pochufta: Accepted sqlite3 3.6.10-1 (source all amd64)02:34
pochuI hope you enjoy it :)02:34
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didrockshi everyone08:13
didrocksseb128: https://code.edge.launchpad.net/~didrocks/gnome-games/ubuntu08:13
seb128lut didrocks, ok thanks08:14
didrockssorry for the time taken for this. I will have more time from now08:14
crevettehelo gents08:14
didrocksplop crevette08:14
crevettethanks seb128 for the hard work you did this night08:15
crevettesalut didrocks08:15
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seb128_grrrr jaunty, laptop frozen again08:19
seb128_if somebody was saying something to me please say it again08:20
didrocksseb128_: I don't remember who (^^) told me yesterday that it's time for me to upgrade to jaunty :)08:20
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crevetteseb128, frezes happen under which circonstances ?08:33
seb128crevette: usually after switching between users08:34
crevetteI remember I had some too, and my gf told she had some08:34
crevetteI had also freezes when doing some intensive network I/O08:35
crevettebut perhaps it is more tied the network driver08:35
seb128I don't think I've issues to io load08:36
seb128didrocks: what was this bzr url for gnome-games? my jaunty crashed08:37
pittiGood morning08:38
seb128hey pitti!08:38
Tm_T"its thursday"08:38
* Tm_T hides08:38
didrocksseb128: it will be the futur url where mvo update desktop team bzr branch, normally08:38
didrocksmorning pitti !08:38
seb128didrocks: ?08:39
didrocksseb128: oh, no the one in control, but the url I gave you?08:39
seb128didrocks: I ask you to repeat what you wrote before because my laptop and IRC crashed before I used it ;-)08:39
didrockssorry, someone is speaking to me and my head get into trouble :)08:39
didrocksseb128: https://code.edge.launchpad.net/~didrocks/gnome-games/ubuntu08:40
seb128didrocks: I was going to ask if you can walk and talk in the same time but huats is not around so there is no point make a such joke ;-)08:40
seb128didrocks: thanks ;-)08:40
didrocksseb128: :-p08:41
didrockshopefully huats is not using irssi, so, you will not repeat that, don't you? ;)08:41
didrockshum "do you?" is better08:43
* didrocks is seeing is Enligsh getting worse and worse since I came back from Ireland :(08:43
crevettedidrocks, hopefully I can't notice you irish accent when I read you :)08:44
seb128you can notice his french accent though ;-)08:45
didrocksseb128: you're an evil person, you know :-)08:46
seb128didrocks: no I'm not ;-)08:47
didrocksseb128: and you had to quit/come back to this chan 3 times to be sure of that? ;)08:47
seb128didrocks: 3 times? I just closed IRC to show that's not how you talk to people there ;-)08:49
didrockscoffee time ^^08:49
seb128didrocks: anyway reviewing your changes now08:49
seb128didrocks: why did you drop the desktop path change?08:49
didrocks(one sec, searching for reference)08:50
seb128didrocks: we usually don't update the standards-version in ubuntu, that creates unrequired diff over debian08:50
didrocksseb128: but gnome package are splitted between ubuntu and debian, aren't they?08:51
seb128didrocks: what do you mean splitted? we rebase our packaging on theirs every now and then08:51
seb128and the standards-version means you verified everything conforms to the current standards08:51
seb128which we usually don't bother doing08:52
didrocksseb128: ok, I thought that gnome packages were never synced08:52
didrocksseb128: and yes, I verified the changes :-)08:52
seb128ok, good then but that's usually a detail and we don't bother08:52
didrocksbut ok, that's not necessary, I know it now08:52
didrocksfor the patch, I have read somewhere that the best pratice was not to use full path08:53
didrocksbut I was wrong reading http://standards.freedesktop.org/desktop-entry-spec/latest/ar01s06.html08:53
didrocks/usr/games is in the path, why providing a full path?08:53
seb128didrocks: otherwise08:54
seb128$ diff -u gnome-games- build-area/gnome-games-2.25.5/configure.in | grep DBUS08:54
seb128didrocks: you didn't add this build depends08:55
didrocksmy bad, correct :/08:55
seb128didrocks: in fact it seems to be only required when building with the theme installer option08:56
seb128so not a bug ;-)08:56
didrocksseb128: I do not have the configure.in (not access to my branch actually), let me take a look, one sec08:56
seb128didrocks: to know why changes are there usually read the debian changelog08:57
seb128  * desktop-path.patch: added, uses absolute paths for .desktop files08:58
seb128    (closes: #236618).08:58
seb128debian bug #23661808:58
ubottuDebian bug 236618 in gnome-games "gnome-games: menu entries unusable if /usr/games not on path" [Normal,Closed] http://bugs.debian.org/23661808:58
didrocksseb128: ok, I note that in my todo. I was unsure of this change and was relying on my sponsor :)08:59
seb128didrocks: otherwise good work08:59
didrocksso, diff in configure.in and always read the changelog, again :)08:59
seb128I'm test building it now08:59
didrocksseb128: I would prefer it has been perfect, but well... :/09:00
didrocks(ok, I see in configure.in)09:00
seb128lut huats09:01
didrockshello huats09:01
huatshey seb12809:01
seb128huats: c'est à cette heure là qu'on arrive au boulot? ;-)09:01
huatshow are you ?09:01
seb128good thanks09:01
huatsmorning everyone too :)09:01
huatsseb128: LOL09:01
huatsgood too09:01
didrocksseb128: it's very early for him, now, you know? :)09:01
huatsI just get connected now there is a small difference ;)09:02
huats(small I admit)09:02
huats(but I was working late yesterday on my daywork...)09:02
didrockshuats: time to boot? :-)09:02
seb128so he's basically starting at 10, reading mails for an hour, going for lunch, coming back at 15, doing some IRC and ubuntu work and then going for dinner?09:02
huatsseb128: are you in the same office than me ?09:02
huatsseb128: except that you forgot the various planet reading09:03
didrocksI knew it, there was no scheduled time for ubuntu-fr! :-p09:03
huatsseb128: the new gnome-keyring stuff FTBFS again (caused by the LDFLAGS like the previous time...)09:04
huatsseb128: I'll see what I can do about it...09:04
seb128huats: anyway, jokes aside it's sponsoring time, hand the packages you had to update for today09:04
huatsseb128: I will09:04
seb128huats: the previous change doesn't apply this time?09:04
huatsseb128: nope.09:05
huatsI have to see if I can do some stuffs...09:05
huatsseb128: I have something to do for my daywork right now09:06
seb128huats: just mail upstream09:06
seb128huats: ok, no hurry, good work09:06
huatsbut I'll will do my packages today :)09:06
huatsand sure I'll mail upstream :)09:06
seb128didrocks: another trick to learn for you09:07
seb128$ dh_install --list-missing09:07
seb128dh_install: usr/share/gnome-games-common/theme-install.ini exists in debian/tmp but is not installed to anywhere09:07
seb128didrocks: new file which should be installed in a binary and is not09:07
seb128huats, fta: btw libsqlite 3.6 has been uploaded to debian yesterday09:24
huatsseb128: THANKS !09:25
seb128huats: I didn't do it, I just noticed the upload ;-)09:25
huatsthanks anyway :)09:25
huatsseb128: since there is DIF, I think I need to write something to ask for the inclusion...09:26
huatsI'll have a look then (later today after the uploads seb128 :))09:27
seb128huats: you need a sync request bug and subscribe the sponsor team to the bug09:27
huatsseb128: ok thanks09:30
didrocksseb128: sorry, I was in a meeting10:08
didrocksdh_install --list-missing, ok, noted10:08
didrockscan I fix the package this evening?10:09
didrocksseb128: ok, I will try to add an extra stuff so that you would forgive me for this bad update :-)10:11
seb128there is no problem don't worry!10:11
pochupitti: looks like the liferea update is flawed :(10:11
pochupitti: I'll investigate this later (have an exam in 50 minutes). Do we need to do anything special? It's not in -updates yet.10:12
pittipochu: please follow up on the bug report and tag it regression-proposed10:13
pittipochu: exam> oh, good luck with it!10:13
pochupitti: it's an English exam, so will be ok :)10:15
pochuok, tagged10:16
seb128crevette: why did you change the nautilus-sendto description? we usually try to not change debian descriptions when not required, that creates delta over debian and that breaks translations10:32
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crevetteseb128, ah sorry, I wanted to update the description with regards to new functions added, and about generic support of IM10:33
crevettelater I dropped the description of upnp but I kept the IM part because it sounded me valuable10:33
seb128crevette: well, there is no real changes since we don't use universe components so it still use the same set10:34
crevetteI can propose a new description for debian so10:34
seb128well, the issue is that I don't think your description bring a lot ;-)10:35
seb128"sending files to accounts in an Evolution email10:35
seb128- address book, contacts on a Pidgin or Gajim instant messaging list,10:35
seb128- through Thunderbird, or through Claws Mail (formerly Sylpheed Claws)."10:35
seb128changed to10:36
seb128"sending files to various components, as an attachement10:36
seb128+ in a mail in evolution, Thunderbird, or Claws Mail, or to the contacts of various10:36
seb128+ instant messaging client.10:36
seb128that's not that different10:36
NafalloGajim \o/10:36
crevetteit was better with the UPNP and the other thing I forgot10:36
crevetteanyway I won't be angy if you drp it10:38
seb128crevette: ok, I'll drop it for now10:40
crevettemy "R" is blocked :)10:40
pittiseb128: AFAIR we had a bug tag which said "that's a good thing to work on for new interested people"11:01
pittiseb128: do you happen to remember that?11:01
seb128pitti: launchpad has a builtin option to say you would sponsor work on the bug, you can use that11:02
seb128pitti: otherwise there is bitesize for small changes11:02
pittibitesize! that was it, merci!11:02
seb128you're welcome11:03
asacmvo: any reason why jaunty-codec-install isnt targetted for jaunty?12:36
asacmvo: I assume gnome-codec-install integrate properly with gstreamer? e.g. gnash will still work too?12:40
pochuasac: hey :) is it possible to thread messages in TB by "reply-to"? I'm looking at making threads useful in my launchpad bug-mail folder, and by subject is not an option as Launchpad mangles it13:26
pochureply-to would work as it's bug specific, e.g. "Reply-To: Bug 247040 <247040@bugs.launchpad.net>"13:26
ubottuLaunchpad bug 247040 in gst-plugins-good0.10 "totem-gstreamer crashed with SIGSEGV in theora_decode_packetin()" [Medium,Incomplete] https://launchpad.net/bugs/24704013:26
pochu(does anybody else have a working solution for this?)13:27
asacpochu: doesnt tbird look at "References: "?13:28
seb128pochu: use evolution? ;-)13:28
pochuseb128: I tried :-) but I had a few issues...13:28
pochuI've moved 2 out of 3 accounts to Evo though13:28
pochubut they don't have hundreds of mails a day ;)13:28
asacevolution blocked on lack of evolution ;) (just kidding)13:28
pochuasac: hmm, not sure, let me try13:29
mvoasac: yeah, it should just work fine13:30
mvoasac: updated (targeted for jaunty now)13:31
pochuasac: looks like it doesn't13:31
pochuasac: but thanks. will continue later, lunch now :)13:31
asacpochu: i have huge bug folders in tbird as its just rocking fast searching stuff and so on ... never noticed any bad threading issues13:32
asacpochu: but i am using shredder (thunderbird-3.0 package from ~fta +archive) ... maybe try that .. otherwise we should figure whats wrong and file bug13:32
didrocksseb128: I have worked on updating the bzr desktop team page. (https://wiki.ubuntu.com/DesktopTeam/Bzr). If you don't like it, you can revert :)13:34
seb128didrocks: thank you, looking13:37
seb128didrocks: good work, that's clear and detailled ;-) we will probably tweak the workflow a bit but that's a good start13:39
seb128especially it would be nice to automate some of the testing or configure changes listing, etc13:40
didrocksseb128: hope that can provide some help to others :)13:40
seb128that will13:40
didrockshum, I thought about removing debian/control from bzr13:41
didrocksas it is generated by debian/control.in in "rules clean"13:41
didrocksdoes this make sense?13:41
seb128I would not really bother13:41
seb128but I would not bother making sure it's uptodate either13:41
didrocksit is just because I think this is a source of mistake for new contributors13:42
crevetteI admit I was mistaken several time13:44
didrocksseb128: I wanted to add some tricks for quilt + autotools (apply it one time, see which files are changed with find . -amin .. -type f > file and then make a quilt add ...). But this has to be in the packagingguide, hasn't it?13:45
pittiseb128: hm, I'm trying to get --short-docs to work (starting to work on bug 123035)13:47
ubottuLaunchpad bug 123035 in gnome-app-install "make installing games more easier" [Wishlist,Invalid] https://launchpad.net/bugs/12303513:47
pitti$ LANG= gconftool --short-docs /apps/drivemount-applet/prefs13:47
pittiNo schema known for `/apps/drivemount-applet/prefs'13:47
pittibug 123025, of course13:47
ubottuLaunchpad bug 123025 in gconf2 "stop shipping static gconf translations, use gettext at runtime" [Wishlist,Triaged] https://launchpad.net/bugs/12302513:47
pittihm, I get the same error with gconf-editor13:49
pittiseb128: ok, nevermind; works with /apps/baobab/ui/toolbar_visible13:51
KeybukI've seen that myself many times14:02
seb128pitti: sorry I was fighting the new gdm on my laptop and not looking at IRC14:04
pittiseb128: no problem, all set14:04
seb128didrocks: could be useful there too14:04
pittiseb128: I'm pretty surprised that gconf-schemas is a debianism; /var/lib/gconf/defaults/ doesn't look like being used from upstream?14:04
didrocksseb128: ok. I will put a note about it14:04
seb128pitti: no, they use /etc/gconf/schemas by default but using etc is against the debian policy14:05
crevetteKeybuk, this is fixed in gtk 2.15.x14:10
crevetteKeybuk, however I think patching libgtk for intrepid would be nice, because I was upset by this bug14:11
seb128it doesn't happen every time14:12
seb128it's only cosmetic, the change is not trivial and intrepid is not a lts14:12
crevetteseb128, yeah, in epi it happen 2nd time I need filechooser14:12
seb128ie I doubt it'll be backported if there is not somebody interested doing the work14:12
Keybukcrevette: what was the bug?14:15
KeybukI figured it had something to do with compiz?14:15
crevetteno at all14:15
crevettethis is the codre of filechooser14:15
Keybukoh right14:15
Keybukthe reason I figured it had something do with compiz is that when it's appeared14:15
Keybukit appears at that size14:15
seb128Keybuk: it's federico who did too much code simplication when cleaning the code some time ago14:16
Keybukbut the file chooser is being rendered normally14:16
Keybukjust at 1/2 scale14:16
crevettethe upstream bug is closed now as federico commit new code to fix that14:16
Keybukall the text, buttons, widgets are half the size14:16
Keybukthen it refreshes to be normal scale, half the window size14:16
seb128bug #28528514:16
ubottuLaunchpad bug 285285 in gtk+2.0 "GtkFileChooser dialog size randomly broken" [Low,Fix committed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/28528514:16
seb128gnome bug #55877614:16
ubottuGnome bug 558776 in GtkFileChooser "Filechooser size sometimes too small" [Normal,Resolved: fixed] http://bugzilla.gnome.org/show_bug.cgi?id=55877614:16
glatzormvo, hello, would you please upload packagekit and packagekit-gnome 0.3.13?14:39
mvoglatzor: sure14:39
mvoglatzor: what is the current lp branch name?14:40
mvoglatzor: lp:~packagekit/pakcagekit/ubuntu-packagekit ?14:41
glatzormvo, correct.14:42
mvoglatzor: ok, I fix the changelog and upload then (sitll has UNRELEASED in it)14:43
glatzormvo, i thought only the uploader should change the distro14:44
mvoglatzor: yeah, I never was so strict about that14:45
mvoglatzor: its fine, I just wanted to make sure there is no left over commit or anything14:45
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glatzormvo, is there an easy way to keep configuration for packges in debian/ but not build them?14:50
mvoglatzor: how do you mean? could could have a debian/rules.not-active in the source for example that would work14:51
glatzormvo, if packagekit wants to go into main I should not build some of the more obscure packages, e.g the yum and smart backend, mozilla plugin, gstreamer installer14:52
mvoglatzor: that should be fine, those stuff can still go to universe14:53
mvoglatzor: and just packagekit itself goes to main14:53
glatzormvo, are there any modifications required in the packaging? or is this an archive admin job?14:53
mvoglatzor: no modifications required, that is purely a archive thing (well, aisde from a MainInclusionReport)14:54
mvoglatzor: I guess riddell will write that anyway, no?14:54
glatzormvo, right.14:54
mvohow is the qt frontend shaping up?14:55
pochuasac: it only happens with the [NEW] mails, the rest are correctly threaded it seems14:55
glatzormvo, you can install it from the ppa. it seems to work.14:56
asacpochu: ah. yeah. those are even misthreaded in mutt14:56
asacpochu: definitly a launchpad prob imo14:56
glatzormvo, it seems that suse picks up packagekit seriously14:56
pochuasac: hmm, also when the summary is changed (and thus the subject changes) it starts a new thread14:58
mvoglatzor: in what sense? what backend do they use with it? the yast one?14:59
glatzormvo, zyppy14:59
pochuasac: but References seems to be correctly set15:00
pochuasac: I will try to update to TB 3 and see how it behaves15:04
pochuasac: thanks for the heads up :)15:04
mvoglatzor: how useful is the yum backend on a ubuntu system?15:06
pochus/heads up/advice/15:06
crevetteglatzor, mvo, is the packagekit better with deb distro now than few months ago ?15:07
crevetteI thought it tested it last summer15:08
glatzorcrevette, which issues did you encounter?15:08
crevettefor instance after refreshing the list of updated packages in pkgkit, it won't see the packages to update15:09
crevetteand I had various errors message with dbus and locking I believe15:10
glatzorcrevette, the first one is fixed15:17
glatzorcrevette, please write a bug report, if you see the error messages again15:18
crevetteglatzor, okay I'll give it a try, I installed just few days to try it, but I removed it quickly15:20
glatzormvo, the yum backend is only build because there is yum in Debian :)15:20
glatzormvo, I use it for testing sometimes.15:21
glatzormvo, but indeed it is confusing.15:21
glatzormvo, I will remove the yum backend on the next upload. or is the upload still pending?15:22
mvoglatzor: just uploaded it, I don't really mind the backend, I was just curious :)15:27
dholbachdoes anybody know where seb128 is?15:46
crevettehey dholbach15:46
crevettehappy new year15:46
dholbachcrevette: and the same to you!15:46
crevetteseb128_ est parti (Read error: 60 (Operation timed out))15:46
dholbachhe's supposed to give a session in #ubuntu-classroom in 14m :)15:46
crevetteperhaps he lost its internet access15:46
dholbachPushing out GNOME releases to millions of users!15:47
seb128hey dholbach15:47
hggdhseb128, ping, good morning and another difference on EDS trunk has surfaced15:47
seb128dholbach: , yeah, still 10 minutes right?15:47
dholbachseb128: yep, all the time in the world15:47
seb128hggdh: hi, which one?15:47
didrocksseb128: dholbach just began to worry :)15:47
seb128didrocks: trying to get the new gdm to work15:47
hggdhseb128, libical is now an external depends15:47
seb128so lot's of session restart, not worth starting IRC between15:48
seb128hggdh: right I noticed they were working on that15:48
hggdhcurrent libical we ship is 0.33, eds requires 0.4315:48
didrocksseb128: good luck, seems to be a hard stuff (I looked at the it a little bit, following the desktop team meeting)15:48
seb128we will need to update, version updates are not really an issue15:48
seb128didrocks: thanks15:48
hggdhOK, will open an upgrade request15:49
hggdhseb128, done16:00
seb128hggdh: what is done?16:01
seb128sorry got a presentation starting now ;-)16:01
hggdhseb128, the upgrade request for libical16:02
=== crevette_ is now known as crevette
seb128hggdh: re, sorry I got sidetracked by the presentation on the other channel17:05
seb128hggdh: did you open the request to debian or on launchpad or both?17:06
seb128pochu: thanks for forwarding the questions between the channels17:09
=== bluesmoke is now known as Amaranth
pochuseb128: yw17:17
didrocksseb128: I think we don't ship upstream *.scores and use the ones provided by postinst?17:22
seb128didrocks: right17:26
crevettehey gents17:52
hggdhseb128, just in LP right now17:52
crevettedo you have some tarball I can package17:52
crevettehggdh: he left17:52
hggdhcrevette, just noticed... thanks17:53
crevetteI take vinagre / vino if you don't care17:54
mvoember: thatnks for your brasero update, I'm happy to sponsor it17:54
didrocksNafallo: there?18:16
Nafallodidrocks: hi18:17
didrocksHi :)18:17
hggdhquestion: if an updated version of a package exists in Debian, and there are no local changes, is this an upgrade or sync request?18:17
didrocksNafallo: I am looking for adding lpi to a python software. I saw there used to be one for gajim and I cherrypicked it18:17
didrocksNafallo: but in 0.12~beta1-0ubuntu1 you dropped it. And I wonder why :)18:18
didrocks(away for half an hour, but I will read your answer then ;))18:19
asomethinghggdh: if there are no Ubuntu changes, then it would be a sync18:20
hggdhasomething, thanks, I will correct the bug I opened18:20
Nafallodidrocks: cause we didn't use it at all. just added complexity I didn't need.18:27
Nafallodidrocks: i.e. the stuff was there, but we didn't use LP as the lp-integration was supposed to be used.18:27
didrocksNafallo: ok. this is not because of lpi no more supported for python in jaunty (I was afraid of that :))18:28
didrocksNafallo: thanks a lot for your answer18:28
Nafallodidrocks: no worries.18:28
AmaranthSo I just wasted two hours looking to see what KDE and GNOME do differently when changing cursor themes that would make compiz update the cursors in KDE but not in GNOME18:36
AmaranthTurns out kde-window-decorator checks for these changes and updates itself, compiz never updates it's two visible cursors18:37
AmaranthAnd kde-window-decorator seems to update these cursors every time you move your mouse (!)18:38
Amaranthmvo: The fullscreen stacking fixes patch should be in git now, btw18:43
Amaranthworking on the cursor theme one now18:43
=== pochu_ is now known as pochu
pochuso no webkit for 2.2619:31
mvoyou rock Amaranth20:22
crevetteI update epiphany20:36
Amaranthmvo: Do you know if any of the drivers that support compiz still default to XAA? I'm a bit out of the loop there20:41
AmaranthI know intel defaults to EXA, what about ati?20:41
johanbrAmaranth: -ati in jaunty uses exa, https://bugs.launchpad.net/xserver-xorg-driver-ati/+bug/26935720:44
ubottuLaunchpad bug 269357 in xserver-xorg-video-ati "[Needs EXA] Video playback failes with compiz enabled" [High,Fix released]20:44
mvoAmaranth: I don't know, #ubuntu-x will know for sure20:46
crevetteseb128: hi, bratche was looking for you on {gnome-hackers20:47
seb128crevette: hello, you know why?20:47
crevettedamn I wondered why my sponsor request for vinagre was still no pushed... dumb em as usual20:55
Amaranthmvo: Ok, since intel and ati both use exa we can probably drop that first patch20:57
Amaranthmvo: the one that sets the _COMPIZ_GL_INCLUDE_INFERIORS or whatever20:58
mvoAmaranth: fine with me, its a devel release, people will yell if it breaks something :)21:05
didrocksseb128: I have reworked on (and hopefully fixed) gnome-games: https://code.edge.launchpad.net/~didrocks/gnome-games/ubuntu21:08
didrocksand for bonus point, I added LPI to glchess and gnome-sudoku (python games) :)21:09
seb128didrocks: excellent21:09
asomethingseb128: Hi, when you get a chance, could you take a look at bug #31940021:12
ubottuLaunchpad bug 319400 in ubuntu "[needs-packaging] evolution-mapi " [Wishlist,In progress] https://launchpad.net/bugs/31940021:12
seb128asomething: hey, I read it and planned to comment but that has been a busy day, I need to ping the server team about the openchange and samba syncs21:12
seb128e-d-s and evo need to be updated to 2.25, did you do that? are you interested to work on those updates?21:13
seb128we might wait for next tarballs to upload though because they screwed a soname which is fixed in svn now21:13
asomethingseb128: i just built them locally21:13
seb128they had some configure version lower in 2.25 compared to 2.2421:13
seb128let me know if you are interest by doing the 2.25 jaunty updates, that would be welcome, I'm already quite busy on other things and keep delaying those21:14
asomethingseb128: the openchange and samba syncs also aren't essential, but my real issues is that compile problem mentioned in the report21:15
didrocksseb128: I can handle one or two tomorrow if that can help21:15
seb128asomething: I need to ask upstream or the server team about that21:16
seb128asomething: I'll update the bug tomorrow it's late for them now21:16
asomethingseb128: great, thanks21:17
seb128thank you for your work ;-)21:17
crevetteseb128: I finished to put the vinagre update from 2 weeks ago in lp and I did the vino update of today21:18
seb128crevette: thanks21:19
crevettebah, so little work21:21
crevettenot a problem :)21:21
asomethingseb128: i can't commit to doing the e-d-s/evo upgrades right now, i'll check in tomorrow and can probably take them if no one else wants to21:26
asomethingseb128: libgweather will have to get updated for them, i just disabled it when building locally21:27
seb128asomething: they are waiting for a while so if you want to do those you have time, they can get uploaded next week for example21:27
seb128I started on this one but I've a build issue remaining21:27
lovlexirHim somebody know how reconfigure my GDM ??21:27
seb128I'll try to get it done tomorrow21:27
lovlexirHi, somebody know how reconfigure my GDM ??21:27
seb128lovlexir: sudo gdmsetup and click?21:27
lovlexirbut i can´t login in graphic intercafe...21:28
lovlexirfrom terminal can i access?21:28
didrockstime to go to bed. Have a good night/day everyone :-)21:31
lovlexiri install some packages for multimeia, from soundforge and anoter, and from there the Xserver do not start....21:31
lovlexir«didrocks» good night :)21:31
lovlexirany talk spanish :$21:32
lovlexirsomebody ? :'(21:32
seb128lovlexir: try #ubuntu, this channel is one where people work not one for user questions21:34
hggdhseb128, I changed the upgrade request for libical to a sync request -- debian already has libical-0.4.3 in Sid22:20
seb128hggdh: excellent ;-)22:20
hggdhso now we have two blocks on going to Evo 2.25.4/5 on Jaunty: libical and libpst22:21
hggdh2.25.5, to be more correct22:21
seb128hggdh: we will likely wait for next tarballs, the configure version were lower in 2.25 than 2.24 for some reason, I noticed that when looking at the update and srag fixed it to svn today22:24
seb128hggdh: doing the 2.25 update would require to lower a soname to update it again in the next upload22:25
seb128hggdh: you want to subscribe the main sponsor team since libical is in main now22:29
seb128hggdh: don't bother I do sync it now22:30
hggdhseb128, thank you22:47
seb128you're welcome22:48

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