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vadi2I think loggerhead died, unless it's known.01:21
spmsomething just hit hard - fixing atm01:22
vadi2spm: seems it's alive, thanks much01:26
brunoqcgood job !01:26
luke-jrbtw, how can I delete a "series"?01:26
spmluke-jr: send in a question via answers01:27
luke-jrtoo lazy :þ01:28
spmluke-jr: I think you'd agree that deleting stuff just cause some anon person on irc asked for it, would be a Bad Thing(tm) :-)01:31
luke-jrI'd agree that there should be a delete button01:44
wgrantBug #214101:44
ubottuLaunchpad bug 2141 in launchpad-registry "Please allow users to remove series in products" [Wishlist,Triaged] https://launchpad.net/bugs/214101:44
spmwgrant: did you know that # from memory? ;-)01:48
wgrantspm: Unfortunately.01:49
wgrantmaxb: Your key count script seems dead...02:04
luke-jrwgrant: wtf is Triaged?02:07
wgrantluke-jr: Confirmed by a developer to be a problem and on the radar.02:10
luke-jruh, this is different from Confirmed?02:11
wgrantYes, it's a privileged status.02:11
* luke-jr goes through all his bugs and makes them Triaged02:11
wgrantOnly developers can set them to be Triaged.02:11
luke-jrI see, but I'm the driver02:11
wgrantThat too.02:11
wgrantActually, it's the bug supervisor that can do it.02:11
wgrantBut driver might work too.02:12
luke-jrwell, I think I'm *everythign* on this project..02:13
wgrantThat's a good way to be.02:15
luke-jr#ArmaTWGeTRON if you want to try the game :þ02:16
maxbugh, so it is02:34
maxbwgrant: 'Error handling request. Exception raised: Invalid_argument("Too many responses")'02:36
maxboh well. it gave a decent estimate on the end time before it imploded02:36
wgrantI don't think the rate is likely to change much, so it should be quite accurate.02:38
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* wgrant gives lp-bzr an excellent developer response mark.07:58
thumperwgrant: ta08:04
wgrantthumper: Why do branches not get automatically marked as merged when their merge proposal does? I have to go and poke the owner of the branch to mark them as merged to get them off my lists...08:11
thumperwgrant: they do08:12
wgrantThey do not. The merge proposal gets closed.08:12
wgrantBut the branch status doesn't change.08:12
thumperwgrant: the scanner marks them as merged when it notices08:12
noodles775My branches are being changed automatically... not sure what could be different...08:13
thumperwgrant: when the target branch is updated, the scanner marks the proposal and source branches as merged08:13
wgrantthumper: The scanner didn't pick up a merge revision, but it did close the merge proposal. But not the branch.08:14
thumperwgrant: if the tip of the source branch isn't in the target branch, it isn't marked08:14
thumperwgrant: you may have merged "not quite all" the revisions08:15
wgrantthumper: The branches hadn't diverged (the second branch only existed because the original branch was corrupt due to a bug in 1.6 stacking), so I pulled into the fixed main branch.08:16
wgrantSo the tip was definitely there.08:16
wgrantIt was the tip of the new branch.08:16
thumperyou hit a special case08:16
wgrantI thought so.08:16
thumperif the tip revisions are the same08:16
thumperthen it wasn't merged08:16
thumperit IS the same branch08:16
wgrantBut the merge proposal was closed...08:17
* thumper shrugs08:17
thumperit uses two slightly different code paths08:17
wgrantEwww. That would explain it.08:17
wgrantIs there a bug on that?08:18
thumperwgrant: well, the bug would only change it so the mp wasn't marked as merged08:21
thumperbecause you didn't really08:21
thumperyou just overrode the target08:21
thumperI'm actually surprised that it did change the merge proposal08:22
thumperbecause I though that it didn't08:22
wgrantHow odd.08:22
thumperand the two code paths differ only in one works on the merge proposal, and the other works on the branch08:22
thumperyou could look at the proposal to see who recorded the merge08:22
thumperif it was the scanner it won't be shown08:22
thumperif it was a person, it will be08:22
wgrantthumper: I don't have mail about that change, and only the proposer and approver are listed.08:23
thumperhmm, certainly sounds like the scanner tweaked it08:24
wgrantThat's what I thought.08:24
thumperwgrant: if the source branch is a series branch, it doesn't get marked as merged08:25
thumperwgrant: I just read the code (that I wrote)08:25
wgrantthumper: Neither was a series branch.08:25
thumperwgrant: this is to avoid series branches dropping off listings where they should be there08:25
wgrantOf course.08:25
thumperwgrant: got a reference for me?08:25
wgrant~mgiuca/ivle/storm -> ~ivle-dev/ivle/storm08:25
* thumper looks08:27
thumperwgrant: very weird08:29
wgrantThat's what mgiuca said.08:30
thumperwgrant: nope I was wrong08:33
thumperwgrant: they are two different code paths08:33
thumperwgrant: and08:33
thumper# If the tip revisions are the same, then it is the same08:33
thumper                # branch, not one merged into the other.08:33
thumperthe merge proposal check doesn't check this08:33
wgrantWhy should that be special-cased?08:34
wgrantShouldn't it just check if the source tip is in the destination?08:34
thumperwgrant: because ...08:40
thumperwgrant: the scanner checks all branches against each other, not just those attached with merge proposals08:40
thumperwgrant: say you branch mine08:40
wgrantI see.08:41
thumperand push it to launchpad before doing any work08:41
wgrantI see.08:41
thumperit would be marked as merged when it clearly isn't08:41
wgrantI didn't realise it checked everything.08:41
thumperspecial majik08:41
thumperfor projects that don't use merge proposals08:41
wgrantI haven't used lp-bzr much for a couple of years.08:41
thumperit is much better now than it was two years ago :)08:41
wgrantI can tell.08:42
wgrantSo... can I make an arbitrary branch vanish silently by checking it out at tip-1, pushing it to a project, setting it as a series branch, then merging the remaining revision in?08:43
wgrantOr does it only scan series branches within a branch target?08:44
savvasis it possible to edit some comments of a bug report? (they contain personal information and the user asked for them to be removed)08:46
bigjoolssavvas: file a question and someone can take a look08:50
savvaser.. bigjools, on answerts.launchpad.net/launchpad or soyuz ?08:51
wgrant+register-merge asks me for keywords indicating the type of review I am performing... am I not requesting a review on that page?08:51
bigjoolssavvas: launchpad08:51
bigjoolsall questions should go there anyway08:51
savvasok thanks08:52
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wgrantal-maisan: SQL queries are sufficient to get a bug made private?11:58
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al-maisanwgrant: apparently :)12:02
wgrantal-maisan: Yet much of the dev documentation and DB patches therein are not...12:03
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al-maisanwgrant: consistency is always difficult to achieve :)12:04
wgrantal-maisan: Apparently :(12:05
mrevellthekorn: pingaling12:14
thekornmrevell, pongalong12:15
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jpdscprov: Can you please look into: http://tinyurl.com/98sx65 - when you have some time? The build fails with: "Build killed with signal 15 after 150 minutes of inactivity"13:39
jpds...not sure what to do about it.13:39
wgrantjpds: It's ardour, so it's scons, so it's the longest standing bug ever, so you need to run away. Now.13:42
jpdswgrant: I did not know that.13:43
cprovwgrant: right, what's the cause of this issue ?13:43
wgrantcprov: We have no idea.13:43
vadi2I'm having some trouble breaking a lock on bzr - it is not breaking: http://paste.pocoo.org/show/100523/13:43
wgrantBut it is one of the more infamous build failures.13:43
wgrantI don't know an awful lot about it, however.13:44
cprovwgrant: is there bug filed about it ?13:44
vadi2ignore that, I got it working with a different url13:45
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wgrantcprov: Hmm, it seems that the relevant scons-breaking launchpad-buildd bug was fixed on production a few days ago.13:46
wgrantBut, that seems to not be the usual FTBFS issue, now I look into the log.13:46
* Nafallo ponders if he didn't file a bug about that in dapper or so...13:46
wgrantJust another scons issue.13:46
Nafalloagainst linxdcpp iirc13:46
Nafallowgrant: does that sound right? ^13:47
wgrantNafallo: Possibly. The bug I found about the issue is bug #87077.13:48
ubottuLaunchpad bug 87077 in scons "The build of xmms2 fails because of HASH(0x82db558)="" in the environment" [Undecided,Fix released] https://launchpad.net/bugs/8707713:48
theseinfeldhey guys, what or where is a documentation describing the purpose of bug-supervisor and security contact13:50
jpdswgrant: ardour built fine in my pbuilder for the record.13:51
wgrantjpds: That's the problem.13:51
kiko-phonemrevell, see theseinfeld's question?14:15
mrevellhey theseinfeld14:15
mrevellthanks ki14:15
mrevellthanks kiko-phone14:15
kiko-phonethanks xchat14:15
mrevelltheseinfeld: https://help.launchpad.net/Bugs/YourProject#Bug%20supervisors%20and%20security%20contacts14:16
mrevelltheseinfeld: That should give you what you need. If not, let me know and I'll update it so that it gives you the info you need!14:16
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theseinfeldthank you mrevell14:32
mrevellmy pleasure theseinfeld14:33
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* ScottK waves to barry.14:41
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* barry waves back to scottk14:45
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noodles775hi spitfire_ :)15:47
spitfire_every time I want to send bug report with apport it says:15:47
spitfire_"urlopen error The write operation timed out"15:47
spitfire_is this a bug?15:47
spitfire_My network isn't THAT slow15:47
spitfire_Ok it is slow, but I'm not running any torrent, or any application that is up/downloading.15:48
spitfire_Besides xchat and pidgin15:48
* noodles775 tries to find out...15:49
intellectronicaeveryone: ubuntu bug tracking session as part of the developer week in #ubuntu-classroom in 10m if anyone wants to join and help (or just cheer)15:49
spitfire_noodles775: So I'm using t-dsl15:51
spitfire_87 kBit/s upstream15:51
spitfire_406 kBit/s downstream15:52
spitfire_it is slow.15:52
spitfire_But a ~200kb bug report shouldn't be too much...15:52
noodles775Hi spitfire_, that is slow, but apparently it's a know bug... allenap can you confirm?15:53
spitfire_yes, I just found it:LP15:53
noodles775spitfire_: great15:53
ubottuLaunchpad bug 314212 in apport "Apport unable to report crash - urlopen error timed out" [Undecided,Confirmed]15:53
noodles775That's the one...15:54
spitfire_it is confirmed already15:54
allenapspitfire_: You beat me to it :)15:54
spitfire_allenap: ?15:54
allenapspitfire_: I was looking for that bug, see noodles775 message above.15:54
thekornit would be greate if someone from the launchpad team could comment on this bug15:56
spitfire_it's pretty important for testing.15:57
thekorngreat, even15:57
noodles775allenap: do you know if anyone's working on it, or able to comment?15:58
noodles775(sorry if you're not the right person... your name was given to me ;) )15:58
allenapnoodles775: I think flacoste would be the man to ask.15:59
noodles775ah, thanks allenap.16:00
noodles775flacoste: do you know if anyone is able to comment on bug 314212?16:00
ubottuLaunchpad bug 314212 in apport "Apport unable to report crash - urlopen error timed out" [Undecided,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/31421216:00
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flacostenoodles775: looking16:15
noodles775thanks flacoste16:15
flacostenoodles775: is it possible to get the error page returned?16:20
flacostenoodles775: because +storeblob doesn't look like it's failing in our daily reports, might be the proxy in front of it16:21
noodles775spitfire_ ^^^^^16:21
spitfire_noodles775: But if it ain't my fault I'm not interested :P16:23
spitfire_Just waiting for the fix;)16:24
noodles775spitfire_: ;)16:24
noodles775spitfire_: if you've time, it'd be great if you could update the bug with a comment of the exact error (whether it's an apache error page etc... see flacoste's comment at the end of the bug)16:25
spitfire_noodles775: but what should i do to check, what is the problem?16:26
noodles775spitfire_: that's the issue, trying to figure out exactly where the problem is. If you are able to get the app you were using to crash again, attempt to send the report, and then perhaps do a screenshot of the exact error, that'd be worth gold!16:28
spitfire_noodles775: it's already there: http://launchpadlibrarian.net/20931834/Screenshot.png16:28
spitfire_Attached to one of the comments.16:29
spitfire_I saw nothing else.16:29
noodles775ah, sorry spitfire_ ... didn't see that.16:29
spitfire_noodles775: and it's only symptom.16:29
spitfire_Not the source of rthe problem16:29
noodles775spitfire_: yes, I was hoping that it might have been a bit more descriptive :/ (ie. telling us the url it was trying to open)16:30
spitfire_flacoste: Can you toll me how can I investigate this problem?16:30
flacostespitfire_: you need to get at the content of the error16:31
flacostespitfire_: i don't know apport, so not really sure how you would do that16:31
spitfire_it's in /var/log16:32
spitfire_how obvious:P16:32
spitfire_yeah lol216:32
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spitfire_flacoste: but they seem useless16:42
spitfire_these logs16:42
spitfire_They only list which reports did apport try to send.16:42
spitfire_But I've attachec them anyway16:42
flacosteBjornT_ is trying to reproduce16:42
flacosteon small files, it works everytime16:43
flacostehe's now trying with large ones16:43
spitfire_flacoste: what?16:43
spitfire_It doesn't for me.16:43
flacostespitfire_: how big are your files?16:43
spitfire_I can't send a 50kb file:/16:43
spitfire_59/2 kb16:44
spitfire_all reports are in /var/crash16:44
flacosteBjornT_: ^^^16:46
spitfire_flacoste: every file stores a small and full dump16:48
spitfire_(Some are small enough, to not have small one)16:48
spitfire_double clicking them opens them in apport16:48
spitfire_so you can send them;)16:49
spitfire_BjornT_: ^^16:49
BjornT_spitfire_: could you send one of the reports you can't upload to me? (either send it to bjorn at canonical.com, attach it to the bug report, or put it somewhere else)16:54
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spitfire_BjornT: attached to bug report16:55
furicleQuestion - is there some way to get hits/traffic/downloads info on packages hosted on launchpad - either as team member or not?17:06
salgadofuricle, no, but we're working on it17:08
BjornTspitfire_: no luck reproducing the problem :( i've tried more than 10 times with your crash report; works every time for me17:09
BjornTspitfire_: it could be that it's something between you and our server that is triggering the problem, but i don't have any good ideas for testing that theory17:10
BjornTspitfire_: when you get the upload error from apport. is it in the beginning or at the end of the upload? (i.e., is the progress bar at the beginning or end)17:36
BjornTspitfire_: or is it different each time?17:37
spitfire_BjornT: sometimes at the start (1/10) sometimes at the end 93/4)17:45
spitfire_bigger files stop at 1/1017:45
spitfire_BjornT: maybe I should try traceroute or ping?17:47
spitfire_But on what server?17:47
flacostespitfire_: any chance you are using a proxy server?18:00
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spitfire_flacoste: nope18:08
spitfire_flacoste: http://pastebin.ca/131370418:12
spitfire_^^omitted my ip18:12
spitfire_this is result of tracepath on launchpad.net's ip18:12
flacostehmm, i'm not seeing anything anormal there18:16
ScottKOnce a PPA is signed, are existing binaries signed or do I need to reupload?18:20
maxbI think you need to upload one thing per distroseries18:21
spitfire_ScottK: THEY'RE SIGNED WITH YOUR KEY18:22
ScottKspitfire_: No they aren't.18:22
spitfire_the one for PPA is autogenerated18:22
spitfire_ScottK: they are18:22
spitfire_otherwise they would be rejected:P18:22
ScottKClarify what you mean by 'MY' key then.18:22
spitfire_By launchpad.18:22
ScottKYou've certainly got no private key of mine.18:23
spitfire_ScottK: gpg --list-keys18:23
spitfire_they're signet with PUBLIC18:23
spitfire_just like your emails18:23
spitfire_(if you use gpg)18:23
spitfire_ScottK: AFAIK you can sign key generated by launchpad with your key.18:24
spitfire_Didn't try that yet, my PPA hasn't got a key yet.18:25
maxbspitfire_: I think you've answered about three different questions that ScottK didn't ask, but not the one he did. :-)18:25
ScottKRight.  Not the question I asked.18:25
* ScottK uses emperical methods18:26
spitfire_ScottK: you don't need to reupload:)18:26
spitfire_If that was the question:D18:27
ScottKThat was the question and that's not what I'm seeing.18:28
ScottKgpg: no valid OpenPGP data found.18:28
ScottKWrong test18:28
maxbI distinctly remember reading that signatures will _not_ be backpopulated.18:28
maxbThe only open question is whether you need only upload one package, or one per distroseries, to make the generation happen18:29
ScottKIt'd be handy if the PPA instructions didn't just say PPAs are unsigned, oh well.18:29
maxbMost PPAs are still unsigned at this point. :-)18:32
ScottKLooks like the release file is in fact signed.18:34
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ymlI have a branch on launchpad (bzr branch lp:~yml/+junk/django-geotagging) and a project which is django-geotagging.19:00
ymlI would like to know what should be done to make the first the "trunk" branch of the second.19:00
ymlshould I create a team first ?19:01
maxbI think that is only necessary if you want to share write-access to the branch19:03
maxbI think you can do what you want by just visiting your branch's page, and clicking the tiny little pen icon on a yellow circle, next to the ~yml/+junk/django-geotagging heading19:05
ymlmaxb: I am going to put my glasses to click on this tiny little icon.19:06
ymlin fact they are five icons like the one you describe19:08
maxbyml: yes, there are. You need the one next to the branch's name heading, as I said19:12
ymlmaxb: thank you this is now done19:17
ymlmy next question is about django-geotagging19:17
ymlpardon me wrong paste19:17
ymlmy next question is about : what are series ?19:18
LarstiQyml: development series19:19
LarstiQyml: consider samba3 and samba419:19
LarstiQyml: or in more general, a stable series to do point releases from, and a development series to do active development on19:19
ymlLarstiQ: They can be seen as the branch in SVN, right ?19:22
LarstiQyml: it's more conceptual19:22
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LarstiQyml: you can see it as the concept behind a set of branches governing the work on those19:23
ymlI see19:24
LarstiQyml: https://help.launchpad.net/Projects/SeriesMilestonesReleases19:26
ymlso I have my main branch where I am going to work : lp:dango-geotagging19:26
ymlif some other people want to work on django-geotagging they can create branch19:26
ymland I could pull from their branch in order to beneficiate from there improvement19:27
ymlthis is done locally on my computer19:28
ymlThen I push the changes I accept into trunk on launchpad19:29
LarstiQyml: yes (though you'd likely need merge instead of pull)19:29
LarstiQyml: yup19:29
ymlLarstiQ: yes thank you19:30
ymlI am looking forward testing this workflow19:30
ymlThank you for your help19:30
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aleksr88hey, is there anyone who could answer a newbie question about package creation/modification?21:46
mwhudsonaleksr88: not sure what you mean, but you're probably in the wrong place...21:51
aleksr88it has to do with uploading it to ppa in launchpad21:52
spitfire_aleksr88: so?21:52
mwhudsonaleksr88: you have seen  https://help.launchpad.net/Packaging/PPA ?21:54
aleksr88spitfire_: basically, i pulled a source package from the ubuntu repositories, and i applied a small patch i needed for it to work in our environment, and i was wondering what needs to be done to change the version of the package so that it reflects that is a custom version21:55
spitfire_nad then look at: https://help.launchpad.net/Packaging/PPA21:55
spitfire_and READ it carefully.21:55
aleksr88okay, thanks21:56
spitfire_aleksr88: and also read man devscripts ;)21:57
iahello. i've just read help.launchpad.net/Packaging/PPA. could anybody clarify, please, some moment. uploading new upstream version(but without my own any changes) of app, is not welcome, even this app exists in official Debian/Ubuntu repo, but have out-of-dated version, right? for example, in Ubuntu's repo exist app-1.1, but in mainstream latest stable version - app-3.0. if i take app-3.0 tarball, make correct deb package(but initial release only without any p22:44
iaatches), and would like to share it with others, should i upload it in ppa?22:44
mwhudsonia: that sounds reasonable enough to me22:45
mwhudsonia: for example, python2.6 is available in a ppa for intrepid22:45
ScottKia: It'd be more generally useful to get it updated in the Ubuntu archive22:46
iaScottK: "Ubuntu archive" - do you mean to find some sponsor, which will upload packages right into ubuntu repos?22:52
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ScottKia: Yes.22:54
spitfire_Anyone here uses "giver"?23:09

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