JontheEchidnaapachelogger: https://bugs.kde.org/show_bug.cgi?id=17393200:05
ubottuKDE bug 173932 in general "crashes immediatly when fully loaded" [Crash,Resolved: fixed]00:05
JontheEchidnaand it's fixed for KDE 4.1.4. Bonus!00:05
nixternalhey, anyone know where the "clean" font comes from in KDE 4? I cannot find out where it gets installed from00:07
* JontheEchidna doesn't see it00:11
nixternalinteresting...it is coming in from somewhere and I cannot find the damn thing on my machine00:12
seelehow do you schedule meetings on the fridge?00:18
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Riddellseele: tell nixternal to add them01:01
seeleRiddell: ok01:06
seelenixternal: ^^ add the kubuntu meeting to fridge :P01:06
seeleso quiet tonight.. you'd think it was the weekend01:06
neversfeldeI would like to package ksshaskpass, but it is in debian exprimental01:06
neversfeldesync isnt possible anymore01:07
Riddellneversfelde: why not?01:07
neversfeldecan I do an ubuntu package?01:07
Riddellneversfelde: well why isn't a sync possible?01:07
neversfeldeRiddell: I thought there is a freeze?01:08
Riddellno, you can still request syncs01:08
Riddellfile a bug asking and subscribe ubuntu-archive01:08
neversfeldeah, so I shoul request a sync in launchpad01:08
neversfeldeok, thanks for info, will do it01:10
vorianneversfelde: do you have ubuntu-dev-tools installed?01:12
neversfeldein a jaunty chroot01:12
nixternalseele: adding it now01:13
nixternalseele: date and time UTC please01:13
seelejan 28 22UTC01:16
seelenixternal: thanks01:16
nixternalbah, can't do it on a weekend huh01:18
vorianneversfelde: sorry :/01:19
voriangot pulled away01:19
vorianneversfelde: use 'requestsync ksshaskpass 0.5.1-1 -n'01:20
neversfeldevorian: mhh01:20
neversfeldewill try it01:20
vorianit automates the sync request for you01:20
neversfeldeYou should be able to create a valid file by logging into Launchpad with Firefox.01:22
neversfeldeYou should be able to create a valid file by logging into Launchpad with Firefox.01:22
neversfeldeYou should be able to create a valid file by logging into Launchpad with Firefox.01:22
voriando you have your bashrc edited with your identification?01:22
neversfeldelaunchpad iidentification?01:23
vorianthe sync request will send an email to launchpad with your information01:24
vorianin you bashrc, you can add a couple of lines like:01:24
neversfeldethere is DEBFULLNAME and DEBEMAIL01:25
neversfelderight for launchpad?01:26
vorianare you logged into launchpad right now?01:27
nixternalhey, someone decided at the fridge to use fucking google cal so i followed their dumb ass rules and it has it set for the fuckin' 29th01:29
vorianneversfelde: i don't know then01:29
vorianyou'll have to file it the old fasion way01:29
nixternalso I had to create a damn google calendar now...insane01:30
voriannixternal: blame boredandblogging01:30
voriani think :P01:30
nixternalno, I will not blame it all on him01:30
nixternalI HATE GOOGLE!!!01:30
neversfeldevorian: no problem, I will look into that issue tomorrow01:30
neversfeldebtw why is there no kubuntu.org twitter and identi.ca user?01:31
neversfeldethe feed should be posted there01:31
vorianryanakca: ^01:32
voriani dunno01:32
neversfeldeI could register it01:32
neversfeldeand twitterfeed will post it there01:33
nixternalalrighty seele: the meeting is up01:33
nixternalfrom now on damnit, any of you can add a meeting01:34
neversfelderyanakca: ping^01:36
seelenixternal: cool01:37
neversfeldekubuntu-de.org is on twitter01:46
neversfeldekubuntu.org should do the same01:46
neversfeldeah of course01:49
astrommeidenti.ca, yay =)01:50
* astromme is on http://identi.ca/astromme01:50
neversfeldeastromme: use choqoK :)01:52
astrommeneversfelde: I use KDE::Twitter plasmoid which supports identi.ca finally01:52
neversfeldechoqoK supports it too01:52
neversfeldegreat app01:53
astrommeneversfelde: Yeah, I'm sure it does =). It's a great app, I agree, but I'd prefer to have a simple plasmoid. I don't need more.01:53
ryanakcaneversfelde: *shrug*... perhaps because I don't use either... but if you want to sign us up, feel free :)01:59
neversfeldeI'll do01:59
LaserJockI don't like having a twitter plasmoid02:01
neversfelderyanakca: where is kubunut.org rss feed?02:07
ryanakcaneversfelde: http://www.kubuntu.org/news/feed02:09
neversfelderyanakca: got it02:09
* ryanakca scratches his head and wonders why klash only installs /usr/share/doc/klash/{changelog.Debian.gz,changelog.gz,copyright}02:11
neversfeldeso follow us on identi.ca02:13
astrommeLaserJock: Why not?02:14
astrommeneversfelde: Why not identi.ca/kubuntu?02:15
astrommeneversfelde: it's free02:15
LaserJockastromme: because when I'm showing my boss something I don't need the latest twitter junk on my desktop :-)02:16
neversfeldeastromme: youre right02:16
LaserJockif I can put it away and then bring it up it'd be nice02:16
neversfeldeand changed02:16
LaserJockbut it's just in your face02:16
neversfeldetwiiter is down02:21
neversfeldeastromme: changed back to kubuntuorg, cauce kubuntu is already used in twitter02:22
astrommeneversfelde: Oh... ok. You don't just want to do identi.ca?02:24
neversfeldeastromme: we should use twitter, its closed source but popular02:24
neversfeldeidenti.ca of course too02:25
astrommeneversfelde: meh, sure it's popular.... but if people always use both nobody has an incentive to move to identi.ca02:25
neversfeldeastromme: mhh02:25
neversfeldeit is a generald discussion02:26
astrommetrue, true02:27
neversfeldeI asked a twitter admin02:32
* ScottK doesn't consider identi.ca particulalry free, you can't actually modify their software unless you want to be a software distributor.03:03
* ScottK gets some headache medicine in preparation for diving into kdebluetooth.03:05
ScottKToo much headache, so no bluetooth tonight.03:32
LaserJockJontheEchidna: any ideas on bug #316256?03:39
ubottuLaunchpad bug 316256 in kdeedu "parley crashes after multi-choice quiz" [Undecided,Incomplete] https://launchpad.net/bugs/31625603:39
rgreeningapachelogger: ping04:22
nixternalhrmm, how come opera hasn't switched to qt4 yet? opera is by far the best web browser out there I think...it is so fast!04:32
* ScottK considers nixternal's addiction to proprietary software confirmed.04:37
nixternalfirefox sucks, konqueror sucks...what is left?04:37
nhandlerlinks2 ;)04:37
nhandlerAnd Internet Explorer/Safari/Chrome04:38
ScottKFF3 I like the best since FF1.04:38
rgreeninggopher is da bomb04:43
ScottKnhandler: Since Safari also uses khtml, it's suckage aligns pretty well with Konquerors.04:48
astrommeHonestly I'm happy with Konqueror...06:03
astrommeThere are a couple of sites that don't work perfectly06:03
astrommeBut most things work well06:03
astrommeAnd interestingly the things that seem not to work perfectly (gmail, digg) I use desktop apps for (KMail, Akregator)06:04
LaserJockScottK: still up?06:24
jussi01hrm, anyone else having the logout button in lancelot or the shutdown plasmoid just log them straight out and not ask to shut down , restart or logout?07:05
NCommanderScottK, what was that plasmoid you wanted met o looka t?09:48
NCommanderapachelogger, ping09:48
a|weng'evening everyone09:57
* a|wen has finally got over the whole christmas / moving to another country part and found some decent internet ... so apologizes for being MIA lately09:58
Riddellwhich country did you move to a|wen?09:59
a|wenRiddell: thailand09:59
a|wen(or at least temporarily for the next half year)09:59
Riddellgosh, not worried about coups?10:01
a|wenonly a little, they have a history for many coups, but not violent ones ... but was a little worried when they closed the airport10:03
* a|wen was thinking about upgrading our version of kdesvn; new upstream bugfix release avaible ... any interest?10:07
a|wenRiddell: ^^10:09
Riddella|wen: go for it10:13
mrvanesRiddell: Did you recompile and package kopete yesterday?10:14
Riddelldunno, let's see what launchpad says10:15
Riddell4:4.1.96-0ubuntu3 seems to be compiled10:16
mrvanesWell.. there was an update and it now has wlm again... only, I can't login?10:16
mrvaneswith wlm that is...10:16
mrvanesI guess it's compiled agains libmsn now (yay!) but it doesn't seem to do much?10:16
mrvaneshave you tested it?10:17
mrvanesor should I file bug?10:17
Riddellworks for me10:18
mrvanesHmmm... :(10:18
Riddellwhat happens when you try and log in?10:18
mrvanes(that's what happens)10:19
mrvanesAnd then no connection10:19
mrvanesI'm quite sure the username/pwd are correct cause I can login in ms live site10:19
mrvanesamd64 btw10:19
Riddellhmm, I can't test amd6410:23
Riddellanyone else able to test MSN/WLM in kopete jaunty on amd64?10:23
mrvanesI'll try to launch kopete from console to see if I get a bit more info10:26
mrvanesNot much of value10:27
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mrvanesWhen I quit I get a notice: Cannot connect with the instant messaging server or peers and a button "more..." that doesn't do anything :(10:30
RiddellI think we just need to wait until someone else can test it on amd6410:42
Tonio_ScottK uploading kdebluetooth in a moment11:15
Tonio_ScottK did you look at the package ?11:15
Tonio_Riddell: what about plasmoid-network-manager ? should I upload and ask people to test ?11:15
Tonio_Riddell: it'll not conflict with the current one, so... I'd go for an upload even if it won't work for some people11:15
RiddellTonio_: go for it11:23
alleeKubuntu/Meetings lists Sat,  Jan 28.    Is it the 28th or Saturday?11:25
Tonio_Riddell: oki :)11:25
Riddellallee: it's Wednesday 28th, see topic11:26
Riddellallee: please edit11:26
alleeRiddell: ok11:26
Tonio_Riddell: kpackagekit ftbfs, while working in a local pbuilder.... checking what the problem is11:27
Tonio_Riddell: problem at configure.... strange...11:27
RiddellTonio_: they failed to compile yesterday because libpackagekit-qt2 didn't contain any files11:28
Tonio_Riddell: mv libpackagekit-qt0.install libpackagekit-qt2.install11:29
Tonio_Riddell: you can kick me...11:29
Tonio_I'm too tired actually to think about everything when working...11:29
Riddellretrying kpackagekit now11:30
Tonio_Riddell: does it need reupload or can you restart the build ?11:31
RiddellI've restarted it11:32
Tonio_Riddell: great...11:32
Tonio_can't wait to be finished with the appartment :) I've been sleeping by 3 am to wake up at 6h30 for 10 days at least...11:33
Tonio_Riddell: plasmoid-network-manager should be in NEW11:34
cbrhmm.. kopete got rebuilt with libmsn support, right11:38
cbrthe bastard wont connect for me though11:38
Tonio_Riddell: when you want to test kpackagekit, take care at setting the permissions with policykit-kde in the first place11:38
Tonio_Riddell: there is no desktop file for the binary doing this, but you should see it in systemsettings, or use polkit-kde-authorization binary11:38
mrvanescbr: ru on amd64 perhaps?11:40
mrvanesgood, so it's not isolated to amd64 ;)11:41
mrvanesRiddell says works for him, it doesn't for me but I'm on amd6411:42
cbri say it to connect.. and that's it11:42
cbrnothing happens at all11:42
mrvanesexactly... same here11:42
* smarter has working msn support with Kopete for quiet some times now11:42
smarteron 64bits11:42
mrvanesso what are we doing wrong?11:43
cbrokay, tried removing kopeterc but all that did was that i lost my conf11:47
Tonio_hum I can't connect to kde svn right now... connection refused11:51
cbralso i have my contact list full of (disconnected) empty contacts11:51
cbrthose used to be msn contacts previously11:51
cbrwhat should i do with 'em11:51
Tonio_Riddell: you're gonna kill me.....11:55
Tonio_Riddell: there is a problem with kpackagekit in the deps... it should depend on policykit-kde | policykit-gnome, and not kpackagekit-kde | kpackagekit-gnome...11:55
Tonio_Riddell: fixing and reuploading...11:55
Tm_TTonio_: =)11:58
Tonio_Tm_T: not concentrated enough ^^12:00
Tm_Tkpackagekit-gnome is nice dependency =)12:01
Tonio_haha :)12:02
Tonio_Tm_T: I'm doing lots of little errors like these atm.... I'm lacking sleep, I think...12:02
Tm_TTonio_: I know the feeling12:02
NightroseTonio_: anonsvn is down12:03
Tm_TTonio_: wifes mother was babysitting last night so we could sleep at once12:03
Tm_TNightrose: indeed it is12:03
Tonio_Nightrose: I know, well I discovered it :) hope it'll not be too long :)12:03
Tm_TNightrose: Tonio_: anonsvn is down and host master is notified, we are waiting the fix12:03
Tonio_Tm_T: oki ;)12:03
Nightrosehehe yea - but the one responsible for it is having a good time in jamaica :P12:04
Nightroseso don't expect it to get fixed too soon12:04
Tonio_Nightrose: :)12:04
Tm_TNightrose: exactly12:04
Tonio_Riddell: I can't seem to connect to MSN with your kopete upload.... can be msn issue, I'll let you know12:17
RiddellTonio_: run kbuildsycoca4 ?12:18
Tonio_lemme test12:18
Tonio_hum does seem to fix...12:19
Tonio_Riddell: amsn connects me...12:21
Tonio_Riddell: is your upload identical to the package I tested yesterday ?12:22
RiddellTonio_: should be yes12:22
Tm_TTonio_: glad we don't share libraries with amsn (;)12:23
Tonio_Riddell: hum, even removing the account doesn't help....12:23
Tonio_Riddell: what about you, does it work ?12:23
RiddellI think so12:24
Tonio_hum... weird...12:24
Tm_TI so want this ... http://www2.smarttech.com/NR/rdonlyres/2131D4ED-4B73-4AFD-8C0F-E1B5D40619C2/0/SpecSheetSB660i3v7.pdf12:25
RiddellTonio_: you presumably have /usr/lib/kde4/kopete_wlm.so ?12:27
Tonio_I do12:28
Tm_TTonio_: ok, so, how it doesn't work?12:28
Tonio_hum kdebase-workspace ftbfs on lpia.... worked in a pbuilder, sounds bad12:28
Tonio_Tm_T: it stays on "connecting" status forever12:28
Tm_TTonio_: ah, and you use wlm plugin and not old msn plugin?12:29
Tm_TTonio_: can you get some debug output from it?12:29
Tm_TTonio_: install kdenetwork-dbg and run then kopete from konsole12:29
Tonio_putting a bad password ends up with an error message, so the server is reached12:29
Tonio_Tm_T: yup12:29
Tm_TTonio_: let's see what you get12:30
Tonio_Tm_T: that won't output anything interesting :) nothing more in fact12:35
Tm_Twhat's the last bit?12:35
Tm_Taka to what it halts?12:35
Tonio_Tm_T: http://pastebin.ubuntu.com/107303/12:36
Tonio_I get nothing else in the output12:36
Tonio_and nothing outputs when I set it to connect12:36
Tonio_and kdenetwork-dbg is installed12:37
Tonio_Tm_T: do I miss something ?12:37
Tm_TTonio_: I have no idea...12:37
Tm_TTonio_: are youre kdenetwork and kdenetwork-dbg in same version?12:37
Tm_Tso that doesn't explain it12:38
Tonio_Tm_T: well I don't have kdenetwork package installed, since that's a metapackage12:38
Tonio_but my kopete and kdenetwork-dbg are the same version12:39
Tm_TTonio_: yeah but you got the point I believe (:)12:39
Tm_TNightrose: can you slap ade?12:39
Nightrosei can try12:39
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Nightroseok he is not up yet but Orville will tell him when he sees him12:41
Tm_TNightrose: thanks a million, hugs for you all there12:41
* Nightrose is not there! :(12:42
Nightrosesitting in cold and wet germany12:42
Nightrosei just have a few of the guys on my jabber list ;-)12:42
Tm_TNightrose: well you are there as much as I am12:42
Tm_TNightrose: and come here if you feel wet and cold12:43
a|wenTonio_: what about installing libmsn0.1-dbg ?12:43
Tm_TNightrose: I'm waiting -40 °C weathers here12:43
Tm_Ta|wen: ah, good point, son12:43
a|wenthx Tm_T :)12:43
Tm_TNightrose: I hate these 0..-5 weathers and barely snow at all, boooring12:44
Tm_T1 meter snow it should be <312:44
Nightrosesun and 30°C it should be12:45
Nightroseand water12:45
Nightroselots of it12:45
a|wenNightrose: that's how it is here :)12:45
Nightroselike in...12:45
Nightrosea|wen: heeh where are you?12:45
a|wenNightrose: bangkok, thailand12:45
* Nightrose demands a teleporter12:46
* a|wen will talk to the physics department about getting that :P12:46
a|wenhehe, np ... maybe they could beam a better internet connection through it too12:49
Tm_Tbetter? what's wrong with current one?12:50
Tonio_a|wen: testing this :)12:50
a|wenTm_T: a bit "shaky" at times ... and 15 times slower than what i am used to12:51
Tonio_a|wen: no debug messages...12:51
Tm_Ta|wen: heh, I have reasonable connection here12:51
Tm_TTonio_: that kinda sucks12:51
Tonio_a|wen: I don't know how to get the output in fact12:51
Tm_TTonio_: try http method if it's available?12:51
Tonio_Tm_T: well I can strace, ;)12:51
Tonio_Tm_T: there's no option for that...12:52
Tonio_Tm_T: I'm also missing kopete tabs, to be honnest12:52
Tm_TTonio_: errr, what?12:52
a|wenTonio_: yeah ... that's the problem about having it not crash but just don't work12:52
Tonio_a|wen: am I crazy or did thy remove that ?12:53
Tm_TTonio_: remove what?12:53
Tonio_the tabs....12:53
a|wenTonio_: they are disabled by default now ... you can enable them in the options12:53
Tm_Toh right, some people might have defaults (:12:53
Tonio_a|wen: where ? I'll fix kds to enable that by default... but I can't find the option graphically12:53
a|wenbehaviour > chat > grouping12:54
Tonio_a|wen: isn't that grouping the consecutive messages ?12:54
a|wenTonio_: it is grouping by window12:55
a|wenaka tabs :)12:55
Tonio_ah cool12:55
Tonio_a|wen: I'll enable the tabs by default then :)12:56
Tm_TTonio_: thanks <312:56
a|wenTonio_: :)12:57
Tonio_the setting should be in "chat window", that's bad12:57
a|wenTonio_: would make more sense to me also12:57
Tonio_got it, let's fix kubuntu-default-settings :)12:59
a|wenwould be +1 from me :)13:00
Tonio_a|wen: kubuntu-default-settings building :)13:07
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Tonio_NCommander: kdebase-workspace ftbfs... I built it successfully yesterday...13:17
Tonio_NCommander: http://launchpadlibrarian.net/21472200/buildlog_ubuntu-jaunty-i386.kdebase-workspace_4%3A4.1.96-0ubuntu4_FAILEDTOBUILD.txt.gz13:18
Tonio_NCommander: the build issue has nothing to do with my changes (just a patch on sources for solid...)13:18
Tonio_NCommander: any idea what's can go wrong ? anything to do with your changes ?13:18
Tonio_the wird thing is that it built yesterday for me in pbuilder13:18
NCommanderIt did for me too13:19
Tonio_NCommander: don't know...13:19
Tonio_the ubuntu4 ?13:19
NCommanderSomething going wrong13:19
Tonio_yeah that's weird..... I have the debs in my pbuilder/result.... I don't see the point since the issue is with debian/rules at some points...13:19
Tonio_NCommander: retesting the build locally....13:23
* apachelogger pokes JontheEchidna13:24
JontheEchidnaapachelogger: pong13:24
NCommanderTonio_, I'm somewhat busy today, so if you could look into it, I'd greatly apperiate it13:24
Tonio_NCommander: sure will do13:25
Tonio_dh_install -pkdebase-workspace-data --sourcedir=debian/tmp13:25
Tonio_cp: cannot stat `debian/tmp//usr/share/doc/kde4/HTML/en/kcontrol/autostart/common': No such file or directory13:25
Tonio_doesn't make sense to me....13:25
apacheloggerJontheEchidna: http://aplg.kollide.net/screencasts/about-kubuntu-1.ogv13:25
Tonio_Riddell: any change in kdelibs or patch we may know that changes the docs at some points ?13:25
apacheloggerTonio_: list13:26
JontheEchidnaapachelogger: I'll take a look after I add some info to a KDE bug13:26
* apachelogger changed the global documentation path13:26
apacheloggerJontheEchidna: now!!!13:26
Tonio_apachelogger: AH !!!!!!!!!!13:26
Tonio_apachelogger: what would be the correct path then ?13:26
Tonio_oki.... we may have lots of changes to do in kde packages then :)13:27
Tonio_apachelogger: did you fix the bzr debian folder according to this ?13:27
Tonio_for all packages I mean13:27
apacheloggerscheduled for 4.2.013:27
apacheloggerwhich will arrive for packaging soonish13:27
Tonio_apachelogger: I'll do it for kdebase-workspace if you don't mind, ScottK needs my kdebluetooth, which needs kdebase-workspace to be built...13:28
* apachelogger actually thinks that embedding a video instead of the logo makes much more sense13:28
apacheloggerwith a video you can communicate emotion and stuff13:28
apacheloggerthe logo is just that, a logo13:29
Tonio_apachelogger: don't mind me doing the changes ?13:29
apacheloggerTonio_: fine with me ... less work for whoever udates workspace ;-)13:29
apacheloggervorian: what do you think about my about kubuntu dialog?13:30
apacheloggermaybe we should just talk about my screencasts folder at our talk ... loads of weird stuff in there :D13:30
=== jjesse_ is now known as jjesse
apacheloggerJontheEchidna: btw, suggestions about application launcher branding?13:32
* apachelogger is not sure how to get the kubuntu logo there13:33
JontheEchidnaaparently fedora does it, maybe we could spy on them13:33
jjessewhy would we want to change it?  isn't that part of us being a "kde" distro is we keep some of the branding?13:34
apacheloggerwell, the technical part is easy enough13:34
apacheloggerjust change it to use start-here-kde-kubuntu and ship -kubuntu along kds13:34
Tonio_apachelogger: commited the changes to bzr... testing the build locally and waiting13:34
apacheloggerJontheEchidna: the what artwork would we be using part is more difficult13:35
Tonio_ScottK kdebase-workspace discarded a bit due to some changes I wasn't aware of ;) you may get the kdebluetooth commited toonight :)13:35
apacheloggerour plain logo clashes with the blue plasma panel theme13:35
apacheloggerI added a darkish shadow, but that doesn't improve it at alot13:35
apacheloggerand from my point of view the approach vorian pasted some time ago ... combining the KDE logo with ours ... is bad due to branding clashes and confused users13:36
JontheEchidnayeah, you have a point13:37
apacheloggerwe could use air as default theme though ;-)13:37
apacheloggerthat is what I used in the screencast13:37
apacheloggerIMHO the logo looks decent with that coloring13:37
JontheEchidnayeah, air rocks13:37
apacheloggerJontheEchidna: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Kubuntu/WOTM14:02
* a|wen doesn't like when people goes around renaming library names14:05
apacheloggera|wen: who would do such a thing?14:05
a|wenthe kdesvn developer ... libsvnqt renamed to libsvnqt4 some time back; and is now renamed back again14:06
Riddellapachelogger: http://kubuntu.org/~jriddell/tmp/mysql-dfsg-5.1_5.1.30-2ubuntu4.debdiff14:09
Riddell--datadir=/usr/share/mysql-5.1  is mildly inelegant but I think better than mucking around with autofoo14:09
apacheloggerwell, it moves aclocal also to that sub directory, wouldn't cause problems?14:10
* apachelogger didn't go ahead with datadir because of this14:10
Riddellapachelogger: what's aclocal for?14:10
Riddellseems to be an empty directory14:11
apacheloggerRiddell: related to autohell I think14:11
=== davmor2-lunch is now known as davmor2
apachelogger...maybe it would be enough to move the aclocal stuff manually14:12
Riddellwhat aclocal stuff?  it's an empty directory14:12
apacheloggerwasn't for me14:13
apacheloggerRiddell: I'll look into it, thanks so far :)14:13
Riddellamarok needs a recompile against but works fine after14:13
apachelogger-rw-r--r-- root/root      4183 2009-01-15 22:21 ./usr/share/mysql-5.1/aclocal/mysql.m414:13
apacheloggerRiddell: I suppose creating a link to usr/share/aclocal should be enough14:16
Riddellmm, well spotted14:20
* Riddell adds a mysql-server-data-5.1.links file14:20
apacheloggerRiddell: I can do that14:23
apacheloggerI have to add some amarok-mysql replaces anyway14:24
apacheloggerRiddell: btw, shouldn't it be arch all?14:24
Riddellquite right, http://kubuntu.org/~jriddell/tmp/mysql-dfsg-5.1_5.1.30-2ubuntu4.debdiff updated14:26
Riddellnobody seems to have complained about my mysql 5.0 change so I think I'll just upload that14:26
JontheEchidnaapachelogger: KDE 4.1.4 is the last 4.1 series release, correct?14:30
JontheEchidnak, cool14:30
Riddellbetter be :)14:30
JontheEchidnahehe, just need to know for conflicts/replace purposes14:30
Riddellso guys, what are my 10 pet bugs for jaunty?14:30
apacheloggerJontheEchidna will know14:31
JontheEchidnaI only ever saw the system-config-printer-kde one14:32
* apachelogger wishes one could do direct queries to the bug database14:32
apacheloggerJontheEchidna: well, something everyone whines about about never gets fixed14:32
apacheloggerhttp cleaner14:32
JontheEchidnaoh, so he's wanting suggestions, not giving a pop quiz14:32
apacheloggeror whatever that thing is that constantly pops up on gnome desktops and makes them crazy14:32
RiddellJontheEchidna: yes, looking for suggestions14:33
a|wenkdesvn update ready: http://awen.dk/packages/kdesvn/ <-- if anybody has time to have a look :)14:33
JontheEchidnaRiddell: does it have to be anywhere in particular in the stack?14:33
Riddelldoes anyone else fine that on login a resumed konqueror sessions always displays the bookmarks toolbar?14:33
RiddellJontheEchidna: well KDE/Kubuntu related would make sense14:34
ScottKNCommander: The plasmoid in question (that FTBFS on arm) was plasmoid-toggle-compositing.14:34
JontheEchidnabecause there's a really annoying driver bug that drives my dad crazy with KDE414:34
RiddellJontheEchidna: I think the idea is I'd try and fix them14:34
JontheEchidnaoh, heh14:34
RiddellI'm unlikely to fix drivers14:34
ScottKa|wen: Welcome back and yes, I think a kdesvn update is a great idea.14:34
JontheEchidnayeah, that's what I thought14:34
apacheloggerif drivers were written in ruby14:35
JontheEchidnahe just turned composting off in xorg.conf since he's a codger who doesn't like desktop effects anyway14:35
apacheloggerthey would be dead slow but easy to fix :P14:35
a|wenthx ScottK ... it is ready for you to look at (sponsor) if you want14:35
ScottKTonio_: I did not get to look at bluetooth last night.  I had a really bad headache instead.14:35
ScottKa|wen: Perhaps I'll look at it in a bit.14:35
jussi01I asked this morning, but no one was about. can anyone confirm this behavoiur in the RC1 for me?14:36
jussi01[09:05:25] <jussi01> hrm, anyone else having the logout button in lancelot or the shutdown plasmoid just log them straight out and not ask to shut down , restart or logout?14:36
a|wenScottK: cool thx14:36
Riddelljussi01: I think that happens when ksmserver crashes14:37
jussi01Riddell: ahh14:37
ScottKRiddell: How about ark can't open a tar.gz inside a ar archive (bugs me because I used to use ark to inspect .deb contents) <- Top bug input.14:40
ScottKBugs the heck out of me, but probably no one else.14:40
ScottKDunno if it's already fixed in 4.2.14:40
* vorian would like kde to detect my iphone14:42
RiddellScottK: didn't ark upstream hang around here for a bit for us to poke?14:42
ScottKRiddell: That was metellius or some similar.  Not here now.14:43
a|wenScottK: seems to be fixed in 4.214:43
ScottKa|wen: Excellent.  Thanks.14:43
* ScottK considers to upgrade to 4.2 right after the 4.1.4 SRU gets accepted.14:43
a|wenbut would be nice if you could right-click + open-with on a file in ark ... that bugs the heck out of me14:45
Riddellplasma config knowledge dudes, is anyone able to add the power plasmoid to our default setup?14:45
apacheloggerwe _need_ to drop stuff from the panel14:46
apacheloggerit is getting super crowded14:46
ScottKBut that power one replaces guidance, so it doesn't make it worse.14:47
apacheloggerwith power manager and network ma14:47
apacheloggernager it uses half my screen14:47
apacheloggerScottK: it does, plasmoids are bigger than systray icons14:47
RiddellI do hope these applets can go back into the system tray for 4.314:47
ScottKapachelogger: Right.  OK, a little.14:47
* apachelogger thinks we could drop trash and show-dashboard14:48
apachelogger+ add rules for hidding systray icons14:49
vorian+1 on dropping show-dashboard14:49
ScottK+1 here too.14:49
ScottKTrash I think you either have to have it in the tray or on the 'desktop'.14:50
ScottKIt's best where it is.14:50
Riddellcan't say I've ever used the wastebin and I'm not even convinced non-geeks use it either14:50
apacheloggertrash management is part of file management, file management is done by dolphin14:50
apacheloggerand that certainly got a nice visible link to the trash14:51
astrommeI'd say it's not necessary14:51
astrommeDolphin has a trash icon right there14:51
astrommeAnd we don't use trash for say.... remvoing devices or unmounting disk images (a la another os out there)14:51
RiddellScottK: rationale?14:51
ScottKWindows and MacOS both have it.  It's something people expect.  Having it not there would be something 'missing' to new users.  I think making it easy to have it go away and never come back is great for people that don't want it.14:52
=== a|wen changed the topic of #kubuntu-devel to: Welcome to #kubuntu-devel | Next Kubuntu Meeting: Wednesday 28 January 2009 22:00UTC | Alpha-3 Released | Specs! http://wiki.kubuntu.org/KubuntuJauntySpecs
* ScottK confesses to use it when hard drive space gets tight (and is almost never in Dolphin when it comes up)14:53
ScottKRiddell: ^^14:54
apacheloggerwell, lets move it to desktop14:54
apacheloggerwe have lots of space there ;-)14:54
a|weni'm with scottk on the trash14:54
ScottKTrue, but I don't think we want to break the clean desktop.14:54
jussi01top left corner... apachelogger :P14:55
apacheloggerScottK: we don't have a clean desktop14:55
Riddellwe already do with folderview and notes applet14:55
apacheloggerwe have folderview + notes on it14:55
Riddelland cashew14:55
ScottKTrue, but the fact that it's already slightly polluted doesn't recommend more, IMO.14:55
vorian<3 the cashew14:55
Riddellalthough I don't see what use it is on the desktop since it would hardly be visible with the way I work14:55
* apachelogger would rather kick notes from the desktop than keep trash in the panel14:55
ScottKMake the hplip thing go away.14:55
jussi01hate the cashew14:55
* a|wen notes that hiding systray icons is in kde4.214:56
vorian+1 on kicking notes!14:56
apacheloggerRiddell: not everyone hides his desktops underneath windows ;-)14:56
apacheloggerScottK: that only is active you have a hp machine I think14:56
JontheEchidnayeah, notes should go14:56
ScottKNevermind then (I do have one).14:56
* apachelogger doesn't have it and still finds the panel too crowded14:56
apacheloggerJontheEchidna: we never got that translated anyway, did we?14:57
ScottKWithout the Show Desktop widget I would never see mine.14:57
Riddellthe HP thing is annoying and should go away, printer-applet should work for everyone and we don't want manufacturer branding else you end up with a Windows style mess14:57
JontheEchidnaapachelogger: nope, which is why it should go :P14:57
a|wenRiddell: auto-hide the HP-thing as default?14:57
* vorian suggest quicklaunch and power only14:57
apacheloggera|wen: more like kick it off the CD14:57
Riddella|wen: or just not install it?14:57
rgreeningapachelogger: I can't seem to get batbuild runing. I get a Ruby error...14:57
JontheEchidnathe two things I remove from the systray immediately are kwalletmanager and korganizer14:57
apacheloggerit uses pyqt314:57
a|wenan even better solution :)14:57
apacheloggerwhich pulls in pyqt3 + qt3 which both ought to be dropped14:57
apacheloggerJontheEchidna: autohiding14:58
ScottKSince it's easy to hide stuff and adding stuff is not so easily discoverable, I think leaving more there and letting people remove what they don't want is the way to go.14:58
rgreeningapachelogger: /usr/lib/ruby/1.8/kreadwriteconfig.rb:60:in `read': undefined local variable or method `file' for #<KConfig:0xb7da22f0 @file="--file14:58
apacheloggerScottK: crowded desktop gives bad reviews14:58
apacheloggerrgreening: uhhh, latest b0rkage :D14:59
rgreeningapachelogger: fix?14:59
ScottKapachelogger: If we cared about reviews we wouldn't be picking vapourware like kpackagekit.14:59
JontheEchidnaactually we got bad reviews for not using kpackagekit last time around where Fedora was15:00
apacheloggerPushed up to revision 57.15:00
apacheloggerrgreening: try with that revision15:00
* apachelogger didn't push for quite some time15:00
JontheEchidnamostly because of the problems with adept I'd assume but...15:00
ScottKJontheEchidna: Does it work?15:00
apacheloggerdude, we had a package manager in intrepid that barely worked :P15:00
JontheEchidnaI don't know, my dad doesn't use it. He uses yum15:01
JontheEchidnahe hates GUI package managers15:01
ScottKapachelogger: Agreed.15:01
ScottKapachelogger: AFAICT thought kpackagekit works less.15:01
apacheloggerworked quite nice on intrepid, even though that was a pretty old snapshot15:02
a|wenJontheEchidna: me too ... except aptitude (if that can be called gui)15:02
JontheEchidnaheh, ncurses guis ftw15:02
a|wenheh :)15:02
ScottKapachelogger: I think that the lack of conffile handling is a fatal flaw.  I know others feel different.15:03
JontheEchidnaRiddell: oh, uh, I have one! bug 28926415:05
ubottuLaunchpad bug 289264 in update-notifier-kde "Memory leak in update-notifier-kde" [Undecided,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/28926415:05
rgreeningapachelogger: ok. will try again...15:07
RiddellJontheEchidna: got it thanks15:22
apacheloggerScottK: I find not-updating cache and a search that doesn't return results most of the time worse, at least from a user perspective15:28
apacheloggerNCommander: are you going to coordinate 4.2.0 or not?15:28
ScottKapachelogger: I agree those are significant.  I didn't know about those.15:28
NCommanderapachelogger, I apologize, I have too much on my plate to do it.15:29
apacheloggerNCommander: ok15:30
* apachelogger should go to bad early today, so he can do loads of reviews :D15:30
apacheloggerJontheEchidna: I guess we should poke the edubuntu people with bug 28665515:34
ubottuLaunchpad bug 286655 in kdeedu "KTouch doesn't have a Spanish or Latinamerican keymap" [Wishlist,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/28665515:34
apacheloggerRiddell: I think I'm done with mysql, I'll testbuild once I am home and poke zul if all goes well15:36
apachelogger=> train15:36
rgreeningapachelogger: that seems to have fixed things15:51
RiddellLaunchpad Bug Tracking on in #ubuntu-classroom16:02
ScottKseele: New quassel in my PPA.  You can log out of KDE now.16:03
wesley_Is there already a bug reported about fsck failing to check a ext4 ?16:11
RiddellI've no idea16:11
wesley_Because i saw that error ive put all my file systems in Linux to ext416:11
Riddellwe do KDE16:11
wesley_isnt that cool, a system, with many fours16:12
wesley_I will just report it, Riddell your going to fossdem ?16:12
Riddellwesley_: yes should be16:13
Riddellseele: Washington looks busy16:13
seeleRiddell: indeed it does :)16:13
wesley_Maby i going to Fossdem16:13
ScottKLooks quiet out my window and that's as close as I'm likely to get.16:14
wesley_The kde talks look intresseting, ive working kde 4.2 rc again16:14
seeleRiddell: they said the mall can hold 2.1 million people and they closed entry to it 2 hours ago16:14
wesley_oh yeah the monkey president is going be killed16:15
seelewesley_: reh?16:15
wesley_You talking about the monkey from usa ? Rare specie16:15
seeleuh.. wtf you talking about son?16:16
wesley_the new monkey kind of usa16:16
wesley_they have evolved to the next level16:16
rgreeningyeah, that seems a tad rude/racist (unless I am misundersanding)16:16
ScottKwesley_: If you want to insult people, find another place to do it.16:17
jjesse_agreed i think you should leave if you want to talk like that16:17
wesley_talking about a monkey isnt racisme, as far as i know, but they told on the news they disovered a new kind off monkey in the usa16:17
Riddellwesley_: stop this now16:18
wesley_Really it was on the dutch news16:18
wesley_Oh i should be making a bug report16:19
wesley_The number one bug is funny16:19
wesley_I really don´t get why ubuntu will not just coperate with Windows, thats better for Linux16:22
Riddellwesley_: stay on topic16:23
rgreeningtry ubuntu-chat or something please wesley_16:23
wesley_whats the topic then ??16:24
rgreeningwesley_: kubuntu development16:25
ubottuLaunchpad bug 319222 in libmsn "kopete cannot connect to msn using libmsn 4.0 b3" [Undecided,Confirmed]16:25
cbrthis is le truth16:25
cbrit works with the beta116:25
wesley_What does Kubuntu development, involved? kde ? kde errors ? bugs ?16:26
rgreeningwesley_: if oyu have to ask, you are probably in the wrong channel. Try #kubuntu or #ubuntu-chat or #kde-cafe for your chats.16:27
wesley_http://paste.ubuntu.com:80/107358/  heres something to devel16:27
rgreeningwesley_: feel free to file a bug report via launchpad and it will get investigated16:28
wesley_that doesnt happing for kde related stuff, thats not important, kde will handle that16:28
seelekde relies on distros to send them bugs because not everyone realises kde is a separate thing than what they install as their os16:30
wesley_I realise that, and i realise that sometimes its distro related16:30
seeleso submit a bug and we'll be sure to take care of it16:31
wesley_i have summited the ext4 bug16:31
wesley_theres not more to sumit16:31
wesley_good work on providing libmsn16:36
Tonio_apachelogger: right fixing the doc path fixes the build :)16:36
Tonio_ScottK: re-uploading kdebase-workspace, and then kdebluetooth, sorry for the delay...16:37
rgreeningTonio_: greetz16:38
rgreeningTonio_: tried the knetwrok plasmoid. no go with wep. picks up the networks but fails to connect16:38
* ScottK pauses to consider if no WEP is a bug or a feature (since it's trivially crackable, it gives, IMO, a false sense of security).16:44
wesley_Wep is better then what my neghbor has ( nothing )16:56
wesley_Is kubuntu going use the kde4 network interface ?16:57
wesley_Cool, can we test it already ?16:57
seeleif you are running development.  you probably dont want to run jaunty alpha-3 if you need your computer for work16:58
wesley_i am running jaunty16:58
apacheloggernono... you probably dont want to run jaunty alpha-3 if you have a non-intel card and need your computer for work16:59
wesley_ive intel16:59
rgreeningI love my intel :)16:59
wesley_a intel atom 33016:59
wesley_I love both my computers16:59
wesley_an celeron and a atom16:59
wesley_I think wlan having is qiute handy, because cables break sometimes17:00
wesley_i have broken the cables, they just pop out sometimes, the locking part is broken17:01
apacheloggermakes more sense now :D17:01
wesley_so when i move with notebook, plop cable out it and discconented17:01
apacheloggerwesley_: I am quite sure there are special plugs for the notebook usecase17:02
smarterstrangest argument about using wifi I've ever heard17:02
apacheloggerthe default ones were never designed for that really17:02
apacheloggersmarter: pretty lame one then :P17:02
wesley_its the cable, a lan cable locks normally, but not when you break the lock part17:02
apacheloggerjust think of it ... star trek teaches us: wifi is no good17:03
apacheloggerno-one is using it17:03
wesley_wifi is faster here, then vable XD17:03
rgreeningand networking is bad as either the Romulans or the Borg will infect and take over shipwide systems.17:03
rgreeningwe should all go back to using an abacus17:04
rgreeningand slide rule17:04
wesley_I really see some hackers tryiong to break in to some networks in normall living17:04
apacheloggerrgreening: borg will only access all your data17:04
apacheloggerso will romulans17:04
apacheloggerromulans are like vampires17:04
apacheloggerjust that they appear to be attracted to information17:04
* rgreening is reading Star Trek Destiny trilogy. mmm.. Borg....17:05
wesley_I watch Demons17:05
apacheloggerback in the days when I was borg17:05
apacheloggerhold on17:05
apacheloggerI shouldn't tell you that17:05
* apachelogger hides in the bunker17:05
wesley_Anyway i bought me wlan usb stick from peak, never heard off it but on box standed, osx,linux,windows, windows17:06
wesley_was 20 euro17:07
wesley_not much, it was a local ict shop, they don´t make that much profit on that stuff17:07
apacheloggerthat is what they want you to belive17:08
apacheloggerproduction of such a stick is probably ~5 cents17:08
wesley_you going tell me they make that much profit on one selled usb stick?17:08
apacheloggermaybe 2 € shipping17:08
wesley_They sell maby days nothing, and provides more service, ict stores arent running from selling hardware17:09
wesley_they run because Windows is bugged, and needs to be fixed17:10
wesley_I mean who pays 100 euro for ubuntu ?17:11
apacheloggerI wouldn't their bug triagers always close my bugs as wontfix :P17:11
wesley_Lol, what do you report? I reported they should just copy ksnapshot17:12
wesley_How was that store called whats selling osx with its pc´s ?17:13
wesley_They ask 90 euro or $ if you want ubuntu on your pc17:15
Tm_Tdoes any of you encounter issues with gpg-agent?17:19
ScottKTm_T: Does your gpg.conf have use-agent in it?17:31
Tm_TScottK: ...crap17:33
Tm_TScottK: you know what? seahorse have overwritten it, to contain, well, nothing17:33
ScottKThat'll do it.17:34
apacheloggerTm_T: that is what you get for using seahorse!17:34
Tm_TI never had used it17:34
apacheloggeryah yah17:34
apacheloggerTm_T: that is what you get for using gnome software that starts seahorse in background17:34
Tm_TI wonder what it was17:34
Tm_TScottK: so, what there should be then?17:35
apacheloggerTm_T: btw, did you see my awesome about-kubuntu dialog? :D17:35
Tm_Tapachelogger: sorry, no, not yet17:35
apacheloggeroh my wallpaper!17:35
ScottKThe simplest way to make sure you get it right is make a new user, do something gpg'ish with that user (so the file gets generated) and then copy it over.17:35
apacheloggerTm_T: http://aplg.kollide.net/screencasts/about-kubuntu-1.ogv17:35
ScottKTm_T: ^^17:35
ScottKThat or there's some magic you can do to regenerate from the .skel file, but I don't remember it.17:36
apacheloggerI think you can just copy the plain example file17:37
apacheloggershould be what you get anyway17:37
ScottKIs it?  Our .skel is not identicaly to upstream's.17:37
apacheloggerTm_T: ^17:39
apacheloggersomeone broke kate17:41
apacheloggerpossibly me17:41
* apachelogger very weird b0rkage17:41
apacheloggerlanguage engine as well17:41
ScottKRight.  That's the one that gets used when you use it for the first time, so copy it over ...17:41
ScottKapachelogger: You should give yourself a stern talking to.17:42
apacheloggerScottK: a what? Oo17:43
ScottKapachelogger: Remindyourself about not breaking stuff like Kate.17:43
apacheloggerwas not even intentional17:43
apacheloggermight have been a side effect of my kdelibs fiddling earlier17:43
apacheloggernow kate can only copy and cut, but not paste17:44
apacheloggerScottK: any progress on ubuntuwire accounts for us?17:45
* ScottK will ask again.17:46
Tm_Tapachelogger: thanks sir17:52
Tm_Talso, how I create socket file?17:52
apacheloggerNightrose: are you running trunk kde?17:58
apacheloggeranyone running kde trunk in here?17:59
apacheloggerkde rev 90835917:59
ubottuhttp://websvn.kde.org/trunk/?rev=908359&view=rev | svn://anonsvn.kde.org/home/kde/trunk -r 90835917:59
apacheloggersmells like backport anyway17:59
Nightroseapachelogger: you probably can find someone in #kde-devel17:59
ScottKIsn't that commit in 4.2?18:01
apacheloggerScottK: that was just after branching I think18:09
apachelogger4.2 was string frozen at that time so I doubt it is in 4.2 ;-)18:10
* ScottK starts to wonder how long his internets will last with no eletricity.18:10
apacheloggerScottK: huh?18:10
Tonio_rgreening: hum, that's bad...18:11
Tonio_rgreening: I'll have to perform tests with different networks on my side...18:11
Tonio_rgreening: one interesting test would be to kill plasma and restart it from a console, so that you can see the logs of the plasma applet....18:12
Tonio_rgreening: I'd like to get an output :)18:12
Tonio_Riddell: kpackagekit is installable from universe :)18:13
Tonio_but as policykit-kde is a kded module, it has to be started manually, or kde restarted so that authentication works...18:14
ScottKapachelogger: Power outage here.18:14
ScottKBatteries holding on for now ...18:14
RiddellTonio_: awooga, does it work?18:15
SputScottK: inaugural stage drawing too much power?18:16
Sputbush pulling the plug before he left?18:16
Tonio_Riddell: I have to restart kde to let you know :) let's go18:16
ScottKCould be.18:17
Tonio_Riddell: hum, missing dependancy... kpackagekit doesn't depend on packagekit...18:21
Tonio_I thought depending on packagekit-backend-apt would suffice....18:22
Tonio_that's weird... packagekit deps are strange on that point18:22
Tonio_Riddell: yep, won't work... worked last week...18:22
Tonio_Riddell: looks like last policy-kde commit breaks things... I'll have a look soon on that point18:25
Tonio_Riddell: polkit-kde-authorization(5861) PkKPolkitClient::getAuth: Authentication error : org.freedesktop.DBus.GLib.UnmappedError.PolkitKdeManagerError.Code1 : Another client is already authenticating, please tryagain later.18:26
seeleScottK: can you record some of the concerns about kpackagekit on the meeting page so we remember to talk about them?18:26
Tonio_Riddell: I wonder if that's not dbus issue at some points...18:26
Tonio_Riddell: I'll try after a complete system reboot18:26
ScottKseele: When I have more electricity, sure.18:26
seeleoh right, heh18:27
rgreeningTonio_: I'll see about a log later tonight. I have no wireless here to test from at the moment.18:29
Tonio_Riddell: I installed packagekit package, rebooted and it works18:33
Tonio_Riddell: still weird to me that packagekit-backend-apt doesn't suffice, but I'll fix the deps...18:33
Tonio_Riddell: FYI, restarting d-bus didn't help for soem reason18:33
RiddellTonio_: we might want to add a postinst which calls /usr/share/update-notifier/notify-reboot-required then18:36
Tonio_Riddell: yep18:37
Tonio_Riddell: also, I can't manage to search for packages atm18:37
Tonio_Riddell: we may consider checking permissions set by default...18:37
Tonio_Riddell: seele had that problem previously...18:37
RiddellTonio_: run update-apt-xapian-index ?18:38
Tonio_Riddell: hum, looks like it keeps an "unknown state" when I manually refresh the packages...18:40
Tonio_Riddell: is packagekit using xapian ?18:41
Riddellpackagekit-backend-apt should be18:41
Tonio_Riddell: nope... won't change...18:43
rgreeningTonio_: I have the same issue. no packages. It did work at one point18:43
Tonio_Riddell: I'll test with the gnome tools, maybe the problem is backend side...18:43
Tonio_Riddell: the policykit-kde things works like a charm, that's the good point18:43
Tonio_Riddell: one thing I don't like with all those KCM + policykit + dbus backend -> it is EXTREMELY hard to figure out what happens when you have a problem18:44
glatzorTonio_, only if available18:48
glatzorTonio_, it only uses xapian if available18:50
glatzorTonio_, did you have any issues with the apt backend?18:50
Tonio_glatzor: currently testing with the gnome tools18:50
Tonio_failed to get a TID: Rejected send message, 1 matched rules; type="method_call", sender=":1.70" (uid=1000 pid=7093 comm="gpk-application ") interface="org.freedesktop.PackageKit.Transaction" member="SetLocale" error name="(unset)" requested_reply=0 destination="org.freedesktop.PackageKit" (uid=0 pid=6520 comm="/usr/sbin/packagekitd ")) (0)18:50
glatzorTonio_, i will role out new packages soon18:50
Tonio_doesn't work too, but is more talkative :)18:50
Tonio_glatzor: I suspect the issue is somehow backend side...18:50
glatzorTonio_, could be a problem of the new dbus send destination policy18:51
Tonio_glatzor: also is that normal that packagekit-backend-apt doesn't depend on libpackagekit8 ?18:51
Tonio_glatzor: that's strange for me :)18:51
glatzorTonio_, yes. otherwise we would get a circular dependency18:52
Tonio_Riddell: a conclusion for kpackagekit is that it should be a little more talkative whenever it comes to an issue :)18:52
Tonio_glatzor: okay so I'll fix my deps for kpackagekit then, thanks for the info18:52
Tonio_glatzor: I'll wait for your next packages and give you feedback18:52
glatzorTonio_, sorry. It doesn't depend on packagekit because of the circular dependency18:53
glatzorTonio_, the python backend is pure python code so there is no need for libpackagekit18:53
glatzorTonio_, have you looked at my kpackagekit package?18:53
Tonio_glatzor: nope, anything special, like patches I may know about ?18:54
apacheloggerRiddell: http://aplg.kollide.net/images/osiris/snapshot014.png do we want that backported? ... there is a fairly good chance it will never get translated in rosetta18:54
glatzorTonio_, no.18:56
Tonio_glatzor: I'll have a look and will compare18:57
Tonio_glatzor: I've just fixed the deps, kpackagekit now depends on packagekit directly instead of the backend18:57
glatzorTonio_, right. this is the correct way18:58
Tonio_glatzor: also I've added a little patch so that kpackagekit-smart-icon autostarts18:58
Tonio_glatzor: I don't know why it's not by default... any idea on that point ?18:58
Tonio_glatzor: oh, the code changed and the binary is now started by the backend.... let's remove that patch then...18:59
Tonio_I should have grep the code when 0.3 was released...19:01
Riddellapachelogger: that's new in 4.2?19:07
ScottKRiddell: Are you archive-admin today?19:08
Tonio_Riddell, glatzor: I can confirm that gpk-application fails to perform package update too, so the problem may not be the kpackagekit side...19:09
Tonio_Riddell: we'll have to wait a bit for tests...19:09
smarterTonio_: you might want to have a look at: https://lists.ubuntu.com/archives/ubuntu-devel/2009-January/027220.html19:10
Tonio_smarter: yeah that's what glatzor was telling me about... that's probably the cause...19:10
RiddellScottK: yep19:12
ScottKRiddell: I'd appreciate it if you'd do the backport on Bug 318345 as it fixes a security issue.19:13
ubottuLaunchpad bug 318345 in gutsy-backports "Please backport dkim-milter 2.8.1.dfsg-0ubuntu1 to Intrepid/Hardy/Gutsy" [Medium,In progress] https://launchpad.net/bugs/31834519:13
Tonio_smarter: but it's not a permissions issue, even giving my user explicit permissions ends up d-bus errors...19:13
ScottKSpeaking of which....19:13
* ScottK wonders how vorian is doing on the security update I gave him the other day...19:14
apacheloggerneon ppa got signed pacakges now19:15
ScottKapachelogger: Now figure out how to install your key locally so apt believes in it.  So far I'm full of fail.19:16
Riddellsigned with a launchpad ppa key surely?19:18
ScottKRight, but so far I didn't manage to install they key.19:18
Tonio_ScottK just uploaded kdebluetooth.... package builds and it works with the patched kdebase-workspace...19:22
apacheloggerpub   1024R/0F7992B0 2009-01-1919:22
apacheloggeruid                  Launchpad PPA for Project Neon19:22
ScottKTonio_: Thanks.19:22
* apachelogger adds neon to sources.list19:22
a|wenScottK: you need to click throug till you get the full public key; copy from "-----BEGIN PGP PUBLIC KEY BLOCK-----" to "-----END PGP PUBLIC KEY BLOCK-----" both these lines should be included into a local file19:22
Tonio_ScottK fyi, you already have the package I uploaded, there's no change in it19:22
a|wenScottK: then do apt-key add on the file19:22
ScottKapt-key seems confused here about where to put it.19:23
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ScottKI'll try and sort it out later.19:23
Tonio_Riddell: and fyi, as you requested yesterday, I enabled the tabs for kopete by default :)19:23
ScottKTonio_: Thanks.19:23
a|wenScottK: that sounds a bit odd19:23
apacheloggerScottK: works just fine here19:24
ScottKgpg: no writable keyring found: eof19:24
seelehey guys.. on the 4.1.4 upgrade announcement all of the screenshots say dapper19:24
ScottKI'll fiddle with it laterr then.19:24
seeleand the deb source listed in the help documentation says dapper19:24
apacheloggervery weird19:24
RiddellTonio_: gosh I never requested it, I've no idea what it even looks like19:24
apacheloggerseele: the where the what the when?19:25
Tonio_Riddell: hu ?19:25
seeleoh jeez.. it lists all previous releases.. heh sorry19:25
seelei scrolled to the end of the page to see what the final steps were and they are all dapper instructions19:26
apacheloggerseele: ah, thx for mentioning it19:26
* apachelogger wanted to tell claydoh about that19:26
Tonio_Riddell: you complained kopete shouldn't use several windows :)19:26
Riddellseele: URL?19:26
apacheloggerI don't even see a reason why we would list $previous on the main wiki page19:26
apacheloggerRiddell: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Repositories/Kubuntu19:26
apacheloggershould all be moved to subpages19:27
seele4.1.4 is third-party?19:27
Riddellsecond party :)19:27
Tonio_Riddell: <Riddell>  kopete is a mess of windows, it should learn to use tabs19:27
Tonio_Riddell: <Tonio_>   Riddell: kde3 kopete had tabs by default within kds19:28
* apachelogger doesn't think tabbing is a good idea for kopete19:28
RiddellTonio_: yes I know but I havn't looked at the tabs at all19:28
apacheloggerit disturbs the instantness19:28
RiddellI've no idea if it's better or not19:28
Tonio_apachelogger: bah it was discussed a lot for kde3, and we got those...19:28
apacheloggerTonio_, Riddell: meeting item19:28
Tonio_apachelogger: our users are used to them19:28
apacheloggerTonio_: the enviornment changed19:28
Tonio_hum... true19:29
Tonio_on the other side, I don't see the difference with kopete and any other IM...19:29
Tonio_all those have tabs by default except msn afaik :)19:29
apacheloggergoogle talk doesn't either19:29
Tonio_apachelogger: but I'm okay to renegociate this :)19:29
apacheloggerthena gain google talk got nice plugging19:29
Tonio_apachelogger: and people don't use it :)19:29
apacheloggerTonio_: well, talking about google talk means talking about 4 official clients ;-)19:30
Tonio_apachelogger: most people don't use google talk... I was refering to YM, AIM, and so on19:30
apacheloggerwell, just because everyone else does it, doesn't mean it makes sense19:30
apacheloggereveryone else stuffs loads of crap on the desktop :P19:30
* apachelogger fixed neon \\o/19:31
apacheloggernow with all new qt-copy patch love :D19:31
Riddellapachelogger: meeting?19:32
Riddelloh, read wrong19:32
Tonio_apachelogger: we'll discuss this item then :)19:32
apacheloggerRiddell: you are going to package koffice for krushday?19:33
rgreeningTonio_: any chance on the network manager plasmoid beng in a PPA?19:33
Tonio_rgreening: it is in the archives :)19:33
rgreeningu uploaded19:33
Tonio_rgreening: well it is in NEW at least19:33
Tonio_rgreening: waiting for Riddell to have a look :)19:34
rgreeningTonio_: ok. I was wondering if a newer snapshot might fix my wep issues19:34
apacheloggernothing new there :P19:34
Tonio_[ubuntu/jaunty] plasmoid-network-manager 0.0+svn913406-0ubuntu1 (New)19:34
apacheloggerrgreening: sebas is busy eating19:34
Tonio_Riddell: don't you see it ?19:34
* apachelogger still thinks campKDE is about eating19:34
* apachelogger continues his never ending bad mood with waiting for mysql to finish testbuilding19:36
vorianScottK: i went back to work sunday, and have been a little busy19:40
ScottKvorian: Understand.19:40
voriani was planning on finishing it tonight19:41
Tonio_rgreening: according to the svn log, the only fixed are graphical layout fixes...19:46
Tonio_rgreening: unfortunatelly I can't svn up right now, as the svn rejects me :)19:46
Tonio_rgreening: as it worked with my wpa2/psk, I didn't check all the different things... I'll have a look at wep and standard wpa on friday19:47
jussi01apachelogger: is qt 4.5 in neon?19:49
mrvanesRiddel: kopete+msn is fixed now! ;)19:53
LureRiddell: any suggestion how to address bug 319230 (with your archive admin hat)?19:56
ubottuError: Could not parse data returned by Launchpad: The read operation timed out (https://launchpad.net/bugs/319230/+text)19:56
Sputapachelogger: it's about swimming too20:00
rgreeningRiddell: any benefit to building qt4-x11-4.5.0-beta1 in prep for 4.5.0?20:02
apacheloggerSput: and drinking I suppose20:08
apacheloggerand blogging it seems20:08
apacheloggerbut that is about it :P20:08
seelehas anyone else had weirdness with 4.1.4's konsole?20:27
ScottKWhat kind of weirdness?20:29
apacheloggerRiddell: it appears to me datadir breaks stuff20:30
apacheloggerlist missing sez: -./usr/sql-bench/limits/msql.cfg20:30
apacheloggerthat should actually be in share/mysql/20:30
apacheloggerat least it was in 5.020:30
seeleScottK: the scrollbar is on the left side, the font is wrong, when i list, the text isn't lined up, i can't screen -r20:31
apacheloggerand usr/sql-bench is certainly not very FHSy20:31
seelethere is a weird space between the _ and my terminal cursor20:31
ScottKseele: No.20:31
ScottKWFM here.20:31
ScottKExcept the screen bit I'd have noticed all those.20:31
smarterseems to work here too20:32
smarterbut yakuake is better anyway :p20:32
seeleargh.. this is a fresh install + upgrade!20:32
smarterhmm, didn't see the 4.1.4 bit, I'm on 4.2rc1, sorry20:32
smarterI'll try to reproduce what you see on my dad computer which should be on 4.1.4 tomorrow20:33
ScottKsmarter: In -proposed?20:33
ScottK4.1.3 is in -updates20:33
smarter4.1.4 is in -proposed atm?20:34
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seelewhat akonadi backend is used in 4.2 rc1?20:49
apacheloggerseele: akonadi backend?20:50
apacheloggerthere is only mysql really :P20:50
seelehum.. this pim dev says there should be config files in .kde/share/config/akonadi_*20:53
apacheloggerseele: are there not?20:53
apacheloggerbtw, I am in #kontact anyway20:53
seeleoh, heh20:54
seeleso uh.. downgrading is not recommended21:16
=== _neversfelde is now known as neversfelde
RiddellLure: just don't ship that plugin, remove it from the .orig21:34
RiddellLure: is that code in KDE SVN?21:34
LureRiddell: yes, and Gilles says it is OK (will forward you the e-mail)21:35
Riddellmm, that's really not in line with KDE's licence policy21:35
LureRiddell: he has talke with Aaron and Achim21:37
LureRiddell: see my e-mail21:38
LureRiddell: do you know which part of license is not in line with free license requirements. The only one I can see would be Termination21:38
smarter!file cycle.h21:38
ubottuSorry, I don't know anything about file cycle.h21:38
Lurebut even that one is pretty vague (only for breach of license, which should not be an issue I suppose)21:39
Riddell"You may not modify the Documentation." that's not a great start21:40
Riddell"This Agreement is governed by the statutes and laws of the State of California" that's not very free21:43
ScottKRiddell: Probably OK for Ubuntu since we accept GFDL with invariant sections as OK.21:46
RiddellScottK: where do we accept invariant sections?21:47
ScottKRiddell: Dunno.  IIRC I've been told the one place we deviate from Debian on licensing policy is we take stuff with GFDL invariant sections In Main/Universe and they condem them to non-free.21:48
ScottKIt could be I'm totally wrong about that.21:48
* ScottK notes this stuff could be better documented.21:48
Riddellwe differ in other places, notably CC licences21:49
Riddellyes, it should be documented, maybe I'll get that started at the distro team sprint21:50
* ScottK would appreciate it. It's all folklore currently.21:50
RiddellLure: so, not sure about the strict location requirement, so long as there's no documentation included it's OK but now I'm grumpy that he didn't check with kde-licencing21:51
LureRiddell: should we discuss this with kde-licensing? I can talk with gilles, even though he is sure it was taken care of...21:53
RiddellLure: no I'll just check that the location clause is OK (it may well not be) and if it is I'll put a copy of the licence into SVN with a grumpy commit message21:54
LureRiddell: ok, RC tar's will be prepared tommorow morning, so it will be included21:55
LureRiddell: I will then take care of the packages and followup with whatever ubuntu's decision would be (keep it or break to two packages)21:55
RiddellLure: ok, it's fine21:58
LureRiddell: interesting is also this: http://www.adobe.com/products/dng/license.html21:59
LureRiddell: this is supposed to be only about DNG specification, but there are patents involved21:59
ScottKRiddell: I hate to be a pest (but not so much I won't do it), but I'd really appreciate getting Bug #318345 done due to a security issue it fixes.22:00
ubottuLaunchpad bug 318345 in gutsy-backports "Please backport dkim-milter 2.8.1.dfsg-0ubuntu1 to Intrepid/Hardy/Gutsy" [Medium,In progress] https://launchpad.net/bugs/31834522:00
LureRiddell: not sure if this should be also included22:00
RiddellScottK: I can't imagine you ever being a pest :)22:01
LureRiddell: end of licence claims: "For licensing information on the DNG File Format Specification, which is not included in the DNG SDK, please visit: http://www.adobe.com/products/dng/license.html."22:01
LureRiddell: so I suppose this does not apply to DNG SDK22:02
RiddellLure: indeed not that's just the docs which we don't have22:02
LureRiddell: but only to other implementations under DNG spec22:02
LureRiddell: can you also add comment to the Ubuntu bug?22:03
RiddellLure: yeah22:04
LureRiddell: thanks!22:04
RiddellScottK: done22:25
ScottKRiddell: Thans.22:25
ScottKThanks even22:25
* ScottK jogs seele's elbow so maybe she remembers to get the big splash screen stuff for quassel done.22:29
* jussi01 huggles seele so she remembers the work on quassel is really appreciated22:32
* Sput gives seele a large cookie jar so she has something to munch on22:32
* apachelogger buys seele an executive jet, so she can get the huggles and cookies for real .... and can go to akademy :P22:45

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