altf2oquick question: I'm on Ubuntu Server 8.10 and i've gotten SSH, Apache, NFS etc... working just fine. However when wanting to use NIS or LDAP to make NFS easier to work with\manage, i keep getting ALL sorts of stupid headaches. I believe it's got everything to do w/ the 'domain' i'm choosing (/etc/resolv.conf) anyone have tutorials on how to use those services WITHOUT having a DNS registered name?00:04
altf2oi'm also running DNS on this box just as a cacheing nameserver for my entire intranet. I manually added an entry for a 'testnet.com' which 'dig' shows perfectly, still doesn't work though. I think that's just heading in the wrong direction.00:05
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[gnubie]i have a running ubuntu-server 8.04 lts and now it's using upstart.. how can i customize it?00:23
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jmedina[gnubie]: what you mean with customize it?00:25
jmarsden|work[gnubie]: For general "make the server use different software" type 'customization', read the Server Guide, see /topic00:26
[gnubie]jmedina: not sure though but for other distro, there is a /etc/inittab00:26
jmarsden|work[gnubie]: What specifically do you want the server to do? After you customize it, how will it behave?00:27
jmedinawell there is a lot of documentatio about upstart and the sysv compatibility (inittab /etc/init.d/ and /etc/rcX)00:27
jmedinamost of the config is in /etc/event.d/00:29
jmedinacat rc200:29
[gnubie]if i want to execute a certain command during bootup, where shall i put it then? i don't want to put it inside the /etc/rc.local00:29
jmedinabut it will be executed at the end00:30
[gnubie]jmedina: that's why i don't want to add a script inside the /etc/rc.local00:30
jmedina[gnubie]: and do you want to do?00:31
[gnubie]any other place i can put a simple script to execute during bootup?00:31
jmarsden|work[gnubie]: So what is the "certain command", and when in the boot process *do* you want it to execute?00:31
jmedinawell as with another distro you can write your own rc script, add it to /etc/init.d/ and then configure it to start at aspecific run level00:31
jmedinayou can do it with a symlink to the /etc/rcX.d/directory or usiing update-rc.d00:32
[gnubie]jmarsden|work: i can't think of for now.. maybe an example will be a script to update a dynamic dns probably00:34
jmedinalike ddclient?00:34
jmedinaddclient has its own rc script and is activated on boot time00:34
[gnubie]jmedina: it's just an example.. i can't think a particular job of that script.. that script may just contain a one-liner script00:35
jmarsden|work[gnubie]: When you have a real example, so we know what its requirements are, come back here and ask again :)00:35
jmedina[gnubie]: yeap, for example the /etc/init.d/hostname it doesnt requiere a argument00:36
[gnubie]jmarsden|work: my real requirement is to where is the similar /etc/inittab file in ubuntu-8.0400:36
jmarsden|work[gnubie]: There is no exact equivalent.00:36
[gnubie]and to where is the best place to put a custom script (not an rc one) and execute it during bootup00:37
[gnubie]jmedina: /etc/rc.local will be called right after all the rc scripts were executed00:38
jmedina[gnubie]: yeap, unless you know exactly at what stage you want to execute your script00:39
Deepsyou can change that behaviour if you want, as the invocation of rc.local is defined like any other rc script00:39
jmedina[gnubie]: I recommen you create your rc script based in a simple one /etc/init.d/hostname and then add it with update-rc.d00:41
jmedinaread the man page for the priority options or edit the header of the script to specify the default start and default stop00:42
jmedinaIm not sure if update-rc.d honors the BEGIN INIT INFO (lsb compatible)?00:43
[gnubie]ok, let's say i want to execute a command "/sbin/ztcfg" right after asterisk has enabled during bootup and after that, a series of daemons will be turned on.. what shall i do then?00:46
Deepsas jmedina already stated, use a simple rc script as your base00:47
Deepslike /etc/init.d/hostname.sh00:47
[gnubie]Deeps: i have to create an rc script for a single command only?00:47
jmedina[gnubie]: you need to check when is asterisk started probably the script is /etc/rc2.d/S93asterisk00:48
jmedinaso you need to start it before create /etc/rc2.d/S92ztcfg00:48
Deepsalternatively you could modify the asterisk script, but that probably isn't recomended00:48
Deeps[gnubie]: if the other scripts that run after asterisk loads depend on /sbin/ztcfg having been run, then yeah. if not, then no, just stick it in rc.local00:50
[gnubie]let's say, the command that i want to be executed is not related to asterisk but i just want it to be executed right after asterisk.. what shall i do then? remember, this is just one command with 5 characters perhaps00:50
Deeps[gnubie]: if the other scripts that run after asterisk loads depend on /sbin/ztcfg having been run, then yeah. if not, then no, just stick it in rc.local00:50
* jmedina thinks /me is ignored00:50
[gnubie]jmedina: so, the ultimate solution is to create an rc script even for this simple purpose and a single command?00:52
Deeps[gnubie]: if you need applications and commands loaded in a particular order, you need init scripts. if the order doesn't matter as much, and your extra commands can be run at the end, then you dont need an init script and can just use rc.local00:52
Deeps[gnubie]: and the init script can be rediculously simple. hell, rc.local is called as an init script, and all that runs by default is 'exit 0'00:53
jmedinathat is what I always do, I have a template rc script based on hostname, when I need to start something I modify it and add the line I want and configure with update-rc.d00:53
jmedinaist not that hard00:53
jmedinathis reminds me to suse :S00:53
[gnubie]thanks.. ;)00:53
Deepsglad it only took 20mins of repetition00:53
jmedinaDeeps: practice makes perfect00:54
[gnubie]next, any tips on how to squeeze the ubuntu-server setup?00:55
[gnubie]let's say, i want to have a base ubuntu-server setup with a 128mb to 256mb?00:56
andol[gnubie]: Yes? What do you intend to use it for?00:58
[gnubie]andol: as a server.. maybe run a simple wiki box00:59
[gnubie]the /var will be on a separate hard disk00:59
andol[gnubie]: a server can be lots of things :) but since you mention a wiki I guess you'r think about a webbserver?00:59
[gnubie]the 128mb to 256mb size is only for the os, configs and the binaries01:00
[gnubie]andol: yes, for example01:00
[gnubie]to add it, maybe the whole filesystem will be on a cf card or ide flash module and the /var will be on a hdd, /tmp and /var/tmp will be on a ramdisk01:03
andolStill think 256mb will be a be tight. You might make it, but there won't be much room if you decide you need to install a few more packages.01:06
hadsCheck out the JeOS install and flashybrid for hybrid flash/ram/disk01:07
VolVEhey all, any ideas why running a simple shell script that tars up a couple directories works fine as sudo from the command line, but when I add it to root's crontab, the tar files end-up only being like, 20 bytes ? :/01:09
[gnubie]andol and hads: thanks..01:09
[gnubie]i have to go now.. thanks for the help..  ;)01:09
* [gnubie] waves to all..01:10
TimRhey guys could a Trigem Florida-TG/TGA Mainboard with max memory of 512mb would work for FTP server?01:28
* maxbaldwin waves to [gnubie]01:32
jmedinahave you seen lately your bind dns logs?01:32
jmedinathese new dns cache snopping is flooding a lot of servers, it uses open relay dns servers01:33
jmedinaThere is some info in the dns queries issue here: http://www.dshield.org/indexd.html01:37
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|dthacker|Hello,  due to a bad power supply, I had to move a hard disk to another machine.  How can I restart the network config part of the install to detect and configure the new NIC?04:45
MianoSMCan you log into the machine?04:46
MianoSMWhat does: cat /etc/network/interfaces look like?04:46
MianoSMIt should be pnp on restart*04:47
agentkIt may be the new machine has a nic with a difference MAC and it has given the new nic a name like eth1 instead of eth004:48
MianoSMThe only issues that I've seen is that you might have to look at: ifconfig -a to see if it labeled it eth2 or something of that sort04:48
MianoSMSo you'd have to add it to your /etc/network/interfaces04:48
|dthacker|MianoSM: The old machine was working on eth1,  this machine only has eth0.  I edited the interfaces file, but ithe new nic is not found.04:48
MianoSMagentk: exactly.04:48
agentkMianoSM: :-)04:48
|dthacker|where is the mac referenced?04:49
agentkJust remove the two lines referring to the old nic and restart the machine04:50
agentk(two lines is actuall one comment line and one SUBSYSTEM line)04:51
|dthacker|this is an old install.  6.10 to be precise.   I don't see that file in /etc/udev04:51
agentkOh. Ok. Not sure then. I was still a debian user in 06 :-). What interfaces does ifconfig -a list?04:53
|dthacker|agentk: eth2, lo, and sit004:55
* |dthacker| suspects eth204:55
* MianoSM agrees04:55
agentkWhat was before udev? hal?04:56
|dthacker|that did it.  I see TX and RX packets04:57
agentk|dthacker|: rename eth0 to eth2 in /etc/networking/interfaces?04:57
MianoSMagentk: I don't remember to be honest - I never changed it, just ifconfig -a, and edit interfaces.04:57
MianoSM|dthacker|: nice job04:57
|dthacker|agentk: I did that and it works.  Thanks to both of you.04:58
agentkSounds like you guys had it under control before i went off on a udev tangent. My bad :-)04:58
MianoSMI'm sure you could grep for eth and die under the results.05:00
hacknperlI am looking for a software suite(preferable web based so i can access from my truck anywhere on a laptop) that is pretty simple for small businesses... it needs to do invoicing(main thing) and service call scheduling(bonus) and manage customers and estimates.  I have found several open sources projects such as OpenCRM, nolaPro, vtiger and they are all way too complicated.  Does anyone know of anything that is much simpler?05:42
Thorsten11are you looking for GUI software?05:46
PC_NerdHow can I set the locale for my server?08:25
andolPC_Nerd: /etc/default/locale08:34
PC_Nerdthat file doesnt exist.08:35
andolPC_Nerd: Then you create it :) If nothing else you probably have it on your desktop-computer.08:35
PC_Nerd*afk* bbs08:35
PC_Nerd* thanks! (and i currently run windowsxp on desktop - but slowely migratign across) thnks08:36
andolPC_Nerd: well, mine looks like this:08:36
andolPC_Nerd: I'm sure you can figure out what to change :)08:37
PC_Nerdok, the /etc/default/locale file contains one line: 'LANG="en_AU.UTF-8"'.  the output of "locale" after a reboot has everything LC_*="POSIX",exc ept for LANG= and LC_ALL= which are both empty..... any ideas?09:02
Deepsfiddle /etc/environment as well i think09:04
PC_Nerdsame variable to set?09:05
Deepsshouldn't need to reboot, just log out and back in again09:05
PC_Nerdtesting- can you read this?09:06
PC_Nerd the /etc/environment has: LANG="en_AU"    and LANGUAGE="en_AU:en"       ++ the PATH variable09:06
PC_Nerdthere we go :P... i didnt have "the" at the beginning so it read /etc/ as a command ;)09:07
DeepsLANG="en_AU.UTF-8" may be what you want in /etc/environment09:07
PC_Nerdty - ill change and reboot09:07
Deepsshouldn't need to reboot, just log out and back in again09:08
PC_Nerd* im in as root atm... its actually easier for me to reboot since ive got to restart a few other things.09:08
Deepsyou should almost never need to reboot09:09
PC_NerdUnable to set System Clock to: Tue Jan 20 09:07:32 UTC 2009            is that an issue?09:09
PC_Nerdany idea on fixing it? / diagnosing it... it displays on startup.09:09
PC_Nerdlocale displays the POSIX values again.09:10
Deepsas root, try ntpdate -v au.pool.ntp.org09:10
PC_Nerd* i gtg - bbs.09:10
PC_Nerdwill do thanks09:10
agentkPC_Nerd: I use `locale-gen en_AU.UTF-8` on most of my VM's to set the locale as it is normally missing too.09:39
AnRkeycan some1 take a look at this http://ubuntu.pastebin.com/m7a8ea973 I cant get my .htaccess to allow access to 192.* range. VPN ip is
AnRkeyif i declare the whole ip then it works09:40
AnRkeyi need to allow 10.* 192.* 172.*09:40
agentkAnRkey: Try Allow from 192.168 10 172.1609:42
agentkAnRkey: or put them one each line too.09:42
AnRkeyagentk, shweet, it's working... changed it to 192 172 and 1009:43
AnRkeyeach on a new line09:43
AnRkeyworking now09:43
AnRkeywhere do i send the beer to09:44
agentkNo problem.09:44
agentkAnRkey: Apache can be a bit sensitive when your first trying new things.09:44
AnRkeythe funny thing is on my 8.04.1 server the same thing works fine09:45
AnRkeyit had me really stumped there09:45
_rubenallowing, and doesnt really make much sense though09:50
agentkIt would if you had an intranet specific application that you wanted to restrict access on, except the fact that 192 and 172 should be 192.168 and 172.1609:52
frippzebox-loggerd keeps using up 25-100% CPU. is that normal?09:53
hadsShould definitly be 192.168.* etc. otherwise you're giving out access to people on the Internets10:01
maswanthe "172.16" stretches all the way up to 172.2310:02
agentkHaha. Just worked it out too.10:12
maswanhm. wait, it should be a /12, that'd put it at .31.255.25510:12
frippzDeeps: is ebox supposed to be a resource hog, or have I perhaps misconfigured something?10:14
Deepsfrippz: no idea, i've never used it10:14
hadsYeah, whatever the correct ones are (I can never remember 172) AnRkey you need to get it specific enough otherwise you are allowing random people on the 'net access to services.10:14
AnRkeyhads, well thats what this is for, we are redirecting non local subnets away when they get blocked with a 301 redirect. It's working well now. Gonna work on the redirect now.10:19
DeepsAnRkey: if you allow 192.*.*.*, you're allowing non-local subnets10:20
AnRkeyDeeps, how so?10:21
AnRkey192 is private is it not10:21
Deeps192.168/16 is10:21
AnRkeyahh of course10:21
Deeps172/8 also isn't purely local10:22
AnRkeyok changed, checking if it still works10:22
Deepsif you read up, discussion shows its 172.16/1210:22
Deeps10/8 is though, so you're ok there10:22
AnRkeyand 10/810:22
AnRkeythanks deeps10:23
Deepsthank agentk, he already told you10:23
Deepsand maswan10:23
AnRkeythanks all :)10:23
AnRkeynow apache is fewked again10:24
Deepsit may not take cidr masks10:25
Deepsso you'd need to list 172.12 172.13... and so on10:25
AnRkeytrying to see what it does10:25
AnRkeysearching apache.org10:25
agentkAllof from should be fine too10:26
AnRkeynow on to bigger fish, i have a client that has no firewall running on his dedicated mail server and a public ip, can u freakin believe it10:28
AnRkeyhis box is an open relay too10:29
AnRkeyi used the full cidr like agentk showed too10:29
agentkAnRkey: Did it work?10:30
AnRkeyperfectly, u surprised? :D10:30
agentkAnRkey: No..... Of course not ....10:31
AnRkeythis #'s kunfu is strong10:31
AnRkeyor kungfu10:31
agentkI just enjoy tinkering.10:33
rdw200169wow, a open mail server...10:44
rdw200169i did that once, a couple years ago by accident.  i forgot i installed the stuff trying to learn.  turned out my ISP killed my internet due to my relaying spam via an open proxy server.  took me a couple hours to finally figure out why they did it.10:45
rdw200169when they told me i was a source of spam and they killed me for security reasons i was both shocked and relieved.10:46
rdw200169i explained to a *very* knowledgeable network person way up the tier at embarq, at which time it dawned on me that i had that stupid proxy running somewhere in the background.10:47
rdw200169i promised to remove the proxy, and they turned on my internet within an hour.  to this day, I will always have a secret love affair with embarq.  by far the best provider i have ever worked with.10:47
rdw200169now i'm stuck with Time Warner for the moment.  unhappiness ensues.10:48
ivarss1hi there. could anyone help me with vmbuilder and xen (domU) ?11:28
nadley_I would like help to install an openvpn server13:13
MianoSMsudo apt-get install openvpn && sudo apt-get install openvpn-blacklist ?13:19
MianoSMif you have ebox, there is also a module that can assist you in setting it up. ;)13:20
nadley_MianoSM: ebox ?13:23
nadley_what is the module to assist me ?13:23
MianoSMebox-openvpn - eBox - OpenVPN server module13:23
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kixxi'm an admin at a small biz and would like to switch our server to ubuntu from windows server.  I use ubuntu on my desktops, as well as my servers, but for my customer Quickbooks is standing in my way.13:39
kixxHas the linux Quickbooks server been used on Ubuntu servers?13:40
kixxAnd if so, what is the experience like?13:40
lunixHi ubuntu folks:) anyone can help me connect to my wireless network from ubuntu 8.10 server edition  (no GUI) The wireless adapter is found and drivers seem to work flawlessly.Tthis is what I have done so far:  ifconfig wlan0 down  &   iwconfig wlan mode ad-hoc  (hmm ad-hoc??)  &   iwconfig wlan0 "network name"     then...  iwconfig wlan enc a1b2c3d4e5     then ifconfig wlan0 up    ..  the adapter goes grazy blinking,, but no internet13:52
lunix connection :|13:52
lunixcould it be the firewall thats blocking??  or am I just completely lost?  maybe im even using the wrong tools?13:59
Deepslunix: you dont want ad-hoc unless you're connecting to another computer's wireless card. if you're connecting to an access point, you want mode managed13:59
lunixohh :) thanks14:00
lunixis  "iwconfig wlan enc a1b2c3d4e5" correct??  im not sure if its wep or wap   but ive got the password and its a 10 digit hex code14:01
Deepsi'm not sure if 10 digit hex is wep14:03
Deepsyou kinda need to know what encryption protocol your wap is using, iwlist should be able to tell you i think14:04
lunixi googled it: looks like wep 64 is a 10 digit hex number :)    so that must be what wpa is using that14:08
lunix*so that must be what wpa is using then14:09
nijabakirkland: would be nice if we could have a chat about your merge comment at some point.14:36
kirklandnijaba: yes, please, i wanted to walk through it with you14:36
kirklandnijaba: let me catch up on the morning's messages14:37
nijabakirkland: let me know when.   Can wait til the end of your day14:37
kirklandnijaba: cool, i'll ping you after my lunch some time, in that case14:37
nijabakirkland: I'll be away between 17 and 19 UTC14:38
kirklandnijaba: cool, let's shoot for after that, then14:38
Nikonhi all,15:02
Nikonhave a quick question.  trying to mount a cdrom in ubuntu server without succes15:03
Nikonmount /dev/cdrom returns me no medium found15:03
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lunixanyone can help me connect to a wireless network from console (no GUI)??  my wirelessadapter works and drivers seem to work too. Problem is knowing what to write to get connected..15:29
lunixwith ubuntu desktop edition it took me only seconds to get connected.. but that was with GUI...15:30
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nijabalunix: long time I have not played with that, but I wrote a script a while ago to deal with this, it might still work: http://nicolas.barcet.com/drupal/node/2516:00
lunixthanks nijaba:)  ill check it out16:01
heath|workhow do you repopulate /dev/disk/by-uuid/  I installed and formatted a new drive, but I can't mount it by it's UUID17:32
heath|worknevermind:  partprobe17:34
orudiehow do i add a user in terminal ?18:27
gclericuseradd or adduser18:28
maxbuseradd is the lower level tool. adduser is the higher level more user friendly one18:31
cody-somervilleIs ebox broken in hardy or intrepid?19:14
sommercody-somerville: intrepid19:15
cody-somervilleWho was poking me about the SRUs to fix that?19:16
ScottKIt was me for server team.19:16
sommerI uploaded some patches to the bugs, but foolano is working on updating the jaunty packages19:16
ScottKI think it was sommer.19:16
* sommer thinks is was foolano19:16
sommercody-somerville: at this point we're waiting to get the updates into jaunty, then someone will likely re-poke for intrepid srus19:18
cody-somervilleWhats taking so long?19:18
sommerI believe they're still doing some testing on the jaunty packages19:19
sommerI get the feeling that they'll be updated this week though19:19
kajeI followed the kerberos guide at https://help.ubuntu.com/8.10/serverguide/C/kerberos.html and now my client machine won't let me log in... can someone help please!?19:33
kajeeverything was going great until the last step: sudo auth-client-config -a -p kerberos_example19:33
kajeAfter firing that, I can't ssh in or login at the workstation19:34
Deepsreboot, select recovery mode from grub boot list, it should let you login as root locally19:34
Deepshmm, heh. what happens to systems that dont have a root password set? heh19:34
kajeit doesn't prompt for password in recovery mode... I can then set the root password and reboot19:35
sommerkaje: after booting into single user mode, you can try the pam-auth-update utlity to enable kerberos19:35
kajebut, I'd like to know what didn't work?19:35
sommerkaje: I think the kerberos_example profile may have some issues19:36
kajesommer: oh, was I supposed to run that during the client installation of kerberos?19:36
kajewhere is that profile located?19:36
sommerkaje: /etc/auth-client-config/profile.d19:36
kajeok, thanks for the help guys =)19:36
sommerkaje: you can also check /var/log/auth.log for the specific error19:36
sommerkaje: it may also be a good idea to setup ssh-keys for at least one user on the machine so that if your pam config isn't 100% you can still login19:37
sommerat least that's what I do19:37
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EtienneG_mibbitwow, web-to-IRC20:37
EtienneG_mibbitit work20:37
cody-somervilleFollowing https://help.ubuntu.com/8.10/serverguide/C/moinmoin.html, I've installed moinmoin but my new wiki has no theme.20:38
kajewhat can I use on the command line to resolve DNS names to IP's and back again... nslookup works, but it prints out a bunch of extra crap. I'm using this for a script and just want IP in DNS name out (and the reverse)20:57
robertjhey all, anyone wanna recommend an IP KVM that does not suck?21:30
ajmitchScottK-desktop: given your knowledge of mail, do you know if DKIM support is part of exim in ubuntu, or just supported with postfix?21:40
ScottKajmitch: I know nothing about Exim DKIM support.21:42
ScottKAmavisd-new with the Perl DKIM lib (which is recommends) can both sign and verify DKIM.21:42
ScottKI think Exim can use transparent SMTP filters like amavisd-new.21:43
ajmitchI'll take a look at that, thanks21:43
ScottKSo that would likely be one (heavy weight) way to do it.21:43
ScottKThat's also all in Main.21:43
* ScottK uses dkim-milter, but clealrly that's not for Exim.21:43
ajmitchit'd possibly take a bit of configuration to switch away from exim, so I've been hesitant to do so21:44
* ScottK would hestitate to push anyone away from their MTA of choice (unless it's Echange), but is very happy with Postfix.21:45
ajmitchby the way, your site even showed up on top of google when I searched for 'SPF record check'21:46
ScottKIt's not the prettiest, but AFAIK it's the most accurate.21:49
ajmitchand quite useful21:49
uvirtbot`New bug: #319391 in migrationtools (universe) "migrate_common.ph missing" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/31939122:30
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* andol has just started looking into ubuntu-server-triage and wonders if he can get some feedback on a bugg-report.22:37
uvirtbot`Launchpad bug 305254 in php5 "PHP Warning:  Module 'mcrypt' already loaded in Unknown on line 0" [Undecided,Incomplete]22:37
andolI'm rather sure I know what the problem is. I just don't know whatever it really is a bug or not, whatever to mark it as confirmed or invalid.22:38
actionshrimphey guys, which administration control panelly-type software (e.g. ISPConfig) would you recommend?22:39
Deeps!ebox | actionshrimp22:40
ubottuactionshrimp: ebox is a web-based GUI interface for administering a server. It is designed to work with Ubuntu/Debian style configuration management. See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/eBox22:40
cody-somervilleIts broken in Intrepid though22:40
actionshrimpDeeps: thanks, havent heard of that one. Will give it a read22:40
actionshrimpim using hardy on my server actually so shouldnt be a problem22:40
actionshrimpwould you recommend putting it on a 'clean slate' setup though?22:41
actionshrimpi have a manual configuration at the minute, but im getting a few more users and its getting a bit harder to manage22:41
Deepsi have no idea i'm afraid22:42
actionshrimpok, thanks for your help22:46
mathiazandol: ready quickly - it's an bug in the upgrade22:51
mathiazandol: *reading*22:51
mathiazandol: as we support upgrades it shouldn't be marked as invalid22:51
mathiazandol: hm well - if the user choose to keep it's old configuration, that I'd mark it as wont'fix explaining how to fix the message (edit php.ini)22:53
solifugusWhen you select virtual-machine-host during installation, what virtualization engine does ubuntu server install?22:57
andolmathiaz: ok, thank you.22:58
Deepssolifugus: i'd imagine kvm22:59
solifugusI'd imagine virtualbox22:59
solifuguskvm has very little of any kind of tools around it (yet)23:00
solifugusor.. zen23:00
mathiazsolifugus: kvm and libvirt23:00
solifugusmathiaz: do you know where I can find the documentation for this, on ubuntu-server?23:01
mathiaz!serverguide | solifugus23:01
ubottusolifugus: The Ubuntu server guide may be found at http://help.ubuntu.com/8.04/serverguide/C/23:01
mathiazsolifugus: there is a section about virtualization23:02
mathiazsolifugus: make sure you're looking at the server guide corresponding to the version you're running23:02
mathiazsolifugus: the virtualization section has been updated between 8.04 and 8.10.23:02
solifugusyes.. just switched it to 8.10.  I am installing in virtualbox now, to test.. I want to install on a more powerful machine at home specifically to run VMs for my own various uses...23:04
mathiazsolifugus: I'm not sure you can run kvm+libvirt inside virtualbox.23:06
jmedinawhat about running virtualbox under xen domain0?23:09
solifugusmathiaz:  it shoudl work.. just not with paravirtualization23:13
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solifugusmathiaz: virtualbox, in settings->advanced, can be set to simulate a cpu with paravirtualization features..23:19
theczarI was wondering where exactly I need to input my virtual host tags in my httpd.conf file for Apache (LAMPP setup)23:21
kajeI've worked through the SingleSignOn how-to and I have everything working! WOOT! Now, there is one last little section that is just titled, "Cached Credentials" with three sudo commands but no description... Can anyone tell me what that section is about?23:21
kajetheczar: You should put them in separate files in /etc/apache2/site-available/23:22
andolmathiaz: The "won't fix" is an importance-setting, isn't it? Note sure if I have the permissions to set that.23:22
kajetheczar: Then go into the /etc/apache2/sites-enabled directory and do an ln -s ../myVhostConfig23:22
kajethen restart apache23:23
kajemakes it so you can disable and enable vhosts by just adding or removing links in the sites-enabled directory23:23
kajeYep, Deeps is right, should be sites-available (plural)23:23
theczarkaje ok, so I should make some plain-text files there and name them what?23:24
kajeI always copy the form of the default file that should already be in that directory23:24
kajename them whatever you want23:24
kajethe apache configuration basically includes anything in the sites-enabled directory23:24
kajebut put the real files in the sites-available directory and just link them to the sites-enabled directory23:24
Deepsunless you've installed the LAMPP distribution that installs itself into /opt23:24
Deepswhich doesn't come packaged in ubuntu23:25
kajeoh, whoops, just saw the LAMPP mention... sorry not too familiar with them23:25
Deepsin which case you'd need to ask them for support23:25
kajeOh, is the cached credentials section about how to setup the client to cache the credentials in case the kdc is down?23:26
kajethat way users can still temporarily log in if they are in the cache?23:27
theczarKaje, Deeps, yeah I don't have a sites-enabled or sites-available directory since I use LAMPP, but do either of you know how to add the virtual host configs to the httpd.conf?23:28
kajeI think you can add them to the end of the httpd.conf file... but like I said, I'm not to familiar with that product23:28
Deepsjust shove them in at the end23:28
Deepsit might work, if it doesn't, ask the guys who made LAMPP23:28
chris_cfhow to I list the running services in ubuntu ? (somthing like: rc-status from gentoo, or service --list-all from fedora)23:28
Deepsgood question23:30
kajechris_cf: I always just look at ps -a23:31
mathiazandol: wontfix is a status state.23:32
mathiazandol: you should be able to set it.23:32
kajechris_cf: that should have been ps -A23:32
Deepsoutput of ps -A isn't comparable to what you'd get from service --list-all and rc-status23:33
chris_cfno it's not23:33
SmokeyDhey people. If I want to setup a pop3 and imap mail server for a couple of domains (not too many though) and some users (+/-20) who use a diverse range of mail clients. Would you recommend dovecot or courier23:33
Deepschris_cf: if you do find out, hilight me and let me know wouldya!23:33
DeepsSmokeyD: dovecot23:34
SmokeyDDeeps: why?23:35
DeepsSmokeyD: because it's in main, and officially supported by ubuntu, while courier isn't23:35
SmokeyDDeeps: ok, definitely a good reason, but that isn't good enough for me :)23:36
SmokeyDwhy is it in main and supported, and why isn't courier23:36
DeepsSmokeyD: thats the best you'll get from me. i'm sure there are discussions archived on the interwebs from when this was decided23:36
SmokeyDDeeps: :)23:36
SmokeyDok, thanks23:36
SmokeyDI'll continue browsing23:37
Deepsbut if you're gonna use ubuntu and either of those through apt, you'd be best served using something thats actually supported by the ubuntu team23:37
andolmathiaz: No, my only status choices are: new, incomplete, invalid, confirmed, in progress, fix commited and fix released23:37
SmokeyDDeeps: yeah that is right23:37
SmokeyDI was already leaning towards dovecot, but I wanted some input from others :)23:38
DeepsSmokeyD: so yeah, as for the rationale, there'll be meeting discussion logs online somewhere; or if the reason is "cuz thats what debian do", you'll need to hound debian peeps instead ;)23:39
mathiazandol: ok. Are you part of the ubuntu-bug-control team?23:39
SmokeyDI won't hound people.23:39
andolmathiaz: no23:39
SmokeyDI'll just read article23:39
mathiazbdmurray: is a member of the ubuntu-bug-control team allowed to use wontfix for bug status?23:41
bdmurraymathiaz: yes23:41
mathiazbdmurray: what does it take to be a member of this team?23:42
mathiazandol: ^^ - may be worth reading it23:43
andolmathiaz: read it23:44
andol(well at least the requirements)23:44
* andol is pretty sure he is not yet ready for ubuntu-bug-control.23:44
mathiazandol: you may be ready sooner than you think if you keep triagging ubuntu-server bugs ;)23:47
andolmathiaz: might be true, but so far I have only been at it for a couple of days :)23:48
andolmathiaz: Well, thanks for the help anyway.23:49
mathiazandol: I've marked the bug as won't fix.23:50

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