kraftyrichem ping03:26
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aramorning all :)07:24
davmor2ara: Morning08:58
aramorning davmor2 :-)08:58
arais not the bad twin around today?08:59
aradavmor2: ^08:59
davmor2Not at the moment evil twin sleeps in until I'm at least testing :D09:00
* ara takes a break09:22
* ara -> lunch12:52
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davmor2ara: are you ready for your talk :)16:43
aradavmor2: yes :-)16:43
davmor2Good :)16:43
lfaraoneogasawara: would it be sufficent to simply install the new kernel deb from jaunty, or should I just bite the bullet and repartition?17:51
ogasawaralfaraone:  if you're able to test a fully up to date Jaunty image that would be ideal, but simply installing just the new jaunty is ok (but you won't get the automated bug reporting like we discussed)17:58
lfaraoneogasawara: I'm currently trying to see if I can boot up on the liveCD using my SD card as a persistant ~, but it seems the kernel doesn't accept the "home=" parameter.17:58
davmor2nice one ara good session over all18:02
aradavmor2: thanks ;-) your my favorite student :D18:03
davmor2ara: praise will get you anywhere :)18:05

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