wgrantIs there ever going to be a way to get bugmail for one project to go to a different email address (say, my work one)? Only mailing lists seem to have that feature now...00:02
wgrantThe same applies to lp-bzr mail.00:04
wgrantAnd probably all other Launchpad mail.00:04
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* Ursinha looks at beuno 02:14
Ursinha"The whole thing looks inconsistent and needs a good beuno-bashing."02:15
Ursinhaas seen on bug 31943002:15
ubottuLaunchpad bug 319430 in launchpad "Project homes for each application differ greatly in style" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/31943002:15
wgrantI'm sure beuno can fix it all.02:15
Ursinhawgrant, what do you think about the new frontpage in edge?02:16
Ursinhamy thought is that it improved a thousand %02:16
wgrantThat's what I told him a day or two ago.02:16
wgrantIt's much much better.02:17
* beuno pops in02:17
ScottKThe obviously findable link to starting a new project, etc. is good.02:18
* Ursinha hugs beuno 02:18
wgrantScottK: Yes. It was impossible before.02:18
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beunoah, yes, we do need to fix the code home pages...02:18
* ScottK knows - has tried.02:18
beunoUrsinha, :)02:19
beunowgrant, it's going to be hard to classify that bug of yours  ;)02:19
Ursinhabeuno, my boyfriend complained to me a week ago about how hard was to find stuff on that page02:19
beunoyou've made Ursinha's job harder  ;)02:19
wgrantbeuno: That's why I didn't do it myself.02:19
wgrantbeuno: I think +code-index is the one that *doesn't* need fixing.02:20
beunoUrsinha, tell him to become a beta tester  ;)02:20
Ursinhabeuno, he refuses to use bazaar02:20
beunoUrsinha, use your charms!02:21
Ursinhaso he says that while lp doesn't have git support, he won't use it02:21
mwhudsonone of the things about the application home pages is that most of the launchpad developers never look at them02:21
mwhudson(i certainly don't)02:21
wgrantmwhudson: I don't mean the home pages, I mean the project pages.02:21
beunowgrant, tell you what, I'll assign that bug to me, and mark it as invalid when I filed bugs for each individual page. Sound good?02:21
mwhudsonoh right02:21
wgrantbeuno: Sure.02:21
mwhudsonthe bugs one could use whacking with a stick, for sure02:22
ScottKBTW, the icon for mysql is missing off the favorites project list on edge, at least in Konqueror.02:23
wgrantScottK: WFM02:24
beunoworks here too02:24
wgrant(Firefox 3.1, that is)02:24
xxploit_question, im new to launchpad, I signed up and with threw all the steps for creating a personal ppa. And to test it I uploaded a package. My questions is what happens after successfully uploading the packages? Should I see them in my ppa or does it take some time. Basically I just wanted to compile the latest versions of software and put them on my personal ppa.02:25
ScottKWorks for me in Firefox, not in Konqueror.02:25
beunoScottK, that is *very* weird02:26
mwhudsonxxploit_: it takes some time02:26
beunoScottK, can you control + f5?02:26
mwhudsonxxploit_: i think you should get some email as the various steps happen02:26
mwhudson(not sure though)02:26
ScottKWhat does that do, I'll do the Konqueror equivalent.02:26
beunoScottK, force reload02:26
mwhudsonreload ignoring browser cache02:26
* wgrant doesn't like +requestmerge very much.02:27
wgrant(on a branch, that is, not a person)02:28
ScottKStill the same.02:28
beunoScottK, and that's just the MySQL icon?02:28
beunotry loading: https://launchpadlibrarian.net/15320287/favicon.ico02:28
ScottKYep.  The rest is fine.02:28
wgrant(by that I of course mean +register-merge)02:28
ScottKbeuno: Works.02:32
beunoScottK, and the home page now?02:32
* ScottK tries02:33
ScottKi.e. not working02:33
ScottKbeuno: All the rest are .png.  That's the only .ico file.02:36
thumperwgrant: how would you change it?02:46
Ursinhathumper, nice question02:47
wgrantthumper: AFAICT, nothing on Launchpad other than the target branch selector there refers to branches by their title, and that doesn't even give the URL. It asks me for keywords describing the type of review I'm performing, when I'm requesting a review, not performing one...02:47
thumperwgrant: ah, I noticed that too the other day02:48
thumperwgrant: how about I change it to use lp:foo ?02:48
wgrantThe default for Target Branch, IMO, should be a linkified lp:<project>. The only problem with that is you'd have to clock on the button itself, not the text like you do now.02:48
thumperwgrant: that is why it isn't linkified now02:48
thumperwgrant: the help text needs some work02:49
wgrantthumper: (o) Development focus (_lp:<project>_)?02:50
thumperwhat if it isn't the dev focus?02:50
wgrantI can't see the template, so I didn't know it would show anything else.02:51
wgrantWhat else does it show? Series branches?02:51
thumperwgrant: it shows other branches you've targetted before02:51
wgrantthumper: Ah. Hmmm.02:52
wgrantBranch/+merges also lies. I presume it means that there are no open merge proposals in Launchpad.02:55
wgrantBecause there are both closed merge proposals and other merges in the branch.02:55
thumperwgrant: branch +merges isn't a good page02:55
wgrantthumper: Right.02:56
wgrantShould branches really be visible outside code.launchpad.net? They have the Code tab selected regardless of the domain (which looks odd), but the second layer of tabs doesn't work highlight properly on non-code domains (because it's using +index rather than +code-index, I presume). It's a bit strange to click on a deselected tab and get to the same page but at a different URL and with the tab selected.03:01
* rockstar reads backchat03:01
wgrant(and no, "you constructed the URL, so it's your problem" isn't a valid response, as nobody in their right mind clicks around Launchpad)03:02
rockstarwgrant, I think there's a bug for that.03:03
wgrantYou also get the same issue if you access the wrong +index for a domain on any object, and although that shouldn't be possible you do have to really try.03:04
wgrantDo the different domains serve any purpose other than selecting the +index? The other views don't seem restricted to domains like they should be, and it would make for nicer URLs.03:05
rockstarwgrant, not that I know of.03:12
spmfwiw and pleading ignorance of history: some are used to select different banks of servers - helps avoid a single funnel, as it were, in the incoming-processing flow03:13
spmie can lose the app server funnel, without clobbering codebrowse - so to speak03:14
spmthat may be happenstance vs design btw ;-)03:14
rockstarspm, good point03:15
* rockstar thinks them LOSAs is so s-m-a-r-t03:15
spmrockstar: heh. hardly. experienced. been designing systems both less and far more complex than LP since the mid to late 90's. :-)03:16
rockstarwgrant, what would you like to see in the +merges page?  A table showing all the open reviews, like https://edge.launchpad.net/~rockstar/+requestedreviews03:16
wgrantrockstar: Sorry, something is making my laptop swap very heavily, so it'll take a while...03:17
wgrantBut I can probably predict how many branches I can see on there, given that I'm not in ~launchpad.03:18
rockstarwgrant, you can't blame Launchpad for that one.03:18
rockstarwgrant, I work on all sorts of projects on Launchpad.  See my profile page.  :)03:19
wgrantrockstar: So I see. I'd forgotten about Entertainer.03:20
wgrantSomething like that, yes.03:20
wgrantAnd not a blatantly incorrect assertion like it gives for projects with no open proposals now.03:20
rockstarwgrant, great.  It's pretty simple to comply with that request.03:20
xxploit__im having a problem when uploading files the launchpad for ppa. My connection gets reset and it brings down my net connection for a few seconds.I was only successfully upload the files once after many, many failed attempts and now its failling again, any help?03:21
spmxxploit__: ??? if your net connection (i assume you mean like adsl etc) is going down, I'd suggest you have cause and effect back-to-front.03:23
wgrantrockstar: Sounds good.03:23
wgrantrockstar: Another thing... I seem to be trapped in a merge proposal page. How do I get out?03:24
rockstarwgrant, where?  I'm interested in seeing this.03:24
wgrantI can get to various user pages and the target branch, but there is no breadcrumb for the source branch.03:24
wgrantOn ~path/to/branch/+merge/X03:25
xxploit__spm: dsl...it only goes down when trying to upload files to launchpad...says connection reset by peer and then brings down my net connection for like 5-10 seconds after dput returns the connection error. But it does upload like the changes etc...it fails when uploading the 4mb source tgz archive03:25
wgrantxxploit__: That's a problem with your Internet connection, I'm afraid.03:25
rockstarwgrant, on the merge proposal index page itself, there should be a "Target branch: " link03:26
wgrantrockstar: I know, but I want the source branch.03:27
xxploit__wgrant: i dont think its my net..i mean im completely fine till trying to upload these files...I do notice that when uploading it's using basically more bandwidth than I have...is there a way to limit the uploads bandwidth when using dput?03:27
spmxxploit__: the simple test - try and upload large files elsewhere.03:28
wgrantrockstar: For example, if I'm at https://edge.launchpad.net/~rockstar/+requestedreviews and a click on the first review, I get to the merge proposal page. From there I can't actually look at the branch that's proposed for merging.03:28
rockstarwgrant, ah, good point.03:30
* wgrant wishes there was a way to create accounts on staging.03:33
ScottKDid you look at the .ico thing for mysql?03:34
wgrantThankyou Launchpad for the ultra-descriptive greying-out of my review line, and the similarly descriptive non-semantic CSS class: 'greylink'03:35
beunoScottK, not really. I assumed konqueror doesn't like .ico files03:35
ScottKbeuno: So how does it get fixed?03:36
beunoScottK, report a bug to konqueror?  MySQL chose to use that type of file, which is valid, so we can't really do anything about it03:37
wgrantrockstar: Is there documentation merge proposals somewhere? The review stuff is rather confusing.03:37
rockstarwgrant, I'm all ears to what is confusing you.03:38
ScottKbeuno: So supporting Konqueror isn't a Launchpad goal then?03:38
beunook, it's waaay past my bed time03:38
beunoScottK, sure it is. Just not it's bugs.03:38
rockstarwgrant, also, beuno and I are hosting a UDW session all on this.03:38
beunoyeah!  Friday!03:38
wgrantrockstar: Why do I have a [Review] link rather than an edit icon if I haven't reviewed yet? Why, when a proposal has a review request for both myself and one of my teams, do I sometimes get [Review] links for both and sometimes only one? Why is one of the reviewers sometimes grey?03:39
* beuno goes to bed03:39
beunonight everyone03:39
wgrantNight beuno.03:40
Ursinhawgrant, why do you need accounts on staging?03:40
Ursinhabesides yours, I mean03:40
rockstarwgrant, the person who could tell you why that "phantom" review link is there just went to bed.03:40
rockstarwgrant, Ursinha is your staging account pimp.03:41
wgrantUrsinha: I want to see how the merge proposal stuff works, and it's hard to do that with only one account - I presume it behaves quite differently depending on whether you have write access to the target branch or not.03:42
rockstarwgrant, the grey review link is only ever you.03:42
rockstarI think the idea is that you can always vote of you want, but that doesn't mean anyone would care.03:43
wgrantrockstar: Ah, I see...03:43
wgrantI still don't see why I don't get a review link for a team I'm a member of if I'm there as well. Is that so I can't vote twice?03:44
nxvli'm reviewing a merge proposal, but i have no idea how to merge that03:46
nxvli change the status to Approved03:46
wgrantYou have to merge it manually using bzr, I believe.03:46
nxvlis something else i need to do to merge the new branch into the project one?03:46
Ursinharockstar, ^03:46
nxvlas in bzr merge lp:proposed_branch ?03:47
rockstarnxvl, word up03:47
nxvlthat will take the changes, but push that as if i did those03:47
* rockstar is trying to shop for a car while griefing in #launchpad03:47
nxvlso there is no way of doing that using the interface?03:49
Ursinhawgrant, the problems with having an account created on staging are: it will vanish in hours, since staging is constantly being replicated from production and you won't get the emails it generates03:49
* Ursinha needs to rest03:50
rockstarnxvl, yeah, the review is strictly for peer review (surprise), not the actual merging.03:50
nxvlrockstar: ok, thank you03:51
rockstarnxvl, I REALLY don't want any automated merging for my branches.  That would be scary.03:51
wgrantUrsinha: I know of both of those issues, yes.03:51
nxvlrockstar: it should have a magic botton saying "merge it"03:51
wgrantrockstar: How does LP use PQM? Manually submitting branches after they're approved, rather than having it watch for Approved merge proposals?03:52
wgrantUrsinha: Ideally the staging registration page would have a 'yes, seriously send me the registration email' checkbox. Then all would be solved.03:52
Ursinhanot all03:52
Ursinhayou won't receive the other mails lp generates as well03:53
rockstarnxvl, that will be a possibility, although I think there are better way to do it.03:53
rockstarnxvl, PQM maybe.03:53
wgrantUrsinha: I know. But being able to create accounts is better than nothing.03:53
wgrantI guess all of this becomes a lot less import when we can have our own launchpad.dev.03:54
rockstarwgrant, this has been discussed, and is on our radar.03:54
Ursinhaas rockstar said :)03:54
spmwgrant: that selective sending of emails would be a nightmare to manage. And the risks of flooding people if it goes wrong? Yuk.03:54
wgrantrockstar: OK, thanks.03:54
wgrantspm: Indeed, but I don't have to think that far.03:54
spmwgrant: :-)03:54
rockstarwgrant, PQM doesn't currently use PQM.  I'm going to be exposing some more functionality in the API to work with something like PQM.04:14
thumperrockstar: we didn't talk about that04:16
thumperrockstar: shall we now?04:16
rockstarthumper, I'm in a coffee shop right now.04:16
rockstarthumper, although if you want to do it in IRC, we can.04:17
thumperirc it is then04:17
wgrantrockstar: You mean PQM doesn't use merge proposals?04:19
wgrantI thought I saw merge proposals exposed in the API recently.04:19
rockstarwgrant, no.04:19
rockstarwgrant, they are read only, and still a bit lean on features.04:20
wgrantrockstar: That I knew, but I don't see how read-onlyness affects a merge bot.04:20
rockstarwgrant, well, it's more the "lean on features" that's limiting it.04:21
rockstarwgrant, also, PQM is crap.04:21
wgrantI've never dared to go near it.04:22
wgrantsinzui: Sorry about bug #319431; I presumed that was the real fix.04:26
ubottuLaunchpad bug 319431 in launchpad-registry "Replacement of private team links in r7581 looks bad and leaks information" [Undecided,Won't fix] https://launchpad.net/bugs/31943104:26
thumperI have, and I bare the scars04:26
MFeni'm almost positive that last time i did a dput i did not have to do anything special for an intrepid build on my ppa to happen05:28
MFenyet this time it only built for hardy05:28
lifelessyou have to upload for each distro05:28
lifelessat the moment05:28
MFenis that a recent change?05:29
MFeni don't even know how.. last time i uploaded i only made one entry in .dput.cf and everything worked fine05:29
lifelessit's not a change05:29
MFenhow do i do that, then?05:30
lifelessedit the target, build the source, upload05:31
MFengrep -r target == nothing. only thing i can see is my changelog had intrepid on the first line last time, now it has hardy05:33
MFenbut i remember somebody telling me that didn't matter05:33
lifelesswhoever told you that may not have been talking about ppas05:33
wgrantThe changelog is what matters.05:34
wgrantWell, the field in the .changes file, but that's generated from the changelog.05:35
MFenso i need to 1) edit changelog to say "hardy", debuild -S, dput, then 2) edit changelog to say "intrepid", debuild -S, dput05:36
MFenor can i skip some of those steps05:36
wgrantYou can, in most cases, copy the source and binaries from hardy to intrepid.05:37
wgrantBut if you do upload twice, they need to have different version numbers.05:37
MFenoh right. i copied them last time05:37
MFenah man. gotta put that in my releasing-guide05:38
MFenwgrant: thanks05:39
wgrantMFen: np05:40
dholbachcould it be that .diff.gz attachments are now unzipped when I download them?07:24
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oldmanQ: is there any markup supported on a launchpad project's details page?09:01
oldmane.g., bold = *text* etc.09:01
BjornToldman: no, there isn't. the only thing we do is to linkify URLs and bug numbers09:21
oldmanBjornT: thanks, thought as much09:21
oldmantis a shame as would be nice to bold text to match the existing *Maintainer*: x-team etc.09:22
balorIs it possible to create a private repo on launchpad?  i.e. I've got my code in a public repo, but I'd like to have my thesis writeup private until I finish the thesis.10:29
dholbachcould it be that .diff.gz attachments are now unzipped when I download them?10:33
wgrantdholbach: Link?10:33
dholbachhum, I take it back10:35
dholbachthe one in 319082 was fine10:35
wgrantThere was a bug about that years ago.10:35
LarstiQdholbach: that is a common netscape behaviour10:35
dholbachLarstiQ: I wasn't using netscape to download it but urllib10:35
wgrantAnd bug #173096 is a later reincarnation, but it was fixed.10:35
ubottuLaunchpad bug 173096 in malone "Misleading "Content-Encoding: gzip" header on downloads" [Critical,Fix released] https://launchpad.net/bugs/17309610:35
jpdsbalor: You can create a local private Bazaar repo, but to my knowledge there are no private ones on LP.10:36
LarstiQdholbach: in that case, ho hum10:36
wgrantjpds: There are, actually, but I'm not sure they're for public use.10:36
balorjpds: Thanks.  I use a local repo.  But wanted to push my thesis onto LP, I won't if I can't make it private.10:36
jpdswgrant: I know, which is why I didn't say it.10:37
dholbachit's the new ubuntu-dev-tools (grab-attachments)10:37
jpdsdholbach: I didn't break anything, did I?10:37
dholbachjpds: no idea yet :)10:37
LarstiQbalor: I'm curious, what would you get out of lp in that case?10:38
LarstiQbalor: would you want to use bugs support?10:38
LarstiQbalor: or is it just a place to store one branch?10:38
balorLarstiQ: I'd get to keep all my stuff in one place.  Backup. and access to it from anywhere in the Universe.10:38
balorLarstiQ: And bugs would be great.10:38
balorLarstiQ: Basically I trust lp more than my Uni :-P10:39
LarstiQbalor: right, I use my own server for point 1 :)10:39
dholbachjpds: I guess    attachment.data.open()    gives something unzipped10:39
oojahOff site backups are extremely important for thesis work! :)10:39
baloroojah: yeah :)10:39
LarstiQbalor: I know there is a possibility to run your own Launchpad instance, but that is a bit too heavyweight for your usecase10:40
balorLarstiQ: I, essentially, don't want to run my own server.10:40
balorLarstiQ: But I'm moving towards that model.10:41
* LarstiQ nods10:41
jpdsdholbach: Maybe. I haven't tested it myself..10:41
LarstiQbalor: you _could_ keep mailing off bundles and use an email account for backup10:41
balorLarstiQ: I could.  It's just that I use lp for lots of other stuff.  So It'd be nice to have one place for everything.10:42
* LarstiQ nods10:42
balorLarstiQ: But thanks for the good ideas.10:42
balorI'm very aware that I'm asking for Canonical resources to make my life easier, and that it's pretty unreasonable.10:43
LarstiQI don't know what their stance is, and maybe it is possible to have something hidden like that (security bugs can be private at least), but imo the big problem is that one would want to keep launchpad.net for FLOSS projects10:46
LarstiQwhere hiding is a bad thing to do10:46
LarstiQbalor: I don't suppose writing your thesis in the open is an option?10:46
balorLarstiQ: Not really.10:46
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tseliothi all, I've just used the "also affects project button" in a bug report and I have selected the wrong project (it should have been gnome-desktop instead of libgnome). Any ideas as to how I can change it?11:10
mrevelltseliot: Mark it as invalid for that project.11:11
tseliotmrevell: ok, thanks, I thought there was another way.11:13
mrevelltseliot: Nah, that's the only way, really.11:13
tseliotok, np11:14
wgrantmrevell: Can't one normally change the project, except in some circumstance that I forget but about which there is a bug?11:16
mptwgrant, mrevell, yes you can, unless it's linked upstream11:57
mpt(linked to an external bug tracker, I mean)11:58
wgrantmpt: Ah, yes, that was it. The project, or the bugtask itself?12:00
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mptwgrant, I don't understand the question12:01
mptoh, now I do12:02
mptthe bug itself.12:02
mptIf a bug is filed under one project you can change that to another project, unless (a) the bug is linked to an external bug tracker for that project, or (b) the project is a distribution and the package has been specified.12:02
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wgrantmpt: I see...12:04
wgrantIs there a good reason for either of those cases?12:05
mptwgrant, no, they're just bugs12:15
mptboth reported12:15
wgrantmpt: I guess if they're just UI difficulties they're going to be workaroundable some time today.12:16
wgrant(bugtargets are now settable through the API, finally)12:16
mptWell, even if you use the API to change a bug's distribution while its package is set you might have fun12:17
wgrantmpt: Indeed, it doesn't like it much.12:23
thekornI did not know that launchpad has 'private' branches,12:41
thekornwill this ever go public, or is this for internal use only?12:41
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jdstrandhi! I'd like to be able to script approving and declining 'nominate for release' tasks (is that the right term?). I have some scripts that use the api, so I am not a total newbie (but still be gentle :), however perusing +apidoc, it is not clear how I can achieve this. Is it possible?14:20
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thekornjdstrand, last time I checked managing nominations with the API was not possible14:35
thekornI think there is a bugreport about it14:35
jdstrandwell, that would explain it :)14:36
thekornbug 29745814:36
ubottuLaunchpad bug 297458 in malone "setting nominations on a bug" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/29745814:36
jdstrandthekorn: thanks :)14:36
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thekornintellectronica, thanks for adding task.transitionToTarget(), it works well in most cases,15:25
thekornbut sometimes I get 505 errors like OOPS-1117S13015:26
intellectronicathekorn: in what cases does it not work well15:26
thekornintellectronica, http://paste.ubuntu.com/107795/15:27
intellectronicathekorn: bummer, that's a bug. it happens when you try to move something that is targeted to a milestone (because then the milestone isn't valid anymore). the milestone should get cleared when you change the product. i'll fix that pronto15:27
intellectronicathekorn: thanks for testing this!15:27
thekornhmm, it also fails when I use the web ui15:28
intellectronicathekorn: really?!15:28
intellectronicai was sure that is being taken care of by the web ui already15:28
intellectronicathekorn: actually, it works fine for me through the web ui. the milestone gets cleared and you get a notification about it15:30
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thekornintellectronica, OOPS-1117S135 when I try do to the same with the web ui15:30
thekornon staging15:30
intellectronicathekorn: oh, presumably you are trying to do that on a bug task that doesn't exist (though that should not oops either - you should get some kind of informative message)15:31
intellectronicain any case, that's a different bug15:31
thekornintellectronica, one other thing with transitiontoTarget(): unlike transitiontoStatus, task.target is not updated immediately15:35
thekorndon't know if this is a bug or intended behaviour15:36
intellectronicathekorn: i think that requires some special handling in launchpadlib itself. let me check15:37
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intellectronicathekorn: b.t.w i've just landed bug attachment deletion through the api, so with that (and with transitionToTarget fixed) I think we've got everything we need to start porting bug helper to use the API exclusively?15:44
thekornintellectronica, wow, nice. yes this is correct15:45
thekornverry cool15:45
intellectronicafantastic. let me know if you need help and how it's going15:46
thekornthanks, have to run now, bye15:47
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dragojevic_danilos: are you available for a quick question?16:40
vadi21"© 2004-2008" copyright notice needs an update16:43
danilosdragojevic_: sure16:50
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dragojevic_oops sorry danilos, I was distracted for a minute17:01
dragojevic_I work on Miro - and we are getting 2.0 ready for release. We'd like to get a mailing list of people who have helped us translate before -17:02
dragojevic_I read the FAQ - but after all these years - we aren't 100% sure who the admin is to request it from the page17:02
dragojevic_we did a huge amount of changes to the UI - so we really need another good round of translation and would like to ask past contributers for help.17:03
danilosdragojevic_: right, so you either want to set up a translation team and a mailing list inviting all past contributors (you can go to each POFile inside Launchpad and look at the overview page to see a list of contributors), or you can contact them directly17:05
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danilosdragojevic_: eg. if you go to https://translations.edge.launchpad.net/democracy/trunk/+pots/democracyplayer/sr you can see all the contributors to that particular translation17:07
dragojevic_Is there one group list for a direct contact?17:07
dragojevic_I just get a link to what the person has done w/in Launchpad.  We are hoping for an email list.17:09
danilosdragojevic_: no, you'd have to create that yourself, and I suggest you do that now so it's easier to cope with in the future (i.e. create something like miro-translator-announce team and invite all contributors to the team where you'd create a mailing list)17:09
dragojevic_I see.17:09
danilosdragojevic_: for those who have not hidden their email addresses, you can likely see them in PO files as well (if you have translator-credits message in there)17:09
danilosdragojevic_: for those who have, you'd have to use "Contact this user" on their personal profiles17:10
danilosdragojevic_: (or use the previous alternative of adding them to a team with a mailing list in Launchpad)17:10
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vadi2loggerhead seems to be unavailable18:02
vadi2(my bad, it's back now)18:02
edgimarHow does one post enhancement requests in launchpad?  It seems it can only handle bug reports.18:15
savvasedgimar: it kind of goes to "wishlist" I think, a special team of bug triagers do that, but you can ask for it at #ubuntu-bugs18:16
Ursinhaedgimar, you can file a bug with your suggestions, and we triage it18:18
Ursinhaas wishlist18:19
edgimarUrsinha: But how does this work for a regular project hosted on launchpad which isn't an official Ubuntu project?18:22
Ursinhaedgimar, oh, I understood that you want to make suggestions to launchpad itself, not for any projects on launchpad :)18:23
edgimarHow does it get converted to wishlist status in that case?  And why is there no way of the reporter being able to specify this?18:23
Ursinhaedgimar, well, you can do that, but it's not recommended18:24
edgimarUrsinha: can do what?18:24
Ursinhaedgimar, yes18:24
Ursinhaedgimar, clicking in the arrow below Status18:25
Ursinhabut it's the team that would "fix" the bug's criteria to choose the Status18:26
edgimarUrsinha: Ok - I see that you can modify the "Importance" (strange that it is considered an importance level) -- what do you mean about criteria to choose the status -- some kind of automatic status-selection based on criteria?18:30
Ursinhaedgimar, because the Status represents, erm, well, the status of the bug18:31
Ursinhafor instance18:31
Ursinhathe team is fixing it18:31
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Ursinhaso they change it to In progress18:31
Ursinhamakes no sense to any other people to do that18:32
Ursinhagot it?18:32
Ursinhaguess I messed up a little18:33
Ursinhawishlist is at importance because there are bugs that are really improvements suggestions18:33
edgimarUrsinha: Yes I see.  I was confused and thought you meant 'Importance" selection.  But either way, there is no 'automatic' selection of either importance or status, right?18:33
Ursinhaedgimar, the only automatic thing is the default when you file a bug, that is status new and importance undecided18:34
Ursinhapeople on projects do the triage18:34
Ursinhalike I do for launchpad-project, for instance18:34
edgimarI agree that there are bugs that are improvements, but it could be that there is a field other than status which is used to say whether the bug is an improvement or whether it is crashing/etc.  But maybe the line is too gray between the two..?18:35
Ursinhaedgimar, see, at first sight, a bug is always a problem that should be solved :)18:37
Ursinhaedgimar, if it's crashing, the info the reporter will add to the bug should be enough to prove it, or to someone else to reproduce it and prove it too18:38
Ursinhaedgimar, but you're right, sometimes there's only a thin line between the two18:38
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vadi2is there a page that shows all possible auto-linking syntaxes that one can use in launchpad? I cannot find it18:42
Ursinhavadi2, what do you mean by auto-linking?18:42
vadi2for bug-reports - ie bug #number will get linked18:42
vadi2I want to see what are the alternatives to that18:42
Ursinhawell, I can tell you, but I don't know if it's documented somewhere18:43
vadi2can you tell please?18:43
Ursinhavadi2, you can use "bug 1234" or "bug #1234"18:46
ubottuLaunchpad bug 1234 in launchpad-foundations "Gina is an unmaintainable mess of command line options, environment variables and shell scripts" [Medium,Fix released] https://launchpad.net/bugs/123418:46
vadi2ok, thank you18:46
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Ursinhavadi2, no problem, I'll ask mrevell-afk tomorrow about that18:47
Ursinhaif there are some docs about it, that is18:47
vadi2is it possible to get this ubottu bot into our project's irc?18:47
vadi2he is useful18:47
kikoUrsinha, Rinchen, who runs ubottu18:48
Ursinhakiko, you should ask jussi0118:48
Ursinhaas I was going to explain :)18:48
Ursinhait's overloaded, according to the owner18:49
Ursinhaubottu, owner18:49
ubottuThis bot is owned by jussi01 - Questions about ubottu should be asked in #ubuntu-bots18:49
vadi2hmm. can we start our own copy?18:49
Ursinhavadi2, ^18:49
vadi2thanks for your help!18:49
Ursinhavadi2, my pleasure :)18:50
vadi2another thing I was wondering, bzr commit --fixes lp:# currently only links the bug report with a bug, but does not mark as "fixed commited"18:54
vadi2is this a known bug or a no-no?18:54
beunovadi2, partially, because it's because it may be committed somewhere other than trunk18:54
beunoin theory, we could detect that it *is* trunk, and do it for you, which I think is the right thing18:55
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thumperbeuno: I have sekrit plans for better --fixes integration with the bugs :)20:43
beunothumper, awesome20:45
LarstiQthumper: hero!20:50
LarstiQthumper: jml mentioned wanting to do some work on bzr to improve the bug api, has anything happened on that front?20:50
* LarstiQ looks at jml 20:50
thumperLarstiQ: I don't think so20:51
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