dean`My computer will not suspend00:03
dean`I am running Ubuntu 9.04 Jaunty Jackalope00:03
dean`kernel 2.6.28-400:03
ubottuLaunchpad bug 284319 in linux "mute, brightness buttons on new HP 6930p laptop" [Undecided,New]00:07
Cts|359Anybody else notice that most of the way through gnome's startup, the color depth seems to be jumping from 24 to 18?01:10
pwnguinDanaG: do you know much about acpi?01:27
DanaGer, I do know some, from having messed with it.01:36
DanaGSorry, was away walking the dogs.01:36
DanaGrandom: https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/linux/+bug/28431901:55
ubottuLaunchpad bug 284319 in linux "mute, brightness buttons on new HP 6930p laptop" [Undecided,New]01:55
pwnguinDanaG: im just saying, that bug is kinda model specific02:06
DanaGThe brightness bug, however, is not:02:07
ubottuLaunchpad bug 315922 in linux "2.6.27-11 makes brightness not work [2.6.28-4.10 also affected]" [Undecided,Confirmed]02:07
hggdhhuh, DanaG, I have no problems with brightness02:08
DanaGWhat brand laptop?02:08
hggdhDell 172102:08
DanaGAh.  Dell has their own way of doing brightness control.02:08
DanaGThe standard ACPI way is what's broken.02:08
DanaGToshiba, Lenovo, Panasonic, Asus, and perhaps a few others do, too.02:09
hggdhI still can control it through standard <FN> Up/Down02:09
DanaG... but Toshiba itself is also broken in a different way.02:09
ubottuLaunchpad bug 261318 in linux "Regression: new Toshiba Laptop Support (tlsup) driver breaks Toshiba hotkeys; input device does not support 'kbd' input handler" [High,In progress]02:09
hggdhmight it be a bios issue?02:11
DanaGWait, which one?02:11
* hggdh long time ago, had to tweak ACPI code on a Gateway02:11
hggdhBIOS code, me means02:11
DanaGI wish the kernel would include 'zero' as a valid brightness control level.02:12
DanaGOtherwise, the levels you see in Vista and the levels you see in Ubuntu (gnome-power-manager) do not match.02:12
hggdhah, sorry, the bloody beast called 1721 did come with Vista, but I formatted the drive as soon as I verified a Vista boot was going on02:13
hggdh(so I knew it was working)02:13
hggdhbut I never compared brightness levels between Vista and Linux02:14
DanaGFor example, Vista will offer 13, 25, 37, 50, 63, 75, 87, and 100.02:17
DanaGUbuntu will call them 0, 14, 29, 43, 57, 71, 88, and 100.02:18
DanaGI also love how they REMOVED the slider that sets "dim by" -- and "dim by" is already confusing-enough logic.02:19
DanaGShould be "dim TO"02:19
hggdhI remember -- dimly, and I ask pardon for the unintended pun -- a bug about dim to and dim by02:20
hggdhit should be somewhere in LP02:20
DanaGOh yeah, the best thing to do about a lame pun is to entirely ignore it.02:21
DanaGOne time I showed a friend a video of a hidden dock animation in OS X, called "Suck".02:21
DanaGHe said, "It's lame."02:21
DanaGI said, "Yeah, it rather -- oh, never mind, lame pun."02:21
hggdhwhat, BSD is lame?02:21
DanaGthe "oh nevermind, lame pun" was funnier than the pun would have been.02:22
hggdhsorry, two scotchs already in02:22
hggdhdammit, canno even write02:22
hggdhbut I think the LP bug still should be there; of course, this would be an upstream issue, anyways02:23
Cts|359Am i the only one that notices that gnome seems to want to screw with the color depth about 70% though loading up? I'm using the nVidia driver, and i've tried to force default depth in xorg.conf, to no avail02:23
hggdhCts|359, again II sort of remember something about that. Please search in LP02:24
hggdhotherwise, the best route is to open a bug on it02:25
Cts|359i've been through LP and the forums, i found one mention of the NV driver doing it, but the fix didn't help. I was really just swinging by to see if anybody knew for a fact if it was in LP, before i filed it02:26
DanaGHEre's the "suck":  http://uk.youtube.com/watch?v=-pBGMbW3jEo02:26
toresbeCts|359: colour depths are not changeable runtime02:27
Cts|359that's what i thought... and only makes me more confused. 'cause i can clearly see the gradients going screwy DURING gnome loading up02:29
toresbeCts|359: Sounds a lot like a graphics driver bug to me02:33
Cts|359beginning to think the same. though, you think you'd hear more if the new 180.22 was behaving poorly02:35
hggdhheh gotta show the suck thingy to my S.O. (a mac user)03:00
DanaGLooks like somebody "slurping" up the window.03:03
pwnguinok that was wierd03:12
pwnguinthe theme engine just crashed03:13
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pwnguinall i did was rotate the screen03:14
toresbeOT: Are there any doxygen-literate people here? I'm faced with a problem and I don't know where to ask it.03:15
nhandlerIs modifying /etc/apt/sources.list the only way to upgrade to jaunty right now (other than a fresh install)?03:15
x1250nhandler, update-manager -d03:16
nhandlerxxploit: It doesn't detect jaunty03:16
xxploitnhandler: you can do update-manager -d i believe03:18
x1250nhandler, it should work that way. What version are you in?03:18
nhandlerx1250: I have intrepid installed03:21
x1250did you change your sources.list to jaunty and then tried update-manager -d ? I guess it wouldn't work that way.03:22
hggdhnhandler, I had a similar problem when I moved to Jaunty: upgrade-manager -d did not "take" for about four tries.03:23
x1250nhandler, in any case, you could upgrade using an aptitude full-upgrade, if you know how to troubleshoot. Right now update-manager disables some video drivers that don't work on jaunty, and some other little things like "always overwrite" options for dpkg, etc. But thats about it03:25
nhandlerx1250: Yeah, I upgraded to jaunty before by updating sources.list and doing a dist-upgrade. I was hoping update-manager would support jaunty by now03:26
x1250nhandler, you should really use aptitude and not apt-get for that.03:26
x1250well, if update-manager doesn't work, that is03:26
hggdhit should work now. I upgraded very early in the cycle03:27
x1250me too03:27
nhandlerhggdh: I upgraded originally pre-alpha ;)03:27
hggdhyeah, that's what I did also03:27
x1250yep, I used full-upgrade to get into jaunty.03:27
x1250the thing is that update-manager does some automatic stuff, that would prevent some errors. For example, if nvidia drivers are not supported, then goto opensource. Things like that. Usefull stuff.03:28
* hggdh thinks nhandler should be aware of that ;-)03:29
hggdhbut this is interesting. the u-m -d does not still pave the way?03:29
hggdhtoresbe, probably a good place to ask is #ubuntu-motu03:30
x1250I remember I tried it on my desktop few weeks a go, and it worked, but I didn't upgrade. I have my desktop with intrepid.03:30
toresbehggdh: cheers03:30
x1250today I installed kubuntu-desktop. Then used aptitude purge and was amazed to see only kubuntu-desktop was uninstalled. apt-get autoremove didn't work either. I had to remove kubuntu purging som libs. Ugly bug.03:34
x1250have any of you had any luck with the "Connect to server" feature, using ssh keys? nautilus keeps asking me for a password. The server has "PasswordAuthentication no", and I can connect with no problems using ssh. Any clues?04:02
DanaGHeh, I just love how scrolling UP on the volume control makes the volume go UP if on the icon, but DOWN if on the scrollbar.  How stupid.04:30
DanaGI'd call the new volume control a miserable failure.04:31
toresbewhen I click on it, it extends past the end of the screen04:34
DanaGAnd where's my per-app which-device-do-i-play-on control?04:39
DanaGAnd where's my thing to select internal mic, external mic, or stereo mix?04:39
raofComing, I presume.04:39
DanaGAnd the "simultaneous out" thing would be good too.04:42
DanaGI envision this sort of UI:04:42
DanaGApp name         X   X    X04:42
DanaGwhere the Xes are checkboxes for "play on this device", for each device.04:42
DanaGAnd then have one for "prefer this device"04:42
raofMaybe.  I'm not sure that pulse has the infrastructure for exactly that feature yet, and it's actually kinda hard.04:45
DanaGOh, and an option for "use this device with X channels" would be cool, too.04:46
DanaGI think Gnome is trying to emulate the OS X audio preferences.... and failing miserably.04:49
DanaGI wish I knew why this happens: https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/fglrx-installer/+bug/31460004:50
ubottuLaunchpad bug 314600 in fglrx-installer "fglrx versions newer than 8.543 cause system hang and panic" [Undecided,Incomplete]04:50
raofI'd hope it'd exceed them; it shouldn't be too hard.04:50
DanaGNiice, long stacktrace.04:50
DanaGI'm considering making a PulseAudio virtual sound card driver for Windows as my senior project; I'd just have to find out how to do driver programming.04:50
dtchenthere's an older Windows port; you shouldn't need to do any driver programming at all.04:55
dtchenjust look at how other apps like foobar2000 plug into directsound04:55
DanaGOther way around!04:56
DanaGI want a virtual sound card.04:56
raofSo you can have network-transparent audio on windows, too.04:57
DanaGAnd local device-switching.04:57
dtchenWindows already has that. Again, see what fb2k does.04:57
DanaGIs it a sound card that all apps can use?04:58
DanaGI thought it was just a media plater app.04:58
dtchenMS is way ahead of Linux/BSD in this regard.04:58
raofdtchen: Hm.  It's been some time since I used foobar; what exactly does it do?04:59
dtchenraof: it's a media player, arguably the most featureful05:00
raofI know it's a media player.05:00
raofI used it.05:00
raof(Some time ago)05:00
dtchenmeaning what does it offer?05:00
raofWhen I used it, there was no part of it that was like pulseaudio in any way.  What does it do *now* that it didn't do then? :)05:00
dtchenno, it doesn't do what PA does. It just plugs into Window's DS and kernel mixing via separate configurations05:01
DanaGAnd by device switching, I mean, I should be able to yank my USB sound card and have all apps using it drop back to onboard.05:01
raofdtchen: That doesn't sound at all like what we're talking about :)05:03
dtchenok, from what i understood, DanaG was referring to a virtual sound card that interfaces with PA to handle on-the-fly stream switching05:04
raofA virtual sound card that pipes audio to pulseaudio, yes.05:05
raofDoes foobar2k provide such a thing?  That sounds rather outside its core-competency ;)05:06
dtchenright, and DS already provides an interface to write into and read from, so you simply need to hook PA into DS to handle sink functionality (to use PA's terminology).05:06
dtchenraof: no, the fb2k reference was for examining how fb2k handles the DS sink05:07
raofAaah, right.05:08
raofYes, I know it's possible (although I think the statement "MS is way ahead of Linux/BSD in this regard" might need some citation ;))05:09
dtchenfair enough =)05:10
raofBecause it's (obviously) been possible to do exactly that with ALSA for some time, too.05:11
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dtchensome form of stream mixing, certainly. however, DS offers rather uniform and sensible volume and mixer abstractions05:13
dtchenthe very volume mismatch that you mentioned in -devel hasn't been an issue in Windows for some time05:13
dtcheni'm not a Windows fan by any stretch of the imagination, but some things just are more sensible in other OSes currently.05:14
raofALSA is apparently not the easiest of audio APIs around.05:15
bluesmokeALSA is "omg my eyes are bleeding" hard to use05:16
DanaGHeh, look at the win7 mixer applet... on single-click, it shows volumes for all output devices.05:16
x1250has anyone noticed that sometimes aptitude fails to remove automatic dependencies? I remember there was a bug about one of those packages in LP, but today I discovered that kubuntu-desktop is another one. Tried purging it, and none of the dependencies were removed.05:39
ubottuLaunchpad bug 305504 in aptitude "aptitude does not automatically remove unused packages" [Undecided,Confirmed]05:46
DanaGSweet, in ALSA 1.0.1906:08
DanaG - ALSA: hda - Add a new function to seek for a codec ID06:08
DanaGfor the Gateway laptop.06:08
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DanaGwhat the heck?  Error org.freedesktop.DBus.Error.Failed: Element <syslog> not allowed inside <busconfig> in configuration file06:58
geniiSeems to be something about it here http://www.nabble.com/Possible-MBF-due-to-DBus-security-issue-td21268050.html07:03
DanaGeh, restarting hal and then ddbus seemed to work.07:04
DanaG[ 5252.773847] input: HDA Intel at 0xda300000 irq 22 Line In at Ext Rear Jack as /devices/pci0000:00/0000:00:1b.0/input/input1507:21
DanaG[ 5252.784129] input: HDA Intel at 0xda300000 irq 22 Mic at Ext Front Jack as /devices/pci0000:00/0000:00:1b.0/input/input1607:21
DanaGMy sound card is now... an input device.?07:21
raofCool.  Jack sensing?07:22
DanaGYeah, but catting the input device doesn't give anything on jack plug on that laptop.07:23
DanaGLine In at Ext Rear doesn't exist, except on docking station.07:24
DanaGOh yeah, and I did stop Xorg first.07:24
peterzhow would one revert to the 'default' packages after removing a ppa repo?07:33
DanaGgrr... stupid thing doesn't keep my shares, for some reason.07:33
* DanaG goes off to bed.07:42
x1250howto install a package with a broken dependency? I'm having problems installing mysql-server (dpkg woes), so I have mysql-server-5.1 instead, which is broken when installing wordpress (it conflicts with mysql-server-5.0).07:53
x1250arch, I meant mysql-client07:55
fosco__sudo dpkg -i --force-all package.deb07:55
fosco__do it on your own :)07:55
x1250fosco__, yeah, but I don't want to download all the stuff, I was hoping it aptitude or apt-get could do the trick07:56
DanaGaptitude can do it.07:57
DanaGjust run aptitude with no parameters.07:57
DanaGthen go hit07:57
DanaGhit 'enter' on a package name to get list of versions.07:57
x1250uhm, ok I'll see what aptitude can do07:59
DanaGIt has a nifty ncurses UI.08:00
lucentit's been years since I used a curses UI tool front end for apt08:00
x1250do you guys have any trouble installing mysql-server ?08:01
DanaGI use aptitude more than anything else, myself.08:01
lucentx1250: when I didn't know how mysql server worked, yeah08:03
lucentx1250: are you using a mirror for apt packages?08:04
x1250lucent, what do you mean?08:04
lucentsome mirrors do not update very quickly08:04
DanaGI have oodles of repos enabled.08:04
lucentthis results in broken deps08:04
DanaGarchive for official and mirrors.kernel.org for speed; each for jaunty AND intrepid.08:04
DanaGAnd PPAs for each.08:05
DanaGSo, I can follow upgrades of the Intrepid X server, so I don't break fglrx.08:05
x1250I don't use external repos. I'll try changing mirrors.08:08
x1250aah, it was the mirror :/08:11
nastasis jaunty supports sd cards in buildin card reader?08:27
lucentnastas: yes, I think08:27
lucentmy Dell 1420n laptop computer has an SD card reader attached to the PCI Express bus, and it is working08:28
nastaslucent: weird i upgrade my laptop and still don't work08:28
lucentnastas: which computer model?08:29
nastasHP pavilion08:29
nastaslucent: HP pavilion08:29
SiDiI'd like to know if people who installed jaunty on their laptops (especially if vostro) had trouble when booting on it ? my motherboard just goes mad and bips till i shut the laptop down08:30
lucentnastas: I don't know.   Does it work with a supported OS like Windows?08:30
nastaslucent: yes it is08:30
lucentSiDi: I think you may have more basic problems08:30
lucentso, nastas, we need to know what your device is08:31
lucentdoes it attach by USB?08:31
SiDilucent: hardy works perfectly, but jaunty has a weird message appearing on boot, followed by this terrible noise :O08:31
lucentSiDi: you know that doesn't sound like the truth to me08:31
SiDiintrepid works perfectly *08:32
nastaslucent: nope. is a built-in card reader.08:32
lucentnastas: okay so it uses magic and pixie dust to talk to your motherboard?08:32
SiDiwell it's serious :O i never heard such a noise from a motherboard (except when i forgot to plug my GPU on my desktop pc :P)08:32
lucentoh yeah08:32
lucentsome noise like that08:32
lucentSiDi: what hardware specs?08:32
SiDiyeh, those bips08:32
SiDiit's a vostro 1510, i don't really know what's the motherboard08:33
SiDitho it boots perfectly on intrepid08:33
lucentyou always repeat today, it works "perfectly" on some other thing08:33
lucentwhat do you want me to do?08:33
SiDinothing :D08:33
SiDii just passed to see if other people had the same problem, incase it was something common08:34
lucentoh, sorry, I don't own a vostro08:34
nastaslucent: what do you mean?08:34
lucentSiDi: can you help nastas please?08:35
lucentit's irritating me08:35
SiDii can try but i'm leaving in 10 mins08:35
SiDiwhat's happening, nastas ?08:35
nastasjust drop it08:36
SiDiok i'm leaving then, have a nice day peeps08:38
fnf2Does anyone have a problem of NetworkManager randomly drop connections (it was as if the radio frequency's kill switch had been turned on and off sporadically) in Jaunty?.08:47
fnf2I saw a thread in the forum with the same problem but no answer.08:47
fnf2I'm thinking about not compiling rfkill module in my kernel, but it worked fine in Ubuntu 8.10 .08:48
blizzkidlo all. /dev/dm-0 automounts on /media/disk. How can I change that behaviour to make it mount on /crypt?10:20
Alastair_anyone here?10:21
BUGabundois anyone looking at bug https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/gnome-settings-daemon/+bug/315941 and all its dupes??15:00
ubottuLaunchpad bug 315941 in gnome-settings-daemon "gnome-settings-daemon crashed with SIGSEGV in gnome_rr_config_match()" [Undecided,New]15:00
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dholbachUbuntu Developer Week - Day 2 just about to start in 17m in #ubuntu-classroom :)15:43
linuxman410jaunty is running better on my system than 8.10 does15:56
linuxman410all programs i had trouble running on 8.10 run fine in 9.0416:00
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spitfire_linuxman410: I sense there is a "but" hanging somewhere:P16:09
linuxman410no but here i like jaunty alot no problems at all with it16:10
linuxman410just hanging out16:10
linuxman410where can i find a list of services i can safely turn off to increase boot time16:28
linuxman410i shaved 20 seconds off boot time by disabling  bluetooth and enabling auto login16:29
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maxbI have an unused old laptop that is currently running intrepid. I thought I might put jaunty on it since it's currently just being a paperweight. Is there any reason to prefer a clean install, or shall I just upgrade?18:03
linuxman410how big is harddrive maxb18:05
maxb80GBish. plenty18:05
linuxman410run both then i am i am dual booting 8.10 and 9.0418:05
hggdhmaxb, an upgrade would be an interesting test18:06
maxbcan't be bothered to repartition it. :-) And I really do mean it when I say it's not doing anything useful. If it totally implodes, it's no loss18:06
* maxb raises an eyebrow at the upgrader wanting to install -dbg packages18:07
linuxman410upgrade go for it18:08
* maxb sets it downloading stuff18:09
nippzhttp://www.linux-watch.com/files/misc/ubuntu-billboard.jpg lolol18:31
KuaeraLatest mysql server update breaks things badly.18:54
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x1250Kuaera, hehe, fixed things for me :), try reinstalling all mysql related packages if trouble don't go away.19:00
DrHalanhey, are there any news on nvidia drivers for xserver 1.6?19:01
Kuaerax1250: Which mysql package do you have installed?19:01
x1250Kuaera, http://paste.ubuntu.com/107420/19:03
x1250DrHalan, they work for some using "IgnoreABI" option.19:04
DrHalanoh nice19:05
fosco___it works fine for me19:06
Kuaerax1250: The mysql-server-5.1 package had been installed on my system during one update19:07
x1250Kuaera, mysql-server depends on 5.0 (apt-cache depends mysql-server)19:08
x12505.1 didn't work for me, I had to purge it19:08
x1250does it work for you?19:08
KuaeraIt did for a time19:09
x1250it did for me too.19:09
KuaeraApparently, something changed, though.19:09
x1250then it woed19:09
x1250Kuaera, I had to uninstall every mysql package, even mysql-client*, but it finally worked. A lot of packages were removed though, but reinstall them was not a big deal,19:11
KuaeraI see19:13
Kuaerahttp://paste.ubuntu.com/107423/ Familiar, or?19:14
x1250Kuaera, sure. I thought I wouldn't see that again :)19:14
KuaeraSo I have to uninstall all mysql packages in order to make mysql-server install?19:15
x1250purge them, yes19:15
x1250try the same command from my pastebin, but instead of search, purge.19:15
KuaeraWill that nuke any data stored in the mysql database?19:15
x1250Kuaera, it should ask if you want to remove your databases, if it doesn't that would be a bug.19:16
Kuaerax1250: Understood19:16
Kuaerax1250: ...that'll uninstall most of my system19:21
x1250could you pastebin that?19:21
x1250what about if you just try to install mysql-server ? doesn't work?19:22
KuaeraGoing to attempt now, again19:22
KuaeraNope. Same error as above19:22
x1250Kuaera, let me see what I did exactly, I'll check the log19:23
KuaeraAlright, thank you19:23
x1250Kuaera, I think the necessary packages are mysql-client-5.1 mysql-server-5.1 libmysqlclient1619:36
x1250but i know I also uninstalled mysql-common libmysqlclient15off, although I don't really know if these packages were really necessary19:36
x1250Maybe it was just part of the install/uninstall tests I did.19:37
x1250Kuaera, a lot of kde packages were unistalled though. I just installed them again afterwards.19:38
KuaeraNope, can't install mysql-server-5.1 due to password issues19:40
x1250Kuaera, what do you mean?19:40
KuaeraA dialog came up, saying it could not set the mysql root password19:41
x1250I think that happens because it is already set.19:41
KuaeraHm. Any way around that?19:41
x1250I don't know.19:41
x1250try googling that, I'm almost positive it is because is already set. It tries to set it and fails.19:43
KuaeraWill do, though I'm afraid I don't have the time at the moment19:44
x1250Kuaera, if you run two times: mysqladmin -u root password yourrootsqlpassword19:45
x1250it will fail the second time19:45
jpedrozaI am having some issues with the nvidia drivers and xorg in Jaunty(Development Branch). I can't get X to start even after addin -ignoreABI to startx19:46
KuaeraI see19:46
apokalyp1jpedroza: startx -- -ignoreABI19:46
apokalyp1will pass it properly19:46
hggdhcharlie-tca, ping19:47
apokalyp1or you can edit /etc/X11/xorg.conf and add a serverflag for ignoreABI19:47
charlie-tcahggdh: pong19:47
jpedrozaapokalyp1: I have added that and it still won't start19:47
hggdhI just filed bug 319342 on xchat19:47
ubottuLaunchpad bug 319342 in xchat "xchat dies with a SIGABRT" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/31934219:47
apokalyp1try "startx -- -ignoreABI'19:47
charlie-tcathanks. I'm loading gdb, since xchat and claws-mail are doing it today19:48
hggdhheh. I am slightly confused by the BT, since it missed two of the most important backtrace lines :-(19:48
hggdhand why the hell is it doing pulseaudio, I yet do not know19:49
charlie-tcaI don't understand most of it, but am confirming the bug and will attach a stacktrace later.19:50
jpedrozaapokalyp1: It tried to start, but then failed with an error of: couldn't take over org.x.config:19:50
apokalyp1was the error you getting before stating that you had to use ignoreABI?19:50
charlie-tcahggdh: done19:51
jpedrozaapokalyp1: No, different error19:52
jpedrozaapokalyp1: What do I add to xorg.conf to ignoreABI?19:52
spitfire_Hi. I'm having problem with software-properties.19:52
spitfire_I can't check ubntu repos:/19:53
spitfire_In software-properties-gtk dialog.19:53
x1250spitfire_, same here.19:54
spitfire_x1250: any way to fix this?19:54
spitfire_opening dialog fucks up lists.19:55
spitfire_Not sure if opening synaptic does..19:55
x1250spitfire_, don't know, I just realized it was that way :(19:55
spitfire_x1250: still got that problem?19:55
spitfire_I haven't found a bug describing that:/19:56
spitfire_x1250: do you also have this: http://dl.getdropbox.com/u/121402/software-properties2.png ?19:57
spitfire_It displays ubu repos in third-party.19:57
x1250spitfire_, yes, exactly the same.19:57
spitfire_x1250: I'll file a bug, you can confirm :P19:58
x1250spitfire_, sure. I had a python-apt upgrade today. Its an indirect dependency, so it maybe related. apt-rdepends software-properties-gtk shows it.20:00
spitfire_x1250: youre right20:00
spitfire_it was from debian20:00
spitfire_with ~exp suffix.20:00
spitfire_anyway I'll file bug, and suggest it;020:01
spitfire_or you can;)20:01
x1250naah, you discovered it :)20:01
x1250I confirm.20:01
x1250Kuaera, how did it go?20:02
Kuaerax1250: I've not yet had a change to try :/20:03
spitfire_x1250: have you tried to downgrade python-apt?20:05
x1250spitfire_, nope20:05
spitfire_try it;)20:05
spitfire_And write comment in https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/software-properties/+bug/31935020:06
ubottuLaunchpad bug 319350 in software-properties "Checking repositories in software-properties-gtk does nothing. Ubuntu repos displayed in third party." [Undecided,New]20:06
x1250ok, I'll do20:06
spitfire_x1250: here's similar problem : https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/software-properties/+bug/24409320:08
ubottuLaunchpad bug 244093 in python-apt "Checking security repository in Updates adds deb line to Third-Party Software" [High,Fix released]20:08
spitfire_caused by python-apt20:08
spitfire_x1250: it isn't possible to downgrade.20:12
spitfire_All packages are in main20:12
spitfire_no poackages can be found in updates security or backports.20:13
spitfire_and apt repos can't hold different versions20:13
x1250spitfire_, I'll test intrepid's20:14
spitfire_x1250: no need20:15
spitfire_x1250: ^^20:15
x1250aahh ok20:15
spitfire_and get previous:P20:15
magentaris the online defrag tool part of ext4 right now?20:15
spitfire_works ;)20:15
spitfire_(for me )20:15
x1250yep, for me too20:17
spitfire_x1250: I've "blocked version" in synaptic.20:18
spitfire_Does it mean it'll omit this one?20:18
spitfire_Or disable upgrades of this package?20:18
maxbHmm. I just intrepid->jaunty and it was rather anticlimatic, except that it left the intrepid gstreamer0.10-plugins-bad installed20:20
maxbplugins-bad conflicts with some apparently obsolete fluendo packages20:20
maxbperhaps it needs to replace them as well?20:20
spitfire_x1250: now I'll get working on that gnome-sharp2 transition stuff ;)20:20
ubottuLaunchpad bug 314516 in tomboy "gnome-sharp2 transition" [Medium,Confirmed]20:20
x1250spitfire_, something related: try installing gnome-subtitles20:24
spitfire_x1250: does it depend on gnome-sharp2.0?20:24
spitfire_x1250: file a bug, I'll onfirm if I can ;)20:24
x1250gnome-sharp2 is dependency, yep20:25
spitfire_x1250: and gnome-sharp2.24 should be;)20:29
spitfire_x1250: do you know how to attach bug to this meta-bug?20:30
ubottuLaunchpad bug 314516 in tomboy "gnome-sharp2 transition" [Medium,Confirmed]20:30
spitfire_Yours should go there as well20:30
Kuaerax1250: Thank you for your help. I'll let you know how my proceedings go.20:47
SwedeMikeI have a Thinkpad X200. When I set 9.04 to shut off the screen after inactivity, the laptop is unresponsive after the screen has shut down (there is hd activity, but caps lock doesn't work and can't wake it). If I disable screen turn off in powersaving settings, I don't have the problem. Towards what package should I report this? The intel X server?20:49
x1250spitfire_, I'll finish some stuff and get into it.21:01
DrHalandoes jaunty feature a new theme?21:39
charlie-tcaNot at this time. I'm sure it will later21:41
DrHalancharlie-tca: what about dust? I use it on intrepid and it looks just awesome compared to darkroom21:44
DrHalani think there were a lot of mockups and attempts to create a nice theme but imo it is already there..21:44
charlie-tcaAll I do is test it21:45
charlie-tcaThe last installs I did on jaunty, the theme was the same as intrepid21:45
pHzerohey, if i just had an application crash on jaunty, but have no idea why it happened, is there any use reporting it in launchpad or would it just be a waste of developers' time? i wouldnt be able to provide steps to repeat or anything, since it happened seemingly randomly22:03
raofpHzero: If you've got the apport crash report, it can be useful.  All crashes are bugs, and you can sometimes glean useful information from the crash report.22:06
pHzeroraof, got it. cheers22:08
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HDAPSHi, just wondering if there is anyway to confirm that Disk Head Parking is enabled? "hdaps-gl" shows only a static image (kernel 2.6.28 on 9.04)22:34
HDAPShdaps-pivot gives an x,y of 0,0 as well, unsurpringly22:38
pwnguintheres a man on a mission...22:51
iddoanyone knows about a jaunty fix for intel 82945G graphics chip? it behaves slower in alpha3 than in hardy 8.04 i had23:05
spitfire_iddo: And it will23:09
spitfire_It's upstream23:09
spitfire_Nothing ubuntu can fix:/23:09
iddowhat do you mean?23:09
spitfire_Intel graphics driver is doing transition to GEM.23:10
spitfire_Ant it doesn't work well yet23:10
iddowhat is GEM ?23:10
spitfire_iddo: gooogle23:10
spitfire_And the "old" driver that works is in hardy.23:11
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spitfire_If you need fast 3d, you'd better stick with it.23:11
iddoi already installed jaunty... i like it a lot... except the 3d :(23:11
iddois there a way to use the old driver for now?23:12
iddoi cannot go back.. they fixed some stuff that annoyed me in hardy.. like the seahorse keyring pam not revealing passwords anymore it seems...23:13
iddoi get the password for empathy and ssh unlocked on login, and seahorse doesnt reveal it23:14
iddowhen the final/good intel driver is due? in the final jaunty release?23:15
iddoglxinfo says direct rendering: Yes23:16
iddobut it's slow:(23:17
x1250iddo, try  glxinfo | grep -i "opengl vendor"23:28
iddoOpenGL vendor string: Tungsten Graphics, Inc23:29
iddowhat does it tell you?23:30
x1250thats fine. What is your xorg.conf?23:30
iddoi installed jaunty alpha3 15mins ago.. didnt touch xorg.conf23:30
iddolemme look whats in it23:31
iddoit's pretty empty23:31
iddoIdentifier"Configured Video Device"23:31
x1250try: paste.ubuntu.com23:31
iddofor example if i zoom in with compiz i get pixelized image instead of smooth image23:34
iddoand there's tearing with 3d animations etc.23:34
x1250iddo, if 2D is slow maybe you could try Option "AccelMethod" "EXA", in Section Device, just under "Configured Video Device" (in Section Device, not Screen). If it doesn't work, then remove it editing xorg.conf with nano, or running: sudo dpkg-reconfigure -phigh xserver-xorg.23:34
iddoi think 2d is okay..23:35
iddobut i can try it....23:35
x1250iddo, if 3D is working, then its working.23:36
x1250try the 2D stuff.23:36
iddobut 3d worked a lot better in hardy23:36
iddoi forgot how much glxgears i got in hardy, now i get 371 fps (pentium4 3ghz cpu)23:38
iddoi'll try your AccelMethod EXA suggestion and i'll come back..23:39
iddoi don't notice any difference with EXA in xorg.conf23:42
iddoany other ideas?23:43
x1250Uhm, maybe take a look at LIBGL_DEBUG=verbose glxinfo, and /var/log/Xorg.0.log, but they are probably fine.23:44
iddoi pasted /var/log/Xorg.0.log there23:46
iddoany ideas?23:47
iddoand glxinfo here: http://paste.ubuntu.com/107527/23:50
x1250there are a couple some erros in xorg.conf, but no idea what they mean/do: lines 273, 274, 275, and some other warnings like 310, 311, 312. I guess they're driver problems, but I really don't know.23:51
x1250glxinfo looks ok to me.23:52
iddoso are there any ideas i could try? or just wait and hope for januty to be updated?23:53
x1250I guess you'll have to wait, but maybe someone else can help you more than I can.23:54
iddoi tried dpkg-reconfigure xserver-xorg23:56
iddoand chose the kernel buffer thing23:56
iddoit gave Option"UseFBDev""true"23:56
iddoin xorg.conf23:56
iddoi'll log out and try it....23:57
DanaGfbdev is bad.23:59

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