semistud2354_which i hate to say...WAS THE SAME PROBLEM WITH WINDOWS00:00
EtFbDidn't test that.  Hang on, just trying The Artist Formerly Known As Hibernate... which is taking a lot longer, as you'd expect with a RAM disk!  Hang on... how does that work?  Bugger, I suspect it may be the Wrong Thing to even try...00:01
Dr_willisive had way to many problems with Hibernate/suspend - i dont even try it in any OS any more00:01
jpedrozaalonea: Not sure00:02
EtFbYes, that was rather silly.  Running a Live CD, so naturally Suspend to Disk is a bit useless...  At least it didn't kill my hard disk... I think...00:02
Dr_willisin theory it would suspend to the Swap partition..  - i think :)00:02
aloneaDr_willis: hey do you know where I could hardcode the width of the plasma bar? it doesn't do it right on my friends computer and has to resize it on every login00:02
EtFbDr_willis: What version were you running when you last had trouble?00:02
ubottuWireless documentation can be found at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/WifiDocs00:03
Dr_willisalonea,  not really.00:03
aloneaDr_willis: was worth a shot to ask00:03
jpedrozaalonea: Has he tried locking the panel?00:03
Dr_willisEtFb,  ive had issues with hibernate/suspend in every machine ive ever had with every os ive ever had.. :) the only one it seems to work decently well on.. is my Acer Aspire one and XP :)00:03
EtFbDr_willis: I felt like I was in a Greg Egan novel for a second (an obscure reference?  Substitute "in The Matrix" if it helps.)00:03
jpedrozaRight click->Lock Widgets00:03
aloneajpedroza: i tried locking it last night with no luck00:03
Dr_willisEtFb,  and then theissue is that sure the OS resumes.. but a lot of the apps HATE it when they get resumed.00:03
PSiL0so, my wireless connection (router: WRT54GL [tomato firmware]) has been working fine for about two months, suddenly two days ago, the connection dropped from knetwork00:04
PSiL0any attempt reconnect was in vain00:04
aloneajpedroza: it just went back to its small width with no plasma icon to the right.00:04
PSiL0the only way to reconnect is to restart my laptop00:04
PSiL0anyone had similar issues?00:04
EtFbDr_willis: I used to get weird behaviour with my wifi card refusing to wake up, so I had to reboot (no idea how else to restart it), but not often.  Maybe one in fifty suspend/resumes at most.00:04
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aloneaPSiL0: i think I did a lonnnnng time ago on kubuntu...6? but not here.00:05
Dr_willisi rarely use wirelesss. so most of my issues wwere with non-wirless stuff :)00:05
PSiL0alonea: using 08.1000:05
aloneaPSiL0: but I think I might be confusing that with if I did not plug in my ethernet cable before startup...not internets for me00:05
jpedrozaJontheEchidna: Ohhhhhhhh, new desktop picture!00:06
jpedrozaJontheEchidna: Me likey the new look. Well done you!00:07
aloneaPSiL0: yup. we installed it last night. now I kinda know whats causing it and it has to do with vmware. to get resolution to work,  you have to set res to 1024x768, the login screen is smaller, but when he logs in, linux sets res to proper 1200x800. only thing that seems to not size correctly is the stupid bar on the bottom.00:07
JontheEchidnajpedroza: I'd thank the awesome KDE dudes for that there. :-)00:07
jpedrozaWell, it is really slick, except that the buttons on the task manager are still grey00:08
jpedrozamight be an issue with NVIDIA driver00:09
aloneaPSiL0: if you set the res in vmware tools to 1200x800...you get super super TINY fonts and everything has shrunk dramatically...00:09
Edgarhello, I already have kde4 in ubuntu, how can I upgrade to 4.1.x?00:11
aloneawell, I will try again later...00:11
aloneaEdgar: you not on intrepid?00:11
aloneaEdgar: er nm00:11
PSiL0alonea: hmm, my concern was with knetworkmanager dropping my wifi signal and being unable to reconnect to my router00:12
Edgarubuntu 8.0400:12
aloneaPSiL0: my bad! wrong person. soooooo not here. gonna go away now...00:12
aloneaEdgar: upgrade to intrepid.00:12
PSiL0alonea: lol... that's okay00:12
PSiL0hope the person that was intended to was helped it00:13
Edgarwhy can't I keep my ubuntu 8.04?00:14
JontheEchidnathere are KDE 4.1 packages for hardy00:14
JontheEchidnagive me a bit and I'll find installation instructions00:15
JontheEchidnaEdgar: http://www.kubuntu.org/news/kde-4.1.200:15
Frederickfolks which program can I use to record voice in linux?00:15
sven_oostenbrinkIm trying to do an apt-get upgrade with a kde4.2 beta repo added.. Im getting various 404 errors on .deb files.. is there anything known about this?00:17
Dr_willisserers could be down .00:18
Stathis`καλημερααα, τι κανετε;00:25
Stathis`hey all00:25
Stathis`how are you?00:25
Stathis`are you alive??00:27
snarksterevening... when i mount my G1 phone dolphin crashes when trying to open it.. Im downloading the dbg files now to produce a a full error report.. Is this a known issue?00:29
* Stathis` if a hacker can not see my ports and my OS am i safe? i am mad becouse i want a good firewall, antivirus and a way to hide my OS from traces???00:31
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wesleywhat would you guys do if you loved one ignores all your emails?00:34
bazhangwesley, discuss elsewhere please00:35
wesley#kubuntu-offtopic if you want to talk with me00:36
snarksterdolphin crashes anyone got anyhting to say about it?00:37
wesleyhappens sometimes00:38
snarkstereverytime i try to access my G1 it crashes.00:49
snarksternautilus doesnt crash!00:50
emmacan kubuntu automount a luks encrypted usb drive?00:56
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uffowhat do yo guys think is kde 4.2 really usable now, kde 4.0 and 4.1 had not so feature rich and stable???01:10
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syockitSometimes during a boot, before the system mounts the root partition, it will do a disk check. How do I control this behavior?01:11
syockitKDE 4.0 was a mess. KDE 4.1 imo is good enough for production use01:12
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=== andreas__ is now known as andreas_
syockitI'm using 4.2, but not seeing any major differences apart from the new Activities01:13
FoxBlitzzEh, I'm not ready to use KDE4 until it stops acting sluggish01:14
Rudd-Ohey kde4 acts sluggish when there is no decent acceleration01:14
FoxBlitzzI did enable KWin's enhanced compositioning01:15
Cancil8.10 looks nice :)01:15
FoxBlitzzBut it still drew a lot of stuff in software01:15
FoxBlitzzSo it was still really slow01:15
syockitNever been on 3.5, so can't comment. Acceleration might be the thing.01:15
FoxBlitzzAnd FPS was nowhere near what Compiz could schieve01:15
FoxBlitzz3.5 is really fast. I really like it.01:15
uffo3.5 is ancient stuff, 4.x is future01:17
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FoxBlitzzDon't get me wrong, I'd like to use 4.x01:17
Stathis`Cancil:  very nice01:17
FoxBlitzzBut I hate how it's sluggish and eats up all my CPU.01:17
zicadait does ?01:17
FoxBlitzzI'm not using it until they fix those issues.01:17
zicadaits surprisingly fast on my box01:17
zicada4.2RC that is01:17
Cancilwould you recommend using a swap partition on a ssd?01:18
Cancilonly 512MB ram01:18
uffowhat do you people think is gnome if future or kde, i think kde just because of easyer and faster development speed and all structure is documented within kde4 and qt401:20
Canciluffo: depends on what you need01:21
Cancilfor desktop users, kde is pretty fine01:21
uffoi do not look war kde vs gnome but technical adwancment01:21
FoxBlitzzKDE4 is being developed surprisingly fast01:21
Canciluffo: id say it rather depends on your taste ;)01:22
FoxBlitzzCancil: I think he's referring to development01:23
Cancilok, in that case gnome is more conservative whereas kde has more new stuff :P01:24
Cancili wouldnt say theres no future in gnome developement01:24
uffois that true that gnome has harder to develop than kde4 because of C language, for example ubuntu uses lot of other programming languages to support GUI tools on desktop but kde4 is all same one system01:25
Cancili heard that qt was pretty fine to cope with01:26
FoxBlitzzI believe most of KDE's bundled applications are written in C++01:26
Cancilgtk uses a lot python01:26
RoastedTiresXsup guys01:26
Cancili dont think its bad :)01:26
RoastedTiresXI have an Ubuntu question even though I'm in the Kubuntu chat room (got banned, long story)... I can't get my microphone to work in 8.10 64 bit Ubuntu... anybody have any ideas of what I could try?01:26
Stathis`i have ubuntu and kubuntu together .... may i update kde new version at Kubuntu and how ??01:26
Stathis`in new KDE i mean in kubuntu01:27
uffoexample ubuntu has that note program written in mono and lot of other tools in python but all should be one like kde4 c++ and because i think kde may become very standard in future01:27
FoxBlitzzStathis`: You mean KDE3 to KDE4?01:27
Stathis`from 4.1.2 to 4.2.2 is new version01:28
Stathis`something like that01:29
FoxBlitzz4.2 has not officially released yet01:29
FoxBlitzzBut you can try the neon-nightly beta01:29
Stathis`there is e new now01:29
FoxBlitzzKDE 4.2 is in RC now, which means it's not quite the final release but very close01:30
Stathis`try www.kde.org01:30
Stathis`Latest Announcements01:30
Stathis`KDE 4.1.4 and 4.2 Release Candidate Available Now01:30
FoxBlitzzYes, I see01:30
Canciluffo: kde wont go standard that fast01:30
FoxBlitzzA release candidate is not the final release, but is very close to it01:31
Canciluffo: most people are looking for stable and conservative stuff01:31
FoxBlitzzYou may just want to wait a week until they have the official public release of 4.201:31
Stathis`FoxBlitzz:  and how i can update it ... i have kubuntu01:32
FoxBlitzzThe 27th is the official release date IIRC01:32
FoxBlitzzAgain, you can install the neon-nightly build if you want to, but it might be best to wait a week01:32
Stathis`the update is auto in kubuntu ?01:33
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FoxBlitzzYou must add this to your 3rd party software sources: deb http://ppa.launchpad.net/kubuntu-experimental/ubuntu intrepid main01:34
Stathis`iwill wait a litle01:35
syockitWhat's the status one GNOME 3 then?01:35
FoxBlitzzI haven't checked, but I assume they will make KDE 4.2 an automatic upgrade when it comes out01:35
FoxBlitzzBecause it's not like you'll lose settings or anything01:36
FoxBlitzzSomeone correct me on this?01:36
Cancilsyockit: nothing concrete yet01:36
uffois that network manager is in kubuntu 9.04 http://osnews.com/img/20758/1.png01:37
Canciluffo: this looks like kde 4.2^^01:38
Cancilif theres an automatic update youll get it on ibex too01:38
FoxBlitzzIs that meter to the left of the battery indicator the KSysGuard applet?01:38
syockituffo: Hey, I don't have anything like that! Maybe it's from a widget?01:40
uffoohh it wont be in 4.2 http://vizzzion.org/?blogentry=839 BUT 4.3 includes this and Kubuntu 9.10 should include it01:40
uffoso 9.10 must lost old network manager01:40
uffokde4 develops way faster than gnome, i am not programmer but i think because of c++ and full documentation and very good system infrastructure01:43
* Stathis` byezzzz01:45
pascalthere s someone ?01:46
Dr_willis286 total someones....01:47
astrommeuffo: Yes, that's a network manager that's in playground atm. It will NOT be in 4.2 but some distrobutions might put it into their 4.2 packages anyways01:47
Cancilc++ is normally slower to develop^01:47
astrommeCancil: not when compared to plain C01:47
Dr_willisI thought C++ was suppose to make it faster. :)01:48
Cancilpython is faster :)01:48
astrommeand when your options are KDE or Gnome (for complete desktop environments)... imho KDE with C++ wins out in eas of development01:48
emmadoes anyone happen to know if kubuntu can automount a luks encrypted usb drive?01:51
=== Raylz is now known as Cancil
Dr_willisemma,  if all else fails you could put a line in /etc/rc.local to mount it.. if you know th proper command02:01
Dr_willisbut you want it mounted as its plugged in?02:01
emmai want to be able to at least access it...02:02
Dr_willisif you knew the proper fstab entry for it . that would be best..02:08
Dr_willisor if you knew how to mount it manually from the command line that could work also02:08
Dr_willisIve no idea what a  ' luks encrypted' is :) ive neer used one02:08
RoastedTiresXI cant get my microphone working to save my life02:09
RoastedTiresXcan anybody help?02:09
AdolaDr_willis: Ah, yes!  Thanks for the help regarding fstab the otherday.02:10
AdolaI would suggest that GUI program you told me to use.  It worked for me!02:10
tweakedehIs it possable to take all my contacts out of kopete and put them in to knntact?02:12
elboneDoes anyone know where to choose the "look and feel" of kubuntu... where you can choose Unix,KDE,Mac or Microsoft ??02:14
draikI am trying to burn a CD. I am being told that there isn't enough space on the harddisk. My HDD has 35GB available and the CD is blank. What is happening? This is with both k3b and Brasero.02:14
astrommedraik: do you have a small / or /tmp?02:16
draikastromme: I shouldn't. Nothing has changed.02:17
elboneDoes anyone know where to choose the "look and feel" of kubuntu... where you can choose Unix,KDE,Mac or Microsoft ??02:17
Dr_willisdraik,  its making an Image of the cd on the hd first most likely.. you need a  600+mb free for that.02:17
draikDr_willis: I have 35GB free ;)02:17
Dr_willisdraik,  prove it :)  it may be mounted read only.. check mount command. see if you can make other files..02:18
draikDr_willis: df -h has 35GB free; using 90% of HDD. I am trying to burn an audio CD.02:19
wesleyi have started a new channel #kde-dating02:22
draikwesley: You want to start dating KDE?02:23
wesleyWould´nt that be cool kde dating02:24
wesleyive started the channel already02:24
* astromme chuckles02:24
wesleyNot like there are any girls there02:25
draikSo KDE is male?02:26
wesleymost off them ?02:27
draikDr_willis: astromme: Here is a pastebin to the Error Log from k3b: http://ubuntu.pastebin.com/d408f5cac02:27
elboneubuntu forums are back up02:28
=== loner is now known as Guest51724
astrommeDragnslcr: I don't see any errors in that =/02:28
neoTheCat_hello.  how do i turn off the screensaver in kde4 rc2?  i go to system settings, and it is off, but the screensaver still comes on.02:29
draikastromme: Yeah, me neither. :(02:30
astrommeneoTheCat_: Does the screensaver come up or is it just the screen turning off? You have to check power settings too.02:30
neoTheCat_nope, the screensaver.  asks for a password...02:31
bernhardok, my acer aspire one 110L runs now pretty well with kubuntu02:31
bernhardbut there are a lot graphic errors02:31
draikastromme: http://ubuntu.pastebin.com/m1f5016fa          That is the result from "df -h"02:34
astrommedraik: I don't see any problems. =/02:35
draikastromme: I removed (and purged) k3b, then reinstalled. Seems to work now. Go figure.02:35
astrommedraik: Glad it works. dunno what was wrong02:37
bernhardlook at the right lower corner http://s4b.directupload.net/images/090120/2vpabko8.png02:39
bernhardbtw aptitude is still recommended for updating right?02:40
Snoopy_Corleonehey guys i'm having some issues booting a gui with 8.1002:41
Snoopy_Corleonei get thrown to terminal with initramfs02:42
Snoopy_Corleonebut, any command i type seems to result in /bin/sh:*whatever command*:not found02:42
astrommeSnoopy_Corleone: if you're thrown to initramfs then it isn't mounting your root device. Make sure that the root drive is correct in grub02:44
Snoopy_Corleonehm... let me try something then02:44
elbonewrong box :D02:45
elboneDoes anyone know where to choose the "look and feel" of kubuntu... where you can choose Unix,KDE,Mac or Microsoft ??02:45
Snoopy_Corleonei forgot i was booting from optiical disk for a while02:46
CodeGuruelbone: go to  http://kde-look.org/02:46
Snoopy_Corleonelet me see if putting hard drive back as the first place to boot from would help >.<02:46
elboneCodeGure: I want to know where to choose the feel like double click selection/ highlight windows shade and whatnot02:47
Snoopy_Corleoneok how would i make sure root drive is correct in grub02:48
Dr_willisfrom the grub shell, you could use its find command to see where the root files needed are at.02:49
Dr_willisadding/removing hard drives causes the drives to 'reorder' theirselfs.. hd1 may becomd hd2 and so forth02:49
Snoopy_Corleoneah whats the command to local root files?02:50
Dr_willisgrub has  a 'find' command02:50
Dr_willisin the grub shell02:50
p_quarlesSnoopy_Corleone: I think you may have accidentally a verb02:50
Admiral_Chicagowhats the problem?02:51
Snoopy_Corleone*locate lol02:51
Dr_willisNote i am refering to the 'GRUB" command line shell.. not the bash shell02:51
p_quarlesSnoopy_Corleone: what files are you looking for?02:51
Dr_willissee the grub manual/docs :) since i gotta go to work02:51
ubottuGRUB is the default Ubuntu boot manager. Lost GRUB after installing Windows? See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/RestoreGrub - GRUB how-tos: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/GrubHowto02:51
Admiral_ChicagoSuper Grub Disk makes it very easy to repair an install02:52
Snoopy_Corleoneholy shit lot of stuff poped up fast02:52
Dr_willisfind /boot/grub/stage102:52
Dr_willisor find /grub/stage102:52
Snoopy_Corleoneit replies "no such file or directory"02:52
p_quarlesSnoopy_Corleone: you are in the grub shell, correct?02:55
p_quarleshmm -- find /boot/grub/stage1 is what I'm coming up with as well02:55
Snoopy_Corleonenot found02:56
p_quarlesokay, sounds like grub isn't installed in the mbr then02:56
p_quarlesso you would go with root (hd0,0) instead02:57
p_quarleschanging hd0,0 to the appropriate drive/partition02:57
bernhardi have to do a dist-upgrade after adding the sources for kde 4.2rc right?02:58
Admiral_Chicagobernhard: yea02:59
Snoopy_Corleonehow do i get to manual partition?03:01
elbonehow do i get kubuntu to behanve like unix03:01
p_quarlesSnoopy_Corleone: it's an option during installation; or run gparted from the live cd03:03
p_quarleselbone: what does that mean?03:03
Snoopy_Corleonethats the issue i never get there when i use the "install ubuntu" option03:04
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Snoopy_Corleonewhen i go to install ubuntu i get buffer, I/O error on device sr003:07
artur_Hi all. How to enable php_imap ?03:07
Snoopy_Corleonealong with a long number of errors03:07
artur_wrong place03:08
Snoopy_Corleonesquashfs erorr unable to read03:09
Snoopy_Corleoneend request: I/O error ect ect03:09
* Snoopy_Corleone sighs03:10
p_quarlesSnoopy_Corleone: have you tried, say, the Gparted live disk? super grub disk?03:13
=== DrUnKnMuNkY1 is now known as DrUnKnMuNkY
Snoopy_Corleonehow would i go about doing that?03:14
p_quarlesSnoopy_Corleone: find those disks, download them, burn them to CD, and boot :)03:16
Snoopy_Corleoneoh >.<03:16
p_quarlesthey are extremely useful utilities for system rescue, so it doesn't hurt to have them around anyway03:16
Snoopy_Corleoneworth a shot let me go grab some blank cds03:17
Admiral_ChicagoSuper Grub Disk is the one I use, very very useful03:17
Snoopy_Corleonedl an iso of it and burn?03:19
p_quarlespretty much03:19
Snoopy_Corleonehmmm if only I could do visual basic on linux >.<03:24
* p_quarles doesn't want a bootloader written in VB03:26
Snoopy_Corleonelol i don't want to write for linux in vb03:26
Snoopy_Corleonejust i have a vb class lol03:26
Admiral_Chicagonobody should ever have to03:26
BentFrankTrying to install Kubuntu.  I have an 8.10 disk.  I ran the disk check and it found errors in 52 files.  So, installing from am 8.04 disk.  Every time it gets to "Keyboard layout" and no matter what I select it never un-grays the Forward button.  Any idea?03:27
bernhardis there something equal to cheese in kde?03:27
jugheadI have a question about the k menu location and xrandr.  I am running kubuntu 8.04 Hardy and I have a TV connected through s-video.  it works great except the menu is on the TV and not on the laptop screen.  How can I edit where it goes?03:27
bernhardwebcam utility03:27
kysiragihey room03:30
=== NGL-TwYsTeD` is now known as NGL-TwYsTeD
Snoopy_Corleoneok burned sgd03:37
Snoopy_Corleoneinserted it and booted03:37
Snoopy_Corleoneso lets see what happens lol03:37
Snoopy_Corleonei put the sgd03:42
Snoopy_Corleoneit told me at the next screen remove disk and reboot03:42
Snoopy_Corleonetried that03:42
Snoopy_Corleonethen i tried just continously hitting a as instructed till i got to terminal03:42
Snoopy_Corleoneany suggestions where to go from here?03:42
zicadasay, how would i go about installing a i386 build of opera (with shared qt libs) on a x86_64 install of kubuntu ?03:45
SeMiIs anyone here not AFK?03:45
zicadamassive hassle with emulated env etc ? or simple with a few 32libs ?03:45
SeMiCan someone help me out?03:47
zicadawhats the issue mate ?03:47
SeMiI want to dual-boot Windows XP Professional and Kubuntu...03:47
SeMiI was wondering if someone can help me as per if my PC can handle it etc03:48
zicadathat basically works out of the box03:48
SeMiKubuntu does?03:48
zicadayeah, you basically just get an option to pick winxp on the grub bootloader03:48
zicadawhen you boot it03:48
SeMi:$ I'm a total noob when it comes to dual booting03:49
SeMiWhat is Grub?03:49
zicadathe linux bootloader03:49
SeMiOh ok03:49
zicadahave a quick google on it03:49
Snoopy_Corleonesgd seems unable to fix w/e error there is X.x03:52
RoeyRiddell:  heya Jonathan... I was wondering, will KDE 4.2 packages for Kubuntu be released coincidental to the official KDE 4.2 one?03:55
ubuntu_i have a problem with a root drive that is 99% full can anyone tell me how to delete something  with out loosing my root directory04:01
BentFrankInstalling Kubuntu 8.04.  Every time I get to Keyboard layout and click Forward, it does Scaning disks... and Detecting file systems..., then just stops doing anyhting.  It isn't frozen, it just stops installing.  I can cancel and restart the install but it alwasy stops there.  Any ideas?04:02
BentFrankubuntu_:  use the du command to find where the big files are that are filling it up04:03
ubuntu_i know which files i need to remove   but i cannot get at them04:03
BentFrankdisable any Recycle Bins you might have04:04
ubuntu_right now i am using live cd to communicate04:04
ubuntu_i did du  from a terminal  but i don't know if what i am seeing is from the live cd or my real hard drives04:05
Snoopy_Corleonehey guys how do i use super gnome to get ubuntu to install ? >.<04:06
BentFrankinstall on a fresh disk, boot off that, and mount the old disk as data04:06
ubuntu_is there a command that i can user to access my hard drives so that i can move some things?04:06
BentFrankI'm installing Kubuntu 8.04.  Every time I get to Keyboard layout and click Forward, it does Scanning disks... and Detecting file systems..., then just stops doing anything.  It isn't frozen, it just stops installing.  I can cancel and restart the install but it always stops there.  Where is a good bbs to post this on?04:10
BentFrankI downloaded 8.10 and checked teh md5 hash and it was good.  I burned it to a CD and on the install screen I did "Check disk for errors."  It found "Errors in 52 files".  I burned it at a slower rate than the burner was capable of, to have less errors.  Could that have created the errors?04:17
Snoopy_Corleonei have the worst luck with computers recently >.<;04:25
ResistolHi all, what version of Kubuntu / KDE do you think I should be using?  Is 8.10 ready to use?  And would KDE 4.2 work well with it?04:27
ResistolI noticed OpenSuse uses KDE 4.204:27
Snoopy_Corleonemaybe trying to boot 8.10 is why i'm having problems x.X04:28
ubottuHi! Welcome to #kubuntu!04:30
erossanyone else having mouse troubles, trying to grab the titlebar to move a window and it maximizes it instead of dragging it?04:30
NGL-TwYsTeDin my network settings my location is not saving so i can green check apply04:30
NGL-TwYsTeDfor my wifi04:30
NGL-TwYsTeDany suggestions?04:30
=== tweaked_ is now known as tweakedeh
=== snake is now known as albuntu
LabudI am having a problem  with a hardrive that is too full and now I can't delete or move files from it and my system is not working  can anyone help?04:58
xp-killeri went on a website then came back to google and ko,queror give me an error saying :05:02
xp-killerATTENTION! If your computer is struck by the spyware, you could suffer data loss, unusual  PC behaviour, PC freezes and crashes.Detect and remove viruses before they damage your computer!Antivirus 2009 will perform a 100% FREE and quick scan  of your PC for Viruses, Spyware and Adware.Do you want to install Antivirus 2009 to scan your computer for malware now? (Recommended)05:02
skreechohnoez! You betetr buy Antivirus05:02
xp-killersorry i didnt know it was that long to paste05:02
xp-killerskreech: yea it say that but im on linux i taught virus dont do linux nothing05:03
erossxp-killer, this is av2009 that pops up in XP and drives people crazy. Are you saying it's happening in linux?05:04
skreechxp-killer: It is lying. It would say that no matter what the status of your system is. They just want you to buy something05:05
xp-killerouf cause i got scared like hell cause i does only download with linux cause virus dont do nothing so i downloaded a lot of crap around 500 gigs of data and i dont want to loose none05:08
tweakedehWhere do I find the special characters?05:09
skreechxp-killer: Back up then :)05:09
xp-killeron xo i lost a lot of things because of virus and spywares05:09
skreechtweakedeh: kcharslelect ?05:09
skreechxp-killer: xp? Yeah that would happen05:09
xp-killerskreech: way u want me back up 500 gigs?:s05:10
xp-killernot on dvd's that going to take for ever05:10
xp-killerskreech: im going to wait till 2010 for the BD rom 400gig to come out then i will back up lol05:10
xp-killeron dvd it going take me forever05:11
tweakedehskreech: I don't have it and it's not in the Adept Installer....05:11
xp-killerto copy05:11
skreechkcharselect should be there05:12
tweakedehskreech: yep, I c/p what you had before. I guess you spelt it wrong, thanks05:13
Lo-sihi im running kubuntu 8.04 hardy and have win4lin, and i installed kvm but win4lin keeps saying i need to install kvm even though its installed and checks out ok with no errors. Do i have to turn it on or something?05:14
skreechtweakedeh: I did05:15
=== yvette is now known as valued_customer
NGL-TwYsTeDsorry no one could help05:16
NGL-TwYsTeDGod Bless05:16
joh6nnupdate-notifier-kde will not run for me at the start of my KDE session; i've checked it's settings and it's definitely set to notify me of daily updates, and it runs without error from the console.  anyone have any thoughts?05:17
=== JackWinter_ is now known as JackWinter
ubuntuI'm installing kubuntu 8.10 and I'm partitioning the hard drive using the kubuntu installer. The default settings for the new partition are "type: logical" and "use as: Ext3 journaling file system." Is this okay or should I change it?05:26
mefisto__if I install ubuntu-desktop, what does that do to the sound system under kde? will I have kde working with pulseaudio? or is it not that straightforward?05:27
joh6nnubuntu: that setting is fine.  are you installing linux for the first time?05:27
joh6nnare you doing this on a drive that has a windows install on it, as well?05:28
joh6nnwell, here's a suggestion, then:05:30
joh6nni normally have my linux installs separated out into a couple of different partitions for reasons that aren't worth getting into just at the moment.  you don't need to get that complicated yet.05:30
joh6nnbut, what you might want to do is this:05:30
joh6nnmake 2 partitions for your linux install: a 10 gig partition for the actual OS itself, and a second partition (how big is up to you, but i'd say at least 5 gigs) for your /home directory, which is roughly equivalent to C:\Documents And Settings in windows05:32
hellraiserhello all05:33
ubuntusounds logical05:34
hellraisermay i have some help05:34
hellraiserim new to linux05:34
joh6nnhellraiser: it's generally considered weird to ask if you can ask; just go ahead and ask your question. :)05:34
skreechWould help a lot if we knew what was wrong05:34
joh6nnif anyone knows the answer they'll pipe up.05:34
hellraiseri just installed kubuntu but cant open exes05:34
skreechhellraiser: THat's normal. Anything in particualr you want to run?05:35
mefisto__!wine | hellraiser05:35
ubottuhellraiser: WINE is a compatibility layer for running Windows programs on GNU/Linux - More information: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Wine - Search the !AppDB for application compatibility ratings - Join #winehq for application help05:35
joh6nnhellraiser: right; windows and linux are totally different.  you can't run windows programs on linux.05:35
skreechhellraiser: You need to install Wine. Ask in #winehq for help05:35
p_quarlesjoh6nn: yes you can05:35
mefisto__wine can't do directx though, so lots of windows games won't work05:37
joh6nnp_quarles: wine's not enough of a solution to just be satisfied with.  saying "yes you can" sort of gives the user false hope.05:37
ubuntujoh6nn: thank you for your help05:38
joh6nnubuntu: no problem! good luck with the install, and i hope Kubuntu works out for you. :)05:38
p_quarlesjoh6nn: "you can't run windows programs on linux." <-- demonstrably false statement05:39
joh6nnugh.  ok, look.  is it seriously worth being that pedantic about?  is it really?05:39
skreechI'd say yes05:39
p_quarlesjoh6nn: you can run Windows programs on Linux; end of story05:40
skreechI'd also say you are right about false hope05:40
mefisto__well, I think it is worth being pedantic when talking to people new to linux05:40
=== The_Compiler is now known as The-Compiler
hellraiserill figure it out05:40
mefisto__anyone here that has gnome and kde installed?05:42
p_quarlesmefisto__: yep05:43
mefisto__p_quarles: does kde work with pulseaudio?05:44
tweakedehIs it possable to get my contacts off of Kopete into kmail?05:44
p_quarlesmefisto__: pulseaudio does not work with my computer05:44
p_quarlesmefisto__: beyond that, I cannot say05:45
walterThis might be a common question already but why does firefox look so bad in kubuntu?05:45
mefisto__p_quarles: not even under gnome?05:45
p_quarlesmefisto__: nope05:45
mefisto__ok thanks p_quarles05:45
Frederickfolks how do I add console to the menu bar in the new kde?05:46
p_quarleswalter: because XUL tries to mimic Qt4 and does a spectacularly bad job of it05:46
mefisto__p_quarles: and you installed kubuntu first, then installed ubuntu-desktop?05:46
p_quarlesmefisto__: other way aroudn05:46
joh6nnwalter: short answer: no good reason.  you may need to install a package called gtk-qt-engine05:46
walterp_quaries: any fixes out there?05:46
tweakedehGuessing no one want to help?05:47
p_quarleswalter: not that I'm aware of05:47
p_quarlestweakedeh: Kontact should share Kopete's contacts by default05:47
walterjoh6nn: i'll try that now thanks.05:47
p_quarlestweakedeh: whatever you're experiencing, you need to give more details05:47
mefisto__walter: you might want to try this firefox theme to make it look a little more like kde: http://ramonantonio.net/kde-firefox/05:48
joh6nnwalter: after you install it, a new option shows up in System Settings > Appearance05:48
tweakedehI'm using kmail with gmail and I have no contacts in my contact list, I want to take all my contacts off of kopete or gmail and put them in to kmail so I dont have to type them all the time.05:49
walterjoh6nn: I installed it and don't see any new options in Sytem Setting > Appearance05:50
Cobaindoes anyone know how to get the "GTK Styles and Fonts" tab in the appearance settings to appear?05:50
Cobainive installed gtk-qt-engine-kde4 and i still dont see it05:51
joh6nnheh.  Cobain, i'm just talking to walter about that.05:51
joh6nnwalter: i don't know if you need to restart KDE or not for it to show up.  Cobain, have you already restarted KDE, or no?05:51
Cobaingood so its not me05:51
Cobainive restarted kde05:51
joh6nnok, so clearly that's not it05:51
pirkyhey there gwing my friends linux05:52
walterjoh6nn: I have Styles, Colors, Icons, Fonts, Windows, Splash Screen, Emoticons05:52
Cobainwalter, are you using project neon?05:52
walterjoh6nn: gtk-qt-engine was allready installed when wanted to install it05:53
joh6nnwalter: hmm.  that's weird05:53
walterCobain: Yes I think so... but lett me make sure...05:53
Cobainim wondering if its just this nightly build05:54
walterCobain: yes I am...05:54
Cobainjoh6nn, any idea if there is a way to manually set it?05:54
joh6nnno, i don't.  sorry.  and i'm just now noticing how late is it.05:55
walterjoh6nn: Do you know where exactly this option should appear?05:55
joh6nnwalter: yeah, you should get a whole new section in Appearance, called GTK Styles and Fonts, 2nd from the bottom.  it's supposed to appear as soon as the package is installed, as far as i know.05:56
joh6nnbut i need to get to bed.  sorry guys.05:56
walterCobain: I'll try purging and reinstalling...05:57
Cobainwalter, http://apachelog.blogspot.com/2008/06/project-neon-kde-nightly-builds.html05:59
Cobainread the comment by apachelogger05:59
walterNo, luck... i'll try that theme the, thanx06:04
waltermafisto__: thanks that theme looks great.06:06
walterThe other problem that I picked up on kubuntu is that it will loose the "desktop effects" setting after a couple of reboots... anyone know what up with that?06:12
Admiral_Chicagowalter: I have the same issue06:13
walterAdmiral: desktop-effects issue or Firefox issue?06:13
toki_ok guys so my computer is not reconizing my monitor (polaroid 32" 720p tv) any suggestions06:14
=== joseph is now known as jammen33
toki_ok guys so my computer is not reconizing my monitor (polaroid 32" 720p tv) any suggestions.06:20
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=== naddix is now known as identfy
elliottis there any way to temporarily prevent knetworkmanager from automatically creating connections?06:45
elliottfrom the command line06:46
dariohello all06:46
caustinhello dario06:46
darioin spanish?06:46
dariosorry im new06:46
p_quarles!es | dario06:47
ubottudario: En la mayoría de canales Ubuntu se comunica en inglés. Para ayuda en Español, por favor entre en los canales #ubuntu-es o #kubuntu-es.06:47
geniidario: Spanish channel is #kubuntu-es    and you can also try #ubuntu-es06:47
geniip_quarles: Heh06:47
caustinhola dario06:47
dariohola caustin06:48
elliottis there a way to put knetworkmanager in offline mode from the command line?06:52
mefisto__the person who couldn't find "gtk styles and fonts" are you still here?07:12
* chalcedony smiles07:27
chalcedonyI've forgotten KDE setting up, been so long ... where do you change the colour and outline of the desktop text under the icons? there is a foreground and background, normally white on black07:27
caustinAnyone have problems with kopete and WLM accounts after upgrading to 4.2rc1 ?07:45
yao_ziyuanhow do i disable routine disk check?07:57
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alexandrooshello I'm going to install kubuntu 8.04 lts from the internet with the minimal cd, does it come with kde 4.1.4?08:13
mark-I have a quick question, I tried adding the widget bouncing ball, and it doesn't seem to be working correctly, but I do believe it is running and sucking out my cpu.08:21
mark-any way to kill individual widgets?08:21
mark-what is with the right most side of the screen not controlling the scroll bar.08:26
mark-271 people 0 responses08:28
gabor__Why is Kubuntu:Intrped sending every second UDP packets on port 137???08:32
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ryan-cI just upgraded my motherboard and my sound doesn't work..08:41
ryan-cCan anyone hlep me figure out what's wrong?  It's not muted, the volume is okay, and it's plugged int08:41
Eutychusi am installing kubuntu on a dell laptop with vista and the drive is already partitioned and the partition unallocated.  how do i manually prepare the unallocated partition for kubuntu?08:45
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jussi01Eutychus: can we help?08:57
romain_yes ...08:58
romain_Hi first !08:58
Eutychusi am at the prepare partitions part. what do i do next.08:58
romain_I've been reading I'd have to come here to get some help about KDE4.2 ?08:59
||arifaXHi, my wireless card works perfect with STA drivers (Broadcom in HP 6735b notebook) if I have enabled it before booting Kubuntu. When already booted and enabling it via its button I cannot get it running. I think its missing some modules. Do you know how to load the modules manually or an other way to fix it when already booted?08:59
romain_cmd is "modprobe module"08:59
chalcedonyin KDE - where do you change the colour and outline of the desktop text under the icons? there is a foreground and background, normally white on black09:00
||arifaXromain_: but how to find out which I should load or check for?09:00
romain_arifax : look...boot your pc with broadcom then type lsmod in your konsole...so as to see about the loaded modules...09:01
romain_by this way...u'll know what module u have to lad manually then...09:01
||arifaXromain_: when I do    lsmod | grep wl it shows       wl,ieee80211_crypt,ieee80211_crypt_tkip   will that be the modules I have to load manually next time?09:02
romain_chalceny : you were talking to me ?09:02
Eutychusi am installing kubuntu on a dell laptop with vista and the drive is already partitioned and the partition unallocated. how do i manually prepare the unallocated partition for kubuntu?09:03
romain_arifax...I don't know...what I know is that 802.11 crytp need to be loaded but I know that I have for example ipw2200 qui est le drivers de ma carte intel...09:03
romain_ lsmod | grep ieee09:05
romain_ieee80211_crypt_wep    11776  109:05
romain_ieee80211              38088  1 ipw220009:05
romain_ieee80211_crypt        13572  2 ieee80211_crypt_wep,ieee8021109:05
romain_arifax  : Have a look to my grep result of lsmod09:06
romain_Does someone could help me with my anticipating KDE4.2 desktop ??? need a fix...impossible to set a plasmoid now !!!09:06
||arifaXromain_: I think I got it. I did a small script that I will execute next time and check if it help. I will modprobe wl, then crypt and then another like they depend on each other and will then restart networking. Thanks for your help!09:07
romain_aifax : perfect...strange it doesn't autoload in startup !09:07
chalcedonyKDE - where do you change the colour and outline of the desktop text under the icons?09:08
elliottis there a way to put knetworkmanager in offline mode from the command line?09:11
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Guest3601ciao a tutti09:17
Eutychusi am installing kubuntu on a dell laptop with vista and the drive is already partitioned and the partition unallocated. how do i manually prepare the unallocated partition?09:18
czr_silly question: in hardy, how do I disable DPMS/screensaver for ever starting? (I haven't configured the kde screensaver to start after any period of time)09:20
=== Gnut[OFF] is now known as gnuton
emonkey-tWhere does I find the printerconfiguration in KDE 4.2RC?09:31
Eutychusis 20gig enough disk space for kubuntu 8.10 that will be used for a high school student?09:36
RurouniJonesHell yes09:37
RurouniJonesunless they are doing video work or downloading copious amounts of pirated material or playing games09:37
Eutychusthey will be doing some audio visual, but not much.09:38
EutychusRurouniJones: thanx09:39
elliottis there a way to put knetworkmanager in offline mode from the command line?09:53
christophehi there10:01
christophei need help plz!! :(10:01
christophei'm quite new to ubuntu and donot see where is WINE!!!!! help :(10:02
=== christophe is now known as HELP
Jones-KAny idea how to make a shortcut to application only work when usb drive is mounted to /media/Elements ?10:04
Jones-KI tried to make shortcut on the usb drive and shortcut to that on the kde panel but didn't work10:05
Jones-Kis there a way to make a shortcut to script10:05
SalzeJones-K: You could make a shortcut to a bash script that checks for some file on the usb drive and only then starts the program.10:09
Jones-Kyes that could be better way10:11
=== mtux_ is now known as mtux
Eutychuscan i create a home partition later instead of at installation?10:12
Jones-Ki'm not very good at languages but could it be something with file()10:12
Jones-Koh i found an example10:12
Jones-Khmm anywhere deb avaible for kedit in ibex?10:13
oscurochuI have installed guarddog, and now I can't connect to the internet (unless I disable it)!!!10:20
oscurochuIs there anybody out there who can help me configure guarddog?10:21
xp-killerhow can i do a server something like media player on vista so my cuz can surf tru my videos?10:23
oscurochuxp-killer, is your cuz on the same network as you?10:24
xp-killeroscurochu: same wifi yes10:24
oscurochuxp-killer, try setting up file sharing.10:25
oscurochuxp-killer, right click on the my computer icon and i believe it should be in there somewhere10:25
xp-killerim on linux10:26
Eutychuswhat happens if i do not install the boot loader?10:27
oscurochui thought you said xp10:27
oscurochusorry i've been up all night trying to get my pc working the way i want it, and no luck for me. :(10:28
oscurochuif you do not install the boot loader, you cannot boot into linux10:28
xp-killeroscurochu:  i said something like media player on vista10:29
oscurochuim not sure how vista works, but xp has a run dialog. just go into that and type "//your-pc-name" (without the quotes)10:30
xp-killerive been up all night to trying to level up :ç10:30
oscurochui dont exactly know what you mean so sorry if i am no help10:30
xp-killeroscurochu:  whats smb and nfs for the server they say i must install10:31
Eutychusthat is what i thought. i am real nervous. last time i tried to install kubuntu on vista i goofed really badly.10:31
oscurochusudo apt-get install samba10:32
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elevkafan e detta=10:46
ubottuSorry, I don't know anything about idle10:47
xp-killeri must use vnc on xp to get on linux?10:55
xp-killerto see my videos?10:55
Knysliux001vnc is not very good for videos10:56
Knysliux001framerate will be too low10:56
xp-killercan twonkey media work on linux?10:56
xp-killerKnysliux001: how to install an .sh file?11:01
Knysliux001run filename.sh11:02
Knysliux001i mean thats what you need to type in konsole11:03
elevsome 1 know how i make all computers shutdown?11:05
xp-killerKnysliux001:  i have to type run?11:05
elevcan some1 sayme some funny console commands?11:06
elevCan some1 fucking answer me?11:07
kevkuxp-killer: sh twonkymedia-i386-glibc-2.2.5-20081002.sh11:08
xp-killerkevku: it say it cant oprnd it11:11
faileasxp-killer: try sudo ./foo.sh11:11
xp-killerfaileas: i have to type sudo ./foo.sh in the console self?11:12
jaws2_is there any way to change the look of Amarok 2 ?11:15
Bauldrickxp-killer: why do you want twonky?11:19
xp-killerBauldrick: i want a server so my ps3 can see my videos and my sis can see my videos from her laptop vista11:20
dwidmannxp-killer: hmm, I think mediatomb can do that, was going to try it anyway11:21
xp-killerdwidmann: mediatombs come in adept manager?11:22
dwidmannxp-killer: think so11:22
dwidmannyep, it's there11:23
xp-killerdwidmann: it works like a server so my ps3 can see my linux and my laptop xp also?11:23
xp-killersee as in read my multimedia11:24
dwidmannxp-killer: think so11:24
dwidmannI've not tried it yet (don't have my ps3 hooked up to my router ... need to get myself a long enough cable to do it)11:24
dwidmannanyhow, mediatomb looked pretty trivial to setup11:25
xp-killerdwidmann: your router dont do wifi?11:27
xp-killerdwidmann: u need a cable?11:27
xp-killerdwidmann: your confusing with 36011:27
dwidmannxp-killer: don't think my ps3 does wifi :s11:30
xp-killerdwidmann: cool my ps3 can see mediatomb all i have to do now is creat folders to where my stuff are11:31
xp-killerdwidmann: all ps3's has wifi11:31
xp-killerdwidmann: yes :s how long u had your ps3?11:32
xp-killerdwidmann: only the xbox 360 dont have wifi11:33
dwidmannquite some time, it's one of the first gen ones, 60gb11:33
dwidmannbe right back then, going to look into this11:34
xp-killerdwidmann: well i have the 1st ps3 80 g ps2 compat it has wifi and can be use as a router also11:34
dwidmannwait, wait, I found it on my own, I'd just never really looked for it (my internet connnection is pretty terrible so it wasn't a priority)11:39
dwidmannxp-killer: thanks for the heads up11:40
rudolfivh got a question. iam trying to change the keyrepeatitionspeed. i changed something, but if i press the left arrow the cursors moves faster then with the right arrow. can someone helps me?11:43
afeijoI need to download over 50k files thru wget, but it stops before finish11:45
xp-killerrudolf: put your keyboard mouse back to default in your settings11:46
afeijoI'm using this params to wget: -r -nc -b -q -x -o getall.log11:46
xp-killerafeijo: try kget11:46
afeijoxp-killer: I cant, it is in a shell over my host11:47
freddy__wget -c works fine for me all the time...11:48
afeijofreddy__: did you used it to a massive amount of files in subdirs?11:48
freddy__no, usually since large files11:49
freddy__large single files*11:49
afeijodamn, mine isnt saving the log :(11:49
=== freddy__ is now known as Admiral_Chicago
weirdgoogtk apps stopped using my kde4 colors11:55
weirdgooany idea why?11:55
wesley_whats the best way to install java ?11:57
Dr_williswesley_,  i just isntall the kubuntu-restricted-extras package and it grabs java12:28
wesley_java still doesnt seem to work12:30
Dr_willisclarify 'dosent work'12:30
Dr_willisjava -version to see wht java ya got installed if any12:30
xp-killerdwidmann: ps3's can search for wifi and when its off u can conect to the net from your laptop to the ps312:37
xp-killerdwidmann: if i can conect wifi then u have an fake ps3 or your wifi card stop working12:37
noir_lordX11 on Kubuntu 8.10 feels very sluggish using an Nvidia 7600GT (AGP), anyone else had any issues with nvidia hardware?12:39
=== quassel248 is now known as bdgraue
Dr_willisi find kde 4 to be sluggish12:41
Tm_Tnoir_lord: what driver version?12:41
Tm_TDr_willis: it's not sluggish here (:12:41
Tm_Tnoir_lord: try to upgrade to 18012:41
Dr_willisit is in my 8800gtsxxx12:41
Dr_willisit seemed enabling the effects actuallyu sped it up :)12:41
Tm_TDr_willis: 6600GT here :-P12:41
Dr_willisthen again.. im used to 'jwm' about as minimal a window manager as one can get.12:42
Tm_Tso it's not about graphics powers itself12:42
noir_lordthe effect is weird, glxgears (which I know is hardly a good benchmark tool but useful to test acceleration is working) reports ~9000fps (which is about normal for an old 7600) but the desktop is just sluggish12:42
Tm_Tnoir_lord: those use totally different technology (:12:44
noir_lordTm_T, indeed,  to install 180 will I need to go outside the package management system and run the install manually? (I have no problem with doing that if I need to, I come from Slackware)12:45
Tm_Tnoir_lord: no, it's in intrepid-updates12:45
noir_lordTm_T, thanks :)12:46
Tm_T!find nvidia-glx-18012:46
ubottuFound: nvidia-glx-180, nvidia-glx-180-dev12:46
Tm_T!info nvidia-glx-18012:46
ubottunvidia-glx-180 (source: nvidia-graphics-drivers-180): NVIDIA binary Xorg driver. In component restricted, is optional. Version 180.11-0ubuntu1~intrepid1 (intrepid), package size 9046 kB, installed size 26444 kB (Only available for i386 amd64)12:46
noir_lordright, I will give 180 a try, thanks for the assistance12:50
mefisto__ the artist tab in my context browser doesn't show the artist's wikipedia page. just a list of other languages. the button that opens the page in external browser works however.12:51
mefisto__amarok, that is12:52
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=== krash_ is now known as krash__
vikkui changed my video preferences in mplayer to xv but its still giving me the famous vo error12:57
noir_lordnvidia-glx-180 has helped, scrolling in windows is now smooth again but it still uses a large amount of CPU time (maxing out a core) for window resize and such12:58
zicadaso, ive disabled screensaver, and turned off powersaving, running intrepid, kde4.2rc13:00
zicadastill, the screen blanks after a while13:00
zicadasuch as in the middle of watching a youtube vid etc13:00
zicadawhat else is there to turn off13:00
zicadai want my damn screen to be on 24/7 :D13:00
noir_lordhugs Tm_T (in a purely platonic way)13:05
Tm_Tnoir_lord: works better?13:05
noir_lordnvidia-glx-180 and disabling then reenabling kwin compositing seems to have sorted it out13:05
noir_lordwindows resize smoothly and dont max out the cpu13:05
noir_lordnot a big fan of the default compositing effects but they can at least me switched off (never understood why people want menus to fade in and out)13:07
Tm_Tnoir_lord: heh, to me expose and friends are useful effects13:07
noir_lordTm_T, I prefer my desktop to be "snappy" I dont want eye candy I want things to be as quick as possible, eye candy has never appealed to me13:08
Tm_Tnoir_lord: aye, same here13:08
Tm_Tnoir_lord: also you can control animation speed with Kwin13:08
=== HangSien is now known as Hang_Sien
noir_lordIve always liked xfce but the application set I use on linux is primarily orientated around Qt/KDE apps and for that KDE is the logical choice13:09
Tm_Tnoir_lord: btw if you're interested, we have #kubuntu-offtopic channel, welcome (:13:10
noir_lordheh, thats the nicest "shut up your off topic message" Ive ever seen, thanks for the help13:11
Tm_Tit wasn't that, oh well13:11
tictricwhat experiences do exist yet with KDE4.2-beta? upgrading works fine in intrepid?13:14
Tm_Ttictric: yes13:14
Dr_Willis_AAOit works13:14
Tm_Ttictric: and final release is coming in a week if all is ok13:15
mefisto__ the artist tab in my context browser doesn't show the artist's wikipedia page. just a list of other languages. like this: http://amarok.kde.org/forum/index.php?PHPSESSID=c1d619506ba964803ceebf1cd43f94f1&/topic,16299.0.html13:15
mefisto__could someone here confirm that the artist tab is (not) working in amarok?13:16
tictrichow about kdepim and akonadi? Do resources get converted automatically?13:17
blip-hi all, i've got a really strange problem on KDE3, you know how the main panel has an option to have "panel hiding" buttons on the left side and right side of the bar... the one on the left side correctly hides the panel (with animation) when clicked, but the one on the right has no effect at all... what could be causing this ?   thanks13:18
blip-Kubuntu 8.0413:18
mefisto__blip-: do you have anything unusual next to the right hide button?13:23
marek_ hi, i have a problem with my wifi card, it doesnt connect to networks anymore, please help me13:35
xp-killeranyone know how to use media tomb server??13:38
xp-killeri cant seem to put the directory HOME in it13:39
Bauldrickxp-killer: doesn't it have a web interface or something ? :4915213:44
xp-killerBauldrick:  yea but now i want to add my home folder witch they say it does look for by default but im not seing nothing but some folder but database/PC13:48
francisc1701hi! is there a program like "easy cd-da extractor" in kubuntu? I need an audio file format converter13:52
xp-killeranyone know how to use media tomb server??13:52
xp-killeri cant seem to put the directory HOME in it13:53
xp-killerfrancisc1701:  try typin converter in adept13:53
francisc1701xp-killer: I did. I was hoping someone could give me a package name, 'cause the list I get with "converter" is quite long13:55
Dr_Willis_AAOapt-cache search converter | grep pattern13:59
francisc1701Dr_Willis_AAO: thanks, but I'm nearly done with the list in adept14:01
Dr_Willis_AAOuʍop ǝpısdn pǝuɹnʇ llɐ ʇǝƃ ı sǝɯıʇǝɯos14:02
francisc1701who'd've thought - I can read upside down!14:05
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=== Bauldfrick is now known as Bauldrick
=== malexachi is now known as MaleXachi
* faileas is dyslexic. reading upaide down is easy14:14
* Dr_Willis_AAO is cixelsyd14:17
faileas... i can read that14:21
faileasits annoying ;p14:21
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=== nathan is now known as Guest96939
JackWinteranyone know how i can stop kde from auto opening my program when i start a new shell with startx -- :114:35
JackWinterand another question has anyone managed to get sound running in vmplayer on kubuntu 8.04 ?14:36
=== cE_cHubBy is now known as man
labis there a small system monitor ? like ksysguard, but small and with network statistics14:37
JohnFluxlab: some people have made various plasmoids using the ksysguard data engine14:39
labJohnFlux: yes, but installing these plasmoids is a real INFERNO on this release of kubuntu14:40
JohnFluxlab: is that good or bad?14:40
labJohnFlux: bad14:42
JohnFluxlab: I'm not really sure what you want.  you want an application or a plasmoid?14:42
JohnFluxlab: you could try gkrellm14:43
JohnFluxor try kde4.2 ?14:43
JackWinterlab: i kinda like gkrellm, but of course it's gnome :)  show a lot less than ksysguard, but gives my cpu usage, temps, hdd and nic usage etc. check this out: http://stashbox.org/367911/snapshot20.png14:44
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labJackWinter: good, this is what I'm searching for. thanks14:47
JackWinteryou'll also have to install lmsensors or some such14:48
khakanehttp://www.bigafro.org/dark.png -- could someone help me fix this font issue?14:49
labok. it's time to upgrade to kde4.2 --- is there a how to for that ?14:55
Dr_Willis_AAOsee the topic? :)14:56
khakaneguess no one has any ideas on this font issue?15:00
labthnks Dr_Willis_AAO :-)15:00
doktoreashello everybody15:00
doktoreaskdelibs5 4:4.1.96 is the rc of kde 4.2 ?15:01
JontheEchidnadoktoreas: yes15:02
doktoreasJontheEchidna, thx mate15:02
JontheEchidnano problem15:03
Dr_Willis_AAOi will never understand version 3ing15:03
Dr_Willis_AAO#ing :)15:03
=== quassel103 is now known as ScottK-laptop
* ScottK-laptop waves to a|wen (testing a new quassel snapshot).15:15
khakanei have 2 monitors, both desktops are in folder view, main screen i can switch back and forth to desktop view, 2nd monitor i cannot15:19
=== bernhard is now known as Raylz
khakanenow if my icons didnt show up on both screens15:22
=== egshfdg is now known as ulysses__
nlbsHi! Guys15:26
nlbsCan anybody Please take a Look at this ?15:27
nlbsPlese help me out I am stuck I cant use my external hard disk15:29
nlbsand This is urgent15:29
yoritomohow to pass on sudo when browsing in dolphin , is it any shortkey to do that ?15:30
nlbsDid you mean be a root in Dolphin ?15:30
mani_can anybody tell me how to play mp3 in kubuntu it says mp3 support not install15:30
yoritomokde of course15:30
yoritomomani_ install medibuntu and ff codecs15:31
yoritomomp3 is not included in the synaptics of ubuntu due to copyrights15:31
nlbsCan anybody Please take a Look at this ? http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?p=6583039#post658303915:31
nlbsamarok Installs it automatically if net is up15:32
yoritomojust type medibuntu in google15:32
yoritomoyou gonna find it15:32
nlbsCan anybody Please take a Look at this ? http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?p=6583039#post658303915:38
=== gf is now known as ulysses__
marius__hello ppl, how can I install apache2, mysql5 and php5 from konsole?15:39
nlbssudo apt-get install php apache mysql15:40
nlbsfirst check by15:40
nlbssudo apt-cache search php15:40
nlbssudo apt-cache search apache15:40
nlbssudo apt-cache search mysql15:40
astrommenlbs: "sudo chown -R neel /path/to/drive"15:42
astrommeif you want to have th nlbs username and plasma breaks15:42
astrommeremove ~/.kde/share/config/plasma* and you should be fine15:43
nlbsNow I dont have the nlbs User15:43
nlbsI've used userdel on it15:43
astrommenlbs: if your plasma breaks you should still be able to get a terminal up after you log in by doing alt-f2 and then entering konsole15:43
nlbsNow My username is neel15:43
astrommenlbs: Good, so do the chown command above15:43
nlbsThat was teh first time I saw Plasma so I had no other way that get panicked15:44
astrommeWhat's happening is your neel user id is 1001 while your nlbs was 1000. So, things are still owned by 1000 and you need to change them to 100115:44
nlbsBut Whenever I connect some External HDD with ext File system I cant chown it15:44
astrommeare you sudoing?15:44
marius__I get: "You tried to open index.php, which is  a php file". any solution? is it possible that I there is no module for php?15:45
marius__in the browser15:45
astrommesudo chown -R neel /path/to/filesystem15:45
nlbs`neel` UID is 1002 and `neel` GID is 100015:45
astrommeYes, but the UID of the filesystem is 1000 and the GROUP is root. it goes user:group15:45
astrommechange that to neel:x:1000:1000::/home/neel:/bin/bash and you're good to go15:46
astrommeyou don't need the chown then15:46
nlbsBut Its not a Solution15:46
marius__any idea for me?15:46
astrommewhy not?15:46
nlbsI cant chown it everytime I connect15:46
nlbsI cant chown it everytime I connect15:46
astrommethen change your /etc/password15:46
nlbswhat Change ?15:46
astromme s/password/passwd15:46
astrommesee my above comment. change youor UID to 100015:47
nlbsI tried but If I do that kde fails to Start15:47
astrommenlbs: yes because your home directory is still on UID 100215:47
astrommeso you need to chmod something15:47
astrommeyou can either do it to /home or to /media/mydrive15:48
techbwhi all15:48
nlbsYou got teh point15:48
astrommetechbw: hi15:48
nlbsIs there any other possibility of errors ?15:48
=== floown_ is now known as floown
astrommenlbs: only if you chown'd something outside of your /home15:48
nlbsThere is nothing like taht15:49
techbwwhat program can I use to make a full backup of my partitions, have everything the way I like and I want to save it, so that while playing I don't mess things up15:49
techbwI just want to learn without messing things up15:49
nlbsOk I'll give it a try15:49
nlbs<techbw>: I donno such a software but I strongly believe that such software exists15:49
nlbshowever I would do something like this15:50
nlbsdd if=/dev/sdaN of=sdaN.bak15:50
techbwI used to use ghost on windows, I have downloaded ghost4linux, but it does not look simple as ghost for windows15:50
nlbsand store sdaN.bak as backup Files15:50
dueyfinsterAnyone have any recommendations for (all keys usueable) multi-media keyboard and mouse combo?15:50
nlbsand do the same on all drives15:50
techbwI have read alot about dd but I am not confident that my knowlege to restore etc...would be sufficient15:51
nlbsand latter dd if=sdaN.bak of=/dev/sdaN15:51
astrommetechbw: the dd *should* work however if you're screwing with partitions be careful15:51
astrommeif you change /etc/fstab it's better to copy the whole drive with if=/dev/sda15:51
techbwI need somthing that can be done via live cd, or should I ask would apt2cd backup everything that I have installed, and configured15:51
astrommeerr, not fstab15:51
astrommewith "sudo fdisk" if you do anything to your partitions15:52
nlbsYa astromme is right it would be even easy too just copy the whole hard disk15:52
nlbsyou dont even need to reinstall your OS15:52
nlbseven your mbr is backed Up15:52
techbwi would need to re-install grub wouldn't I15:53
techbwif it really goes wrong15:53
astrommetechbw: not if you dd the entire drive15:53
astrommeif you dd a single partition, yes, you would15:53
astrommebut /dev/sda includes the MBR15:54
techbwso dd, basically is a ghost like program...copying the entire disk to a single file?15:54
khakanenot really but sure15:54
astrommedd is a blockwise copy15:54
nlbsdd is a programm that does low level read/write15:54
nlbsand yes You can view your backups without restoring it from a live Disk15:54
nlbsjust do15:54
techbwbut the ending file would be the same size as the hard drive, not true, I don't want to backup free space ;-)15:55
nlbsmount -o loop /tmp/mountPoint /path/to/sdaN.bak15:55
nlbsHey I forgot to ask one thing15:55
techbwhow does one send a message like astrome sent me, showing my name: and message in red15:56
nlbsIf I change my UID to 1000 then how would I chmod $HOME ?? chown 1000 $HOME ??15:56
nlbsam I right ?15:56
wesley_how do i find out what for chipset my wlan0 usb uses ?15:57
wesley_it using a ralink, that what i get from the site, but i need to know more precise15:57
wesley_it working under linux15:57
wesley_And i wanna know how its called15:58
techbwwesley:  lspci15:58
techbwyou should see chipset for your wireles15:58
BluesKajwesley_ , lspci | grep Ethernet15:58
ubottuSorry, I don't know anything about lspci15:58
wesley_lol getting smarter everday i remeber the command15:59
wesley_but with that i only see the lan, the wlan0 doesnt show, but works15:59
nlbsafter I changed my UID from 1002 to 1000 I issued sudo chown 1000 -R $HOME16:00
nlbsOh! I got16:00
ubottuSorry, I don't know anything about dd16:00
ubottuSorry, I don't know anything about partimage16:01
nlbsgoogle dd16:01
nlbsit will take less than 30 mins to learn dd16:01
BluesKaj!wifi | wesley_16:01
ubottuwesley_: Wireless documentation can be found at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/WifiDocs16:01
wesley_http://www.ralinktech.com.tw/data/RTUSB D70- D71W- UI-  thats links the hardware site to, so its one of ralink16:01
nlbsIts very interesting16:01
mariuscan anyone help me with my apache?16:01
mariusI can't open php's in browser16:01
mariusand when I type "/etc/init.d/apache2 start"16:01
mariusI get16:01
wesley_http://www.peakhardware.com/DB/Products/Networking/Network Adaptors/USB 2.0 Adaptors/PEAKII Mini Wireless LAN Adapter/PEAK II WUG2670 LnxDrv2400_070123.tar.gz for Linux, but that works16:01
=== marius is now known as Guest59050
Guest59050* Starting web server apache2apache2: Could not reliably determine the server's fully qualified domain name,using for ServerName16:02
Guest59050(13)Permission denied: make_sock: could not bind to address
Guest59050no listening sockets available, shutting down16:02
Guest59050Unable to open logs16:02
Guest59050                                                                         [fail]16:02
Guest59050what's that?16:02
Guest59050help please16:02
techbwk now I need to know something, restoring the dd file back to hard disk, I could boot from live cd then dd back to disk like so dd if=/path/to/image of=/dev/hdx16:04
p_quarlesGuest59050: what command did you use to start Apache? also,16:04
p_quarles!paste | Guest5905016:05
ubottuGuest59050: pastebin is a service to post large texts so you don't flood the channel. The Ubuntu pastebin is at http://paste.ubuntu.com (be sure to give the URL of your paste - see also the #kubuntu channel topic)16:05
techbwanother question does dd work with any file system?  would it work with ntfs, fat32?16:05
wesley_The usb wlan I bought get detected without problems in Linux :)16:06
p_quarlestechbw: dd copies bits, so its essentially agnostic about filesystem details or any other data16:06
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=== marius is now known as Guest69566
techbwp_quarles, thanx, I get the idea, but would agnostic be the right word for this situation16:09
techbwhad to look it up :-)16:09
p_quarlestechbw: never a bad thing to improve your vocabulary16:10
cuzntunless your vocabulary is learning slack jawed yokel16:10
techbwthanks for the help guys, going to make a copy of drive now.16:11
p_quarlestechbw: be very careful with dd; it can be destructive if used improperly16:12
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jpedrozaI asked this in the nvidia channel, but I figure it wouldn't hurt in here as well. I chenged the quality settings in the nvidia-settings app and now when I log in I get a black screen and a mouse pointer. Anyone know how to reset back to defaults?16:23
Guest95373hey,any idea to help me solve the problem? I already have those packages installed, but I cannot open php files at localhost. html's I can open. so apache is working but can't open php's. what's wrong pls help me out16:25
Guest95373this is critical for me16:25
MaleXachiHello Again :-)16:27
MaleXachiDoes anyone know if there is a Video Converter to Xvid movies to DVD movie to convert with subtitles for linux kubuntu? :-O16:28
=== marius is now known as Guest31644
ubottuhttp://wiki.ubuntu.com - Ubuntu development documentation wiki. If you are looking for system help, please refer to https://help.ubuntu.com/community - the Ubuntu community documentation.16:32
johannes_hi, is there an xfce channel?16:33
toboreasy to find out too. just /j #xfce16:33
johannes_in xfce i got the problem that after a while the screen (after the screensaver started, it turns shady),but the shadyness does not go away anymre16:33
johannes_moving mouse doesnt help16:34
johannes_anybody any idea?16:34
tobor /j #xfce16:34
cuzntnah you got to go johannes type /join #xfce16:37
* cuznt personally uses a mouse trap16:37
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Raylzhm, flash doesnt work in konqueror16:41
Raylzflashplugin-nonfree is installed and konqueror finds it16:42
=== estan_ is now known as estan
p_quarlesRaylz: it works, but only with a few sites; unfortunately, Firefox or Opera is needed for Flash16:45
Raylzp_quarles: how come?16:46
p_quarlesRaylz: because the Flash plugin for Linux is poorly written16:47
MaleXachiWeet er iemand een video converter voor kubuntu?16:48
MaleXachiAnybody know a video converter for kubuntu?16:48
Raylzp_quarles: i know, on the one hand its not your fault, on the other hand it should work because of the users16:48
Raylzsame with webdesign16:49
Raylzit should even work on IE16:49
Raylzso if its possible16:53
Raylzp_quarles: with firefox, it should work in konqueror16:53
p_quarlesRaylz: thanks for your interesting opinions16:53
p_quarlesRaylz: you are now on my ignore list16:53
ubottuHi! I'm #kubuntu's favorite infobot, you can search my brain yourself at http://ubottu.com/factoids.cgi - Usage info: http://wiki.ubuntu.com/UbuntuBots16:55
henneis a linuxnewb allowed to post a question in this channel? :<16:59
p_quarleshenne: yep; there might be better channels for non-Kubuntu questions, but go ahead and ask16:59
p_quarles!ask > henne16:59
ubottuhenne, please see my private message16:59
=== igor is now known as cif
henne!ask why cant i see my old windows files on C: ? i installed kubuntu 8.10 on c, and now i cant see my music etc which is on c ^^and no, i didnt erase them, in windows i can still use and see them17:01
ubottuError: I am only a bot, please don't think I'm intelligent :)17:01
p_quarleshenne: the "!" at the beginning is for commanding the bot :)17:01
henne... emberassing ^^17:01
p_quarleslol, no worries17:01
p_quarleshenne: did you use the Windows based installer, or did you create a new partition for Kubuntu?17:02
henneused the one for windows, cause the earlier try in the bios didnt run, dunno why17:04
hennei even tried switchin off all other hdds except the new one i bought for linux ^17:05
doktoreashello everybody17:09
=== henne is now known as sKr
doktoreasI am trying to configure akonadi to avoid some errors..it doesn't find a mysql server17:09
doktoreasin the setting it asks for mysql executable..which file is it?17:09
p_quarlesdoktoreas: probably /usr/bin/mysql - but try which mysql17:10
doktoreasp_quarles: ok I'll try with it17:11
sKrp_quarles no idea on my question? ^17:13
p_quarlessKr: not really, since I'm not familiar at all with Wubi17:14
sKrerr, okay :> ty anyways17:14
stanley_hey can anyone help me connect and transfer my music to my ipod using amarok??17:19
doktoreasanyone has got a succesfully akonadi with no error :D ?17:21
MaleXachiHow to install tar.gz package? :-O17:24
jpedrozaGood morning. I just ran an update for the Jaunty (development branch) and it removed the nvidia-glx-180 package. I restored that package with sudo apt-get install nvidia-glx-180, which proceeded to remove my X installation. Now when I try and remove the nvidia-glx-180 package, I get an error that it can't find usr/lib/xorg/modules/extensions/libGLcore.so17:30
jpedrozaI am guessing it can't find it because it just removed it17:32
jpedrozaI have tried installing xorg, but it tries to remove the nvidia driver as well.17:32
jpedrozaAnd of course fails on that missing file error.17:32
jpedrozaAnybody home?17:34
jpedrozaJontheEchidna: Are you around, by chance?17:36
jpedrozaIs there a way to force a package to remove?17:39
juanescobarsamurregister jces1984 juanescobarsamurio@gmail.com17:39
dwidmannjpedroza: if it can't find that file, make that file so it has something to delete :)17:40
jpedrozadwidmann: That worked! Now my only issue is why does an nvidia driver package remove xorg?17:44
jpedrozaJontheEchidna: You around?17:49
=== david_ is now known as valued_customer
=== juanescobarsamur is now known as juancaescobar
zicadaguys, how come it autoloads the snd_hda_intel module even when i have it turned off in bios ?17:57
zicadawhere do i configure what modules not to autoload at boot ? not used to kubuntu/ubuntu in that regard17:58
=== lukasz is now known as hegemon_8
raidenovichsalut guys, i have 2 directories on 2 pc´s, on directory 1  i want to backup all the data from directory 2 everytime i press a button or something like that... anyone got a solution, please?18:06
ectospasmraidenovich: look up the dirvish scripts18:07
ectospasmraidenovich: it uses rsync to backup directories, remotely if necessary18:08
zicadanm, found it18:08
raidenovichectospasm: forgot to mention it, does it work with a samba folder?18:09
ectospasmraidenovich: samba is independent of dirvish.  It works on the underlying partition, so samba is irrelevent18:10
raidenovichok, thank you, im gonna give it a shot18:10
shay_guys im having a problem: most of the configurations i make - main menu configs, desktop configs and even some system updates are not being saved, as if their folders are read only or somethin18:12
rickeyhow do you check what verison of kubuntu one has on there computers,where do you look???18:13
=== sahil_ is now known as fuser
dwidmannrickey: lsb_release -a18:15
ubottuTo find out what version of Ubuntu you have, type « lsb_release -a » in a !shell - To know the available version of a package, « apt-cache policy <package> »18:15
stanley_guys please i really need someone;s help, my computer won;t even detect my ipod18:16
stanley_i need help getting music onto it...18:16
fuserhey i am new to irc, i just want to know, how to join different channels18:16
rickeyok i have 8.04 how do i get 8.10?18:16
fuserrickey, go to update18:17
dwidmannrickey: http://www.kubuntu.org/month/2008/1018:18
rickeyok i am in adeptmanger18:18
fuserand enarickey go to software sources and click the update tab18:18
fuserand in releasse upgrade check the normal releases18:19
Jahmonhi - I need some wifi help if anyone is around18:19
fuserrickey not update but software sources18:19
rickeysoftwhere scores is under what tab?18:20
JahmonI install restricted extras last night via wifi, rebooted - and now my wifi doesnt work - its failing to come back up after i disabled it - cant find any wifi networks - yet i reboot to windows and network is there18:20
fuserapplication-settings, if you are in kde18:20
Jahmonis there any way to force my wifi to reinstall without internet access - i rely on wifi for net access - if it doesnt work im kind of screwed18:21
ubottuWireless documentation can be found at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/WifiDocs18:21
=== mtux_ is now known as mtux
Jahmoncan anyone help me with wifi not working since i disabled it and re-enabled it18:22
Jahmona bug maybe?18:22
stanley_can anyone hel me with my ipod woes...every program i use says it is not being recognized although it mounts18:23
fuserwhat programms any example18:24
ytooxhey, I am using an atheros card and the internet acts very strange when I use the wireless.18:24
robin0800Jahmon: this might be more useful https://help.ubuntu.com/community/WifiDocs/WiFiHowTo18:24
ytooxcan anynone here help me figure out the problem?18:24
Jahmonrobin0800 it doesnt help me much when i cant access it in kubuntu :*(18:25
robin0800Jahmon: how are you doing irc then18:26
Jahmongonna have to google and save18:27
Jahmonand reboot18:27
Jahmonand cry18:27
Jahmonits so weird it worked till i disabled it, then when i re-enabled it cant find any networks18:28
Jahmonand card is listed in ifconfig18:28
Jahmongonna try reboot and set it manually18:28
ytooxcould it be that the linux-backports package is installed for two kernel versions that affects the wireless internet?18:28
Jahmonis the linux-backports package part of the restricted extras?18:29
Jahmoncaus that all ive installed18:29
robin0800Jahmon: you have tried internet and then knetworkmanager in the menu18:29
Jahmonyes robin080018:29
Jahmonits an atheros card18:29
Jahmonnetgear wg311t18:29
Jahmongonna restart18:31
Jahmonand try manually18:31
stanley_fuser: I have been trying to connect using amarok, banshee and gtkpod18:31
Bauldrickstanley_: what does your ipod show up as in /media18:31
stanley_media/disk bauldrick18:31
xp-killeranyone know how to use media tomb server??18:31
xp-killeri cant seem to put the directory HOME in it18:31
raidenovichthat should be possible xp-killer18:32
raidenovichdo other folders work?18:32
xp-killerraidenovich:  i seing the folder yes18:32
ytooxcan anyone help me?18:32
raidenovichfor which device are you using media tomb xp-killer18:33
stanley_when it connects it goes into disk mode, is that normal bauldrick??18:33
xp-killerraidenovich: but i want it to see my home folder18:33
ytooxthese channels are useless18:33
xp-killerraidenovich: yea18:33
jpedrozaJontheEchidna: Are you around by chance?18:35
xp-killerraidenovich: im only seing 1 folder in media tomb"database"thats the onlything my ps3 can see,but now i want my ps3 to see my home folder how can i add home folder in media tomb?18:36
raidenovichu use media tomb for ps3?18:36
raidenovichthere is a better program18:37
raidenovichbased on java18:37
ubottuSorry, I don't know anything about ps318:37
xp-killerraidenovich: im not just using it for my ps3 but also my sis laptop18:37
xp-killerraidenovich: tell me the name?18:38
raidenovichdownload the linux file, extract it, make the ./pms.sh executable and run it18:38
xp-killerraidenovich:  i never go tru in my life to install them weird folders18:40
turuburuih guys18:41
turuburukde-guidance-powermanager does not show me cpu selector. maybe i disabled some serviecs?18:41
wizardslovakhello people18:42
wizardslovakhow can i install mysql on kubuntu18:42
ubottuSorry, I don't know anything about myqsl18:42
jpedrozawizardslovak: sudo apt-get install mysql mysql-server18:42
ubottuLAMP is an acronym for Linux-Apache-MySQL-PHP. However, the term is often used for setups using alternative but different software, such as Perl or Python instead of PHP, and Postgres instead of MySQL. For help with setting up LAMP on Ubuntu, see  https://help.ubuntu.com/community/ApacheMySQLPHP - See also the Server CD installation process (different in Edgy+)18:43
raidenovichhow can i mount a samba network folder?18:43
wizardslovaki only need mysql and php18:43
xp-killerraidenovich:  how do i make the ./pms.sh and run it? i extract to hold folder already18:43
raidenovichsudo mount -t smbfs (smb://xxxxxxxxx) (mountpoint?)18:43
jpedrozaraidenovich: you can use the mount command like this: mount -t cifs //ServerName/Share /mountpoint18:44
jpedrozaraidenovich: cifs is the new fs type18:44
raidenovichthank you, is it then always mounted when i start the computer?18:44
raidenovichxp-killer:  sudo chmod 777 ./pms.sh18:44
raidenovichno withouth ./ sorry18:45
raidenovichthen you run it with ./pms.sh18:45
jpedrozaraidenovich: No, to mount on boot you need to modify /etc/fstab as root and add in those parameters. You will also want to add username and password params in fstab or it will prompt you for them on boot18:46
xp-killerraidenovich: in konsole i hav to typê " sudo chmod 777 ./pms.sh"?18:46
raidenovichjpedroza: also when i have guest = ok?18:46
raidenovichxp-killer:  you type in sudo chmod 777 PMS.sh in the folder where it is located18:46
raidenovichthen you run it with ./PMS.sh18:46
jpedrozaraidenovich: In that case, no.18:47
wizardslovaklol i am getting error " couldnt find package mysql"18:47
raidenovichokey i try mounting now18:47
xp-killerraidenovich: i dont understand18:49
raidenovichwhat part?18:50
xp-killerraidenovich: im only where to extract the folder thats it18:50
xp-killerto make creat dontunderstand18:50
raidenovichthey are extracted, right?18:50
raidenovichokay, just type in sudo chmod 777 PMS.sh to make the file executable18:51
raidenovichyou have to be in the folder where the file is located18:51
xp-killerjust open any console and write that?18:51
raidenovichyes, but  you have to be in the right folder18:51
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gstnethey, how to go about compiling kde 3 apps on intrepid ?18:53
xp-killerxp-killer@linux:~$ sudo chmod 777 PMS.sh18:53
xp-killerchmod: cannot access `PMS.sh': No such file or directory18:53
demarcohey all18:53
demarcovery impressed with ubuntu18:53
raidenovich? are you in the right folder?18:53
raidenovichyou extracted all your files in ~?18:54
raidenovichjpedroza:  i get an error18:54
raidenovichMounting cifs URL not implemented yet. Attempt to mount
raidenovichNo ip address specified and hostname not found18:54
ActionParsnipxp-killer: try using ./PMS.sh18:54
ActionParsnipxp-killer: is the filename capitalised like that18:55
raidenovichno, ActionParsnip the file is not executeable yet18:55
jpedrozaraidenovich: format is //ipadd/share18:55
ActionParsnipxp-killer: chmod +x ./PMS.h18:55
raidenovichit even doesnt exist ... i dont think he is in the right folder18:55
jpedrozaraidenovich: the double whacks are required18:55
raidenovichraiden@laptop:~$ sudo mount -t cifs smb:// /home/raiden/Server/18:55
xp-killerthats why i never got tru to install them .sh things18:56
raidenovichits very easy18:56
ActionParsnipxp-killer: make sure you are in the right folder first, 777 really is a bit overkill18:56
xp-killeri had never get how to do it18:56
jpedrozaraidenovich: remove the smb: from that command18:56
jpedrozasudo mount -t cifs // /home/raiden/Server/18:56
raidenovichokay, done18:56
raidenovichlol, works18:57
raidenovichthank you :D18:57
ActionParsnipxp-killer: you need to mark its a executable with +x18:57
ActionParsnipxp-killer: then run it with ./<script name  here>18:57
raidenovichxp-killer:  did you extract it correctly?18:57
ActionParsnipxp-killer: make sure you are in the same folder as the file18:57
raidenovichyou have to browse to the folder where pms.sh is located18:57
xp-killerraidenovich: yes the folder is on my desktop18:57
raidenovichwait ill look in the package18:58
raidenovichthen you have to browse there inthe terminal18:58
raidenovichcd Desktop/FOLDERNAME18:58
ActionParsnipxp-killer: ok we'll do this the spoonfeed way. Where is the file?18:59
raidenovichshould be cd Desktop/pms-linux-1.0318:59
xp-killerraidenovich: yea just when enter the folder its there18:59
ActionParsnipxp-killer: ok the here is the entire command19:00
raidenovichor lets do it the other way19:00
ActionParsnipcd ~Desktop/pms-linux-1.03; chmod +x ./*.bin19:00
raidenovichjust browse to that folder with dolphin19:00
raidenovichpress F419:00
raidenovichtype in sudo chmod +x PMS.sh19:00
ActionParsnipxp-killer: if you then run: ls19:00
raidenovichthen ./PMS.sh19:00
ActionParsnipxp-killer: you will see it show in green (executable)19:01
ActionParsnipxp-killer: then type: ./PMS.sh19:01
ActionParsnipxp-killer: like raidenovich says19:01
raidenovichjpedroza:  how can i edit the fstab?19:01
xp-killerraidenovich: f4 not doing nothing it just openning a tag in konvo19:01
raidenovich? :S19:02
ActionParsnipxp-killer: my commnds do the whole thing for you19:02
raidenovichyeah, try that19:02
xp-killerraidenovich: u told me just press F419:02
roozbehonlineHi all19:02
raidenovichwell, that opens a terminal in the place where you are19:03
roozbehonlineI have a problem !19:03
jpedrozaraidenovich: sudo vi /etc/fstab19:03
jpedrozaroozbehonline: sup?19:03
roozbehonlinewhen i open adept package manager19:03
raidenovichyeah i got that one, but where do i add "sudo mount -t cifs // /home/raiden/Server/"19:03
jpedrozaraidenovich: Just add a line that says //servernameorip/Share     Mountpoint     cifs      defaults   0,019:04
ActionParsniproozbehonline: any more info would be great19:05
jpedrozathat is the format19:05
raidenovichis that case sensitive?19:05
raidenovichokay, thank you jpedroza, did it19:06
wizardslovakokk i installed mysql and php , how do i start mysql?19:06
jpedrozaraidenovich: np19:06
xp-killerraidenovich:  ok i open the terminal where i am19:06
wizardslovakhow do i configure?19:06
jpedrozawizardslovak: sudo service mysqld start19:06
jpedrozawizardslovak: To have it start at boot sudo chkconfig mysqld on19:07
gstnetare kde3 apps using kde3 kio slaves or kde4 kio slaves ?19:07
raidenovichyou opened the terminal in the folder where PMS.sh is located?19:07
jpedrozawizardslovak: configure with mysqladmin19:07
ActionParsniproozbehonline: wb, wassup with your adept?19:07
xp-killerraidenovich: xp-killer@linux:~/Desktop/pms-linux-1.03$ yea19:07
wizardslovakjpedroza: do you know any site where i can read about mysql on kubuntu?? i checked google but nothing helpfull19:07
raidenovichnow type in19:07
raidenovichsudo chmod +x PMS.sh19:07
jpedrozagstnet: Some of the kio slaves are not functional under kde419:07
raidenovichwhy is 777 overkill ActionParsnip19:08
jpedrozawizardslovak: mysql is pretty much the same on any POSIX platform, any tutorial should work19:08
xp-killerraidenovich: nothing happen after it ask me for me passw19:08
raidenovichyes, thats ok19:08
gstnetjpedroza: fish works fine in kde4 apps, but not in quanta (kde3) app. I am trying to figure out what needs to be fixed there19:08
ActionParsnipraidenovich: it gives rwx to everyone on the system19:08
raidenovichtype in ./PMS.sh19:08
raidenovichwell its just a plain program? : /19:08
wizardslovakonly think i want is to make mysql server, php and use vbulletin19:08
jpedrozagstnet: Quanta needs to be fixed. The kioslaves for fish, sftp, etc are not available in KDE419:09
ActionParsnipraidenovich: which isnt needed as it'll only be needed by the owner19:09
jpedrozagstnet: For now there is no fix, other than to use sshfs or regular ftp, both of which work19:09
xp-killerraidenovich: ok it open a big page ps3 media19:09
raidenovichnow start your playstation 319:10
gstnetjpedroza: yeah i know that19:10
raidenovichgo to the movie section in the XMB19:10
jim88hi all .. does anyone know of a way to have a form emailed to someone ... have them fill it out and click a link to have it returned to sender?19:10
raidenovichand there should be a green arrow19:10
gstnetjpedroza: i am new to kubuntu and so far i love it, but i really miss fish from quanta19:10
gstnetjpedroza: adn just to piss me off fish works in konquerer19:10
jpedrozagstnet: There aren't many developers on Quanta 4 right now, I am going to start working with them to help.19:10
gstnetjpedroza: my understanding was that quanta will die19:11
ActionParsnipjim88: could send the form as a blank form in an email which can be edtted when they hit reply19:11
gstnetjpedroza: well not really die, but move to be kdevelop plugin19:11
jpedrozajim88: That isn't really a linux question, but rather a scripting question. check in #php, #perl, or #javascript19:11
jpedrozagstnet: The editor is becoming kdevelop, instead of Kate, but other than that, it should stay the same19:11
raidenovichcan you see it in the XMB xp-killer?19:11
roozbehonlineHi All19:12
jim88ahhh ok19:12
gstnetjpedroza: well that is good news19:12
roozbehonlineI have a problem with adept in KDE 4.219:12
ActionParsnipjim88: you dont have to complicate stuff19:12
jpedrozagstnet: Of course, with it being FOSS, we can make it whatever we wnat. =)19:12
xp-killerraidenovich: yea but the ps3 only sees media tome19:12
ActionParsnipjim88: the simplest answer is always best19:12
jpedrozaroozbehonline: What issue are you having?19:12
ActionParsnip!ask | roozbehonline19:12
ubotturoozbehonline: Please don't ask to ask a question, simply ask the question (all on ONE line, so others can read and follow it easily). If anyone knows the answer they will most likely reply. :-)19:13
raidenovich?? cant be19:13
roozbehonlinejpedroza: loot at this19:13
roozbehonlinejpedroza: http://i43.tinypic.com/dyxi4h.png19:13
raidenovichwhat does the program say?19:13
raidenovichshould be a picture of playstation and "ps3 has been found"19:13
xp-killerraidenovich: i had to rescan and add a directory19:14
raidenovichnow its working?19:14
jpedrozaroozbehonline: Are you running the pre-release of Jaunty? If so, you might have to edit your sources.list file in /etc/apt manually, as they appear to be working on that part of Adept19:14
xp-killerraidenovich: tanks it works if i had money i will send u but im dead brok from christmas and new year lol19:14
wizardslovakook noob question, apt-get is for getting aplications , what is command if you want remove application from system?19:14
jpedrozawizardslovak: apt-get remove19:14
raidenovichnp xp-killer19:15
jpedrozawizardslovak: You can also use Adept in KDE19:15
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roozbehonlinejpedroza: i am running intrepid19:15
ali_hi everyone i have a problem19:15
xp-killerraidenovich: so if i have to run the ps3 media server i have to go tru the console thing againg?19:15
ali_i am unable to play .wmv file on Kubuntu machine19:15
Jahmonsigh so i had to reinstall to fix the wifi issue - nothing helped19:15
raidenovichyep, you can make a shellscript if you want19:15
ubottuUbuntu 7.04 installs multimedia codecs automatically. For older versions of Ubuntu, or if you can't use the automatic installer, see https://help.ubuntu.com/ubuntu/desktopguide/C/common-tasks-chap.html - For multimedia applications, see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/MultimediaApplications19:15
ali_I cant hear the audio19:15
raidenovichbut i couldnt get it to work by now19:15
ubottuFor multimedia issues, this page has useful information: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/RestrictedFormats - See also http://help.ubuntu.com/ubuntu/desktopguide/C/common-tasks-chap.html - But please use free formats if you can: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/FreeFormats19:16
ActionParsniproozbehonline: just use: kdesudo kate /etc/apt/sources.list19:16
demarcowhat is the best windows simulator for ubuntu?19:16
ActionParsniproozbehonline: add the repo to the end of the file19:16
ActionParsnip!best | demarco19:16
Jahmoni use virtual box demarco19:16
ubottudemarco: Usually, there is no single "best" application to perform a given task. It's up to you to choose, depending on your preferences, features you require, and other factors. Do NOT take polls in the channel. If you insist on getting people's opinions, ask BestBot in #ubuntu-bots.19:16
ali_can you tell me how to instal... codes on MPLAYER... i have even tried opening the file using VLC.. but still the same19:16
jpedrozademarco: I too, use VirtualBox19:16
ActionParsnipdemarco: how do yuo mean "simulator"?19:16
Jahmon!virtualbox | demarco19:16
ubottudemarco: virtualbox is a x86 !virtualizer. A !free edition is available from !Gutsy as 'virtualbox-ose'. A non-free edition is available at http://virtualbox.org for most Ubuntu releases (help in #vbox) - Setup details at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/VirtualBox19:16
roozbehonlinejpedroza: i used this commanf19:17
xp-killerraidenovich: i close off the server how do i reopend it?19:17
roozbehonlinejpedroza: command19:17
BluesKajjpedroza , adept is the default kde package manager..synaptic is the gnome package manager. Not a fan of gnome but synaptic is better than adept about dependencies and fixing broken pkges19:17
raidenovichyou have to do it with the console19:17
demarcoI use Wine, but it handles "Freemind" very jittery and buggy. Freemind is java based19:17
roozbehonlinejpedroza: i replaced all sources !19:17
demarcoi will try virtual box19:17
roozbehonlinejpedroza: and i entered sudo pat-get update19:17
jpedrozaBluesKaj: True, but since this the Kubuntu room, I thought I would stick with the KDE defaults19:18
roozbehonlinejpedroza: but i have this problem yet19:18
ActionParsnipdemarco: if its java based it can be ran if you have java installed in linux19:18
ActionParsnipdemarco: java is java19:18
Jahmondemarco virtual box is a virtual machine - it allows you to run windows within linux19:18
BluesKajjpedroza , got give credit where it's due :)19:18
xp-killerraidenovich: ok tanks.and the shell u were saying how does that work?19:18
Jahmonwhat is a good codec pack to allow me to play video/mp3 etc?19:19
demarcobut Freemind software is not for ubuntu. would you know how to install it regardless?19:19
ActionParsnipdemarco: http://sourceforge.net/project/showfiles.php?group_id=7118&package_id=161831&release_id=57442119:19
p_quarlesJahmon: kubuntu-restricted-extras19:19
Jahmonsudo apt-get install ubuntu-restricted-extras - is that what i need for video / mp3 support?19:19
BluesKajkubuntu-restricted-extras , Jahmon19:19
jpedrozaBluesKaj: I prefer apt-get on CLI to just about anything else, but I am oldschool19:19
raidenovichcouldnt configure it by now xp-killer19:19
ActionParsnipdemarco: theres the debs for it19:19
raidenovichshould be pretty easy though19:19
Jahmonsudo apt-get install ubuntu-restricted-extras - is that what i need for video / mp3 support? or do i use kubuntu-restricted-extras19:19
xp-killerraidenovich: im a noob dont know mutch only know how to install from adept19:20
BluesKajjpedroza , sometimes apt or even aptityude sre sufficient ...I use them a lot19:20
ActionParsnipdemarco: its also on the repositorys19:20
p_quarlesJahmon: they give you almost the same thing; install both if you like19:20
Jahmonis there a difference between running sudo apt-get install ubuntu-restricted-extras / sudo apt-get install kubuntu-restricted-extras19:20
BluesKajdamn KB , still acting up19:20
ActionParsnipdemarco: sudo apt-get install freemind19:20
ActionParsnipdemarco: and it will install for you19:20
Jahmonlast time i installed the restricted extras i could not play mp319:20
demarcolet me try19:20
Jahmonbut i will try again19:20
raidenovichxp-killer: you can ask here how to create a skript to run your ./PMS.sh ...19:20
Jahmonwhat is the best way to start a pppoe connection in kubuntu? i was using sudo pppeoconf19:21
Jahmonis their a gui?19:21
xp-killerActionParsnip: how to create a skript to run your ./PMS.sh?19:21
raidenovichand make it executable so that you just have to click on a symbol19:21
ActionParsnipxp-killer: its the command to execute the script19:22
Jahmonwhat is the best way to start a pppoe connection in kubuntu? i was using sudo pppeoconf - is there a gui menu i can use? my terminal is shaky19:22
xp-killerActionParsnip: yea19:22
ActionParsnipxp-killer: if you run ls can you see the file?19:22
roozbehonlineHI all19:22
xp-killerActionParsnip:  i want to do it so it can be an ico insted of going in DOS all the time19:22
roozbehonlineI have a problem19:22
roozbehonlinelook at this : http://i43.tinypic.com/dyxi4h.png19:23
ActionParsnipxp-killer: its a terminal, not DOS19:23
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xp-killerActionParsnip: ok i see the file in green19:23
ActionParsnipxp-killer: thats great19:23
raidenovichhe can run the file19:23
ActionParsnipxp-killer: type: ./PMS.sh19:23
raidenovichhe wants some sort of shortcut19:24
raidenovichso that he just have to click on an icon to run that skript19:24
ActionParsnipxp-killer: you should be able to double click on the file to run it now19:24
* mneptok whispers "it's 'script' with a 'c'"19:24
raidenovichthanks :P19:24
ActionParsnipdemarco: is it installing?19:24
BluesKajroozbehonline, kdesudo kate /etc/apt/sources.list , then paste it in pastebin19:25
demarcoit said it was already installed19:25
xp-killerActionParsnip: cool it works tanks19:25
demarcodoes not show up inside my applications19:25
raidenovichsry didnt know xp-killer19:25
ActionParsnipdemarco: thats fine, type freemind in konsole and it will run19:25
ActionParsnipdemarco: you may find it in your menus19:26
xp-killerraidenovich: one last help.i does write done these things to memories how to install or config stuff19:26
demarcowhat area of my menus19:26
blip-hi, the right side panel hide button on the main panel of KDE3 does't work for me... it doesn't do anything.  the button on the left works fine though.19:26
xp-killerraidenovich: so from the start i open the console with F4 then what after?19:27
demarcohold on19:27
ActionParsnipdemarco: i couldnt tell you , i dont use kwin. If you run kmenuedit you can ad it wherever you wish19:27
wizardslovakdoea anyone has any experience with mysql and vbulletin??19:27
demarcoyou are genius!19:27
raidenovichwell, its different everytime xp-killer19:27
demarcothank you guys so much19:27
xp-killerraidenovich: its not the same way to install all .sh files?19:28
raidenovichyou didnt install it19:28
raidenovichit was installed19:28
raidenovichyou just made it executable and run it19:28
xp-killerraidenovich: i turn it to an excutable first right?19:28
xp-killerraidenovich: how did i make it an exe?19:29
roozbehonlineBluesKaj: http://pastebin.com/meb6992f19:29
xp-killerraidenovich:  the comand?19:29
raidenovichsudo chmod +x *****.sh19:29
raidenovichis sudo even necessary?19:29
ActionParsnipdemarco: np bro19:30
ActionParsnipraidenovich: only if the file is not owned by him19:30
ActionParsnipxp-killer: exe is a windows file19:30
ActionParsnipxp-killer: the +x has now made it executable19:30
xp-killerraidenovich:  ok19:31
xp-killerraidenovich: then i did ./PMS.sh?19:31
raidenovichyes, thats the way to run a shell script19:31
BluesKajroozbehonline , the 'experimental' deb repos caused me some probs in the past ...as well as the last deb repos in your list ..not stable IIRC19:32
xp-killerraidenovich: ok tanks i wrote it down19:33
raidenovichno prob19:33
roozbehonlineBluesKaj: i must remove this repos ?19:34
ActionParsnipxp-killer: if you right click the file -> properties you may be able to set it to run in a konsole19:34
BluesKajroozbehonline , make sure you have your third party repos in adept enabled as well.19:35
BluesKajroozbehonline , then do a sudo apt-get update in the terminal19:37
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base10kHi all, if i wanted to modify an existing kde plasmoid (The digital clock) how would i go about it? I'm going to try to add some more options (such as displaying the timezone on a newline, allowing the user to add text of their own etc)19:41
PhilRodbase10k: they might be able to help in #plasma19:42
base10kPhilRod: great, thanks :)19:42
jpedrozaAnyone in here gotten the nvidia drivers to work with the latest version of xorg in Jaunty?19:43
PhilRodbase10k: no problem. Good luck!19:43
BluesKajjpedroza ,you really should ask that Q in #kubunu+119:44
jpedrozaBluesKaj: There is a +1 room! That is what I get for not paying attention19:44
BluesKajerr #ubuntu+119:45
jordialguien de España19:45
ubottuEn la mayoría de canales Ubuntu se comunica en inglés. Para ayuda en Español, por favor entre en los canales #ubuntu-es o #kubuntu-es.19:45
jordiok, es la primera vez y estoy trasteando, no sabia que existia esto19:46
xp-killerraidenovich: i move the folder from my desktop to my home folder now i can get the ps3 media to detect the ps3.how do i debug the log file?19:49
elliottis there a way to put knetworkmanager in offline mode from the command line, or otherwise a way to stop networking without killing processes?19:53
jpedrozaelliott: You can use ifconfig <interface> down to down a connection19:54
jpedrozaelliott: Like: sudo ifconfig eth0 down19:54
elliottjpedroza: knetworkmanager immediately brings it back up19:55
jpedrozahmmmm, isn't there a disable interface option in knetworkmanager as well?19:55
elliottyes, from the GUI there is19:55
elliottbut i want to do it from the command line19:55
jpedrozanot sure, when I down an IF it doesn't get reactivated...19:57
tictric4.2beta, strigi doesn't run here which I was told it was supposed to from 4.2 on?19:59
xz01dПривет ребят.20:03
Pici!ru | xz01d20:04
ubottuxz01d: Пожалуйста посетите #ubuntu-ru для получения помощи на русском языке  / Pozhalujsta posetite #ubuntu-ru dlya polucheniya pomoshi na russkom yazyke20:04
mariushow do I install caffeine on kubuntu? seems I can't find it anywhere20:05
mariushelp pls20:05
mariusdragon player can't have the job done20:06
xp-killerquestion: do i need internet to use a server like from laptop to laptop using the same router?20:06
shadeslayermarius:did you try adept???20:07
mariusIt's kaffeine not Caffeine20:09
mariusso dumb...20:09
BluesKajshadeslayer kaffeine is no longer default on Intrepid20:09
shadeslayerdidnt notice20:09
mariusnope it isn't20:09
BluesKaj!medibuntu | marius20:09
ubottumarius: medibuntu is a repository of packages that cannot be included into the Ubuntu distribution for legal reasons - See http://www.medibuntu.org20:10
raidenovichis there any way to get 1 window from one computer to another? but not vnc ... i want only 1 window not the whole screen20:10
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Guest56596kaffeine is not default but it should be for it's able to download necesary codecs itself, unlike dragon player20:12
shadeslayerUse VLC it has almost all the codecs20:12
alan_someone know some funny chan20:13
jpedrozaraidenovich: What are you trying to accomplish?20:13
alan_ok thanks20:13
jpedrozaraidenovich: You can export your xdisplay to any other computer running x11...20:14
raidenovichwell, i want irc running on a computer which is online 24/7 and sometimes i want to "login" with my laptop to use it...20:14
jpedrozaraidenovich: not sure if this would work for you or not...20:15
jpedrozaraidenovich: http://www.hungry.com/~jamie/xexport.html20:15
raidenovichthanks, i will read it20:15
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bukharinhello. i'm trying to diagnose a very annoying problem i'm experiencing with my kubuntu intrepid. sometimes during normal use, the system will slow down to a crawl, the HD LED will show great activity and plasma cpu usage will spike using all available cpu time. The problem seems to be related to firefox, as this is always open when it happens,but i can't confirm, as firefox is normally open in any session. If i login with another user (ie,20:20
bukharinnow), the problem does not appear, even with same apps and similar usage patterns. any idea?20:20
bukharinany pointers on where to even begin looking would be greatly appreaciated.20:20
ubottuGRUB is the default Ubuntu boot manager. Lost GRUB after installing Windows? See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/RestoreGrub - GRUB how-tos: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/GrubHowto20:22
omicron23hi. I am on ubuntu 8.10 and I want to install the kde 4.2rc1. what package do I have to install after I added the repo as mentioned on kubuntu.org?20:22
bukharinshadeslayer hi, i was trying to help you yesterday, but i think i was unable. i seem to recall you had a problem with installation?20:23
bukharinshadeslayer somewhat related to a missing hp partition?20:23
shadeslayerbukharin:that problem was sorted20:23
shadeslayerhe formatted the partition20:24
bukharingood to hear.20:24
shadeslayeri told my friend to download a recovery disk20:24
shadeslayerits legit20:24
BluesKajomicron23 , sudo apt-get update && sudo apt-get install kubuntu-desktop20:25
bukharinwould that recreate the hp partition?20:25
bukharinor it makes it unnecesary?20:25
seeleis there something weird with 4.1.4's konsole? the scrollbar is on the left side and the TERM seems to be messed up20:26
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omicron23BluesKaj, oh, that easy =) thank you!20:27
bukharinhello. i'm trying to diagnose a very annoying problem i'm experiencing with my kubuntu intrepid. sometimes during normal use, the system will slow down to a crawl, the HD LED will show great activity and plasma cpu usage will spike using all available cpu time. The problem seems to be related to firefox, as this is always open when it happens,but i can't confirm, as firefox is normally open in any session. If i login with another user (ie,20:28
bukharinnow), the problem does not appear, even with same apps and similar usage patterns. any idea? (repeating the rather long question, pardon the flood)20:28
TraceRouteHow do i show the locational bar in dolphin?20:29
jussi01TraceRoute: click the location20:31
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shadeslayerbukharin:oh sorry was busy with other work20:32
shadeslayerbukharin:it eliminates the need of having a recovery partition i think20:33
seeleso.. anyone with 4.1.4 have weirdness with konsole? squeezed fonts, scrollbar on left side, no clear screen capability,etc?20:33
bukharinshadeslayer: np, just wanted to know if you neede further assistance with the install... and was curious about the recovery imaeg.20:33
shadeslayerbut the recovery partition was meant to restore your HD if you dont remap it20:33
shadeslayerwhich i did remap,so no point of having a partition now20:34
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shadeslayerBTW there's a guy with the same problem in ##windows right now20:36
shadeslayerhe lost GRUB20:36
TraceRoutedoes anyone know if you can add more than one directory to ushare.conf20:36
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matmat07Is there someone avaliable to help me?20:47
bukharinmatmat07: just ask, if anyone knows, it will get answered...20:47
syockitmatmat07: you should ask away and wait for 5 minutes20:47
syockitmatmat07: then repeat, rinse20:47
matmat07I have burned the iso image of the alternate kubuntu, thinking it was the desktop cd. After that I delete the iso file20:49
matmat07Is there a way I could still isntall it with wubi?20:49
matmat07I would like to try it before playing with partition20:49
bukharinmatmat07: i'm not sure, but i think that the alternate cd does not come with wubi20:50
matmat07I know, I got Wubi after, thinking it could install with the file on the cd20:50
syockitIt does not come with wubi, but I think wubi can be configured to use it20:50
syockitOkay, I've checked https://wiki.ubuntu.com/WubiGuide and it says no20:51
syockitBut wait don't give up yet. I remember there's a way...20:51
bukharinwell, if the alternate also functions a live cd (i dont know), you could boot into that, and download a new desktop iso. or even more, try to build one with wubi, but i don't think that woud be feasible.20:52
fusersome site to download cool plasmoids20:53
matmat07thanks for your help20:53
syockitAlternate doesn't have live function if I'm not mistaken. It's install only20:53
matmat07install only20:53
matmat07i've checked20:53
syockitfuser: kde-look.org, checked that?20:53
bukharinthen your preetty much fubared.20:53
danhey, im having some troubles using terminal to get my atheros card running and one have any ideas?20:53
fusersyockit there is not much variety20:53
syockitfuser: most people who develop plasmoids would've posted them there anywat, so I don't know if there are any other sites collecting plasmoids20:54
fuserhey how to find and connect to irc servers20:56
syockitDamn, I just can't remember the tool I used to make live USB20:57
syockitI think it has nt or something in its name20:57
syockitor was it ng...20:58
fuserjust search usb20:58
syockitfuser: What do you mean find and connect? You using Konversation?20:59
Stathis`hey all21:00
Stathis`how are you?21:01
Neremorlol i'm fine :D21:02
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marta_qué isto?21:08
syockitA-hah! Now I know that this channel is quiet around this time21:15
TraceRoutedo any of you have ushare installed?21:15
athlon1Hallo, any can tell me how can I listen to last.fm in Amarok?21:16
athlon1I use amaro
ActionParsnipyo yo yo21:18
RoeyActionParsnip:  ahahaha I love your nick21:20
ActionParsnipits a harry hill joke21:20
ActionParsnipthanks too :)21:20
faileasheya roey21:21
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Roeyhey faileas!21:23
didiscusate dove devo andare per parlare itaòliano?21:27
syockitStrange that I took that as 'Hey fella!'21:27
ubottuVai su #ubuntu-it se vuoi parlare in italiano, in questo canale usiamo solo l'inglese. Grazie! (click col tasto destro sul nome del canale per entrare)21:27
DekansHow can we install google gadgets on plasma with KDE 4.2 ?21:29
aioobehi! does anyone know how I can start the System Settings -> Advanced -> Login Manager  from a terminal?21:32
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DekansHow can we install google gadgets on plasma with KDE 4.2 ?21:34
aioobenever mind... "systemsettings" did the trick21:34
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elliottis there a way to put knetworkmanager in offline mode from the command line, or otherwise a way to stop networking without killing processes?21:46
ActionParsnipelliott: sudo /etc/init.d/networking stop21:47
ActionParsnipelliott: or21:48
ActionParsnipelliott: sudo ifdown <interface name>21:48
syockitDekans: I thinks that's only on nightly...21:50
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Freddy2is there anyone having problems with the update of readahead? (i think that's the right package name)21:54
rickestFreddy2: no problems here, you getting a specific error or something?21:56
Freddy2from adept_updater it is downloaded, but "can't send information.." (or something similar)21:57
Freddy2"error when trying to send changes" (seems to be related to a corrupt file)21:58
ActionParsnipelliott: any good?21:58
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elliotti haven't had a chance to try those yet, but from trying them before, i remember knetworkmanager just immediately bringing the interface back up21:58
ActionParsnipelliott: kill it off22:00
elliottwell i want to do it without having to kill anything, as this will be runing from a script22:02
ActionParsnipelliott: you can use killall <app name> in the script22:05
ActionParsnippersonally i have network manager, it gets in the way if you try to do anything intelligent22:06
ActionParsniphave == hate22:07
syockitBut the idea is to turn it off without killing it. Aren't there any method to ask it to turn it off?22:08
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ActionParsnipyou can use kill -15 <pid>22:12
elliottyou can disable it from the GUI so the functionality is obviously there, it just seems like there's no cli interface for it22:13
angelacabo de instalar Kubuntu 8.10 32 bit, una marabilla22:17
angelsu entorno grafico esta buenisimo22:17
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angelpero si o si necesitas placa aceleradora de video22:18
Nomexous!es | angel22:18
ubottuangel: En la mayoría de canales Ubuntu se comunica en inglés. Para ayuda en Español, por favor entre en los canales #ubuntu-es o #kubuntu-es.22:18
angelok y gracias22:18
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=== shade1 is now known as shadeslayer1
Stathis`http://users.otenet.gr/~snetwork/    γειααααααααααα22:30
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Lokiasehello all, does anyone knows if google chrome is working in kubuntu?22:41
ActionParsnipLokiase: you've been told in #ubuntu22:44
LokiaseActionParsnip: indeed :)22:45
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didisorry ubuntu.it22:54
didiscusate in italiano per ubuntu22:55
ubottuVai su #ubuntu-it se vuoi parlare in italiano, in questo canale usiamo solo l'inglese. Grazie! (click col tasto destro sul nome del canale per entrare)22:55
jpedrozaHey all. I just installed Intrepid on my son's computer and then installed the nvidia driver and changed some settings and now it just comes up after login to a black screen with the mouse floating22:56
jpedrozaI have deleted the .nvidia-settings in his folder and replaced the xorg.conf file, still no screen.22:56
ActionParsnipjpedroza: do you get anything if you right cick?22:57
ActionParsniplike a menu?22:57
jpedrozaActionParsnip: Nothing22:57
jpedrozaActionParsnip: Moving the mouse distorts the pointer22:57
ActionParsnipjpedroza: press ctrl+alt+back space22:57
jpedrozaIt restarts the xserver, returns to login screen, when I login, black screen22:58
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ActionParsnipjpedroza: change session to to console login and run: dpkg-reconfigure xserver-xorg22:58
ActionParsnipjpedroza: and uninstall the nvidia stuffs22:58
ActionParsnipjpedroza: if you then reboot you should get a desktop23:00
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jpedrozaActionParsnip: Should I use kernel framebuffer devices?23:02
lokieeeI was having issues getting adobe flash plug-in to work, I can see videos and things but there is no sound. any ideas on what I can do23:02
lokieeeI can hear the log-in and log out sound so i know my sound is working23:03
ActionParsnipjpedroza: no, you should be ok23:03
ActionParsniplokieee: http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=204022  https://lists.ubuntu.com/archives/ubuntu-mozillateam-bugs/2009-January/064812.html   http://www.arsgeek.com/2007/11/27/how-to-fix-no-sound-with-flashfirefox-in-ubuntu-710-gutsy/23:04
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lokieeeI do have integrated sound but i use a sound blaster audgiy 2 pci card, I Never saw an option though in my bios to disable on board sound23:06
jpedrozaActionParsnip: Should I clean the cache so I can reload nvidia?23:07
jpedrozaActionParsnip: With apt-get23:07
ActionParsnipyeah thatd be good23:08
ActionParsnipjpedroza: if you run lspci | grep -i vga what does it say23:08
zendoHi. Few days ago I installed kde-4 on Kubuntu 8.04, and uninstalled it little after, but then when I start linux X doesnt start. I need to type "sudo kdm" manually to get display. Can someone please tell em how to fix (restore to previous state) this?23:09
angelcomo llego a kubuntu españa?23:10
jpedrozaActionParsnip: VGA compatible controller: nVidia Corporation GeForce 9500 GT23:11
jpedrozaActionParsnip: Still comes up to a black screen23:11
jpedrozaActionParsnip: I am thinking bad video card at this point23:11
urmel291zendo: try "sudo dpkg-reconfigure kdm"23:12
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zendourmel291: ok I did that. Now should "/etc/alternatives/x-session-manager" point to "kdm" ?23:14
zendourmel291: because it doesnt...23:14
urmel291urmel291: yes, it should23:15
urmel291zendo: yes, it should23:15
Lokiasehello all, i installed ubuntu 8.10, then I instanned Kubuntu desktop. Now in Kubuntu my language is wrong, but the support-language-nl file is selected... I noticed that normally, when you click the main package-file, a lot of other files are installed with it, but with me by example the language-kde isn't installed (and other also)... but I do not know wich files are needed, can someone help me?23:15
zendourmel291: well it still points to "/usr/bin/xfce4-session"23:15
urmel291zendo: you can use the "update-alternatives" command to change the link23:16
zendourmel291: can you please tell me how?23:16
zendourmel291: "update-alternatives --conf x-session-manager" ?23:17
ActionParsnipzendo: doesnt that need sudo?23:17
urmel291zendo: "sudo update-alternatives --config x-session-manager"23:17
urmel291yes, it needs sudo23:17
zendourmel291: thanks.I also reconfigured "x-window-manager" bacl to kwin23:19
zendourmel291: thanks a lot23:19
urmel291zendo: ur welcome23:19
Lokiasenobody expierence with languages ?23:22
marcelwhat language ?23:23
Lokiasemarcel: language in kde is englisch, not my language (dutch) although I think the packet is instalald23:23
urmel291Lokiase: you can change it in "System Settings" -> "Regional and Language"23:24
urmel291Lokiase: make sure you have "language-pack-kde-nl" installed23:25
mascoolis there a way to make the sender column in KMail 4.1.4 display the sender's email instead of name ?23:32
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bobo1cool site to share -- http://www.futuregame.com/index.php?r=vaderdarth2123:34
ActionParsnipmascool: so if you type an emailaddress it changes to a name23:36
mascoolActionParsnip,  ???23:36
sigraanyone know a good c++ channel23:36
lakis1982hello . i have kubuntu intrepid .. does anyone know how can i adjust the fonts of the menu bar in firefox ????23:36
mascoolIn the message list, the sender column shows their name23:36
mascooli want it to show their email23:37
mascoolno typing23:37
ActionParsnipoh i see23:37
ActionParsnipmascool: so you want the email address instead of the friendly name23:39
mascoolyes sir23:40
mascoolActionParsnip, just one problem with that link23:40
mascoolare you high ?23:41
bazhangmascool, watch the language23:41
ActionParsnipmascool: chillout dude23:42
mascoolbazhang, I'll try23:42
mascoolActionParsnip, if you cant help dont bother giving people wrong advice23:42
kixxI just tried to install a Brother printer driver with dpkg, which apparently borked because of a missing lpr dependency.  Is lpr packaged with kubuntu put of the box?23:45
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robinrkixx: cups-bsd contains an lpr command23:55
robinrand yes it it23:55
kixxahh.. maybe that's the problem23:56
kixxwell, now I can't remove the driver package i installed because: The package fax4750elpr needs to be reinstalled, but I can't find an archive for it23:57
faileashmm, i'm trying to work out something. lets say i have two apps i want accessable over the same port, but on different hostnames, say two irc servers- is there any way to configure a firewall to say forward foo.bar.com:6667 to port 7000 and bar.bar.com:6667 to port 6667 for example?23:57
kixxis there a way to use dpkg to remove this package and start over?23:57

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