ratpoisonHello! anybody know what this http://pastebin.com/m69cc4e49 is? 8.10 amd64 user. Symptoms are: system doesn't shut down properly, nautilus crashes and won't launch and dvds won't mount01:31
JesperHansenratpoison: I am thinking "underpowered" 01:48
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tjaaltonhuh, it takes a minute for qla2xxx to initialize on jaunty.. per path08:17
tjaaltonit seems to be trying to run modprobe using the pci id or such08:27
tjaaltonok, so qla2xxx is still a module..08:29
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smb_tp_I am extremely puzzled by the generic acpi support. The way I understand this is: if a bios supports it the LCD object would have a _BCL method that returns the supported levels.10:05
apwi believe that to be true from my experience on this bug too10:06
smb_tp_Now we had those reports that some Thinkpads did not work correctly because the thinkpad_acpi driver backs out since there is generic support. And yes, the brightness proc file contains various levels.10:06
apwso it must be later thinkpads then, t30 must be too old10:07
apwwhat is your thinkpad?10:07
smb_tp_Now I asked for the dsdt of those but when I look into there, I don't find any _BCL method10:07
smb_tp_mine is a T42p, doesn't have support10:07
apwso pretty new10:07
smb_tp_not in laptop world I would say10:07
apwwe have a couple of T6x's around10:07
* smb_tp_ thinks it is at least 3y old10:08
apwyeah true10:08
smb_tp_Hm, maybe mjg59, do you know whether I should find a _BCL method in the disassembly of a dsdt when a laptop supports the generic acpi brightness controls?10:10
apwcking, might know such things too10:10
smb_tp_yes maybe. 10:11
* cking looks at the documentation..10:11
smb_tp_Actually I just looked at the dsdt of a sony and there it is.10:12
apwso you are looking for the right thing10:12
ckingThis method allows the OS to query a list of brightness level supported by built-in display output devices.10:13
cking(This method in not allowed for externally connected displays.) This method is required if an integrated10:13
ckingLCD is present and supports brightness levels.10:13
ckingEach brightness level is represented by a number between 0 and 100, and can be thought of as a percentage.10:13
ckingFor example, 50 can be 50% power consumption or 50% brightness, as defined by the OEM.10:13
ckingThe OEM may define the number 0 as "Zero brightness" that can mean to turn off the lighting (e.g. LCD10:13
ckingpanel backlight) in the device. This may be useful in the case of an output device that can still be viewed10:13
ckingusing only ambient light, for example, a transflective LCD. If Notify(Output Device, 0x85) for “Zero10:13
ckingbrightness” is issued, OSPM may be able to turn off the lighting by calling _BCM(0).10:13
cking..so I suspect the answer is "should do"10:14
smb_tp_Yeah, this far it sound just reasonable10:14
smb_tp_Just that there are three reports from people with T61, X61s and r61 which can show you acpi brightness support indication but when I look at the disassemled dsdt there is nothing10:16
* cking looks at the spec a little more10:17
apwdoes it have BCM and/or BQC10:18
cking_BCM --> The OS will only set levels that were reported via the _BCL method. This method is required if _BCL is10:18
smb_tp_apw, maybe you can cross check. see bug 31171610:19
ubot3Malone bug 311716 in linux "The slider brightness Applet has value inverted after the last update (2.6.27-11)" [Medium,Fix committed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/31171610:19
apwsmb_tp_, your fixes to allow switching both ways are not in jaunty are they?10:20
smb_tp_take the dsdt from the last reporter, cking "iasl -d dsdt.bin" is correct,?10:20
ckingyep 10:20
smb_tp_apw, no, they are only in intrepid10:21
apw        /* First check for boot param -> highest prio */10:21
apw        if (acpi_video_support & ACPI_VIDEO_BACKLIGHT_FORCE_VENDOR)10:21
apw                return 0;10:21
apw        else if (acpi_video_support & ACPI_VIDEO_BACKLIGHT_FORCE_VIDEO)10:21
apw                return 1;10:21
apw        /* Then check for DMI blacklist -> second highest prio */10:21
apw        if (acpi_video_support & ACPI_VIDEO_BACKLIGHT_DMI_VENDOR)10:21
apw                return 0;10:21
apw        else if (acpi_video_support & ACPI_VIDEO_BACKLIGHT_DMI_VIDEO)10:21
apw                return 1;10:21
apwi see this in jaunty kernels, so there is something upstream in this area10:21
smb_tp_They are slightly different. I patched it to return not 0 or 1 but a bitfield10:22
smb_tp_        /* First check for boot param -> highest prio */10:23
smb_tp_        if (acpi_video_support & ACPI_VIDEO_BACKLIGHT_FORCE_VENDOR)10:23
smb_tp_                return ACPI_VIDEO_BACKLIGHT_FORCE_VENDOR;10:23
smb_tp_        else if (acpi_video_support & ACPI_VIDEO_BACKLIGHT_FORCE_VIDEO)10:23
smb_tp_                return ACPI_VIDEO_BACKLIGHT;10:23
smb_tp_this way it can have both set. but that is hackish10:23
apw        if (ACPI_SUCCESS(acpi_get_handle(handle, "_BCM", &h_dummy1)) &&10:25
apw            ACPI_SUCCESS(acpi_get_handle(handle, "_BCL", &h_dummy2))) {10:25
apwthat seems to be the check for turning on ACPI_VIDEO_BACKLIGHT10:25
apwso if you don't have those you shouldn't get it turned on10:25
smb_tp_Exactly what I believed10:26
apwsmb_tp_, there is a shit load of debug in here for acpi10:26
apwi wonder if we can get them to boot with that enabled10:26
cking..yeah.. boot eventually with all the debug turned on.10:26
apwany idea how to turn it on?10:27
smb_tp_Must check for intrepid. At some point you had to compile with ACPI_DEBUG set, which was not the default10:27
smb_tp_Then you could use some bitmask setting. Should be in ./Documentation10:27
apwit tells us things it finds and explicitly tells us it turns this on10:28
apwwhere do i fine iasl10:30
smb_tp_apt-get install iasl ?10:31
apwodd its not recommended10:32
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Kanohi apw , it seems the blacklight hack is still in -5 kernel?10:33
apwyeah we are still working on what to do about it over all10:34
Kanonot good10:34
apwi have some tests out in the field on some new combinations10:34
Kanowill revert it for my build10:34
apwit will be going, its just not clear what is going in in its place10:34
apwsmb_tp_, no i can't see either of those in that dsdt in the bug, so that should imply it is not found and enabled10:35
Kanoanybody responsible for linux-firmware package here?10:38
apwwhats the question10:38
Kanowell you need more firmware files10:38
apwfor drivers we have already?10:39
Kanodifferent ones for some dvb-t devices like hauppauge dvb-t10:39
Kanoadditional ones for new rt28x0 drivers - like mentioned in my mail10:39
apwi thought we got out hauppauge ones recommended by them10:39
Kanoyou need that now10:40
Kanoyou have got 1.1010:40
Kanobut 2.6.28 needs 1.2010:40
apwyou have emailed all this to the kernel list?10:41
Kanomaybe you can add a symlink from 1.20 to 1.1010:41
Kanonope, but i mentioned ti before10:41
apwirc stuff tends to get forgotten in minutes10:41
Kanofor some driver for that little xo there the firmware would be missing too10:42
Kanobought a similar wlan device but that did not work with my simple id hack ;)10:42
Kanobut found out that the firmware was missing10:43
apwone mail with all the firmware issues would be good10:43
Kanowill seek my notes10:44
Kanobut you saw the mail about rt2860+70 already?10:44
apwno not seens that10:44
apwi only see one from you about the brightness in my inbox10:45
Kanoi sent the other 10min later or so10:45
Kanolicence included10:46
Kanook, found these 2 + 3 others, will mail it10:50
Kanomail sent10:57
Kanoat least i did not see more right now10:58
Kanoit happens from time to time that i have to seek for firmware for others10:58
Kanowell the hauppauge dvb-t i own myself11:01
Kanoups wrong channel ;)11:33
Kanowhen can i expect a linux-firmware update?11:34
apwnot sure, others will need to review the changes and decide11:51
Kanoupload it somewhere an i will test it for you12:03
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tjaaltonI'm getting strange disconnects when copied ~10GB from the usb drive to my local hd on jaunty. dmesg says something about "__ratelimit: 167 callbaks suppressed" and then a bunch of buffer i/o errors13:36
tjaaltonit's an ntfs file system, so using fuseblk13:37
tjaaltonoh, the __ratelimit is irrelevant13:37
smb_tpright, just even more i/o errors13:38
tjaaltonmight be just ntfs-3g failing..13:44
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rtgsmb_tp: wireless normally works with the -rt kernel, right?13:54
rtgHardt -rt, that is.13:55
smb_tprtg, how do you think I know?13:55
smb_tpI don't know of any reports, but that must not mean anything13:55
rtgsmb_tp: well, I guess one of would have noticed if no one's wireless worked with the Hardy -rt flavour. 13:56
rtgs/of/of us/13:56
smb_tpIf they tried to probably yes. Not sure whether wireless and -rt are compatible13:56
rtgsmb_tp: bug #318219. Its loading the i3945, but doesn't appear to do anything after that. guess I'll have to load up one of my laptops.13:58
ubot3Malone bug 318219 in ubuntu "Dell n-series won't wifi after reload of Ubuntu" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/31821913:58
smb_tpI fear as much. Do they user an -rt kernel in the bug?14:00
rtgsmb_tp: no (Ubuntu 2.6.24-4.6-generic), and I also just found an oops in his dmesg.14:02
smb_tprtg, -4.6 sounds pretty old. same problem with anything newer?14:04
rtgsmb_tp: I was just gonna suggest that he subscribe to -proposed14:05
smb_tp-23.46 is in -updates14:05
smb_tpeven the released (guess thats the .1) is -16.3014:05
rtgsmb_tp: doh! thats the version of the kernel on the buildd, his kernel was 2.6.24-23-rt14:07
smb_tprtg, Ah, so latest but -rt14:08
smb_tprtg, Hm, the -rt code is pretty new14:09
rtgsmb_tp: he's still got an oops, looks like a sysctl is failing14:09
smb_tpWhen I updated to -stable upstream alessio took the chance to get a new -rt patch into hardy14:10
rtghmm, maybe we should start looking there.14:11
amitkuseful link comparing various wear-levelling flash fs: http://free-electrons.com/pub/conferences/2008/jm2l/flash-filesystems.pdf15:21
ckingamitk: that's handy16:11
Kanoapw: i saw the patch is reverted now, what about the firmware update?17:07
apwnot something i am working on at the moment, not looked to see if anyone has looked at the other17:09
Kanowell a new kernel without firmware does not help that much17:09
rtgKano: what patch? the rt2860/2870 stuff?17:12
mous16hi to all. I need the module aic7xxx_old. how can i compile only this module and than inserti it in the ubuntu precompiled kernel?18:21
rtgmous16: make -C /lib/modules/`uname -r`/build M=`pwd`18:30
mous16rtg: thanks! where I need to move with shell when i launch this make? and how I insert the module in the initrd? (this is the module of the scsi controller)18:34
rtgmous16: aic7xxx_old must have a compatible makefile. the command line assumes you are in the same directory as the makefile. once the modules is compiled you can load it using 'sudo insmod *.ko'18:37
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mnemomous16: I have this other macro to permanently install a .ko once I built it18:53
mnemoalias modmake='make -C /lib/modules/`uname -r`/build M=$PWD modules'18:53
mnemomoduse() {18:53
mnemo        sudo cp $1.ko /lib/modules/`uname -r`/kernel/`pwd | awk "{print substr(\\$1, index(\\$1,\"drivers\"))}"`/$1.ko18:53
mnemoso then to permanently use a .ko I just run "moduse drm" and drm.ko gets copied to the right location18:53
mous16mnemo: I'm  having trubless in compiling the module. I'm using the kernel source in ubuntu repo, but it tell me that there isn't a make file...18:54
mnemomous16: so if you do like "mkdir my_kernel_code ; cd my_kernel_code ; apt-get source linux-image-2.6.28-4-generic ; cd linux-2.6.28/drivers/gpu/drm"18:56
mnemoand then just do that comment rtg said18:56
mnemoif you are in the drivers/gpu/drm part of the kernel tree it will build all the .ko's that are built from that dir etc18:56
mous16with drm it seams to compile correctly all the modules interessed. but if i move to drivers/scsi/aic7xxx_old and give the same command it return: http://paste.ubuntu.com/107901/19:01
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mnemomous16: ah yes, that directory does not have a "makefile" at all in it19:15
infinitySo, who's handling armel kernel flavors, and how do I talk them into doing a distro kernel for our buildds?19:26
rtginfinity: me or amitk19:27
rtginfinity: what are the buildd's and do you have a config?19:28
infinityrtg: Which source is armel built from?  I see both linux and linux-ports failing on armel...19:28
rtginfinity: its building from the Jaunty git repo, I'm aware of the FTBS (I think its fixed)19:28
infinityrtg: The buildds are Marvell DB-78x00-BP Development Boards, and I have a monolithic config right now that works.  I see no reason why it can't go modular with an initramfs, though.19:29
rtginfinity: the monolithic config is fine. I think all of the other flavours are like that.19:29
infinityAnd now, the challenge of finding my original build tree with the config in it...19:30
infinityDo proc or sys export a config somewhere from the running kernel, perchance? :)19:32
rtgnot in the distro kernel19:32
infinityOh, it's an option?  Almost certainly one I didn't enable, then.19:32
rtgdunno what you're running on the buildd19:33
* infinity digs for his tree instead.19:33
rtgif its there, then it'll be /proc/config*19:33
infinityNah, it's not, but I found my tree.19:33
infinitySitting in a qemu image on my laptop.19:33
rtginfinity: is the qemu faster then native? these babbage boards with USB disk are sloooow19:34
infinityrtg: qemu on my laptop is speedy, the Marvell buildds are MUCH faster.19:35
infinityrtg: It's just that I had a chicken and egg problem where I couldn't build a kernel for the Marvell machines on the Marvell machines...19:35
rtgrumor has it that we may get one or two as porter machines soon19:36
infinityrtg: This is the kernel config I'm using: http://lucifer.0c3.net/~adconrad/armel-kernel-config19:36
infinityrtg: And I'm setting up the porter machine as we speak. :)19:36
rtginfinity: ok, the first thing I'll do with the porter machine is to test build your config.19:37
rtgand rev it from 2.6.27 to 2.6.2819:38
amitkinfinity: you won't mind if we homogenize the config, will you? ...add things like netfilter, ipv6 and other bloated modules that are common across all flavours?19:39
rtgamitk: aren't buildd's and porters all running stock Hardy?19:40
rtgcomplete with module bloat19:40
infinityAll the other arches are stock hardy-server, yeah.19:41
infinityIf you plan to make it a generic marvell DB-78x00-BP kernel for re-use by end users and testers, then yeah, bloat it up.  I don't mind.19:41
amitkrtg: true. But most ARM-folks are used to hand-crafting their configs like in the good old days. I don't want to encourage those expectations.19:42
infinityIf I'm going to end up being the only person who uses the kernel on my 6 machines, then no. :P19:42
infinityI know that Marvell handed out a fair number of these boards to the Free Software community, some Debian people have them, etc.  So a generic kernel might actually get used.  Maybe.19:42
amitkinfinity: is this an orion5x-based machine?19:42
infinityamitk: I don't speak codenames.  So.  Maybe?  I don't know?19:43
amitkinfinity: grep for ARCH or MACH in the config19:43
infinity# CONFIG_ARCH_ORION5X is not set19:43
infinityThat would answer that.19:43
amitkhmm.. yet another flavour19:44
infinityamitk: Oh, and it's uBoot based.  I assume (hope?) that our build system can automagically staple the uBoot bits on the image?  I had to do mine by hand.19:46
amitkinfinity: make uImage ought to do that. I don't think our build system knows about it yet.19:48
infinityAnyhow, I'll get back to you guys when the porter machine's online, since I'm hearing that that's a prereq for getting my a distro kernel. :)19:48
rtgit'll make it faster.19:49
rtgrather, it'll happen sooner with a porter19:49
amitkrtg: how did you merge the versatile config? Just copy it over?19:51
rtgamitk: for i in config.* ; do cat config >> $i; done; rm config19:51
rtgdebian/rules updatconfigs19:52
amitkrtg: aahh.. so the config failed on pulling from upstream?19:53
rtgamitk: I got it from ogra, so I have no idea19:53
amitkrtg: let me rephrase. Did you just merge the configs, copy over ogra's versatile config and then split config again?19:54
rtgwhich has caused me some gief, missing modules etc19:55
rtgamitk: where you is now? back in Europe?19:56
amitkrtg: yeah...19:57
kirklandrtg: \o/19:57
rtgfilename encryption?19:58
kirklandrtg: your filename encryption kernel is working :-)19:58
kirklandrtg: yup19:58
kirklandrtg: $ ls19:58
kirklandrtg: ECRYPTFS_FNEK_ENCRYPTED.FYZOEIsgDeUixETd-IcPajGrIikAQ4n6KRVe2BW2L0vIlNbyGJugWlyAkCgV9Mv1EBJ2Go2.z36IhdEoBEbxo2CxgC-1B4DMGD2J19:58
kirklandrtg: $ ls Private/19:58
kirklandrtg: doc19:58
kirklandrtg: okay, i gotta finish the userspace utilities for it now19:58
rtgkirkland: that'll mystify homeland security :)19:59
kirklandrtg: my goal, of course19:59
radiiso I'm looking at the ubuntu/ubuntu-jaunty tree and it looks like c0399d55 "Enabled CONFIG_PID_NS=y for i386/amd64" reverts the previous 7 i915 commits -- fb8d31f8 428b85cb 29277168 30ee913c e7a95a8a c569e25c 4e5967f9.23:30
radiishould I mail kernel-team@ about it, or ping Tim directly, or ... ?23:30
radiirtg: you around?23:43

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