Flannelbluesmoke: Uh oh. Don't discuss lower level programming with snuxoll!00:00
FlannelTuesday evening is troll day.00:54
SportChickapparently so :-/01:10
tritiumGood evening.01:57
ubottuIn #ubuntu-offtopic, MTecknology said: !no mikem-#ubuntu-offtopic is <reply>Don't install the __mikem virus; it'll remove all logic from your computer!03:34
naliothtrolls are tasty04:10
tritiumHi nalioth.04:10
Flannelnom nom nom04:28
naliothhi tritium 04:37
naliothcold enough for ya?04:37
tritiumnalioth: not too bad here04:38
tritiumnickrud: did I mention to you that nvidia-glx-180 didn't work for me?04:44
nickrudtritium, yes, for a 615004:45
tritiumnickrud: oh, that's right -- we did discuss it04:45
* nalioth is tired04:46
tritiumSo am I.04:46
nickrudI'm full of vim and vigor - no tar in my lungs - oh, now I'm crashing into a nicotine funk :(04:52
tritiumHang in there, nickrud!04:54
* bluesmoke already gave up05:36
bluesmokesmoking and writing code are just too tied into each other05:37
nickrudThis is my second serious effort, bluesmoke. Going better so far, since I know more about my triggers. Like they say, experience in anything helps05:38
nickrudheh. I've stopped reaching over for a cigarette every time I fire up xchat now05:38
Flannel!cookie | nickrud 05:38
ubottunickrud: Wow! You're such a great helper, you deserve a cookie!05:38
Flannelexcept... s/helper/non-smoker/ or ... something05:38
nickrudgetting in the car after work is still tough though. 05:39
Flannelunless cookies are another trigger, in which case... no cookies.05:39
nickrudfood is always good.05:39
bluesmokefood is always a trigger05:40
nickrudtime to lose some weight for you then :)05:41
bluesmokeI have two goals for myself this year: lose the 40 pounds I put on last year and quit smoking05:41
bluesmokeI didn't even realize I'd put on any weight, all my clothes fit pretty much the same05:42
Flannelubottu: Tell JamesMowery about away07:22
ubottuError: I am only a bot, please don't think I'm intelligent :)07:22
Flannelubottu: tell JamesMowery about away07:24
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MyrttiGOOOOOOD morning UK and all the other nations08:32
Tm_TMyrtti: how are you darling?08:33
Myrttimost excellent, thank you08:33
MyrttiI'm trying to think what to give my new godchild as a gift08:34
MyrttiTm_T: does she need something in particular?08:34
jussi01Myrtti: age and sex?08:34
* Myrtti hears owls hoot08:34
Flanneloops, that was supposed to be a query.  Oh well.08:34
Tm_TMyrtti: hmmm, hard to say08:34
MyrttiTm_T: penguin plushie?08:35
Tm_TMyrtti: yes please08:35
Tm_TMyrtti: soft toys, or perhaps something she can chew soon too08:36
Tm_Tjussi01: 2-3 months old princess in this case (;)08:36
MyrttiTm_T: sounds like a http://www.vauvatalojohanna.fi/tuote/vauva_lelut/fisher/pen/1.jpg08:44
Tm_TMyrtti: indeed!08:48
MyrttiI'll see if I can find those here so I can send it to you ASAP08:49
Tm_TMyrtti: or you can come with that and all other stuff you are bringing to us08:50
Myrttiyeah, that would be an option, but I'd like the gift to be there on the Naming Day08:50
Myrttiand I know I won't be able to make it08:50
Tm_TMyrtti: hmm, good point08:51
Tm_T(weird to have naming day when she has name since, well, cannot remember)08:51
Tm_Tthough no ID-card yet!08:51
Myrtti13 Bridge Street, St Ives, Huntingdon, Cambs PE27 5EH08:56
Myrttihave to ask D if we could visit that08:56
MyrttiI bet that'll scare him :-D09:02
Myrtti"hunny, could we go visit this store and look for some baby equipment?"09:02
Tm_TMyrtti: also make it to look like there's already baby09:03
Myrttipah :-D09:03
Myrttihe wouldn't fall in to that09:03
Tm_Tpat your stomach or say that you felt sick at morning =)09:05
Tm_Tor something09:05
* Tm_T would love to have children09:05
Tm_Toh, I do have!09:06
* Tm_T hides09:06
Nafallohehe hi09:09
Myrtti"I know that domain name!"09:10
Nafallothat's actually jpds in control :-)09:10
jpdsLooks like we've been found out..09:10
Nafallojpds: I wonder how many channels it'll be able to be on... considering the specs. what's the usual bottleneck? :-)09:11
jpdsNafallo: It's set for ten channels, ubot5 is in 10 too.09:12
Nafallothat wasn't really the question thou ;-)09:12
jpdsIt ought to be fine :)09:12
* Myrtti has an evil grin and hands sticky with glee09:18
FlannelGah.  EF_Codd has decided to grace us with his presence again.09:23
FlannelThat's because I removed his ban earlier today.09:24
FlannelHow quickly trolls return, eh?09:24
jussi01jpds: its usually like 60 odd that things start to be a problem...09:38
* jpds is trying to remember how he fixed http://paste.ubuntu.com/107664/ before..09:40
* Flannel notes someone ought to do something about EF_Codd in -ot09:55
bazhangmikem and dmsuperman as well09:56
Flannelmaybe punzada as well, but bazhang would know better09:56
Flannelmikem and dmsuperman? they haven't spoken in,.... hours09:56
Tm_TFlannel: use the call so people with powers can act, I guess09:56
FlannelTm_T: nah, they're active already09:57
MyrttiFlannel: only by luck09:58
MyrttiI'm trying to work09:58
Flanneljus-si is also09:58
jussi01Im around, but busy09:59
Myrttiwhaddaya know, he has rights as well09:59
Myrttijussi01: commiserations on your joining the -ot ops team09:59
bazhanghe's trolling10:02
FlannelI literally unbanned him from #u like twelve hours ago (from October, at that).  And he's already back in the habit.10:03
bazhangwell gave him another shot; he failed. nothing to do about that10:04
jussi01big sigh...10:05
jussi01successful diversion! :D10:11
bazhangnice! :)10:37
Tm_Twhat financial crisis?10:47
Tm_Twe did hit 16 % unemployment rate here <310:47
* Myrtti rubs her hands as D just came online10:48
Tm_TMyrtti: hahahaa ];=10:48
Tm_TMyrtti: remember morning sickness10:48
* jussi01 is glad Myrtti is feeling better :D11:35
jribso I did: !pinning > lamba, in any case here is the documentation12:21
jribubottu: forget !pinning > lamba, in any case here 12:21
ubottuI know nothing about !pinning > lamba, in any case here yet, jrib12:21
jribubottu: forget pinning > lamba, in any case here 12:21
ubottuI'll forget that, jrib12:21
jriboh that worked, never mind :)12:21
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Jack_SparrowMorning people, just a note to say I got home safely.. Nudge me if you need anything. 13:31
jpdsmornign Jack_Sparrow13:32
Jack_Sparrowthanks, 40 hours with about 5 hours of nap in the middle.. 1000 miles of highway, but Vegas is  fun13:34
PiciGlad you had fun13:34
Jack_SparrowHard not to have fun in Vegas13:37
bazhang* [asdfasdfasdf] (n=xd@d39-67-197.home1.cgocable.net): hihi13:42
PiciMyrtti: Thanks, I had to take a call and couldn't watch IRC at the same time.14:01
jpds"INFO 2009-01-21T14:14:17 supybot Not replying to hola, not a command." - ...14:15
tritiumGood morning!14:19
jpdsMorning tritium.14:19
tritiumHi jpds.14:19
jussi01ikonia: ping14:28
Tm_Tjpds: where that was?14:42
jpdsTm_T: ubot2 log ;-)14:50
* genii sips15:16
jussi01Tm_T: ping15:45
Tm_Tjussi01: pong15:52
* genii watches the slow motion table tennis match15:54
* Pici blinks17:08
LjLPici: "Myrtti!*@*]" isn't the same as "Myrtti!*@*"17:08
LjLnot that it matters overly much since we have voice anyway, but...17:09
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mneptok'lo Wayne.19:19
mneptokparty on, dude.19:19
geniiWe're not worthy!19:20
* genii brews a fresh, strong pot of coffee19:22
* mneptok brews a fresh, strong pot of genii 19:24
geniimneptok: Thanks, that seemed to clear up my sinus condition ....19:24
jussi01has genii now got own brand coffee?20:10
geniijussi01: Shhh! Juan Valdez's donkey has big ears!20:10
tritiumI wish staying home from work sick was fun, but I feel terrible...20:22
jussi01tritium: whats the ailment?20:35
tritiumjussi01: a nasty cold, or something similar.  I probably got it from my brother-in-law, who's working at a pediatric clinic.20:36
mneptoktritium: it's probably gonorrhea, then20:46
PiciI don't think he and his brother and law have that kind of relationship20:47
mneptokthat's a sad commentary on the state of the American family. :/20:47
tritiummneptok: you're a comedian too!?!20:47
* mneptok giggles20:47
mneptoktritium: maybe. if you ever find me funny, do let me know. ;)20:48
mneptokwell, other than "funny looking"20:48
tritiumI was just about to say..20:48
mneptok"someone hand me my initial flash goggles?"20:59
jussi01Myrtti: is that a little like *burp* ?22:31
Myrttihad too much nacho crisps and dip22:32
ubottuThe operation succeeded.22:33

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