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nixternalumm, what happened to adding events to the fridge?01:20
nixternalahh, nevermind, I can read :)01:21
cody-somervillenixternal, good boy :]01:21
nixternalI think it is stupid though01:21
nixternallike, very stupid01:21
nixternalso I have to go use this crap called google01:21
cody-somervilleHow is a working Calendar stupid?01:21
nixternaladding the event is stupid01:22
nixternallike i need to add an event for Kubuntu Developers Meeting in UTC01:22
nixternalhow the hell do I do that with stupid Google cal?01:22
nixternalso what we should do is create a kubuntu-devel@gmail.com now?01:23
nixternalya I can read01:28
nixternalit is fucking stupid!!!!01:28
nixternalI created a stupid event, for the 28th, but stupid ass stupid google cal uses my time zone because it is FUCKING STUPID!01:28
tycheAnd they say that OLD people are resistant to change01:30
nixternalI just wanted to be an ass01:30
nixternalI hate Google Calendar and was trying my damnedist to stay away from it01:30
tycheIsn't it nice to be successful at something.  Hee hee01:31
nixternalthe old way was easier because I had a command line script that took me 2 seconds01:31
tycheI hate Google for everything but search.  But the alternative, for me, was rediculous.01:31
nixternalya, I hear you there01:31
nixternalnow I will have to modify my script to run with google calendar01:31
nixternalthis little speal made me miss my train, now I have to wait another hour01:32
tycheAnd for a while, I was dealing with 2 calendars, because I was the one trying to keep the Fridge version up to date.01:32
* nixternal kicks cody-somerville in the shins01:32
* tyche runs01:32
nixternalI might as well go out to dinner if I am not going home anytime soon01:32
cody-somervillenixternal, Just put it in your time01:32
cody-somervillenixternal, and now it'll automagically be in the right time zone for eveyrone01:32
nixternalI know...just wanted to bust your balls :)01:33
nixternalwent to use my script and it told me NO!01:33
* cody-somerville purrs.01:33
nixternalI don't like being told no :p01:33
nixternalespecially from something I told what to do :p01:33
tycheWelcome to adulthood.01:33
tycheNow me?  I prefer the Peter Pan Principle.01:34
nixternalhey, does that mean anyone can add an event?01:34
tyche"I'll never grow up"01:34
cody-somervillenixternal, theoretically01:34
nixternalahh, OK01:34
tychenixternal: Watch it!  you'll start liking the idea.01:34
nixternalso someone will have to do some adminining from time to time possibly?01:34
cody-somervillenixternal, I imagine01:35
nixternaltyche: I like the idea I can setup pron meetings :)01:35
tycheI wouldn't know about those. I'm sweet and innocent (QUIT COUGHING, there, in the background)01:35
cody-somervilleI don't think I've ever attend a pron meeting01:38
tycheAh.  Solo vices, eh?01:38
Tumietyche, bordandblogging, johnc4510: i think you are watching obama now ?16:52
Tumiei'm watching it on CNN..16:53
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