Dragnslcrfaileas- if they resolve to the same IP address, no. Protocols only work with IP addresses, not hostnames (HTTP is a kind-of-sepcial exception)00:03
faileasDragnslcr: erf. thanks, someone was asking me to help host a second IRC server for his network, but i'm unwilling to give up the independance i have on mine ;p00:04
DragnslcrThere's more than one port reserved for IRC, so you can run more than one server using different ports00:07
DragnslcrPeople connecting to the servers would just have to know what port to use00:08
phoenixzI have the new open office3 installed on my kubuntu 8.10, but for some reason, the KDE integration isn't working.. there are no icons, everything is text.. (for example, the big B now says "bold"... the table image says "Tables".. colors are all weird..  How can I fix this problem?00:11
bucketheadphoenixz: Whatever theme you have selected isn't installed.00:14
bucketheadI don't remember the package name, hold on.00:14
phoenixzbuckethead: theme? you mean KDE theme? or you mean that openoffice also has its own themes?00:14
bucketheadopenoffice theme. Go into openoffice prefs/setup/whatever and figure out what theme your set to.00:15
monolithMy 'Sound Blaster' sound card has just stoped functioning. All volume sliders are turned up, pulse and KDE4 still detect it, the speakers are still working (tested seperately). But I hear nothing. Not even cating /dev/urandom to /dev/dsp does anything. Help?00:16
bucketheadphoenixz: Whatever it comes out to be, do 'sudo apt-get install openoffice.org-style-whateveritis' then restart openoffice. whateveritis set to whatever theme is selected, of course.00:17
phoenixzbuckethead: that would be in tools > options?? Don't see it anywhere00:17
monolithCan anyone help?00:19
phoenixzmonolith: if you'd ask a question, I suppose we could yeah..00:20
bucketheadphoenixz: Yes. Under openoffice->view iconsize and style, its probably human thus 'sudo apt-get install openoffice.org-style-human'00:20
phoenixzmonolith: missed it :)00:20
Yalionalsamixer: function snd_ctl_open failed for default: No such device00:20
bucketheadmonolith: alsamixer mute got me several times. I would poke that.00:21
monolithbuckethead: poke that? If I run "alsamixer" it shows the pulseaudio volume slider. It's at max and isn't muted.00:22
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=== jammen is now known as jammen33
bucketheadOk, thats not it then. I tend to be a little non-technical in my phraseology.00:23
monolithbuckethead: That's okay, I need all the advice I can get to try and fix this.00:23
p_quarlesmonolith: the problem is most likely pulseaudio; turn it off and see if things work better for you00:24
monolithturn it off?00:25
p_quarlesas in the opposite of leaving it on00:25
monolithWell, yea. I'm just trying to remmember how. Is it 'sudo /etc/init.d/pulseaudio stop"?00:25
p_quarlesmonolith: under audio devices in systemsettings00:26
p_quarlesalthough I believe what you said or something like it would work as well00:26
monolithYea, tried that. Didn't seem to stop it... Hold on... also I'm under KDE4 by the way.00:27
p_quarlesmonolith: you'd also have to enable the direct audio device at the same time00:28
Yalionsomeone help me :~00:28
monolithOkay I killed pulse with the 'exit' command in pacmd.00:29
p_quarlesmonolith: okay, in my systemsettings, its under multimedia > device preference > audio output > music00:30
monolithEven running "cat /dev/urandom > /dev/dsp" gives me nothing.00:30
p_quarlesthat should pull up a list of devices00:30
monolithand I've tried running test on the device itself before.00:30
monolithstill no joy.00:30
p_quarlesmonolith: I take it the card has worked in the past?00:30
monolithp_quarles: Perfectly00:31
monolithRight up untill a kernel update and a reboot.00:31
p_quarlesmonolith: you still haven't convinced me that you have enabled another device as well as disabling pa00:31
monolithI didn't mention before out of not wanting to flood the chanel that I have two cards. The other is an integrated crappy thing that KDE4 uses for system notifications. That works fine. It's just the sound blaster that nothing works from.00:32
p_quarlesmonolith: have you tried selecting it from the menu I mentioned?00:33
monolithThe sound blaster directly. yea00:33
p_quarlesokay; still didn't work?00:33
monolithYea, nothing. Test button gives no sound still.00:34
p_quarleshmm -- was the kernel update a new version or just a patch?>00:34
monolithAmarok 1.4 doens't use KDE4's preferences for audio output device anyway does it? I mean, I use amarok as my main music player.00:34
p_quarlesif the former, you could test to see if it's the kernel00:34
monolithand it was from 2.6.17-9-generic to 2.6.17-11-generic. Oh I'm on 64bit if that's relevent.00:35
p_quarlesI think it does, since there are hard limits on what a single audio device can do00:35
monolithHow do you mean?00:36
p_quarlesI mean I don't think you can have multiple drivers controlling the same card00:36
p_quarlesin any case, what Ubuntu version are you on with such an old kernel?00:36
monolithOh I typed it wrong sorry. It's 2.6.27 not 2.6.17 Sorry my mistake.00:37
p_quarlesoh, okay00:37
p_quarlesmonolith: well, since it's a version change, you should still have the old kernel available in the grub menu, and you should be able to boot to that00:38
p_quarlessince this is the major change, I would see if that's the issue before anything else, really00:38
monolithOkay I'll give that a crack and come back. I don't think the binary nvidia display drivers will like me much for that though so I may be contacting you next from the command line.00:39
p_quarlesyeah, binary blobs do make things complicated :(00:40
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AhmedGI mean hello00:41
AhmedGI am trying to get to the #kde-devel list00:41
AhmedGusing konversation00:41
AhmedGbut I'm a bit confused as to how to do so.00:41
AhmedGI am used to gnome and the gnome client made it very easy to access chat rooms on freenode00:41
Dr_willisclick where it syas #kde-debel perhaps? :)00:42
Dr_willisor try /join #whatever00:42
monolithp_quarles: Weird. It works perfect now. pulse + phonon are playing nicely, the sound card works perfect. Hell, even nvidia's binary blob played nice and didn't refuse to start the x-server due to a diffrent kernel version...00:46
p_quarlesmonolith: well, I actually haven't upgraded to 27-11 yet; can't wait to see what happens00:47
monolithp_quarles: Have fun. You don't have a sound blaster do you?00:47
p_quarlesno, Intel HDA; you said the integrated one worked for you, right?00:48
White_PelicanI need help with the weather widgit in KDE 4.2 rc1 under intrepid. What location should I type in? a zip code, a city name or what?00:48
monolithYea, my integrated is an intel HDA I think. It's an nvidia board though.00:48
p_quarlesmonolith: I'm not seeing a new kernel; is this in proposed?00:48
monolithp_quarles: Quite possibly... I think I remember enabileing preposed when I was fiddleing with my package manger... that'll be it...00:49
p_quarlesmonolith: well, that's what you get for running pre-release - seriously, though, this sounds like a bug that the developers should be aware of; if you have time to go to launchpad, please consider it00:50
monolithOkay. I've turned off perposed. I guess I'll just use 27-9 for now. And I'll do that. Sorry for not mentioning that, I just wan't playing attention when messing with Adept's settings.00:51
marcelhow can i configure Kopete ?00:52
jammen33rigth  click on the kopete system try icon00:53
White_Pelicanto do what?00:53
marcelto add a user on yahoomessenger00:54
jammen33then click on 'configure'00:54
marcelKopete->Settings->Configure->Accounts ...00:54
bigosHello! What to google for if I want to add a new partition to my system (it was previously windows ntfs, now its free space), and I want it to have all the /home/ directories? Will just simple copying and changing mountpoint in gparted work?00:54
marcelafter ... ?00:54
jammen33click add account00:55
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monolithp_quarles: How do I submit the bug then? I found the package: https://launchpad.net/ubuntu/intrepid/i386/linux-image-2.6.27-11-generic but I don't know how to use launchpad.00:55
marceli do that00:55
bigosoops, sorry, missed it -- I want all the /home/ directories on the new partition of course, and not on the old one... because it's  running out of free space00:55
p_quarlesbigos: just use gparted to format and add a mount point -- you can use the live cd00:55
p_quarlesmonolith: you'll need to create an account, and then there's a button in the bugs section to "submit"00:56
monolithOh okay00:56
jammen33marcel: select yahoo00:56
p_quarlesmonolith: its a little messy, but you'll get there - it's also good about checking for dupes00:56
jammen33marcel: and click next00:57
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marcelon Account Preferences i must to set option Override default server info ??00:57
White_PelicanI need help with the weather widgit in KDE 4.2 rc1 under intrepid. What location should I type in? a zip code, a city name or what?00:58
bigosp_quarles: will every user home directory be automatically copied, or do I need to do this manually? Or is it even possible and won't destroy my files?00:58
White_PelicanI tried my city and my zip code and it said it din't exist00:58
p_quarlesbigos: so you want the free space added to /home? you can do that if the space is contiguous00:59
monolithIs the bugs section for the whole of intrepid or just for this package?00:59
jammen33White_Pelican: is it the lcd weather?00:59
jammen33White_Pelican: i cant get it to work for m ether01:00
White_Pelicanguess it's still broken01:01
jammen33have you tried yawp(yet another weather plasmoid)?01:01
White_Pelicanno, is it a widget or a program in the repository?01:01
jammen33its a widgit01:02
bigosp_quarles: something like that... In fact, now everything is on the one partition -- including /home... I've got vast free space, which I want to use as a NEW /home, but I would like to save every file from the old location, and free the space at the same time. I wonder if changing mountpoint to the newly created partition and just moving files to it would work?01:02
jammen33White_Pelican: http://www.kde-look.org/content/show.php?content=94106&forumpage=0&PHPSESSID=4a5e6e798f283066007b9c3965912d0c01:02
p_quarlesmonolith: bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+filebug01:03
p_quarlesand it should be filed against the kernel, with as much information as possible01:03
p_quarlesbigos: like I said, if it's contiguous, you can do that by expanding the current /home partition01:04
monolithp_quarles: Yea, in the advanced version you can select the package. I did there.01:04
p_quarlesbigos: if it's not, then the easiest thing is to reformat01:04
p_quarlesbigos: either way, it would be foolish not to backup all data before doing the partition work01:04
p_quarlesmonolith: just the kernel should work01:04
monolithOh, should I change it from the spesific version I used?01:05
White_Pelicanjammen33, is there a deb? looks like I would have to build it01:06
p_quarlesno, including the version; the maintainers will likely have followups and/or tell if you need to file against a different package01:06
monolithRight. I'll leave it with the package set to "linux-image-2.6.27-11-generic"01:09
bigosp_quarles: It's not contiguous ... There is a swap partition between current location and the free space. Unfortunately, my whole installation is done on the single "/" mountpoint, and there is everything on this partition. What I want to do is to export /home to another one ;). Sorry for bad english. So, you say there is no easy way to move this and not to break anything in the system? Would messing around with swap break anything? All01:09
bigosimportant data is safe, I just want to avoid configuring the system all over again if something goes wong01:09
p_quarlesbigos: oh, so you want to *move* the entirety of /home to the new partition? yeah, that can be done01:11
lizhi all, can anyone tell me how to find the gid of a group?01:11
jammen33White_Pelican: http://ppa.launchpad.net/samrog131/ubuntu/pool/main/p/plasmoid-yawp/plasmoid-yawp_0.1.65~jaunty~ppa3_i386.deb01:11
White_PelicanI'm running Intrepid01:11
jammen33you using kde 4.1?01:12
jammen33or 4.2?01:12
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bigosp_quarles: so, it's just like "mv -R oldhome newhome" and no other configuration needed? Or would it be automatic after a mountpoint change? Or how would I address the *old home* if the new home would be /home ? ;) I would like to know this now, before I start messing with partitions table01:14
jammen33i think it will work01:14
jammen33im using intrepid kde 4.2 and i installed it01:15
p_quarlesbigos: you want to move the files from $OLDHOME to $NEWHOME and delete the old /home directory before running off the installed OS01:15
p_quarlesbigos: the good news is that you can do that all from the live disk01:15
p_quarlesbigos: basically, the partitions would have the correct mount points in /etc/fstab, but having two /home directories would confuse the filesystem; I don't know what would happen01:16
Rudd-Oany way to convert an AVI in MJPEG to AVI in DIVX?01:16
Rudd-Oon linux, of course01:16
Rudd-Oa nice program todo that?01:16
bigosoh... ;) yeah, I haven't thought of that it can be done right off the livecd ;) thank you!01:17
Dr_willisffmpeg can convert about anything to anything else.01:17
Dr_willisi was thinking mjpeg and divx were like.. very close to being idencical01:18
coreymon77Dr_willis: divx compression makes a much smaller file without sacrificing much quality at all01:18
Dr_willisvideo encoded with the DivX codec is an MPEG-4 video stream01:19
coreymon77Dr_willis: for example, a 10 minute screen recording encoded with mjpeg is 433 mb vs 97 mb with divx01:19
robin0800kdebluetooth4 errors on startup "The name org.openobex was not provided by any .service files" is this a bug?01:20
Dr_willisDivX Media Format is analogous to media container formats such as Apple's QuickTime. In much the same way that media formats such as DVD specify MPEG-2 video as a part of their specification, the DivX Media Format specifies MPEG-4-compatible video as a part of its specification.01:20
Dr_willisdivx is not a codec  - exactly   - its a container..  from what i recall reading.01:21
Rudd-Oguys, I want a GUI program for a *noob*01:21
Rudd-OI know my way around mencoder01:21
Dr_willismencoder can convert most things to other thigns also. :)01:21
moocowRudd-O: i don't think we have anything that is easy for noobs for format conversions really01:22
Rudd-Omencoder is capable of converting .unobtanium files into .avi01:22
Rudd-Omoocow: I'm gonna hit you with a privmsg01:22
moocowlol @ .unobtanioum01:22
coreymon77i tend not to bother with format conversions much01:22
coreymon77i just find ways of getting existing programs to play the format01:22
Dr_willisthe point  i was tryingto make 0 is that   Unles sim gettting terms confused again.. a mjpeg - basically is the same format as a divx  both are mpeg401:23
coreymon77Dr_willis: file sizes often differ01:24
* Dr_willis googles the wiki pages some more.01:24
Dr_willisthe file size would differ based on the  video/audio codecs they both are using.01:24
Dr_willisn multimedia, Motion JPEG (M-JPEG) is an informal name for multimedia formats where each video frame or interlaced field of a digital video sequence is separately compressed as a JPEG image. It is often used in mobile appliances such as digital cameras.01:24
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Dr_willisok.. m-jpeg is the a very low compression scheme used for things like real time recording/streaming in low power situations it seems01:25
Dr_willis:) not the same as mpeg401:25
coreymon77i still find divx encoding (as in files with the actual .divx extension) to give me a much reduced file size without noticeable loss is quality01:26
Dr_willisthats most likely due to the  container divx file using H.264 for the codec. Not the actual use of .divx01:27
ProgzHi. Is there a known problem about Xps computer with a desactivated soundchipset and a soundblaster working but not under version 8.10?01:28
coreymon77Dr_willis: either way, it works very well for youtube videos01:28
Progzi had no problem with the 8.0401:28
Dr_willisYoutube? Now thats not divx or mpeg-4 at all.. from what ive seen Youtube videos normally look nasty.  but it could bew the specific videos01:30
Dr_willisI think :)01:30
rickeyi dont seem to be able to get my head around ,how to cause a upgrade from kubunntu8.04 to kubuntu 8.10i downlooaded 8.10 from a mirror but loost it in my files ,was going to burn it to  a iso01:30
Progzso nobody got problem with the fact that their soundcard stop being "discovered" in version 8.10?01:30
White_Pelicanunadvertized feature? hehe01:30
coreymon77my soundcard is borked to all hell01:30
rickeybut cant i do a strate upgrade01:30
coreymon77so i cant say anything about soundcard issues01:31
rickey f5om adept mmanger01:31
coreymon77get this one, my soundcard is absolutely nuts01:31
coreymon77for some reason01:31
ghostcubeanything known about amsynth and kde4 not working01:32
coreymon77when speakers are plugged into my soundcard, it doesnt work, but when headphones are plugged in, it works01:32
Progzthat's weird lol01:32
apowplug speakers outlet into socket.01:32
White_Pelicanyes it is01:32
Progzat least it works a bit at some point01:32
White_Pelicansure it's not the speakers?01:33
ProgzAnyone knows how to reput yourself in the sudo user list I removed myself don't ask me how lol01:33
rickeyid realy  like to get this upgrade01:33
lemoutonSalut à tous01:35
rickeycan  anyone help mme to get a upgrade started01:35
ProgzSalut lemouton mouah01:35
rickey8.04 to 8.1001:36
White_Pelicanupgrade what?01:36
rickeyi am all cault up with my update with 8.0401:36
rickeyid like to upgrade to 8.1001:37
rickeyjust donnt know how to cause it to happen01:37
=== jthomas is now known as eljefe
rickeyhttp://ftp.wayne.edu/linux_distributions/ubuntu/kubuntu/intrepid/kubuntu-8.10-desktop-i386.iso i downloaded this ,but lost it in my files01:39
rickeyon my mmachine01:40
maverickcan some buddy help me?01:42
maverickcan some buddy help me?can some buddy help me?01:42
rickeythe question is ,is someone welling01:42
maverickcan some buddy help me?01:42
jpedrozamaverick: What do you need?01:42
maverickcan some buddy help me?01:42
jammen33maverick: wiith>01:42
lunar-ravencould anyone please help me out. I'm running kubuntu 6.06..it is all I had to install. I'm trying to upgrade to interpred.  Updated the sources, now I'm getting E: Couldn't configure pre-depend libc6 for findutils, probably a dependency cycle.01:42
jpedrozalunar-raven: That is quite an old version, not sure upgrading from there is the best option01:43
rickeyno help here01:44
jpedrozalunar-raven: Here is a walkthrough to perform the update to 8.04.01:46
jpedrozalunar-raven: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/HardyUpgrades01:46
jpedrozalunar-raven: after you get to hardy, the update to intrepid is a piece of cake01:47
lunar-ravenThank you jpe. I'd just download the new version..but my cd burner died.01:47
lunar-ravenThanks jpedroza :)01:47
jpedrozalunar-raven: I hate it when hardware fials01:47
lunar-ravenme too =(01:47
monolithp_quarles: Is this an acceptable bug-report? :https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/linux/+bug/31944001:47
jpedrozalunar-raven: Let me know if I can be of any more help01:47
jpedrozanot that I did much01:49
lunar-ravenlol will do jpedroza. Thanks again01:49
p_quarlesmonolith: I'm not a developer, so can't speak for those who actually fix the bugs, but that's a lot of presumably useful detail; at the very least, its detailed enough that the maintainer/triager will be able to do something with it, even if that means asking for further details01:51
monolithYea, the bit about my audio setup might not be strictly nessicary, but all the guides about writeing bug reports say it's better to have too much detail than too little.01:57
downhill_how exactly does one run debug binaries? /usr/lib/debug/usr/bin/* don't have +x set, and setting +x and running them with kdesudo results in malformed errors :/01:58
downhill_err syntax errors01:58
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Moktarhoq are u?02:06
Moktarhow are u?02:06
Moktaryou are from where plz?02:06
jammen33washington state usa02:07
Moktarwow it is too far away from france02:07
Moktarwhat os are you using?02:08
jammen33kubuntu 8.1002:08
Moktari have ubuntu02:09
Moktarand seems cool02:09
Moktarwhat is your job plz?02:09
Moktarjust asking02:09
Moktari am "maçon" house builder02:10
jammen33im going to college and dont have a job rigth now02:10
Moktarhow old are then?02:11
Moktarverry good i am 3402:11
Moktarwashinton dc is a big city02:12
Moktari   live in north est france in a small town02:12
jammen33i live in noth west usa in a medium town02:13
Moktarhave you been to france befor?02:14
Moktarwhat is your feeling about obama like president of the united states02:14
jammen33idk i think he might be ok02:15
jammen33i have to go i'l bbl02:15
Moktartake car02:15
=== moocow is now known as holycow
tweakedHow would I view all the user accounts on my comptuer?02:23
EagleScreenexplore /home folder02:23
EagleScreenor use kuser02:23
downhill_or /etc/passwd02:25
tweakedThanks guys.02:26
Snoopy_Corleonehey guys02:27
Snoopy_Corleoneany idea how to corret error 1: when booting ubuntu?02:27
tweakedIs ubuntu the only OS on your Hard drive?02:29
Snoopy_Corleonenope trying to dual boot with windows02:29
Snoopy_Corleonetried doing without wubi tried with wubu02:30
Snoopy_Corleoneeven tried partitioning some space with gparted02:30
Snoopy_Corleonethen tried to install again02:30
Snoopy_Corleonehell i even tried to use sgd get any sort of file on the new partition02:32
Snoopy_Corleoneno luck with anything yet02:32
Snoopy_Corleonebuenos dias02:34
demarcohelp. wifi-radar not working. Error: Failed to execute child process "su-to-root" (No such file or directory)02:34
tweakedSnoopy_Corleone: you have to edit the grub file.02:39
Snoopy_Corleoneok how would I go about doing that?02:40
Snoopy_Corleonei get error 1: when i boot it02:40
Snoopy_Corleonethen it takes me back to a list to boot from02:40
demarcohow do you access root02:46
* Snoopy_Corleone sighs02:49
MarfiHello everyone! I just installed kubuntu onto my Eee 900, and the sound doesn't work. Should I reinstall?02:49
holycowno, you should look for repos online with dirvers for the eee 90002:49
Snoopy_Corleonehey guys are there any rooms dedicated to the removal of malware?02:50
Marfiholycow, they came across with ubuntu, though02:50
holycowSnoopy_Corleone: #windows probably02:51
Snoopy_Corleonetrying in there.02:51
faileasactually there's a specific distro for the eee02:51
MarfiSnoopy_Corleone, go to download.com, install AVG and adaware...and scan / remove with that02:51
faileasSnoopy_Corleone: windows channel, read the topic02:51
MarfiSnoopy_Corleone, which version?02:51
Snoopy_Corleonewinctrl32 is pretty persistant02:52
Snoopy_Corleoneavg w/e newest version is02:52
Marfifaileas, which version?02:52
MarfiSnoopy_Corleone, or just google the problem. thats what i always do02:52
faileasMarfi: naw, there's a mention of a load of useful apps for that on te windows channel ;p02:52
Snoopy_Corleonei never seem to have much luck with google lol02:52
Snoopy_Corleonei've tried a lot of different stuff02:52
MarfiSnoopy_Corleone, winctrl32 removal works for me. =)02:53
Snoopy_Corleonei'll try that then02:53
Snoopy_Corleonei am still having issues booting ubuntu >.<02:54
Ardarandirwhat languages?03:06
Ardarandiroh, sry - wrong position...-[03:06
demarcohow do you access root03:07
lunar-ravenDemarco: in a command line type "sudo"03:08
lunar-ravendemarco sudo command03:08
lunar-ravencommand being whatever you want to do as root03:09
lemoutonje cherche à regarder la tv avec tvtime03:12
lemoutonj'ai 2 entrée composite03:12
lemoutonil n'en reconnai qu'une...03:12
Marfiso i ran lspci to see if I could see my audio card on my eee 900...and im not seeing it. any ideas? it works in ubuntu03:12
ubottuCe canal est en anglais uniquement. Si vous avez besoin d'aide ou voulez discuter en francais, merci de rejoindre #ubuntu-fr03:13
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ubottuThe X Window System is the part of your system that's responsible for graphical output. To restart your X, type « sudo /etc/init.d/?dm restart » in a console - To fix screen resolution or other X problems: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/X/Config/Resolution03:15
fidjihi, is it possible to define which console with printk setting03:17
fidjifor example all the kernel log to /dev/tty803:17
Marfidoes anyone have any ideas about kubuntu + normal sound on an eeepc?03:19
fidjiça promet ;)03:25
Marfii am such an idiot03:25
Marfii disabled the sound in my bios03:25
fidjisorry not the good chanel03:30
lunar-ravenhow is kde4.2rc?03:34
lunar-ravenanyone know if its good?03:34
jammen33im using kde4.203:35
lunar-ravenjammen: cool. do you like it?03:35
jammen33so far i dont have any promlems03:35
jammen33its better then 4.103:36
EagleScreeni also use 4.2 RC103:39
lunar-ravenlike it?03:40
jammen33not all the plasmoids work tho :(03:40
lunar-ravenim on kde 3.5.2 right now lol03:40
lunar-ravenso out of date03:40
EagleScreenKDE 4 is not mature than KDE 303:40
EagleScreenand still KDE 4 does not have ALL functions that KDE 3 has03:41
EagleScreenKDE 4 is less mature than KDE 3, KDE4 still has small issues03:42
lunar-raven=( yeah it's a bit behind..oddly03:42
lunar-ravencan you change the theme yet? I havent used it for ages03:42
lunar-ravenI didnt like all the black03:42
jammen33but i still like it better03:42
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jammen33but most of the themes are black i think03:42
EagleScreenKDE 4.1 and 4.2 have Aya theme, which is while-gray03:43
EagleScreenwhite-gray sorry03:43
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EagleScreenlook this screenshot http://launchpadlibrarian.net/21494165/instantanea2.png03:45
JontheEchidnaalso clean-blend, which is white-blue03:45
EagleScreeni have heared that qt 4.5 will come some graphical fixes03:46
EagleScreeni think KDE 4.2 is usable, but it is less mature and less stable than KDE 3.5.10, and has some less functions03:47
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SilentDishello.  i just got a new drive, and i would like to get some suggestions for a partition table setup.03:48
EagleScreenwhat are you using the drive for?03:48
SilentDisit's a large drive, 500gb.  I was thinking 2gb swap - 10gb root - rest as /home, but can anyone suggest something better?03:48
SilentDisit's a SATA drive, to replace the 2 ailing EIDEs i've currently got in my machine.03:49
EagleScreenI suggest 15 GB of root, for the future03:49
SilentDisEagleScreen: *nod* that's reasonable.  2gb swap good enough?  machine has 2gb physical ram in it.03:50
jammen33maybe a partition for common files like a music collect if you share the computer with others03:50
JontheEchidnaSilentDis: yeah, 2GB swap should be more than reasonable03:50
SilentDisjammen33: actually, i've got a server box that my music resides on.03:50
EagleScreenand if you are going to use virtual machines as like as virtualbox to run another operating systems, i'd set 4 GB swap partition03:50
EagleScreenand the rest for home03:51
Qrawldoes Dolphin crash for anyone a lot03:51
jammen33mot me03:51
Qrawlevery time I download something in Firefox, for example, Dolphin crashes03:51
SilentDisEagleScreen: ahh, thanks for that.  i was just starting to toy with VBox.  good to know.03:52
Qrawlare you using KDE 4.203:52
SilentDisnow, once the drive warms up (it was sitting in sub-zero conditions for a while), and i get it installed, what's the easiest way to go about the switchover?  I know just copying /home to the new /home will work, should i just reinstall the OS though?03:53
EagleScreenthen you will need much swap, so each operating system running in the virtual machin will eat much of RAM03:53
EagleScreeni am using 4.203:53
EagleScreenSilentDis reinstall OS in root / partition, but you can reuse your old home partition, by moving file to the new03:55
EagleScreenmv command will conservate your file permissions03:55
SilentDisEagleScreen: yeah, that's what prompted this.  i have 2 drives in the box, one failed entirely (had / on it).  I had a 20gb partition for windows on the 2nd drive, and seeing as i've not booted windows in nearly 2 years, i wiped it and rescued my machine that way.  home has always been on hdb203:56
SilentDisi did some SMART tests on the drives, both are rather old, and both are starting to fail tests.  time to upgrade :)03:56
EagleScreeninstall the new disk and keep the old hdb2 disk temporary03:57
EagleScreenthen run a Live CD for instance, and move you home data in hdb2 to your new 500 GB disk03:58
SilentDisyeah, when i bought the motherboard, it was an 'upgraders' board.  EIDE and SATA interfaces, etc.03:58
EagleScreenthen you know what to do03:59
SilentDisaye.  just needed some partitioning suggestions more than anything else03:59
EagleScreeni suggest: 4GB for swap; 15 GB for root /; and the rest for /home; this is if you dont want another for /boot04:01
EagleScreena partition for /boot is not necessary04:01
SilentDisyay, useless windows software disks for a hard drive.  i always need more coasters.04:02
girevikmotocan someone help me? I can't get a hard drive partition to mount04:04
SilentDisgirevikmoto: are you getting an error or some such?04:05
girevikmotokio_media_mounthelper "permissions denied"04:05
girevikmotoa breaker popped earlier, and when i reset it, and booted the computer... it wont mount anymore04:06
girevikmotoim the only user on this computer04:06
girevikmotonever had a problem before with it mounting04:06
SilentDisgirevikmoto: hmm... can you get to a cli?04:06
girevikmotoall my other drives mount fine, after i put password in04:06
girevikmotoyes, ive got konsole open04:06
asobiamarok, why is the love button diabled?04:07
SilentDisi'd say try mounting it from there, the errors are usually a bit more telling04:07
girevikmotowhat command should i be using?04:07
SilentDisgirevikmoto: what's the drive's location?04:07
girevikmoto /dev/sda504:08
jammen33whats the mount point04:08
girevikmoto /media/04:08
SilentDisgirevikmoto: sudo mkdir /media/tempmount && sudo mount /dev/sda5 /media/tempmount04:08
girevikmotoi have my hdd broken into three partitions, one for the OS, one for everything else, and one for swap04:09
=== ekobono is now known as gudeg
SilentDisgirevikmoto: then, see if you can't see the files in /media/tempmount04:09
girevikmoto(i have only been using linux for 5 or so months btw)04:09
girevikmotohow do i do that?04:10
SilentDisgirevikmoto: no prob.  just copy and paste that whole long string into the CLI.04:10
SilentDisgirevikmoto: oh hehe, i'm ahead of myself :)  cd /media/tempmount04:10
girevikmotoheh thought i was going nuts for a second04:11
SilentDisgirevikmoto: then, use ls to see if it lists anything04:11
girevikmotothats makes more sense :)04:11
SilentDisgirevikmoto: you have to be a little nuts to use linux.  you know, who would want a stable, nearly virius-proof OS? *snicker*04:12
girevikmotoit says "no such file or directory"04:12
SilentDisgirevikmoto: sudo mkdir /media/tempmount && sudo mount /dev/sda5 /media/tempmount04:13
SilentDisgirevikmoto: copy and paste that whole line into the CLI, and hit enter at the end.  it'll make the directory, and try to mount the drive04:13
=== keres_ is now known as keres
girevikmotothat worked04:14
girevikmotoi can browse the file tree now04:14
SilentDisgirevikmoto: ok.  rock on, the drive didn't die.  we just need it mounted somewhere you can get at it normally now.04:15
girevikmotoyeah i thought it was the drive for a moment.. untill i realized that if the drive had died, i wouldnt be typicng right now04:16
girevikmotobecause the OS is on another partition of that drive04:16
SilentDisgirevikmoto: first, unmount it. `cd ~` that'll get you out of that directory, and back home.  `sudo umount /dev/sda5` that'll unmount the drive04:16
girevikmotoits unmounted04:18
SilentDishave you edited a /etc/fstab file before?04:19
girevikmotono... i tried editing fstab before i got on the irc though04:19
SilentDislets give it a more 'permanant' home though first.  what's on that drive?04:20
girevikmotoi commented out the line for sda5, and then tried writing a new mount point for it04:20
girevikmotoon the drive? most of my music and assorted other media04:20
SilentDishmm... can you paste in the old line for sda5 please?04:20
SilentDisjust that one line, so as not to arouse the spam filters heh04:20
girevikmoto /dev/sda5 /media/disk auto nouser,noauto,atime,auto,rw,nodev,noexec,nosuid 0 004:21
SilentDisthat should work fine.  just uncomment it.04:21
SilentDisgirevikmoto: you can safely delete your other entry, as well.04:22
girevikmotogives the same error as before04:22
girevikmoto"permissions denied"04:22
girevikmotodoesnt ask for a password first either04:22
SilentDisahhh, sorry, i misread.  go back into your /etc/fstab, and change it from `nouser` to `user` i believe.04:23
girevikmoto"[mntent]: warning: no final newline at the end of /etc/fstab"04:24
girevikmoto"mount: mount point /media/disk does not exist"04:24
SilentDishmm....  `sudo mkdir /media/disk`04:24
SilentDisare you using some special program for mounting, or just the KDE 8.10 stuff with dolphin?04:25
SilentDisgirevikmoto: rockin' :)  i'd recommend giving it a more comfy 'home' though, such as /media/multimedia or the like (make the directory, then update fstab), even set it to `auto` (remove `noauto`) etc, if you use it a lot :)04:26
girevikmotolovely, breaker popped again04:27
girevikmotothank you for the help! partition mounts again with no problems04:28
jammen33i would use less stuff on that breaker :)04:28
girevikmotooh.. SilentDis logged out?04:29
girevikmotoyeah, its the space heater ... im trying to figure out what outlet is not on the same breaker as my computer04:29
Travelerhey guys04:29
jammen33just over clock your computer04:30
Travelerwould 8.04 be more likely to be compatible with a computer than 8.10?04:30
jammen33get more speed and heat your house04:30
girevikmotoeh.. its only for tonight.. the heat should be fixed tomorrow04:30
girevikmotojust waiting on maintainence to come back04:30
girevikmotodoes anyone know how to change which directory is the home directory?04:31
jammen33Traveler: it would be better for older computers because kubuntu 8.04 uses kde 3.5.1004:31
Traveler2sorry i got logged04:32
jammen33it would be better for older computers because kubuntu 8.04 uses kde 3.5.1004:32
Traveler2my comp isn't particularly ol04:32
Traveler2i just can't seem to boot 8.10 to save my life04:32
jammen33how far will it boot?04:33
Traveler2well originally i got thrown into terminal04:33
Traveler2however, now04:33
girevikmotoi hope kde 4.2.0 is a major improvement... i tried kde 4.1 and wasnt impressed04:34
Traveler2it just boots error 1: unnamed path not found04:34
* fidji probablement en train de jouer au Go04:34
Traveler2i've tried a bunch of stuff04:34
Traveler2sgd, gparted,..04:34
jammen33girevikmoto: what didnt you like about kde4.104:34
jammen33Traveler2: i dont know04:35
Traveler2i created another partition04:35
Traveler2any idea on how I can install it directly to the partition04:35
jammen33can you boot 8.10 off the live cd04:36
Traveler2well correction04:36
Traveler2sometimes i get thrown into terminal04:37
Traveler2sometimes it doesn't boot at all04:37
Traveler2usually just comes up with a bunch of random errors04:37
Traveler2and scrolls more or less endlessly04:37
jammen33are they crc errors?04:37
girevikmotomainly that it was confusing.. this was when i was transitioning from xp to kubuntu.. i had used kde3 on a livecd and liked how it was organized, kde4 is quite different04:37
girevikmotoat the time kde4 felt very much like what it was and is.. a work in progress04:39
jammen33kde4.2 is better then 4.1 it has much more configuration options04:39
jammen33Traveler2: are they crc errors?04:40
girevikmotoi like using bleeding edge developmental releases, but not for my main desktop04:40
Traveler4back again x.X04:46
maxmahemI've got a strange issue with kde. It's not correctly sizing my desktop. The resolution is set correctly, but the desktop is expanding beyond my screen edges (ie the pannel is off the bottom of my screen).04:47
maxmahemAny help?04:47
jammen33what version of kde are you using?04:47
maxmahem4.2 rc104:47
Traveler4anyway my comp is an hp nc 8430 dualcore 2.61 ghz and an ati mobile x1600 gfx card04:48
Traveler4so its not too old >.<04:48
Traveler4no one seems to be able to figure out whats wrong ..04:48
jammen33no its better than mine04:48
maxmahemIt wasn't doing this untill I enabled a second x session on my other monitor (which runs at a different resolution).04:48
jammen33have you tried multiple cd or just using the same one every time04:48
maxmahemHowever, X seems to have the resolutions correct, as my mouse behaves correctly on the edges and everything appears right on login.04:48
Traveler4same cd.04:49
Traveler4i'm about to burn an 8.04 .04:49
jammen33maxmahem: what video card do you have?04:49
maxmahemone sec...04:49
maxmahemnVidia Corporation G70 [GeForce 7800 GT]04:49
jammen33Traveler4: it could be that the disk did not burn right at that is causing errors04:50
Traveler4ah well i'll burn a different one04:50
Traveler4i'll write it at 16x rather then max hopefully that'll help04:51
jammen33maxmahem: you have them set up for diffrent x sessions?04:51
jammen33Traveler4: it should04:51
jammen33if the cd was the problem04:51
maxmahemyes. I don't have a windows mannager running over there right now, but it appears to be working fine.04:51
jammen33in the xorg.conf file it migth have set a virtual screen size larger than the resolution04:52
maxmahemI don't think so, but let me check...04:53
maxmahemnope no resolutions set in xorg.conf at all.04:55
jammen33are you usiing the nvidia prioritary drivers?04:58
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maxmahemhacking things... going to reboot x and try 'em.05:08
maxmahemWell that didn't make anything worse, but it didn't fix things either.05:10
maxmahemthis is vexing, I'm going to install compiz and see if its kdm falt.05:10
maxmahemsomething has to be wrong in kde because it doesn't happen at my login...05:12
maxmahemyeah, switching to compiz fixed it. It's definetly something wrong with kdm/kwin or something.05:13
TweakedEhAfter kubuntu is installed is it possable to make your swap bigger?05:21
maxmahemyes, but its a bit of an ordeal. You have to repartition you system.05:23
TweakedEhwould it be easier just to reinstall?05:24
TweakedEhWould it be worth it?05:24
maxmahemTo up your swap? The install does a pretty good job of partitioning it out on its own.05:25
ugaheh, last time I let kubuntu do partitioning on its own, it didn't even create a home partition05:27
TweakedEhHow many partitions does linux have by default?05:27
ugaI don't call that "pretty good job"05:27
ugaTweakedEh: depends on your distro and/or your taste05:28
ugaTweakedEh: I suggest / ,  /home and swap05:28
ugasome will also claim /boot05:28
ugaat least if you split home you'll be safe for future reinstalls, to keep your user data and configs05:28
TweakedEhuga: So if I were to partition it my self I should have /boot, / , /home?05:29
TweakedEhand swap05:29
ugaalthough I never use /boot05:29
TweakedEhso it's not a big deal.05:29
uganot for me at least05:29
ugasome people use it for keeping their kernels there05:29
ugaI don't think it makes much sense05:30
TweakedEhI have a 300GB hard drive, to be save how much should I let / have?05:30
ugasome older distros alsol had a separate /tmp partition, but it was only troublesome (if it was full for some reason, the system may not boot)05:30
ugaTweakedEh: no matter how much crap you throw in software, I doubt you'll go beyond 20GiB on /05:31
ugaTweakedEh: maybe some games can help you go over that05:31
ugaso the rest is left for swap and home05:32
TweakedEhuga: Alright, I'm not too interested in games. Thanks for you help, Time to reinstall =]05:32
PyleDriveri need help with my wireless. i have an intel 3945 wireless card, and it only work occassionally. It works in windows, and a belkin card works fine in kubuntu.05:32
ugaTweakedEh: I've got 2-3 versions of the kde desktop installed in /, all sort of soft, including developer soft, bug no games. After a few years I haven't gone above that05:33
dazzzzeranyone around?05:34
maxmahemnobody here but us chickens.05:35
PyleDriverAny ideas on the wireless problem?05:41
PyleDriverand i just realized i have no sound05:50
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alanDoes someone manage to install Firefox on kubuntu ???06:27
ahwhatyes, using Adept06:29
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syockitWhere's the cafe channel for off-topic chat again? I want to ask things about openSUSE and other distros06:44
ubottuSorry, I don't know anything about cafe06:44
lunar-raventhought it was worth a try06:44
faileassyockit: #defocus or #linux i suppose06:44
eagles0513875!info cafe | lunar-raven06:46
ubottuPackage cafe does not exist in intrepid06:46
syockitIf you have experience in openSUSE, can you tell about yast and whether delta-rpm is used for all packages or not?06:52
faileassyockit: try the opensuse channel06:55
=== a_ is now known as ahwhat
syockitfaileas: it's quiet over there. What time is it in the USA?06:56
faileasi'm not in the USA06:57
lunar-ravenI am06:57
lunar-ravenin washington06:57
faileas(and yast is a flaming pile of.... its the main reason i stopposed using opensuse ;))06:57
lunar-ravenand it's almost 11 pm06:57
lunar-ravenyast rocks06:58
lunar-ravenit's sluggish and heavy06:58
lunar-ravenbut helpful06:58
faileaslunar-raven: i was using smart at the time06:58
syockitUh oh. I may not like it sluggish and heavy06:58
* faileas dosen't see the point of something sluggish and heavy for basic maintainance of packages06:58
lunar-ravenwell yes, for package management I agree06:58
faileasoh, and the version of suse i was on was 10.1 ;p06:59
lunar-ravenbut yast has other uses if ciyrse06:59
faileas(broken yast ;p)06:59
lunar-ravenof course*06:59
syockitThough I still don't know how to properly use adept06:59
lunar-ravensame here faileas..i've heard it's speed has improved greatly since06:59
faileassyockit: i don't use adept, i stick to apt ;p06:59
faileasoldskoolstyle ;)07:00
lunar-ravenI like adept :P..but apt is cool for just getting it done fast07:00
faileas(ironically i started using apt with mandriva... )07:00
faileascause i couldn't stand... (you guessed it) the package manager it came with07:00
syockitIt's just  that I keep forgetting the parameters for it, having to crank the man page each time really bugs me07:00
hagabakaadept notifier is kind of helpful, but usually when I see there are packages I just update with aptitude07:00
lunar-ravenmandriva..yeah I don't like their package manager either.07:00
faileassyockit: its not that hard07:01
hagabakai don't like with adept that it asks you to enter root password before opening, even if you just want to browse packages07:01
syockitMaybe I ought to print them and post it somewhere on the wall07:02
syockitStrange that I've actually used it many times, but they fail to reside in my memory07:02
lunar-ravenoo updated kubuntu..must reboot07:03
faileassudo apt-get update to check for updates, sudo apt-get upgrade to upgrade. apt-cache search to look for a package, apt-get install to update ;)07:03
syockitOkay, I think I'm giving up the idea of migrating. Most packages don't have deltas it seems.07:04
lunar-ravenwhat would be the easiest way to upgrade from hardy to Intrepid07:10
ubottuUbuntu 8.10 (Intrepid Ibex) is the current release of Ubuntu. Downloading: http://releases.ubuntu.com/8.10/ - Features: http://www.ubuntu.com/getubuntu/releasenotes/81007:11
Davieylunar-raven: $ sudo do-release-upgrade , is one way07:11
lunar-ravenI actually just did that..but i dont think it upgraded to intrepid. I was using a way old version of kubuntu07:12
lunar-ravenhow do i check what version im using?07:12
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lunar-ravenyeah..it upgraded to hardy07:13
lunar-ravenand when I run the command again, it says there is no new version07:13
syockitlunar-raven: hmm. How do you know it's a way old? GUI?07:36
syockitlunar-raven: or if you migrated from KDE 3.5, you probably have to relogin with different session07:37
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szrhawaiidoes anyone know of a comparable application or the source of a repo i can use to get bluej08:12
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noaXesshi all.. and good morning08:40
noaXessis there any information, that in kde4.2 are nvidia graficcards better supported? in 4.1.4 i have always same problems, blinking clock, taskbar entries and diffrent other strange grafical problems..08:41
dmmainouHi I'm trying to install my nic card and the instructions I'm following say to "apt-get install linux-source" but I have no internet.... any ideas how to get the package w/o internet.08:59
syockitdmmainou: wait, why?09:02
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syockitdmmainou: It's not bundled with the installation?09:02
dmmainouhi syockit .... thiese are the instructions I'm following http://wiki.linuxmce.org/index.php/Realtek_816809:03
syockitDo you have another media? like USB drive or something09:04
syockitit requires some compiling, and that also requires installation of more tools.09:05
dmmainouIt's ok I have the recepie... I hope I can follow it09:06
dmmainouIt is the integrated nic card... no option unless I buy something else.09:07
syockitI'm checking if it's already in the kernel or not09:08
syockitWhich version of Kubuntu?09:08
dmmainouIt's my first linux mce...09:08
syockitI think that's a 7.10. So it's another distro...09:10
syockitYou'd probably have to download a number of packages to be able to compile09:10
dmmainouupon uname -a 2.6.22-1409:10
syockitOkay, I'll try to go through this step by step09:11
dmmainouMate thanks so much....09:11
syockitWhich recipe are you following? The one you gave before?09:12
dmmainouby the way... I'm connecting through my laptop running k 8.1 if that helps (2 months ago decided to leave vista and havent turned back since)09:12
dmmainouyes that one...09:12
noaXessdoes anybody now a tool to diff/merge files/dirs over ftp?09:15
noaXesstool for kde?09:15
noaXessthere was kdiff3, but it's not in the repos now..09:15
syockitdmmainou: by the way, have you tried if you can execute make or not  in that computer?09:20
dmmainouyes, I have done every step succesfully ntill the apt-get09:21
syockitdmmainou: Nice, don't have to bother with tools anymore09:21
dmmainouI trust that that meant something good. I'm an accountant but discovered this thing called ubuntu  and here I am learning a Very nice hobby.09:23
syockitdmmainou: You need to download linux-source from a repository09:24
dmmainouok... how do I do that?09:25
syockitdmmainou: first, select a location from https://launchpad.net/ubuntu/+archivemirrors09:25
syockitdmmainou: Then go into pool/main/l09:27
syockitdmmainou: pool/main/l/linux-sources-2.6.2209:27
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syockitif you managed to get there, download linux-sources-2.6.22_2.6.22-14.46_all.deb09:29
syockitcopy it to your usb drive, and copy it to your mce09:30
syockitThen sudo dpkg -i the file09:30
dmmainouok I'm there ... which files09:30
noaXess!info kdiff309:30
ubottuPackage kdiff3 does not exist in intrepid09:30
dmmainouok downloading....09:32
noaXesswhy is kdiff3 not in intrepid? it is a really good diff/merge tool.. also over ftp09:34
syockitnoaXess: reason is https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/kdiff3/+bug/260326 . Get it here: https://launchpad.net/~tsaarni/+archive09:36
syockitIt's even got the latest09:37
noaXesssyockit: aha.. thanks.. :)09:37
dmmainousyockit: done09:40
syockitdmmainou: You've dpkg -i it?09:40
dmmainousaid something about setting up linux....09:41
syockitOkay, you can continue the steps in the guide09:41
dmmainoumate I owe you a beer.... anywhere Sydney, Oz09:42
syockitoh wait, about the patch...09:42
syockitdmmainou: too bad I don't drink09:42
syockitIt'd be nice if you prepare the patch beforehand and copy it to the mce09:42
dmmainouwe'll you get my gratitude.09:43
dmmainounot exactly sure what you mean.09:43
syockitwell, along the steps, there's this 'patch < r8168.diff'09:45
syockityou'd need to the file out if you don't have it already09:45
syockitit's not that difficult anyway without the patch. You just need to edit the files09:46
syockitHow far have you got?09:47
dmmainouok I tried to follow the next step "apt-get linux-source"09:47
dmmainouinvalid operation09:48
dmmainoubut I presume we already did that right?09:48
dmmainousorry mate first time compiling...09:49
syockitYup, can skip apt-get09:49
syockitGo from cd /usr/src09:49
dmmainouwithin /usr/src there are two files 2 headers 1 source09:51
dmmainouI suppose that the cd... and the tar... are two different steps?09:53
dmmainouwhen I tar it says can not open not such file09:53
dmmainoushould I give the whole directory?09:54
dmmainouyes that was it... the screen is going mad09:54
dmmainouforgot to sudo... repeated the step...09:55
dmmainouok I have been succesful until where it says "make scripts prepare"09:57
syockitalso needs sudo09:59
dmmainouok it came out with errors.09:59
dmmainoulong list09:59
syockitI'd love to have you paste bin that, but that'd take a long time10:01
syockitah, run it again. this time should be shorter10:02
dmmainousame thing.10:02
syockitWhat kindof message?10:03
dmmainouscripts/basic/fixdep.c: (a number): then a warning or error e.g.incompatible implicit declaration....10:05
syockiterrors are important. what kind of errors are there?10:05
dmmainoucan I email the script to you I pasted it to kate...10:06
syockitplease use pastebin10:09
dmmainousorry what is pastebin?10:10
syockitsave it to file, bring to the net computer, copy the contents to paste.ubuntu.com10:10
dmmainoudone I just made a mistake in my login dmainou rather than dmmainou10:13
heinrichNicolae, de unde esti?10:13
Eutychushello. everything about kubuntu is working great except i dont know how to make the laptop search for wireless connections.  is there something that needs to be turned on or downloaded in order to get the nic card to connect to the wireless router?10:13
syockitdmmainou: please paste the url here10:15
syockitAll right I can pretty much guess what's missing10:17
dmmainousome other packages...10:17
jussi01Eutychus: do you know which wireless card you have?10:18
jussi01Eutychus: also, is the wireless card listed when you click on the network icon in the system tray?10:19
surfjunkyhi all10:19
surfjunkyi have really big problems with kubuntu since kde 4.x10:20
surfjunkywith backingstore = .true.10:20
surfjunkythere are severall threads in the forums but ... hmm actually the problem is not solved10:20
surfjunkyanybody interested ... ?10:20
Eutychusjussi01 sorry, back... wlan0 is listed but not by name. it is a nic card. i can reboot the computer and go into the bios to find out what the exact card is,.10:21
syockitdmmainou: Can you copy the output of 'dpkg --get-selections' to pastebin?10:21
jussi01Eutychus: no need for that10:22
jussi01Eutychus: if you click networkmanager - new connection - wlan0 does it have the networks?10:22
dmmainouyes give me a sec10:22
robin0800surfjunky: believe backingstore needs to be disabled for nvidia driver wiorks with ati driver?10:23
dmmainouactually the first time I did it it gave me errors but the second time I did it with sudo and it just returned the prompt.10:24
surfjunkythere are also some problem with ati reported on the internet however as you have mentioned mostly linked to nvidia driver i tried the latest one 180.22 the problem remain persistent ...10:24
* fidji ne joue plus au Go10:24
surfjunkythe most funniest solution you can find for this big and severe BUG is that you have to turn of backingstore which is the final solution10:24
=== richard is now known as Guest65055
surfjunkyhowever does not work for scientists since we rely on this feature10:25
Eutychusjussi01: network settings in system settings?10:25
syockitdmmainou: you mean the make command?10:25
jussi01Eutychus: no, the tray icon10:25
syockitdmmainou: or dpkg?10:25
robin0800surfjunky: yes ati  r3xx hardware still not supported by restricted drivers10:26
Eutychusjussi01:  k.  when i click it all the fields in the new connection are blank.10:26
dmmainougave some erros... but tried again with sudo and gave back the prompt...10:26
jussi01Eutychus: ok, please go to terminal and do: lspci10:26
jussi01then find the name of the wireless card10:27
surfjunkyrobin0800: the funny think it is in certain forums moved to a Xserver problem however GNOME works fine with NVIDIA + Backingstore so it is most likely linked to kwin10:27
=== JackWinter_ is now known as JackWinter
surfjunkyi wonder why the developers of kde or kubuntu think it is a minor problem10:27
Eutychusjussi01:  k10:29
robin0800surfjunky: I think the tight deadlines mean that difficult problems are sidelined to concentrate on the release10:30
syockitdmmainou: by the way, the second dpkg (with --get-selections), have you got it?10:30
surfjunkyhmm i see10:30
surfjunkyactually i must run now gnome + 4.x10:30
dmmainouno...its no longer on the pipe...10:30
surfjunkyusing ubuntu ... ahh i got stuck in this system configuration problem ... i cannot work anymore i am just configuring my OS since the last 6 weeks ...10:31
dmmainoudo you want me to run it again?10:31
syockitdmmainou: on the pipe? I mean, what's the output? Or maybe do it this way...10:31
Eutychusjussi01: k.  lots of bash code, and now the prompt.10:31
jussi01Eutychus: could you paste it into a pastebin?10:32
robin0800surfjunky: the fix to the r3xx hardware problem was to stop hardware manager offering the restricted driver!10:32
jussi01!paste | Eutychus10:32
ubottuEutychus: pastebin is a service to post large texts so you don't flood the channel. The Ubuntu pastebin is at http://paste.ubuntu.com (be sure to give the URL of your paste - see also the #kubuntu channel topic)10:32
dmmainouif I scroll up it is no longer there...10:32
syockitdmmainou: cd ~; dpkg --get-selections > installedPackage.lst; kate installedPackage.lst10:32
surfjunkyi see ... with linux it is never boring ... thanks for conversation ...10:32
suisse_indiHello. Who could help with a wifi / firefox problem?10:32
jussi01!ask | suisse_indi10:33
ubottusuisse_indi: Please don't ask to ask a question, simply ask the question (all on ONE line, so others can read and follow it easily). If anyone knows the answer they will most likely reply. :-)10:33
syockitdmmainou: if you see lots of package names with installed on the right, copy installedPackage.lst over to pastebin10:33
suisse_indiconnection to a wifi network is established. firefox displays: can not connect to server. whats wrong? thanks for your help10:35
=== quassel205 is now known as goirix
Eutychusjussi01 k. it will take a moment i have to plug the laptop into the router with another computer's cable.10:36
jussi01suisse_indi: is firefox in offline mode, is the wifi network online?10:37
robin0800suisse_indi: does the connection say activated in the taskbar10:37
jussi01suisse_indi: have you tried other webpages?10:37
suisse_indinetwork is online. firefox is online10:37
=== vampyre_ is now known as vampyre069
suisse_indikonquerer is the same10:37
dmmainoucd ~; dpkg --get-selections > inno packages found matching installedPackage.lst10:38
jussi01suisse_indi: open a terminal and do: ping google.com10:38
dmmainouno packages found matching installedPackage.lst10:38
dmmainousorry again bad spelling.10:38
syockitdmmainou: um, did you miss the <?10:40
syockitOh sorry10:40
deborahjussi01 hello. this is eutychus on the laptop.10:40
syockitdmmainou: it should be >10:40
jussi01deborah: :)10:40
syockitSo I repeat again10:40
ubottupastebin is a service to post large texts so you don't flood the channel. The Ubuntu pastebin is at http://paste.ubuntu.com (be sure to give the URL of your paste - see also the #kubuntu channel topic)10:40
syockitcd ~; dpkg --get-selections > installedPackage.lst; kate installedPackage.lst10:41
dmmainouno I missed a :10:43
deborahjussi01 sorry this has taken so long. i put (deborah or eutychus) as the name, in text ,,and pasted the code. and hit enter. i hope i did it right.10:48
jussi01deborah: now give the url to me ;)10:49
syockitdmmainou: this time you'd need libc6-dev and linux-libc-dev10:49
deborahurl? :(10:49
dmmainouok Imin the page ...10:49
=== standa is now known as standa_
syockitdmmainou: you can get it from where you got linux-sources deb. By the way, libc6 is under /libc folder, not /l10:50
deborahjussi01 http://paste.ubuntu.com/107697/10:50
syockitdmmainou: and linux-libc-dev is under /l10:50
dmmainouI pressume that just like last time...10:51
deborahsorry the url was whited out because a went to an all black theme that doesnt work well with ff.10:51
jussi01deborah: have you installed the restricted drivers for that card (kmenu, system, hardware drivers)10:51
deborahjussi01: i dont think so.10:52
jussi01deborah: that would help10:52
deborahjussi01 how do i do that?10:52
jussi01deborah: go to the kmenu, system, hardware drivers...  ;)10:53
syockitdmmainou: yup10:55
dmmainoulooking for libc6 under /pub/ubuntu/pool/main/libc/ no luck...10:55
syockitbtw need to confirm version as well10:55
=== KennethP_ is now known as KennethP
syockitsorry it's in glibc under g10:57
deborahjussi01 k. i activated the two drivers listed.10:57
syockitBy the way, you can find them at packages.ubuntu.com10:57
jussi01deborah: does it work now?10:57
syockitbut wait, need to confirm versions10:57
Eutychusjussi01 no,  it reads: no carrier10:58
GerritHi, I can't find the Settings -> Configure -> ... option to change the treshhold for "monitor for silence" in Konsole 2.1 (KDE 4.1.3). Where can I change this treshhold?10:59
jussi01Eutychus: it might need the service to be restarted, but I cant remember which one. easiest just to do a full pc restart10:59
Eutychusjussi01:  k rebooting laptop10:59
syockitdmmainou: please do 'dpkg-query -s libc6 | grep Version'11:00
dmmainouit just said that "this package includes shared versions of the standard c library11:01
dmmainouI installed 7.1  i38611:02
dmmainouyes thats it11:02
syockitdmmainou: was Version with large V?11:02
GerritHow do I change the treshhold for the "Monitor for silence" option in Konsole 2.1 (KDE 4.1.3)? The docs say "By default, after 10 seconds of inactivity, an info icon will appear on the session's tab." -- how do I increase this period?11:02
dmmainouno 2.6.1-1ubuntu911:03
Eutychusjussi01:  still no carrier11:03
syockitdmmainou: okay, download the appropriate libc6-dev dev from /g/glibc11:04
jussi01Eutychus: so when you go to the network manager icon, new connection, wlan0, no networks appear in the dialogue?11:04
=== acid420 is now known as aCid420
Eutychusjussi01:  correct, all fields are blank.11:05
jussi01Eutychus: and you are sure there are wireless networks in range?11:05
syockitdmmainou: hmm, there're two types it seems. one with cpu on the end and one after the word dev.11:06
Eutychusjussi01:  i am right next to the router11:06
syockitdmmainou: Get this one libc6-dev_2.6.1-1ubuntu9_i386.deb11:06
syockitdmmainou: and afterwards, dpkg -i the two debs you downloaded11:07
jussi01Eutychus: not sure where to go from here atm. sorry11:08
=== neversfelde_ is now known as neversfelde
syockitEutychus: no eth0?11:10
syockitEutychus: sorry, was wireless eh11:10
syockitsince wlan0 is there, I suppose the wifi card is working11:11
syockitthe router is not stealth or something?11:12
Eutychussyockit: yes, eth0 works but the wlan0 wont read anything.11:12
porta_sshello world11:12
Eutychussyockit: router is secured (it needs a password), but it is broadcasting to the whole block.11:12
porta_ssmy kubuntu seems to block each time I start it11:13
porta_ssno mouse moovement, nosting11:13
dmmainouI've got libc6 the other one can't find it under l11:13
syockitEutychus: how about manually entering the ESSID?11:13
porta_ssnot even ctrl+alt+backspace seems to work11:14
syockitdmmainou: you mean linux-libc-dev? wait...11:14
porta_sswhat a nasty system11:14
Eutychussyockit:  i am not sure what an essid means. i am smart enough to be dangerous, but not smart enough to make a living at it. :)11:15
dmmainousorry I have 1 file libc6 but not the other11:15
syockitdmmainou: actually it's in the linux-source directory you went for the first deb11:15
Eutychussyockit:  also this is a friends laptop. when she uses it she will mostly be using it at coffee shops, so the wireless sniffer needs to be able to work.11:16
syockitEutychus: hmm. You mean, the broadcast is received on other computers, but not on her Kubuntu?11:16
Eutychussyockit: yes. the laptop is dual boot with vista, and it works for vista11:17
dmmainouOk I have them in the machine... can you pls help me with the grep11:18
dmmainouI suppose first I have to tar them...11:19
syockitdmmainou: what grep?11:19
syockitEutychus: need specs on wifi type11:20
syockitEutychus: I mean the wifi interface on the laptop11:21
dmmainousorry figured it myself...11:21
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* ibrar_away is away: Gone away for now11:21
=== carlos is now known as Guest88073
Eutychussyockit: http://paste.ubuntu.com/107697/11:22
syockitEutychus: if it's kubuntu 8.10, it might be https://bugs.launchpad.net/bugs/21876311:24
dmmainouok make scripts prepare worked11:25
=== Guest83626 is now known as anthony_
dmmainounow the ptch command?11:26
syockitalright now edit drivers/net/r8169.c11:26
szer0hey i this problem Ubuntu 8.10 every now and again X crashes and all that shows in the log is this http://pastebin.ca/1314554 Does anyone know what might be wrong?11:26
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=== hannascott is now known as hannascott_NA
dmmainouwith nano?11:26
syockitdmmainou: sudo kate drivers/net/r8169.c11:26
syockitdmmainou: nano also possible. you probably need sudo11:27
syockitdmmainou: If you know vim, it's better :)11:27
syockitdmmainou: but with kate, you can just ctrl-f it11:27
dmmainouvim is still a challenge... opened kate ....11:28
dmmainouwhat do I look for.11:28
dmmainoufound it11:28
syockitAs you can see, the patch that is shown in that page says that a certain line has been removed, replaced with another line11:28
syockitIn patch files, the minus (- on the beginning of the line) represents what is removed, while plus shows what is added11:29
dmmainousorry I want to get this right... can you explain further11:29
syockitdmmainou: so comment out that line by inserting // on the beginning11:29
syockitnow it should become //{ PCI_DEVICE(PCI_VENDOR_ID_REALTEK,0x8168) something something11:30
syockitdmmainou: and continue from make M=`pwd` stuff11:31
dmmainousave after that?11:31
syockitdmmainou: I mean the step "Build network modules"11:31
syockitdmmainou: oh yes. sorry forgot that11:32
syockitdmmainou: save first, then follow instructions after the patch11:32
syockitdmmainou: all of them require sudo11:32
Eutychussyockit: i need to get ready for class. thank you for your help... you too juss1. i will try again tonight. thanx11:33
syockitdmmainou: after finishing modprobe, test the network.11:33
syockitdmmainou: wishing you luck!11:34
dmmainoutanks mate... already had a fight with the mrs about being on the pc again... but I wouldn't figured out myself.11:34
faileasdmmainou: if you need an easy CLI text editor, try nano ;)11:35
syockitfaileas: I forgot nano has Where is11:36
faileasnano is awesome. second best cli text editor i've used11:36
dmmainoukate did it this time...11:36
dmmainouits compiling....11:36
SlimeyPetenano can be a bit irritating due to its habit of word-wrapping when you don't want it to.11:37
syockityup, but for such simple task, kate's loading time reduces productivity11:37
syockitSlimeyPete: how you'd get that to happen?11:37
SlimeyPetesyockit: happens by default11:38
SlimeyPeteif you open a file which includes a line which is wider than the terminal, and then you try to edit that line, nano "helpfully" wraps it11:38
SlimeyPetethus breaking shell-scripts11:38
syockitstrange it doesn't happen here. Maybe it was a fixed bug11:40
syockitah, i see: https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/nano/+bug/39866 problem with root user11:41
dmmainouok followed the recepie to the last step11:41
dmmainouhow do i know if it worked?11:42
syockitdmmainou: You mean you finished modprobe?11:43
syockitdmmainou: then let's see....11:43
syockitdmmainou: sudo /etc/init.d/networking restart11:43
syockitplug in the network cable, see if it automatically detects11:44
syockitif it doesn't, may need to restart11:44
dmmainourestarting now11:45
|acm|_hi leute. wollte mal fragen ob es unter (k)ubuntu eine moeglichkeit automatisiert module die nicht gebraucht werden zu entfernen/entladen. nicht der geschw. wegen, sondern weil ich wenig ram habe.11:45
syockitblimers, I have the premonition that it won't work... but let's hope!11:46
|acm|_moeglichkeit gibt natuerlich11:46
syockitI only understood eine, means "one" right?11:46
|acm|_oh english, sry11:46
|acm|_syockit: right :)11:46
syockitand maybe "Das war ein Befehl!"11:46
dmmainouNoooooo!  didn't work11:48
|acm|_well, is it possible to remove unneeded modules automatically. it would be nice because I only have less ram.11:48
GerritHow do I change the treshhold for the "Monitor for silence" option in Konsole 2.1 (KDE 4.1.3)? The docs say "By default, after 10 seconds of inactivity, an info icon will appear on the session's tab." -- how do I increase this period?11:49
dmmainousudo modprobe r8168  just gives the prompt is that correct...11:49
|acm|_the simplest way would be using xfce or another small desktop env.11:49
syockitdmmainou: yup11:49
syockitmodinfo drivers/net/r8169.ko11:50
syockitsorry, mistake11:50
dmmainouok what do I read from here.11:51
syockitdmmainou: can you do modinfo /usr/src/linux-source-2.6.22/drivers/net/r8169.k again?11:51
dmmainouyes didn't work just with k in the end but did with ko11:52
dmmainouI think there is an entry for 8169 that shouldn't be there....11:53
syockitAnd it didn't have the pci:v000010ECd00008168sv alias?11:53
syockitarr, I'm confused with that 8168/8169 fiasco11:55
syockitBy the way, does that computer have a history of windows?11:56
ActionParsnipyo yo yo11:57
syockityo yo ma11:57
dmmainouno ... brand new box.... Asus P5n7A-vm11:59
dmmainouseems to work fine with 8.1 but linuxmce runs 7.111:59
ubottuThe following are some examples of Ubuntu derived distributions that we cannot provide support for due to repository and software changes, please consult their websites for more information: gNewSense (support in #gnewsense), Linux Mint (see !mintsupport), LinuxMCE (support in #linuxmce), Ubuntu Ultimate12:02
syockitdmmainou: try lurking #linuxmce . In the meantime, we still can figure out what problems the network card have12:03
syockitdmmainou: I might even suggest upgrading the kernel too.12:05
ActionParsnipdmmainou: its not an official release so its not supported here12:06
syockitOr turn newer Kubuntu into an MCE12:07
ActionParsnipor just install medibuntu then install xbmc and you're golden12:08
dmmainouyeah ... may try something like that....12:09
ubottuIn den meisten ubuntu-Kanälen wird nur Englisch gesprochen. Für deutschsprachige Hilfe besuchen Sie bitte #ubuntu-de, #kubuntu-de, #edubuntu-de oder #ubuntu-at. Geben Sie einfach /join #ubuntu-de ein! Danke für Ihr Verständnis.12:09
dmmainouwhat about mythbuntu?12:09
ActionParsnipsomething supported you mean12:09
ubottuMythbuntu is an Ubuntu derivative centered upon setting up a standalone MythTV system. See: http://www.mythbuntu.org for more information12:09
ActionParsniplooks like it12:10
ActionParsnipits weird but fluxbuntu isnt official12:10
dmmainouok... I want to be able to record tv, store and see my movies AND have asterisk in the same box... thats it.12:10
ActionParsnipand its really annoying cos it rocks12:10
ActionParsnipdmmainou: you can store and share movies with any distro, use samba12:10
ActionParsnip!info asterisk12:11
ubottuasterisk (source: asterisk): Open Source Private Branch Exchange (PBX). In component universe, is optional. Version 1: (intrepid), package size 2397 kB, installed size 6512 kB12:11
dmmainoummmm yes but I want something more idiot friendly.... I'd been using trixbox but it crashes once a week in  my pIII therefore the upgrade...12:12
syockitdmmainou: go with 810 alpha then12:12
dmmainouOk... I'm going on annual leave in a couple of weeks time. they may have a Beta version by then...12:13
ActionParsnipdmmainou: that why all my systems are linux based12:13
syockitincluding your toaster?12:13
ActionParsnipsyockit: they did install snmp to a toaster once12:14
ActionParsnipwith toasting stats12:14
dmmainouguys thank you very much .... I'm dissapointed about the effort but happy to have kind people willing to help. Iwill be up to scratch one day to help like that...12:15
ActionParsnipits called a community for a reason :)12:16
dmmainouoh I've been in some communities that are a bit more agressive.12:17
syockitwhen I was in windows, I had problem looking for a helpful community12:17
dmmainouWindows.... never again... at work cause they force me.12:18
dmmainouguys I'm going to bed now.12:18
ActionParsnipdmmainou: im the same, i left windows on my own systems a long time ago as the OS doesnt give me anything that linux cant12:18
ActionParsnipits a tool for the job to me12:19
=== Zorix_ is now known as Zorix
Eutychusjussi01 i reinstalled and rebooted and it worked. ... thanx12:39
ubottua free and open source office suite, including word processor, spreadsheet, presentation, vector drawing and database components.  To install: "sudo apt-get install openoffice.org". User help available in #users.openoffice.org12:46
amerigohow can i import font times new roman?12:48
ActionParsnipamerigo: times is a standard font12:49
ubottuFont installation basics here: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/FontInstallHowto - No fonts in Flash? Install "msttcorefonts" (from !Multiverse), "gsfonts", and "gsfonts-x11". No fonts in MPlayer? see !MPlayer12:49
* ibrar_away is away: Gone away for now12:58
JackWinterwhere do i tel kubuntu 8.10 to use software rendering instead of hardware ?12:59
=== ibrar_away is now known as ibrar
* ibrar is back.12:59
zer0ohi guys12:59
zer0ohow can i make and OS X application work on linux?12:59
zer0ois there a way?12:59
JackWinterzer0o: there is a way but i don't know if i'm allowed to talk about it here.  it involves running osx under vmware, and works mostly.  sound missing and no acc video, but ok for the occasional app13:01
ActionParsnipzer0o: what does the app do, maybe there is a native equivelant13:02
JackWinterzer0o: search the insanelymac.com forum for more information13:02
amerigoAction: I can't find in my open office13:03
zer0oalright the thing is me and a friend of mine have to work on an event scheduler and it has to be the same but, he has a mac and i run linux13:04
zer0ohow do i solve that?13:04
Dr_williszer0o,  use java :) is one way13:04
zer0oDr_willis: sorry? :D13:04
Dr_willispython, perl, so on..13:05
zer0odunno watcha talking about Dr13:05
Dr_willisactually i recall there being somthignm to do with the windowmaker/gnustep and stuff working  with Os-X some how.. or being sort of 'compatiable/portable'13:05
zer0ostill speaking arab to me :D i dont understand what ur sayin sorry :D13:06
ActionParsnipzer0o: he may have to use a different app, or you wil have to buy a mac13:07
Dr_willisUSE  the java programing language13:07
Dr_willisif you want to make a program that runs on both.. is one solution13:07
StR|Sangrealthere may exist mac application that supports the same formats...13:07
=== miranda is now known as Guest94191
zer0oDr_willis: what im trying to tell is that ivegot no idea of how to do that13:08
Dr_williszer0o,  youve really not told us much on what you are trying to do actually eitehr...      'work on and event scheduler' you mean write one? or what exactly?13:09
StR|Sangrealif you want to share your schedules you can do that via google calendar ;)13:10
zer0oDr_willis: oh im sorry ur right, i meant i need to download a database just to keep some events organized13:11
zer0oivegotta do it with a friend of mine but he's got a mac and i run linux13:11
zer0ogot it now?13:11
StR|Sangrealand which format do you use?13:12
cokyany1 using epson lx 800?13:13
cokyhow to get the driver?13:13
Dr_williscoky,  check cups.org to see how well that printer is supported?13:13
ActionParsnipcoky: http://forums.linux-foundation.org/read.php?26,185013:14
Dr_williscoky,  for some printers there may be some cups support files witht eh drivers not installed by default.. I had a old printer that i had to rember t install the right packages for it.13:14
ActionParsnipcoky: Use IBM ProPrinter II driver seems to be ok13:15
cokyok im trying13:15
=== niklauz is now known as khaije1
ActionParsnipcoky: you could check the hcl for compatibility next time before you buy to save heartache13:18
ActionParsnip!hcl | coky13:18
ubottucoky: For lists of supported hardware on Ubuntu see https://wiki.ubuntu.com/HardwareSupport - To help debugging and improving hardware detection, see https://wiki.ubuntu.com/DebuggingHardwareDetection13:18
micettoneroi'm experiencing a problem with kopete on kde 4.2 rc13:29
micettonerothe windows live messenger protocol doesn't work13:29
micettoneroit gives me: cannot connect with the instant messanging server or peers13:29
micettoneroany hint?13:30
zer0oalright can somebody suggest a good event organizer just for linux?13:30
* Dr_willis isent even clear what an 'event' oorganizer is.. and how i differes from say a 'pim' type app.13:31
zer0owhatz a pim type app ?13:32
ActionParsnipmicettonero: try using http transport13:33
Dr_willis!find pim13:33
ubottuFound: libtunepimp-dev, libtunepimp5, libtunepimp5-dbg, bitpim, bitpim-lib (and 21 others)13:33
Dr_willispersonanal Information manager13:33
ActionParsnipmicettonero: its the msn protocol, sometimes it needs it13:33
Dr_willis 'ie: a little calander. :)13:33
Dr_willisdoctor appoint on Monday... pick up laundry on thuisday13:33
Dr_williskdepim - Personal Information Management apps from the official KDE release13:34
zer0oDr_willis: not looking for that, im organizing events like concerts and i need an event-organizer an event-manager something i can put contacts dates numbers info... got it?13:34
Dr_willissounds liek a calander to me...13:35
zer0oDr_willis: alright lets check this kdepim out, how do i get it? is not in my repos so i shall do something like "apt-get install" WHAT?13:37
Dr_willis!info kdepim13:38
ubottukdepim (source: kdepim): Personal Information Management apps from the official KDE release. In component main, is optional. Version 4:4.1.3-0ubuntu1~intrepid2 (intrepid), package size 32 kB, installed size 84 kB13:38
Dr_willisits in the MAIN repository.. so  somthing is weid if its not in yours...13:38
Dr_willisnote the name was 'kdepim'  install that13:39
cypr1nushi, i've got problem with upgrading nvidia drivers. when i upgraded nvidia-glx to 180.11 version using apt-get, i can't startx, due to problem: nvidia driver component has version 177.82, but nvidia kernel module has version 180.11. How can i figure it out?13:39
cypr1nusi can't find any package responsile for that13:40
khaije1when i rip DVDs using kpcopy it goes quickly then pauses at %95 completed for hours13:44
khaije1has anyone else had this problem or know how to fix it?13:44
ActionParsnipcypr1nus: i'd uninstall all the nvidia drivers and fix the x server back to failsafe then reinstall the driver from scratch13:44
bazhangkhaije1, I tend to use handbrake13:45
Dr_willisrun the app from a terminal.. look for error messages khaije1    - for starters13:45
bazhangkhaije1, though you will need to enable a PPA repo for that (jdong's)13:45
cypr1nusActionParsnip how can i list all installed packages?13:45
khaije1ya heheh thl excellent suggestions actually, thx i'll try each (probably in that order too :) )13:47
bazhangkhaije1, you need a link for the handbrake ppa?13:47
khaije1oh ty bazhang, yes pls!13:48
micettoneroActionParsnip: sorry what is http transport?13:49
bazhanghttps://launchpad.net/~handbrake-ubuntu/+archive khaije1 only for hardy and intrepid though :)13:49
bazhangkhaije1, you need to add that to your sources.list then update and install handbrake13:50
khaije1that works for me :D13:50
cypr1nushow can i check the list of installed packages?13:51
Picicypr1nus: dpkg -l | grep "^ii"13:51
khaije1do these ppa's usually use repo keys?13:51
zer0oDr_willis: once installed it doesnt appear on the kmenu, how do i put it there?13:51
BluesKajgood morning13:51
khaije1bazhang: i've heard a lot of praise for handbrake13:51
ActionParsnipmicettonero: its a way to get the messages transported, check in the account settings13:52
zer0oDr_willis: and it doesnt even run from a terminal with a "kdepim" command13:52
bazhangkhaije1, you will have some gnome stuff though (handbrake-gtk)13:52
BluesKajit would be nice if HandBrake worked on intrepid13:52
bazhangBluesKaj, it does13:52
khaije1oh rly? heh well nothings perfect13:53
BluesKajbazhang , maybe it's kde4.2 beta that crashing it then13:53
cokyproblem solved13:53
bazhangBluesKaj, could be13:53
dstarhmm... on my debian/unstable server, zsh can complete database names when I do 'mysql <tab>', but it doesn't seem to do that on my kubuntu laptop... does the kubuntu zsh package have fewer completions than the debian, or do I need to configure something?13:54
BluesKajbazhang ,HandBrake's icon launches , appears in the taskbar then disappears after 10secs or so.13:55
dstarIt also will do directory/filename completion on remote hosts when I'm doing an scp, but not on my kubuntu laptop... is there a package I need to install to get more completions? 'apt-cache search zsh' didn't turn anything obvious up....13:59
BluesKajI installed a whole new version of ffmpeg with unstripped libs dependencies , so maybe i won't need handbrake14:01
dstarHmm... ok, all the completion files are there, actually....14:09
guedresselhello there!14:11
guedresselanyone experienced crashes of kopete on opening the settings dialog?14:11
dstarguedressel: not kopete, but do you have an ATI video card?14:13
guedresselfound a bug on launchpad: 28415314:13
guedresselit's about my webcam14:14
guedresseluvcvideo kernel module makes it crash14:14
guedresselafter unloading it works fine14:14
khalidmianneed halp with kubuntu screensavers how come i cant find them in adept or synaptic14:18
dstarguedressel: I've found that something about the latest Catalyst drivers+Xorg7.4+KDE4.2+my HD3100 is very unstable... to the point I'm having to use a GNOME session.14:20
knusperfroschanyone else having performance issues on kde4 with intel graphics?14:22
guedresseldstar: my problem is the video module..14:22
guedressel..since i'm not interested in the webcam i have no problem to deactivate it14:22
khalidmiancan anyone help re kubuntu screensavers14:22
dstarguedressel: makes sense14:22
delicowa1khalidmian:is your package list up to date14:24
delicowa1then try installing kdeartworks14:24
guedresseldstar: never the less - i'm looking forward to a big upgrade for many apps in KDE 4.214:24
BluesKajkhalidmian , look for Xscreensavers14:24
delicowa1then try installing anything related to kdeartworks package14:25
guedresselcan't keep my feets still14:25
guedresselbut don't want to test a not-release version of it14:25
* guedressel is excited about KDE 4.214:25
khalidmianBluesKaj: in add/remove or package manager14:26
* faileas is running the beta/rc of that... its both shiny and more stable14:27
BluesKajkhalidmian , look for xscreensaver in adept or synaptic or apt14:28
ActionParsnipkhalidmian: apt-cache search screensaver14:29
guedresselfaileas: is there a service menu in the dolphin context menu for (un-)packing archives?14:29
BluesKajActionParsnip ,xscreensaver in kde414:30
dstarfaileas: the beta/rc of kde4.2? It's not like the version of kde4.1 or whatever that Kubuntu uses by default is useable....14:31
khalidmiani didd get screensavers via sudo apt get but not all14:31
faileasguedressel: there's an open with arc option14:32
ActionParsnipBluesKaj: it will find all packages about screensavers so it could be kde2 for all he cares ;)14:32
faileasdstar: thats what i found too. i'm using the 'official' experimental 4.2 repos mentioned on the channel topic, and i love it to bits14:32
BluesKajActionParsnip , some have very limited options , xscreensaver has the most14:33
guedresselfaileas: i don't like that...14:33
guedressel...klick & go14:33
ActionParsnipBluesKaj: well the list will help to advise what package to install14:33
guedresselbut i will add it myself - if it's not there by default.14:33
dstarfaileas: ditto. Except that plasma would crash as soon as I logged in. That didn't happen the last time I tried it, a couple of days ago, but my task bar panel vanished after a couple of minutes, and I couldn't get it back....14:34
faileasdstar: on 4.1?14:36
dstarfaileas: 4.214:36
faileaswell i normally use the cli for that14:36
faileasdstar: wierd. on my laptop its awesomely stable14:36
guedresselif i'm just in the cli i do it like this too14:36
guedresselbut if i'm using my mouse klicking through my data it's just nice to not break that experience because of an archive file14:37
dstarfaileas: I think it's the current Catalyst drivers, at a guess... it got worse when I upgraded to Catalyst 8.12  hoping that would help. I know the 9.1 beta drivers fix the compiz problem of flickering Xv video when using compositing, so maybe this is the same underlying problem and will be fixed....14:37
ActionParsnip!worksforme | faileas14:37
ubottufaileas: Common Sense: Just because you can, does not mean you should (and especially recommend to others). Think before you do. "Works for me" does not mean it is ok. The latest version of everything is not always useful if you aim for stability. Please see http://geekosophical.net/random/worksforme/14:37
ActionParsnipfaileas: ;)14:37
dstarSomething seems to be overwriting my resolv.conf file... and I can't figure out what, since I don't have any dhcp interfaces....14:38
faileasdstar: thats an odd little thing. i'm running an x3100, which is not very good, and can't do compiz last time i tried ;)14:38
faileasActionParsnip: maybe ;p14:38
dstarfaileas: the one that's an rs780 chipset?14:39
faileasoh yeah, is there any way to change the inode size on a ext file system, or to set it during an install?14:39
khalidmianwhy isnt adept giving me options to install all screensavers14:39
faileasdstar: intel integrated graphics ;p14:39
dstarfaileas: ahhhh14:39
dstarfaileas: I've got a Radeon HD310014:40
faileasIts barely competant- some stuff won't work on it, some will, compiz had huge problems when i tried it last year ;p14:40
khalidmianugh i give up14:40
faileason the other hand, i think it can handle aero, but i wouldn't let vista pollute my hard drive ;p14:41
dstarfaileas: do you have the latest driver for it? ISTR seeing somethig about improvements to the intel driver recently when it comes to compositing14:41
=== navid_ is now known as nahy
faileasdstar: i have the stock driver, well i do have the proposed repo activated14:42
dstarfaileas: hmm... that should do it14:42
dstarfaileas: when was the last time you tried compiz?14:43
nahyi tried to install gnome on my kubuntu but it couldn't download some packages14:43
faileasdstar: last year, before october14:43
nahyi couldn't run gnome session14:44
khalidmiancan anyone help me with kubuntu screensavers14:44
dstarfaileas: I think the changes were in the last couple of months, but I don't really recall -- I just saw it in passing.14:44
dstarkhalidmian: what do you need?14:44
faileasdstar: it was supposed to have been fixed in october14:45
khalidmiandstar: i fail to understand why adept isnt showing screensaver installtion option ive installed k and xscreensavers via sudo but most are missing14:46
nahyi tried to remove gnome by sudo aptitude remove gnome-desktop but it said package lists or status file could not be parsed or opened14:46
ubottuIf you want to remove all !Gnome packages and have a default !Kubuntu system follow the instructions here « https://help.ubuntu.com/community/PureKDE »14:46
=== jamie is now known as Guest99077
Guest99077sup guise14:47
dstarkhalidmian: what's one of the screensavers that's missing in specific (so I know what to look for)?14:48
ActionParsnipnahy: the gnome-desktop is a hollow metapackage so wont uninstall the packages its made of14:48
khalidmiangl series i think in k and x14:48
=== rraphink is now known as raphink
nahybut the instructions in help.ubuntu said that this "sudo aptitude remove ubuntu-desktop" will work14:50
SlimeyPetehow old are those instructions?14:50
SlimeyPetethe *-desktop packages have been through several different revisions14:51
dstarkhalidmian: are xscreensaver-gl, xscreensaver-gl-extra, and kscreensaver-xsavers installed?14:52
nahyis there any way to repair the packages?14:52
khalidmiandstar: thats what im trying to install14:52
dstarkhalidmian: do 'apt-cache search screensaver' from the command line, and see if they show up there14:53
khalidmianthey did14:53
nahyis there any way to repair the packages?14:54
nahythey haven't downloaded completely14:54
nahywhen i wanted to install gnome14:55
dstarkhalidmian: hmm.... but they don't show up in adept?14:55
ActionParsnipnahy: sudo apt-get -f install14:55
khalidmianill have to reinstall kubuntu14:56
=== ame is now known as Guest30649
nahyit says you must manually run 'dpkg --configure -a'14:57
dstarkhalidmian: if I fire up adept and put 'xscreensaver' in the search box, it shows up... how many packages do you see if you do that?14:57
cokyhow to make totemsupport ssa subtitle?14:58
nahyit says there is no space14:58
dstarnahy: what's the exact error message?14:59
nahyi tried df -h and it shows my / is full14:59
nahyno space left on device15:00
nahyin some other extent like this i erased my log and archive15:01
nahyis that ok?15:01
geniinahy: Logs are fine, they just get re-created15:02
nahyok but please show me where are they i can't remember15:03
geniinahy: Usually in /var/log         and the subdirs in there specific to whichever apps as well. Don't delete the subdirs however15:04
nahyok thank you15:04
geniinahy: You may also want to use apt-get clean         which will clean out the downloaded install packages15:05
raphinknahy: instead of erasing the logs, you could compress them by running logrotate15:05
nahythen can i run this command to get rid of gnome? "sudo aptitude remove ubuntu-desktop"?15:06
raphinknahy: logrotate is responsible for regularly compressing the current logs and deleting old ones, so forcing it usually saves space15:06
ubuntuwow I am running kubuntu from the live cd--! awesome! :)15:06
nahywhat is the exact command?15:06
raphinknahy: I doubt it will remove gnome, maybe "sudo aptitude autoremove" afterwards will (not sure though)15:06
nahyok buddy15:06
raphinkubuntu: welcome to the kubuntu world then ;)15:07
nahyit's working "sudo aptitude remove ubuntu-desktop"15:08
nahybut in the middle it said: run 'dpkg --configure -a'15:10
nahyare they different?15:10
raphinkthen run it :)15:10
ubuntuhey all I am brand new to this, and wondering if kubuntu will run on an atom proc?15:10
nahyi mean is it going to uninstall gnome?15:10
raphinkdpkg is what manages the packages individually, apt-get and aptitude allow to download packages from distant repositories and manage dependencies between them15:11
raphinkubuntu: yes it will15:11
raphinkubuntu: atom is intel compatible (i386 compatible)15:11
raphinknahy: if it tells you to run "dpkg --configure -a", it's because the installation/removal didn't work fine, so it needs to be tried again15:12
raphinknahy: so you should do it if it tells you15:12
nahyok ok i did it15:12
raphinknahy: you could retry your aptitude command to make sure it was completed15:12
raphinkubuntu: I personnaly run kubuntu on an aspire one, which uses an atom proc15:13
ubuntuthat is awesome--- this is a slick little os15:14
nahyi still see that my root is 100% used what should i do?15:16
raphinknahy: genii proposed you to clean your aptitude cache15:17
raphinkrun "sudo apt-get clean"15:17
raphinkthis will remove the packages that were downloaded by apt-get/aptitude and are not useful anymore15:17
raphink(located in /var/cache/apt/archives)15:17
raphinkwhat you can do next is check where the space is used15:18
raphinkin order to do that, you can do15:18
raphinksudo du -sh /*15:18
raphinkthis will show you the space used by each directory on the computer15:18
raphinkonce you locate a directory that uses a lot of space, you run "sudo du -sh" on this directory15:18
raphinkuntil you find where you can remove space15:18
saiymy first time15:18
raphinkkonqueror also has a very nice plugin for that15:19
raphinkhopefully still working in KDE4... let me check15:19
raphinkhi saiy15:19
saiyhi raphink15:19
=== henk_ is now known as SparX
saiymy first to use kubuntu ,my first time to come here.15:20
raphinknahy: you can fire up konqueror, and while you view a folder, go to the view mode and switch to the file size view15:20
raphinkthis is very useful15:20
raphinkwelcome then saiy15:20
raphinksaiy: first time using a linux OS ?15:20
saiythank you ,15:20
saiyyes ,15:20
raphinkcongrats then :)15:20
saiythank you15:21
saiyI like kubuntu very much,it is very beautiful15:21
ahmoshi, how can i change login password15:22
raphinkahmos: either in systemsettings (see the preferences in the K menu)15:23
daDudeManI had a 'held back' amarok for a while on Hardy, then finally uninstalled it.  Now I cant get it to install without reference to libmp4v2.  i installed libmp4 from source and still no go.  any suggestions from this error?  ---> The following packages have unmet dependencies:15:23
raphinkah, too late ;)15:23
daDudeMan  amarok: Depends: libmp4v2-0 (>= 1:1.6dfsg) but it is not installable15:23
daDudeManE: Broken packages15:23
dstarhmm... anyone know of a replacement for sort that understands size postfixes (k,m,g, etc)?15:23
ubuntuwow so if this install goes ok I will have kubuntu on my new 8gb usb stick and be able to boot from it! what are the chances of that working!? lol15:24
saiyhi,raphink,where are you from?15:24
raphinksaiy: france15:24
saiyoh,great country15:24
saiyI am from China,nice to talk with you.15:25
dstardaDudeMan: what happens if you do 'sudo apt-get install libmp2v2-0'?15:25
raphinkdstar: you could preprocess it by replacing k with 1000, m with 1000000 and g with 1000000000...15:25
raphinkdstar: using awk for example... but it's a bit ugly15:25
dstarer, 'sudo apt-get install libmp4v2-0'15:25
dstarraphink: yeah15:26
raphinkubuntu: it should work if you follow the howto on bootable USB keys15:26
daDudeMandstar:  I get "  E: Couldn't find package libmp2v2-0 "15:27
raphinkdstar: is it to use with ls ?15:28
nahyraphink: response to du -sh for root returned no access to /proc and .........15:28
dstardaDudeMan: typo on my part... should have been libmp4v2-015:28
daDudeMandstar:  Does it matter I have the medibuntu repo in list to search?15:28
dstarraphink: du -sH15:28
raphinkdstar: let me see15:28
dstardaDudeMan: shouldn't, try it again with mp4 instead of mp215:28
daDudeMandstar:  E: Package libmp4v2-0 has no installation candidate15:29
=== marius is now known as Guest47299
raphinkdstar: you use use "du -s" without the h15:29
raphinkdstar: this way you won't have k, m, g15:29
dstarraphink: yeah, that works... I'm looking for a way to have my cake and eat it, too.15:29
nahyok guys i'm so sorry but i got to go. i'll give it a try tomorrow15:31
nahythank you again15:31
nahybye bye15:31
dstardaDudeMan: what architecture are you on?15:32
saiyhow can i setup plugins ,when I use konqueror?15:32
phanbtwhere do I get kernel 2.6.24-7 downgrade?15:33
saiywhich down tools is better to use in kubuntu?15:35
raphinkdown tools saiy?15:35
raphinkwhat do you mean?15:36
saiyit is used to download something from net15:36
saiyany good tool?15:36
daDudeMandstar: 64bit15:36
raphinkah, download15:36
raphinksaiy: graphical?15:36
raphinksaiy: there's Kget in KDE15:37
raphinkwhich works directly with konqueror15:37
dstardaDudeMan: what does uname -m say?15:37
saiyok, i will try it now15:37
saiythank you15:37
raphinkyou're welcome15:37
daDudeMandstar x86_6415:37
khalidmianhi im back with a fresh install of kubuntu running updates as we speak and would like to know how to add screensavers via adept not via sudo15:40
dstardaDudeMan: try downloading http://launchpadlibrarian.net/17200239/libmp4v2-0_1.6dfsg-0.2ubuntu3_amd64.deb and installing it with 'dpkg -i <path to downloaded file>'15:40
nethans_Hi guys.. I'm using qemu.. and my virtual OS is freebsd.. but I dont know why I cannot ping between my hosts.15:40
daDudeMandstar: thanks will try15:40
nethans_any idea?15:40
dstardaDudeMan: I'm assuming that x86_64 is the same thing as what debian calls amd6415:41
daDudeMandstar: i think its a reasonable assumption15:41
dstarnethans_: is your host os kubuntu?15:41
dstardaDudeMan: How well does 64-bit linux work out for you?15:42
raphinknethans_: are you hosts on the same network?15:42
raphinkwhat the IPs/masks nethans_?15:42
nethans_my host.. and the vritual OS are inthe same network.15:42
daDudeMandstar: it screams15:42
dstarnethans_: well, this channel is for kubuntu, but I'll see if I can help... are you trying to ping between host os and guest, or guest os and another guest os?15:42
nethans_192.168.1.0 /2415:42
dstardaDudeMan: no incompatibility problems?15:42
raphinknethans_: they're all in this network?15:43
daDudeMandstar: i think i found WINE is only 32 bit but that was it for "problems"15:43
dstardaDudeMan: cool.15:43
raphinknethans_: can you ping other IPs from the virtual machines?15:43
khalidmianhi im looking for assistance on how to get kubuntu screensavers via adept rather than via sudo command15:43
nethans_I cannot ping the VM..15:44
dstardaDudeMan: I'm seriously considering moving to 64-bit if I ever (god forbid *shudder*) have to rebuild my server.15:44
raphinkkhalidmian: if someone told you to type "sudo apt-get install <something>", seach for this <something> in adept15:44
nethans_I have virtual box.. and I can..15:44
raphinknethans_: can the VM ping the host?15:44
nethans_but with qemu I cannot15:44
dstarkhalidmian: did you see the question I asked just before I lost my connection earlier?15:44
Guest47299how can I kill a blocked app?15:44
nethans_I have 2 vitual tool. qemu and virtual box..15:44
raphinkGuest47299: use the kill command, or use Ctrl+Esc and click on the window15:44
dstarnethans_: not the same guest os image in both cases though, right?15:44
khalidmiandstar: hey star no i didnt i just reinstalled kubuntu and am running upadtes at the moment so i guess you can say my kubuntu is a virgin15:45
nethans_I tried to put a static route.. but didnt worked15:45
saiykget is undoubted a good tool.   thank you again,raphink15:45
Guest47299thanks a lot, that actually worked hahah15:45
dstarnethans_: what's ifconfig -a and netstat -r output for both host and guest on the working and non-working cases (you'll want to use a pastebox of course)15:46
nethans_I used tcpdump to check if actually the pings are trying to go out of the box.. but they dont15:46
raphinkGuest47299: it was more fun when the cursor became a skull though ;)15:46
daDudeMandstar:  I do environmental modeling with GIS on the linux 64 bit system, and it just rips the data up.  big files in GB order too.  just grinds away....faaaaaaaaaaaaaaassssst too15:46
dstarkhalidmian: once it's done with updates, fire up adept, go to search, and put in xscreensaver and see what you get in the results15:46
raphinksaiy: yes it's nice :)15:46
raphinksaiy: in the console, there's wget if you ever want to check it, it's very powerful, too15:47
khalidmiandstar: shall do and will msg you for assistance if it doesnt work15:47
ubuntuso how long is the kubuntu install to a usb stick supposed to take? it seems to be taking a long time15:47
saiyI don't like to do something in console ,haha15:48
=== hannascott_NA is now known as hannascott
raphinksaiy: you're not used to it yet ;)15:48
dstardaDudeMan: hmm... maybe I should have gone with 64-bit on my laptop. On the gripping hand, at the time I was on a cell-phone internet connection, and just downloading _one_ iso took hours... worse, I had to do it twice because it died at 90% the first time. So I didn't want to risk a failure....15:48
raphinksaiy: I didn't like to use the console when I began to use linux. Now I use it more than the graphical tools. It saves me tons of time :)15:48
raphinksaiy: yes, really :)15:49
dstarubuntu: You can install kubuntu to a usb stick?15:49
khalidmian dstar i tried the beta version of Windows 7 all i can say is that it sucks15:49
dstarsaiy: really, and there are things you can do with the command line that just aren't possible with a gui....15:49
dstarkhalidmian: My understanding is it's just like Vista and Server 2008. Of course it sucks....15:50
=== vmt1 is now known as vmt
saiyok,from now on,i will use it a little everyday ,ha15:50
=== manuel__ is now known as fliegenderfrosch
dstarThere is _one_ thing I liked about vista, and that was that it was possible in explorer to (for example) only show files with names that starte with 'a-f', etc... is that doable with any of the various Kubuntu/Ubuntu file managers?15:51
dstarsaiy: that's the best way to do it -- don't try to force yourself into only using it, just make sure you do so that you get more comfortable with it, and you'll find yourself doing more and more with it.15:52
khalidmiandstar: why have windows when you have an open door invitaion to linux15:52
saiythank you,but i am newer , it is difficult to me probably15:52
dstarkhalidmian: Well, my laptop doesn't run Vista anymore... :) I gave Vista a fair try. And even at the end of a cell-phone internet connection, it took me less time to download and install ubuntu than I'd already spent trying to get Vista working.15:53
khalidmiandstar: all upgardes are complete should i reboot or stay online15:53
dstarkhalidmian: Up to you -- did it say you needed to reboot?15:53
raphinksaiy: as a matter of fact, you can do without the command line15:54
=== _roconnor is now known as roconnor
raphinksaiy: my wife has been using linux for 3 years and doesn't use the command line at all15:54
saiyha ,great15:54
raphinksaiy: but if you're interested in controlling your computer and gaining time (especially in batch processing), then it's really worth it to learn15:55
raphinksaiy: the GUIs can only do what they were planned to. There can't be buttons and boxes for everything you might want to do with a computer15:55
saiyyes , you are right . i have ever seen my friend using the console.that is difficult15:56
raphinksaiy: it is not difficult, it's just another way of interacting with the computer15:58
raphinkwith words instead of graphics15:58
saiyoh,i have to remember a lot of command,i hate to remember something mechanically.15:58
raphinkhehe ;)15:58
khalidmiand-tech: back after required reboot now what15:59
LazersKRight. Anyone remember that x-terminal error I had?16:00
saiyraphink,when did  you learn  ubuntu ?16:00
JackWinterhow can i see how many files and application has opened ?16:00
khalidmianok something is really wrong with my adept manager16:00
raphinksaiy: about 3 years ago16:00
raphinkJackWinter: you can use lsof for that16:00
LazersKWell, i fixed that by installing xterm, except, i can only run KDE via: 'KDESTART'16:00
LazersKAnd it logs me in as root.16:00
saiyyou must master it16:01
raphinkJackWinter: for example, to check files opened by kmail, you can do 'lsof | grep "^kmail"'16:01
saiyi mean you probably master  it16:01
khalidmianwhy doesnt the electric shepp screensaver work in kubuntu16:02
JackWinterraphink: and if i only want to know how many a specific app has opened ?16:03
raphinkyou want to know how many files a program has opened?16:03
raphinkthen you can pipe the lsof command into wc16:03
raphinklsof | grep "^kmail" | wc -l16:03
raphinkwill give you the number of lines returned16:04
khalidmiandstar: finally the screensavers show up in adept16:04
dstarkhalidmian: cool16:04
khalidmiandstar: why doesnt electric sheep work under kubuntu16:04
daDudeMandstar: that seemed to work, its installing amarok now. thanks!  =D16:05
dstarkhalidmian: what happens when you try?16:05
dstardaDudeMan: no problem16:05
JackWinterraphink: many thanks16:06
raphinkJackWinter: does that answer your question?16:06
phanbtI have a patch for kernel 2.6.24-7 what i the easiest way to mod it to patch for the latest and greatest kernel?16:06
genii!br | ferlete16:07
ubottuferlete: Por favor, use #ubuntu-br ou #ubuntu-pt para ajuda em português. Obrigado.16:07
LazersKHooray, another bug caused crash.16:07
raphinkJackWinter: lsof might include pipes opened by the program aswell though, so if you want only real files, you might want to check "man lsof"16:07
LazersK I seriously hope KDE 4.2 is better than this.16:07
dstarLazersK: oh god yes16:07
dstarLazersK: Does KDM not work for you?16:07
LazersKKdebluetooth doesn't work.16:07
noir_lordAnybody else having performance issues with Scribus on 8.10?16:07
LazersKI have to start KDE by manually typing 'KDESTART'16:07
LazersKIt often crashes.16:07
khakanekde4.2 is awesome.16:08
khakaneinfinite times better than 4.116:08
LazersKI got the RC.16:08
sevenseekeryay bluetooth... saw the bug updates about the kdebluetooth being fixed and will be backported to kde4.1 too, thanks for the hard work!16:08
JackWinterraphink: no this is cool, i just need to know approximately.  i had a sampler that ran out of filehandles with the default 1024 :)16:09
dstarLazersK: Why do you have to start kde with kdestart? Can you not choose a kde session at the login screen?16:09
LazersKKDEbluetooth doesn't work on mine16:09
LazersKdoesn't even start16:09
raphinkJackWinter: ok :)16:09
noir_lordhas tried the Scribus team repositories, tried the svn release, built the whole thing from scratch out of the SVN repository, has rebuilt cairo with hardware acceleration enabled and it still runs like a 2 legged dog16:10
porta_sshelo ppl16:10
porta_sshelp me out16:10
saiyhi, raphink,thank you very much.I do not want to leave but i have to go to sleep ,it is 00:10 now.16:10
porta_ssmy kubuntu doesn't start16:10
porta_ssafter loading at startup16:10
porta_ssthe system blocks16:10
porta_ssall the apps block and the mouse too16:11
porta_sswhat's wrong with my system?16:11
porta_sshelp pls16:13
porta_ssall the system seems to block, nothing works, not even ctrl+alt+backspace16:14
porta_sswhat's wrong???16:14
khakanewhat the hell does blocks mean16:14
khakaneto me it means prevents16:14
geniiporta_ss: By "block" you mean the graphics are square and chunky, or that the applications are prevented from running?16:15
porta_ssI mean that everything suddenly stops from workin'16:15
porta_ssmouse, apps, everything16:15
porta_ss5 seconds after login16:15
porta_ssno key responds, no mouse movement, nothing16:16
geniiporta_ss: Does it take you back to login screen after a while?16:18
porta_ssit just...16:18
cjaeHi how do I access Nvidia Controls in Kubuntu 8.1016:18
RurouniJonesproprietry driver?16:19
porta_ssdies, I could watch the desktop for all day, but I can't move the mouse nor do anything else16:19
noir_lordKMenu - Settings - NVidia X Server Settings (if you are using the proprietary driver)16:19
cjaesorry found it and yes16:19
porta_ssso...all services stop and all I can do is press "Shut down" to tr again16:20
geniiporta_ss: When this happens, do the 3 lights on the keyboard keep all blinking on and off together?16:20
porta_ssnope, nothing16:20
StR|Sangrealplease, how can i get new 64bit flash into opera?16:21
StR|Sangreal(i have core2duo processor)16:22
porta_ssthe fact is that I can't eve try to solve the problem, the system just won't work16:22
porta_ssI login and that's it16:22
porta_sscan't even open konsole16:22
cjaewhat s xinerama again? I would like to use independent x screens and have edited xorg lots but cannot remember what xinerama is16:22
porta_ssthis is the second time I install kubuntu16:22
geniiporta_ss: When this happens can you use ctrl-alt-f1 to get to a text login?16:22
ubottuxinerama is an extension to !X to use two or more physical displays as one large virtual display. See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/XineramaHowTo - See also !DualHead16:22
StR|Sangreali have just removed the older version of flashplugin-nonfree and its dependancies because it didnt work. how shall i get the new package?16:23
porta_ssI didn't try. but if I can, what should I type there?16:23
RurouniJonesporta_ss: does CTRL+ALT+F2 take you to a command line prompt?16:23
RurouniJonesah nm, someone already mentioned it16:23
porta_ssI didn't try. but if I can, what should I type there?16:24
cjaeok what is panning is that were you make the screen bigger than your normal resolution and access it by moving mouse to the corners16:24
MagicFabHi all - I am wondering if there's a "welcome wizard" in Kubuntu, something that pops up when a newly-installed kubuntu is logged into. What would that package name be ?16:25
coreymon77MagicFab: and why would you need that?16:25
porta_ssI don't know if ctrl+alt+f2 works but I can tell you that ctrl+alt+backspace doesn't work16:25
coreymon77MagicFab: theres nothing to set up16:25
dstarporta_ss: start by doing ctrl-alt-f1. If it takes you to a text screen with a login prompt, try to log in and see if it works.16:26
MagicFabcoreymon77, some first-time users may see its use. I am just curious and wanted to see what it did. I believe I remember seing that while browsing for other packages but can't remember.16:26
coreymon77MagicFab: i dont know, but once again, I cant see any sort of use for it, everything that needs setting up is done on install16:27
StR|Sangrealplease, could sb tell me how should i install flash into intrepid, espetially so that it works with opera?16:27
coreymon77!flash | StR|Sangreal16:27
ubottuStR|Sangreal: To install Flash see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/RestrictedFormats/Flash (a recent version for !Dapper is available in !backports) - See also !Restricted and !Gnash16:27
MagicFabcoreymon77, regardless if you think it's useless, that's not what I am asking - no need to debate that.16:28
khalidmiandstar: need assistance buddy16:28
dstarkhalidmian: shoot16:28
coreymon77MagicFab: i already said that, im not sure what it would be called, apt-cache search should be your friend for that though16:29
khalidmiandstar: screensaver prefrences in advanced are16:29
khalidmiandstar: says usr/share/backgrounds dir doesnt exist16:30
dstarkhalidmian: hmmm... does it?16:30
coreymon77well then it doesnt exist16:30
khalidmiani dont know i thought its a default dir16:30
MagicFabcoreymon77, I've searched, but as expected no obvious keywords match that. For KDE 4 a welcome plasmoid is coming up:16:30
MagicFabSo apparently it's not as useless as one would think :)16:31
BluesKajMagicFab, do you mean browse available pkges that aren't installed? If so, there are thousands and if you have something in mind then surf the pkg managers like adept for apps you might like.16:31
khalidmiandstar: isnt that the dir for wallpapers by default?16:31
coreymon77MagicFab: "welcome" as a keyword doesnt give you anything16:31
StR|Sangrealplease, the manual for me is too complicated i have centrino2 architecture and use intrepid kubuntu16:32
coreymon77BluesKaj: no, he means a welcome wizzard when you log in to a newly installed kubuntu16:32
dstarkhalidmian: I don't know, actually... I don't do much with walpapers16:32
=== manuel__ is now known as fliegenderfro
coreymon77StR|Sangreal: its called apt, or adept, use it16:32
=== stigi is now known as Sprut1
BluesKajcoreymon77 , Ikinow what he means , it's a matter of interpretation16:32
porta_sshello again16:32
StR|Sangrealwhence i should get sth compatible with amd6416:32
porta_ssctrl+alt+f1 won't work,ctrl+alt+f1 neither16:33
porta_ssctrl+alt+f2 neither16:33
StR|Sangrealthe official flash plugin x86_64 does not work, neither flashplugin-nonfree with nspluginwrapper16:33
MagicFabcoreymon77, at the risk of repeating myself, no.16:33
dstarkhalidmian: is screensaver-default-images installed?16:33
dstarkhalidmian: brb16:33
porta_ssnothing works16:34
StR|Sangrealwhich package should i get then?16:34
porta_ssno keys no mouse, nothing16:34
StR|Sangrealand from which repository?16:34
porta_ssany idea please?16:35
coreymon77StR|Sangreal: if nobody is answering, theres a good chance that either nobody who is here and active at the moment knows, or is busy with something else at the moment16:35
geniiporta_ss: If you choose Console login from the login screen, does it take you to a text login?16:35
porta_sswell, I don't have ckonsole option in the login menu, in 8.04 there was16:36
porta_ssor is it?16:36
porta_ssuhmmm, not quite sure16:36
porta_ssbut if there is, what should I type in that konsole16:37
porta_ssoh, u're right there is konsole16:37
porta_ssso, what should I do with it?16:37
porta_ssreinstalling kubuntu doesn't solve the problem,16:38
geniiporta_ss: The idea is that if you can at least get to a usable console login, then some forensics can be done to see whats happening16:38
porta_ssok, but I'm dual booting16:38
IcyPolecatsorry for xpost but #ubuntu is pretty darn busy - anyone now of a Kubuntu app that supports reading dmg (autocad) files?16:38
porta_ssso could you tell me what should I do in the console?16:39
khalidmiandstar: in software sources i try to add cdrom but it doesnt mount it16:39
porta_sscause I'm dual booting, so I must restart in order to open the konsole16:39
geniiporta_ss: The first useful thing would be to install the package pastebinit. eg:  sudo apt-get update && sudo apt-get install pastebinit16:40
porta_ssok, after that?16:40
geniiporta_ss: In this case, why not instead boot to livecd and come here again from on that.16:40
porta_ssuhmmm, ok16:40
dstarkhalidmian: hmm... not sure on that. on my system, dpkg says /usr/share/backgrounds is owned by screensaver-default-images, ubuntu-wallpapers, and ubuntustudio-wallpapers16:40
khalidmiandstar: in software sources i try to add cdrom but it doesnt mount it any clue?16:41
dstarkhalidmian: Can you mount the cd manually?16:41
khalidmiandstar: how?16:42
dstarkhalidmian: grep cdrom /etc/fstab, then do sudo mount <second entry on the fstab line (mine is /media/cdrom0)>16:43
dstarkhalidmian: so if yours is like mine, sudo mount /media/cdrom016:44
=== ubuntu is now known as setuid_w00t
setuid_w00tI am in the process of moving my kubuntu install to a larger hard drive.  I have created the new partitions and filesystems and used rsync to copy all the files.  Now my problem is that I need to install grub on the new drive.  Can anyone tell me what I need to do?  I am currently using the LiveCD functionality of the kubuntu installer and have my new drive mounted. under ~/new_linux16:49
setuid_w00tEagleScreen: which directory do I execute that from?16:50
porta_ssok, I got into konsole,16:51
EagleScreento install grub you need two things to specify: root folder for grub installation, and disk in whose MBR grub will be installed16:51
porta_ssok, I got into konsole,16:51
porta_ssI got updates and installed pstebinit16:52
porta_ssbut still won;t work16:52
EagleScreenfor instance: grub-install --root-directory=~/new_linux '(hd1)'16:53
setuid_w00tEagleScreen: ahhh.  I was trying to specify the last paramater as /dev/sdb16:53
EagleScreenyou only have to set --root-directory and HD correctly16:54
EagleScreensdb must be hd116:54
EagleScreensda hd016:54
setuid_w00twell it didn't work when I did /dev/sdb16:55
Goan_Hi. I am having "kernel-panic" instances on my hardy installation since last week. Is there something that I can check?16:55
=== darthvader_ is now known as S
=== S is now known as STD
EagleScreensetuid_w00t you may need to edit (or create) manually the /boot/grub/menu.lst file in your new disk16:57
setuid_w00tEagleScreen: I have edited it to modify the disk UUIDs16:57
STDsomebody now about bluetooh in kubuntu 8.10?16:58
setuid_w00tEagleScreen: and the (hd#,#) entries16:58
EagleScreenwell done16:58
setuid_w00t(hd1,0) == /dev/sdb1 right?16:58
GoanHi. I am having "kernel-panic" instances on my hardy installation since last week. Is there something that I can check?16:58
EagleScreenSTD bluetooh in kubuntu 8.10 is broken16:58
EagleScreenyes setuid_w00t you are roght16:59
setuid_w00tok.  Rebooting.  Thanks16:59
GoanJust after few minutes of login, the caps lock led starts flashing and the screen just freezes...16:59
=== lacopt is now known as lacopt_ausente
tyler_d2I have a hard-drive named New17:00
tyler_d2New Volume - sorry, and I would like to change the name on it17:00
EagleScreenSTD seems to be a kbluetooth issue17:00
tyler_d2as well I would like to automount it without the password?17:01
EagleScreentyler_d2 change label?17:01
tyler_d2EagleScreen: yes17:01
ubottuThe /etc/fstab file indicates how drive partitions are to be used or otherwise integrated into the file system. See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Fstab and http://www.tuxfiles.org/linuxhelp/fstab.html and !Partitions17:01
ubottuSorry, I don't know anything about list*17:01
LjL!it | giovanni17:02
ubottugiovanni: Vai su #ubuntu-it se vuoi parlare in italiano, in questo canale usiamo solo l'inglese. Grazie! (click col tasto destro sul nome del canale per entrare)17:02
EagleScreen!fstab | tyler_d217:02
ubottutyler_d2: The /etc/fstab file indicates how drive partitions are to be used or otherwise integrated into the file system. See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Fstab and http://www.tuxfiles.org/linuxhelp/fstab.html and !Partitions17:02
EagleScreentyler_d2 there is a python script to change disk labels, i can pass it on to you17:03
STDand do not know how to fix it17:03
EagleScreeni dont know17:03
STDno way?ç17:04
EagleScreenSTD let me see..17:04
STDthis is17:05
STDIt is therefore very important17:05
=== KennethP_ is now known as KennethP
EagleScreenSTD Bluetooh is broken, it is written in 8.10 release notes, you should read it before upgrade to 8.1017:08
STDyeah i read it17:08
STDbut I thought it had fixed17:09
EagleScreenyou did it wrongly17:09
EagleScreenyou must use 8.04 to use bluetooh17:10
STDhmm yeap17:10
EagleScreenby the moment, yes17:10
EagleScreenand i have no hope to this is going to be fixed soon in 8.1017:10
STDhow i can help?17:11
EagleScreenSTD opena terminal and run command kbluetooth4, after, paste the putput into pastebin and share it17:12
* cuznt puts on protective wear. no STD's for me!17:13
STDknow of any tutorial?17:14
STDdo you now about venenux?17:14
STDhey man, do you now about venenux?17:16
STDwell see you!17:17
Koordinhi i have a problem when i type "xrandr --size 640x480" : my desktop does not scale17:25
=== KennethP_ is now known as KennethP
StR|Sangrealplease i have two issues17:37
StR|Sangreal1. i need a thirdparty driver for my ATI, probably a reason for why my desktop manager sometimes displays black and white stripes or other disturbed graphics17:38
StR|Sangreal2. please could sb tell me how to install flash onto AMD64 kubuntu intrepid? which one, from where and how should i integrate it into opera wb?17:39
alan_Hi somebody know how to install mozilla firefox in kubuntu ???17:40
Wulongalan_: menu -> application -> system -> pacakage manager.17:42
hyper__chalan_: sudo apt-get install firefox17:43
nippz@ StR|Sangreal http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=35664917:43
alan_E: Unable to lock the administration directory (/var/lib/dpkg/), is another pr  ess using it?17:44
nippz@ StR|Sangreal http://ubuntuforums.org/archive/index.php/t-969043.html17:44
nippzalan_ did you use sudo?17:44
alan_: Impossible de verrouiller /var/lib/dpkg/lock - open (11 Resource temporaril  unavailable)17:44
WulongBecause he did what I said.17:44
WulongClose package manager.17:44
nippzStR|Sangreal those two should answer both questions you had17:45
alan_Thanks you =)17:45
geniiStR|Sangreal: Grab the 64 bit Flash from: http://download.macromedia.com/pub/labs/flashplayer10/libflashplayer-10.0.d21.1.linux-x86_64.so.tar.gz         then extract the file to  /usr/lib/opera/plugins/17:45
StR|Sangrealshould i do that for firefox and for opera separately?17:46
geniiStR|Sangreal: You could also just put the .so file someplace common amd symlink from the plugin dirs of opera and firefox17:47
alan_Thanks a lot =)17:48
=== sven_ is now known as Lokiase
* alan_ is away: Gone away for now.17:50
* alan_ is away: Gone away for now.17:50
dstarhmm... what can cause a drmGetMagic error for aiglx?17:52
=== roozbehonline is now known as RoozbehOffline
geniiProbably hdcp related17:55
dstargenii: hdcp?17:57
geniids187: High Definition Copy Protection         ... if you want to play a bluray for instance through the computer, the video card has to be HDCP compliant17:58
neptunepinkMy printer often prints an extra blank page. :/17:58
dstargenii: why would that affect OpenGL acceleration?18:00
=== eric is now known as Guest12221
alan_Sorry again I'm french and i want to know what does a "GPL game"  mean18:03
raphinkalan_: GPL game ??18:04
WulongGNU Public Lisenced game.18:04
raphinkalan_: la GPL est une licence d'utilisation libre18:04
WulongA opensource game.18:04
alan_I want to have some game on my computer18:05
raphinkla GNU Public Lisence comme Wulong l'a dit18:05
raphinkalan_: il y a beaucoup de jeux pour linux18:05
alan_a bon ?18:05
raphinkalan_: http://www.happypenguin.org/ http://www.linuxgames.com/18:05
raphinkalan_: PM18:06
raphinkalan_: tu as vu mon PM?18:07
French76Merci !!!!18:08
=== French76 is now known as alan__
alan__merci ^18:08
raphinkalan__: de rien, tu as vu mon PM?18:10
alan__non j'ai eu un pb de connection18:15
hyper__ch!fr | alan__18:17
ubottualan__: Ce canal est en anglais uniquement. Si vous avez besoin d'aide ou voulez discuter en francais, merci de rejoindre #ubuntu-fr18:18
ealonsonecesito que alguien me ayude con el adept de kubuntu18:21
=== JackWinter_ is now known as JackWinter
ubottuEn la mayoría de canales Ubuntu se comunica en inglés. Para ayuda en Español, por favor entre en los canales #ubuntu-es o #kubuntu-es.18:22
riorio!es | ealonso18:22
ubottuealonso: please see above18:22
StR|Sangrealgracias :)18:22
rioriode nada18:22
StR|Sangrealplease i need advice18:23
StR|Sangrealwhere shall i copy the proprietary x86 flashplugin... .so so that it works with firefox?18:23
riorioStR|Sangreal, you don't want my advices, I'm new on Kubuntu18:24
ealonsoin spanish please18:24
StR|Sangrealealonso, for spanish join #kubuntu-es18:25
ealonsook tanck you18:25
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Koordinhi, i can't have the resolution 640x480 ; the desktop does not scale18:29
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geniiStR|Sangreal: Apologies on lag, work required me. For firefox, the plugin dir is /usr/lib/firefox/plugins        . But you need the 64 bit version of firefox for that, the 64 bit plugin won't work on 32 bit firefox.18:32
StR|Sangrealand how should i get 64bit firefox18:33
StR|Sangreal(the opera works fine btw :))18:33
=== Dralenia is now known as Alan
geniiStR|Sangreal: I cannot recall offhand if the default is 64bit if you are running amd64 kubuntu. Perhaps so. You could try18:35
tyler_d2how do I change the volume label on a hard drive18:37
geniityler_d2: It depends on the filesystem of said partition.18:37
tyler_d2mlabel syntax is not working out for me18:38
geniityler_d2: You want ntfsprogs. At any rate, there is good doc here on the entire subject https://help.ubuntu.com/community/RenameUSBDrive  Keep in mind volume names do not seem to change until after next boot.18:40
ubottuTips and tricks for RAID and LVM can be found on https://help.ubuntu.com/community/RaidConfigurationHowto and http://www.tldp.org/HOWTO/LVM-HOWTO18:40
hubert_my shift lock does not work for the numbered lines above the normal keys on the keyboard, any hints ?18:42
Malicwhere can i find the firefox bookmark file?18:42
ubottuIn den meisten ubuntu-Kanälen wird nur Englisch gesprochen. Für deutschsprachige Hilfe besuchen Sie bitte #ubuntu-de, #kubuntu-de, #edubuntu-de oder #ubuntu-at. Geben Sie einfach /join #ubuntu-de ein! Danke für Ihr Verständnis.18:43
geniiMalic: In /.mozilla/firefox/*.default/18:43
Malicgenii: thx!!18:44
geniiMalic: You're welcome18:44
neothecati really tried and looked, but i can't find this...  i run "aptitude update", i get this error:18:44
neothecat: GPG error: http://ppa.launchpad.net intrepid Release: The following signatures couldn't be verifiedbecause the public key is not available: NO_PUBKEY 4874D3686E80C6B718:44
Picineothecat: Thats normal.18:44
geniineothecat: That's not crucial18:45
neothecatPici: ok, then i won't worry :)18:45
* genii hands Pici a coffee18:45
fsamsonis there a way to show my system information with konversation?18:45
fsamsonunder windows i have mirc so i run a script.18:45
hubert_Sysinfo for 'hplaptop': Linux 2.6.24-21-generic running KDE 3.5.10, CPU: GenuineIntel(R)CPUT2050@1.60GHz at 800 MHz (3192 bogomips), , RAM: 968/1001MB, 114 proc's, 22.13min up18:46
hubert_fsamson /sysinfo18:47
xp-killeris there a way to do multip folder instead of right clikin on the mouse to creat a folder all the time?18:47
neothecatanother question... i am using KDE 4.2 RC 2.  kmail keeps on seg faulting when i go into my inbox.  has anybody else seen this, and i just need to wait for 4.2 to go gold?18:47
fsamsonSysinfo for 'fsamson-desktop': Linux 2.6.27-9-generic running KDE 4.1.4 (KDE 4.1.4), CPU: AMDAthlon644000+ at 2410 MHz (4821 bogomips), HD: 252/986GB, RAM: 1955/2024MB, 145 proc's, 20.34h up18:47
fsamsonRAM: 1955/2024MB, 145 proc's, 20.34h up18:47
fsamson1955 used?18:47
fsamsonno way..18:47
xp-killeris there a way to do multip folder instead of right clikin on the mouse to creat a folder all the time?18:47
fsamsongood question18:48
hubert_mkdir folder1 folder218:48
hubert_or mkdir -p folder1/subfolder118:49
fsamsonhubert knowns all18:49
xp-killerhubert_: i have to open a terminal on the window where i want the folders?18:50
hubert_yes xp-killer18:52
xp-killerhubert_: cool it work tanks18:53
Koordinhow can i uninstall these drivers ? http://www.nvidia.com/object/linux_display_ia32_180.22.html18:53
hubert_Koordin: i had a proplem with those as well,   removing the prepacked ubuntu version made the nvidia from site work18:55
Koordinhubert_: but i want to uninstall these (cause i have a display problem18:56
zer0ohi how do i get rid of Korganizer? even if i uncheck the "start at boo" option it starts automaticly at each boot, then i unistalled it from the repos, reboot, still there!!!! how do i get rid of it? help :D18:56
||arifaXhi, I have a wlan button on my notebook. if I forget to activate it before linux is up I can't enable wlan anymore. tried loading some modules but does only work when on at reboot. what can I do to find out how to activate it manually even if not on at boot?18:57
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=== sven_ is now known as Lokiase
geniizer0o: sudo apt-get remove --purge korganizer             But it still won't neccesarily remove shortcuts, rc files or so on which are in home directories. Only system files which it originally installed with the package.19:00
Lokiasehello all, can someone tell me how to go from ubuntu to kubuntu?19:00
geniifabio: /join #ubuntu-it       for Italian19:01
hubert_Lokiase:  if you want kde desktop    sudo apt-get install kubuntu-desktop19:01
fabiook sorry :)19:02
zer0ogenii: thank u man! and how do i remove the other stuff? i can do it manually but i dunno where the files are located physically19:02
JackWinterhow do i disable hardware rendering and switch on software rendering for kde4 in 8.10.19:03
Lokiasehubert_: doesnt it conflict with the languages?19:03
hubert_what do you mean languages ?19:03
Lokiaselast time I installed kubuntu desktop, some things were in dutch, some in english19:03
Lokiasehubert_: last time I installed kubuntu desktop, some things were in dutch, some in english19:04
hubert_that depens on how much packages are translated, and if you installed all the localized packages, and if all the settings are correct19:05
zer0ogenii: while removing it thatz what the output said http://paste.ubuntu.com/107902/ does this mean it removed also kdepim? i needed that! does it mean kdepim cant work without korganizer? uff...19:05
Riddell** kubuntu bug squishing talk in #ubuntu-classroom19:06
Lokiasehubert_: now its asks me kdm of gdm???19:09
hubert_ dm is display manager,  k is for kde,  g for gnome ,19:11
Lokiaseso K?:)19:11
hubert_what you prefer,   most kde users choose kdm19:11
=== RoozbehOffline is now known as roozbehonline
geniizer0o: You could try after to install kdepim19:16
bukharinhello. does anyone know how to disable the session lock on suspend?19:18
bukharini have two users on one laptop, when one suspends, the computer is able to resume without needfor a pasword, but when the session belongs to the other user, the computer suspendes and also locks the session, requiring a password for resume.19:18
bukharini want to leave it as no password for all users...19:18
bukharinbut i can't find any conf option in kde to manage this...19:19
bukharin(this is kde 3.5.9, on hardy)19:19
jadoi have a big prolem : "the Nvidia kernel module has version19:20
jado180.22 but ths nvidia driver component has version 180.1119:20
=== Darkrift2 is now known as DarkriftX
geniijado: Does: apt-cache policy nvidia-new-kernel-source                      report version 180.22 as being available to install?19:28
xp-killeru admins dont get bored of the same questions over n over n doing the samething everyday?19:29
utenxp-killer: We live for it19:29
utenat least the bots do19:29
=== French76 is now known as alan__
xp-killeruten: ok if u say so.19:32
utenIt's rarely ever the same thing every day just in between releases19:33
utennew release different things to anwser19:33
utenJust do it every day till the new release19:33
utenat least in Kubuntu we have 4 releases a year19:33
xp-killeryeah but its a kind of scrary to upgrade and loose eveything19:34
utenYou don't have to upgrade19:35
TimSIs there anyway to fix an FLV header? I can't play or convert this file because of a header error, and I don't know how to fix this :/19:36
bukharindoes anyone know how to stop the session from locking up on suspend?19:38
utenTims: oketa ?19:40
indystormok so I have kubuntu installed on a usb memory stick.... now I want to get a web browser that supports flash- how do I get it on my system?19:41
geniibukharin: Try in /etc/default/acpi-support   changing LOCK_SCREEN=true  to LOCK_SCREEN=false19:42
geniiindystorm: You are running now on usb version or still on installer cd or so?19:42
indystormno I am running kubuntu directly off the usb memory card- it's a bit slow on disk access, but otherwise runs very fast19:43
bukharingenii: but that's a system wide conifg... i only experience lock up with one user, other users suspend without locks....19:43
utenDid that one user change something?19:44
geniiindystorm: So then just install firefox and flashplugin-nonfree   the normal way19:44
indystormok now how do I install firefox?19:45
indystormcan I do it with adept?19:45
geniiindystorm: For flashplugin-nonfree      you will need to enable the multiverse repository in Adept19:47
lakis1982hello .. i have a driver that i want to install for my webcam.. its in tar.gz   format ... how do i install it .. does anyone know ???19:54
marcelexist another client program like Kopete under ubuntu ?19:57
BluesKajlakis1982, in the terminal : tar -xvzf filname.tar.gz ..then go into the folder it creates and find the readme test for further instructions.19:57
utennot quite like kopete19:58
Jadohi i need help ; i can't have the 640x480 resolution : my desktop does not scale on the screen19:58
utenlakis1982: un tar it19:58
lakis1982let me try19:58
marceli want to use YM under ubuntu, kopete fails19:58
geniilakis1982: Un-tar the file. Make sure you have packages build-essential  and linux-headers-$(uname -r)    installed. Then cd into the dir which it untarred to. Read the readme file there.19:58
marceluten: do you know the name of program please ??19:59
geniilakis1982: The usual instructions in the readme will be something like:  make && sudo make install          then likely:sudo depmod -a            if it's a module19:59
ubottuInstant Messenger Client Kopete (http://kopete.kde.org) supports MSN, Jabber, AIM, YIM, Gadu-Gadu, Novell Groupwise, ICQ and, in KDE 3, IRC. See also !Pidgin19:59
marcelPidgin , thank you20:00
lakis1982i untar it and a folder was created20:00
lakis1982there is inside a file with name read and install ... but it doesnt say anything avout installation20:01
lakis1982its saying about compiling the driver20:01
utenThe compilation will install.20:01
Jadohi, i need some help : if i choose the 640x480 resolution (xrandr --size 640x480 or nvidia-settings), the desktop does not appear entirely on my screen and i can't see the bottom part of it. With other resolutoins, such as 800x600 or 1280x800, i can see all the desktop and not only a part20:03
geniilakis1982: Then re-read my instructions and follow them20:03
lakis1982do you guys have a webcam in linux?20:04
geniilakis1982: I use a Microsoft VX6000 which U had to compile a specialised driver for also.20:04
lakis1982i have creative webcam nx.. do you know any driver for it ??20:05
lakis1982i have kubuntu 8.1020:05
utenJado: does your mouse push the edge of the screen?20:06
indystormok so it says firefox is installed, how do I access it?20:07
Jadono uten, it disappears20:08
geniilakis1982: The gspca driver should work for it20:08
Jado(only on the bottom of the screen)20:08
lakis1982and how do i install it ?20:08
utenyour mouse pointer goes away when it hits the edge of the monitor?20:09
geniilakis1982: Does command:  modprobe -l | grep gspca                       show a result?20:09
Jadouten: the bottom edge, yes ; actually it does not go away, it's just that i can't see it anymore ; for example, i can click on the K-Button without seeing it, because i know that is it in the bottom left corner20:10
lakis1982it gives me some lines20:11
geniilakis1982: Good. then you already have the driver.20:11
lakis1982and why camera is not working in skype?20:12
geniilakis1982:  It should just take:  sudo modprobe gspca                      to load the driver20:12
nippzxp-killer its not scary at all20:12
geniilakis1982: skype does not always recognise the same webcams that otherwise work ok in linux. It has it's own list of approved webcams20:12
lakis1982it says....fatal : module gspca not found20:12
nippzjust learn to dual boot - keep a stable and a experimental, and if your really bored you can keep same username... and backup good configs in stable so when u go expermental u can redo it easily20:13
nippzshare /home20:13
lakis1982it says....fatal : module gspca not found20:15
mohbanawhy are there so many dependencies for konqueror on ubuntu gnome20:15
xp-killernippz: yes cause i just upgrade 3 days ago and my pc had probs and i had lots of data i didnt want to lost20:15
mohbana1 upgraded, 32 newly installed, 0 to remove and 120 not upgraded.20:15
mohbanajust to get a browser20:16
Jadouten: do you have any idea ?20:16
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utenJado: Well first question is why do you ned that low a res?20:16
Jadouten: to play starcraft ^^20:16
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mohbanahello ...20:17
utenha ha20:17
Jadoha ha ?20:18
=== Hexi is now known as Loc
utenStarcraft as a motivator :)20:18
=== Loc is now known as Lohki
marcelthank you for pidgin, run fine20:19
mohbanais anyone around20:20
Jadouten: very nice game :) and startcraft 2 will soon come out !20:20
utenJado: I know what video card?20:20
blinkzhey can some one tell me how to get flash one kubuntu20:21
geniilakis1982: Try:sudo apt-get update && sudo apt-get install module-assistant && sudo module-assistant -k "/usr/src/linux-headers-$(uname -r)" auto-install gspca-source20:21
Jadodoes anyone have an idea for my 640x480 resolution problem ?20:21
mohbanawhy the hell do i have to install all those dependencies20:21
nashkHi, I have two monitors. I'm wondering, is it possible when I'm switching windows to let the switching only take place on screen1 ?20:22
lakis1982its downloading and installing some things20:22
Jadouten: geforce 720020:23
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geniilakis1982: If it makes some errors, use the pastebin website to copy and paste the error there so I can see what it's doing20:23
utenmohbana: For?20:23
mohbanauten: konqueror20:23
utenwhat driver?20:23
Jadouten: i've tried 180.11 and 180.2220:24
utenmohbana: How are you installing it?20:24
geniilakis1982: If it completes without error, you should be able to do the: sudo modprobe gspca20:24
Stecchinocould anyone with KDE 4.1.3 kubuntu packages and amarok please try thid: http://bugs.kde.org/show_bug.cgi?id=18133820:24
mohbanauten: CL, i just typed konqueror and it gave me a install command20:24
lakis1982Updated infos about 1 packages20:24
lakis1982Bad kernel version specification at /usr/bin/module-assistant line 566, <$apt> line 6.20:24
lakis1982thats the only thing it gave me..20:24
lakis1982is it error?20:24
geniilakis1982: Yes.20:25
utenmohbana: sudo apt-get install konqueror20:25
mohbanauten: yes20:25
demonizerlakis1982: yeah it is20:25
utenthat will instal depends20:25
mohbanamy question is; why so many dependencies.  i just want to install the browser not the whole platform20:26
dstarWell. That's fun. I can oops my system by doing wine /path/to/arcanum/setup.exe twice....20:26
geniilakis1982: Try only then: sudo module-assistant auto-install gspca-source                                  you will get a text interface, you want to select BUILD20:26
utenmohbana: Konqueror isn't really a browser it's a viewer20:28
utenIt's probably the most heavy user of KDE technologies20:28
geniilakis1982: If it errors out again, choose "view log"   from the options, go to bottom of the log, copy and pastebin for examination20:28
lakis1982Build of the package gspca-source failed! How do you wish     │20:28
utenHence why it is in the base install20:28
lakis1982       │ to proceed?                                                   │20:28
lakis1982       │                                                               │20:29
lakis1982       │       VIEW     Examine the build log file                     │20:29
lakis1982       │       CONTINUE Skip and continue with the next operation      │20:29
lakis1982       │       STOP     Stop processing the build commands20:29
mohbanaso what browser uses webkit then20:29
ubottupastebin is a service to post large texts so you don't flood the channel. The Ubuntu pastebin is at http://paste.ubuntu.com (be sure to give the URL of your paste - see also the #kubuntu channel topic)20:29
tyler_d2looking to fix my drive -- when I run ntfslabel /dev/sdb1 it produces an error, wants windows, I don't want to do this?20:30
geniilakis1982: Yes, you should have a red and blue screen with a few items to choose from in the middle. This responds only to key entriy, no mouse. Use arrow keys to choose selection, enter to activate. Tab switches fields20:30
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mohbanaaurora is a browser?20:31
genii!pastebin | lakis20:32
ubottulakis: pastebin is a service to post large texts so you don't flood the channel. The Ubuntu pastebin is at http://paste.ubuntu.com (be sure to give the URL of your paste - see also the #kubuntu channel topic)20:32
lakis1982ok but its a large text and i can select it all with mouse because it doesnt work...20:32
lakis1982i cant select20:32
utenmohbana: What are you looking for specifically?20:33
HappySmileManmohbana: I think it's spelled Arora, but yes, it's a Qt4 web browser using Webkit, Konqueror uses KHTML, which is what Webkit was forked from20:33
geniilakis1982: "[15:28:49] <genii> lakis1982: If it errors out again, choose "view log"   from the options, go to bottom of the log, copy and pastebin for examination20:33
mohbanaa browser on linux that uses webkit20:33
utenIt went default webkit like a year ago20:33
geniilakis1982: "[15:28:49] <genii> lakis1982: If it errors out again, choose "view log"   from the options, go to bottom of the log, copy and pastebin for examination"   --note I said go to bottom of log there, highlight the last part you can see20:33
geniiSorry for dbl post guys20:34
utennot sure20:37
ptrokeI have a puzzle with Intrepid and Open Office. With openoffice.org-kde it does not save or export. Without, the menues don't behave properly. Any ideas?20:37
utenhow does it not save?20:38
lakis1982also something else.. when i put a dvd movie on the dvd player in pc kubuntu doesnt load it ...and i cant see the movie..generally no disc is autorun ... why ???20:39
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geniiBah. Work is requiring me for an extended period. I'll need to be /away a while20:44
geniilakis1982: At any rate, perhaps google about installing the gspca driver for ubuntu/kubuntu20:45
Jadohi, i need some help : if i choose the 640x480 resolution (xrandr --size 640x480 or nvidia-settings), the desktop does not appear entirely on my screen and i can't see the bottom part of it. With other resolutoins, such as 800x600 or 1280x800, i can see all the desktop and not only a part20:48
utenJado: You can ask in #ubuntu as well20:48
utenIt's not a KDE specific issue20:48
Jadoyes uten thanks i am20:48
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ptrokeuten: If your message was for me? I have removed openoffice extensions for GTK, Gnome and KDE. Open Office is running fine and very fast! Apearence is a bit clunky though.20:54
raidenovichhey guys, im trying to add mount over a samba folder.. what do i have to add in /etc/fstab?  "//server/laptop     /home/raiden/Server     cifs      defaults   0,0" doesnt work20:54
uten:-) but it saves?20:55
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mohbanahow do i uninstall konqueror and it's dependencies ?20:55
utenmohbana: Which one did you install?20:56
ptrokeuten: loads, save exports, does all that I would expect it to. I will raise the issue with kubuntu, kde and openoffice.org. There's a bug in there somewhere.20:56
=== hubert_ is now known as pvandewyngaerde_
mohbanauten: i just want to uninstall konqueror, arora seems fine20:57
mohbanai remember konqeuror downloading a heep of files20:57
utenapt-get remove konqueror20:57
mohbana0 upgraded, 0 newly installed, 1 to remove and 120 not upgraded.20:58
mohbanawhich is strange20:58
mohbanawhat about the rest of the 32 packages is just installed20:58
fliegenderfroschmohbana: in theory you should be able to do a sudo apt-get autoremove afterwards, where it removes the additional libraries21:02
=== shadeslayer1 is now known as shadeslayer
utenmohbana: auroa uses them? :)21:05
khaije1hi, is there a clean way to completely switch an install from ubuntu to kubuntu such that there isn't any left over ubuntu packages?21:10
raidenovichi worked on my /etc/fstab, now it tells me that something is missing at the end of the file.. i dont know the english word but i think it is "tab"21:12
rickestkhaije1: the convention would be21:13
rickestapt-get purge ubuntu-desktop; apt-get install kubuntu-desktop.  whether or not that would leave any remnants behind, I don't know21:13
mohbanahow do i get the dependencies of a package on the CL for apt?21:13
rickestit has to be said that the only way to be sure is a clean install, of course21:14
xp-killerHow do i keep my folder in details option everytime i do back it comes back to "preview view"21:14
rickestmohbana: aptitude show <pkgname>21:15
rickestmohbana: or apt-cache depends <pkgname>21:15
rickestby CL, I assumed you meant CLI21:16
mohbanalast question, can i find out when a package was installed?21:17
mauriciao, qualcuno parla italiano?21:17
rickestnot that I know of21:17
ubottuVai su #ubuntu-it se vuoi parlare in italiano, in questo canale usiamo solo l'inglese. Grazie! (click col tasto destro sul nome del canale per entrare)21:17
mauriok, grazie21:18
mohbanais there an install log kept by apt or something along those lines21:20
sven_hello all,how can I add widgets to the panel?21:20
fliegenderfroschsven_: afaik this depends on the version you have. with the newer versions you should be able to drag them directly to the panel, at least if the panel is in 'edit mode'21:22
=== lacopt_ausente is now known as lacopt
sven_fliegenderfrosch: I click right to the button, but when i want to drag them to it, it is not working21:23
rickestmohbana: /var/log/aptitude*, but probably not complete as old logs were rotated out21:24
fliegenderfroschsven_: have you clicked on the cashew in the panel before?21:24
fliegenderfroschsven_: which kde version do you have anyway?21:24
ubottuWireless documentation can be found at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/WifiDocs21:26
xp-killerHow do i keep my folder in details option everytime i do back it comes back to "preview view"21:27
david_toosl -> configure dolpin21:28
david_choose default view there21:28
indystormok so now I got firefox installed but I cannot find the icon21:34
indystormhow do I get the icon?21:34
fliegenderfroschindystorm: it’s probably somewhere in /usr/share/icons21:34
fliegenderfroschindystorm: or rather in /usr/share/pixmaps21:35
fliegenderfroschI’ve got a firefox-3.0.png there21:36
ubottuHi! I'm #kubuntu's favorite infobot, you can search my brain yourself at http://ubottu.com/factoids.cgi - Usage info: http://wiki.ubuntu.com/UbuntuBots21:36
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fasfas3Hi i've installed kubuntu 8.10 but it seems to be buggy as hell crashes many times back to kdm21:41
fasfas3many times after right mouse button menu's on systray icons21:42
fasfas3selecting settings from top menu in apps21:42
fasfas3i've read about some other people with comparing problems but no solutions21:43
david_fasfas3: the only thing that can make it crash back to KDM are video drivers21:44
david_KDE apps don't have the permission to do it if they tried21:44
david_NVidia I'm guessing?21:44
fliegenderfroschfasfas3: 8.10 uses kde 4.1 and kde 4.2 should be out in a few days. this is a lot more stable, so I’d try this before working like hell on solutions21:45
fasfas3I have nvidia yes21:45
powertool08Does anyone know how to send a right ctrl signal to vbox over vnc?21:46
fasfas3but having the same problems under compiz as well21:46
fasfas3seems to be kde/dbus or something21:46
fasfas3quite unuseable21:47
fasfas3the 4.2 beta is somewhat better21:47
fliegenderfroschpowertool08: some vnc clients have a special function for sending commands21:49
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jazgatorAfter installing Ubunto I ran KleanSweep and found multiple duplicate files (same names, different subdirectories) can the duplicates be safely removed?21:50
deathoncityhi all21:51
sven_hello all, how do I add a hyperlink on the desktop of kubuntu 8.10?21:53
deathoncityi'm new in linux..i have a new computer  HP and a internal TV card Hauppauge  winTV HVR-1200 model 71xxx hybrid dvb-t no FP and i cannot install his driver in the latest kubuntu21:54
deathoncitycan i have some help please...?.21:54
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indystormok so I found that I can type mozilla as a run command and have it start- how do I make a desktop icon for it?22:03
Jadohi, i need some help : if i choose the 640x480 resolution (xrandr --size 640x480 or nvidia-settings), the desktop does not appear entirely on my screen and i can't see the bottom part of it. With other resolutoins, such as 800x600 or 1280x800, i can see all the desktop and not only a part22:06
demarcoAny help in the room?22:09
mcrandellois there a way to manually load a plasmoid widget if it doesn't show in the plasmoid browser?22:09
mcrandelloI built the plasmoid, did a checkinstall, installed the pkg, no errors, not showing in the plasmoid browser after logging out\in, crtl-alt-bksp, or runnig kbuildsyscoca422:09
mcrandellothe kde guys are awful reticent22:10
mcrandellomaybe the suspect it's the ihatethecashew widget I'm trying to add22:10
cjaeHi how doI remove dragon player from kubuntu, sudo apt-get purge dragonplayer tries to remove kubuntu-desktop22:10
mcrandellokubuntu-desktop is what they call a meta pkg I think22:11
cjaeas does the remove option22:11
mcrandelloremoving it won't actually remove kde22:11
mcrandelloI don't think22:11
mcrandellounless it also wants to remove kdebase, then lookout22:11
mcrandelloseriously though this cashew is about to make me start hitting things22:12
EagleScreenyou cannot remove dragonplayer becouse Kubuntu-desktop package depends on it22:12
mgroman!ohmy mcrandello22:13
ubottuSorry, I don't know anything about ohmy mcrandello22:13
mgroman!ohmy | mcrandello22:13
ubottumcrandello: Please watch your language, attitude, and topic to help keep this channel friendly and helpful. Remember, there are kids here!22:13
deathoncityi'm new in linux..i have a new computer  HP and a internal TV card Hauppauge  winTV HVR-1200 model 71xxx hybrid dvb-t no FP and i cannot install his driver in the latest kubuntu22:13
deathoncitycan i have some help please...?.22:13
cjaeEagleScreen: what are you jokin22:13
mcrandellomgroman, ? I didn't think anyone would literally think I was going to get violent over a computer screen lmao22:13
EagleScreendeathoncity http://www.linuxtv.org/22:14
EagleScreencjae no joke, kubuntu-desktop metapackage depends on dragonplayer, then if you uninstall dragonplayer, you break kubuntu installation by uninstalling lot of useful things, its the kubuntu style22:15
EagleScreenkubuntu-desktop shuld recommend dragonplayer, and not depends on it22:15
EagleScreenreport a bug against kubuntu-desktop if you consider22:15
cjaeEagleScreen: I just uninstalled it, that can't be right22:16
cjaeso what now22:16
mcrandelloit's fine22:16
cjaeEagleScreen: have you tried to uninstall it22:16
mcrandellohow many packages did it remove22:16
EagleScreeni am trying now..22:16
mcrandelloapt-cache showpkg kubuntu-desktop22:17
cjaehe following packages will be REMOVED:22:17
cjae  dragonplayer* kubuntu-desktop*22:17
cjae0 upgraded, 0 newly installed, 2 to remove and 0 not upgraded.22:17
cjaeAfter this operation, 1016kB disk space will be freed.22:17
EagleScreenit uninstalls kubuntu-desktop22:17
mcrandellowhich doesn't provide any files22:17
mcrandelloit's just there so you can easily install it from say a normal ubuntu installation22:18
EagleScreencjae are you using KDE 4.2?22:18
cjaethe one with 8.1022:18
=== igor is now known as igor_
mcrandelloit pulls in all the other packages that it lists in that apt-cache command so they're listed as dependencies but removing the desktop package doesn't remove any of them other than the one you specify22:19
EagleScreenremoval of kubuntu-desktop does not makr for removal other packages, that is good, but is not usually22:19
mcrandelloThis I'm not sure on but I think that all the foo-desktop packages in *buntu work that way22:20
EagleScreenbut you may have problems with kuubntu updates if you do not have kubuntu-desktop package installed22:20
cjaeanyone else in this channel have an opinion22:21
jazgatorAfter installing Ubuntu I ran KleanSweep and found multiple duplicate files (same names, different subdirectories) can the duplicates be safely removed?22:21
cjaethat would be the stupidest thing I have ever22:22
EagleScreencjae the problem is that in some installations, all KDE and kubuntu stuff is installed from kubuntu-desktop package installation, then, if later you remove kubuntu-desktop, then all the other packages are aumatically marked for removal, becouse they were installed to satisfice the kubuntu-desktop dependences22:23
EagleScreenbut now that is not the case, i dont know what, kubuntu installation scripts must be changed22:24
cjaeI am safe or no22:25
raphinkEagleScreen: are you talking about a kubuntu install or update?22:26
mcrandelloyou should be safe, if not copy this down somewhere:22:26
mcrandellosudo apt-get install kubuntu-desktop22:26
mcrandelloproblem solved22:26
cjaeif I did that now would it install dragon player again as dependency?22:27
mcrandelloyou betcha22:27
cjaeis there a way to install without dependencies in .deb's22:27
mcrandellothat's the whole point of kubuntu-desktop though22:28
EagleScreencjae dont worry, you can live without kubuntu-desktop package22:28
cjaeit won't break updates or upgrades22:28
mcrandelloit's mainly there so you can install say a basic system or if you wanted to switch from gnome22:29
mcrandellothat's all22:29
EagleScreenobjective of kubuntu-desktop package is install a new application by default in kubuntu in future versions, but if you dont want them.. you do not need kubuntu-desktop22:29
cjaeah I see so if down the road iceape is installed default in righteous rihno and I ididn't have kubuntu-desktop installed it would not install iceape22:31
cjaewhy does dragon suck so bad22:33
EagleScreenif Kubuntu Team decides that kpackagekit must be installed by default in kubuntu, then they upload a new version of kubuntu-desktop that depens on or recomends kpackagekit, and when you update kubuntu-dsktop, kpackagekit is installed22:33
cjaefirst it had no sound or picture installed xine plugins, then just no sound after reboot had sound, now when watching avi from optical drive it just reads fro whereever on the disc22:35
jazgatorAfter installing Ubuntu I ran KleanSweep and found multiple duplicate files (same names, different subdirectories) can the duplicates be safely removed? or is each pack dependent on their own subdirectory file.22:35
cjaewhy did they get rid of kaffeine22:36
EagleScreenbecouse kaffeine is a KDE3 application22:37
cjaeof was it totem22:37
EagleScreenthey are trying to use KDE4 or Qt4 applications22:37
EagleScreenbut you can install kaffeine in kubuntu 8.1022:37
cjaekaffeine is isn't22:37
* cjae appologizes for bad typing22:38
EagleScreen8.10 has other KDE3 apps installed as amarok, k3b, konvrsation..22:38
EagleScreenkaffeine was the default vodeo player in previous Kubuntu releases22:38
cjaeoh I see22:38
EagleScreena KDE4 version of kaffeine is under construction22:39
cjaewho decides this stuff - "well we have good player but lets put a buggy one in the new kde release for giggles"22:40
cjaecan't read iso's and such22:40
QContinueumyou could always go back and use the last LTS22:41
EagleScreencjae just install kaffeine if you want22:41
cjaehey how do I say get a network list for all the irc networks in konversation, like in xchat without having to manually find all of them and add them?22:43
cjaeEagleScreen: since I have plenty of space should I reinstall dragon? cause I might down the road want to install gnome or xfce (or does it matter)22:45
cjaethat way22:46
cjaeI just didn't want to have such a buggy app on my system22:46
EagleScreencjae is a good idea to have kubuntu-desktop installed perhaps you have to install dragonplayer, if you do not like it, do not use it, it is simple22:48
cjaeright but doesn't having buggy apps create security problems22:48
EagleScreendo not be paranoic, dragonplayer won't destoy your system lol22:49
cjaeEagleScreen: did you see my other question?22:50
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EagleScreenyes, but i have no idea22:51
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cjaecan I just maybe get the network list from xchat like in its install files and copy it to konversation22:52
cjaewhen I install dragon player it does not install kubuntu-desltop22:55
cjaewait it does install dragon player when I install desktop though ...sigh22:57
cjaethanks for the help22:57
jimtuckerdoes anyone know if Ubuntu has C compiling capabilities?  like gcc23:03
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trappistjimtucker: of course!  sudo apt-get install build-essential23:09
ProgzIs there a special name in the "Start" Menu for Azureus or Vuze because after installation it's not there at all23:10
LinuxHack3rI figured it'd be a great idea to delete everything out of my menu that I don't need. How can I get into the kcontrol equivalent in kde4 from terminal?23:10
marcelhow much memory i need on the disk for full instalation of kubutu (including C, C++ sources) ?23:11
marcelnow i have 20GB . It's enough ?23:11
LinuxHack3rKDE settings?23:12
LinuxHack3rHow to get there?23:12
noaXessis it better to wait for 4.2 or os kde 4.2 rc1 stable now?23:12
myselftionhay alguien?23:18
myselftiondios hace años que no entro en irc, ni siquiera recuerdo comandos basicos (como el de cambiar el nick :S)23:18
Progz./nick ;p23:19
myselftionups sorry por lo del canal23:19
myselftionno lo hice a drede23:19
myselftionalguien que este familiarizado con kubuntu?23:20
Jadohi, i need some help : if i choose the 640x480 resolution (xrandr --size 640x480 or nvidia-settings), the desktop does not appear entirely on my screen and i can't see the bottom part of it. With other resolutoins, such as 800x600 or 1280x800, i can see all the desktop and not only a part23:21
myselftionthat's cause you've to change the resolution23:22
myselftionjado !23:22
Jadomyselftion ?23:22
myselftionnever mind23:23
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Brasilhi guys23:24
marcelhow much memory i need on the disk for full instalation of kubutu (including C, C++ sources) ?23:25
marceli use kubuntu23:26
Brasilim using kurumin ng and im from brasil but i dont know23:27
Brasilany chanel from brasil23:28
Skiihey ppl's23:29
SkiiI was woundering something and maybe someone can help me out with my problem that i am haveing so here it gose23:30
Skiii would like to put avi to mpeg in linux but i don't know how to, can someone help me out?23:30
Stathis`hey all23:35
wesley_Skii there are converters for it, ffmpeg can handle it23:44
wesley_Don´t know precise which on, avidemux can you use23:45
cjaeHi I am using kde 4.x and nvidia twinview can I add panels to the tv out of is just for full screen movies and such as I have a 1080p plasma and like to sit on couch and surf23:45
cjaeor must I use separate X server screens?23:46
wesley_You can put most times on your pc to your tv23:46
cjaesomeone directed me here from #ubuntu saying that panels on your tv is possible with twinview but I can't for the life of me figure it out23:48
cjaeI can see the windows on the tv that I drag there23:48

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