Batshualspci outputs thus with regard to my graphics card: nVidia Corporation G71 [GeForce 7300 GS] (rev a1)00:04
BatshuaI have connected to my TV with component cables, but the screen is pale, bluish, and off-center.00:05
aegishads: you're right... I mean, I user it as an apache server, file server, and media server, but it's just a desktop.01:04
hadsCool, you should be good to go straight off then.01:05
BatshuaHm.  Okay, so the graphics card is working well enough now that I haven't a need to worry.  Can anyone give me a bit of handholding on how to properly configure mythtv for a Hauppauge WinTV-HVR-1250?01:55
BatshuaI'm not sure I know what needs to be done.01:55
MythbuntuGuest62if i install mythbuntu will my remote work without me needing to tweak anything?02:28
MythbuntuGuest62anyone here?02:30
superm1i still dunno why the server guys feel so strongly X shouldn't be there, but meh02:40
rhpot1991weak I think my backend crashed before/during recordings :(03:03
rhpot1991looks like firewire failure broke it :(03:14
doodzafternoon.....got mythbuntu 8.10 installed.  mythbackend starts up before network manager and hence TV doesn't work.   How do I make network manager start before mythbackend ?04:03
* Batshua is still seeking any kind advice on how to configure mythtv to play nice with her WinTV-HVR-125004:41
mishehuBatshua: wish I could help, but I only own a pvr25005:07
BatshuaWelp, I appreciate the sentiment, at least.05:08
BatshuaI did as much as I could with what I could reasonably find online05:08
mishehueyn beAd mah05:08
Batshuabut I don't know the stuff that actually makes it work05:08
Batshuamah yitlonem adam chai?05:08
mishehunot to ask a dumb question, but is the device listed as supported in the kernel and mythtv?05:08
Batshuauh, as far as I can tell, yes.05:08
Batshuaeveryone's review of the card was like05:09
mishehudoes it use the ivtv kernel module?05:09
Batshuazomg, mythtv, plug and play, totally easy!05:09
Batshuaand ... yeah, I'm lost.05:09
BatshuaI haven't the faintest.05:09
BatshuaHow would I tell?05:09
mishehustam min hasakranut - at datiyah?  batshua lo shem nafots bekehilat haHilonim05:09
BatshuaDati, lo.05:10
mishehuBatshua: run `lsmod |grep ivtv` on a shell05:10
Batshua:/ Ani ... 'transdenominationalit'?05:10
mishehuif it shows a line like `i2c_i801                9692  005:10
mishehuthen it's loaded05:11
mishehuonly that it would be ivtv instead of i2c_i80105:11
Batshualemme get out of virtualbox05:11
BatshuaI'm fighting with that, too.05:11
Batshuait WAS working fine...05:11
mishehuyes, one fight at a time05:11
Batshuahamatzav lo tov05:11
mishehudeal with katyusha first then kassam, katyusha has longer range05:11
BatshuaIt put out stuff...05:12
Batshualemme email it to myself05:12
Batshuaso I can nopaste it05:12
Batshuaor, fff05:12
BatshuaI can nopaste it from there.05:12
BatshuaI have NO IDEA what I'm looking at!05:15
mishehudefinitely looks like it's an ivtv supported card, unless you have other capture cards in the same machine05:15
mishehuivtv                  168612  005:15
mishehuthat line right there shows that it's loaded05:15
Batshuanope I don't have any other cards05:18
Batshuathat's the one.05:18
Batshuaa friend has offered me a spare, but god, not until I have this crap running normally05:18
BatshuaMy dad is all like "you said this would take a day"05:18
mishehuso you should be able to run the mythtv setup and configure it.05:19
Batshua... NO, I said building the BOX would take a day.  I said getting the software set up would take, you know, longer.05:19
BatshuaOh, I can run the setup.05:19
BatshuaI don't know what to put in.05:19
mishehuunfortunately my myth box is not connected up at the moment so I can't give you a complete step-by=step05:19
mishehufirst go to capture cards in the setup05:19
mishehuand then add a card05:19
mishehuand the wizard should allow you to select different models.  select until you find the closest (or exact) match05:20
BatshuaI have no idea which one it should be.  :/05:20
Batshuathat's where I got stuck.05:20
mishehubtw, tagidi todah leavich Al haOnesh ;-)05:20
BatshuaI also, probed info?  failed to open.05:20
Batshuawhatever that means, it doesn't sound so good.05:20
mishehuheh no probing,a nd I figured you as a female would think it to be something unpleasant (which is why the Ford Probe didn't sell well to its intended market...)05:21
BatshuaSo wrong.05:21
BatshuaSo very very wrong.05:21
BatshuaI think MOST people don't like being probed.05:21
Batshuabut what I meant was, the phrase "failed to open" leads me to believe something isn't quite right.05:22
BatshuaHow do I figure out which card type is most correct?05:22
BatshuaI thought my best guess would be MPEG-2 encoder card05:22
Batshuabut ... I'm not sure of that.05:23
mishehuhmm that's weird, according to the mythtv wiki, the hvr-1250 is an atsc/qam with an analog tuner (but the analog is not hardware driven, so it's going to be sucky for performance)05:24
mishehuso let's take a step back for a moment...05:25
* Batshua steps back05:25
mishehuare you planning to use this for atsc/qam or analog capture?05:25
mishehuBatshua: it's just a hop to the left...05:25
BatshuaUh, I was going with cable tv.05:25
mishehuthen a step to the right...05:25
mishehuBatshua: digital or analog cable tv?05:25
BatshuaI assume that is qam05:25
Batshuadigital, I think05:26
Batshuabut I'm ... not sure.  it's whatever we get in this area.05:26
mishehuok, in this case, the card should be configured for atsc/qam, which means it doesn't use the ivtv drivers.05:26
mishehuBatshua: whereabouts do you live and who is your cable provider?05:27
mishehuand no, I'm not asking because I want a date ;-)05:27
BatshuaSan Antonio, Texas, Time Warner Cable.05:27
* Batshua laughs05:27
mishehualek san antonio05:27
mishehusuperm1 and I are up in austin05:27
BatshuaWay, no!05:27
mishehueyfo leAzazel yesh felafel taIm bamedinat texas???????????05:27
mishehuI can't find an edible felafel to save my life down here05:28
Batshuaour cafe had some, not sure they do that anymore05:28
Batshuasome of the middle eastern places are OK05:28
Batshuayou know what I miss?05:28
mishehuschwarma's ok, but I've never been THAT fond of it.05:28
BatshuaThere's a REALLY good place in Boston.  I'd give my left $body_part to get some kosher schwarma05:29
Batshuabut no, it exists not here.05:29
mishehuI hate it now, I have to wait til I go back to one of the other two homes to eat a decent felafel05:29
BatshuaI'm happier now that I know how to find za'atar05:29
mishehuok here's another question you might know - do you know where I can get Strauss Ski krem gvinah levanah?  I can't find it anywhere down here, and I make a cheesecake with it...05:29
Batshuaoh, and labne05:29
BatshuaI haven't the foggies.05:30
* mishehu sighs05:30
BatshuaYou realize that San Antonio looks to Austin for supplies, yes?05:30
mishehuI figured but you probably live here longer than i do05:30
BatshuaOr Houston.  We're not exactly flush with these sort of options ourselve.05:30
Batshua14ish years05:30
mishehuthere ya go.05:30
BatshuaI am aiming to move Bostonward05:30
mishehuboston?  it's frickin cold up there05:30
Batshua75%+ of my friends live there.05:30
BatshuaThere is yehudim bamidbar there05:31
Batshuawhich I miss terribly05:31
mishehuyesh yehudim bachimAt kol Hor baOlam...05:31
superm1mishehu, i'm moving soon hopefully (to another part of austin), and i'm seriously considering ditching time warner in favor of just OTA.  there is so little benefit to having them anymore with all the firewire locked down, and a majority of the cable network shows i watch (SciFi and Comedy Central) being on the intartubes now05:32
superm1via network's website and/or hulu05:32
BatshuaI don't know if you've heard of them this far south, almost all their stuff is eastward05:32
Batshuaand uh, northward05:32
mishehuanyway, the problem with getting a direct feed from cable to your hvr card is this - encryption.  the manyakim have it encrypted05:32
mishehusuperm1: the qam is encrypted too no?05:32
superm1mishehu, well the OTA channels on QAM aren't encrypted05:33
mishehuBatshua: yah so only the OTA channels you'll pick up, plus maybe a lame public access05:33
Batshuawhat's OTA?05:33
superm1but unlike my previous locale, i dont have to worry about snow, so OTA should be fairly equivalent05:33
mishehuBatshua: oh that's a company heh05:33
mishehuI thought you were using the metaphor05:33
mishehuBatshua: On The Air05:33
mishehubroadcast channels05:34
Batshuawell, that'd be better than nothing.05:34
BatshuaThe idea is this05:34
mishehuBatshua: I've lived, besides israel, in chicago, so never heard of 'yehudim bamidbar'05:34
mishehusuperm1: yeah, I have no plans on even signing up for time warner.05:34
mishehusuperm1: I blogged about all this drm crap, and since I have little time to blog at all, that says something about how it annoyed me.05:35
BatshuaIt is what I am stuck with, so I will take what I can get05:35
superm1i think on a matter of principle i'll cancel my current cable subscription before i move telling them it's because of encryption not mentioning because i'm moving :)05:36
mishehusuperm1: that's a good idea05:37
rhpot1991superm1: at least you have working cable :(05:37
superm1rhpot1991, comcast being comcastic again?05:38
rhpot1991my lack of encryption doesn't help that comcast can't fix crap05:38
Batshuaany idea on how to set up this freaking card, y'all?05:38
rhpot1991superm1: I've had ghosting in my HD and internet that wont hold a connection for ~2-3 months now05:38
troy_ssuperm1: So I did the research.  No docs for .22 out.  Nothing really.  .22 isn't on the map until they finish it and they aren't clear on the path to finishing it.05:39
troy_ssuperm1: So theming is a clusterfeck right now.05:39
superm1troy_s, well that's less fun05:39
mishehuthere, fixed that for you05:40
rhpot1991comcrapstic also acceptable05:41
mishehuBatshua: if there was some sort of a linux group meeting I'd say bring the machine up and I'd help you out with it05:42
mishehubut it's kinda hard when I can't get on it.05:43
mishehuand I don't own an hvr-125005:43
mishehubut even superm1 doesn't know what linux groups are around here and he's been around longer than me05:43
mishehuI'm only 2 1/2 months in austin now ;-)05:44
superm1well i'm sure they're active and what not around here, i just haven't made any type of effort to meet with them05:44
mishehuthere ya go, you're no more up-to-speed on that than me ;-)05:46
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iokyI am having trouble to getting lirc to work on my mythBox,07:52
iokythe remote doesn't work, and never got it to work07:52
iokymode2 give me "error opening" NO such directory and such07:53
iokytry both mode2, and mode2 -d /dev/lirc007:54
iokyno lucky, any idea guyS?07:54
orduekI need some help09:23
orduekI want to reinstall mythbuntu 8.10 but to save the /var/lib partition09:23
orduekcan I define during installation to use this partition without deleting it?09:24
NineTeen67CometHi all. I've got three MythBuntu boxes (all 8.10) they all use the same mythtv MySQL database on another machine but one of my MythBuntu boxes shows the blue setup screen every time it's rebooted, then after the frontend comes up it crashes and has to be restarted (then works perfectly) .. ideas on what to look for?12:25
walkeri've setup a mythbuntu server and made a diskless-boot image. But the image just can't start nfs-common? any suggestions?15:00
walkermythbuntu on intrepid (8.10)15:01
walkerportmap starts ok15:02
walker_hey, anybody here?16:17
ZinnPlease don't ask if anyone is around or if it is alright to ask a question.  Many people check back periodically and may answer your question when they see it.  IRC is not normally an instant fix so check back often for an answer.16:18
phanohanoverhi guys...is there a King of the Myth within you guys? :)17:30
phanohanoveranyone could help me with a simple question?17:31
phanohanoveri would like to know how to apply a patch to my frontend being 3690.patch. (using weekly builds actually)17:33
walkerhey. Does anyone know why rpc.statd (nfs-common) does not work on diskless frontends?20:12
walker...and eventually, how do i mount nfs on a diskless frontend...?20:12
walkerrunning mythbuntu 8.10...20:13
hadsIt doesn't? I use NFS on my frontends.20:30
walkeryou installed nfs-common?20:38
hadsProbably, I'd have to check though20:41
walkersimply can't get it to run rpc.statd... it hangs for 2-3 min and then fails...20:41
walkerbeen googeling all day :S20:41
superm1try installing portmap20:43
walkeri did... it comes automaticly with nfs-common...20:43
superm1well i know that i was doing mounting of nfs on my diskless box back when she was a diskless box20:44
superm1don't remember doing anything fancy20:44
walker8.04 then?20:44
walkerfound alot on 8.04 not having problems with it...20:45
hadsYes, I have nfs-common installed.20:45
walkermy nfs-common won't startup  :S20:45
walkerbtw, checkbox for allowing unsigned packages won't work either...20:47
superm1i did it 8.1020:53
superm1i only switched from diskless because my dead hard drive came back to life all of a sudden20:53
walkermy installation must be fu*d then...20:54
walkerthe trailer-plugin isn't in 8.04, right?21:13
renfrewcan anyone tell me what files MCC modifies to set the mythweb username/password?23:09
renfrew!help mcc23:11
Zinn!help mcc Use ! followed by a topic to get help on the topic (if it exists) example: !logs.  Other available commands: !status, !about, !bug [bug_number].  For a  complete list of my knowledge visit: http://www.baablogic.net/Zinn.cgi23:11
ZinnMythbuntu Control Centre, one of the biggest advantages of Mythbuntu.  You can configure a lot of normally complex tasks from one location.  You can find it in your System menu after installing Mythbuntu.23:11

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