_MMA_thorwil: I tell you, Sebastian is a machine. Though I'm a little sad more people aren't participating.15:08
kwwii_MMA_: my experience has been that only one or two people will be very active...there simply is a lack of talented icon artists willing to spend much time on OSS15:18
_MMA_kwwii: Oh I know. I woulda liked at least 1 more person. Maybe a push after we have a little more of a set together might get someone. I think putting a release on GNOME-Look might help.15:20
kwwiigive it some time, I am sure others will follow15:34
_MMA_kwwii: I gotta do a little more to get the word out. I've been kinda unmotivated because of stress to do anything other than maintain BZR and the wiki. But I gotta do some more promotion soon.15:37
kwwii_MMA_: yeah, I know that feeling15:38
kwwiibut getting more word out would be a good idea15:38
kwwiinot sure how easy that it though15:39
_MMA_I think throwing a release up on GNOME-Look soon would start to help. Put in a little README about getting involved.15:40
kwwiivery good idea15:41
thorwilif it was only a lack of talented artists. too many fail at basic communication :>16:45
thorwilkwwii: what's the plan regarding alpha wallpapers now?16:45
kwwiithorwil: there is still some discussion...bascially it boils down to a question of whether we will use a mascot on the final wallpaper or not17:17
kwwiithorwil: I had meetings today about just this, expect more info in the next two days or so17:17
thorwilkwwii: ok. i would treat wallpapers for alpha and final as entirely separated concerns, but that's just me, apparently17:19
kwwiithorwil: right, the point is that we don't want to use a mascot on the alpha wallpaper if we are going to use one with a mascot in the final17:19
kwwiiand we don't want to start asking for final wallpapers until we have a decent design brief17:20
thorwilwow, a brief! it happens!17:20
kwwiiwell, let's wait and see what we comes before we get our hopes up ;)17:44
darkmatterhttp://leuchtstoff.deviantart.com/art/overlay-eye-candy-no-function-97746451 -- neat18:54
_MMA_darkmatter: Interesting. Would be a kinda neat screensaver. (not that it would save the screen much)18:56
darkmatter_MMA_: not even the screensaver.. just as an overlay is nice.. make's thinkgs seem less virtual/more real18:57
_MMA_I said screensaver because I feel it would be a bit distracting as anything else. Just my POV.18:58
darkmatteras presented.. probably.. but it's the basic idea that's appealing19:00
darkmatternot the actual pattern19:01
_MMA_I'm *postitve* Compiz can handle something like this.19:02
darkmatterso. you have a wallpaper that has nice ambiance with well defined 'zones', have an overlay that matches, but if a window moves into that zone 'could add a 'zoom' effect for unfocused to create the illusion od slightly increased distance from focused), any shadows cast would ovelay the unfocused windows in the zones19:09
darkmatterit's just another way (purely graphical) to make the interface feel like a physical object19:09
* _MMA_ waves22:12
primes2hkwwii: Hello, are you there?22:35
kwwiiprimes2h: hi22:59
kwwiihey _MMA_23:01
kwwiijust uploaded some old stuff I did with the company I founded 12+ years ago23:01
kwwiikinda funny looking at it now23:01
_MMA_kwwii: I'm helping Julian get set up on LP. https://launchpad.net/levelhead23:01
kwwiiand http://sinecera.de/Popstar_Compare.mpg23:02
kwwiiwow, that looks neat23:03
primes2hkwwii: Hi, I made a patch for this bug #17235323:03
ubottuLaunchpad bug 172353 in human-icon-theme "Human theme has non-translatable emblem names." [Low,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/17235323:03
primes2hThis is the debdiff http://pastebin.ubuntu.com/107953/23:04
kwwiiprimes2h: yeah, I saw that email, didn't read it though23:04
kwwiiwhat is the point?23:04
primes2hCould you please have a look?23:04
primes2hhubuntu-icon-theme doesn't have translation support for emblems...23:04
kwwiiprimes2h: looks like a no-brainer to me23:04
primes2hhuman sorry23:05
kwwiijust adding the right po files23:05
kwwiiwell, pot files23:05
kwwiisometimes I wish other people had write acces to this stuff :p23:05
kwwiiit would save me a lot of work23:05
primes2hno, It's not that simple.23:05
primes2hI had to create .icon.in files, change mMakefile.am in scalable/emblems/ and obviously POTFILES.in23:06
primes2hI followed gnome-icon-theme structure...23:06
primes2hIt has translation for emblems...23:07
kwwiiprimes2h: it is shortly after 0:00 here, I will look at this tomorrow, ok?23:07
kwwiiI am dead in the water, atm23:07
primes2hok! Thanks fo now :-)23:07
kwwiiif it works and is correct, I think it is a good idea23:07
primes2hOk, but I would like you to have a look.. ;-)23:08
primes2hthere is also a strange thing happened, but I'll ask you tomorrow..23:08
primes2hI'm not used in packaging, patches etc...23:09
primes2hI'm leaving, see you tomorrow.. thanks... :-)23:10
kwwiioh well, time for sleep23:45

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