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* persia is a bit late09:06
persiaamachu ?  elkbuntu ?  TheMuso ?  lifeless ? zakame ? Belutz ?09:08
* persia confirms it's 9:11 UTC on 20th January, against https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Membership/RegionalBoards/AsiaOceania09:11
persiaWell, in the absence of anyone else, I'm cancelling the meeting.  Apologies to those seeking membership this week.09:21
MaWaLethx persia09:22
amachupersia: Hi09:56
persiaHi.  I think it's 10:00 UTC now.  Only MaWaLe admitted to coming to the meeting, so I cancelled it.09:57
amachuyes. I got that. Ok. I need to send invitation prior and remind people09:58
amachuWell, so do we need to have the next meeting at 15.00 UTC09:58
amachuor will it clash09:58
persiaIt would clash.09:59
amachufine, then Lets have it at 11.00 UTC, the time we used to meet regularly10:00
amachuwhat do you say?10:00
persiaWell, isn't that bad over there?10:08
amachupersia: means?10:19
persiaNext Tuesday 11:00 is bad for me for other reasons, but my personal schedule shouldn't be the deciding factor.10:20
amachupersia: Ok. I will mail the group10:32
persiaThat sounds like a better plan.10:32
dholbachhi elmo10:59
dholbachI pinged sabdfl and mako also, although I'm not sure that mako is up already11:00
dholbachhttps://wiki.ubuntu.com/CommunityCouncilAgenda is empty afaics11:02
dholbachis here anybody with other business for the CC meeting?11:02
sabdflhello all11:12
dholbachah hi sabdfl! :)11:12
sabdflsorry for the delay11:12
dholbachhttps://wiki.ubuntu.com/CommunityCouncilAgenda is empty and I got no AOB from the people in here11:12
sabdflnothing from me11:13
dholbachelmo: anything from you?11:13
sabdfldo folks want an update on archivereorg?11:13
james_wthat would be interesting11:13
sabdfli think it is quite a big step from a community structure / management / leadership / organisation perspective11:13
sabdflyes? no?11:14
james_wI agree11:15
sabdflok, i'll do a quick summary11:15
sabdflthe goal is to help scale our developer communit(ies), while at the same time removing unnecessary fragmentation11:15
sabdflwe hope to achieve the scaling by allowing groups of developers with specific interests to collaborate around sets of packages in ubuntu11:16
sabdflfor example, xfce folks around the set of packages that represent xfce in ubuntu, or documentation folks around the content packages11:16
sabdflaccess to those groups should be easier for new developers, because they will need to demonstrate a rigorous understanding of a subset of ubuntu, rather than the whole11:17
sabdflalso, they will be evaluated and approved by the leaders of those specific communities11:17
sabdflwith some provisions for maintaining a high standard across the board11:17
sabdflso, hopefully we have a better match of interests and permissions for more new developers11:18
sabdflall developers that have upload to ubuntu will be considered ubuntu developers, and get a vote in the developer community11:18
sabdflfor example, in the TB elections11:18
sabdflseparately, we will unify the "generalist developer teams", currently split into -core and -motu11:19
james_wdo you anticipate that we will have an explosion of councils, or that the existing MOTU Council will evaluate applications taking input from those leaders?11:19
sabdflso, there will only be one team of generalist developers11:19
sabdflsome of current motu folks will start out in a focused team, others will start out in the new unified generalist team11:19
sabdflwe agreed to be conservative in unleashing the new force of potential fragmentation :-)11:19
sabdflso, we will probably have 5-10 focus areas initially11:20
sabdflgnome, kde, xfce, documentation, mozilla/xul, toolchain, java, etc11:20
sabdflthere hasn't been a decision-making conversation about that initial set11:20
sabdflfinally, there will be some portions of the archive where you will need specialised knowledge to have immediate write access11:20
sabdflthere's no final spec as to which areas they are11:21
sabdflbut they will not be concentric (i.e. we won't have a simplistic "more trusted, less trusted" approach)11:21
sabdflkernel team gets kernel, and so on11:21
sabdflwe will try to facilitate participation in those areas by others, too11:22
sabdflso any ubuntu developer will be able to upload to the kernel11:22
sabdflbut the upload will need to be reviewed11:22
sabdfland there is a commitment to make sure those reviews happen timeously11:22
sabdflthat's about it11:22
james_wis that review something that could be extended across the board?11:22
james_wotherwise we need a good way of asking "can I upload this package directly?"11:23
sabdfljames_w: well, if someone from the xfce team uploads something that's defined as being part of gnome, or not part of anything, it would get queued for review, yes11:23
sabdflin other words, the general meme is "don't reject uploads, either send them to the builds or queue them for review"11:23
james_wthanks, that's interesting11:23
sabdflthat describes the layer of "package upload permissions", really11:24
sabdfli think w e will see a second layer emerging around access control to the branches that people use for package version control11:24
persiasabdfl, This mechanism might replace some of the current sponsoring mechanisms more generally?11:24
sabdfljames_w's work around NoMoreSourcePackages11:24
* dholbach hugs james_w11:25
sabdflpersia: yes. if you have someone who is an expert in a field, and is doing good work with that set of packages, it should be possible to empower them to upload those packages directly11:25
sabdflso, we will have VCS for casual or specialist or upstream participation11:25
sabdfland a richer model for sharing the archive between collaborating teams11:25
sabdflwith a more level playing field for folks who are trusted as generalists11:25
persiaI meant rather for those that weren't.  Currently, we use subscription to special sponsoring teams, but the queued upload solution seems like a better model for those who do not (yet) have upload to a given package.11:25
james_wI think encouraging non-trivial uploads to be submitted as merge proposals would be sensible, as that is a better interface for review than pulling a package out of the unapproved queue11:26
sabdflpersia: at this stage, i'd prefer there to be a difference between the queue for review of packages uploaded by people who are already ubuntu developers SOMEWHERE (i.e. -studio or -xubuntu)11:26
persiasabdfl, That makes sense.  Thank you for the clarification.11:26
sabdflvs package reviews for someone who is not11:26
james_wand avoids clashes where you wish to upload something that is awaiting review11:26
sabdfljames_w: yes, i don't think our current queue system is up to it, that's where we'll need to do some work11:27
sabdflany other questions? or should we wrap?11:27
dholbachthanks sabdfl11:27
dholbachnothing from me11:27
sabdflthank you dholbach :-)11:27
james_wwe could always make the uploads in the queue available as branches of course11:27
james_wthank you sabdfl, interesting stuff11:28
james_wI'm sure there will be plenty more discussion on this topic11:28
dholbachOK, adjourned :)11:29
CrownAmbassadorHi all. Can anyone tell me where I can find the notes for previous meetings and classes? I had it but lost it!12:52
persiaCrownAmbassador, Notes are scattered, but irclogs.ubuntu.com may help.12:53
CrownAmbassadorpersia: thanks12:54
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mathiazgood day/night server folks!16:00
mathiazlet's get started16:01
mathiaztoday's agenda:16:01
mathiazlast week minutes: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/MeetingLogs/Server/2009011316:02
mathiaz[TOPIC] Screen Profiles16:02
mathiazkirkland: I saw your post on screen-profiles16:02
kirklandmathiaz: yessir16:02
nijaba  /o\16:02
kirklandmathiaz: i have uploaded a new copy, that changes the default escape sequence back to ctrl-a16:02
mathiazwhat happened on this front last week?16:02
kirklandmathiaz: that seemed to be the overwhelming opinion on the ubuntu-server@ list16:03
kirklandmathiaz: nijaba is working on some new functionality that would allow that to be configurable16:03
mathiazkirkland: agreed.16:03
kirklandmathiaz: basically, all of the documentation out on the internet, and in all other distributions, the escape sequence is ctrl-a16:03
kirklandmathiaz: there are some good reasons for it to be something else16:03
mathiazkirkland: nijaba: are there other plans for screen-profiles?16:04
kirklandmathiaz: but i'm thinking it's not our place to force that change on others16:04
kirklandmathiaz: allowing for easy adjustment, however, would be a very good thing!16:04
mathiaz(beside escape sequence customization)16:04
mathiazkirkland: agreed.16:04
kirklandmathiaz: it has also been promoted to Main16:04
nijabamathiaz: we are going to have a chat later today with kirkland so that he can merge my changes, but AFAIK, we should be feature complete16:04
kirklandmathiaz: the next thing i'd like to do is make the 'screen' package depend on it, to get screen-profiles on the server cd16:04
mathiazshould it be installed by default?16:05
kirklandmathiaz: also, i'd like to make a minor modification to the screen package, to install the ubuntu profile created in screen-profiles to our default /etc/screenrc16:05
kirklandmathiaz: i agree with 'feature-complete'16:05
mathiazkirkland: if -profiles is in main, where is it seeded for now?16:05
nijabamathiaz: after some serious testing, I would vote for it being installed by default16:05
kirklandmathiaz: it's not seeded yet16:05
mathiaznijaba: for jaunty or jaunty+1?16:05
mathiazkirkland: well - then it's not in main yet16:05
kirklandmathiaz: i'm going to do that later today, with the screen dependency on screen-profiles16:05
kirklandmathiaz: okay, then it's been 'approved' for main16:05
kirklandmathiaz: sorry16:06
nijabakirkland: it is for you to seed it, core-dev ;)16:06
mathiazkirkland: ok - dependency on screen.16:06
kirklandmathiaz: right16:06
mathiaz[ACTION] kirkland to seed screen-profiles in main as dependency of screen16:06
kirklandmathiaz: once that's done, i'm going to start another thread on ubuntu-server@, about whether or not we should launch screen on login16:06
kirklandmathiaz: i suspect there will be some resistance to that, but we're going to suggest it16:07
kirklandmathiaz: it's easy to configure that way, post install16:07
kirklandmathiaz: but I'm using it on all of my systems, and I'm *loving* it16:07
nijabakirkland: let's make sure people understand HOW we are proposing this16:07
mathiaz[ACTION] kirkland to ask on ubuntu-server@ for screen by default on login16:07
kirklandnijaba: okay, what do you mean by that?16:07
nijabakirkland: most people think it is replacing the default shel by screen16:07
nijabakirkland: which is not what we are doing16:07
kirklandnijaba: right16:07
kirklandnijaba: it's just a one-liner, added or removed from .bashrc and .bash_profile16:08
nijabakirkland: yes, but that changes everything, as it avoids launching screens in screen16:08
mathiaz[ACTION] nijaba to provide a way to customize the escape sequence when configuring screen profiles16:08
nijabakirkland: when connecting to another server16:08
kirklandmathiaz: okay, so that's all from me on this item16:09
nijabamathiaz: [ACTION] already done, now at merging stage16:09
mathiazkirkland: ok - seems that you'd have outline the technical implementation in your email16:09
kirklandmathiaz: right16:09
mathiazkirkland: great - thanks for the report.16:09
mathiazlet's move on.16:09
mathiaz[TOPIC] SRU for ebox16:09
mathiazsommer: how is it going?16:09
sommermathiaz: the questions about the patches have been answered, and foolano is working on the packages for jaunty16:10
sommermathiaz: so once those are uploaded, I guess we'll re-upload to proposed16:10
mathiazfoolano: where do you plan to publish your jaunty package?16:11
foolanomathiaz: they are already published, they in our  ppa16:11
foolanoi have opened bugs to request sponsorship, attached diff.gz and so on16:12
mathiazfoolano: which bug number?16:12
mathiazfoolano: from https://launchpad.net/~ebox/+archive - 0.12.4?16:12
foolanolet me see, they are a few...16:12
foolanoi opened a bug for every package: 318697, 318710, 318717, 318729, 318730, 318810, 318813, 318814, 318817, 318822, 318825, 318827, 318829,31883016:13
foolanomathiaz: they are in ~ebox-unstable becasue they need some testing...16:13
mathiazfoolano: ok - is ebox-unstable ready for inclusion in jaunty?16:14
mathiazbug 31869716:14
ubottuLaunchpad bug 318697 in libebox "Please upgrade libebox to 0.12.2" [Undecided,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/31869716:14
foolanomathiaz:  it's our stable version,  it's in ebox-unstable because the pacaking for jaunty hasn't been tested  a lot16:15
nealmcbbug 31871016:15
ubottuLaunchpad bug 318710 in ebox "Please upgrade ebox to 0.12.4" [Undecided,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/31871016:15
mathiazfoolano: I'm confused by the version numbers: libebox 0.12.2 and ebox 0.12.4?16:16
mathiazfoolano: is it normal that these packages don't have the same version number?16:16
foolanomathiaz: yep, let me explain it to you16:16
foolanomathiaz: we release 0.12.0 as our first stable version16:16
foolanoas we do bufgfixing we increase the last number 0.12.1, 0.12.2...16:17
foolanoand we release every module separated16:17
mathiazfoolano: ok - makes sense.16:17
mathiazfoolano: thanks for explaining that.16:17
mathiazI'll look at the packages.16:18
foolanogreat :)16:18
mathiaz[ACTION] mathiaz to look into ebox packages for jaunty sponsoring.16:18
mathiazonce the updated packages are in jaunty, what's next for intrepid?16:18
foolanowe can request a SRU for intrepid then, right?16:19
sommercan't we re-upload to proposed, and ask for sponsorship from motu-sru?16:20
mathiazyes - I think so. Has the package been rejected from the intrepid-proposed queue?16:21
mathiazOr the motu-sru didn't give their ACK?16:21
sommerI believe the orginal one's chuck uploaded for me have been rejected16:22
mathiazWere any change made to the intrepid packages?16:22
mathiazok - we'll sort this out once the new packages have been upload to jaunty.16:23
mathiazas this is the first step to get a SRU working properly16:23
sommerI don't think there have been yet, but I believe foolano attached a patch to one of the bugs16:23
sommerya, should be quick to do once the jaunty packages are in16:23
mathiazanything else on the ebox front?16:24
sommerI think that's it16:24
sommerat least from me :)16:25
foolanonothing further :)16:25
mathiazok - let's move on16:25
mathiaz[TOPIC] MySQL 5.1 in jaunty16:25
mathiazso I've looked into that16:25
mathiazand things are not fixed yet.16:25
mathiazthe deeper I look the scarier it gets.16:25
sommerheh, when you look into the abyss the abyss looks back16:26
mathiazI've emailed the Debian mysql maintainers and they don't have plans (for now) to support both 5.0 and 5.1 in archive16:26
mathiaztheir plans is to release lenny with 5.016:26
zulmathiaz: welcome to the party16:26
mathiazand once lenny is released 5.1 would be uploaded to unstable16:26
mathiazand library transition would be done at the very begining of the cycle.16:27
mathiazThe maintainer might consider having a interim period with 5.0 and 5.1 in the archive.16:27
nealmcbmathiaz: what are some of the challenges?16:27
mathiazthe biggest problem is that /etc/mysql/my.cnf are both used by 5.0 and 5.1 but they're incompatible16:29
mathiazright now installing mysql-server-5.1 pulls in the 5.0 my.conf which doesn't work16:29
nealmcbsounds like a confusing version name16:30
nealmcbif it isn16:30
nealmcbif it isn't compatible like that16:30
mathiazwell - it's incompatible at the Debian/Ubuntu level, not upstream16:30
mathiazwe ship 5.0 my.cnf with skip-bdb (because it's deprecated in 5.1)16:31
mathiazand the skip-bdb option is not recognized in 5.116:31
mathiaz(which makes the server fail to start and the package fails to install)16:31
mathiazso one of the option I've looked into is to support both 5.0 and 5.1 at the same time16:32
mathiazsince we plan to have 5.0 in main and 5.1 in universe in jaunty for now16:32
mathiazhaving a structure similar to postgresql16:32
mathiazwith /etc/mysql/5.0/my.cnf and /etc/mysql/5.1/my.cnf16:32
mathiazbut that would require significant packaging work on both 5.0 and 5.116:34
ivokswould they have uniq conf.d?16:34
mathiazivoks: yes. everything would move under /etc/mysql/5.X/16:34
mathiazinit scripts have to be updated.16:34
mathiazall the scripts would be under /usr/share/mysql/5.X/16:35
ivokswith /etc/mysql/conf.d/ or /etc/mysql/5.x/conf.d?16:35
mathiazwith wrapper scripts in /usr/bin/ using the correct installed version16:35
mathiazivoks: /etc/mysql/5.X/conf.d16:35
mathiazthis is how the postgresql packages are setup16:35
mathiazyou can install and run 8.2 and 8.3 at the same time in hardy16:36
ivoksi know16:36
mathiazwhich help in upgrading since you have access to the old version of the program16:36
sommeris it against debian policy to say have /etc/mysql/my.5.0.cnf and /etc/mysql/my.5.1.cnf and symlink one or the other to /etc/mysql/my.cnf?16:36
mathiazone of the question I have is if that would be usefull for MySQL?16:36
mathiazie having access to both 5.0 and 5.1 at the same time?16:36
mathiazsince MySQL provides support for upgrading existing databases.16:37
ivoksi think these ideas would take too much time to realize, and probably fail in the process16:38
ivoksi don't even want to think how to handle /var/lib/mysql on updates16:38
mathiazivoks: well in the new scheme, you'd have /var/lib/mysql/5.0/ and /var/lib/mysql/5.1/16:39
ivoksmathiaz: so, if i upgrade my 5.0 to 5.1, i'll loose all my databases?16:39
mathiazan upgrade would dump from mysq/5.0/ into mysql/5.1/16:39
ivokswhat if someone would drive both of them?16:40
ivoksi'm sure someone will try 5.1, set up databases and then realize that 5.0 was more stable :)16:40
mathiazivoks: hm.. seems that we should discuss this a bit more in depth.16:41
mathiazanother solution is to just remove the skip-bdb from my.cnf16:41
ivoksbut... don't get me wrong, if someone thinks this is worthwile, i don't mind :)16:41
mathiazivoks: I understand. As I said, setting up such a infrastructure would require significant packaging work16:42
mathiazivoks: and we should definetly get the opinion of the Debian maintainers16:42
ivokslet's start diuscussion on mailing list16:42
mathiazI'll reply to the thread mentionned above16:43
mathiazI'll also look into other solution to fix the issue in jaunty16:43
ivoks(i'll check logs, since i was late :)16:43
mathiaz[ACTION] mathiaz to ask Debian maintainer about supporting both 5.0 and 5.1 using a concept similar to postgresql16:43
mathiaz[ACTION] mathiaz to look in other ways to fix 5.1 in jaunty16:44
mathiazok - that's all I have from last week minutes16:44
mathiazanything else to add wrt to last week minutes?16:44
mathiaz[TOPIC] Open Discussion16:45
mathiazanything else to add/discuss/brainstorm?16:45
ivoksumm... at uds i mentioned ACL by default16:45
ivoksi've sent patches for tar to debian matinainer16:46
ivoksand it looks like support for acl, xattrs and selinux will get accepted in upstream in new version16:46
mathiazivoks: do you mean turning on ACL by default on new installs?16:47
mathiazivoks: is this in time for jaunty?16:47
ivoksso, i would rather wait for those things to become part of upstream16:47
ivoksmathiaz: i doubt16:47
ivokstar has 1-2 releases in a year16:47
ivokslast release was in december, iirc16:47
mathiazivoks: what was the answer from the Debian maintainer?16:48
ivokshe liked the idea, but he doesn't want to fork tar16:48
mathiazivoks: are there any other package that would be modified to support ACL by default?16:48
ivoksso he keeps it clean as from upstream16:48
ivoksmathiaz: cpio could be one of them, i didn't check it16:49
ivokszip also16:49
mathiazivoks: is there a wiki page to keep track of what needs to be done?16:50
ivoksmathiaz: i'll set it up16:50
mathiazivoks: it seems that we'd make sure that all relevant packages have ACL support before turning it on by default16:50
ivoksmathiaz: of course16:50
mathiazivoks: ok. So the first step would be to identify which packages need to support ACL16:51
ivoksi'll set up wiki page with all the revelant stuff16:52
mathiazivoks: great. Thanks16:52
mathiaz[ACTION] ivoks to create wiki page to keep track of ACL support in packages16:52
mathiazok - anything else to add?16:52
ivoksand i'll start working on mail stack, now that bacula/drbd stuff are covered16:52
mathiazis drbd working in jaunty?16:53
mathiazivoks: did you test it?16:53
ivokskernel team just commited my patch16:53
ivoksonce we get new kernel, i'll merge drbd 8.3.0 userspace16:53
ivoksi allready have it builded and tested16:53
mathiazivoks: ok. But we have to make sure that it works in jaunty too.16:54
ivoksi'm talking about jaunty :)16:54
mathiaz[ACTION] ivoks to merge drbd 8.3.0 userspace tools once the kernel has been uploaded.16:54
mathiazivoks: I meant the jaunty archive, not your personal jaunty environment16:55
mathiazivoks: what's the state of bacula in jaunty?16:55
ivoksmathiaz: mostly working, i've sent patches for hardy/intrepid/jaunty to zul16:56
* nijaba needs to run. see you later all16:56
ivoksmathiaz: with those patches, everything should be fixed in all versions16:56
zulits on my pile16:56
mathiazivoks: are there bugs filed for these?16:56
ivoksif anyone else is interested in sponsoring uploads?16:57
ivoksmathiaz: not really16:57
mathiazivoks: are you using the sponsorship queues?16:57
ivoksmathiaz: jaunty doesn't have a bug; it just doesn't work yet and probably no one tested it16:57
mathiazivoks: if you wanna get them fixed in hardy/intrepid you'll have to file bugs to get the SRU process going16:57
ivoksand as for intrepid and hardy; bug pops up in rare cases16:58
ivoksmathiaz: i know16:58
mathiazivoks: ok - we're running out of time16:58
ivoksmathiaz: don't worry about that16:58
ivokssorry :)16:58
mathiazivoks: I'd suggest to file bug in LP and use the sponsorship queue.16:58
mathiaz[TOPIC] Agree on next meeting date and time16:58
mathiaznext week, same time, same place?16:58
ivokssommer: o/16:59
mathiazoh - and a reminder - FeatureFreeze is in one month.16:59
mathiazok - so see you all in one week, same place, same time.16:59
mathiazkeep up the good work!16:59
sommerthanks mathiaz, later on all17:00
foolanosee you guys :)17:00
pgranerHello All... its time for the weekly Kernel Team Meeting. I would like to start the meeting at 15 past the hour. I have had a few requests to hold off until after the integration of the US President. That should be complete by then. We will run a condensed meeting.17:01
* smb_tp acks17:02
* apw is here17:02
* cking acks17:02
rtgpgraner: it won't even be close to being done in 15 minutes. the're just getting started,17:02
pgranerrtg: they just did the VP, there should be some items in between then the Prez17:03
kirklandpgraner: is he joining the meeting or something?17:03
pgranerkirkland: could open a whole new ave for Ubuntu :)17:04
apwmore a mall i think17:04
rtgkirkland: did you ever get to test file name encryption?17:04
kirklandpgraner: he's too buddy-buddy with bill gates ;-)17:04
apwrunning late apparently...17:04
kirklandrtg: i'm hoping to finish the userspace bit today17:04
kirklandrtg: i was trying to finish that first17:05
apwhe is messing it up!17:05
rtgkirkland: I think I'll include the encryption changes anyway. nothing breaks without the mount option.17:06
kirklandrtg: sounds good17:06
liebIts a done deal.17:06
rtghe must have been nervous17:07
apwenough to fluff his lines, just like at weddings17:07
ckingthe pressure starts big time when he gets into the oval office17:12
pgranerOk folks let get started...17:27
* apw is here17:27
* smb_tp here17:27
* cking is here too17:27
* pgraner wonders where the bot its17:27
* rtg dries his eyes :)17:28
pgranerOk the agenda is here: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/KernelTeam/Meeting17:28
* jpds gets someone on it.17:28
* amitk is here17:28
pgraner[TOPIC] Security & bugfix kernels17:28
* sconklin is here17:28
smb_tpOk, Hardy point release looks good, so far.17:28
pgranersmb_tp: that goes out thurs according to schedule correct?17:29
smb_tpIntrepid seems to notice as soon as I want to get archive admins to push to -updates17:29
smb_tppgraner, correct17:29
rtgsmb_tp: what about the cifs regression?17:29
smb_tprtg, exactly that17:29
smb_tpTurned up just this weekend17:29
smb_tpSo I am looking into that one17:30
rtgsmb_tp: is it a show stopper?17:30
pgranersmb_tp: what releases does it appear in?17:30
smb_tpI would think so. Quite some people use samba. It might be related only to ipv617:30
smb_tppgraner, Current info is after current -9 in updates17:31
smb_tp-9 still works. There have been some updates through stable17:31
smb_tpQuestion would be if this is only ipv6, should it hold up the update?17:32
pgranersmb_tp: anything else?17:32
smb_tpCVE kernels (daper -hardy) I got prepared and i386 run tested17:33
smb_tpIntrepid does not need security updates atm17:33
pgranersmb_tp: Thanks17:33
pgraner[TOPIC] Jaunty Status17:33
pgranerAlpha 3 Feedback: ogasawara how are we looking?17:33
ogasawarapgraner: I've been informally tracking. . . no official bugs have been reported via apport17:34
pgranerogasawara: none?17:34
ogasawarapgraner: none.  but response via email/irc seems positive with the exception of the wakealarm being an issue for some17:34
pgranerogasawara: yea, I saw that as well17:35
ogasawarapgraner: I have not heard of any failures thus far17:35
apwif we are talking suspend bugs?  they would only be reported correctly if the system was updated, a bug in the pm-utils changes17:35
pgraner[TOPIC] Suspend/Resume17:35
ogasawarapgraner: bah, I was thinking suspend/resume above17:36
apwfrom an automation point of view we have had one bug in pm-utils changes which17:36
pgranerapw: I saw we had some changes to the scripts, are we good to go now?17:36
apwhas now been pushed out to -updates17:36
apwi have also added some more reporting, which is still waiting to be pushed out, but less important17:36
apwwith that in place, we will have the bits in place and tested and working and in place17:37
pgranerapw: So I guess A3 was a bust then from the reporting POV17:37
apwwell if they update, they will report from then, my a3 install updated and had the  fixes17:37
apwwe have had a fair bit of feedback internally, mostly positive, except as leanne17:37
apwindicated the auto wakeup failures which is something broken upstream17:38
apwbut manual wakes has worked so far ...17:38
apwso generally good testiing results17:38
pgranerapw: any idea when the auto wake up will be addressed?17:38
apwleann has also started tagging older bugs whcih are suspend related and i want to17:38
apwstart reviewing those soon17:38
apwnot had time to look yet at the cause to see if its fixed yet so no feel yet17:39
pgranerapw: ack17:39
apwogasawara, i think you had a pointer to the underlyuing wakeup bug?17:39
ogasawaraapw: yup http://bugzilla.kernel.org/show_bug.cgi?id=1201317:40
ubottubugzilla.kernel.org bug 12013 in Realtime Clock "/sys/class/rtc/rtc0/wakealarm doesn't work, while /proc/acpi/alarm works - Asus P2-M2A690G" [Normal,New]17:40
pgranerapw: any lessons learned out of A3?17:40
apwmost of my time on s/r has been fixing the bugs in the automation, not had much time to look for any results, though as there is no failures so far i think i have nothing to base an oppinion17:41
apwother than, it is better than i might have expected17:41
pgranerapw: understood, I was looking for things like if we undertake an task like this again how can we do it better?17:41
apwahh, cirtianly we should have planned to be ready sooner so we could ahve tested the combined bits before the release17:42
apwmostly we only had the combined uploads sorted out on the day and that was too late to find and fix the errors17:42
pgranerapw: this gets into the UDS vs. Release schedule timing17:42
apwthe rest of the issues are 'training' issues, things now learned should not occur again17:43
sconklinI think part of the latreness can be tracked to the late summit and the holiday break17:43
pgranerapw: not to mention this cycle had the holiday break which didn't help much17:43
apwbut we were also working to the deadline of thursday, when we should have worked to monday or tuesday17:43
apwto get things in place before the last minute cut off17:43
pgranerapw: noted, we need to back the milestone back a few days not being the Alpha date17:44
apwyeah, a day or two before is better17:44
pgraner[ACTION] pgraner to revise the schedule going forward17:44
pgraner[TOPIC] Vanilla Kernel Builds17:45
pgranerapw: can we move this to someone else since your slammed? and if so recommendations?17:45
apwi think we were going to tackle these in berlin17:45
rtgpgraner: I'll take care of it.17:46
apwsure we can, i seem to rememver you an i were going to discuss this after last meeting and failed to do so17:46
apwrtg ok ... if you are going to attempt this in a PPA i have some base work that might be wort having17:46
pgranerapw, rtg: see what you guys can work out prior so during berlin we can get working17:46
rtgapw: I'm gonna build it native on zinc.17:46
apwwill do17:46
apwrtg actually then my script might do what you want17:47
apwit makes a virgin tree with out build machinary in it17:47
apwbuilding just the .debs from there would be easy17:47
rtgapw: I just have to get elmo to open a route to kernel.org17:47
apwby which i mean it puts our machinary into the virgin tree, and builds it17:48
apwif you can get that, i suspect its not a big job to get this script producing something17:48
apwit was getting it to work in a ppa that i was stuggling with17:48
rtgapw: cool. have you committed it to Jaunty (the script I mean)17:48
apwnot yet.  will do that17:49
pgraner[ACTION] apw to commit vanilla kernel build script to Jaunty tree17:49
rtgon the topic of Jaunty, I'm uploading Jaunty later today, includes, drm fixes, ecryptfs filename encryption. It _is_ an ABI bump.17:49
apwis that the huge wedge of upstream updates?  or is that .217:50
rtg.1 is pretty big17:50
rtg94 patches17:50
pgranerrtg: reminder to email the normal parties :-)17:50
smb_tp2.6.27.12 as well17:50
Golgatahi everybody17:50
rtgpgraner: of course17:50
pgraner[TOPIC] ARM Tree17:51
pgraneramitk, rtg: where are we?17:51
rtgthe kernel at least builds now17:51
Golgatahope someone can help me. i want to create a container usable with virtualbox which i can later burn to a dvd... sb got an idea?17:51
pgranerGolgata: This is the meeting channel during an ongoing meeting, try #ubuntu-devel pls.17:52
amitkrtg: I noticed you added udeb stuff too17:52
rtgthe debian installer folks should now be able to create an install disk17:52
Golgataurgs, sorry... cu ^^17:52
amitkpgraner: I am working on another pass at the configs and then enabling two OEM boards17:52
pgraneramitk: ack17:53
pgraneramitk: make sure you get with the mobile team to make sure everything is synced up. There has been alot of activity over the last few weeks.17:53
pgraneramitk: good to have you back :-D17:54
pgraner[TOPIC] LPIA tree17:54
amitkpgraner: sure. I should have more to talk about next week.17:54
pgranersconklin: how r we doing?17:54
* apw thinks sconklin is on mute17:55
sconklinI'm in the middle of rebasing our lpia tree with the latest from the netbook stuff17:55
sconklinOnce that's done, I'll make sure it builds :) and make it available for testing before I bring it back into the distro tree as a branch17:55
pgranersconklin: cool17:56
amitksconklin: jaunty, hardy _and_ intrepid?17:56
sconklinhardy only at this point17:56
ckingsconklin: and all the various branches?17:56
sconklinOnce I get a feel for the scope of the divergence I'll address the others17:56
sconklinOnly looking at the oem group trees so far - a lot has to be resolved before we pull it all together17:57
pgranerOk we are about out of time so we need to move to the open discussion:17:57
sconklinThis is a major topic for Berlin17:57
pgraner[TOPIC] Open Discussion17:57
apwhow did the arm porter go17:57
pgranerAnyone have anything not on the agenda to discuss?17:57
pgranerapw: I never heard back from elmo, thanks for the reminder17:58
pgranerAnyone else?17:58
pgraner[TOPIC] Next meeting17:59
pgranerNext meeting will be same time, same channel.17:59
pgranerThanks everyone, we will call it done17:59
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