* Hobbsee blecks at that 'diff' containing the entire source code and debian/ of the project.00:01
jsmidtI've been reading https://wiki.ubuntu.com/PackagingGuide/Recipes/PackageUpdate to learn how to update a package.  After I update the package do I make a bug on launchpad?  The howto doesn't say.  Should I subsribe the universe sponsors?00:03
shenronhello, I am currently trying to get some software I wrote into ubuntu. Is it important to use make for compiling? Currently it compiles using a script which runs a few g++ commands (its a fairly simple compile), but if I want it packaged for ubuntu should I switch to make?00:03
shenronI was directed to ask that question here by someone in #ubuntu, btw.00:04
raofshenron: It's not important to use make at all; all that's required is that it builds from source, and this build can be automated.00:05
shenronoh ok, so since there is a script that builds it that should be fine?00:05
raofjsmidt: Yes, you make a bug on launchpad, attaching the new diff.gz00:05
raofshenron: Right.00:05
shenronw00t, awesome. should I include an installer which will put something in /usr/bin as well?00:06
jsmidtraof, thanks.00:06
jsmidtraof, do I need to kink to the new orig tarball?00:06
raofshenron: That's generally nice for other distros, but is not absolutely necessary.00:07
raofjsmidt: No; have a watch file that works ;)00:07
shenronalright, thanks raof00:07
porthosemaxb: thx. shot myself in the foot with that one hehe00:23
* porthose goes and fixes00:23
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maxbporthose: see comments on REVU, sorry, I've given you a lot to think about :-)00:34
jsmidtI have a debian rules file with a slice command.  What is that?  Pbuilder is complaining slice: Command not found.00:43
maxbjsmidt: Try 'dpkg -p slice'00:45
maxbThough clearly the package is wrong if it uses a command and doesn't Build-Depend on it00:45
jsmidtmaxb, it does build depend on slice.  Yet, right off the bat I get this error00:48
maxbhrm, peculiar00:50
maxbthat doesn't make any sense :-/00:50
maxbdo you want to pastebin a buildlog?00:50
jsmidtmaxb, http://pastebin.com/d3b65909000:52
maxbSee line 1400:53
jsmidtWhat warning is that?00:53
maxbunmet build-deps00:54
jsmidtI thought pbuilder took care of adding build-depends00:54
maxbpbuilder has two modes, in the mode you're running it in, it builds a source package *outside* the chroot, copies(?) the source into the chroot environment and builds it00:55
jsmidtHow do I run the other mode? I typed "pdebuild " which has seemed to work with everything else.00:56
maxb--use-pdebuild-internal. The man page warns "This option will not protect the working directory and its parent directories from the build scripts." I get why it doesn't protect the working dir, since it's being bindmounted into the chroot. I don't understand how the parent dirs would be visible, though00:57
maxbunless you can actuall ../../ up out of a bindmount!?00:58
raofjsmidt: The problem is that slice is required for the clean target; IE: you need slice to build the _source_ package.01:00
hyperairdoes anyone here have experience making a program link with xulrunner?01:24
raofhyperair:  asac does.01:27
hyperairasac: ping01:31
hyperairraof: thanks01:31
jsmidtIs there any documentation for interacting with Lanuchpad over the command line?  Open/closing bugs, adding attachments, etc... Do I have to use the web interface?02:53
raofYou can use gpg-signed mail.02:53
jsmidtOkay, is there documantaion for how to open a bug using mail for example?02:54
raofYes.  There's a page on launchpad, or you can email help@bugs.launchpad.net, I think, to get an automated thingy.02:56
jsmidtraof, thanks, I think I have found it.02:58
xnoxDo I need to write patch description anywhere? Changelog?03:06
raofYou do need to write a patch description _somewhere_.  If you're using dpatch, I'd stick it in the dpatch header.03:10
raofYou also need to describe what the patch _does_ in changelog.03:10
xnoxraof: simple-patch-sys?03:10
xnoxraof: patch comments on top + changelog?03:10
raofThat should be OK, yeah.03:11
hyperairraof: is it required for initial releases?03:11
raofIs what required for initial releases?03:12
hyperairentries in changelog regarding patches03:12
ScottKhyperair: Yes.  All patches should be documented.03:14
hyperairScottK: even if there's a header?03:14
ScottKhyperair: Yes.03:14
hyperairi see03:15
hyperairon a side note, if i've got a package which requires *-gtkmozembed, which package should i b-d on?03:15
hyperairi tried using libxul-dev, but it seems that it's an older version of xulrunner03:16
hyperairxulrunner-1.9-dev refuses to be compiled without -R in LDFLAGS03:16
raofxulrunner-1.9-dev is, I believe, the right header.03:20
toresbeOT: Are there any doxygen-literate people here? I'm faced with a problem and I don't know where to ask it.03:31
toresbeI've been asked to fix up some PHP files (ugh) and I'm doxygenizing them now. For *one* of the files, a completely unremarkable file, it is refusing to document the functions (but not the @file).03:32
toresbe(The line endings are the same, BTW.)03:34
hyperairraof: but the libraries are all in /usr/lib/xulrunner-, and ld can't find them to link without -R. if i chrpath -d the executable after compiling, ld can't find the library to link with03:39
raofhyperair: That's right.  You either need a wrapper that sets LD_LIBRARY_PATH, or you need a RPATH.03:39
hyperairraof: i'd leave the RPATH intact, but it seems that debian policy doesn't allow it03:40
toresbeIf anyone feels like taking a look, the file is here: http://gunkies.org/stuff/problematic_php.txt03:40
raofhyperair: There's a _reason_ the world + their dog is moving to embedding webkit rather than gecko.  Gecko is a pain in the arse.03:40
toresbeIt sees the function, but not my comments.03:40
hyperairraof: you don't really have a choice if the package only has support for embedding gecko03:42
hyperairwell there's the choice of not embedding it at all03:42
hyperairi mean not packaging it at all03:42
* hyperair grumbles03:44
hyperairi thought patching the thing to use gtksourceview2 instead of 1 was the end of my problems03:44
hyperairat least it compiles with libxul-dev03:44
hyperairand runs. just that you get the old chiselblock interface that reminds you of firefox 203:44
fabrice_spHi. When fixing a FTBFS, should I also fix warnings in lintian? Or I should just patch the FTBFS? It's for openmovieeditor in jaunty04:33
fabrice_sp(I'm getting warning/errors on watch file, out-of-date standard 3.7.2 and  build-depends-on-obsolete-package04:35
ScottKfabrice_sp: Standards version you should not change at all.04:36
ScottKThere is Ubuntu Policy on that.04:36
ScottKFixing the watch file and build-dep-on-obsolete package (make sure it works with the new one) are both good.04:36
ScottKThose are also changes that should go back to Debian.04:36
fabrice_spok (I didn't remember is Policy apply to development version). As soon as I've got a working package, I'll report the FTBFS to debian04:37
diwic1Hello, I would like a MOTU to perform a merge for Jaunty05:20
stochasticHow should I format a copyright file if none of the headers have copyright attributions?05:23
raofstochastic: If its obvious that they're all under the same license as found in COPYING or whatever, then just as if they all had the same copyright header.05:24
raofstochastic: If it's not obvious what license they're under, then you get to play "poke upstream until Ubuntu can redistribute".05:24
stochasticraof, it's clear it's GPL, but no years are mentioned05:25
fabrice_spdiwic1, is there a bug in launchpad?05:25
diwic1fabrice_sp: #317254 and duplicates05:26
fabrice_spbug #31725405:26
ubottuLaunchpad bug 317254 in audacity "Please sync audacity 1.3.6-2 (universe) from Debian unstable (main)." [Wishlist,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/31725405:26
raofstochastic: Then, I guess, you don't have copyright years in debian/copyright.  But I'm not entirely sure.05:26
_16aR_Hello, any admin of revu there ?05:27
dtchendiwic1: it's enqueued for archive admin processing; please be patient.05:28
stochasticraof, I'm updating libphat0 (and it's dev counterpart) to the upstream version, and neither have anything in the copyright field of the debian/copyright file but lintian gives me warnings about this, should I just leave it without (it came from upstream that way)05:31
diwic1dtchen: Okay, thanks. Is there a way I can find status or know more about this "archive admin processing"?05:31
raofstochastic: If you don't have date information, I don't see what else you can do; you might want to get other opinions, though.  Also, libraries are a bit more complex; have you read the library packaging guide and done all the necessary ABI checks etc?05:32
dtchendiwic1: one of the archive admins will look at the bug in due time. i'm not an archive admin, so i don't have an ETA.05:32
stochasticraof, I'll take a look, I'm new to packaging, so I'm learning as I go...05:33
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raofstochastic: You'll want to read at least the library packaging guide http://www.netfort.gr.jp/~dancer/column/libpkg-guide/libpkg-guide.html05:35
stochasticraof, thanks05:36
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persiaAny REVU people about?  I'm troubleshooting the upload of hexdiff for _16aR_ (lp:dolanor).  The GPG key in use changed recently, and the package is repeatedly rejected, although the signature matches the key in LP.05:41
persiaAnyone know how to force key resync?05:41
copprowait 24 hours?05:41
copprowait for a REVU admin to come along?05:41
persiacoppro, I am a REVU admin.  I just haven't tried a resync since the LP integration.  Do you know that 24 hours fixes it?  I thought that might have changed with the LP integration.05:43
copproin that case, no clue, since I do not have resync access. But IIRC, REVU resyncs automatically every 24 hours05:43
persiaIt certainly used to be that way, then it was stopped, and we did it manually roughly once a day.  I don't know the current state.05:44
persianhandler, ?05:44
dtchenjpds: ^05:45
hyperairspeaking of revus could someone review my package http://revu.ubuntuwire.com/details.py?package=sigx?05:51
copprono, MOTUs don't review your packages; they just let them simmer and hope they get better :P05:53
hyperairwell i can't think of anything else i need to do, so i'd either like guidance or an advocate05:57
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jsmidtIs there a website that keeps track of packages in debian and not Ubuntu?06:12
jsmidtAnd outdated packages in Ubuntu versus upstream?06:13
dholbachgood morning06:13
raofjsmidt: We've got an Ubuntu external health thingy.06:14
jsmidtraof, found it, thanks06:15
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dholbachwas there anybody in the Italian "Getting Started" session yesterday and could post the log at https://wiki.ubuntu.com/MeetingLogs/devweek0901/GettingStartedIT ?06:19
persiajsmidt, You've found UEHS, or mdt, or both?06:25
jsmidtI found http://qa.ubuntuwire.com/ which seems to have everything06:27
dholbachhey warp1006:27
dholbachwarp10: do you have the log of the Italian Getting Started session? :)06:27
warp10morning dholbach!06:28
dholbachwarp10: could you add it to https://wiki.ubuntu.com/MeetingLogs/devweek0901/GettingStartedIT if you have it? :)06:28
warp10dholbach: I have about one hour and half of the whole log, my network had troubles in the remaining half hour06:28
dholbachwarp10: no worries, I can ask quadrispro or gaspa once they turn up :)06:28
dholbachwarp10: how did the session go on the Italian end?06:29
warp10dholbach: anyway, one of the attendant logged the whole sessione, he should be online soon06:29
dholbachwarp10: super, thanks! :)06:29
warp10dholbach: very well, IMO. We had 4 or 5 people attending the session, and we covered the whole program: LP, GPG, setting up the tools, some basic information and a lot of questions! :)06:30
dholbachso we have a bunch of new Italian MOTUs soon? ;-)06:30
warp10dholbach: I really hope so! :D06:30
dholbachwoohoo :)06:31
* dholbach hugs warp1006:31
* dholbach is really happy with how UDW is kicking off this time06:31
* warp10 hugs back dholbach 06:31
toresbeOT: Are there any doxygen-literate people here? I'm faced with a problem that looks a lot like a bug and I don't know where to ask it.06:31
warp10dholbach: what about the other LoCo sessions? Lot of people attending everywhere?06:32
jsmidtWell everyone, thanks for the help.  I learned a lot today.06:32
jsmidtI was able to work on 10 bugs.  I've never been able to do that many.06:32
dholbachwarp10: I think we had like 25 people in the German channel - what I liked very much was that they were all asking lots of questions in the sessions afterwards, so I'd say they found their way in (during the getting started session) quite easily06:32
jsmidtBut I've tried a lot of new stuff so sorry in advance. :)06:33
dholbachjsmidt: Keep up the good work! :-)06:33
jsmidtTry not to  send to many angry emails.06:33
jsmidtAgain, thanks for the help.06:33
dholbachtoresbe: I used doxygen many years ago - I'm not sure I can help, but can take a look06:33
toresbedholbach: thanks.06:33
toresbeI've been asked to fix up some PHP files (ugh) and I'm doxygenizing them now. For *one* of the files, a  completely unremarkable file, it is refusing to document the functions (but not the @file).06:34
warp10dholbach: oh, a *lot* of people! well, great! I hope we will keep on with these MOTU-Loco activities. The italian development team will be happy to partecipate06:35
dholbachtoresbe: do you have that file, your Doxyfile and the log somewhere?06:35
dholbachwarp10: that's exactly what I wanted to hear! :)06:35
toresbedholbach: The log is uneventful; it parses the file no problem.06:35
toresbethat's the PHP file.06:35
dholbachwarp10: let's try to plan a developer-loco-something day in a few weeks06:35
toresbedholbach: http://gunkies.org/stuff/problematic_php_doxy.txt06:37
toresbedholbach: Oops, ignore the colourful comment at the top of the code, please. :)06:38
warp10dholbach: cool! Feel free to ping me if you need help on the italian side :)06:38
dholbachwarp10: super! :)06:39
_rubenok .. this is weird .. im trying to backport bind 9.5 to hardy .. the ./configure command fails when run by pbuilder, but the same ./configure command runs just fine when run in the shell that i got via a pbuilder hook .. guess next step would be to see how debian/rules would go about things06:40
dholbachtoresbe: does it document other files in the directory? does it stop somewhere? is there NO output at all about that file?06:40
toresbedholbach: It documents other files no problem. It runs through the entire thing. The file is documented, but the *functions* are not.06:42
toresbedholbach: subsequent @warnings in the same file *are* included; so it doesn't stop parsing. It just doesn't see @fns for *that* file.06:42
dholbachtoresbe: very weird... I'm sorry I'm not of much help - it's been ages since I used it.06:45
dholbachtoresbe: no idea06:45
toresbedholbach: It's driving me crazy, documenting this code is something that I was supposed to be done with yesterday.06:46
dholbachtoresbe: do the doxygen folks have an IRC channel?06:47
toresbedholbach: Nope. :(06:47
=== RAOF is now known as raof
toresbeThat's why I'm asking in random channels wherein I expect to find clever people :)06:47
dholbachtoresbe: I'd try there mailing list then06:47
toresbedholbach: Sigh, I haven't got many good experiences with those.06:48
_rubenhmm .. even debian/rules build seems to work just fine .. must be some odd $ENV thingie messing stuff around .. oh well .. lets wait for the results first06:48
persiatoresbe, Check your autotools configuration.07:19
toresbepersia: How could that change the behavior of an already-compiled program?07:39
persiatoresbe, It oughtn't: it's just one of the places I tend to look when ./configure doesn't do what I'm expecting.07:40
persiaSince ./configure is often run at package-time or build-time, I'm probably confused.07:41
didrocksHi everyone08:18
didrocksI try to use start-stop-daemon in an init script, with -m option (to create the pidfile), but it does not write the right pid. I think the process is forking as soon as it starts (cf http://paste.ubuntu.com/107252/)08:19
didrocksconsequently, my init script fails :/08:19
savvaswhere can I find documentation about .update-notifier files, the ones that go in /var/lib/update-notifier/user.d/ ?08:24
didrocksI can pgrep to erase the wrong pid, but well... I would prefer another solution08:24
stefanlsddidrocks: does the program not create its own PID?08:24
didrocksstefanlsd: unfortunately not. That's why I use the -m option08:25
savvasdidrocks: is this about an init script/daemon?08:25
stefanlsddidrocks: yeah, it prob forks after starting. have u tried the -b option08:25
didrockssavvas: yes08:26
didrocksstefanlsd: not sure, let me check the manpage08:26
didrocksstefanlsd: yes, I used the long form. And same pid retrieved08:26
stefanlsddidrocks: mm. yeah. -m -b should hopefully do it. i can see its not thou.  -v help u anything08:28
didrocksstefanlsd: unfortunatly yeah, it seems that there is no solution with start-stop-daemon option. That's why I supposed to use pgrep to create it in the init script. Does this make sense?08:30
stefanlsddidrocks: yeah. not sure why start-stop-daemon isnt doing it properly, maybe we could investigate that more, but pgrepping and writing the PID and telling start-stop-daemon the PID file should be ok08:31
didrocksstefanlsd: ok, I will try to add more options (and to be in contact with upstream to see if he can implement it). If not possible, I will pgrep though :/08:33
didrocksthanks :)08:33
stefanlsddidrocks: suuure. good luck :)08:33
savvasdidrocks: you're trying to "daemonize" a bash script, right?08:33
didrockssavvas: not a bash script, it's a C program08:34
toresbedholbach: I found the problem, FWIW.08:34
savvasdidrocks: I have something here I use for a bash, maybe it'll work for you: http://bazaar.launchpad.net/~timekpr-maintainers/timekpr/trunk/annotate/head%3A/debian/timekpr.init08:34
didrockssavvas: thanks. I will have a look at it :)08:35
savvasI use -m -b and --startas (no idea why, but it made it work) :P08:36
didrockssavvas: why --test and then, execute it. Is it mandatory?08:36
didrockssavvas: ok, I see it with the man page08:38
didrocksthanks, will give it a try08:39
savvasdidrocks: --test tests if the file is present08:39
savvasthere was an example init script somewhere in /etc/ I think, but I can't find it :\08:39
didrockssavvas: no pb, I will work from your example and see if I can use it08:39
savvasok great :)08:40
dholbachtoresbe: great - what was it?08:41
toresbedholbach: I had functions with the same name in previously-interpreted files. All info was added to those files, and not to the file the function actually was in.08:44
dholbachtoresbe: that was hard to spot08:44
dholbachmaybe file a bug report at doxygen? would be nice to have a warning for cases like that :)08:44
toresbeI'll do so08:45
dholbachgaspa: do you still have the log of the Italian Getting Started session? if you do, could you please post it here:  https://wiki.ubuntu.com/MeetingLogs/devweek0901/GettingStartedIT  ?09:09
gaspadholbach: i was just waiting for them, in order to put on the page.09:10
dholbachgaspa: great, thanks :)09:11
huatsmorning !09:17
gaspadholbach: done. should I remove all time references, login/logout notifications and so on?09:31
dholbachgaspa: no, it's fine as it is09:31
dholbachthanks a bunch09:31
gaspait was amazing09:32
dholbachit was09:32
dholbachgreat work everybody :)09:32
gaspaand now I need an oculist, after an hour of writing without breaks... :P09:32
schmiedcoin #ubuntu-at10:02
al-maisanKoon: I am trying to package the ActiveMQ message broker which is Java software .. what is a good existing Java software package to look at?10:13
Koonal-maisan: I might be biased :)10:15
al-maisanno problem :)10:15
Koonal-maisan: I like to think tomcat6 was packaged correctly, but others might think otherwise.10:16
Koonal-maisan: ActiveMQ is a library rather than a server, right ?10:16
al-maisanI am a beginner and need an example to look at.10:16
al-maisanActiveMQ is a server actually10:16
al-maisanIt is a message broker10:17
al-maisana JMS implementation10:17
Koonal-maisan: it runs standalone ? It should be started at the end of the package installation ?10:17
al-maisanKoon: yes, ideally.10:17
Koonal-maisan: then I'd recommend looking at tomcat6, yes. Libraries are easier, and the commons-* are good examples for that10:18
al-maisanKoon: good point, very much appreciated :)10:18
Koonal-maisan: also you might find #ubuntu-java helpful.10:18
al-maisanah, OK.10:18
directhexpfft, java10:18
al-maisandidn't even know such a channel existed :)10:18
Koondirecthex: everyone has a cross to carry :)10:18
Koon'one cross each'10:19
* al-maisan is not a big Java fan but that specific piece of software was written in Java10:19
directhexcarry cross once, get nailed anywhere?10:19
slytherinKoon: Welcome back. :-)10:26
Koonslytherin: heh thx10:27
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jmehdiCould someone review my package: http://revu.ubuntuwire.com/details.py?package=webstrict, I've added a debian/watch file as required10:42
_rubenhm .. when building a package using pbuilder, how does one ensure the resulting .deb is signed with my key ?10:50
maxb_ruben: You mean .changes, right? .debs are never signed directly10:56
_rubenmaxb: then what does apt-get check when downloading the debs from a mirror?10:56
maxbChecksums for the .debs are listed in the Packages file.10:57
maxbChecksums for the Packages file are listed in the Release file10:57
maxbThe Release file is signed10:57
_rubenah .. that should be enough to get me going for a bit .. thanks10:58
maxb_ruben: the .changes file (the upload control file) contains checksums for the .debs, and the .changes file is signed by the uploader to authenticate themselves to the archive they are uploading to10:58
dholbachScottK: you were right about the sponsoring entries in the HoF (uploads) - thanks again10:59
pochumorning dholbach11:00
pochu(or should I say evening?) ;)11:00
dholbachhiya pochu11:00
pochudholbach: I uploaded the logs right after you left11:00
dholbachno :)11:00
dholbachpochu: thanks a lot11:00
_rubenmaxb: ah .. so the .changes files would be signed by uploader, and the Release file by the repository ('s maintainer's special key)11:00
maxbIn practice, usually the repository's automatic signing key, rather than any person-associated key, but yes11:01
_rubenmaxb: that's what i realised during typing, hence the odd sentence ;)11:01
_rubenthanks .. time to re-do some stuff properly now :)11:02
maxbIncidentally, you don't have to sign .changes and source packages at time of build. You can just run "debsign" on them later (e.g. after you've tested them - or, even, on a different host to where you build them, if your key can't/shouldn't be on the build host)11:03
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WalterMundtI'm looking at Twisted right now; there's been a new upstream release that's apparently not packaged yet in the archives.  I'm very new to this, but given the state of the debian release/etc, would it be helpful to try and update the packaging in Ubuntu?  In what form/where would I send the work when it's done, given that (old version of) the package is currently coming unmodified from Debian?11:18
LaneyWalterMundt: doko_ maintains it, you should talk to him11:18
WalterMundtokay, good plan; I don't want to duplicate effort11:19
WalterMundt(more generally, I wonder how much interest the various Debian maintainers have in running updates through Ubuntu in the interim while the Debian release process does its thing.)11:20
LaneyDebian has experimental available for use11:20
WalterMundthmm, true11:21
stochastichow can I get at the config.log file from a pbuilder environment?11:38
azeemstochastic: you probably need to suspend it and chroot into it or something11:38
azeemI don't think you can get to it after the build11:39
LaneyThere's a hook you can set up to remain in the environment if a build fails11:39
LaneyI don't have it, though11:39
azeemmaybe CDBS should cat config.log if configure fails11:39
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savvasDoes anyone know where can I find documentation about .update-notifier files, the ones that go in /var/lib/update-notifier/user.d/ ?11:45
maxbThere is some doc in the update-notifier source package, at least.11:45
WalterMundtstochastic: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/PbuilderHowto mentions the "keeping shell in pbuilder after fail" hook thing btw11:54
WalterMundtLaney: e-mailed doko_; may be back later depending on response11:54
Laneyexcellent, good luck11:54
savvasI found some in kubuntu wiki https://wiki.kubuntu.org/InteractiveUpgradeHooks11:56
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nhandlerpersia: Did you need somethign?12:06
persianhandler, _16ar_ changed the GPG key in LP recently, and it differs from the one in the LP database.  I don't know the command to run on spooky to fix this.  Do you?12:26
persiaErr, ...differs from the one in the REVU database ...12:28
nhandlerpersia: Sorry, I don't. I don't even have access to spooky yet12:33
persianhandler, You've sent a request to UWSA?12:34
persianhandler, Also, become a REVU Admin or REVU Hacker at your option: you don't really need to be either to be REVU Coordinator, as long as you get those of us who do have those roles (and Reviewer and Contributor) doing stuff.12:35
directhexshameless plug: http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?p=658411513:21
MaduserTrHow do I disable the executable flag in a image which executable in upstream?13:25
liwMaduserTr, do you mean that the .jpg (or whatever format it is) ends up with execute permissions in the .deb? normally debhelper normalizes permissions, but if not, you can add a command to debian/rules to change the permissions yourself13:28
MaduserTrliw, Yes this I mean. I use cdbs on a python program (wine-doors). Can I hook in the build to do so?13:31
jpdspersia: Have you relogged into REVU with the new key on LP? That's how keys get synced in.13:32
hyperairMaduserTr: install/binary-package-name::13:32
hyperairMaduserTr: chmod 0644 debian/<tmp or binary-package-name, depending on whether you have more than one package or not>/path/to/jpg13:32
persiajpds, the user did relogin, but it didn't resync.  I had them log out and log in again, and forced the rejected .changes back into /srv/uploads13:32
persiaThe rejected .changes was signed by the key shown as the right key on LP.13:33
jpdspersia: Oh, did it work after that?13:33
MaduserTrhyperair, thanks I will try to get it13:33
hyperairMaduserTr: if you've got cdbs installed on your comp, read the cdbs doc here: file:///usr/share/doc/cdbs/cdbs-doc.html13:33
persiaThat's why I'm asking for guidance: the last docs I have on being a REVU admin are out of date, and so I don't know how to fix this.13:33
jpdsHmm, no idea either.13:35
mok0persia, you have docs??13:35
mok0persia: I'd like to see those, even though they are out-of-date13:35
persiamok0, Yep.  sistpoty sent some out to ubuntu-motu about a year ago.13:35
mok0persia: I'll search the archive then13:36
persiamok0, March 200813:37
mok0persia: thx13:37
mok0found it13:38
mok0shoudn't we have that on the wiki?13:39
persiaWell, no.  We should probably have a section on the wiki that's accurate.13:39
persiaAt least I'd find it helpful, but I think we need help from REVU Hackers to do it.13:39
mok0persia: err yes, that's what I mean :-)13:39
persiaIn that case, Yes :)13:40
* hyperair wonders if anybody is willing to revu some packages13:41
mok0sorry hyperair, trying to get some work done...13:42
hyperairno prob13:42
hyperairi'll wait another day =p13:42
mok0I am going early to watch the inauguration of Obama :-)13:43
mok0in 75 minutes13:44
=== LucidFox_ is now known as LucidFox
hyperairwell before you go, do you know what's required to make a package that links fine with libxul-dev to link fine with xulrunner-1.9-dev? it uses gtkmozembed13:50
hyperair-R works, but using an rpath is forbidden it seems13:50
hyperairand using the XPCOM glue causes ld to throw up a hissy fit about undefined references13:51
slytherinhyperair: I guess you will need to patch makefile.13:51
hyperairslytherin: i've done lots. patch Makefile.am, gecko.m4, among other things13:52
persiahyperair, Have you asked the Mozilla team?13:52
hyperairslytherin: and configure.ac13:52
hyperaireh no?13:52
hyperairwhere can i contact them?13:52
MaduserTrhyperair, liw, thanks got it13:52
liwMaduserTr, you're welcome13:53
hyperairMaduserTr: you're welcome13:53
=== mib_65qsfnbw is now known as shankhs
liwMaduserTr, we thank you for choosing #ubuntu-motu for your development questions and hope that you will choose us again :)13:53
liw(do I fly too much?)13:53
slytherinhyperair: https://edge.launchpad.net/~mozillateam13:54
james_whyperair: #ubuntu-mozillateam13:54
schmiedcliw: maybe :P13:54
schmiedcotherwise we do/get the same good service as we should :)13:55
hyperairjames_w, slytherin: thanks13:55
shankhsHow can I download the source code of geany http://bazaar.launchpad.net/~vcs-imports/geany/trunk/changes contains a lot of files which gonna take a lot of time to download,moreover I dont know which files to download which not.I am a newbie in development.13:56
shankhsPlease help13:56
Laneyshankhs: bzr branch lp:geany13:56
shankhsLaney: thats not working giving some erroe like:bzr: ERROR: socket.error: (111, 'Connection refused')  and asking to file a bug report13:57
Laneymaybe something's wrong with LP13:57
LaneyYou can get it from geany's site too13:57
hyperairshankhs: are you behind some firewall of some sort?13:57
shankhsI am behind a proxy which needs authetincation13:57
shankhswhat should I do?13:58
maxbDoes it not need to be lp:~vcs-imports/geany/trunk ?13:58
Laneymaxb: I copied it from LP13:58
mok0Laney: "bzr branch lp:geany" ... that's the coolest reply I've seen in a while :-)13:58
shankhsmaxb: ya its that /geany/trunk13:59
shankhsthen how to make "bzr branch lp:geany work?13:59
Laneylook into how to use bzr behind a proxy14:00
james_wpython is broken behind proxies14:00
mok0bzr branch lp:geany/trunk14:00
james_wuse the full url instead14:00
james_w"bzr branch bzr+ssh://youruser@bazaar.launchpad.net/~vcs-imports/geany/trunk"14:01
mok0proxies... an invention of nazi sysadms14:02
shankhsmok0: I disagree14:02
shankhsbtw is there any security concerns with bazaar?14:03
james_wlike what?14:03
mok0I guess proxies are needed to protect machines running Microsoft Windows...14:04
liwshankhs, not in particular: every program that accesses data from the network is always a security concern, if you're paranoid enough, but bzr doesn't do anything particularly worrying14:04
shankhsI am repeatedly getting bzr: ERROR: Connection closed: please check connectivity and permissions (and try -Dhpss if further diagnosis is required)14:04
shankhsliw: I got it14:05
hyperairshankhs: try using tsocks14:05
shankhshyperair: and now what is that tsocks???14:05
james_wshankhs: can you "ssh youruser@bazaar.launchpad.net"?14:05
mok0james_w: no one can14:06
hyperairshankhs: it's a wrapper, using LD_PRELOAD or something to wrap all outbound connections through a SOCKS proxy14:06
james_wmok0: sure you can14:06
shankhsjames_w: no its saying: Permission denied (publickey).14:07
mok0james_w: well I don't get a connection14:07
james_wit doesn't give you a shell, but it's a connectivity/key etc. test14:07
james_wshankhs: ah, have you registered an ssh key with launchpad?14:07
shankhs:( no14:07
shankhshow to do that?14:08
mok0that's a _public_ key14:08
mok0shankhs: do it from your LP home page14:08
james_wshankhs: or use "bzr branch http://bazaar.launchpad.net/~vcs-imports/geany/trunk"14:09
shankhsjames_w: I wonder where is the ssh key in my profile...14:10
shankhsjames_w: where is the downloaded file saved???14:11
james_wshankhs: click "change details" in the top right, the "ssh keys" at the top14:12
james_wthat command will create a directory called "trunk"14:12
shankhsjames_w: thanx a lot14:16
shankhsthanx everybody14:16
MaduserTrI have uploaded a new Version of wine-doors to revu (http://revu.ubuntuwire.com/details.py?package=wine-doors) maybe some can have a look14:33
lidaobinghelp review ibus-pinyin: http://revu.ubuntuwire.com/details.py?upid=458314:35
ScottKdholbach: So it's fixed now (HoF sponsoring uploads)?14:49
_rubenwhat am i missing here .. i signed my own repo's Release file with a dedicated gpg key, i imported its public key using apt-key, but apt-get still doesnt like my repo :(15:12
maxb_ruben: is it a publicly accessible repo?15:16
_rubenmaxb: no15:16
maxbThen you'll need to provide as much information as you can manage here, if people are to be able to help15:17
_rubenlets see if i can increase the verbosity or smth15:18
maxbOr, you could set up a publicly accessible repo, get that working, and then apply the lessons learnt to your private one15:19
_rubenlets start by reading the actual error :P ... Unknown error executing gpgv15:19
_rubenW: You may want to run apt-get update to correct these problems15:19
_rubengotta love "unknown errors"15:19
=== magnetic is now known as foolano
_rubendoh .. didnt sign my release file properly .. *slaps forehead*15:24
dholbachScottK: yep15:36
ScottKdholbach: Great.  Now if I get on the list it'll be honest.15:36
dholbachUbuntu Developer Week - Day 2 just about to start in 17m in #ubuntu-classroom :)15:43
jpdsdholbach: Hmm, do you want the mute off or should I keep it there?15:44
dholbachjpds: not necessary - it went alright yesterday without it15:45
jpdsRemove it then?15:45
=== asac_ is now known as asac
jpdsOK; done.15:46
Ape3000Does MOTUs also manage the main and restricted repos?15:51
rhpot1991cody-somerville: ping, just checking to make sure my SRU doesn't get lost15:51
cody-somervillerhpot1991, link?15:51
rhpot1991cody-somerville: https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/mythexport/+bug/29701915:52
ubottuLaunchpad bug 297019 in mythexport "mythexport relies on ffmpeg from medibuntu" [Undecided,Fix released]15:52
cody-somervillerhpot1991, ah, right15:53
rhpot1991cody-somerville: its a monstrosity I know :)  Just hoping to get it out of the way so I can continue working on the next version and push that out15:54
rhpot1991cody-somerville: the changes are all very minor, I can discuss exactly what the code changes were for each if it helps15:56
Riddellsuperm1: what's happening with bug 302104 ?15:56
ubottuLaunchpad bug 302104 in mythexport "Nominate for release" [Low,Invalid] https://launchpad.net/bugs/30210415:56
superm1Riddell, nuke the upload for it, there is a new SRU in place for it that's waiting for a motu-sru ACK15:56
rhpot1991Riddell: I was told to move this into bug 29701915:57
ubottuLaunchpad bug 297019 in mythexport "mythexport relies on ffmpeg from medibuntu" [Undecided,Fix released] https://launchpad.net/bugs/29701915:57
rhpot1991so I moved the debdiff there (might be easier to just grab from bzr), and tried to update everything accordingly15:57
superm1Riddell, so once that has an ack i'll reupload for rhpot199115:57
Riddellsuperm1: ok, I'll close that bug then15:57
superm1Riddell, thanks15:57
cody-somervillerhpot1991, Acked15:59
rhpot1991thanks cody-somerville15:59
pochuApe3000: no, that's done by core-devs15:59
cody-somervillerhpot1991, There are some extra conditions on your SRU. Please ensure you adhere to them.15:59
rhpot1991ok will do cody-somerville16:04
=== hggdh|away is now known as hggdh
cody-somervillerhpot1991, please ensure that you have the appropriate bug number in your changelog too16:08
rhpot1991cody-somerville: ok I'll check on that right now16:09
rhpot1991I think it has the old SRU one16:09
jsmidtWhich command will merge Ubuntu and Debian changelogs?16:24
* pochu doesn't know of any, but would be interested if there's one16:26
_MMA_Is new package freeze Feb 19th?16:30
quadrisproanyone on REVU? -> http://revu.ubuntuwire.com/details.py?package=uck16:34
RainCTquadrispro: advocated16:40
quadrisproRainCT: ohh! thank you! and... ehm... *cough* http://revu.ubuntuwire.com/details.py?package=w-scan16:41
jmehdiCould someone review my package: http://revu.ubuntuwire.com/details.py?package=webstrict, I've added a debian/watch file as required16:44
RainCTquadrispro: did you say something I only heard you cough *g*16:44
quadrisproRainCT: sorry for bothering you again :)16:46
bddebianHeya gagn16:46
bddebianErr gang even16:46
iaif i'm going to upload some package at ppa, is it necessary that package name contains "~ppa" string?17:21
jpdsia: If you want, ~ppaN would be better.17:21
=== asomething_ is now known as asomething
* maxb really needs to write up a long bug discussing why ~ppaN is highly suboptimal17:23
jpdsmaxb: I think it's on help.lp.net/PPA .17:25
maxbyeah. That section really needs an overhaul17:25
maxbIt discusses well what constraints a PPA version should meet, but then proposes a scheme (~ppaN) which doesn't meet them as well as it could, at all17:26
ScottKhelp.lp.net/PPA is still broken in regards to it's revision numbering recommendations.17:30
ScottKIt could also stand to know the difference between a version and a revision.17:30
=== bluesmoke is now known as Amaranth
asomethingany motu-swat or sru around? I've got an intrepid security update that's been waiting for review for awhile. bug 29153117:43
ubottuLaunchpad bug 291531 in mantis "[CVE-2008-4688] [CVE-2008-4689] multiple security vulnerabilites" [High,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/29153117:43
jdstrandasomething: hi! thanks for your patch.17:44
jdstrandasomething: I am going to mark the bug In Progress, as per SecurityUpdateProcedures17:44
jdstrandasomething: we have scripts to help us find community contributions like yours, but this one slipped by because it wasn't marked in progress17:45
jdstrandasomething: a member of our team should be able to process the upload within the next few days, now that we know about it17:46
asomethingjdstrand: ya, I also just noticed that since it's targeted at intrepid and fixed in jaunty it doesn't show up in a lot of bug lists17:47
asomethingjdstrand: thanks for taking a look17:47
jdstrandasomething: np. thanks for your help on this! :)17:47
tgm4883can other keyring packages be included in universe, or is that limited to debian-keyring and ubuntu-keyring18:37
maxbWould it make sense to include others?18:38
slytherintgm4883: what keyrings do you want to include?18:38
tgm4883slytherin, it would be a the key for the weekly-builds repo, which will be the PPA now that it is signed18:40
maxbCouldn't the keyring just go in the PPA? Users would accept an unauthenticated warning once only, that way?18:42
slytherintgm4883: in my opinion it doesn't make sense to include these keyrings in universe since they are not being used by officialarchives.18:42
tgm4883maxb, it could, but then it couldn't be included on the ISO18:42
fabrice_spHi! Any MOTU here to review DVDStyler, a dvd authoring tool (http://revu.ubuntuwire.com/details.py?package=dvdstyler). It has already been advocate dby mok0.18:45
slytherintgm4883: why do you want to include keyrings used by PPA on CD?18:46
maxbIt seems slightly peculiar to include a weekly-build keyring on CD18:46
maxb(to me)18:46
ScottKtgm4883: I don't think we're going to allow PPA keyrings on a CD.18:47
tgm4883slytherin, maxb well the reason for the weekly builds is so people will have up to date builds of the -fixes branch (not trunk).  Using the PPA (or our own repo, as we have done in the past) is easier that trying to get a backport for it every week18:48
tgm4883We can do it via apturl and in the PPA, just thought i'd check first18:48
maxbIf regular updates are so important that most users should be using them, then perhaps the answer is to try to make official backports easier?18:51
tgm4883I suppose that would work, but would then in effect be making -backports a rolling repo18:52
tgm4883which I thought was frowned upon anyway18:52
ScottKtgm4883: We've reverted stuff before that took updates from a PPA due to security concerns.   Just have them add the PPA to their sources.list and be done with it.18:53
tgm4883ScottK, will do18:53
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iefremovHi All, reviewers needed for newly uploaded package ugene (http://revu.ubuntuwire.com/details.py?package=ugene). Ugene is a quite complex and interesting bioinformatics package based on Qt.18:58
ScottKiefremov: If you see mok0 around, that sound like something he'd be interested in.19:00
iefremovScottK: OK, thanks19:01
maxbWhere could I go to find a pbuilder expert? Specifically, to understand why the pdebuild manpage says about --use-pdebuild-internal: "This option will not protect the working directory and its parent directories from the build scripts."19:17
=== _neversfelde is now known as neversfelde
hyperairmaxb: it bind mounts your source directory into the chroot, then performs operation there19:32
hyperairmaxb: meaning that the build is done using the source directory itself, not a copy of it19:32
maxbRight... I get that the build can affect stuff within the bind mounted tree... it's the reference to the parent directories that I don't understand19:33
hyperairmaxb: it probably bind-mounts your parent directory19:33
hyperairmaxb: not the source directory19:33
hyperairmaxb: so if i have a directory called build-area/ and inside build-area a folder called source-1.2.3, then it bind-mounts build-area19:34
hyperairmaxb: so if you've got dsc files like.. source_1.2.3-0ubuntu1.dsc or something, it'll be overridden19:34
hyperairmaxb: in the parent directory of source-1.2.3 that is19:35
maxbhmm. /me will experiment, but even so, parent *directories* would then be an error in the manpage?19:35
hyperairi have no idea19:35
hyperairthis is just my interpretation19:35
hyperairi could be wrong19:35
hyperairwhat you could try is run the pdebuild-internal thing and before it's done, run mount19:36
hyperairand see which part is bind-mounted19:36
maxbI see, you are right about the parent directory being bound19:36
maxbI reckon the manpage shoud s/directories/directory/19:37
hyperairfile a bug =p19:37
RainCTOT, can someone recommend me a cheap bluetooth remote for the laptop? (to control a slideshow and the like; if it can also move the mouse and stuff even better)19:42
_16aR_any motu revu admin ?19:48
jpds_16aR_: Hi.19:48
RainCT_16aR_: yes?19:48
_16aR_Hello jpds19:48
_16aR_I got a problem yesterday with an uploaded package19:48
_16aR_with persia with thought that it was the gpg keylist not updated19:48
_16aR_I uploaded ok with dput, but then, it didn't appear on the revu frontpage19:49
RainCT_16aR_: did you login on REVU before uploading the package?19:49
_16aR_I updated my gpg key yesterday, so it might be that19:49
_16aR_the first time, no19:50
_16aR_the second time, i dput -f, and I was connected to revu19:50
_16aR_for the first time, I'm nearly sure I wasn't connected19:50
RainCT_16aR_: which package is it?19:52
_16aR_sorry :)19:52
_16aR_lp: dolanor, package : hexdiff19:52
RainCT_16aR_: It's up now. Not sure what the problem was, but I've just told REVU to look at it again and it accepted it19:54
_16aR_ok, thanks a lot :19:54
RainCTyou're welcome19:55
hyperairRainCT: got time for a revu? =p20:08
RainCThyperair: sorry, school work :(20:15
hyperairah okay no prob20:16
hyperairi've got school work too =p20:16
mrooneyhave I botched something with my last upload? http://revu.ubuntuwire.com/details.py?package=wxbanker20:18
mrooneyI am getting permission denied on viewing the files and the last upload says legal instead of debdiff20:18
* jpds takes a look.20:19
* mrooney waves at jpds20:19
RainCTmrooney: you can't create a debdiff between the last upload and the last upload :920:19
RainCT* s/:*/:)20:20
RainCT** s/:9/:)20:20
mrooneyI didn't try to do anything really, all I did was update the package and run dput20:20
jpdsmrooney: Hi. :)20:20
hyperairRainCT: yes you can =p you just get an empty file20:20
mrooneyI feel like the permission thing happened to me the first time I did this,hmm20:21
RainCThyperair: but with REVU you can't :P20:21
jpdsmrooney: Everything works, we block off the .changes file so noone can upload the package anywhere else.20:21
RainCTmrooney: uhm.. it's working for me20:21
mrooneydebian packaging / getting packages into Ubuntu seems to have an astronomical learning curve :)20:21
hyperairRainCT: point taken =p20:21
hyperairmrooney: not so much if you've got some programming background and have read the cdbs documentation, as well as the debian packaging guide and/or ubuntu packaging guide20:22
hyperairmrooney: it used to be steeper20:22
jpdsmrooney: Say a MOTU uploads a package, all a person who had access to the .changes got it and the package, they would then be able to upload it to Ubuntu, just because it's signed by a MOTU's key.20:23
jpdss/all a/any/20:23
mrooneyjpds: ahh I see, the diff is what I was looking for I think :)20:24
jpdsmrooney: I can view the .diff and .diff.gz fine...20:24
mrooneyjpds: yeah, I can as well20:24
mrooneyI was thinking what I wanted was the .changes though, and was getting confused20:25
jpdsAh, I thought you were trying to get to them and were getting permission denied.20:25
mrooneySo overall it looks fine, that's good20:33
mrooneyis there any way to get it to not generate a pycompat, I hear I don't need it and it is wrong anyway.20:33
mrooneyOther than nuking it before dput'ing20:33
=== _neversfelde is now known as neversfelde
RainCTwoho, my website is working again20:40
maxbIf a new package version Conflicts: and Replaces: something, shouldn't apt-get dist-upgrade remove the conflicted/replaced package in favour of upgrading to the new version, instead of the new version being kept back?20:40
pochumaxb: that only if something wants to install the other package, or if the installed package provides the new one20:43
pochuotherwise, the other package replaces and conflicts with the current one, but why to replace it if nothing wants it? :)20:43
maxbI just did an intrepid -> jaunty upgrade and was left with intrepid's gstreamer-plugins-bad20:44
maxbbecause jaunty's plugins-bad conflicts with fluendo-mpegdemux20:44
xnoxwhat is linda? was it retired in favor of lintian?20:45
pochuxnox: it was a lintian clone written in Python, but was abandoned20:45
maxbhmm, still kept back even with a Provides20:45
pochumaxb: that's weird20:46
pochu21:44 <      maxb> because jaunty's plugins-bad conflicts with fluendo-mpegdemux20:46
pochudoes it also have a replaces?20:46
pochudunno why20:47
maxbActually, the package doesn't really have a replaces, but I added one and it still didn't work20:47
pochuwhere did you add it?20:50
maxbright in apt's /var/lib/apt/lists/*, and then vaped apt's caches :-)20:51
pochuso I guess `apt-cache show` shows the Replaces20:52
maxboh well, bug 319369 filed, I'd hoped to suggest a fix, but nevermind20:52
ubottuLaunchpad bug 319369 in gst-plugins-bad0.10 "Package held back in intrepid->jaunty upgrade (missing Replaces: gstreamer0.10-fluendo-mpeg(de)mux, maybe?)" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/31936920:52
pochumaxb: did you try with aptitude? :P20:52
maxbI like apt-get :-)20:52
maxbCall me a traditionalist20:52
hyperairmaxb: hear hear21:07
hyperairmaxb: aptitude has messed things up for me more than it's helped me21:08
hyperairanyway does anybody have some time to revu?21:08
maxbI'm not a MOTU, but I can see if I can catch anything so they don't have to, if you like21:10
hyperairthanks =p http://revu.ubuntuwire.com/details.py?package=sigx http://revu.ubuntuwire.com/details.py?package=vazaar http://revu.ubuntuwire.com/details.py?package=bansheelyricsplugin21:12
hyperairthree packages - sigx, vazaar, bansheelyricsplugin21:12
* hyperair needs to get some sleep before class begins21:13
stochasticDoes any motu want to REVU my newest upload (I think everything is fixed now) http://revu.ubuntuwire.com/details.py?package=calf21:23
=== _neversfelde is now known as neversfelde
xnoxpochu: thanks for info about linda. Sorry it took a while to respond I ran away =D to save my burning rice =D21:24
jsmidtWhat does ACKed mean?21:47
jpdsjsmidt: Acknoledged.21:47
* jpds sighs, dumb keyboard: acknowledged.21:47
jsmidtthanks jpds21:50
ScottKWhen he comes back someone should explain to hyperair that sleep is what class is for.21:51
Laneyjsmidt: What is that debdiff for on the axel sync?22:33
jsmidtLaney, it is for the axel in debian unstable: http://ftp.debian.org/debian/pool/main/a/axel/axel_2.3-1.dsc22:34
Laneyjsmidt: I know, I'm just curious as to why you'd attach a debdiff. Do you know how syncs work?22:35
jsmidtLaney, maybe not.  I thought this is how you do them.22:35
Laneyjsmidt: No. We just copy the package from Debian.22:36
ubottuSorry, I don't know anything about sync22:36
jsmidtLaney, thanks I will read through this.22:37
LaneyIt's always a good idea to make sure you know what you're asking people to sponsor22:37
Chris`Laney: Busy? :)22:38
Chris`eww has the font changed over at revu?22:39
Chris`Anyway, Laney fancying reviewing something? http://revu.ubuntuwire.com/details.py?package=partitionmanager22:39
Laneygive me a minute to shower22:39
Chris`Positive :)22:39
xnoxcan anyone point to an intersting python-app/module which has unittest. Want to see/learn how to package and run testsuite at build/install time.22:42
mrooneyxnox: oh, that sounds cool, I'd be interested as well22:44
Chris`pochu: Thanks for the type notice, was that the only error?23:06
pochuChris`: no, I just looked into the description to see what it was about :)23:08
pochuand spotted it23:08
Chris`Ok thanks anyway then :)23:09
pochulet me do a review of the debian/ dir23:09
pochuhttp://revu.ubuntuwire.com/revu1-incoming/grdc-gnome-0901161833/grdc-gnome-0.3.0/debian/grdc-gnome.pod <- AWESOME23:12
Chris`I thought that it was incredibly short personally23:12
pochuI've always written manual pages directly with the .TH .SH blah \fB\-\-some\-option ... syntax :P23:12
pochuChris`: it's fine :)23:13
pochuI need to learn that pod thing :)23:13
Chris`pochu: Yeah it's a hell of a lot easier than what groff looks like23:14
pochuChris`: comment added. Looks pretty good :)23:16
Chris`pochu: Thanks a bunch, my best review so far23:17
proppyChris`: typo in http://revu.ubuntuwire.com/revu1-incoming/grdc-gnome-0901161833/grdc-gnome-0.3.0/debian/grdc-gnome.pod :)23:18
Chris`proppy: Thanks for the heads up23:18
proppyChris`: yw :)23:19
proppypochu: sry ;)23:19
pochuproppy: it was a perfect review before you spotted it :(23:21
proppypochu: typo on http://revu.ubuntuwire.com/ !23:21
proppys/Utnubu team/Ubuntu team/23:22
* proppy in typo mode23:22
iahello. for example, i made deb package with newer upstream's app version, than exist in ubuntu/debian's repos and would like that it has been included in universe/multiverse repo; so, i should to find sponsor for upload, or try to upload package in revu first?23:22
Chris`"Error '553 Could not create file.' during ftp transfer of grdc-gnome_0.3.0.orig.tar.gz"23:22
pochuproppy: not a REVU hacker/admin/whatever ;)23:23
Laneyproppy: That's not a typo23:23
pochuah, yeah23:23
pochuread it from right to left :)23:23
proppyoh sorry :)23:23
Chris`Does anyone know how that error happened?23:24
proppyChris`: strange I thought -f meaned overwrite23:25
Chris`Well strangely, http://revu.ubuntuwire.com/details.py?package=grdc-gnome has updated if you wanna double-check23:25
Chris`I got the error but it seems to have worked...23:25
Chris`I wasn't so sure about the copyright icon, I hope that I did that correctly23:27
proppyChris`: grep 553 in https://wiki.kubuntu.org/MOTU/Packages/REVU23:27
proppyTo solve this, just wait 5 minutes.  Processing of uploads is done every 5 min.23:27
Chris`proppy: I think that it's now worked, it looks like dput may have tried to upload twice =\23:28
Chris`It tried twice or something... http://paste.ubuntu.com/107520/23:30
proppyChris`: maybe just wait 5min and try to dput again23:31
Chris`Ok successfully dputed now :D23:31
Chris`http://revu.ubuntuwire.com/details.py?package=grdc-gnome -- When you have the time23:33
LaneyChris`: I ran lintian -iI on the binary changes file, threw some stuff up23:34
Chris`Laney: Fancy sharing? :)23:35
Chris`Ah... you have to be kidding me?23:36
Chris`How is there a quilt error if quilt isn't even in the build-deps?23:37
LaneyOther than that, the only thing you might consider is using the machine readable copyright format, but that's optional23:38
Chris`Laney: Do you mean (C)?23:38
LaneyChris`: No, http://wiki.debian.org/Proposals/CopyrightFormat <- that23:39
Chris`Je ne le comprends pas...   What do you mean exactly?23:41
mrooneyWould anyone mind giving a quick lookover of http://revu.ubuntuwire.com/details.py?package=wxbanker, I got a previous review and attempted to address the issues with a new upload23:41

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