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ooplaI have a question. What does Grub's "Error 2" refer to, normally?03:30
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Look4Helphi guys.... I am trying to edit my BOOT MENU.. but "sudo gedit /boot/grub/menu.lst" is giving error "gedit: command not found" - Is tehr eanother way to edit this file.... if i just doulble click on it and edit in mouse pad when i hit save it errors04:12
Look4Helpor is there another "edit" command instead of gedit i can use?04:13
jynkshi guys... is anyone around/04:49
jynksI am a new user and i do not really understand xbuntu... how do i install apps? I am tryign to install somtihgn but do not know how and also tired to install flash player for firefox but i do not know how04:51
jynksfire fix downloads a .deb file.. what do i do with this?04:52
jynksanyone about?04:57
chetI can't seem to get 1024x768 on my xubuntu laptop. I was using ubuntu before and it worked. Laptop is dell latitude c60007:25
chetI copied the xorg.conf from etc/X11 from ubuntu but still 800x60007:26
tawdriver missing?07:26
chetthe laptop has an ATI07:26
tawhave you checked /var/log/Xorg.log ?07:26
chetand 8mb od vram07:26
chetlet me check real quick07:27
chetI see no errors. What should I be looking for?07:29
chetMode: 105 (1024x768)07:30
chet        ModeAttributes: 0xbb07:30
chet        WinAAttributes: 0x707:30
chet        WinBAttributes: 0x007:30
chet        WinGranularity: 6407:30
chet        WinSize: 6407:30
chet        WinASegment: 0xa00007:30
chet        WinBSegment: 0xa00007:30
chet        WinFuncPtr: 0xc0005f9a07:30
chet        BytesPerScanline: 102407:30
chet        XResolution: 102407:30
chet        YResolution: 76807:30
chet        XCharSize: 807:30
chet        YCharSize: 1607:30
chet        NumberOfPlanes: 107:30
chet        BitsPerPixel: 807:30
chet        NumberOfBanks: 107:30
chet        MemoryModel: 407:30
chet        BankSize: 007:30
chet        NumberOfImages: 907:30
chet        RedMaskSize: 007:30
knome!pastebin | chet07:34
ubottuchet: pastebin is a service to post multiple-lined texts so you don't flood the channel. The Ubuntu pastebin is at http://paste.ubuntu.com (make sure you give us the URL for your paste - see also the channel topic)07:34
chetsorry first time on IRC07:34
knomeno problem07:35
TheSheepno problem, sorry for kicking but thats the only way to stop flood07:35
chetexcuse the IRC newbie :-)07:35
chetlooks like this laptop c600 had lots of issues07:36
chetI had a hard time configuring it in ubuntu.07:36
TheSheepchet: have you seen http://radagast.bglug.ca/laptop/ubuntu_on_latitude_c600.html ?07:38
chetlet me try that xorg.conf from the url07:40
chetThanks TheSheep07:40
trick_m0nkanyone around?07:44
knometrick_m0nk, no, we're in the core.07:44
trick_m0nk i need help07:45
knome!ask | trick_m0nk07:47
ubottutrick_m0nk: Please don't ask to ask a question, simply ask the question (all on ONE line, so others can read and follow it easily). If anyone knows the answer they will most likely reply. :-)07:47
rocko_you guys should put gthumb as default image view07:48
rocko_cause the default freezes on really high resolution images07:49
TheSheepgthumb is way too heavy07:49
rocko_it is07:49
TheSheepplease report a bug07:49
trick_m0nkOk.  I am trying to install xubuntu 8.10 on my dell optiplex.  It has 2.6 ghz P4, 1 gig of ram, 60 gig hard drive.   I am able to get into the boot screen with the Live CD (which has been verified for integrety), but when I tell it to install or boot to linux from the cd, it gives me a black screen with a blinking cursor.  After a few minutes a loading bar comes up, and a few minutes after that, I get the command promp07:50
knometrick_m0nk, have you tried safe graphics mode?07:50
TheSheepwas it verified for integrity on the same computer on which you are trying to install it?07:51
tawmy xubuntu 8.10 doesn't lock on suspend & hibernate, is there some setting for making it lock?07:51
TheSheeptaw: are you using xscreensaver instead of gnome-screensaver?07:52
tawdefault install, haven't touched07:52
TheSheepsee if running gnome-power-manager helps...07:53
rocko_taw, it should lock if you do control + alt + delete07:53
rocko_is this module needed ehci-hcd in order to use usb 2?07:54
tawTheSheep, I ran gnome-power-manager, and after it, suspend & resume, not locked07:59
tawrocko_, sure I can lock, but I want my computer locked and suspended08:00
tawor sometimes locked & hibernate08:00
rocko_I see08:00
rocko_i am not sure how to do that08:00
TheSheepmine does it08:00
TheSheepno idea how08:00
tawwhich version?08:01
tawI've seen same problems on latest kubuntu also, but at least kubuntu 7.04 locks08:01
tawTheSheep, is yours fresh install or upgraded?08:03
TheSheeptaw: well, a fresh install of one of the alphas...08:06
TheSheeptaw: then upgrades and some hacking08:06
ddanierIs there any way to get the current 4.6 beta to 8.10? The xubuntu-dev-PPA, where I installes beta1 from, seems to not get any updates...08:08
TheSheepI suppose they are working on 9.0408:08
TheSheep4.6 is beta anyways08:09
ddanierbeta, sure, but it still runs fine most of the time ;-)08:10
chetThanks TheSheep, The conf at the url you provided did not work at first08:17
chetI used my ubuntu xorg.conf and changed the driver from vesa to r128 and it seems to work08:17
chetthanks once again08:17
Myrttiwhat's the official way to configure synaptics in xubuntu intrepid? I tried the mcs plugin, but it requires a line in otherwise nonexistent xorg.conf09:11
jynkshey guys,,, i was hoping you couldhelp me get my network shares working in xubuntu?09:21
jynksI think it is all workign sorta... but (Q) - How so you change the workgroup of your xubuntu system?09:22
jynksAs when i look at the windows network from my XP box it says that there is a 2nd workgroup called "workgroup" and in that i can see my xubuntu box09:23
jynksAlso ... form the xubuntu box... how do i browse to the XP shares?09:23
jynksThanksin advance09:23
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ablomenjynks, its in the samba config (/etc/samba/smb.conf)10:21
jynksablomen: thanks10:21
jynksand how do i edit that?10:21
ablomenits the first option ( workgroup = WORKGROUP)10:22
ablomensudo mousepad /etc/samba/smb.conf10:22
ablomenand when you made the change, sudo /etc/init.d/samba restart10:22
jynksablomen: great thanks10:23
jynksthat worked10:23
ablomenyw :)10:23
jynksablomen: so how do i browse to the windows shares from my xbuntu system?10:23
ablomenehm i think there was a program called pyneighbourhood or something10:25
ablomenyou can also use the smbtree command to see the shares so you can mount them with cli10:25
jynksis there a way to mount them un the termainal?10:27
knomejynks, cli == terminal. see smbtree10:28
TheSheepsmbclient to access them like ftp, fusesmb to mount them10:28
knomeTheSheep, o/10:28
TheSheepwalk like an egyptian10:29
jynksmeh i don't like mondays10:30
knomehaha :)10:30
TheSheepnot to mention being single by choice :)10:30
knomesingle? nah... ;)10:30
knomei prefer lp's10:30
* TheSheep just installed Jaunty10:31
jynksok I have installed fusesmb, how do I get a command line options help thing ? so i can mount a share?10:31
knomeTheSheep, how is it working10:31
ablomenjynks, first add your user to the fuse group10:31
TheSheepknome: fine so far, removing the apps I don't use and installing the essentials now10:32
jynksablomen: how when i type fuse it jus tsays i have a eorr as no mount point10:32
jynksis there ment ot be a gui for it?10:32
ablomenjynks, sudo adduser YOURUSERNAME fuse10:33
TheSheepjynks: there is gui in system->users and groups10:34
TheSheepyou have to relog after that10:34
jynksthanks for this guys i apreciate it10:34
jynksi did the command ablomen told me to do10:35
knomehe's clearly coming from windows...10:35
ablomenknome, well thats good :)10:36
knomehave to go ->10:36
jynksok i am back10:37
ablomenjynks, ok now you should be able to do something like mount.cifs //name_or_ip_adress/sharename /media/yourmountpoint/10:40
ablomenhehe i guess that isnt fuse btw, ah well, still it should work10:41
Sinisteranyone use bitpim under 64 bit ? everything on google says it will work but it dont sdeem to like me10:50
Sinisteranyone know how to edit qcp files ?11:39
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XaeroOnehi everyone12:53
XaeroOnei have a strange problem12:54
XaeroOnei installed xubuntu into a partition formatting it as ext3 but not able to install grub12:54
XaeroOnei already had pclinuxos and grub installed so when i checked the partition of pclinuxos it says the paritition is fat1612:55
XaeroOnewhat's more strange is that from windows it says it an ext parition12:56
XaeroOneim using a IFS driver in windows12:56
jynkshi guys... would i please be able to get some help in getting fusesmb to work?12:58
jynksI can not seam to figure it out12:58
armadilliohey guys, anyone here?13:05
ablomenjynks, https://help.ubuntu.com/community/FuseSmb13:05
armadillioi'm just wondering - didn't NetworkManager have a gui back in the day? could i get to it now (i have nm-applet going)...?13:06
ablomenarmadillio, you mean network-admin ?13:07
armadillioi'd guess they changed it then? i'll give that a try13:07
armadilliothat command didn't work.13:08
ablomen(its still reachable from menu=>system=>network or something like that13:08
armadillioyea, i thought i'd find it there.... can't tho13:08
armadilliothing is, i want to manually force my ethernet connection on start up, even though it doesn't do anything until i connect wirelessly through eth1, then will hopefully be able to bridge the connections through firestarter13:10
armadilliothat damn nm-applet screwed everything man :(13:11
armadilliolooks like it might be gnome-network-admin, i'll install and report back13:13
jynksablomen: yea i did it again.. but i have done that page a few times and all i end up with is a dir that is empty13:14
jynksls -R or browsing in gui is jus tan empty dir... no error messages or anything13:14
armadilliosee, after installing that your option came up (menu system network) ... that should be there by default :p13:15
armadillioseriously, network bridging should be easier in linux, damn man...13:18
armadilliodo you guys know any way to force one connection to just be on (eth0 in my case), letting nm-applet handle the other (eth1), and making nm-applet have nothing to do with eth0? i just want to force it on, nm-applet takes everything over13:19
ablomenarmadillio, manual-configure eth0 (/etc/networking/interfaces)13:20
ablomensrry /etc/network/interfaces13:20
armadilliowill it just be on, though? how could i check?13:20
ablomenwell at least nm wont touch it13:20
ablomenand as long as the cable is connected and the settings are correct it should always be on13:21
armadillioso it's like, "auto eth0 (hit enter) manual-configure eth0"?13:21
ablomenarmadillio, http://www.cyberciti.biz/faq/setting-up-an-network-interfaces-file/13:22
jynksablomen: yea i still can not get it to work mate. I have copy pasted the text from the faq like about ten times.. and no joy... any ideas?13:24
ablomendoes it throw any errors?13:28
jynksno errors..13:29
ablomenwhat does mount say?13:30
armadilliogod dammit seriously, nm-applet is a control freak13:31
jynksnothign it just gose to a new line13:31
ablomenjynks, no just mount13:31
ablomenno options13:31
jynksi cna acess a xubuntu share from my xp system easy though13:31
ablomenit gives you a list of mounted stuff13:31
jynksoh hang on13:31
jynksfusesmb on /home/jynks/network type fuse.fusesmb (rw,nosuid,nodev,max_read=32768,user=jynks)13:32
jynkswas one of the lines in the mount list13:32
ablomenwell then it should be mounted to something13:32
jynksls -R is ment to list the network?13:33
ablomen-R just means recursive13:33
jynksor do I mount to the directly to a share name on the netweotrk (m$ style) //Xpbox/sharename ?13:33
ablomenwell yeah you must mount the share13:34
ablomennot the computer13:34
ablomenso for example over here i mount //server/secure, //server/webserver etc seperatly13:34
jynksi under stand and is that difined  in that "~/.smb/fusesmb.conf" file?13:35
ablomenuhm i think so, i use mount.cifs myself13:35
jynksthe faw just says to "fusermount -u Network"13:36
ablomenyeah but you pre-defign what gets mounted on that folder in the fusesmb.conf file13:37
ablomenoh nvm, no im kidding13:38
ablomenok lets just use mount.cifs13:38
ablomenfirst install smbfs and after that do what i said earlyer:13:39
ablomen<ablomen> jynks, ok now you should be able to do something like mount.cifs //name_or_ip_adress/sharename /media/yourmountpoint/13:39
ablomenthat should just work TM13:39
jynksi think smbfs is already installed13:40
ablomenok thats good :)13:41
jynkshow do i use it?13:41
ablomenmount.cifs //ip_adress/sharename ~/Network13:41
jynksyour benign very patient ablomen thanks btw13:41
jynksok i'll try13:42
ablomenheh np, world domination takes time and work :P13:42
jynks"mount error: can not change directory into mount target"13:43
jynksdo i need to unmoutn the fusedmb thing on taht dir?13:44
ablomenoh yeah, forgot about that13:44
jynksi think i need to reboot.. "fusermount -u network " is eorrign now sayign it is in use13:45
ablomenjynks, more luck this time?13:50
jynksi made a new dir this time and tried it and got this message13:51
jynksMounting the DFS root for a particular server not implemented yet13:51
jynksusing "mount.cifs //xx.x.x.x /Archive ~/archive"13:52
ablomenjynks, is there a space between the ip and /Archive in your command as wel?13:52
ablomenwell theres your problem :)13:53
jynksablomen: your a great guy thank you13:53
jynksit seams to work13:53
ablomenwooh :)13:54
jynksI ls -R by mistake so it is all goign crazy listing13:54
jynksablomen: just before i go how do i unmount them if i wish to?13:54
ablomenumount ~/archive should do the trick :)13:55
jynkswell. thanks a lot.. i think that is the last issue with my install (first time linux user)13:55
jynkseverythign is gravy now.. cheers13:55
jynks20 karma points to you mate.. see ya roudn13:56
ablomenlater jynks13:56
carminehi guys...some spkeas italian?14:23
ubottuVai su #ubuntu-it se vuoi parlare in italiano, in questo canale usiamo solo l'inglese. Grazie! (click col tasto destro sul nome del canale per entrare)14:24
firecrotchIs it possible to make the mouse pointer disappear completely? if so, how would I go about doing that?16:14
knomefirecrotch, unplug your mouse.16:19
firecrotchknome:  That doesn't work...16:21
ballAnyone have a Xubuntu 8.10 i386 desktop iso that they could cksum for me?17:04
cody-somervilleball, checksums are available on the wiki17:06
* ball goes looking for the wiki17:07
charlie-tcaball: each mirror should have checksums, here is a start: http://xubuntu.org/get17:09
ballAh yes, failed md5sum17:11
balltime to download another copy.17:12
ballHmm... that's going to take a few hours.17:13
fbcdoes the xubuntu use the gnome power manager and the gnome screens saver???17:32
TheSheepand one qustion mark is enough17:34
fbcTheSheep, I did not expect xfce to use any gnome components18:07
TheSheepfbc: it's not xfce that's using them, it's xubuntu18:20
fbcTheSheep, hmm,, well when I unplug the power supply on my laptop I get a little batery indicator on the tool bar. If I right click on it, and click ABOUT, it says gnome-power-manager. So you are saying that XFCE did not install it or is running it? The distribution did?18:25
TheSheepfbc: you are confusing two different things: xfce and xubuntu18:30
TheSheepfbc: xfce is a set of programs such as window manager, panel, desktop background, etc.18:31
TheSheepfbc: xubuntu is a linux distribution that ships them and more18:31
TheSheepfbc: since xfce project doesn't include a screensaver or power manager, xubuntu uses the same programs as gnome18:32
fbcTheSheep, ohh..18:32
qsrvis anyone using gnome-do with xubuntu 8.0418:35
qsrvfor some reason when I lauch it, the icon does not appear in the systray18:37
qsrvand I cannot get it to show up with Super-Space18:37
Odd-rationaleqsrv: have you tried running gnome-do from a terminal? and seeing if there are any errors?19:07
OchianI'm having problems using the Lock Screen tool from the applet bar.  Any ideas why it won't start?  Related: gnone-screensaver won't start when system is idle.19:20
andresmhI am running ubuntu 8.10, if I want to run xfce, can I just install it without having to install Xubuntu?19:22
ablomenandresmh, yeah, just install xubuntu-desktop :)19:23
andresmhablomen, i do not see xfce listed in the add/remove apps19:23
ablomenandresmh, try synaptic, or just type this in the terminal: sudo apt-get install xubuntu-desktop19:25
andresmhi found it ablomen19:26
andresmhwhy does it want to install abiword? :-/19:26
Odd-rationaleabiword is part of xubuntu19:26
ablomenthats part of the xubuntu package19:26
ablomenandresmh, installing the whole package and removing the apps you dont need later is easyer then installing xfce by hand19:27
charlie-tcaOchian: Try reinstalling gnome-screensaver?19:27
OchianI'll try that then.19:27
andresmhthanks. It's downloading all the stuff now.19:28
OchianDoesn't seem to ahve worked, charlie-tca.19:34
andresmhsomewhere i read that if i open a gnome app on xfce it defeats the point of runing xfce since it will basically load a lot of the gnome libraries19:38
andresmhis this true?19:38
ablomenandresmh, well.. sort of, though, not really19:39
ablomena gnome app will be slower because it will use a lot of heavy gnome apps yeah, but still the wm/dm etc is lighter19:39
ablomenand its more usable imho :)19:40
ablomens/gnome apps/gnome libs19:40
ablomenandresmh, so what i mean is, the apps themselves might not go any faster or slower, the system just stays more responsive19:46
jxanderall my videos have this http://img505.imageshack.us/my.php?image=breakingvidzl3.jpg problem and i tried smplayer, vlc, with all the output drivers. using 8.10 with fglrx. any ideas what could cause that distorsion?19:47
andresmhi see, i like that ablomen, ok, so I just installed xubuntu-desktop19:47
andresmhi should logout and see what happens :19:47
andresmhbrb :)19:47
ablomenjxander, i remember reading about the ati drivers not playing nice with (some) videos19:48
jxanderi tried the radeon driver too... still no improvement :(... any ideas?19:48
ablomennext to buying a nvidia card, not really, googling atm19:49
andresmhso i am in xubuntu now :)19:49
andresmhnot very different looking at first sight19:50
jxanderablomen:  :(( i'm on a lappy...19:50
andresmhhow do I enable compiz ?19:50
ablomenandresmh, by starting compiz (compiz --replace if im correct) but you might want to try the build in transperancy first to see if thats enough eyecandy for ya19:51
ablomena lot lighter19:51
ablomenjxander, could you give some more info about your video card? (lspci | grep "vga")19:52
jxanderablomen: 1sec19:52
andresmhi'll give it a try without compiz for now ablomen, the effect from compiz I like is zoom-in/out19:52
andresmhis there a way to do that in xfce?19:53
ablomenjxander, ehm sorry that VGA in capitals19:53
ablomenandresmh, no not without a screen magnifier thingy19:53
jxanderablomen: 01:00.0 VGA compatible controller: ATI Technologies Inc Radeon Mobility X140019:53
andresmhit's interesting that xubuntu has panels too, i wasn't expecting that :)19:54
andresmhhow do i remove the bottom panel?19:54
ablomenandresmh, heh yeah it has everything except.. i think samba (windows network) browsing is the only thing iv seen missing19:54
andresmhright click doesn't show an menu to delete the panel19:55
ablomenandresmh, right-click =>customice pannel19:55
ablomenandresmh, hmm sorry not finding much info, you might wanna try googling yourself for "ati x1400 ubuntu"19:57
andresmhis there a way to reduce the height of the panel? the option. The Panel Manger>Appearance>Size just reduces the size of some icons on the panel, but no the size of the panel itself ablomen19:58
ablomenandresmh, it does..19:58
ablomenor it should anyway, try changing it with like 20 pixels19:59
andresmhit's all the way to 16 pixels19:59
andresmhmaybe i need to logout?19:59
ablomeni guess theres a minimum size19:59
ablomenno you shouldnt have to19:59
andresmhwell it never changed19:59
ablomenyou might be on the wrong pannel (see the select box)20:00
andresmhyeah, i only have 1 panel now20:00
andresmhit does increase its size but not decrease20:00
charlie-tcaandresmh: It depends on the actual icons on the panel, also. Some will not reduce lower than a preset size.20:00
charlie-tcaMy orage clock will not go below 34 pixels, due to the size of the font I use.20:01
andresmhi see, so it must be about the font20:01
andresmhis there a keyboard shortcut for the xfce menu?20:01
ablomenandresmh, in the settings manager there is a keyboard button and in that a shortcuts tab :)20:03
charlie-tcaandresmh: Yes, Ctrl+Esc will pop the menu up20:04
andresmhit's working well20:13
andresmhwhat's the keyboard shortcut to maximize and minimize a window?20:16
charlie-tcaAlt+f8 for minimize20:24
charlie-tcaalt+f5 maximize and restore to size again.20:25
charlie-tcano problem.20:25
andresmhhow could i have found that by myself?20:25
charlie-tcaI think it is /usr/share/xfce4/doc20:26
charlie-tca/usr/share/themes/Default/xfwm4/keythemerc has it too20:27
andresmhthe only things i miss from compiz are screen capture of a region of the screen and zoom in/out20:32
ablomenandresmh, you can capture a region of a screen with imagemagic, google for that :)20:33
charlie-tcaandresmh: you can also install screen-shooter to the panel and use it to capture a full screen or window20:46
andresmhi'll check it out20:47
andresmhfor some reason the keys to increase/decrease work but they do not show the indicator in the center of the screen that shows up in gnome20:48
andresmhon the other hand the brightness one works the same as in gnome20:48
charlie-tcaI don't think Xubuntu uses the same apps for it that gnome uses20:49
andresmhi see20:49
andresmhit's interesting that the brightness shows the same though20:50
andresmhon "Sessions and Startup" I am seeing that I have "Launch Gnome services on startup"20:58
andresmhwhat does that mean and can i disable it?20:58
andresmhwhat gnome services am i running?20:58
charlie-tcaNow I don't know that one.21:00
andresmhi'll post it in the xubuntu forums21:03
jynksHi guys.... How can I sent a terminal command to auto run each time i boot the system?23:08
vinnljynks, Applications->Settings->Settings Manager, then choose Autostarted Applications23:08
vinnl(That will run it once you login though)23:08
jynksvinnl: Thanks!23:09
jynksDo i need to add a new one for each command or can i like load a "batch" file with a command on each line?23:10
vinnlYou can add a shell script, I suppose23:10
tangentcollisionshell script23:10
tangentcollisionbatch file, psh23:10
jynksyea ye a I am new first ever install :)23:10
tangentcollisionsilly windows switch over23:10
tangentcollisionyou'll learn23:10
tangentcollisionit's okay ;)23:11
jynkswat is the ext of a shell script?23:11
vinnlNone needed, but .sh is common practice I believe23:12
jynkscool thanks.. so just a new command on each line? in plain text .sh placed anywhere on Hdrive?23:12
vinnlI thought so, yeah23:15
jynksok thanks.... as a reward (in case you havn't seen) here is a joke I found while searching for info on hwo to get this install working23:15
vinnlIf not, you might need to separate the commands with a semi-colon (I don't really do this often :P)23:15
vinnlYay, reward! :P23:15
vinnlYay, xkcd!23:16
vinnlAh, yeah I know that23:16
jynksthough you would heh23:16
jynkswell its all new to me.. but thanks man23:16
jynkssee ya23:18

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