clerumis there anything futher I could do to help get https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/linux/+bug/25462203:54
ubot3Malone bug 254622 in linux "TCP uses wrong MTU/MSS size for IPv6" [Medium,Triaged] 03:54
clerummoved along?03:54
clerumis there more information I could provide?03:54
clerumunfortunatly I have no clue where to start in fixing this...and java is my only language so I doubt I would be much help03:56
apwdtchen, hi there ... question about a quirk you are suggesting on a bug, about?09:42
JesperHansenThis seems like the right channel to ask this12:45
JesperHansenWas wondering if there's an updated version of https://help.ubuntu.com/community/CustomRestrictedModules#Modify%20debian/rules somewhere. abi_version doesn't exist in the enlisted file debian/rules12:45
JesperHansenCompared against linux-restricted-modules-2.6.2712:47
Kanohi rtg ,did you read my mail about rt2860/2870?13:43
Kanortg: the drivers are working, no patching needed, you can copy em over from 2.6.2913:45
Kanojust dont forget to add the firmware as well13:46
rtgKano: I'' get to it later today. I just got back from 3 days off and have a bunch of emails.13:46
Kanoyou will see the 2 firmware links for it in the mail13:46
apwsconklin, hi, i did another change for the apport stuff, to send the stress log as well as the flag file.  this is up for review now14:24
sconklinapw: I was just coming to those in my email for the morning14:25
apwmatt's emails yes?14:26
apwsconklin, anyhow, just wanted you to know i had taken care of the strees.log part, so i think once all these changes hit the relevant packages we should be 'good'14:30
JesperHansenWas wondering if there's an updated version of https://help.ubuntu.com/community/CustomRestrictedModules#Modify%20debian/rules somewhere. abi_version doesn't exist in the enlisted file debian/rules compared howto against linux-restricted-modules-2.6.2714:34
rtgJesperHansen: Its in debian/rules.d/0-common-vars.mk14:36
JesperHansenrtg: thanks14:37
JesperHansenrtg: and abi_version has been renamed? Cant see its presence in there either14:38
rtgJesperHansen: Its called abinum. The LRM package structure changed quite a lot from Hardy to Intrepid.14:39
JesperHansenrtg: ye, I figured it was some old stuff I was trying to decipher 14:40
sconklinapw: ack'd your patches for suspend/resume14:42
apwahh thanks14:43
sconklinapw: git question - during a rebase of one branch onto another, which contains dozens of commits delta - I see a number of them apply, a few apply with three-way merge, it stops for me to manually merge a couple, and then at one point after I manually merge one and try to "git rebase --continue", I get the following from git:14:49
sconklinApplying Remove lpiacompat14:49
sconklinNo changes - did you forget to use 'git add'?14:49
sconklinand git is in a state where it thinks there is more to rebase yet can't seem to apply any changes14:50
apwthat means that the result of the merge was that there was no actual changes14:50
sconklinoh well, then a rebase --skip should do it, right?14:50
apwso either you forgot to git add the files which were changed, or the result was an unchanged files completely14:51
apwat that point a git diff HEAD should be null, and then a git rebase --skip is appropriate14:51
sconklinno, I definitely did an add, and status shows no uncommitted changes, so I'll just skip it, thanks14:52
apwthat sounds appropriate14:52
apwi seem to remember something similar actually when i was doing my quick and dirty run at uds14:52
sconklinI had forgotten that it's possibly to end up with no actual changes, ~especially~ when manually editing in a failed merge.14:53
apwparticularly for a patch called 'remove something'14:53
apwif it wasn't there, then removing it is already done, and the merge is null14:54
apwi actually think i had the same merge in the lpia tree i did14:55
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smb_tpkirkland, while we are waiting for the meeting. Do you happen to know issues with vol_id in the encrypted installation of Jaunty?17:07
kirklandsmb_tp: hmm, you should probably ask cjwatson about that17:08
kirklandsmb_tp: there were some blockers breaking lvm+crypt 17:08
smb_tpkirkland, Well ok. When I think of encryption, you come to my mind. ;-)17:08
kirklandsmb_tp: :-)  woohoo17:09
smb_tpkirkland, Generally, if I got a partition that contains the encrypted volume. Do you know whether it should get a special partition ID?17:11
kirklandsmb_tp: not necessarily ... i'm using encrypted LVM on my Intrepid laptop now, and my mount is just "/dev/mapper/vg0-lv0 on / type ext3 (rw,relatime,errors=remount-ro)"17:12
kirklandsmb_tp: which is what I named it when I installed17:12
smb_tpkirkland, Ok, what I have here is vol_id on the initramfs being more stupid than the one in the rescue system (so it seems)17:14
kirklandsmb_tp: hmm17:14
smb_tpThe one from the rescue system shows the uid of it while the one from initramfs is confused because it thinks it might be swap or ecryptfs_LUKE17:15
HDAPSHi, just wondering if there is anyway to confirm that Disk Head Parking is enabled? "hdaps-gl" shows only a static image (kernel 2.6.28 on 9.04)22:26
Kanortg: you did not add the rtxxx drivers yet? what else do you need? i tested it already23:49
rtgKano: I'm just now looking at it.23:49

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