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brycetjaalton: whoa @ tdflanders on 31827606:53
raofThat's pretty weird, yes.06:58
bryceheya raof, how goes?06:59
raofPretty all right.06:59
raofgnome-do's sauntering towards a release, which is nice.07:00
raofnouveau should be all ready to go shortly, and it's not waiting on me :)07:00
raofAlthough someone needs to put the headers back in libdrm-dev before the DDX will build again (at which point I'll merge the new debian version)07:03
mvonowdays ctrl-alt-backspace is disabled, right? is there a way to re-enable it?08:06
tjaaltonmvo: yes, Option DontZap08:45
mvothanks tjaalton09:04
Alexia_Death_tjaalton: Wacom has a new package out that contains a bulid switch to navigate around the crash issue.09:42
Alexia_Death_tjaalton: and the buttons patch does not apply on top of all other patches already in the xorg core package :(09:43
Alexia_Death_tjaalton: and a question about udev rules for wacoms. How are they maintained and are they cast in iron? My hotplug daemon pesumes some logic from them so Id like to make it come with its own rules. It should be ok as long as /dev/input/wacom is still made.09:48
tjaaltonAlexia_Death_: grab the package and look16:18
tjaaltonthe source16:18
tjaaltonwhee, nouveau made it in16:18
Alexia_Deathtjaalton: what package is that?16:45
Alexia_Deathtjaalton: ignore that question. Stupid me. apt-file tells me that.16:47
tjaaltonAlexia_Death: wacom-tools16:47
tjaaltonthe rules are maintained theree16:48
Alexia_Deaththats not what apt-file told me the rules were from...16:48
Alexia_Deathxserver-xorg-input-wacom was what apt-file returned...16:49
tjaaltonyes, but the source package is wacom-tools..16:49
Alexia_Deathtjaalton: are you aware of any dependendcies related to the udev rules used? Because I have looked at udev ruleset from fedora and find it a lot better for organizing the devices...16:52
tjaaltonAlexia_Death: nope16:54
tjaaltonhaven't looked at it16:54
Alexia_Deathso replacing them if needed should not be a problem?16:55
tjaaltonwell better discuss it with the debian maintainer16:56
Alexia_DeathAlternatively the hotplug daemon can just install its own set of higher priority rules but that would be rather dirty.16:58
tjaaltontalk to Ron, he's quite reasonable17:01
pcjc2Hi tseliot17:16
tseliot1pcjc2: hey, I've just replied in the bug report17:23
tseliot1pcjc2: I would like to try the fix here too17:24
pcjc2Its odd you can't reproduce the symptom of the slow probe for the GetScreenSizeRange request17:27
pcjc2are you using an intel card?17:27
pcjc2this problem has some strangeness to it17:32
pcjc2like, its not obvious why it was never a problem in the past17:32
pcjc2Either the probes weren't expensive, didn't succeed, or the notifications never got through17:32
pcjc2I think the support for changing backlight via a property is relatively new - and a prerequisite for the bug17:33
pcjc2but I was using the new intel driver long before I ever saw the problem17:33
tseliot1pcjc2: I think the backlight property existed in 1.2 too17:33
tseliot1maybe the notifications didn't go through until the upgrade of libxrandr17:34
pcjc2that was my pet theory17:34
tseliot1which would be weird17:34
tseliot1but not unlikely ;)17:35
pcjc2there was some brokenness on the wire-protocol for some of those notifications, which got fixed in the upgrade17:35
pcjc2in theory, the notifications give the interested application enough information so it shouldn't need to call Xrandr17:35
tseliot1yes but it never worked in the randr applet17:36
tseliot1which might confirm your theory17:36
pcjc2That is hidden by GDK unfortunately, so apps doing this "properly" need either to work with Xrandr directly, or GDK needs to proxy the information better17:36
pcjc2interesting.. it does begin to sound like there is a picture forming.17:36
pcjc2GTK / GDK doesn't make it easy to write "good" remote X11 apps17:37
pcjc2I've got to dig through a load of problems with gEDA/gschem over remote X11 connections17:37
pcjc2(Rather.. see if we can do anything to improve the performance).17:38
pcjc2Round-trips to the server -> high latency -> bad user experience.17:38
pcjc2Assuming the apps are local is a luxury ;)17:38
pcjc2with regards testing the server's Xrandr extension version at run-time17:39
pcjc2I'll grant that it is unlikely you want to be running gnome-power-manager remotely17:39
pcjc2but if you're hosting a server serving thin clients, you may find the X11 proxy / server used for that doesn't support the new extension.17:40
pcjc2In the thin-client case, the whole gnome-desktop fires up as normal, power-manager included. (Although it is unlikely it would be changing the backlight brightness of the remote X11 server, those code-paths are still "live")17:40
tseliot1ok, I have no experience with thin clients, this is why I asked17:41
pcjc2last time I tried, I quickly came to the conclusion that they weren't commonly used17:42
pcjc2had to debug some rather odd issues17:42
pcjc2I might be setting up another thin-client server some time over the coming month (the last one's hardware died), so I'll have to revise this all again!17:43
tseliot1ok, let me know then17:43
pcjc2That was a SuSE box - due to the political reasons here17:44
tseliot1new use-cases should lead to better testing17:44
pcjc2The University has a site-license support contract with Novell, and that's what our IT manager installed on the server for me when we got it.17:44
pcjc2Ubuntu is among a select few approved Linux operating systems here.. added because I asked nicely ;)17:45
pcjc2Fedora is banned, as is MacOSX!17:45
pcjc2The only reason to use SuSE was so the IT admin guys could manage the machine for me - keep me doing my real work, but I might stick Ubuntu server on once we've figured what part of the machine is fried17:46
tseliot1can't the admin use Ubuntu?17:46
jcristautjaalton: ooh, your mesa patch made it to rc317:47
pcjc2I'm sure he could use Ubuntu.. just that all the University / Engineering Department servers run SuSE, and have locally mirrored security fixes etc..17:47
pcjc2having a SuSE box I'm "root" on is also handy.. since I put together customised SuSE packages gEDA for the Engineering Department.17:48
pcjc2got to go now..17:50
tseliot1too late17:52
tjaaltonjcristau: whee, nice :)18:37
tjaaltonraof: so you wanted to have the nouveau headers in libdrm-dev?20:53
raoftjaalton: Yes.  They're not going to be shipped with the kernel anytime soon.20:54
raofAnd since we already have the DDX synced, and nouveau-kernel-source just needs to make it through NEW...20:54
tjaaltonalready accepted ;)20:55
raofWith the headers I can pull in some bugfixes from the new debian package20:55
raofHeh.  Now in _binary_ new :)20:56
tjaaltonof course20:56
tjaaltonI'm waiting for the new kernel to arrive first20:58
jonpackardHello. My X unexpectedly restarted on me twice today, both time when I was clicking and dragging on a menu (different applications). The second time I grabbed my Xorg.0.log.. could anybody please take a look at it to help me pinpoint the problem? http://ubuntu.pastebin.com/f3881c85221:28
crevetteah this is the same crash I had the previous week21:34
tjaaltonit's nvidia, so..21:37
jonpackardyeah =X21:38
tjaaltonyou can try getting a better backtrace though https://wiki.ubuntu.com/X/Backtracing21:39
jonpackardThanks tjaalton!21:40
jonpackardThe only thing I've changed today was installing moonlight in firefox.. I uninstalled it and will see if it happens again.21:43
tjaaltonthe trace doesn't mentio nvidia_drv, so it might be a valid bug21:45
tjaaltonworth getting a gdb trace21:45
jonpackardthanks again.. gotta run :)21:46
tjaaltonme too -> zzz21:47

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