thorwilkwwii: so robsta works at intel now and currently has no time for the gtk-css-engine13:57
andreasnrobsta, oh, I didn't know that. Congrats to the new job!14:06
robstathanks andreasn, it's only for 3 months to get them some css work done14:07
andreasnah, ok. Are you located in London while doing it?14:08
kwwiithorwil: ouch, that sucks :(14:09
kwwiiI mean, good for him, bad for css themeing in gtk :)14:09
kwwiirobsta: if you make it to london, let me know and we can go out for beer :-)14:09
thorwilrobsta: oops, i blindly assumed your absence. hi :)14:09
robstakwwii: sure! probably not anytime soon though14:10
robstakwwii: i can still review patches, i guess :)14:10
thorwilrobsta: btw, the last group of widgets in my svg file are meant to be comboboxes. so the strange edges are meant to be a hint at the menu functionality14:12
robstathorwil: the yellowish ones at the very bottom?14:12
kwwiirobsta: my days are now spent going through all the package in main which use notifications to get things to work with out new notification system...that is enough source code for me :p14:12
robstathorwil: or the set in the middle, with the up/down arrows?14:12
thorwilrobsta: up/down arrows are spinners14:13
robstathorwil: btw, have you heard of "parasite"14:41
thorwilrobsta: no. what is it?14:42
robstathorwil: firebug for gtk, http://www.chipx86.com/blog/?p=29214:42
thorwilrobsta: nice. not quite in my area of work :)14:44
robstathorwil: sure? you'll soon use for app-specific tweaks in css themes :P14:45
thorwilrobsta: you mean in 3 months plus? ;)14:46
robstathorwil: _plus_14:47
darkmattercool... this is turning out better than I expected.. now do make a uber aesthetically pleasing theme and do some decent mockups14:48
robstadarkmatter: mind doing it the other way 'round?14:49
darkmatterwell.. I suppose I could just use clearlooks or gilouche or whatever.. It should look good enough with almost any graphics14:50
robstadarkmatter: not sure i'm following14:57
darkmatterrobsta: lol.. probably because you haven't been around long enough :P for the past two years or so (about 2 1/2) I've been working on an evolutionary UX (first year or so was mostly related to the basic concepts, gender HCI, cognitive psychology, and other research.. because going 'this is cool' is stupid.. if it's not logical, functional, humane, et al in theory then its not cool)15:01
darkmatterthe remaining time was spent working on finer details and stuff.. the concept has come far enough that it's time to clean up/mock up and publish15:02
darkmatterand then, hopefully, put into code15:03
robstadarkmatter: oh, i thought you were responding to "parasite"15:04
darkmatteroh.. lol.. nah..parasite looks awesome though15:06
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