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[NikO]so bad ... :/20:06
jpds[NikO]: Hmm?20:07
[NikO]no services :/20:07
Nafallohysch. don't tell the users ;-)20:08
Nafallowell. the users are okay I guess. don't tell the trolls ;-)20:08
jussi01services are back20:14
[NikO]good :)20:15
* [NikO] fear :)20:15
[NikO]LjL, are you there ?22:24
[NikO]is it possible to drop #ubuntu-fr-unregged ?22:25
[NikO]this channel is useless for a year or 222:25
McPetereu [NikO]22:36
McPeterit's spécial channel if i remember22:36
[NikO]oui ?22:36
[NikO]McPeter, we can put +f on channel we want22:37
jester-[NikO]: #ubuntu-xx-unregged are used from floodbot22:42
McPeterjester-, it's a .. *norme* ?22:44
[NikO]in fact the name don't tell anything for french user22:44
jester-McPeter: we have #ubuntu-it-unregged and 2 floodbot in ude in ours irc italian channel22:45
jester-McPeter: LjL could excplain weel the use22:46
[NikO]in fact there is no floodbot on -fr22:46
[NikO]uBOTu-fr provide that22:47
jester-so if could be dropped22:47
LjLc'est pas seul pour les bots. si il y a des problemes (botnet) dans #ubuntu (ou #ubuntu-it, ou #ubuntu-fr) on peut faire MODE +r et ne laissaire pas entrer les utilizateurs pas registree22:47
McPeter<McPeter> it's spécial channel if i remember <--- ;o)22:48
LjLavec un +f (fixe, toujour actif) sur -unregged, ce functionne bien22:48
McPeteri remember LjL create this channel on my help demand22:48
McPeter(sorry for my english)22:48
LjLclair qu'il faut avoir un topic appropriat dans -unregged pour faire comprendre la situation, avec indications pour s'enregistrer22:49
McPeterin french : "je parle anglais comme une vache espagnole"22:49
LjLje parle francais comme un mule italien22:50
[NikO]+ne :)22:51
McPeterje parle francais comme unE mule italienNE22:51
[NikO]in fact we try to clear our access and do 3 lvls or hierarchi22:53
[NikO]owner admins ops22:53
[NikO]there is some channel don't fit our futur lvls22:53
LjLMcPeter: c'est masculine en italian, donc ca prouve ma these ;)22:54
McPeterLjL, if my wife (trucMuche) read this .. we died :p22:54
McPetershe is italian22:54
LjLMcPeter: tell her this: good news for you, since you're female you can't be a mule in italy. you can only be a cow.22:55
LjLshe'll appreciate it i'm sure.22:55
McPeter[NikO], chut toi :p22:56
[NikO]non, ah ah ah :)22:56
McPetersi Annie lit ça .. ça va gueuler ᒃ⁔ᒄ22:56
LjLthere are some annoying false friends between italian and french that change gender22:58
LjLla fleur, la mer... la mule22:58
LjLil fiore, il mare, il mulo22:58
[NikO]italian are "macho" :)22:58
LjLwhat to say about our neuter nouns then (yes, we have some)22:59
jester-LjL: sisi digli che scopiamo come i dosperati23:01
LjLjester-: direi che l'accenno ai sostantivi neutri portava più alla conclusione opposta23:02
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[NikO]is the ubuntu-fr* rules apply with kubuntu and xubuntu ?23:22
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