x1250I guess he should turn off compiz00:00
DanaGWhat was his issue?00:00
bluesmokecompiz-manager checks for software rendering00:01
bluesmokeHe should make sure he isn't using software rendering00:02
bluesmokeHe may have bad permissions on /dev/dri/cari000:02
bluesmokeerr, /dev/dri/card000:03
bluesmokex1250: the renderer string is more important, btw00:03
bluesmokex1250: all open source drivers with or without software rendering will show Tungsten Graphics for the vendor, that's just mesa00:04
bluesmokeOpenGL renderer string: Mesa DRI Intel(R) 965GM GEM 2008071600:04
bluesmokeOpenGL renderer string: Software Rasterizer00:04
bluesmokeThe first one is good, the second one is bad00:04
x1250uhm, I thought I showed Tungsten when hardware acceleration was working. Noted then. Thanks.00:05
bluesmokeI don't think so, I suppose I could be wrong00:05
bluesmokeeither way the renderer string gives better information00:06
x1250DanaG, he had slow 3D performance with intel 82945G00:08
Melikanyone here use Deluge BitTorrent client?00:20
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=== DanaG1 is now known as DanaG
CarlFKI jsut did an update, and now my box thinks it is 2 timezones away01:01
CarlFKclock is off by 2.  and I don't see whre to set TZ01:02
CarlFKfound it.  yeah, I thinks I am in LA01:02
cwilluso, my computer's been far too stable lately, I think it's about time to break things with an alpha01:22
hggdhgo for it01:23
TeknoEeewhat is best way to file a bug report01:32
hggdhTeknoEee, see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/ReportingBugs01:39
TeknoEeewell, I already used launchpad01:40
ubottuLaunchpad bug 319436 in tint2 "naming conflict with tint2 and tint" [Undecided,New]01:41
* cwillu clicks upgrade01:51
* nickrud crosses fingers for cwillu 01:52
hggdhTeknoEee, this was why you asked about the best way to report a bug?01:52
cwillunickrud, gonna be a couple hours until it's finished downloading anyway :p01:53
nickrudcwillu, ah, then I'll uncross and go eat :)01:53
maxbI'm trying Jaunty on an Aspire One. I find that network manager can't see the wireless device with the Jaunty kernel. But it works if I boot the leftover Intrepid kernel. How do I figure out whether the kernel or networkmanager is at fault?01:59
hggdhmaxb, see if the interface is up (ifconfig -a)02:06
hggdhmaxb, then see https://wiki.ubuntu.com/KernelTeam/LinuxWireless; also try https://help.ubuntu.com/community/WifiDocs/WirelessCardsSupported02:09
maxbI got as far as "iwlist wlan0 scan" showing APs02:15
EagleScreenwill Kubuntu 9.04 use packagekit by default? i can see kpackagekit in jaunty repository02:18
tritiumEagleScreen: what do you mean "by default"?  Ubuntu uses .deb packages by default, and will continue to do so.02:19
EagleScreentritium i mean kpackagekit in place of Adept, using packagekit-backend-apt02:21
EagleScreenand with packagekit installed by default in the system02:22
cwillupackagekit-backend-apt is in intrepid too02:31
cwilluEagleScreen, but it's in universe, so it won't be installed by default02:32
EagleScreenyes it is, but it is not installed be default, synaptic and update-manager are the default applications02:32
cwilluEagleScreen, it's still in universe in jaunty02:33
cwilluso it won't be installed by default02:33
EagleScreenwont installed in Kubuntu?02:33
cwilluI doubt they'll promote a package to main this late in the game02:33
EagleScreenas I read here: http://web.mornfall.net/adept.html Kubuntu will use it, but it does not say when, may be in Jaunty?02:34
cwilluEagleScreen, blueprint on launchpad mentioned intrepid, low priority02:37
cwilluseeing as packagekit itself is still in universe, I doubt anything further will happen for jaunty02:37
cwillumaybe 9.1002:37
ubottuLaunchpad bug 304464 in ubuntu "[needs-packaging] KPackageKit" [Undecided,Confirmed]02:38
EagleScreenAdept3 is in beta4 stage, and the main developer has announced that he leaves the project, so Adept3 will may not finished never, then will Kubuntu Jaunty continue using a beta of Adept3? isn't it to change to kpackagekit as default package manager?02:40
EagleScreenincorrect working of kpackagekit/policykit-kde; i think there is a problem with one of them02:49
cwilluI'm not finding anything but rumours02:49
cwillua brief conversation with the kpackage dev, saying he was busy with a new company or something02:50
cwilluand no blueprints, or activity on the bugs02:50
EagleScreenkpackagekit call policykit-kde to autenticate for installing packages, but kpackagekit gives you autentication error before you type password in policykit-kde dialog02:51
cwillu""" Make kdeadmin not depend on kpackage, it's in universe""" just happened last month02:52
cwilludoesn't feel like they're planning on a switch02:52
cwillulooks like it could be neat though02:53
* cwillu mutters about ctrl+w in the wrong window...02:54
EagleScreenScottK in #kubuntu-devel has told me that the plan it to switch to kpackagekit for kubuntu jaunty02:58
* cwillu hates it when somebody asks a question, you do research on the question, give a tentative answer, and then they accuse you of giving the wrong answer.03:00
liquidi would hate that too03:00
* legodude__ likes ungrateful jerks03:03
* cwillu huggles EagleScreen 03:06
EagleScreenwhat is the meaning of huggles?03:07
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cwillunickrud, done eating?03:50
=== kalpik__ is now known as kalpik
* cwillu starts to panic, his machine is applying changes, and nickrud is nowhere to be found!03:52
gourgi1http://pastebin.com/d22d44e9a      i;m trying to install 'tasque' but it needs to remove some packages   , can someone reproduce it before it as a bug ?03:53
gourgi1does it needs to remove packages to you too ?03:53
gourgi1anyone ?03:56
raofgourgi1: That's the gnome-sharp2 transition.  A bunch of packages just need to be rebuilt.03:59
gourgi1raof thanks for the info04:00
* nickrud crosses toes as well, hopefully not too late04:40
nickrudcwillu, is it too late !?! Has your world ended?04:42
cwillunickrud, it asked to replace a config file04:42
nickrudcwillu, do the diff !04:42
cwilluoooo, now it's downloading firmware :)04:42
cwillumaybe my broadcom will finally break!04:42
cwilluit's lasted through fiesty, gutsy and hardy upgrades without breaking :)04:43
nickrudthat's just too good. Whenever I upgrade to a alpha there's been lingering problems.04:43
cwillunickrud, you know, it needs to have an 'edit' option though, so often I have things I want from the old, and things from the new (/etc/bash.bashrc comes to mind)04:44
nickrudcwillu, not sure about update manager, but 'normally' you should be asked if you want the new maintainer's config or your own04:45
cwillunickrud, and sometimes I don't want either, I want the maintainers config with the two lines I added04:45
cwilluas it stands, I have to save the diff and edit it again afterwards, which is annoying04:46
nickrudit would be nice. try rcs for /etc files, I used it for unstable and it worked nicely for that04:46
nickrudsince I only change a couple things (apache mainly) I just back that up04:46
cwillurcs == cvs's predecessor?04:46
cwilluI already use git + metastore :p04:48
nickrudcwillu, yes. haha. For the little I need in /etc anything else is overkill. svn for other stuff04:48
cwilluit'd still be nice if one didn't have to do something after the package manager finished04:48
* cwillu snatches the svn out of nickrud's hands, throws it into the airlock, hits the release button, cringes for a moment, and then braces himself as the exploding svn rocks the ship04:49
* cwillu unwraps a nice fresh git, and hands it to nickrud 04:49
cwillumy work here is done04:49
* nickrud looks at the git, and screams 'I don't wanna learn nut'in! new!!!'04:50
cwillunickrud, it's simple, really04:58
cwillugit init04:58
nickrudcwillu, I'm not doubting you - most tools are easy once you spend some time with them <-- note the word time :)04:58
cwillugit add *04:59
cwillugit commit -a04:59
cwilluI stopped trusting svn the second time I had a repository crash04:59
nickrudcwillu, then there's the admin stuff - at least a basic idea of how the data is stored, best practices to prevent corruption, etc. oooh, never had that happen. But I do have a strong backup regimen05:00
cwillumatchbox-window-manager is giving me lots of bad file descriptor errors :(05:00
nickrudcwillu, but one of these days I'll want something out of a git repo. That's the day I'll put in some time. To every purpose, there is a season :)05:01
cwillume runs dpkg-reconfigure -a05:02
cwillunickrud, well, when that day comes, feel free to give me a shout.  I feel it is my duty to get people switched away from crap :p05:04
nickrud:) I will definitely use your experience as a shortcut05:05
cwilluanyways, it appears I've got breakage to take care of :p05:06
nickrudoh the joy :) Have fun05:09
* cwillu runs git revert05:10
=== les_ is now known as les
cwilludisappointing, doesn't look like anything serious :(05:23
Alexia_Deathcwillu: bughunting is adicting isnt it:D06:12
* cwillu reboots06:35
cwilluoooo, wireless isn't broken!06:36
cwillualmost makes me sad06:36
cwilluoooo, my laptop's microphone even started working06:37
cwilluAlexia_Death, yes.  It's addicting, and I'm _not_ getting my fix from this06:37
* cwillu starts shaking uncontrollably06:37
cwillumust. work around. bugs.06:37
* nickrud points cwillu at BA06:38
nickrudBughunters Anonymous06:38
cwilluand my hotkeys are working06:39
cwilluand my sound is working06:40
cwilluhmm, window dragging issues06:41
* cwillu cheers06:41
syockitbiouser: welcome to jaunty!07:15
biouserindeed, I'm am usually pleasantly surprised after an upgrade.. this is my earliest but we'll see!07:17
biouserabout time to help closer to the edge though I suppose07:18
milos_what would be the best way to upgrade network manager in hardy to 0.7 version?07:19
biouserso we get a 3.0+ ekiga?07:22
biousermilos_ don't know07:22
biousermilos_ I really enjoyed my upgrade to 8.10 so I've decided to go on to 9.0407:23
syockitYou could enable repository temporarily, install just what you want, and disable it back07:24
syockitand endure any misconfigurations it might cause07:24
milos_biouser, the problem is I couldn't install 8.10 ver to that computer, because of some weird hdd bug.07:24
milos_syockit, what repository07:24
syockitwait, it's not even on intrepid?07:25
milos_syockit, nope07:25
milos_syockit, hardy07:25
milos_syockit, intrepid can't be installed07:26
syockitmilos_: yeah, anyways, maybe you can try what I said earlier. Assuming the disclaimer that came after that07:26
syockitmilos_: no, just add the repository, install networkmanager, then remove the repository again07:26
milos_syockit, woudn't that screw everything? did you try that?07:27
syockitmilos_: I don't know. Because I'm on jaunty, and everything's working here.07:27
syockitmilos_: wait, you're on KDE 3 or 4?07:27
milos_syockit, gnome07:28
syockitmilos_: sorry. I don't know about networkmanager for GNOME. I didn't know they had similar version07:28
milos_syockit, the thing is, computer isn't mine so I must be carefull to not screw anything07:29
crdlbsyockit: the gnome frontend came first :)07:29
syockitmilos_: The major changes that I can see to its dependencies are wpa-supplicant upgrade, and the introduction of update-notifier-common07:32
crdlbmilos_: there's a network-manager PPA07:32
crdlbwith some form of 0.7 for hardy07:33
milos_crdlb, where?07:33
crdlb110% safer than that other route :)07:33
milos_crdlb, yeah I know :)07:33
crdlbmake sure you get the hardy version07:34
milos_crdlb, thnx, this solved problem, sure.07:34
syockitHow did you come here anyway...07:35
biousersomeone psted the +1 in regular ubuntu and I guess the 3 of us joined through that07:41
biouserfethcing file 428... well, I will see yous guys in the morning....07:42
syockitbiouser: opoo. I thought you've completed already07:47
=== bluesmoke_ is now known as bluesmoke
hateballWill OOo 3.1 make it into Jaunty?09:13
scizzo-hateball: find that hard to believe......if not openoffice gets released soon with the 3.1....but you never know09:24
scizzo-hateball: since they plan the 3.1 release in late march09:25
cwilluyay, bug #303011 bites me too!09:28
ubottuLaunchpad bug 303011 in xserver-xorg-video-intel "[i945] 2.5.1 driver poor performance" [Unknown,In progress] https://launchpad.net/bugs/30301109:28
cwillu2.6.27 works fine, rebooting into 2.6.28 kills performance (but glx is still accelerated, it's not rendering in software)09:28
ubottuFreedesktop bug 16835 in Driver/intel "[945 GEM] Low performance due to no A17 workaround" [Normal,Assigned]09:30
cwillu_that_ pisses me off09:30
cwillu"The error message was cleaned up, but fixing the performance regression is out of scope for this release cycle"09:30
hateballscizzo-: when is jaunty freeze?09:35
hateballI mean.... 8.04 _was_ released with beta software...09:36
hateballOOo3.1 looks so nice, would be quite neat to see it go in :)09:36
Unksihateball: that was because of hardy's long support cycle and that they didn't want to support firefox 2 for that long09:38
Unksiseeing that mozilla's own support for it ends before hardy's does09:38
hateballUnksi: Yeah I know... I'm just hoping :|09:39
hateballSpeaking of hope... still hoping for a OOo3 backport to Hardy09:39
cwillu"    Now that we know that the bit 17 mode isn't just a mistake of older chipsets,09:40
cwillu    we'll need to work on a clever fix so that we can get the performance of09:40
cwillu    tiling on these chipsets, but that will require intrusive changes targeted09:40
cwillu    at the next kernel release, not this one. "09:40
cwilluwhat are the odds 2.6.28 will be rolled back? :(09:41
cwilluhateball, doesn't gooo already have most of the ooo3 goodness?09:41
hateballcwillu: Hardy doesnt use go-oo tho09:43
cwilluhateball, doesn't it?09:43
cwilluquaint that intel is gonna have issues until 2.6.29, due to a system that was intel's idea in the first place09:43
syockitcwillu: Usually how long does a kernel stay in RC?09:44
hateballcwillu: hmm, perhaps it does... apt-get show doesnt say so, but in intrepid it does. svg import does however work...09:45
cwillusyockit, kernel's are released every 3 months or so09:45
cwilluI'm not holding my breath for it landing in jaunty though, apparently the intel fixes required are to be quite invasive (and haven't been written yet)09:46
cwilluat best, it might be possible to compile 2.6.28 without gem support09:47
syockitcwillu: then can forget the rollback?09:47
cwilludon't know how it affects the rest of the video drivers though09:48
cwillugem is disabled on pae09:52
cwillupae is enabled on -server09:52
* cwillu installs -server09:52
syockitcwillu: wait, that bug report says 2.6.2609:52
cwilluit's from dec200809:53
syockitIs it possible it's fixed in 27, and broken again09:53
cwilluno, gem didn't land until .2809:54
cwilluhe was probably using a dev tree09:54
cwilluor a simple typo on his part09:54
cwillunope, 2.6.26, but it's a user compiled kernel09:55
syockitcwillu: strange that I'm not feeling any sluggishness on my part. Same graphic controller though09:55
cwillusyockit, 945?09:56
cwilluon 2.6.28?09:56
syockityup. I'm on jaunty09:56
cwillupastebin your xorg.0.log?09:56
cwilluand you're on compiz, right?09:56
cwillu(scrolling performance is fine, it's transparency that kills)09:57
BUGabundogood morning everyone!09:57
* cwillu pokes BUGabundo with bug 30301109:57
ubottuLaunchpad bug 303011 in xserver-xorg-video-intel "[i945] 2.5.1 driver poor performance" [Unknown,In progress] https://launchpad.net/bugs/30301109:57
syockitcwillu: Now that you mention it, it does feel slow. Not sluggish though. http://paste.ubuntu.com/107668/09:58
cwillusyockit, do you have transparency on window move enabled?09:58
cwillusyockit, make a big window, and drag it around09:59
cwillusyockit, granted that if you have a better cpu than mine, it might be merely 'sluggish', in which case, have a top open as well (shouldn't spike the cpu)10:00
syockityes, it does feel a bit slow. Didn't compare to previous...10:00
syockitHave to install glxgears to confirm...10:00
cwillureboot into 2.6.27 if you still have it, and check again10:00
cwillu(whenever, don't feel you have to do it now :p)10:00
cwillusyockit, hmm10:01
cwilluyou actually have tiling enabled10:01
syockitI can't do that, dave. My touchscreen driver now depends on 2810:01
* cwillu starts unhooking ominous looking cards from syockit 10:02
syockitno you won't. I'll turn you into a satellite if you continue that10:03
cwilluno, you'll turn my friend into a satellite, and then you'll start singing daisy10:03
BUGabundocwillu: I have no intel.. but I can take a look!10:03
BUGabundoI just wished that jaunty, xorg, and nvidia would get their heads strait!10:04
cwilluBUGabundo, I'm checking a bunch of stuff right now, I'm just in need of commiseration, because there's a chance it simply won't be fixed before 2.6.29, and therefore 9.1010:04
BUGabundoI have nvidia enabled on xorg and still it won't start with prop driver :(10:04
cwillusyockit, you don't have the issue, tiling is enabled10:04
cwillusyockit, could you pastebin me xorg.conf, presuming you have one?10:05
x1250BUGabundo, are you using IgnoreABI ?10:05
BUGabundocwillu: nice godaddy add page on the image link :\\10:05
BUGabundox1250: yes!10:05
BUGabundolet me pastebin my xorg and logs10:05
x1250BUGabundo, what does Xorg.0.log say?10:05
cwilluBUGabundo, 'image link'?10:06
Unggnuhi all10:06
UnggnuDoes the intel driver in Jaunty supports GEM and DRI2?10:06
syockithttp://paste.ubuntu.com/107679/ all defaults dude10:06
BUGabundocwillu: "Screenshot with fps marker, under compiz: http://oasis-games.com/~klange/wtf_intel251.png"10:06
cwilluBUGabundo, sorry, not my image :p10:07
cwillusyockit, odd that you don't have it10:07
BUGabundomaybe we should edit it, to note that10:07
cwillusyockit, a couple memory locations are different on the pci line in the log file, but otherwise identical10:07
cwillusyockit, except that you don't have 3 tiling errors10:07
syockitand my glxgears ran at about 570 fps10:08
cwilluI already tried an empty xorg.conf10:08
x1250BUGabundo, you have two section Device in xorg.conf10:08
BUGabundoSauerbraten is nice to play with but even with my nvidia 8400 its quite slow with some smoke and stuff on10:08
x1250check that10:08
* BUGabundo retries glxgears10:08
BUGabundox1250: do I? I have to stop being so tired!10:09
BUGabundoglxgears Xlib:  extension "GLX" missing on display ":0.0".Error: couldn't get an RGB, Double-buffered visual10:09
x1250BUGabundo, you're using nv driver :P10:09
BUGabundothis one is new10:09
x1250BUGabundo, fix your xorg.conf and restart x10:09
x1250it may work after that :D10:09
BUGabundox1250: http://paste.ubuntu.com/107681/ Fixed thaks10:10
BUGabundowe really need a tool to parse it, and check for errors10:10
BUGabundohow is that tool that bryce and alberto were working on ?10:11
syockitcwillu: I remember tweaking some dri settings. I forgot the name of the app10:11
robin0800syockit: driconf I think10:11
x1250BUGabundo, ok, hope that works.10:12
syockityeah that. Thanks robin080010:12
BUGabundoam I the only one who thinks that the new system-log is prettier but less usable? no more dirs in it!10:12
cwilluwhat package is that in?10:12
syockitin driconf10:12
* cwillu pokes syockit with a stick10:13
cwilludon't get smart with me ;p10:13
x1250BUGabundo, I think glxgears does not work with nv driver, which you're using now. I guess that xorg.conf double section device made you use nv instead10:13
syockitYou don't have it?10:13
cwilluinstalling it now10:13
* cwillu wonders out loud if driconf leaves any log files lying around10:14
cwillusyockit, can you read off your current settings?10:14
cwillu(re: driconf)10:14
x1250cwillu, IIRC it does it does leave a . file10:15
cwilluor pastebin the file?_:p10:15
x1250cwillu, yep thats it10:15
* BUGabundo tries this so much fuss about app: driconf10:16
syockitcwillu: http://paste.ubuntu.com/107684/ for l33tness10:16
BUGabundoXDriInfo returned with non-zero exit code.10:16
BUGabundo$ driconf10:16
BUGabundolibGL is too old.10:16
cwillusyockit, not sure how it would be affecting xorg's startup though10:17
robin0800BUGabundo: driconf is old also10:17
cwillujust rebooting into the server kernel, and then I'll try that file10:18
BUGabundoahh thanks robin0800.... --purging it10:19
cwillusyockit, -server kernel works10:21
x1250BUGabundo, driconf did work here when I tested it some weeks ago, maybe nv's driver fault?10:21
syockitcwillu: that was a quick reboot10:22
BUGabundoits every thing fault of both NV and NVIDIA driver10:22
cwillusyockit, other machine10:22
cwilluwas already at grub :p10:22
BUGabundosuspend/hibernate are broke again too...10:22
x1250BUGabundo, did the new xorg.conf work?10:24
BUGabundoI haven't relogin yet, x125010:25
cwillusyockit, could I get you to post your xorg.conf, xorg.0.log and lspci to that bug report, with the statement that yours works?10:25
syockitSure, fire it away10:26
ubottuLaunchpad bug 303011 in xserver-xorg-video-intel "[i945] 2.5.1 driver poor performance" [Unknown,In progress]10:26
x1250BUGabundo, ahh, I don't see part/join/quit messages :)10:26
syockitCute bot10:26
syockitGoing to subscribe it10:26
cwillusyockit, do you have libdrm-intel1 installed?10:27
BUGabundoguys relax a bit and enjoy http://caoepulgas.blogspot.com/2009/01/nine-words-women-use.html10:27
syockitcwillu: yup10:27
x1250BUGabundo, haha, true.10:29
cwillusyockit, what does ls -l /dev/dri say?10:30
syockitcrw-rw----+ 1 root root 226, 0 2009-01-21 07:12 card010:30
cwilluwanna break something? :p10:31
cwilluactually, nevermind10:31
cwilluthat's not it10:31
cwillusyockit, yours just works for no good reason :p10:32
x1250I think that should be chmod to 066610:34
cwilluit should, but it doesn't break this10:34
cwillusyockit, your sluggishness is probably from that10:34
BUGabundohttp://mail.google.com/videochat Gmail voice and video chat is not yet available for Linux. BAHH10:35
x1250syockit, could you please pastebin: $ LIBGL_DEBUG=verbose glxinfo10:35
rconandoes ubuntu jaunty support multiple GPUs using XRandR?10:36
BUGabundox1250: http://paste.ubuntu.com/107692/ I get a coredump10:36
cwillurconan, I don't _think_ so10:36
BUGabundoI guess its NV fault again?10:36
rconancwillu, does jaunty have xserver 1.6?10:36
cwillurconan, I briefly played with multiple radeon 9250's (had a 6 headed desktop a long time ago)10:36
syockitx1250: sorry, http://paste.ubuntu.com/107693/10:37
BUGabundorconan: I think so10:37
BUGabundoif not, its quite almost there10:37
syockitrconan: beta i think10:37
rconanxserver 1.6 is released I believe10:37
rconanand I _think_ it has XRandR 1.3 in10:37
rconanwhich supposedly should support multiple GPUs10:37
rconanbut I'm a little uncertain on all the issues10:38
x1250syockit, that looks fine to me.10:38
syockitas you can see, jaunty's got version 1.5.99 for its xserver10:38
bullgard4Is there a file /etc/default/acpi-support in Jaunty and a file /etc/init.d/acpi-support as well?10:38
syockitbullgard4: it's here. Maybe came with acpi packages...10:39
rconanI would imagine then that the plan is to upgrade to 1.6 fairly soon10:39
BUGabundo!apt-cache policy xorg10:40
ubottuError: I am only a bot, please don't think I'm intelligent :)10:40
bullgard4syockit: Thank you very much for your information.10:40
syockitGood, else I'd called upon a Butlerian Jihad10:42
syockitrconan: I'd say it's pretty much there already10:43
syockithaving .99 version usually means that10:43
cwillusyockit, I suppose I should stop spamming that bug report10:44
rconani just realised it's missed its scheduled release date so 1.6 doesn't actually exist yet10:44
rconanvery much looking forward to XRandR and therefore compiz on my desktop10:45
ubottuCommon Sense: Just because you can, does not mean you should (and especially recommend to others). Think before you do. "Works for me" does not mean it is ok. The latest version of everything is not always useful if you aim for stability. Please see http://geekosophical.net/random/worksforme/10:46
syockitHmm, the message changed slightly, if my memory serves me right10:46
cwillusyockit, thanks for your help10:48
cwillusyockit, I think the permissions you posted might be related (alot of people didn't get any intel love at all until they fixed it to 666, specifically _due_ to gem not being enabled when set to 66010:49
x1250BUGabundo, I guess no dri or glx stuff will work with that driver. (I'm talking about http://paste.ubuntu.com/107692/)10:52
syockitwow at the blazing 1000fps Belisarivs claims on opensuse10:53
=== toresbe_ is now known as toresbe
d-b-ahi i did an update manager -d and its stuck on the last package11:03
d-b-aany ideas?11:04
d-b-a /iproute_20080725-2_i386.deb11:04
d-b-ais this to be expected / is my mirror b0rked11:05
cwillud-b-a, apt-get update and upgrade11:06
d-b-ado it manually ?11:06
cwilluyou're new to this whole 'alpha' thing, aren't you :p11:06
d-b-ai thought that it was prefered to use update-manager -d11:07
d-b-athat's why i did that11:07
cwillucould probably do it through that too11:07
cwillucheck and install11:07
cwillusame thing basically11:07
d-b-aah ?11:07
d-b-await did you tell me to use apt ?11:07
cwilluupdate manager's check = apt-get update11:07
hggdh|awaynot for -d11:08
d-b-asorrry but ... doesn't debian recommend aptitude over apt-get these days ... just out of interest why apt-get -> your personal perference (yes i know ubuntu is not debian)11:08
d-b-acwillu: for -d it checks for the devel version / next right ? -> dist-upgrade11:08
syockitBecause some aptitude problem with dpkg package states makes apt more viable11:09
d-b-ayou can't expect to upgrade11:09
cwillud-b-a, if you've already started the upgrade to jaunty, the -d does nothing further:  you're already on the jaunty repos11:09
d-b-aah ?  mmm i thought it was tweaked to do some extra stuff11:09
d-b-aok ^^11:09
d-b-awhat kernel is jaunty on atm11:10
cwilluapt-get doesn't do anything fancy, so if something is gonna cause problems, it'll just throw up its hands and leave me to fix things right :p11:10
d-b-a and is it frozen11:10
x1250d-b-a, update-manager does some other things, like disable drivers that are known not to work, add your user to new groups if necessary, use dpkg force option by default, etc. You can do it by hand, but there are some quirks update-manager takes care about, thats why is the recommended method.11:10
cwillu28, rather11:10
cwillux1250, noting that that all happens regardless of the -d11:10
d-b-aso its not the 29 ?11:10
x1250cwillu, yeah I was refering to -d11:11
x1250d-b-a, yes, aptitude is prefered over apt-get11:12
d-b-aok i will read up later thank you ^^11:12
x1250cwillu, there are somethings update-manager only does when upgrading to a new ubuntu version. There are some quirks it takes care of from hardy -> intrepid, intrepid -> jaunty, etc.11:15
kevkuwhy is ipv6 missing in 2.6.28-411:16
maxbIt would be really interesting if the specifics of update-managers's quirks were written down somewhere11:16
mvomaxb: its in update-managers source :) DistUpgrade/DistUpgradeQuirks.py11:17
maxbWell... yeah, fine :-)11:17
syockitHow did you know it's called quirks?11:17
mvoit really depends on each distro release, the set is small (or at least we try keep it small)11:17
maxbIt is common for adaptations for speciifc circumstances to be called quirks11:18
cwillux1250, yes, but once you're on jaunty's repos, those happen automatically11:18
cwillux1250, don't worry, I've already checked the sourcecode in question :p11:18
maxbFor example, special behaviours needed for particular hardware at suspend|resume time are also called quirks11:18
x1250cwillu, heh :)11:18
cwillux1250, until jaunty is released, it knows its in dev mode11:19
cwillu/usr/lib/python2.5/site-packages/UpdateManager/Core/MetaRelease.py has the -d logic in question :p11:19
mvoout of curiosity, are you hunting a specific bug? or is it just interesst in how u-m works ?11:20
cwillumvo, thought I'd get your attention ;p11:21
cwilluno, just poking around11:21
mvoheh :)11:21
cwilluhaven't had any upgrade bugs this time around :p11:21
* cwillu stills has mvo's name on a post it note on his wall :p11:21
mvoweeeeh - I hope that is not the wall where the dartboard is located ;)11:22
cwillualthough, it _is_ a corkboard11:23
* cwillu wonders what his landlord would say to a wall peppered with dart holes11:23
cwilluwhy would suspend/hibernate not work from the shutdown menu (they do nothing at all), but pm-suspend/hibernate works fine from the terminal?11:26
maxbIIUC, the first signals gnome-power-manager, the second can trigger the suspend by a variety of different backends11:27
cwillugnome-power manager seems to be working otherwise11:28
cwillubut yep, its suspend menu item does nothing either11:28
cwillugnome-power-cmd.sh suspend gives: method return sender=:1.32 -> dest=1.112 reply_serial=211:29
cwilluand nothing11:29
cwillugconf-editor crashes consistently looking at related keys11:30
syockitcwillu: just how many things did you manage to break ;)11:35
syockitotoh, my kubuntu has only minor glitches11:35
cwillususpend works, I just have to trigger it from the console :p11:36
kevkumodprobe ipv611:38
kevkuFATAL: Module ipv6 not found.11:38
kevku2.6.28-4-generic #11-Ubuntu11:38
syockitmeanwhile, I'm still banging my head over the qt-gtk thing that causes those ugly radio buttons on firefox11:38
kevkusyockit: use some nice firefox theme or opera.11:39
syockitkevku: Oh, I forgot opera. Maybe I should consider it again....11:45
syockitNow why did I stop using it....11:45
kevkuwell it uses qt. fits into kde.11:45
syockitI remember now: (Windows) Firefox->Opera->Google Chrome->(Kubuntu)Midori->Epiphany->Firefox-3->Firefox 3.1 and stuck11:48
syockitheck, they even have deb repo. Should try it right awayyyy11:49
cwillu**_(gnome-power-manager:10943): WARNING **: Suspend failed without error message11:53
syockitoh wow, Opera 10! Presto 2.2! let's go straight to acid3.acidtests.org12:09
syockitw00t, 100/100!12:10
syockitkevku: Thanks for reminding me of opera again12:12
Guest55353hello all12:50
Guest55353where I can find the ubuntu 9.04 changes?12:50
Guest55353what are being made by Canonical??? Someone?12:52
Guest55353Every time that I use TOTEM, it don't remember the position that I want it to open. It is a bug?12:56
Guest55353so Canonical just wait the Debian's guys make the pakages???13:06
Guest55353thaks for the answer13:08
Guest55353I'm trying to discover what Canonical made or contributed to linux world. Do you know where I can find?13:09
elkbuntuGuest55353, i have not the time to recite the history of the past 4 years.13:10
Guest55353someting to improve dpkg? or I don't know, something usefull?13:12
Guest55353Everyone say that the canonical don't help linux13:14
Guest55353I want to have something to say for that people13:14
elkbuntuGuest55353, remember also that some people dont see non-code contributions as contributions. those people are very wrong.13:15
scizzo-Guest55353: everything depends on how you look at it13:18
scizzo-Guest55353: ubuntu helps debian development and debian helps with ubuntu development13:19
scizzo-Guest55353: also there is information in the topic of this channel that gives you links to places to see changes and development of jaunty......you can also look at www.ubuntu.com/testing for information about what is going on and the releases13:20
shadowhywindhay all running into a bit of a problem. When i try to login, I only get a failsafe session (unless i killall kdm, and then startx)13:35
=== hggdh|away is now known as hggdh
BUGabundo1x1250: FYI its working15:15
BUGabundo1now I only need to backup everyting and format to ext4 and clean install15:15
x1250BUGabundo1, good to know15:16
d-b-ahi   how does one disable the guest user neatly   ?15:29
BUGabundo1good question15:29
BUGabundo1I would like to know too..15:30
d-b-awtf ? there is no guest entry in /etc/passwd15:30
d-b-aand dear god no -> recommends on by default sucks i install kde and it wants a mysql server15:32
tritiumd-b-a: that's because it's only a guest session, not an actual account.  You won't find a /home/guest directory either.15:32
d-b-atritium: how to disable said user then15:32
d-b-athis seems insecure to me15:32
BUGabundo1d-b-a: its quite secure! it can't write anywhere15:33
d-b-a not even in /tmp15:33
BUGabundo1other then the desktop, and the account is cleared after terminated15:33
BUGabundo1no even /tmp15:33
d-b-aok so where in the world is the documentation on this ?15:34
d-b-aand why not entry in /etc/passwd15:34
tritiumBecause it's not a user account.15:34
tritiumIt's a guest *session*15:34
BUGabundo1d-b-a: its just a new X15:34
d-b-awhat ?15:35
d-b-aso what i'm root ?15:35
tritiumroot account is locked by default15:35
d-b-awell what does it run as ?15:36
d-b-ax runs as root15:36
dholbachhttps://wiki.ubuntu.com/UbuntuDeveloperWeek Day 3 to kick off in #ubuntu-classroom in 23 minutes! :-)15:37
BUGabundo1d-b-a: X runs with users that have permission to launch it, from a console15:37
BUGabundo1dholbach: what are the themes today?15:37
dholbachBUGabundo1: great ones - today is going to kick ass15:38
dholbachjust check the link I posted15:38
d-b-aid guest15:38
d-b-auid=114(guest) gid=126(guest) groups=126(guest)15:39
d-b-ait exits15:39
d-b-aah i see sorry15:39
d-b-aits made on the fly15:39
d-b-aso to disable just add a user called guest that cannot login right ?15:40
BUGabundo1okay just found a new bug with gnome-power-manager!15:40
BUGabundo1setting the bright to 100%, won't use the real 100% bu only 50% using the keyboard I can get it correcly15:42
d-b-abtw what is the new bug reporting system like how to test this ?15:48
=== bluesmoke is now known as Amaranth
avisanyone have issues with 32 bit jaunty locking up with a p43 chipset motherboard ?18:17
avisalso, i cannot get output to a ALC888 sound chipset.  i'm not sure, if its because i have two sound controllers on my computer, even when i switch the output to ALC888, no sound from that device.  i realize these types of things are likely common,  i just though i'd ask in the event some of you might know of potential solutions18:19
marijusanyone got kernel 2.6.29 and kms to work yet?18:28
x1250marijus, nope, jaunty still has .2818:32
solarionis parasite going to be in jaunty?18:32
ddeathI have installed Ubuntu 9.04 on the VirtualBox, so I can't be good tester18:32
ddeathIs the way to install VirtualBox driver for X Window System?18:33
marijusi know... will probably also stay on .2818:33
x1250solarion, if there is request for parasite in launchpad, I doubt it.18:34
solarionx1250: I don't get the comment18:34
x1250if there is not, sorry18:34
solarionah, that makes more sense18:35
biouseralright, rebooting into 9.04!18:49
biouserhopefully I will be back in a minute18:49
mnemocan someone please run this command on ubuntu and see if it works for you:18:50
mnemogksu --desktop /usr/share/applications/software-properties.desktop /usr/bin/software-properties-gtk18:50
mnemoit's the command for opening the "System::Administration::Software Sources"18:50
pwnguinanyone know what model laptop mark shuttleworth uses?18:50
pwnguinim tired of acpi breaking because nobody cares about my model =(18:51
geniiProbably an eeepc18:51
pwnguinseriously, someone decided to rewrite the toshiba kernel stuff18:51
pwnguinbut i havent seen shit about it on the ubuntu mailing lists18:52
pwnguinmeanwhile, #ubuntu-laptop might as well be dead =(18:52
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biouserhi, just upgraded to 9.04, I have some problems with my ATI graphics card now.  Can I change from the fglrx (I think that is what I have installed) to the open source drivers (I think that I am set to proprietary now)  thanks19:26
biouser"no proprietary drivers are in use on this system"19:27
biouserwhat is the package that will uninstall fglrx for now and use what ubuntu ships with?19:28
TheInfinitybiouser: just uninstall fglrx package19:36
biouserokay, will try thanks TheInfinity19:36
TheInfinitybiouser: you can also just modify your xorg.conf file19:37
biouserright, I might try to go into that.  I don't really care about graphics that much but I was forced into low-resolution mode here.  I will look into it...19:38
biouserI got this ATI card a few years ago before I knew to go for the most linux-compatible hardware19:38
=== ubuntu is now known as nunu
nunuhi all, is it possible to mount ext4 partition with jaunty ?20:20
nunucool =)20:21
fosco_ /dev/sda3 on / type ext4 (rw,relatime,errors=remount-ro)20:22
nippzi dont suppose anyone has a cure for amarok/mysql 5.1 postinst problem by chance?20:27
nippzyaknow what would be really nice?20:42
nippzsay i did apt-get install <blah> ; and blah requires a b and c packages20:42
nippzif apt would use ALL the us mirrors, and prioritize by speeds, and then grab 3-4 packages per `repo` area [universe, main, etc]20:43
mnemonippz: I think someone is working on an apt-torrent thing, heh20:44
nippzapt-torrent? that would be awesome - tho to make it better i would recommend prioritizing repo as first seed20:45
nippzbasically a seed-insertion bit20:45
nippzmnemo ok i have a workaround for amarok+mysql-server-5.1 error20:45
* genii ponders delta-apt-torrent20:45
nippzinstall mysql-server which pulls in latest 5.0 versions.. then download only the amarok package and dpkg -i --force-depends20:46
nippzno guarentees on stability tho ;P20:46
biouserctrl-alt-backspace doesn't work for me now20:47
mysterycWill ubuntu Jaunty Jackalope run the newest Linux kernel?20:53
mnemomysteryc: right now there is a 2.6.28 kernel in jaunty and .29 is not released yet20:54
mnemo.29 will be released before jaunty is but near the jaunty release date kernel changes become very unlikely20:54
mnemoi dont know for sure, but I _guess_ that jaunty will ship with .2820:54
mysterycWel that is pretty good, I've heard the letest update includes better wireless networking :)20:55
biouserpulse-audio visually monitors the sound I should be getting from the alsa-firefox plug bu tgives no sound until a garble at the end before Connection failed: Connection terminated20:55
biousersystem>preferences>sound does not start20:55
mysterycbiouser: Shouldn't you be asking in #ubuntu ?20:56
biouserwell this is only now after upgrading to jaunty... maybe there is a better place to post this...20:56
CarlFKhttps://help.ubuntu.com/community/ExpressCard  "sudo modprobe pciehp"  works on ibex, not on jaunty.  bug?21:00
CarlFKFATAL: Module pciehp not found.21:00
apokalyp1its probably not compiled by default21:00
CarlFKah, here we go: [not amd64]21:01
CarlFKso what's the plan for express cards on a amd64 box?21:03
user___hi, i get a "package cache file is corrupted _cache->open failed" (upgrade manager). anything i can do to debug and provide a good report. otherwise i'll just restart update manager21:03
biouserapport and nautilus are both taking about 98% cpu in top21:11
biouserCould not upload report data to crash database:<urlopen error The write operation timed out>21:12
mnemobiouser: the fact that apport doesnt work on jaunty right now is a known bug. see this report: https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/apport/+bug/31421221:17
ubottuLaunchpad bug 314212 in apport "Apport unable to report crash - urlopen error timed out" [Undecided,Confirmed]21:17
biouserthanks mnemo21:17
Technovikingis it a known problem that the install stops after installing packages, it never finishes the install21:18
biousercurrent dist not found in meta-release file <- problem?  running update-manager21:22
cwillugot the same thing here, give launchpad a check, it's probably known as well21:23
* cwillu pokes ubottu with a stick21:25
cwillubug #31004621:25
ubottuLaunchpad bug 310046 in update-manager "update-manager outputs "current dist not found in meta-release file"" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/31004621:25
* cwillu debates poking mvo with a stick21:25
mvobiouser: no problem21:27
* mvo needs to get rid of that message21:27
cwillubiouser, what happens when you run gksudo software-properties-gtk from a terminal?21:28
biouser/usr/lib/python2.5/site-packages/apt/__init__.py:19: FutureWarning: apt API not stable yet  warnings.warn("apt API not stable yet", FutureWarning) ;; reWarning: apt API not stable yet21:28
biouserbut opens21:28
cwillumine dumps with an aptsources.distro.NoDistroTemplateException: Error: could not find a distribution template21:29
mvosoftware-propoerties-gtk is currently broken with the latest python-apt upload, I'm parparing a fix as we speak21:29
mvoshould be available in ~1-2h21:29
* cwillu huggles mvo21:29
* mvo jumps up and down21:29
biousernothing is checked in ubuntu software and everything is checked in third party but I guess that is the expected behavior?21:30
* cwillu jumps up and dwn as well, so as to keep the huggle alive21:30
* biouser thanks god for people who contribute since he is still a relative newb21:30
mvobiouser: its a bug, but hopefull the next python-apt update fixes it21:32
jimi_hendrixhi i got a bug in the installer21:42
ubottuPlease don't ask to ask a question, simply ask the question (all on ONE line, so others can read and follow it easily). If anyone knows the answer they will most likely reply. :-)21:42
jimi_hendrixbasically i finish the install options and it starts me over at step five (partitioner)21:43
jimi_hendrixso any clue?21:44
Technovikingack getting loud beeps at boot up, something about udev21:44
StargazerI was wondering... what do the topic mean by "break your system" ?22:04
raofStargazer: Pretty much anything, with varying degrees of likelyhood.22:05
user___Stargazer: data failure f.e.22:05
StargazerWould it be safer to use in VBox ?22:05
raofActual physical harm is very unlikely, but possible (cf: Intel network cards getting bricked by the Intrepid kernel)22:06
dtchenfor people running current jaunty who have not logged out and back in since the latest alsa-utils update, please try `alsamixer' in a Terminal/Konsole/$x-terminal-emulator_of_choice and tell me if you get an alsa-lib error22:06
StargazerRaof, my laptop runs epic with Intrepid. it's all intel too.22:07
dtchen(press Esc or q to exit alsamixer)22:07
apokalyp1q raises volume22:07
raofStargazer: Right.  But during the Intrepid devel cycle, a bug which caused (at least) intel network to be bricked under some not-too-uncommon circumstances was fixed.  This is the sort of problem that is more likely in the dev version.22:08
dtchenapokalyp1: it shouldn't exit in the repository version with q, correct22:09
dtchen(i have remapped a bunch of keys)22:09
dtchenanyhow, anyone getting errors with `alsamixer'?22:10
maxbWow... the build-deps of gnome stuff really are quite weight22:18
=== elpargo__ is now known as elpargo
Amaranthmaxb: I feel the same way when I get build-deps for KDE stuff :P22:27
maxbIt would hurt less if half of it wasn't purely to build the docs22:28
cwilluStargazer, but life is so much more fun when you're running alpha software on the bare metal :)22:45
StargazerIt's also fun to cram a sword through someone, too.22:45
StargazerBut, i don't have time for that.22:46
cwilluif something is fun enough, you _make_ the time22:48
linuxman410has anyone noticed that programs run better in 9.0422:52
StargazerI like 8.04 to be honest.22:52
StargazerUnless, of course, cross-environment programs run better in 9.04.22:53
linuxman410i have had less trouble out of 9.04 than i have any of them22:53
jimi_hendrixi have a problem with the installer...basically i finish the install options and it starts me over at step five (partitioner)23:04
jimi_hendrixso where can i get help/report this bug?23:07
jimi_hendrixand no clue how to fix it?23:16
jimi_hendrix(ubotu have a url)?23:16
cwillugpm is sending the hal message to suspend, and complaining that it finished with no error (but didn't do anything), but pm-suspend works fine :/23:16
cwilluubottu, is a bot23:16
ubottuYes, I can confirm that I am a bot. http://wiki.ubuntu.com/UbuntuBots for all information.23:16
ubottuLaunchpad is a collection of development services for Open Source projects. It's Ubuntu's bug tracker, and much more; see https://launchpad.net/23:17
hggdhjimi_hendrix, see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/ReportingBugs23:17
jimi_hendrixand what package is the installer?23:18
hggdhnever used it, let me check23:19
linuxman410i am using old p4 socket 478 1.8 and ati radeon 9200se and 1 gig of ram old machine but runs 9.04 fine23:20
cwilluhmm, suspend via dbus-send works from the vterm with gdm shutdown23:20
hggdhjimi_hendrix, ubiquity (graphical)23:20
jimi_hendrixand should i use the normal ubuntu one or is there a specific jaunty one23:21
jimi_hendrixhggdh ^^23:23
hggdhjimi_hendrix, all you need is state this is on Jaunty23:25
hggdhand what level of Jaunty (Alpha3, daily from yyyy/mm/dd, etc23:25
jimi_hendrixuhh i dled yesterday i think alpha 323:25
hggdhthe ISO source file should state it23:26
hggdhin the name23:26
ubottuLaunchpad bug 319817 in ubiquity "jaunty alpha3 installer having problems with the partitioner" [Undecided,New]23:34
jimi_hendrixany input?23:36
cwillumvo, just got the python-apt update, software-sources is working again here23:42

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