persiatcdiem_, Really, it's up to you, to determine what you want.  The choice between lpia and i386 ought be based on which you find works better on your hardware.  The choice of packages or flavour is really which you find a good set of defaults from which you can customise your system.03:44
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Guest55353HI guys12:08
Guest55353could I ask some question?12:09
Guest55353User can expect a new desktop concept for netbooks with Ubuntu ARM or the same desktop present in Ubuntu AMD64 will be port.12:09
Guest55353Do you know if any software specific for ARM is under development?12:09
Guest55353And any usability study was made to adapt the linux desktop to 10" screen?12:09
ograas i told you in the arm channel, the CPU architecture has nothing to do with the desktop concept :)12:10
ograwe have a team that works on the 1024x600 (or soon 1024x576) desktop stuff 12:11
Guest55353but the canonical is trying to enter to tha Netbook market, isn't?12:11
ogra(note it also has nothing to do with the screen size, a 10" screen culd happily run 1280x1024)12:11
ogracanonical is already in the netbook market12:11
ograubuntu-netbook-remix on netbooks exists since a year 12:12
Guest55353So if I have a Netbook with ubuntu, it will be the same that I have on my PC computer?12:12
ograno, the desktop looks different, and the apps are adjusted to fit into 1024x60012:12
ograhttp://tombuntu.com/index.php/2008/06/03/canonical-announces-the-ubuntu-netbook-remix/ thats how it looks like 12:13
ogra(its a very old screenshot, it changes a bit)12:13
ograhttp://flickr.com/photos/njpatel/tags/netbookremix. has more12:14
njpatelnote: the first two are mockups12:14
Guest55353I'm asking that because everyone are saying that the canonical only empacoted the Debian reposiitori. And I'm trying to discovery if canonical have some Merits12:15
ograempacoted ?12:16
ograwhat does that word mean ?12:16
Guest55353re-packaging debian's package12:17
ograubuntu takes the packages from debian unstable every six months and adds the ubuntu changes to them 12:17
ograwhie it is based on the debian packages, you have three months of development going on in ubuntu and three months of stabilization and QA before it gets released12:18
Guest55353And canonical doesn't develop nothin?12:19
ogracanonical sponsors ubuntu ... and has an additional team that does customizations of a stable ubuntu release for customers ...12:20
ograif the customizations make sense they go back into ubuntu 12:20
ograbut canonical and ubuntu are distinct one is a company making money with support and customization of a product ... and the other is a product developed by an opensource community12:21
Guest55353Like Fedora and Rad Hat12:22
ograubuntu is just a distro12:22
ografedora and redhat are different12:22
ogracanonical doesnt *sell* ubuntu 12:22
ograredhat sells fedora with added stuff12:22
Guest55353just support?12:23
ogracanonical only offers services around ubuntu12:23
ograand customization12:23
davmor2Guest55353: All the updates and stable patches we produce are pushed back  up stream to debian so in effect if you hack on debian or ubuntu you help both projects12:23
ograi.e. if your company develops some shiny new netbook and you want to be sure ubuntu runs *absolutely perfect* on that device, you can ask canonical to make sure it does and pay for it 12:24
ograand if your product gets released you can make up contracts with canonical that your customers can get support 12:25
Guest55353If Gnome don't change the look, canonical will never do. Right?12:25
ograyou are mixing up things :) 12:26
ograif *ubuntu* finds something looks better than gnome develops it, it might change something (and indeed send that change to gnome as well)12:26
ograin ubuntu there are changes that gnome didnt accept 12:27
ograif canonical makes changes to ubuntu that might fit into the distro, canonical sends them to ubuntu ... 12:27
ogra... ubuntu sends them to gnome 12:27
Guest55353Like Mack sad that in Ubuntu 9.04 it will changes into usability and other stuffs, but if Gnome or other projects don't chenge nothin, how canonical could promiss that?12:28
ograif gnome accepts the changes they show up in gnome ... if not and ubuntu still wants the change it will only be in ubuntu12:28
ograas i said, ubuntu has changes gnome doesnt like ... but these changes are still in ubuntu12:29
ograindeed, keeping such changes and adjusting them for each new gnome is a lot of work12:29
ograso indeed, ubuntu prefers it if the changes are accepted by gnome12:30
Guest55353Why everyone say that Canonical don't cotribute? With like Novell12:30
ograbut if they arent and ubuntu wants to keep them, ubuntu keeps the change in place12:30
ograyou have to aks the people that say that :)12:30
ograthere are surely areas where canonical makes less changes ... i.e. the kernel ... so there are not many changes to send to the upstream developers12:31
Guest55353They sad that canonica's only re-packaging debian's package12:31
Guest55353why don't make a union Debina-Canonical?12:32
ograthats not true12:32
ograbecause debian doesnt have a stable release cycle 12:32
ogramany changes from ubuntu go into debian12:32
Guest55353or why don't improve dkgk engeene?12:32
Guest55353like Novell did with zypper....12:33
ogramany changes to dpkg were made by ubuntu in the last five years, most of them are in debian12:33
Guest55353have a place so I can read?12:33
ograhttp://www.ubuntu.com/community/ubuntustory/debian probably12:35
Guest55353I like Canonical and Ubuntu, but I don't have arguments to debat with Debian's lovers or OpenSUSE.... Thats why I'm asking you gys12:35
Guest55353Like Now, everyone are looking for Ubunto-arm port12:36
ograthats good :)12:37
Guest55353but if canonical only re-packaging the ubuntu repository, it will be a failure12:38
ograwhy do you think that ? 12:38
Guest55353because, mobile things need a special atencion12:39
Guest55353have a small screen12:40
ogramobile != ARM12:40
Guest55353so it needs a usability study12:40
Guest55353mobile use ARM12:40
ograwe have the ubuntu mobile edition (which is a desktop, independent of what CPU you use) and we have the ubuntu netbook remix (which is also a desktop flavour and again not depending on the CPU)12:41
ograthe GUI you use doesnt have anything to do with the CPU ;)12:41
ografor ARM simply *all* packages in ubuntu will be made available on that CPU architecture 12:42
Guest55353this Canonical-ARM is to Desktop?12:42
ograits up to you if you want to use ubuntu-desktop, ubuntu-mobile, ubuntu-netbook or even xubuntu or kde on your hardware12:42
ografor this release we focus on desktop, server and probably netbooks for ARM ... 12:43
ograthis release will come out in april12:43
ografor the next release you might be able to get more i.e. ubuntu-mobile and other desktop flavours on ARM12:44
ogra(next release will come out in october)12:44
Guest55353why Canonical don't port gnome to qt4.5?12:46
ograbecause we would hae to call it KDE then :)12:47
Guest55353where is the ubuntu 9.04 channel?12:47
ogra#ubuntu+1 i think12:48
Guest55353KDE is a holycrap12:48
ogradid you try kubuntu ?12:48
ograits not much different to the ubuntu desktop 12:48
Guest55353KDE don't works12:48
Guest55353there programas aren't good12:49
Guest55353like Koopete, it's a joke12:49
Guest55353Dolphin, hahaha12:49
persiahello raph_ael 14:22
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amitkuseful link comparing various wear-levelling flash fs: http://free-electrons.com/pub/conferences/2008/jm2l/flash-filesystems.pdf15:20
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