mib_1s4zr0help me00:00
shenrondoes anybody know the answer to my question?00:00
Jack_Sparrowdreamy_, Just make sure that Xorg-driver-FGLRX       did not somehow get installed00:00
dochavenDoes anyone know what I should use as an irc console client for google talk?00:00
ubottuAvoid your questions being followed by a trail of "Please, help me", "Can nobody help me?", "I really need this!", and so on. This just contributes to making the channel unreadable. If you are not answered, ask again later; but see also !repeat and !patience00:00
dreamy_Jack_Sparrow: it wasnt supposed to be here ?00:00
mib_1s4zr0Jack_Sparrow: can help me00:00
Jack_Sparrowdreamy_, It should not be if your ati is lower than 955000:01
obf213hmm all of a sudden sftp doesn't work00:01
mib_1s4zr0Jack_Sparrow:  'E:Read error - read (5 Input/output error), E:The package lists or status file could not be parsed or opened.'00:01
mib_1s4zr0what this mean00:01
rwwdochaven: you can use bitlbee with irssi00:01
goffioshenron, what's your problem?00:02
lifenovamib_1s4zr0: you need to be more specific... what are you trying to do?00:02
obf213work with nautilus? anyone else having this problem, it just says timed out?00:02
Jack_Sparrowmib_1s4zr0, Ask your question and wait for an answer. Please do not direct it to me. or others will think I am already helping ou and they wont answer00:02
rwwshenron: ask in #ubuntu-motu00:02
dochavenrww: is it hard to pull off, because I'm trying to use google talk over ssh00:02
shenronrww: thanks00:02
mib_1s4zr0Jack_Sparrow: ok jack00:02
_oaxIs there a good way to debug dbus / hal problems?  I am getting an error messge "failed to initialize HAL" and it is not showing up in /var/log anywhere00:03
rwwdochaven: Install instructions: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Bitlbee00:03
dochavenrww: thanks00:03
dreamy_Jack_Sparrow: your suggesting that its my standard open source driver working at the moment..00:03
Jack_Sparrow_damus_, Please dont00:03
PoPpiLLsnot funny00:04
Jack_Sparrowdreamy_, I am saying that the fglrx is not for  your video card00:04
dochavenrww: you have no idea how much this helps me (^^,)00:04
mib_1s4zr0lifenova:  add program into my ubuntu.. then i got this msg This is a major failure of your software management system. Please check for broken packages with synaptic, check the file permissions and correctness of the file '/etc/apt/sources.list' and reload the software information with: 'sudo apt-get update' and 'sudo apt-get install -f'.00:04
goffioi'm (loop)mounting a file in another partition in /var/spool/squid, but when i ls -l /var/spool i see that it has me:mygroup ownership (was squid:squid)...how can i possibly avoid  this?00:04
_oaxis there a good place to even read about dbus/hal and related developemtn or diagnostic tools?00:04
dreamy_Jack_Sparrow: i dont have nothhing to execute in the terminal by typing fglrx00:04
rwwdochaven: oh, I do. I do the exact same thing as you want to; bitlbee + irssi is a life saver :)00:05
_oaxlike something that will sniff dbus traffic00:05
dreamy_but i think i had before00:05
rdzhi all. i would like to 'mkfs.ext3 /dev/sdb1', but i keep getting: /dev/sdb1 is apparently in use by the system; will not make a filesystem here! i pretty sure, that it is not mounted.. any ideas?00:05
lifenovamib_1s4zr0: type 'sudo gedit /etc/apt/sources.list' in a terminal, then copy the contents of that file into the pastebin, and provide me with a link? (http://paste.ubuntu.com)00:05
D-SpairEvenin' all. Got a question about dbus-send. Is there a way that a CRON job running as root can send a notification such that it will appear in the GUI users' system tray?00:05
rww!gksudo | lifenova00:05
ubottulifenova: If you need to run graphical applications as root, use « gksudo », as it will set up the environment more appropriately. Never just use "sudo"! (See http://psychocats.net/ubuntu/graphicalsudo to know why)00:05
lifenovarww: oops.00:06
Jack_Sparrowdreamy_, From cli / terminal type: fglrxinfo ...It should show: The program 'fglrxinfo' is currently not installed.00:06
lifenovamib_1s4zr0: make that 'gksudo gedit /etc/apt/sources.list'00:06
unnaabout one week ago I've used rsync to back up files with options "rsync -rlpEAXgoDtv"... When using the same options again, will this delta algorithm be applied automatically so that only differences in files will be transfered?00:06
n8tuserrdz -> try  fuser -km /dev/sdb1  to kill processes attached to it00:06
_oaxrdz: you ran mount ot make sure it wasn't mounted?00:06
_oaxrdz: I also had that problem when a partition was considered prt of a raid array.  i had been playing with it a few months before and forgot i used it for that00:07
TBotNikAnyone here know how to get a submittal/project into SourceForge?  I have 4 projects defined, but SSH keys constantly blow, regardless of what I do, and I can not config Putty or WinSCP to get into the projects.00:07
rdzn8tuser, even after doing that i get the same error00:07
dreamy_Jack_Sparrow: strange thing.. i got no fglrxinfo  ( i had it before)00:07
rdz_oax, there is nothing in /etc/fstab or in /proc/mounts00:07
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mib_1s4zr0lifenova: ok00:08
_oaxrdz - yeah but just /bin/mount | grep sdb100:08
rdz_oax, no output00:08
SamosurferI need help with an ALSA bug that fuses together the controls on the record tab with those on the playback tab. Thus...record mic up....playback mic up!.00:08
n8tuserrdz -> have you rebooted ?00:09
mib_1s4zr0lifenova: one more thing.. i cant use xchat gnome irc chat to login into ubuntu server.. they said i'm using open proxy00:09
_oaxrdz - hmm I do not know how mkfs.ext3 determines that a partition may be in use.  you could try strace-ing it to see what system calls it is doing before it gives that error00:09
rdz_oax, here the problem was: i had lvm2 setup to span to have one partition spannig two disks. one of them died. since then i am trying to get a similar setup again, but i fail at this early stage00:09
ari_stress good morning all :)00:09
rdzn8tuser, several times yet00:09
goffioi'm (loop)mounting a file in another partition in /var/spool/squid, but when i ls -l /var/spool i see that it has me:mygroup ownership (was squid:squid)...how can i possibly avoid  this?00:10
_oaxrdz: hmmm.  use the lvm2 toosl to make sure that sdb1 is not a physical volume that is considered part of any logical volume or volume group00:10
dean`I can't suspend00:11
dean`dean@dean-laptop:~$ uname -a00:11
dean`Linux dean-laptop 2.6.28-4-generic #11-Ubuntu SMP Fri Jan 16 21:57:57 UTC 2009 i686 GNU/Linux00:11
dean`dean@dean-laptop:sudo lspci | pastebinit -i -00:11
dean`[sudo] password for dean:00:11
FloodBot1dean`: Please don't flood, use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste, don't use Enter as punctuation.00:11
DasEigoffio:chown it or see man chmod00:11
mib_1s4zr0lifenova: the source list is empty00:11
rdz_oax, i removed all lvm2 related stuff, also the config files, then i rebooted so that i can be sure, no lvm2 does something nasty... and still. i cannot touch /dev/sdb100:11
dreamy_Jack_Sparrow: im sorry about the last line.. i was re reading your sentence00:12
mib_1s4zr0E: The package lists or status file could not be parsed or opened.00:12
lifenovamib_1s4zr0: what version are you using00:12
mib_1s4zr0why this happen00:12
dean`mib_1s4zr0: pastebin your /etc/apt/sources.list00:12
rwwmib_1s4zr0: Regarding the open proxy thing: ask in #freenode if it's a freenode server message, or in #ubuntu-ops if you're kicked to another channel when you try to join #ubuntu.00:12
_oaxrdz - try "pvdisplay" to make sure it doesn't show up00:12
mib_1s4zr0lifenova: XChat-GNOME 0.24.100:12
ogrewhat do i type to find out what version of ubuntu im running?00:13
goffioDasEi: it is already owned by squid, but when i do the mount it changes ownership00:13
rww!version | ogre00:13
ubottuogre: To find out what version of Ubuntu you have, type « lsb_release -a » in a !shell - To know the available version of a package, « apt-cache policy <package> »00:13
dreamy_fglrx is supposed not to be the then.. :S (got no tag..)  er.. named fglrxinfo00:13
rdz_oax, no output from that either00:13
shearhmm, is the emerald-themes package deprecated? I try to install emerald and emerald themes, i now have emerald, but zero themes00:13
lifenovamib_1s4zr0: no, I mean version of ubuntu00:13
mib_1s4zr0lifenova: intrepid ibex00:14
_oaxrdz - really weird.  when I had that problem, i used mdadm to tell the system that the partition was not part of a raid, but it sounds like you never messed with that.  at this point, I would strace mkfs.ext300:14
rdz_oax, even after using fdisk to completely format the drive and setting up a new partition table, i cannot touch /dev/sdb1... i am really clueless here00:14
goffionevermind, chowned *after* mount did it, thanx!00:14
rdz_oax, i never touch raid00:15
chu_Hey, can I "upgrade" Ubuntu via Synaptic?00:15
DasEi goffio:gottto change the dir you moun to00:15
lifenovamib_1s4zr0: copy and paste the following into your /etc/apt/sources.list file00:15
rdz_oax, but thanks a lot for all your suggestions00:15
lifenovamib_1s4zr0: http://paste.ubuntu.com/107144/00:15
_oaxsorry I'll ask one more time, does anyone know of a dbus developer / troubleshooting guide?  I am getting a dbus / hal error message when i log in and my usb storage devices are not mounting.  I don't know how to track this down00:15
lifenova!upgrade | chu_00:15
ubottuchu_: For upgrading, see the instructions at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/UpgradeNotes00:15
rdz_oax, i am afraid, that i don't know to read the output of strace00:15
_oaxrdz: if you can paste it somewhere I'll take a look00:15
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lifenovamib_1s4zr0: once you save the file with the new contents, it should work :)00:15
_oaxrdz - it should really just be in the last few lines before the error is displayed00:16
mib_1s4zr0lifenova: what is it mean.. i'm new user..00:16
TBotNikAll: REPEATING Anyone here know how to get a submittal/project into SourceForge?  I have 4 projects defined, but SSH keys constantly blow, regardless of what I do, and I can not config Putty or WinSCP to get into the projects.00:17
lifenovamib_1s4zr0: highlight the contents of the brown box (except the line numbers and the 'Download as text' part, then press ctrl+c, then run 'gksudo /etc/apt/sources.list' in a terminal, then press ctrl+v and save the file00:18
rww!ot | TBotNik00:18
ubottuTBotNik: #ubuntu is the Ubuntu support channel, for all Ubuntu-related support questions. Please use #ubuntu-offtopic for other topics. Thanks!00:18
mib_1s4zr0unmet dependencies = what is it mean00:18
lifenovamib_1s4zr0: if the file you opened earlier with the command I told you was empty, it means your system doesn't know which repositories to use- where to get the software from, that is00:19
chu_Awesome, thanks for the help.00:19
_oaxAsking: does anyone know what is the service in gnome that detects and mounts usb storage devices?   it is not working for me and I would like to track this problem down00:19
ubottufirefox is the default web-browser on Ubuntu. To install the latest version, see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/FirefoxNewVersion Installing plugins: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/FirefoxPlugins00:19
mib_1s4zr0lifenova: so must i set the source back?00:20
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lifenovamib_1s4zr0: yeah. What I gave you the link to was the default repository... if you copy and paste that into the file I had you open earlier, it should set it back to default00:20
rdz_oax, http://www.pastebin.ca/131290300:21
zambahow do i remove the private directory?00:21
dmsupermanWhen I use acpi then my wireless driver doesn't work. I have the Acer Ascpire 4530 which has an Atheros wifi chipset00:22
mib_1s4zr0lifenova: so i must type "sudo apt-get update" then copy the list into "source list"?00:22
StargazerHow do i rip a movie to an AVI file ?00:22
lifenovamib_1s4zr0: no. type 'gksudo gedit /etc/apt/sources.list'00:22
lifenovaand then copy the list into that file, then save it00:22
bazhangStargazer, number of methods, handbrake is a preferred one here00:23
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_oaxrdz: open("/dev/sdb1", O_RDONLY|O_EXCL)      = -1 EBUSY (Device or resource busy)00:23
CyLhow do I set up dictionaries in ubuntu?00:23
_oaxrdz: not the most helpful00:23
StargazerBazhang, what repo is that ?00:24
mib_1s4zr0lifenova: still got empty list00:24
bazhangStargazer, a ppa from jdong00:24
_oaxrdz: and the manpage for open() doesn't say what O_EXCL is supposed to mean here.  in fact it says that behavior is undefined what O_CREAT is not used with it00:24
StargazerBazhang... link ?00:24
bazhangStargazer, hang on a sec00:24
dmsupermanWhen I use acpi then my wireless driver doesn't work. I have the Acer Ascpire 4530 which has an Atheros wifi chipset00:24
dochavenrww: YOU ARE AWESOME!!00:24
_oaxrdz: so that's weird.  anyhow, it's the kernel tells you that the device is in use.  mkfs.ext3 isn't making that determination by itself00:24
lifenovamib_1s4zr0: Yes, you're supposed to copy and paste this (http://paste.ubuntu.com/107144/) into that empty file that you have, and save it00:25
rdz_oax, i see.. thanks for helping00:25
CyLany clue on how to dictionaries up on ubuntu?00:25
rdz_oax, however, what could the kernel make believe, that the device is in use?00:25
bazhanghttps://launchpad.net/~handbrake-ubuntu/+archive Stargazer you know how to add repos?00:25
dreamy_Jack_Sparrow: ive concluded that i dont have  xorg driver fglrx installed   : he program 'aticonfig' is currently not installed.  You can install it by typing:00:25
dreamy_apt-get install xorg-driver-fglrx00:25
lifenovaCyL: Applications -> Office -> Dictionary... if you hit edit and then prefs, I believe there is an option to add dictionaries00:25
_oaxrdz: hmm trying to figure out how to see who else has it open that the kernel would know about00:26
felixsullaHow do you save your settings in Ubuntu so they are permanent? When I restart it resets everything?00:26
bazhangfelixsulla, using the livecd?00:26
CyLlifenova: thanks, but i was refering to system wide dictionary00:26
lifenovafelixsulla: Are you using the LiveCD?00:26
rdz_oax, on #lvm someone suggested removing modules. the thing is, that i don't have a clue which modules to be removed00:26
lifenovaCyL: ah, ok00:26
felixsullaIt's a guest OS on Virtualbox. Gutsy Gibbon00:26
_oaxrdz: try fuser -m /dev/sdb100:27
bazhangfelixsulla, which is the guest and what is the host00:27
mib_1s4zr0lifenova: ok i've copy that then paste into my source list00:27
rdz_oax, the same thing goes for the entire drive: i tried creating several partitions, but icannot make a fs on all of those00:27
_oaxrdz: hmm fuser -m /dev/sdb00:27
felixsullaUbuntu is the guest, Vista is the host00:27
mib_1s4zr0lifenova: i hope this solve my problem00:27
lifenovamib_1s4zr0: I do too :P00:27
rdz_oax, i tried. but it doesn't give any output and after that it is still the same00:27
dmsupermanWhen I use acpi then my wireless driver doesn't work. I have the Acer Ascpire 4530 which has an Atheros wifi chipset00:28
bazhangfelixsulla, you are installing into the vm or just test-driving ubuntu in the vm00:28
nedso i ran dist-upgrade but lsb_release is still telling me im on gusty when i want to be on intrepid00:28
felixsullaI thought it was a full installation, .. is there a way to verify for sure?00:28
marcos_Jack_sparrow  i thought id let you know, i fixed my problem with grub by using a liv cd, backing up important files of course, and then fixing the grub through command window00:28
mib_1s4zr0lifenova: waaa... still cant solve.. should i restart my machine?00:28
bazhangned, you first need to go to hardy00:28
lifenovamib_1s4zr0: type sudo apt-get install -f00:28
Jack_Sparrowmarcos_, Glad you got it handled00:28
nedbazhang, dist-upgrade -t hardy ?00:28
lifenovamib_1s4zr0: sudo apt-get -f install*00:29
bazhang!upgrade | ned00:29
ubottuned: For upgrading, see the instructions at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/UpgradeNotes00:29
marcos_yep, thank you though00:29
lifenovamib_1s4zr0: with no asterix00:29
bazhangned read that link00:29
ObiXidOi finally got my wireless to connect, but now it keeps disconnecting on its own, and then connecting again, is there a fix for this problem?00:29
mib_1s4zr0lifenova: E: Unable to lock the administration directory (/var/lib/dpkg/), is another process using it?00:29
n8tuserObiXidO -> which channel are you using?00:30
bazhangfelixsulla, if the os starts up with the iso file loaded or the ubuntu cd inserted then it is an install, I suspect you never disabled one or the other00:30
_oaxrdz: does dmsetup info give anything interesting?00:30
ObiXidOwhat do you mean?00:30
bazhangfelixsulla, err without00:30
leoHi could someone tell me if I am typing in a foreign language please...00:30
rdz_oax, this is really a blocker, since it prevents me since two days to fix my server.... i would do it from a livecd if i would know how that works... there at least i can create a filesystem00:30
lifenovamib_1s4zr0: do you have any other programs open that are accessing that folder?00:30
bazhangleo, what is your real question00:31
n8tuserObiXidO -> which channel is your AP operating at? 1 to 11 ?00:31
mib_1s4zr0lifenova: which folder?00:31
lifenovamib_1s4zr0: /var/lib/dpkg/00:31
felixsullaSo, to make it a full install I'd want to disable the loading from ISO?00:31
lifenovamib_1s4zr0: make sure you've closed the gedit window that you had your /etc/apt/sources.list file open in00:31
leo* hours in the forums today and no one can tell me if there is a program that will translate some files into english for me....00:31
_oaxrdz: yeah sorry i feel your pain.  I'm actually in here asking a question myself, I'm not an ubuntu support volunteer myself.  someone else might be able to help better00:31
bazhangfelixsulla, after it is installed yes; change it to boot from 'hard drive' instead of iso00:32
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bazhangfelixsulla, though obviously hard drive is a virtual one00:32
Jack_Sparrowleo, Tons of web pages can do it.00:32
rdz_oax, sorry. i wasn't complaining.. i am very grateful, that you were trying to help00:32
mib_1s4zr0lifenova: yes i've close all terminal and source list.. but got this msg E: Read error - read (5 Input/output error) E: The package lists or status file could not be parsed or opened.00:32
_oaxrdz: but my approach would be to find out what makes the kernel think that a device is "in use" not allow it to be opened exclusively (i.e., with "O_EXCL")00:32
bazhangleo,  google translate00:32
rdz_oax, it's just that i am very surprised by this kind of problem..00:33
leook I will try that....00:33
lifenovamib_1s4zr0: can you post the exact contents of your /etc/apt/sources.list file on paste.ubuntu.com00:33
_oaxrdz: the kernel must keep a map of devices that are in use and who is using them.  the trick is getting that info out of the kernel.  fuser looked like the right approach, but it seems to apply to userland only.  "dmsetup" seems promising, did you try dmsetup info ?00:33
rdz_oax, i am still reading the man page00:34
ubottu#ubuntu is the Ubuntu support channel, for all Ubuntu-related support questions. Please use #ubuntu-offtopic for other topics. Thanks!00:34
ObiXidOi have no idea00:34
ObiXidOhow would i check that?00:34
felixsullabazhang and I probably have to configure that setting with the VM sht down?00:34
ObiXidOi have no idea, how would i check that?00:34
mib_1s4zr0lifenova:  the exact content before this is empty but then i paste it with the source list that u give me00:34
bazhangfelixsulla, yep00:34
leonow back to my original question? Is there a PROGRAM that will do it for me...I am not pissed I am just trying to find out if there is a program I can download to do it...00:34
felixsullaArgh. I just got DHCP working :)00:34
rdz_oax, State:             ACTIVE00:34
lifenovamib_1s4zr0: post the contents again, I want to be sure you didn't paste anything else in by accident00:35
rdz_oax, does that mean it is busy?00:35
n8tuserrdz when you do a fdisk -l   does it shows up?  what is the type? 8e ?00:35
stricjux_I'm having problems using django-multilingual... I've checked out the svn to /var/usr/python2.5/site-packages/ but "python manage.py runserver" fails with "no module named multilingual00:35
Gh0sty!bug 31904000:35
Gh0styhm no bot here? :p00:35
exodus_msleo: what language(s) are you translating?00:35
dmsupermanWhen I use acpi then my wireless driver doesn't work. I have the Acer Ascpire 4530 which has an Atheros AR9280 wifi chipset00:36
leoFrench and german to english...00:36
rdzn8tuser, now it shows 83, for testing reasons i set it to linux in order to try mkfs.ext3 afterwards00:36
n8tuserrdz -> to make an lvm i believe it has to be 8e00:36
rdzn8tuser, but yeah, using fdisk works fine.. i can wipe and recreate the partition table and still have the same proble afterwards00:36
mib_1s4zr0lifenova: i've paste.. i gonna go to eat now00:36
lifenovamib_1s4zr0: post the link...00:37
rdzn8tuser, that is absolutely correct... the endresult should be 8e and a running lvm00:37
simplenewbIs there any way to get like a diff to show every package you've added to a default ubuntu install? Say for instance I wanted to remove every last package that didn't come with ubuntu, how could I go about that?00:37
stricjux_could anyone tell me how can I verify if a site-package got installed properly?00:37
owen1is there text-based audio player that shows list of songs in folder and can play all of them?00:37
n8tuserrdz -> dont you have to specify the type first before making a FS on it?00:37
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rdzn8tuser, yeah, yet i tried mkfs.ext3, not pvcreate00:38
rdzn8tuser, that is why i set it to 8300:38
rdzn8tuser, however, neither works00:38
n8tuserrdz -> no no, i meant with fdisk or sfdisk  you have to set to 8e and write then you can make the fs afterwards00:38
dreamy_im going to test danger deep with xorg driver fglrx00:39
jribowen1: moc, cmus, a frontend to mpd?00:39
_oaxrdz: did dmsetup tell you that it was "ACTIVE"?  sorry I was away and missed what you said before that00:39
rdzn8tuser, ah.. i understand what you mean: the initial problem was to create a lvm, but as it failed, i went for simple ext3 and that failed as well. that is the reason for the current state.. the end goal would still be lvm, setting it up the way you mentioned00:39
exodus_m1leo: do you mean something like this --> http://logos-os.dfki.de/00:40
rdz_oax, yeah.. STATE: ACTIVE00:40
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felixsullaAny idea where in virtualbox I'd change to the hard drive instead of the ISO00:40
n8tuserrdz looking at my notes, its seems the sequence is  fdisk or sfdisk ; select the type 8e; write; then pvcreate; vgcreate; lvcreate adn then finally mkfs.ext3 /dev/mapper/vgName00:41
leoI Have tree program files in French and one in German I want to tranlate them so I can read them00:41
exodus_msleo: did you get that link?00:41
rdzn8tuser, that is absolutely correct, when wanting to setup lvm...00:41
rdzn8tuser, right now it fails at pvcreate time00:42
leoI know there is alot of places that will do it... I am wondering if Ubuntu has a program that will do it...00:42
leoYes i got it00:42
exodus_msleo: dude, I'm trying to help, did you check that link00:42
Jack_Sparrowleo, Fire up synaptic and search for a translation program00:42
_oaxrdz: hmm.  does dmsetup give you a way of making something "INACTIVE"  or does it give you any clue as to what is making it active?00:43
leoexodus_ms I am not mad at you thanx for your help I spent 8 hours in the forums and not one reply i am just a little cranky Thank you for your help....00:43
exodus_msleo: did you get the msg from Jack_Sparrow00:44
rdzn8tuser, after doing the fdisk part, i do: pvcreate /dev/sdb1 and then i get: Can't open /dev/hdb1 exclusively.  Mounted filesystem?00:44
_oaxrdz: you could try rmmod the dm (device mapper) modules, if you don't ahve any lvm2 running00:44
n8tuserrdz -> i dont know if you can do an  e2fsck to file check your existing lvm  before mounting it? am just wild guessing here now00:44
leoThanx Jack I will try that also...00:44
BCampbelli'm having issues w/Nvidia 177 & 173.  If I want to try 180.22 from the Nvidia website, I need to close X.  To do this -> sudo /etc/init.d/gdm stop?  this should drop to a CLI and then once the install is run, do I restart gdm or reboot first?00:44
exodus_msleo: what are the files you are trying to read00:44
rdzn8tuser, however, i have the same problem when trying to mkfs.ext3 instead of a lvm00:44
leocpp file and one other...00:44
rdzn8tuser, i don't have a running lvm200:44
rdz_oax, thanks i'll try00:45
owen1jrib: let me google for them.00:45
Gh0styanyone know how i can change the default media player for movies from totem to gnome-mplayer?00:45
Jack_Sparrow!find translate00:45
ubottuFound: translate-toolkit, translate-toolkit-dev-doc, gnome-translate, libtranslate-bin, libtranslate-dev (and 4 others)00:45
exodus_msleo: you have a program written in c++ (in another language) and you want to be able to read it?00:45
Jack_Sparrow!info gnome-translate00:45
ubottugnome-translate (source: gnome-translate): GNOME interface to libtranslate. In component universe, is optional. Version 0.99-0ubuntu4 (intrepid), package size 132 kB, installed size 508 kB00:45
n8tuserrdz it says its already mounted right even though you have not mounted it correct?00:46
rdzn8tuser, yeah00:46
leoYes I believe you are correct...00:46
_oaxrdz: maybe dmsetup remove /dev/sdb100:46
n8tuserrdz -> what does dmesg even tell you about your /dev/sdb?00:46
_oaxor whatever "name" dmsetup is listing your device as00:46
owen1jrib: http://mp3blaster.sourceforge.net/#screenshots   looks interesting00:47
leowhen you send me a message it appears in red how do I do that?00:47
exodus_ms!tab | leo00:47
ubottuleo: You can use <tab> for autocompletion of nicknames in IRC, as well as for completion of filenames and programs on the command line.00:47
rdz_oax, n8tuser i got it.. after removing the dm_ modules00:47
rdz_oax, many many thanks00:47
exodus_msleo: no, sorry wrong factoid00:48
rdzi don't know yet, what those are useful for, but now they block /dev/sdb00:48
n8tuserrdz -> congrats, it is your persistence that solved it00:48
leo!exodus_ms like this00:48
ubottuError: I am only a bot, please don't think I'm intelligent :)00:48
exodus_msleo: type the nick of the person you want to address followed by TAB00:48
_oaxrdz_ cool but I think you need the dm_ stuff (devicemapper I'm guessing) to make lvm2 work00:48
rdzn8tuser, man thanks for your patience00:48
leoexodus_ms, Like this?00:48
exodus_msleo: thats it :)00:49
rdz_oax, special thanks to you for finding the cause of my trouiblees00:49
n8tuserrdz -> i can only give encouragement :P00:49
_oaxrdz_ also, you could look in /dev/mapper to see what virtual devices devicemapper knows about00:49
leoexodus_ms Thanx00:49
_oaxrdz: np glad you got it working!   this stuff is frustrating sometimes00:49
Mattsnakeswhat version do I download for a 64bit intel processor? I speculate that it is the ubuntu-8.10-desktop-i386.iso.torrent, right?00:49
leoexodus_ms, Yes it is c++ in another language...00:50
exodus_msleo: now, do !gnome-translate like Jack_Sparrow did for you before00:50
rdz_oax, will talk alter to you.. xchat is hardly respnding while doing mkfs00:50
Sifrehi where for irc proxy list?00:50
Sifre?irc proxy list?00:50
_oaxrdz: it's like every time I have to fight with some problem in linux/debian/ubuntu/whatever, there are 15 new daemons / services / ways of doing things that have popped up since the last time I had to screw with stuff, and I have to learn them all00:50
Jack_Sparrowrdz`I would not push the limits of your system while formatting a partition00:50
leoexodus_ms,  ok how to do again?00:50
eseven73!ot | Sifre00:50
ubottuSifre: #ubuntu is the Ubuntu support channel, for all Ubuntu-related support questions. Please use #ubuntu-offtopic for other topics. Thanks!00:50
exodus_msleo: type   !gnome-translate00:50
grkblood13is any1 here running wine?00:51
ubottuSorry, I don't know anything about gnome-translate00:51
Teknorunning... no00:51
Teknodrinking yes00:51
bazhangleo, /msg ubottu info gnome-translate00:51
=== burkmat is now known as burkzzz
BCampbelli'm having issues w/Nvidia 177 & 173.  If I want to try 180.22 from the Nvidia website, I need to close X.  To do this -> sudo /etc/init.d/gdm stop?  this should drop to a CLI and then once the install is run, do I restart gdm or reboot first00:52
exodus_ms!info gnome-translate00:52
ubottugnome-translate (source: gnome-translate): GNOME interface to libtranslate. In component universe, is optional. Version 0.99-0ubuntu4 (intrepid), package size 132 kB, installed size 508 kB00:52
MattsnakesWhich one do I download? for a 64bit Intel Processor?00:52
eseven73Wine kinda sucks, if you got the ram use VirtualBox instead and then get the Guest addons for it and put it in seamless mode :)00:52
leobazhang,  here or in terminal?00:52
bazhangleo, here00:52
n8tusereseven73 -> but that requires XP loaded into your VB00:53
MattsnakesI realize that it is a stupid question, but I really need help and I cant find the info anywhere else00:53
bazhangleo, in terminal is : apt-cache search translate (for example)00:53
eseven73yeah? n8tuser who doesnt have XP?00:53
bazhangMattsnakes, the 64bit one00:53
n8tusereseven73 -> me, i dont own one00:53
bazhangMattsnakes, even though it is named amd00:53
Mattsnakeswhich link on the torrent page??00:53
ubottuIntrepid can be torrented from http://hr.releases.ubuntu.com/8.10/ubuntu-8.10-desktop-i386.iso.torrent or http://se.releases.ubuntu.com/8.10/ubuntu-8.10-server-amd64.iso.torrent depending on your architecture. Torrents for other Ubuntu flavours can be found at: http://it.releases.ubuntu.com/ (CD) or http://cdimage.ubuntu.com/releases (DVD).00:54
ubottupastebin is a service to post multiple-lined texts so you don't flood the channel. The Ubuntu pastebin is at http://paste.ubuntu.com (make sure you give us the URL for your paste - see also the channel topic)00:54
leoOk thanx everyone I will go try it...00:54
=== Bllasae is now known as BLLASAE
eseven73n8tuser: well its not hard to get at anyrate but yeah I guess you got a point ;)00:54
Mattsnakeshttp://hr.releases.ubuntu.com/8.10/ubuntu-8.10-desktop-i386.iso.torrent is this the link, then?00:55
linuxman410Mattsnakes use 64bit amd version it will work00:55
FlynsarmyIn /etc/fstab i had a line: /dev/sda3 /media/F ntfs-3g defaults,locale=en_AU.UTF-8 0 0,uid=1000,umask=0022 but on boot it doesn't mount the hdd properly. Any ideas?00:55
Mattsnakesthe AMD version will work for an Intel processor?00:55
joejccan i use my remote in ubuntu?00:55
bazhangMattsnakes, yep00:55
xtmnxis there a way to wrap workspaces in workspace switcher using metacity?00:56
bazhangMattsnakes, if its core2 duo or better00:56
Mattsnakesit's a dual core processor, but isn't there an Intel version?00:56
bazhangMattsnakes, core duo or core2 duo00:56
n8tuserFlynsarmy -> what does it mean it does not mount properly? what status you get once booted and type mount?00:56
ic3fr0g!ubbot BitchX00:57
ubottuSorry, I don't know anything about ubbot BitchX00:57
FlannelMattsnakes: "AMD64" is the generic term for 64bit.  just like "i386" is generic for 32bit (yet AMD64 isn't AMD specific, just like i386 isnt intel specific)00:57
bazhangic3fr0g, not in the repos00:57
Flannelic3fr0g: BitchX has been removed due to lack of support/development and a number of dangerous bugs00:57
Mattsnakesoh, that's confusing00:57
Flynsarmyn8tuser, i typed /media/F in run and it came up with a blank folder. i didnt type mount when i booted up so i dont know00:57
bazhangic3fr0g, please keep it in channel00:57
whyameyewould there be an easy way to update from 8.04 64 bit to 8.10 32 bit? All I can think of to do is a complete reinstall.00:58
exodus_msThis is funny, I just found an application named 'leo' that translates german to english --> http://pwet.fr/man/linux/commandes/leo00:58
ic3fr0gBitchX works on Ubuntu ?00:58
Flynsarmyn8tuser, since then i removed ,uid=1000,umask=0022 and its not working again00:58
n8tuserFlynsarmy -> well, can you type mount and see if it is mounted correctly?00:58
ic3fr0gFlannel: any good client like bitchx ?00:58
Flannelic3fr0g: Try irssi00:58
eseven73ic3fr0g: get irssi its better00:58
bazhangwhyameye, fresh install only00:58
ic3fr0gFlannel: a download link for irssi00:58
Flynsarmyn8tuser, may i PM?00:59
bazhangic3fr0g, in the repos00:59
captain_I just installed boxee and now my audio is shot, how can i reinstall audio I guess is what i need?00:59
n8tuserFlynsarmy -> nope, stay here in main so people can correct me if I give you wrong advise or command00:59
bazhangexodus_ms, no need for that link00:59
exodus_msyeah, but he asked for a dl link00:59
bazhangexodus_ms, sudo apt-get install package01:00
=== JamesMowery is now known as JamesMowery|away
eseven73!away > JamesMowery|away01:00
ubottuJamesMowery|away, please see my private message01:00
exodus_msbazhang: understand but he asked for a download link, might want to do something different, heck he might even be running windoze01:00
kjkwlkpjest tu jakis polak01:00
ubottuMozesz uzyskac pomoc w jezyku polskim na #ubuntu-pl01:00
tozetreSo is this a good spot to ask for ubuntu help, or should I go elsewhere?01:00
Flynsarmyn8tuser, do i type sudo umount /media/F then sudo mount <that line i pasted earlier> ?01:00
bazhangexodus_ms, not good advice though01:00
exodus_msbazhang: cool01:01
Flannelexodus_ms: This channel is for Ubuntu support, its assumed you're running Ubuntu01:01
conorI just got a external harddrive and i want to format and install ubuntu on it? can anyone help me?01:01
n8tuserFlynsarmy -> yes to unmount it and correct about mounting it01:01
tozetreI've got a couple of USB thumb drives; Ubuntu recognizes it, shows it in nautilus' list of drives, but it won't open. It appears in lsusb and dmesg ends with "Attached scsi generic sg2 type 0". What am I doing wrong?01:02
mindrapetozetre - cd /media is it there?01:02
tozetremindrape: nope. Do I need to mount it then?01:02
Helloweweweneed help, what to do i cannot start my Kubuntu "checking battery state"01:03
mindrapetozetre - sudo fdisk -l01:03
mindrapetozetre if that shows it as not mounted then yup.01:03
mindrapetozetre - also do a sudo lshw -C storage     and see if it shows up as possibly mounted in there w a strange mt point.01:03
dmsupermanI have the Acer Ascpire 4530 which has an Atheros AR9280 wifi chipset. It doesn't list any networks to connect to, and I'm running 8.10 amd64, any ideas?01:04
mindrapedmsuperman      sudo iwlist wlan0 scan01:04
n8tuserFlynsarmy -> jsut for kicks  umask=022 on fstab will give you  rwxr-xr-x01:05
dmsupermanmindrape: No scan results01:05
Flynsarmyn8tuser, It came up with all this mount usage text when i typed sudo mount /dev/sda3 /media/F ntfs-3g defaults,locale=en_AU.UTF-8 0 001:06
mindrapedmsuperman - sudo iwconfig   do you even have any valid wireless extentions?01:06
=== JamesMowery|away is now known as JamesMowery
Flynsarmyn8tuser, Well i'm trying to share a folder on that ntfs drive so ppl on my (windows) network can view it. i was told i had to mount it this way01:06
mindrapen8tuser uhmmm.....01:06
leoHey You guys still out here?01:06
mindrape022 is not rwxr-xr-x01:06
dmsupermanmindrape: I have wlan001:06
enovativusing Xen can you network virtual images01:07
n8tusermindrape thats on mount command or rather fstab01:07
mindrapedmsuperman - is it showing an Access Point and ESSID?01:07
joejcwhat do i need to do to get my remote to work in ubuntu?01:07
tozetremindrape; I see it in fdisk, but I don't see any indication of it being mounted or not...01:07
dmsupermanmindrape: Access Point: Not-Associated01:07
n8tuserFlynsarmy -> does /media/F  exist?01:07
mindrapedmsuperman - sudo iwconfig wlan0 essid YOURSSIDNAMEHERE01:07
Flynsarmyn8tuser, yes01:07
enovativif i create a ubuntu server image and ubuntu workstation image can i network the two ?01:07
mindrapeenovativ - image?  like two separate servers 1 running server and 1 running workstation?  YES01:08
n8tuserFlynsarmy -> and you are sure /dev/sda3 is the ntfs partition? is the ntfs-3g module loaded?01:08
dmsupermanmindrape: It immediately ends with nothing printed to the terminal01:08
mindrapedmsuperman - type sudo iwconfig now01:08
enovativmindrape: so i can have a server, and say two workstations, and network them together01:08
mindrapeand see if it shows you as Associated...01:08
=== exodus_m1 is now known as exodus_ms
Flynsarmyn8tuser, i'd say so. it automounted on boot (i used ntfs-config to do it) and its always worked in the past. i'm just trying to add those uid=<whatever> and umask=<whatever>01:09
dmsupermanmindrape: It shows the ESSID now01:09
n8tusermindrape -> so was it wrong? 022 in the fstab is  rwxr-xr-x ?01:09
mindrapeenovativ as long as you have more than 1 computer and they are running a modern OS w a TCP/IP stack... yes... you can.01:09
dmsupermanmindrape: Should I try and unplug the wired connection?01:09
mindrapedmsuperman - does it have a hex address after Access Point?01:09
n8tuserFlynsarmy -> let me look at the man pages01:09
mindrapeonthe 2nd line?01:09
enovativmindrape: i cant do it on say my gateway laptop01:09
leoThanx to exodus-ms, Jack_Sparrow, and bazhang, I went to the pakager and downloaded a gnome translator and it did exactly what I needed thanx a bunch guys...01:09
dmsupermanmindrape: Nope, still Not-Associated01:09
mindrapedmsuperman - then likely your driver for your wireless card ain't workin...01:10
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=== Xoebus is now known as Xoebus|zZzZz
dmsupermanmindrape: Right, how do I determine next steps in fixing that?01:10
mindrapedmsuperman - sudo lshw -C network01:10
mindrapewhat driver are you presently using?01:10
mindrapeYou will likely need to !broadcom01:11
dmsupermanmindrape: mindrape ath9k01:11
ubottuSorry, I don't know anything about ath9k01:11
mindrapehrrmm... hold... lemme see something real fast.01:11
exodus_msleo: cool man, now stop downloading cpp programs in foreign languages ;-)01:11
tozetremindrape: Got it mounted; thanks very much! (heaps karma on you)01:11
xxCodyErr, I still can't figure out how to make my own Menu in Ubuntu. Can anyone help?01:12
n8tuserFlynsarmy -> seems okay to me, can you post your  sudo fdisk -l results?01:12
mindrapedmsuperman - lemme hop on my other boxen... I have a URL for you that will fix it.01:12
mindrapedont care to google for it on this laptop... :P01:12
mindrapeactually... lemme hop on that comp entirely.  I'm in Windows VMWare on my ubuntu laptop and mIRC is killing me with its awfulness...01:12
redbuntui am new to ubuntu and have english bad01:13
redbuntui tried to install nvidia drivers01:13
Flynsarmyn8tuser, http://pastebin.com/d62ca98b201:13
redbuntuquit gdm01:13
exodus_msredbuntu: what language do you prefer?01:13
xxCodyIS there an app i can download to have my own menu?01:13
redbuntuIt is a small indian language01:13
redbuntuyou most likely dont know it01:14
redbuntui accidentally shut down badly01:14
syockitCan I tell the system what to do before mounting root during boot?01:14
redbuntui do not understand01:14
captain_Help, I installed an app, then I got no sound in the whole system so I uninstalled and still no audio?01:14
n8tuserFlynsarmy -> that looks okay too, i can not figure out from your command why the system would not take it and complains01:14
dmsupermanredbuntu: What don't you understand?01:14
redbuntui quit gdm01:14
redbuntumounting root during boot01:15
redbuntui have no gdm01:15
redbuntuand i cannot get gui01:15
redbuntuwhat do i do?01:15
mindraperedbuntu - which gdm        startx01:15
mindrapeno work?01:15
xxCodyHow do you install Java on Ubuntu?01:15
n8tusersyockit -> maybe if you customize your initrd ?01:15
redbuntui do not know which gdm01:15
mindrapexxCody - do you just want a java virtual machine for webbrowsing or do you want a java development kit for programming?01:15
mindrapewhich is a command...01:15
mindrapetype it01:16
mindrapewhich gdm01:16
dmsupermanmindrape: I feel you, mIRC blows :P01:16
n8tuserxxCody -> apt-cache search sun-java   and choose to install the one you like01:16
mindrapeyour path might be jacked up01:16
redbuntui typed sudo /etc/init.d/gdm stop01:16
redbuntuand that is it01:16
mindrapecd /etc/init.d        sudo service gdm start01:16
redbuntuthen sh NBidia01:16
cilkayxxCody: What kind of menu? And to install Java, apt-get install <thePackageName>, or use one of GUI package managers or aptitude.01:16
redbuntui try now01:16
Rudd-Oaaahhh mirc, so many memories01:16
xxCodyCan you recommend one? I dont know what im doing really. And how do i install it?01:17
redbuntulol @ mirc01:17
mindrapeI recently got VMWare setup w Windows 3.1, Win98, WinXP, and OpenBSD 4.3 images... I was just in WinXP screwing around and decided to IRC...  :P01:17
mindrapebut yeah, I forgot how bad mIRC was..01:17
n8tuserxxCody -> what do you need the java for? try the command i suggested earlier first to give you a feel of what is available01:17
mindrapedmsuperman: did you get my notice w the URL btw?01:17
cilkayxxCody: I told you above how to install it. You have three ways, apt-get, aptitude, or some GUI like Adept or whatever the Gnome one is called.01:17
xxCodyYea i did... I see everything.01:17
joejchow do i use my ir remote in ubuntu?01:17
dmsupermanmindrape: I didn't :(01:17
sektor1952Evening could someone point me to a good howto for apache2 ubuntu its a little bit different then apache on centos01:17
xxCodyI need it for games i guess.01:17
xxCodyYahoo games01:18
sektor1952I have a site working but not the correct way01:18
mindrapesektor1952: what is it you want to know how to do?01:18
n8tuser!apache > sektor195201:18
ubottusektor1952, please see my private message01:18
mindrapesektor1952: what part of it isnt working?  you need PHP?  you need to get perl working?  you need to use htaccess?01:18
rdzn8tuser, device-mapper was accessing the drive.. in order to properly configure and partition it, i need to do 'dmsetup remove_all'.. now i really can work again01:19
redbuntuffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffa;flids j01:19
FlynsarmyAnyone know why this command results in mount spitting out all this usage information: sudo mount /dev/sda3 /media/F ntfs-3g defaults,locale=en_AU.UTF-8 0 001:19
mectdoes anyone know about configuring ip tables to enable dcc? I'm confused after installing a firewall and it configuring it, it's not allowing dcc at all01:19
sektor1952thx n8tuser01:19
mecteven though irc is allowed01:19
n8tuserrdz -> illl insert those on my notes too,  thanks for the fyi01:19
The_Rebelhow do i get emerald themes to work with compiz in Intrepid?01:19
rdzn8tuser, thank you for all your help01:19
Terabytewhen is the next version of ubuntu coming out, and what will it include (a link would be good)01:20
sheepmect: are you connecting to the internet through a router?01:20
jribThe_Rebel: use emerald as your window decorator01:20
rdzn8tuser, seems, that _oax had gone already..01:20
sektor1952thx guys01:20
The_Rebelim just running the defaults here jrib01:20
jrib!ccsm | The_Rebel01:20
ubottuThe_Rebel: To enable advanced customization of desktop effects in Ubuntu: install 'compizconfig-settings-manager' or 'simple-ccsm'. If you install the latter, a new option will appear in your appearance properties - See also !compiz - Help in #compiz-fusion01:20
mectyeah sheep but I don't think that's the proble, if I turn the software firewall off (guarddog) dcc works01:20
The_Rebelso i guess i need fusion-icon or is there a command?01:20
redbuntu@Terabyte next version of buntu comes out when it ocmes out01:20
jribThe_Rebel: in ccsm you can choose the window decorator01:20
mectbut I'm not sure that's the best idea01:20
The_Rebeloh sweet01:20
redbuntunamed jaunjty jackalope01:20
mectI was just wondering if I could do it manually01:20
sheepmect: you will need to make sure that ther are ports open in your router that forward to your computer and that your client is set to use those ports for dcc01:21
n8tuserrdz yes, he may have already01:21
redbuntucheck ubuntuforums.org01:21
The_Rebelwhere exactly is this option at?01:21
=== CoJaBo__ is now known as CoJaBo
jribThe_Rebel: did you install ccsm?01:21
jribThe_Rebel: use the search feature01:22
The_Rebeli did01:22
The_Rebeland i found a pane called window decorations01:22
The_Rebelbut there's no emerarld option01:22
mectit is, sheep, files send fine when guarddog is turned off (I've tried adding the ports in guarddog but it still won't work), do you know what to type to configure dcc to work? I mean with iptables?01:22
jrib!enter | The_Rebel01:22
ubottuThe_Rebel: Please try to keep your questions/responses on one line - don't use the "Enter" key as punctuation!01:22
jribThe_Rebel: how about a default window decorator?01:22
dmsupermanmindrape: It finds the hardware "it says hardware present: yes" but when I try to do "configure network" it says "couldn't find network configuration tool" and when I try using nm as usually it still can't find any01:22
jribThe_Rebel: you don't see something talking about a default window decorator?01:23
sheepmect: I'm not sure.  I usually don't use irc for transferring files01:23
dmsupermanThe_Rebel: The default is "gtk-window-decorator"01:23
mectah :( thanks anyway01:23
The_Rebelright now udner "command:" it says "/usr/bin/compiz-decorator"01:23
redbuntuThat is very weird01:24
dmsupermanAh or that01:24
jribThe_Rebel: yes.  Did you install emerald already?01:24
redbuntuthere are one and one half of loading bars01:24
The_Rebelno, as i said, i am running the default compiz install here01:24
mindrapemect - DCC uses a port range which you configure w your client.01:24
dmsupermanThe_Rebel: You could also try "gtk-window-decorator --replace" or "emerald --replace" (if you do "sudo apt-get install emerald" first)01:24
jribThe_Rebel: install emerald01:24
redbuntunow black screen01:24
syockitn8tuser: actually I want to add extents to my partition, but too lazy to make a live disk. Do you think it's possible to tune2fs and fsck from initrd?01:24
The_Rebelokay, i'll try that now.01:24
redbuntuI got black screen of death!01:24
redbuntuubuntu died01:24
nyaaterabyte: the versions come out on april and october every year, like 8.4 was april and 8.10 was october, next will be 9.4 (2009, 4th month ect)01:25
redbuntuafter the ubuntu loading01:25
redbuntuit died01:25
mectmindrape, I tried everything such as adding 1024-5999 to tcp and udp in it01:25
redbuntuon screen01:25
FloodBot1redbuntu: Please don't flood, use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste, don't use Enter as punctuation.01:25
mindraperedbuntu - ALT F1 to get to msg console... anything helpful?01:25
syockitredbuntu: Not even mouse pointer?01:25
Terabytenyaa, ah that makes so much more sense01:25
nyaait will be called jaunty jackelope and will focus on faster boot times and those weird net apps01:25
n8tusersyockit -> i have not modifie my initrd yet, am still reading and absorbing  the materials, i assume you can within initrd with those commands01:25
Terabytei see01:25
mindrapemect - are you using mIRC only?01:25
dmsupermanmindrape: Any ideas on how to further debug? Wish I could debug on my own but I've never used linux with wireless before so I'm utterly useless here :(01:25
mectI tried using xchat, irssi, mirc through wine too01:25
jribThe_Rebel: after you install emerald, set it as your default window decorator01:25
syockitn8tuser: okay, thanks for the idea. I'm doing my reading now01:26
ShakedownIs there a way to turn off updates for all the various language packages? I don't want the Belarusian language pack for OpenOffice01:26
Barnabaswireless works ok with ubuntu?01:26
Barnabasout of the box01:26
Barnabasfor most chipsets01:26
mindrapemect - well in mIRC check the DCC port range... if you want I can tell you where to look01:26
The_Rebelin the "command:" field, jrib?01:26
aznboy189I need help installing ubuntu, can anybody help?01:26
mectmindrape: if you wouldn't mind :) thank you01:26
mindrapeBarnabas: I'd say its about a 50/50 chance it will work out of the box...01:26
Barnabasany non recongized hw01:26
jribThe_Rebel: yes01:26
BarnabasI disagree01:26
redbuntuafter 1 and one half of loading bars there are nothing01:26
nyaadoes anyone know a command to clear your cache (ram cache)?01:27
redbuntui suppoose i could try to help01:27
nyaathe command I've read about isn't allowed for some reason01:27
The_Rebelok it's set01:27
The_Rebelso how do i choose different emerald themes?01:27
aznboy189I am currently installing it, and it wants me to chose my keyboard layout, after i chose it and click forward01:27
aznboy189I get the message console setup failed with exit code 201:27
redbuntui have no idea01:27
redbuntuname redbuntu away01:28
aznboy189anybody else?01:28
waldi_oy, mindrape is here ;)01:28
mindrapeyes, yes I am.01:28
nyaaI'm looking it up01:28
VolVEhey all, any ideas why running a simple shell script that tars up a couple directories works fine as sudo from the command line, but when I add it to root's crontab, the tar files end-up only being like, 20 bytes ? :/01:29
waldi_mindrape, do you remember damian? ;P01:29
mindrapeyes... :)01:29
dmsupermanmindrape: In fact...now it doesn't even have a wireless interface anymore01:30
waldi_so you are the guy with the crazy hobbies :D01:30
mindrapedmsuperman - maybe the driver load failed...01:30
mindrapelsmod | more01:30
* [aw] wants Ubuntu to install01:30
=== lseeo is now known as lseeo_leo
* [aw] needs help01:30
zaiusI'm having issues when doing a apt-get upgrade - the machine freezes on Setting up libc6 (2.7-10ubuntu4) - anyone heard of something like this?01:31
mindrape!ask | [aw]01:31
ubottu[aw]: Please don't ask to ask a question, simply ask the question (all on ONE line, so others can read and follow it easily). If anyone knows the answer they will most likely reply. :-)01:31
dmsupermanmindrape: It lists ndiswrapper but no ath modules01:31
zaiusfreezes meaning i can ctrl-c it and it quits, but it just sits there doing nothing01:31
[aw]When i go to install Ubuntu 8.10 on my computer the install hangs up and says "Timer can't connect to IO-APIC"01:32
[aw]and ive tried to run the install with "no-apic" params01:32
[aw]any ideas?01:33
=== sparklingshrew is now known as shinygerbil
paulylatest kernel update killed my nvidia FX5200 card I have tried manually installing it and using EnvyNG what do I do not showing up at all in system --> Administration --> HArdware01:33
mindrapedmsuperman: loading the modules likely failed at boot time then when your rebooted... :(01:34
dmsupermanmindrape: Any way to reload them?01:34
mindrapesudo modprobe athk901:34
thermodI have a problem with Flash player 10 on Ubuntu 8.04, can anyone hellp me?01:34
[aw]mindrape: how does the normal ubuntu install go? does it boot up, select lang, hit start, loading bar for a few minutes, then a black screen with white text that says Loading and something about BitBox kernel?01:35
devilbonesDoes anyone here know where I can upload a 2.6.28 custom GEM enabled kernel for testing?01:35
jadams_has anyone here used an m-audio 1010lt with ubuntu?  I heard good things on the forums, but I can't seem to get any audio input working with the mic inputs01:35
jadams_(I haven't tried the other inputs)01:35
dmsupermanmindrape: After doing that I have wlan0 back but it can't connect still01:35
devilbonesI have that specific kernel working on a sony vaio fw140e/w laptop01:36
eseven73thermod: sudo apt-get install ubuntu-restricted-extras  will fix that01:37
punkrockguy318what's the most reliable way to transcode and burn a dvd movie from a gui ?01:38
=== Niamor7 is now known as Niamor
thermodflash plugin non-freee always try to install the version 9 of Adobe that has been removed01:39
devilbonesIs anyone here having problems with the mesa-20090115 or xf86-video-intel-2.6.0 drivers?  I managed also to successfully compile a 2.6.28 intel GEM enabled kernel with drm support01:39
eseven73thermod: even with what i just told you?01:39
thermodall version of flash plugin make the same mistake01:39
eseven73you probably have the wrong ones installed01:40
tsunamiI have a p2900 wireless gaming controller (http://hardware4linux.info/component/32702/) Is this going to work on my ubuntu box?01:40
Dr_willisadobe is good at moving things.. and breaking the package manager. :(01:40
=== xun is now known as Guest77004
eseven73try 'dpkg -l *flash* thermod see if theres any other flash's in there01:40
Guest77004hello, i've experienced some kernel panic recently on my thinkpad laptop when I leave my it on all night. is there somewhere i could check where it went wrong? such as a log or something?01:41
eseven73oops i forgot a '01:41
eseven73thermod: no quotes on that command of course,01:41
thermodI have tried with the tarball of Adobe Flash01:42
eseven73thermod: well that works too usually but it's better to get it from the repos01:43
[wine-spark]you mother fucker01:43
ubottuPlease watch your language and topic to help keep this channel family friendly.01:43
devilbonesQuestion, does anyone here know where I can upload a working Intel GEM enabled custom kernel?  2.6.28?01:43
[wine-spark]no, nobody knows01:43
[wine-spark]bye dush01:44
devilbonesI am using the kernel now.  Maybe developers can use it for testing.01:44
Guest77004so is there a error log I could check for kernel panic to see what went wrong? thanks01:44
thermodthe istaller give me an error when I try to inser the path /usr/lib/mozilla/plugins01:44
devilbonesI get full 1600x900 resolution on a sony vaio vgn fw140e/w laptop01:44
mindrapeGuest77004:  tail -f /var/log/messages01:45
Finaldarkanyone know how to set up an IRC server on ubuntu desktop, cause i have NO idea where to start, pst me please01:45
ttolsmy mouse pointor freezed. how can I restart mouse driver???01:45
thermodno plugins if I install on .mozilla/plugins01:45
mindrapeGuest77004: that will show you the end of the log and continue to update it in real time on your screen as new events are written.01:45
WardyEvening all01:45
tsunamiI have a p2900 wireless gaming controller (http://hardware4linux.info/component/32702/) Is this going to work on my ubuntu box?01:45
mindrapeFinaldark: get an ircd package... hybrid or something.01:46
=== ubunt1 is now known as sockets
Guest77004mindrape, i see thanks01:46
mindrapeFinaldark - sudo apt-cache search ircd01:46
socketswhat's the difference between virtualbox ose and virtualbox in ubuntu?.. other than being opensource anyone know?01:46
=== V is now known as Vixon
Guest77004mindrape, i only see couple of lines, but no error. it looks like the log only shows what happened afeter I've restarted the pc01:47
mindrapetsunami: your best bet is to google for         ubuntu hardware compatability p290001:47
mindrapeGuest77004: then try          less /var/log/messages01:47
mindrapeyou may need to sudo actually01:48
jrolland-MacBookCan someone help me? I need to recover /etc/X11/ from Rescue CD01:48
devilboneswho here has mobile intel 4 chipset family01:48
joeb3_sockets, Intrepid 64 bit loads the ose version.  I see the Sun version available, but that's binary only.01:48
Guest77004mindrape, ah, so this log basically continually records everything?01:48
tsunamiHow can I add a program to boot at startup?01:48
mindrapeGuest77004: yup01:48
lifenovatsunami: System -> Prefs -> Sessions01:49
thermodIn my opinion the problem could be the browser01:49
scunizisockets, the binary version direct from virtual box has usb support.. the ose version doesn't01:49
mindrapetsunami: edit your /etc/rc.local01:49
jrolland-MacBookAt least, how do I turn off booting into X at startup?01:50
lseeowhat /etc/rc.local file is for?01:50
mindrapejrolland-MacBook: you just want the files?01:50
mindrapejrolland-MacBook: you can probably sudo dpkg-reconfigure xserver or something01:50
jrolland-MacBookYes, I think I need to configure X01:50
tsunamithanks guys01:50
Dr_willislseeo,  torun commands that you may need to run...  at boot up.01:50
ttolsmy mouse pointor freezed now, how can I awake this?01:50
mindrapelseeo - cat rc.local  and read the first 15 lines...01:50
jrolland-MacBookBut I'm booted into Rescue CD right now01:50
Guest77004mindrape, around the log time I want to check, it only shows whole bunch of "-- MARK --", do you know what that means?01:51
jrolland-MacBookBooting into Ubuntu fails because it tries to boot into X and there are no files in X11 directory01:51
mindrape-- MARK -- is just periodically written to make sure its alive.01:51
jrolland-MacBookDunno why01:51
intrepidmrythmbox tag editing in 8.10, what's the deal01:51
MaahesI'm having a problem with wine and pulseaudio...or well, pulseaudio in general. I kill pulseaudio, and try to run something via alsa or aoss and I get the following: ALSA lib pulse.c:272:(pulse_connect) PulseAudio: Unable to connect: Connection refused01:51
jrolland-MacBookHow do I turn off booting into X from Rescue CD? I have the hard drive mounted01:52
scunizijrolland-MacBook, here's how to stop x from starting on boot.. however ubuntu forums is down for maintainance.. http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=4351601:52
MaahesSo now, incidentally, I can't not use pulseaudio01:52
* waldi_ waits for the kernel to compile01:52
Guest77004mindrape, hmm...  so anywhere else i could check what went wrong?01:52
mindrapeMaahes - do you start and stop the alsa/pulseaudio/etc services from /etc/init.d   using         sudo service WHATEVER start ?01:52
Maahesmindrape, I have, yes.01:52
Maahesalthough I also just kill it01:53
jrolland-MacBookscunizi: Thanks so much! I will wait until it comes up from maintenence01:53
mindrapeGuest77004: you can try    all the /var/log files... syslog and debug perhaps?01:53
intrepidmI see something on the rythmbox website about needing id3 support in gstreamer, how do I get that in ubuntu01:53
Guest77004mindrape, ok, thanks01:53
mindrapeintrepidm: sudo apt-cache search id301:54
scunizijrolland-MacBook, google.com was my friend  :)01:54
mindrapeintrepidm: I imagine one of those libs you will need...01:54
intrepidmmindrape: nothing promsiing, tried looking for a gstreamer.*id3 package aleardy01:55
mindrapeintrepidm: maybe sudo apt-get install easytag?01:56
bmoll8hello--i am coming from the fbsd world, where you edit /etc/rc.conf if you want to include different scripts to be executed on startup. Does ubuntu have such an option?01:56
Melikany programs that can stream to icecast like SAM Broadcaster?01:57
bmoll8I don't want to use SysV01:57
mindrapebmoll8: /etc/init.d/ and /etc/rc.local01:57
rafamrchi, im very new to linux01:57
rafamrci just installes super ubuntu01:57
rafamrci need help with sounds pls01:57
Melikany programs that can stream to icecast like SAM Broadcaster?01:58
Ent[R]opyI downloaded and installed Ubuntu Server Edition, booted and logged in. But now i have no idea what to do next. I want to move a website to the Ubuntu server. I have no idea how to generally go about doing anything on a Linux server. I can't find any tutorials or documentation on managing Ubuntu Server Edition.01:58
mindrapebmoll8: you can also           cd /etc/rc*d/01:58
lifenova!ask | rafamrc01:58
ubotturafamrc: Please don't ask to ask a question, simply ask the question (all on ONE line, so others can read and follow it easily). If anyone knows the answer they will most likely reply. :-)01:58
Maahesmindrape, so now I have pulseaudio restarted, so aoss/alsa isn't getting unable to connect to pulseaudio, but how do I get alsa/aoss to run by themselves, without wanting to connect to pulseaudio?01:58
Ent[R]opyDoes anyone know any resources?01:58
scuniziEnt[R]opy, all html files should go into /var/www01:58
Ent[R]opyYes, but how to get them there01:58
[aw]i learned everything on articles.slicehost.com01:58
Ent[R]opyaw, i'll check it out01:59
rafamrci get sound in the laptop speakers, but if i connect external speakers, they wont work, the laptop speakers will keep streaming the sound, i have the default sound manager that came with super ubuntu, any ideas?01:59
phanlesonHi, every body `01:59
mindraperafamrc: sudo alsamixer              from a terminal and make sure all the levels are up then Q to exit out.01:59
rafamrclet me try02:00
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mindrapeMaahes - never run multiple sound servers side by side... I'd need to google...02:00
mindrapeMaahes - have you tinkered in System -> Preferences -> Sound?02:01
TecnicoDPCJust installed ubuntu 8.10 ... all well, ....  But  my  Wireless dose not work.  any ideas ... i installed Ubuntu 8.10  on a  Acer 531502:01
Maahesmindrape, its weird, because I still have sound, even though I'm getting pulseconnect errors, and I have everything in system preferences set to use alsa02:02
thermodHi all, Adobe Flash Player on Ubuntu 8.04 not working...can anyone help me?02:02
rafamrci went to check all the levels and they are all to 100%02:03
jribthermod: pastebin the output of: sudo apt-get update && apt-cache policy flashplugin-nonfree02:03
mindraperafamrc: no ideas then... sry.  :(02:04
thermodflash plugin non free try to install the version 9 of Adobe that is removed from Macromedia site02:04
rafamrcactually, if i drop the level to 0%, the music is still going02:04
jribthermod: let me know when your pastebin is ready02:04
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Ent[R]opyis there an ftp server installed on Ubuntu Server Edition by default? That way i could get the files of my website on the server. I wouldn't know how else to get them there. I checked out the website [aw] gave, but it does not explain how to get generally get around with Ubuntu Server Edition. As a matter of fact i find it quite difficult to find any recources at all regarding this.02:05
jribEnt[R]opy: help.ubuntu.com server guide02:06
Ent[R]opyThanks, i'll look into it.02:06
thermodthe output is ready02:07
lifenovaEnt[R]opy:  sudo apt-get install vsftpd02:07
jribthermod: what's the url to your pastebin?02:08
Ent[R]opythanks lifenova02:08
jrib!who | thermod02:08
ubottuthermod: As you can see, this is a large channel. If you're speaking to someone in particular, please put their nickname in what you say (use !tab), or else messages get lost and it becomes confusing :)02:08
Luke3Hey guys02:08
nyaathermod look in the other tab I typed stuff to you regarding your issue02:09
lifenovaEnt[R]opy: there's a full guide about configuring vsftpd here: https://help.ubuntu.com/8.10/serverguide/C/ftp-server.html02:09
Luke3I need a program that I can do video calls with on my Ubuntu PC02:09
Dr_willisLuke3,  skype can do that. proberly a dozen other progs also02:09
Ent[R]opyThanks, i will look into it.02:09
=== Guest38000 is now known as maxbaldwin
Luke3I'm having problems with skype though, it says my playback device isn't working right02:09
lifenovaLuke3: ekiga?02:10
Lando-SpacePimpDid you know Mr. Ubuntu flew into space?!02:10
Luke3Say what nova?02:10
jrib!ot | Lando-SpacePimp02:10
ubottuLando-SpacePimp: #ubuntu is the Ubuntu support channel, for all Ubuntu-related support questions. Please use #ubuntu-offtopic for other topics. Thanks!02:10
MK13Luke3: Ekiga softphone02:10
lifenovaLuke3: Ubuntu comes with a program similar to skype by default... Apps -> Internet -> Ekiga Softphone02:10
lifenovaLuke3: and if that's not what you're looking for, I believe empathy has video support for some IM protocols02:11
Luke3empathy?  alright02:11
jribthermod: are you still there?02:12
WardyHola :)02:13
enovativi was just able to log on my wife's account and was able to see my files from my home directory02:13
germennecesito ayuda02:13
enovativis this possible....how can i prevent this02:13
jribenovativ: that's because your HOME's permissions allow that by default02:13
shagothenovativ: permissions02:13
jrib!permissions > enovativ02:13
ubottuenovativ, please see my private message02:13
germenno puedo ver videos online streaming que sean por media player en ubuntu02:14
enovativjrib: how do i change the "home" permission02:14
IndyGunFreakjrib, but couldn't she still "see" the files, just not run them by default?02:14
enovativdo i go to "users and groups" ?02:14
StarheroHello all!02:14
jribenovativ: no.  Right click on your home directory, go to properties, don't allow "others" any permissions02:15
CyLhow do I make ubuntu accept my native language symbols as I type?02:15
aeosynthwhen I first log-in, I get a garbage display, then I hit ctrl+alt+backspace, log in again, and everything works fine. help?02:15
jribIndyGunFreak: hmm?02:15
enovativjrib: ok02:15
germenquieeeero ver porno y no puedoooooo02:15
monokromeMy webcam works in Ekiga02:15
quiksilveri finally got my sound to work in ubuntu, but the quality is fuzzy and atrocious02:15
monokromebut not in anything else :(02:15
aeosynthis my default xserver messed up?02:15
quiksilverwhat gives?02:15
ubottuUbuntu can be installed in lots of ways. Please see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Installation for documentation.  Problems during install? See https://wiki.ubuntu.com/CommonProblemsInstall - Don't want to use a CD? Try http://tinyurl.com/3exghs - see also !automate02:15
ubottuWays to automate installation of Ubuntu on multiple machines are described at https://help.ubuntu.com/8.04/installation-guide/i386/automatic-install.html - See also !cloning02:15
ubottuTo replicate your packages selection on another machine (or restore it if re-installing), you can type « aptitude --disable-columns --display-format '%p' search '?installed!?automatic' > ~/my-packages », move the file "my-packages" to the other machine, and there type « sudo xargs aptitude --schedule-only install < my-packages ; sudo aptitude install » - See also !automate02:15
ubottuWireless documentation can be found at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/WifiDocs02:15
IndyGunFreakjrib, nevermind, i see what you were teing him, that makes sense02:16
shagothI'm having weird routing issues over my wifi.02:16
shagothi can't consistently reach sshd or even ping my server, though for reasons unknown samba routes.02:16
CyLHow do I map my keyboard in Ubuntu?02:16
monokromeDoes anyone know why my webcam would work in Ekiga, but not in cheese or camstream?02:16
Starheroquikserver i am currently compiling my sound card drivers02:16
obf213all of a sudden my internet on ubuntuy is easily 10x slower than windows over wifi02:16
travisman26does anyone know how to get eyetoy webcam working with sound02:17
quiksilverseriously, ubuntu has compromised by sound quality substantially02:17
quiksilvereverything is choppy/fzzy02:18
mindrapeits not "ubuntu"02:18
mindrapeits likely your sound driver02:18
brandon__sponsered skater02:18
shagothif this isn't the place to ask for help on routing issues, i'd be happy to head elsewhere, thoughts?02:18
mindrapeshagoth - describe your routing issues.02:18
ShakedownWhat is that CLT for syncing source files on different machines over the network?02:18
quiksilvermindrape: what do i do?02:18
maxime_lubuntu install eee-applet ?? choose the right respositeri02:18
aeosynthwhen I first log in my display is garbage, when I do /etc/init.d/gdm restart, i get an error: xserver already started on :0, if I continue tho everything works fine. hitting ctrl+alt+backspace and relogging in works fine. how do i fix my default xserver?02:18
travisman26how do i make a irc server02:19
shagothok, samba routes from client machines to server fine over wifi from windows machines. I cannot ssh from windows or ubuntu.02:19
brandon__does any body know how to download stuff and intall them02:19
mindrapetravisman26: sudo apt-cache search ircd            pick one and apt-get install it.02:19
shagothi cannot ping from ubuntu.02:19
seravitaehi there does anyone use bluetooth with ubuntu? im having a really hard time with it02:19
joeb3_Shakedown, rsync?02:19
mindrapeshagoth - ping google.com         it dont work?02:19
jribseravitae: no, but you might want to check bugs.ubuntu.com while you wait as I've seen bluetooth issues popping up a lot lately02:20
shagothno, this is respective of my ubuntu server on my NAT only.02:20
shagoththe other machines ping each other fine.02:20
brandon__ does any body know how to download stuff and install them02:20
mindrapeshagoth - are you pinging from a wireless device?02:20
=== WASB is now known as Naeberius
mindrapeshagoth - your router may have AP isolation mode set.02:20
quiksilverhelp with my sound quality?02:20
mindrapequiksilver: lsmod and find the sound driver you are presently using.   then google for known issues w it02:21
jer3myI have been trying to get my wifi working for a while now, i have tried madwifi and a number of other guides to get it working, Someone pointed me to ndiswrapper, but when i install the driver and look at the screen, i notice it says "Hardware Present: No" yet i know that i have the right driver for my card, can anyone point me in the right direction? Its a Atheros AR242x card.02:21
brandon__ does any body know how to download stuff and install them02:21
Naeberiusbrandon__, go back to Windows02:21
shagothmindrape: it doesn't appear so.02:21
nyaabrandon_ there are a few ways02:21
aeosynthbrandon__: if you're trying to run windows files, get Wine02:21
mindrapejer3my: http://wireless.kernel.org/en/users/Download#DownloadlatestLinuxwirelessdrivers02:21
nyaayou can use the package installers in add/remove programs02:22
MK13Jeremy: did you make sure to uninstall madwifi, most failed attempts are from leftovers02:22
nyaato look for and install specific packages02:22
aeosynthto get it by GUI, run synaptic package manager, search for it02:22
brandon__ok wats after that02:22
jer3mymindrape, thanks02:22
nyaalook in applications02:22
StarheroI would like an opinion from anyone that is willing to give it. First let me state that, I am not exactly new to linux, I have been using it since I was 13 on and off. I am 21 now, issue is I still feel I know nothing about linux, but way more then any beginner knows. I would like to finally spend all the time I have to learn it to the point I can be in here and help everyone fix there linux issues.02:22
nyaabottom option02:22
jer3myMK13, blacklisted most of them, uninstalled them as well.02:22
quiksilvermindrape: i have no idea what im looking for on this screen02:22
StarheroThing is, I'll get bored and go back to winblows to play games...I need a project...andy suggestions?02:23
nyaawhat games starhero?02:23
Naeberiusbrandon__ who told you to install Ubuntu? Ask them. someone really should show you. Otherwise, there are online tutorials.02:23
StarheroOh I play anything, right now I am playing a mmo called runes of magic02:23
mectdoes anyone here use dcc?02:23
travisman26starhero there r good games like saurbraten and neutiz and allian areana02:23
travisman26so on02:23
nyaatry getting it to run better on linux than on windows =)02:24
waldi_mmm, sauerbraten02:24
corinthDoes anyone know of a way to get pidgin to recognize and color names like messenger plus! ?02:24
Starherogoogling those games02:24
FloodBot1Starhero: Please don't flood, use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste, don't use Enter as punctuation.02:24
jribthermod: you have flash 10 installed, not 902:24
brodymcdhi all - can someone help me come up with a command line to rip cds at a given cbr in K3B?02:25
shagothmindrape: it absolutely isn't isolating the wireless from the LAN, besides samba works over the wifi to the same server that won't ping02:25
MK13will APTonCD back up drivers installed?02:25
eseven73if you installed them via apt-get it should02:26
NaeberiusAnyway, I'm having a problem with my wireless.02:26
mindrapeshagoth: route -FC02:26
jribthermod: sudo aptitude purge flashplugin-nonfree && sudo aptitude install flashplugin-nonfree  and pastebin the output to see if you get an error02:26
obf213was there some  update that broke ubuntu internt speed02:26
mrwesbrodymcd: google ABCDE -- A Better CD Extractor, it's command line and fast02:27
thermodI have installed gnash, flash plugin is istalled but I have error 404 not found02:27
FormodeHello All, does anyone know how to set up Rhythmbox's Jamendo plugin to do Direct downloads?02:27
exodus_msNaeberius: go back to windows (not very good advice is it)02:27
CoUrPsE|DeAdCan i set a variable so instead of typing crap out all the time, just use $variable in my cmd?02:27
xxCodyHey, can someone tell me how to install jre-6u11-linux-i586-rpm.bin ? Im lost please can someone help me.02:27
CoUrPsE|DeAdAnd.. is enviroment variable only for paths02:27
meoblast001xsane said "Failed to start scanner; invalid argument"02:27
meoblast001why is it saying that02:28
eseven73dont install rpm's02:28
meoblast001should i unplug the scanner and restart it02:28
eseven73you can get JRE 6 from apt-get02:28
xxCodyOkay download something else?02:28
brodymcdmrwes: I really want a gui... but k3b needs me to put in a command line to use all the time... I'm having a tough time figuring all that out.02:28
xxCodyDo you know the command02:28
xxCodyI dont.02:28
eseven73xxCody: look in synaptic for JRE02:28
mindrapexxCody - sudo apt-get install sun-java6-jre sun-java6-bin02:28
eseven73ty mindrape02:28
aeosynthhow do i fix my xserver? when I log in, nothing happens unless I go to a terminal and run /etc/init.d/gdm restart02:29
mrwesbrodymcd: K3B is a gui, no? I use it all the time02:29
FormodeHello All, does anyone know how to set up Rhythmbox's Jamendo plugin to do Direct downloads?02:29
brodymcdmrwes: it is... but I need a command line to put in the preferences for mp302:29
Naeberiusexodus_ms oh come on, the guy was asking how to install programs!02:29
meoblast001ahh i need these pictures scanned by tomorrow02:29
meoblast001stupid scanner02:29
brodymcdit doesn't seem to have that set up by default02:29
NaeberiusThat's something a little to complicated to explain over irc02:29
grafixbadnowhello, all. I'm new to ubuntu and I want to install 8.10. I just checked the MD5 hash, and it doesn't match what is posted on UbuntuHashes site02:30
* eseven73 must try to remember full names of apps like 'sun-java6-jre' I'm bad at that! :)02:30
meoblast001i was just scanning images02:30
meoblast001why does it break now02:30
mindrapegrafixbadnow: you have a re-download in your future if the checksums dont match...02:30
mrwesbrodymcd: you can use sound juicer, it's very easy to use02:30
mindrapeeseven73 - sudo apt-cache search jre  :)02:30
CoUrPsE|DeAdCan i set a variable so instead of typing crap out all the time, just use $variable in my cmd?02:30
eseven73mindrape: that's wahat i was gonna suggest to him next02:30
quiksilverhow do i get my sound to pcm instead of master?02:30
exodus_mswifi can get a littel complicated to troubleshoot over irc as well ;-)02:30
grafixbadnowthx, mind. I figgerd as much. I was hoping the UbuntuHashes wasn't updated (stupid, I know). I figure 8.1 will fix the nagging grafix probs I'm having w/ 8.0402:31
monokromeWoo! Webcam works in Flash 10 :o02:31
CoUrPsE|DeAdsay setting an IP to $whatever and using ssh $whatever ?02:31
Luke3How do I find sound drivers for my laptop that I can install on Ubuntu?02:31
mindrapeCoUrPsE|DeAd: yes... in your .bashrc file in your $HOME directory   cd ~     cat .bashrc02:31
IndyGunFreakLuke3, whats the sound device?02:31
shagothminderape: ok, what do I do with it?02:31
CoUrPsE|DeAdmindrape, Ta.02:31
mindrapelook at the aliases section02:31
eseven73mindrape: werent you banned? I cant remember apps names , but i remember who was banned and who wasnt, anways welcome back ;P02:31
Luke3What's the sound device?02:31
mindrapeeseven73: yeah, they ban me all the time in here...02:32
mindrapeI help people in a way they dont always agree with...02:32
brodymcdmrwes: The problem I'm having is that I like to change bitrates, and these guis don't seem to have options for that without editing command lines, which is driving me nuts...02:32
mrwesbrodymcd: you using lame?02:32
CyLPlease, any help on how to remap the keyboard in ubuntu?02:32
brodymcdmrwes: yes02:32
Deinjust a quick question - let's say I want to reinstall ubuntu and I have /home on a separate partition. how to set up partitions upon reinstalling so that I get to keep my home?02:32
brodymcdmrwes: why can't I just have a bitrate dropdown?02:32
fromero69I need to edit a file called etc/init.d/mountdevsubfs.sh but I donot know how to get to it, please help me02:32
Luke3Indy, what exactly do you mean?02:32
eseven73lol ive only been banned once, cause my stupid bot went nuts in here I didnt mean for the bot to join :(  was banned for 30 days02:32
fromero69I need to edit a file called etc/init.d/mountdevsubfs.sh but I donot know how to get to it, please help me02:33
FlannelDein: You'll make a / (and whatever else you want) format it, yadda yadda.  And then mark your home partition for use as /home without partitioning it02:33
shagothmindrape: what am I looking for?02:33
mindrapeI just get banned because I troubleshoot things my own way and there are certain ops who are like "wahh... do it my way..."02:33
MK13is there anything to play proctect dvd's in linux, everything i've tried get buffer overflow etc.02:33
mindrapeshagoth - uhmmm... you were the routing issue, right?02:33
shagothmindrape: yes02:33
mrwesbrodymcd: try this:  lame --preset cbr 160 --tt %{title} --ta %{artist} --tl %{albumtitle} --ty %{year} --tn %{number} --tg %{genre} %f %o02:33
=== JamesMowery is now known as JamesMowery|away
DeinFlannel: so, I just select the mount point /home on my partition where it's now, and not format it? won't that make permission problems?02:33
Starherohmm I do have an issue before I can even try those games02:33
shagothmindrape: I don't see a route to the server, needless to say.02:33
Starheromy sound card drivers will not compile correctly02:34
FlannelDein: How would it be a permission problem?02:34
fromero69I need to edit a file called etc/init.d/mountdevsubfs.sh but I donot know how to get to it, please help me02:34
Starheronormally these drivers come with most distros02:34
mrwesbrodymcd: or  lame -q 2 -b 128 --cbr --tt %title --ta %albumartist --tl %albumtitle --ty %year --tn %number %f %o02:34
CyLPlease, any advice o how to get acents and ubuntu working corrctly together?02:34
mindrapeshagoth - well thats problemo numero uno.  :)02:34
CoUrPsE|DeAdmindrape, Does basrhrc have to be rehashed somehow?02:34
mindrapeshagoth - iptables -L   any rulesets blocking ping?02:34
DeinFlannel: well, if my home files have permissions set for me, will the new installation see that home as my home?02:34
Naeberiusfromero69: go to places>computer02:34
mindrapeCoUrPsE|DeAd: you probably have to cycle your term... logout and back in.02:34
paul9900Hey guys...got a little problem...02:34
mindrapeCoUrPsE|DeAd: or just kill the term and start a new one.02:34
CoUrPsE|DeAdokies, ta.02:35
MK13fromero69: just type "gedit 'etc/init.d/mountdevsubfs.sh' "02:35
Starheromake[2]: *** [alsactl_init.7] Error 12702:35
FlannelDein: It will see it as you.  You will want to match up UIDs if possible.02:35
Naeberiusthen filesystem02:35
brodymcdmrwes - do I need to take out the words like "albumtitle" or leave them in?02:35
fromero69sweet thanks02:35
shagothmindrape: nope. not on either box.02:35
Starheromake[1]: *** [install-recursive] Error 102:35
paul9900stuck in bootloader 2.5 and cannot connect to WMDC...any way out of it?02:35
CoUrPsE|DeAdmindrape, Does that stick?02:35
DeinFlannel: well, most certainly it'll be the same. still didn't hurt to ask :) thank you02:35
Starheromake[1]: Leaving directory `/root/Desktop/realtek-linux-audiopack-5.09/alsa-utils-1.0.18/alsactl'02:35
Starheromake: *** [install-recursive] Error 102:35
Starherocp: cannot create link `/usr/lib64/libasound.so': No such file or directory02:35
Starherocp: cannot create link `/usr/lib64/libasound.so.2': No such file or directory02:35
MK13fromero:you may need to use sudo infront02:35
FloodBot1Starhero: Please don't flood, use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste, don't use Enter as punctuation.02:35
StarheroRemove Folder.....02:35
shagothwell, not the server nor the machine i'm on right now.02:35
Starheroinstall: 101: alsaconf: not found02:35
mindrapeCoUrPsE|DeAd: stick?  its permanent til you change it...02:35
FlannelDein: As long as the UIDs remain the same, you'll be fine.02:35
CoUrPsE|DeAdmindrape, cool.02:35
Fife3951I have a fuppes question if anyone can help me... having trouble with an install.  When installing the package, it says "error:dependancy not available: libavcodec1d."  If I try and get it through synaptic, it says that the file is no longer available.02:35
mrwesbrodymcd: try this one first:  lame -q 2 -b 128 --cbr --tt %title --ta %albumartist --tl %albumtitle --ty %year --tn %number %f %o02:36
mrwesbrodymcd: leave in the title, etc.02:36
aeosynthwhen I log in, gdm doesn't start; hitting ctrl+alt+backspace and relogging in starts everything fine. how do I fix this?02:36
CyLPlease, any advice o how to get accents and ubuntu working correctly together?02:36
jribthermod: alright, grab the tar.gz from adobe's site02:36
mindrapeFife3951: try sudo apt-get install libavcodec5102:37
mrwesbrodymcd: when not use the default sound juicer to rip audio cd's?02:37
jribthermod: and « sudo aptitude purge flashplugin-nonfree »02:37
eseven73what file is 'history' for bash saved in?02:37
NaeberiusSo my wireless stops working after about 20 minutes.02:37
Naeberiusfaster if im running torrents02:37
brodymcdmrwes - I often want 192, sometimes 6402:37
biouserwhere can I steal the avatars that Gnome has for my files?02:38
brodymcdmrwes- don't know how to change it02:38
aeosynthwhen I log in, gdm doesn't start; hitting ctrl+alt+backspace and relogging in starts everything fine. how do I fix this?02:38
jimmyubuntu apple gobble02:39
Bitfishbiouser, /usr/share/icons02:39
shagothmindrape: routing was add the wrinkle that the server on the wire can ping the machines on the wifi but not vice versa.02:40
mewshiHi.  Can I get some help with xorg.conf?02:40
shagotherr...routing wise02:40
xxCodyI installed java  sudo apt-get install sun-java6-jre sun-java6-bin and now im at Configurin sun-java6-jre02:40
mindrapemewshi - ask a specific question and we'll try to help.02:40
xxCodyNow what? I cant do nothing02:40
StarheroI think i may have fixed it on my own, compiling and installing now.02:40
mewshiI installed a new version of udev (from jaunty) and now it's not finding my keyboard or mouse.02:41
mindrapexxCody - is there some sort of license agreement it wants you to accept to proceed?02:41
fromero69is there a way to see what all the programs that I have running and to close them? because one has disappeared and I cannot close it02:41
fromero69is there a way to see what all the programs that I have running and to close them? because one has disappeared and I cannot close it02:41
mewshiLast time, I had to add the lines to xorg.conf myself, and I managed to get the keyboard working.  Can someone please help me out with this?02:41
xxCodyJust at the bottom it says <ok> i hit enter nothing happens02:41
fromero69sorry for double type02:41
mindrapefromero69: ps aux | grep "progname"02:41
Starherofromero69 ...yeah what midrape said02:41
Starhero...lol nice name02:42
fromero69from terminal?02:42
mindrapefromero69: if you dont know the name of it then      ps aux | more02:42
NaeberiusWhen I turn on my laptop, the wireless works fine for 20 minutes or so, then it just stops. Unsecured networks connect but never get access, and secured networks run into a problem verifying the key.02:42
Naeberiusthe only fix i've found is restarting02:42
juliahi all could use help getting brightness keys working on a new vaio02:42
bernhardis aptitude still recommended for updating?02:43
mindrapefromero69: then once you've found it look for the PID and           sudo kill -9 PID#02:43
Fife3951mindrape: i thought i already tried that... but it seemed to work!  Thank you!02:43
Starheroisn't there a taskman type gui program?02:43
mindrapeFife3951: no problemo02:43
mindrapeStarhero - yeah...02:43
Flannelbernhard: There's no benefit over the others, no.02:43
juliaif i just try to change the proc values permission is denied, even if I use sudo02:43
mindrapexfce4-taskmanager is what I use sometimes...02:43
Starherosince i swear I had one once02:43
enovativi have tried to change permissions on the user directories and restarted my laptop...tried to log in as a user to see i that user could access my files, and  for some reason it was said that the "/home/username" did not exist02:43
Starherowill it work on gnome?02:43
mindrapeprobably a gnome- one as well02:43
enovativwhy is this?02:43
jribthermod: after you do that, put the libflashplayer.so in your ~/.mozilla/plugins/02:43
mindrapeenovativ: cd /home           ls -alh02:44
Starherolook for it in apititude02:44
xxCodySomeone please help i installed java  sudo apt-get install sun-java6-jre sun-java6-bin and now im stuck on package comfiguration in the terminal. It doesnt tell me to hit enter or... okay or anything.02:44
jribxxCody: what do you see exactly?02:44
mewshiCan anyone help me? :(02:44
bernhardFlannel: i heard from a lot of guys that it handles deps better; also debian reocmmends using aptitude02:44
enovativmindrape: i was trying to do it thru "user and groups"02:44
mindrapexxCody - are you in console mode?  Get back to X  (ALT F6   or maybe its F7?)  and then see if a window popped up for you to click something.02:44
thermodFirefox can't see the plugin...02:44
mindrapeenovativ - well you will need to use gksudo if you want to do any changes to other users other than your own...02:44
jribthermod: did you copy the file where I said and restart firefox?02:45
mindrapemewshi - xorg.conf problems?02:45
xxCodyI had to press f12 or f11 to se it02:45
enovativmindrape: use gksudo at the command prompt02:45
mindrapemewshi - sudo apt-get install pastebinit                          sudo cat /etc/X11/xorg.conf | pastebinit02:46
mindrapemewshi - give me the URL In this channel...02:46
mewshiI can't install anything02:46
=== cexpert1 is now known as TBotNik
mewshiI have to do this from the livecd02:46
mindrapeoh lol02:46
Rocking-WI have flock extracted to my desktop but need the command to install it please02:46
mindrapeuhmmm.... so you are running Ubuntu from a live cd and your keyboard wont work?02:46
mewshiI need to add the sections for the keyboard and touchpad02:46
mindrapeRocking-W: you may need to           ./configure                 make                     make install                        and you may need sudo in front of all of those... depends on what the flock that is...02:47
ubottuSorry, I don't know anything about flock02:47
mindrapemewshi - do you know how to get to a terminal and use nano?             sudo nano /etc/X11/xorg.conf          do you need examples of a keyboard section?02:47
Dr_willisI would check the flock docs/page carefully and look for ubuntu packages.02:47
atom^xRocking-W: isnt flock a bin02:47
mewshiI need a proper keyboard section for my laptop02:47
mewshiAnd I'm on the livecd - I can, however, still edit xorg.conf :)02:48
fromero69is there a difference between ubuntu 8.10 intreped and ubuntu 8.10 intreped ibex?02:48
Rocking-Wtar bz2?02:48
Starherohmm i still can't seem to get this sound to work02:48
nyaa__fromero69 they are the same thing one's just a shortened name02:48
Dr_willisfromero69,  the full cute name is   intreped ibex,02:48
fromero69k ty02:48
mrwesbrodymcd: instead of vbr use the -b 112 setting02:48
Luke3On Skype for Linux when I try to call someone it says "problem with audio playback"02:49
Luke3Is that my speakers or microphon02:49
StarheroIf anyone knows what the Asus G1 is that is my laptop, that is here for ref. on what my hardware is02:49
atom^xRocking-W: extract to home dir:cd to flock dir then run flock02:49
Starheroit uses the RTHD driver02:49
StarheroI am wondering if I will need to reboot linux for the sound that was ...supposivly ...compiled to work...02:49
Brack10anyone have any luck integrating Ubuntu with Active directory via likewise open?02:50
ldleworkIs there an easy way I can convert my default Python 2.5 to Python 2.6?02:50
StarheroBut if I am not mistaken, this isn't windows.. :) windows loves to reboot02:50
Rocking-Wthanks atom^x02:50
nyaa__Starhero: I had to reboot once to get something to work, it's rare but it happens02:50
Starherook then, I will be back02:50
spiritwebbHave a question involving the 3d02:51
atom^xRocking-W: no prob02:51
spiritwebbI have a Daewoo 719b monitor and when I attempt to run anything 3d, like Blender for example02:51
spiritwebbit wont work, all I get are lines across the screen...how do I fix this?02:51
nyaa__sprirtwebb have you enabled the 3d drivers?02:51
spiritwebbinstalling the OpenGL and Python, then yes...otherwise how do I enable them?02:52
nyaa__spiritwebb go to system > administration > hardware drivers02:52
spiritwebbthe only thing in my hardware drivers are the wireless drivers...thats it02:53
nyaa__what graphics card do you have?02:54
miranda_psispiritweb: what graphics a=card do you have?02:54
spiritwebbthats a good question...this computer was givin to me.02:54
spiritwebbits a built in graphics card I know that02:54
nyaa__I sent a dialog to you02:54
miranda_psispritwebb: try "lspci | grep VGA"02:55
spiritwebbIntel Corportaion 82815 Chipset Graphcs Controller (CGC) (rev 02)02:56
Flannelbernhard: That hasn't really been accurate for a couple of years now.02:57
sirikerhello all02:57
spiritwebblike I said, I'm running a Daewoo 719b monitor, would that be the cause, or...?02:57
miranda_psispiritwebb: yeah - that looks like a built in intel graphics02:59
miranda_psispiritwebb: can you paste up the contents of you /etc/X11/xorg.conf file to pastebin?02:59
spiritwebbyeah, so I'm trying to figure out why when I run like Blender or Anim8or, the program opens, but horizontal lines go everywhere, and I can't see it.02:59
spiritwebbidk how to do that03:00
spiritwebbim new to Ubuntu03:00
miranda_psi!paste | spiritwebb03:00
ubottuspiritwebb: pastebin is a service to post multiple-lined texts so you don't flood the channel. The Ubuntu pastebin is at http://paste.ubuntu.com (make sure you give us the URL for your paste - see also the channel topic)03:00
CoUrPsE|DeAdspiritwebb, sudo apt-get install pastebinit03:00
miranda_psispiritwebb: to open the file just use any text editor you like...03:00
CoUrPsE|DeAdthen: pastebinit /etc/X11/xorg.conf03:01
jtajispiritwebb: do you have compiz enabled?03:01
donavan_opion question here .... I currently have 2gb of ram running at 667 but I have another 2gbs sitting here that will only run at 400 mhz is it worth it to loose the speed and gain the ram?03:01
jtajispiritwebb: system > prefs > appearance > visual effects tab... set to None03:02
spiritwebbhave what enabled...<<< is so lost03:02
DasEidonavan:spoke in the dark no, depends on your habits/needs03:02
spiritwebboh, yeah its set to none03:03
donavan_DasEi.... I dont game or really run any 3d apps ... I do run virtual machines though03:03
DasEidonavan:as this isn't ubuntu related, pm me or ask #hardware03:04
felixsullasudo sh ./VboxLinuxAdditions-x86.run03:04
felixsullaThat just produces sh: Can't open ./VboxLinuxAdditions-x86.run03:04
felixsullaAnyone know whats wrong?03:04
sirikeri hate linux03:05
obf213me too03:05
sirikeroh, my friend03:05
mindrapeobvious trolls are obvious.03:05
mindrapehi rowa03:06
mindrapeand bye...03:06
schmiddy`Hi.. I am trying to make a .deb of a Python package called ffnet. I've already made a need-packaging bug request (# 317741) , but am trying to build on my own and encountering difficulties03:06
juliaanyone know the cause? : echo -n 20 > /proc/acpi/video/OVGA/DD02/brightness03:06
juliabash: /proc/acpi/video/OVGA/DD02/brightness: Permission denied03:06
schmiddy`I have a  snipped paste of the output after running "dpkg-buildpackage -us -uc" (I'm following the instructions for debianing a Python distutils package here: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/PackagingGuide/Python ) -- the paste is here: http://pastebin.com/m16d7cea003:07
keith__All of the sudden, my videos are playing in slow motion and I don't think I did anything to cause it... anyone know how to fix it?03:07
juliaits on a vaio and I can't set the brighness03:07
iNtERrUpTdoes anybody know how to fix this problem about ss5?03:07
iNtERrUpT[ERRO] Error opening log file$03:07
iNtERrUpTSystem Error:03:07
iNtERrUpT: No such file or directory03:07
inertialwhat should i do to make a usb device that is not accessible as a normal user accessible? it is not a storage device03:07
sirikerkeith__, format this PC03:08
Claire2009HELP! - need to find out what version of mozilla firefox i'm using firstly.03:08
StarheroOk I am back03:08
Starherosound is working03:08
mindrapeClaire2009: pull it up and go to the Help -> About menu03:08
miranda_psiClaire2009: open firefox and go help -> about03:08
Claire2009mindrape - thanks03:08
Claire2009miranda_psi - also, thanks03:09
=== Bllasae is now known as IAMHERE
StarheroAnyone know anything about unetbootin? I have another computers that is not finding the root FS on boot03:09
jmiller56Claire go into the terminal and type in firefox --version03:09
StarheroI am stuck in a bash shell03:09
mindrapeStarhero - type exit  ?03:09
space_cadethey all, anyone ever heard of this...     someone removed ubuntu 8.04, clean installed 8.10  then booted to linux, then booted to windows...   in windows (after this process)  his network card says "network cable unplugged"03:09
Claire2009second question - does anyone know if 3.0.5 is the most up-to-date version of firefox?03:09
StarheroNo I mean on another computer mindrape03:09
mindrapeClaire2009: go to www.getfirefox.com and find out.03:09
Claire2009mindrape - k03:10
StarheroI have this Asus G1 that is on ubunto03:10
mindrapeStarhero  -  login on another tty and ps aux and kill the pid of the bash session?03:10
workingchairHey guys, I see that the Doom game's source code is free, but how do I get the actual game?03:10
Claire2009mindrape - found info. thanks03:10
StarheroOk let me state again, I have another computer that is trying to boot a live cd and it can't find the root filesystem03:10
sirikeri hate fedora, i love ubuntu03:10
sirikerhaak haak03:11
jmiller56fedora is wicked too03:11
mindrapesiriker: can we help you w something?03:11
jmiller56some good things about it as well03:11
Starherosiriker funny, i am installing that distro on another pc03:11
Starheronever tryed it03:11
keith__siriker: That would be one option... yes. However, I think I shall try restarting first.03:12
CyLHow do I change character encoding in ubuntu?03:12
StarheroWho here things they are REALLY REALLY REALLY good at linux, if so, I need your help...since if I can learn how to do what I am about to do on the other pc...i can then use almost any linux03:12
space_cadet  someone removed ubuntu 8.04, clean installed 8.10  then booted to linux, then booted to windows...   in windows (after this process)  his network card says "network cable unplugged"03:13
mindrapeStarhero - why dont you just ask the Q and we will see if anybody knows...03:13
StarheroThe computer I am speaking of is currently stuck at (one would assume) and emergency bash shell, it CANNOT find the root file system.03:13
=== DrUnKnMuNkY1 is now known as DrUnKnMuNkY
Claire2009question - does anyone know why some videos on youtube skip?03:14
mindrapeStarhero -what were you trying to do?  did you pass special parameters to grub to get to where you are?03:14
StarheroFIrst you must kno how I am installing fedora, or any linux distro for that matter. I am sure you have heard of UNETBOOTIN03:14
mindrapeClaire2009: you probably have a crappy video card or small amt of RAM.03:14
rsmith16384claire some have higher bandwidth than others03:14
Claire2009i have high bandwidth.03:14
rsmith16384and may not bode well with your connection03:14
Starherothat is the only way i can ...since I don't have cds.03:14
thermodjrib are you here?03:15
mindrapeClaire2009: having a fast internet connection is only part of it.  You also need to have a good graphics card and enough system memory to be able to run things w/o it being "skippy"03:15
rsmith16384skip at the same spot everytime?03:15
rsmith16384or is it different everytime?03:15
StarheroWhat is wrong with it tho is that alot of distros can't mount the root files system....i am baffled on why some and not all03:15
Claire2009mindrape - i haven't had a problem with youtube until tonight03:16
threadanybody have any idea why my video in, say, totem-gstreamer might be stretched vertically?03:16
threadexample: http://threadbox.net/broke-gstreamer.png03:16
DasEispace_cadet: maybe the truth ?03:16
mindrapespace_cadet: in Windows you need to go to Device Manager and see if there are issues w the device.. i'd ask in #windows03:17
rsmith16384space, linux did it03:17
tonsofpcsthread: scaling? pixel aspect combined with image aspect settings?03:17
space_cadetmindrape, he has, to no avail03:17
sirikerwho like fedora, put your hand up03:17
rsmith16384it BROKE the card03:17
space_cadetrsmith16384, but it still works in linux03:17
rsmith16384horrable linux03:17
Claire2009i burn all fedora03:17
threadtonsofpcs, any idea where i would tweak such settings?03:17
iNtERrUpTdoes anyone know about ss5?03:17
tonsofpcsthread: in the prefs/options/settings of that app maybe? [nfc]03:18
ubottuSorry, I don't know anything about ss503:18
DasEispace_cadet: there is no special with linux, it's a windows prob then (or a connection, f.e. router) prob03:18
miranda_psithread: its probably misreading the video aspect or the video file has incorrect aspect ratio03:18
threadmiranda_psi, the video file is fine. I can play them back fine in x11 mode03:18
threadbut the performance is terrible03:18
threadwhere is the aspect ratio configured (that ... i guess gstreamer is gonna read from)03:19
Nautilus__What's the best way to install Flash? It's been a few days but I think I just went to their site and downloaded the 'deb for ubuntu' version but didn't get it installed03:19
whackedthanks for helping SpaceCadet03:19
KB1OHYhow come in Ubuntu 8.10 I installed gnome the user manager doesn't work? It doesn't list any accounts or anything.03:19
CoUrPsE|DeAdI think my gfx drivers are no good.03:19
sirikermy hdd is very noisy, i broken it. i should buy ssd ?03:20
whackedit is I that is having issues with windows xp03:20
CoUrPsE|DeAdcan someone please help me to set virusal effects other than to none?03:20
mindrapesiriker: no.03:20
ubottuIf you're having problems with sound, first ensure ALSA is selected, by double clicking on the volume control, then File -> Change Device (ALSA Mixer). If that fails, see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Sound - https://help.ubuntu.com/community/SoundTroubleshooting - http://alsa.opensrc.org/DmixPlugin - For playing audio files, see !Players and !MP303:20
CoUrPsE|DeAdi have radeon 9700 pro.03:20
Nautilus__siriker: probably not, pricey for the good ones.  google for 'SSD stutter'03:20
whackedimmediately after preforming a clean install of 8.10 on my dual boot03:20
miranda_psithread: what do you mean its fine in x11 mode?03:21
threadmiranda_psi, gstreamer-properties ... i was able to configure the gstreamer video driver there03:21
whackedyeah but pulse audio takes over Alsa03:21
whackedwell it did in my case03:21
whackedi had to disable all of pulse audio in order to get my sound card to work03:22
miranda_psithread: that is just the driver that gstreamer uses to output the video (it shouldn't affect the video ratio)03:22
whackedi have a M-audio 24/96 card03:22
threadmiranda_psi, well it does.03:22
space_cadetwhacked me to.03:22
space_cadetwhacked asus m70vm-x1 on the message boards is me.03:22
miranda_psithread: what driver where you having problems with?03:22
FezzlerAnyone have a Palm device working with Evolution?  USB cradle?03:23
threadmiranda_psi, Xv. it makes the video nice and smooth.03:23
Nautilus__how to install Flash? If via Synaptic, which is the right package (numerous ones found by searching for flash)03:23
GullyFoyle /quit03:23
sirikeri have intel extream CPU03:23
sirikerit is very cheep03:23
whackedwell if you decide to install ubuntu here a fix for sound card03:23
whackedi would like to try the RT kernel for linux03:25
whackedbut my system does not like it03:25
miranda_psithread: yes xv is more efficient than the x11 driver - do you get the same problem with other players (e.g. mplayer)03:25
mindrapewhacked: what are you doing that requires a RT OS?03:25
threadmiranda_psi, yeah, I get the same issue in miro as it employs gstreamer... mplayer works fine, though03:25
whackednothing really other than testing03:25
miranda_psithread: using xv in mplayer?03:26
whackedwhere can you check latency on linux commmand or something03:26
dalene one in here who wouldn't mind helping a newbie03:26
=== IAMHERE is now known as Bllasae
ubottuPlease don't ask to ask a question, simply ask the question (all on ONE line, so others can read and follow it easily). If anyone knows the answer they will most likely reply. :-)03:26
sirikeri want buy intel Q6600 querd core, how much it is ?03:26
threadmiranda_psi, yeah, actually... it is the xv driver that is working fine for mplayer03:27
DasEisiriker: #hardware,   ebay03:27
daletrying to learn how to compile and install the latest openmovieeditor03:27
sirikershould i go to ebay ?03:27
DasEi!ot > siriker03:28
ubottusiriker, please see my private message03:28
miranda_psithread: then its probably a problem with the way gstreamer is talking to the xv driver - if you want to use the xv driver with totem you could try totem-xine03:28
ubottu#ubuntu is the Ubuntu support channel, for all Ubuntu-related support questions. Please use #ubuntu-offtopic for other topics. Thanks!03:28
mindrapeDasEi - he's a troll... feel free to use that /ignore feature03:28
Fezzleranyone know anything a about a new device "usb:" as opposed to "ttyusb0" or "ttyusb1"03:28
DasEimindrape: thx for info03:28
whackedwhere can you check latency on linux   ? command or something ? for sound card03:29
whackedis this too off topic03:29
ShakedownI'm trying to use rsync and it's using ssh, which I have a passphrase set up for, so rsync is prompting me for the passphrase for the ssh key, yet it's giving me the "Permission denied (publickey)" message. What does this mean?03:29
Fezzlermy last Ubuntu hurdle - getting my Palm m500 to sync with Evolution.  But how?03:30
threadmiranda_psi, yeah, xine is an option... i'd sorta rather just figure out what's wrong with gstreamer tho03:30
threadmiranda_psi, we'll try at this a little longer ;) thanks anyway03:30
whackedi am confused about best configuration for sound card with linux, with windows it was easy get the asio driver to bypass windows core = nice latency03:30
nyaa__does anyone know a way to clear your cached ram that works in 8.10?03:30
Fracturedhey guys is there anyway to put multiple linux OSs on one USB sticks bootable? ala with grub?03:30
mindrapewhacked: http://www.lmgtfy.com/?q=ubuntu+latency+sound+card&btnG=Search03:30
sirikeri want change shell text color, how can i do ?03:31
Rocking-Watom^x:  i found the addy for flock deb download with installer03:31
mindrapesirikir    .bashrc03:31
DasEiFractured: that will work if usb is big enough03:31
Fractured8 gigs should do it?03:31
Rocking-Watom^x:  should I post the addy?03:32
fromero691hi guys I am trying to edit a file but it will not let me save it, it says I do not have permission to save03:32
joeb3_Shakedown, if you are trying to use ssh keys, you need to load ssh-agent03:32
fromero691how do I get around it?03:32
nyaa__wouldn't it need to partition the thumb drive in some cases?  0_o03:32
whackedwhy thank you Mindrape03:32
mindrapefromero691: gksudo gedit /path/to/thefile03:32
miranda_psithread: maybe try the gstreamer channel (/join #gstreamer)03:32
Shakedownbut I can ssh into the machine I want to rsync to03:32
mindrapeanytime Whacked03:32
threadmiranda_psi, i asked there first :)03:32
DasEiFractured: 2 distros, if you absolutely want to 3, recommended 103:32
ShakedownThe passphrase works when using ssh, but when using rsync, which appears to go through ssh, the passphrase doesn't work03:33
joeb3_Shakedown, from the same terminal window?03:33
sirikeri open .bashrc file, how can i do ?03:33
atom^xRocking-W: if it is not an official deb file i would not...03:33
Rocking-Wit is03:33
erossrunning gnome or just about any other window manager, why when i press the right mouse button sometimes the window expands and other times i can move it around like I intended to??03:33
erosspressing button on the title bar of the window, such as pidgin or other open app03:34
Rocking-Watom^x:  it's at deb get03:34
erossoops i meant left mouse button, sorry03:34
atom^xRocking-W: if it came from ubuntu then it should be fine03:34
Ent[R]opyI've installed Ubuntu Server Edition and chose the LAMP installation at setup. I'm intending to use Python. However what i'm wondering is what interface Ubuntu has installed between Python and Apache. Is it mod_Python or FastCGI or...?03:34
bernhardis there a webcam utility for kde?03:35
Ent[R]opyDoes anyone happen to know?03:35
mindrapeEnt[R]opy: looks like modpython03:35
Ent[R]opyAre you sure?03:36
Firewall27Hola amigosssssss necesitaria que alguien me ayude con el sonido en Ubunut 8.403:36
sirikeri want to change shell text color, explain detail please03:36
mindrapeEnt[R]opy: based on googling            ubuntu LAMP python httpd.conf          the AddHandler mod_python .py comes up03:36
Fracturedya i just want like 2 distros03:36
edju_at boot, every boot message shows up twice as everything scrolls by.  no problems actually booting - it's just irksome.   2.6.24-22-generic kernel.  any suggestions appreciated.03:36
Ent[R]opyOk thanks, that must be it then. Just wanted to know.03:36
Firewall27alguien habla español¿03:36
Bob_Doleso, how do I create a launcher using 2 commands? like.. CDing to a folder, and then running the program?03:36
whackedIf i boot from cd, Windows Xp cd on a dual boot will i be able to boot past grub loader and eventually get to allocation of disk section of install ?03:36
mindrapesiriker: http://www.lmgtfy.com/?q=bash+change+color+.bashrc03:36
Bob_Doleand then running as porgram in that folder*]03:37
whackedsorry maybe wrong location03:37
sirikerthax mindrape03:37
sirikerthanx mindrape03:37
Firewall27how can help me,  whit sound in ubuntu 8.4 and pulse audio¿????? pleaseeeeeeeee03:37
CoUrPsE|DeAdI have nothing in my Hardware drivers cept for "no hardware is using any properity drivers"03:37
mib_y0wmiocan somebody help me03:37
jimmy_hoffaThe Illuminati is REAL! Go to these websites and educate yourself before it's too late for humanity: projectcamelot.org disclose.tv. abovetopsecret.com and google: Zeitgeist movie. Please educate yourself to the truth.03:37
CoUrPsE|DeAdAny ideas how to install the ATI binary drivers?03:37
mindrapejimmy_hoffa: you want to get banned or would you like to leave?03:37
Melikany good GUI programs capable of streaming to a icecast server?03:38
mindrape!spam jimmy_hoffa03:38
ubottuError: I am only a bot, please don't think I'm intelligent :)03:38
erossis there a ubuntu hardware irc channel?03:38
iNtERrUpTubottu, i knew you're idiot.03:38
ubottuError: I am only a bot, please don't think I'm intelligent :)03:38
iNtERrUpTok ok03:38
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DasEi!spam | jimmy_hoffa03:39
mindrapeeross - ubuntu is a distribution.. it doesnt have specialized hardware.03:39
ZuwerHi. Someone happened to my PC and now I get Grub: Error 2203:39
Firewall27my firend's...03:39
Firewall27some one help me???03:39
eross!ask, Firewall2703:39
ubottuSorry, I don't know anything about ask, Firewall2703:39
Firewall27and sory whit me english :P03:39
ubottuPlease don't ask to ask a question, simply ask the question (all on ONE line, so others can read and follow it easily). If anyone knows the answer they will most likely reply. :-)03:39
DasEiZuwer: seems grub can't find needed files, see:03:39
ubottuGRUB is the default Ubuntu boot manager. Lost GRUB after installing Windows? See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/RestoreGrub - GRUB how-tos: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/GrubHowto03:40
LaQuirrELLhi all   i have a bit of an emergency [for me]   One of my harddrives is too full and i don't know what to do can anyone help03:40
erosswell there should be a hardware compatibility channel03:40
DasEiZuwer: first link, or check manually menu.lst and according files03:40
Bob_Dole"one line" is relative. currently what takes up one line on my normal PC takes up 3-4 on this one. small resolution :)03:40
ZuwerI've tried that Grub thing, and it didn't work.03:40
Faust-Cim trying to create a wireless AP for my home network using a USB WWAN card and a linksys lan card03:41
mindrapeLaQuirrELL: df -h and confirm its full to the brim... du -h --max-depth 1 /     <--- that will show you from the root whats consuming most03:41
whackedhas anyone performed a clean install of windows on a dual boot with linux and grub ?03:41
erossi have to press my wireless mouse button really hard to grab and move a window, or it will just expand the window, in gnome.03:41
Bob_DoleWindows installed after linux will break things03:41
Firewall27How can I set my ubuntu 8.4 sound to be played simultaneously by more than 1 program?????03:41
dataspydoes anybody know the command to show all computers on your network?03:41
Faust-Cim using firestarter and still cant get things to work correctly03:41
uberFUBARhi, what's the command to find out who is accessing shared network files?03:42
mindrapedataspy - you can nmap to get a list...03:42
whackedoh great03:42
LaQuirrELLif i try to start a program or try to delete anything i get an error msg03:42
Bob_Dolelinux installed after windows is a -much- better idea03:42
sirikeri installed linux and i want to install windowsXP, help me in configure TT03:42
erossFirewall27 - are you using onboard audio on the motherboard?03:42
LaQuirrELLand i can't start a terminal03:42
Firewall27How can I set my ubuntu 8.4 sound to be played simultaneously by more than 1 program?03:42
whackedbut i can no longer connect with windows03:42
whackedto the internet03:42
DasEi!who | zuwer03:42
ubottuzuwer: As you can see, this is a large channel. If you're speaking to someone in particular, please put their nickname in what you say (use !tab), or else messages get lost and it becomes confusing :)03:42
dcsollowshow do i get the ubuntustudio default login screen to appear instead of the text based terminal03:43
whackedafter preforming a clean install of 8.1003:43
Firewall27How can I set my ubuntu 8.4 sound to be played simultaneously by more than 1 program?03:43
DasEi zuwer : got a live cd ?03:43
dcsollowsFirewall27: try pulse?03:43
Faust-CFirewall27: ive only had luck doing that w/ either alsa or oss03:43
dubican anyone tell me how i can be 1337?03:43
Faust-Cbut depends on snd card03:43
Bob_DoleHow do you do multiples commands on one line in CLI? I mean, without hitting enter.03:43
whackedi tried Mark solution for getting pulse audio to work no luck03:44
FezzlerLast call.  How do I enable a device (ttyUSB0) using undev or editing fstab etc.03:44
Faust-CBob_Dole: && or ;03:44
Barnabasbob : ;03:44
Bob_DoleFaust-C, Thank you.03:44
Faust-CFezzler: that a usb nic03:44
Fezzlertrying to get older Palm sync'd with Evolution03:44
dubiFaust-C what is the difference between && and ;03:44
Faust-CFezzler: oic .... thats a odd one03:44
LaQuirrELLmindrape:  my root hard drive is 99% full03:44
grinncan anybody help me configure evolution?03:44
FezzlerFaust-C: Come again?03:44
Faust-C& will run all at the same time03:44
dayo_i've set my root password. how do i remove it again?03:45
DasEiBob_Dole: && is a conjunction, but if cmd fails, it brackes, gotto check redirecting or - better n trickier- scripting03:45
Faust-C; waits till its done w/ first command03:45
mindrapeLaQuirrELL: can you CTRL ALT F2 and login?03:45
sirikeri want to rest, bye -03:45
ShakedownAnybody know a tutorial on how to set up an rsync server?03:45
Faust-CShakedown: thats easy03:45
EnissayIn compiz, how to know wich viewport match with wich desktop?03:45
ShakedownWalk me through it then, please03:45
LaQuirrELLmindrape   will try03:45
Firewall27if you try to configure all audio press like this in this picture http://www.subirimagenes.com/imagen-pantallazo-1825922.html , but not funcionaa, only the sound one application ..03:45
Faust-CShakedown: google for it, its very east03:45
ShakedownI've found a tutorial on everythinglinux.org/rsync, but it's leaving out some details I don't know how to deal with03:46
ZuwerDasEi: Yes I do.03:46
ZuwerDasEi: PM would be easier?03:46
doc|homeanyone using amd64 managed to get skype working?03:46
Faust-CShakedown: such as03:46
doc|homeI'm having a problem with sound output03:46
doc|home"Problem with audio playback"03:46
ShakedownSetting up the rsyncd.conf file03:47
ShakedownAnd the various other files given in the .conf03:47
Firewall27Know someone fix this?03:47
whackedproblem with sykpe and pulse audio i read somewhere recently03:47
[[mandrix]]the heck... someone is messing with the network again03:47
dayo_i've set my root password. how do i remove it again?03:47
ubottuDo not try to guess the root password, that is impossible. Instead, realise the truth... there is no root password. Then you will see that it is 'sudo' that grants you access and not the root password. Look at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/RootSudo03:47
Firewall27Where can I get official support for Ubuntu??03:48
grinnwhat do i write for "server" on evolution for a gmail account?03:48
Firewall27Where can I get official support for Ubuntu?03:48
Firewall27Where can I get official support for Ubuntu?03:48
Bob_DoleMostly, I'm having issues starting a command line app with a launcher, trying to start folding@home but it is bloody well determined to use the wrong directory(starts a new work directory and config file)03:48
rwwgrinn: Are you using IMAP or POP?03:48
doc|homewhacked: any idea how to fix it?03:49
Firewall27yes but chat....03:49
CryptZombieAnyone around to help me with a desktop install boot problem?03:49
Ultraputzwhat is the name of the icon that nautilus uses to show trash in the shortcut sidebar ?03:49
grinnrww: i believe it's imap03:49
Bob_DoleI can do it in the terminal, but not with a launcher03:49
whackedtrying using alsa drivers03:49
Ultraputzfor that matter, is there a list ?03:49
grinnrww: that's what i iremember using for my phone03:49
ShakedownFaust-C: What do you think?03:49
cliffordJOIN #VNC03:49
rwwgrinn: The settings you'll need are at https://mail.google.com/support/bin/answer.py?answer=78799&topic=1292003:49
grinnthanks rww!03:49
rwwgrinn: e.g. for incoming server, do imap.gmail.com:99303:50
doc|homewhacked: got any idea where I can get info on setting that up with skype?03:50
rwwgrinn: https://mail.google.com/support/bin/answer.py?answer=78892&topic=12920 is also useful, though some of the settings it recommends aren't available in Evolution.03:50
linuxman410whats problem CryptZombie03:50
Firewall27Where can I get support oficcial in real time?03:50
Firewall27Where can I get support oficcial in real time?03:50
doc|homeFirewall27: you've been told numerous times03:50
dayo_mindrape: thank u! :-)03:51
doc|homeok, maybe you haven't03:51
CryptZombieI installed Ubuntu 8.10 via desktop install when i reboot and select the Ubuntu install it says it cant find W:\ubuntu\winboot\wubildr but i booted back into vista and check it is there03:51
kwakhi, a newbie question. How do I change a hostname03:51
Firewall27I was told, but not in real time03:51
Firewall27I was told, but not in real time03:51
doc|homeFirewall27: stop repeating03:51
whacked i just searched Skype alsa pulseaudio on google came up with some good read03:51
doc|homewhacked: cool, thanks03:51
Firewall27then hurts!03:52
linuxman410you are installing in windows03:52
dayo_kwak change it in /etc/hostname and /etc/hosts03:52
rwwFirewall27: Ubuntu is a community-supported Operating System. It's expected that non-business users will use resources like this channel and Ubuntu Forums. For businesses, Canonical offers Service Level Agreements at http://www.canonical.com/services/support03:52
kwakok. will try03:52
CryptZombieAm installing From windows yes03:52
CryptZombiethen it asked me to reboot i did, then03:52
rww!hostname | kwak03:52
ubottukwak: Use hostname <somehostname> to set the hostname, or to do it permanently: edit /etc/hostname  and /etc/hosts . WARNING! Make sure that your current hostname and /etc/hosts match, otherwise sudo may not work properly. Alternatively, use the gui at System > Administration > Networking on the "General" tab03:52
CryptZombiewhen i loaded it it said that it couldnt find that fine03:52
linuxman410sorry i know nothing much about windows have not used in ten years03:53
ShakedownSo anybody help me with the rsyncd.conf file?03:53
CryptZombieblah okie well am downloading 8.4 gonna retry with it03:53
kwakthanks y'all03:53
FezzlerAnyone know how to enable a USB device (dsmeg or ls or fstab edit?)03:54
whackeddoc|home have you seen this link above03:54
doc|homewhacked: thanks for that, this should work too http://pulseaudio.org/wiki/PerfectSetup03:54
doc|homewhacked: will try this one forst03:54
cliffordhullo. I'm running ubuntu hardy 8.01 x64 and I cannot get vnc server to work for the world from and external ip address. all internals work fine and all ports are open. here is an output of my log http://pastebin.com/d47c5616d03:54
doc|homeand then the other if that doesn't work03:54
ldleworkWhy do I get this error in Ubuntu? : http://rafb.net/p/YeIfdw67.html03:54
cliffordidlework: maybe it wasn't compressed right03:55
cliffordidlework,: do you have a different download source?03:55
CryptZombiebtw the boot demo was awsome cant wait to get this working ;)03:55
=== Gh0sty_ is now known as Gh0sty
Claire2009does anyone know if youtube has an IRC tech help channel? found out cause of my youtube problems via their forums.03:56
Claire2009their custom video players are crashing on some vids03:57
FelixZHi all. A rookie question: which option of dpkg allows me to ignore any possible dependencies during install like what 'rpm -i -nodeps' does? It seems --ignore-depends require the name of a known package.03:57
fromero691i need some help executing this line /bin/ls -l /proc/bus/usb/*/*03:57
cappicardhey folks. my usb keyboard keeps saying "unable enumerate device..."03:57
cappicardthis is intrepid... been givin me a big headache for a long t ime.03:58
Claire2009throws a million bucks into this IRC room03:58
cappicardi'm having to use windows with this damn keyboard03:58
n2diyYesterday I up dated Hardy, rebooted etc... Today, my computer was running really slow, so I logged out, and when I logged back in, I had not tool bar or system tray!?  I created a desktop icon for Xterm, and did a shutdown -h, restarted, , logged in, and the bars are back! What happened?03:58
fromero691how do I execute this line /bin/ls -l /proc/bus/usb/*/*03:59
cappicardand yet it works just fine in my bios03:59
oholiabfromero691: what's wrong with it?04:00
fromero691it says that I need to execute the line04:00
oholiabfromero691: open a terminal04:00
oholiabfromero691: type it in04:00
oholiabfromero691: press enter04:00
fromero691Add these lines to at the end of the start() function of /etc/init.d/mountdevsubfs.sh.04:00
fromero691Note that the udev permissions for the USB devices are still used. For instance, to access a USB disk you have to be member of the group disk. Execute /bin/ls -l /proc/bus/usb/*/*04:00
fromero691I tried but it said no such file04:00
dhalsimmhi, i made an sh script, it works but it didn't work from ubuntu's sessions. I changed its chmod 755, what else should I do?04:00
fromero691/bin/ls: cannot access /proc/bus/usb/*/*: No such file or directory04:01
fromero691I did type it in, and it just tells me cannot access04:02
jigphello how to extra an .cue or .bin file?04:02
fromero691anyone here? ?04:03
oholiabfromero691: it's not there on my install either04:03
fromero691so is there something wrong with that line?04:04
oholiabfromero691: what instructions are you following?04:04
fromero691I got it from there04:04
jclbrtwhat does HAL stands for04:04
dragon33hardware abstraction layer04:04
fromero691it tells me to add some extra lines to the sh file04:04
fromero691and then it tells me that I have to execute the following line, which is what I cannot get to work04:05
dragon33maybe.. so many acronyms04:05
ScubidusHey does anyone know if I can use packages from previous version of Ubuntu?04:05
FelixZfromero691: Try /bin/ls -l /proc/bus/usb/*04:05
kuwagofromero691 waht was the original question about VB?04:05
fromero691I am having trouble with my usb04:05
fromero691so I went to the website to get help04:05
fromero691and I cannot make it work04:06
oholiabfromero691: okay, if you scroll down about a third of the way down the page04:06
emhsHowdy folks.  I've got a bit of a problem.  I configured my friend's hp pavillion zv6000 for wireless using ndiswrapper under intrepid, and all of a sudden the wireless stopped working.  B44 appears to have loaded, and I need some help getting this sorted.04:06
ScubidusCan I use a package for dapper on hardy?04:06
oholiabfromero691: it appears to have ubuntu specific instructions on the abscence of /proc/bus/usb/*04:06
emhsScubidus: Sometimes.  Depends on the package, what it depends on, and how its configured.04:06
fromero691I see04:07
DasEi!paste > Zuwer04:07
fromero691I just noticed it04:07
kuwagofromero691 what versionof VB and Ubuntu are you using?04:07
Scubidusemhs: this is what I would like to install http://packages.ubuntu.com/search?keywords=airsnort04:07
enovativi am about to read and follow this link : https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Xen04:07
xorlimgood morning. I am updating ubuntu. it complains about some utf8 strings (update-manager): Virhe rivillä 2 merkissä 40: Virheellinen UTF-8-koodattu teksti - epäkelpo "<b>acpi-support</b>04:07
enovativto install Xen and use04:07
enovativis this the more updated page ?04:08
ubuntu_mindrape  are you still here?04:08
fromero691I cannot see that section on the missing file04:08
emhsScubidus: Any particular reason you need the dapper version?04:08
fromero691well I have ubuntu 8.10 and the latest VB04:08
Scubidusemhs: Cant find one for hardy04:09
nyaais there a way to clear the cached ram you have?04:09
xorlimI have not used Debian since Sarge 3.1. I think Ubuntu is less stable.04:09
oholiabfromero691: it's under "Linux Hosts"04:09
fromero691okay yeah Im getting the file now04:09
DasEinyaa:why that ? it's done automatic04:10
kuwagodid you unmount the USB first before using it in vb04:10
doc|homewhacked: thanks, it's working now. The first link was good enough.04:10
emhsScubidus: http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=82048804:10
fromero691just got the file and got this error Error: Conflicts with the installed package "virtualbox-ose"04:10
EnissayI'm using conky with compiz, to launch it i'm using a bash script wich not working, it just contains : sleep 90 && conky -c /usr/share/conkyforecast/example/conkyrc;.......   what's wrong with it?04:10
nyaaDasEi I put things into /dev/shm to speed up an application, but it won't take them out of it even if I remove them or delete them, so then it goes from ram to swap with a ton of cached memory04:11
emhsScubidus: That or get the src, and ./configure, make, sudo make install.04:11
fromero691no I did not do that04:11
n2diyYesterday I up dated Hardy, rebooted etc... Today, my computer was running really slow, so I logged out, and when I logged back in, I had not tool bar or system tray!?  I created a desktop icon for Xterm, and did a shutdown -h, restarted, , logged in, and the bars are back! What happened?04:11
fromero691I just started the VB and then mounted it04:11
Amerikanerhey guys, would very much appreciate some help, i just tried installing 8.10 but it freezes before login04:11
Scubidusehms: Thanks I'll check it out and get back to ya04:11
xorlimhow do I make my error messages English as contrasted to Finnish?04:11
emhsAnyone have some experience with wireless on an HP Pavillion zv6000 that they'd like to share?  I got it working under ndiswrapper originally, but now it's stopped all of a sudden.04:12
nyaaDasEi I tried using sync; echo 3 > /proc/sys/vm/drop_caches but that was not allowed, it seems to be the big thing people suggest for this =(04:13
SeMiCan someone here help me out?04:13
fromero691also how do I transfer files between ubuntu and the VB???04:13
Amerikaneranyone got an idea why 8.10 would freeze before login?04:13
Ent[R]opyI installed ubuntu server edition on virtual box. Everything is up and running, but when i go to in a browser in the host OS, then i the website on the webserver doesn't load. I'm probably doing it wrong right? When accessing a webserver in Virtualbox typing in a webbrowser won't do right?04:13
emhsSeMi: Ask your question and we'll find out.  We won't know until we know what you neeed help with.04:13
Ward1983if i setup noip2 it ends up with a config file woth
* Ward1983 is annoyed04:14
scuniziEnt[R]opy, only in the webbrowser of the vm you have the server in.. otherwise it will be the IP of the vm port 8004:14
enovativis this link : https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Xen the lastest in one wanted to learn Xen ?04:14
* Faust-C is still trying to make router 04:14
emhsAmerikaner: Lots of reasons.  Try forcing a startup in single-user mode.  Get lots of text output.  See what's going on.04:14
SeMiJust wondering... if I dualboot Ubuntu with XP will I need an alternate set of drivers like I had to do with Windows?04:15
ShakedownHow do I fix this: "rsync: failed to connect to <ip address>: Connection refused (111)"?04:15
Ent[R]opyscunizi, aha ok. How do i find out the ip of the vm though?04:15
Amerikanercan you tell me how to do that?04:15
linuxman410Amerikaner have you tested your memory i had same problem while back bad mem chip04:15
ubuntu_i am having a problem with a root hard drive that is too full   i cannot access anything on it to delete ot move files  can anyone help  pls?04:15
ShakedownHow can I see if a daemon is running?04:15
Amerikaneryeah linuxman, the memory was fine after the test plus i just had xp on it and it was fine04:15
scuniziEnt[R]opy, in the vm at a terminal prompt perhaps ipconfig or ifconfig.. I forgot..04:15
=== NeT_DeMoN_ is now known as NeT_DeMoN
ubuntu_i have had to use the live cd to get back online04:16
=== white-sheep is now known as kinja-sheep
ubuntu_how can i access my hardrives to fix this problem04:16
=== ubuntu_ is now known as Labud
Labudis there someway i can access them thru a terminal?04:17
Ward1983is anyone using noip2?04:17
unomiWard i am04:17
Scubidusehms: No Luck04:17
mindrapeLabud: you can mount the filesystem from your livecd04:18
Ward1983unomi, my config only contains if i set it up, so it wont work04:18
mindrapeLabud - fdisk -l            mount /dev/sda1 /mnt/OHMAN04:18
Labudok  ty mindrape  how wud i do this?04:18
unomiWard1983: whats your question?04:18
mindrapeyou may have to mkdir /mnt/OHMAN04:18
ShakedownAnybody help me with setting up rsync server?04:18
mindrapethen from there you can rm files to make space.04:18
Ward1983unomi, why does the config only ocntain if it asked me my login, password, hostname, etc04:18
mindrapeShakedown  -  www.lmgtfy.com/?q=ubuntu+rsync+server+setup04:19
Labudok   mindrape ty  iwasn't sure if i cud speak with you again  ty   for help04:19
ShakedownThere's not much on google, already tried04:19
ShakedownI've got some specific questions04:19
Ent[R]opyscunizi, i obtained the ip like you said, but it doesn't seem to work.04:20
mindrapeShakedown: what is it you wanna do specifically?04:20
unomiWard1983: dunno :)04:20
unomiworked out of the box for me04:20
DexiCan anyone help me with eggdrop setup? it launches, but it doesnt sign onto a server and I cant telnet to it04:20
Ward1983unomi, yours is not empty?04:21
mindrapeDexi #eggdrop ?04:21
Dexinobody there04:21
Mal3kohi guys..i have one question. how do we execute something using another user acc?04:21
Dexiyou were for a second04:21
mindrapeDexi - did you setup eggdrop.conf?04:21
unomiWard my /var/lib/noip2/noip2.conf is binary04:21
n2diyYesterday I up dated Hardy, rebooted etc... Today, my computer was running really slow, so I logged out, and when I logged back in, I had not tool bar or system tray!?  I created a desktop icon for Xterm, and did a shutdown -h, restarted, , logged in, and the bars are back! What happened?04:21
scuniziEnt[R]opy, from outside the vm in a browser  (Firefox) type 192.168.<whatever>:80  .... the :80 at the end is important04:21
Ward1983unomi, could you pastebin it (without your user, pass and hostname offcourse)?04:21
fromero691hi guys I need some help resolving this issue "Error: Conflicts with the installed package "vitualbox-ose"04:21
unomiward, its a binary file04:21
Deximindrape: yes, and checked it a million times... id hate to force you to look over the pastebin of it...04:21
mindrapeDexi - there is lots of online docs for eggdrop... it probably has logged onto a server and is waiting for you to talk to it via /msg  eggdrop communicates via IRC protocol, not telnet.04:21
Ward1983unomi, it uses a config04:21
mindrapeDexi - pastebin away.  :)04:21
Ent[R]opyscunizi, i did, but that did not work either. I'll try again, just to make sure.04:22
dibblegowhy isn't there a feisty directory in any of the ubuntu repositories? e.g. http://jp.archive.ubuntu.com/ubuntu/dists/04:22
kinja-sheepn2diy: My guess -- Gnome didn't ran at that time.04:22
unomiWard1983: where is your config?04:22
kinja-sheepn2diy: Neverless.  It's all good.04:22
Deximindrape: http://pastebin.com/m2ddd3e3404:22
xorlimn2diy: it is an old Linux problem that sometimes the system tray does not appear, the same problem is with old KDE and perhaps some newish GNOME. You can basically launch the systray with some such command as "systray" or some else.04:22
okraHi, just installed intrepid ibex.. having some issues with my pci sound card: http://www.pastebin.ca/1313135 xine and gstreamer also report they can't load any drivers.04:22
Ward1983unomi, /var/lib/noip2/noip2.conf04:23
unomiUsing configuration from /var/lib/noip2/noip2.conf   but that file is a binary file04:23
Ward1983unomi, aaaaaaaah ok now i get it04:23
mindrapeDexi - when you spawn the process it probably fails cause your hostname doesnt exist.... check the eggdrop.log for failures.  Also, did you log onto that IRC network and /whois the eggdrop bot?04:23
unomiyou shouldnt set anything in that yourself04:23
mindrapeDexi - if you think the name might have been taken when it logged on you can /who hostname-of-the-bot04:23
Ward1983unomi, so it jsut doesnt work then because its setup right04:23
xorlimn2diy: the system tray is basically a process just like any other process in the system. numerous things can go wrong with it so that it doesn't start automatically. then you either reboot the system (like you did) or launch the process manually (like I did 1 or 2 times in KDE).04:23
Deximindrape: second part, yeah nickname doesnt exist04:24
Ward1983unomi, no NAT support?04:24
Ent[R]opyNo luck. Didn't work. Hmmm.04:24
unomiuse the noip2 program give it the information on the command line and it will write to conf04:24
okrahttp://www.pastebin.ca/1313136 <-- Appears the modules are loaded for it too, so I'm not sure what the problem is.04:24
=== maxbaldw1n is now known as maxbaldwin
unomiWard1983: not yet :( I put it down to my router acting up though04:24
Deximindrape: i have 7 or 8 of these in the log: [17:57] * TERMINATE SIGNAL -- SIGNING OFF04:25
mindrapeDexi - I'd recommend strace.        sudo apt-get install strace04:25
xorlimn2diy: basically you want to find out the name of every process that does something to your desktop. if you know the name of the process, then you know the name of the binary or script used to start the process.04:25
mindrapethen strace ./eggdrop or however you launch it.04:25
Ward1983unomi, then no-ip is useless to me :( i have NAT (like allmost anyone these days)04:25
mindrapethen it will show you at a system level whats going on and maybe be easier to troubleshoot.04:25
__lucio__hi. does anyone know how i can plug two mice into ubuntu and dont have X grab them both? (just use my regular mouse to move the pointer, read from the other mouse with python-usb)04:25
mindrapeI imagine it's probably a network config issue though.04:25
Ward1983any good alternatives to dyndns / no-ip ?04:25
cappicardok. this is extremely irritating... i cannot use my usb keyboard under 2.6.27...04:25
Deximindrape: ill try that04:25
ubuntui just installed pidgin 2.5.4.. why is ubuntu tryna tell me it's better if i use the older one? anyone have problems with the new one yet?04:26
=== ubuntu is now known as sockets
FlynsarmyIs there a way to move bookmarks up and down in nautilus/Places menu in menu bar?04:26
mindrapeWard1983: get a dedicated host w DNS so you can edit A records at your whim?04:26
Deximindrape: that pumped out a whole bunch of stuff i dont understand04:27
okraAnyone had similar problems/fixes?04:27
mindrapeDexi  :)  Look at the last command before it dies...04:27
mindrapeDexi - you can pastebin it all if you want.04:27
mindrapeDexi - sudo apt-get install pastebinit               strace eggdrop | pastebinit04:27
Dexik well i cant get it all04:28
Dexioh ok04:28
vegombreiis there any similar software to TED (torrent episode downloader) for ubuntu ?04:28
Labudmindrape:  i am getting a msg when i do "fdisk -l            mount /dev/sda1 /mnt/OHMAN"   it says  "last_lba(): I don't know how to handle files with mode 40755"04:28
enovativis there a way to "scroll up" on irssi ?04:28
spilldoes anyone know a way to force sudo to ask for the root password instead of user password?04:29
mindrapeon ph... hld04:29
vegombreiis there any similar software to TED (torrent episode downloader) for ubuntu ? this friend of mine has this software for windows caled TED .. it automatically downloads the shows he watches and the following episodes as they air ... is there a similar app in ubuntu ?04:29
|dthacker|hello,  I had a power supply crash, so I moved my hard drive to another machine.  How can I rerun the network detection and configuration to pick up the changes in the network card?04:29
Ward1983mindrape, i'm unemployed, not rich04:30
Deximindrape: where do i get the pastebin link?04:30
ubottupastebin is a service to post multiple-lined texts so you don't flood the channel. The Ubuntu pastebin is at http://paste.ubuntu.com (make sure you give us the URL for your paste - see also the channel topic)04:31
Dexinoo not that04:31
Dexii used pastebinit but i didnt get an output of a specific link04:31
vegombreiis there any similar software to TED (torrent episode downloader) for ubuntu ? this friend of mine has this software for windows caled TED .. it automatically downloads the shows he watches and the following episodes as they air ... is there a similar app in ubuntu ?04:32
spilldoes anyone know a way to force sudo to ask for the root password instead of user password?04:32
vegombreihow do i search torrent downloading software for ubuntu ? is there a list of all the software available for downloading torrents ?04:32
vigovegombrie: WINE?04:32
vegombreivigo: whats wine ?04:33
rdw200169spill: kinda pointless04:33
ubottuWINE is a compatibility layer for running Windows programs on GNU/Linux - More information: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Wine - Search the !AppDB for application compatibility ratings - Join #winehq for application help04:33
sloopyvegombrei, search in synaptic04:33
TQuidHi folks.04:33
Labudmindrape  it created to folder OHMAN   so what do i do know?04:33
kuwago_vegombrei get Deluge for torrent downloading04:33
Labudwhat do i do now/04:33
mindrapecd OHMAN04:34
vegombreikuwago_: does deluge download all episodes as they air accordint to the ones one watches ?04:34
phpmonkhow to configure 'mail' to send and receive POP and SMTP mails?04:34
TQuidI'm having a terribly frustrating time getting VLC to record a video stream with audio. I've tried /dev/audio[0-3] to no good effect, and /dev/dsp1 seems to work in terms of playback, but doesn't record to a file. I know the device is playing with Linux, as it works fine for audio and video on Skype. Any thoughts on finding out what device to use in VLC?04:35
vegombreikuwago_: im tellin ya bro ... google and check out ted .. torrent episode downloader ...04:35
spillwell, I'm running 8.10 64 and using dansguardian configured with tinyproxy and firehol.  What I really need to do is keep dans guardian from being shutdown with sudo from any user.04:35
TQuidlsusb shows this:04:35
TQuidBus 004 Device 003: ID 046d:0990 Logitech, Inc. QuickCam Pro 900004:35
rdw200169spill: then remove the users you don't want using sudo from the admin group04:35
TQuidspill, are you giving full sudo rights?04:35
Labudmindrape:  ok am ther now04:35
rdw200169spill: check the sudo documentation, you can edit the configuration for sudo using visudo04:36
TQuidGenerally you want to limit users who need sudo to very specific applications.04:36
kuwago_vegombrei yes!04:36
=== qbmaniac is now known as qb|away
Deximindrape: i think this is the problem: http://pastebin.com/d5108b06f04:36
rdw200169spill: the default is that all users in the admin group have full sudo privileges04:36
rdw200169spill: remove them from that group, resolve the problem04:36
spillok, i think i'm getting ya.04:37
CryptZombiewell think ive figured out my problem its gonna have to wait till tomrow when i can get a blank cd though ;) thanks guys cu l8tr04:37
TQuidUnfortunately sudo's config is documented with that horrid Backus-Naur notation. Precise, but damned hard to read.04:37
vigoOne admin?sudo, the rest are on non-sudo accounts,04:37
Labudmindrape   do i do the fdisk -l   now?04:37
spillthe only negative is that all sudo fuctions will be unavaible when I truly just need to lockout dansguardian? any other thoughts.04:37
rdw200169spill: consequentially, you will also learn that you can give very finite rights to users as far as 'root' access is concerned, for example, you can give a specific user the ability to access a particular program as 'root' using sudo, and nothing else04:38
TQuidspill, sudo *might* allow you to give a negative permission but then someone can just do "sudo bash" and do as they like.04:38
FlynsarmyIs there a way to move bookmarks up and down in nautilus/Places menu in menu bar?04:38
nyaaspill: you can use the su function to switch users04:38
rdw200169!sudo | spill04:38
ubottuspill: sudo is a command to run programs with superuser privileges ("root"). Look at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/RootSudo for more information. For graphical applications see !gksu (Gnome, XFCE), or !kdesudo (KDE)04:38
vigospill: set the timeout for su ?04:38
nyaaspill for instance if you have an account named nyaa that HAS sudo function, you can use su nyaa and then it will ask for a password04:38
phpmonkany text based client to access pop and smtp mail?04:39
TQuidphpmonk, mutt is the classic for that.04:39
Labudmindrape   i am getting a "cannot open /dev/hda104:39
grinnhow do i make a shortcut to a folder that's on the windows partition of my hard drive?04:39
nyaathen you have the same priviledges that that account has04:39
spillright but su is super user and it asks for root password right? not the user password as sudo asks for.04:39
TQuidspill, as yourself you just do "sudo su <user>"04:39
nyaaspill: no su stands for either substitute user or switch user, if you use no arguments it assumes root04:39
TQuidThat lets you test their privileges, i think is what is being suggested.04:39
phpmonkTQuid: thx, i will try that04:40
spilloh, ok.04:40
sloopygrinn, ln -s dest folder04:40
nyaaspill: but if you have other accounts ont he computer, you can do su accountname and you can become that account as far as priviledges04:40
grinnhow do i pull up a command prompt?04:40
vigosu is kinda non-available in Ubuntu, is wise, that is why sudo is used04:40
nyaaunless you do sudo su and then you can be root04:40
=== disappearedng_ is now known as disappearedng
Labudmindrape: am i doing something inncorrectly?04:40
rdw200169spill: more info on using visudo to your advantage, http://www.gratisoft.us/sudo/man/sudoers.html04:41
TQuidAny thoughts on my audio-capture quandary? is there a different channel that specializes in that kind of thing?04:41
spillwhile, so I where can I find a how to on editing the suoders file then.  My goal would be to only allow root to shut down dansguardian and for all other users it would run by default but they couldnt shut it down.04:41
TQuidDocumenting sudoers using Backus-Naur is like teaching people HTML with a raw LaTeX doc.04:41
grinnsloopy: i'm not quite sure what you mean04:42
sloopygrinn, ln is link and it is similar to alias...04:42
vigospill: that would be in terminal:04:42
Labudmindraape:  it appears that the hardrive is not mounted04:43
Ent[R]opyI've figured out how to connect to the ubuntu server webroot from a host OS to the Ubuntu Server guast OS in Virtualbox. One has to change a setting in Virtualbox. A network setting has to be changed from "NAT" to "host interface". Then if you do "ifconfig" in the vm it will show the same ip as your host's ip. Connecting to that ip will make the server work.04:43
vigospill: I forgot the commands, but is startup <whatever> <whoever> booted04:43
=== disappearedng_ is now known as q0
rdw200169spill: visudo edits the sudoers file04:44
vigoThank you rdw04:45
cattlesnakeHelloou everyone.04:45
chris78vi am getting error trying to run a game. what is the deal with directx????04:45
chris78vi am getting error trying to run a game. what is the deal with directx????04:45
MimiHey all, anyone know of a dock that I can put on the side of the screen (left or right)? Something with awn-like functionality? Been looking for ages! Thanks!04:45
dunaschris78v, it was built for Windows, this is not Windows. (`ー´)04:46
rdw200169spill: just don't be careless when making changes to the sudoers file04:46
rdw200169spill: you can lock yourself out permanently without the root account enabled04:46
spillI hear ya.  I'm a bit freaked to try at the moment :).04:46
Labudis there anyone else that can help me with this disk too full problem?04:47
chris78vdunas, so the game cannot be ran? is there a patch?04:47
dunaschris78v, what game?04:47
vigospill: what rdw200169 just said was make a backup before editing that stuff,,sorta04:47
Jaffarkelshacoccasionally i would close a window, (nautilus or firefox) my screen flickers a bit and desktop effects is disabled. is this a known issue or just me, and how do i stop it04:47
spillit would seem as though there would a another way to lock someone out of shutting down dansguardian without the root password which I have enabled.04:47
grinnsloopy: you're gonna have to somewhat spoonfeed me the commands, i'm completely new at opensource04:47
spillsorry I'm still a bit of a newb yet. :(04:47
cattlesnakeAnyone aware of how to connect to a linksys wireless router from ubuntu?04:48
cattlesnakeThis has been the brunt of my passed few hours.04:48
rdw200169spill: instead of concerning yourself with what you *don't* want to let your users do, instead, consider what you will *allow* them to do04:48
cattlesnakeI have tried every combination of ndiswrapper.04:48
chris78vdunas. it is called, "civilizationIV"04:48
vigoNo apologies needed when asking for help, that is actually wisdom.04:48
rdw200169spill: this is a much safer policy04:49
dunaschris78v, you are using wine? Check winehq.04:49
n8tusercattlesnake -> what is the chip used on your client wifi card?04:49
rdw200169spill: this prevents the 'sudo bash' previously mentioned04:49
razaccourare there any hacking software applications for Ubuntu?04:49
rdw200169spill: they shouldn't need to run very many things as root04:49
cattlesnakeIs that the Chipset?04:49
cattlesnakeI too am new to Ubuntu.04:50
LabudPartition table entries are not in disk order04:50
Labudlast_lba(): I don't know how to handle files with mode 4075504:50
rdw200169razaccour: they're called tcpdump and nmap...04:50
cattlesnakeA few hours new.04:50
Mimicattlesnake, go on firefox, and type this on the adress bar:  . I THINK you must be connected by a cable, not by wireless04:50
Labudcan anyone tell me what this means04:50
razaccourwhich one is best?04:50
Jaffarkelshacdid you mean penetration test for wireless? razaccour04:50
sloopygrinn, it isnt opensource, its unix (or unix-like) the command is 'ln' with a option of -s (which soft link) and then destination filename and then what you want it pointed to04:50
cattlesnakeWell, I am on a cable now, so that is fine.04:50
rdw200169razaccour: regardless of the ethical considerations of what you're implying that you want to do, i'm going to assume that you have only good intentions04:51
razaccourpeople are threatening to hack my website so i'm gonna get them out of the way before they get me04:51
chris78vdunas, the game is called, "civilization IV"04:51
spillok, while I'm looking at the sudoes file now and I'm a little foggy on what I'm supossed to change in it.  doesnt the first account created also have admin rights in ubuntu?04:51
rdw200169razaccour: ah, ok04:51
razaccouri'm protecting site members, so there's good in it04:51
cattlesnakeMimi, where do I find the chip here (if that's what I am looking for)?04:51
cosmicharadeCan anyone help me with a DVD read error I'm having?04:51
rdw200169razaccour: the best way to detect hacking attempts is by implementing LOG targets in an iptables firewall04:51
cosmicharadeNone of my video programs can read these discs..04:52
zhangleihow can i change my screen refresh rate?04:52
grinnsloopy: i have been in college 5 years now and that sentence baffles me more than anything my professors have said to me04:52
rdw200169razaccour: that, or running a intrusion detection software, like snort04:52
razaccouri need to intrude someone's site before they do it to me04:52
razaccourits a .webs site04:53
vigorazaccour: hacking is the writing of programs, or making programs work better, you are talking about cracking, cracking is malicious  and not really like by many people that I know of.04:53
rdw200169razaccour: i don't know about .webs, and i'm not going to help you do that!04:53
Mimicattlesnake, Oh :O I thought you needed to connect to the router, to configure it, not just to go online :( I'm sorry04:53
cosmicharadeNeed help getting my comp to read DVDs04:53
hdiowhdioawdawgwHello all. I have a question:  I opened up a folder containing hundreds of pictures, all arranged as "date modified". But my image viewer only knows how to navigate (using left and right button) by "name". This creates a minor annoyance for me b/c the navigation via "image viewer" doesn't match how the pictures are arranged in the folder. Does anyone know how to solve this problem (perhaps download a new, better image viewer that04:53
hdiowhdioawdawgw FOLLOWS the arragement type as set up in folder)?04:53
razaccouris there any cracking software?04:53
n8tuserrazaccour -> yes one of them is called an editor like vim04:54
atom^xhdiowhdioawdawgw: try picasa04:54
sloopygrinn, sorry still waiting for my professorship ;')   maybe an example will help04:54
rdw200169hdiowhdioawdawgw: gThumb Image Viewer will do that04:54
cattlesnakeMimi, sorry for the confusion, I'll reiterate: I have a Linksys WRT54G hooked up to this computer, and need to be able to access the internet it provides.04:54
sloopygrinn, can you open a terminal?04:54
zhangleiWow so many questions! help me!please! changing my screen refresh rate04:55
MimiDoes anyone know a dock (llke awn) that I can put on the left or right of the screen? Cairo is waaaaaaaay too heavy and "cutey"04:55
vigorazaccour: one is called #$$%@, but I know nothing about that cause it is bad to mess with other peoples work.04:55
Labudi have to find a way to move files off my root hard drive   it is too full and my computer has stopped functioning.  the way Mindrape told me did not work   can anyone else help please?04:55
n8tusercattlesnake -> you are already connected to the internet as of now04:55
falloutNeed other programs Ubuntu can run scrambled/encrypted DVDs on04:55
razaccourvigo thats not a word04:56
rabzi cant get my logitech quickcam to run on aMSN. i have tried gspca source on the synaptic packages what should i do?04:56
cattlesnaken8tuser -> Yes, I am, on *this* computer.  This is a desktop.  My laptop has ubuntu on it04:56
cattlesnakeand will not connect.04:56
rdw200169fallout: you're thinking of the library: libdvdcss04:56
cattlesnakeIt is mere inches away from said router.04:56
razaccouri'm looking for software that i can use to crack a website with04:57
n8tusercattlesnake -> get another cat 5 cable and attached one end to your laptop and the other end to your linksys router04:57
Mimicattlesnake, it really doesn't matter what router you've got, what you need to know is what your wireless card, or your ethernet card. to find out, you can type lshw -C network in the terminal04:57
falloutrdw200169: what do you mean04:57
kashis there something to sync settings between my desktop and laptop for GNOME in general?04:57
kashi have foxmarks for bookmarks, but i want more than that04:57
grinnsloopy: you mean like konsole?04:58
sloopygrinn, yes04:58
grinnsloopy: open04:58
vigorazzacour: you are looking ine the wrong place, This is the Ubuntu-Help channel, that is all I have to say on that matter.04:58
blaqhey guys/girls just a quick one. After the last update my metacity is segfaulting. Does anyone know where metacity keeps it's logs/configuration files?04:58
cattlesnaken8tuser, thanks, but I'd rather not.04:58
razaccoursomeone from another website is causing me trouble and i need hacker software to take them down. can anyone help?04:59
rdw200169fallout: sudo apt-get install ubuntu-restricted-extras04:59
Deximindrape: are you familiar with bmotion04:59
slavsundoes anyone work with Tacacs+ server (tac-plus package)04:59
rdw200169fallout: this gets you the good stuff for viewing 'encrypted' dvd's04:59
rabzi cant get my logitech quickcam to run on aMSN. i have tried gspca source on the synaptic packages what should i do?04:59
n8tusercattlesnake -> you'd rather not? why ask her for help?05:00
n8tusercattlesnake -> you'd rather not? why ask here* for help?05:00
rdw200169fallout: so all the standard dvd playing applications (totem, mplayer, etc...) will work *after* you install the restricted extras05:00
nightrid3rrazaccour: even if you have the tools your probably to stupid to use them05:00
razaccouri can learn05:00
cattlesnaken8tuser, I'd rather not have a cable running from my laptop to the cable.  I'd like to extend my laptop's use outside the living room.05:00
rcscompI have set all my files in ~ to let me read/write only.  However, I need a few configuration files to be read by root (b/c of suid).  What is the best way to do that?05:00
n8tusercattlesnake -> get a longer cable?05:00
grinnsloopy: now what?05:01
cattlesnaken8tuser, from here-on-in it's turtles all the down.05:01
rdw200169cattlesnake: what are you trying to do again?05:01
nightrid3rcattlesnake: you need the cable to try and get your wifi card working05:01
Mimicattlesnake, I understand, I hate using a cable too :) We got wireless cards for a reason! :)05:01
ic3fr0ghello.. i have a problem i have add/installed a GDM theme and, my pc open normaly it dont ask me for user: pass: any help please? im using Ubuntu Gnome 8.1005:01
sloopygrinn, i am at work so my responses will be slow at times...05:02
n8tuseram just waiting for cattlesnake to mention his wireless... hehe05:02
grinnsloopy: no problem, sorry to bother you05:02
nightrid3rn8tuser: me to :)05:02
cattlesnaken8tuser, you are both a hoot and a holler.05:02
sloopygrinn, tis not a bother, i just have high lag at times...05:03
blaqdoes anyone know where metacity keeps its logs? It segfaults on login and wont even let me get to the desktop05:03
iNtERrUpThi all05:03
n8tusercattlesnake -> we're having a lil fun yeah?05:03
Vantraxblaq does it work in tty05:03
Mimiic3fr0g, do you *want* to be asked for a password? (I'm confused by your question, sorry :)05:04
=== osxdude_ is now known as osxdude
MimiWhy are ubuntu forums so slow lately?05:04
blaqVantrax, well i kill X via ctrl-alt-bksp and switch to terminal 1 and try a startx but because X has restarted itself already it says I've already got one running05:04
corinthWill kubuntu-desktop grab KDE 3 or 4 in Intrepid?05:04
blaqi'm running in fluxbox now05:04
ravenor_corinth: Doesn't Kubuntu 8.10 come with KDE4?05:05
atom^xcorinth: kde4 i think05:05
Mimicorinth, I think (too lazy to look it up now) it's 3, but if you do all the updates, you'll get 405:05
blaqall dmesg gives me is: metacity[7447]: segfault at 0 ip 080abab3 sp bfde6fc0 error 4 in metacity05:05
ic3fr0gmimi: yes i want be asked for password.05:05
ibuffyi just did "apt-get install ubuntu-desktop" rebooted and gdm won't respond to my keyboard or mouse, i luckily can use the other tty screens... help please05:06
sloopygrinn, still there?05:06
blaqi think it has something to do with the latest security updates that came through, as it was working fine before i had to restart due to the updates05:06
vigoMimi: cause Ubuntu ROX! I am at 0.2s lag,,so I dunno05:06
grinnsloopy: yes, sir05:06
spillanyone know an easy way to keep dansguardian from being shutdown with sudo, and force it to be done with the root password and not the user password as done with the sudo command?05:06
socketsKDE vs GNOME (as far as speed, stability and features), anyone?05:06
ic3fr0ghello.. i have a problem i have add/installed a GDM theme and, my pc open normaly it dont ask me for pass: any help please? i want to ask for password.. im using Ubuntu Gnome 8.1005:07
blaqsockets: try them both, you decide05:07
ibuffykde 3.5 ftw05:07
blaqsockets: that's an ongoing point of contention/rivalry amongst linux users05:07
Mimiic3fr0g, OKay, then go to Adminitstration, Login Window. Then go to : Security: Make sure it doens't say "enable automatic login"05:07
socketsif i install both it won't slow down either while using it will it?05:07
temppysockets: features is the main differentiating factor in that decision05:07
sloopygrinn,  ok 'ln -s destination_dir local_name_for_dest'05:07
ravenor_sockets: I've heard some people dont like KDE4. I believe Kubuntu 8.04 would include KDE3 though05:07
vigosockets: thye both have there good sides...05:07
blaqnah sockets, it will only use one at any time, so you can judge based off that05:07
rabzi cant get my logitech quickcam to run on aMSN. i have tried gspca source on the synaptic packages what should i do?05:07
ic3fr0gMimi: thanks05:08
Mimiic3fr0g,  should work :)05:08
ibuffytemppy, i just installed ubuntu-desktop because kde4+ seems too slow05:08
blaqsockets: kde is more like windows, but by default ubuntu uses gnome05:08
ibuffybut i can't access gnome because it doesn't respond to my mouse or keyboard....05:08
grinnsloopy: so i need the address on the system of the folder?05:08
sloopyso to make a alias of your flash drive in your local directory you would type 'ln -s /media/flash_device_name ~/myflashdrive'05:08
ravenor_How's xfce for you guys?05:08
socketsthanks guys :], ibuffy - i heard 8.04 is more stable, you should check that out.. i made the mistake of getting 8.10 first and it was giving me a few issues too05:08
ibuffyravenor_: fast05:08
n8tuserspill -> think about it carefully, who belongs to sudoers? what can sudoers do?  should anyone else be a member of the group that owns dansguardian ?05:09
sloopyravenor_, i use xfce on my router05:09
ibuffyravenor_: slow compared to xmonad :)05:09
temppyibuffy: do you have the evdev driver installed?05:09
blaqdoes anyone know where metacity keeps its logs?05:09
grinnsloopy: i think i get it ... lemme take a quick try05:09
Lo-siCan anyone help me with a kubuntu problem?05:09
ibuffytemppy: i'll check..05:09
socketsibuffy, i've had 8.04 for about 5 days now with gnome, haven't tried kde but it's running a lot better than 8.10 was05:09
sloopygrinn, yes you need the directory path to the directory05:09
Mimisockets,  by better, do you mean faster? if that's the case, I think i know what your problem was. "tracker". It slows down your pc, and unfortunately, its enabled by default on ibex. Disabling it works :D05:10
Lo-siI installed kvm and can not figure out how to turn it on so win4lin will use it05:10
vigo8.10 was too complex for me, so I reverted to 8.0405:10
spillwhile, I truly only need the root to have access to shut it down.?05:10
ibuffytemppy: where is this 'evdev' driver you speak of?05:10
spillthe other logins would need access to install packadges through sudo.05:11
n8tuserspill -> did you digest what i asked?05:11
MimiLo-si,  why dont you go ahead and ask? Maybe we can. If we can't, you can try on #kubuntu05:11
spillnot really :)05:11
n8tuser!who | spill05:11
ubottuspill: As you can see, this is a large channel. If you're speaking to someone in particular, please put their nickname in what you say (use !tab), or else messages get lost and it becomes confusing :)05:11
n8tuserspill read my questions again, and ponder on it a bit05:11
cattlesnakeMimi, okay, I took a bit here,05:11
cmathesoni'm writing a utility that needs to start up on /dev/tty1 on bootup.  is there a way to make init spawn my program w/ STDIN/STDOUT/STDERR set appropriately?  or should i just open /dev/tty1 and read/write to that?05:12
new_to_ubuntu-does Ubuntu Interpid Ibex 8.10 Desktop version include Samba?05:12
ravenor_Anybody know why Compiz enables the system boop by default?05:12
cattlesnakebut so I typed lshw -C network05:12
spillok, sorry, ubottu05:12
spilln8tuser: ok.05:12
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nyaawhat do the tty's allow you to do?  if you have 3 tty's can you press 3 buttons at once or do they serve a different function?05:12
nightrid3rnew_to_ubuntu-: you can install it useing synaptic05:12
temppy!info xserver-xorg-input-evdev | ibuffy05:13
ubottuxserver-xorg-input-evdev (source: xserver-xorg-input-evdev): X.Org X server -- evdev input driver. In component main, is optional. Version 1:2.0.99+git20080912-0ubuntu6 (intrepid), package size 45 kB, installed size 124 kB05:13
Mimicattlesnake,  did it say what wireless card you've got?05:13
new_to_ubuntu-nightrid3r: guide me please if u don't mind, i'm so new :)05:13
n8tusercmatheson -> you know those 3 fd are opened by default right? so now you like to perhaps use dup  to redirect?05:14
spilln8tuser: at present everone belongs to sudoers if i'm reading the file right?05:14
grinnsloopy: i typed 'ln -s /windows/Documents and Setting/Chris - Troll of Jom ~/My Documents05:14
n8tuserspill -> nope not everyone05:14
cattlesnakeI can't tell, exactly, to be perfectly honest.  Is that the controller or the interface?05:14
new_to_ubuntu-currently, i'm downloading samba-latest.tar.gz from samba homepage05:14
JohninLexI have a simple question I hope, can thunderbird be set to receive mail from more than one email account05:14
nightrid3rnew_to_ubuntu-: system --> management --> synaptic05:14
Pandemic187My Internet connection is sooo slow and I can't figure out why. Someone tell me what's wrong!05:14
atom^xJohninLex: yes it can05:15
n8tuserPandemic187 -> did you pay for high speed access or low speed access?05:15
spilln8tuser: while, I guess I don't know what I'm looking for then?05:15
ChrisGibbsnew_to_ubuntu-: Do you need the latest and greatest?? Samba4 breaks certain compatibilites with Samba3 and print server functions05:15
rabzi cant get my logitech quickcam to run on aMSN. i have tried gspca source on the synaptic packages what should i do? is there something else in the synaptic packages i need to install?05:15
sloopygrinn, ouch, those spaces are bad... you need to put '\ ' at each05:15
cmathesonn8tuser: oh shoot, forgot about dup.  thanks!05:15
n8tuserspill -> aparently not, kindly do a tutorial on file permissions and group permissions05:15
JohninLexthank you atom, sorry I was reading something that said it could not but I thought it could05:15
Pandemic187n8tuser: No, it's broadband. It should be decently fast but it's not. The thing is that I'm in college and it's fine on my roommate's laptop, but not on mine.05:15
sloopygrinn, and its ~/Documents05:16
blaqPandemic187: Sorry my ESP is a little off today. Why don't you tell us more about your internet connection, what sort is it, what you're using, what you've tried etc05:16
nightrid3rChrisGibbs: he doesn't even know how to install software so i doubt he needs samba405:16
spilln8tuser: sure thing.05:16
n8tuserPandemic187 -> you been messing with your roomates gf, he put a hex on you..lol05:16
new_to_ubuntu-ChrisGibbs: i need Samba, the most stable one05:16
grinnsloopy: instead of a space?05:16
ChrisGibbsnightrid3r: Ah, only just joined :)05:16
Pandemic187lol n8tuser.05:16
rebel_kidcan i log in as another user via terminal?05:16
Lo-sianyone know how to turn on kvm so win4lin can run in hardware virtualization instead of software?05:16
n8tuserPandemic187 -> well what do you consider slow?05:16
Mimicattlesnake, this is mine: http://paste.ubuntu.com/107221/ see where it says Intel Wireless? It lists the model.  You could paste what you got, and we can tell you05:16
Pandemic187n8tuser: 97kbps downstream.05:16
nightrid3rnew_to_ubuntu-: samba 305:16
blaqPandemic187: usually colleges have wifi/ethernet. You're using broadband? Explain more please05:16
sloopygrinn, yes, 'do\ space\ like\ this\ in\ the\ terminal'05:16
Pandemic187blaq: What would you like to know?05:17
blaqwhat sort of broadband05:17
blaqdo you plug into the wall?05:17
DasEi rebel_kid: yes , login <username>05:17
blaqis the wall socket a network socket or a phone socket?05:17
n8tuserPandemic187 -> what if the remote end dishing out towards you is slow? you can not do much about that..05:17
nightrid3r!samba | new_to_ubuntu-05:17
ubottunew_to_ubuntu-: Samba is the way to cooperate with Windows environments. Links with more info: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/MountWindowsSharesPermanently and http://help.ubuntu.com/ubuntu/serverguide/C/windows-networking.html - Samba can be administered via the web with SWAT.  Also see https://bugs.launchpad.net/bugs/21209805:17
blaqdo you use a modem?05:17
sloopygrinn, or you can type first 2-3 characters of directory name and hit 'tab'05:17
ravenor_How do you privately talk to the bot?05:17
grinnsloopy: even though the folder name is "My Documents"?05:17
rebel_kidDasEi, thats what i thought but i get No utmp entry.  You must exec "login" from the lowest level "sh"05:17
cattlesnakeMimi, I have nothing that says wireless interfact.05:17
Pandemic187n8tuser: But if what you are describing is true, wouldn't it be slow for my roommate as well?05:18
DasEiravenor_ :  /query ubottu05:18
sloopygrinn, ahh no, if you named it My Documents then no, default is usually 'documents'05:18
Pandemic187blaq: Wi-Fi and ethernet...but terribly slow.05:18
Pandemic187I mean both*05:18
sloopygrinn, err 'Documents'05:18
cattlesnakeMimi, I have network UNCLAIMED, network, and network DISABLED.05:18
Mimicattlesnake, oops05:18
n8tuserPandemic187 -> is it same site? so having multiple access to that remote site maybe putting on a priority basis ?05:18
blaqso you're plugged into the wall AND using wifi at the same time? or both of them are slow for you?05:18
DasEirebel_kid:you tried from remote ?05:18
Pandemic187n8tuser: Is what the same site? I ran speed tests in the same room.05:19
rebel_kidDasEi, no im on the machine. just apps -> terminal -> login <username>05:19
n8tuserPandemic187 -> its also possible your school is putting a cap on your accesses?05:19
blaqjump into a terminal and give me the output for ifconfig privately05:19
Mimicattlesnake,  I don't know what to do from now, but maybe this could be usefull: http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=89077205:19
blaqwe'll start from the bottom and work up05:19
Pandemic187n8tuser: Nah. I've been using it for about 2 & 1/2 years now. This is something else.05:19
new_to_ubuntu-so samba-latest.tar.gz is Samba4?05:20
DasEirebel_kid:don't know then, just ried here and works05:20
n8tuserPandemic187 -> any recent updates?05:20
grinnsloopy: what exactly is this supposed to do?05:20
rebel_kidDasEi, thats odd, i really dont want to logout everytime i need to access psql as postgres05:20
Pandemic187n8tuser: It's just as slow on Windows as it is on Linux, for the record.05:20
nightrid3rnew_to_ubuntu-: forget tar.gz files, use the repos instread05:20
n8tuserPandemic187 -> okay, are your nameserver functioning ?05:20
sloopygrinn, what? the tab? it will complete the dir name with the \ in the appropriate places05:21
Pandemic187n8tuser: Is that an IRC thing? I'm not sure what nameserver means.05:21
blaqdoes anyone know where metacity keeps its log files?05:21
n8tuserPandemic187 -> nameservers is essential to your enjoyment of the internet05:22
blaqn8tuser, you're not helping05:22
new_to_ubuntu-next question, how to update the mozilla firefox?05:22
blaqnameservers wont make anything slow05:22
n8tuserPandemic187 -> kindly google for that word, nameserver and get some explanation05:22
blaqit will either make dns resolve or not05:22
Pandemic187Alright then05:22
n8tuserblaq -> speak for yourself, you dont understand if nameservers are down how can you resolve?05:22
ravenor_new_to_ubuntu-, should be automatic. If you mean from 2 to 3...05:22
nightrid3rnew_to_ubuntu-: synaptic05:22
blaqthat would make it not work altogether, not slow it down05:23
new_to_ubuntu-i mean from 3.03 which i currently have, to 3.05 from firefox website05:23
new_to_ubuntu-nightrid3r: what's synaptic? :)05:23
n8tuserblaq sure it will, if the 1st one is dead, and has to wait to resolve, before it uses the second one..get it?05:23
blaqsomehow he's connected to irc.freenode.net and i doubt he knew the ip address for freenode off the top of his head05:23
Mimicattlesnake,  sorry if someone has already mentioned this, but, is this a fresh install of ubuntu? If so, have you checked for restricted drivers? System ->Administration->Hardware Drivers05:23
new_to_ubuntu-is the sudo method called synaptic ?05:23
cattlesnakeThis is a fresh install, yes.05:24
disappearedngHey any1 here can recommend a Desktop search app that can crawl pdf and chm files? Google Desktop 's plugins are all exes and not applicable to the linux environemnt05:24
cattlesnakeAn hour fresh.05:24
nightrid3rnew_to_ubuntu-: system --> management --> synaptic , a software management tool05:24
nightrid3rnew_to_ubuntu-: firefox 3.0.5 is in there05:24
grinnsloopy: it say "ln: creating symbolic link `/home/grinn/My Dcouments': File exists" but i don't see anything05:24
blaqn8tuser, nameservers are listed as ip addresses. It's kinda hard to resolve a nameserver if you don't yet know the ip address of the nameserver05:24
nightrid3r!synaptic | new_to_ubuntu-05:24
ubottunew_to_ubuntu-: synaptic is Ubuntu's Graphical Package Manager. For a good howto see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/SynapticHowto05:24
Pandemic187n8tuser: So can you tell me how to check if my nameserver is functioning?05:24
cattlesnakeMimi, ATI/AMD proprietary FGLRX graphics driver is the only one I see.05:25
blaqPandemic187, it is functioning. I'll guarantee it05:25
disappearedngAny Good Desktop search app to reccomend that allows plugin?05:25
kernelHey ATI Grapich Card isn't good at linux?05:25
n8tuserblaq -> as an expriment, set your 1st  nameserver in your resolv.conf to something like  and the 2nd as your normal nameservers, see how much delay you get.. experiment and tell me05:25
Pandemic187blaq: okay then...this is just such a weird problem. I don't get it.05:26
quiksilvercan anyone reccomend an outstanding book on linux?05:26
yell0whey guys how do i c hange the default group ownner for mounted usb drives ?05:26
new_to_ubuntu-oh i see :)05:26
=== JackWinter_ is now known as JackWinter
sloopygrinn, is the My Documents folder already exist?05:26
quiksilverubuntu for that matter, i'm a new user and i'd love to learn all about linux/ubuntu05:26
blaqn8tuser, try not to be condescending. I'm a network admin for an isp, i know how nameservers work05:26
new_to_ubuntu-so no need to download source files?05:26
nightrid3rnew_to_ubuntu-: indeed :)05:27
nightrid3rquicksilver_: ubuntu unleashed 2008 edition05:27
n8tuserblaq well since you are an admin for an ISP, you know if one nameserver can not resolve, how long would it has to delay before it switches to your secondary nameserver?05:27
blaqPandemic187, the basic things that could affect your speeds (apart from general things that slow down your entire computer) are: MTU, NIC drivers, link stability05:27
quiksilvernobody knows an outstanding book on ubuntu?05:27
new_to_ubuntu-i see :) thanks a lot05:27
=== eric is now known as Guest77276
quiksilvernightrid3r: thanks05:27
grinnsloopy: yes05:27
sloopygrinn, it cant be the target of a link if it exists...05:28
blaqn8tuser, depends on the timeout of the connection, which would be on the order of 1-2 seconds before it realised the nameserver is down and switched to the other05:28
mindrapePandemic187: if you are sharing a network connection w a roommate and his is fast and yours is slow I doubt DNS has anything to do w it.05:28
grinnsloopy: i'm trying to make a shortcut on my desktop to a folder that is on the windows partition of my hard drive without having to copy over the files05:28
Pandemic187blaq: When I'm on Windows, my Wi-Fi speed will be 54 mbps like it should be...then it goes to 48, then 36...then 24, then 18.05:28
Pandemic187When things are going smoothly, that doesn't happen.05:29
blaqPandemic187, i'd say it's your wireless NIC then05:29
mindrapePandemic187: its probably router configs... you by chance using a Linksys?05:29
n8tuserblaq -> but it continually hitting the first nameserver yes? so adding up 1-2 second every address resolution? it adds up yes?05:29
Pandemic187mindrape: No, I'm using a university connection.05:29
Pandemic187blaq: But my wired connection is equally bad, though.05:29
sloopygrinn, try it like this... 'ln -s /windows/etc... home/grinn/Desktop/Win_Documents05:29
Mimicattlesnake,  I can't find any help online that seems relevant :( Sorry05:29
cattlesnakeMimi, I haven't been able to either.05:29
blaqwhat sort of authentication do you use for the network?05:30
blaqlike, when you plug into the wall, how does the university know it's you and not your roommate?05:30
quiksilvern8tuser, what kind of system are you running?05:30
n8tuserquiksilver -> an amd k7, good enuff? and some wireless05:30
quiksilveryou built your system?05:31
e-framegrinn: is your win partition listed in your fstab?05:31
ibuffysomeone please help me to unfreeze gdm05:31
mindrapePandemic187: well if you truly think its DNS then you can use nslookup and see if the nameserver is failing... I doubt it though.05:31
n8tuserquiksilver -> yes05:31
quiksilverPandemic187: check you pm please05:31
ibuffyit doesn't respond to mouse or keyboard05:31
ibuffywhat's the evdev which was mentioned?05:31
blaqn8tuser, I'm not going to talk to you anymore. You're being unnecessarily hostile and it's not helping to solve Pandemic187's problem05:31
sujiwhich command is used to know the version of ubuntu in my system05:32
n8tuserblaq -> am not hostile to you eh? am pointing out the issues yes?05:32
sheepsuji: lsb_release -a05:32
mindrapelsb_release -a05:32
cattlesnakeblaq, n8tuser recommended I fix my wireless connection with a wire.05:32
n8tusercattlesnake -> i was teasing you, and remember we were waiting for you to tell us about your wirless05:33
cattlesnakeblaq, he did so as if a pedagogue as well with an infinite regression in logic.05:33
cattlesnakeand then he called my mother fat.05:33
kernelMy Graphic card is Radeon HD 4850.. but in my ubuntu Compiz is doesn't use well..05:33
ubottu#ubuntu is the Ubuntu support channel, for all Ubuntu-related support questions. Please use #ubuntu-offtopic for other topics. Thanks!05:33
=== cexpert1 is now known as TBotNik1
Pandemic187oops...i left lol.05:33
cattlesnakeSo, is there anyone who can help me with this?05:33
mindrapePandemix - man nslookup05:34
cattlesnakeThe resources online were fruitless.05:34
mindrapecattlesnake -whats the issue?05:34
kernelATI......... : (05:34
=== CoJaBo__ is now known as CoJaBo
blaqanyone have any idea where i can find some metacity developers around here?05:34
cattlesnakemindrape, I have a Gateway m-1617 laptop and am unable to connect to a Linksys Router.05:34
n8tusermindrape -> he does not have long enuff cat5 .. am going to stop teasing now..hehe05:34
mindrapecattlesnake - wired or wireless?05:34
mindrapemaybe we should resurrect the long cat meme for him to connect, n8tuser?05:35
cattlesnakemindrape - the router is attached to a desktop computer which has a cable modem.05:35
kernelcattlesnake // ifconfig05:35
sloopygrinn, and?05:35
quiksilverif im using ubuntu it doesnt matter if i buy mac or pc right?05:35
mindrapecable modem -> router -> other comp                    or          cable modem -> other comp -> router on 2nd nic?05:35
cattlesnakekernel -- what must you know?05:36
sloopyquiksilver, nope doesnt...05:36
cattlesnakemindrape - the first.05:36
mindrapek.  :)05:36
mindrapecattlesnake - and you want to connect via ethernet?05:36
quiksilverdoes linux utilize really powerful systems though>05:36
cattlesnakemindrape - no, I want to connect using my laptop via wireless.05:36
nightrid3rcattlesnake: if we ever figure out what wifi card you have .....05:36
mindrapecattlesnake - okay.            sudo lshw -C network             what kind of card and what driver is it using?05:36
n8tuserquiksilver -> powerful enuff, you have anything in mind that you want to compute intensively?05:37
quiksilversome 3d rendering possibly05:37
quiksilverim just wondering if its a waste to get the new corei705:37
quiksilveri really plan on sticking with linux05:37
cattlesnakemindrape - I don't see a wireless network on here.05:37
mindrapecattlesnake: sudo iwconfig05:38
n8tuserquiksilver -> then you need a powerful 3-d capable video card, and hopefully has the drivers supported in ubuntu05:38
mindrapedoes it say no wireless extentions?05:38
nightrid3rn8tuser: 4 quadcore opterons and 32GB ram is enough to irc according to a mate :)05:38
cattlesnakeIt does not.05:38
mindrapecattlesnake: on lshw you may have to scroll up through the output... (shift + pgup)05:38
mindrapeit does not?  so you see something that lists an Access point and ESSID?05:38
quiksilverwho makes the best pc's?05:39
gaintsuraI do05:39
n8tusernightrid3r -> thats just still in my dreams, even though i saw on craigslist a dual opteron 275  1 unit rack mount for 125 bux, my mouth was watering05:39
sloopyquiksilver, apple05:39
mindrapequiksilver: best is opinion based... even so, best based on what criteria?05:39
cattlesnakemindrape - I don't see those either.05:39
mindrapecattlesnake: how about you copy and paste the output to www.pastebin.com so we can see.05:39
duhh_brand newbie here05:39
cattlesnakemindrape - I can't because this laptop is not connected to the internet, I am on the desktop.05:40
mindrapecattlesnake - to make this move smoothly how about you pastebin the following output.         sudo lshw -C network           sudo iwconfig          sudo ifconfig                sudo lspci05:40
=== The_Compiler is now known as The-Compiler
Matr|xi need some help05:40
grinnsloopy: thanks for the help but i can barely keep my eyes open right now, good night and thank you, again05:40
nightrid3rcattlesnake: thats why we talked about the cable as a temp solution to solve your problem05:41
n8tusercattlesnake -> you dont like my 1st suggestion of using a cat 5 cable to just try it out first eh? make sure everything is okay, then switch to wireless after?05:41
ravenor_Matr|x, around here, you just have to ask it.05:41
transportercan somebody help me with a diary software for hardy05:41
FelixZHi, a rookie question: which option of dpkg allows me to ignore any possible dependencies during install like what 'rpm -i -nodeps' does? It seems --ignore-depends require the name of a known package.05:41
Matr|xi want to install Rdesktop05:41
sloopygrinn, ok05:41
Matr|xbut i cant05:41
cattlesnakeOkay.  I have to disconnect this first.05:41
hacknperlI am looking for a software suite(preferable web based so i can access from my truck anywhere on a laptop) that is pretty simple for small businesses... it needs to do invoicing(main thing) and service call scheduling(bonus) and manage customers and estimates.  I have found several open sources projects such as OpenCRM, nolaPro, vtiger and they are all way too complicated.  Does anyone know of anything that is much simpler?05:41
cattlesnakeBack shortly.05:41
vigoI am going to lie down, prolly sleep also,,,thank you kindly for all the assistance  and help,,,,,05:42
n8tuserFelixZ -> we dont remember all the options, kindly man  dpkg05:42
Matr|xeny body hel[05:42
Matr|xim new here05:42
transportercan somebody help me to find a diary software for hardy05:42
Matr|xhelp needed05:42
nightrid3rMatr|x: ask your question05:42
Matr|xgive me errors05:43
FelixZn8tuser: Thank you for the hint, I actually did that but could not find the answer.05:43
eseven73transporter: zim05:43
Matr|xwhen i give command .. ./configure05:43
cattlesnakemindrape & nt8user -- said laptop is without appropriate orifice.05:43
mefisto__I have kubuntu installed. if I install ubuntu-desktop, what does that do to the sound system under kde? will I have kde working with pulseaudio? or is it not that straightforward?05:43
mindrapecattlesnake: lspci05:43
transportereseven73 will it allow me to write in my daily thoughts and feelings05:44
nightrid3rFelixZ: why you would want to ignore dependencies05:44
Matr|xi need help05:44
sheepMatr|x: you need to be more clear about what you need help with05:44
eseven73transporter: also KDE has a million really nice Journal and personal info managment apps05:44
cattlesnake mindrape -- I meant that I am unable to attach the cable to the laptop.05:44
PUNISHERwho needs help?))05:44
eseven73transporter: zim is a desktop wiki you can write anything05:44
Matr|xcan i pvt u05:45
nightrid3rMatr|x: try sudo apt-get install rdesktop05:45
mindrapecattlesnake: well i am on the same page as n8tuser.... we cant help you if we dont know what card you have05:45
ravenor_What kind of trouble am I going to get into trying to swap out Gnome for Xfce?05:45
eseven73transporter: basKet also comes to mind...05:45
PUNISHERMatr|x: okay, let's try to fix it05:45
FelixZnightrid3r: I'm developing a software suit that in some case requires to install multiple versions of it.05:45
eseven73BasKet is a OneNote clone kinda sorta...05:45
Ahadielravenor_, Shouldn't be any.05:45
ravenor_Ahadiel, What you're saying is that... aside from resetting everything graphical, its... automatic?05:46
transportereseven73 i have basket05:46
FelixZnightrid3r: From what I can find only the rpm based way is provided.05:46
eseven73transporter: personally I use Emacs for Journal stuff, with the org-mode05:46
transportereseven73: i don't want anything like basket05:46
Ahadielravenor_, Before remove gnome, you might want to try out xfce first. sudo apt-get install xubuntu-desktop05:47
Ahadielravenor_, Then select "xfce" under "Sessions" at the login screen.05:47
eseven73hmm transporter try searching apt for 'journal' or 'diary' see what pops up :)05:47
FelixZnightrid3r: ...so I'm just curious there's a counterpart to rpm --nodeps in dpkg.05:47
nightrid3rFelixZ: i have no idea05:47
cattlesnakemindrape -- I just ran hardware testing, this is what it says: Marvell Technology Group Ltd. Device 2a08 (rev 03) .... and then .... Realtek Semiconductor Co., Ltd. TTL8101E/RTL8102E .... and then... PCI Express Fast Ethernet controller (rev 01) ....  are any of these the aforementioned card?05:47
ravenor_Ahadiel, Hmm. So both desktops are intsalled at once... and I could switch between the two whenver?05:48
transportereseven73: i need something that would allow me to write down my personal daily thoughts and feelings05:48
fromero691hi guys im having trouble trying to execute this file  virtualbox-2.1_2.1.0-41146_Ubuntu_intrepid_i386.deb05:48
Ahadielravenor_, yeah05:48
transportereseven73: that's all that i need05:48
FelixZnightrid3r: Thank your for asking anyway, I'll keep exploring. :)05:48
ravenor_transporter, why not just use... gedit or something. Date each entry either in the file name or on a new line.05:48
transportereseven73: i need something that can do that for me05:48
fromero691hi guys I need some help with executing this file  virtualbox-2.1_2.1.0-41146_Ubuntu_intrepid_i386.deb05:49
McShaneanyone ever have a problem with their desktop showing flickering pixels/banding -- but only through DVI and not VGA? I've swapped my videocard, PSU, and even my mobo, and the problem persists05:49
eseven73transporter: kontact has a journal feature05:49
sheepfromero691: what happens when you double-click it?05:50
eseven73like i said KDE is LOADED with Note taking, journaling software, just have to look around :)05:50
nightrid3rcattlesnake: the marvel will probably be your wifi , a have one like that to, never managed to get it working under linux so i'll folow this to learn something05:50
fromero691sheep_it just opens up and show alot of files05:50
sheepfromero691: is ot on your desktop?05:50
xubuserHello People.05:51
nightrid3rfromero691: man dpkg05:51
ic3fr0ghow i install php ?05:51
transportereseven73: ok i have kontact i will try using that or maybe i will hunt for something else some other day for now05:51
fromero691its a tar file05:51
transportereseven thanx for ur help05:51
ic3fr0gsudo apt-get install php   ... its not installing php..05:51
nightrid3ric3fr0g: sudo apt-get install php505:51
transporteri have another problem i cannot access cairo clock05:52
fromero691nightrid3r_could you please be more specific on used linus for a week05:52
sheepic3fr0g: sudo apt-get install php505:52
rshakinhey is there a way to install qtopia05:52
ubottudpkg is the Debian package maintenance system, which together with apt forms the basic Ubuntu package management toolkit.05:52
sheepfromero691: he means open a terminal and type in man dpkg05:52
fromero691sheep_yes it's on my desktop and it is a tar file05:52
eseven73transporter: ah i dont do eyecandy, who needs it? so you'll have to ask someone else about Cairo05:52
sheepfromero691: .deb is not a tar.  Run this in a terminal: sudo dpkg -l ~/Desktop/virtualbox-2.1_2.1.0-41146_Ubuntu_intrepid_i386.deb05:53
xubuserguys I use mke2fs on usb stick. but then mounting is requires sudo.05:53
xubuseris there a proper way?05:53
xubuseror better method?05:53
transportereseven73: no problems i will thank you05:53
fromero691sheep_okay thank you05:53
cattlesnakenightrid3r - that's unfortunate, I'll have to abandon linux if this is the case.05:53
sheepic3fr0g: you may also want to install libapache2-mod-php5 if you want to use php with apache05:53
nightrid3rcattlesnake: there are supported usb wifi sticks so there is always a solution05:54
transportercan somebody help me with cairo clock it fails to launch05:54
cattlesnakenightrid3r -- those look hella dorky.05:54
n8tusercattlesnake -> have we ever find out your wifi chip you use on your laptop? internal or usb attached? pcmcia?05:55
omid8bimoi have a problem and i don't know what to do05:55
nightrid3rcattlesnake: or use ndiswrapper with windows drivers as a last05:55
cattlesnaken8tuser -- I believe we did, and it is a Marvell Topdog or Hotdog or something.05:55
omid8bimoi had ubuntu on partition sda2 and it's /boot in sda305:55
omid8bimosda1 was bsd05:55
cattlesnakenightrid3r -- I tried those, I tried it with every possible driver.05:55
n8tusercattlesnake -> internal? pcmcia card you plug in? or usb you plug in?05:55
omid8bimoi removed the sd3 by mistabke now i can't boot into ubuntu05:55
omid8bimohow can i recreate ubuntu /boot?05:56
cattlesnaken8tuser -- it is a wireless card already inside of the laptop, not anything I plug in.05:56
spreeHelp, movie player will not seek or go to the next chapter05:56
spreeit does play but that is all it does05:56
n8tusercattlesnake -> was it turned on when you did   sudo lshw -C network?05:56
spreeno rewind no fast forward i can't skip agead05:56
cattlesnaken8tuser -- it was.05:57
spreethis happens for every video i watch05:57
trisquelalguien h abla español?05:57
Flannel!es | trisquel05:57
ubottutrisquel: En la mayoría de canales Ubuntu se comunica en inglés. Para ayuda en Español, por favor entre en los canales #ubuntu-es o #kubuntu-es.05:57
n8tusercattlesnake -> and what was the result?  post it in pastebin please05:57
nightrid3r!es | trisquel05:57
spreetrisquel, busca por ##ubuntu-es05:57
trisquelgenial, gracias05:57
spreede nada05:57
n8tuserspree -> curious, which player are you using to playback?05:58
spreeMovie Player05:58
spreeit didn't used to have this problem05:58
eseven73upgraded to 8.10 didnt you?05:58
spreeof course05:59
toki_hey is anyone in here from the knoxville tn area05:59
spreeyou know, maybe ubuntu shouldn't advertize that you should upgrade if it causes all these problems05:59
FelixZnightrid3r: It seems --force-depends would work, thanks for asking.05:59
eseven73that's OT toki_05:59
cattlesnakent8user -- I can't specifically paste anything because the laptop isn't online and there is no port for the cable.06:00
wfiuewfewHi! I am installing a wireless driver. I need to know the "linux kernel source include path". What is it?06:00
eseven73spree: not everyone is having issues with 8.1006:00
toki_its for a good reason im tired of trying to fix my machine and was wondering if anyone was in the area could help me06:00
spreeeseven73, cutting to the chase, can you help me?06:00
nightrid3rcattlesnake: there should be, you have an ethernet controler which is for cable06:00
fromero691hi I am trying to install this Vm, vmware-server-distrib, it is just a folder with lots of folders and it is in my desktop06:00
fromero691hi I am trying to install this Vm, vmware-server-distrib, it is just a folder with lots of folders and it is in my desktop please help06:01
spreefromero691, #vmware06:02
eseven73spree: probably not , but have you tried other players?06:02
nightrid3rfromero691: sudo dpkg -i packagename.deb06:02
GerobHey all, having a problem with not being able to boot back into the GUI after installing the nVidia 1.77 drivers.  I have tried a few things but I think the xorg.conf file just isn't pointing to my PCI slot with my card.  What can i put in my xorg file to point it to PCI bus 01:00:0?06:02
fromero691thank you06:02
spreeeseven73, I have, with some success and some failure. my vnc is jacked up too it actually freezes on me now06:02
wfiuewfewHi! I am installing a wireless driver. I need to know the "linux kernel source include path". What is it?06:02
spreexine works ok for some things but not all things06:02
omid8bimoguys i removed my /boot partition by mistake now i can't boot into ubuntu, how can i re-create it?06:03
spreei am severely limited with my video now06:03
nightrid3rwfiuewfew: /usr/src06:03
spreewhat is the package name for Movie Player so i can reinstall it?06:03
socketshey guys.. i just installed vbox (not ose).. downloaded and installed the .deb package, but how do i get a shortcut on my applications list? because it isn't there..06:03
transportercan somebody help me my cairo clock fails to launch and gives me a weird error msg in the terminal06:04
eseven73!info mplayer06:04
ubottumplayer (source: mplayer): The Ultimate Movie Player For Linux. In component multiverse, is extra. Version 2:1.0~rc2-0ubuntu17 (intrepid), package size 4322 kB, installed size 10088 kB06:04
fromero691I tried to install with the following command :fromero69@ubuntu:~$ sudo dpkp -i vmware-server-distrib06:04
fromero691sudo: dpkp: command not found06:04
fromero691no result06:04
spreeok and what about vnc06:04
spreeit's not just vnc06:04
wfiuewfewnightrid3r: Thanks! I have a problem with this, though. My card requires that I downgrade the kernel to 2.6.24---but linux--header--generic would not downgrade! How do I resolve this?06:04
nightrid3rfromero691: dpkg06:04
eseven73xtightvncserver is one06:04
eseven73spree: do apt-cache search VNC06:05
fromero691nightrid3r_it's not a .deb package, it's just a folder with more folders inside06:05
spreeomg lol i didnt mean VNC i meant VLC06:05
eseven73its just 'vlc' i think06:05
spreei got it06:05
spreesorry :)06:05
transporterhey can somebody help me my cairo clock fails to launch and gives me a weird error msg in the terminal06:06
nightrid3rfromero691: then i can't help you sorry06:06
fromero691nightrid3r any suggestions?06:06
fromero691I see06:06
socketsi just installed virtualbox (downloaded the .deb, not the ose).. but i can't find it, it says "reinstall package" but where is it?06:06
eseven73transporter: google the 'weird error message' :)06:06
lavagolemkingI need a way to securely delete my files, from a hard drive being returned in maybe 12 hours.06:06
omid8bimocan someone guide me what to do?06:07
fromero691sockets_I have the same problem06:07
spreelavagolemking, first step is to not look at porn on the work computer06:07
* lavagolemking laughs.06:07
omid8bimoguys i removed my /boot partition by mistake now i can't boot into ubuntu, how can i re-create it?06:07
lavagolemkingIt's a personal computer.06:07
* omid8bimo sad06:07
spreelavagolemking, yes and you looked at porn on it06:07
yfzr1I have ubuntu 8.10 and looks like there is IRQ conflict - irq 17: nobody cared (try booting with the "irqpoll" option)06:08
wfiuewfewAny ideas about how to downgrade kernel-headers-generic after a kernel update. I need kernel-headers-2.6.2406:08
quiksilverwhat's a really good p2p client for ubuntu?06:08
transporter(cairo-clock:6753): librsvg-CRITICAL **: rsvg_handle_render_cairo_sub: assertion `handle != NULL' failed06:08
lavagolemkingIt just has a dying hard drive, and is being shipped back to dell. I have a series of saved passwords on it.06:08
quiksilverfor music etc06:08
eseven73!MBR | omid8bimo (this might help)06:08
ubottuomid8bimo (this might help): GRUB is the default Ubuntu boot manager. Lost GRUB after installing Windows? See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/RestoreGrub - GRUB how-tos: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/GrubHowto06:08
spreelavagolemking, do you want to wipe all data off of it?06:08
eseven73maybe that second link06:08
useruseruseruserlavagolemking: shred?06:08
omid8bimoubottu: thanks dude, let me check it out06:09
ubottuError: I am only a bot, please don't think I'm intelligent :)06:09
transporterguess what eseven73 it does not come up in google even06:09
lavagolemkingI don't know if the hard drive will survive dd, but shredding the directory tree of Thunderbird/Firefox/Pidgin/Gnome-Keyring should be sufficient.06:09
socketsfromero691, i figured it out06:09
eseven73can you pastebin the error transporter ?06:09
spreelavagolemking, DO NOT DO THIS IT WILL ERASE ALL DATA ON THE DRIVE sudo shred -vfz -n 0 /dev/xxx06:09
socketsyou need to restart06:09
spreewith /dev being the drive06:09
spreethe xxx i mean06:10
lavagolemkingWhat is -vfz -n ?06:10
transporterits just a short one eseven73 i don't think it would be necessary to pastebin it here have a look at it06:10
transporter(cairo-clock:6753): librsvg-CRITICAL **: rsvg_handle_render_cairo_sub: assertion `handle != NULL' failed06:10
spreelavagolemking, -verbose -force -zeroes i forgot what n does06:10
toki_ok guys so my computer is not reconizing my monitor (polaroid 32" 720p tv) any suggestions06:11
fromero691hi guys I just download VMserver for linux, and after nearly an hour of downloading I get a folder titled vmware-server-distrib, any idea on how to install it?06:11
wfiuewfewAny ideas about how to downgrade kernel-headers-generic after a kernel update. I need kernel-headers-2.6.2406:11
lavagolemkingThe trouble I'm having is getting it to take directories. I was going to give it zero, remove, and maybe count.06:11
mysticdarkhackhey all06:11
eseven73transporter: try running it as root06:11
spreelavagolemking, in all truth Dell isn't going to check the drive anyway so just break it by dropping it on the ground a few times. i'm not even kidding at all. i'm a dell certified systems engineer06:11
mysticdarkhackAnyone own a sony vaio z and running ubuntu?06:12
fromero691hi guys I just download VMserver for linux, and after nearly an hour of downloading I get a folder titled vmware-server-distrib, any idea on how to install it?06:12
transportereseven73 that would be way to dangerous then what?06:12
spreethat certification is so easy to get its ridiculous but they do teach you about the dell warranty stuff06:12
spreegot any idea how many hard drives they get a day? thousands06:12
transportereseven73 how should i do that?06:12
lavagolemkingI have the drive backed up, and don't mind losing everything, but I don't know if it will survive for a full dd or dban.06:12
spreelavagolemking, it doesn't have to.06:13
wfiuewfewAny ideas about how to downgrade kernel-headers-generic after a kernel update. I need kernel-headers-2.6.2406:13
eseven73I didnt say to always run it as root, but this forum suggest at least TRYING it. http://ubuntuforums.org/archive/index.php/t-553751.html06:13
GerobHey all, having a problem with not being able to boot back into the GUI after installing the nVidia 1.77 drivers.  I have tried a few things but I think the xorg.conf file just isn't pointing to my PCI slot with my card.  What can i put in my xorg file to point it to PCI bus 01:00:0?06:13
=== five_ is now known as Guest49063
spreelavagolemking, they will give you a new drive rather than bug you about whether the drive is faulty. Your LCD screen is another matter however06:13
fromero691hi guys I just download VMserver for linux, and after nearly an hour of downloading I get a folder titled vmware-server-distrib, any idea on how to install it?06:13
toki_ok guys so my computer is not reconizing my monitor (polaroid 32" 720p tv) any suggestions06:13
lavagolemkingI actually got that replaced twice, high-def.06:14
spreelavagolemking, if you knew my credentials i would have grabbed it out of your hands and broken it for you by now06:14
transportereseven73: well it works if i run it as root06:14
spreelavagolemking, because i know dell doesn't care. go send that drive in busted.06:14
spreeyou know its busted when it is rattling.06:14
spreei wouldn't say this if it wasn't dell06:14
fromero691hi guys I just download VMserver for linux, and after nearly an hour of downloading I get a folder titled vmware-server-distrib, any idea on how to install it?06:15
lavagolemkingThey sometimes seem not to, but when I was looking at a motherboard once, the tech said they like to try to salvage and refurbish stuff.06:15
eseven73ok then it sounds as a permissions issue transporter ... I'm not exactly sure what you would need to achieve that since im not familiar with Cairo Clock. but now you know that i requires elevated privillages...06:15
spreelavagolemking, thats a motherboard. those are expensive.06:15
lavagolemkingI just want to make sure the image is unreadable, in case they do that with my drive.06:15
spreelavagolemking, hard drives are not. they get a warranty behind the scenes with the hard drive manufacturer06:15
=== Swish[\] is now known as Swish
spreelavagolemking, hard drives break by themselves all the time. Nobody is going to look at or care to look at your data06:16
spreelavagolemking, I have sufficiently answered your questions. Act.06:16
wfiuewfewAny ideas about how to downgrade kernel-headers-generic after a kernel update. I need kernel-headers-2.6.2406:16
toki_ok guys so my computer is not reconizing my monitor (polaroid 32" 720p tv) any suggestions06:17
=== Maharaja is now known as Maharaja18
omid8bimoi checked here https://help.ubuntu.com/community/RecoveringUbuntuAfterInstallingWindows?action=show&redirect=RestoreGrub but it won't help. as far as i know the /boot it gone so as vmlinuz and the rest, how can i reinstall them?06:18
lavagolemkingNo, probably not, but I have (some) valuable passwords saved and want to make sure they are unrecoverable. I also don't want to risk voiding the warranty, which might happen if they see dents or the like on the drive.06:18
GerobHey all, having a problem with not being able to boot back into the GUI after installing the nVidia 1.77 drivers.  I have tried a few things but I think the xorg.conf file just isn't pointing to my PCI slot with my card.  What can i put in my xorg file to point it to PCI bus 01:00:0?06:18
wfiuewfewlavagolemking: try booting from cd and using shred06:19
gonewestcoastlavagolemking: Good lord, if the data's sensitive don't return the drive.06:19
gonewestcoastJust replace it, drives are dirt cheap nowadays.06:19
fromero691is this filed used to install programs vmware-install.pl??06:19
transportercan somebody help me with my cairo clock it launches successfully if i try to launch it as root but fails to launch as a normal single user06:20
wfiuewfewfromero691: use python vmware-install.pl06:20
lavagolemkingIt's being replaced under warranty already, and I think I can get everything.06:20
wfiuewfewAny ideas about how to downgrade kernel-headers-generic after a kernel update. I need kernel-headers-2.6.2406:20
fromero691wfiuewfew_could you please be more specific? I dont know what python is?06:20
Brack10Is the "Apple Garamond" font that comes preinstalled on Ubuntu a free font?06:21
wfiuewfewfromero691: Install python from synaptic06:21
sheepwfiuewfew: .pl is perl, .py is python06:21
fromero691okay once I install it, then what should I do?06:21
AgentArmstrongi need help with my display resolution06:21
Slartwfiuewfew: why not just install the kernel header package for 2.6.24? kernel-headers-generic is just a meta package afaik06:21
AgentArmstrongim on a ppc06:21
SlartBrack10: if it comes preinstalled then it most probably is06:22
sheepfromero691: it's perl, not python.  perl should be installed by default.  To run that file, do perl vmware-setup.pl06:22
* AC`97 goes baaaah06:22
transportercan somebody help me my cairo clock launches succesffully if i launch it as root but fails to launch as a normal single user06:22
* Cann0n goes baaaaah, too.06:22
fromero691wfiuewfew_there are so many python files, which one should  I install??06:23
lavagolemkingIs there a shredder tool that can recursively clear directories, or will I have to run dd overnight?06:23
gonewestcoasttransporter: What's the error when you try to launch it?06:23
gonewestcoastPastebin, if you please.06:23
sheepfromero691: you should probably use vmware-install.pl06:23
Slarttransporter: fails to load? you might want to explain a bit more.. the computer blows up? it launches then laughs at you and runs away?06:23
wfiuewfewfromero691: see above, sorry you need perl, not python --- fromero691: it's perl, not python.  perl should be installed by default.  To run that file, do perl vmware-setup.pl06:23
Slartlavagolemking: check out "wipe"06:23
fromero691sheep_yes but how do I use it?06:23
transportergonewestcoast and Slart : (cairo-clock:6753): librsvg-CRITICAL **: rsvg_handle_render_cairo_sub: assertion `handle != NULL' failed06:23
fromero691sheep_im so lost here lol06:24
sheepfromero691: what folder is that file in?06:24
transporterSlart: i wish it did that so i could laugh also06:24
trancefatHi.. i accidentally dragged some item and all the title bars of all the windows vanished! now they wont come back... please help06:24
gonewestcoasttransporter: https://subzero.elys.com/packages.php?do_Details=1&ID=11426&O=0&L=&C=&K=DaNiMoTh&SB=&SO=&PP=&do_MyPackages=&do_Orphans=&SeB=m06:24
sheepfromero691: vmware-server-distrib?  is it on your desktop?06:25
Slarttransporter: lots of hits on google for that error message, have you checked if there are any solutions?06:25
fromero691sheep_yes it is in my desktop06:25
transporterSlart: im sorry for some reason when i copy pasted that error msg in well nothing came up06:26
sheepfromero691: do this in a terminal: cd ~/Desktop/vmware-server-distrib; perl ./vmware-setup.pl06:26
transportergonewestcoast: what do i do now?06:26
Slarttransporter: don't search for the whole thing.. just from librsvg-CRITICAL and forward06:26
gonewestcoasttransporter: Learn to use google on that error message?  You're not the first to have this issue, see what they did to resolve it.06:27
broomhandlei hope someone can help: i have a desktop with xp, and a laptop dual booting xp and ubuntu, i don't have a router only a modem, and the net works fine on the desktop (which im on now) but when i unplug the ethernet and put it into the laptop ubuntu won't connect to the net, and if i boot in xp it says i need to renew the ip, but says it's unable to do so, i'd be grateful for any ideas06:27
lavagolemkingLooks like I can hit directories with this, thanks.06:27
fromero691sheep_fromero69@ubuntu:~$ cd ~/Desktop/vmware-server-distrib; perl ./vmware-setup.pl06:27
fromero691Can't open perl script "./vmware-setup.pl": No such file or directory06:27
fromero691Sheep_any suggestions?06:27
AgentArmstrongwho can help me with my display resolution problem?06:27
homeskilletwhy is getting my wireless internet to work with ubuntu so hard. i have a wpa2 set up? it finds my essid fine, it asks me for my passphrase, i give it it, then it doesnt connect and instead pops up something saying 'create default keyring'06:27
Slart!res | AgentArmstrong, you've read this?06:27
ubottuAgentArmstrong, you've read this?: The X Window System is the part of your system that's responsible for graphical output. To restart your X, type « sudo /etc/init.d/?dm restart » in a console - To fix screen resolution or other X problems: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/X/Config/Resolution06:27
wfiuewfewHi---I need help downgrading my kernel. I was able to do this by uninstalling some packages from synaptic. However in /usr/src the header remain from version 2.6.27. I need headers from version
gonewestcoastbroomhandle: Most cheap cable modems only have one MAC resident at once, you'll have to power cycle it.06:27
sheepfromero691: what is the output of the command cwd?06:27
broomhandlegonewestcoast: powercycle the modem? before or after i connect it to the laptop?06:28
fromero691Sheep_I don't know how to answer that, what is cwd??06:28
sheepfromero691: it's a command.06:28
transportergonewestcoast and Slart: well yes but im a bit dumb when it comes to linux troubleshooting u need to help me out just a tad bit06:28
sheepfromero691: to run it, type "cwd" (without quotes) in a terminal06:28
coolproanyone uses shoutcast server?06:29
Slarttransporter: what version of ubuntu are you running?06:29
Gautamhi, do we have any keyboard shortcut for viewing desktop...like in windows its cntl+d06:29
transporterSlart: hardy06:29
Brack10If I have xfce4 installed on Ubuntu, how can I start it from a command line?06:29
Slarttransporter: how did you install the cairo clock?06:29
transporterSlart: repos06:29
SlartBrack10: I think startx should work06:30
fromero691sheep_fromero69@ubuntu:~$ cwd06:30
fromero691bash: cwd: command not found06:30
mib_rvd89cnxGautam:  Its ctrl+alt+d06:30
sheepfromero691: oops.  I meant pwd06:30
lavagolemkingWhere is the keyring located, if you don't mind my asking? I want to get that too.06:30
Brack10Slart: no but I also have gnome installed06:30
Brack10Slart: I installed it on top of gnome for when I need a lightweight wm06:31
SlartBrack10: might be a setting in some file somewhere that startx reads what to run06:31
Brack10Slart: you mean xorg.conf?06:31
Brack10I want gnome to be my default wm, but when I'm doing virtualization I want to use xfce06:31
Brack10so I'd log out of gnome and start xfce06:31
brueniggnome is not a window manager06:31
Brack10what's the term?06:32
sheepfromero691: type this: cd Desktop/vmware-server-distrib06:32
sheepfromero691: then type this: perl ./vmware-install.pl06:32
brueniggnome is a suite of applications often referred to as a desktop environment in which there is metacity which is a window manager06:32
trancefatHi all, is there some way i can get my titlebars back... i dragged something and they vanished06:32
Brack10ok desktop environment06:33
fromero691sheep_all in one line? or in two separate commands?06:33
mib_rvd89cnxtrancefat: ofcourse06:33
SlartBrack10: no, some other file.. I'm not sure what it's called06:33
nickrudtrancefat, try  alt-f2  gtk-window-decorator --replace06:34
=== init is now known as Guest68498
sheepfromero691: two separate commands06:34
fromero691sheep_it says to run this command as a super user06:34
sheepfromero691: try sudo ./vmware-install.pl06:34
eseven73Brack10: and for a lightweight wm you might want to try Icewm or fluxbox, XFCE has gained a few pounds as of late...06:34
omid8bimookay my vmlinuz and initrd is removed from my /boot partition. how can i recreat them?06:35
nickrudBrack10, oh, xfce? ignore my advice06:35
trancefatnickrud: but will that change the theme??06:35
fromero691sheep_just did it started to install im still waiting06:35
nickrudomid8bimo, sudo apt-get install --reinstall linux-image-$(uname -r)06:35
Brack10eseven73:  I don't need something super duper lightweight, but vmware running 2 windows 2008 server and a vista box is really demanding on my poor little computer06:35
eseven73One thing nice bout ubuntu there's 1500 window managers in the repos to play around with :)06:35
nickrudtrancefat, that's for gnome/metacity/compiz06:35
Brack10eseven73: so how do I drop to CLI and launch another one? startx starts gnome of course06:36
eseven73i know the feeling Brack10 i got win xp running as we speak on vbox ose06:36
omid8bimonickrud: thanks but where should run that? i can't boot into ubuntu06:36
fromero691sheep_you got it man, thank you so much for your help it's now installing06:36
unomiim having some serious problems on a dell optiplex sx280, I rebooted and when it came up very little was working, I had to reinsert my mouse and keyboard to get them to work06:36
unominetworking had to be enabled via ifconfig06:37
nickrudomid8bimo, oh, no boot? you can boot the live cd, mount the hard drive, chroot into it and then reinstall the kernel06:37
eseven73Brack10: i use Icewm and fluxbox when I have my win XP VM running which is like almost 90% of the time :)06:37
unomithe system was working fine, except a little sluggish, so i rebooted06:37
omid8bimonickrud: okay got it. let me try, tanq06:37
nickrudomid8bimo, but I'm not sure how you got to this spot and what's really wrong with your system. Take my advice if it fits your situation06:37
Brack10eseven73: Ok if I use those instead of xfce will you tell me how to do it? :)06:38
eseven73Brack10: I can give you a few tips sure06:38
Brack10launch a separate wm from cli that is06:38
nickrudomid8bimo, don't use the linux-image-$(uname -r)06:38
omid8bimonickrud: sure :)06:38
unomiwhen i rebooted, i also went and tried hyperthreading, which *might* be a cause, not sure.06:38
__deuce__can someone help me install a wireless patch?06:38
unomiwhen i discovered the state of the system i rebooted and turned off hyperthreading again06:38
coolproanyone uses shoutcast?06:38
Brack10eseven73:  No I just need to know how to have gnome start with Ubnuntu, but have the ability to launch another window manager when needed from CLI06:38
eseven73Brack10: ive never done that before, I thought you meant from login06:39
nickrudomid8bimo, install linux-image-2.6.27-11-generic for the latest kernel06:39
__deuce__i keep getting "patch: **** Only garbage was found in the patch input"06:39
Brack10I know that' just an xorg.conf thing06:39
omid8bimonickrud: okay06:39
Brack10because I use vmware to run my test servers for my MS certs06:39
nickrudomid8bimo, assuming intrepid  (/me rapidly tries to cover all the bases and his backside)06:40
eseven73Brack10: I just do ctrl Alt Backspace and switch that way06:40
lavagolemkingThank you all for your help. I think it's pretty good for a safe return.06:40
unomialso, up arrow now fires 'screenshot'06:41
omid8bimonickrud: yes it is intrepid. the problem was i mistakely removed my /boot partition now i want to creat the /boot on the ubuntu / itself06:41
ravenor_Probably the wrong place to ask this... but has anybody taken OSX and put... something else on it? (Gnome/Xfce/KDE)?06:41
nickrudomid8bimo, ok, that should do it. you'll want to reinstall any video or other drivers you had, but do it after it boots correctly if possible06:41
Brack10I tried ctrl alt bkspace :)06:42
Brack10didn't work06:42
=== white-sheep is now known as kinja-sheep
Brack10ok who was helping me with the switching wm thing?06:43
quiksilverhow do   i get back to my windows installation06:43
quiksilverwhen i installed ubuntu, it auto boots to ubuntu06:43
nickrudomid8bimo, oh, you'll want to reinstall grub as well06:43
homeskilletwoohoo i got wifi working06:43
quiksilverand when i press esc to go to the menu before it does, i only see ubuntu options06:44
kinja-sheepHow do you ssh into machines on your local network without using ip-address?  (using domain name instead... that is).  What do I need to install?06:44
Brack10quiksilver: did you do the guided install, use whole hard drive?06:44
quiksilveri forget which one i did06:44
quiksilveri remember it showing windows 25%06:44
omid8bimonickrud: i think too :)06:44
cilabskinja-sheep: u need the ip addr, or need to set up a domain name server06:44
quiksilverubuntu 75%06:44
nickrudkinja-sheep, add a reference in your /etc/hosts file, like     ip other-computer   where ip is the other computer's ip and other-computer is a name you want to reuse06:44
nickrudkinja-sheep, it'll start working as soon as you save the file06:45
__deuce__who here knows how to install driver patches? am having a bit of trouble06:45
unomiare there any issues where turning on hyperthreading on a system where hyperthreading was previously turned off may corrupt the system? ubuntu intrepid.06:45
kinja-sheepkinja-sheep + cilabs:  Thank.  I'm curious more about... setting up domain name server?06:45
quiksilverBrack10: is  windows gone?06:46
Brack10quiksilver: sounds like it may be gone06:46
Brack10quiksilver: how did you launch the install?06:46
__deuce__quicksilver: sounds like it06:46
Brack10so you booted to cd from the bios?06:46
kinja-sheepnickrud: That will work for a computer.  I'd like to be able to ssh in -- based on the connected machine (domain) rather than setting up because I find the IP address?06:46
Brack10quiksilver: and in the partitioning section you chose the default setting and ignored warnings?06:47
quiksilveri couldnt tell you06:47
quiksilveri kinda just guessed06:47
nickrudoh, outside network? or local?06:47
Brack10quiksilver: you probably killed windows then06:47
quiksilveri guess thats not a bad thing06:47
jigphello how to extra .bin? (ubuntu desktop 8.04)06:47
kinja-sheepnickrud: Local.  I see what you mean by /etc/hosts.  There are few lines there (localhost + my name). :o06:47
Brack10quiksilver: you need to read the warnings, specially the one that says "YOU WILL LOSE ALL OF THE DATA ON YOUR HARD DRIVE IF YOU PROCEED"06:48
conalhow can i set environment variables at login so that they'll be passed into processes i start from the desktop (rather than from a shell)?  i'm using .bashrc, which is conditionally loaded in .profile, but that trick isn't working for me.06:48
cilabskinja-sheep: see https://help.ubuntu.com/8.10/serverguide/C/dns.html06:48
quiksilverBrack10: everything is backed up, i'll be fine06:48
nickrudkinja-sheep, yep. That's the reaaaaalllllllyyyyyy  old way to identify computers, back in the day every machine had every machine in the world in that list :)06:48
albuntujigp: do you mean extract ?06:48
Brack10quiksilver: Oh ok you're good to go then06:48
Brack10quiksilver: you should stick with Ubuntu, Windows blows06:48
jigpalbuntu : yeah extract06:48
quiksilveryes it does.06:48
kinja-sheepnickrud: Lol.  Heh.  Time changes. :)06:49
Brack10*this opinion does not necessarily reflect those of canoical inc*06:49
Brack10or however you spell it06:49
nickrudkinja-sheep, so you could do  ssh kinja@other-computer , if it's ip is identified in that file, as yours is.06:49
albuntujigp: sudo ./nameofthefile.bin06:49
kinja-sheepcilabs: Thanks.  Will take a look.  This will only work on the computer with said "dns-related" packages installed?06:49
__deuce__what steps do I need to install a driver patch?06:49
bruenig__deuce__: what do you mean by driver patch06:50
cilabskinja-sheep: no.  it'll work with all the sys's on the network who are identified to the server06:50
kinja-sheepnickrud: Or I could stick with what I usually do -- Create an alias. :)06:50
MimiHiiiii...anyone know of dock like AWN, but I can put on the left (or right?) of the screen? Besides Cario (ew ew ew)06:50
nickrudkinja-sheep, yep. But then, you can reference that machine by name for any purpose.   http://other-computer, for example.06:50
__deuce__i have a patch that will allow wifi injections, needs installed and am having probs06:50
kinja-sheepcilabs:  Thanks.  I get the idea (server).  I'll bookmark it.  I think it's what I'm looking for. ;)06:50
nickrudkinja-sheep, but it's only an option, one of many06:50
__deuce__i keep getting "patch: **** Only garbage was found in the patch input"06:51
bruenig__deuce__: what is this supposed to be patching06:51
brueniga kernel module?06:51
cilabskinja-sheep: yes, nickrud's right.  its a fairly detailed process, and there are other ways around it.  the server option's the one i know when the netowrk is farily large and moves/adds/changes need to be tracked in a central place06:52
__deuce__driver for my wireless card06:52
=== sleepy_cat is now known as linux_freak
bruenig__deuce__: link to the driver06:52
bruenigor pastebin it06:52
kinja-sheepnickrud + cilabs: I'm in progress of installing 8.04 on my home machines.  I think it's more benefits for me in the long run.  And I wouldn't want to face some weird bugs eventually.  I like the simple thing.  Connect regardless of what ip it is... DNS thing.<_<06:53
bruenig__deuce__: I mean link to the patch06:53
bruenigpatches patch files06:53
__deuce__bruenig: http://tinyshell.be/aircrackng/forum/index.php?topic=2898.006:53
jigpalbuntu : but its in the documents.how to go there?06:54
nickrudkinja-sheep, you still have to maintain the list. One place is convenient, but it's also easy to mess up. Something worth learning, though06:54
SkytracKanybody installed ubunta on a Asus eee box never used linux before so dont want to much hassle in setting it up advice needed thanks06:54
__deuce__bruenig: that is the driver, now that i reread it06:54
nickrudSkytracK, if someone's there, #ubuntu-eeepc is the place for advice06:55
SkytracKok thanks06:55
bruenig__deuce__: yeah so you need to download the source of the iwl driver, patch it with whatever file you got, then compile it as a module06:56
__deuce__bruenig: http://linuxwireless.org/download/compat-wireless-2.6/ sorry about the last link, this is the direct one06:56
__deuce__how do i compile it?06:56
albuntujigp: the bin file its an executable file and can not be extracted. you can execute it with this command : sudo ./home/snake/jigp/Documents/nameofthefile.bin if the name of your home folder is jigp06:56
unomiis there a way to restore my system to a previous state?06:56
bruenigoh it is all put together, the patched driver there?06:56
ubottuCompiling software from source? Read the tips at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/CompilingSoftware (But remember to search for pre-built !packages first)06:56
unomican i see which updates have been applied chronologically?06:56
nickrudunomi, grep installed /var/log/dpkg.log , and zgrep installed /var/log/dpkg.log.*.gz06:58
bruenigyou can't restore it to a previous state unless you have backups obviously, you can restore the packages you have installed to a previous state by simply removing the ones you have installed since that time and readding the ones you have deleted06:58
bruenigread the logs and have fun06:58
ChrisGibbsunomi: depends on how far back as well. Try /var/log/apt/ as well06:58
bruenigthis is not the same as restoring the system though because you may have changed configurations, etc.06:58
nickrudunomi, as you can gather, ubuntu doesn't use 'restore points'06:58
jigpalbutu :jigp@jigp:~$ /home/jigp/MichaelLearnsToRock 2008 CD(cd)/MichaelLearnsToRock 2008 CD(cd).bin06:59
jigpbash: syntax error near unexpected token `('06:59
unomii think i might have installed something that was able to mess up my system06:59
keppiwhy would "force create mode" not work in samba?06:59
bruenigunomi: that is unlikely06:59
nickrudjigp, put the file name in quotes, because of the spaces06:59
unomibruening then perhaps you can help me find out what is going on.06:59
bruenigunomi: describe06:59
nickrudjigp, and the parenthesis06:59
jigpnickrud : how?06:59
unominet and HAL dont seem to start anymore06:59
bruenigunomi: by net you mean the networkmanager daemon?07:00
unomii had to replug my keyboard and mouse after boot, had to run ifconfig and dhclient to get net07:00
unomii mean networking capabilities07:00
nickrudjigp, like  bash "/home/jpig/Mi --- .bin"07:00
keppinoone knows samba in here?07:00
bruenigunomi: you obviously had network capabilities as you were able to use ifconfig and dhclient, any thing you are calling "network capabilities" are just front ends for those things anyhow07:01
=== Commie_Cary is now known as Lenin_Cat
bruenigunomi: so what front end is it that you are without07:01
nickrudjigp, if that fails, by some odd chance, place a \ before each space and parenthesis, like   2000\ 2008\ \(cd\).bin07:01
__deuce__thanks for the help bruenig07:01
unomiifconfig showed only loopback07:01
unomii had to bring eth0 up by hand07:02
nickrudkeppi, seems like the samba people are absent; ask every 10 min or so and one will drop in soon, I'd guess07:02
unomimy dmesg07:02
keppithanks nickrud07:02
bruenigunomi: so your problem is that eth0 wasn't brought up? or is there something more?07:02
jigpnickrud : sudo "./home/jigp/MichaelLearnsToRock 2008 CD(cd)/MichaelLearnsToRock 2008 CD(cd).bin"07:03
jigpcommand not found07:04
unomimy mouse and keyboard werent working, i think some other things are broken as well07:04
bruenigjigp: remove the leading .07:04
unomigetting gconf errors when starting gedit07:04
bruenigjigp: the . refers to the current directory you are in, so let us say you are in /home/jigp and run that command, what you are actually running is /home/jigp/home/jipg/MichaelLearns..." and so on07:04
jigpbruenig : command not found07:04
nickrudjigp, I didn't have a . in there :)  in this context,  the "." means current directory. Since there is no directory below / ....07:04
unomialso, up arrow fires 'screen shot'07:04
SkytracKnickrud guess i will have to go ahead with the install on my Asus eee box see what happens noone answering me in that channel may have to wait a little longer07:05
jigpnickrud : still not working :(07:05
bruenigjigp: ls -l that file and paste the otuput07:05
brueniguse tab completion if need be07:05
nickrudjigp, try home/jigp/MichaelLearnsToRock 2008\ CD\(cd\)/MichaelLearnsToRock\ 2008\ CD\(cd\).bin07:05
unomiSkytracK, http://www.ubuntu-eee.com/wiki/index.php5?title=Main_Page07:06
nickrudjigp, or /home/jigp/Mic<tab> , using bruenig 's excellent advice07:06
yoyit2ok so i have an mp4 file off of a phone, and on the phone it has audio, but when u play the file on ubuntu, there is no audio, just video07:06
bruenigyoyit2: run 'file thenameofthe.mp4'07:06
bruenigpaste output07:06
nickrudjigp, typo ->  /home/jigp/MichaelLearnsToRock\ 2008\ CD\(cd\)/MichaelLearnsToRock\ 2008\ CD\(cd\).bin07:07
albuntujigp: have you checked if the file is executable ? try checking with right clicking the file , going to properties and in permissions make this file executable07:07
bruenigalbuntu: even if it weren't executable he wouldn't be getting command not found errors however07:07
bruenigthat is what I thought at first07:07
bruenighe would just get permissions errors07:07
ldmi am ldm07:08
albuntubruenig: right but anyway its better to let him give a look. just to be sure07:08
yoyit2bruenig: the command is not found07:08
jigpbruenig : drwxr-xr-x  3 jigp jigp       4096 2009-01-15 14:09 MichaelLearnsToRock 2008 CD(cd)07:08
bruenigyoyit2: paste the exact command you used07:09
bruenigjigp: if you are in the same directory as the file, just do this: ./Mich<tab> (that is literally type that and then press tab07:09
yoyit2bruenig:  daniel@daniel-ubuntu:~$ run VIDEO_157.mp407:09
yoyit2bash: run: command not found07:09
jigpalbuntu : its an executable.. its .bin07:09
bruenigyoyit2: where you put 'run' put 'file'07:09
albuntujigp: cant you  try to rename the file and try again ?07:10
albuntujigp: try renaming it to something simple like : file.bin07:10
homeskilletisnt /dev/sda1 for usb drives? i dont have one plugged in, i have winxp installed and am tryin to install ubuntu over it but it just wants to partition to add stuff on /dev/sda107:10
bruenigthere is a way to do it without renaming07:10
SkytracKunomi ta for link looking now07:10
transporter_can somebody help me cairo clock does not open up as normal user but opens up as root error msg in terminal (cairo-clock:6753): librsvg-CRITICAL **: rsvg_handle_render_cairo_sub: assertion `handle != NULL' failed07:11
jigpalbuntu : it's a .bin . I tried .change into .zip .rar07:11
jigpsame thing07:11
yoyit2bruenig: still doesnt work07:11
bruenigyoyit2: paste the command you used07:11
Slarthomeskillet: all hard drives in linux end up as /dev/sdX where X is a,b,c,d,e etc07:11
albuntujigp: i am saying to rename the file. not the extension07:11
jigpI cannot cd MichaelLearnsToRock 2008 CD(cd) ... No such file or directory07:11
Slarthomeskillet: not just usb drives07:11
yoyit2bruenig: daniel@daniel-ubuntu:~$ file VIDEO_157.mp407:12
yoyit2VIDEO_157.mp4: ERROR: cannot open `VIDEO_157.mp4' (No such file or directory)07:12
homeskillethey, how likely is it that if i just resize my winxp partition and install ubuntu on the other 33% that windows will still work properly?07:12
albuntujigp: if you cant cd than the directory doesnt exist07:12
grandyanyone know if there is a way to make dpkg ignore files not being there when trying to remove?07:12
bruenigyoyit2: ls, is that file name in the output?07:12
yoyit2bruenig: huu??07:12
bruenigyoyit2: type: ls, paste the output07:12
bruenigpresuming it isn't massive07:13
Slarthomeskillet: pretty likely.. but as always.. do backups07:13
albuntujigp: try cd in home or Documents or wherever that directory is and then try doing cd M and press TAB07:13
transporter_can somebody help me cairo clock does not open up as normal user but opens up as root error msg in terminal (cairo-clock:6753): librsvg-CRITICAL **: rsvg_handle_render_cairo_sub: assertion `handle != NULL' failed07:13
jigpalbuntu : it exist.im there and I saw .bin file07:13
albuntujigp: is that directory in your home folder ? where is it07:13
yoyit2bruenig: ok, so ur wanting me to type "is, the output" into terminal?07:14
bruenigyoyit2: type: ls07:14
bruenigyoyit2: paste the output here07:14
jigpalbuuntu yes07:14
rzz8509yoyit2  you can probably play in in mplayer sudo apt-get install mplayer07:14
albuntujigp: what do you mean yes ? tell me where the directory is ? in your home folder or in the documents folder ?07:15
jigpalbuntu : /home/jigp/mike/mike.bin - there I changed it07:15
rzz8509yoyit2 than mplayer file.bin07:15
jigpyes albuntu in my home folder07:15
jigpI even use root .su07:15
albuntujigp: than do this : cd /home/jigp/mike07:15
bruenigjigp: the file was in a subdirectory?07:16
bruenigthis entire time you made us believe it was in /home/jigp, not /home/jigp/mike07:16
grandyhello, i seem to have caused apt/aptitude/dpkg to have an error... dpkg -r packagename can't finish b/c some of the files were not installed b/c i pressed crtl-c in the middle of installation07:16
dayo_grandy: man dpkg07:16
grandydayo_: been looking at it, tried --force-all07:16
transporter_can somebody help me cairo clock does not open up as normal user but opens up as root error msg in terminal (cairo-clock:6753): librsvg-CRITICAL **: rsvg_handle_render_cairo_sub: assertion `handle != NULL' failed07:16
albuntujigp: now try sudo sh ./mike.bin07:16
grandydayo_: i seem to be overlooking something, but i'm not sure what07:16
jigpbruenig : albuntu wants me to change the file  name.so I made it mike folder and mike.bin07:16
dayo_grandy: have u tried sudo dpkg --configure -a   ?07:16
yoyit2rzz8509: mplayer says "Cannot find codec for audio format 0x726D6173"07:17
wcdlhey there... is there any way to get rid of the photoshop gray background (using on wine)07:17
grandydayo_: not yet, let me try that07:17
albuntujigp: sudo sh ./home/snake/mike/mike.bin07:17
rzz8509yoyit2 did it play the sound>07:17
yoyit2rzz8509: no, cuz it had the error07:17
jigpjigp@jigp:~/mike$ sudo sh./mike.bin07:17
jigpsudo: sh./mike.bin: command not found07:17
grandydayo_: no output when i do that07:17
rwwjigp: put a space after "sh"07:18
albuntujigp: put the space after sh07:18
nite_johnboyHas any one here setup a USB bootable Ibex ?07:18
Slart!usb | nite_johnboy07:18
ubottunite_johnboy: For information about installing Ubuntu from USB flash drives, see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Installation/FromUSBStick - For a persistent live USB install, see: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/LiveUsbPendrivePersistent07:18
transporter_can somebody help me cairo clock does not open up as normal user but opens up as root error msg in terminal (cairo-clock:6753): librsvg-CRITICAL **: rsvg_handle_render_cairo_sub: assertion `handle != NULL' failed07:18
yoyit2rzz8509: any ideas??07:19
jigpalbuntu : jigp@jigp:~/mike$ ls07:19
jigpmike.bin  info.nfo  Sample07:19
jigpthat's the file07:19
FloodBot1jigp: Please don't flood, use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste, don't use Enter as punctuation.07:20
useruseruserusertransporter_: what is cairo clock?07:20
nite_johnboySlart; I'm currently running from a Corsair 16gb thumb - have did a setup like this yet - I have question about different brands of thumb drives ? ?07:20
albuntujigp: i told you put a space after the "sh"07:20
transporter_useruseruseruser: well its an eye candy07:20
albuntujigp: sudo sh ./mike.bin07:20
dayo_useruseruseruser: an egyptian timepiece :P07:20
Slartnite_johnboy: then ask that question to the channel.. if someone knows they will probably answer07:20
xxCodyI've been at this for a long time. I cannot figure out how to make a drop down menu in ubuntu. I've googled it and have posts a thread on ubuntu and techsupport, no one has answered. Can anyone help me?07:21
rzz8509yoyit2 it is a codec that is unsupported by ffmpeg so it may work in vlc07:21
jigpalbuntu : jigp@jigp:~/mike$ sudo sh ./mike.bin07:21
jigp./mike.bin: 1: Syntax error: Unterminated quoted string07:21
rwwtransporter_: try "cairo-clock -t themename" (you can get a list of themes with "cairo-clock -l", I think.07:21
transporter_rww : well its a problem with my permissions i cannot open cairo clock as a normal user i can open it up as a root07:22
rzz8509yoyit2  it is called 3gp07:22
xxCodyMaybe too much traffic:  I've been at this for a long time. I cannot figure out how to make a drop down menu in ubuntu. I've googled it and have posts a thread on ubuntu and techsupport, no one has answered. Can anyone help me?07:22
yoyit2rzz8509: still no sound07:22
FlynsarmyIs there a way to get an images dimensions from the command line?07:23
Greencoat1982can someone help me with accessing files I have on my vista box, from my intrepid laptop07:23
albuntujigp: have you edited the file ?07:23
rwwtransporter_: probably because one of your local configuration settings is broken. Try those commands and see what happens.07:23
jigpalbuntu yes. the folder is mike now and file mike.bin07:23
Greencoat1982I have samba installed, and the folder shared in vista07:23
transporter_rww can u just gimme a command that i can copy paste07:23
albuntujigp: no i mean have you edited the files contents ?07:23
Greencoat1982and I can see my laptop from the vista box07:23
rwwtransporter_: I just gave you two.07:23
jigpalbuntu : nope07:23
albuntujigp: try redownloading the file and try again07:24
Greencoat1982but it won't let me connect to my vista box from my ubuntu laptop07:24
SlartFlynsarmy: take a look at imagemagick, it can do what you want07:24
transporter_rww please meet me in pvt chat07:24
rzz8509yoyit2 sudo apt-get install vlc07:24
Greencoat1982I type in the share address and input the correct passowrd07:24
rww!msg | transporter_: no07:24
ubottutransporter_: no: Please ask your questions in the channel so that other people can help you, benefit from your questions and answers and ensure that you're not getting bad advice. Please note that some people find it rude to be sent a PM without being asked for permission to do so first.07:24
tsai0hello all, is there a way to upgrade from 32bit ubuntu to 64bit without a complete reinstall or having to save the home folder yet? Just curious.07:24
FlynsarmySlart, it's not installed by default. need something that you dont have to install07:24
Greencoat1982but nothing shows up07:24
nite_johnboyI'am currently using a 16gb Corsair thumb drive picked up for a very good buy - not very much room left though - disk usage reports only about 8gb free - I really like this - it runs really fast and all - would like to pick-up a 32gb next - is there a brand other then Corsair anyone would recommend that would be cheaper but as reliable as the Corsair ? ?07:25
n2diyHas my user, I right click on the tool bar clock, but I can't adjust the date or time. I click on unlock, enter my user password, and fail authentication. What's up?07:25
Greencoat1982and if noone here can help, can someon at least point me towards a networking room07:25
jigpalbuntu : is there a know application to extract this bin?07:25
SlartFlynsarmy: then I don't know of anything07:25
rwwtsai0: Nope. To go from 32bit to 64bit you have to reinstall.07:25
transporter_rww ubottu ok so here it is can somebody help me cairo clock does not open up as normal user but opens up as root error msg in terminal (cairo-clock:6753): librsvg-CRITICAL **: rsvg_handle_render_cairo_sub: assertion `handle != NULL' failed07:25
Slarttsai0: nope.. you need to reinstall07:25
albuntujigp: it should run normally even if you double click it and click run from the options that you get07:25
paul68is there a way that I don4t have manually select my proxy at work and deselect it when I am connected at home07:26
rwwtransporter_: Are you going to try the commands that I gave you, or ignore me?07:26
tsai0rww:  , Slart:  are you on 64bit?07:26
Slarttsai0: yes07:26
transporter_no rww i did try ur command im sending u a pastebin gimme a sec07:26
rwwtsai0: yes, I am.07:26
miranda_psipaul68: just in firefox?07:26
Greencoat1982So no one has any hints?07:26
Greencoat1982at least someone tell me of another room that could help then?07:27
nite_johnboyIs there a brand of 32gb thumb drive someone would recommend ? ?07:27
SlartGreencoat1982: have you read the documentation for samba?07:27
paul68miranda_psi: I guess so since its a http proxy here at work07:27
tsai0Slart: , rww: did you get flash working without a lot of reworking.  I had Debian 64bit installed before and flash was my biggest issue like a year and a half ago.07:27
transporter_rww: http://paste.ubuntu.com/107241/07:27
Slarttsai0: yes07:27
Greencoat1982yes, and I can't figure it out, trust me this is always the last place I look for help07:27
rwwtsai0: Flash worked fine for me. Just had to sudo apt-get install flashplugin-nonfree07:27
chalcedonyI've forgotten KDE setting up, been so long ... where do you change the colour and outline of the desktop text under the icons? there is a foreground and background, normally white on black07:27
miranda_psipaul68: try looking at foxy proxy - it will at least make life easier07:28
Greencoat1982I had intrepid on my desktop but wanted to try the 64 bit version of vista07:28
Dexihey rww do you know anything about eggdrop?07:28
=== Dexi is now known as Guest83387
SlartGreencoat1982: hmm.. then I can't really help you further, sorry07:28
rwwtransporter_: Okay. What happens when you do "cairo-clock -t simple" (for example)?07:28
Greencoat1982I had it set up nicely before so that I could just network into the desktop and watch my content,07:28
SlartGreencoat1982: although I can tell you that samba is the way to go, afaik07:28
rwwGuest83387: I know what it is, yes.07:29
transporter_rww: should i copy paste that?07:29
Greencoat1982is there a samba channel?07:29
paul68miranda_psi: now I have to go to system prefs and network proxy to adapt these manually07:29
rwwtransporter_: type cairo-clock -t simple in a terminal, yes07:29
Guest83387dammit how did i end up as a guest07:29
keppiGreencoat1982:  yes07:29
SlartGreencoat1982: not sure.. ##samba or #samba perhaps07:29
jigpalbuntu : ok what application to choose?I tried k3b but no luck07:29
tsai0rww: , Slart:  Thanks, that anwers my question.. Hmm?  I wonder if I create a new partition, can I somehow migrate the home folder from the 32bit partition?07:29
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rwwGuest83387: I assume you didn't identify with nickserv07:29
TaliaHere's a question for anyone!!!07:29
rwwDexi: see above07:29
Dexihaha rww yeah that was it07:29
Slarttsai0: yes, you can just copy the files to a new partition.. make sure to not overwrite that new partition with something else though07:30
rwwtsai0: You can just move the files across after setup, yeah. Or do something like !separatehome07:30
transporter_rww i can see the clock07:30
albuntujigp: i dont know an aplication.  it should execute normally with the commands i gave you before07:30
rww!separatehome | tsai007:30
ubottutsai0: Your home folder is where all of your personal files are usually kept. For moving your home folder to a separate partition, please see: http://psychocats.net/ubuntu/separatehome07:30
Dexirww: when i run it with -n it runs fine, but without -n it wont connect to the server and i cant telnet in07:30
rwwtransporter_: Okay, so it works if you specify a theme with -t?07:30
nite_johnboytsai0; It was really easy - just booted to a live Ubuntu CD and went to System/Administration/Create a USB startup disk - I was trying to do this with a 8gb USB and it would not work - picked up 16gb today and everything installed wonderful - that's what I'm running from right now.07:30
keppiwhy when an osx client writes to a samba share, it ignores "force create mode"07:30
jigpalbuntu : its not .cue right?07:30
jigpalbuntu : I've seen .cue here07:31
mountxanyone know of a good guide to fixing compiz causing video flashing on 8.1007:31
transporter_rww: looks like it yeah07:31
TaliaWhen I bought my computer, the hard drive was already partitioned between C: and D:  I then installed ubuntu on d:, and C:, which had windows corrupted.  Is there anyway to retrieve that partition using ubuntu?07:31
tsai0ubottu: , nite_johnboy: i will have to try this. thanks all07:31
ubottuError: I am only a bot, please don't think I'm intelligent :)07:31
transporter_rww: now what?07:31
useruseruserusertsai0: bye bye07:31
rwwtransporter_: Okay. Well, either pick a theme and run it with a -t switch, or figure out which part of your cairo-clock or cairo configuration is broken.07:31
miranda_psipaul68: do you actually use anything other than firefox at work? if not then give foxy proxy a go - don't know anything for system wide...07:31
rwwtransporter_: I don't use cairo much, so I'm not sure how to help you diagnose that.07:32
androidfxhow can i install JavaSE6 Update 11 in ubuntu, i download the linux package, but where is supposed to be, at the root directory, at the usr, ??07:32
transporter_rww: its something do to with the permissions07:32
paul68miranda_psi: I also use msn mails and yes firefox also07:32
phpmonkhow to configure mutt for POP and SMTP?07:32
TaliaWhen I bought my computer, the hard drive was already partitioned between C: and D:  I then installed ubuntu on d:, and C:, which had windows corrupted.  Is there anyway to retrieve that partition using ubuntu?07:32
rdw200169Greencoat1982: this guy got it to work http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=31591607:32
transporter_rww: i need to switch the permission to a normal user07:32
nite_johnboytsai0: this is really cool I can basically take this to any computer and boot to it - nice - Is there any brand USB you like best - Will be getting a 32gb soon ?07:32
paul68rdw200169: hi my friend happy new year to you07:33
rdw200169paul68: hey, you too07:33
rwwtransporter_: Did you run something cairo-related with administrative privilages? it might have made some part of your user-specific cairo configuration owned by root.07:33
rdw200169paul68: how's the firewall going?07:33
paul68rdw200169: working like a charm thanks to your help just having a puzzle at this point with the proxy server at work07:34
xxCodyCan anyone help in making my own menu? Is there an app for this? I want to make my own drop down menu like Applications.07:34
transporter_rww: no i did not do anything07:34
mountxhey ... anyone know of a fix for getting compiz to stop skipping video ... switching to metacity works but was hoping for a compiz fix ... video is ATI card07:34
Greencoat1982rdw200169 that only seems to be for previous distros07:34
phpmonkxxCody: wxWidgets07:34
rzz8509purple monkey dish-water07:34
rdw200169Greencoat1982: have you tried the fix from the last post?07:34
ik_hallo everyone07:35
rwwtransporter_: Okay, then I doubt it's a permissions thing. As I said, something in your cairo configuration in your home foder is probably broken, and running as root is using root's cairo configuration, hence it working. I doubt it's a permissions issue, or many more people would be having it.07:35
rdw200169mountx: i had the same problem for a while with Nvidia, then I upgraded to the latest drivers then it went away07:35
useruseruseruserik_: hi hi hi07:35
transporter_rww: i tried uninstalling reinstalling it did not work07:35
rdw200169mountx: i also had that problem when i used compiz on multiple displays, now I don't do that...07:35
xxCodyThats coding. very good answer though lol.07:35
ik_anyone who can help me with floola?07:35
mountxrdw: does envy install the latest drivers?07:35
miranda_psipaul68: for firefox you could use foxy proxy, and use say pidgin at home and empathy at work (not ideal, but a workaround...)07:35
rwwtransporter_: uninstalling and reinstalling doesn't remove the cairo configuration stuff in your home folder.07:35
xxCodyIs there another app for have a menu?07:36
rdw200169paul68: proxy servers are a *pain*07:36
transporter_rww: what do i do?07:36
rdw200169paul68: you never know what kind of filtering they're doing...07:36
Greencoat1982rdw200169 it just said no application is set to handle07:36
rwwmountx: As far as I know, there's no fix for that, unfortunately. The fglrx driver has problems with compiz+video and compiz+gaming, and the usual solution is to temporarily disable compiz while watching videos or gaming.07:36
transporter_rww: please think of something (brb)07:36
rdw200169Greencoat1982: i don't know, that's the best I found... personally I avoid Samba and Windows file sharing at all costs, it's just a pain, even on windows!07:37
rdw200169Greencoat1982: did you know that Vista can't even file share with XP???07:37
rwwtransporter_: figure out which part of your cairo configuration is broken. heck, delete the cairo settings in your home folder if that isn't too inconvenient. As I've said already, I don't use cairo, and I /can't/ use it right now, so I can't diagnose it further.07:37
Greencoat1982I know but what other option do I have for accessing the files on my vista box07:37
mountxok ... that's what i've been doing ... tried several 'fixes' w/ no results07:37
paul68rdw200169: well the thing is that I want to be able to connect automaticly to the proxy at work and automaticly connect to the homenetwork without proxy when I am at home07:37
ik_no-one who know how to use floola on ubuntu 8.10?07:38
rdw200169paul68: from the same linux box?07:38
Greencoat1982yeah, MS is alround crap, but I wanted to try some games on vista07:38
Greencoat1982just haven't reinstalled the dual boot yet07:38
rdw200169Greencoat1982: so you're just trying to access files in there?07:38
mountxwhy dual boot ... just virtualbox it07:38
transporter_rww: i don't have a problem with anything i can alwayz reinstall it so i pretty much think i get my settings back if i wanted to right07:38
paul68rdw200169: with the same laptop yes now I have to go to system prefs network proxy to adapt the settings and I am to lazy lol to do this each time07:38
rwwmountx: virtualbox and games don't work well together =/07:39
Greencoat1982because the virtual box wasn't running very good07:39
mountxahh .. <-- not much of a gamer07:39
rdw200169paul68: ah, i see, that *is* pretty lazy!07:39
jigpalbuuntu : I got it now. it has been extracted now.its mike.iso now. how to extract iso?07:39
Greencoat1982well the main game I play works well in linux with win, but some of the newer ones can get real buggy07:39
rdw200169paul68: and it's such a handy tool, too!07:39
mountxmy g/f plays spore and sims ... are those doable on linux?07:40
Greencoat1982The only semi-worthwhile product MS has ever made is the xbox and 36007:40
rdw200169jigp: you can mount the iso, mount -o loop src.iso /mountpoint07:40
rwwDexi: Hrm, that's weird. Not sure how to help, unfortunately :/07:40
Greencoat1982spore no, thats why I went to vista to play it07:40
paul68rdw200169: since my laptop can connect to both wifi networks without any manual input I was wondering if I could achieve the same with the proxy connection07:40
Greencoat1982sims I don't know, but doubt it07:40
rwwmountx: Nope, neither of them work well at all on Wine.07:41
rdw200169paul68: reluctantly, i don't think there's a solution for that yet, until NetworkManager comes out with Proxy support per-connection07:41
Dexirww: its ok07:41
ik_help for floola07:41
rdw200169paul68: i'm assuming that's what you're talking about, as far as automatically connecting to wireless connections07:41
rwwDexi: You could maybe ask in the Eggdrop IRC channels ( http://www.eggheads.org/support/ )07:42
Dexirww: i tried they are all bare... nobody to answer me lol07:42
mountxhas anyone had success w/ blackberry's and wine/virtualbox?07:42
Greencoat1982man I really wanted to watch some of my shows before bed07:42
transporter_can somebody help me cairo clock does not open up as normal user but opens up as root error msg in terminal (cairo-clock:6753): librsvg-CRITICAL **: rsvg_handle_render_cairo_sub: assertion `handle != NULL' failed07:42
useruseruseruseryasarrr: hi07:42
ik_I'm looking for some help with floola07:43
rdw200169paul68: you could write something with python-dbus to watch NetworkManager events, and if it connects to the network at work, have it perform the switch...07:43
chaquiI just spent time figuring out how to ssh, and now I do it from a local connection, now how do I take it elsewhere?07:43
ubottupastebin is a service to post multiple-lined texts so you don't flood the channel. The Ubuntu pastebin is at http://paste.ubuntu.com (make sure you give us the URL for your paste - see also the channel topic)07:43
Kartagishow to reinstall the package after applying a patch? dpkg-reconfigure?07:44
transporter_can somebody help me cairo clock does not open up as normal user but opens up as root error msg in terminal (cairo-clock:6753): librsvg-CRITICAL **: rsvg_handle_render_cairo_sub: assertion `handle != NULL' failed07:44
paul68rdw200169: to get it straight when I want to connect automaticly to the proxy at work without having to adapt the settings manually, I was affraid you where going to mention that07:44
rdw200169paul68: then again, i can't remember which file gnome-network-preferences changes to set the proxy, i believe it's in gconf somewhere07:44
jigprdw200169 : jigp@jigp:~/mike$ sudo mount -o loop mike.iso /mountpoint07:45
jigpmount: mount point /mountpoint does not exist07:45
SingAlongHi all!07:45
rdw200169jigp: that was an example, make an empty directory somewhere07:45
useruseruseruserSindacious: hi07:45
rdw200169jigp: like /home/<your user name here>/iso07:45
SingAlongwhere's the libX11 in Ubuntu? this in reference to this: http://www.linuxfromscratch.org/pipermail/blfs-support/2006-November/061521.html I need to know where libx11 resides to correct this problem07:45
paul68rdw200169: it is indead I saw it in the gconf as http-proxy but no direct indictation that is adapted in the network connections part07:46
rdw200169jigp: then use that direcotry07:46
paul68rdw200169: *indeed07:46
rdw200169paul68: i've had mine as a proxy before, so it has the IP address in there as the setting07:46
Greencoat1982rdw200169 would it matter if I don't have a password for my vista user account?07:47
rdw200169paul68: this is in .gconf/system/http_proxy/%gconf.xm.07:47
rdw200169Greencoat1982: i have not idea :(07:47
paul68rdw200169: ok I will have to snoop around a bit thanks for your help and talk to you soon, getting busy here at work07:48
rdw200169paul68: so, i'm assuming that if you change the entry with "use_http_proxy" to value="true" it would turn on the proxy07:48
paul68rdw200169: seems logic07:48
SlartSingAlong: there are plenty of tools to search for files in linux.. try locate or find07:49
RencxHow can I save video from camera?07:49
rdw200169paul68: gimme a sec, i'm gonna show you an example of mangling around with gconf07:50
unomithis is really strange07:50
unomiive tried the older kernels as well, it doesnt seem related to that07:50
RencxHow can I save video from camera? And what program i must use?07:50
unomiwhere can i see error logs relating to bringing up eth0 in the boot process?07:50
fosco__unomi: type dmesg07:50
paul68rdw200169: ok07:51
SlartRencx: I guess it would depend entirely on what kind of camera it is.. search the forums or use google to see if there are any howtos for your specific camera model07:51
mountxRecnx - cheese is a good general one07:52
rdw200169paul68: ok, here's an example of screwing around with gconf in python http://paste.ubuntu.com/107248/07:52
unomialso, arrow up gives me 'screenshot'07:52
RencxWhy i need camera model i just want import files throught DV07:53
ploowhen using parted can you tell it to use the rest of the free space?07:53
rdw200169paul68: and here's one of screwing around with the dbus: http://paste.ubuntu.com/107249/07:53
chaquiwhat's the command to open an ssh over the internet?07:54
chaquiI can open it in my local lan.07:54
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mountxssh -l  loginname domainname07:54
=== Zorro is now known as Guest90637
mountxor ssh user@domainname07:54
chaquiwhere the domain name is = ip address?07:55
unomifosco_ i see it at the beginning of dmesg.07:55
unomibut once the system is fully booted, it is not visible in 'ifconfig'07:55
mountxssh user@123.34.67807:55
jeffszuszI've got JeOS installed in a virtualbox but It won't accept a static IP. does anyone know of any reason JeOS or VirtualBox wouldn't let me use the Virtual Machine's mac address to assign a static IP via my router?07:55
paul68rdw200169: thanks for your help gotta go now since the phone is getting red heated lol07:56
yao_ziyuanhow do i disable routine disk check?07:56
rdw200169paul68: you may also want to read this: http://people.redhat.com/dcbw/NetworkManager/NetworkManager%20DBUS%20API.txt07:56
paul68rdw200169: ok thanks07:57
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* paul68 really walking out a here now07:58
mountxyao ... you probably don't want to do that07:58
mountxbut ctr+c, ctrl+d07:58
yao_ziyuanmountx: ok. and how to run a manual disk check?07:59
yao_ziyuanmountx: i'll google for the second question08:00
mountxnot sure08:00
mountxthere's probably a util out there08:00
unomihow strange, the system has been working faultlessly for weeks, and now this08:01
chaquimountx: I don't understand this ip address buisness. its obviosuly not my 192.168.x.x ip address08:01
kinja-sheepAny excellent "Spider Solitaire" game? I have been checking out the forums and some games are... blah.08:01
mountxwhere are you trying to ssh to ... an external or do you have something virtual going on?08:01
chaquiits the address from whatismyip.com ?08:01
unomigot rid of the screenshot issue by going to keyboard shortcuts; which ive never opened before08:01
chaquiI have a desktop and a laptop08:02
mountxdo you have a firewall?08:02
chaquiI just want to tunnel so I can vnc08:02
doseryderIs it just me or is the system requirement for the last two releases require more (better, faster, newer) hardware08:02
chaquino firewall08:02
mountxdoseryder ... that's cpu's for you08:02
Kartagishow to reinstall the package after applying a patch? dpkg-reconfigure?08:03
chaquidoseryder the last two ubuntu releases have included compiz as there windows manager.08:03
doserydermountx: yea.. I'm using p4 3.2 (mildly oc'd to 3.36) with a fairly recent video card (tho its a ATI (Oh No)) and 2 gigs of high quality ram (dual chan)08:04
mountxchaqui so your trying to ssh to another cpu ... your localaddress for that cpu should work if your on the same router08:04
doseryderMy first ever ubuntu release was 6.10 (Can't remember what the code name was) and it was kinda smooth08:05
mountxI remember the 5.0x days ... bad times .. but worked well as a server08:05
ardchoilledoseryder: Edgy?08:05
mountxnow I got my whole family on ubuntu(mint at least)08:05
chaquimountx: and it does, now what I want to do is do it from my parents house, or wheveer else I may find the internet.08:05
doseryderI think so, if feisty is the subsequent release08:06
chaquimountx: so would that be like "ssh user@gatewayip?08:06
mountxyou need to fwd a port to the computer you want to ssh into ... i.e. forward port 22 to 192.168.x.x port 2208:06
mountxthen you will ssh to your outside IP08:07
chaquioh wow, now port forwarding makes so much sense to me08:07
chaquisince port 22 is the defualt port for openssh I won't even need to distinguish it right?08:08
doseryderYou might wanna fix (associate) an Local IP to the host running ssh-server too08:09
PC_NerdHi, how can I install localeconf for 8.04 - I understand its no longer in the repositories but how do you install it?08:09
mountxno ... you should be fine unless you've made changes in /etc/ssh/08:09
mountxbut I would suggest disabling root logins via ssh08:10
jxanderis there a dock that won't need compositing?08:11
chaquido I do that through services?08:11
doserydermountx: hey do you know anything about installing printers (CUPS or whatever)?08:12
mountxyou might be able to ... check out /etc/ssh/sshd_conf08:12
WalterMundtquestion: I just installed ubuntu on my laptop, any recommendations for getting an "Atheros Communications Inc. AR242x" wifi chip working?  It worked out of box on Fedora 10 so I know the support is out there08:12
mountxI don't have a printer .. cups disabled for me ;}08:12
alexandrooshello I'm going to install kubuntu 8.04 lts from the internet with the minimal cd, does it come with kde 4.1.4?08:12
unomiok silly question maybe; should '/etc/network/interfaces' list eth0 ?08:12
Kartagishow to reinstall the package after applying a patch? dpkg-reconfigure?08:13
DwightShrootwhats the command to navigate...ch? /home....08:15
alexandroosDwightShroot, cd /home08:15
mountxcd ~/ <tab>08:15
PC_NerdAny ideas on getting localeconf installed? Its not in repositories?08:15
doserydermountx: since you're on the topic of ssh with the other dude, I can't remember what/where file contains the "banner" (i.e. the message banner, when the client FIRST login)08:16
mountxlemme check08:16
doseryderyou know what I'm talking about tho right?08:16
unomihow weird is this?! : my /etc/network/interfaces08:16
unomiauto lo08:16
unomiiface lo inet loopback08:16
unomithe end08:16
mountxcd /etc/08:16
mountxwoops ... wrong window08:17
doseryderthis aint no terminal-emulator :p08:17
alexandrooshello I'm going to install kubuntu 8.04 lts from the internet with the minimal cd, does it come with kde 4.1.4?08:18
unomimountx: while you are there, can you tell me whats in your /etc/network/interfaces file?08:18
alexandroosops sorry for repeating08:18
mountxi can tell you that auto lo08:18
rwwdoseryder: that banner thing is at /etc/motd; location is configurable in sshd configuration.08:18
mountxiface lo inet loopback08:19
unomiweird, no mention of eth0 ?08:19
mountxnope .. never seen that on a lin install .. maybe just me though08:19
unomialexandroos: http://www.kubuntu.org/news/8.04-release08:19
doseryderaight cool.   I totally forgot.08:19
rwwalexandroos: Kubuntu Hardy comes with KDE 3.something, if I remember correctly. Intrepid has 4.108:20
rebel_kidi remember a program to enable the mouse in cli (to facilitate easy copying/pasting of text) i cant find the package name, can anyone point me to it08:20
rwwunomi, mountx: /etc/network/interfaces only has lo in it by default, because NetworkManager deals with eth0 and other interfaces. You can add eth0 if you want it to be managed by ifup/ifdown08:20
unomirww well networkmanager has stopped working for some reason08:21
mountxi don't use networkmanager08:21
mountxdoes that make a diff?08:21
rwwunomi: feel free to add an eth0 stanza if you want. The configuration format is in "man interfaces"08:21
unomialexandroos: http://www.kubuntu.org/news/8.10-release it has 4.1.208:21
unomiits weird its just stopped working though08:22
Flannelalexandroos: 8.04 isn't LTS for Kubuntu either.  So you're not losing much by going with 8.1008:22
TheaxiomHow do I upgrade to 8.10?08:22
Flannel!upgrade | Theaxiom08:22
unomimakes me worry that more things 'under the hood' are not working as they should08:22
ubottuTheaxiom: For upgrading, see the instructions at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/UpgradeNotes08:22
selig5 /timestamps = off08:22
doseryderrww, when you say NetworkManager, are you referring to nm-applet?08:22
Theaxiomthx Flannel08:22
alexandroosthanks unomi and Flannel08:22
rwwdoseryder: nm-applet is an applet that allows you to control the NetworkManager system08:23
alexandroosI'm off see you later guys ba bye08:23
arghh2d2is network manager any good?08:23
doseryderbye alex08:23
Teknonm is good08:24
Teknosupports mobile phones also08:24
arghh2d2Tekno: when did it get better?08:24
unomi(gconf-editor:6034): GnomeUI-WARNING **: While connecting to session manager:08:24
unomiNone of the authentication protocols specified are supported.08:24
rwwarghh2d2: It's the default in recent versions of Ubuntu. Some people have problems with it and find other network control methods (like ifup/ifdown, wicd, etc.) better.08:24
PC_Nerdhow do you change the locale settings through terminal?08:24
arghh2d2rww, yeah, count me in as one of those08:24
Teknoarghh2d2: works with 3G networking very good08:24
Teknowicd doesnt support at all08:25
rww!locale | PC_Nerd08:25
ubottuPC_Nerd: To set up and configure your locales, see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/LocaleConf08:25
PC_Nerdubottu: that uses localeconf which I cannot install... its not in the repo's and I cant find any documentation post dapper.08:25
ubottuError: I am only a bot, please don't think I'm intelligent :)08:25
* doseryder taking notes...08:26
keppianyone know samba in here?08:26
rwwPC_Nerd: I've used http://blog.andrewbeacock.com/2007/01/how-to-change-your-default-locale-on.html before successfully. Try that.08:26
DwightShrootI did an ssh an im inside my iphone and have navigated to the folder i wanted, is there a way i can add files off my desktop to the folder08:26
arghh2d2PC_Nerd: its a bot isnt it?08:26
PC_Nerdhuh? - thanks rww08:26
arghh2d2DwightShroot: sftp to iphone?08:26
rwwPC_Nerd: by the way, Ubottu is a bot. People tell it to send factoids with messages like "!factoid | nickname"08:27
ubottuHi! I'm #ubuntu's favorite infobot, you can search my brain yourself at http://ubottu.com/factoids.cgi - Usage info: http://wiki.ubuntu.com/UbuntuBots08:27
unomisound has also stopped working i just found08:27
DwightShrootarghh2d2: is that the same as using the gftp program08:27
arghh2d2DwightShroot: dont think so08:28
unomiis there a system wide 'reconfigure' command?08:28
DwightShrootarghh2d2: how do i sftp08:28
TheaxiomI am in trouble, I only have 7.1MB available in /boot and it won't let me upgrade...08:29
arghh2d2DwightShroot: i sftp to my ssh account go to the folder i want to put things in and just type 'put /path/to/file'08:29
FlannelTheaxiom: Remove some of your old kernels08:29
mountxunomi I had a smart ass comment ... but I'll save it08:29
devexdoes anybody know why the battery panel in gnome shows a shorter remaining  duration than acpi?08:29
unomiseriously considering a reinstall08:29
mountx... unomi .. don't lose the battle ... this isn't windows08:30
mountxeverything can be fixed ... most of the time08:30
DwightShrootarghh2d2: kind of a newb,.....08:30
TheaxiomFlannel: can I get rid of everything that is not 2.6.24-23?08:30
keppi...by a reinstall ;)08:30
unomiok, but how to find out what to fix08:30
mountxwhat's wrong?08:31
unomidmesg doesnt really have anything useful08:31
rwwdevex: One gets information directly from the battery, the other estimates based on recent battery level changes. Unfortunately, I don't remember which is which =/08:31
PC_NerdI just noticed that on boot my machine (ubuntu server) says "Cannot set system time to xxxxxxxxxx" Where "xxxxx" is UTC time.....  it says it twice.  is that a major issue?08:31
devexrww: ah thx :)08:31
FlannelTheaxiom: Do it from your package manager.  And remove all of the old linux-image-version stuff (that isn't the current one)08:31
arghh2d2DwightShroot: sftp the same as you would ssh 'ssh dwightshr@iphone.or.whatever08:31
unomino sound, no network on boot, usb devices that are connected on startup have to be reconnected to be usable08:31
TheaxiomFlannel: thanks so much, you da man!08:31
unomihad a keyboard thing where up arrow fired screenshot08:31
mountxok lets start w/ no sound08:31
unomibut that is no resolved08:31
mountxwhat's your device ... lspci08:31
mountxin terminal08:31
unomiMultimedia audio controller: Intel Corporation 82801FB/FBM/FR/FW/FRW (ICH6 Family) AC'97 Audio Controller (rev 03)08:32
mountxwhat v. of ubuntu08:32
unomi 2.6.27-11-generic #1 SMP Thu Jan 15 11:03:58 UTC 2009 i686 GNU/Linux08:33
unomihmm, should that really be SMP?08:33
unomiafaik its a single core with hyperthreading08:33
arghh2d2smp rules08:33
rwwunomi: which processor?08:34
arghh2d2smp is the next best thing to a realtime kernel isnt it?08:34
DwightShrootarghh2d2: i dont have an sftp account08:34
unomiCPU0: Intel(R) Pentium(R) 4 CPU 3.00GHz stepping 0408:35
DwightShrootarghh2d2: *ssh account08:35
arghh2d2DwightShroot: well sorry, i'm not sure about how to transfer files thru ssh08:35
unomiif i turn on hyperthreading dmesg will tell me its brought on 2 cores (double the bogomips)08:35
rwwunomi: I think the P4 is supposed to use SMP. Hyperthreading is helped by it.08:35
rwwunomi: I've never actually used one, though, so I'm not sure.08:36
mountxDwight -- scp08:36
mountxunomi ... run alsamixer in terminal just to make sure08:36
alfdavidhow do i make an ubuntu boot cd08:37
unomiNo mixer elems found08:37
rwwalfdavid: Download a CD image at http://www.ubuntu.com/getubuntu/download then follow the instructions at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/BurningIsoHowto08:37
arch3angelhey everyone - does anyone know how to get the Atheros AR5007EG AR5BXB63 to work in ubuntu08:38
DwightShrootarghh2d2: is there a command to import to a folder in the terminal ex: i want to import i file from /home/music   to /home/other08:39
arch3angelhas anyone ever messed with this wifi card?08:40
mountxDwight what do you mean ... copy?08:40
mountxunomi ... still googling around for you08:40
DwightShrootmountx: yeah08:40
arghh2d2arch3angel: i think madwifi is like ndiswrapper but specifically for the atheros chipset08:40
mountxcp /from/location /to/location08:41
arghh2d2DwightShroot: i think you need to take the other advice about scp08:41
MinusSeveni have adsl2, and get full speed through my wireless card in my desktop08:41
MinusSevensame as if I had the cable connected08:41
MinusSeven15 megabits08:41
srx2002hello all, i'm looking for the best solution to backup an entire hard disk, I have my ubuntu system configured just the way I like it,,,,,however if I ever have a HD failure I would like to be able to use a cd/dvd perhaps to install to the new drive08:41
TheaxiomFlannel: Would I be unchecking the linux-headers and the linux-image that are lower than the highest version?08:41
FlannelTheaxiom: linux-image08:41
arch3angelodd thing is 8.10 shows the driver but it fails to work08:41
WalterMundtarch3angel: I just had to get my atheros working08:42
TheaxiomFlannel: thanks08:42
arch3angelhow did ya do it08:42
rww!backup | srx200208:42
arghh2d2good for you MinusSeven good for you08:42
ubottusrx2002: There are many ways to back your system up. Here's a few: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/BackupYourSystem , https://help.ubuntu.com/community/DuplicityBackupHowto , https://wiki.ubuntu.com/HomeUserBackup , https://help.ubuntu.com/community/MondoMindi - See also !sbackup and !cloning08:42
arch3angelWalterMundt: how did you do it08:42
rwwsrx2002: personally, I'd recommend sbackup08:42
WalterMundtarch3angel: disable the atheros driver in the hardware thingy, install a backports-modules package (not ure of the exact name), reboot08:42
rww!sbackup | srx200208:42
ubottusrx2002: sbackup is a tool to create complete and/or incremental backups (which can be scheduled to be automatic, and can be done over a network). It is available in !Universe08:42
MinusSevenjust thought I'd tell everyone08:42
mountxunomi ... have you compiled alsa from source?08:42
DwightShrootarghh2d2: what was scp08:42
MinusSevenI was caught in the trap thinking 54 megabit wireless would be fine08:42
WalterMundtarch3angel: that worked for me; I'm on a Jaunty alpha but the forum post I read suggesting it was for intrepid08:42
mountxsecure copy08:43
arch3angelWalterMundt: do you have a link to a tutorial08:43
MinusSevenbut have 108 megabit wireless08:43
mindwarp_Anyone use a Quickcam on Ubuntu? I can't find a good writeup on how to get it working08:43
mountxit's like ftp except thru ssh08:43
arch3angelWalterMundt: thx08:43
MinusSevenhi Yanz08:43
mountxor you can do an rsync08:43
mountxI prefer rsync08:43
arghh2d2srx2002: copy to any other drive, the tricky part is making grub load it08:43
WalterMundtarch3angel: here's here I got it from: http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=102677008:44
srx2002yeah..that's what I mean..I'm not very good at the command line stuff08:44
TheaxiomFlannel: Why does it keep the old kernel images?08:44
arghh2d2damn, i'm way behind, forgot i scrolled up and didnt come back down08:44
Gorlisthas anyone here tried install Ubuntu Server on a remote dedicated box?08:44
WalterMundtbasically, you need to install linux-backports-modules-[your version] from Synaptic08:44
FlannelTheaxiom: Because at least one known good old one is important to have around, in case of regression (new kernel doesn't work, you can boot to an older one)08:44
arch3angelWalterMundt: thanks08:44
srx2002I'd just like to insert the dvd/cd  press a few buttons, answer a few questions and VOILA!!  everything back to the way it was08:44
arch3angelwhich model card do you have08:45
TheaxiomFlannel: ahh yes, smart08:45
Gorlistjust trying to find out the options08:45
whuffor_I have a package question. I am considering compiling a newer version from source of an application than what is installed already from a package. What is the best way to handle that? Should I uninstall the current package before compiling the application from source?08:45
srx2002I guess I could be asking too much08:45
WalterMundtarch3angel: mine is the AR242x in that thread08:45
Flannel!install | Gorlist08:45
ubottuGorlist: Ubuntu can be installed in lots of ways. Please see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Installation for documentation.  Problems during install? See https://wiki.ubuntu.com/CommonProblemsInstall - Don't want to use a CD? Try http://tinyurl.com/3exghs - see also !automate08:45
FlannelGorlist: That page (first link) has two(?) methods08:45
WalterMundtarch3angel: yours is different, but since the driver you switch to from that process is called "ath5k" I thought it might help you08:45
arghh2d2srx2002: its not much, you just need to spend 30 minutes learning about 'grub'08:45
arch3angelAtheros AR5007EG AR5BXB63 <-- thats mine08:45
GorlistFlannel: will take alook, ta08:45
arch3angeli will give it a shoot - anything to get it working :)08:46
WalterMundtarch3angel: good luck!08:46
Slartwhuffor_: I would uninstall the old package first yes.. you might want to look at checkinstall too.. I think it might be useful08:46
arch3angeltime to jump off and try to figure this out :) -- thanks again08:46
whuffor_Slart: Ah yes. I remember vaguely about checkinstall. I will look into it. Thanks for the assist08:47
rwwwhuffor_: More info on checkinstall at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/CheckInstall08:47
whuffor_rww: Cool. Thanks again08:48
x1250is there any guide on howto using the "Remote desktop" feature, so I may assist someone remotely? I know how to configure vino-preferences, but how to connect to the remote desktop ?08:48
unomimountx, no i havent compiled it from source08:48
unomieverything was working out of the box for weeks untill this morning08:49
mountxwhat did you change this morning ... reboot anything?08:49
unomijust rebooted08:49
unomiit had been a few days since the last reboot08:49
unomiI also tried the hyperthreading capability, turned it on in bios just to see08:50
savvasx1250: Applications > Internet > Remote Desktop Viewer > Connect08:50
unomidont know if it is related, it came up with the issues i have now, so i reverted to non-hyperthreading08:50
savvasx1250: you need the host (that is, the IP address of the destination you want to control)08:50
TheaxiomHey everyone, I have an announcement to make. Flannel is the man, he is extremely helpful and is usually the first person to answer all my questions. Thanks Flannel!08:50
mountxi don't think that has anything to do w/ it ... but I could be wrong ... i have a similar intel card and have had probs w/ it also08:51
x1250savvas, got it thanks08:51
mountxbut some tweaks have got it worked out08:51
mountxdo you have pulse audio installed?08:51
marenostrumHello. Ubuntu 8.10 Turkish locale. I can't reach Software Sources via System > Administration. It doesn't respond. And what's more, I can't change repositories via synaptic. It keeps saying "repositories changed, you have to click on the reload button"; I reload but the result is still the same. Any idea?08:51
Ownerguys, i'm putting debian on a nas server and need help with setting up software raid1. SHOULD I MIRROR SWAP or not? everywhere i look, i get different information...08:51
GorlistFlannel:  http://tinyurl.com/3exghs seems to be the easiest (ive debootstrap but not keen) - only concern I will be connected via SSH, so the install has to be somewhat automated along with providing a root username/password and config network08:52
* arghh2d2 is waiting for his chance to help Theaxiom, he'll show that smug Flannel who's helpful08:52
chalcedonyin Kubuntu, where do you change the colour and outline of the desktop text under the icons? there is a foreground and background, normally white on black08:52
mountxremoving pulse helped my sys... i had a reverberation in the audio forever till it drove me fix it08:52
rwwmarenostrum: You could change the repositories manually, maybe. The configuration file is /etc/apt/sources.list. After you change it, reload package data with sudo apt-get update.08:52
chalcedonymountx: what did you do? i hate how it sounds08:53
jim_pOwner, i would suggest no, if you can place it on another disk08:53
mountxremoved pulse ... It was a last resort ... but it worked08:53
mountxcan't promise any results08:53
marenostrum@rww thanks. I'll give it a try08:53
chalcedonymountx: did you put alsa in?08:54
Ownerjim_p: i only have the two identical drives that i want to mirror but i need to be sure the system won't crash is one goes bad.08:54
mountxi had both alsa and pulse08:54
TheaxiomAnyone know a good lite program to burn movies to DVD?08:54
Ownerjim_p: IF08:54
mountxnot sure why .. but removing pulse fixed all my audio probs08:54
jim_pOwner, then mirror the swap08:54
Theaxiom^ here's your chance arghh2d208:54
arghh2d2 Owner are you tying to set up RAID?08:54
mountxbefore i had to install alsa from source08:55
arghh2d2bring it!08:55
chalcedonyand alsa just took over? my sound card is a pain to configure for alsa.. we gave up i guess08:55
mountx(before 8.10)08:55
unomiTheaxiom: avidemux for encoding08:55
Ownerarghh2d2: yeah, software raid108:55
jim_pchalcedony, what sound card do you have?08:55
Ownerarghh2d2: during a fresh install08:55
chalcedonyjim_p: moment maybe i made notes08:55
unomiTheaxiom: and either brasero or k3b for burning08:55
jim_pchalcedony, lspci | grep Audio08:55
arghh2d2Owner: sorry i was just curious, i havent got the chance to play with raid yet08:55
Theaxiomunomi: You can burn a video DVD with Brasero?08:56
arghh2d2wtf, i cant even see Theaxiom's post, just people replying08:56
unomiTheaxiom: yeah you can, actually though i think i went with k3b (vds)08:57
Theaxiomarghh2d2: I am looking for a good program to burn movies to DVD to play them in a DVD player/08:57
mountxi like brasero ... don't burn dvd's though08:57
arghh2d2Theaxiom: super lit burn program --> bashburn08:57
chalcedonyjim_p: ty08:57
arghh2d2Theaxiom: what kind of movies?08:57
nite_johnboy! java08:57
ubottuTo install a Java runtime/interpreter on Ubuntu, look at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Java - For the Sun Java runtime install sun-java6-jre from the !Multiverse repository08:57
Ownerarghh2d2: i've already had the chance to lose .9tb of data because of badly setup ext4dev raid.. i'm REALLY trying to do better this time!08:57
bazhangunomi, data dvd's yes, video dvd's no for brasero08:57
chalcedonyjim_p: 00:11.5 Multimedia audio controller: VIA Technologies, Inc. VT8233/A/8235/8237 AC97 Audio Controller (rev 60)08:57
arghh2d2Owner: i say good luck sir08:58
Theaxiomarghh2d2: avi movies08:58
=== b1 is now known as co_cr_tmn_co_smg
jim_pchalcedony, it is supported by alsa 100%08:58
arghh2d2Theaxiom: there's ways to do it with gnu software but i cheat and use wine convertxtodvd08:59
Gorlistthe first user you create in install is the root user?08:59
arghh2d2convertx2dvd is windows ware08:59
chalcedonyjim_p: so if  i upgrade to 8.10 it will just work?08:59
jim_pchalcedony, if pulse wont take over, yes08:59
bazhangarghh2d2, better to suggest native ubuntu solutions08:59
arghh2d2:) my bad bazhang, just being honest about the difficulty09:00
bazhangarghh2d2, its true that the offerings are sparse though09:00
chalcedonyjim_p: wow thank you for telling me :) i hope pulse can be turned off. and now i need the guts to do the upgrade09:00
bazhang!info devede09:00
ubottudevede (source: devede): program to create video DVDs. In component multiverse, is optional. Version 3.11-0ubuntu1 (intrepid), package size 1462 kB, installed size 3340 kB09:00
mountxpulse can be removed09:00
jim_pchalcedony, remove it!09:00
mountx<-- did it09:01
jim_pwell done mountx09:01
chalcedonyokies .. i'm in 8.4 though. wait till i get some time09:01
john_andersonhow do i place a "HOME" icon on the desktop09:01
john_andersonhow do i place a "HOME" icon on the desktop (ubuntu 8.04)09:01
mountxhey john install ubuntu tweak09:01
mountxyou can customize a whole boatload of stuff from that app09:02
john_andersontheres no other way?09:02
rwwjohn_anderson: Press Alt-F2 and run the gconf-editor program. Navigate to /apps/nautilus/desktop/ and check home_icon_visible.09:02
mountxoh no ... you can ... beat me to it09:02
jim_prww, got me!09:02
john_andersoni found it by searching09:03
john_andersonthank you!!09:03
john_andersoni mean searching the net09:03
rwwjohn_anderson: no problem! did it show up right away after checking the box?09:03
john_andersonyes it did09:04
john_andersonthank you so much09:04
john_andersonanother q09:04
john_andersonMaybe u can answer it09:04
=== Gary is now known as Guest84258
john_andersonI am using the GForce Mx 44 video card..  will it be able to display the "3d desktop" thingy that ubuntu has09:05
john_andersonI dunno if i already have it, i might need to install09:05
bazhangjohn_anderson, compiz?09:05
bazhangjohn_anderson, help in #compiz-fusion09:05
john_andersonokay how would i install that anyway?09:05
ubottuTo enable advanced customization of desktop effects in Ubuntu: install 'compizconfig-settings-manager' or 'simple-ccsm'. If you install the latter, a new option will appear in your appearance properties - See also !compiz - Help in #compiz-fusion09:05
arghh2d2help in #compiz-fusion09:06
rwwjohn_anderson: you might need to install the driver for it too, depending on your card. See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/BinaryDriverHowto/Nvidia for that.09:06
jim_pjohn_anderson, since its nvidia, it will play even with the legacy drivers for your card. you may not have all effects though09:06
=== Guest84258 is now known as Gary
john_andersonokay!! cool09:06
mountxunomi ... any luck?09:06
john_andersonhow big is the package (any ideas)09:06
nite_johnboy! flash09:06
ubottuTo install Flash see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/RestrictedFormats/Flash (a recent version for !Dapper is available in !backports) - See also !Restricted and !Gnash09:06
zivdoes anyone used ruijie.exe(for win) with wine?09:07
ubottuFor multimedia issues, this page has useful information: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/RestrictedFormats - See also http://help.ubuntu.com/ubuntu/desktopguide/C/common-tasks-chap.html - But please use free formats if you can: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/FreeFormats09:07
rwwnite_johnboy: you can get ubottu information without speaking in channel with /msg ubottu !factoid09:07
bazhang!info compizconfig-settings-manager09:07
ubottucompizconfig-settings-manager (source: compizconfig-settings-manager): Compiz configuration settings manager. In component universe, is extra. Version 0.7.8-0ubuntu3 (intrepid), package size 619 kB, installed size 4048 kB09:07
john_andersonwhat does ruijie do?09:07
jim_pjohn_anderson, no idea sorry :( either for compiz or the drivers09:07
john_andersonoh so its not that big09:07
john_andersonthis is a 15 gb harddrive dont want to overload it with junk ;))09:07
bazhangjohn_anderson, using intrepid or hardy09:07
mountxthat's a ton to linux09:07
zivused to connect internet in edu lan09:08
bazhangjohn_anderson, check the restricted drivers to see if there is one for your card and visit the link above09:08
nite_johnboyrww; I thought it was okay to do this - i apologize - what is best way to find out this information I queried ?09:08
rwwnite_johnboy: like I said, message the bot with /msg ubottu !flash (for example).09:08
bazhangno need for the !09:09
nite_johnboyrww; Ok 1st time someone said this will do in the future - thank you.09:09
dreamer1how to map drive in ubuntu like the way in windows?09:10
=== whuffor_ is now known as whuffor
firestormHi there. Complete newby who is trying to run the ruby code from http://www.omninerd.com/articles/Automating_Data_Visualization_with_Ruby_and_Graphviz     . Am getting an error '/usr/lib/ruby/1.8/rubygems/custom_require.rb:27:in `gem_original_require': no such file to load -- graphviz (LoadError)' although I have rubygems, libgv-ruby, graphviz, ruby deb packages installed. Any hints?09:11
mountxmount should work ... or if your a gui person ... Places > your drive09:12
dreamer1tried connect to server already i can access the shared folder but my problem it the program wont run09:12
dreamer1its a dos based program using clipper09:13
jiangweithe left side bar09:13
dreamer1with database access09:13
mountxnot familiar w/ that ... could be that it's dos based09:13
jiangweiuse dosbox?09:13
olethri0sAnyone know the command to view the ports and what's listening where?09:13
arch3angelhey i went to try that suggestions for the atheros wifi card and it says i need to disable the ath_pci in System > Administration > Restricted Drivers Manager09:13
dreamer1running on the network?09:14
arch3angeli dont see the restricted option under system and admin09:14
sheepolethri0s: sudo netstat -alp09:14
olethri0ssheep: Ah, netstat - that was it! Thanks :)09:14
MimiDoes anyone know how to reconfigure my media *mouse* buttons? I've tried I dont know how many things, for months now...looking for new ideas :P09:14
rwwarch3angel: it got renamed to "Hardware Drivers"09:15
rww!mouse | Mimi09:15
ubottuMimi: Enabling extra mouse buttons: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/ManyButtonsMouseHowto  - Enabling serial mouse: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/SerialMouseHowto09:15
dreamer1help on mounting like the way in windows map drive09:16
arch3angelahhh this would confuse a person09:16
jim_pdreamer1, a network drive??09:16
mountxthis is ubuntu not windows ... use mount or the gui09:16
mountxactuall it's linux not windows09:17
Mimirww mmm ive tried the imwheel thing... no luck (mouse comes configured on install, but installing kubuntu effed up my buttons somehow)09:17
dreamer1Im using ubuntu but having problem on how to run clipper program09:18
dreamer1i have tried it in windows it does work if you have to map drive it09:18
dreamer1looking for solution for it to work in ubuntu09:18
mountxwhat does the prog. do?09:19
jiangweiuse mount with cifs option?09:19
Eutychusi am installing kubuntu on a dell laptop with vista and the drive is already partitioned and the partition unallocated. how do i manually prepare the unallocated partition?09:19
arch3angelthis line in the tut confuses me --> For further reference I needed to blacklist the ath_pci module and load the ath5k module09:19
dreamer1its an inventory system, with backend as foxbase09:19
jiangweii'm confused with "the drive is already partitioned and the partition unallocated"09:20
arch3angelwhat are we typing to load ath5k09:20
rww!who | General note09:20
ubottuGeneral note: As you can see, this is a large channel. If you're speaking to someone in particular, please put their nickname in what you say (use !tab), or else messages get lost and it becomes confusing :)09:20
jim_parch3angel, sudo modprobe ath5k09:20
john_andersonty all09:21
arch3angeland to blacklist the ath_pci09:21
jim_parch3angel, add it in /etc/modprobe.d/blacklist09:21
arch3angelso it is simply typing the info into the config09:22
arch3angeli thought this was something difficult :)09:22
jim_parch3angel, well you actually write                    blacklist ath_pci           in there09:22
arch3angelcool - thanks - brb09:23
TheaxiomWhen was 8.10 released?09:23
FlannelTheaxiom: The end of October09:23
TheaxiomFlannel: Thanks, I am really behind the times, haha.09:23
FlannelTheaxiom: Ubuntu release numbers are year.month09:24
whufforCould someone enlighten me why I am getting "undefined macro error" when I am trying to generate a configure file with autogen? http://pastebin.ubuntu.com/107261/09:24
rwwTheaxiom: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Releases for a full list of releases09:24
TheaxiomFlannel: Oh that is easy to remember then.09:24
FlannelTheaxiom: But, there's nothing syaing you have to upgrade from 8.04; you can stick with 8.04 until 10.04 comes out, and then upgrade directly to that (LTS).09:24
TheaxiomThanks Flannel and rww09:24
TheaxiomFlannel: I will stay with the times. I like bleeding edge.09:25
whufforIt's been a while since I tried building from source. I'm guessing I either am missing some tool, or have a conflicting version of it09:25
=== tokah_ is now known as obf213
Vincemanis linux completely virus proof?09:25
rww!virus | Vinceman09:25
jim_pVinceman, completely09:25
ubottuVinceman: A/V software is available, however read this to understand why Linux does not have a virus problem: http://librenix.com/?inode=2109:25
TheaxiomFlannel: I am installing Windows Se7en tonight too. That is why I am upgrading Ubuntu.09:25
obf213yeah so im on wired and its equally slow09:25
jim_pVinceman, vince... is that you?09:25
mountxbut it's very resilient09:25
Eutychuscan anyone help me?09:26
jim_pEutychus, shoot!09:26
rwwEutychus: You should be given the option to manually partition during setup.09:26
arch3angelsaid: FATAL module ath5k not found09:26
rwwEutychus: Does that not happen? Or do you need help doing that or something?09:27
jim_parch3angel, why?09:27
Eutychusi have been given the option. the disk is already patition vista in 37 and 37gigs free. if i choose the automatic it will partition down to vista 17 and kubuntu 17. i need to set it up manually.09:27
Vincemanhey jim_p09:27
Eutychusi am at prepare partions table.09:28
PSiL0hmmm, just experienced a system crash with amarok... 2nd time in two weeks..09:28
arch3angeli am thinking the madwifi was not install - think i skipped it to be honest09:29
PSiL0the crash occurs after reading an mp3 off of an ntfs sata drive connected via usb209:29
arch3angellooking over it09:29
balrog__is there a way to get code::blocks to open up specific files in a project by default, even if there are more than one project in the workspace?09:29
mountxPS-- had problems w/ amarok also09:29
PSiL0usually occurs while running in the background09:29
mountxmostly network issues ... not sure why09:29
PSiL0yeah, connected to wifi via intel 4965(?)09:30
jim_parch3angel, what ubuntu version are you on?09:30
arch3angeljim_p: what are the steps to install madwifi - i dont believe I have ever had to use them09:30
PSiL0the system locks up ala windows BSOD09:30
arch3angel8.10 fresh install09:30
mountxdlink here09:30
jim_parch3angel, then the ath5k module is included in the kernel09:30
MimiHow would I make Ubuntu "reconfigure" my mouse media buttons by itself? Because clearly, Ubuntu did it when I installed i... but now my mouse buttons don't work, and I'm sick trying to do it on my own09:30
arch3angelwonder why it does not see it09:31
rwwEutychus: There are manual partitioning instructions at https://help.ubuntu.com/8.04/switching/installing-partitioning.html , if that helps. Again, it'd be nice if you'd be more specific. The Ubuntu (and Kubuntu) installer has an option for manual partitioning, and you haven't said whether you need help with it (or specific questions if you do).09:31
PSiL0mountx: supposedly this problem was fixed in hardy (after searching through some bug reports)09:31
mountxany luck on your part?09:31
Eutychusrww, thanx.09:31
PSiL0mountx: running amarok 1.4.1009:31
mountxyep same v. here09:32
Rencxhow capture DV from video camera on ubuntu?09:32
rwwEutychus: (change 8.04 in that URL to 8.10 if you're using Intrepid, or the version number if you're using another version)09:32
PSiL0mountx: supposedly it was a ntfs-3g & SATA issue, but someone said that it was fixed in hardy (https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/ntfs-3g/+bug/198533)09:32
Eutychusrww, k.09:32
arch3angelarch3angel, then the ath5k module is included in the kernel09:32
arch3angelopps - sorry09:32
jim_pRencx, with some relevant app like LiVES09:33
Dexi>.> rww lol i still havent figured out that darn eggdrop issue :( lmao im DOOMED!09:33
arch3angeljim_p: suggestions since it wont find the ath5k09:33
mountxPSil8: ... I'm running intrepid ... don't think it's fixed ... random crashes and freezes ... network goes haywire while i'm running it09:33
jim_parch3angel, does intrepid have madwifi package in its repos?09:33
PSiL0mountx:  I mean, I don't want to work on a project and risk losing my data while amarok is running09:33
Rencx<jim_p> colld you give me some links09:33
rwwDexi: I'd offer to test it myself, but I'm running Jaunty right now so what works for me wouldn't necessarily work for you.09:33
mountxDexi ... f*** eggdrop09:34
Deximountx: .... >.> ?09:34
Dexirww: lol np thanks anyway09:34
rwwmountx: censored swearing is still swearing, and is still against the channel !guidelines09:34
PSiL0mountx:  Is it not fun to work in fear...  I hate to say it, but windoze xpsp3 is rock solid compared to 8.10 running amarok09:34
jim_pRencx, i can only show you the app, nothing more. anyway, you will need a video editing app. lives is one, kino is another. let me find a url09:34
mountxsorry ... will refrain09:34
Deximountx: i take it you dislike eggdrop?09:34
Rencx<jim_p>i cant do it in Kino09:35
mountxI don't like amarok although it reads my Ipod ... songbird is coming along o.k. but still not there09:35
Rencx<jim_p> in add remove programs i cant find lives09:35
PSiL0mountx:  I did not see anything wrong with my network connection prior to the system crash.. strangely, the logs of events surrounding the crash are absent09:35
mountxnope .. eggdrop has caused me more problems than benefits09:35
jim_pRencx, lives has its own repo i think09:35
Deximountx: i used it on windows without any problems before... heh now i cant seem to get bmotion to work09:36
arch3angeli was reading somewhere that i need to install special drivers for the via graphics card something about Chrome 9 or something - anyone have an idea about this?09:36
ari_stresshi guys, do you think it's possible to create cron job that will run on every other saturday? (every two weeks)09:36
Deximountx: and it only signs onto a server if i use -n09:36
PSiL0including log of a kdm crash that occurred earlier, albeit when I had a ton of background processes and java vm's running09:36
mountxPSiL0 -- all my probs have started w/ network09:36
jim_pRencx, http://lives.sourceforge.net/09:37
Col_Forbinhello.  does anyone know how to configure proxychains?09:37
mountxI'm running a dlink card like I said ... and eventually have to kill amarok before network goes down09:37
ferrariiihey i have tried to create a new workspace using the existing window manager on the host.. but i'm unable to do it .. .somebody please help me09:37
PSiL0mountx: interesting.. yeah, I experienced kernel panics with my intel wireless chip until I updated the kernel from backports09:37
kantehello everyone! Guys, I need some help. I have a .cue+.flac Audio CD image and I need to exctract the songs. I did that somehow some time before, but I can't remembder. I think I used k3b, but I can't realise how exactly. Help please!09:37
mountxanyone ideas on amarok and wifi?09:38
PSiL0kante:  shntool split -f filename.cue -o flac filename.flac09:38
PSiL0mountx: hmmm, in regards to my wireless and amarok, I never experienced anything like that..09:39
kantePSiL0 thanks man! but is there a GUI tool to do that?09:39
arch3angelSWEET works - THANKS everyone!!!!09:39
PSiL0kante: I don't know.. it worked easily enough for me using CLI09:39
kanteThanks again09:40
PSiL0kante: good luck finding a gui program for that09:40
SchmidtCan anyone recommend a external (USB) sound card. I need at least 2 outputs (stereo system and headphones).09:41
mountxPSiL0: there it goes ... mem usage is skyrocketing09:41
PSiL0it is frustrating that I can't even see the logs of the events surrounding my system crash due to amarok &>(09:41
mountxme neither09:42
PSiL0mountx: I was about to ask if you had firefox running, lol09:42
mountxi do09:42
mountxbut nothing major ... just reddit, which has been fine .. you?09:42
kantePSiL0: I think that gCue2Tracks is a GUI for shntool09:43
kanteI've googled it out09:43
PSiL0kante:  hmm, sounds promising...09:43
PSiL0mountx: have about 10 tabs open -> 355Mb used09:43
PSiL0however, I usually have 20, 30 open and memory usage hovers to around 1Gb09:44
mountxPSiL0, not that much ... just 3 tabs .. got 4 gig mem though09:45
ferrariiihey i have tried to create a new workspace using the existing window manager on the host.. but i'm unable to do it .. .somebody please help me09:45
PSiL0mountx: 3Gb here09:45
DwightShrootwhats the command to import a file into the directory navigated to09:46
PSiL0mountx: did you check if there were any bugs reported on your problem?09:46
mountxPSiL0, did ... couldn't find anything notable09:46
DwightShrootno i fell asleep09:46
mountxPSiL0, you?09:47
DwightShrootbut i navigated back into my iphone, i just want to import i file into it09:47
DwightShroot...from off my desktop09:47
PSiL0mountx: hmmm I don't know if it applies to your d-link, but I found one that helped me with my kernel panics caused by my intel 496509:47
PSiL0hold on..09:47
mountxspeaking of phones .. anyone succeed w/ an blackberry on ubuntu 8.10 wine/virtualbox?09:48
rwwDwightShroot: cp ~/Desktop/filename /path/to/iphone/09:48
rwwDwightShroot: assuming I'm understanding you right.09:48
mountxis your intel atheros based?09:49
PSiL0the kernal panics made balooned all fo the systems log... thankfully, I originally had /var/logs/ as a separatin partition09:49
PSiL0mountx: nope09:49
DwightShrootrww: i think its there but off, i opened a terminal on the desktop put in ssh root@<ip> to get into the iphone and navigated through09:49
rwwDwightShroot: oh, you're connecting over ssh? You'll need to use scp then. Run the following on your computer: scp ~/desktop/filename root@<ip>:/path/to/iphone/destination/09:51
PeleusHi all - I've having an issue with my sound. It is extremely low, even when at full master volume. I'm on an Asus laptop, any idea's?09:51
=== five_ is now known as Guest11697
arch3angelanyone good with via chrome video stuff09:51
Guest11697i just did a fresh install of ubuntu 8.10, i installed compiz and my desktop does not show any icons, also compiz animations are not affecting my menu but does affect my windows09:52
mountxhey Dwight -- have you tried rsync?09:52
new_to_ubuntu-how to run swat?09:53
aeosynthGuest11697: make sure visual effects are set to normal or extra09:53
PSiL0mountx: or it could be firefox causing the system freeze09:53
rwwnew_to_ubuntu-: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Swat09:53
DwightShrootrww: whats scp??09:54
PSiL0mountx: I mean, both amarok and firefox were running at the same time when the hard freezes occur09:54
mountxyeah .. .could be ... I'm a developer and firefox has been known to cause issues09:54
rwwDwightShroot: It stands for Secure Copy. It copies files over an ssh connection.09:54
Guest11697aeosynth, its set to extra my desktop cannot be right clicked or anything, if i reload window manager then i loose panels as well09:55
mountxPSiL0, firefox is 'supposed' to be free from these mem errors though09:55
rwwmountx: firefox is supposed to have that fixed. Some Firefox addons, on the other hand, still cause ridiculous memory problems.09:55
rww!ohmy | lid09:56
ubottulid: Please watch your language, attitude, and topic to help keep this channel friendly and helpful. Remember, there are kids here!09:56
mountxrww, know anything about firebug causing problems?09:56
aeosynthGuest11697: sorry, that was my only idea :(09:56
PSiL0rww: which I have quite a few09:56
rwwmountx: I don't use addons, so I wouldn't know. Sorry :(09:56
NET||abuseHi guys... so i'm having issue with the idea of dragging links to your desktop does not allow alot of programs to run,, example, i downloaded the app from processing.org, i want to get my little brother to learn it as an intro to prorgramming, I alt dragging to the desktop and mak a link to the processing executable script does not work as it is not in the right directory,, the java app dies with "could not find the main class: processing.ap09:56
mountxPSiL0, firebug? That and download statusbar is all I have09:57
vinja-sheepDo Ubuntu need totem + totem-plugins?  I'm considering to purge them.09:57
lidis icedtea like gcj09:57
mountxWait ... brings up a good point ... i've had probs w/ smplayer09:57
PSiL0mountx: really?09:58
lidwhy did I end up with a full install of icedtea when I just asked for a java firefox plugin09:58
aeosynthmy default profile is wrecked, I'm thinking of just moving all the files into a new profile and starting over with that one. is there an easier way to do this/ can I reset my default profile somehow?09:58
lidwas there an easier way to java firefox plugin from a default install09:58
* lid is ignored by everyone09:58
jxanderis there a way to switch between xorg.conf files at boot or login in case there is an external lcd panel connected to the laptop or not?09:58
rwwlid: icedtea is required for the open-source java plugin.09:58
rww!patience | lid09:58
ubottulid: The people here are volunteers, your attitude should reflect that. Answers are not always available. See http://wiki.ubuntu.com/IrcGuidelines09:58
mountxPSiL0, it's been spotty ... thought it was solid for awhile then it went crashing to the ground09:59
mountxPSiL0, going to remove and see if I can run amarok09:59
PSiL0mountx: sounds like a plan, good luck!09:59
lidmany believe firebug is evil due to its adverts09:59
lidthen there was that huge xssbug10:01
Yann1Wenn I try to launch Acrobat Reader on my 64-bit ubuntu I get the following error:10:01
Yann1terminate called after throwing an instance of 'ASErrException'10:01
Yann1I don't know what this means but it worked before. I removed acroread, installed the version from the medibuntu repros and checked the 32-bit dependencies but it doesn't helped :(10:01
FloodBot2Yann1: Please don't flood, use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste, don't use Enter as punctuation.10:01
lid^xss bug10:01
mikevankuikHow can I log userlogin's?10:02
gldtnanyone here that knows about php?10:02
mountxPSiL0, sofar so good10:03
lid‮why is everything on the screen suddenly backwards10:03
vinja-sheeprww: Icedtea are required for open-source java plugin.  How about totem-mozilla?  I'm trying to figure out if I do need totem since vlc is reliably reliable.10:03
mikevankuikgldtn: sure but best if you ask in #php they know everything about it in there :)10:03
PSiL0mountx: still, it sounds like a serious problem.. you should open up a bug report10:04
lid‮seriously, why is it doing this to me in xchat10:04
gldtnmikevankuik: ok will do.. thanks10:04
mikevankuikgldtn: np10:04
PSiL0mountx: unfortunately, I'm not the most technical person around (busy scouring bug reports for my problems :()10:04
mountxPSiL0, will do ... I don't see how smplayer is causing amarok to crash .. but it apparently it is10:05
mikevankuikAnyone know if Ubuntu logs the userlogins? and if I can find a log of that anywhere?10:05
mountxPSiL0, same here ... got a bug tracker of my own ... but hey ... it worked10:05
=== ssiebeck is now known as mastaaaa
=== mastaaaa is now known as mastaaa
mountxglad to say it ... that was my only real prob. w/ linux10:06
PSiL0mountx: glad to hear that... well, I'm running kubuntu here.. and I had bouts with smplayer locking the audio up10:06
Rencxwhy my kino cant capture video from camera?10:06
PSiL0particularily while running banshee10:06
quibblermikevankuik, look here: http://www.cyberciti.biz/faq/ubuntu-linux-gnome-system-log-viewer/10:07
mountxPSiL0, smplayer seems very touchy ... anyone have a good replacement besides totem for it?10:08
aeosynthmy default profile doesn't work, should I just create a new profile and transfer all of the files into that one?10:09
squishywalrusi <3 vlc10:09
mountxI use vlc ... but for quicktime etc...10:09
djyoung4vlc is awesome10:09
Eutychuscan i create a home partition later instead of at installation?10:10
=== five_ is now known as Guest28196
PSiL0mountx: i use mplayer here.. again, I don't think that it is a solution to your problem..10:10
mountxsmplayer is just the frontend for mplayer i think10:10
djyoung4wouldnt use any thing else10:10
Guest28196ok, ive installed comppiz and my window borders are missing, compiz animations do no affect the menu places system buttons on the top panel, if i reload window manager panels and desktop dissappear10:11
Guest28196before i re installed ubuntu all of this was working great any ideas?10:11
mountxdyoung, do you use vlc for qucktime embedded and how?10:11
HelloeweoHi Please help, cannot start my Kubuntu 8.10 - "checking battery state" error im using laptop Latitude D62010:12
mountxHey Helloeweo ... I had that problem w/ a Inspiron ... but it offered an option to bypass10:12
mountx<enter><enter> to continue10:13
Helloeweomountx, any suggestion?10:13
mountxi think10:13
mountxwhich v. of linux?10:13
euro-linuxserver en espanol10:13
Helloeweokubuntu 8.1010:13
DwightShrootrww: i keep getting a no such file destination for the part in () scp ( /Desktop/Zelda2 ) root@
djyoung4got help from my friend cant quite remember what he did though10:14
Helloeweo<enter? <enter> does not work10:14
Flannel!es | euro-linux10:14
ubottueuro-linux: En la mayoría de canales Ubuntu se comunica en inglés. Para ayuda en Español, por favor entre en los canales #ubuntu-es o #kubuntu-es.10:14
mountxnot sure about kubuntu .. it def. happens w/ mint which is basically 8.1010:14
dubihello can someone help me? i cannot eject my dvdrom, something about a process involved? plssss10:15
mountxpush the button dubi10:15
Gotuhi, can you please tell me how to run keygen.exe from terminal10:15
Helloeweomountx, isee,10:15
dubimountx: it still wont10:15
djyoung4pop it open with a knife10:15
ryg9Idubi: umount it10:15
pioloto connect from A to C via ssh , I need to connect to B first. "ssh B 'ssh C' " doesn't work. Any hint?10:15
ryg9IGotu: wine10:15
dubiryg9I: ok how?10:16
mountxdjyoung4, thats what i do .. but my gears are broke .. yours?10:16
ryg9Idubi: sudo umount /cdrom10:16
ryg9Idubi: or just eject10:16
sujihow to know how many and which operating systems are in my system using command?10:17
dubidevice is busy10:17
djyoung4yeah i just yank it open now10:17
dubibut i am not using it - but it says its busy...strange10:17
dubiit says something about lsof10:17
ryg9Idubi: lsof | grep -i cdrom10:17
djyoung4open it then10:17
Gotuactually i have installed dreamweaver in wine but now it wants key to access and i want to run keygen.exe...but it says       err:module:LdrInitializeThunk Main exe initialization for L"Z:\\opt\\micromedia\\FIX\\keygen.exe" failed, status c000013510:17
=== rdw200169_ is now known as angry
sujiany one know how to know how many operating systems are in my system through terminal:'(10:19
=== angry is now known as unhappy
balrog__Gotu: you are unlikely to receive support for pirated software in here.  you may have a higher likelihood of receiving help at #winehq, but you should buy a legal copy of dreamweaver if you want to use it.10:19
dubiit says bash 8389 dubi cwd DIR 11,0 2048 2304 /media/cdrom010:19
=== unhappy is now known as rdw200169
djyoung4o i just burped up something that tasted like a frog10:20
ryg9Idubi: try to close all opened terminals10:20
ubottuPlease read the channel topic whenever you enter, as it contains important information. To view it at any time after joining, simply type /topic10:20
tahpoti have an intel 915 graphics card, doing a glxgears gives me 150fps and glxinfo says i'm using mesa, how do i upgrade my graphics driver?10:20
ryg9Idubi: or just kill -9 8389 )10:20
dubiryg9I omg it worked10:21
mib_u5h4so34tahpot have you got a pci-e port?10:21
dubithanks ryg9I10:21
aeosynthhow do i create a user with the same access/priveleges as the default profile?10:21
tahpotmib: i don't know? it's a laptop10:21
djyoung4do u have something in ur dvd drive dubi10:21
Milk_RulzDoes anybody know how I can go about installing my Microsoft VX-1000 webcam?10:22
dubidjyoung yes master of orion 3 - i just took cd 1 out10:22
mib_u5h4so34tahpot in that case you would be stuck with the 915 graphics, i thing theres a 915 package in the repos10:22
mountxHey Milk_Rulz : You might try cheese .. what are you trying to use it with10:22
tahpoti've googled and found people getting 1000fps etc with same chipset, but i don't know how they installed a different driver - or got xorg to use it10:22
Milk_RulzI tried EasyCam210:22
Milk_Rulzbut that didn't do anything10:22
mountxdo an apt-get install cheese ..i think u have to have media ubnutu installed though10:23
aeosynthwhat groups do i need to include to create a new user with the same access as the default profile?10:23
quibblerMilk_Rulz, look here: http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=94291510:23
Flannelaeosynth: admin is the big one10:23
dennyaeosynth: you mean being able to sudo?10:24
Flannelaeosynth: but, you can type 'groups username' to list the groups10:24
aeosynthdenny: yeah10:24
mountxyes ... of course ... cause everyone runs as sudo10:24
rdw200169hmmm... i kill Network Manager and all of a sudden my network performance skyrockets... hm....10:24
pioloHi *. to connect from A to C via ssh , I need to connect to B first. "ssh B 'ssh C' " doesn't work. Any hint?10:24
aeosynthFlannel: I'll try that10:24
bill-nzhas anyone had any problems with the latest nvidia drivers?  my x servers been messed up ever since i updated.  I even reinstalled the OS but i'm not getting any love10:24
mountxrdw200169,  ... i don't use network manager either10:25
elostiotahpot: i got about 1000 fps10:25
rdw200169mountx: i was trying the 0.7 release on hardy and got really angry with it10:25
dennyaeosynth: http://www.linux.com/articles/54945 #510:25
rdw200169mountx: so i got rid of it, and did the darn thing myself in iwconfig10:25
tahpotelostio: how? what do i need to do? i've got a new clean install of 8.1010:25
mib_u5h4so34tahpot thats a very old gpu, you could get better framerates possably lowering to 16 bit color10:25
rdw200169note to self: never *ever* do a /etc/init.d/dbus restart10:26
oscurochu I have installed guarddog, and now I can't connect to the internet (unless I disable it) :( Can someone please help me configure guarddog10:26
balrog__anybody know of a downthemall type of extension or addon for opera?10:26
mountxiwconfig is great is it not?10:26
rdw200169mountx: it... gets the job done10:26
PhotoguyHow can I unzip .rar files?10:26
anonymousI am not sure if this is the right place to ask this question, but how can fdisk be used to format a disk drive and make it look larger than it is?10:26
rdw200169mountx: at least i know that with iwconfig, it's not gonna give me heck for wanting to put in a ascii wep key10:27
anonymousPhotoguy - sudo apt-get install unrar10:27
mountxrdw200169, or in monitor mode10:27
elostiotahpot i dont really know, im running 8.0410:27
rdw200169mountx: you mean promiscuous mode... hehe10:27
oscurochuanonymous, you can't make a disk drive "look" bigger than it's maximum size.10:27
djyoung4anybody use dvorak10:27
rdw200169mountx: you must know about the ip command10:27
dubiawesome: just tested master of orion 3 on wine and it works! :)10:28
mountxrdw200169, haha ... good call10:28
bill-nzanonymous: i think you're thinking of partman - the partition manager10:28
anonymousoscurochu - what about the fake USB drives and MP4 player being sold on eBay? Is that a hardware modification?10:28
mib_u5h4so34anonymousit generally cannot but cheap fake chinese usb drives do this by reprogramming the usb controller to report more memory than actually populated in the thumb drive.10:28
Milk_Rulzquibbler are you still there?10:28
elostiotahpot: i think its actually some kind of bug, i dont think my values are correct10:28
jadamczewhat package will get me /usr/include/GL/xmesa.h ?10:28
quibblerMilk_Rulz, yes10:28
gamla_kossanmib_u5h4so34: huh. you learn something new every day. =)10:29
Milk_Rulzwhat does it exactly mean by "extract and change directory"?10:29
Milk_Rulzdo I just extract anywhere?10:29
anonymousmib_u5h4so34 - okay :) do you have any idea how to do that, or what I should search for?10:29
whufforCan someone assist with a configure problem when trying to build libtorrent? I am getting "No package 'openssl' found10:29
rdw200169mountx: it just kills me thought, that NetworkManager sucks sooo bad.  not for me, mind you, but for the people that shouldn't need iwconfig and the like...10:29
gamla_kossanwhuffor: well, you obviously miss the openssl package =)10:29
rdw200169mountx: you know, our target audience...10:29
gamla_kossanwhuffor: try apt-get install openssl openssl-devel10:30
mountxMilk_Rulz, ... just because your name is cool and I'm really craving milk right now ... extract means extract all the files in a archive and change to the directory they were archived in10:30
tahpotelostio: ive now changed to using i810 driver instead of intel one and get 7430 fps, but get screen artifacts :( damn10:30
whufforI'm trying to build libtorrent from source and starting with ./configure and am getting this: http://pastebin.ubuntu.com/107272/10:30
mib_u5h4so34anonymous search on fake sony 16gig thumb drives as trhere are enough out there people have been burned buying, and there is a utility to reset some.10:30
Gotu-j #winehq10:30
whufforgamla_kossan: openssl is installed and in the path10:30
mountxrdw200169, i deal with it constantly10:30
PhotoguyWill Unrar also do 7zip files too?10:30
anonymousThanks mib ;)10:30
gamla_kossanwhuffor: try apt-get install openssl-devel10:30
Milk_Rulzmountx, do you think you could explain it in idiot terms for me? :P10:31
whufforgamla_kossan: It's some issue with pkg-config not registering the openssl package10:31
zirodaywhuffor: you done sudo apt-get build-dep libtorrent?10:31
rdw200169mountx: there should be a massive bounty for a better NetworkManager!10:31
Milk_RulzI have extracted the folder to my desktop10:31
Milk_Rulzwhat would I do next?10:31
whufforziroday: No I haven't I can try that.10:31
mountxrdw200169, yes yes yes10:31
zirodayPhotoguy: IIRC, yes10:31
quibblerMilk_Rulz, after you extract you have to go to the directorty where it is extract to and continue with make etc10:31
zirodaywhuffor: that should handle most of the dependancies10:31
gamla_kossanwhuffor: well, unfortunately ubuntu isn't really that nice when it comes to compiling stuff. but anyway, like I said, try the openssl-devel package.10:31
bill-nzcan anyone help me with an xorg problem? I updated my nvidia drivers last week and now the screen resolution is messed up.10:31
mountxMilk_Rulz, .. i don't know how to explain it better ... which part do you not understand though?10:31
zirodayPhotoguy: If I Recall Correctly10:31
oscurochuDoes anybody know how to configure guarddog in kde?10:32
Milk_Rulzwell I've extracted the folder to the desktop10:32
Milk_Rulzdo I go to desktop with terminal10:32
elostiotapoh, ok my values are actually correct...10:32
whufforgamla_kossan: OK. I'll give it a whirl. Thanks for the help10:32
mib_u5h4so34Milk_Rulz are you attempting to compile and install a driver?10:32
mountxoscurochu, .... guardog has a guide somewhere but there are some other good firewall choices10:32
Milk_RulzI think I'm attempting to install a driver10:32
gamla_kossanwhuffor: no worries, let us know if it owrks yeah? =)10:32
Milk_Rulzfor my webcam10:32
rdw200169mountx: have you tried finding any dev documentation on NetworkManager?  I have, it's garbage.  it doesn't do dbus introspection.  that, and 90% of the dbus methods they specify *never* work10:32
whufforgamla_kossan: Will do. :)10:33
Milk_Rulzand I typed "make" in terminal10:33
oscurochui've used firestarter in the past with no problems, but that is for gnome, right?10:33
Milk_Rulzand it gave me "No targets specified and no makefile found.  Stop."10:33
Gotuwhat should i write ..i want to go #winehq ?10:33
Gotu-j winehq10:34
mib_u5h4so34you will generally need to have build-essentual installed, then run config, make and makeinstall it should be in the documentatiion of the source you d/led10:34
zirodayGotu: /join #winehq10:34
Gotu-j #winehq10:34
djyoung4yahoo set up chatrooms for hackers10:34
zirodayGotu: not - you need a /10:34
zirodaydjyoung4: do you have a question we can help you with?10:35
mountxrdw200169, not really ... found another app that connects to most wifi connects at full speed ... replaces networkmanager ... havent put it on this machine yet ... but backtrack is always good10:35
Milk_RulzI'm still lost :(10:35
Gotua / #winehq10:35
rdw200169mountx: what's it called?10:35
Gotui have opened tat room :)10:35
zirodayGotu: then go to it10:35
djyoung4my wireless card doesnt work10:36
quibblerMilk_Rulz, look here http://www.ubuntugeek.com/how-to-install-source-files-in-ubuntu.html10:36
mountxtrying to remember ... it's on my bros computer b/c he was having severe problems w/ wireless ... but he's asleep and I don't have access to it right now10:36
PhotoguyFor some reason my usb drive is locked, it only allows read.10:36
ziroday!compile | Milk_Rulz10:36
ubottuMilk_Rulz: Compiling software from source? Read the tips at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/CompilingSoftware (But remember to search for pre-built !packages first)10:36
zirodayMilk_Rulz: you will p