Alexia_Death_Hands up wo is going to LGM?07:45
brycelibre graphics meeting08:13
tjaaltonhi bryce08:14
brycehi tjaalton08:14
tjaaltonwhen the new kernel upload is in the archive, I'll upload libdrm/mesa/-intel08:14
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tjaaltonwow, usplash totally hosed my nvidia based ws12:28
tjaaltonogra_: pitti has uploaded a new hal that'll default using evdev for touchpads, could you try and see how it works?13:46
ogra_tjaalton, sure ... though we dont have any way to calibrate yet (and i dont have a jaunty setup atm (working with my arms deeply in ARM stuff :) )13:47
ogra_so i cnt promise i can do it right away13:48
tjaaltonsure, no rush13:49
tjaaltonjust that you know it's out there :)13:49
tjaaltonhmm, nouveau-kernel-source already includes the drm headers..14:01
tjaalton..but unusable for the ddx driver14:04
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TomJaegerHi.  Is anybody here running the closed-source nvidia or ati driver?  You could do me a huge favor.  It'll only take a few seconds.20:09
TomJaegerBasically, I'd need someone to run the test program attached to this comment: https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/xorg-server/+bug/217908/comments/3320:13
ubottuLaunchpad bug 217908 in xorg-server "Images in Firefox and Opera are extremely pixeled when zoomed" [Undecided,Confirmed]20:13
TomJaegerFor the open-source drivers, I could just look at the source (they're all broken - except for intel, but trivial to fix)20:14
TomJaegerAlso, is there a way to give me power over the bug -- there's quite a few status changes that I'd like to make20:16
TomJaegernevermind, I see I can actually change things20:20
tjaaltonuh oh.. what is dontzap?21:59
jcristautjaalton: wondered the same thing. seems weird to put that kind of stuff in an own package, but oh well..22:07
tjaaltonjcristau: yeah.. I thought the x-kit stuff was enough22:07
tjaaltonor would be, when it's released22:08
tjaaltonI also noticed that mandriva has actually patched their xserver to not care about the ABI for nvidia/fglrx22:09
raofBut I see (new) glitches with nvidia + IgnoreABI.  Are these not related at all?22:10
jcristauwho knows...22:10
tjaaltonraof: what kind?22:10
raoftjaalton: Parts of windows being painted entirely black.22:10
tjaaltonraof: so nouveau_drm.h is all that's needed for libdrm-dev?22:11
raoftjaalton: I believe I listed all the necessary files on the bug.  nouveau_drm is one, but there are more, I think.22:11
tjaaltonthe rest seems to be specific to the drm driver22:11
tjaaltona bug?22:11
raoftjaalton: I commented on the "please remove these from libdrm-dev" bug; it was open at the time?22:12
tjaaltonraof: ok, well I checked the headers and _drm.h should be the only one that the ddx driver uses22:12
tjaaltonthey all are also in the kernel-source package, and used by the drm driver22:13
tjaaltonbut _drm.h should be the only one for userspace22:14
anderskraof: the nvidia compiz problem is bug 269904.  It seems to be a design flaw in the DAMAGE protocol; see Aaron Plattner's comment. 22:27
ubottuLaunchpad bug 269904 in nvidia-graphics-drivers-177 "Screen refresh problems with nvidia on intrepid" [Medium,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/26990422:27
raofandersk: I don't think that's it; this only turned up in -18022:28
raofAt least, I only _remember_ this turning up in 18022:28
anderskI hadn't seen it in 177, but I was also using different PowerMizer settings then.  It seems to happen more often in low power mode. 22:29
raofThinking of PowerMizer... :(22:30
raofWouldn't it be great if the whole screen didn't flash black whenever the card changes state?22:30
anderskWell, that's in fact why I had been using different PowerMizer settings. 22:31
* raof would accept a nouveau driver that resumed from suspend, too.22:31
raofandersk: Locking it on minimal?  How does one do that?22:31
anderskI put this into a new file in /etc/modprobe.d: 22:34
anderskoptions nvidia NVreg_RegistryDwords="PerfLevelSrc=0x2222" 22:34
anderskBut I forget whether that locks it on minimal or on maximal. 22:34

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