FlannelHi Socceroos00:02
SocceroosDoes the Ubuntu Marketing team have any grand plans?00:03
FlannelSocceroos: sometimes.  Right now it's mostly specific projects.  The LoCos do a good deal of the "front line" marketing.00:07
Socceroosby marketing, you mean grass-roots kind of thing00:17
FlannelSocceroos: Not necessarily out of policy, but just because that's how its been going.00:17
Socceroosdoes the Ubuntu Marketing team have a stance on media advertising? Such as TV, Internet, Newspapers?00:19
FlannelSocceroos: the mailing list is probably a better place for that question.  IRC activity depends on what timezone, etc.  But you'll get plenty of response via email00:21
SocceroosThanks for you help Flannel.00:24
meoblast001Flannel: how is spread ubuntu comming?01:14

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