev/sdb2 grub ?01:31
hanselBobDolet - I think by default they are that way anyhow...01:31
Jack_Sparrowroroo, chinese, japan hk or ?01:32
rwwYokatai: /join #ubuntu-fr. Ne parlez pas francais ici.01:32
princewhen ardour3.0in comming out for linux?01:32
Yokatairww je te remercie01:32
Jack_SparrowYokatai, /join #Ubuntu-fr01:32
vockIn the middle of updating from 8.04 to 8.10, but the downloading speed dropped from 310 kb/s to about 20-30 kb/s. Can i just switch software sources and it'll all work out or am i stuck with the current server?01:32
rwwroroo: what language do you speak best?01:32
ubottuFor Ubuntu help in Chinese 您可以访问中文频道: #ubuntu-cn 或者 #ubuntu-tw  或者 #ubuntu-hk01:33
bazhangroroo, /join #ubuntu-cn01:33
BobDolethansel, i su www-data and try to run find in the users diretory01:33
=== FriedCPU is now known as FRiEd|BnC
runderwoj_nwb: Yes, of course that's possible.01:33
BobDoletbut i get a permission denied01:33
roroothank u01:33
K410roroo☺ 你好01:33
bazhangK410, english here please01:33
j_nwbrunderwo: how do I do it ? chainloader ... what param?01:33
_slax_i hate "language trolls" the kind that KNOW exactly that they're being a pest and refuse to leave, ty bazhang :)01:33
K410bazhang☺ sure01:33
JoshPilceri need a lot of help.01:34
=== K410 is now known as Kaio
ubottuPlease don't ask to ask a question, simply ask the question (all on ONE line, so others can read and follow it easily). If anyone knows the answer they will most likely reply. :-)01:34
TheFunkbombHere is a question.  I'm running 8.10.  When 9.04 gets released, will I have to do a fresh install or will I be able to update?01:34
hanselTheFunkbomb you can just update.01:34
=== luc_ is now known as utopiauca
TheFunkbombhansel, does it update like all of the other updates with the little red down arrow?01:34
JoshPilcerwell I installed ubuntu on my hp pavilion dv6000 and i need to get wifi. I'm not sure how to turn on the wifi.01:34
rwwTheFunkbomb: You can just update. The GUI Update Manager will prompt you about it.01:34
TheFunkbombrww cool, thanks01:35
hanselSystem - Administration - Software Sources - under the Updates tab you can select the release types you want in the bottom...01:35
runderwoj_nwb: Right, give it the correct root, and then chainloader +1.01:35
hanselTheFunkbomb - I think by default it only gets long term support releases...01:35
roroothank u i jouin the ubutnu-cn01:35
j_nwbrunderwo: oh! let me try that.01:35
JoshPilcerwell I installed ubuntu on my hp pavilion dv6000 and i need to get wifi. I'm not sure how to turn on the wifi.01:35
TheFunkbombJoshPilcer, I had the same issue.  Try plugging in with a ethernet cable and typing this in terminal "sudo get-apt update"01:35
JoshPilceri have no plug though01:36
Jack_SparrowJoshPilcer, Please hold down the repeating, every few minutes is enough01:36
TheFunkbombscratch that01:36
Jack_Sparrowutopiauca, We dont serve files01:36
JoshPilceri'm trying to connect to a wifi "my neighbors"01:36
JoshPilcerand i'm not sure how01:36
_slax_lol this isnt a warez channel utopiauca01:36
Jack_SparrowJoshPilcer, Please hold down the repeating, every few minutes is enough. Tell us what wifi card, what version of ubuntu and have patience01:37
hanselJoshPilcer sudo iwconfig         do you have a wireless interface that is enabled?01:37
TheFunkbombnow I'm trying to remember the command I used01:37
JoshPilcerit says "lo no wireless extensions.    eth0 no wireless extensions."01:38
JoshPilcerbut my computer has built in wifi01:38
Dalila_i've just installed ubuntu 8.10, it's cool01:38
TheFunkbombwhat wireless card do you have JoshPilcer ?01:38
JoshPilcerhow do i check that?01:38
hanselJoshPilcer - well maybe you need to toggle it on.  Is there a button on the front of your laptop that you can slide back and forth?01:38
hanselJoshPilcer - sudo lshw -C network01:38
JoshPilcerya, it's on hansel01:38
j_nwbrunderwo: Brilliant!!! it worked!!!! I should change the scheme to use this all the time. Thanks01:38
TheFunkbombI think the command is lshw -c network01:38
disappearedng_Hey everyone01:38
runderwoj_nwb: great!01:39
JoshPilcerit says a bunch of stuff01:39
hanselJoshPilcer - you can also          sudo lspci          and see if there is a wireless card detected.  It's possible the wireless driver just doesnt work.  Depending on the card there are a few ways to get it up and running easily.01:39
j_nwbrunderwo: now it is not finding ubuntu-server package! is there a way to look for it in apt-get (similar to yum list or yum search)01:39
MK13how do you set a broadcom 43xx card to master mode?01:39
slashzulhow can u tell if the magazine version of 8.04 ubuntu is the same as 8.04 LTS ?01:39
JoshPilcerhansel, what would the thing be named under?01:40
Jack_Sparrowslashzul, USe md501:40
runderwo!broadcom | MK1301:40
ubottuMK13: Help with Broadcom bcm43xx can be found at  https://help.ubuntu.com/community/WifiDocs/Driver/bcm43xx01:40
ubottuTo verify your Ubuntu ISO image (or other files for which an MD5 checksum is provided), see http://help.ubuntu.com/community/VerifyIsoHowto or http://www.linuxquestions.org/linux/answers/LQ_ISO/Checking_the_md5sum_in_Windows01:40
hanselJoshPilcer - just pastebin the output of those commands so we can read it.      www.pastebin.com01:40
Gerinychhow do you change background in grub201:40
slashzulJack_Sparrow: on the cdrom.iso image ?01:40
sceoI'm trying to install pidgin-facebookchat from a .deb but in the .deb the prefix is wrong; is there a way to install a .deb with a different prefix?01:40
runderwoj_nwb: What exactly isn't finding ubuntu-server?01:40
sceo(that is, it's installing to /usr/ instead of /usr/local)01:41
b_Does VLC record video streams?01:41
kindnationIs there a way to get Desktop Effects working while running Ubuntu in VMWare?01:41
Jack_Sparrowslashzul, Please see the  link for md501:41
j_nwbrunderwo: apt-get install ubuntu-server01:41
runderwoj_nwb: I don't know of that package.01:41
hanselsceo - dpkg -i thepackage.deb01:41
runderwo!info ubuntu-server | j_nwb01:41
ubottuPackage ubuntu-server does not exist in intrepid01:41
kindnationdoes compiz work in VMWare?  Anyone know?01:41
linux_newbiehi, urgent my x-windows constantly shutdown automatically01:41
ubottuLAMP is an acronym for Linux-Apache-MySQL-PHP. However, the term is often used for setups using alternative but different software, such as Perl or Python instead of PHP, and Postgres instead of MySQL. For help with setting up LAMP on Ubuntu, see  https://help.ubuntu.com/community/ApacheMySQLPHP - See also the Server CD installation process (different in Edgy+)01:42
b_DasEi: do you know of a program that does?01:42
bazhangkindnation, no01:42
runderwolinux_newbie: Check /var/log/Xorg.0.log01:42
linux_newbierunderwo: how do I do that ?01:42
DasEib_:what kind of stream you want to record ?01:42
kindnationbazhang: thanks.01:43
runderwosceo: You can't usually change the paths since they are compiled in at compile time.01:43
runderwolinux_newbie: less /var/log/Xorg.0.log01:43
b_DasEi: It's from a dreambox which is a linux based DVB01:43
runderwolinux_newbie: Scroll to the end and see what error is shutting it down.01:43
TheFunkbombWhat does "Tracker Search Tool" do?01:44
DasEib_:there are solutions to use pc as a videarecorder and you can have addons in browser to record flash01:44
JoshPilcerthis is what i got01:44
jorgerosawould anyone make/share some photos for a (free download in PDF) ubuntu magazine? (African themes and other stuff, e.g. an user with a joystick in his hand, etc, etc), all the credits will be published, also a link in our site, etc. Thanks in advance01:44
j_nwbubottu: I wanted to install ubuntu server amd64 8.10 .. ran into some weired problem via installation from CD, so tried netboot using minimal cd, as suggested here in this forum.. now I want to get the installation similar to ubuntu server amd64 8.10 .. so what packages need to be installed... (from my understanding.. I have core / base system installed)01:44
Jack_Sparrowjorgerosa, Please dont ask in here01:44
ubottuError: I am only a bot, please don't think I'm intelligent :)01:44
BobDolethansel, if i want www-data to ls a users directory what permissions do i need01:45
=== FRiEd|BnC is now known as FriedCPU
TheFunkbombJoshPilcer, h, you have a Broadcom BCM94311MCG01:45
JoshPilcerwhat should i do then?01:45
hanselBobDolet - o+r and anybody can.   man chmod and look for -R recursive option and realize what this will do...01:45
disappearedng_Hey after I did this sudo apt-get build-dep linux-image-$(uname -r) where do I find my kernel source files?01:45
TheFunkbombJoshPilcer, I would google "BCM94311MCG +Ubuntu"01:46
hanselBobDolet - also you can give www-data perms in sudoers file with the NOPASSWD option for ls command ONLY.01:46
ubottuHelp with Broadcom bcm43xx can be found at  https://help.ubuntu.com/community/WifiDocs/Driver/bcm43xx01:46
hanselJoshPilcer - I have an easy how-to... lemme dig up the link...01:46
disappearedng_I followed this documentation01:46
jorgerosaJack_Sparrow:  ok, sorry01:46
BobDolethansel, chmod o+r . -R then ls -al01:47
BobDoletdrwx---r-x  6 propub propub  4096 2009-01-18 20:22 .01:47
linux_newbierunderwo: the list is very long I have no idea where to look for the error01:47
hanselBobDolet - . is just the current directory... hopefully you are in /home.  Also you will need to sudo for that.01:47
DasEi disappearedng_:why do you do that if you're very new to linux ??01:47
=== rp3__ is now known as Rp3
dano_hey all, I'm confused how to modify my X settings, I currently have intrepid ibex, and when i nano my xorg.conf file, I don't even see a driver being loaded, does X work differently now.01:48
ubottuThe core of the Ubuntu Operating System is the Linux kernel: see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Kernel - You shouldn't have to compile your own, but if you're convinced you do, see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Kernel/Compile - See also: /msg ubottu stages01:48
BobDolethansel, yes debian:/home# chmod o+r propub -R01:48
BobDoletpropub is the user01:48
sceohansel; thanks, but that didn't do it -- again, it didn't install to the correct path.  the deb when I view it extracts/installs files to /usr/lib/purple-2 -- but it needs to extract all to /usr/local/lib/purple-2 for pidgin to pick it up... is there a way to reconfigure a .deb or will I have to install from source?01:48
disappearedng_DasEi 1) I am not very new, 2) I need to recompile with CONFIG_UFS_FS_WRITE=y so that I can access my FFS systems01:48
hanseldano_         lsmod | grep agp01:48
BobDoletdrwx---r-x  6 propub        propub        4096 2009-01-18 20:22 propub01:48
DasEidano_: yes, xorg has changd but still 'listens' to xorg.conf01:49
runderwo!paste | linux_newbie01:49
ubottulinux_newbie: pastebin is a service to post multiple-lined texts so you don't flood the channel. The Ubuntu pastebin is at http://paste.ubuntu.com (make sure you give us the URL for your paste - see also the channel topic)01:49
dano_DasEi, agpgart                42184  2 intel_agp01:49
ludmilmmhi. ubuntu 8.10. how do i change the Xorg log level, so i have more detailed information in the X log?01:49
dano_i want to be using i91501:49
hanseldano_ then modprobe -r that intel_agp one to remove it   and modprobe i915  to load the i915 one01:49
DasEi disappearedng_:ok then, thought so because of your request for partis01:50
arooni-mobileis there a way of getting latest open office on ubuntu hardy?  i believe there is 2.6 and hardy only has 2.401:50
dano_hansel, ok, is there anyway to tell it to use that one everytime01:50
hanseldano - realize you will need to cycle X01:50
BobDolethansel, nm im retarded01:50
disappearedng_DasEi well when I recompiled my kernel in FreeBSD, there's a config file for me to pick options from01:50
JorophoseThere was nothing on protection or about the MBR or antivirus or something similar.01:50
disappearedng_when I read the documentation it didn't say much, it just says it's located in debian/config/ARCH/01:50
j_nwbis there anyway to find what packages are installed on a ubuntu server 8.10 ? or after doing minimal install how to get to Ubuntu server 8.10 state.01:51
runderwoJorophose: Strange.  It usually installs without a problem when you do a whole disk install.01:51
=== gnubuntu is now known as H0rA
bzaksWhen trying to run split, I say this: "split --line-bytes=8G foo-backup.tar.gz foo-backup_" however its giving me 'invalid number of byes' ---- what should I change about my command line?01:51
Jorophoserunderwo: Very strange. Do you think there's a Jmicron controller or another problematic controller like that in there?01:51
Jack_SparrowOut of Date? !latest: Packages in Ubuntu may not be the latest. Ubuntu aims for stability, "latest" may not be a good idea. Post-release updates are only considered if they are: fixes for security vulnerabilities, high impact bug fixes, or unintrusive bug fixes with substantial benefit.01:51
j_nwbcan some one please confirm, that Ubuntu server 8.10 by default is character only.. and does not install X.01:51
runderwoarooni-mobile: Perhaps in backports.01:51
disappearedng_DasEi Oh nvm01:51
bzaksj_nwb - that is confirmed01:52
arooni-mobilerunderwo, how do i check01:52
runderwoJorophose: The only way to know would be to go to a terminal while installing and lspci.01:52
DasEi disappearedng_:http://brainstorm.ubuntu.com/idea/6523/01:52
runderwoJorophose: But I can't see how everything else would install correctly and only writing to the MBR would be a problem.01:52
runderwoarooni-mobile: You'd have to search the backports repository for hardy and see.01:53
j_nwbbzaks: would u know what packages constitute ubuntu server 8.10 ?01:53
arooni-mobilerunderwo, how do i do that;  do i need it enabled in sources.list01:53
tsunamiI want to "reformat" my ubuntu box but i don't have a cd player and my usb boot disks don't work.  It is running ubuntu now, what is the best way to achieve this?01:53
Jorophoserunderwo: should I double-check and make sure the entire system installed correctly? the machine is no longer here, but I can get the friend to check it.01:53
MK131is there a way to delete an mbr on a flash drive that isn't needed anymore?01:53
runderwoarooni-mobile: Yes, you would need it enabled.01:53
jorvishow do you list the files installed by a package?01:53
Rencxwhy my skype sound is only in pne side?01:53
bzaksj_nwb - that's a HUGE amount of packages that I can't guaranty... may I suggest downloading virtual box and just running dpkg on a vm of server 8.10?01:54
ldleworkUbuntu rocks!01:54
gerob!nvidia | gerob01:54
ubottugerob, please see my private message01:54
j_nwbk tx.01:54
MK131how would I go about deleting the MBR?01:54
hanselfdisk mbr01:54
ubottuGRUB is the default Ubuntu boot manager. Lost GRUB after installing Windows? See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/RestoreGrub - GRUB how-tos: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/GrubHowto01:55
nkei0Anyone here have any experience with installing that acer hotkeys thing?01:55
runderwoJorophose: That would be a good place to start.01:55
DasEi MK131:you could use fdisk or dd, see man for the cmd's01:55
runderwoJorophose: You could also try going to the terminal and grub-install hd0, and see what the matter is.01:55
n8tuserMK131 usage of dd also01:55
jorvishelp. how do you list the files in a package installed by a apt-get?01:55
Jorophoserunderwo: what about recovery partitions? and I don't want to send them through a "check-every-file-manually" (or even with a script...) ascapade; what key files should we look for?01:55
runderwo!backports | arooni-mobile01:55
ubottuarooni-mobile: If new updated Ubuntu packages are built for an application, then they may go into Ubuntu Backports. See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/UbuntuBackports - See also !packaging01:55
runderwojorvis: dpkg -S <package>01:56
MK131kk, thnx01:56
runderwojorvis: or dpkg -L <package> for the file list01:56
bzaksWhen trying to run split, I say this: "split --line-bytes=8G foo-backup.tar.gz foo-backup_" however its giving me 'invalid number of byes' ---- what should I change about my command line?01:56
aI'm considering making my workstation the firewall. mail server, and webserver for our small lan. Is this a bad idea?01:56
dorganso I am planning on making a linux appliance...I have the "appliance" part but now I am trying to figure out the CF card stuff01:56
dorgana: yes thats a bad idea01:57
runderwoa: Shouldn't be a problem.01:57
MK131i have an acer, what buttons aren't working?01:57
runderwoa: But you have to pay attention to security.01:57
jorvisthanks runderwo01:57
nkei0Anyone want to help me turn my wireless radio back on and keep it on?  I've tried all sorts of things and it works, but then some random file gets updated and my wifi killswitch no longer works.01:57
josephnexushi there01:57
dorganwhen you want to use a CF card as a hard drive for an appliance what are some consideration i should consider when looking for CF Cards01:57
ludmilmmhi. ubuntu 8.10. how do i change the Xorg log level, so i have more detailed information in the X log?01:57
Gerinychim trying to change grub2's background following this tutorial: http://blogs.koolwal.net/2008/12/16/how-to-grub2-and-grub-pc-installing-splash-images/, but when I type update-grub, it doesn't say that it found Debian background, like in the tutorial01:58
josephnexusi've got an interesting issue01:58
josephnexusi was using my laptop01:58
josephnexuswent to dual monitor01:58
josephnexusand it all worked great during the presentation01:58
ubottuPlease try to keep your questions/responses on one line - don't use the "Enter" key as punctuation!01:58
exodus_ms!enter josephnexus01:58
ubottuError: I am only a bot, please don't think I'm intelligent :)01:58
jorvisanyone know a command-line way to convert 4 jpg images to a 4-page PDF?01:59
=== rachel is now known as Guest92344
disappearedng_DasEi: Where do I find   debian/config/i386/ then ?01:59
josephnexus(I used the ati control center to do so) now whenever I reboot it defaults to dual screen, and I have to go in and change my resolution and then back again and it goes to my one screen01:59
tsunamithere must be a command line way to reinstall ubuntu... hopefully sacrificing all my data.  any ideas?01:59
josephnexusanyone have any ideas how I can resolve that (thanks for the enter reminder... I get a little carried away)01:59
=== luc_ is now known as lucautopia
__jaschon__i'm getting a "Could not open location" error when i open a link in the Places menu01:59
josephnexustsunami... what exactly are you trying to do?01:59
DasEi disappearedng_:no idea, but you can read ffs , nor ? try from live cd02:00
gerobDoes anyone here have experience installing a GeForce 8600 GT?  I have read the tutorials but need some clarification.02:00
runderwo!clone |tsunami02:00
ubottutsunami: To replicate your packages selection on another machine (or restore it if re-installing), you can type « aptitude --disable-columns --display-format '%p' search '?installed!?automatic' > ~/my-packages », move the file "my-packages" to the other machine, and there type « sudo xargs aptitude --schedule-only install < my-packages ; sudo aptitude install » - See also !automate02:00
barbarellajorvis:you can use a pdf printer02:00
adoran, why do you say it is a bad idea?02:00
disappearedng_DasEi I can read but not write02:00
daniel24im using chat zilla02:00
tsunamijosephnexus: boxee won't work and I blame it on my transition from kubuntu to ubuntu.  I can't use a cd to reinstall and booting off flash doesnt work for me.  I want boxee02:00
disappearedng_it's on http://wiki.netbsd.se/How_to_mount_FFS_partition_under_Linux02:00
nkei0How about this one?  I am on an acer aspire 1680 running 8.10, however the only way I can boot and do anything is to add acpi=off in the menu.lst.  The only problem with that is that my wifi killswitch has something to do with an acpi event and it stops working all the time...02:00
disappearedng_it's actually pretty annoying02:00
dorgana: well think of it this way would you use your workstation as a dev station?02:00
tanjircan any one tell what is the minimum memory requirement for ubuntu 8.10?02:01
jorvisbarbarella: got it with imagemagick - thanks02:01
josephnexusand u are trying to do so while preserving all o fyour information?02:01
dorgan**i mean firewall as a dev station02:01
gerobDoes anyone here have experience installing a GeForce 8600 GT?  I have read the tutorials but need some clarification.02:01
dorgana:  a workstation is a place to test/try things a firewall is an important thing on the network02:01
daniel2464 MB of system memory (RAM)02:01
josephnexusgerob: what version of ubuntu?  usually you can just use jockey02:01
MK131josephnexus: when you change it back from dual screen, do you have two screens attached?02:02
gerobjospehnexus: 8.1002:02
dano_hey all, im trying to get compiz to work, and I think it's because X is not using the right driver.  lsmod |grep agp says agpgart                42184  3 drm,intel_agp.  But whenever I try to rmmod intel_agp it fails, even when I log out of X and go straight from the console.  Any ideas?02:02
josephnexusi only have one monitor... this was just for a demonstration02:02
tanjirdaniel24:  thanks.02:02
gerobjospehnexus: what is jockey?02:02
firebird619I just got a new Creative Labs sound card that has the breakout box with remote control. I installed gnome-lirc-properties, which has my remote listed, but not the receiver. Could someone help me get this working?02:02
josephnexusgerob: if you have the card installed, go to system -> administration -> hardware drivers02:02
dorganwhen you want to use a CF card as a hard drive for an appliance what are some consideration i should consider when looking for CF Cards02:02
Jack_SparrowHardware requirements to install, boot and comfortably use Ubuntu are listed at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Installation/SystemRequirements - For a !flavor with lower requirements, see !Xubuntu02:03
DasEi disappearedng_:you could mount it ?02:03
Jack_Sparrowtanjir, See above02:03
runderwodano_: Why are you trying to rmmod intel_agp ?02:03
ubottuXubuntu is Ubuntu with Xfce instead of !GNOME. More info at http://www.xubuntu.org and http://wiki.ubuntu.com/Xubuntu/ - To install from Ubuntu: « sudo apt-get install xubuntu-desktop » - Join #xubuntu for support - See also: !Ubuntu and !Xubuntu-Channels02:03
distinctblur I02:03
adoran and runderwo, thanks for your imput.02:03
dano_runderwo, because I have an intel i915gm card.  I don't care which driver Im using I want to use the best one so I can get compiz working02:04
DasEi disappearedng_:chown the directory it's mounted to to the regular user02:04
gerobjospehnexus: ok so I have the options of 173 and 17702:04
distinctblurI'm running kernel 2.6.27-9-generic; why is update manager recommending 2.6.27-7-generic?02:04
runderwodano_: The drivers included with Ubuntu should enable compiz on intel chips.02:04
josephnexusgerob: 177 should work wonderfully for you02:04
MK131josephnexus: then try setting it back to one monitor while connected to two monitors, that works for me most of the time02:04
dano_runderwo, whenevever I try to enable it, it's says it failed to set desktop options02:04
josephnexusok... i guess I'll have to try that02:05
gerobjospehnexus: how do i get back in if it crashes my X server?02:05
* josephnexus will ha ve to go dig up a monitor somewhere...02:05
GobbyQuick question, when i minimize my windows in ubuntu studio i cannot see them on the bottom bar, but i can alt tab to them, can anyone please help me? Regards Gobby02:05
runderwodano_: What version of ubuntu?02:05
josephnexusgerob: since you are on a newer version of ubuntu, if it fails, it should offer to revert to failsafes02:05
dano_runderwo, intrepid ibex02:05
runderwodano_: I'm using intrepid with an intel chip and didn't need to do anything special to enable compiz.02:06
DasEi disappearedng_:assuming it's mounted /media/disk, will be : sudo chown -R  disappearedng /media/disk   (correct username, course)02:06
Gerinychhow do i change grub 2's background?02:06
disappearedng_DasEi read only file system02:06
dano_runderwo, I'm happy for you ;)  I just wish I could get mine working.02:06
GobbyQuick question, when i minimize my windows in ubuntu studio i cannot see them on the bottom bar, but i can alt tab to them, can anyone please help me? Regards Gobby02:06
DasEi disappearedng_:was it set up like this ?02:07
dano_Gobby, you need to install window switcher application from pannel02:07
distinctblurI'm running kernel 2.6.27-9-generic; why is update manager recommending 2.6.27-7-generic?02:07
disappearedng_DasEi I guess, I followed the guide http://wiki.netbsd.se/How_to_mount_FFS_partition_under_Linux completely02:07
GobbyWhere do i do this dano_, im farily new to ubuntu linux02:07
dano_gobby right click on the pannel and select add to pannel02:07
daniel24how do i get ubuntu if i have dialup and live in victoria melbourne australia02:08
GobbyI am pretty sure it was working earlier, i must of accidentally switched something because it showed up before02:08
Jack_Sparrowdaniel24, By mail for free02:08
arooni-mobilei always forget; is it better to use - in filenames, databases, directories, or _02:08
__jaschon__distinctblur - i got that in update manager too02:08
josephnexusdaniel24: does shipit reach you?02:08
daniel24i dont know02:08
josephnexusshipit.ubuntu.com is the site I believe02:08
ubottushipit is a service that sends free Ubuntu, Kubuntu and Edubuntu CDs. See http://shipit.ubuntu.com/ and http://shipit.kubuntu.org and http://shipit.edubuntu.org - Shipit will send Intrepid (8.10) CDs02:08
distinctblurjaschon - tough part is it won't actually install02:08
MK131Gobby: add window list to taskbar; right click -> add -> window list02:08
runderwodistinctblur: dpkg -l linux-image-generic02:09
DasEi disappearedng_:ufs is supported by mount (default)02:09
distinctblurrunderwo: what'll that do?02:09
TheFunkbombCan Ubuntu run as 64bit?02:09
runderwodanopia: How are you trying to enable compiz specifically?02:09
GobbyOkay MK131, thanks, and may i ask, how are you directly speaking to me is there a setting, or do you manually type Gobby:,regards02:09
sheepTheFunkbomb: the amd64 edition does02:09
danopiarunderwo, by not attempting to02:09
Jack_SparrowTheFunkbomb, YEs02:10
disappearedng_DasEi I am using FFS02:10
distinctblurrunderwo: nevermind I can read MAN02:10
MK131i manually type it, dunno about other people02:10
runderwodistinctblur: It will tell you what version of the kernel is tied to the kernel virtual package.  If that does not match your running kernel, that is why it is trying to downgrade your kernel.02:10
TheFunkbombsheep, what about the Intel 64 bit processors?02:10
=== kc8tad is now known as rrittenhouse
daniel24who is ubottu02:10
runderwodano_: How are you trying to enable compiz specifically?02:10
Jack_SparrowTheFunkbomb, THey use the amd64 version02:10
TheFunkbombubottu is a bot02:10
ubottuYes, I can confirm that I am a bot. http://wiki.ubuntu.com/UbuntuBots for all information.02:10
DasEi!brain > daniel2402:10
runderwodanopia: sorry, tab completion :)02:10
ubottudaniel24, please see my private message02:10
sheepTheFunkbomb: amd64 and intel's emt64 are both compatible with each other02:10
TheFunkbombCool Jack_Sparrow02:11
TheFunkbomband when you're running Ubuntu 64 bit, is there a ram limit?02:11
MK131it is just called AMD64 cause they were the first (i believe) but intel uses it too now02:11
GobbyHow do you switch from the GUI to CLI? I'm full of questions, sorry :)02:11
TheFunkbombother than the mobo limit02:11
GobbyLike in the terminal?02:11
DasEiGobby:alt+F2, gnome terminal (one possib)02:12
DasEiGobby:alt+F2, gnome-terminal (one possib)02:12
GobbyThank you , and has that how you also switch out?02:12
ldleworkDasEi, is that a toggle?02:12
MK131gobby: when you start a new session (login) select the appropriate session then too02:12
Jack_SparrowF7 to get out02:12
linux_newbiehi,help my X-window contantly shuts down automatically02:12
DasEiIdlework: what's a toggle ?02:13
linuxman410has anyone ever used dropbox for ubuntu02:13
GobbyThank, you MK131, and also DasEI.02:13
distinctblurrunderwo: that command returns
runderwodistinctblur: Doesn't help. Hmm.02:14
DasEiGobby: also the menu has an option > console02:14
=== albech^ is now known as albech
GobbyIn the terminal, what is the command so i can just look at everything text based?.. Unless this is the same thing as my CLI question02:14
GobbySo i can like browse the internet etc from there02:14
tyoonsI believe ubuntu has shortened the life of my laptop. I wish to sue. Who shall I sue?02:15
MK131tyoons: what makes you say that?02:15
quaalyou can sue me02:15
quaali got about $802:15
dorganwhen you want to use a CF card as a hard drive for an appliance what are some consideration i should consider when looking for CF Cards02:15
quaalby suing i mean you will have to fight me for it02:15
quaalits only fair02:15
runderwoGobby: elinks is a terminal based web browser.02:15
danopiarunderwo, fix your tab complete02:15
daniel24does shipit ship to aus02:15
danopiarunderwo, make it go in order of who spoke, not alphabetical02:16
ubottu#ubuntu is the Ubuntu support channel, for all Ubuntu-related support questions. Please use #ubuntu-offtopic for other topics. Thanks!02:16
sheeptyoons: ubuntu 9.04 will have that issue fixed when it is released in april02:16
tyoonsMK131 this makes me say that --> https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/acpi-support/+bug/5969502:16
tyoonssheep yes, but I would like compensation for ubuntu ruining the life of my machine. I am wondering who to sue.02:16
Jorophoseahh! possible breakthrough02:16
daniel24does shipit ship to aus02:16
linux_newbiecan someone please help me... my x-window shut down automatically ~10-20mins02:16
runderwotyoons: Sue your BIOS manufacturer.02:16
GobbyYes, yes that is exactly what im talking about runderwo, can you also like for example run xchat through the terminal, for the oldschool look?02:16
sheeptyoons: iirc, that is licensed in such a way that you cannot sue for damages02:16
Jorophosesudo grub-install hd0 returns "Could not find device for /boot: not found or not a block device"02:16
tyoonsdaniel24 yes02:16
Jack_Sparrowtyoons, This is support, please try a different place to express your opinion.02:17
firebird619Could someone please help me to get my sound card's remote control working? I have lirc and gnome-lirc-properties installed and have the right remote selected in gnome-lirc-properties, but I don't know what to set the receiver to, mine isn't listed?02:17
tyoonsdaniel24 takes about 4 weeks02:17
daniel24how many can i order02:17
runderwoGobby: Use irssi for irc, imcom for IM, etc.02:17
JorophoseIs that supposed to happen? Was I supposed to change it for sdc1 or something?02:17
tyoonsJack_Sparrow this is not an opinion. I was looking for support. I understand that nobody associated with ubuntu wants to answer this question02:17
tyoonsJack_Sparrow are you aware of who I can bring a class-action suit against?02:17
Jack_Sparrowtyoons, You are not asking a support question.. this is support02:17
runderwotyoons: Don't be an idiot.  It's the BIOS manufacturer's fault.02:18
daniel24this irc is community02:18
tyoonsrunderwo no windows install had the same effect. It only occurred with ubuntu.02:18
Jack_Sparrowtyoons, Feel free to ask somewhere else02:18
runderwotyoons: http://mjg59.livejournal.com/77672.html02:18
linux_newbiecan someone please help me... my x-window shut down automatically ~10-20mins.02:18
disappearedng_any1 here got good resource on how to build my kernel?02:18
runderwotyoons: Windows may work-around the broken BIOS.  Ubuntu doesn't.02:18
Jack_Sparrowdanlose the caps and go look at the link02:19
runderwotyoons: Mainly because BIOS manufacturers refuse to talk to Linux programmers.02:19
Jack_Sparrowdaniel24, the caps and go look at the link02:19
tyoonsI would just warn everyone here about ubuntu then. It shortened the life of many of my companies laptops. There is no way to seek compensation for that. I would be very careful about installing ubuntu on any machine as a result02:19
daniel24what link02:19
ubottu#ubuntu is the Ubuntu support channel, for all Ubuntu-related support questions. Please use #ubuntu-offtopic for other topics. Thanks!02:19
tyoonsubuntu is just too dangerous02:19
vince___Hi, im in a tui IRC client, and its a pain to navigate02:19
badfish69tyoons, you can sue me too, between me and quaal you might get 20 bucks02:19
DasEi!hi | vince___:02:19
ubottuvince___:: Hi! Welcome to #ubuntu!02:19
linux_newbiecan someone please help me... my x-window shut down automatically ~10-20mins02:20
danopiahe just left, CodeBlock[vista]02:20
daniel24hello ubottu02:20
Gerinychcan someone help me with grub2?02:20
runderwolinux_newbie: You need to copy your X log into pastebin like I told you.02:20
ubottushipit is a service that sends free Ubuntu, Kubuntu and Edubuntu CDs. See http://shipit.ubuntu.com/ and http://shipit.kubuntu.org and http://shipit.edubuntu.org - Shipit will send Intrepid (8.10) CDs02:20
runderwoJorophose: What does /boot/grub/device.map say?02:20
CodeBlock[vista]danopia, i saw02:20
daniel24paste bin here http://paste.ubuntu.com/02:20
linuxman410i have used ubuntu since it came out with no problems to all my computers at all02:20
GobbyIs there a ¨correct¨ way to install Photoshop cs2, using wine... all i did was .. install the trial from adobe.com, and ran it.. but its having issues when starting up... its very buggy... nothing major just bothers me.. also it is sorta slow, thanks again you ubuntu helpers :)02:20
vince___I just installed and updated ubuntu 8.10 on a p4 based, ATI 200 series(onbord) computer, and dispite my usual "nosplash noacpi" append, it stops booting when it hits the X11 bootups02:20
MK131tyoons: read further in that article "This problem has been confirmed in Ubuntu as well as in other distributions and on MacOS X and Windows."02:21
vince___can anyone direct me to some help :D02:21
DasEilinux_newbie: check your /var/log/syslog and /var/log/Xorg.0.log02:21
linux_newbierunderwo: how do I select all the info in the long list to copy it out ?02:21
MK131you can't get away from it :P02:21
hommeentetehey I'm very new to shell scripting -- I need to know how to get the result of a command to be stored in a variable... see http://ubuntu.pastebin.com/d5a56723 for what I'm trying to do... how do I fix that?02:21
DasEi vince___: can you boot to safe mode ?02:21
daniel24ubuntu paste bin here http://paste.ubuntu.com/02:21
sdkmvxhommeentete, `command`02:21
sdkmvxhommeentete, VARIABLE=`command`02:22
hommeenteteoooh ````` gotcha02:22
Jorophoserunderwo: do I cat it?02:22
runderwolinux_newbie: Open it in a text editor, and select all, and copy.02:22
daniel24EVERYONE  Listion Paste bin HERE http://paste.ubuntu.com/02:22
runderwoJorophose: Yeah, it's a text file.02:22
hommeentetei was using all the different quotes and didn't try that one02:22
vince___DasEi, I booted with the recovery mode, but it said "Trace complete" or something, then it just stopped doing anything.02:22
hommeentetesdkmvx: thanks02:22
slewhi im currently using hardy, is there an easy way to upgrade to intrepid, or do i need to?  i'm on a sony vaio with a broken cd drive.02:22
GerobHi, I just installed Ubunut, updated and then installed the 1.77 nvidia drivers through the hardware manager.  When I reset my system it dropped me at a text login with something about tty1?  How do I get back into the GUI?02:23
DasEi vince___:on a standard p4 ? sounds like a bad installation (burn/cd-drive)02:23
JorophoseGerob: Try "startx" and see what it tells you02:23
linux_newbierunderwo: how to display the log with txt editor ?02:23
hmlhow do I change the size of my X11/desktop ?02:23
vince___DasEi, it booted fine before i updated the software in update manager.02:23
linux_newbierunderwo: my name says it all02:23
daniel24slew: upgrade info here http://www.howtoforge.com/how-to-upgrade-ubuntu-8.04-to-ubuntu-8.10-desktop-and-server02:23
GerobJorophose ok be back in 5 mins02:23
Jorophosehml: Check your settings manager.02:24
hmlJorophose: where?02:24
hmlJorophose: what to typpe at the command line?02:24
runderwolinux_newbie: gnome-text-editor <logfile>02:24
slewdaniel24, thanks02:24
linuxman410use update manager slew and upgrade that way02:24
DasEi vince___:when going to safe mode, no error (trace?) is displayed ?02:24
edjukernel 2.6.24-22-generic.  at boot, each message scrolling by repeats - shows up twice.  any clue as to why appreciated.02:24
daniel24slew: its ok02:24
Jorophosehml: You don't need the command line for this one. It should be in the Settings, Display Settings or similar.02:24
vince___I am accutally using irssi, in CUI02:24
daniel24slew: if any more probs ask02:24
JorophoseYou could try "xrandr -s 1024x768" but it's only temporary, until you reboot02:24
DasEi vince___:was it a dist-upgrade ?02:24
slewdaniel24, thanks, will do02:25
ubottupastebin is a service to post multiple-lined texts so you don't flood the channel. The Ubuntu pastebin is at http://paste.ubuntu.com (make sure you give us the URL for your paste - see also the channel topic)02:25
vince___DasEi, no sir, it was simply a normal update02:25
hommeenteteokay next question - what's the shell script syntax for comparing a number to a variable -- eg, $E < 702:25
daniel24ubottu !pastebin02:25
ubottupastebin is a service to post multiple-lined texts so you don't flood the channel. The Ubuntu pastebin is at http://paste.ubuntu.com (make sure you give us the URL for your paste - see also the channel topic)02:25
daniel24ubottu !pastebin02:25
runderwohommeentete: man test02:26
DasEi vince___:so I'd first run a e2fsck from live, then chroot from live into the fs and update/grade again02:26
daniel24any one have probs02:26
vince___DasEi, Ill try it. but i think it has something to do with the video more like02:26
vince___ill be back02:26
hommeenteterunderwo: well i'm doing it in an if clause, so i was looking for something a little more straightforward02:27
runderwohommeentete: it's exactly what you need.  Just look at it.02:28
MK131is there anyway to copy current computer config (including drivers) to an install cd for later install on the same system?02:28
MK131or atleast export current drivers?02:28
ubottuAPTonCD is a tool with a graphical interface which allows you to create one or more CDs or DVDs with all of the packages you've downloaded via apt-get or aptitude, creating a removable repository that you can use on other computers02:29
runderwolinux_newbie: Looks like no problems there.  But the X server crashes as soon as it starts up? (Not once you login)02:29
BigMikei just tried to install compiz plugins and it wrecked my system there are no window buttons anymore what should I do?02:31
linux_newbierunderwo: actually, the shutdown box automatically prompts for like lightening second then it will shutdown02:31
runderwolinux_newbie: But this is as soon as X starts up without you touching anything?02:31
linux_newbierunderwo: nope it will shut down my computer ...02:31
MK131BigMike, that happened when I tested out Mandriva (i know...) try restarting, or set up window decorations in CCSM02:32
GerobJorophose: It said:  Fatal Server error: no screens found, giving up.   xinit:Connection refused (errno 111): unable to connect to Xserver ... xinit: no such process (errno 3): server error02:32
runderwolinux_newbie: Did it ever work correctly, and what changed since it did?02:32
linux_newbierunderwo: this only happened today02:32
csanaim trying to formant a floppy with fdformat /dev/fd0 on ubuntu,says /dev/fd0 no such file or directory02:32
hommeenteterunderwo: yea you were right lol thanks02:32
BigMikei deleted compiz02:33
runderwohommeentete: y/w02:33
ghoneAnyone know how to get a Linksys WRT54G2 working with wireless without MS-Windows?02:33
JoshPilcerdoes ubuntu support java?02:33
linux_newbierunderwo: I didn't touch anything and the shutdown box will pops up and shut down my computer02:33
JorophosenVidia drivers are sadly beyond my level of expertise... But do you have a failsafe xorg.conf? or a backup of it?02:33
csanaghone:hookup two routers or as a wireless adapter?02:33
runderwolinux_newbie: Did you upgrade anything?02:33
JorophoseThough I sadly can't do much for you, I know some of the guys here are brilliant and can help you out... right? D=02:33
GerobI dont know02:33
GerobJorophose: I dont know02:34
csanaghone:misunderstood your question02:34
linux_newbierunderwo: not really02:34
ghonecsna: I wanted to use it to connect a notebook running ubuntu to a PPPoE modem02:34
JoshPilcerdoes ubuntu support java?02:34
ghonenightrid3r: doesn't exist02:34
GerobJoshPilcer: yes02:34
csanavia wireless?02:35
runderwolinux_newbie: Is it a laptop?02:35
ubottuHi! I'm #ubuntu's favorite infobot, you can search my brain yourself at http://ubottu.com/factoids.cgi - Usage info: http://wiki.ubuntu.com/UbuntuBots02:35
linux_newbierunderwo: a desktop02:35
nightrid3rghone: use wired first to setup your linksys02:35
JorophoseOyoyoy... Is there an older but more stable version of the nvidia drivers in the repos?02:35
runderwolinux_newbie: I'm out of ideas.  You could try purging and reinstalling gdm.02:36
JorophoseDo you think you could get it running in VESA mode?02:36
GerobCan anyone help me with getting my GUI back up and running after installing my nvidia drivers and getting stuck at a tty1?02:36
ghonenightrid3r: sing a wired connection, the router works as a hub.02:36
SteelflintGerob, what graphics card do you have, and what resolution are you aiming for?02:36
runderwoGerob: edit /etc/X11/xorg.conf and replace 'nvidia' with 'nv'02:36
linux_newbierunderwo: what could trigger the shutdown box to pop up automatically ?02:36
csanauh so like this? laptop-(router)~(wireless)~(ppoe modem)--internet?02:37
runderwolinux_newbie: The only thing I can think of is ACPI thinks your battery is dead, but it's not a laptop.02:37
nightrid3rghone: reset the router first, puvh a pen in the small hole in the back02:37
GerobSteelflint: A geforce 8600 GT and my monitors optimum resolution is 1680X105002:37
ubottuYum! Err, I mean, APT!02:37
marinenightrid3r, what's good02:37
csanai eat packets...02:37
MK131how can i set up my wifi card so I can connect to it via ps3 (create a wireless access point)02:38
ghonecsna: Near as I can tell, the thing works just fine so long as I don't try to use wireless functionality or access http:
ubottuYum! Err, I mean, APT!02:38
linux_newbierunderwo: where to check this acpi setting in ubuntu ?02:38
runderwolinux_newbie: Just go to a command line and type acpi.02:38
marinedoes anyone here know how to merge an unallocated partition02:38
runderwoBut you won't have a battery.02:38
ghonenightrid3r: Yeah, tried that around lunchtime or so.  Any other ideas?02:38
csanaghone:im a noob and also i dont really get what your saying,try
deanmarine: use gparted to expand the partiton02:39
runderwo!gparted | marine02:39
ubottumarine: gparted is a !GTK/!Gnome !GUI partitioning program. Type « sudo apt-get install gparted » in a console to install it - A GParted "live" CD is available at http://gparted.sourceforge.net/livecd.php02:39
linux_newbierunderwo: it returns nothing02:39
ghonecsna: also a no-go02:39
runderwolinux_newbie: Right, because you don't have a battery.02:39
csanauhh...are you connected to it?02:39
ghonecsna: yes, using a cable02:39
marinethat's how i got the unallocated partition from  gparted02:39
nightrid3rghone: for a full reset you need to press the butten for 20 sec02:39
runderwolinux_newbie: Try  sudo dpkg --purge gdm; sudo apt-get install gdm02:39
csanaas in does ubuntu say you are?btw its written csana02:40
marinedean, i used gparted to free up the remaining hardrive space from the windows side and got an unallocated partition02:40
ghonenightridr: tried for about 40 seconds or so.  is it possible that th192.168.a.b (where a and b are between 0 and 5) is incorrect?02:41
marinerunderwo,  i used gparted to free up the remaining hardrive space from the windows side and got an unallocated partition02:41
deanmarine; click on the linux partition, hit resize and then make it take up the free space02:41
linux_newbierunderwo: gdm is the lastest ... diffstat quilt libfribidi-dev is no longer needed... apt-get autoremove... to remove it02:42
marinedean let me try that02:42
nightrid3rghone: it should be unless they changed it in your model all other linksys use that adress02:42
linux_newbierunderwo: shut I do as instructed ?02:42
csanaghone:right click on the little computer connection icon and click on connection information02:42
marinedean i don't think it gave me that choice the first time.02:42
ghonelinksys tech support also said the same address02:42
linux_newbierunderwo: should I do as insturcted ?02:42
deanghone: try if that doesn't work02:42
csanaghone:right click on the little computer connection icon and click on connection information02:42
ghonemaybe I just got a broken one02:43
csanaghone:right click on the little computer connection icon and click on connection information02:43
runderwolinux_newbie: I was just suggesting to reinstall it in case it's gotten screwed up somehow, but I don't think it'll make a difference.02:43
hellhound_how can i downgrade my flash plugin from 10.x to 9.x??? I have 9.x downloaded but i cannot find any resolution in google just people advising other downgrade to 9.x02:43
deanmarine: you can't resize a partition while you're using it02:43
deanmarine: you'll have to boot from the live cd02:43
marinedean, it won't give me that option02:44
homeskilletim tryin to connect to my wireless router and ubuntu is asking me to create a default keyring by choosing a password. is this necessary?02:44
deanmarine: are you in the live CD or booting from hard drive02:44
ghoneIs there anyone who's definitely got a WRT54G2 working?02:44
marinedean,  and do what02:44
marinedean, booting form the hard drive02:44
csanaghone:right click on the little computer connection icon and click on connection information should say some ip adreses02:44
linuxman410me gphone using it right now02:44
deanmarine: open gparted from the live cd02:45
deanmarine: instead of from the hard drive02:45
deanmarine: since ubuntu is using the partition, you cannot access it02:45
deanmarine: it has a lock next to it, right02:45
marinedean and then what i don't want to wipe out what i already have02:45
deanmarine: post a screenshot02:45
ghonecsana: no, it doesn't.  I think that might only work when the wifi is actually working.02:45
csanadoes it say youre connected?02:46
marinehow is that done02:46
ghonecsna: nope02:46
mewshican someone help me with vuze?02:46
csanaok then no wonder02:46
deanmarine: Alt-printscreen and then use imageshack.us02:46
marinedean,  yes it does a set of keys02:46
csanahow are you on the internet?02:47
mewshihttp://rafb.net/p/FN4P9M78.html <- this is the output when I try to run vuze, what can I do?02:47
linux_newbierunderwo: it might be the spring engine game I 've install the before that02:47
runderwolinux_newbie: I doubt it, but you could try removing it.02:47
ghonecsna: ethernet cable02:47
marinedean see pm02:47
linux_newbierunderwo: how do i uninstall it ? I couldn't find it in add/remove02:47
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csanaghone: i mean how are you using this irc02:48
ghoneYeah, I02:48
runderwolinux_newbie: How did you install it?02:48
ghone'csna: I'm using an ethernet cable to the router which is connected to a PPPoE modem also vie ethernet cable.02:48
ghonecsna: I'm using an ethernet cable to the router which is connected to a PPPoE modem also vie ethernet cable.02:49
csanayou said internet doesnt work02:49
ubottuHi! I'm #ubuntu's favorite infobot, you can search my brain yourself at http://ubottu.com/factoids.cgi - Usage info: http://wiki.ubuntu.com/UbuntuBots02:49
marinedean i can resize and use the unallocated space frm the livecd02:49
ghonecsna: it doesn't work over wireless02:49
=== Agent is now known as Guest63889
csana*sigh* i cant help02:49
ghonecsna: wired it works except that there's no
jon_high9000hi. is there a way to adjust text color to make text visable in dark background gtk themes?02:50
csanaare you sure the connection info doesnt say anything?02:50
ghoneYeah, I think I might just have to do something drastic at the point of sale.02:50
Tyrathwould anyone know how to add indicators on QTStalker02:50
marinedean did you get that02:51
csanaclick on it normal then02:51
csanawhat are the optins02:51
deanmarine: yes02:51
marinedean,  so is that right02:52
ubottuSorry, I don't know anything about QtStalker02:52
Tyrath!stocks > Tyrath02:52
ubottuSorry, I don't know anything about stocks02:52
caveman26I installed ubuntu inside windows, how do I access my user folder in ubuntu from windows? I need some game files out of there for windows02:52
marinedean, i don't want to lose the info i have so far02:52
ubottuSorry, I don't know anything about QTStalker02:52
Tyrathcsana: do you have it?02:53
csanawhat is it?02:53
TyrathTechnical Analysis program for the sharemarket02:53
MK13wow, just found out you could opt out of the grub install on the regular cd. I've been using the alternate cd for that, lol02:53
hellhound_how can i downgrade my flash plugin from 10.x to 9.x??? I have 9.x downloaded but i cannot find any resolution in google just people advising other downgrade to 9.x02:53
Tyrathdoes graphs and stuff02:53
=== FireFox is now known as b-man
marinedean,  i don't want to lose the info i have so far02:53
marinedean,  will rebooting from cd do that02:54
Tyrathcsana: there's just nowhere on the internet or so it seems where it explains in effective english how to configure indices to graph formulas that you're interested in02:54
=== b-man is now known as FireFox
wayne__hi guys i have an issue when i type this sudo apt-get install ubuntu-restricted-extras i get this eror i am a noob to ubuntu and could do with some help02:56
Raylzwhere do i find the plugins configuration in konqueror?02:56
phixata1.00: exception Emask 0x0 SAct 0x0 SErr 0x0 action 0x2 frozen02:56
phixata1.00: cmd c8/00:80:35:79:19/00:00:00:00:00/e6 tag 0 dma 65536 in res 40/00:1f:76:10:0f/00:00:00:00:00/e6 Emask 0x4 (timeout)02:56
wayne__E: dpkg was interrupted, you must manually run 'dpkg --configure -a' to correct the problem.02:57
Raylzwayne__: sudo dpkg --configure -a02:57
linux_newbierunderwo: thanks for ur time I guess I will just format my hd02:57
phixLjL: Any ideas why that message would appear?02:57
Tyrathhas anyone on ubuntu managed to get the hibernate program working?02:59
dreamywhy whould anyone have any reason to come here and help»02:59
dreamywhy whould anyone have any reason to come here and help»?02:59
treatsi wonder that when i come here for help myself02:59
Tyrathdreamy: because we like to help02:59
runderwolinux_newbie: I wish it was always an easy fix.02:59
nightrid3rdreamy: extreme sm ?02:59
runderwolinux_newbie: You could first do this:02:59
Tyrathdreamy: and if you ask people questions you should give something back in return02:59
treatsyou need to hope someone has a more technical problem than yourself and they see your problem03:00
runderwo!clone | linux_newbie03:00
ubottulinux_newbie: To replicate your packages selection on another machine (or restore it if re-installing), you can type « aptitude --disable-columns --display-format '%p' search '?installed!?automatic' > ~/my-packages », move the file "my-packages" to the other machine, and there type « sudo xargs aptitude --schedule-only install < my-packages ; sudo aptitude install » - See also !automate03:00
dreamyTyrath: ok thats a great quality03:00
runderwolinux_newbie: Reinstall the packages that way and see if it helps.03:00
phixany ideas guys / gurls?03:00
phixor do I need to bang my head against the table a few more times?03:00
Jorophosehttp://i39.tinypic.com/fdzom8.png http://i44.tinypic.com/2ue36fb.png it seems grub installed just fine...03:00
Tyrathdreamy: you're using a product that people have produced for free, putting hours into it, and some of us feel obliged to give something back to the community because we're freeloading03:00
dreamyhelping ppl is a great quality... ok .. i like to help too03:00
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=== Octoroks_ is now known as Octoroks
phixdreamy: help me then :P03:01
Tyrathdreamy: so when you're in from time to time just help people with their problems03:01
phixdreamy: put some action behind those words :P03:01
ubottuWays to automate installation of Ubuntu on multiple machines are described at https://help.ubuntu.com/8.04/installation-guide/i386/automatic-install.html - See also !cloning03:02
Rencxhow run skype in Ubuntu startup?03:02
ubottuA comprehensive list of of Windows-equivalent applications in Linux can be found at http://www.linuxrsp.ru/win-lin-soft/table-eng.html and https://wiki.ubuntu.com/WhatWindowsUsersWant - Try also joining #ubuntu-bots and asking BestBot03:02
phixRencx: why use skype for?03:02
GobbyAny photoshop users?03:03
phixRencx: when you can run your own skype like service which uses open standards03:03
TyrathGobby: I used to use it03:03
phixRencx: asterisk for the win03:03
GobbyTyrath, did you use it with Ubuntu studio?03:03
GobbyUsing wine03:03
MK13photoshop user here :)03:03
Rencxphix i need all my skype contacts03:03
DivineOmegaRencx, you can run Skype at start up by going to System -> Preferences -> Session03:03
phixRencx: fail :)03:04
TyrathGobby: nope. never. have you tried gimp? gimp's good!03:04
homeskilletanyone know if verizon fios supports ubuntu linux and if they'll give tech support for it?03:04
DivineOmegaThen adding a new item under the 'Startup programs' tab.03:04
TyrathGobby: I have photoshop on my mum's mac tho CS3 I think it is03:04
GobbyAll photoshop users, i am using photoshop cs2 with wine.. but its very buggy.. and wondering if there is a much more stable way of using it?03:04
TyrathGobby: and it's mac os x so uses the unix kernel03:04
phixI wonder if there is a SIP -> Skype / Skype -> SIP gatewaye module for asterisk03:04
nickrudGobby, running it in windows in virtualbox03:04
DivineOmegaphix, I doubt it. Skype's protocol is secret and encrypted.03:05
GobbyHmm, im going to try GIMPShop, so i get the feel of photoshop, i've been using photoshop cs2 for a year, its wonderful03:05
RencxDivineOmega yes but what comad i need write there?03:05
MK13i use Photoshop CS4 on windows... but GIMP is a very close rival03:05
DivineOmegaProviding you have the Linux version of skype installed, just Skype.03:05
linux_newbierunderwo: ok thanks I will try that when I come back03:05
GobbyNickrud, i have no idea how to setup virtualbox... my dad used it , (we are both ubuntu users) and he coul'nt setup right, rather not03:05
DivineOmegaSorry 'skype' - lowercase03:05
Tyrathphix: you need to get past what is knows as the skype obfuscion layer - or something like that. should be on wiki...03:06
linux_newbierunderwo: thanks alot cya03:06
DivineOmegaRencx, that worked for you?03:06
RencxDivineOmega is there on linux beter program than skype?03:06
runderwolinux_newbie: y/w03:06
BigMikehow do I get my windows buttons back they disappeard03:07
Tyrathanyone got any idea of how to get hibernate (the linux app) to work?03:07
RencxDivineOmega: i add it..03:07
daniel24im back]03:07
treatsmany of my apps, after making the jump from kubuntu to ubuntu quit before they have a chance to start up.  is there a way to fix this?03:07
Tyrathbecause I read the ubuntu tutorial on it and modified all the settings and it still doesn't do anything other than kill my network connection temporarily03:08
DivineOmegaRencx, cool. I usually only use Skype for my voice communicates.03:08
zacktuhibernate worked for me until I resized and moved swap -- now it doesn't03:08
GBGamesI'm running 7.04, and I can't update anytime soon, so it's what I have to work with right now. I found that when I switch to a different wifi network, /etc/hosts reverts back to the default, so anything I set in there disappears. Is there a different place I'm expected to set a hostname for a remote IP?03:08
Tyrathzacktu: hibernate as in the script for linux? or the gnome hibernate thing?03:08
RencxDivineOmega i had problem with sound i uninstalled pulseaudio thet was write?03:08
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fulat2khi folks, i just installed ubuntu-desktop from a kubuntu installation.  however, there's no sound once the gnome desktop loads.  any ideas?  there's sound in gdm as well as in kde.03:09
Robert_Surcoufzacktu: allocation of memory problem ?03:09
DivineOmegaRencx, you shouldn't have needed to uninstall Pulseaudio. What was the nature of the sound problem? Was it specific to Skype?03:09
zacktutyrath -- i tried both -- can see that the commands to hibernate are all executed, but not the ones to wake up03:09
TyrathGBGames: have you tried configuring the details in /etc/network/interfaces ?03:09
RencxDivineOmega yes i hear only with left side03:10
GBGamesTyrath: Nope. I'll take a look.03:10
TyrathGBGames: that's probably not the solution you want03:10
JorophoseSo guys, any chance one of you would know how grub could fail, even though it's been installed properly and appears to know about all the hard drives?... maybe the BIOS is ignoring grub?03:10
RencxDivineOmega now i fix it and i can hear both sides i installed esound03:10
zackturobert - don't think so there's plenty of swap -- the forums show how to make certain the uuid is correct, etc, but none of that works03:10
hanselI am trying to get my WinXP vmware image working but it keeps saying operating system not found.  This vmware image worked just fine on my vista box.  ideas or does somebody have a .vmx file I could try?03:10
TyrathGBGames: but you can set your wifi settings to auto connect on boot03:10
hanselI am using vmware btw... just dl'd it.03:11
Robert_Surcoufzacktu: you have a log something error messages ?03:11
vison- -03:11
GBGamesWell, they already autoconnect. The problem is when I take my laptop to a different wifi connection, it seems to remove my customizations.03:11
DivineOmegaRencx, you've fixed it? Great stuff.03:11
marinedoes anyone know how to engage the autorun software03:11
RencxDivineOmega do you now how to startup 2 skype accounts on one pc?03:12
TyrathGBGames: unless you see something like auto wlan0 in that file it may not be auto connecting to the wireless network03:12
zackturobert - i read the man pages and found out where the logs are kept - this was before christmas, so i don't remember where the log is03:12
ardchoillemarine: in nautilus: Edit > Preferences > Media tab  ?03:12
=== caplink811-log is now known as caplink811_log
pyro2927using gnome, when i open firefox it seems to be located in a different position on my screen. is there a way to make it remember the last location i placed it and have it open there?03:12
GBGamesTyrath: When I am able to use the network connection, it is clear that it is working. My concern isn't the wireless connection. My concern is that I named an IP address in /etc/hosts so it is easy to ssh to it, but when I switch wifi networks, it seems that /etc/hosts is getting overwritten.03:13
RencxCan anyone explain how to run Windows program on Ubuntu.. I have Wine instaled..03:13
GobbyCan you get a windows virus, from installing a windows program with wine?03:13
DivineOmegaRencx, you can start two instances of Skype in Linux.03:13
ardchoillepyro2927: Been looking for that for months, haven't found anything for it03:13
TyrathGBGames: you should also allocate instructions such as wireless-mode managed   wireless-channel <channel>   wireless-essid <your wireless networks name>03:13
runderwoGobby: It's possible03:13
marineardchoille, i don't see nautilus03:13
Robert_Surcoufzacktu: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/DebuggingKernelSuspend03:13
Rencx<DivineOmega> yes but they will launch in the same account03:13
Gobbyrunderwo: what are the chances?03:13
pyro2927ardchoille: :(03:14
runderwoGobby: 42.6971%03:14
Jack_SparrowGobby, Highly unlike;y, but dont use root access and dont map /root as drive Z03:14
Robert_Surcoufzacktu: the most common problem is your fstab, but you cleared the UUID you siad right ?03:14
ardchoillemarine: Places > Home03:14
Rencx<DivineOmega> or one of them i need write by hand03:14
marineardchoille, i'm trying to boot up form livecd and it won't run automatically03:14
TyrathGBGames: sudo ifup -a  will make it reread the interfaces file03:14
RencxCan anyone explain how to run Windows program on Ubuntu.. I have Wine instaled..03:14
Brendan_Johnsondoes anyone know how to change the startup screen on ubuntu?03:14
runderwoGobby: Seriously, the worst that can usually happen is that it deletes all your user's files and starts some network service.03:14
DivineOmegaRencx, you can sign out of one and sign into another account manually, but you can not make it auto login to two different accounts.03:14
runderwoGobby: Which is pretty bad.03:14
Brendan_Johnsonplease pm me03:14
nightrid3rmarine: check your bios, set it to boot from cdrom03:14
Gobbyi see, is there a built in ubuntu scanner?03:15
TyrathRencx: type wine <path to file>/<filename>.exe in terminal03:15
runderwo!wine | Rencx03:15
ubottuRencx: WINE is a compatibility layer for running Windows programs on GNU/Linux - More information: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Wine - Search the !AppDB for application compatibility ratings - Join #winehq for application help03:15
GBGamesTyrath: Ok, but what does that have to do with /etc/hosts getting overwritten?03:15
Gobbythat will detect those types of things?03:15
runderwo!clamav | Gobby03:15
zackturobert: yes, i've checked fstab, and the UUIDs match -- i did a copy and paste -- and have checked that swap works03:15
ubottuSorry, I don't know anything about clamav03:15
runderwo!info clamav | Gobby03:15
ubottuclamav (source: clamav): anti-virus utility for Unix - command-line interface. In component main, is optional. Version 0.94.dfsg.2-1ubuntu0.1 (intrepid), package size 227 kB, installed size 416 kB03:15
treatsmy ubuntu is acting rediculous.  Can I bring it back to a "out of the box" state without using a boot cd or thumb stick?03:15
nightrid3rtreats: no03:15
ardchoillemarine: my bad, what I recommended isn't what you want, sorry about that03:15
runderwotreats: Try creating a new user account and seeing if it has the same problems.03:15
TyrathGBGames: well I think it reads the interfaces file first. so any settings in there prob override the others. i'm not 100% sure tho03:15
Gerinychhow do i uninstall grub2?03:16
Gobbyhow can i download clamav runderwo? and thanks for all the help03:16
Brendan_Johnsondoes anyone know how to change the startup screen on ubuntu? please pm me.03:16
Gobbyjust want to be safe always :)03:16
marineardchoille, i found it and it looks like it says ask what to do and it di nothing when i poped the cd in03:16
linxehtreats: sometimes you can delete most of the stuff in your home dir (all the .directories) and it will be ok, other times you need to reinstall unless you know what you are doing03:16
runderwoGobby: sudo apt-get install clamav.  But remember it's not a resident scanner, so you'll have to invoke it manually to scan a windows file.03:16
Brendan_JohnsonI guess it is the usplash03:16
marinenightrid3r, check bios from the desktop how is that done03:16
Brendan_Johnsonit is the one with the progress bar when booting ubuntu03:17
Yinghi. i need a driver for my ZET modem to run under ubuntu. model: MF622 HSDPA USB MODEM. Can anyone help me?03:17
Robert_Surcoufzacktu: you mind if we check again ?03:17
zackturobert: okay03:17
GobbyAlright runderwo... thanks very much hope theres not a limit on questions because im going to ask alot :)03:17
nightrid3rmarine: when booting pc press "del" or "f1" or something like that03:17
runderwoGobby: If I'm around :)03:17
Brendan_Johnsonmarine: i think it is f803:17
Brendan_Johnsonwhen booting03:18
Destinatushow do i install ubuntu from a usb flash drive?03:18
macmanguys .. i feel like going straight console mode .. is this good or bad ?03:18
marineall right thanks but the cd is in now and it won't play03:18
Brendan_Johnsonyou need to mount ubuntu to the flash and then it will act like a cd03:18
DescentionI need help with wireless: I have a Realtek 8185 - I am running ubuntu 8.04 - kernel 2.6.24-23-generic - I installed the linux-backports-modules and still do not have wireless.03:18
GobbyIf i deleted a file.. that was not a like uninstallable program.. its not installed just downloaded and used it no setup what so ever.. if i just delete this will it permanently go away? sorry i cant think of any better way to put it03:18
Robert_Surcoufzacktu: (please use tab to complete my Nick because I could miss your reply) do a ls -la /dev/disk/by-uuid03:18
nightrid3rmarine: open the cd in windows and see if theres more than 1 file03:19
GBGamesTyrath: Found it. http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=37242003:19
Brendan_JohnsonDescention: check your hardware settings in the upper right hand corner03:19
gerberi got new monitor, where can i go to change resolution ?03:19
Brendan_Johnsondoes anyone know how to change the startup screen on ubuntu?03:19
Destinatuscan i just copy unbuntu cd over to flash drive after partitioning the flash drive and making the primary partition active?03:19
TyrathGBGames: nice :). sorry i couldn't be of more help03:19
marinenightrid3r, yes there is about 10 files03:19
MK13gerber: system -> preferences -> resolution03:19
DescentionBrendan_Johnson: I see nothing about hardware settings.03:19
zacktuRobert_Surcouf: wanna see the output?03:19
marinenightrid3r, maye more03:19
DivineOmegagerber, System -> Preferences -> Screen Resolution03:19
Robert_Surcoufzacktu: then compare it with you /etc/fstab if you could paste them in http://paste.ubuntu.com/03:20
RencxOuuuch nice i can run some windows programs :)03:20
nightrid3rmarine: have more than 1 cd/dvd03:20
Yinghi. where can i find a driver for my ZET modem to run under ubuntu. model: MF622 HSDPA USB MODEM?03:20
ChlorateWhen I run Compiz Fusion, videos I watch through vlc, totem, etc will flash black on Ubuntu 8.10. Any ideas?03:20
DescentionBrendan_Johnson: i see hardware drivers, the wireless driver is checked, but not in use03:20
Brendan_JohnsonDestinatus: check this out:  http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=15041203:20
Destinatusthank you03:20
marinenightrid3r,  what03:21
GobbyIf i deleted a file.. that was not a like uninstallable program.. its not installed just downloaded and used it no setup what so ever.. if i just delete this will it permanently go away? sorry i cant think of any better way to put it03:21
OmiKrOnhi, what's the latest available kernel version in the repositories?03:21
nightrid3rmarine: have more than 1 cd/dvd drive ?03:21
marinenightrid3r, don't follow you03:21
marinenightrid3r, no just this one03:21
Rencxouh nice :)03:21
RORgasmhey guys i had installed vmware server on my laptop before03:21
marinenightrid3r, the cd/dvd drive works fine03:21
RORgasmi was wondering how i could totally remove it03:21
Rencxi love it... lol03:22
Destinatusmaybe i wasn't clear. i want to boot and install ubuntu off a usb flash drive03:22
nightrid3rmarine: let me check something03:22
zacktuRobert_Surcouf: pasted03:22
RORgasmi wanna delete everything i had once windows installed on it but i want to remove it now03:22
Robert_Surcoufzacktu: you need to give us the url03:22
ubottuvirtualbox is a x86 !virtualizer. A !free edition is available from !Gutsy as 'virtualbox-ose'. A non-free edition is available at http://virtualbox.org for most Ubuntu releases (help in #vbox) - Setup details at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/VirtualBox03:22
Robert_Surcouf!paste | zacktu03:22
ubottuzacktu: pastebin is a service to post multiple-lined texts so you don't flood the channel. The Ubuntu pastebin is at http://paste.ubuntu.com (make sure you give us the URL for your paste - see also the channel topic)03:22
marinenightrid3r, i'm getting an error cannot find autorun software03:23
marinenightrid3r, cannot find autorun program03:23
nightrid3rmarine: is one of the files on the cd named casper03:23
zacktuRobert_Surcouf: http://paste.ubuntu.com/106768/03:24
marinenightrid3r, yes03:24
Jaffarkelshaci installed netmeter with wine, it work, but when it starts up startup from sessions, it does not dock in the system tray. it docks in the wine system tray which floats on the desktop. #winehq no help. any ideas http://launchpadlibrarian.net/14197388/WineSystemTray2.png03:24
Tyrathdoes the python program have a dictionary? and how good is it if it does?03:24
nightrid3rmarine: it could be either a burning error or a bad download03:24
ChlorateWhen I play videos from my hard drive through totem, vlc, etc they flash black like the refresh rate is wrong. This only occurs when I have compiz running, any ideas how to fix it? I'm on ubuntu 8.10 32bit.03:25
marinenightrid3r, is that what a casper file means03:25
jribTyrath: what do you mean exactly?03:25
nightrid3rmarine: no the file has to be there but if it doesn't boot and your bios is ok then you have a bad disk03:25
Robert_Surcoufzacktu: looks good quick question it was sda2 before ?03:25
Ultraputzin nautilus, where are the icons in the sidebar (shortcuts) defined? is there a reference that documents it?03:25
Tyrathjrib: well is there any python command that looks up words in a dictionary? like >>> lookup <word> ?03:26
jribTyrath: #python03:26
Tyrathjrib: I guess i'll just check in the man then03:26
graysonHi all, what is the command in terminal to update clamav, please and thank you.03:26
marinenightrid3r, the error mesage is cannot find autorun program03:26
Tyrathjrib: but if you want to send me to a channel for something would you know of a channel that could help me with QTStalker?03:27
jribTyrath: ask #python, that's the proper place to ask question about python programming03:27
jribTyrath: I don't know what qtstalker is03:27
MK13grayson: not sure, but isn't it 'sudo apt-get update clamav' or similar?03:27
nightrid3rmarine: is there a file "umenu.exe"03:27
Tyrathjrib: it's not python programming related, just python command related. I don't know python and don't care to learn it - i only use the program for it's calculator but thanks for the tip anyhow03:27
zacktuRobert_Surcouf: dunno about sda2 -- now i have sda1 & sda3 as windows partitions and sda2 is an extended partition containint /boot /home / and swap03:27
jribTyrath: what you are asking is a python programming question03:28
linuxman410grayson it is gksudo clamtk03:28
marinenightrid3r, yes it's a blue diamond shaped03:28
Robert_Surcoufzacktu: could you issue a sudo swapon -a03:28
graysonMK13, I tried "sudo apt-get clamfresh" and sudo freshclam03:28
graysonlinuxman410, Thankl you!03:28
Tyrathjrib: I don't understand. it doesn't involve programming anything03:28
jribTyrath: use 'dict' if you just want a command to use in the terminal (not in the python shell)03:28
linuxman410your welcome03:28
Tyrathjrib: i do use dict, i was just curious03:28
Tyrathjrib: the thing is dict is a little bit annoying because it just dumps an output, the program doesn't enter any interactive mode or anything03:29
OmiKrOncan someone tell me what is the latest stable kernel version available in repos for Ubuntu 8.04?03:29
jribTyrath: dict WORD | less03:29
Tyrathjrib: that would merely enable me to scroll, it wouldn't enable me to input additional searches03:30
Rencxcold somone explain how wor vbox?03:30
zacktuRobert_Surcouf: done -- swap doesn't normally get used - one time i was running a memory-hungry app and kept opening others until I finally saw some of swap get used03:30
Tyrathjrib: piping isn't what i mean03:30
RencxWhat is better VirtualBox or Wine?03:30
dmsupermanTrying to boot the alternate installer I get this: ACPI: Invalid PBLK length [0]03:30
jribTyrath: if that's what you want, ask that03:30
jribRencx: they are completely different things03:30
doublewulfrencx they do different things03:30
GobbyIf i deleted a file.. that was not a like uninstallable program.. its not installed just downloaded and used it no setup what so ever.. if i just delete this will it permanently go away? sorry i cant think of any better way to put it03:30
nightrid3rmarine: did you check the md5sum before burning03:31
graysonlinuxman410, Thank you03:31
Rencxcold you explain me difference?03:31
marinenightrid3r, yes i did and everything was fine the sytem works soild03:31
Tyrathjrib: in which case would you know of a low resource dictionary program that has a running mode and doesn't simply quit upon execution?03:31
jribGobby: if you delete a file, it goes away, yes...03:31
doublewulfRencx: wine allows for running windows applications. Virtual box allows you to run multiple instances of virtual machines for whichever OS you have images03:31
weltpopeltagFlips a coin: TAILS03:31
jribTyrath: not for a shell, no03:31
jribweltpopeltag: please don't do that03:31
Robert_Surcoufzacktu: hum what I would like to try is to do a to do a hibernation is it possible ? or not, in order to test the hibernation process you have to issue two commands $ echo reboot > /sys/power/disk and $ echo disk > /sys/power/state03:31
Tyrathjrib: ahh k. thanks anyhow03:32
xSlackcan someone help me get the title bars back on my windows03:32
Gobbyno matter what? its not like windows where it stays in the registry etc? im farily new.. the program was used in wine.. and i think it had a virus... so i deleted it03:32
Rencx<doublewulf> VirtualBox will instal xp and only then i can run program?03:32
nightrid3rmarine: try to burn another disk and use that one, write it at a lower speed03:32
jribGobby: well the program could have done whatever it wanted to when you ran it...03:32
MK13Gobby: yes, it should go away if it was standalone. It may have made files outside of its directory but it is not common for standalone programs to do that03:32
The_Rebelhow do i get gfxboot working?03:32
TyrathRobert_Surcouf: have you tried /etc/acpi/hibernate.sh ?03:32
doublewulfrencx virtualbox will allow you to install xp in a virtual environment which you define, as long as you have an image for XP, or an install disk.03:32
doublewulfrencx: wine will allow you to run individual windows programs03:33
Gobbyi used it for about 3 mins and found out about the virus, it would not have enough time right?03:33
MK13Gobby: it only takes the time to run it :(03:33
marinenightrid3r, basically i want to import the remaining hardrive space that i made with gparted that is unallocated right now03:33
MK13Gobby: once stated that is it03:33
marinenightrid3r, any suggestions03:33
jribGobby: if it's a windows virus than it probably would not do much more than affect your ~/.wine/drive_c/03:33
GobbyHmm, well i deleted it , have'nt found any other instances of it03:34
MK13was it in wine?03:34
MoLootGobby 180 seconds is a lot of time for ANY application to run and complete several times over.03:34
Rencxok ty for your help :)03:34
nightrid3rmarine: gparted03:34
GobbyHow would i know?03:34
MK13what was the file?03:34
GobbyShould i go in there and check?... im so paranoid.. i love ubuntu and dont wont to reinstall lol.03:34
zacktuRobert_Surcouf: what are these commands going to do?03:34
marinenightrid3r, yes that's how i got the unallocated part03:34
linuxman410dmsuperman are u using asus board03:34
Tyrathyou can use linux command to evade the necessity to use gparted btw folks03:34
Robert_Surcoufzacktu: create the image reboot resume03:34
dmsupermanlinuxman410: Not sure, it's an Acer Aspire laptop03:35
marinenightrid3r, can't unlock the drive when i'm using it03:35
Tyrathlike partition stuff is doable with simple linux commands03:35
linuxman410what model dmsuperman03:35
nightrid3rmarine: there is a gparted iso on sourceforge03:35
zacktuRobert_Surcouf: but also shutdown & reboot?03:35
Rencx<doublewulf> can i ask more ?03:35
dmsupermanlinuxman410: 453003:35
Ademanis there a way to get the lambda symbol using the compose key? (without messing with my ~/.Xmodmap if possible, if it's necessary, that's fine)03:35
Robert_Surcoufzacktu: no03:35
gustavomy computer is slow how can i make it faster03:35
oholiabTyrath: well you'd hope so considering that GUIs are just interactive frontends for the progras03:35
marinego to that page an make one03:36
zacktuecho reboot > /sys/power/disk03:36
marinenightrid3r, andd/l and urn that one03:36
Robert_Surcoufzacktu: it will resume to where you are03:36
nightrid3rmarine: yes03:36
Tyrathoholiab: are you suggesting that someone could simply bypass linux commands and code something in C++ which the compiler simply converts to machine language and interfaces directly with partition related matters ?03:37
Tyrathoholiab: there was supposed to be a not between you and suggesting03:37
Gobbywhat is the command for the terminal so you can browse the internet through it ? i forgot sorry :)03:37
crashsystemsI have a friend who I've recently switched to Ubuntu, who is trying to play a music CD (codecs installed), but it is not working. Thing is, I've never tried to play a CD. Anyone know how to make this work?03:37
The_Rebelhow do i get gfxboot working?03:38
Jazzy_JGobby: links, lynx03:38
linuxman410did u try it with no acp dmsuperman03:38
runderwocrashsystems: Does it pretend to play but no sound comes out, or does it not even start to play or give an error?03:38
hellhound_can someone help me figure out why my usb mouse or my usb keyboard will freeze sporadically?? I have tried setting the defoptions in /boot/grub/menu.lst to add acpi-force and irqpoll as I found on google but that did not help.03:38
dmsupermanlinuxman410: Yeah, same deal, however I let it sit there and the installer started -_-03:38
RencxI want here peoples opinon.. Whic OS ar better Ubuntu, Elive..... etc..?03:38
gustavomy computer is slow how can i make it faster03:38
Tyrathoholiab: that wasn't really clear. but what i'm saying suggesting is that GUI progs may not necessarily have to use linux commands to handle system things03:38
dmsupermanlinuxman410: The issue now is, after booting from the CD-ROM, it can't detect teh CD-ROM -_-03:38
Gobbyhow do i run programs through the terminal so i get the CLI ?03:38
zacktuRobert_Surcouf: even sudo doesn't allow echo reboot -- the files are 64403:38
crashsystems@runderwo with the autorun I choose to open rhythmbox. the cd spins up, but nothing happens.03:39
runderwohellhound_: Check /proc/interrupts and see if there is a card sharing IRQ with it.  Otherwise, try 'noacpi noapic' on the kernel arguments.03:39
Tyrathoholiab: you could produce a more resource intensive program that bypassed the commands03:39
marinenightrid3r, you there03:39
nightrid3rmarine: yes03:39
Jazzy_JRencx: depends on what you want out of the OS.03:39
Tyrathoholiab: at least so I would believe03:39
Gerinychim trying to uninstall grub2, but for some reason, it always boots, no matter what03:39
runderwo!offtopic | Rencx03:39
ubottuRencx: #ubuntu is the Ubuntu support channel, for all Ubuntu-related support questions. Please use #ubuntu-offtopic for other topics. Thanks!03:39
BlueEaglegerinych: What are you replacing it with?03:40
linuxman410did u try regular version instead of alternative one dmsuperman03:40
marinenightrid3r, which one03:40
homeskilletubuntu is only asking me for a WEP 40/128-bit key but i only have a 40/64-bit. what should i do?03:40
Gerinychblueeagle: grub-gfxboot03:40
Brack10lockd: yeah but google does so much more than unit conversions though03:40
=== fernando is now known as Guest35265
dmsupermanlinuxman410: No, typically the alternative works better than the livecd for me but I don't even have a livecd03:40
nightrid3rmarine: http://downloads.sourceforge.net/partedmagic/pmagic-3.4.iso.zip?modtime=1229785457&big_mirror=003:40
Brack10there's a yahoo widget that does that03:40
oholiabTyrath: but that wouldn't be particularly sensible when you consider resource usage and also the development of the software... The only reason I picked up on it btw was because I thought you were just announcing random facts to the channel because I wasn't reading what was being said properly... sorry03:40
=== Guest35265 is now known as FernandoF
BlueEaglegerinych: And did you reinstall grub to the boot record of the booting device?03:40
FernandoFHello! Is there a specific  channel firefox?03:41
Tyrathoholiab: ah k. no worries.03:41
marinenightrid3r, ok it's finishing d/l03:41
Gerinychblueeagle: you mean setup (hd#) in grub? yes03:41
Jazzy_Jferdostar: #firefox03:41
BlueEaglefernandof: did you try #firefox ?03:41
hellhound_runderwo, should i take out my acpi-force and irqpoll arguements?03:41
Tyrathoholiab: but i did state that it would be more resource intensive above aswell ;)03:41
BlueEaglegerinych: Do you have a separate /boot partition?03:41
marinenightrid3r, extract it03:41
oholiabTyrath: yeah, I was typing it at the same time as you I think :P03:42
nightrid3rmarine: yes03:42
runderwohellhound_: probably doesn't matter.03:42
BlueEaglefernandof: That would be /join #firefox03:42
gustavomy computer is running slow what can i do to make faster03:42
FernandoFThx all03:42
Tyrathoholiab: haha03:42
marinenightrid3r, done now burn to disk03:42
nightrid3rmarine: yes03:42
Gerinychblueeagle: i have a linux-swap partition if that's what you mean03:42
marinenightrid3r,  dvd or cd03:42
homeskilletdang it's hard to get a question ansered in here with this many people03:43
oholiabTyrath: I should probably stop nitpicking at what people are saying and start trying to be useful instead *facepalm*03:43
Jazzy_Jgustavo: add RAM03:43
BlueEaglegerinych: No, a partition mounted on the folder /boot. Did you create one spesifically for that purpous and is it mounted when you attempt to re-install grub?03:43
Tyrathactually, there's a thought... how would you burn to disk through shell?03:43
crashsystems@runderwo When rhythmbox opens the music does not play.03:43
runderwohomeskillet: It's possible no one knows the answer to your question.03:43
gustavoi have 2GB03:43
runderwocrashsystems: Does it pretend to play?  Does the counter advance?03:43
Gerinychblueeagle: no03:43
csanaanyone up for a game of http://storage.casualcollective.com/games/minions.v3.swf   ?03:43
nightrid3rmarine: cd03:44
crashsystems@runderwo  it does not advance03:44
Jazzy_Jgustavo: check the running processes03:44
BlueEaglegerinych: Have you confirmed that /boot/grub/menu.lst contains what you expect it to contain?03:44
marineok writing now03:44
Tyrathoholiab: hehe. it's good to ensure people stay on topic though. generally i prefer to pick the ones that leave off names, etc to pick at. and I let ubottu handle the talk03:44
marinenightrid3r, writing now03:44
FernandoFUsing FIREFOX  I can not type text in my windows under hotmail to send messages ... I can type addreses and all other stuff, but not into the tex window ... Anyone knows what could i do?03:44
runderwocrashsystems: Try using something like amarok or grip to "rip" the cd.  Since that uses the same mechanism, that may tell you if amarok is the problem.03:44
ubottuCD/DVD Burning software: K3b (KDE), gnomebaker, brasero, serpentine, graveman, Nautilus-CD-Burner, GToaster, xcdroast (GNOME), wodim (terminal-based). Burning .iso files: see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/BurningIsoHowto03:44
Tyrathgah useless!03:45
runderwocrashsystems: amarok/rhythmbox03:45
ubottuSorry, I don't know anything about wodim03:45
Baz__in openoffice spreadsheet, if i have a cell =B11+B12 and i want to duplicate that all the way down - NOT have it adjust them for each row - what do i do? Copy/paste and dragging the values is trying to be too smart...03:45
nightrid3rFernandoF: enable javascript03:45
runderwo!info wodim | Tyrath03:45
ubottuwodim (source: cdrkit): command line CD/DVD writing tool. In component main, is optional. Version 9:1.1.8-1ubuntu1 (intrepid), package size 429 kB, installed size 876 kB03:45
linuxman410dmsuperman i found a website where i guy got it to install using live cd on that laptop03:45
Gerinychblueeagle: there's a line at the beginning "default saved" im not sure what it's for03:45
Tyrathrunderwo: thanks. is wodim good?03:45
BlueEaglehomeskillet: Did you attempt to supply your 40/64-bit key when asked for the 40/128-bit key?03:45
dmsupermanlinuxman410: Alrighty, I'll try that then03:45
dmsupermanlinuxman410: Thankies for your help :d03:45
Gerinychblueeagle: other than that, nothing suspicious03:45
=== aa is now known as Guest4930
marinenightrid3r, done ro03:46
runderwoTyrath: It's very basic.  You need some frontend like k3b to make it easier to use.03:46
crashsystems@runderwo When I open sound juicer, the audio preview works03:46
linuxman410your welcome03:46
BlueEaglegerinych: Then I am afraid that I don't know. :/03:46
nightrid3rmarine: boot from the cd03:46
oholiabTyrath: I used to use cdrecord I think03:46
Tyrathrunderwo: and from a I'm trying to conserve resources perspective?03:46
runderwocrashsystems: But it's the CD playback that you want to know works in some other program.03:46
marinenightrid3r,  that cd is for parted magic03:46
ubottuWEP is totally insecure, don't use it, the full Wireless Documentation for Ubuntu can be found at:  https://help.ubuntu.com/community/WifiDocs03:46
Tyrathoholiab: is that gnome related tho or shell related?03:47
nightrid3rmarine: yes03:47
oholiabTyrath: shell03:47
gustavoJazzy_J: only one program running and the other ones sleeping03:47
runderwoTyrath: If you're trying to conserve resources, the best thing to do is use wodim at a command line.03:47
mindwarp__I need to set hotkeys (Super-*) to show desktop, lock computer, open Nautilus, and so on, can anyone help me?  The Show desktop hotkey i set isn't working03:47
Rencxwhat drive format i shold chose when install ubuntu?03:47
Tyrathoholiab: ah cool.03:47
marinenightrid3r,  a file ox just poped up03:47
crashsystems@runderwo I can tell playback works (because of the soundjuicer test), but I want it to play in rhythmbox03:47
superkuhIs there any reason why an arbitrary program could not bind to a TCP port (10010) when run as a normal user, but can do so when run as root? (ubuntu 8.04.1)03:47
BlueEaglehomeskillet: If I understand it correctly you are attempting to use WPA, right?03:47
runderwoTyrath: A more basic package is X-CDRoast that will give you a GUI but is less "fat" than k3b.03:47
runderwo!info xcdroast | Tyrath03:47
ubottuxcdroast (source: xcdroast): X based CD-writer software. In component universe, is extra. Version 0.98+0alpha15-11.2 (intrepid), package size 1821 kB, installed size 4684 kB03:48
Tyrathrunderwo: is there anything already installed on ubuntu that does the trick?03:48
marinenightrid3r, click on the ot file03:48
marinenightrid3r, boot file03:48
runderwocrashsystems: So the CD playback works in soundjuicer?  If that's the case, I have no idea why rhythmbox is not behaving.03:48
Rencx what drive format i shold chose when install ubuntu?03:48
crashsystems@runderwo thanks for your help03:48
Tyrathrunderwo: i'm aiming for something really low resource. prefereably no gui03:48
nightrid3rmarine: reboot the pc and start from the pmagic cd03:48
homeskilletBlueEagle wep03:49
dsevignyhello. I'm trying to set up an email server using Webmin. I tried ebox but it killed my server.03:49
Tyrathrunderwo: i hate the speed difference between GUI progs and shell progs03:49
oholiabTyrath: cdrecord appears to be part of my install03:49
homeskilleti guess i wont use wep then03:49
runderwoTyrath: xcdroast is pretty fast.03:49
marinenightrid3r,  then i could use gparted or parrted magic03:49
runderwoTyrath: But the fastest is to use mkisofs and wodim/cdrecord yourself, obviously. :-)03:49
nightrid3rmarine: yes03:49
Tyrathoholiab: mine too. just tried man. thanks!03:49
dsevignyhello. I'm trying to set up an email server using Webmin. I tried ebox but it killed my server. Could someone walk me through configuring the necessary pieces?03:50
ardchoilledsevigny: webmin isn't supported03:50
ardchoille!webmin | dsevigny03:50
ubottudsevigny: webmin is no longer supported in Debian and Ubuntu. It is not compatible with the way that Ubuntu packages handle configuration files, and is likely to cause unexpected issues with your system. See !ebox instead.03:50
JoshPilcerwhere do i Install ndiswrapper from source?03:50
BlueEaglerencx: ext3 is the most popular file system. It is quite robust and backwards compatible with ext2. Since you're asking this question you would most likely not benifit much from choosing a different filesystem as the benifits of each are very uasge related. Ie. some perform much better on large but few files while others excell at handling many small ones.03:50
dsevignywell ebox killed my server. so I'd rather stick with it03:50
marinenightrid3r,  all right thanks foe the help is there anything i should know????03:50
Tyrathrunderwo: I'm more worried about the ROM than RAM. ie, the space it takes up on the disk03:50
pentasideDoes anyone have any suggestions (besides gparted) on partitioning applications?03:50
BlueEaglehomeskillet: You are aware of the inherent security flaw that using wep entails, right?03:50
nightrid3rmarine: no03:50
LostchildCan anyone help me determine why my display takes anywhere from 30 secs to 5 min to wake up?03:50
JoshPilcerwhere do i Install ndiswrapper from source?03:51
clarksanyone can help me about my wireless?i dont remember how to pastebin03:51
JoshPilceriit says Install ndiswrapper from source. but i'm not sure how03:51
BlueEagle!pastebin | clarks03:51
ubottuclarks: pastebin is a service to post multiple-lined texts so you don't flood the channel. The Ubuntu pastebin is at http://paste.ubuntu.com (make sure you give us the URL for your paste - see also the channel topic)03:51
marinenightrid3r,  no as in everything is straight forard03:51
docmurmy automounting just stopped working03:51
BlueEagle!wireless | clarks03:51
Tyrathactually there's a thought03:51
ubottuclarks: Wireless documentation can be found at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/WifiDocs03:51
docmurI don't know why03:51
docmurI didn't change anything03:51
pandakingHello - trying to use xchat (IRC) - it's not connecting to any servers03:51
runderwoTyrath: xcdroast only depends on GTK and xlibs, in case you already have those.03:51
Tyrathwould anyone know how to set up sendmail03:51
JoshPilcersomeone help me dang it...03:51
homeskilletBlueEagle how much harder is it to set up wpa in linux than wep?03:51
nightrid3rmarine: yes03:52
JoshPilceriit says Install ndiswrapper from source. but i'm not sure how!03:52
oholiabJoshPilcer: http://sourceforge.net/projects/ndiswrapper/03:52
evowillhomeskillet, It's just as easy03:52
BlueEaglehomeskillet: Well it entails installing wpa-supplicant and adding one line to /etc/network/interfaces03:52
ubottuWireless documentation can be found at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/WifiDocs03:52
marinenightrid3r,  allright bro i owe you03:52
Tyrathrunderwo: i like the challenge of remembering the shell commands for programs. also if i use the commands a lot i tend to things a lot faster than on the gnome apps03:52
BlueEaglehomeskillet: It should be described in the wifidocs iirc.03:53
nightrid3rmarine: np03:53
LostchildCan anyone help me determine why my display takes anywhere from 30 secs to 5 min to wake up?03:53
homeskilletshould i do wpa or wpa2?03:53
oholiabTyrath: gives you a better understanding of how the system works too03:53
Tyrathrunderwo: i think i have the GTK libs, not too sure about the xlibs03:53
BlueEaglehomeskillet: Anything that's not wep and unsecured will do.03:53
runderwoTyrath: GTK depends on xlibs :-)03:53
Tyrathoholiab: well. yeah I'm borrowing a book on C++ for that sort of stuff ;)03:54
BlueEaglehomeskillet: It may boil down to what your wireless access point supports but I would imagine that wpa2 would be better than wpa03:54
oopla I have a question. What does Grub's "Error 2" refer to, normally?03:54
Gerinychblueeagle: is it of any difference that when i uninstalled grub2 from synaptic, i did a removal, not a complete removal?03:54
Tyrathrunderwo: which i guess means i have both then ;)03:54
evowillhomeskillet, either wpa or wpa2 will work, but be sure to use a long random key.03:54
BlueEaglegerinych: I do not know.03:54
Tyrathrunderwo: how do you know this stuff btw?03:54
Gerinychblueeagle: okay then, thanks03:54
runderwoTyrath: Like a pair of pants accumulates lint.03:55
Tyrathrunderwo: so how long have you been using unix/linux ?03:55
BlueEagleevowill: I may be wrong but isn't the key hashed in any case?03:55
LostchildCan anyone help me determine why my display takes anywhere from 30 secs to 5 min to wake up?03:55
runderwoTyrath: offtopic, but I first installed slack in 96.03:55
pentasideDoes anyone have any suggestions (besides gparted) on partitioning applications?03:56
BlueEaglelostchild: It would be helpfull to know how well it sleeps.03:56
xxCodyI was always told Gparted03:56
oholiabrunderwo: I started with slack as well :) I found dependencies to be a problem that made me want to shoot myself though03:56
xxCodyAnd to burn it to a live Cd and not run it in a OS03:56
evowillBlueEagle, wpa can still be brute forced, offline even, so it has to be long enough and random enough to make sure that it wouldn't happen in the time that you keep the key03:56
Tyrathrunderwo: ahh cool. sorry to go offtopic :/03:56
BlueEaglepentaside: Are you running any form of raid?03:56
LostchildBlueEagle, thanks just trying to get a response. It doesn't sleep. Only the monitor is put to sleep. I can't seem to get suspend or hibernate to work properly.03:57
dsevignyCan someone PLEASE help me set up an email server03:57
signpostIs anybody successfully using Jack without PulseAudio?03:57
pentasideBlueEagle: No.03:57
runderwooholiab: When I found Debian, I never went back, except for when I need a stripped down linux system for embedded/diag use.03:57
nightrid3rpentaside: partedmagic03:57
Tyrath!PulseAudio | signpost03:57
signpostI'm trying to make my USB MIDI keyboard make noise.03:57
ubottusignpost: PulseAudio is a sound server intended as a drop-in replacement for !ESD - See https://wiki.ubuntu.com/PulseAudio for information and installation instructions03:57
slipp3dI have to do some screen casting that requires me to talk as I'm capturing the my screens ... any ideas on what to use03:57
pentasideYea that's all anyone will suggest to me is gparted, but it just doesn't work (for me).03:57
BlueEaglepentaside: Then GParted is the most robust partition manager in my experience. There is a QT-frontend but I've found it to be less stable.03:58
xxCodypentraside , no idea sorry. Im still a novice.03:58
rconanis there a command I can run which is roughly equivalent to "shutdown -h 30" but which will suspend instead of halt?03:58
superkuhEvery time I use sudo I get the warning "sudo: unable to resolve host epimetheus" where epimetheus is my hostname. This doesn't break things, but I am wondering why it is happening.03:58
Hikeractive!restricted | Hikeractive03:58
ubottuHikeractive, please see my private message03:58
Tyrathrconan: /etc/acpi/hibernate.sh ?03:58
runderwosuperkuh: It is getting epimetheus from /etc/hostname, but /etc/hosts doesn't seem to contain it.03:58
BlueEaglelostchild: And it is put to sleep using acpi?03:58
dsevignycan someone please help me set up a mail server?03:59
superkuhThank you, runderwo.03:59
Tyrathis anyone else having trouble with su ?03:59
pentasideGotcha.  Yea, gparted apparently just isn't an option for me.  It take about an hour and a half to load (from boot cd), once it finally loads and I tell it what I want it to do, it starts but never gets past 0%.03:59
xxCodydsevigny , what do you need help with.03:59
Dr_willis!hostname | SuPeRhAm03:59
ubottuSuPeRhAm: Use hostname <somehostname> to set the hostname, or to do it permanently: edit /etc/hostname  and /etc/hosts . WARNING! Make sure that your current hostname and /etc/hosts match, otherwise sudo may not work properly. Alternatively, use the gui at System > Administration > Networking on the "General" tab03:59
LostchildBlueEagle, That would be my guess, but I can't seem to find any obvious errors in the logs.03:59
rconanTyrath, can that be used for suspend-to-RAM and can I introduce the same delay that is possible with shutdown?03:59
oholiabTyrath: what in particular are you having prolems with?03:59
Ultraputzis there a way to set the size of a preview icon on the desktop -- they seem to be larger than actual icons...03:59
pentasideI saw someone said PartedMagic though, I'll give that a try.03:59
Tyrathoholiab: I can't log into su03:59
dsevignyI can't seem to get this configured and these danged tutorials are confusing me.... I keep getting told by evolution that the connection was refused when i try to check the pop3 for mail.04:00
oholiabTyrath: are you doing su or sudo su?04:00
Tyrathoholiab: as in, my pass fails04:00
BlueEagledsevigny: There is ALOT of reading you need to do before attempting to set up a mail server. One of the most important things you should read up on before even installing the software is how to secure it so you do not set up an open relay.04:00
Tyrathoholiab: su04:00
oholiabTyrath: do sudo su04:00
Dr_willisdo NOT use 'sudo su' use 'sudo -s'04:00
Tyrathoholiab: ahh cool thanks04:00
xxCodydsevigny , no sorry.04:00
Tyrathsu why was that?04:00
ubottumail is another medium to communicate. Ubuntu mailinglists can be found at http://lists.ubuntu.com04:01
ubottupostfix is the default !MTA and !MDA on Ubuntu. For help, read https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Postfix and https://help.ubuntu.com/community/PostfixBasicSetupHowto - See also !MailServer04:01
atom^xdsevigny: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/MailServer04:01
ubottuA Mail Transfer Agent (MTA) is the server software that sends and queues mail. The default MTA (and !MDA) on Ubuntu is !postfix ("exim" is also officially supported). See also !MailServer and !MUA04:01
poseidonIs there a way to su into root in ubuntu?04:01
oholiabTyrath: that confused the hell out of me when I first used ubuntu... I think it's just because the distro is supposed to be aimed at desktop users so generally speaking they won't actually create a root account but should be able to perform things with root permissions04:01
BlueEagle!su | poseidon04:01
ubottuposeidon: sudo is a command to run programs with superuser privileges ("root"). Look at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/RootSudo for more information. For graphical applications see !gksu (Gnome, XFCE), or !kdesudo (KDE)04:01
Dr_willisTyrath,  http://ubuntu-tutorials.com/2008/05/09/a-root-shell-on-ubuntu-the-right-way/04:02
Phebusposeidon, sudo su04:02
Dr_willisposeidon,  use 'sudo -s' not 'sudo su'04:02
nightrid3rdsevigny: did you install a pop3 server or only an mta04:02
Tyrathrconan: i just checked the code on hibernate.sh. it doesn't appear to accept any command line input from shell. but i'm no expert on shell script code...04:02
Dr_willisposeidon,  http://ubuntu-tutorials.com/2008/05/09/a-root-shell-on-ubuntu-the-right-way/04:02
treats.most every program does "Starting Program" then nothing happens04:02
treatsanyone have any ideas?04:02
xxCodyAfter burning an ISO to a CD using an ISO BURNER and to install it from startup you change the boot sequence to CDROM. Thats all rite. And it should start?04:02
codingnewQuestion: How can I enable / add repositories so I can access software like xchat?04:03
=== travis is now known as Guest2661
rconanTyrath, I got a way now I think04:03
nightrid3rxxCody: yes04:03
Cpudan80Dr_willis: should use -i04:03
BlueEagleposeidon: By default the root account is disabled in Ubuntu. This is argued as being a security measure. The effectiveness of this is debatable but my view is that not having a root account gives any potential attackers one less known target to attempt to exploit.04:03
Dr_willisCpudan80,  depends. :)  at least dont use sudo su :)04:03
rconanjust gonna do a command-line wait then the command here: http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=41057004:03
dsevignyCurrently REREADING documents. I have all the modules installed. It's the configuration that's loopin me04:03
Tyrathrconan: just curious. why do you want to put a delay on suspend?04:03
Cpudan80Dr_willis: I guess it does depened yeah04:03
Cpudan80Dr_willis: but right - anything but sudo su! Anything but that!04:04
=== pentaside is now known as Sudo
runderwoBlueEagle: On the other hand, user account passwords tend to be much weaker than root passwords.04:04
clarksMy problem is my wireless is detech..some time not detech..im using intell chipset...anyoen know how to configure it?04:04
xxCodynightrid3r , when the ISO is burnt should it include a checksum on the UBUNTU ISO but after burning it , the cd had a second file on it call checksum.md.504:04
Dr_willisCpudan80,  i got my root user with their own customiuzed .bashrc and stuff.. so i often dont want them to be usign the users settings.. but   it depends. :)04:04
rconanTyrath, so I can watch a video, get in bed and the computer will sleep when it finishes04:04
SudoQuick, someone tell me to do something...04:04
Dr_willissudo get me a beer04:04
dsevignysudo apt-get install humour04:04
nightrid3rxxCody: you burnt a data cd, not an iso image04:04
unomihi, is there something like 'nettop' for ubuntu? im looking for a small prog that shows open network connections and their bandwidth usage04:04
Tyrathrconan: you know i never thought about it but that is an awesome idea! might try it one of these days04:04
oholiabDr_willis: so sudo su doesn't change to root environment variables?04:05
runderwounomi: iftop04:05
runderwo!info iftop | unomi04:05
ubottuiftop (source: iftop): displays bandwidth usage information on an network interface. In component universe, is optional. Version 0.17-8 (intrepid), package size 30 kB, installed size 104 kB04:05
BlueEaglerunderwo: Still a user account is not a set target as root is. Still I agree on the fact that servers by default disallow login as root.04:05
Dr_willis!info ntop04:05
ubottuntop (source: ntop): display network usage in web browser. In component universe, is optional. Version 3:3.3-11 (intrepid), package size 4442 kB, installed size 14904 kB04:05
xxCodynightrid3r can i Private Message? Too much trafic.04:05
nightrid3r!iso | xxCody04:05
ubottuxxCody: To mount an ISO disc image, type « sudo mount -o loop <ISO-filename> <mountpoint> » - There is a list of useful cd image conversion tools at http://wiki.linuxquestions.org/wiki/CD_Image_Conversion - Always verify the ISO using !MD5 before !burning.04:05
oopla I have a question. What does Grub's "Error 2" refer to, normally?04:05
LostchildI need to determine where my problem with acpi lies. Can anyone give me a place to start. I need to find out if my restricted Nvidia drivers are the source of my suspend woes.04:05
Tyrathrconan: i would personally advise a shutdown when you go to sleep because it's more environmentally friendly but that's just me04:05
nightrid3r!burning | xxCody04:05
ubottuxxCody: CD/DVD Burning software: K3b (KDE), gnomebaker, brasero, serpentine, graveman, Nautilus-CD-Burner, GToaster, xcdroast (GNOME), wodim (terminal-based). Burning .iso files: see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/BurningIsoHowto04:05
xxCodyubottu , can i PM ?04:06
ubottuSorry, I don't know anything about can i PM ?04:06
xxCodyPrivate Message ;)04:06
nightrid3rxxCody: ubottu is a bot04:06
TyrathxxCody: ubottu is a bot04:06
BlueEaglerunderwo: However if you have the super user as something that is not a default (ie. root) and employ a strong password to every account that does have sudo access then your system is safer than if you have a known user with root privileges (ie. root) even with the same measures.04:06
xxCodyOh lol04:06
JoshPilceri got the file ndiswrapper. how do i install it?04:06
evowillxxCody, Please see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/BurningIsoHowto04:06
ubottuSorry, I don't know anything about hug04:06
pandakingAnyone know how to set up a BNC?04:06
codingnewQuestion:  How can I change permissions on an internal partition so that it is automatically mounted with write permissions?04:06
Dr_williscodingnew,  totally depends on the filesystem of the partition -  for one thing04:07
JoshPilceri got the file ndiswrapper. how do i install it?04:07
TyrathxxCody: try mount -o -loop -t iso9660 <file>.iso <directory for outputted files>04:07
evowillxxCody, and there are links there for verifying that the burn was successful, and also on booting from the CD04:07
BlueEaglerunderwo: Think of the sudo-enabled users as salt in an encryption string. The salt itself does not provide any cryptographic advantage, but instead of just having the password you also need to have the salt. In this case a correct user name.04:07
temppyJoshPilcer: did you install ndiswrapper with apt-get?04:07
Taladancodingnew: put the rw option in the fstab entry for that mount point.04:07
BlueEagle!anyone | pandaking04:07
xxCodySorry im not using ubuntu now.. Im using windows.. i Wubi'd ubuntu for a week. Like it and am now Fulluy installing.04:07
ubottupandaking: A large amount of the first questions asked in this channel start with "Does anyone/anybody..."  Why not ask your next question (the real one) and find out?04:07
codingnewDr_willis:  Its an ext3 paritition which I want to use as my "multimedia" partition.  As it is currently set up, it automatically mounts, but I can not write to it without being root04:07
ubottuSorry, I don't know anything about bnc04:08
temppyJoshPilcer: how did you install it?04:08
JoshPilceri downloaded it off my computer, then used it on a flash drive to the computer with ubuntu04:08
JoshPilcerhow do i install it?04:08
Tyrath!windows | xxCody04:08
ubottuxxCody: For discussion on Microsoft Windows, or help with same, please visit ##windows. See http://launchpad.net/distros/ubuntu/+bug/1 http://linux.oneandoneis2.org/LNW.htm and /msg ubottu equivalents04:08
temppyJoshPilcer: its on the cd, but usually, you can just double click it, if you are gui04:08
=== jrattner is now known as jrattner1
Dr_williscodingnew,  you need to set the proper owner/group for the files on the device.. Or  set the permissions to allow others to access them - if you want more then 1 user to access them all. see 'man chmod' and 'man chown'04:08
nightrid3rJoshPilcer: you need to compile it, but better connect the ubuntu box with a wire and apt-get it04:08
ubottuWireless documentation can be found at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/WifiDocs04:08
clarksanyone can help me on wireless..?i dont remember about the comand -- sudo modprobe iwglan ? <--i this right?04:08
xxCodyTyrath , didnt need that.04:08
JoshPilcerwhat's the code i need to type to get it?04:09
BlueEaglejoshpilcer: It should be in the wifidocs afaik.04:09
TyrathxxCody: you're using windows, correct?04:09
clarksanyone can help me on wireless..?i dont remember about the comand -- sudo modprobe iwglan ? <--i this right?04:09
TyrathxxCody: if you're using ubuntu we can help you04:09
temppyJoshPilcer: sudo apt-get install ndiswrapper            I think04:09
TyrathxxCody: for windows we can't04:09
pandakingI am trying to set up a BNC using ZNC, looking for someone who can help04:09
xxCodyBut for the ISO part you did.04:09
codingnewDr_willis: so I just need to change the permission on the files?  I don't need to worry about making changes in fstab?04:09
Dr_willispandaking,  you have checked the program homepages and docs?04:09
BlueEagleclarks: That depends on which module you attempt to load.04:09
TyrathxxCody: that won't work on windows probably04:09
TyrathxxCody: but you could always through it in MSDOS and see what happens I guess...04:10
clarksBlueEagle, wait i pastebin 1st dmesg about iwl04:10
xxCody95 / 98 / ME / 2000 / XP / Server 2003 / Vista: Infra Recorder04:10
ubottupastebin is a service to post multiple-lined texts so you don't flood the channel. The Ubuntu pastebin is at http://paste.ubuntu.com (make sure you give us the URL for your paste - see also the channel topic)04:10
Dr_williscodingnew,  fstab wont override the ext3/2 filesystem permissions.. it cant...  (that i know of)  IF it was NTFS/vfat  - then yes - you would mess with fstab..  since for those filesystems you MUST set the permissions when they mount04:10
evowillxxcody, I will send you a PM04:10
xxCodyQueastion was about burning ISOS.04:10
Dr_willisInfra Recorder is nice. :)04:10
codingnewDr_willis thank you04:10
xxCodyYEs Dr_willis04:10
nbeeboi get this when i try to install something with a .sh file: configure.ac:32: error: possibly undefined macro: AC_PROG_LIBTOOL04:10
nbeebo      If this token and others are legitimate, please use m4_pattern_allow.04:10
nbeebo      See the Autoconf documentation.04:10
pandakingDr_willis - yes, http://en.znc.in/wiki/Installation#Ubuntu , I would like to use ssl support and am a little confused what it says04:10
TyrathxxCody: and the way in which you burn isos in windows and ubuntu is probablly different04:10
FloodBot1nbeebo: Please don't flood, use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste, don't use Enter as punctuation.04:10
speedyhi, I burned a live CD Ubuntu... it boots well but when x-windows is about to open, all I see is a bunch of lines on the screen like if the resolution or refresh screen was not good, how do i fix that ?04:11
nbeeboi meant this: http://pastebin.com/m4c57b2e904:11
xxCodyTyrath , https://help.ubuntu.com/community/BurningIsoHowto answered my question. Im good now. Thanks.04:11
TyrathxxCody: just take into account the way in interfaces with the memory and periferals is different04:11
BlueEagleclarks: It would help if you provided the link to your post.04:11
evowillspeedy, what video card are you using?04:11
TyrathxxCody: hope it works04:11
speedyevowill geforce 6600 LE but I saw the CD recognizing it04:12
Tyraththanks for the help people04:12
Tyrathi've got to get going04:12
clarksanyone can check for me04:12
FernandoF> Using FIREFOX  I can not type text in my windows under hotmail to send messages ... I can type addreses and all other stuff, but not into the tex window ... Anyone knows what could i do?04:13
speedyevowill if that helps, the live CD is KNOPPIX 5.304:13
nightrid3rclarks: whats the problem04:13
clarksread the paste bin..04:13
Cpudan80Ok all04:13
Cpudan80Got a hard problem here04:14
clarksnightrid3r, sometime my wireless can detech..sometime it not04:14
JoshPilcerblue egal04:14
JoshPilcerwhy do i get the E: Couldn't find package ndiswrapper04:14
Cpudan80I have a laptop with an ATI Mobility 7000 -- the panel is fixed at 1024x768. I've got an external monitor hooked to it, I want the res on the external to be 1280x102404:14
GobbyOkey, more questions guys :), once i deleted the file i thought was trojan, its permanently deleted correct?, it was used with wine, how could i check and see if it messed with my wine config? and how do i get the scanner for linux its somthing simmilar to sudo get-apt amvscan?thanks guys04:14
nightrid3rclarks: there is a swith on your laptop to disable the wifi, thats of atm.04:14
JoshPilcerwhen i type sudo apt-get install ndiswrapper04:14
Cpudan80Is that possible?04:14
BlueEaglejoshpilcer: When you attempt to install a package and you get an error saying that the package cannot be found it is most likely a spelling error or you're attempting to install a package that is not in any repositories you have enabled.,04:15
FernandoFnightrid3r, Thank you for your suggestion to turn on JavaScript, but it was already on04:15
marinenightrid3r, you there04:15
clarksnightrid3r, i dont understand..04:15
temppy!tab | JoshPilcer04:15
ubottuJoshPilcer: You can use <tab> for autocompletion of nicknames in IRC, as well as for completion of filenames and programs on the command line.04:15
clarkscan i solve it from terminal nightrid3r ?04:15
JoshPilcerblueeagle what should i do. it says i need to install it?04:15
jrattner1Question: Where can I find a Thunderbird package with SSL enabled?04:15
nightrid3rclarks: no its hardware switch04:15
BlueEaglejoshpilcer: aptitude search ndiswrapper04:15
GobbyOkey, more questions guys :), once i deleted the file i thought was trojan, its permanently deleted correct?, it was used with wine, how could i check and see if it messed with my wine config? and how do i get the scanner for linux its somthing simmilar to sudo get-apt amvscan?thanks guys04:15
clarksnightrid3r, you mean the wireless button on my laptop.?04:15
pandakingcould someone please explain the ssl steps it mentions here - http://en.znc.in/wiki/Installation#Ubuntu04:15
BlueEaglejoshpilcer: That will show you a list of packages containing "ndiswrapper" that you may install from your currently enabled repositories.04:16
nightrid3rclarks: yes04:16
JoshPilcerit says v   ndiswrapper-modules-1.9      -04:16
clarksnightrid3r, already..04:16
clarksbut this light is not non04:16
evowillspeedy, this is the help forum for Ubuntu, knoppix is a different distro04:16
marinenightrid3r, how do ichange my settings to allow boot up in cd04:16
eseven73Does Ubuntu allow encrypted disk like fedora does? I Didnt see an encryption option on the install of Xubuntu 8.0404:16
BlueEaglejoshpilcer: Then I would suggest you install ndiswrapper-modules-1.9 if that is the package you want.04:16
BlueEaglejoshpilcer: (odds are that it is)04:16
dontyoujusthatemhey guys how do i find out which Tor port is open that i can connect to ? i keep getting  Trying * Failed to connect to No buffer space available04:16
clarksnightrid3r, if you ask me to tick enable from network manage i cant tick because it cannot..04:17
nightrid3rmarine: depends on the bios, look for boot or advanced04:17
Dr_willispandaking,  that specific url just tives the 3 packages you need toinstall on ubuntu. to compile the thing from source.04:17
HollywoodJumperit has been many moons since i last chatted with this channel04:17
clarksnightrid3r, my wireless is still not on..04:17
FernandoFUsing FIREFOX  I can not type text in my windows under hotmail to send messages ... I can type addreses and all other stuff, but not into the tex window ... Anyone knows what could i do?04:17
BlueEaglejoshpilcer: Also remember to update you repositories regularly.04:17
linuxman410Gobby sudo apt-get clamav04:17
evowillSpeedy, you may want to join the #knoppix channel and see if they can help you04:17
speedyevowill ok well where can I get a ubuntu live CD :P and is it same/better than knoppix ?04:17
pandakingDr-willis - yes sorry, try this http://en.znc.in/wiki/Installation#Source_Tarball04:17
nightrid3rclarks: its a swith or button, hardware, not software04:17
marinenightrid3r, ecause rebooting with the cd in place doesn't work, how to access bios setrtings04:17
Dr_willispandaking,  install the 3 packages it says.. then follow the steps starting with      1)  Download the latest source tarball04:17
oholiabFernandoF: are you sure the text isn't just going in the same colour as the box so you can't see it?04:17
GobbyOkey, more questions guys :), once i deleted the file i thought was trojan, its permanently deleted correct?, it was used with wine, how could i check and see if it messed with my wine config? and how do i get the scanner for linux its somthing simmilar to sudo get-apt amvscan?thanks guys04:17
eseven73linuxman410: you forgot 'install'04:17
nightrid3rmarine: while booting keep "delete" pressed04:18
clarksnightrid3r, i already switch it04:18
evowillspeedy, well it is different :-)  but you can get it at ubuntu.com04:18
jrattner1Question: How can I copy my firefox profile from windows to ubuntu?04:18
pandakingDr_willis, it's step 4 that I am a little confused about04:18
HollywoodJumpercan some one tell me if they have hacked the 8gb ipod touch yet?04:18
BlueEaglegobby: clamav has been suggested and it is what I recomend aswell.04:18
marinenightrid3r, constanltly04:18
clarksnightrid3r, can i pm you?04:18
jimdandyHello, beautiful people! Can anyone help me find my "System-->Administration-->Network" dialog?04:18
nightrid3rmarine: yes04:18
Gobbywhat the command in the terminal? and will it scan like avg?04:18
Gobbyim so new to linux mate,04:19
marinenightrid3r, all right i'll try again04:19
evowillHollywoodJumper, This is a support channel for Ubuntu, google may be able to help you with that answer though04:19
BlueEaglegobby: man clamav04:19
speedyevowill how different ? easier? I just want to be able to boot on it and try a game to test my videocard lol04:19
BlueEaglegobby: That will give you the manual for clamav04:19
brian-laptophey guys i have a question everytime i try to get online i always have to sudo mobprobe -a and sudo moprobe ndiswrapper.or something in those lines i was wondering on how i can make the laptop auto do that.cause as u see i keep forget the command  :P04:19
FernandoFoholiab, Yes I am sure, I can not get cursor blinking inside text window, despite I am in editing  mode (new message, or replying  or forward modes)04:19
eseven73There is an Avast for Linux too04:19
BlueEaglegobby: strike that.. clamav apperantly hasn't got a manual page. :/04:19
nightrid3rclarks: check dmesg to see if its switched on now04:19
Dr_willispandaking,  since i dont think any of the special cirmstances apply.. use './configure'04:19
eseven73Gobby: there's an Avast for Linux too04:19
clarksnightrid3r, still disable..04:20
pandakingDr-willis - thank you ever so much for your help :)04:20
evowillspeedy, they are both very easy04:20
dontyoujusthatemwhich port do i connect my application to ? i am trying to use Tor. i tried 8118 and 9050. they dont work04:20
eseven73Does Ubuntu allow encrypted disk like fedora does? I Didnt see an encryption option on the install of Xubuntu 8.0404:20
oholiabFernandoF: that's bizarre... is it a recent install, and have you done any updates lately?04:20
Gobbywell, i heard that the file was a trojan, but i had it on windows xp, avg didnt turn up anything... but on the internet i here good things and bad things about the file04:20
tsrkwhat does kill $! do ?04:20
Gobbydont remember what file, but was thinking about it lol04:20
nightrid3rclarks: i don't know your wifi so i'm unable to help any further, sorry04:20
Gobbyand hoped i did not screw up.04:20
speedyevowill well Im getting no help on #knoppix :S does the live CD of ubuntu comes with 3d games ?04:20
tsrkas in the command "foo & sleep 8 ; kill $!" what is it killing?04:21
jimdandyAhh, I have Ubuntu 8.10 Desktop 64-bit, and I have no Network dialog. Can someone help?04:21
evowilleseven73, Yes, but I believe that you have to install using the alternate cd, but don't quote me on that04:21
nightrid3rtsrk: its killing foo04:21
HollywoodJumperhow can i get a driver for a sony camcorder?04:21
tsrknightrid3r, but if i have commands after it they will still run?04:21
eseven73evowill: ah it's too bad they dont just add it to the install GUI like Fedora does04:21
temppyspeedy: the cd itself doesn't come with games, but you can download games fairly easy04:21
nightrid3rtsrk: yes04:21
phixxoris there a command to tell what other users are on my network?04:22
Gobbyhow do i run things through the terminal for example.. if i wanted to run xchat04:22
tsrknightrid3r, ok, thank you very much!04:22
Gobbylike the CLI04:22
phixxorGobby: it depends on the program04:22
phixxorfor firefox, the command is "firefox"04:23
cjphixxor: *psst* firefox-bin04:23
Gobbywhat if i wanted to run the program through terminal04:23
FernandoFoholiab, my system reports Firefox 3.0.504:23
nbeebohow can i fix this? http://paste.ubuntu.com/106787/04:23
BlueEaglegobby: clamdscan --help04:23
evowilleseven73, I agree, but then again after helping people with issues, I think for the average user it may cause more issues :-)04:23
cjGobby: what do you want to run?04:23
phixxorcj: heh really? I just did firefox and it worked :P04:23
FernandoFshd I update?04:23
kbrosnancj: no just firefox, firefox-bin should not be run directly04:23
* cj hides04:23
oholiabFernandoF: did you install it recently or download any updates?04:24
user_3looking for a graphical diff view, any suggestion?  (Beyond Compare like)04:24
evowillspeedy, 3d games, not by default, but you can install04:24
=== binarymutt_ is now known as binarymutt
sheepnbeebo: you need the libx11-dev package04:24
speedyevowill :S but its not to install ubuntu I want , just live cd04:24
cjuser_3: diff -u? :)04:24
JoshPilcerhow do i install a .deb file from my home documents with terminal??04:25
phanlesonhi, every people04:25
phanlesoni am on an acer aspire one netbook and just installed kde4.1 on an ubuntu 8.10 installation but my resolution is wrong, how can i change that?04:25
oholiabFernandoF: what I usually do in a situation like that is uninstall the package and then re-install it, but I can't guarantee that will solve your problem04:25
FernandoFI had a version ok some 6 months ago, and it occured after updates and it only happens under hotmail  and not other email providers04:25
marinenightrid3r, hey bro did exactly as you said found it in the advance mode set to noot up in cd pressed enter f10 to save and it still didn;t boot up in cd04:25
evowillYes, but you can still install software on the live system, granted it will only be for that session, and you are limited by swap space if you have it and RAM04:25
nbeebosheep, thank you very much04:25
phixxorJoshPilcer: would that be the dpkg command? however i'm not sure it's always a good idea; what are you trying to accomplish?04:25
FernandoFoholiab, I can  try that04:26
marinenightrid3r, iam missing something04:26
evowillmarine, take a look at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/BootFromCD04:26
user_3 cj: Looking for Graphical, Beond Compare highlights colors, recognizes important and unimportant changes04:26
FernandoFoholiab, what could be console sequence to make that?04:26
hellhound_how can I downgrade flash player ?  I have the file but I do not know where it goes?04:26
oholiabFernandoF: other than that I'm out of ideas, because it could be any number of conflicts... I had one with Java a while ago, and it killed my firefox back button04:26
eseven73evowill: Hmmm when I had full disk encryption I had no problems with anything and I'm a noob. :)04:26
JoshPilcerphixxor it said i needed to install build-essential. and i found a .deb file from ubuntu. and i have to install it that way since sudo apt-get doesn't work04:27
oholiabFernandoF: sudo apt-get remove firefox && sudo apt-get install firefox04:27
oholiabshould do it04:27
FernandoFI read somewhere it could be a fight  against software free ... to avoid the use of Firefox04:27
Gobbyhow do i get applications through the terminal04:27
FernandoFBut I think it is not04:27
evowilleseven73, ah yes, but you are only 1 of billions of people on this planet :-)04:27
Gobbyis it sudo get-apt program goes here?04:27
cjFernandoF: and god will smite thee for touching a windows machine, too.04:27
JoshPilcersudo apt-get program04:28
eseven73Gobby: 'sudo apt-get install program'04:28
cjGobby: sudo apt-get install <program>04:28
JoshPilcerwhoops forgot the install04:28
nightrid3rJoshPilcer: build-essential.deb deppends on other debs, use apt-get install build-essentials04:28
brian-laptop_and also it keeps droping my signal so if u told me the solution i didnt get it cause my conntion drop04:28
brian-laptop_could someone help04:28
The-Kernelwhat's the command to see what's using the sound card? For some reason my sound doesn't work04:28
eseven73everyone forgets the 'install' part of 'sudo apt-get install program' haha04:28
FernandoFhum ...unable to resolve host04:28
oholiabeseven73: more often than you'd believe ;)04:28
Gobbythank you all very much for your support, i'm really trying to learn anything, its a night and day difference from linux to windows04:29
ic3fr0ganyone knows any nice multi player game for ubuntu ??????04:29
JoshPilcernightrid3r it always says E: couldn't find the package build-essentials04:29
BlueEaglegobby: clamscan -ri /path/to/scan04:29
oholiabFernandoF: what, when you do apt-get?04:29
BlueEaglegobby: that should do it.04:29
eseven73JoshPilcer: no 's' at the end of that04:29
Gobbyalright first i have to get the program04:29
nightrid3rJoshPilcer: lemme check04:29
oholiabFernandoF: you should probably ask the rest of the channel now because I need to go to bed04:29
nephlimyou can hotswap a monitor without frying the graphics card or the monitor right?04:29
user_3fyi: meld04:29
cjJoshPilcer: tab completion FTW04:29
JoshPilceri know it doesn't work with a 's' or without04:30
ic3fr0gany multiplayer game for linux ?04:30
FernandoFoholiab I have a message from  system saying "unable to resolve host (my computer name)04:30
BlueEaglenephlim: It has been done, but it has also damaged monitors and gfx-cards.04:30
nephlimah, thanks BlueEagle04:30
BlueEaglenephlim: I do not recomend doing it as it _may_ lead to damage.04:30
jrattner1Question:  Where can I find a firefox 3.1 package?04:30
nightrid3rJoshPilcer: sudo apt-get install build-essential04:30
Gobbywhats the exact name of the program?04:30
nephlimyeah i don't think i will, new monitor and all04:30
nephlimthanks for the help04:30
FernandoFok ...I go to bed as well and will solve it another day ...It is not the first time I come for help  about this ...04:30
Gobbyso i can get it through sudo apt-get install thing04:30
Stinky_im using ubuntu studio.  what package do i install for the gnome shared folders app?04:31
JoshPilcernightrid3r i keep getting E: couldn't find package build-essential04:31
brian-laptop_hey everyone im haveing connection problems..i notice that when i get connected after so long i lose my connection is that my laptop problem or my router problem or is something wrong with my ubuntu04:31
BlueEaglejrattner1: It will be in the repositories once it has been determined that it doesn't break anything else.04:31
hellhound_how can I downgrade flash player ?  I have the file but I do not know where it goes?04:31
BlueEaglejrattner1: Until then you can compile from source or see if there is one on the firefox home page.04:31
BerzerkerHi, I accidentally removed my icons (Network, bluetooth, battery, etc.) how do I add them back?04:32
Berzerkerto the top toolbar04:32
jrattner1BlueEagle, how about an SSL enabled version of Thunderbird?04:32
BlueEaglejrattner1: I do not recomend compiling from source unless you know how to recover a broken system. However you'll never learn how to recover a broken system if you never break one. So it all comes down to one question: Do you feel lucky?04:32
disappearedng_hey how do I install the php spl?04:32
evowillBerzerker, right click, add to panel04:32
JoshPilcernightrid3r i keep getting E: couldn't find package build-essential04:32
RPS100gb HDD, 55gb set up for Ubuntu 8.10, 45gb for windows ....It's been almost 3 weeks since it was partitioned this way.. The drive was fresh with an install of Win XP and now I really have almost no need to have XP Pro ....is it simple to just make a little more room for Ubuntu and leave a smaller partition for Winblows?04:32
nightrid3r!info build-essential04:32
ubottubuild-essential (source: build-essential): Informational list of build-essential packages. In component main, is optional. Version 11.4 (intrepid), package size 7 kB, installed size 48 kB04:32
Stinky_im using ubuntu studio.  what package do i install for the gnome shared folders app?04:32
Berzerkerevowill: I can't find all of them, and they don't look the same as the original ones04:33
seydarI tried installing mysql-sever-5.0 through apt-get, but it failed, and now it tries to run a post-install script every time i use apt-get. how can I remove a package that hasn't been completely installed?>04:33
BlueEaglejoshpilcer: Check your repositories and make sure they are updated.04:33
Berzerkerevowill: I got it, it's the "Notification Area"04:33
JoshPilceri can't update since i have no internet04:33
Jack_SparrowStinky_, /join #Ubuntu-studio04:33
JoshPilceri've been doing all this for internet04:33
RPSoh and by the way Ubuntu ROCKS!!!04:33
nightrid3rJoshPilcer: do you want to build ubuntu packages, thats what u use that for04:33
evowillBerzerker, glad you found it :-)04:33
RPSWhats up Jack_Sparrow?04:33
JoshPilceri need to get internet for my pavilion dv600004:33
Jack_SparrowRPS, JUst booted up to get my mail04:34
RPStoo bad for you LOL04:34
GobbyWhats the recommended virus scanner in ubuntu?04:34
JoshPilcermy internet card is BCM94311MCG04:34
nightrid3rJoshPilcer: apt-get needs a net connection to work, use a wired connection04:34
Jack_SparrowGobby, Not needed04:34
ubottuA/V software is available, however read this to understand why Linux does not have a virus problem: http://librenix.com/?inode=2104:34
FernandoFoholiab It did not  solve04:35
nightrid3rJoshPilcer: you will then be able to just install ndiswrapper04:35
JoshPilceri don't have a wired connect thouh. that's the problem04:35
FernandoFoholiab have a nice sleep04:35
Gobbywell, im scared a program i used on wine has a virus04:35
RPSLmao ...no need for virus protection!!!!04:35
Jack_SparrowJoshPilcer, Is there a hard line you can plug into to get your updates04:35
GobbyI'm new to ubuntu just got it yesterday.04:35
hellhound_how can I downgrade flash player ?  I have the file but I do not know where it goes?04:35
FernandoFoholiab Thanks for having  tryed to help04:35
JoshPilceri'll check it out04:35
JoshPilcerhow do i connect from a wired line?04:35
pentasideHow do you make a USB Bootable?04:35
JoshPilcerplug in the cord, then what?04:35
nightrid3rJoshPilcer: plug in the cable, thats it04:36
Jack_SparrowJoshPilcer, For most people it just connects04:36
JoshPilcerokay i'll try have to go afk on this computer04:36
JoshPilcerif i need help i'll ask04:36
hellhound_how can I downgrade flash player ?  I have the file but I do not know where it goes?04:36
brian-laptop_hey everyone im haveing connection problems..i notice that when i get connected after so long i lose my connection is that my laptop problem or my router problem or is something wrong with my ubuntu04:36
FernandoFUsing FIREFOX  I can not type text in my windows under hotmail to send messages ... I can type addreses and all other stuff, but not into the tex window ... Anyone knows what could i do?04:37
pandakingI am trying to automatically log in on startup. I tried "System -> Adminisration -> Login Window" but I am connecting via an NX client so I get an error about GDM not running04:37
FernandoFany ideas?04:37
Stinky_brian-laptop; same thing happens to me when i play my wii04:37
marineevowill,  i tried everything stated and still can not boot from cd\]04:37
brian-laptop_stinky_: what kind of router do u have?04:37
RPSanybody got an opinion about my partition question?04:38
brian-laptop_stinky_: cause im thinkin its a routerr problem04:38
Jack_Sparrowmarine To get live cd to run this often helps..At start or install press F6 and remove Quiet and Splash from the command line. If it still fails.. Repeat and after removing quiet and splash add noapic acpi=off before the "--"04:38
brian-laptop_yea blue box right?04:38
nightrid3rbrian-laptop_: could be a wifi problem also (range, metal objects between router and laptop, concrete walls ......)04:38
JulioNetodoes anybody here sync RTM (Remember the milk) on Evolution?04:38
Stinkybrian-laptop;  probably.  i cant figure it out.  goes away after a while04:38
CoJaBo-HB.join firefox04:38
brian-laptop_nightrid3r: cant be that have straight shot to router04:38
marineJack_Sparrow, at start where exactly04:38
marineJack_Sparrow, at boot up04:39
brian-laptop_stinky_: its a linksys blue router right?04:39
Stinkybrian-laptop; yeah04:39
nightrid3rbrian-laptop_: try change channel04:39
Jack_Sparrowmarine, Yes, at the first screen where it says install or run without installing etc04:39
evowillmarine, do you get the boot menu at all?04:39
brian-laptop_night: how do we do that?04:39
brian-laptop_śtinky: yea ive heard that was bad for them04:39
marineJack_Sparrow, i changed the boot menu successfully04:40
FernandoFDoes anyone know why Hotmail does not allow to write messages using firefox?04:40
brian-laptop_piss me off lol04:40
Stinkybrian-laptop; oh well,04:40
nightrid3rbrian-laptop_: open firefox and point it to
brian-laptop_yea go to my settings in the router  right?04:40
marinejack that screen insn't popping up it gives me the choices to pick from but none of those you mentionedd04:40
pentasideAnyone know how to make a USB Drive bootable?04:41
Jack_Sparrowmarine To get live cd to run this often helps..At start or install press F6 and remove Quiet and Splash from the command line. If it still fails.. Repeat and after removing quiet and splash add noapic acpi=off before the "--"04:41
nightrid3rbrian-laptop_: yes, under wireless you can change the channel04:41
brian-laptop_k trying that right now04:41
Jack_Sparrowmarine If you press F6 on our live cd you can make those changes04:41
brian-laptop_will tell u the  outcome04:41
marineJack_Sparrow, yes ut i can't hget my live cd to run04:41
marineJack_Sparrow,  yes but i can't get my live cd to run04:42
Jack_SparrowCan you read the cd in another os or machine04:42
marineJack_Sparrow,  yes i can see all the files04:42
Gobbydoes anyone no where i can get a printable version of the commands on ubuntu? :) i want to get super familar with linux.. so it will be my base system04:42
Jack_Sparrowmarine, Did you md5 your download?04:42
marineJack_Sparrow, yes that's the first thing it tells you to do04:43
nightrid3rGobby: you'll need a truck to move that book04:43
mark____!bash | Gobby04:43
ubottuGobby: The linux terminal or command-line interface is very powerful. Open a terminal via Applications -> Accessories -> Terminal (Gnome) or K-menu -> System -> Konsole (KDE).  Guide: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/UsingTheTerminal04:43
tsrkwhere is a user's crontab file?04:43
Jack_Sparrowmarine, What os did you use to get the md504:43
nightrid3rtsrk: man crontab04:44
brian-laptop_nightrid3r: noticed when i changed the channel my signal changed atlittle04:44
brian-laptop_what is a good ghz04:44
marineJack_Sparrow, windows xp04:44
tsrknightrid3r, thank you04:44
FernandoFI quit!04:44
FernandoFGoodnight all04:44
marineJack_Sparrow, sp304:44
Jack_Sparrowmarine, What tool did you use to get the md504:44
nightrid3rbrian-laptop_: keep playing till you find a stable channel04:44
marineJack_Sparrow,  not sure anymore04:44
mark____Flannel: yep..04:45
n8tusertsrk its somewhere in /var/spool/cron/crontab04:45
poseidonWhere are the ubuntu default wallpapers kept?  I want to put the ones I download there to decrease clutter04:45
marineJack_Sparrow, whatever it specified04:45
nickrudtsrk, /var/spool/cron/crontabs/ (but use crontab -e to edit)04:45
Jack_Sparrowmarine, Sorry cant help but you might be stuck using the alternate cd04:45
tsrkn8tuser, yeah, crontab looks better to edit04:45
nightrid3rbrian-laptop_: most wifi users just plug in the box and connect, if everyone uses channel 6 its like drinking from a fire hydrant04:45
marineJack_Sparrow, let me try your first suggestion f604:46
JoshPilceri plugged in the phone line into the laptop and nothing happened...04:46
brian-laptop_nightrid3r: not understanding what u mean04:46
marineJack_Sparrow, which screen do i activate f604:46
tsrknickrud, why is the crontab command better to use to edit than just editing directly?04:46
wastreltsrk: it checks that you didn't mess up the syntax in the file04:47
JoshPilceri plugged in the phone line into the laptop and nothing happened...04:47
tsrkwastrel, ok, thanks04:47
n8tusertsrk -> its like a Makefile, it has certain format that if you screw up, you are hosed04:47
nightrid3rbrian-laptop_: there is to much data from diffrent wifi's going on the same channel, sometimes your card loses track of your router04:47
nickrudtsrk, because the crontab dir is not normally readable by a usedr04:47
JoshPilcernightrid3r can you help me out04:47
KymaeraHey all, got a quick question.  With an 8.10 server, is there a command I can run sudo or su - that will allow me to disconnect other users?  Looks like someone's connection got hung from earlier.04:48
evowillJoshPilcer, I will send you a PM04:48
evowillJoshPilcer, just give me a min or 204:48
nightrid3rJoshPilcer: you need an utp cable to connect your laptop to the router04:48
JoshPilceri don't have a router04:48
JoshPilceri just have a wifi from my neighbors04:48
eseven73How do I install custom fonts? I stuck them in my .fonts folder but I dont see them even after rebooting04:49
HunterRequiemI have an asus f3k, and I'm trying to reinstall ubuntu, but when I try (with 8.10), the live CD fails to boot the gui. can anyone help me?04:49
brian-laptop_nightrid3r: should i toy with Wireless Network Mode too?04:49
nightrid3rJoshPilcer: go to the neighbours with the laptop04:49
maraboutdoes anyone know if the Hardy alternate install has drivers for netopia wireless USB cards?04:49
nightrid3rbrian-laptop_: no04:49
JoshPilcerlol is that the only way... cause they don't know i'm using their internet04:49
eseven73JoshPilcer: maybe they do know and just dont care04:50
Jack_SparrowJoshPilcer, Silly as it may seem, we dont support or condone Piracy04:50
nightrid3rJoshPilcer: leeching off they neighbours wifi is not supported by the ubuntu community04:50
nickrudeseven73, that should do it; it was a ttf/otf font?04:50
Jack_SparrowJoshPilcer, Please come back when you have your own internet or a legal connection04:50
The-KernelOK I give up, I followed the whole sound debugging thing and the sound troubleshooting page, and I cannot get my sound to work. It doesn't even work at the login page.04:50
eseven73nickrud: yep04:50
ubottuFont installation basics here: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/FontInstallHowto - No fonts in Flash? Install "msttcorefonts" (from !Multiverse), "gsfonts", and "gsfonts-x11". No fonts in MPlayer? see !MPlayer04:51
nickrudeseven73, what doesn't see it?04:51
Rocking-Wdoes computer have to be set to boot from cd to boot ubuntu 8.10 live?04:51
The-KernelWhat else should i check?04:51
grayhaneafter reinstalling windows on my dual boot, how do I reconfigure grub04:51
Jack_SparrowRocking-W, Yes04:51
nightrid3rRocking-W: yes04:51
ubottuGRUB is the default Ubuntu boot manager. Lost GRUB after installing Windows? See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/RestoreGrub - GRUB how-tos: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/GrubHowto04:51
eseven73nickrud: Terminal (i installed custom fonts in Fedora using the same method of sticking them in .fonts) and it worked04:51
Rocking-WHunterRequiem:  did you see that?04:51
eseven73nickrud: i even installed medibuntu and ubuntu-restricted-extras04:52
nickrudeseven73, do you see it in appearances->fonts?04:52
eseven73nickrud: no that's the problem04:52
HunterRequiem<Rocking> sorry, I couldn't see it was to me04:52
ic3fr0ganyone can tell me any online multiplayer game free for linux.??04:52
ubottuInformation about games on Ubuntu can be found at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Games and http://www.icculus.org/lgfaq/gamelist.php04:52
nickrudeseven73, try running fc-cache -f , to force rereading the font cache04:53
HunterRequiem<Rocking-W> and sort of. my computer has been set to boot from CD first for awhile.04:53
ubottuSorry, I don't know anything about softweares04:53
SquareHimselfic3fr0g: Wesnoth04:53
ubottuThe packages in Ubuntu are divided into several sections. More information at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Repositories and http://www.ubuntu.com/ubuntu/components - See https://wiki.ubuntu.com/RecommendedSources for the recommended way to set up your repositories04:53
Gautamhello, how can i install IE ...can you please help me ?04:53
Dr_willisic3fr0g,  also it depends on what kiond of game ya want :)04:53
Dr_willisGautam,  why do you need 'ie' ?04:53
Jack_SparrowGautam, HAve you installed wine?04:53
nightrid3rGautam: not04:53
Gautamto test sites on IE04:53
Gautami am web developer04:54
grndslmhow do the repos work??04:54
ubottuies4linux is a script that quickly and effortlessly helps you install 3 versions of IE in Wine. Information can be found at http://www.tatanka.com.br/ies4linux/page/Main_Page including instructions specifically for Ubuntu. ies4linux is aimed at web designers and ie-only sites, so please, don’t use any of the IEs to navigate! Use Firefox!04:54
Gautamno i dont know about WINE04:54
Jack_SparrowGautam, Install wine and /join #Winehq on how to get IE working04:54
eseven73nickrud: still no luck04:54
Jack_SparrowGautam, sudo apt-get install wine04:54
ubottuWINE is a compatibility layer for running Windows programs on GNU/Linux - More information: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Wine - Search the !AppDB for application compatibility ratings - Join #winehq for application help04:54
Gautam#Winehq ?04:54
xxCody!ubottu                   ?04:54
ubottuError: I am only a bot, please don't think I'm intelligent :)04:54
Jack_SparrowGautam, It is a channel that supports wine and windows apps under winne04:55
nickrudeseven73, same fonts you used in fedora, right? I want to be sure it's not a faulty font04:55
Gautamo.k Jack ..thanks04:55
eseven73nickrud: ok its' working in Firefox, donno why its not working in Terminal04:55
eseven73nickrud: they worked great in Terminal on Fedora so it's not the fonts that i know for sure04:55
stoojCould I ask for some advice about setting up an apt-mirror? I'm not really wanting a full mirror, but just save downloading updates four times for each of my machines04:57
nickrudeseven73, that's why I asked about system->prefs->appearance.04:57
maraboutafter the install on ubuntu what command do I issue to move from GRUB to the GUI? I thought it was "startx" but it says "command not found"...04:57
ubottuAPTonCD is a tool with a graphical interface which allows you to create one or more CDs or DVDs with all of the packages you've downloaded via apt-get or aptitude, creating a removable repository that you can use on other computers04:57
mib_x2qjkmb2how to completely remove apps using apt-get ( i think sudo apt-get autoremove  does not remove all the files)04:57
gadu33#join lanuevarepublica04:57
nickrudeseven73, to see if it's a terminal issue or font subsystem problem04:57
wastrelmib_x2qjkmb2: apt-get remove --purge <package name>04:57
mib_x2qjkmb2thanx wastrel04:57
HunterRequiem I have an asus f3k, and I'm trying to reinstall ubuntu, but when I try (with 8.10), the live CD fails to boot the gui. can anyone help me?04:58
stoojJack_Sparrow, that looks pretty good - but any chance of skipping the CD and just updating over the lan?\04:58
nickrudwastrel, bet you didn't know apt-get now has purge and remove, like aptitude :)04:58
nightrid3rHunterRequiem: did you set your bios to boot from cd04:58
eseven73nickrud: i dont have that , I'm on Xubuntu04:58
wastrelapt-get purge  mmm saves keystrokes04:58
Jack_SparrowHunterRequiem, When it crashes  try ctrl-alt F1 and see if you get a terminal screen04:58
nickrudeseven73, ah, then I don't know your terminal program04:58
wastrelnickrud: i guess i missed the memo04:59
poseidonI'm using the emrald theme manager, and I can get it to work if I use emerald --replace inthe command line, but If I close the terminal all my windows bars disappear.04:59
grndslmhow do the three different repos work (reg, -updates, & -security)  if an update is made to -security... the code in the other 2 are also updated?  or if an update's made to -updates... the code in -security isn't updated, right?04:59
HunterRequiemnightrid3r: the issue has nothing to do with ubuntu not booting at all, I get a command prompt and I've found that x isn't working properly04:59
nickrudwastrel, they've been sliding all kinds of goodies in.04:59
Jack_Sparrowstooj, if the cd is on your lan it should work fine04:59
eseven73nickrud: i beleive Xubuntu uses Xterm for Terminal04:59
Paddy_EIREposeidon, use fusion-icon its the recommended method04:59
eseven73ill try xterm, one sec04:59
nickrudeseven73, could be. Last time I used xterm it could only use bitmapped fonts. I don't know if that's changed04:59
Paddy_EIRE!info fusion-icon intrepid | poseidon04:59
ubottufusion-icon (source: fusion-icon): tray icon to launch and manage Compiz Fusion. In component universe, is extra. Version 0.1.0-1 (intrepid), package size 29 kB, installed size 264 kB04:59
eseven73nickrud: hmmm I'll have to figure out howt o customize xterm, ill let you know if i find anything, thanks :)05:00
ubottuSorry, I don't know anything about xinit05:00
nickrudeseven73, look for info on Xresources05:00
ic3fr0ganyone can tell me any online multiplayer game free for linux that more than 2 persons play ??? Thanks.05:00
Paddy_EIRE!games | ic3fr0g05:01
ubottuic3fr0g: Information about games on Ubuntu can be found at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Games and http://www.icculus.org/lgfaq/gamelist.php05:01
Jack_Sparrowic3fr0g, World of Padman  WOP05:01
HunterRequiemJack_Sparrow: from what I can tell, it's a problem with my graphics card.  I tried going into the xserver (or was it xorg) config file and setting the driver to the generic one, but I still have the same issue05:01
wastrelic3fr0g: IRC05:01
nightrid3ric3fr0g: http://www.andromeda9.com/05:01
maraboutI need help getting from GRUB to gui on Hardy05:02
Paddy_EIREnightrid3r, why did you give him that siet05:02
digitalnormjoin channel #ubuntu05:03
distinctbluryou already joined...05:03
digitalnormhe heh05:03
nightrid3rPaddy_EIRE: hmm old link, my bad, should have checked first05:03
digitalnormhow do i mount a partition from the cli?05:04
Paddy_EIREnightrid3r, ah no worries.. I thought I was missing out on something :p05:04
sexcopter2hi, what is the easiest way for me to see where a server is located (trying to pick a server closest to me)05:04
tokyoaheadhi guys.... how do I change the locale of the system?05:04
eseven73ic3fr0g: runescape maybe? They have full screen high def now so it's better than before :P05:05
Paddy_EIREsexcopter, go to "System > Administration > Software Sources05:05
wastrel!locale | tokyoahead05:05
ubottutokyoahead: To set up and configure your locales, see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/LocaleConf05:05
tokyoaheadthanks wastrel05:05
Rencxwhat does encrytion and keyrings option it show up when i start ubuntu05:06
sexcopter2Paddy_EIRE: yeah, and under Canada, there are a few to choose from. Canada's kinda big, and it might make some difference05:06
Brendan_Johnsonwho here is running 8.10?05:06
cjanyone here installed hardy or intrepid on an eee using debootstrap?05:06
Paddy_EIREsexcopter, yeah but it has an option to find the nearest/fastest05:06
sexcopter2Paddy_EIRE: just spotted it! Thanks.05:06
HunterRequiemI'm getting an xorg error: "vesa, no modes found" when I try to boot from ubuntu 8.10 on my asus f3k notebook.  anyone have some insight into this?05:07
cjHunterRequiem: sounds like you have a bad resolution in your xorg.conf (or whatever it's called)05:07
weltpopeltagRolls 15 6-sided dice: 4 4 5 4 3 5 4 3 5 3 4 3 2 4 205:07
cjHunterRequiem: can you run xf86config?05:07
HunterRequiemcj: I'd have to reboot, but sure, I can write that down.05:07
GautamJack i could not find that room for wine...its not in my list05:08
nickrudweltpopeltag, wrong channel I think05:08
cjHunterRequiem: not that... let me find the correct command05:08
HunterRequiemcj: All right.05:08
sheepGautam: try #winehq05:08
=== Semidios_ is now known as Semidios
Gobbywhere can i find a list of printable commands for the terminal?05:08
Gobbyso i can know what commands do what ,etc05:08
Gautam#wnehq is not showing in my list when i connect05:08
hellhound_how can i find out if i have a 64 bit system and if ubuntu is running in 64 bit mode05:08
sheepGautam: man command-name05:08
wastrel!cli | Gautam05:09
ubottuGautam: The linux terminal or command-line interface is very powerful. Open a terminal via Applications -> Accessories -> Terminal (Gnome) or K-menu -> System -> Konsole (KDE).  Guide: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/UsingTheTerminal05:09
sheepGautam: it can still be there even if it doesn't get listed05:09
sheepGautam: /join #winehq05:09
temppyhellhound_: uname -a                 look for i686 or x86_6405:09
nightrid3rHunterRequiem: add vga=0x317 to your boot parameters05:09
datakidhey you know when you are in the terminal and you write something like $less /var/spool/vmail/lists/mydomain.org/me/ and you realise that tab completeion fails because you aren't root, so you decided to sudo /bin/bash instead....how do you clear the command line without hit delete until you hit the start of the line?05:09
wastrelack totally missed that05:09
cjHunterRequiem: I don't know what the auto-config tool is called these days, but look at /etc/X11/xorg.conf and ... yeah, what nightrid3r said05:09
HunterRequiemnightrid3r: all right then.  I'll be back in a few minutes.05:10
wastrelGobby: http://fosswire.com/2007/08/02/unixlinux-command-cheat-sheet/05:10
jkoltnerHi guys... I connected my digital camera to my Ubuntu PC, and I can open and import photos using F-Spot, but nowhere in F-Spot do I see the tools for, e.g., cropping the image or changing brightness, etc. (as show, e.g., here: http://www.downloadsquad.com/2008/02/21/flipping-the-linux-switch-quick-and-easy-photo-management-with/print).  I've tried looking through the menus, but there's nowhere obvious to enable these additional tools (I05:10
jkoltnerdo have View->Components->Toolbar checked).  What do I have to do to get the tools to appear?05:10
FloodBot1jkoltner: Please don't flood, use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste, don't use Enter as punctuation.05:10
GautamLee i want to install IE ...i have installed wine05:10
cjdatakid: ^a echo `^e` > /tmp/foo05:10
cjdatakid: sudo -s05:10
hellhound_temppy, i get 2.6.27-9-generic #1 SMP05:10
sdlwofwhere's trash stored at? /home/$user/.trash?05:10
cjdatakid: `cat /tmp/foo`05:10
sheepGautam: ever heard of ies4linux?05:10
Gobbythanks wastrel05:10
wastrelsdlwof: if only it were so simple05:11
cjdatakid: if you get my meaning05:11
temppyhellhound_: thats it?05:11
datakidcj - eh? I have a full command line with commands...and I want to delete them all...I gjuess I dont :)05:11
ic3fr0ghow i get install this think???   http://thilo.kickchat.com/download/worldofpadman.run05:11
sdlwofwastrel, there's something i can't delete with the gui, gotta commandline it..05:11
sdlwofi can't sudo rm with the gui like i can with the command line.05:11
wastrelsdlwof: /home/username/.local/share/Trash/   i believe nowadays05:11
hellhound_temppy, here is a direct cut and paste "Linux two-of-borg 2.6.27-9-generic #1 SMP Thu Nov 20 21:57:00 UTC 2008 i686 GNU/Linux"05:12
sdlwofapprecaite the /username/, i couldn't figure that out myself.05:12
maraboutstuck at grub after hardy install How can I get into the GUI?05:12
nightrid3ric3fr0g: chmod +x worldofpadman.run then ./worldofpadman.run05:12
cjdatakid: if you want to run a command that you've typed in to your unpriv'd account in a root shell, echo that command line to /tmp/foo (or something) and then sudo -s05:12
datakidI was thinking of something more like "CTRL-HOME-RIGHT ARROW" sorry caps05:12
datakidsorry, left arrow05:12
cjdatakid: to run the command, run `cat /tmp/foo`05:12
cjbackticks take the output of one command and stick it into the current prompt05:12
datakidcj nice one cheers05:12
temppyhellhound_: thats 32bit, notice the i68605:12
wastrelsdlwof: i just don't like giving mine out :]05:12
tokyoahead8.10 is what version? Intrepid Ibex?05:12
cjtokyoahead: ja05:13
hellhound_temppy, ok thank you!!05:13
wastrel8.10 is intrepix yes05:13
sdlwof.local/share/Trash would of been plenty useful.05:13
sdlwofand less to type.05:13
cjsdlwof: luckily, you have ln -s :)05:13
sdlwofcj, i don't get it?05:14
tokyoaheadgood. I think its kinda stupid that the help sections ferer to the codename if its not visible in the OS as cleasr as the version number. Iven the software download does not mention that codename05:14
SparkyFlaryso um hows windows 7 compared to ubuntu?05:14
confusedbylinuxcosts more05:14
Paddy_EIRE!ot | SparkyFlary05:14
ubottuSparkyFlary: #ubuntu is the Ubuntu support channel, for all Ubuntu-related support questions. Please use #ubuntu-offtopic for other topics. Thanks!05:14
ScubidusHa Windows seven05:14
Scubidusc'mon now05:14
Scubidusyour in an open source irc05:14
SparkyFlaryok off topic sorry05:14
cjSparkyFlary: apples vs oranges.  but Paddy_EIRE's right.  let's not start a flamewar05:15
jkoltnerHow do I get f-spot to display its tools icons for, e.g., cropping?  Under the Edit menu I only have Rotate Left/Right, but nothing for cropping/brightness adjustment/etc.05:15
tokyoaheadwastrel: the page you told me is about a package that does not seem to exist (localeconf)05:15
energYHow can I see the avrage upload download of a system?05:15
maraboutHow do I move from GRUB to GUI after install if Terminal says "startx" not installed?05:16
cjenergY: you mean the rate?05:16
mrspinxhi everyone, i'm trying to backup my virtualbox vm, can i just cp it over or is there a way to do it in vbox?05:16
cjenergY: you have to continuously poll05:16
energYcj: The speed kbps05:16
wastreltokyoahead: eew .  maybe the doc is out of date05:16
confusedbylinuxcould anyone suggest a comprehensive website for a begginer linux user, not new to computers05:16
cjenergY: over what period?  a second?  a week?  year?05:16
energYcj: Or kB/s, K/s05:16
mrspinxi have already asked in #vbox, but everything is a bit quiet there atm :)05:16
energYcj: 10 minutes?05:16
confusedbylinuxwww.speakeasy.net/speedtest to test your connection speed05:16
cjconfusedbylinux: what do you want to know?05:16
tokyoaheadwastrel it says there that the package did not exist in gutsy, so seems to be quite old05:17
ic3fr0gwww.speedtest.net  have servers all over the world for test your speed. results are real.05:17
energYconfusedbylinux: I need to know how much it average actually consumes at bittorrent.05:17
cjenergY: try iptraf05:17
confusedbylinuxI can pretty much fumble around the GUI but wanna know some begginer command line stuff to take full advantage of linux05:17
mrspinxfound it :) (clonevdi)05:18
mrspinxsee you guys later :)05:18
xxCodyconfusedbylinux , thats a nice name i should of thought of that ;)05:18
Gautamies4linux ...what it is ..05:18
cjconfusedbylinux: it's taken me 15 years and I still learn something new every day.  choose a project and learn what you need to know to complete it.  why did you decide to try linux?05:18
Scubidushey I got a problem with the native ubuntu games they crash my system whenever I run them for over 10 minutes in fullscreen it will crash the OS05:18
sheep!ies4linux > Gautam05:18
ubottuGautam, please see my private message05:18
mashtdiHas anyone found a solution to the Flash 10 Sound issue in Intrepid?05:18
cjScubidus: what's your kernel log say about the crash?05:19
atom^xjkoltner: double click image to enter edit mode05:19
cjScubidus: /var/log/kern.log, IIRC05:19
sdlwofi still think vmware is better then wine....05:19
felixsulla(Running Ubuntu as a guest VM, under Windows Vista) If I can get to a website by IP only, but not by name (ie. www.google.com wont come up) Does that mean I have a DNS problem? How do I configure my DNS to work by name also?05:19
Paddy_EIREmashtdi, "the flash 10 sound issue" never heard of it05:19
cjScubidus: use less - sudo less /var/log/kern.log05:19
cjScubidus: then you can look for the time of your last crash and look for messages related to it05:19
cjScubidus: /var/log/syslog is also useful05:19
confusedbylinuxlove computers, started on TRS80 color computer, and I am learning macs for job and wanna know linux, knowledge is power05:19
Scubidusk let me get back to you05:19
cjconfusedbylinux: okay.  routing?  development?  graphic design?05:20
mashtdiPaddy_Eire, I have found a lot of threads on ubutnu forums about Flash 10 not piping through audio05:20
mashtdiI am also having this proble,05:20
maraboutCan anyone help me my computer seems to be stuck at GRUB (typing this on alternate machine).05:20
cjmarabout: perhaps.  what does GRUB tell you?05:21
jkoltneratom^x: Thanks, I did that but it doesn't display the tool icons. :-(  (The "edit image" button at the top of the window is shown as depressed.)05:21
cjmarabout: are you at a '>' prompt or a text console with a line selected?05:21
cjmashtdi: kill firefox and start it from a command prompt.  you'll get some debugging information that way05:22
wastrel!cli | confusedbylinux05:22
ubottuconfusedbylinux: The linux terminal or command-line interface is very powerful. Open a terminal via Applications -> Accessories -> Terminal (Gnome) or K-menu -> System -> Konsole (KDE).  Guide: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/UsingTheTerminal05:22
grndslmjoin #buttsex05:22
shinCan someone tell me what is wrong with these two lines in /etc/fstab? /home is not mounting and the device name is right. http://pastebin.com/d6bad502b05:22
maraboutcj: I am at  <username> ~$05:22
cjmarabout: doesn't sound like GRUB to me?05:22
veloc1ty!ops | grndslm05:22
Paddy_EIREmashtdi, this might help you http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=97363705:22
ubottugrndslm: Help! Channel emergency! (ONLY use this trigger in emergencies) - Mez, LjL, elkbuntu,  imbrandon, DBO, gnomefreak, Hobbsee, rob, Madpilot, CarlK, crimsun, ajmitch, tritium, Nalioth, thoreauputic, apokryphos, tonyyarusso,  PriceChild, Amaranth, jrib, jenda, nixternal, Myrtti, mneptok, Pici, Jack_Sparrow, nickrud, jpds, bazhang, jussi01, Flannel or ikonia!05:22
ScubidusHey cj Im going to recreate the problem So i will be back on once i get cut off05:22
mashtdiPaddy_eire, Thanks05:22
cjquick work, nickrud05:23
Paddy_EIREmashtdi, sure get back to me if you have any difficulty :)05:23
CoJaBo-HBWhat was that?05:23
maraboutcj: rebooted after the install and landed here... I assumed it was/is GRUB05:23
nickrudcj, scripts05:23
confusedbylinuxi am a jack of all trades, I wanna know ip tables, routing, hardware, graphics, programming, general knowledge,,, I went over a house for a job, guy knew linux and computers to the point I felt stupid, now I am gonna join local linux club for help,,,, I have about 4 days experience with linux05:23
copantlhi guys05:23
cjthe $ prompt is bash :)05:23
atom^xjkoltner: have not used f-spot, try here http://f-spot.org/User_Guide/Organize#Edit05:23
copantlany body know howto fix the flashing hang of intrepid?05:23
eli__What gnome project controls the appearance of wallpapers?05:23
scunizi_confusedbylinux: I use to sell the computers you cut your teeth on.. trs-80 mod 1 etc05:24
cjconfusedbylinux: doesn't sound like you've got a particular project in mind.  Pick one.  Want to help me write a 3d modeler?05:24
jkoltnerOK, different problem... if I leave my PC on for a few days, starting Firefox will completely lock up the GUI (Gnome).  I can still telnet in from another machine and access shared drives, etc., but Gnome (and X11, I guess) seem completely dead... Ctrl+Alt+Backspace is ignored, Ctrl+Alt+F2 does nothing, etc.05:24
maraboutcj: is it normally to be in Bash immediately after installing Ubuntu (hardy alt disc)?05:24
maraboutcj: *normal05:24
jkoltnerI've tried selectively killing off various processes from a telnet session, but I can't get X11 to re-start (the closest I've come is getting the display to just turn to garbage after killing X11).05:24
cjmarabout: depends :)05:24
jkoltnerAny idea what the problem might be?05:24
cjmarabout: probably not, though.  Did you have to log in?05:25
HunterRequiemhello, I'm back.  I have the following error in xorg's log when I Try to boot ubuntu: (EE) RADEON(0) ParseTable said: CD_INVALID_OPCODE, (II) RADEON(0) Query for AtomBIOS failed, Output DIO2 setup failed05:25
cjjkoltner: /etc/init.d/gdm stop05:25
wastreljkoltner: /etc/init.d/gdm restart  ?05:25
maraboutcj: on whether on is a neewb or not  :)  Yes I did have to log in05:25
confusedbylinuxthanks for all the help ppl,,, UH cj i have 4 days experience05:25
jkoltnerThanks guys, I'll try that next time it happens05:25
cjjkoltner: sudo less /var/log/X*.log05:25
jkoltnerFrom Googling it seems that Firefox, at least in older versions, was known to cause this problem... apparently it's been a difficult problem to fix.05:26
karthikhey help me where can i get info on how to create a workspace05:26
atom^xjkoltner: does it only do that when firefox is running?05:26
copantlany body know howto fix the flashing hang of intrepid?05:26
wastrelkarthik: right-click the workspace switcher, click preferences05:27
confusedbylinuxbtw this guy gave me a book from 1997 "linux in a nutshell" is this thing still useful after so many years?05:27
copantlany body know howto fix the flashing hang of intrepid?05:27
karthikwastrel: hey i need to write a program for creating a new workspace.. not using right click stuff05:27
jkoltneratom^x: As far as I can tell, yes... although probably at least 90% of the time when I sit back down at the PC, FireFox is the first thing I run.  I did leave FireFox running for awhile indefinitely (rather than starting it new) once and then the desktop locked up after I clicked a link.05:27
Paddy_EIRE!repeat | copantl05:27
cjmarabout: okay.  sudo apt-get install tasksel && sudo tasksel install ubuntu-desktop # IIRC05:27
ubottucopantl: Don't feel ignored and repeat your question quickly; if nobody knows your answer, nobody will answer you. You can search https://help.ubuntu.com or http://wiki.ubuntu.com while you wait. Also see !patience05:27
nightrid3rconfusedbylinux: yes it will give you some basics05:28
joeb3_confusedbylinux, good reading material, but alot has changed.05:28
wastrelkarthik: probably need to twiddle with the gconf tool05:28
confusedbylinuxis it worth reading or just get newer book?05:28
cjconfusedbylinux: doesn't matter.  pick a project.  I need some help with a modeler, and a jack of all trades comes in handy.  If you don't want to help, you should really pick a project of your own :)05:28
kevdogWhere in the .gconf settings is the font information stored?05:28
runderwoHunterRequiem: What version of ubuntu are you using?05:28
Roland-hey, any ways to install ubuntu debian like? like base system and then add NEEDED packages05:29
HunterRequiemrunderwo: 8.10.05:29
Roland-keeping the system light05:29
runderwoHunterRequiem: Which ATI card?05:29
atom^xjkoltner: i have had same experience attributed itto firefoxbloat/memory leak?05:29
Paddy_EIRERoland-, try and form a complete question/sentence all on one line so we can understand you05:29
eseven73 nickrud my fonts work now :)  I restarted X and I guess that fixed things05:29
cjkevdog: check the man pages05:30
nightrid3rconfusedbylinux: Ubuntu Unleashed 2008 Edition from sams publishing05:30
kevdogcj: under what entry?05:30
cjkevdog: checking05:30
confusedbylinuxI think it wAS cj who asked why i want to try Linux,,, I have Vista installed on this laptop,,,,,, nuff said :)05:30
maraboutcj: answer:  "couldnt find package taskel"05:30
cjmarabout: did you run the first part?  sudo apt-get install tasksel?05:30
jkoltneratom^x: Yeah, I could certainly believe that.  I'm just surprised it can lock up the entire desktop even to the extent of Ctrl+Alt+Backspace not working!05:30
Roland-ok is there a way to custom install ubuntu ? I mean installl only things I need not the whole ubuntu stuff ..05:31
ubottuUbuntu can be installed in lots of ways. Please see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Installation for documentation.  Problems during install? See https://wiki.ubuntu.com/CommonProblemsInstall - Don't want to use a CD? Try http://tinyurl.com/3exghs - see also !automate05:31
maraboutcj:  yes05:31
eseven73!minimal | Roland-05:31
ubottuRoland-: The Minimal CD image is very small in size, and it downloads most packages from the Internet during installation, allowing you to select only those you want (the installer is like the one on the !Alternate CD). See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Installation/MinimalCD05:31
jkoltnerStill, in general Firefox is great... I switched to it on the Windows machines I use as well.05:31
FlannelRoland-: Grab an alternate CD, install a "command line" system, then add to it.05:31
HunterRequiemrunderwo: I believe it is a ATI Mobility HD 260005:31
cjkevdog: gconftool-2 recommends http://www.gnome.org/projects/gconf05:31
keithclarkWhat is the best way to have all of my computers in my house boot off of one main computer?  And have everything run from there, and stored on there?05:31
cjmarabout: did you run 'sudo tasksel install ubuntu-desktop' ?05:31
Cpudan80keithclark: that isn't 100% possible05:32
nightrid3rkeith__: LTSP linux terminal server project05:32
cjkeithclark: how good are you with DHCP and TFTP?05:32
nickrud!ltsp | keithclark (a way)05:32
ubottukeithclark (a way): LTSP is the Linux Terminal Server Project, which adds thin-client support to Linux servers. See chapter 3 of the !edubuntuhandbook, http://www.ltsp.org and/or http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Linux_Terminal_Server_Project05:32
Cpudan80keithclark: at the lowest level, you have to some stuff on the client machines05:32
xxCodyIm in the installation process of installing Ubuntu on another machine. Rite now im trying to partition it and save my other OS. How do i do that?05:32
nightrid3r!dualboot | xxCody05:33
xxCodyi only see 3 partitions under manual. dev/sda1-305:33
ubottuxxCody: Dual boot instructions: x86/AMD64: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/WindowsDualBootHowTo - MACs: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/MacBookPro https://help.ubuntu.com/community/YabootConfigurationForMacintoshPowerPCsDualBoot05:33
Dr_williskeithclark,   or As a quick and dirty way.. put a minimal linux on each client.. and use the XDMCP feature of X to get them to  be a 'thin client' :)05:33
keithclarkCpudan80: some stuff can exist on the clients, I just want to minimize it.05:33
Cpudan80then that ltsp is the way to go05:33
maraboutcj: yes05:33
Cpudan80keithclark: another way would be a whole mess of NFS05:34
=== izibi_ is now known as izibi
Cpudan80(Network file shares)05:34
Cpudan80but that would get slow and complicated I think05:34
nickrudDr_willis, that by no stretch of the imagination approaches best :)05:34
Dr_willisnickrud,  depends on the tasks :)05:34
tokyoaheadguys my firefox is messed up because of an add-on, how can I start it without loading the addon?05:34
confusedbylinuxthis Linux stuff is fun, everything I read about it is so confusing (grub, pidgin, tgz, blah blah blah) everything is so cryptic,,, and like speaking a foreign language05:34
keithclarkCpudan80: I just want the clients to boot from the server automatically upon power up05:34
runderwoHunterRequiem: Looks like this is the bug for you.  https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/xserver-xorg-video-ati/+bug/27423405:35
Dr_willisconfusedbylinux,  if you had never seen a windows machine and had to learn what C: D:  and mouse ment.. the same would apply05:35
wastreltokyoahead: firefox -safe-mode05:35
atom^xjkoltner: i like ff as well. thereis a series of keystrokes to trcover control of pc when X is locked up05:35
kevdogcj: That helps, but now what?  Tells me nothing about fonts -- I want to change the system,window,etc fonts via a script rather than going through the GUI.05:35
nightrid3rkeithclark: then ltsp is the way to go05:35
GobbyAgreed confusedbylinux.. i just downloaded and printed a refference sheet05:35
Gobbywould you like it?05:35
confusedbylinuxoh i know, like i said its fun,,,.like learning new stuff05:35
maraboutcj: I did the (hardy text-based) install got message saying remove disc reboot. Did that. Was given option of which OS at startup chose Ubuntu and landed here. Seems odd to me...05:35
HunterRequiemrunderwo: thank you, I'll take a look at this05:35
Gobbyit shows commands/ and reference05:35
confusedbylinuxcody what os you want to dual boot with05:36
kevdogatom^x: There is a post by PMDemogada (I think that is how you spell it) -- it was a Tutorial of the Week that explained the keystrokes you need to enter to do this05:36
RencxDo anyone can help me Keyrings they started show up after restart.05:36
kevdogatom^x:  Id search the forums for this post05:36
Gobbyconfusedbylinux here http://fosswire.com/2007/08/02/unixlinux-command-cheat-sheet/ click on the sheet to download it.. its very nice for reference05:37
jkoltnerconfusedbylinux: Sobell's "A Practical Guide to Ubuntu Linux" is a good book, if you're looking... it's quite thick, but if you go through it slowly but surely, within 3-6 months you'll be quite experienced.  "Ubuntu Kung Fu" by Keir Thomas is also quite good if you're just looking for tricks to "get things done" rather than becoming a Linux expert.05:37
kevdogDont waste money buying a book -- Just begin playing with the system05:38
cjkevdog: why can't you use the standard tools to change font?05:38
RencxDo anyone can help me Keyrings they started show up after restart.05:38
kevdogUse the forums and the IRS05:38
TekumelBooks at least provide a guided starting point kevdog05:38
wastrelbooks are for people who can read :05:38
cjmarabout: did you go through the tasksel prompts?05:38
TekumelYou can't write a novel without knowing the alphabet.05:38
CoJaBo-HBI learned Linux almost entirely from tings found on Google lol05:38
jkoltnerkevdog: Nothing wrong with playing, but I think it can be a slowly way to really understand a system than to use a more methodical approach than a book provides.  Certainly different methods of learning work best for different people, of course.05:38
wastrelwhat about us illiterates05:38
nickrudwastrel, ++105:38
wastrelif you go through a book you'll have a better overall view05:39
maraboutcj: entering those commands only produces the "command not found" message05:39
confusedbylinuxthanks jkoltner and gobby05:39
wastrelif you self-teach you can miss huge chunks of useful stuff05:39
kevdogcj:  Im using enlightenment now -- however prior to that metacity,gnome.  I found that all gnome apps on my very old machine (it worked with the Feisty kernel) the fonts become corrupted to the point of non-readability about every 10 minutes.  if I change the fonts, they suddenly become readable05:39
CoJaBo-HBTheres plenty of guides and even many free Linux books on the internet.05:40
jkoltnerkevdog: I do agree that forums and IRC are some of the best resources out there for getting help... that's the downside of a book and, e.g., the "man" pages... you can't ask them questions and have them give you a response. :-)05:40
cjmarabout: uhrm... what happens when you 'sudo apt-get install tasksel'?05:40
cjkevdog: try control-panel from the command prompt?05:40
Rencxplease snyone help me with encrition and keyring05:40
=== Kernel is now known as Wicked
* cj needs to go to sleep :)05:40
ubottuSorry, I don't know anything about pastebinit05:40
nightrid3r!gpg | Rencx05:40
ubottuRencx: gpg is the GNU Privacy Guard.  See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/GnuPrivacyGuardHowto and class #8 on https://wiki.ubuntu.com/ClassroomTranscripts05:40
cjRencx: yes, but I've got to go to sleep.  sudo apt-get install keychain ssh gunpg05:41
nickrudIf you buy only one book, I'd suggest a good bash one05:41
Gobbyyep confusedbylinx, glad to help.. im a day old at linux... i geuss you could call me a old pro :)05:41
cjg'night, all :)05:41
GobbyGNight cj05:41
Rencxi need remove it05:41
Rencxit starts show up05:41
Paddy_EIRERencx, that would be a very silly idea indeed05:41
confusedbylinuxjust like i dont go to one news site for my info (or even one country's side of things), I dont learn from one source either, ill use google, you tube, books, irc, email, web etc. to learn linux05:42
maraboutcj:  sorry was typing 'taskel' instead of 'tasksel" Message reads: " tasksel is already the newest version"05:42
win7usrquick question: how do you save the output of a command in a file?]05:42
RencxPaddy_EIRE why it started to show up?05:42
Paddy_EIRERencx, why not?05:42
win7usrcommand > test.file ?05:42
Dr_williswin7usr,  bash basics     -->    command > logfile.txt05:42
wastrelis keyring required for network-manager nowadays?05:42
Paddy_EIRERencx, read the webpages nightrid3r already showed you05:42
kevdogcj: control-panel gives me nothing!!!05:42
mib_xuaqs7By mistake I removed via apt-get remove the top right section of the screen's functionality. It now says Users, instead of my username, and when I click on it, instead of getting Shut Down, Reboot etc., I get nothing. Can someone please tell me the name of it, so I can apt-get install it?05:42
win7usrDr_willis: thanks! I'm helping someone else, and don't want to give miskaken instructions05:42
scunizi_confusedbylinux: you might also check out http://www.scribd.com where you can download pdf's of some ubuntu books.. just search for ubuntu05:43
wastrelRencx: if you want to disable that when you log in you can remove it from your session05:43
GobbyIn the Terminal, how do you for example run mozilla firefox straight through the terminal so it has the CLI and not the GUI i want to look at the oldschool side of things05:43
confusedbylinuxcool thx05:43
wastrelRencx:  System > Preferences > Sessions   find the keyring item and uncheck05:43
nickrudGobby, you mean use a text browser?05:43
Paddy_EIREwastrel, that would not be a very good idea05:43
arvind_khadriGobby, firefox &05:43
Gobbyyes nick05:43
wastrelPaddy_EIRE: what will it break?05:44
arvind_khadriGobby, thats lynx05:44
bullgard4What programs evaluate the /etc/default/acpi-support file's content?05:44
nickrudGobby, links elinks links2 lynx are all text browsers you can install05:44
Gobbywhats the command?05:44
arvind_khadriGobby, sudo apt-get install lynx05:44
GobbyI see, thanks guys :), love this community05:44
kevdoglynx is really hard to use05:44
Paddy_EIREwastrel, I typically stick with recommended defaults.. especially when its security related.. removing it from start up just because it "shows up" is like shooting a fly with a rocket05:45
wastrelkevdog: what do you recommend instead?05:45
kevdogIf there were no flash or jpegs it would be a lot easier05:45
Rencxthe problem is thet it asks my ld password05:45
Paddy_EIRERencx, how is that a problem05:45
Dr_Willis_ZNClinks -g   -> can show images in the framebuffer :)05:45
GobbyWait another question isnt possible to run like xchat through the terminal?.05:45
Gobbywhere it also has the CLI05:45
kevdogwastrel: I wish I knew -- what do you want to do?  wget is good for downloading links directly05:45
Dr_Willis_ZNCGobby,  irssi -> text based irc client05:45
nickrudGobby, that would be irssi , the most comon one05:45
GobbyOkey, thanks again!05:46
nickrudGobby, and if you really wanna get old school, get mutt and read your mail there.05:46
wastrellynx, links, w3m  3 text browsers.05:46
helodoes this chat room talk about ubuntu?05:46
jonrifuck you05:46
kevdogHow about pine?05:46
Paddy_EIREhelo, this is the support channel05:46
Rencx<Paddy_EIRE> i log in ubuntu and then show up keyring asking for older password and for wireles wpa05:46
wastrelpine is email oui?  mutt is better <305:46
jrib!id | jonri05:46
ubottujonri: join ke #ubuntu-id untuk membahas ubuntu dalam bahasa Indonesia05:46
Paddy_EIRERencx, everytime?05:46
heloi need to monitor my CPU temps and I can't figure out how to install any programs.  maybe i'm trying the wrong ones05:46
jribjonri: please keep it family-friendly here05:47
GobbyWhere is like ¨general discussion for ubuntu¨ ?05:47
xxCodyThe website for ubuntu dual boot does not explain what i need it to.05:47
jrib!ot | Gobby05:47
ubottuGobby: #ubuntu is the Ubuntu support channel, for all Ubuntu-related support questions. Please use #ubuntu-offtopic for other topics. Thanks!05:47
kevdogpine is kickin' it old school!05:47
Rencxevery time after restart05:47
xxCodyIm installing ubuntu on another machine.05:47
eseven73CLI xchat... hmmm that is a good idea actually *me emails xchat's dev(team)*05:47
Paddy_EIRERencx, hmm.. and when you enter the details normally does it connect without issue?05:47
jonrifuck you05:47
Dr_Willis_ZNCxxCody,  install ubuntu, let the installer install grub.. it makes a menu you use to boot...05:47
pr0fXavierany Virtualbox users? Is there an 'addon' pack, so the mouse controls, etc... are more manageable ?05:47
wastrelkevdog: alpine is a fancier version apparently.  i haven't tried it since i switched to mutt and all my pine-fu is forgotten05:47
heloanyone know how i can check my CPU temps? please!05:47
Rencx<Paddy_EIRE> before it was ok05:48
xxCodyIm at the prepare partitions screen in manual. And im trying to see what partitions are what05:48
Dr_Willis_ZNCpr0fXavier,  you did install the virtualbox guest additions ?05:48
xxCodybut it only says sda1-305:48
scunizi_pr0fXavier: you have to install the vboxadditions to get better mouse control05:48
pr0fXavierDr_Willis_ZNC wont install05:48
ubottuSorry, I don't know anything about tasksel05:48
Rencx<Paddy_EIRE> i just restarted log in and i can work05:48
Paddy_EIRERencx, can you tell me what you have perhaps done in between it working an not working?05:48
kevdognever heard of alpine -- might have to look at it -- face it I use gmail period05:48
Rencxi changed password05:48
Paddy_EIRERencx, that would be it05:48
Paddy_EIRERencx, on moment please05:48
pr0fXavierDr_Willis_ZNC seems the 'CD' has only OS2/Windows installation files on it05:48
wastrelkevdog: alpine supports imap, so you can use it with your gmail box :]05:49
Paddy_EIREhelo, dont shout.. have patience also05:49
scunizi_pr0fXavier: what is the guest that you need to install the additions on?05:49
Dr_Willis_ZNCpr0fXavier,  its installed here fine for me with Ubuntu running in virtualbox   under windows...05:49
iShock!info hddtemp > helo05:49
ubottuhddtemp (source: hddtemp): hard drive temperature monitoring utility. In component universe, is extra. Version 0.3-beta15-44 (intrepid), package size 53 kB, installed size 284 kB05:49
nightrid3rhelo: lmsensors05:49
xxCodyOkay the guy who was previously helping me a  quit. I need help partitioning my drives. Can anybody help me?05:49
kevdogI just need to setup an outgoing smtp server to relay outgoing mail so I can use Mixmaster05:49
atom^xhelo: have you tried lmsensors??05:49
heloi tried that05:49
TheFunkbombdoes anyone know of a safe repository for kismet?05:49
helousing x sensors05:49
confusedbylinuxcody what os you using05:49
kevdogWhat is easiest - postfix?05:49
Dr_Willis_ZNCpr0fXavier,  i would update yoru version of virtualbox if  you are not using the latest.  the cd DOES have  a linux.run file on it.05:49
xxCodyI'd rather talk in a Private Message.. Too much traffic.05:49
pr0fXavierhmmm, I wonder, Ill let the updates finish first, then I will try it again05:49
xxCodyWindows now.05:50
xxCodyOn that other ocmputer Vista05:50
confusedbylinuxwhich version05:50
heloI don't know how to reply to people specifically in red.05:50
xxCodyhelo , red05:50
xxCodytype their name.05:50
Dr_Willis_ZNChelo,  you just put the nick at the front05:50
* Dr_Willis_ZNC says this is an action however helo :) not the same05:50
maraboutCan anyone help me get from bash shell into ubuntu desktop?05:51
kevdogmarabout: startx05:51
wastrelkevdog: postfix is pretty easy but i moved my domain to google apps so i don't have to mess with that sort of thing anymore.  mail nowadays is really best done by professionals.05:51
helonightrid3r i tried lm sensrs but its hard to figure out this install process05:51
Paddy_EIRERencx, could you please try this first http://ubuntu-tutorials.com/2007/07/12/automatically-unlocking-the-default-gnome-keyring-pam-keyring/05:51
wastrelIMHO, of course05:51
scunizi_marabout: ctrl+alt+F7 if gdm is running05:51
maraboutkevdog: "startx" not found05:51
distinctblurdistinctblur red05:51
nightrid3rhelo: try sudo apt-get install lmsensors05:52
kevdogwastrel: I need to send mixmaster messages from my computer and relay them through google's smtp server.  I just need a relay05:52
RencxPaddy_EIRE it also make my wireles not work05:52
pr0fXavierthanks again Dr_Willis_ZNC05:52
Dr_Willis_ZNCmarabout,  you did install ubuntu? or just the server edition?05:52
Paddy_EIRERencx, it would not be wise to remove the keyring for something so trivial.. yet it is annoying05:52
helonightrid3r i have done that already05:52
Paddy_EIRERencx, try that first05:52
maraboutscunizi_:  not sure if gdm is running as I just install (hardy text-based) and after reboot I landed at Bash05:52
wastrelkevdog: postfix is pretty simple yeah, and easy to configure smarthost05:52
pr0fXavierDr_Willis_ZNC: I just had to su and install from the media05:52
maraboutDr_Willis_ZNC: Ubuntu (hardy alt CD text-based)05:52
kevdogwastrel:  You'd recommend postfix or something else?05:53
nightrid3rhelo: i have never used lmsensors so thats as far as my help goes05:53
Paddy_EIRERencx, you see by default the keyring associates your user password along with the keyring password.. as far as I know that has been depreciated but it seems to be what you are suffering with05:53
Dr_Willis_ZNCpr0fXavier,  yes. the install script needs tobe ran with root privilages. :)  I always copy the installer files to the virtualmachine. so i dont need the cd later.. if i have to reinsatll the addons05:53
heloit says "E: Couldn't find package lmsensors"05:53
wastrelkevdog: postfix is what i use by default normally, unless sendmail is required (mostly at work this happens)05:53
GobbyYou know that book, that guy was talking to you about? heres the pdf . :) http://www.scribd.com/doc/10137096/A-Practical-Guide-to-Ubuntu-Linux05:53
helonightrid3r "E: Couldn't find package lmsensors" is the error i get05:53
Paddy_EIRERencx, if that method fails we will try something else05:54
TekumelNow Gobby, pirating that would be dishonest. *hides a copy in his jacket*05:54
Rencx<Paddy_EIRE> i need method with diferent passwords05:54
GobbyOh, i geuss it would be illegal, sorry hehe05:54
Dr_Willis_ZNCTekumel,  that sites a legal way to  publish books i think. :)05:54
TekumelOh, I'm not familiar with it.05:55
GobbySome guy suggested it, thought i would check it out05:55
scunizi_Tekumel: it is legal.. no piriates there.05:55
BLKDVLCan anyone help me please? I set an encrypted password for Ubuntu that requires it to be typed in right at the very start. The only problem is I cannot for the life of me remember what it was. Is there anyway to get around that password or to reset it?05:55
Paddy_EIRERencx, you are not making much sense.. also look here http://ubuntu-tutorials.com/2007/07/06/clearing-or-resetting-the-gnome-keyring/05:55
maraboutscunizi_:  gdm must not be running as " ctrl+alt+F7" did not produce anything05:55
chronographeranyone good with MPD and pulseaudio fixes? all the ones I found with google don't work!05:55
joeb3_BLKDVL, was that a grub password?05:55
Paddy_EIREBLKDVL, http://ubuntu-tutorials.com/2007/07/06/clearing-or-resetting-the-gnome-keyring/05:55
helodoes anyone have lots of experience with checking cpu temps in Ubuntu?05:55
scunizi_marabout: that typically means that your vid card isn't set up properly.  Sorry can't diagnose that one.05:56
BLKDVLPaddy_EIRE: Thank you.05:56
kevdogwastrel:  Ive setup exim before ; Have you used this?05:56
wastrelmarabout: dpkg -l | grep ubuntu-desktop05:56
wastrelkevdog: a long time ago - it was debian's default when i was using debian.05:56
tritiumhelo: yes, with lm-sensors05:56
TheFunkbombcan anyone help me with kismet?05:56
wastreliirc.... exim is perfectly good but i seem to recall having trouble getting rewrites working from when i was handling my own domain mail.05:56
xxCodyCan anybody help me to resize or creat ( i dont know) a partition so i can dual boot ubuntu and vista rite now im at the ubuntu installation under prepare partitions in manual.05:56
kevdogwastrel:  Just wondering where to waste my time: postfix or exim05:57
wastrelfor something as simple as a smarthost relay it should be fine.05:57
helotritium: i can't get it to work for me it says it can't find the package05:57
tritium!info lm-sensors05:57
ubottulm-sensors (source: lm-sensors-3): utilities to read temperature/voltage/fan sensors. In component main, is extra. Version 1:3.0.2-1ubuntu2 (intrepid), package size 121 kB, installed size 564 kB05:57
chronographerxxCody: yeah sure.05:57
tritiumhelo: it's in main, as you can see.05:57
helotritium: what does that mean it is in main?05:57
xxCodyI see dev/sda1 dev/sda2 dev/sda3 all three are type ntfs05:57
confusedbylinuxcody im in seperate chat trying to help u now05:58
Paddy_EIREhelo, by the way lm-sensors is a cli app05:58
atom^xhelo: http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=278005:58
heloReading package lists... Done05:58
heloBuilding dependency tree05:58
heloReading state information... Done05:58
helolm-sensors is already the newest version.05:58
helo0 upgraded, 0 newly installed, 0 to remove and 215 not upgraded.05:58
FloodBot1helo: Please don't flood, use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste, don't use Enter as punctuation.05:58
frankS2good morning all05:58
tritiumhelo: you've already got it installed, then.  type "sensors" at the command line05:58
Myllgood... morning05:58
wastrelkevdog: i would learn postfix if i were you i see it more often than exim and not just on my own machines05:58
Paddy_EIREhelo, now run "sensors-detect"05:58
atom^xhelo: http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=278005:58
BLKDVLPaddy_EIRE: I can't even get to the GUI. I need a password for even that, which I forgot. I tried what it says for the Command Line Version but it said there was no such file for directory.05:58
frankS2Myll, not morning at your place? :o05:58
Myllwell technically it is, lol05:59
chronographergo system: admin: partition tools, resize existing partition and leave ~ 20 gig free, then make the same size as your ram and call it 'swap' then make the rest 'ext3' . Then call that '/' (root) in the manual option in Ubuntu installer, call windows something like '/media/windows' (DO NOT FORMAT IT)... you're set to go05:59
maraboutwastrel: entered that ( as all 1 command?) no messages error or otherwise05:59
kameronwhat is proper syntax to login to a remote machine through openssh?05:59
frankS2Myll, hehe ok05:59
Paddy_EIREBLKDVL, where exactly are you when you are being asked for this password05:59
helotritium: "sensors" works!!! but it displays in terminal is their a more graphical way?05:59
confusedbylinuxmaybe the downturn in the economy will make more ppl think about linux for money reasons05:59
kevdogwastrel: Cool!!  Just got to get the mixmaster component setup after that!!  Guess I should go one step at a time!!05:59
Paddy_EIREhelo, you where suggested many ways before05:59
chronographerkameron: ssh -X <username>@<ip address>05:59
chronographer(i think)05:59
wastrelmarabout: that means you don't have it installed.  you have a base system but no GUI installed currently.   sudo apt-get install ubuntu-desktop     and wait while it downloads a bunch of stuff05:59
Paddy_EIREhelo, scroll back and read the responses05:59
xxCodyDid anyone get what i said. I got disconnected.05:59
kameronchronographer, thx will try05:59
sumixsI have found a rather serious issue06:00
wastrelmarabout: hrm or maybe it'll install it off the CD i dunno06:00
Paddy_EIRE!lp | sumixs06:00
ubottusumixs: Launchpad is a collection of development services for Open Source projects. It's Ubuntu's bug tracker, and much more; see https://launchpad.net/06:00
tritiumhelo: yes, many ways.  Looks like Paddy_EIRE already answered with info on that earlier.  Please refer to that.06:00
disappearedng_how do I see my free spaces in all my partitions?06:00
kameronchronographer, not working.. i keep getting "connection refused"..06:00
BLKDVLPaddy_EIRE, about 10 seconds after I start the computer. It displays the Gateway logo, then the Ubuntu logo with a loading bar and "Enter password to unlock the disk (sda5_crypt):"06:00
Samizdatthis channel's as alive as EFnet #ubuntu's dead, dead, dead06:00
frankS2disappearedng, df -H06:00
xxCodydisappearedng_ you asking?06:00
Paddy_EIREBLKDVL, ah06:00
sumixsI was wondering if someone had a way to fix SysRQ keys' function in X1106:00
wastrelSamizdat: that's because this one is the official channel :]06:01
helotritium: when he said its a cli app?06:01
disappearedng_how do I list all the freespaces in my computer06:01
chronographerkameron: you got the right ip address?06:01
disappearedng_like all the partitions06:01
disappearedng_i wanna find out how much space is left in /boot06:01
heloPaddy_EIRE: what is a cli app?06:01
jkoltnerconfusedbylinux: Probably not your average home user -- they buy their PCs with the OS pre-installed, in the vast majority of cases -- but for some businesses it might06:01
kameronchronographer, i'm pretty sure. i emailed myself the ip just an hour ago from that machine.06:01
kevdogdu -h06:01
kameronchronographer, ugh, maybe ssh daemon isn't up.06:01
kevdogcli app = command line application06:01
chronographerdisappearedng_:  try : baobab06:01
Paddy_EIREBLKDVL, ah.. have you seen this http://ubuntuforums.org/archive/index.php/t-3609.html06:01
=== mitch_ is now known as Guest21975
Paddy_EIREhelo, command-line interface06:01
helooh i see so its not graphical any how06:02
jkoltnerconfusedbylinux: The real problem is that even at ~$50-$150, the cost of something like Windows is nothing compared to the cost of hiring an employee in the first place.  You have to look at "total cost of ownership" for Linux vs. everything else, and there's endless arguments there over what's really cheaper to support.06:02
chronographerkameron: if you install openssh server it should be always up06:02
helothanks guys!!!!!06:02
chronographerdont forget port forwarding etc...06:02
Paddy_EIREhelo, one moment there are many graphical06:02
jkoltnerconfusedbylinux: It generally boils down to, "the lowest TCO is achieved by using the OS that your employees are already trained on" :-)06:02
Paddy_EIREhelo, and no problem :)06:02
heloPaddy_EIRE: i'm still here06:02
chronographeroh and try firestarter to open ports on the system you are getting on to.06:02
* Dr_Willis_ZNC adds 'knows linux' to his resume.06:02
Samizdatdoes default WinFF installation apply align on sector boundaries, replay gain, or normalization?06:03
BLKDVLPaddy_EIRE, I have and cannot get anything from it.06:03
confusedbylinuxyeah but im in a 5 man company, maybe i can convince them to switch :)06:03
xxCodydisappearedng_  its in system>admin>partition editor06:03
TekumelIt wasn't on there already Dr_Willis_ZNC? :P06:03
maraboutwastrel: thinking it wa two seperate commands I entered "dpkg -l" and got a list starting with " ubunti-minimal 1.102" and ending with "zlibig 1: compression library - runtime" and a lot of other descriptions of stuff in between06:03
kevdogall ports are open by default06:03
wastrelsigh our windows users get so confused about openoffice that we just buy them ms office anyway06:03
kevdogNo need to open ports by default with firestarter06:03
Paddy_EIREhelo, http://www.ubuntu-unleashed.com/2008/05/some-gnome-panel-applets-you-may-not.html06:03
Dr_Willis_ZNCTekumel,  i dont even use a computer at where i work.. other then to watch my own videos on  :P06:03
chronographerdisappearedng_: use baobab ... it is 'disk usage analyser'... pretty pie charts!06:03
Samizdathmm, no WinFF tribesmen here06:03
atom^xhelo: i use conky and lmsensors for a graphical view of many things06:03
wastrelmarabout: ah!  so what do you see when you do    dpkg -l | grep ubuntu-desktop    as one command?06:04
kameronchronographer, openssh-server is already the newest version.06:04
kameronopenssh-server set to manually installed.06:04
Steelflintconfusedbylinux, Also, even with more PC makers building Linux systems, they're NOT pushing those systems, so the average joe looking to buy a new computer won't see nonWindows PCs unless he is specifically looking for them.06:04
jkoltnerwastrel: Yeah, tell me about it.  I think it's a real shame that schools don't standardize on OO... while MSO certainly it nice and does have some advanced features that OO doesn't, I'm quite convinced that >90% of all work down in Word/Excel would just as readily be done in Write/Calc.06:04
kameronchronographer, soo it's downloaded but not installed i guess.06:04
chronographerareyou on that machine? you can try connecting to yourself: ssh <user>@localhost06:04
wastrelmuch less abiword and gnumeric06:04
heloPaddy_EIRE: will there be any time soon where installing in linux will be as easy as windows?  a lot of this stuff is way complicated for me06:04
chronographerif it is a local network, use ifconfig to find ip06:04
Paddy_EIRE!lnw | helo06:05
ubottuhelo: Want to know the differences between Windows and Linux? This guide, called "Linux is Not Windows" is a pretty good read -- http://linux.oneandoneis2.org/LNW.htm06:05
bullgard4What programs evaluate the /etc/default/acpi-support file's content?06:05
Paddy_EIREhelo, stick with what you know06:05
kevdogInstalling ubuntu IMO is easier than a WinXP install06:05
Paddy_EIREyeah it is06:05
chronographerkevdog: also takes 1/5 of the time06:05
Samizdathelo: that sheriff's already in town, and his name's Wine06:05
confusedbylinuxgot to thinking about trying linux again after reading on slashdot, how some lady got a dell computer with linux on it, instead of getting windows ,she cancelled 2 semesters of school :)06:05
kevdogMaybe b/c Ive done it a lot06:05
maraboutwastrel: nothing just a blinking cursor...06:05
Paddy_EIRESamizdat, wrong answer :P06:05
darkdelusionsconfusedbylinux: I loved that article06:05
chronographerconfusedbylinux: linux is easy, once you understand synaptic and can do google searches06:06
heloPaddy_EIRE:  well i have to have ubuntu on this computer since i don't have another copy of windows.  plus Linux runs SMP F@H better then Windows06:06
wastrelmarabout: that's a proper result if you don't have ubuntu-desktop installed.  which means that you haven't got the GUI packages.06:06
SamizdatRight for me, my friend, right for me.06:06
jkoltnerhelo: Probably not.  There is "one Linux," so while package managers tend to make it as easy to install applications as Windows does, if the software you're after hasn't been packaged yet, there's no trivial way for the programmers to hand you a "setup.exe" file.06:06
darkdelusionschronographer: Google is hard... :)06:06
Paddy_EIREhelo, read that link I gave06:06
kameronchronographer, no i dont have physical access to the machine, it's across town06:06
jkoltnerhelo:  Oops, that should say there is NO "one linux"06:06
kevdogIts not just a winxp install that takes time --- then you have to download all the service pack updates, register or get around the registration, antivirus, firewall crap with windows06:06
jkoltnerhelo: E.g., general software is re-compiled on each distribution06:06
Paddy_EIREhelo, we certainly dont want linux to become as dumbed down as windows.. that would be a nightmare and I would quickly abandon ship06:06
mlalkakahi everyone06:07
maraboutwastrel: man how is that possible when I did the install off the (alt) CD and at boot up it gave me a choice of which OS to chose, Ubuntu being one of them...?06:07
SamizdatWhat turns off Winfolk about Linfolk is the priesthood pretense.06:07
confusedbylinuxbest part about that article was that it was a TECHNICAL school she was attending06:07
chronographerkameron: I'm no expert... there are a few variables, like I said to getting ssh access: ip of its router (isp connection to internet) then port forwardingto the machine from router, then the machine letting you in, then your username password.06:07
SamizdatWine is the great bridge.06:07
heloPaddy_EIRE: will read.  i think i'll need both06:07
Dr_Willis_ZNCmarabout,  thats the grub boot loader/menu.06:07
helobecause Linux is free06:07
Paddy_EIRESamizdat, naa.. that is normally just people who cant do things for themselves06:07
wastrelmarabout: the gui is an extra component to the linux system  it's not necessary for a fully functioning system06:08
kevdogWine sux IMO06:08
phunyguyhello folks06:08
wastrelmarabout: so you can boot the computer and run the command line programs06:08
scunizi_Paddy_EIRE: it won't ever become dumbed down.. Maybe made easier for those that need it simpler but for the pwr user, access will always be there.. to many hackers to let a locked system stay that way :)06:08
phunyguyis there a package for kernel 2.6.28 out yet?06:08
jkoltnerSamizdat: That's becoming less of a problem/challenge over time... there are plenty of Linux people who don't feel that knowing which command-line options aren't used by 'ls' is requisite before you're given a login name on a Linux box. :-)06:08
Paddy_EIRESamizdat, like dealing with their own inadequacies.. I read and learn just like everyone else06:08
chronographerspeaking of wine, what is the best version of ms office to use in wine? (I need to open a spreadsheet and OO.o doesn't display it right...)06:08
SamizdatAye, Father Paddy McEire, aye06:08
kameronchronographer, yeah i know what you're saying. i didn't really check out the deal before i left. might be behind a router and need port forwarding.06:08
wastrelmarabout: but   sudo apt-get install ubuntu-desktop  should get all the normal GUI stuff installed for you.06:08
Paddy_EIREScunizi, :)06:08
helothanks again too all06:08
Paddy_EIRESamizdat, careful06:09
heloi'm out for now06:09
kevdogchronographer: get a windows machine :)06:09
maraboutwastrel: chalk up a big DUH for marabout. ok let me try that06:09
jkoltnerchronographer: Running Windows under a virtual machine might be your best bet.  VMware is good, although not free.06:09
win7usrif you install new drivers and they mess up, how do you go back to the default config and get the gui again/06:10
chronographeryeah. I have a XP VM in virtualbox its fine06:10
eseven73there is a free Vmware server06:10
wastreli need to test oulook for work so i've been meaning to set up an xp vm06:10
win7usrnew *video drivers06:10
chronographerI highly recommend Virtualbox06:10
eseven73I'd go with SUNS VirtualBox myself06:10
kevdogI thought VMware and Virtualbox were free06:10
chronographerits a 20mbdownload, open source and free (most of it is open source)06:11
eseven73Some vmware is free, some versions are not06:11
jkoltnerkevdog: The VMware "player" is free, but to create a *new* virtual machine requires the non-free version06:11
mib_xuaqs7By mistake I removed via apt-get remove the top right section of the screen's functionality. It now says Users, instead of my username, and when I click on it, instead of getting Shut Down, Reboot etc., I get nothing. Can someone please tell me the name of it, so I can apt-get install it?06:11
maraboutwastrel:  after typing : "sudo apt-get install ubuntu-deskttop"  command is repeated and then just a blinking cursor06:11
kevdogjkoltner: Oh  did not know that!06:11
phunyguywhat? VMWare is free.06:11
chronographerjust get virtualbox! I have win7 in one now, it has coo lthings like seamless mode (run app in window like its native )etc.06:11
phunyguyVmware server 2.006:11
phunyguyand now VMWare ESXi06:11
confusedbylinuxbig question, i just installed linux yesterday, read that a standard ubuntu install does not need a firewall, but when i look at available updates, there is 220 of them...do i install all of them or pick and choose.? will installing all make my system less stable/secure? ..... and if i do pick and choose, do i really have to look over 220 items with cryptic names, to choose ones I might need?06:12
Flannelmib_xuaqs7: You can look in /var/log/dpkg.log to see what you recently removed06:12
mlalkakai just installed the 64-bit version of intrepid ibex on my new machine, that has 4 gb of ram. but still, i still only see 3707 mb when i run `free -m` (also in the system monitor). what else do i have to do before i can see the whole 4 gb?06:12
phunyguyyou just sing up on the site for a license06:12
wastrelmarabout: that's weird.  what does your prompt look like?06:12
eseven73VirtualBox's seamless mode is priceless06:12
wastrel(the part before the cursor)06:12
chronographerconfusedbylinux: install them all06:12
Flannelconfusedbylinux: You should just do all of them06:12
jkoltnerkevdog: Granted, finding a VMware image of any popular OS that you can use with the free player is probably not at all difficult.06:12
kevdogconfusedblinux: Install all06:12
doublewulfmlalkaka: does your motherboard have an onboard video card?06:12
mib_xuaqs7Flannel: I've been going through my whole distribution (sorted the packages by size) deleting everything I don't need06:13
maraboutwastrel:  before now it was "~$ " now it is just " _ "  blinking06:13
mib_xuaqs7Flannel: So the log wouldn't be helpful06:13
mlalkakadoublewulf: yes it does, but i'm using a separate pci express graphics card06:13
kevdogwastel:  You have an internet connection?06:13
win7usrconfusedbylinux: install all -- most are small in size and all make your system better06:13
confusedbylinuxoh thank GOD, having to look over 220 items with no idea what there names imply would be a *itch06:13
doublewulfmlalkaka: did you turn the onboard video off?06:13
dmsupermanI'm getting terrible flash performance, both 32bit and 64bit06:13
dmsupermanlockups, 60% CPU, etc.06:13
wastrelmarabout: hit control-c a couple of times until you get back to ~$06:13
F4RRELhow to play devil may cry 4 bro..06:13
F4RRELcan anyone can doit06:14
win7usrF4RREL: try wine's appdb06:14
win7usrif anyone can do it, it'll be there06:14
mlalkakadoublewulf: from the bios? i don't think so. doesn't that happen automatically when i use a separate graphics card?06:14
chronographerconfusedbylinux: also if you haven't already... look up medibuntu and add the repository to install all codecs (dvd, mp3 etc.)06:14
maraboutwastrel: thanks reverted back06:14
kevdogwin7 anygood on first glance06:14
doublewulfmlalkaka: no, generally it does not.06:14
ubottuTo install Flash see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/RestrictedFormats/Flash (a recent version for !Dapper is available in !backports) - See also !Restricted and !Gnash06:14
chronographerwin7 looks nice, seems to run nice, uses 1/2 the ram of vista... haven't used it much tho06:14
kevdogwin7 native or vm06:15
wastrelkevdog: insofar as i can connect to the internet yes :]06:15
mib_xuaqs7By mistake I removed via 'apt-get remove' the top right section of my Ubuntu (GNOME) screen's functionality. It now says Users, instead of my username, and when I click on it, instead of getting Shut Down, Reboot etc., I get only a tiny bit of the window, with no text or icons. Can someone please tell me the name of it, so I can 'apt-get install' the package I accidentally removed?06:15
wastrelwhat else might you mean by that?06:15
chronographerso I didn't get all the eye candy!06:15
doublewulfdmsuperman: http://labs.adobe.com/downloads/flashplayer10.html06:15
gvsa123hi. There seems to be a problem with my system tray. the applications that normally have an icon there aren't visible anymore... can anyone help please...06:15
dmsupermandoublewulf: that's what I currently have06:15
kevdogwastrel:  and that command is failing?  Weird06:15
Paddy_EIREchronographer, it looks like team barney and friends created the UI06:15
dmsupermandoublewulf: It's not working06:15
watthis channel makes me laugh really hard06:15
mlalkakadoublewulf: ok i'll try that and see how it goes06:15
maraboutwastrel: so should i just insert the disc again and start over or is their an "easier" way?06:15
chronographer=)  or they copied kde 4.2 ???06:16
Paddy_EIREkde looks better06:16
wastrelmarabout: from the $ prompt, try   sudo apt-get install ubuntu-desktop06:16
doublewulfdmsuperman: did you uninstall nspluginwrapper and your earlier libflashplayer?06:16
=== mib_xuaqs7 is now known as elipsis
wastrelkevdog: ??06:16
BLKDVLPaddy_EIRE: http://ubuntuforums.org/archive/index.php/t-3609.html is not working for me at all.06:16
kevdogmarabout:  you have an internet connection active?06:16
doublewulfdmsuperman: as well as any other flash players you might have installed?06:16
chronographerkde and compiz don't work well together though right?06:16
dmsupermandoublewulf: I never installed any06:16
Paddy_EIREchronographer, they work fine06:16
kevdogwastrel: seriously I confused06:16
JimmyDeecompiz is poo, as a rule06:16
phunyguy[01:16] <kevdog> marabout:  you have an internet connection active?   <---- quote of the day06:16
Paddy_EIREchronographer, although no point when you have kwin :)06:16
dmsupermandoublewulf: This is a vanilla Intrepid install, all I've done is update my repos, download package upgrades, then install flas06:16
kevdogHey he could be using a different machine?06:17
chronographeroh!  I did install kde to take a look, but I have some scripts which run at startup and they made kde unhappy... haven't been back... I like gnomepersonally06:17
Paddy_EIREBLKDVL, which part exactly?06:17
kevdogIve got like 3 computers all running next to me right now!06:17
doublewulfdmsuperman: intrepid has the nspluginwrapper in it by default I believe06:17
maraboutkevdog: can't tell for sure as I'm using a netopia wireless usb card and not sure if the driver(s) were installed.06:17
phunyguywell teh way you asked...06:17
chronographeranyone help me get mpd using pulseaudio please?06:17
doublewulfdmsuperman: purge your system of flash, then get the installer and run it again.06:17
phunyguyit sounded like an internet connection altogether06:17
kevdogmarabout: ifconfig --06:18
phunyguylike... he didnt get it shut off ;)06:18
JimmyDeekevdog: build yourself a data center, then call back, next caller06:18
doublewulfdmsuperman: http://kemal.bioeng-network.org/2008/11/18/how-to-install-64bit-flash-player-on-ubuntu-810-intrepid-ibex-finally/06:18
kevdogIm open for business06:18
BLKDVLPaddy_EIRE, I can get into the GRUB and I did all the edits how it said and then booted, but it still says "Enter password to unlock the disk (sda5_crypt):" when it boots06:18
maraboutkevdog: yes I am using a different machine to access this channel (G4Tower)06:18
cinco29 hey if i have a ddr2 5300 1 gig stick samsung can i use another stick same specs but kingston maker?06:18
kevdogAHHHHHH I knew it!!!!!!  See I wasn't so stupid!!! :)06:18
chronographercinco29: of course06:19
Paddy_EIREBLKDVL, I would keep trying here if I where you.. I am not so sure as to where to go from here06:19
helodoes anyone here fold in ubuntu and know of any good folding monitors?06:19
kevdogmarabout:  What does ifconfig show -- a local ip address!06:19
chronographerfold? like protein folding?06:19
BLKDVLPaddy_EIRE, OK, thank you for your help.06:19
helochronographer: yes06:19
dmsupermandoublewulf: It had no nspluginwrapper installed, checking ou the link06:20
maraboutkevdog: not to hip on networking lingo but the response was: inet addr: Mask
cinco29now what if one is 5300 and the other is 6400... will my system run the 6400 at 5300?06:20
Baz__how do i check how much drive space i have left on my software raid5 /home partition06:20
Brack10Inkscape on Windows can import EPS, how come I can't on Ubuntu?06:20
JoshPilcerwhat's the thing to install a .tar file?06:21
maraboutkevdog: bit different than all the other machines addresses on my home network as they are all a variation of 192.x.x.x ...06:21
JoshPilcerlike the code06:21
kevdogmarabout: You have no internet conection on that machine that is only the loopback address?  All you have is a wireless device for internet access and no wired or pci based card?06:21
dmsupermandoublewulf: Those instructions don't apply, I don't have those files or that package installed :(06:21
Dr_Willis_ZNC!compile | JoshPilcer06:21
ubottuJoshPilcer: Compiling software from source? Read the tips at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/CompilingSoftware (But remember to search for pre-built !packages first)06:21
Paddy_EIREBrack10, perhaps because ubuntu is not windows06:21
BLKDVLCan someone help me please? I set a password for my GRUB but forgot what it was. It still displays "Enter password to unlock the disk (sda5_crypt):" and I even followed all the instructions on http://ubuntuforums.org/archive/index.php/t-3609.html but to no avail.06:21
Brack10Paddy_EIRE, but inkscape is still inkscape06:21
kevdogJoshPilcer: I recommend compiling but that is my own opinion!06:21
maraboutkevdog:  yes that is correct no wired or pci based card06:21
chronographerhelo: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/FoldingAtHome/Install06:21
Paddy_EIREBrack10, still irrelevant06:22
wastrelkevdog: i assume he can install ubuntu-desktop from the CD06:22
wastrelmarabout: did you try    sudo apt-get install ubuntu-desktop   again?06:22
win7usrwhat's that command that tells you if you have a 64bit capable processor?06:22
Brack10Paddy_EIRE: ok..sorry?06:22
kevdogmarabout:  I could help you get that set up, but as wastrel recommended you have the ubuntu-desktop CD burned and ready to go?06:22
Paddy_EIREBrack10, just a moment06:22
dmsupermandoublewulf: Any other ideas?06:22
dmsupermandoublewulf: System is entirely purged of flash06:23
maraboutwastrel:  just a sec will do,  but last time resulted in blinking cursor...06:23
kevdogmarabout: you need to add the cdrom to your repository list:  sudo apt-cdrom add06:23
wastrelmarabout: make sure you're starting at a $  prompt.06:23
doublewulfdmsuperman: kill all instances of firefox, and get the alpha flashplayer installer again06:23
Paddy_EIREBrack10, manually doing so seems to be the most plausible method http://gimparoo.wordpress.com/2007/10/23/manually-convert-eps-to-svg/06:23
Brack10Paddy_EIRE: I figured it out sudo apt-get install imagemagick pstoedit06:23
kevdogwastrel: check your /etc/apt/sources.list and make sure the cdrom is listed as one of the repository choices06:23
Brack10Paddy_EIRE: if you do that, inkscape opens PDF and EPS natively06:24
Scubidushey cj06:24
maraboutkevdog:  yes have the hardy (alt) CD right here, as it is an OLDER machine (compaq presario 5000us...06:24
Paddy_EIREyeah that was also recommended Brack10 although I am not sure.. try and see06:24
Brack10it works06:24
Paddy_EIREBrack10, oh cool06:24
wastrelkevdog: i have my cdrom lines commented out ;]06:24
XavierHow are the drivers for the GeForce 9800 cards in ubuntu 8.10?06:24
dmsupermandoublewulf: That's what I did initially06:24
Paddy_EIREBrack10, I must take note of that06:24
Brack10Paddy_EIRE: put that in your pipe and smoke it :P06:24
Paddy_EIREBrack10, hehe06:24
kevdogmarabout:  You have the desktop or server CD available?06:24
doublewulfdmsuperman: if it doesn't work this time, then I do not know. that plugin works great on mys ystem06:25
grindkingdmsuperman: im using 64bit flash, it works fine, but crashes randomly cuz i have an older proc06:25
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ScubidusHey cj are you there?06:25
kevdogwastrel: so do I, however if he is going to install ubuntu-desktop from cdrom shouldn't these lines be active only for now?06:25
atm0sphI accidentaly clicked "Ignore Conflict" when I selected the Compiz Magnify plugin, and now X repeatedly crashes.  Is there a qay to disable th eplugin before I log in, without using a window manageR?06:25
maraboutwastrel: "couldnt find package ubuntu-desktop"06:25
maraboutkevdog:  desktop06:25
kevdogmarabout: good -- your have the cdrom mentioned in your /etc/apt/sources.list?06:25
Scubiduscan any help me with a small problem?06:26
dmsupermanI'm getting _terrible_ performance with flash, both 32bit and 64bit (now running 64bit OS). The video gets very laggy, and firefox locks up during play back06:26
atm0sphdmsuperman: which flash are you using?  The legit adobe one?06:26
Gautamhow can i know that which ubuntu is installed on my machine06:26
wastrelGautam: cat /etc/issue06:26
dmsupermanatm0sph: Yeah06:26
atm0sphdmsuperman hmm I'm not sure then.. sorry :(06:27
kevdogGautam - uname -r will give you the kernel verison06:27
kevdogmarabout:  You disappeared?06:27
Brack10ok now anyone know if you can display .svgz thumbnails in nautilus?  Mine just shows the MIME icon and not a preview06:27
maraboutkevdog:  i imagine so as it is the same CD that I used a hour or two ago. I typed in sudo apt-cdrom add got " insert disc"06:28
BLKDVLCan someone help me please? I set a password for my GRUB but forgot what it was. It still displays "Enter password to unlock the disk (sda5_crypt):" and I even followed all the instructions on http://ubuntuforums.org/archive/index.php/t-3609.html but to no avail.06:28
kevdogmarabout: insert the disc then!!06:28
maraboutkevdog:  i'm a slow typist plus moving from machine to machine06:28
ScubidusHey can anyone help me out if they aren't to busy06:28
atm0sphI accidentally clicked "Ignore conflict" when enabled a compiz plugin called magnify, which caused X to imemdiately crash and boot me out to the login screen (it restarted).  Now whenever I login it repeatedly just crashes then boots me out to the login again.  Does anyone know how I can either disable / delete the magnify plugin so I can get back into the gui?06:29
kevdogBLKDVL:  You may be hosed: I don't know!06:29
nightrid3r!ask | Scubidus06:29
ubottuScubidus: Please don't ask to ask a question, simply ask the question (all on ONE line, so others can read and follow it easily). If anyone knows the answer they will most likely reply. :-)06:29
chronographerBLKDVL: can't you just reinstall grub?06:29
JoshPilcerokay, wait how do i compile something. I want to install wifi-radar-1.9.8.tar.tar06:29
wastrelScubidus: what he means is, just ask your question - you don't need permission06:29
maraboutkevdog: will do it is the ALT desktop CD ( same as before should be fine right?06:29
Paddy_EIREatm0sph, this may no longer be valid but give it a go http://ubuntuforums.org/archive/index.php/t-259831.html06:29
FlannelJoshPilcer: wifi-radar is in the repositories.  Just install the "wifi-radar" package06:29
JoshPilceri don't have internet06:30
kevdogmarabout: I think so!!06:30
BLKDVLchronographer: I would if I had a blank CD with me and were not flying out of town tomorrow to go back to college. =\06:30
Gautamlike Ubuntu 6.06 (Dapper Drake) ..what is Dapper Drake and how can i find which is mine ?06:30
bullgard4What programs evaluate the /etc/default/acpi-support file's content?06:30
FlannelGautam: lsb_release -a06:30
JoshPilceri downloaded it (.tar) and i have it in my home directory. What do i have to type in terminal to install it06:30
kevdogJoshPilcer: why you want wifi-radar -- Isn't Network Manager or WICD preferrable?06:30
ScubidusWhenever I play warzone 2100 for like 20 minutes, then my OS kills the game and any other processes and logs me out06:30
FlannelJoshPilcer: You don't want the tar, use the one in the repos.06:30
pha3zcan anyone tell me what resolution the timer has in the ubuntu kernel.  I'm not referring to multi-tasking resolution (as in pre-emptive switching between applications).  I'm actually referring to the system timer which is used by games to do all their computation in real-time.06:31
pha3z[00:23] <pha3zhome> i seem to have trouble finding any information that is not about the multi-tasking management.06:31
wastrelGautam: lsb_release -a    will give you info about what version you are running.06:31
pha3zas an example, the windows system timer has has a resolution of 1 millisecond06:31
JoshPilceromg, how can i get wifi on ubuntu on my hp pavilion dv6000. I don't have any internet. but i can download from my other computer and transfer. can someone pm me and help06:31
kevdoglsb_release -- yet another command I've never heard of!! Very Nice!!06:32
wastrelGautam: "dapper" is the code name for the 6.06 release     the current 8.10 release code name is intrepid06:32
kevdogWhat's a LSB Module?06:32
Dr_Willis_ZNClsb -> linux softeare base. :) i think.. o forget where/who they are06:32
Paddy_EIRElinux standard base06:32
nickrudJoshPilcer, can't you just plug this computer into the net long enough to get wireless set up?06:32
JoshPilcerno i can't06:32
kevdogNo LSB Modules are available?  Seems wierd!!06:32
Flannelpha3z: in the -server kernel, the timer is 100Hz, in the generic kernel its 250Hz06:32
JoshPilceri just have my neighbors wifi06:32
JoshPilcerand dial-up06:33
Paddy_EIREJoshPilcer, that is theft06:33
wastrelkevdog: fyi  /etc/lsb-release06:33
Paddy_EIREwe can not support that JoshPilcer06:33
JoshPilcerit's not theft. or else they should've put a password on it06:33
maraboutkevdog:  i believe it is complete as It has returned me to ~& prompt. What is next?06:33
JoshPilcerand they said i can use it...06:33
FlannelJoshPilcer: You'll need to download the deb, from packages.ubuntu.com06:33
Paddy_EIREJoshPilcer, its still the same no matter which way you cut it06:33
nickrudunless you get permission of course06:33
jkoltnerJoshPilcer: If you think it's not theft, go ask them if you can use it.  Come back if they say, "yes."06:33
kevdogmarabout: sudo aptitude update && sudo aptitude install ubuntu-desktop06:34
JoshPilceri have their permission to use it....06:34
Paddy_EIREnickrud, you take it at face value06:34
JoshPilcerthat's why they bought it06:34
pha3zFlannel: I read that, and its 1000Hz in the rt kernel.   But it looked like that was specific to task-switching.  Is that also the resolution of the timer that an application would use for tracking system time and doing calculations ??  Honestly, maybe I need to learn more about programming games on Linux to ask this better.06:34
nickrudPaddy_EIRE, what reason do I have not to?06:34
JoshPilcerbut i don't have time to go over there06:34
atm0sphJoshPilcer: I just did the sudo dpkg --purge compiz and it seems to have worked.  thanks06:34
kevdogJoshPilcer: Just connect using a manual connection : You don't need special software06:34
maraboutkevdog:  all one command Yes?06:34
Paddy_EIREnickrud, I dont know.. I guess the CoC and the like would say otherwise though :)06:34
kevdogJoshPilcer: Is the wireless encrypted? WEP or WPA?06:35
wastreli am thirsty06:35
JoshPilcerhow can i tell?06:35
Paddy_EIREJoshPilcer, ask your neighbour for the information06:35
kevdogJoshPilcer: Have you used it before?06:35
maraboutkevdog:  Yes I am a neewb... brb06:35
kevdogJoshPilcer: iwlist scan06:35
atom^xJoshPilcer: download the deb package t o machine on internet, thendl to machine w/o inet06:35
mlalkakadoublewulf: hey thanks for the help. you were right; in my bios, i had 'hybrid sli' enabled, which was causing my onboard graphics chip to still reserve memory for graphics06:35
nickrudJoshPilcer, you're caught in that place where you need net to get net. I had the same problem with a vanilla windows install, until l got the right driver. That's probably your problem. What wifi chip do you have?06:35
JoshPilceratom^x can you pm me?06:35
doublewulfmlalkaka: glad to hear it06:35
win7usrwhy won't apt-get download food work? I'm hungryy06:36
shearhi guys. I'm trying to figure out how to turn off tor as a service so I can run it using another management program, vidalia.06:36
nickrudPaddy_EIRE, I don't see anywhere in the coc where I have to assume someone is a liar until proven otherwise06:36
ynojhello guyz ! I'm looking for Christopher James Halse Rogers.06:36
JoshPilceri have internet on my other computer, so i was thinking if i could download what i need and transfer to ubuntu06:36
Paddy_EIREnickrud, I guess so.. but its a bit dodgy all the same06:36
Gautami ran lsb_release -a and it gives06:36
GautamNo LSB modules are available.06:36
nickrudPaddy_EIRE, I have leeches where I live06:36
GautamDistributor ID:Ubuntu06:36
GautamDescription:Ubuntu 8.0406:36
FloodBot1Gautam: Please don't flood, use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste, don't use Enter as punctuation.06:36
atom^xJoshPilcer: go for it06:37
kevdogJoshPilcer: Ok lets back up -- what kind of wireless device do you have?06:37
Paddy_EIREnickrud, that sounds wonderful06:37
JoshPilcerwhat's my wireless card name?06:37
nickrudPaddy_EIRE, yep, an extra $10/month :) But, we're off topic here06:37
Paddy_EIREnickrud, hehe06:38
kevdogJoshPilcer: Ok lets back up -- Is your wireless device internal, an external card or USB device?06:38
JoshPilcerBroadcom BCM94311MCG wlan mini-PCI... on my HP Pavilion dv600006:38
JoshPilcerit's internal06:38
bullgard4What programs evaluate the /etc/default/acpi-support file's content?06:38
Paddy_EIREJoshPilcer, why not use the internet from your other comp?06:38
JoshPilcerit's on that wifi network06:38
kevdogJoshPilcer: Have you installed any drivers for it?06:38
JoshPilcerya i installed the driver06:39
kevdogJoshPilcer: Does typing iwlist scan show you anything?06:39
gerber any free point of sales up there ?06:39
JoshPilcerit says interface doesn't support scanning for eth0 and lo06:39
kevdogJoshPilcer: Does lshw -C network show you unclaimed?  And as far as a driver -- I don't get it -- What did you install -- Are you using the STA or b43 module?06:40
crdlbynoj: that's RAOF, but he doesn't appear to be on irc at the moment06:40
maraboutkevdog:  if you wouldn't mind while I am waiting on the install. Can you tell me where I might have gone wrong on the install? Perhaps I did not specify I wanted the GUI or the text-based ALT CD leaves it off by default?06:40
Gautami have run lsb_release -a and it says No LSB modules are available06:40
Flannelgerber: there are.  Try lemonpos06:40
gerberthank you06:41
nickrudGautam, it says more06:41
FlannelGautam: Yes, but then it gives you your version info.  You're on Hardy, Ubuntu 8.0406:41
wastrelGautam: how about   cat /etc/issue06:41
kevdogmarabout: Its been a while since I've installed from the Alt-Cd but most likely you just chose the wrong option.  Don't worry about it too much!!!06:41
JoshPilcerwell when i typed lshw -C network it said my wifi card details06:41
Gautamyes it gives hardy06:41
gerberthis lemon work with ubuntu ?06:41
kevdogJoshPilcer: What driver?06:41
Paddy_EIREJoshPilcer, that does not mean it is installed though06:42
Gautamcat etc/issues gives ubuntu 8.04 \n\l06:42
kevdogJoshPilcer: driver is listed with lshw -C network06:42
Flannelmarabout: The default alternate CD will install a GUI.  Perhaps you have the server CD instead?06:42
ynojcrdlb: oh .. thanks .. wanted to consult him on one of his patches for evolution-sharp ..  any idea when he usually comes online ?06:42
maraboutkevdog: sounds good. Also since I have a wireless card do you think the drivers will be installed or will I need to do something 'extra'?06:43
useruseruseruserStyx993: hi06:43
Styx993how do i use multiple monitors with ubuntu?06:43
GautamIf i am hardy then what is it...is ubunutu is categorized more ?06:43
crdlbynoj: not sure, but he's in AU06:43
pha3z[00:43] <Styx993> how do i use multiple monitors with ubuntu?  <== That's the question on my plate too!!06:43
JoshPilcerumm says product, vendor, physical id: 0, bus info: pci@0000:03:00.0, version: 02, width 64 bits, clock: 33MHz, capabilities: bus_master cap_list, configuration: driver=b43-pci-bridge latency=0 module=ssb06:43
ynojcrdlb: thanks again .06:43
kevdogmarabout:  USB devices are the bane of the linux existance.  It really depends on the chipset.  If its a Ra chipset it will work out of the box.  If not like an atheros or broadcom, you will have to download and install drivers -- it depends06:44
dmsupermanGautam: That's it, you're either on hardy, or intrepid, or whatever06:44
dmsupermanGautam: You could use the specific release, 8.04.1, but that doesn't really matter06:44
maraboutFlannel: I am 99.9% sure I have the desktop. It is installing right now so I'll double check it when its done by putting it in another computer and looking at it06:44
wastrelGautam: ubuntu releases a new version every 6 months.  every release has a version number and a code name.   your version number is  8.04  (the year and month of release)  and code name for that version is "hardy"06:44
pha3zwhat version is "hardy" ?06:44
Flannelpha3z: 8.0406:44
Styx993lol until recently i was on 6.1006:44
kevdogJoshPilcer: Ok b43 is the driver you are using -- did you install the separate firmware of the driver (which is the closed source binary code)!06:45
maraboutkevdog: it is a netopia  3D Reach. I tried researching prior to the install but didnt get too much. I 'll throw my net out again and see what I get...06:45
JoshPilcerya i installed it through gksudo ndisgtk. and installed the inf file for the driver06:45
Gautamthanks Wastrel for this version info06:45
pha3zCan anyone tell me if Codeweavers Crossover software should work just as well on Ubuntu as it does on other Linux distros ( I'm pretty new to Linux)06:46
Paddy_EIREoh you used the windows driver JoshPilcer06:46
Paddy_EIREpha3z, yes it does06:46
kevdogJoshPilcer: Didn't install it right!!! If you did, the driver would be saying ndiswrapper and not b43-xxxxxxx06:46
pha3zthanks, paddy06:46
JoshPilcerwell how would i install it right?06:46
kevdogJoshPilcer: I dont mean to be a smartass - but did you search the forums?  This cover is topic in detail about 1 million times -- personally I've covered it well over 500 times06:47
bullgard4Does GNOME dodge the term 'file type association' and uses anther term instead?06:47
Styx993looks like xinerama might do the trick06:47
XavierWhere can I find information on which Nvidia cards are supported with ubuntu 8.10?06:47
Flannelkevdog: Please ditch the attitude.06:48
Styx993he is right, im a linux newb and ive heard of that problem a million times06:48
JoshPilcerwell i was talking to evowill and he told me to do it that way06:48
kevdogFlannel: The truth hurts!!  And its not rude to ask if a search was performed!!06:48
JoshPilcerso i was just following his directions06:48
kevdogJoshPilcer: Who's directions?06:49
=== JamesMowery is now known as JamesMowery|away
Styx993i have another question06:50
Dr_Willis_ZNCbullgard4,  i cant recall it ever mentiongint hat term.. it uses ' open with'  from what i can tell :)06:50
kevdogJoshPilcer: Type the following on separate line:  sudo rmmod ssb  sudo rmmod b43  sudo modprobe ndiswrapper Then tell me if lshw -C network gives you a driver06:50
bullgard4Dr_Willis_ZNC: I see.06:50
Styx993does x control the ttys (the alt+f1 through f9)?06:50
Dr_Willis_ZNCbullgard4,  it also is a bit odd how you set the default 'open with' stuff.. compared to other desktops/OS's :)06:50
Dr_Willis_ZNCStyx993,  No.  it does not.. it normally takes the frst free one . which is F7 normally06:51
Styx993k, thanks06:51
Styx993i just want to have a backup in case x goes asplode06:51
JoshPilcerit changed the configuration to: latency=006:51
kevdogJoshPilcer: Not following -- is a driver listed?06:52
bullgard4Dr_Willis_ZNC: GNOME has made a start with System > Preferences > Preferred Applications. But this program is limited yet in its scope.06:52
kevdogJoshPilcer: WHAT driver? Its like pulling teeth!!06:52
* Big_blue go06:53
JoshPilcerDescription: Network controller, product: BCM94311MCG wlan mini-PCI, vendor: Broadcom Corporation, physical id: 0, bus info: pci@0000:03:00.0, version: 2, width: 64 bits, clock: 33mhz, capabilities: cap_list, config: latency=006:54
JoshPilceris that enough?06:54
JoshPilcerand it also said *-network UNCLAIMED06:54
kevdogJoshPilcer: No driver is mentioned.  What does ndiswrapper -l show?06:55
kevdogJoshPilcer: UNCLAIMED is a bad sign06:56
Styx993my xorg.conf is liek empty06:57
=== JamesMowery|away is now known as JamesMowery
JoshPilcerit says:   -i inffile  insteall driver described by 'inffile'   -a devid driver  use installed 'driver' for 'devid' (dangerous)    -r driver  remove 'driver'   -l   list installed drivers   -m write configuration for modprobe   -ma  write module alias configuration for all deviced   -mi  write module install configuration for all deviced   -v report version information.     where 'devid' is either PCIID or USBID of the form XXXX:XX06:58
JoshPilcero and it said install/manage windows drivers for ndiswrapper.  usage: ndiswrapper OPTION06:59
kevdogJoshPilcer: No driver is mentioned.  What does ndiswrapper -l show?07:00
JoshPilcerthat's what ndiswrapper -l shoed07:00
kevdogJoshPilcer: No driver is mentioned.  What does ndiswrapper -l <--- this is the letter l07:00
JoshPilcerthat's why i typed lower case L07:00
kevdogJoshPilcer: So did you wrap the window's driver inside ndiswrapper?07:00
kevdogSomething like07:01
kevdogndiswrapper -i XXXXXX.inf07:01
kevdogsudo ndiswrapper -i XXXXXX.inf07:01
JoshPilcerbcmwl5 : driver installed   device (14E4:4311) present (alternate driver: bcm43XX)07:01
JoshPilceris that right?07:01
Dr_Willis_ZNCbullgard4,  - whats wrong with the listing in  'pick a file' -rigth click -> properties -> open with Tab. :)07:01
kevdogAlso do this sudo rmmod bcm43xxx07:01
kevdogThen do a sudo modprobe ndiswrapper07:02
=== Kwitschibo_ is now known as Kwitschibo
kevdogThen check lshw -C network07:02
nightrid3rkevdog: probably also has to blacklist bcm43xx module to prevent conflicts07:02
wastrelsomething about blacklist07:03
JoshPilcerfor rmmod bcm43xxx i got : ERROR: Module bcm43xxx does not exist in /proc/modules. and sudo modprobe ndiswrapper didn't do anything.07:03
JoshPilcerso lshw -C network was the same.07:03
gerberi have static ip where is property protocol ?07:03
maraboutkevdog:  it does appear that the netopia w/less card "is based on the Ralink 2500 chipset" so there is a chance it may work 'automatically' I'll keep you posted. ( machine is at "rebuilding the database" of the install right now...)07:04
kevdogYou only need to blacklist modules once everything is up and running.  The blacklist file is read at boot and with particular modprobe invocations -- however not with bcm43xx by default -- all the blacklist stuff is window dressing07:04
JoshPilcerkev was that towards me?07:04
srx2002anyone here?07:04
kevdogmarabout: you might be lucky07:04
gerberi have static ip where is property protocol ?07:05
kevdogJoshPilcer: Yes, but its still unclaimed right?07:05
JoshPilcer*-network UNCLAIMED07:05
Brack10can I ask an inkscape question here since #inkscape is so dead?07:06
gerberlocal area connetion07:06
FlannelBrack10: Try #ubuntu-offtopic07:06
miranda_psi srx2002: just ask your questions and if someone can help then they will07:06
kevdogJoshPilcer: Take a look at this page: http://linuxfans.betaserver.org/index.php?option=com_content&view=article&id=46:broadcom-guide-for-ubuntu-hardy-and-newer&catid=34:guides&Itemid=6107:06
srx2002what a good program ( gui interface ) for hard disk management:    I'm bought some western digital 320's and an external enclosure ( usb 2. 0) I would like to format them using various formats ( fat32, fat...etc..... )07:07
gerberneed help setup my ip address07:07
miranda_psisrx2002: try qparted07:07
miranda_psisrx2002: yes07:07
Snipermaster002can anyone help me07:07
kevdogJoshPilcer: You have a 4311.  What does lspci -nnm show in regards to the chipset revision number?07:07
srx2002k, thanks07:08
ubottuPlease don't ask to ask a question, simply ask the question (all on ONE line, so others can read and follow it easily). If anyone knows the answer they will most likely reply. :-)07:08
JoshPilcerkevdog where does it say anything?07:09
srx2002nothing comin up07:09
kevdogJoshPilcer: You have a 4311 rev 02 card07:09
gerberhow can i put my static ip address07:09
kevdogYou want the b43 driver and firmware.07:09
srx2002no package07:09
Paddy_EIREgerber, please form a complete question07:10
kevdogJoshPilcer: sudo rmmod ndiswrapper07:10
kevdogJoshPilcer: Intrepid or Hardy?07:10
elipsisOn the top GNOME panel, to the far right, where it says the name of the user that's logged in, with a shutdown icon next to it, that when clicked gives you a list of things (such as Shutdown, Reboot & Logoff), what is it called? As I seem to of [mistakenly] 'apt-get remove' it. Because it now says Users instead of my username, and when I click it, I don't get the list of Shutdown, Reboot, Logoff etc.07:10
elipsisIs there a way to get it back? Such as sudo apt-get install *.*07:11
srx2002it's qtparted07:11
miranda_psisrx2002: there is also a gparted07:11
evowillelipsis it is the fast user switch applet07:11
Paddy_EIREelipsis, its the user switch applet.. you should find it when you go to a panel right click and choose add to panel07:11
gerberhow can i put my static IP in my computer ?07:12
kevdogJoshPilcer: See this thread with option #2: http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=779754  When you get done; re-edit your /etc/apt/sources.list to remove your cd-rom from the repository list (just put a # sign at the front of the line)07:12
elipsisfast-user-switch - is that the name of the applet?07:12
JoshPilcerkev this is what i got for -nnm07:12
evowillright click, add to panel, user switcher07:12
miranda_psisrx2002: qtparted is a similar product - they are both based on parted, but from my experience gparted has worked better and has supported more filesystems (though both should be fine for most tasks)07:13
elipsisfast-user-switch-applet - I think that's the name, I'll try removing it then adding it again07:13
Gautamhi,i have installed mysql,But can not find the way to run it07:13
crdlbelipsis: if you want to make sure you have everything installed from the default install, just make sure you have ubuntu-desktop07:14
miranda_psiGautam: try running "mysql -u root -p" from the shell07:14
kevdogJoshPilcer: Yes its a 4311 revision 02 as you told me with this line: BCM94311MCG wlan mini-PCI [4311]" -r0207:14
evowillelipsis, yes that is the name of the applet07:15
JoshPilcerkevdog: i'm doing the things on the link.07:15
elipsiswell rebooting now07:15
kevdogJoshPilcer: Ayuthia in the ubuntu forums is the main resource for Broadcom cards (he is the man) -- don't be afraid to post in the forums asking for his help.  He is very knowledgeable about broadcom stuff!!07:17
srx2002I installed gparted from the synaptic...can't find it my menus07:18
miranda_psisrx2002: it should be under System -> administration07:18
Dr_Willis_ZNCsrx2002,  try running it from command line. 'gparted' :)07:18
elipsisYippie: It works now07:18
kevdogJoshPilcer: What does uname -r show07:18
srx2002requires root07:19
srx2002nevermind..found it07:19
chet<srx2002> did you reboot your system? sometimes installed program appear in menu after reboot07:19
miranda_psisrx2002: it does because you are accessing the computer hardware - wouldn't be a good idea to let anyone format the drives...07:19
miranda_psichet: restarting X should be enough07:20
srx2002will gparted find a usb Hd?07:20
miranda_psisrx2002: it will07:20
evowillsrx2002, yes07:20
chetsrx2002: in my case it found it but took some time. I usually give a device name07:21
BigMikehelp compiz on my gnome desktop wont save settings and there are window button to max or min07:21
trollboyWhat's a good dns server besides mydns that has a sql backend, I'd prefer mysql and sqlite...   my problem with mydns is it doesn't do rdns07:21
miranda_psisrx2002: gparted does usually take a long time to scan for drives, so if you know the device name that will be faster07:22
chetis there a different channel for xubuntu desktop?07:22
Bodsdatrollboy, i dunno about mysql side of it but opendns is good07:22
Bodsdachet, #xubuntu07:22
Bodsdanp :)07:22
miranda_psitrollboy: looked at bind? i know its meant to be a good dns server, but i dont know whats its backend is...07:23
trollboyBodsda, is it OSS?07:23
trollboymiranda_psi, I know bind inside and out, but want the sql backend07:23
Bodsdatrollboy, no idea07:23
atom^xtrollboy:powerdns ? maybe, it used to be active...07:23
vegombreimovie player / totem doesnt play wmv files .. hangs and stuff ... how do i fix this ?07:24
trollboypowerdns isn't OSS07:24
Paddy_EIRE!codecs | vegombrei07:24
ubottuvegombrei: For multimedia issues, this page has useful information: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/RestrictedFormats - See also http://help.ubuntu.com/ubuntu/desktopguide/C/common-tasks-chap.html - But please use free formats if you can: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/FreeFormats07:24
atom^xtrollboy:it was mysql based07:24
trollboyIt is, but I need OSS07:25
BigMikewhat is xgl?07:25
Commie_Caryhow do I spawn a  GDM on another x season07:25
Paddy_EIRE!xgl | BigMike google is your friend07:25
ubottuSorry, I don't know anything about xgl07:25
Paddy_EIREits depreciated now anyway I believe07:26
BigMikecompiz wont save any settings07:26
Paddy_EIREso you keep saying07:26
JoshPilcerkevdog i did them. nothing on the last part really worked07:26
JoshPilcerwhen i got to this part it didn't work: Copy those files to your home directory. In the Terminal/Konsole/xterm window do the following:07:26
nite_johnboyHi - is there a way I can format an 8gb USB thumb drive I have plugged into my box ? ?07:26
kevdogJoshPilcer: do the following: ?????07:27
nite_johnboyRunning Ibex07:27
bullgard4Dr_Willis_ZNC: I am familiar with Nautilus > highlight a particular filename > right click > Open With Other Application... But what do you mean by 'pick a file'?07:27
Paddy_EIRE!gparted | nite_johnboy07:28
ubottunite_johnboy: gparted is a !GTK/!Gnome !GUI partitioning program. Type « sudo apt-get install gparted » in a console to install it - A GParted "live" CD is available at http://gparted.sourceforge.net/livecd.php07:28
decompif I want to rebuild a package with different parameters that already exists as a package, can i simply do that vi debconf or dpkg or do i need to manually download the source and compile it ? i figured when you get -devel packages that was what they were for07:28
decompvi = with07:28
Gautamplz tell me ..do i have to need install php every time from terminal whenever i need to run it ?07:28
JoshPilcerkev. it wasn't working. it said download 2 items and do the following codes. i downloaded and the things didn't work.07:28
maraboutkevdog:  i guess I should have researched how "not" to install the 'other languages. Seems like an awful long time for the install...07:28
atom^xtrollboy:powerdns site says open source07:28
nite_johnboyPaddy_EIRE; Thanks - keep fogetting about using ubottu for answers - Would not known to use word "gparted" though -07:29
decompdisregard, ill look at the man page ;)07:29
kevdogJoshPilcer: What part didn't work exactly07:30
kevdogmarabout:  Yea it takes a while particularly if you have an older machine!!!07:30
srx2002I got this program on my applications menu I'm trying to get rid of  " qsopcast ) where and howabouts do I get rid of that07:30
JoshPilcertar xfvj broadcom-wl-
JoshPilcerthat didn't work07:30
JoshPilceri got a cannot open: no such file or directory07:31
decompmy my http://www.cyberciti.biz/faq/rebuilding-ubuntu-debian-linux-binary-package/ im lazy07:31
srx2002I cant remember how i put it there...but I know i did to watch streaming tv...anyway...the junk don;t work...abd Id like to remove it07:31
maraboutkevdog: oh yeah I forgot about the age of this brontosaurus  :)07:31
kevdogJoshPilcer: Where did you download and put the file -- you probably are not in the same directory as where the file is located07:31
ckonestrohACER 552007:32
Paddy_EIREkevdog, I normally like the "wontwork" factoid for that07:32
kevdogckonestroh: Did you say something?  Because I can't hear you!07:32
Paddy_EIRE!wontwork | ckonestroh07:32
ubottuSorry, I don't know anything about wontwork07:32
Gotuplz tell me ..do i have to need install php every time from terminal whenever i need to run it ?07:33
Dr_Willis_ZNCdont work :)07:33
Paddy_EIREDr_Willis_ZNC, :)07:33
JoshPilcerkevdog they both are in my home directory. they should be right07:33
Dr_Willis_ZNCGotu,  i wouldent think so07:33
kevdogJoshPilcer: I have no idea?  Where did you put them?07:33
nite_johnboy! wifi07:33
ubottuWireless documentation can be found at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/WifiDocs07:33
Gotuthen how can i see mysql database07:33
kevdogwill not work = proper terminology07:33
ckonestrohLATER THIS IS LAME07:34
Dr_Willis_ZNCckonestroh,  stop with the UPPER CASE and people might not ignore you07:34
JoshPilcerit's a .tar.tar file. the code says tar xfvj broadcom-wl-     is it right?07:34
Paddy_EIREckonestroh, I will remember to ignore you in future07:34
* kevdog If I could only boot someone from the channel!07:34
nite_johnboya little impatient07:34
Dr_Willis_ZNCckonestroh,  you have proberly triggered most peoples auto-ignore features... so i dont care about it either.07:34
kevdogIts a .tar.bz2 file07:34
JoshPilcerwhy isn't it booting it them. it's in my home/josh/ folder07:35
Paddy_EIREtwo college educations and he still cant spell who07:35
* kevdog wonders if they were in English :)07:35
evowillor find the capslock key :-)07:35
=== five_ is now known as Guest22567
Roland-something happened with readahead-watch07:35
Roland-it watches nothing, it doesn't create the file, etc07:35
kevdogJoshPilcer: When you transferred them to the computer -- Where did you put the files?  If you put them in ~, then thats your home directory.  You may have put them on the Desktop.  I really dont know!07:36
nite_johnboyDr_Willis_ZNC; get much off this in here - you are great big help to me - have had many questions answered and helped out several times....07:36
gonewestcoastkevdog: Clown College and Schneck Tech most likely.07:36
nite_johnboythis whole forum07:36
Dr_Willis_ZNCnite_johnboy,  :)07:37
Dr_Willis_ZNCkevdog,  right next to the ANY key07:37
Flannelkevdog: That's not necessary.07:37
kevdogThat may have been over the line!07:37
gonewestcoastFlannel: True, but it IS humorous. :-p07:37
* Aurax is back.07:37
JoshPilcerkevdog they both are in my home folder.07:38
JoshPilcerand that's where my terminal is at07:38
kevdogOk cd ~  tar zvxf <filename>07:38
Dr_Willis_ZNCJoshPilcer,  you hae been using the TAB key to complete file names?  it helps a lot07:38
JoshPilcerya i normally do07:38
wastreltar.tar  eh07:38
wastreland didn't we decide it's bzip2 ?07:39
kevdogOh ok07:39
wastreluse file on it to see i guess07:39
Dr_Willis_ZNCI cheat and use the 'unp' command to uncompress archives :)  im so lazy07:39
kevdogtar jvxf <filename>07:39
Dr_Willis_ZNC!info unp07:39
ubottuunp (source: unp): unpack (almost) everything with one command. In component universe, is optional. Version 1.0.15 (intrepid), package size 10 kB, installed size 76 kB07:39
ubottuA large amount of the first questions asked in this channel start with "Does anyone/anybody..."  Why not ask your next question (the real one) and find out?07:40
kevdogunp --- wow that's another one I never heard about -- cool!07:40
srx2002I have qsopcast installed...how do I unistall it07:40
Gotuhow can i run mysql gui based like in windows ?07:40
Paddy_EIREsrx2002, how did you install it07:40
srx2002can't remember07:41
kevdogsrc2002: sudo aptitude purge qsopcast07:41
Paddy_EIREwell that is hardly any help07:41
Paddy_EIREor that07:41
Gotuplz tell me how to run mysql gui based ?07:41
JoshPilcerI get this error:  Tar: broadcom-wl- Cannot open: No such file or directory   Tar: error is not recoverable: exiting now  tar: child returned status 2  tar: Error exit delayed from previous errors07:41
Paddy_EIRE!patience | Gotu07:41
ubottuGotu: The people here are volunteers, your attitude should reflect that. Answers are not always available. See http://wiki.ubuntu.com/IrcGuidelines07:41
JoshPilcerkevdog any idea?07:43
Gotuo.k sorry07:43
kevdogIf you are in ~, does ls show the files?07:43
Paddy_EIREGotu, just to let you know that you are not being intentionally ignored.. although you could potentially be if you repeat so quickly07:43
JoshPilcerumm ls?07:44
miranda_psiGoto: you could try phpmyadmin which is a web based gui to mysql...07:44
kevdogIve used phpMyAdmin before -- it was good!07:44
=== cary__ is now known as Commie_Cary
kevdogOops someone beat me to it!07:44
maraboutkevdog: just so you know I'm still here. just waiting on the install to finish ( it's at "Setting up f-spot..." right now07:44
kevdogls = list07:45
JoshPilcerya it does show it on ls kevdog07:45
Gotui was using this on windows but i can not run here like i used to07:45
JoshPilcerit just doesn't want to run it07:45
Paddy_EIREGotu, linux is not windows07:45
kevdogIs there a file size associated with it?07:45
srx2002it removed something07:45
srx2002but still listed under the applications menu07:45
kevdogls -la07:46
atom^xGotu: install phpmyadmin for web-based admin07:46
Gotuo.k atom07:46
nickrudGotu, install mysql-admin and mysql-browser, it'll end up in your menu under programming07:46
* kevdog wonders if phpmyadmin was mentioned before?07:46
nickrudpfft phpmyadmin, use the real thing :)07:47
kevdogJoshPilcer: what is going on07:47
JoshPilcerit says -rwx------  1  josh josh   903426  2009-01-18   12:40 broadcom-wl-
Gotui'll try mysql-admin from net07:47
kevdogWhat is a tar.tar07:47
JoshPilceryou should try it. it's just not working07:47
JoshPilceri don't know07:47
nickrudGotu, you can go to system->admin->synaptic package manager, and install it from there07:47
Paddy_EIREkevdog, badly named file07:47
JoshPilcershould i change it?07:48
nickrudGotu, _always_ look there for stuff first07:48
JoshPilcercause that's what it was when i downloaded it07:48
JoshPilcerbroadcom-wl-    exact name07:48
Paddy_EIREJoshPilcer, yeah remove the file extension.. the extra one that is07:48
kevdogrename it07:48
jeffreyalani have an issue with ssl-explorer and apache2 any one care to help07:48
JoshPilcerokay one sec07:49
Paddy_EIRE!anyone | jeffreyalan07:49
stopielink to a good howto for unix terminal?07:49
ubottujeffreyalan: A large amount of the first questions asked in this channel start with "Does anyone/anybody..."  Why not ask your next question (the real one) and find out?07:49
kevdogIts the mv command07:49
Paddy_EIREstopie, google07:49
kevdogmv broadcom-wl- broadcom-wl-
stopiePaddy: kthx07:49
Chickershello, how do I open a specified port on ubuntu?07:49
Paddy_EIREstopie, google for linux command07:49
=== eric is now known as talntid
kevdogChickers: most likely its already open -- all ports open by default!07:50
Chickersoh okay!07:50
jeffreyalani am running ssl-explorer and apach2 -- when the server reboots ssl-explorer runs but my *80 services do not.. i have to stop ssl-explorer then start apache then start ssl0explorer this works untill the next reboot when i have to do it again07:50
kevdogChickers: just as long as you are not running firestarter07:50
atom^xChickers: firewall/router?07:51
JoshPilcerkevdog: it says:   mv: cannot stat 'broadcom-wl4.80.53.0.tar.tar': no such file or directory07:51
kevdogmv broadcom-wl- broadcom-wl-
useruseruseruserhello everyone07:51
JoshPilcerlook the file url says http://downloads.openwrt.org/sources/broadcom-wl-   but when you download it says .tar.tar ???07:52
kevdogJoshPilcer: mv broadcom-wl- broadcom-wl-
wastrelit shouldn't matter what the filename is07:52
wastreldo file <filename>  see what that says07:52
JoshPilcerwhy isn't it working then?07:52
=== talia is now known as Talia
wastreliono,  try   file broadcom-wl-blah-blah-lots-of-numbers.tar.tar07:53
wastrelfile command = teh aw3s0m3n35507:53
nightrid3rJoshPilcer: windows bug07:53
JoshPilceris it?07:53
nightrid3rJoshPilcer: rename the file in ubuntu07:53
JoshPilceri downloaded from windows to flashdrive. then uploaded on ubuntu07:53
JoshPilcerrename it to what?07:53
kevdogJoshPilcer: mv broadcom-wl- broadcom-wl-
kevdogCut and paste that command07:53
kevdogFlannel: you the admin?07:54
Flannelkevdog: Theres a good number of us.07:54
JoshPilcerstill does not want to work07:55
wastrelthey're horrible horrible people07:55
kevdogFlannel: Cool -- Kind of like the CIA lurking about or KGB!07:55
useruseruseruser!kr | useruseruseruser07:55
ubottuSorry, I don't know anything about kr07:55
kevdogRedownload the file then07:55
useruseruseruser!ch | useruseruseruser07:55
ubottuSorry, I don't know anything about ch07:55
eseven73!fishing | useruseruseruser07:55
ubottuuseruseruseruser: Please investigate with me only with "/msg ubottu Bot" or in #ubuntu-bots.  Search for factoids with "/msg ubottu !search factoid".07:55
kevdogFlannel: I guess you didn't find that funny!  sorry!07:56
* kevdog is wrapping it up in 507:57
eseven73kevdog: they're kinda like those english guards, you cannot make them smile for nothing ;)07:57
Flannelkevdog: something like that, sure.07:57
JoshPilcerit still doesn't want to work. are you able to try it?07:57
samaxo,wrong door07:57
=== desti_T2 is now known as desti
JoshPilcerkevdog can you try it for me?07:58
kevdogJoshPilcer: I using cygwin on windows machine and was able to grab the source and decompress it like nothing07:58
JoshPilcerlol why isn't it working for me...07:58
JoshPilcerwhat was the command you typed?07:59
maraboutkevdog:  install finally finished back to ~$  What now?07:59
kevdogJoshPilcer: You probably dont have cygwin installated but it was: wget http://downloads.openwrt.org/sources/broadcom-wl-
kevdogmarabout: Either reboot or startx08:00
JoshPilcerhow can i fix that?08:00
wastreloh dear me.08:00
wastrelJoshPilcer:   run the   file    command     file <filename>   where <filename> is the ungodly long name of that .tar.tar  file08:01
wastrelJoshPilcer: what does it say?08:01
kevdogJoshPilcer: Download the archive on windows - extract the archive in windows using 7zip and then just copy the directory structure over to ubuntu -- might be the easiest08:01
JoshPilcerdoes winrar work?08:02
kevdogFlannel:  tough crowd in here tonight!08:02
kevdogbut 7zip is better (off topic)08:02
wastrel7zip confuses users because they want to use 7zip format08:03
kevdog7zip as far as compressibility is a superior format to gz and bz2.  However you don't have to use the 7z format if you dont want to!08:03
kevdogI believe its also a more efficient algorithm also in terms of speed08:04
maraboutkevdog:  okay had to fix screen res but so far so good. Thanks so much! any tips on getting the wireless card running as I believe it is the RA that you mentioned08:04
kevdogIs it running now?08:04
talntidralink ftw :)08:05
=== mike is now known as Guest55264
JoshPilcerthere we go08:05
talntidftw = for the win :P08:05
kevdogyea I just googled that -- I'm new to the IRC thing in the last week -- give me a break Im an old man08:06
talntidmeh it's no problem :)08:06
talntidwelcome to irc08:06
kevdogI loved mirc on windows08:06
rebel_kidis there a package in apt to install python 2.6 or do i need to download it from the python site08:06
talntidme too. i was an expert at the scripting part08:07
lars_bauercan't print anything. Printer config does not show up ?08:07
JoshPilcerwhat's wrong with this command? sudo chmod o+rx /lib/firmware/b43 /lib/firmware/b43legacy it just doesn't do anything08:07
mattiasHi, I need Help with .dmrc file. System said it is being ignored because of some 664 error/only current user should have access to $HOME08:07
lars_bauer"Jan 19 09:07:49 ubuntu gsgcmd[5066]: Listening the network on port 11201... " is this a virus ?08:08
kevdogthere was a mirc download program for music -- cant remember the name -- it was awesome08:09
Flannelkevdog: That belongs in #ubuntu-offtopic, this channel is for support only (not general chit-chat);  thanks.08:09
JoshPilcerkevdog now it says sudo chmod o+rx /lib/firmware/b43 /lib/firmware/b43legacy   it doesn't do anything. and the next command: sudo ifconfig wlan0 up  it says wlan0:  ERROR while getting interface flags: No such device08:09
mattiasIm having issues with $HOME/.dmrc file08:10
FlannelJoshPilcer: "doesn't do anything" doesn't output anything? or there's no change to those files?08:10
JoshPilcerit just goes to a new command line08:10
kevdogsudo modprobe b4308:10
maraboutkevdog:  can I install these drivers:  "rt2x00 driver or the rt2570 drivers" using the package manager. (for wireless card)08:11
FlannelJoshPilcer: Then that's good.  In Linux, no news is good news.08:11
kevdogThen check lshw -C network08:11
ardchoillelars_bauer:  http://manpages.ubuntu.com/manpages/dapper/man8/gsgsmtpd.8.html08:11
kevdogmarabout: I suppose -- are you getting prompted to do this?08:11
JoshPilcerkevdog it's the same, but for configuration it says:  driver=b43-pci-bridge  latency=0 module=ssb08:12
JoshPilcerand it says *-network08:12
JoshPilcernothing after that so that's good?08:12
maraboutkevdog:  no, no prompts those are just the names of drivers that came up when I searched for my wireless card drivers. is there a app to set up the usb card built into hardy?08:12
kevdogJoshPilcer: Is it assigned a logical name of wlan0?08:13
mattiasUpon system startup i get $HOME//dmrc error08:13
homeskilleti changed to wpa2, using an ascii pre-shared key. but i cant get my laptop running ubuntu livecd to connect to it. and it converts my password from ascii to a long hex string. any ideas?08:13
Paddy_EIREkevdog, having fun :)08:14
BossmanbetaUsing mplayer, is there a way to play a video file to the network, so that another instance of mplayer could receive it (like VLC does when it streams) ?08:14
kevdogmarabout: not an expert with ra cards08:14
lars_bauerardchoille: is it my mail system cheking for incoming mail ?08:14
kevdogPaddy_EIRE: Mod doesn't lke me!08:14
Paddy_EIREkevdog, :(08:14
Gobby89who stole my name08:15
maraboutkevdog: OK08:15
maraboutCan anyone help me set up a wireless USB card?08:15
lars_bauerprinting system does not print08:15
JoshPilcerkevdog: *-network   descript: network controller, product: BCM94311MCG wlan mini-PCI, vendor: Broadcom Corporation, physical id: 0, bus info: pci@0000.03:00.0, version: 02, width: 64 bits, clock:33mhz, capabil: bus_master cap_list, configuration: driver=b43-pci-bridge latency=0 module=ssb08:16
talntidfor ralink cards...08:16
Paddy_EIREmarabout, What is the wireless chipset you are using?08:16
talntidjust get the rt73 drivers...08:16
kevdogiwlist scan?08:16
JoshPilcerlo & eth0    interface doesn't support scanning.08:17
kevdogreboot for a minute08:17
sparris there a bittorrent client that can prioritize specific chunks of a file?08:18
* Aurax is away: Gone away for now08:18
maraboutPaddy_EIRE: it is supposed to be the rt2x00 or  rt2570 drivers (Ra) for a Netopia 3D Reach [TER/GUSB2-N]08:18
JoshPilcerkevdog still the same08:19
kevdogJoshPilcer:  I'm signing off for tonight -- post a link in the networking section on the ubuntu forums.  Catch up with you there08:19
white-sheepFirefox?  <_<08:20
maraboutPaddy_EIRE: "Ralink 2500 chipset" to be exact. { http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=854858 }08:20
wastreli say this to you:  omg08:21
Paddy_EIRE!language | JoshPilcer08:21
ubottuJoshPilcer: Please watch your language and topic to help keep this channel family friendly.08:21
Paddy_EIREmarabout, reading now08:21
jeffreyalanI am having an issue with ssl-explorer and apache -- when the system reboots only ssl-explorer starts. I have  to stop the service, start apache then restart ssl-explorer -- any thoughts08:21
lars_bauerprinter fails with "/usr/lib/cups/filter/foomatic-rip failed" ?08:22
white-sheepjeffreyalan: My thought --> cloud --> cloud --> small cloud --> "Make a script."08:22
shearWhere does Privoxy store the config file?08:24
maraboutPaddy_EIRE:  OK08:24
elatiodear #ubuntu08:26
elatioi am big in japan08:26
useruseruseruserelatio: yes?08:26
elatiomostly because japanese people are tiny08:26
tritiumelatio: none of that08:26
elationone of what08:26
tritiumelatio: you know exactly what.  Don't go there.08:27
elipsisFound a bug08:27
Paddy_EIREmarabout, okay.. well it seems that using the windows drivers via ndiswrapper will be one of your best bets08:27
* elatio snaps fingers08:27
Paddy_EIRE!lp | elipsis08:27
ubottuelipsis: Launchpad is a collection of development services for Open Source projects. It's Ubuntu's bug tracker, and much more; see https://launchpad.net/08:27
Paddy_EIREfile your bug there08:27
elipsisHere's the bug (pastebin) http://mibbit.com/pb/P24lN208:27
elipsisPlease fix it08:27
* elipsis leaves08:28
Paddy_EIREelipsis, not here08:28
Paddy_EIREheh.. no thanks08:28
white-sheepLazy bird. :\08:28
codenameHow do I change the background in Pidgin?08:28
sigurhello, does Nvidia's fancy new GTX 295 work in ubuntu?08:28
Paddy_EIREwhite-sheep, I doubt anyone should help someone with an attitude like that :/08:29
maraboutPaddy_EIRE: ok. I am not familiar with ndiswrapper ( among other things) What is the best way to accomplish this?08:29
codenameHow do I change the background in Pidgin?08:29
Paddy_EIREmarabout, ok.. just a moment till I line this up :)08:29
codenameHow do I change the background in Pidgin?08:30
Paddy_EIREcodename, no need to repeat try and have patience or use google while you wait08:30
white-sheepcodename:  Try GTk2 Plugin.  And customize your own theme.08:30
maraboutPaddy_EIRE:  yes that is fine take your time as I am trying to improve the contrast/sharpness on the monitor which ubuntu is on ( i am accessing this channel via another machine)08:31
atom^xcodename: http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=62342608:31
sistosigur: no08:31
zohrehhow to find network connection status in ubuntu, command line?08:32
Paddy_EIREmarabout, okay so these instructions are for another distribution but I will amend where required08:32
aboSamoorI have the following problem my ubuntu wireless driver works fine but not with all the APs, I am using kernel 2.6.27 . Now I have vista laptop which gives me 100% signal while my ubuntu can not even detect the signals, I tried to load the latest drivers and did not get any improvement ! Please, I want your help08:32
sigursisto, thanks08:32
maraboutPaddy_EIRE: sounds like a plan...08:33
lars_bauerprinting fails see syslog here http://bauerdata.bauerhost.dk/Members/bauer/printing-fails08:33
wildrookekde pwns gnome08:33
wildrookedude, i wasted like, 4 hours just editting my theme08:34
sistosigterm: you can check again here in a couple of weeks to see if support was added: http://www.nvidia.com/Download/Find.aspx?lang=en-us08:34
white-sheepwildrooke: 4 hours?  Send us the SS so I can laugh at the theme. :)08:34
zirodaywildrooke: do you have a question we can help you with? Chats in #ubuntu-offtopic :)08:34
aboSamoorHi, please if you don't know how to solve my problem, please just tell me how can I monitor wireless status so I can search for the related problem08:35
* Aurax is back.08:36
useruseruseruseraboSamoor: what do you want to know?08:36
Paddy_EIREuseruseruseruser, scroll back08:36
bullgard4Nautilus > highlight some file > right-click > Open with Other Applications... will open a dialog window 'Open With'. What is the filename of this 'Open With' program?08:36
sparrbullgard4: i dont think it is a program, i think it is part of nautilus08:37
ziroday!away > Aurax08:37
ubottuAurax, please see my private message08:37
useruseruseruseraboSamoor: try iwlist command... i dunno...08:37
sparrbullgard4: to be sure, open the 'open with' window, then run 'xkill' and click that window, see if nautilus gets killed08:37
bullgard4sparr: What is its filename?08:37
sparrbullgard4: it probably does not have a filename08:37
bullgard4sparr: A window does not have a filename? How come?08:38
sparrbullgard4: uhm, why would a window have a filename?08:38
Paddy_EIREmarabout, be right back.. I need to run to the shop :) wont be longer than 5 mins08:38
aboSamooruseruseruseruser: I think the problem is not with the AP, because the behaviour of the problem differs depending on the place I am trying to connect from, {office,library ...}. How can I monitor the scanning results and the association process08:38
bullgard4sparr: Never heard that everything in Unix and Ubuntu is a file?08:38
maraboutPaddy_EIRE:  yes I am here np08:39
useruseruseruseraboSamoor: i don't know08:39
snowreiGot a question for somebody, I'm having issues with accessing certain websites (MIT's PGP server, my schools Peoplesoft system), I checked the kernel logs and its informing me that its blocking that particular connection attempt, I'm assuming there's some iptables issue, how do I completely disable the kernel firewall? (I have a pretty powerful network firewall so I'm not too concerned)08:39
sparrbullgard4: yes, but one program can make a thousand windows08:39
useruseruseruseraboSamoor: try iwlist <interface> scanning08:40
bullgard4Your statement does not answer my question: "What is the filename of this window?"08:40
white-sheepNight world.08:40
sparrwindows do not have filenames08:40
sparrat all08:40
bullgard4sparr: Your statement does not answer my question: "What is the filename of this window?"08:40
useruseruseruserwhite-sheep: bye08:40
sparrwindows do not have filenames08:40
aboSamoorHi, please if you don't know how to solve my problem, please just tell me how can I monitor wireless status so I can search for the related problem08:40