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davidstraussI got annoyed with the lack of up-to-date RHEL/CentOS RPMs and built some. Anything I should do with them?00:24
igcmwhudson: yes. I'm looking to do that00:27
mwhudsonigc: cool :)00:27
mib_65qsfnbwI installed bazaar but it seems that bzr dosent work behind proxy with authentication...Is there any way to make bzr work?00:36
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bob2does including the password in http_proxy work?00:53
jbalinthow do i cancel a merge? (bzr status stil shows all pending merges000:58
mwhudsonjbalint: bzr revert01:00
mwhudsonbzr revert --forget-merges if you want to keep the text changes01:00
jbalintah, reverted already , needed that forget-merges. thanks01:01
mwhudsonrevert . will revert the text changes but not the merges01:02
mwhudson'revert' on its own does both01:03
jbalintoh i see01:03
alfhello, I just branched bzr.dev and tried to upgrade it to --1.9-rich-root but the upgrade just hangs with 99% CPU01:10
bob2that might be a bug, but why a rich root format?01:11
alfbob2: for no specific reason, just playing around01:12
alfI have found https://bugs.launchpad.net/bugs/177874 but in that case there is an explicit error (and the bug its quite old)01:14
ubottuLaunchpad bug 177874 in bzr "upgrading to rich-root-pack fails" [Critical,Fix released]01:14
alfubottu: you read my mind :)01:14
ubottuError: I am only a bot, please don't think I'm intelligent :)01:14
davidstraussFirst stab at updated RHEL/CentOS packages: http://fourkitchens.com/blog/2009/01/21/bazaar-111-bzrtools-1110-rpms-red-hat-enterprise-linux-5-centos-501:22
davidstraussThey seem to work.01:22
jbalintis file_id format depends on the repo/branch format?01:37
thumperjbalint: I think so01:45
jbalintwould it ever change by branching?01:45
* igc lunch02:07
mib_65qsfnbwbob2: i tried http proxy but its saying that bzr: ERROR: socket.error: (111, 'Connection refused')02:07
mib_65qsfnbwbob2: also http://www.mibbit.com/pb/Z1UtTw02:07
mib_65qsfnbwso i filed a bug report02:08
lifelesswould anyone object to my putting back the set_plugin_path on import of bzrlib?02:26
lifelessits really annoying not having it02:27
beunohi lifeless02:27
lifelesshi beuno02:27
beunowhat would be the consecuences of doing that?02:27
beunoI know it breaks stuff not having it02:27
lifelessI don't see any consequnces02:29
lifelessbzr --no-plugins shouldn't be loading stuff anyhow, and there is an omplicit plugin path anyhow02:29
beunohard to object to that  :)02:30
jbalintanybody have a tip on where to find svn2bzr? this page is leading nowhere  http://bazaar-vcs.org/svn2bzr02:32
mib_65qsfnbwPlease help me in getting this removed: http://www.mibbit.com/pb/Z1UtTw02:33
lifelessmib_65qsfnbw: I'm not quite sure what you're asking02:50
mib_65qsfnbwI installed bazaar but it seems that bzr dosent work behind proxy with authentication...Is there any way to make bzr work?02:50
lifelessthe lp: syntax doesn't work, but all our other http stuff should work fine02:52
lifelessas far as I know that is02:52
mib_65qsfnbwlifeless: i am newbie to this bzr thing can you be please more elaborative ( what is http stuff)?02:53
lifelessI'm sorry, I have a very bad connection here; I'll let someone else elaborate02:53
lifelessigc: perhaps you are around and could help mib_65qsfnbw ?02:53
mib_65qsfnbwlifeless: fine thankyou02:53
jearlmib_65qsfnbw: I believe that what lifeless is saying is that while you can't check out the code using bzr clone lp:geany03:04
jearlmib_65qsfnbw: you might be able to check it out using03:04
jearlmib_65qsfnbw: bzr clone https://code.launchpad.net/~vcs-imports/geany/trunk geany03:05
jearlmib_65qsfnbw: my own checkout hasn't finished, so I can't be sure :)03:06
mib_65qsfnbwjearl:  "bzr branch http://bazaar.launchpad.net/~vcs-imports/geany/trunk" this one wotked for me03:12
mib_65qsfnbwI got it by googling03:13
mib_65qsfnbwjearl: Ho would I know which packages can be got using the above command( bzr branch http://bazaar.launchpad.net/~vcs-imports/genay(or any othe app)/trunk )03:14
igclifeless, mib_65qsfnbw: can't help right now sorry (heading to the hospital for the rest of the day)03:15
igcsee everyone tomorrow03:15
thumperif the cbranch command does a branch then checkout, is there a sbranch (or something) that does branch and switch?03:19
fullermdmib_65qsfnbw: Well, all of them.  lp:whatever is just a shortcut that looks up the actual URL.  It's just figuring out what the URL is...03:20
fullermdYou can probably figure it out by looking at the project on LP with a browser.03:22
mib_65qsfnbwfullermd: OK03:23
mib_65qsfnbwgotta go I have a lecture to attend see you in 2 hours...03:23
jbalinthow do i get svn-import to create separate bzr branches for my svn branches? I just get on bzr branch with each svn branch and trunk in the bzr branch04:10
lifelessjbalint: have you checked the faq?04:12
jbalintthis one? http://samba.org/~jelmer/bzr-svn/FAQ.html04:12
jbalinti try separately --scheme and bzr svn-branching-scheme --set04:12
jbalintbut it seems each time i run svn-import it reverts it to none in ~/.bazaar/subversion.conf04:13
* AfC wonders why bzr is so slow on his (borrowed) Ubuntu system.04:17
AfCI tried --no-plugins to see if that made a difference, but only about 0.08s04:18
AfC(just taking times from .bzr.log)04:18
AfCwhereas bzr status on a 2 revision 5 file tree is taking 1.2s04:19
AfCMaybe I just didn't notice, but it sure feels slower than my other system. All things are not equal, of course, but...04:19
AfCbzr 1.11 from PPA04:19
fullermdDoes it have the C stuff compiled?  Maybe that's missing...04:21
lifelessAfC: is it a bound branch ?04:21
lifeless1.2s smells like a network round trip on this network04:22
davidstraussThe operation mysteriously permeated the air with the lingering stench of latency.04:23
AfCfullermd: I wondered about that, but `dpkg -L` showed a bunch of .so files, so...04:27
AfClifeless: no. Just a straight up been-working-on-this-brand-new-branch-for-only-an-hour-or-two.04:28
AfClifeless: (on the assumption that it doesn't change, I'll show you later in case you care to poke it)04:28
AfClifeless: (you have better things to do)04:29
davidstraussWhat's the process for getting packages listed on the downloads page? I know I can technically edit it, but I'm curious if there's some procedure for vetting the sources.04:30
Ycroshey guys, I'm trying to pull in an external (svn) library into my project, and I'm wondering if branching it with bzr-svn, upgrading my repo format to 1.9-rich-root and bzr joining it in is the sane approach, or if there's a better way04:42
lifelessAfC: please do show me05:00
AfClifeless: will do. I'm up the hill right now, but next time I cross paths with you I'll mention it.05:01
AfCYcros: that's an interesting question; I imagine there's no right answer, so you're probably best off to try a few different ways and see what you end up with.05:02
AfCYcros: (and then you'll be the expert! Ta-da, sucker)05:02
YcrosI'm trying things out now05:03
YcrosI think bzr join --reference might be what I'm looking gor05:03
fullermdApparently, it's nested-tree-week on #bzr...05:04
Ycrosmaybe... hmm. What I really want is something like svn:externals. I'm not just what join --reference just did, it looks like the external tree now appears as a bunch of unknown changes05:09
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vilahi all07:03
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davidstraussvila: hi07:20
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ralphHi, can a revision's comment be changed?  Like    rcs -mrev:msg   ?  In a corporate setting, for political reasons, this can be required.  Or, as just now, I've put in a very misleading comment.09:03
ralphThe manual makes no mention of it that I can find, and I fear it's not possible;  the message being part of a revision's unique key in some way?09:04
luksit isn't09:11
luksif it's the last revision, you can uncommit and recommit it09:11
luksotherwise you can do some trickery, but you will end up with technically a different branch (at least since the changed revision)09:12
ralphWill that muck others up?  I've done a `bzr push' with the wrong comments in?   At the moment, I'm planning to do several uncommits in turn, saving the diffs as a patch, and then work forward again.09:12
luksif anybody has a mirror of the branch, they will end up with diverged branches09:14
luksthe uncommitted revisions will *look* the same, but they will be different for bzr09:14
ralphThanks luks.  Does that stop simple `bzr merge' from working?  There's just the two of us.  I push and he sends back to me occasionally.09:14
luksit doesn't, but then you will have two copies of each revision in the branch09:15
ralphk, think it's worth doing to clarify comments.09:15
fullermdIncluding the one with the wrong message.  Kinda defeats the purpose, especially in a nuclear scenario.09:15
luksif you are just two, you can maybe tell him to pull --overwrite09:15
luksoh, right, forgot about that :)09:16
ralphThanks, will look into the --overwrite option.  Basically, if he's no local changes then he can just --overwrite.09:16
fullermdIf you can talk other people into --overwrite'ing, it doesn't have THAT wide an impact.  Where it really gets ugly is when they've already started work on top of the old stuff.09:16
luksbtw, bzr replay from bzr-rebase can save you some time doing the uncomitting09:18
vilatry again guilhembi.. I want to ping you :)09:36
guilhembivila: hello! Yesterday evening my internet connection went down, and this morning it just went up a few seconds ago.09:37
guilhembiAfter a second reboot of the livebox09:37
vilahere you are !09:37
vilachange ISP :)09:37
guilhembivila: bah09:37
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glatzorhello james_w, is it possible to use bzr bd inside of a python script?11:39
james_whey glatzor11:40
james_wyou could import it and run the various parts11:40
james_wunfortunately there is quite a lot of logic in the Command class11:40
james_wor you could just run it under subprocess11:40
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lampliterare there any bzr plug-ins for netbeans?14:13
LarstiQyes, I believe so14:13
lampliterinteresting.  Any pointers?  Using Google didn't reveal anything terribly useful14:14
lampliterfor what it's worth, I discovered that Emacs plus tramp is bzr aware14:15
LarstiQhmm, don't see it on the wiki at BzrPlugins, not at launchpad.net/bazaar14:16
lampliter and is not listed at net beans14:16
* LarstiQ trwals the mailing list14:16
jelmerI don't think it was in a usable state yet though14:16
LarstiQlampliter: people have certainly talked about it on the mailing list14:17
* LarstiQ fails to find anything concrete right now14:17
lampliterokay, I'll check there14:17
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beunojam, I know I said it already, but having --short as my default changed my life completely  :)15:11
jambeuno: I'm glad you like it as much as I do15:11
jamI wish we could get away with making it the default15:11
sjokkishi, i'm trying to create a branch of my files in trunk. am i supposed to copy the files using the filesystem, or is there some bazaar-command that eludes me here?15:11
jamwithout encountering the "not similar to everyone else" problems15:11
jamsjokkis: "bzr branch" ?15:12
sjokkisi tried that, but it tells me that trunk isn't a branch15:12
sjokkis"bzr: ERROR: Not a branch: "/blah/blah/project/trunk/"."15:13
sjokkisso what gives, jam?15:14
beunosjokkis, what command are you running?   sounds like you're adding extra stuff to the path15:14
sjokkisi ran "bzr branch . ../branches/port" from inside trunk15:14
sjokkisi can do this from inside my local checkout, right?15:15
beunosjokkis, you probably shouldn't use .15:15
beunoso if you're inside trunk,  bzr branch ../trunk ../branches/port15:15
sjokkisi get the same error doing that15:16
sjokkisi think this was originally imported from svn using the bzr2svn utility. if that matters15:18
sjokkiseh, svn2bzr15:18
olliehey wondering fi anyone could give me any advice or thoughts on a workflow setup for web development15:21
olliei have setup a repository on a dev box and given each of my developers vhost enabled checkouts of the trunk of my project15:21
ollieso everyone does updates and commits from their own checkouts15:21
olliethis just gives some simple separation15:22
ollieI have not looked into setting up branches yet15:22
ollieI now want to publish this trunk to a live box. I thought i could just do my live site as a checkout of this trunk15:24
ollieand then manually do a bzr update from the live box to get the latest revisions15:24
olliei would then setup bzrignore to ignore the server specific settings files15:24
olliewondering if this is a good approach or whether someone could suggest something more suitable15:25
olliedoh nobodies home :(15:27
sjokkisbeuno, jam: neither of you guys can help me figure out how to do this?15:30
jamsjokkis: sorry, I'm a bit distracted right now.15:31
jamTo start with, figure out where the actual branch is at15:31
jamcd trunk; bzr info15:31
jamIt sort of sounds like things may not be what you think15:31
NfNitLoopollie: That sounds like a reasonable workflow.15:31
jamlike maybe the branch is "trunk/foo"15:31
jamor the branch is "project" and "trunk" is just a directory underneath15:31
sjokkisseems the branch is one level above trunk/15:31
sjokkisso yeah, the branch is project/15:32
NfNitLoopollie: If you're not worried about having a working copy on your live site, you could just "bzr push" there instead of pulling from there.15:32
sjokkisthat's fucked up...15:32
NfNitLoopOH, wait, by "live site" you mean you're checking out working code (PHP or something?) into a web site.15:32
ollieNfNitLoop: yeah15:32
olliethrough the cms extra files e.g. images will be added15:32
sjokkisjam: what's the best way to sort this out?15:32
ollieso i think i will have to merge new changes in15:33
jamsjokkis: it sounds like you may want to do another conversion, but using "bzr-svn" instead of svn2bzr15:33
jamspecifically, if you have the bzr-svn plugin installed15:33
jamyou then run "bzr svn-import" to do the conversion15:33
NfNitLoopollie: well, if all you're ever doing is 'bzr pull' from your "trunk" branch, you shouldn't need to do any merging.15:33
sjokkiswell i've already done quite a bit of work since i moved over to bzr, jam15:34
sjokkisjam: so if possible i'd like to keep my current repository. or export it. something15:34
ollieNfNitLoop: ok. One thing i was thinkning was giving my developers each a branch instead of them all doing checkouts of the trunk. However i havn't much experience with merging from one branch to another15:35
jamthere would certainly be ways to get your newer changes brought across15:35
jamthere are other things we could do15:35
jambut I have the feeling you really don't want to have things in your current layout15:35
jamand without re-converting, it will be problematic to merge between branches, etc15:36
sjokkiswell i'll be happy to create a new layout etc15:37
sjokkisi just need to keep my history etc15:37
james_wif I merge 2 unrelated branches by just creating the revision with the appropriate parents then I can continue to use both branches and merge between them, is that correct?15:37
james_wit's only the UI that prevents me from doing this by forcing me to do a cherry-pick merge, which leaves the branches with distinct revision histories?15:38
jamsjokkis: so what I would recommend would be to try a new conversion, and see if that gets the layout you want15:38
jam(don't delete your existing one yet)15:38
jamand then we'll look at carrying across your more recent changes15:38
sjokkisjam: i don't have root on the machine my repo is on. can i do this on another machine and move the repo afterwards?15:41
jamsjokkis: As far as I know you can15:41
jamI'm not sure what access you need to the SVN repo, but I'm pretty sure just read access15:42
jamas you can use bzr-svn with repos that you don't have write access to15:42
sjokkisjam: actually screw this. it's a smallish project, and i'm the only one working on it. we can just copy the files manually15:43
sjokkisand forget about the history15:43
ollieshould the .bzr file show up as modified under bzr st. I would of thought that bzr wouldn't include this in its version control15:56
Peng_It doesn't track the ".bzr" directory.15:57
Peng_It will track files like ".bzrignore" or ".bzr-whatever-you-want".15:58
Peng_You sure it's actually ".bzr", not some sort of case-manipulated variation, or some Unicode oddity?15:59
olliewell i made it using bzr ignore ./config16:00
ollieso i guess bzr would of created the file in the correct way16:00
Peng_You mean the file ".bzrignore"?16:00
olliejust suprised me that this is included in the version historuy16:00
Peng_Oh. Yeah, it's versioned.16:00
olliethats a problem as i need to ignore different things on different systems16:01
ollieso is that not possible16:02
Peng_ollie: You don't *have* to version it if you don't want to. 'bzr rm --keep .bzrignore && bzr ci .bzrignore -m 'oops, stop tracking .bzrignore'"16:05
ollieis bzr ci the same as bzr commit?16:05
Peng_It's an alias.16:05
garyvdmollie: Why would you want to ignore different things on different systems?16:09
ollieits complicated :(16:10
awilkinsAnything in the inventory already will continue to be tracked though16:13
awilkinsRegardless of your ignore settings. And whether you ignore them or not :-)16:14
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jamollie: If you need to ignore things on different locations you can:16:23
jama) ignore the things in both places16:23
jam(if you are ignoring foo in place X and bar in place Y, ignoring foo and bar doesn't hurt anything)16:24
jamb) Use the global ignore file in ~/.bazaar/ignore16:24
jamwhich you can customize based on the machine you are no16:24
ollieok brilliant thanks a lot jam16:24
jamc) If you ignore something and the "bzr add X" it will still be versioned, because versioning something supersedes ignoring it16:24
jrwrenI'm a little confused on send/merge and the docs aren't helping. Can I do a send & merge entirely offline (sneaker net) if a co-worker and I have branches with a shared common ancestory?16:54
LarstiQjrwren: yes16:55
LarstiQjrwren: and provided you include enough information in your merge directives16:55
davidstraussjrwren: bzr send -o filename16:56
davidstraussjrwren: and then bzr merge filename16:56
jrwreni did bzr send -r REVNOWEBOTHHAVE.. -o filename16:56
jrwrenit fails on merge16:56
Peng_What's the error message?16:56
jrwrenthat was supposed to be a readable version of revision number we both have...16:57
Peng_Does he really have it? "bzr log -r revid:ben@ben-pc-20090121162140-gx1ag11qswfwp556"16:58
davidstraussooh, traceback16:59
davidstraussthat's not supposed to happen16:59
davidstraussjrwren: have you confirmed the issue in bzr 1.11?16:59
jrwreni have not. I'll try it now.16:59
jrwrennope, I don't have that rev in my branch.  AFAIK, that is the rev to which I'm trying to get.17:00
jrwreni skipped moving to 1.11 because it is rc1 a few days ago. I guess I should have done it then.17:04
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jrwrensame error with 1.11rc1 http://pastebin.ca/131486817:15
jrwrenmaybe I need to include more information in my merge directives, but I don't know what that might be.17:15
jamjrwren: my guess is that you don't have a proper mirror of the branch you are trying to merge into17:19
jrwrennormally use a centralized workflow, we commit/update from the same branch in the same repo.17:19
jam"send" needs 2 branches17:19
jam(not by my choice)17:20
jamso you need 1 branch which is exactly what you started from17:20
jamand then another which is the new stuff17:20
jrwrenwhy does send need 2 branches? can I achieve similar behavior with 1 branch ?17:20
jrwrenso he can branch -r 323 (our shared last match) and use that as the shared branch ?17:20
jambasically, abentley felt that people made too many mistakes when trying to use 1 branch, so opted to not allow it17:21
jamjrwren: right17:21
jrwrenthank you.17:21
jrwrenjam: this is the 2nd time you were of HUGE help to me.17:21
jamI'm not sure whether I hope it is the last or not :)17:21
jamI hope you don't need the help, but I'm always happy to help17:21
beniwtv hi all... I'm trying to check out a branch that lives on one of my servers, doing a bzr branch http://url/nameofbranch/ but it gives me ERRROR: <url> not a branch. It traced down that bzr wants to access the .bzr dir that loggerhead doesn't export and gives 404. So now I would like to know how to configure loggerhead and bzr properly so I can get my branches? Is there anything I'm missing?17:24
davidstraussbeniwtv: are you trying to check out from  loggerhead page?17:25
beniwtvdavidstrauss: yes *ducks?* :)17:25
davidstraussbeniwtv: loggerhead does not give bzr the data it needs to branch17:26
davidstraussbeniwtv: it's just a human-usable browser17:26
LarstiQbeniwtv: are you running it behind apache?17:26
LarstiQbeniwtv: in that case you can configure apache to redirect .bzr to the right place17:26
jelmerbeniwtv, there is a open bugreport in loggerhead about supporting this17:26
davidstraussbeniwtv: you may also want to look at "bzr serve" to allow public branching17:27
beniwtvLarstiQ: No, loggerhead only. Should I use it with apache? Any tutorials on this?17:27
beniwtvdavidstrauss: OK, thanks, I'll have a look at that17:27
davidstraussbeniwtv: I typically use Loggerhead for human browsing and bzr serve behind xinitd for public branching.17:27
davidstraussbeniwtv: And I run Loggerhead behind an Apache proxy17:30
beniwtvdavidstrauss: I see. However, I would need two ports, for loggerhead and bzr serve. So if I want to have only one port, is this possible? (I would like that for simplicity)17:30
stavros2how can i add the bzr ppa key so the repo is verified?17:31
LarstiQbeniwtv: what I do, is run loggerhead on localhost:808017:32
davidstraussbeniwtv: Yes, you would need two ports17:32
davidstraussbeniwtv: To run bzr serve and Loggerhead17:32
LarstiQbeniwtv: and then use apache with ProxyPass for public access17:32
davidstraussLarstiQ: Yes, but how do you combine that with allowing public branching? That's why I run a separate bzr serve?17:32
beniwtvLarstiQ, davidstrauss: OK, thanks... That will get me going I think :)17:33
LarstiQdavidstrauss: well, our 'public' branching goes via sftp://17:33
davidstraussLarstiQ: But then it's not a smart server17:33
LarstiQdavidstrauss: correct17:33
LarstiQ(or bzr+ssh)17:34
davidstraussI think it would be difficult to secure public branching over bzr+ssh17:34
LarstiQdavidstrauss: I would like to provide the convenience of branching from loggerhead urls17:34
davidstraussLarstiQ: agreed17:34
LarstiQdavidstrauss: secure? You mean, control access of who branches what?17:34
* LarstiQ is in a different environment :)17:35
davidstraussLarstiQ: no, in terms of preventing anyone from changing the "public" account password, preventing port forwarding, etc.17:35
LarstiQdavidstrauss: so, for that, I'd use apache rewriting for http://loggerhead/branch/.bzr/17:35
davidstraussLarstiQ: that would work17:35
LarstiQdavidstrauss: that rings even less of a bell. My situation is a bunch of developers in two rooms fully trusting everyone.17:36
stavros2can i authenticate bzr packages?17:36
davidstraussLarstiQ: I'm doing things like hosting repositories for Drupal development17:37
LarstiQstavros2: Bazaar releases are signed with gpg, is that what you mean?17:37
LarstiQdavidstrauss: aah. Right.17:37
davidstraussWhen I say "public" branching, I mean by Joe Internet.17:37
stavros2LarstiQ: well, apt is telling me that they can't be authenticated and won't upgrade them17:37
davidstraussNo authentication17:37
LarstiQdavidstrauss: yeah, handing out shell accounts to Joe Internet is less of an idea :)17:38
LarstiQstavros2: ah, apt. What repository are you using, the ppa?17:38
davidstrausshttp:// is also not a smart server, right?17:38
LarstiQdavidstrauss: it can be with some work17:38
davidstraussLarstiQ: I mean right now17:38
LarstiQdavidstrauss: doc/en/user-guide/http_smart_server.txt17:39
stavros2LarstiQ: yes17:39
stavros2LarstiQ: for intrepid17:39
davidstraussI do have Loggerhead and bzr set up so you can check out http://vcs.fourkitchens.com/drupal/6 as bzr://vcs.fourkitchens.com/drupal/617:39
davidstraussIt's not too much of a pain17:39
luke-jrhow happy is bzr-svn with back-and-forth type stuff?17:46
jelmerluke-jr, you mean pushing back into svn and then pulling from svn ?17:46
jelmerluke-jr, it's quite happy about that (-:17:46
luke-jractually, I mean using 'bzr diff;bzr commit' and then doing 'svn up; svn commit' ;)17:48
luke-jrI noticed 'bzr diff' in a Subversion WC actually worked17:48
luke-jreven after an extra 'svn commit'17:48
luke-jrbut does it update the .svn info when I 'bzr commit'?17:48
luke-jrif I 'bzr branch' from a svn URI, make a bunch of commits locally, then 'bzr push', do my commits get to Svn repo as if they happened when I committed them locally? ;)17:50
luke-jrand finally, will Bad Things (TM) happen if I tell bzr-svn not to use svn props for metadata?17:50
jelmerluke-jr: You can't do that when working in a .svn checkout17:51
luke-jryes, different scenario17:52
jelmerluke-jr, if you do a push without svn props ("bzr dpush") then if you have a second copy of your bzr branch, it won't be able to pull from svn ("Branches have diverged")17:52
luke-jrI see :/17:52
jelmerluke-jr, you can also use bzr-svn 0.5 and svn 1.5 on the server side17:52
jelmerthat can use svn revision properties, which don't show up in "svn diff" and commit notification emails17:53
luke-jreven over HTTPS?17:53
jelmeryes, the protocol is not relevant as long as it's Subversion 1.5 on the other side.17:54
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olliewhats the process for merging treeless repo branches into a trunk? i have say /web/project/trunk/blog/ and /web/project/branches/tim/blog and  /web/project/branches/lucy/blog. The devs do checkouts of their respective branches into apache enabled directories so they can see their work at http://dev.lucy.project.com.18:02
ollieHowever I am not really clear on how I would merge the changes within the branches18:02
ollieand whether using branches like this is really the right approach18:02
jamollie: well, you need a checkout to do a merge18:04
jamso you could do:18:04
jambzr co /web/project/trunk18:04
jamcd trunk18:04
jambzr merge /web/project/branches/tim/blog18:04
jambzr commit -m "bring in Tim's changes"18:04
jamI'm not 100% sure if you are trying to automate something, or if I'm missing what you need18:05
olliethe key thing is it needs to be done from a checkout18:05
luke-jrbzr: ERROR: Invalid http response for https://svn.openmethodscorp.com/svn/VXMLB/vxmlb/branches/CCXML/.bzr/branch-format: Unable to handle http code 401: Authorization Required18:06
jamigc: what are you doing awake?18:06
luke-jrhow do I tell bzr my auth info? :/18:06
olliejam: finding it a little tricky to create this layout when i am not 100% sure how everything in bzr works18:06
LarstiQluke-jr: you can use ~/.bazaaar/authentication.conf18:07
jamollie: well, I don't really know what you are trying to accomplish either. What content is going to be where, and why are you merging individual's blog content back into trunk anyway?18:07
igcjam: well I'd like to be asleep but it just isn't happening18:09
luke-jrLarstiQ: use it how?18:09
olliei am basicially building a dev box and live box. The idea is that each developer can work on a project then i can merge them into a live version and push/pull/update that onto the live box18:09
jelmerluke-jr: Please prefix your URL with svn+18:12
LarstiQluke-jr: http://doc.bazaar-vcs.org/bzr.dev/en/user-reference/bzr_man.html#authentication-settings18:13
LarstiQluke-jr: specifically for svn, you could use svn against the repo, make sure it stores your credentials, and then bzr-svn will pick up on that18:15
LarstiQluke-jr: you can give it a hint with https://user@..18:15
LarstiQluke-jr: (or do that via authentication.conf)18:16
luke-jrLarstiQ: I already am using svn against the repo, it didn't18:18
luke-jr"The svn+ syntax is deprecated, use https://svn.openmethodscorp.com/svn/VXMLB/vxmlb/branches/CCXML instead."18:18
LarstiQluke-jr: *blink*18:19
LarstiQluke-jr: I meant the subversion application itself, say, "svn ls https://svn.openmethodscorp.com/svn/VXMLB/vxmlb/branches/CCXML"18:19
LarstiQluke-jr: bzr-svn can use the ~/.subversion credentials store18:19
luke-jrLarstiQ: I already have been using subversion itself for months18:20
luke-jron this same branch18:20
LarstiQluke-jr: ok, then providing your username should be all you need to do.18:21
LarstiQluke-jr: if not, something has broken down (what versions of bzr and bzr-svn are you using?)18:21
luke-jrbzr: ERROR: Permission denied: ".": OPTIONS of 'https://svn.openmethodscorp.com/svn/VXMLB/vxmlb/branches/CCXML': authorization failed (https://svn.openmethodscorp.com)18:22
luke-jr0.10 + 0.518:22
LarstiQ1.10 I hope, not 0.10 :)18:23
jamollie: sorry, grabbed some food. Anyway...18:23
LarstiQluke-jr: how did you specify the username?18:23
luke-jryes, 1.1018:23
* LarstiQ has a look at the bzr-svn buglist18:23
jamI would say users should generally have a checkout of 'live'18:23
luke-jrLarstiQ: I put it in the URI, and removed it from the error for security18:23
jamand then another place where they work on their content18:23
jamwhen they want to publish they would do18:23
LarstiQluke-jr: ok, that should have done it. Something broke then.18:23
jamcd live-checkout18:24
jambzr up18:24
jambzr merge ../my-work18:24
jambzr commit -m"Publish XXX"18:24
luke-jrwrong username :x18:39
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luke-jris it possible to do a copy with bzr-svn?18:51
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luke-jrjelmer: LarstiQ: http://pastebin.com/m1231cf6c18:58
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jampoolie2: ping19:29
luke-jrdoes 'bzr mv' work with bzr-svn right, or does it just add?19:31
luke-jrbzr dpush at least doesn't send timestamps right ☹19:46
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jmlLarstiQ: I haven't done anything20:51
LarstiQjml: k20:51
beunoigc, you rock20:53
kfogelIn ReST format (on http://bazaar-vcs.org/Scenarios/Bugfix), how do I do a link to Scenarios/ReviewIncorporate?  Right now, the linking text is supposed to be "this one", and I've tried various syntaxes, most recently "[Scenarios/ReviewIncorporate this one]".21:34
jamkfogel: I thought I updated that21:35
kfogeljam: forgot that one21:35
jamit would be `this one <Scenarios/ReviewIncorporate>`_21:35
kfogelIt's no problem, I should learn ReST anyway.  But the syntax references, of course, still refer to the moin syntax :-).21:35
jam`text <hyperlink>`_21:35
kfogelah, forgot the underscore when I tried that one21:35
kfogeljam: thx21:35
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KobazRepository branch (format: unnamed)21:36
Kobazis that bad?21:36
jamKobaz: not specifically. Most likely caused by using a 1.9 repo with a --pack-0.92 format branch21:37
jamwe just don't have a short name for it21:37
Kobazi just did a init-repo and then an init21:38
Kobazand it created a branch with the unnamed format21:38
Kobazit's never done that before that i know of21:38
jsledSo … we branched to early.  We have a release branch and a trunk branch, and we're double-commiting everything; there are definitely commits unique to both branches, however.  It seems that once we encountered one of these commits and didn't merge it over to the release branch, we lost the ability to properly do merges going forward.22:04
jsledThat is, every `bzr merge -r X..Y` just shows up as a normal ("diff|patch") commit rather than a subordinate "pending merge:".22:04
LarstiQjsled: are you in a position to do `bzr merge -r Y` instead?22:05
jsledA) What's the actual condition that triggers this difference, and B) do we need to basically do an "empty" merge for each commit we *don't* want ot pull over to have bzr keep things straight, or is there a better way?22:06
jsledLarstiQ: yeah, I'm thinking of doing a big "full" merge to keep all the meta-data straigth, then changing policy.22:06
jsledLooking to confirm my mental model of how bzr's working, &c.22:06
LarstiQjsled: since bzr merge -r X..Y does not (would like to have that fixed) store any metadata, just brings across the diff.22:07
jsledWell, I notice so long as a do them in sequence, it does at least treat them as subordinate merges.22:07
LarstiQthat might be the case if you have X in your ancestry I guess22:08
jamKobaz: it should only do that if you supplied an option to the "init-repo" but did not do the same for the "bzr init"22:08
jsledi.e, if trunk has rev 1,2,3 and branch was branched at '1'.  Then `merge -r 1..2` and `merge -r 2..3` both track.  As soon as a I skip one (or so it seems), then they're not.22:08
LarstiQjsled: this operation is called cherry picking btw (one form of), and recording them is a wishlist item.22:08
jam(eg, "bzr init-repo --1.9 foo; cd foo; bzr init bar")22:08
* LarstiQ nods at jsled 22:09
jsledLarstiQ: okay.  And we've used both -c and -r before:X..X, which I'm believing are equivalent.22:09
jsled(maybe -c is just shorthand, even.  immaterial, really.)22:09
LarstiQjsled: for a range of 1, yes22:09
jsledright, yeah.22:10
jamigc, poolie1: Are you guys around?22:10
lifelesshi jam22:15
jamhi lifeless22:16
enigmaHow do I make a branch without a working tree? I don't see an option to the branch command.22:38
enigmaSo is it a two step process? "branch" followed by "remove-tree"?22:39
enigmaIs there a one-command way of making a branch without a working tree?22:39
delaneyHi, I have a standalone project, inside a my lib folder there is a bunch of svn'd repositories.  I want to bzr the whole project but still have ability to do svn updates as needed for the libraries.  How do I set this up in bzr?22:39
enigmaI would create a bzr project and check in everything but the lib folder.22:41
enigmaActually...check in an empty lib folder.22:41
enigmayou can leave the svn directories sitting in the lib folder and bzr should ignore them just fine.22:42
delaneybut i want local bzr version control on the libs as well22:42
enigmaYou mean on the files in the svn checkouts in the lib folder?22:43
spivenigma: you can create the branch inside a repository made with "bzr init-repo --no-trees"22:43
enigmaspiv: OK. Thanks.22:44
enigmaWhy not just run "svn export" from time to time and put those files into lib?22:44
enigmaThen you wouldn't have all those ".svn" directories littered about.22:44
enigmaAnd you don't have to worry about bzr-svn trying to do something with the .svn directories.22:45
mwhudsoni think the new bzr st output confuses meld22:51
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luke-jrany way to get 'rm' (not 'bzr rm') to not count as 'bzr rm'?23:49
mwhudsonluke-jr: you mean have bzr commit complain when files go missing?23:51

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