xubuserHello People.00:38
xubuserthere's an acpi-support update that fails to download.00:38
xubuserwhat's teh recommended thing to do in that case?00:40
forcesdon't update00:45
charlie-tcaTry again in an hour or so.01:02
charlie-tcaSomethimes the servers and mirrors are just very busy01:02
chardingIs there a db where packages are listed for different repoositories?02:10
chardingEspecially if I don't have them listed in my source.list ?02:10
likemindeadAnyone using 9.04 Alpha 3 yet? Very curious.03:28
cody-somervilleI hear it works alright03:29
charlie-tcaI'm using it on this system03:30
likemindeadI'm reading about it now and "X.org's latest 1.6 driver = no support for nVidia drivers" ???03:30
charlie-tcaThe startup is very fast03:30
charlie-tcaYeah, no nvidia or ati restricted drivers yet03:31
likemindeadLame. How long 'til they catch up, you think?03:31
charlie-tcaHard to say, the kernel is still not decided on too.03:31
charlie-tcaI hear if you do without DRI by turning it off, you might be able to use nvidia.03:32
charlie-tcaOTOH, it will break things too!03:32
charlie-tcaGotta keep an 8.10 system going just in case.03:33
likemindeadI guess I'll wait a bit--at least 'til the first Beta. But's it's soo hard!03:33
charlie-tcaI know! I gave up waiting and just put up with issues.03:34
charlie-tcaIt is fast, and the big thing is the apps that just close, with no warning.03:34
likemindeadLike the iPhone! ;D03:36
charlie-tcaIt does that too?03:36
likemindeadOh yeah. Especially Safari.03:36
charlie-tcaI keep thinking somebody has to test it. :-)03:37
charlie-tcalikemindead: you could always run the livecd! Gives the fun without the danger...03:41
likemindeadToo true.03:42
likemindeadAnyone here played with CrunchBang Linux?03:46
Sunsh1newill the amd64 iamge work on intel quad core Q6600 as well? can someone tell me? the help page is confusing04:09
linuxnoobHey can any1 tell me the cmd to access the C drive on my ubuntu computer?04:11
Sunsh1nelinux doesnt work like that..04:11
linuxnoobIt doesnt?04:11
linuxnoobTheres a C drive on linux correct?04:12
Sunsh1neit's not called a c drive04:12
linuxnoobwhats it called?04:12
forcessdx if is sata04:12
forceshdx if is IDE04:13
forcessdx = device04:13
forcessdax = partition04:13
ubottuHi! I'm #xubuntu's favorite infobot, you can search my brain yourself at http://ubottu.com/factoids.cgi - Usage info: http://wiki.ubuntu.com/UbuntuBots04:13
Sunsh1neforces: will the amd64 downloadable image work on intel quad core Q6600 as well? can someone tell me? the help page is confusing04:13
ubottuSorry, I don't know anything about manual04:13
linuxnoobshouldnt the it be Hd1?04:14
linuxnoobthats what im reading04:14
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webbianybody know if is possible to make the desktop "grid" smaller?05:01
webbiI have the icons too separate one from other05:01
webbiI increased the icons size to 64px...05:01
Jynkshi guys... how do I set a terminal command to run each time i log into the system. At the moment i need to type "mount.cifs //xx.xx.xx.xx/Archive ~/Network/Archive01" into the console to be able to access the share. I have tried using the "autostart" thing in applications/settings/settings manager... but adding a new item to autostartan pasting the terminal commadn into it.. but it dose not work05:19
JynksThanks in advance05:19
lilajarmanI don't have an option to use 1024x768 in GNOME. How to I force this resolution?06:01
maraboutI have some older machines (presario 5000us and emachine T3406) and wanted to install Ubuntu/Edubuntu. Just wondering on anyones thoughts about Xubuntu for these machines instead as they have minimal ram (256-512mb)?06:32
ball512M might work06:34
ball256M might work with Xubuntu, but I'm told Edubuntu wants (Gnome) Ubuntu06:35
ball...so that's probably not a practical option on the 256M machine06:35
maraboutball: I am a bit new at this so I'll ask. Can one install Xubuntu due to its lower operating requirments and then install the edubuntu add on CD onto that when they hve more Ram?06:38
ballmarabout: I was hoping to do something similar but I was told on Saturday that Edubuntu requires lumps of Ubuntu.06:40
ballIt may be possible to install individual applications that are in Edubuntu, but for the full experience Ubuntu seems somewhat mandatory.06:40
maraboutball: I see and so we are looking at a minimum of 512 ram if not more for that to function as it should?06:42
ballYes.  Xubuntu seems to work in 512M of RAM, but I'm not using heavy applications.06:42
Muhammad_SaadWhere should I put a file that I want to execute automatically on each boot?08:50
ablomenMuhammad_Saad, on login, you can go to the auto-started apps section of the settings manager, if its a cli app you want to run on boot look at /etc/rc.local08:57
GINZHi. I am wanting to instal Xubuntu (or Ubuntu) on the currently unformatted second partition on the slave drive of myWindows computer09:42
GINZI have found Installation instructions but when mentioning partitions it says Use entire disk which does not help me.09:43
Sunsh1newill the amd64 downloadable image work on intel quad core Q6600 as well? can someone tell me? the help page is confusing11:23
GINZEveryone who could help seems to be asleep. Sorry - I have no idea.11:40
judgenWhat apps do you as a user use that is not available for windows?11:51
judgenLike killer apps.11:51
judgenI personally prefer rhythmbox over anything on windows.11:51
judgenjust wondering if there are any more examples.11:51
Myrttigwibber, though it's not in ubuntu yet11:53
judgengwibber? ive got to look that up..11:53
fiendishfishjudgen: Kalarm, Rhythmbox, Umm... xpdf11:53
Myrttiif you're into microblogging, that is11:53
judgenoh, not really...11:53
Myrttitwitter, jaiku, digg, flickr, identica, facebook etc11:53
judgenfiendishfish xpdf is very nice indeed.11:54
Myrttiterminator, if you're into gui tools11:54
Myrtticli tools11:54
judgenfiendishfish openbox exists for windows, and i find it to be very similar to fluxbox for X11:54
judgenand so does blackbox11:54
fiendishfishjudgen: :11:54
judgenbb4win has the most recent build of blackbox for windows.11:55
judgenim currently in windows trying out andLinux, pretty neat. All GTK apps ive tested works so far.11:58
Sunsh1newill the amd64 downloadable image work on intel quad core Q6600 as well? can someone tell me? the help page is confusing12:00
judgenScreenshot: http://judgen.googlepages.com/screenshot-andLinux.jpg12:03
judgenSunsh1ne yes it will12:26
Sunsh1neah ok..thanks..it's metioning an amd processor all the time12:26
judgenSunsh1ne amd64 is the instuctions found in most intel and amd 64bit processors (with the exception to intel itanium)12:26
Sunsh1nei see12:26
Sunsh1nethe amd part is confusing ;-)12:26
judgenSunsh1ne why? it was AMD that invetned the x86 consumer implementation of 64bit.12:27
Sunsh1neyes but i didnt know that12:27
judgenyeah.. then it might be confusing12:27
Sunsh1neif you dont know such a thing you get confused reading the help12:28
judgenSunsh1ne that is why microsoft (some say they are faulty in doing so, not giving credit where credit is due) just calls their 64bit os just x64.12:29
judgenie: Windows Vista x64 or Windows XP x6412:29
Sunsh1newell thanks for clearing that up ;-) maybe you could help me with another question too12:30
Sunsh1newhat would be a good disk layout to use for xubunut considering performance , fragmention, updating, safety of personal stuff..(maybe i should add i install xubuntu in vmware too)12:30
Sunsh1nehow many seperate partitions? nd how big?12:30
judgenSunsh1ne if you do automatic partitioning it sets up a / and a swap partition. Swap is reccomended to 1.5x the size of ram in the machine (or in your case the virtual machine)12:32
judgenI personally prefer to keep a separate /home partition so my settings does not get removed if i reinstall... but that is up to the user.12:33
Sunsh1neyeah i like that too12:33
judgenalso your home dir can be encrypted with a small performance loss, but huge security benefits.12:34
Sunsh1nehow would i do that?12:34
judgenSunsh1ne i dont use it personally, as i dont save any important data on my computer worthy of protecting =)12:34
Sunsh1neisnt it smart to seperate /tmp also from / ?12:34
Sunsh1neheh ok ;-)12:34
judgenbut there are plenty of tutorials, also that can be done after installation.12:34
Sunsh1neok..i'll leave that issue for later then12:35
Sunsh1nei think i would like a seperate /, /swap and /home..and maybe even /var and /usr ? does that make any sense?12:35
Sunsh1neand how big would they have to be for good operation?12:36
judgenin /var/apt/cache all package files are kept, so thats depending how much software you intend to install.12:37
judgenand putting /usr as a separate partition does not offer any benefits afaik.12:37
judgenonly getting the risk of that pertition beeing to small when youve installed enough apps or other stuff.12:37
Sunsh1neok no seperate /usr then12:38
judgenid say go with /, swap, /home thats the ideal sollution as the reisk of wasting space gets alot smaller.12:38
Sunsh1neno seperate /var either?12:38
judgeni would not see the point of a spearate var.12:42
judgenbut as youre doing it in vmware you could try it.12:42
judgenhaving to clear the var/apt/cache during a large install with synaptic can be very annoying.12:43
judgenso better having var in /12:43
judgenthen you can remove the .debs afterwards instead.12:43
Sunsh1nei'm a beginner with xubuntu and a very expereienced windows users but not a very experienced linux user in general anymore (should return ratherr qucikly though)12:44
judgenXubuntu is very straigtforward so even without previous experience i think youll manage just fine.12:47
vinnlAnd if not, we're here for you ;-)12:47
judgenSunsh1ne have you used apt before?12:48
judgen(the package management tool)12:48
judgensynaptic is a very good frontend for it.12:48
Sunsh1nei'm new to both12:49
vinnlThat's like five new words in three lines :P12:49
Sunsh1nei appreciate you helping me out ehre12:49
judgenInstalling apps is soo much simpler in linux than in windows.12:49
Sunsh1newhy is it an advantgae to have /var in / when learing the var/apt/vcache ?12:50
judgenin windows youve got to hunt a .exe or .msi file from some website, scan it for viruses, run the install app click a throusand times and specify folders. and that is repeated every time you install an app. In ubuntu or other .deb based distros you just load up synaptic, pick what you want from the lits (or search) click install and then apply. Done.12:51
judgenpretty neat-12:51
vinnlSunsh1ne, *everything* is in /12:52
judgenSunsh1ne if you have it in / instead of a separate /var the /var can fit as much data as the entire / allows. having in in a separate /var means you cant have more data in it than the size of that partition. so while installing loads of apps at the same time, all stuff that you are about to install ends up in /var until done. So if you choose to install to many apps the /var might get full and you cant install untill yo12:53
judgendid that make sense to you?12:53
judgenvinnl he was wondering about a separate /var partition.12:53
judgenthere is not advantage to having a separate /var, but a few drawbacks.12:54
Sunsh1neyes makes sense ;-)12:54
Sunsh1neyou guys are great12:54
judgenSunsh1ne no problem =)12:54
Sunsh1neone question left i gues..and that's appropiate sizes for / and /tmp12:54
Sunsh1neit's clear /home is flexible12:55
TheSheepwell, you don't really want to get your / full just because some app put too much in /var12:55
Sunsh1nebut / and /tmp will prob have a "suitable smar"standard size12:55
Sunsh1neyeah indeed12:55
Sunsh1nethats why i broyght up the seperate /var thing in the first place ;-)12:56
judgenTheSheep thats not a problem, 5% is reserved by default with ext2/3/4 for system when formatting /12:56
Sunsh1neso which numbers would be kinda ideal to pick not wasting too much diskspace but still be quite safe?12:56
TheSheepon the other hand, if you don't have experience and don't know what the apropriate sizes are for your particular use, then it's probably better to have everything except home together in /12:56
TheSheepusing lvm helps here, as it lest you grow partitions easily12:57
judgenAll but /home is probably best sollution for you in this case.12:57
Sunsh1newell..i'm an experienced computer suer in general..i dont want the easy way ..i really prefer the better way ;-)12:57
Sunsh1neeven it will cost me some more effort12:57
judgenive gotta go do some work.12:58
judgenIll see you later-12:58
Sunsh1nejudgen: thanks a lot for the support12:58
judgenSunsh1ne np12:58
=== judgen is now known as judgen-away
Sunsh1neguys what's a proper (start) size for / and /tmp then ?12:59
Sunsh1neTheSheep: xubuntu will offer me lvm ?13:00
vinnlI suppose /tmp should be as large as the amount of temporary data you think you'll be using each session, keeping in mind that it's cleared every shutdown13:00
TheSheepSunsh1ne: yes, it's an option when creating the partitions13:01
TheSheepSunspersonally I just use a 8GB partition for /, together with /var, /tmp and /usr13:02
Sunsh1nevinnl: thats exactly what i'm asking..how much /tmp data can an xubuntu user expect to be using? i know how much windows "needs" for /temp13:02
vinnlThat depends on what you do :P13:02
Sunsh1nei understand that ;-)13:02
TheSheepSunsh1ne: I'm a bit experienced, so I don't mind that it's not bulletproof -- it's more important to me that it's simple and doesn't require me to think too much13:02
Sunsh1nenormal use13:02
TheSheepif it ever feels up, I now what to do13:03
Sunsh1nei see...so you use one partition only13:03
TheSheepone per system ;)13:03
vinnlThere's currently 86.8MB worth of data in my /tmp, and I'm dumping everything I quickly need over there :P13:03
vinnlBut there might be exceptions where you want more space than you normally use13:03
vinnlTheSheep, also a /home I assume? ;-)13:04
TheSheepI usually have several distributions installed at the same time, to see what they are doing and to hack :)13:04
Sunsh1nein windows some packages can requiere as much as 1 TB of /temp space..i dont know if use of /tmp in xubuntu is entirely similar13:04
TheSheepvinnl: yes, /home and /porn are separate ;)13:04
Sunsh1neTheSheep: under vmware? or at boot?13:04
TheSheepSunsh1ne: at boot, yeah, I should start using virtual machines some day13:05
Sunsh1nevinnl: so you'd say having 1 TB of diskspace for /tmp is overkill?13:05
vinnlI don't even have 1TB of diskspace for my whole system :P13:05
vinnlLike, 60GB :P13:06
TheSheepat the moment my /tmp takes up 40kB13:06
Sunsh1nebleh..i write TB when i meant GB all the time ;-)13:06
Sunsh1nei meant 1 GB for /tmp13:06
TheSheepSunsh1ne: it all depends on how much space you have to spare13:07
Sunsh1nemy windows /temp is 5 gb for comparison13:07
Sunsh1nespace isnt really an issue13:07
Sunsh1nebut ofcourse i would hate to really waste it13:07
TheSheepSunsh1ne: why don't you just leave it in / and create the partition when you decide you need it and know how large it should be?13:07
TheSheepit's just one line in /etc/fstab13:08
Sunsh1newell i'm installing under vmware13:08
Sunsh1neso its perhaps better to know upfront13:08
TheSheepall the more reason to keep it simple13:08
Sunsh1neif i fill up the whole of the virtual disk already and later on have to add another virtual disk for /tmp that is extra complication too13:09
TheSheepbtw, in kernels from the 2.6 family swap partition is no longer faster than swap file, so that's another place where it can be simpler13:09
Sunsh1nei didnt know that13:09
Sunsh1nelearning with the minute here ;-)13:09
Sunsh1neso you are saying there is no use for having a seperate /swap partition?13:10
Sunsh1newont a swap file be fragmentated if it is part of / fro example?13:10
TheSheepwell, it's set up automaticalle, where you would have to set up your swap file yourself, so there is an advantage13:10
TheSheepSunsh1ne: no13:10
TheSheepSunsh1ne: it's created as a continous space and stays that way13:10
TheSheepit doesn't grow automatically like on windows though13:11
Sunsh1nehaving to do some work myself isnt really a disadvantage13:11
Sunsh1nei just want to do the proepr best thing ;-)13:11
TheSheepbut you can always add more swap files at runtime13:11
Sunsh1nei see13:11
Sunsh1nei'm ending up with less and less partitions it seems ;-)13:12
TheSheephello atari_13:12
atari_hi TheSheep13:12
Sunsh1newould having a size of 1 Gb for /tmp be overkill too?13:12
atari_has anyone an idea why xfce doesnt show me the task and menu bar?13:13
TheSheepSunsh1ne: unless you actually know and use an application that needs that much, yes13:13
vinnlatari_, press Alt+F2 then run xfce4-panel13:14
TheSheepatari_: press alt+f2, type 'xfce4-panel', press enter, save session when logging out13:14
vinnlTheSheep, is the session saving really needed? Seems to only cause trouble13:14
atari_but... well. ic dont know how it got lost...13:14
atari_thx vinnl, TheSheep13:14
vinnlatari_, that happens, unfortunately :(13:15
atari_good to know for the next time, it's xfce4-panel ;)13:15
TheSheepvinnl: either that or deleteing the saved session13:15
vinnlTheSheep, doesn't it also happen without having sessions saved?13:15
TheSheepvinnl: because you are right: it's most probably caused by saved session anyways13:15
vinnlAh, OK13:16
TheSheepvinnl: it can happen randomly, but doesn't stay then13:16
atari_i really want to save my sessions... otherwise i have to open my 15 xterms manually ;)13:16
vinnlAh OK, then just keep saving it :P13:16
vinnlatari_, you can also add it to Applications->Settings->Settings Manager, then Autostarted Applications13:16
atari_but its really strage, it got lost...13:16
atari_i'll tell you in about 2 weeks or so whether its working ;)13:17
atari_is there a way to attach symbols in the background or apps with xfce?13:19
atari_i dont mean icons...13:19
atari_i mean like the output of sensors or so13:19
vinnlEhm, I believe there was an app called 'conky' you might like13:21
vinnlThere are also some panel plugins13:21
atari_lets check freshmeat... ;)13:21
atari_no. not conky. thats too much...13:21
atari_it would be enough if i could run a xterm, but on the background13:22
vinnlatari_, a Google search found me this: http://wayofthegeek.org/2008/06/sooo-pretty/13:23
vinnlAnyway, I'm off, good luck :)13:26
=== judgen-away is now known as judgen
judgenatari_ you mean like superkaramba for kde?14:17
judgenatari_ You could use a tray applet though and connect it to the sensors.14:18
atari_sensors arent the only thing i like to run on the background ;)14:19
judgenbut i guess that wouldnt qualify as "on the desktop" though14:19
judgenatari_ tried google desktop?14:19
judgenyou can use the google widgets.14:19
atari_well. i used to have wmaker. in there i was able to stick dockapps around... not that bad14:20
atari_but now i'd like to have some thing directly on the desktop14:20
judgenI dont exactly know what you want..14:21
atari_you know the calendar function of windows vista for example?14:21
judgenNope i dont use vista.14:21
atari_its just sticked on the desktop14:21
atari_no app in the task bar etc.14:21
judgenaaah like gnome dekslets and superkaramba.14:21
judgengnome has had that since 199814:21
atari_i'm not sure what superkaramba does14:21
atari_let me check "gnome desklets"14:22
judgenatari_ want me to fetch a screenshot14:22
atari_if you have it running ;)14:22
judgenatari_no i dont run superkaramba at the moment...14:23
judgeni dont have a xserver installed.14:23
atari_i saw some screenshots of superkaramba... i meant the gnome desklets14:23
atari_something like that i meant14:24
judgenthen gnome desklets is for you14:26
atari_screenslets looks useful as well14:26
judgeni dont know but i think superkaramba requires kde.14:27
judgenatari_ why not try both14:27
atari_i think i'^ll first try screenlet14:27
atari_as i have a "slow" machine14:28
judgenoh ok14:28
atari_its just an intel atom ;)14:28
judgena atom dp or a regular one?14:31
atari_err. quad ;)14:31
judgendp is 2x1800mhz cores.14:31
atari_i have 2x160014:31
atari_its an intel atom 33014:31
judgenaah ok14:31
atari_with an dual screen... so its not _that_ fast ;)14:32
atari_do you know a programm which uses the F12-key?14:33
judgenatari_ not really... not in linux atleast.14:34
atari_so i'll assign it to show me the desktop14:34
judgenatari_ the reason for this is obvious.14:34
atari_now you know what for i want screenlets ;)14:34
judgeni want a 1gbit wireless switch =P14:35
judgenthat would be awsome14:35
atari_well... do have post-it's on your desk?14:35
judgennope i want my desk to be completley clean and everything sorted in my cabinet alpabetically.14:36
atari_so then... get yourself a post-it14:36
atari_thats the first part of the job ;)14:37
judgenpost-it.. do you mean the small yellow sticky paper bits that falls off all the time?14:37
judgenuseless product14:37
atari_just wait until i gave you my 4 point instructions... :P14:38
judgeni much rather prefer a paperclip.14:38
atari_they're _very_ useful14:38
Sunsh1newhat filesystem would be preferred to use for my xubuntu setup under vmware? does the install give me options?14:38
Sunsh1nereiferfs is best right?14:38
atari_well. a paperclip will not work in thie case14:38
TheSheepext3 is the recommended filesystem everywhere, afair14:38
TheSheepext4 in 9.0414:38
atari_i'd say ext3 too14:38
Sunsh1nedoesnt reiserfs perform nbetter?14:39
Sunsh1ne9.04 ? thats not out is it?14:39
atari_9=year, 04=month14:39
judgenSunsh1ne default would be ext3. and Its very well tested and fast. Ext4 is indeed faster than ext3 but is a little less tested. xfs is very fast but does not support booting with grub. and reiserfs does not fragment nearly as much as the others and is the fastest when writing certain filesizes. ...your pick.14:39
Sunsh1neless fragmentation is prob important under vmware14:40
judgenreiserfs and ext4 is also journaled.14:40
judgenSunsh1ne maybe.14:40
TheSheepext3 is journaled too14:40
judgenSunsh1ne what is your host os?14:41
atari_depends whether its an image or a partition14:41
judgenTheSheep yes but optional.14:41
Sunsh1neext4 is not generally "better"than reiser?14:41
TheSheepjudgen: non-journaled ext3 is called ext2 :)14:41
Sunsh1nehost os is vista ultimate 64 bit14:41
atari_welll. in this case i dont think it'll make a difference...14:41
TheSheepSunsh1ne: none of them is better in general, they are all different in various ways14:41
judgenSunsh1ne resierfs is basicly dead nowdays. As the company that made it folded after its owner got convicted for mudering his wife.14:42
judgenthere is a little activity on resier4 though.14:42
Sunsh1nejudgen: yeah i have read something about that...incredible story14:42
TheSheepxfs is sun's, right?14:42
judgenisnt it SGI?14:42
judgenfrom irix?14:42
judgenzfs is from sun14:43
Sunsh1nereiser being nearly "dead"prob suggest i should use ext4? would ext4 be second best fragmentationwise?14:43
Sunsh1newhat is grub? boot mananger? do i miss something when not being able to use that?14:43
judgenSunsh1ne depends.. if you like lilo its not a problem.14:44
Sunsh1nedunno ifi like that compared to grub ;-)14:44
Sunsh1nei've used lilo years ago14:44
Sunsh1nenevr used or seen grub14:44
judgenSunsh1ne its the bootloader14:44
ballI'm cold14:44
ballridiculously cold.14:44
Sunsh1nereiser being nearly "dead"prob suggest i should use ext4? would ext4 be second best fragmentationwise?14:44
TheSheepgrub is a little 'smarter', letting you to edit the configuration on the fly before booting14:45
judgenSunsh1ne grub has its config nicely available in /boot/grub/14:45
TheSheepthat's handy when you break you boot config14:45
judgenSunsh1ne also supports skinning nad such14:45
Sunsh1neok that sounds like th ebetter one then14:45
TheSheepjudgen: lilo has skinning too14:45
Sunsh1nebut i guess i could live without it14:45
atari_ball: ask judgen whether he could give you some post-it... so you could make a fire :P14:45
judgenTheSheep oh yeah... ive never bothered though.14:45
TheSheepmost parts of linux are like that :)14:45
Sunsh1nereiser being nearly "dead"prob suggest i should use ext4? would ext4 be second best fragmentationwise?14:46
ballatari_: I should just hook up my Athlon 64 chip, that'd do it.  Are you 8-bit or ST btw?14:46
judgenSunsh1ne as the newest official version of xubuntu does not have ext4 at the installer stage yet. i dont think that you can pick it.14:46
atari_ball: sorry... fully colorized :P14:47
judgenwould need 9.04 for that i guess.14:47
ballatari_: rainbow TOS?14:47
judgenFeeMiNT ftw! =)14:47
* ball used to like MiNT14:48
ballNeed an old version of TOSwin though.14:48
Sunsh1neok judgen14:48
judgenMeh im actually more into amigas than atari.14:48
Sunsh1nexfs is bad for fragementation?14:48
balljudgen: I had A500, A600, A1200, A1500 (not necessarily in that order ;-)14:48
judgenSunsh1ne not really.14:48
atari_ball: no. more like random ;)14:48
judgenball a1500?? does not exist afaik-14:49
balljudgen: in Europe it did.  It was an A2000 with no internal hard disk.14:49
judgenIve owned all amigas except the 2000 wich was rediculously expensive14:49
Sunsh1nejudgen: you specifically mentioned reiserfs being "good" against fragmentation..all the others are about the same fragementationwise?14:49
judgenball i live in europe... ive never heard of it.14:49
judgenball the 1200 didnt have internal disk either.14:50
balljudgen: that's okay.  I had one though... probably still do at my parents house.14:50
Sunsh1nei've had a 500 200 and 1200 ;-)14:50
balljudgen: my A1200 did... 2.5"14:50
ball...and my A60014:50
judgenare you sure it was not just a 1000 with zorro upgrade? the 2000 is basicly the same chip...14:50
ballA1000 and A2000 are very different.  I'm sure.14:50
Sunsh1nejudgen: you specifically mentioned reiserfs being "good" against fragmentation..all the others are about the same fragementationwise?14:50
judgenball no it didnt. The 1200 is built into the keyboard.14:50
judgenSunsh1ne pretty much.14:51
balljudgen: yes, it did!14:51
judgenball hmm not mine.14:51
balljudgen: you could buy them without, but that's inadviseable.14:51
judgenball oh i see the 1500 now the 1500 was sold up here as 2000SE14:52
judgenas it had two floppy drives.14:52
balljudgen: where are you?14:52
judgenit only had 1mb ram14:52
Sunsh1newhat is journaling again? what will i be missing when using a filesystem without journaling?14:52
judgendidnt own one though14:53
judgenball http://www.amigahistory.co.uk/a1200.html14:53
judgenthere is no hdd in those14:53
judgenyou could buy an expansion package though.14:54
balljudgen: my A1200 had a 2.5" hard disk.14:54
ballas did my A60014:54
judgennot internaly i assure you.14:54
Sunsh1nejudgen could you tell me? ;-)14:54
balljudgen: you are mistaken.14:55
Sunsh1ne2.5 inch fitted within 1200 if my memory doesnt decieve me14:55
judgenSunsh1ne its basicly this. if you shut down the computer like with power outage, journaling will not buts up as much as non journaled systems.14:55
Sunsh1nei had a 3.5 outside it though14:55
ballSunsh1ne: it did, provided you had the right bracket.14:55
Sunsh1neok thanks judgen14:56
judgenball i see that you are correct about the disks though.14:56
judgenaccording to amiga history and others the ones that came with disk installed at purchase was very rare though.14:57
judgenmost got installed afterwards.14:57
balljudgen: not in my country.14:57
judgenball guessing germany14:57
ballIf you ordered it without the hard disk you didn't get the bracket.14:57
balljudgen: I'm from Britain.14:57
judgenamiga was freakin huge in germany =)14:57
Sunsh1neyeah..it was biggest in germany14:58
judgenstill is i guess.14:58
Sunsh1nei've been the amiga world there one time14:58
Sunsh1nei'm dutch14:58
ballAmiga and Atari were taken seriously as business machines in Germany from what I remember.14:58
judgenHyperion is germans right?14:58
judgenbut the new amiga computer (SAM440) are made in germany designed in italy by acube afaik.14:59
judgen667mhz ppc =P14:59
judgenwow theyve made another version. with 3 pci slots!15:00
ballIs it in a Walker case? :-)15:00
judgenno case on the pictures.15:00
judgenand it has s-ata15:00
ballThat's insanely expensive though.15:01
judgenball indeed'15:01
judgenand amigaos4 will set you back another 99eur i think15:01
ballDoes OS 4.x require PPC?15:02
judgenball yes15:02
judgenball either cyberstorm or the one from phase-515:02
judgenor the acube motherboard found on the link i posted15:03
judgenand the amigaone pegaos ppc, wich is a bad board. Loads of bad capacitors..15:03
judgenother than that it runs on nothing.15:03
judgenbasicly four computers able to run it. a1200/a3000+ppc board with 200mhz+, pegasosppc and sam440.15:06
judgencant be a huge market =P15:06
judgenthe people on safir is up the rage though.15:07
balloooh... I found a US source of A1200s!15:07
ballUS$ 136 sans PSU15:09
ball...but with OS 3.115:09
ballI wish I had an easy way to get Xubuntu on this machine.15:25
judgenball i saw a amiga 3000 with mediator board and phase-5 ppc board (shark i think) 128mb ram 120gb disk voodoo5 5000 and soundblaster live.15:31
judgenall in tower case.15:32
judgenon ebay15:32
* ball nods15:35
ballwe should probably move this to #amiga (or somewhere)15:35
* TheSheep nods15:35
ballI wonder why this stupid box won't boot from USB15:36
TheSheepthere are programs to force it to do it15:36
ballTheSheep: I don't see how that would work.15:37
ballOut of interest, is it possible to get a Xubuntu install image into a USB flash stick, for installation on workstations that can boot from USB, but that lack optical drives?15:39
=== judgen is now known as judgen-away
ubottuUbuntu can be installed in lots of ways. Please see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Installation for documentation.  Problems during install? See https://wiki.ubuntu.com/CommonProblemsInstall - Don't want to use a CD? Try http://tinyurl.com/3exghs - see also !automate15:42
ballThat looks helpful, thanks.15:45
Jynkshey guys15:49
ballhello Jynks15:49
JynksHow would i remove the "key ring" password request? When i boot .. i need to enter password to "acess keyring" to allow the wireless to conenct15:49
Jynkshi ball15:49
ubottuCe canal est en anglais uniquement. Si vous avez besoin d'aide ou voulez discuter en francais, merci de rejoindre #ubuntu-fr17:06
ballI should put the kettle on.17:08
balloh why is MS Windows such a bag of poop.  Format the stupid disk already!!17:11
ubottuFor discussion on Microsoft Windows, or help with same, please visit ##windows. See http://launchpad.net/distros/ubuntu/+bug/1 http://linux.oneandoneis2.org/LNW.htm and /msg ubottu equivalents17:11
* ball nods17:15
ballI'm trying to use it to prepare a Xubuntu machine though.17:15
ballhello slow-motion17:27
slow-motionhi ball17:27
ballAh that's better, UNetbootin seems to be doing its thing now.17:28
=== judgen-away is now known as judgen
judgenball was it an expensive bag of poop?17:30
ballNot yet, but it probably will be.17:33
ballI have considered buying MS Windows Vista for Mrs. ball's PC, but really I should just buy her a new computer.17:33
ballNeed to find a job first though.17:33
jarnosXorg.0.log tells "(WW) MGA(0): Direct rendering disabled", but glxinfo tells "direct rendering: Yes". What is wrong?17:38
MimiHey, I'm following a arch guide, and it tells to sync a package using pacman (# pacman --sync xvkbd) .... how do I do this in Ubuntu? Thanks17:48
tinglehi at this moment i cant play dvds on xubuntu whit vlc could anyone help out?18:31
tinglelibdvdnav: DVD disk reports itself with Region mask 0x00fd0000. Regions: 218:32
Riottatingle I recommend using xine for dvd's it's best for playing that media18:46
heapythis is a bit of a silly question, but how do i find out weather im running 32bit or 64bit ubuntu right now? - i have totally lost track of what versions i have installed18:57
charlie-tcauname -a  in a terminal18:58
heapyi686, i assume thats 64bit?18:58
charlie-tcax86_64 is 64 bit and i686 is 32 bit18:58
heapyoh fantastic, 32bit then18:58
MarkopotomusIs there a way to reset all the pannels and bars? They've gone all wierd.18:58
heapythanks charlie-tca18:59
charlie-tcayou're welcome18:59
charlie-tcaMarkopotomus: wierd how?18:59
Markopotomuscharlie-tca: Well first of all they disapeared. I havent used this computer for a while so I cant quite remember how it happened. I tried to get them back and succeeded in get the Xfce pannel back but it was blank so I had to manually replace all the icons. It's still a mess.19:00
MarkopotomusI'd rather have the default layout back.19:00
charlie-tcaokay, we can try this in a terminal:19:03
charlie-tcaIf you are using Xfce 4.4, type 'xfce4-panel -x' to cause the panel to exit.19:03
charlie-tcado not close the terminal19:03
Markopotomuscharlie-tca: righto, here goes19:04
charlie-tcarm -rf ~/.config/xfce4/panel/19:04
Markopotomuscharlie-tca: Yep, it's all gone.19:04
charlie-tcaThis deletes the information stored for the panels19:04
Markopotomuscharlie-tca: Hokiee.19:05
* Markopotomus has done so19:05
charlie-tcacp -r etc/xdg/xfce4/panel ~/.config/xfce4/19:05
charlie-tcaxfce4-panel &19:05
charlie-tcathat should restore them19:05
Markopotomuscannot stat `etc/xdg/xfce4/panel': No such file or directory19:06
charlie-tcause  xfce4-panel19:07
Markopotomushowever, "xfce4-panel &" seems to have aworked :)19:07
charlie-tcaokay. That should do it, then19:07
MarkopotomusThank you!19:07
charlie-tcayou are welcome!19:08
Markopotomusawar! problem though!19:08
MarkopotomusI closed the terminal and everything else disapeared too :s19:09
charlie-tcaThat's not so good19:09
charlie-tcaThat should work. notice: not in terminal now19:10
Markopotomusnopes! Gone again19:10
MarkopotomusIt opens a terminal as well as the pannels. Closing the terminals closes everything else too19:11
* Markopotomus unticks run in terminal and it worked.19:11
MarkopotomusOk, working now. Thanks, charlie-tca!19:11
charlie-tcaWhew! scared me for a minute19:11
Markopotomushehe. Just me being dumb ;)19:12
MarkopotomusRight. Great. Everything back as it should be.19:12
charlie-tcaback to the logs; Did I go away for a second?19:12
MarkopotomusYes, between 19:10:45 and 19:10:51 by my time.19:15
charlie-tcathanks. Jaunty is giving me some issues19:15
jarnosCan someone tell why glxinfo prints "Direct Rendering: yes" even if Xorg.0.log is like this: http://pastebin.com/d221f13f719:30
charlie-tcaI don't think the Matrox card accepts the command. Mine didn't19:33
heapyheya, can some kind soul help me get my multimedia sorted? im trying to play a wma, well i really need to stream a windows file format but it doesnt like it. just dloaded a .wma, and the vid is scrambled. i have w32codecs installed whats the next step ?20:48
neozenwhich player are you using?20:50
neozenmplayer tends to work quite well for me on all but some DVDs...20:50
neozenin which case... vlc fits the bill quite well20:51
heapyim using vlc m820:51
neozenheapy: your windows media files have drm?20:51
heapyim not sure m8, i dloaded the .wma from a football website, i really wanted the stream but it wouldnt load so i saved it20:52
neozenI'd recommend trying to start your player from a terminal window like: vlc /path/to/file20:52
neozenif vlc is spitting out error messages ... you'll see them in the terminal u used to start vlc20:53
heapyim pretty sure i have been able in the past to stream from the website, but not now i cant remember what i did differently!20:53
heapyok i will try that.............20:53
neozenheapy: at a guess... I'd say you had a firefox plugin installed20:53
neozenheapy: there should be one which integrates vlc with firefox for playing media streams inside firefox20:54
neozenthere we are.... mozilla-plugin-vlc20:54
neozenheapy: install that... and it SHOULD stream .. unless the site is doing some thing strange...20:55
heapynow do i go about playing this saved file tho lad, i just tried playing it again from terminal vlc -v . the vid is completely scrambled and pumping out the craziest messages i have ever seen lol20:56
neozenhmmm.... borked up video w/ drm?20:56
neozenperhaps they've implemented it since the last time you hit the site20:56
neozendoes file think its actually a wmv?20:57
neozenheapy: in terminal: file /path/to/file20:57
neozenheapy.... type the following in a terminal: file /path/to/actual/file20:58
neozenheapy: mind trying to play a different WMV?21:00
heapych01_0809_efc_h_pl_highlights_high.wmv: Microsoft ASF21:00
neozenheapy: k21:00
neozenheapy: what messages is it spitting out?21:01
neozenheapy: if there's more then a line... use a pastebin21:01
heapyshall i type vlc -v /path to file?21:01
heapyneozen: i just had to pause the vid, its pumping out tons of information21:03
neozenheapy: what KIND21:03
heapywhere shall i paste a section?21:03
ubottupastebin is a service to post multiple-lined texts so you don't flood the channel. The Ubuntu pastebin is at http://paste.ubuntu.com (make sure you give us the URL for your paste - see also the channel topic)21:04
neozenthere plz21:04
neozenfirst 100 lines of output is probably sufficient21:05
heapyhows that neozen lad21:05
neozenlooks like a corrupted asf21:07
neozenheapy: try some other wmv21:08
heapywoah just had a crash :(21:08
heapydid u get the pastebin before i left?21:08
neozenheapy: yep21:08
neozenheapy: got it just fine21:09
heapyjust had a system lockup (again) im gutted21:09
neozenheapy: heh... yeah... looks like your vid is ticking off vlc21:09
neozenheapy: try a diff video21:10
neozenheapy: site might be spitting out some new-fangled WMV that vlc can't play yet21:10
heapyi can play encrypted dvd's, but i dont have another wma to try :(21:10
neozenheh... hit amazon and try to play their samples of a cd21:10
heapycant find a wma to play only mp3s21:16
heapyneozen: i just tried that file with totem, its searched for a codec and found two : gstreamer ffmpeg and gstreamer extra plugins.... worth a stab?21:24
neozenheapy: perhaps.... but... usually vlc will play damn near anything playable21:56
christianim here?23:23
christianping me23:23
charlie-tcachristian: hello23:24
ubottuping yourself ;-) really the diodes all down my left side are sore23:24
christianthat was my first time using irc23:25
christianand i needed to know taht i made it right23:25
Odd-rationalecongratulations! :D23:25
charlie-tcayou did it!23:25
Odd-rationaleone thing you might want to check out is the !guidelines23:27
Odd-rationale!guidelines | christian23:27
ubottuchristian: The guidelines for using the Ubuntu channels can be found here: http://wiki.ubuntu.com/IrcGuidelines23:27
christianok thanks i'll check them out23:28
Odd-rationalekinda explains how things works around here...23:28
christianok btw im new in xubuntu (one month) but i've learnt a lot in this month so if anyone nedds some help i'd help gladly23:29
christianem see you later guys, going to have dinner23:30

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