CIA-59wubi: Agostino Russo * r57 trunk/ (8 files in 5 dirs):00:41
CIA-59wubi: * Use a local 32 bit CD/ISO even if the CPU arch is 64 bit00:41
CIA-59wubi: * Added license to source files00:41
lfaraoneHi, usb-creator seems to be failing oddly, sometimes I'll run it and it'll work and sometimes it fails with Traceback (most recent call last):  File "./bin/usb-creator", line 75, in <module> f = GtkFrontend(options.iso,options.persistent)00:46
xivulon_just noticed that the desktop hosting ubiquity in automatic mode has 2 workspaces (gnome default), not sure that is desirable, some user might switch that by mistake01:02
xivulon_Although I preseed user-password-crypted, I am still asked by ubiquity about for the password09:11
evandxivulon_: preseed user-setup/encrypt-home boolean false09:13
xivulon_that is d-i?09:13
evandIt's a new question asked by user-setup.09:14
xivulon_I see you also have an option for autologin09:15
xivulon_is that required?09:15
evandah wow, I'm an idiot.10:00
evandI didn't realize that umenu tested the version.10:00
evandwhich is why it's saying invalid CD, as it's using the 8.10 umenu10:00
evand(in 8.04.2)10:00
davmor2evand: Ah that may be an issue :)10:11
davmor2is 9.04 using the 8.10 menu too then?10:11
evanddavmor2: indeed10:14
evandfixed for 8.04.2, though unless there's a respin it wont be included in the release10:14
davmor2evand: that would explain why jaunty was reporting invalid cd too then :)10:14
evandheh, yup10:14
davmor2evand: you might want to have a word with slangasek about a re-spin I got time to retest but if someone grabs it and it comes up invalid cd it looks bad10:16
evandwill do10:16
_rubeni guess there's no (easy) way to turn an existing partitioning layout to a preseedable config for partman-auto?10:19
davmor2evand: umenu works now :)11:27
evandI was just about to test that myself11:30
evandyup, works here as well11:30
davmor2evand: Yay under xp and vista it works :)11:49
davmor2cjwatson: the thing I was referring to is that as soon as you install hardy.2 you get updates for openssl-blacklist and ssl-cert I thought it might of been tied into the bug that slangasek mentioned11:51
cjwatsonthat sounds different11:52
davmor2could be I only saw the title rather than reading the whole bug11:52
cjwatsondavmor2: the current CDs (at least; haven't looked at the earlier ones you were testing) have versions of openssl-blacklist and ssl-cert that match hardy-updates. I suppose it's always possible that some crazy installer bug means they're being installed from the network instead12:37
TheMusocjwatson: Through early testing, there is some progress with dmraid and ubiquity. Ubiquity offers the dmraid array as an installation option, but still shows the disks that are part of the array as options. Ubiquity also crashes when attempting to install to the array during the copying stage.16:52
TheMusocjwatson: Where do I look to fix the disk display issue?16:52
TheMusoThen I'll try and work out the crash.16:52
cjwatsonI'd start by running with --debug and (this bit is unfortunately tedious) wading through the logs16:53
cjwatsonum, perhaps look at init.d/parted in partman-base? I think it's meant to do the suppression of dmraid elements16:53
cjwatson                        if part_of_sataraid $device && \16:54
cjwatson                           [ -f /var/lib/disk-detect/activate_dmraid ]; then16:54
cjwatson                                continue16:54
cjwatson                        fi16:54
cjwatsondisk-detect probably isn't run in ubiquity until much later16:54
TheMusoYeah I know about that, and that works for d-i proper.16:54
TheMusoBut not for ubiquity it seems.16:54
cjwatsonso either touch that file in advance, or nobble the code to provide an alternative check16:54
cjwatsonand grep through partman for any similar occurrences16:55
TheMusoWith the live CD, the dmraid arrays are likely to be activated already, unless we specifically do not enable them at live CD boot.16:55
TheMusoWhich is what I'm tossing up.16:55
TheMusoAnyway those are good starting points, thanks.16:56
cjwatson--debug is probably the easiest way to figure out the crash, at any rate16:56
davmor2cjwatson: congrats on TB17:09
CIA-60user-setup: cjwatson * r145 ubuntu/ (debian/changelog functions.sh):18:00
CIA-60user-setup: * Backport from trunk:18:00
CIA-60user-setup:  - Be more careful about test arguments in the root_password function, in18:00
CIA-60user-setup:  case (for example) the encrypted password string is "!" (thanks, Uli18:00
CIA-60user-setup:  Heller; LP: #307443).18:00
CIA-60user-setup: cjwatson * r146 ubuntu/debian/changelog: releasing version 1.23ubuntu718:03
lfaraoneevand: Yep, usb-creator from latest bzr branch errors out for me on intrepid.21:31
TheMusohrm latest daily ubuntu disk in kvm doesn't crash when installing onto a dmraid array... interesting.,21:39
TheMusodesktop amd6421:39
lfaraoneHey, can someone else try running "bzr branch lp:usb-creator; ./usb-creator/bin/usb-creator21:53
lfaraone*"bzr branch lp:usb-creator; fakeroot ./usb-creator/bin/usb-creator"21:53
lfaraoneevand: verified on another computer.22:10
lfaraoneevand: crashes right after su22:10
evandlfaraone: you cannot run it with fakeroot, it needs real root.  Just run it without anything in front, it will elevate itself.  This will be replaced with Policykit soonish.22:42
* evand out22:42
lfaraoneevand: ok, even sudoed it crashes.22:54
evandwhat's the error?22:54
evandI see what you're doing22:54
evandthen dpkg -i the deb22:54
evandthen run it22:54
evandthat is, from your path22:55
evandreally need to run22:55

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