ScottKmathiaz: Did you see the Debian RFH on openldap?00:12
ScottKI think it would be good if someone from the Ubuntu Server community stood up and volunteered to help.00:13
mathiazScottK: I saw it. I heard about it during Intrepid uds last may.00:16
ScottKOK.  Well I know about zip about openldap, but I think it's important ....00:17
slangasekdendrobates: there are several server install tests not done yet for 8.04.2; can someone from the team take care of the default+crypted LVM, tomcat server, and virtualization host tests?00:40
mathiazslangasek: tomcat server and virtualization host don't exist in 8.04.00:42
slangasekoh, that helps then00:44
slangasekdendrobates: also, I haven't rolled new JeOS images because I haven't seen any changes in 8.04.2 that are particularly relevant to virtualization installs; is this reasonable, or do you think I should roll those in?00:49
timholumhello i am wondering if anyone could help me in routing with ubuntu server 8.04, cat /proc/sys/net/ipv4/ip_forward returns 0, and ufw is disabled but i can not ping through my router ( i am using it just as a network to network router, no nat )01:00
timholumiptables -L lists no rules01:00
timholumany idea's01:00
mathiaztimholum: you probably need to turn ipforwarding on01:02
mathiaztimholum: /proc/sys/net/ipv4/ip_forward should be 1 not 001:02
timholumok :) that would probably do it :)01:03
timholumI had it as 1 before but then it still was not working, I think i just figured it out :) the host that i am trying to ping does not know the route back. I feel rilly dumb now :)01:05
timholumThanks for your help01:05
slangasekheh, if you had that realization on your own you're clearly ahead of the curve ;)01:09
rdw200169yes, networking 101 is *essential* to running a server or a network01:20
rdw200169solves 99% of crazy problems ;)01:21
altf2oSo i've been trying (unsuccessfully) to get LDAP or NIS working. Got NFS ok. However i JUST read SAMBA is capable of basically doing EVERYTHING I want from file sharing, to authentication. So my goal is to have a single folder for ALL users to share from. Any ideas how i might set that up on the filesystem to be exported for use in SAMBA?01:34
altf2oi've got 1 user: altf2o , for which i created a samba PW for, and i access m /home/altf2o from XP no problem. But since i want a single folder i was thinking of creating a partition, mounting it say /mnt/globalshare/ , and seeing if i can restrict the access to it?01:35
jmedinaaltf2o: yes you can01:48
jmedinayou can restrict with basic unix permisions01:48
jmedinabut you can also use ACL, just mount your partition with the acl option, and then you can use setfacl to get ACL a la windows01:49
jmedinaand with samba compiled with acl, you can set those advanced permisions from windows01:49
jmedinaaltf2o: this is a good howto, Im writting a book about samba and centrilized auth for linux and windows based on hardy01:51
jmedinabut is in spanish01:51
jmedinaaltf2o: http://www.djatlantic.net/?p=25301:51
altf2oahh, cool! That's exactly what i need! I have several Windows workstations & Linux workstations, plus a couple Mac workstations. I need 1 central login + shared location. Will your book be translated to English?01:56
jmedinaaltf2o: I dont think so, Im not so good writing in english :S01:57
jmedinabut the howto is written in a way that you can deploy it with copy and paste :D01:58
jmedinalet me upload the last version01:58
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altf2oawesome thanks! Makes me wish i wouldn't have forgotten all my spanish :)02:02
jmedinaaltf2o: http://tuxjm.net/docs/cursos/Samba+OpenLDAP+PAM+NSS-4Ubuntu/html/02:05
altf2ooddly enough Google translator appears to have done a decent job with it :). Thanks i'll have to give this a look. I'm very new to all this networking stuff, so it's becoming a bit overwhelming at times.02:07
jmedinaaltf2o: that is what I just check02:08
jmedinaaltf2o: if you want, I can help you with the setup02:11
jmedinaI'd like to get feedback, till now, only 3 people replyd me with success02:12
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altf2ofor sure! I will most likely not get enough free time to go through all this setup until this weekend, but if you'll be around then, i'll be more than happy to sit and get through as much as i can & let you know how it goes? And if you're available for assistance, that'd be great!02:13
jmedinaaltf2o: if im not online, you can contact me by email02:14
jmedinait is on the frontpage02:15
altf2ocool! I've got it on the top of the front page, i'll be sure to do so! Thanks again for the help, i appreciate it.02:15
jmedinayou are welcom02:16
jmedinaaltf2o: if you find errors please let me know02:19
altf2owill do. It's definitely gonna be a big project to get this all working, there's a lot of information here.02:22
liquid Is there any way to limit cpu/memory consumption on a process basis, rather than a user (which I would use ulimit for) ?02:42
geniiWhen ssh in and use sudo a few times... then logout and back in shortly after... sudo does not prompt for password first time out. Any way to set sudo timout to expire/reset when logout occurs?03:36
jmedinaman sudo03:37
jmedinasudo -k03:39
jmedinathe token expires in 15 minutes03:40
geniijmedina: Hm. Now just need to edit logout script then to do equiv of sudo -k03:40
jmedinaecho "sudo -k" >> ~/.bash_logout03:40
geniimore like echo "sudo -k" | sudo tee -a /etc/skel/.bash_logout03:42
geniijmedina: Thanks03:42
jmedinathis is for the FAQ03:43
uvirtbot`New bug: #319472 in likewise-open (main) "I am so beginer I don't even know what went wrong!! (dup-of: 277492)" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/31947204:46
ziggles1at least he logged it04:49
liquidI guess!04:49
ziggles1wow already flagged as a dupe too! lol04:50
ziggles1Bug has been alive for 12 min :)04:50
liquidYeah, that;s why I lol'd04:50
SmokeyDanybody have any thoughts on ispconfig versus dtc?08:48
uvirtbot`New bug: #292791 in samba (main) "silent login/gdm failures and sudo segfaults with smbpasswd enabled" [High,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/29279109:04
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ivoksanyone interested in seeing hylafax in main?11:47
ivoksheh... looks like development ended in 2007 :/11:48
ivoksor not :D11:51
sprobehello mates.. is anyone familiar with virtualization on ubuntu server? I've just seen that RHEL5 limits its academic version to 4 guest os which pisses me off frankly.. and looking for alternatives, stumbled across ubuntu server12:17
ivokssprobe: atm i'm running 4 ubuntu guests on my ubuntu 8.1012:19
ivokssprobe: there are no limitations on number of guests, except your hardware resources12:19
sprobeivoks: nice thx12:21
sprobeI've seen that ubuntu is derived from debian.. now I've got a specific question.. my server system is a HP ML370 G5 and comes with various drivers of course.. and there are binaries for debian 4.0.. does anyone know if I will be able to install those drivers on ubunutu server? are the cahnces rather high, low? impossible?12:23
ivoksdrivers for what?12:23
sprobelemme get it for you12:24
ivoksdrivers aren't binary compatibile between ubuntu and debian12:25
ivoksbut you shouldn't need any driver for most of the servers12:25
sprobeyea, I am just getting into detail here.. seems to be only daemons no drivers12:26
ivoksi have one of those servers12:26
ivoks    description: Computer12:26
ivoks    product: ProLiant ML370 G512:26
sprobeye, that's it, HP12:26
ivoksand i'm runnning ubuntu on it; no problems12:27
sprobeah alright, so installing those management tools on it did work fine as well? you know, if a HDD fails, you get an email and that kinda stuff12:27
ivoksi didn't install those12:27
ivoksi've installed additional hardware in that machine12:28
sprobethat's what I was talkinga bout.. http://tinyurl.com/7jmesu12:28
sprobewell alright, might work, might no ^12:28
ivoksif it's not related to kernel, it should work12:29
ivoksi'll try installing12:29
sprobeyea, sorry for my questions.. but I am using RHEL4, RHEL5 up to now, and I never had any troubles with hackers and stuff (sticking to the original packages). moving to another system is always quite a large step.12:30
sprobeI do use it for web applications, so security is a #1 issue12:31
ivokswell, most of the packages installed :)12:34
sprobewhat would you say, stick with RHEL5 or move over to ubuntu server? It's not a migration, I am getting a new server and could choose upon installing12:35
ivokssprobe: ubuntu12:36
sprobeivoks: just because ? ;)12:36
_rubenbecause this is an ubuntu channel probably12:37
sprobena it seems to support virtualization well enough and I am getting more and more angry at RH politics12:37
axisysafter I did a aptitude full-upgrade as requested by apticron I get this message ..12:39
axisysCurrent status: 0 updates [-2].12:39
axisyswhat is that mean?12:39
ivoksaxisys: 0 updates?12:44
axisysivoks: yep.. that was the exact message I got12:45
ivoksaxisys: it means '0 updates'12:45
ivoksno updates12:45
ivokslike, nothing to do12:45
axisysHere is another one.. it did upgrade but gave -13 at the end, http://pastebin.com/f230a0c7012:46
ivoksaxisys: after it installed 13 packages12:47
axisysivoks: ok.. now i understand..12:48
axisysivoks: thnx12:48
ivoksaxisys: np12:48
ivokssprobe: i would (i did, and i always do) go with ubuntu12:49
ivokssprobe: those management tool are usefull, but not something you can't live without12:49
sprobeivoks: I am seriously considering it.The tools aren't my #1 concern.  My #1 concern  is that packages are always up to date and fixed ASAP once an overflow has been found. I have very good experiences there with RHEL, none with Ubuntu.12:51
ivokssprobe: recent Croatian's CERT report said Ubuntu was faster than RedHat with security updates12:52
sprobeivoks: good resource, that'd be a very good argument once I start discussing a switch over to Ubuntu internally12:53
sprobeivoks: could you provide me a link to that report perhaps? I am just searching12:54
ivokssprobe: it's in croatian12:54
ivokssprobe: http://www.cert.hr/documents.php?id=35712:54
ivokssprobe: but it has nice charts :)12:54
ivokssprobe: s/red hat/fedora, though12:55
sprobeivoks: yea, just looking through the pdf atm12:56
ivokssprobe: page 16, table 2: bugs (very critical, critical, moderate, low risk, harmless)12:57
sprobeivoks: thanks, looks understandable :)12:58
ivokssprobe: anyway, there are studies in english too, just search on werb12:58
ivokssprobe: failed disks in compaq controler can be seen in syslog13:02
sprobeivoks: thanks a lot - I am currently looking for some studies .. perhaps I find one in English like the one you found in Croatian.13:12
MianoSMSo....reading the logs from the meeting yesterday screen-profiles is going to become a dependancy for anyone installing Screen from the repositories?13:33
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ivoksMianoSM: i guess ti will be recommended package (installed by default with screen, but still possible to remove it while keeping screen)13:35
MianoSMI don't think many of the server administrators is going to want that.13:35
ivoksinstalled doesn't mean used13:35
MianoSMI can't get it at the moment because I don't have the most recent bzr, but I'd imagine if it's installing a .screenrc for me - that's an annoyance that I'm going to have to over write with my current profile that I prefer.13:36
Deepsit doesn't overwrite your .screenrc by default13:36
Deepsby default it does nothing13:36
MianoSMI'll have to update the bzr and look at it.13:36
Deeps..which confused me when i first installed it, heh, since it came with no documentation13:37
MianoSMI'm a minimalist, and this seems like excess on server installs.13:37
Deepsubuntu-server isn't exactly minimal, heh13:37
fauxhawkDeeps: how do you use screen-profiles then if it does nothing by default?13:38
MianoSMUnderstood, but I normally do a minimal install, and then sudo apt-get install a few packages that aren't too bad.13:38
Deepsspeaking of which, is there a more minimal install than the jeos install? since that comes with the -virtual kernel rather than -server or -generic. something like debian's minimal, which really is minimal13:38
Deepsfauxhawk: you run select-screen-profile, and enable one of the provided profiles13:38
MianoSMDeeps: if you want, you can do a Jeos install and then add your own custom compiled kernel.13:39
Deeps..or just apt-get the -server install13:40
Deepsurr, the -server kernel13:40
Deepsanyway bbl13:40
MianoSMIf you're going for a minimal install you don't want the server-kernel.13:40
MianoSMYou'll want to custom compile your own anyway.13:40
_rubenthe difference in disk footprint between jeos and server is minimal .. and you lose stuff like proper auto completion and the likes13:51
_rubenhence i gave up on using jeos13:51
fauxhawk_ruben: what14:12
fauxhawki think the point that mianosm is making is not the disk footprint; but instead additional packages that are not needed for a server install14:13
frippzauto-completion and other stuff can easily be added afterwards anyway14:27
hadsCan't you select a kernel flavour when installing JeOS?14:29
yann2mmh  - I need help for launchpad - where should I go?14:41
persiayann2, #launchpad14:41
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kaushalI have written a bash script14:45
kaushalit does not start as tomcat user14:45
kaushalI am using Ubuntu 8.0414:45
kaushalI am doubting on line 1414:46
zulkirkland: ping15:00
zulkirkland: unping15:01
kaushalzul, hi15:14
zulkaushal: hi15:14
kaushalcan i disuss with you about my bash script?15:15
kaushalwhich is running on ubuntu 8.0415:15
zulkaushal: im a bit busy right now but try running it with set -x15:15
kaushali did that15:15
kaushalit does not seem to work :(15:16
kaushalit works fine as root but not as tomcat15:16
kaushalStarting tomcat: + su -c /usr/local/apache-tomcat-5.5.27/bin/startup.sh tomcat15:17
kaushal+ echo done.15:17
kaushalbut it does not show up in ps status15:17
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cjwatsoncould some folks test the 8.04.2 candidate server images on iso.qa.ubuntu.com, please?16:09
cjwatsonwe had to respin them this morning owing to a bug affecting upgrades from un-upgraded 8.04 systems; the release is due tomorrow16:10
oczusuario tecnica16:14
oczpassword tecnica16:14
oczpara los cuantro link , que los disfruten :P16:14
andolcjwatson: How much testing are we talkinga bout? I should be able to do a plain install, but I'm not sure how much more time i have right now.16:17
slangasekmathiaz: hi, there's been a server CD reroll for server 8.04.2 because of a Package index bug; time to test today? http://iso.qa.ubuntu.com/qatracker/build/all16:17
cjwatsoniso.qa.ubuntu.com has links to the procedures; single installs would make up one test case each, basically16:17
cjwatsonso that would certainly be a worthwhile contribution16:18
mathiazslangasek: yes - I'll queue these test now16:18
andolOk, I'll see what I can manage.16:18
mathiazslangasek: results should be available in a few hours16:18
slangasekmathiaz: cheers16:18
cjwatsonandol: thanks16:19
andolcjwatson: the download links seems broken.16:23
mathiazapachelogger: hi - re your mysql 5.1 patch: I haven't looked at them but wait before doing an upload16:23
mathiazapachelogger: seems are not as easy as it seems if we want to keep both 5.0 and 5.1 usable with the standard mysql server.16:24
cjwatsonandol: yes, they are - should be ubuntu-server/hardy/daily not ubuntu-server/daily16:24
mathiazapachelogger: I've been looking into this issue for a few days now16:24
mathiazRiddell: ^^ - I haven't forgotten your mysql email. I've just been investigating the issue.16:25
cjwatsonandol: I've brought it up with the maintainer of that site16:25
andolcjwatson: found it, downloading16:25
Riddellmathiaz: from our side we don't care about the 5.1 server, only the libs and the few data files16:26
mathiazRiddell: right. And akonadi requires a full server running (ie mysqld)16:27
mathiazRiddell: which means that both mysql-5.0 and mysql-5.1 should installable at the same time on the same system16:28
Riddellmathiaz: it requires mysqld which is runs as the user for a local database16:28
mathiazRiddell: and as of now amarok still depends on mysql-server-5.116:28
Riddellmathiaz: mysql-server-core-5.0 for akonadi and mysql-server-data-5.1 for amarok16:29
Riddellthey install together fine with the changes we've made16:29
mathiazRiddell: right - I'm not sure if they both run fine (in standalone mode) with the latest 5.1 changes.16:31
mathiazRiddell: but Kde doesn't require that16:31
nijabakirkland: saw your merge.  You did not like the keybinding preset handling or did not have time to merge that?16:33
apacheloggerRiddell: actually, I was wondering... does amarok not also depend on libmysqlclient16?16:33
Riddellapachelogger: yes it does16:34
mathiazapachelogger: mysql client library aren't a problem16:34
apacheloggerah, that doesn't conflict anyway16:34
mathiazapachelogger: libmysqlient1{56} can coexist16:34
mathiazapachelogger: the issue is with the servers and MySQL scripts that run them16:35
mathiazapachelogger: they're not designed to support multiple instance of MySQL16:35
apacheloggeryeah, the debdiff only resolves the KDE use case :)16:35
mathiazapachelogger: for ex mysqld_safe looks at /usr/bin/mysqld16:35
apacheloggermathiaz: well, if you are ok with it, we should upload the debdiff ASAP16:36
apacheloggercurrently we have two essential KDE packages conflict due to the mysql conflict16:36
mathiazapachelogger: I know. I'm subscribed to the mysql-dfsg-5.{01} bugs and I see them coming in.16:37
mathiazapachelogger: I still need to investigate the issue. While it makes to fix it just for KDE, MySQL is a key package in the server team16:37
mathiazapachelogger: and we need to properly support running mysql-5.0 and mysql-5.116:38
kirklandnijaba: a little of both16:38
apacheloggergood with me, I have fixed packages installed now :P16:38
kirklandnijaba: that's separate functionality16:38
kirklandnijaba: should be committed separately16:38
mathiazapachelogger: so for now, there is a workaround in LP about the issue with amarok and mysql-5.116:38
kirklandnijaba: i wanted to test the escape sequence parts thoroughly16:38
kirklandnijaba: there were a few things that needed fixing there16:39
mathiazapachelogger: and I'm looking into the big picture.16:39
nijabakirkland: ok, fine, just wanted to know16:39
kirklandnijaba: for instance, the create-and-name-new-window involves a bindkey16:39
apacheloggermathiaz: ok :)16:39
ScottKmathiaz: What bug has the workaround?16:39
mathiazapachelogger: I'll have a look at your patch and may ask further questions on what is exactly required by amarok for 5.116:39
kirklandnijaba: that, too, has to be formed and written out with the escape bit16:39
kirklandnijaba: sorry, "register" bits16:39
mathiazScottK: bug 31684916:40
uvirtbot`Launchpad bug 316849 in mysql-dfsg-5.1 "mysql-server-5.1 doesn't start - skip-bdb option unsupported" [High,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/31684916:40
kirklandnijaba: also, numbers don't work as escape keys16:40
mathiazScottK: the workaround is to remove the skip-bdb option from /etc/mysql/my.cnf16:40
mathiazScottK: this option is supported by 5.0 but not by 5.116:40
nijabakirkland: same for any non alpha char then16:40
kirklandnijaba: needed to add some code to keep those from being set16:40
kirklandnijaba: not true...  i could use ~ and @ just fine16:40
nijabakirkland: yep, I did notice that16:40
nijabakirkland: really?  I did not know16:41
mathiazScottK: the reason it's in my.cnf from 5.0 is because it's no longer supported in 5.1 and we want to warn the user about it.16:41
ScottKmathiaz: I see.  Thanks.16:41
kirklandnijaba: so this code, i think, should get some testing first16:41
ScottKmathiaz: The co-installability issue is a pressing one for Kubuntu, do you think we might go ahead with apachelogger's current proposed upload and sort the rest after?16:42
nijabakirkland: right.  b16:42
mathiazScottK: give me a few days to look into that.16:43
mathiazScottK: If I don't come up with something by Friday, you can upload it.16:44
andolcjwatson: Well, the tests are going good so far :)17:32
ScottKmathiaz: Thanks.17:36
cjwatsonandol: glad to hear it17:37
kinleyhello, it is possible to use mysql 5.1 in prod env now ? are there any minor bugs in current relaese ?17:56
cjwatsonI can answer the second question very easily with no knowledge of mysql18:06
cjwatson"yes" :-)18:06
cjwatson(all software has bugs)18:06
kinleylol, thats true ;)18:08
kinleybut the answer is not very helpfully18:09
ScottKI can answer the first in an Ubuntu context with no knowledge of mysql.  Since we only offer 5.1 in a development release, no.  Not suitable for production in Ubuntu.18:18
interestedHi,  I'd like to know if there are ways to run some sort of script or program on an ubuntu system which will list the security issues for whichever programs currently installed may have had a USN18:21
interestedCase in point, I have a ubuntu server thats quite old which has a few exposed services and I'd like to check which are effected without having to upgrade the entire system right away18:22
jmarsden|workinterested: You could run sudo apt-get update && sudo apt-get -s upgrade and note what it wants to upgrade, then read the changelogs for those packages to see why?18:25
jmedinainyou can use apticron18:25
interestedjmarsden|work: sure, ill give that a shot then...maybe only looking at the security feed18:26
interestedwas more interested in something like desecan for ubuntu18:26
jmedinaapticron automatically runs apt-get update and send you a mail about new upgrades and security updates18:26
jmedinaand a little review about security updates including the CVE number18:27
jmedinajmarsden|work: I think that is what apticron does18:27
interestedAh, thanks jmedina18:28
jmedinaand you can also use a nagios plugin for apt18:28
asomethinghi all, any one know if if the new samba4~alpha6 from Debian experimental will be synced for Jaunty?18:36
Mohammad[B]how to i can resize the swap partition in command line ?18:37
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jmedinaI dont know a tool to resize a swap18:42
jmedinaI better create another swap18:43
cjwatsonit's faster to just create it from scratch anyway18:43
jmedinayou can mountit with the another priority, so is used only when first swap is filled, or you can mount it with the same priority, the both swaps are used in a round robin fashin18:43
cjwatsonyou can use your favourite partitioning tool to resize the partition itself, and then just mkswap over the top18:44
cjwatsonif you don't want to have two adjacent swap partitions, which some might feel to be untidy18:44
tbielawaGreetings all. I'd love to see screen in main. Though I'm not certain about the screen-profiles being a dependency. What are the current arguments for adding that dependency?19:11
ScottKI'd say recommends at most.19:13
tbielawaI agree with that19:17
Deepsthere are actually many major bugs still outstanding in mysql 5.119:18
Deepsor at least, there was at the time of release, odds are many of them are still there; http://monty-says.blogspot.com/2008/11/oops-we-did-it-again-mysql-51-released.html19:19
cjwatsonscreen has been in main for years19:29
cjwatsonin fact, it was there in warty19:29
MianoSMtbielawa: I agree.19:30
fauxhawktbielawa: I concur19:31
MianoSMcjwatson: The issue isn't with screen, it's with adding extraneous packages that are nice to have, but not something many of the older ornery admins are most likely going to embrace.19:31
cjwatsonMianoSM: sure, but tbielawa said "I'd love to see screen in main".19:31
tbielawaMy mistake there, misread the blog post.19:31
MianoSMcjwatson: He was talking about the screen-profiles maybe?19:31
cjwatsonI assumed it was probably a typo or thinko, but wanted to nip confusion in the bud19:32
tbielawaI ought to check the mailing list.19:33
fauxhawktold to me by our IT dept: "what is this putty thing?" me: "an opensource program to access a remote shell" ITguy:"if it is open source, why does it ask you for a password when you run it?"19:33
geniifauxhawk: Hopefully he's not one of the head IT guys.19:34
fauxhawkgenii: thank god no19:36
MianoSMfauxhawk: I'd bet 1,000,000 he's bald, amirite?19:36
fauxhawkMianoSM: HOW DID YOU KNOW19:36
MianoSMif he knew the loonixes he'd have tons o hair like RMS19:37
tbielawaI took a picture of myself the other day and realized I looked like an RMS like looney some times19:39
uvirtbot`New bug: #319718 in mysql-dfsg-5.1 (universe) "package mysql-server-5.1 5.1.30-2ubuntu3 failed to install/upgrade: aliprosessi post-installation script palautti virhetilakoodin 1" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/31971819:40
DogWaterDoes anyone here use kickstart to install Ubuntu? is there any way to issue a command that will just wipe out the filesystems completely before it gets to the disk partitioner? mainly to avoid problems with LVM?20:39
kajeThe settings in /etc/resolv.conf keep changing on me... I think it is being caused by a DHCP renew or something. How can I stop it?21:06
jmarsden|workkaje: Edit /etc/dhcp3/dhclient.conf so it doesn't get DNS info from DHCP -- if that is what you want?  Or just configure the server with a static IP and don't use DHCP.21:08
kajedo I configure it with a static ip in /etc/networking/interfaces?21:09
jmarsden|workYes, see https://help.ubuntu.com/8.10/serverguide/C/network-configuration.html21:10
jmarsden|workReading that whole guide is worthwhile if you are running Ubuntu Server, by the way.21:11
jmarsden|workYou're welcome.21:11
orudiehow can i go to a specific line number in nano ?21:14
jmarsden|workorudie: nano +1234 filename.txt21:14
geniiorudie: nano +1234 filename          goes to line 123421:14
jmarsden|workWe used the same example line number :)21:15
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DogWateroh man what did they do to kickstart  in 8.1021:19
DogWaterits totally broken21:19
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zigglesI just finished the following tutorial: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/JeOSVMBuilder , VM started ok but i cannot ping it... is there any way to debug?21:56
jmedinajust like any other system21:59
jmedinacheck your interface is up and with link (ethtool), run a sniffer and see if you have incoming traffic22:00
jmedinatcpdump -i ethX22:00
zigglesthanks jmedina22:04
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smgoller_Hi, I'm planning on doing an install of ubuntu server under vmware server 2 and I was curious as to if it would be that much better to do a JeOS install instead of the normal server version.23:03
smgoller_This would just be a one off, not packaging an appliance for distribution23:04
jtajismgoller_: I would stick with server23:04
smgoller_ok, I was curious since JeOS claims to remove a lot of the things a kernel would need for a physical computer but not a virtual one23:06
P4C0hello, when I installed ubuntu server, it asked for the way to install updates, i choose automatic, however I can't see any cronttab or similar for that... how are automatic updates done in ubuntu server?23:07
smgoller_thanks for the opinion, jtaji :)23:08
SlartP4C0: did you get an answer for your apt-update question?23:12
P4C0Slart: no23:12
SlartP4C0: have you checked in /etc/cron.daily/  ?23:12
P4C0i don't have the box right now, but I think i checked them... is there were it's supposed to be?23:13
SlartP4C0: I'm not sure.. but I have a script in there called apt that does a lot of things.. that might be it23:13
P4C0Slart: thanks I will give it a try when I get home23:14
SlartP4C0: you're welcome23:15
Blaenkhey guys I'm running lightttpd on my ubuntu server and I can't figure out how to install memcached for php523:16
andolcjwatson: Should there be a Tomcat-test for hardy 8.04.2 server?23:21
mathiazandol: no23:24
mathiazandol: tomcat5 is only available starting from intrepid23:24
mathiazandol: same for the host virtualization use case23:24
kajeI've set up a SingleSignOn configuration using the how-to on ubuntu's wikis. When a user ssh's into a machine with a password, it gets a kerberos ticket for them. However, when they ssh in with a public key, it does not get a ticket. How do I set it up to grant them a ticket?23:33
GargoyleGreetings. Anyone alive? I am remotely reconfiguring IP addresses of servers and was wondering if anyone would double check my configs as I will be screwed if I get them wrong! :o)23:33
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Gargoyleif I am multi homing an interface should I keep eth0 and then add eth0:0, eth0:1 etc, or change eth0 to become eth0:0?23:37
jmarsden|workGargoyle: Keep eth0, add the alias(es) you need.23:38
andolmathiaz: ok, thanks.23:38
GargoyleThis look OK?23:39
GargoyleAnd can I use ifconfig eth0:0 up to bring the extra one online, or do I need to fully restart networking?23:40
vigoIs there a script available to start UFW on boot?23:41
jdstrandvigo: 'sudo ufw enable' is all you need to do23:41
vigoThank you23:41
Blaenkhey guys I installed php5-memcache and it added the appropriate conf file but looking at phpinfo, it won't read/parse it23:42
FishsceneHow do I re-detect my network adapters? I am using Ubuntu 8.1023:44
FishsceneUBuntu Server 8.10*23:44
GargoyleI am trying to pring up eth0:0 and I am getting "SIOCSIFFLAGS: Cannot assign requested address". Any ideas?23:44
GargoyleOK, a bit odd. ifup eth0:0 gave me the same error, but it did actually bring up the interface!23:49
DeepsGargoyle: that approach is deprecated in favour of using ip addr add ip/32 dev eth023:51
DeepsGargoyle: unfortauntely there's no nice way to do it beyond having a for loop or multiple up lines in your eth0 definition in interfaces23:51
FishsceneUsing Ubuntu Server, the adapters seemingly refuse to get a DHCP IP address during install. However, when using the desktop cd, the same computer gets a DHCP ip address without any problems. Since Ubuntu Server won't install my ethernet adapters during the OS install, I still need to install them. How do I go about doing this?23:53
GargoyleDeeps: Soo you don't define eth0:0, etc  entries in interfaces anymore?23:53

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