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jpdsubot2: bug #3123209:28
ubottuLaunchpad bug 31232 in findutils "find -name \* doesn't find files which have names which are not valid in the current locale" [Medium,Invalid] https://launchpad.net/bugs/3123209:28
[NikO]hi there14:32
[NikO]is there some council member available atm ?14:32
Pici[NikO]: Whats up?14:34
[NikO]Pici, hi14:34
[NikO]we actually rewrite accesss lists on #ubuntu-fr* channels14:35
[NikO]but we have two issue14:35
[NikO]with 2 owners who disappears14:35
[NikO]#kubuntu-fr and #ubuntu-fr-meeting14:36
PiciWhat sort of issue?14:36
[NikO]if it possible to give the +F to ubuntu-fr-irc member ..14:36
[NikO]take a look at actual #ubuntu-fr-offtopic access list, that what we finaly try to have14:37
jpdsDoesn't raphink or Tonio_ run -fr?14:37
PiciNeither of those two channels are registered.14:37
PiciEr. sorry, I was querying oftc, not freenode. Disregard that.14:38
[NikO]jpds, none of them14:39
Zic(We are adding +F to Ubuntu-fr-IRC account on all our channels and reduced our rights there actually ;-))14:41
Picinalioth: ping re: u-fr channels.14:42
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[NikO]nalioth ping :)20:26
nalioth[NikO]: pong20:29
[NikO]we have two #ubuntu-fr* related channel without owner20:29
[NikO]disapear since years20:29
[NikO]and actually we put all +F access to ubuntu-fr-irc user20:30
[NikO]is it possible to give #ubuntu-fr-meeting and #kubuntu-fr +F to ubuntu-fr-irc user ?20:30
[NikO]ace nalioth :)20:32
nalioth[NikO]: y'all have been talking about this for a while.  i've still not seen any particular user mentioned20:36
[NikO]we will give all founder access to ubuntu-fr-irc user20:37
[NikO]and there is these two channels where the owner left freenode for a long long time20:38
[NikO]and we have no way to contact theme20:38
naliothoui, je comprende20:38
naliothftransfer #ubuntu-fr-meeting ubuntu-fr-irc20:39
[NikO]and kubuntu-fr ?20:39
[NikO]thanks nalioth :)20:41
naliothyou're welcome20:42
jussi01nalioth: do you have access to mootbot? do you know where it has gone? (not in -meeting atm)20:44
naliothis it gone again?20:52
* Pici tries to remember who ran mootbot20:52
naliothi just restarted it yesterday20:52
naliothserver appears down20:54
naliothPici: i run mootbot21:02

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