spitfire_In which package will I find gnome-panel-sharp-2.24 (in jaunty)?00:04
Laneynone (yet)00:04
spitfire_Laney: I' trying to get Tomboy00:06
xnoxChris`: he means that you might want to convert debian/copyright to a new copyright format as described on that wikipage.00:07
spitfire_After that gnome-sharp transition00:07
Chris`xnox: I've used the one that jpds uses from his recommendation, surely it won't make it get rejected though?00:07
LaneyChris`: No, that's why I said it was optional00:07
spitfire_Laney: Isn't it in gnome-desktop-sharp?00:08
Laneyspitfire_: Yes, see that link00:08
Laneynew API -> has to go through debian NEW00:09
LaneyApparently tomboy is just a b-d change after we get this00:09
xnoxChris`: it is a matter of preference now. I like the new format a lot! Some don't like it, the rest are waiting for it to (not) become official copyright format.00:13
* Chris` will wait :)00:13
spitfire_Laney: so gnome-desktop-sharp2 will probably be gnome-desktop-sharp2.24 ?00:13
xnoxThe orig tarball I'm looking at has MANIFEST.in file can someone explain/point what it is? My google-fu failed =(00:15
spitfire_Laney: but where do i get this source package?00:23
spitfire_I havent found it on packages debian, nor incoming.debian.00:24
spitfire_I'll have to wait till they in the pool:/00:26
spitfire_Laney: or is there another place I can get  'em?00:27
ScottKIf it's in Debian New, then it's not available.00:29
ScottKIf the maintainers use a public VCS, you should be able to fish the packaging out of there.00:29
spitfire_ScottK good idea, thanks;)00:32
spitfire_scottK thanks, I've found it;)00:33
ScottKspitfire_: Great.00:34
MajostI am having a problem with a python modules package which I am not sure how to solve.01:07
MajostBasically, the update-python-modules makes the link for the __init__.py01:07
Majostand then right before it finishes it does 'remove namespace' on it __init__.py -- which seems to be unlinking it01:08
MajostSo my question is, how do I tell update-python-modules to stop unlinking the __init__?01:09
MajostI should also add that I cannot import my module because of this issue... which, looking at what the namespace stuff is supposed to do, seems as if it shouldn't be a problem01:13
ScottKAt a guess, you have a different problem than you think you have.01:26
ScottKspitfire_: No problem.01:28
spitfire_ScottK: I've resolved gnome-sharp2 transition problem for tomboy;)01:29
ScottKspitfire_: But do know I'm a KDE user, so I'm not personally very affected ...01:30
spitfire_ScottK: lol01:30
spitfire_This is kind of big stuff, because quite much mono programs don't run;)01:31
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hyperairmaxb: thanks01:44
hyperairmaxb: i fixed all the issues you mentioned, except the DEBIAN_DIR and UPSTREAM_VERSION, because they don't work properly when called with CURDIR != DEBIAN_DIR/..01:45
maxbcan CURDIR != the package build dir?01:49
maxb(In any sane build env?)01:50
hyperairmaxb: can, in the case of get-orig-source01:54
hyperairmaxb: but only that rule01:54
hyperairmaxb: so if get-orig-source isn't defined, there's no need to use that workaround01:54
hyperairalso it seems i added my comments one upload early01:55
hyperairboth comments01:55
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dholbachgood morning06:14
dholbachhiya iulian06:24
iulianHey dholbach.06:24
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iefremovHi, All. Reviewers needed for ugene - complex and interesting bioinformatics package based on Qt. http://revu.ubuntuwire.com/details.py?package=ugene06:36
iuliandirecthex: Hiya.  I was looking at the gnome-sharp2 transition and was wondering if I should get giver in Debian first and then sync.  Does meebey know about this?  Should I upload it to Ubuntu or commit to SVN and bug meebey?06:47
iuliandirecthex: I see that sebner has done some uploads to Ubuntu.  Are these changes forwarded to Debian?06:48
* iulian takes a peek at pkg-cli-apps svn repo.06:50
AnAntHello, I got a question about get-orig-source , is it used to build an orig tarball for the current release , or for the upcoming release ?06:56
AnAntie. can I do a 'uscan .' in get-orig-source ?06:56
persiaAnAnt, It should build a tarball for the current upstream release.06:58
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AnAntok, thanks07:18
directhexiulian, you have free reign over the gnome# thing, it was an unexpected requirement07:21
dlynchis this a good place to ask a question about the copyright file that goes in the debian directory?07:23
dholbachdlynch: definitely07:24
dholbachDid you check out these pages?07:24
iuliandirecthex: OK, thanks for telling.  I will upload it today.07:26
* iulian is pretty busy right now, doing his homework.07:26
dlynchdholbach: I didn't see that 2nd one yet - thanks. My question concerns python routines I've reused from other people, and I think the 2nd page will help me understand my responsibilities07:27
dholbachdlynch: if not just ask in here07:27
stefanlsddholbach: heys. the other day I was just commenting on some UDW sessions that use pastebin for parts of what they are trying to convey...  we need to go get those and put them in the log or something07:29
dholbachstefanlsd: hum, did you find any in the current logs?07:30
stefanlsddholbach: no instances atm. I was looking through some old UDW logs...07:31
dholbachah ok07:31
stefanlsdshame, pitti deleted his whole class by accident!07:32
slytherinanyone familiar with lexers from python-pygments? I want to add a custom file pattern to makefile lexer but couldn't find anything in api docs.07:33
didrocksmorning o/07:40
quadrisprocan anyone take a look to this? http://revu.ubuntuwire.com/details.py?package=uck07:45
quadrispro(hi) :)07:45
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iuliandirecthex: FYI.  I have just uploaded giver.09:01
directhexiulian, cool. feel like being a hero & looking at the gnome# issues for the mono apps in main?09:02
iuliandirecthex: Sure. I will have a look at them today.09:03
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sistpoty|workhi folks12:27
jpdshey sistpoty|work12:27
sistpoty|workhi jpds12:27
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warp10dholbach: FYI: http://www.oneopensource.it/21/01/2009/interview-with-daniel-holbach-ubuntu-community-developer/14:42
dholbachwarp10: thanks a lot! :)14:42
warp10(and http://www.oneopensource.it/21/01/2009/intervista-daniel-holbach-community-developer-canonical/ if you want to excercise your italian :P )14:43
dholbacherrr, probably not :)14:43
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iefremovHi all, reviewers needed for ugene: complex bioinformatics package based on Qt. http://revu.ubuntuwire.com/details.py?package=ugene14:56
ScottKmok0: ^^^ Seems up your alley.14:56
* mok0 looks14:59
iefremovScottK: thanks, already asked mok0 :)14:59
mok0iefremov: I'll take a look15:00
mok0iefremov: you are also upstream I see15:02
mok0iefremov: is this your first time you have packaged something?15:05
mok0iefremov: I can see that ;-)15:08
iahello. could you clarify, please, some moment about packaging sponsorship. if i make deb packages with latest upstream version (which doesn't exist in debian/ubuntu, but older version of app does) without any changes(initial release of new upstream only) and would like, that someone, who have access to universe/multiverse section, check it and, if everything is correct, will upload it in repo, then what should i do? as i understand, i should mail to ubuntu-u15:09
ianiverse-sponsors@lists.ubuntu.com with request and with information about packages, right? or what?15:09
mok0ia, we have a reviewing site called REVU15:09
ScottKmok0: Not for upgrades15:10
mok0ah I missed that part15:10
ScottKia: File a bug and tag it upgrade.  Make your updated package and then attach the .diff.gz for the update to the bug.15:10
ScottKia: The subscribe ubuntu-universe-sponsors to the bug (not asssign and don't send mail).15:10
tseliotdoko_: I have a question for you: if I wanted to create a package which only has a python script (to install in /usr/bin), would it still be ok if python-central created the .egg file?15:17
tseliotdoko_: I mean, only one script and no library15:18
hyperaircould someone review my package sigx please? http://revu.ubuntuwire.com/details.py?package=sigx15:19
iaScottK: ou, let's check, have i got it - 1. create "bug" in "ubuntu" project with [need-packaging] substring in name of bug 2. include in bug description original web site, where places official tarball with information about app; send this bug 3. in next comment for just created bug apply .diff.gz 4. PROFIT ;-) right?15:19
ubottuError: Launchpad bug 2 could not be found15:19
ubottuLaunchpad bug 3 in rosetta "Custom information for each translation team" [Wishlist,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/315:19
ScottKia: Yes, except tag for a new version of an existing package is upgrade, not needs-packaging.15:21
POXtseliot: python-central doesn't create .egg-info, Python>=2.5 does (and it doesn't make sense to install egg metadata for single Python script)15:21
ScottKThen don't forget to subscribe ubuntu-universe-sponsors.15:21
tseliotPOX: I need a build-dependency on python because I use distutils15:24
POXand it creates .egg-info for single script?15:24
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tseliotPOX: yes, it does. Here's the source I uploaded to REVU: http://revu.ubuntuwire.com/details.py?upid=458115:25
iaScottK: >tag for a new version of an existing package is upgrade // so, where i should point tag "upgrade"?15:29
ScottKThere's a section in the bug for tags.  Just type upgrade in there.15:30
POXtseliot: just remove the .egg-info directory15:34
tseliotPOX: ok, so a small hack in debian/rules would be enough. Thanks15:35
dholbachhttps://wiki.ubuntu.com/UbuntuDeveloperWeek Day 3 to kick off in #ubuntu-classroom in 23 minutes! :-)15:37
iaScottK: and some questions about debian/. 1. i should point in XSBC-Original-Maintainer field my name and email and in Maintainer something like ubuntu universe team, right? 2. should i create a new one changelog file with only one record, or keep changelog from previous version of package and just update it by new one record? 3. >don't forget to subscribe ubuntu-universe-sponsors. // it's so as to i could follow for maintainers' discussion about progress of15:38
ia my request, right?15:38
dholbachia: use update-maintainer of the ubuntu-dev-tools package - it will make your life easier (regarding original maintainer)15:38
ScottKia: If it's an existing package, then the originial maintainer should be what's in the maintainer field before.15:39
ScottKAs dholbach says ...15:39
ScottKAdd a new entry to the existing debian/changelog15:39
dholbachwas there any discussion ever why we not just automate it somewhere instead of dpkg-buildpackage failing?15:39
ScottKia: It's so they know you have a request.15:39
quadrisprosistpoty|work: ping15:39
sistpoty|workquadrispro: pong15:39
ScottKdholbach: It doesn't fail, it just complains.15:40
ScottKWhich I think is desirable.15:40
ScottKAs an example, if I'm the Debian maintainer for a package and I need to upload an Ubuntu revision for some reason, I don't change the maintainer.15:41
dholbachpkg-source: Fehler: Version number suggests Ubuntu changes, but Maintainer: does not have Ubuntu address15:41
dholbachdpkg-buildpackage: Fehlschlag: dpkg-source -b hello-2.2 gab Fehler-Exitstatus 25515:41
dholbachdebuild: fatal error at line 1329:15:41
dholbachdpkg-buildpackage -rfakeroot -d -us -uc -S failed15:41
dholbachis what I get15:41
james_wit fails if you have "ubuntu" in your DEBEMAIL15:41
dholbachScottK: I take that point though - would be nice to have it configurable, so that if I'm just an Ubuntu developer it would do the right thing for me instead of falling over :)15:43
dholbachanyway... enough complaining - I know I could just write a patch :)15:43
iaScottK: and package name should have "-ZubuntuW" suffix, where Z=0 (because the same upstream version of app doesn't exist at present time in debian), and W=1 (beacause it's first initial release of this upstream version in ubuntu without any changes), right?15:47
iaScottK: thank you very much for answers. it's all questions. at least for now :-) and, please, excuse me, if some questions were dummy or obvious O:-)15:50
* directhex mails ember cake15:56
mok0iefremov: I have written a review now.15:56
* hyperair wonders if any MOTU is free to revu16:04
mbeattywhat's the appropriate course of action when creating a package for source available only in a bz2?16:30
mbeattybzcat source.tar.bz2 | gzip -9 > source.orig.tar.gz ?16:30
Laneymbeatty: uscan --repack16:31
geseryes, until tar.bz2 are allowed (iirc there is some work in progress)16:31
Laneyor gzip -9n (iirc)16:31
persiaYou need to force the compression to ensure that you don't get different results on different architectures.16:33
persiaAlso, please document it by writing a get-orig-source rule in debian/rules, and leave a comment in README.source16:33
jmehdiCould someone review my package: http://revu.ubuntuwire.com/details.py?package=webstrict, I've added a debian/watch file as required17:00
mbeattyalright, another question: making a new package of upstream naim, version .. latest ubuntu and debian packages are all 0.11.8-1 .. should new ubuntu version be ?17:01
mbeattyor -1, or -1ubuntu1?17:02
mok0liw: beat you to it :-)17:03
liwso that when Debian packages it, and calls their version -1, merging and syncing works correctly17:03
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bddebianHmm, naim looks like one that could possibly be orphaned and a QA upload done with the new upstream17:13
bddebianmbeatty: Unless you want to maintain it in Debian! :)17:14
mbeattyyes, I was wondering whether better to push to debian17:14
bddebianmbeatty: Have you tried contacting the maintainer by any chance?  He doesn't seem to be a DD and naim seems to be the only package he "maintains"17:16
bddebianAnd no upload since 2005 :(17:17
mbeattywill do that as a first step17:19
bddebianmbeatty: Let me know.17:19
mbeattyor what should have been :>17:19
RainCTthere was a MOTU meeting?17:28
pochuRainCT: not that I know of17:32
pochuat least there was no announce in the list I think17:32
RainCTbecause I've just seen the minutes for one lol17:33
pochujpds: #ubuntu-es-dev is getting some new people after Monday's session in UDW, in case you wanna join it :)17:33
pochuRainCT: MOTU council maybe?17:33
RainCTah right17:33
RainCTI can't read17:33
hyperairanyone have time for a revu?17:37
mathieuHello MOTUs, i have a quick question17:56
mathieuI uploaded my sources recently on REVU using dput17:56
mathieueverything went well, the GPG sig was recognized and everything uploaded it seems17:56
mathieubut it's been a week now and I still don't see it on http://revu.ubuntuwire.com17:57
mathieuis it normal ?17:57
ScottKmathieu: No.  When you did dput, what was the exact command you did?17:57
mathieui did dput dekiwiki_8.08.2-1_i386.changes17:58
mathieurevu is the default on my dput17:58
ScottKmathieu: You uploaded a binary package and those are automatically rejected.17:58
mathieuyes there were sources + bin17:58
ScottKmathieu: It should have been something like dput revu dekiwiki_8.08.2-1_source.changes17:58
mathieuOK i try again and let you know17:59
co0lingFir3hello, how can i setup a jaunty environment in pbuilder?18:01
asomethingScottK: hi, you closed bug 275375, but I don't see the package in jaunty-changes, the archives, or the build queue. how do you know that a sync has been done?18:04
ubottuError: Could not parse data returned by Launchpad: The read operation timed out (https://launchpad.net/bugs/275375/+text)18:04
asomethingbug 27537518:05
ubottuError: Could not parse data returned by Launchpad: The read operation timed out (https://launchpad.net/bugs/275375/+text)18:05
ScottKasomething: I see what happened.18:05
mathieuScottK : I re-uploaded my package without including the ".deb" and it worked, thanks a lot for your help.18:11
ScottKmathieu: No problem.18:12
rugby471hu guys, trying to fix a bug in xsane, I don't think it needs cdbs (after speaking with dholbach) however how would I coinfirm this?18:17
jmarsden|workrugby471: Read its debian/rules file and see what patch system (if any) it uses?18:17
co0lingFir3hello, how can i set up a jaunty pbuilder environment in intrepid?18:18
rugby471jmardsen|work: where exactly would it talk about cdbs (if it does) (sorry fix bug I have ever tried to fix :-)18:19
rugby471fix * first18:19
ScottKco0lingFir3: Same as you would for any other release, just make sure you use intrepid-backports when you set it up.18:20
hggdhquestion: if an updated version of a package exists in Debian, and there are no local changes, is this an upgrade or sync request?18:20
jmarsden|workrugby471: Read the Packaging Guide before attempting to fix any bugs: See https://wiki.ubuntu.com/PackagingGuide/Complete#Packaging%20With%20CDBS18:20
jmarsden|workco0lingFir3: See https://wiki.ubuntu.com/PbuilderHowto18:20
* sistpoty|work heads home... cyas18:34
MajostIs there a variable I need to set to prevent CDBS pysupport from creating .pth files, and link the __init__.py instead?18:52
* ScottK wonders if POX is watching ....18:58
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james_wJontheEchidna: you're up19:02
JontheEchidnaoh shit, I thought it was in an hour. but I think I'm good to go19:02
cjavHi, trying to use ppa and dput for the first time, but need to use an http proxy, does dput have this option? I have set ftp_proxy=http://myproxy.com:PORT but dput seems to ignore it19:03
_16aR_Can anyone of the revu team review the hexdiff package please ? http://revu.ubuntuwire.com/details.py?package=hexdiff19:19
Gaming4JCI was told to check here for help on making a deb. Would anyone know why my compilation keeps ending in "Clean Error 2"?19:25
Gaming4JCdpkg-buildpackage: failure: fakeroot debian/rules clean gave error exit status 219:26
Gaming4JCI found some info but I've no idea where to find "clean" to edit it. https://wiki.ubuntu.com/PackagingGuide/Rules19:29
Gaming4JCI'll need to do some digging19:30
bddebianThere should be a clean: rule in debian/rules19:30
Gaming4JCbddebian: where is debian/rules located? It's not in the ../debian folder of my sources19:31
bddebianThen you have an even bigger problem :)19:31
* Gaming4JC might have found something19:32
Gaming4JCok I found it19:32
bddebianDid you create this package or... oh19:32
Gaming4JCit's just calling itself "rules"19:33
Gaming4JCand I didn't see it in the massive file list19:33
Gaming4JCbut now what should I do to add some cleaning rules?19:33
bddebianUnless it is using CDBS, there should already be one.19:33
Gaming4JCthis is the error I get on compile...19:34
Gaming4JC# Add here commands to clean up after the build process. /usr/bin/make clean make[1]: Entering directory `/home/luke/ngplant-0.9.7' make[1]: *** No rule to make target `clean'.  Stop. make[1]: Leaving directory `/home/luke/ngplant-0.9.7' make: *** [clean] Error 2 dpkg-buildpackage: failure: fakeroot debian/rules clean gave error exit status 2..19:34
bddebianDoes clean have an entry like:  [ ! -f Makefile ] || $(MAKE) clean   ?19:35
Gaming4JCthe rules file has this content: # Add here commands to clean up after the build process. $(MAKE) clean  dh_clean19:35
bddebianExactly as I have typed it?19:35
Gaming4JCbut it has the last part19:36
Gaming4JC"$(MAKE) clean"19:36
azeem_Gaming4JC: which doesn't exit, hence the first part19:36
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bddebianIf it uses Makefiles but it's not there, add the [ ! -f Makefile ] || part in front of $(MAKE) clean19:36
Gaming4JCok, I'll give it a shot :)19:37
Gaming4JClol I'm afraid my rules file is riddled with errors for some reason19:38
Gaming4JCdpkg-buildpackage: failure: debian/rules build gave error exit status 219:38
Gaming4JCnow that clean is fixed, build is fussing.19:38
Gaming4JC"# Add here commands to compile the package."19:39
Gaming4JCand the only thing it has19:39
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Gaming4JCis "$(MAKE)"19:39
bddebianThere is no configure: target?19:40
Gaming4JCumm I don't see one19:41
Gaming4JCI'm trying to compile ngPlant just incase anyone is wondering19:41
_16aR_what is that ? some sort of neopunk canabis ?19:42
Gaming4JCno it's a 3D plant modeler19:42
bddebianIs this new packaging or did you get a source package from somewhere?19:42
_16aR_oh yeah ?19:42
_16aR_I look into it then :)19:42
Gaming4JCI got the source from the site19:42
jmarsden|workGaming4JC: Where did you get the debian/* stuff (including debian/rules) from?19:42
Gaming4JCfrom scratch as far as I can tell, lol. I am following this tut:
jmarsden|workGaming4JC: And you have read and understood the Packaging Guide?  https://wiki.ubuntu.com/PackagingGuide/Complete19:44
Gaming4JChmm no I havent. I only read this tutorial and parts of https://wiki.ubuntu.com/PackagingGuide/Rules19:44
Gaming4JCI do know how to "make" a generic linux binary though19:45
jmarsden|workI suggest reading all the Packaging Guide and then coming back to your packaging project.19:45
_16aR_thanks Gaming4JC for ngPlant, seems an interesting project :)19:45
Gaming4JCYes, it's quite interesting. I was surprised no one had a deb for it alreadly. It's well known in the #blender community.19:46
_16aR_by the way, cdbs manage scons now ?19:47
Gaming4JCare there any good books for learning bash? It sure isn't like compiling in C++19:49
Gaming4JCI also found it funny that gnome-terminal is different from Gentoo and KDE terminals19:49
_16aR_I think Gentoo use gnome-terminal too, in its own gnome version :p19:50
_16aR_What differences do you see ?19:50
jmarsden|workGaming4JC: for bash try http://tldp.org/LDP/abs/html/ for Make try http://www.gnu.org/software/make/manual/make.html19:50
Gaming4JC_16aR_: emerge, no apt-get, etc.19:51
Gaming4JCjmarsedn|work: thanks for info19:52
_16aR_Gaming4JC: ah ok ! Thats the distrib differences, not a differences between gnome-terminal, gentoo terminal and kde terms ^^19:54
_16aR_Yes off course distrib can have their own package management19:54
Gaming4JCah :)19:54
_16aR_That's the biggest part of their differences though19:54
Gaming4JCthere's no apt-get moo! What kind of a system is Gentoo with out apt-get moo.... lol jk.19:55
_16aR_sourcemage with grimoire19:55
_16aR_yeah, i think the moo is most important command a debian sys admin must know19:55
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Gaming4JCI've not read the entire PackagineGuide yet, but the rules doesn't mention the area I'm having troubles with.19:56
_16aR_to create a package of an app that is using scons instead of make, you should look at those *.mk files I think : http://bugs.debian.org/cgi-bin/bugreport.cgi?bug=47053219:56
ubottuDebian bug 470532 in cdbs "cdbs: please add scons rules file" [Wishlist,Open]19:56
Gaming4JC"build-stamp: configure-stamp "19:56
_16aR_but like jmarsden|work, I suggest you read all the packagingguide before everythinhg19:57
_16aR_cdbs can help you a lot to create a package if it has the .mk files to facilitate the builder integration19:57
_16aR_and if you use cdbs19:57
_16aR_just look at : https://perso.duckcorp.org/duck/cdbs-doc/cdbs-doc.xhtml19:58
Gaming4JCif it matters though, ngplant suggest compiling with scons19:58
_16aR_suggest ? or oblige ? :p19:58
_16aR_seriously, is there any makefile ?19:59
jmarsden|workAn app that uses scons is probably not really a good choice as a first ever app to package... might be better to start with fixing bugs in existing packages, get used to the whole packaging approach in Ubuntu, and *then* look at creating a new package for something?19:59
_16aR_jmarsden|work: the first app I packaged was build on a scons system20:00
Gaming4JCperhaps, but so far every package I look at is scons.20:00
Gaming4JCRVHouse, ngplant, etc. etc.20:00
_16aR_and to facilitate the thing, it was a lib ...20:00
Gaming4JCscons is like the leader in program development or something, lol.20:00
jmarsden|work_16aR_: I think that means you are the exception that proves the rule ;)  For most packagers IMO it pays to start simple and try more complex things later...20:01
_16aR_I didn't fixed bugs, but I read every packaging guide, libpkg-guide, cdbs etc to make it build. And it did well ... But it was dependant on another package I packaged, but which wasn't accepted because of license issue (no GPL headers in every source file, and no news from upstream)20:01
_16aR_no no Gaming4JC, scons is quite rare from what I see20:02
Gaming4JC_16aR_: Hmm, I guess I'm just lucky enough to find the rare ones, lol...20:03
Gaming4JCso bad for me :P20:03
_16aR_jmarsden|work: yes, but maybe Gaming4JC wants to have ngPlant in his ubuntu before having crrected another bug :p20:03
* Gaming4JC keeps reading over packaging guide...20:04
_16aR_that's not a big deal Gaming4JC, but since there is no "official" cdbs mk rule for scons, you have to work a little harder to create your deb package20:04
Gaming4JCso how would get a makerule from scons20:04
* Gaming4JC googles...20:04
jmarsden|work_16aR_: If Gaming4JC is capable of learning packaging that way, fine... if not, the slower approach is more likely to succeed.20:04
_16aR_jmarsden|work: I bow down, maybe i was lucky to learn it that way20:05
_16aR_Gaming4JC: do you succeed in having ngPlant compiled on your ubuntu by the way ?20:06
Gaming4JCcome to think of it20:07
Gaming4JCI haven't tried getting a binary for this particular file20:08
* Gaming4JC goes to compile old fashion way...20:08
Gaming4JCheh, I should have tried that first. This source may be buggy.20:09
Gaming4JCscons: *** [ngput/p3dimage.o] Error 120:09
Gaming4JCscons: building terminated because of errors.20:09
_16aR_yes, actually, that the first thing to do : if it FTBFS, you're ko until you patch/correct it20:10
=== weboide_ is now known as weboide
* Gaming4JC why did I have to pick the hardest program on the planet to be my first deb? xD20:12
akb41because after that, everything is easy?20:14
Gaming4JChttp://www.gs1.ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=1028375 <-- Looks like I wasn't the only one with the problem20:14
* Gaming4JC reads article...20:15
Gaming4JCsome help that article was lol20:17
Gaming4JCinstall everywhere WxWidgets in existence :P20:17
azeemGaming4JC: strcmp() is not from wxwidgets, so I doubt that's it20:17
azeemit's likely a problem with your g++ version being to strict with the standard/ngPlant not ported to it20:18
Ursinhaelcontador, :)20:19
elcontadorvc pode ficar em maios de um canal ao mesmo tempo??20:20
elcontadormoh bagunçado isso aqui20:20
Ursinhaelcontador, I don't know if this channel is english only20:20
azeemit is20:20
elcontadorque lindo20:20
elcontadorvc fala  inglês20:20
Gaming4JCspeak eh English. :)20:21
Gaming4JCok so I found the line containt the problem.20:21
cjavHi, trying to use ppa and dput for the first time, but need to use an http proxy, does dput have this option? I have set ftp_proxy=http://myproxy.com:PORT but dput seems to ignore it20:21
Gaming4JC" if (strcmp(Handlers[HandlerIndex]->FormatExt(FormatIndex),FileExt) == 0)" Anyone know why that won't compile on g++?20:22
Gaming4JC"ngput/p3dimage.cpp:371: error: ‘strcmp’ was not declared in this scope"20:22
azeemGaming4JC: try adding std:: in front of strcmp20:22
Gaming4JCsadly no... "ngput/p3dimage.cpp:371: error: ‘strcmp’ is not a member of ‘std’"20:23
azeemthen it might be a header issue20:23
* Gaming4JC goes to find what strcmp is a member of...20:23
james_wGaming4JC: "#include <cstring>"20:26
james_wI believe20:26
elcontadorursinha, could you help me?20:27
Ursinhaelcontador, what do you need?20:28
elcontadorare you  a programmer?20:28
Ursinhaelcontador, yes20:28
elcontadorI was looking for  a mentor20:28
Ursinhafor what?20:28
Ursinhawhat for20:28
elcontadordon't know any programming at all20:28
elcontadorI'd like to join the  MOTU team some  day20:29
Ursinhawell, guess people around here would be more qualified to help you than I am :)20:29
Chris`elcontador: You don't need to program to be motu20:29
elcontadorall that packaging stuff20:30
Gaming4JCyou can do bug fixes20:30
elcontadorI got tired of  watching  those videos  and going  nowhere20:30
elcontadoryeah, that one20:30
Chris`elcontador: You can package without needing to know C, Perl, Python etc20:31
Gaming4JCyou can o_O20:31
* Gaming4JC is working with C++ right now20:31
Chris`elcontador: I'm doing it and I don;'t know any languages :P20:31
elcontadorthen I guess that maybe it's not  what I'm looking  for20:31
elcontadorI'd like to learn  real programming20:31
Gaming4JCjames_w: #include <cstring.h> was it, now I got more problems...20:31
elcontadorbut I just don't know  whre  to start from20:32
Chris`elcontador: What do you want to be able to program? For what purpose?20:32
james_wGaming4JC: you probably don't want .h with cstring, use either <cstring> or <string.h>20:32
elcontadorjust would like  to learn it on ubuntu20:32
elcontadorthat's all20:32
elcontadorall maybe help programming ubuntu  someday20:33
elcontadorlike you all must do20:33
Gaming4JCjames_w: ok thanks for tip. Wikipedia mentions it as "strcmp is a function in the C standard library (declared in string.h) that compares two C strings."20:33
jmarsden|workelcontador: You could learn Python, see http://wiki.python.org/moin/BeginnersGuide/NonProgrammers for some tutorials to get started??20:34
Gaming4JCoh boy... "ngput/p3dospath.cpp:257: error: ‘memcmp’ was not declared in this scope"20:34
james_wGaming4JC: yeah, string.h, not cstring.20:34
james_wGaming4JC: should be in the same header20:34
elcontadorwhat could I program with this  python language?20:34
elcontadorI don't have any ideas20:35
Gaming4JCBlender plugins?20:35
jmarsden|workelcontador: Anything you know how to tell a computer to do :)  Go through a tutorial first.20:35
Gaming4JC"Hello World" ;)20:35
elcontadorbut besides learning programming20:36
elcontadorI have a post-installation issue to solve20:36
elcontadora sound driver issue20:37
elcontadorcould  Anyone help?20:37
Gaming4JCsee #ubuntu20:37
jmarsden|workALso see https://wiki.ubuntu.com/DebuggingSoundProblems20:37
* Gaming4JC w00000000000tttzzz... <cstring> is working and although depreciated it is compiling20:38
* Gaming4JC fingers crossed!20:38
Gaming4JCah and I would like to make a comment on C++20:38
Gaming4JCcan some one tell me why Microsoft C++ is so different from Gnome's G++20:39
Gaming4JCit's the same principle but sure is a pain to convert your code between the two20:39
Chris`Gaming4JC: Just do // ;) or /* */20:44
quadrisprodoes anyone can review this? http://revu.ubuntuwire.com/details.py?package=w-scan20:49
Gaming4JCjames_w: More Bugs >_< ... scons: *** [ngpshot/p3dshaders.o] Error 1 ngpshot/p3dshaders.cpp error: ‘malloc’, 'stderr', 'fprintf, and 'free' were not declared in scopes.20:49
james_wmalloc is stdlib.h20:50
quadrisproehm... s/does anyone can/can anyone review :)20:50
james_wstderr is stdio.h20:50
james_wshould be all you need20:50
Gaming4JCyes fprintf is stdio too20:51
maxbquadrispro: You've got a debian bug number in your changelog entry....20:51
maxbThis is Ubuntu! :-)20:51
Gaming4JCjames_w: unfortuneatly no change.20:52
Gaming4JCstill same errors.20:52
james_wthen you didn't fix it right :-)20:53
binarymutantif anyone has the time to review my package charm, http://revu.ubuntuwire.com/details.py?package=charm, I would be greatly appreciative. Thanks :)21:17
Majostanyone know why update-python-modules would do this: link /var/lib/python-support/python2.5/mymodule/__init__.py21:30
Majostand then a few lines later21:31
Majostremove namespace /var/lib/python-support/python2.5/mymodule/__init__.py21:31
Majoston hardy21:31
maxbquadrispro: I noted a few points, though I don't have SVB equipment so I didn't test anything21:31
mbeatty! :x21:34
ubottuThe X Window System is the part of your system that's responsible for graphical output. To restart your X, type « sudo /etc/init.d/?dm restart » in a console - To fix screen resolution or other X problems: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/X/Config/Resolution21:34
MajostI found this upstream bug: http://bugs.debian.org/cgi-bin/bugreport.cgi?bug=48466921:34
ubottuError: Could not parse data returned by Debian bugtracker: list index out of range (http://bugs.debian.org/cgi-bin/bugreport.cgi?bug=484669;mbox=yes)21:34
Majostbut I haven'y any idea how to work around the issue21:35
akb4no answer from an hour ago... I have a package in debian sid that I'd like to get into the next ubuntu release. How can this be made to occur?21:36
maxbakb4: It's new in sid, I assume? If it had been in before Christmas it would have automatically synced21:38
akb4yep, we had a few minor issues getting into sid main, just hit last week.21:38
akb4(hit the repos, that is)21:39
maxbhttps://wiki.ubuntu.com/SyncRequestProcess describes (rather tersely, admittedly) the procedure for requesting an explicit sync21:39
maxbthough it rather fails to comment on syncs of entirely new packages :-/21:40
akb4in that case, should I still follow those directions?21:40
maxbI suggest so, yes21:42
maxboh, the command line tool mentioned in the wiki page has an option specifically for new packages :-)21:43
akb4ok, thank you.21:43
maxbso I suggest running it and seeing what it tells you to do21:43
akb4hmm. since I don't have an ubuntu system to hand, I'll try the bug-filing method. script also has no apparent option to specify the requester's email address; in my case, trying to automatically derive it would be non-optimal.21:48
akb4directions for sync request say to subscribe either ubuntu-main-sponsors or ubuntu-universe-sponsors. which should I choose? the package is a game.22:01
directhexthe package is rather unlikely to be in main22:04
EagleScreeni think universe22:04
raofakb4: If it's a new package, it'll be in Universe.22:04
quadrispromaxb: thank you! I'll work on it ;)22:26
lapriceI'm trying to script a build to track a standard package with patches.23:38
lapriceI have the patches set in debian/patches/23:39
lapricemy question is, if I use debuild -S23:40
lapricewill the diff file generated include the patches?23:40
lapriceIt's a cdbs package (postgresql) do I need to patch the rules file as well as the control file?23:42
raofAll these questions (apart from the debuild one) rely on a knowledge of what you want to achieve.23:43
raofdebuild -S will include the patches.23:43
lapriceok, can I use the diff.gz file to handle changing the name/version of the package so that it will be marked as conflicting w/ the parent package?23:44
directhexyou don;t ever touch diff.gz by hand. it's a file generated by debuild23:45
lapricei have been doing it wrong. :/23:46
directhexi've heard much worse23:46
lapriceso I should be editing the control file and running debuild -S23:46
directhexyes, precisely that23:46
lapriceand the packages signing? can I do anything about that?23:47
directhexmake sure you're the last guy mentioned in the changelog, and make sure you have a matching gpg key in your keyring23:48
lapriceedit changelog dch -i23:49
lapriceand the key has to match my email address in the package23:49
lapriceI saw something about DEBEMAIL environment var, should I be using that?23:50
jmarsden|worklaprice: Yes.  export DEBEMAIL=you@example.com  and also  export DEBFULLNAME=Your Name23:51
jmarsden|workThen dch -i puts that info into the changelog23:51
lapriceOK Thank you.23:52
jmarsden|workNo problem.23:52

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