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ara_morning all :-)07:35
davmor2Morning all08:40
davmor2schwuk: morning I got another query about the wiki for you.  Can you click on a link and have it import text from somewhere else?  http://testcases.qa.ubuntu.com/System/NetworklessInstall at the bottom are 2 internal links would it be possible to have their text appear on that page rather than transferring the user to the linked page?09:59
schwukdavmor2: Importing text, yes (as you know). Clicking on a link to import text, no. It would require some javascript jiggery-pokery to work.10:04
davmor2schwuk: Okay thanks just a thought10:06
schwukIt's do-able though, if you think it would be useful.10:07
davmor2ara what do you think10:10
davmor2schwuk: let me try and get hold of heno too10:12
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mrvanesAm I the only one with a segfaulting hald?11:48
cjwatsonupdated hardy .2 alternate/server images (sorry - this was to fix bug 253255 which was breaking upgrades from unupgraded 8.04)11:57
ubot5Launchpad bug 253255 in ubuntu-cdimage "crash gutsy -> hardy hardy 8.04.1 cdrom upgrade" [Critical,Fix released] https://launchpad.net/bugs/25325511:57
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* ara_ -> lunch12:45
Guest55353hi guys13:24
Guest55353this ubuntu will came with something simple to change the compiz effects?13:27
Guest55353this new ubuntu will have the same look?13:33
* ara reboots13:34
davmor2schwuk: heno says to leave it as there aren't enough cases to warrant it.  :)13:53
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mrvaneswould someone have any clue why hald segfaults on my personal built kernel (2.6.28) and not on the default jaunty one?15:07
mrvanesit started with the most recent hal update15:08
davmor2mrvanes: what desktop are you running?15:11
mrvaneskde 4.2 beta15:12
mrvanesbut the segfault happens before running X15:12
mrvanesat rc215:12
davmor2best off asking on the the developer channels and I suggest kubuntu-devel15:12
mrvanesI don't think it's a kde specific problem but thx anyway15:14
davmor2mrvanes: you can try here too https://wiki.ubuntu.com/DebuggingHal15:16
mrvanesdavmor2: thx, I'll look into that15:18
cjwatsonstgraber: there was a report on #ubuntu-server that the download links on iso.qa are broken for hardy images16:25
cjwatsonstgraber: they need to have /hardy inserted in the URL before /daily16:25
stgraberyeah, it's a known issue. The ISO tracker has to guess the path to the iso files on cdimage.u.c and doesn't know about point releases16:25
stgraberI'm waiting for cr3 to give me a way to get the image list from the certification website so I don't have to rely on some http parsing or similar things on cdimage16:26
* cjwatson nods16:26
cr3stgraber: I sent a script to heno and I think you too a long time ago16:26
stgrabercr3: hmm, let me check.16:27
* cr3 goes looking through emails16:27
stgraberI have no mail from you since at least Oct 25 (last time I purged my .procmail.log)16:28
cr3stgraber: found my email and you were right, it was only sent to other folks. I'll forward to you16:43
cr3stgraber: message forwarded with some background information16:47
mathiazslangasek: -server amd64 test results posted - all successfull.18:18
slangasekmathiaz: awesome, thanks18:19
mathiazslangasek: -server i386 test results posted - all successfull.19:29
ptarrantmy lord, lots of peeps here :)19:33
ptarrantso how does one become / sign up for testing of ubuntu, I'm the network admin for a small school and got time and spare machines. I'm running jaunty alpha 3 right now and 8.10 at home and want to help the cause.19:35
ptarrantwell according to the title, i guess im off to mozilla.qa.ubuntu.com :)19:39
davmor2ptarrant: goto http://iso.qa.ubuntu.com/qatracker sign up and setup the tests you want to cover :)19:43
ptarrantthank you davmor219:43
davmor2sorry for the delay busy testing hardy.219:43
ptarrantno prob19:45
ptarranthardy .2? as in they are re-releasing it? excuse the noob questions, im new to ubuntu, pretty comfortable with linux though19:46
ptarrantthe versions for ubuntu are abit confusing compaired to the norm, i understand the whole year.month thing... but .2 is odd sounding19:47
davmor2hardy is long term support so it is supported for 3 years on desktop and 5 years on server.  So every 6 months they release a point release that has all the packages on that has had bug fixes etc19:51
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ptarrantahh, that makes sense. so its a security wrap up install. awesome.19:52
davmor2yes it's basically in windows terms a cd with the service packs added to it :)19:53
ptarranti was going to say service pack / slipstream but don't want to offend...haha19:56
ptarranti just happen to have acquired a new dell at home too, so since schools out (i work at a school) i'll be testing this at home also :) one other question, on the testing site how does one actually sign up for a test, or do we just download the CD and then do the test and report on launchpad later or something?19:58
davmor2on the link I gave you that acts as a tracker for all the tests that need doing.  Top right there should be a link to sign in.  This uses your lp login.  You then can add tests to your username etc20:03
davmor2so alpha 3 testing is over alpha 4 is on the 5th of feb.20:04
davmor2so test for that should start around the monday before20:04
davmor2but the tracker is setup so it can email you to remind you of the tests you signed up for :)20:05
ptarrantthats good, because im about to leave work and get home, haha i was just xfering notes to my thumbdrive and was trying to remember this and that...that email will help :) thanks for the help and i'll see ya later when i get home20:06
davmor2stgraber: right so while this is still installing I'll use my other machine as a thin client.  So is there anything I need to do to set up the client other than pxe boot?20:28
davmor2stgraber: what do I need to do to /etc/ltsp/dhcpd.conf in order to get the server up?20:56
slangasekmathiaz: rockstar, thanks21:11
davmor2slangasek: ltsp has installed all the files look to be there. So I'm going to play about a bit and see if I can't get it to run on a machine.  I've passed the tests for now though If they are broken horrifically I'll change it21:18
stgraberdavmor2: did you have two NICs at install time ?21:37
stgraberif so everything should be working and you should be able to boot a thin client on the LAN NIC21:37
davmor2stgraber: No that would be easy :)21:37
stgraberhehe, ok :)21:38
stgraberso you'll need to define the network in /etc/network/interfaces, then ifup then start dhcpd21:38
lfaraoneogasawara: where does it save those debug files, again?21:41
ogasawaralfaraone: the debug files for the suspend script?21:45
lfaraoneogasawara: yes, is it in ~?21:47
davmor2stgraber: right figured out what was up it was clashing with my main dhcp box21:47
davmor2slangasek: I got it to boot21:47
slangasekthe client?21:47
davmor2slangasek: yeap client is running off the ltsp server21:48
ogasawaralfaraone: just a sec, I don't remember off the top of my head21:48
ogasawaralfaraone: did apport not automatically detect the failure?21:49
slangasekI think that only leaves server, crypted lvm on amd64?21:49
ogasawaralfaraone: I think they're saved in /var/lib/pm-utils/21:50
lfaraoneogasawara: my liveUSB is only persisting /home. I think I might just take the plunge and upgrade.21:52
davmor2D'oh missed the ltsp-update-image22:05
davmor2so that's both 32 and 64bit working22:11
davmor2Right I'm off to bed now I've had enough excitement for one day22:11

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