Fred1447gogeraver, sorry screen stopped scrolling... but no, it's ATI.00:00
|unjustice|zero__: what kind of comp?00:00
zero__really annoying.00:00
|unjustice|zero__:  and what kind of audio card?00:00
zero__HP, nc612000:00
gogereaverFred1447 treat had a savage00:00
zero__A standard one, hmm i will check wait00:00
treatsgogereaver: invalid operation00:00
gogereavertreats apt-get install00:01
Onidemokitche has deducted my problem is "this is your issue /dev/dri/card0 is not on your system" , can anyone tell me the command to download and install DRI ?00:01
treatsgogereaver: np, seems i already have the newest.  Thanks00:01
LupServerCan someone good with iptables help me out with this: http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?p=658233000:01
zero__hmm ok, i didnt finded it =/ but its a standart one, never touched anything in this comp. ever the ram.00:01
|unjustice|zero__: if you type lspci in terminal, your comp will tell you the audio device00:01
|unjustice|zero__: "standard" is not a type of audio card00:02
pyropheliaevery once in awhile after my server (8.10) does a massive lan  transfer (100GB+), I lose all dns lookups on that box.  None of the other boxes on the network lose dns and I can still ping lan or ip address just fine.  Somehow dns blows up and I can't figure out why.  Static config with my ISPs dns configured in resolve.conf.  Any ideas?00:02
zero__i know, i mean the one you get with the comp :P00:02
ldskfcould anyone tell me how to "render" a video file?00:02
gogereavertreats then sudo dpkg-reconfigure xserver-xorg00:02
gogereaveryou can manuy configure it00:02
zero__this? ADI SoundMAX Audio Driver for Microsoft Windows 2000/XP00:02
zero__ups fail00:03
zero__00:1e.2 Multimedia audio controller: Intel Corporation 82801FB/FBM/FR/FW/FRW (ICH6 Family) AC'97 Audio Controller (rev 03)00:03
|unjustice|zero__: that is the driver00:03
|unjustice|that is the audio card00:03
zero__i know, i copied wrong00:03
redvamp128gogereaver:  I think doesn't he need to enable restricted in order to get the savage drivers?00:03
asmith1243hey guys00:03
Onidemothis is your issue /dev/dri/card0 is not on your system00:03
OnidemoAnyone tell me how to download DRI ?00:03
ldskfim afraid i was sadly mistaken when i thought ubuntu was capable of video editing00:04
gogereaverredvamp128 dunno00:04
redvamp128ldskf:  check out getdeb--00:04
gogereaverredvamp128 you knoe he just might00:04
redvamp128ldskf:  GetDeb - Software for Ubuntu Linux <http://www.getdeb.net/>00:05
|unjustice|ldskf: avidemux, cinelerra, blender, cinepaint, kino, vlc00:05
Onidemokitche has deducted my problem is "this is your issue /dev/dri/card0 is not on your system" , can anyone tell me how to fix this?00:05
|unjustice||unjustice|: kdenlive 2 is out too00:05
gogereaverredvamp128 but i rember via being in the x config gui00:05
|unjustice||unjustice|: I know, stop talking to yourself00:05
zero__unjustice, you know the solution?00:06
marcelohi, How do I estimate how much space available I have on the stack?00:06
redvamp128gogereaver:  I don't know I have intel onboard but nvidia agp (just when it said it could not get it would be my first choice)00:06
|unjustice|zero__: looking...is it a laptop?00:06
TheComradeI'm going to bitch for a moment about my fresh amd64 Ubuntu install.00:06
gogereaverredvamp128 heh thats easy00:06
gogereaverredvamp128 just set display 2 as pirmary in the xorg.conf00:07
mezquitaleanyone knows of a file manager that allows me to navigate through my file system redmond'x explorer style??00:07
_Vi_Cant "bitch" about something that is free :)00:07
redvamp128gogereaver:  the nividia card runs like a champ -- Geforce4 MX400000:07
exodus_ms_Vi_: ;-)00:07
TheComradeI can to people who say that it's awesome.00:07
Onidemo http://pastebin.com/f63385451        <<<< -  Anyone able to help?00:08
exodus_ms!ot | TheComrade00:08
ubottuTheComrade: #ubuntu is the Ubuntu support channel, for all Ubuntu-related support questions. Please use #ubuntu-offtopic for other topics. Thanks!00:08
|unjustice|zero__: https://launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/linux-source-2.6.15/+bug/11149/comments/600:08
_Vi_well I wouldnt do it here TheComrade ,,, bah exodus_ms you beat me :P00:08
ari_stressgood morning all :)00:08
TheComradeWhy not?  They are problems.  :)00:08
redvamp128ldskf:  did you get my link to getdeb? Look under categories even more video editing than is in synaptic- GetDeb - Software for Ubuntu Linux <http://www.getdeb.net/>00:08
poseidonanyone here use thunderbird with lightening?  it doesn't allow me to add an event to the calender.  it seems to be very non-fuctional (the lightening extension that is)00:08
|unjustice|zero__: that might work, but it is for Edgy...not Hardy, which I assume you are running00:08
gagicait it the fiorst time for me in ubuntu00:09
gagicaso hello:D00:09
zero__well, i will try then say if it works or not00:09
FlannelTheComrade: This channel is for support only.  If you're looking to discuss, please take it elsewhere (perhas #ubuntu-offtopic)00:09
TheComrade1) Randomly focus changes do not work, necessitating a ctrl-alt-backspace.  Apps still run and accept input.00:09
Onidemo http://pastebin.com/f6338545100:09
gagicait's woks00:09
|unjustice|zero__: also read a variety of reports that say restarting works00:09
TheComrade2) The shitty old version of Skype available does not function with Pulseaudio.00:09
gagicabut i am lost :D:))00:09
gogereaverTheComrade killall appname :)00:09
exodus_ms!ohmy | TheComrade00:09
ubottuTheComrade: Please watch your language, attitude, and topic to help keep this channel friendly and helpful. Remember, there are kids here!00:09
gagicacan't find drivers ans stuff00:09
ldskfredvamp128, got it00:10
|unjustice|gagica: for what?00:10
TheComradeIt's not an app that is frozen; the whole desktop gets frozen.00:10
gagicafor my pc00:10
|unjustice|gagica: what hardware?00:10
gagicacan everybody help me:((00:10
zero__unjustice, do i put that file, into the folder that it says?00:10
TheComrade3) I have to constantly 'metacity --replace' and 'compiz --replace' to get video to be watchable without retarded amounts of shearing.00:10
gagicaati 925000:10
|unjustice|zero__: ya, /etc/whatever00:10
TheComrade4) At every login, a notification that I need to restart firefox appears so that updates can be applied.00:11
gagicaa have gnome00:11
zero__ok brb then00:11
gogereaverTheComrade sounds like pc limitations00:11
gagicano one cand help me?00:11
TheComradeIt's lame OS limitations caused by nerds who have no appreciation of aestethics.00:11
Onidemokitche has deducted my problem is "this is your issue /dev/dri/card0 is not on your system" , can anyone tell me how to fix this?00:11
exodus_msTheComrade: ff 3, there is a known bug for that issue, I have a workaround00:11
|unjustice|gagica: patience00:12
gogereaverTheComrade turn off effects00:12
TheComradeYes, that *is* the solution, right.  If something doesn't work well, just turn it off.00:12
TheComradeAlthough, virtually everyone has this shearing problem.  Whoops.00:12
FlannelTheComrade: You're welcome to ask for support here, but please, keep it on topic.00:12
exodus_msTheComrade: for ff restart issue try this    sudo killall -9 -r firefox00:13
zero__Well, i got anorther problem, i cant past it in that folder :S00:13
gogereaverTheComrade you need a pretty beffy system and card to not get sheering00:13
gogereaverTheComrade i had it untill i upgraded my ram00:13
exodus_msTheComrade: sudo apt-get purge firefox firefox-3.0 ubufox00:13
TheComradeexodus_ms: the notification appears every time, after reboots and all.00:13
exodus_msTheComrade: sudo apt-get install --reinstall firefox firefox-3.0 firefox-3.0-gnome-support00:13
Onidemokitche has deducted my problem is "this is your issue /dev/dri/card0 is not on your system" , can anyone tell me how to fix this?00:13
wolterkinja-sheep, did i ever asked you about your fingerprint reader?00:13
TheComradeOk, I will try that.00:13
exodus_msTheComrade: yes, I know, follow those steps00:13
gagicagood night00:13
Dexican someone help me create an alias that will cd to a dir and run an exec?00:15
gogereaverwolter i think only intel fingerprint readers work under linux00:15
redvamp128and now if gaca had hung around -- he could have had his question answered00:15
TheComradeYeah, just buy a supported fingerprint reader.00:15
HeliodorWhat do i type in the terminal to see if there is an mysql process running?00:15
zero__unjustice: i cant copy the file to that directory, and it says about putting the line MODULES="sb uart401 sound soundcore maestro cs4281 snd-cs46xx into a file, and i cant says something about permission00:16
Onidemokitche has deducted my problem is "this is your issue /dev/dri/card0 is not on your system" , can anyone tell me how to fix this?00:16
woltergogereaver, oh, my works, but my question is completely other... I wanted to ask kinja-sheep if he used it, and if he did, if he had to press enter after each swipe, or if he had to enter a password for the nm-applet on every login00:16
rwwHeliodor: ps -ah | grep mysql00:16
exodus_msTheComrade: dude, whats up with the attitude, no one forced you to install Ubuntu00:17
gogereaverwolter oh wanna set it up to log you in00:17
gogereaverwolter i beleve that can be done00:17
PC-Entecan sombody confirm that the ubuntu soruces repos ar down ?00:17
Heliodorrww: bad ps syntax?00:18
|unjustice|zero__: you have to be root00:18
exodus_msTheComrade: btw, did you get the 'restart required' notification fixed?00:18
rwwHeliodor: sorry, change that to -AH00:18
Lucifer|VBSpanky_ just reboot00:18
zero__hmmm darn then, brb changing user00:18
OnidemoHelp! kitche has deducted my problem is "this is your issue /dev/dri/card0 is not on your system" , can anyone tell me how to fix this?00:18
TheComradeI'm not running Ubuntu right now; I'll fix it later.00:18
|unjustice|zero__: type sudo before the copy command00:18
gogereaverexodus_ms hehe have him install slackware00:18
|unjustice|zero__: do it in terminal00:18
Heliodorrww: Okay, thanks. I find the process but i cant kill it, says no process terminated00:18
TheComradeI used to run slackware 10 years ago. :P00:18
Heliodorah, mysqld!00:19
Heliodorexplains it00:19
mishkins\script in mirc under wine... how do I describe the file location /home/mishkin/torrents/ ?? Z:\home\... Z:/home/... or just /home/mishkin/...00:19
Spanky_yes man00:19
zero__so unjustice, how do you mean? sudo MODULES="sb uart401 sound soundcore maestro cs4281 snd-cs46xx" or what? :S00:19
=== Frn is now known as Fraeon
Heliodorrww: thanks for all the help!!00:19
rwwHeliodor: got it killed?00:19
Spanky_no problem00:19
rwwHeliodor: you're welcome :)00:19
Dexirww: is it possible to make an alias that consists of doing a cd and running a file?00:19
HeliodorYes, its stone dead :)00:19
Spanky_you know the reboot does it all00:19
Spanky_as i said00:19
=== jester__ is now known as flyingjester
gogereaver /home/mishkin/torrents/00:19
Spanky_like i came here for the rebooting, then the bootlogs went rebooting00:20
gogereaverif you wahnt the torrent location00:20
Onidemohelp! kitche has deducted my problem is "this is your issue /dev/dri/card0 is not on your system" , can anyone tell me how to fix this?00:20
rwwDexi: Dunno, I haven't set up aliases in a while. I think you could do something like "cd /path/to/file; commandname", though. If that doesn't work, making a bash script would.00:20
|unjustice|zero__: in terminal, type sudo...then the command to copy the source to the destination /etc/whateverthenameis00:20
Dexirww thanks00:20
Jason2gsHi guys. Lately, my Xorg has been sporadically restarting, leaving the following message in my syslog: Jan 20 19:13:09 mycomputer2 gdm[11648]: WARNING: gdm_slave_xioerror_handler: Fatal X error - Restarting :000:20
TheComradeIs there something I'm missing or do I really have to specify "United States" in Skype each and every time I want to make a call?00:20
mishkins\gogereaver: before I was describing as C:\torrents when that was where it was stored... so wine will know it's Z drive and you don't need to mention it??? cause I think it looks at it from a windows perspective like windows is the os00:20
Jason2gsI was hoping someone could give me a hand with it.00:20
gogereavermishkins oh with wine you do00:21
zero__hmm, whats root password? :S00:21
mishkins\gogereaver: Z:/ or Z:\ ?00:21
Spanky_that meanreboot ur system00:21
Spanky_try that00:21
rww!root | zero__00:21
ubottuzero__: Do not try to guess the root password, that is impossible. Instead, realise the truth... there is no root password. Then you will see that it is 'sudo' that grants you access and not the root password. Look at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/RootSudo00:21
TheComradeWine is awesome.  It enables you to almost run a small segment of Windows software.00:22
Spanky_no no zero00:22
Spanky_they lie to you00:22
Spanky_reboot ur system00:22
gogereavermishkins same as it looks in linux00:22
Fred1448Back... restarted the ran sudo dpkg-reconfigure xserver-xorg. didn't fix the problem :(00:22
Spanky_you will see the password hidden in the main screen00:22
HeliodorTheComrade: it enables me to run Photoshop with important plugin, something i cant do on OS X :-)00:22
Onidemokitche has deducted my problem is "this is your issue /dev/dri/card0 is not on your system" , can anyone tell me how to fix this?00:22
mishkins\gogereaver: so forward slash then... I tryed backslash because someone told me it was that and it said can't create dirrectory... it was either the slash was wrong or the permission I tryed fixing both00:23
zero__orther question, when it comes to passwords in terminal, why cant i type? :S00:23
Spanky_where is some people is from ?00:23
Spanky_Rebootania ?00:23
* Lucifer|VB slaps Spanky_ around a bit with a large trout00:23
Flannelzero__: You are typing, it just doesn't echo anything.00:23
usserzero__: for security purposes00:23
mishkins\uhhh u can type it just don't show it00:23
Onidemo[13:22] * mankash (n=mankash@CPE00062575886a-CM00186832000a.cpe.net.cable.rogers.com) has joined #ubuntu00:23
Onidemo[13:22] <mishkins\> gogereaver: so forward slash then... I tryed backslash becausesomeone told me it was that and it said can't create dirrectory... it was either the slashwas wrong or the permission I tryed fixing both00:23
Onidemo[13:22] <zero__> orther question, when it comes to passwords in terminal, why cant itype? :S00:23
FloodBot1Onidemo: Please don't flood, use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste, don't use Enter as punctuation.00:23
mishkins\that way people don't know how long your password is when loooking over shoulder00:24
OnidemoEw wth, why did it say that O.o00:24
HeliodorIf i edit a file that has owner nobody, and then saves it, wont it get a new owner right then??00:24
FloodBot1Spanky_: Please don't flood, use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste, don't use Enter as punctuation.00:24
Dexirww: do i just tack that onto the end of .bashrc and save? or do i have to restart x?00:24
ic3fr0ghello,,, i am playing a game named WoP = World Of Padman, and i dont know why but game its kinda crashing some way, when i playing normally the window of the game  is unmaximized, and dont accept commands like ALT+F10 , ALT+F9 , ALT+F5, im using Ubuntu Gnome, its any command that i can do to terminate the process or to fix it.? Thanks.00:24
Spanky_dexi, try a reboot00:24
Spanky_that will help a lot00:24
Dexispanky ty00:24
ratpoisonhello, 8.10 x86-64 user. I have an ati x1950 (r580). Is there any way (fglrx or radeonhd) that I can have hardware accelerated video output with compositing enabled? I HAVE tried the "no xv" option but performance is really sub par.00:24
usserHeliodor: no. the owner doesnt change simply because someone else edited a file00:24
Spanky_np bro :)00:24
Heliodorusser: Ah, thanks!! :D00:25
rwwDexi: yeah, put the alias in .bashrc, then close your current terminal and reopen it.00:25
cereal|workso any suggestions for a decent im program?  pidgin crashes ALL the time for me :(00:25
rwwDexi: you can do something like "source ~/.bashrc" too, I think00:25
Spanky_any people interested in help ??00:25
Onidemo /dev/dri/card0 is not on my system , can anyone tell me where to get it? Please? I don't want to go back to Windows >.>00:25
Lucifer|VBcereal|work: try clean install00:25
Dexirww: oh hah thanks thats much better than doing a full reboot00:25
Spanky_im a unix specialist00:25
Spanky_shoot me :D00:25
HeliodorUmm... i changed the skin in ubuntu, but all apps that run with root are unskinned... how do i fix that?00:25
FloodBot1Spanky_: Please don't flood, use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste, don't use Enter as punctuation.00:25
usserHeliodor: no problem00:25
usserHeliodor: you have to set the same skin for the root00:26
Jason2gsGuys, can someone tell me what this means in my syslog? It happens after my Xorg sporadically restarts. Jan 20 19:13:09 mycomputer2 gdm[11648]: WARNING: gdm_slave_xioerror_handler: Fatal X error - Restarting :000:26
cereal|workLucifer|VB: its not just this installation :(   i've seen the issues across mutliple machines i have00:26
ic3fr0ghello,,, i am playing a game named WoP = World Of Padman, and i dont know why but game its kinda crashing some way, when i playing normally the window of the game  is unmaximized, and dont accept commands like ALT+F10 , ALT+F9 , ALT+F5, im using Ubuntu Gnome, its any command that i can do to terminate the process or to fix it or something that i dont need to make REBOOT.? Thanks.00:26
usserHeliodor: run the theme program with sudo00:26
zero__kk i understand now, when sudo command ask me for password, i write my accs password.00:26
Spanky_Jason2gs: try a reboot00:26
Spanky_trust me that will work00:26
Lucifer|VBic3fr0g: try clea ninstall00:26
Heliodorusser: aah, of course!00:26
rwwzero__: yup00:26
Heliodorusser: thanks again!!00:26
Jason2gsSpanky_, alright. Thank you. But what does it mean?00:26
FlannelSpanky_: Please stop.00:27
ic3fr0glucifer|VB: what you mean ?00:27
Spanky_Jason2gs: doesnt matter00:27
Spanky_it will not occure again00:27
|unjustice|zero__: yup00:27
HeliodorI wonder if the windows chat is a crowded as this one ;)00:27
|unjustice|zero__: then you type it, and you get access as root00:27
zero__funny thing, im new to ubuntu, but now i need to agree, linux isnt easy lol. can you tell me the command to the copy file? im completly noob at linux00:27
Jason2gsI don't much care for blind remedies...00:27
Lucifer|VBSpanky_: just try a reboot00:27
FlannelLucifer|VB: Please just ignore him.00:27
cereal|workso no suggestions for an im program?00:27
Spanky_you know im a unnix speclist00:28
Lucifer|VBFlannel: please do a reboot00:28
=== burkmath is now known as burkZzZ
mishkins\I have vncserver install on debian seedbox with xfce4 I'm running gnome on ubuntu... how come when i connect my colors are purples instead of blues for a random amount of time before it fixes itself>>> using terminal server client to connect?00:28
HeliodorUmm, there is no windows irc here, only windows 7 with 4 users.00:28
FlannelHeliodor: ##windows00:28
ratpoisonHeliodor: you need to install the the themes on /usr/share/themes. Copy the files there (you need root privileges for that) Choose the theme from appearance after that00:28
ic3fr0ghello,,, i am playing a game named WoP = World Of Padman, and i dont know why but game its kinda crashing some way, when i playing normally the window of the game  is unmaximized, and dont accept commands like ALT+F10 , ALT+F9 , ALT+F5, im using Ubuntu Gnome, its any command that i can do to terminate the process or to fix it or something that i dont need to make REBOOT.? Thanks.00:28
zero__FAIL, i forgot my password00:28
flyingjesterzero: it's cp00:29
mishkins\btw the color depth is set at 16 on the server side00:29
OnidemoWhere do i get DRI ???00:29
mishkins\and I have no color issues with realvnc using vista00:29
mishkins\but on terminal server client the colors are fucked from 10 sec to 10min00:29
Heliodorratpoison: Ah, thanks for the tip!!00:29
OnidemoSigh. Looks like back to winXP =(.00:29
chris78vi need help installing a game called civilization 4. the game is awesome but i can not run directx,00:30
HeliodorOnidemo: why?00:30
mishkins\its set to use default color depth00:30
msuttonWhats the aptitude package called that has the 32bit headers so I can run 32 bit apps on x86 64 ubuntu?00:30
=== Spanky_ is now known as Spanky|Reboot
Dr_willisOnidemo,  Dri is a feature of the video card drivers that gets enabled. If they properly support the 3d stuff.00:30
OnidemoHeliodor: No one seems to have an answer for how i can download DRI or something. Im stuck in Console, can't get to GUI00:30
Lucifer|VBSpanky|Reboot: hows rebooting00:30
Spanky|Rebootgood good00:30
HeliodorOnidemo: DRI??00:30
chris78vi need help installing a game called civilization 4. the game is awesome but i can not run directx,00:30
OnidemoDr_willis: Computer was working, after hibernation every time i reboot im stuck in console00:30
Dr_willisOnidemo,  You need to proerly setup the video card drivers.. and with some cards  that can be an annoyance.00:30
Lucifer|VBanyone need a REBOOT ?00:31
rwwchris78v: According to http://appdb.winehq.org/objectManager.php?sClass=version&iId=8788 it should work in WINE if you have 3D acceleration working in Ubuntu. See that page for details00:31
Spanky|RebootOnidemo: try rebooting again please00:31
Fred1448Sorry, not to sound impatient, but am I 'in-line' or do I need to restate my issue?00:31
Dr_willisOnidemo,   one of the many reasons i never use Hibernation any more.00:31
chris78vi need help installing a game called civilization 4. the game is awesome but i can not run directx,00:31
Dr_willis!appdb | chris78v00:31
ubottuchris78v: The Wine Application DB is a database of applications and help for !Windows programs that run under !WINE: http://appdb.winehq.org - Join #winehq for application help00:31
Spanky|Rebootchris78v: try a clean install with drivers on it00:31
rwwmishkins\: There's an option in Terminal Server Client to change the default color depth. Look in Display > Colors on the window that appears when you open it.00:31
wolterhow do i know the version of pam?00:32
Spanky|Rebootwolter: do a clean install and check00:32
TheComradechris78v, you are much better off running the game under Windows rather than spend time trying to get it to run (buggy) on Linux.00:32
Lucifer|VBdie gasten zijn echt maf ouwe00:32
msuttonWhats the aptitude package called that has the 32bit headers so I can run 32 bit apps on x86 64 ubuntu?00:32
Spanky|Rebootecht he hahahah00:32
ubottuAudio (Ogg, MP3...) players: Audacious, Banshee, Beep Media Player, Listen, Quod Libet, Rhythmbox, Exaile, XMMS2 (GTK/Gnome based) and Amarok, JuK (Qt/KDE based).  Video players: Totem, Xine, MPlayer, VLC, Kaffeine - See also !codecs00:32
Lucifer|VBroboot tha place00:32
ubottuFor multimedia issues, this page has useful information: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/RestrictedFormats - See also http://help.ubuntu.com/ubuntu/desktopguide/C/common-tasks-chap.html - But please use free formats if you can: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/FreeFormats00:32
wolterSpanky|Reboot, what do you mean? i just want to know the version of my pam, Is there no command to do it?00:32
Dr_willischris78v  You may wan tto try out the 'FreeCiv' and 'FreeCol' Games :) they are similer to that kind of game.00:32
Flannelwolter: He's just trolling.  Ignore him.00:32
exodus_msTheComrade: dude, just leave man,00:32
OnidemoCan someone tell me how to reinstall the video card drivers for an "ATI Raedon 9600 pro turbo" ?00:33
Onidemofrom console00:33
zero__unjustic, i finded a topic or something while googling, can it be that skype and flash plugin makes this?00:33
_Vi_why would he leave? Those kinds of trolls are paid by M$, they have no intentions on going anywhere exodus_ms ... I'm half joking.00:33
wolterFlannel, do you know the real answer?00:34
TheComradeI am only attempting to save ubuntu users some frustration.  I do it out of charity.00:34
exodus_msTheComrade: your frustrated because your system is not working the way you want, so your angry and want to vent here, well don't, take it somewhere else please00:34
FlannelTheComrade: Again, You're welcome to ask questions and get support, but please, keep it on topic.  This is not the place for complaints.00:34
mike12hey does anyone know a command for terminal that is somthing like sudo apt-get -configure - a00:34
Dr_willisOnidemo,  with ati cards. normally they use the 'ati' or 'fglrx' drivers - ati is the included/open source driver that does not fully support all features.. but it should work for most all cards.  I dont have any ati cards any more. So im not sure what the 9600 needs.00:34
TheComradeexodus_ms, I actually have attempted to run Civ 4 under Linux.  And it's not worth the effort.00:34
mike12i forgot what it was00:34
rwwmike12: sudo dpkg-reconfigure -a00:34
rwwmike12: that?00:34
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exodus_msTheComrade: again 'ot' there arre plenty of other channels to discuss these issues00:35
ic3fr0ghello,,, i am playing a game named WoP = World Of Padman, and i dont know why but game its kinda crashing some way, when i playing normally the window of the game  is unmaximized, and dont accept commands like ALT+F10 , ALT+F9 , ALT+F5, im using Ubuntu Gnome, its any command that i can do to terminate the process or to fix it or something that i dont need to make REBOOT.? Thanks.00:35
rwwwolter: from command line or in GNOME?00:35
OnidemoDr_willis: ok thank you,  Can anyone else tell me how to reinstall the video card drivers for an"ATI Raedon 9600 pro turbo" ?00:35
mike12will that fix my update manager00:35
Jason2gsGuys, can someone tell me what this means in my syslog? It happens after my Xorg sporadically restarts. Jan 20 19:13:09 mycomputer2 gdm[11648]: WARNING: gdm_slave_xioerror_handler: Fatal X error - Restarting :000:35
TheComradeexodus_ms, it's not OT, it's 'support'.  Blow me.00:35
rwwmike12: You haven't said what's wrong with it, so I don't know.00:35
exodus_msTheComrade: take a break man, come back when you have cooled off abit00:36
HeliodorWooo... this is an annoyance indeed00:36
mike12it says that the package i installed on update has un met dependencies rww00:36
Dr_willisOnidemo,  for starters you may want to just 'move' your  /etc/X11/xorg.conf  to a backup file.. with a cimmand like..   'sudo mv /etc/X11/xorg.conf  /etc/X11/xorg.conf.BACKUP'  then restart the X server (or reboot)00:36
Gerinychi tried to to a complete removal on all grub2 packages but it nearly cleared out my grub.conf and still boots grub2 for some reason even though i installed grub-gfxboot00:36
Heliodorgnome-look-panel randomly crashes when installing themes and then i cant re-install them00:36
msuttonWhats the aptitude package called that has the 32bit headers so I can run 32 bit apps on x86 64 ubuntu?00:37
zero__ok, i cant make it to work :(00:37
rwwmike12: Open up a terminal and do "sudo apt-get update", then do "sudo apt-get upgrade", then copy the entire output from both commands to http://paste.ubuntu.com/ and tell me the link to the created paste.00:37
w3wsrmnmsutton: ia32-libs00:37
mike12rww how do i copy it to a link is it in one of the menus00:37
msuttonThank you w3wsrmn00:37
OnidemoDr_Willis: ok that much is done, now i just need someone to help me reinstall the video card lol00:38
|unjustice|zero__: try google searching for open source drivers for your audio card00:38
zero__what was the command for checking the device?00:38
Dr_willisOnidemo,  you are thinking in windows terms.. by moving that file.. X will 'redetect' the video card. and MIGHT set it up properly...00:38
|unjustice|zero__: lspci00:39
rwwmike12: Run the two commands. You'll get a bunch of text on your screen. Do Edit > Select All, Edit > Copy. Open http://paste.ubuntu.com/ in your web browser. Click inside the "Content" box and do Edit > Paste.00:39
|unjustice|zero__: you can also type history and get all of the previous 100 commands00:39
mike12i cant open my web browser though00:39
zero__aha thanks00:39
Gerinychcan someone help me reinstall grub bootloader00:39
|unjustice|zero__: also, the up arrow will automatically prompt the previous command if you want to run it00:39
Jason2gsGuys, can someone tell me what this means in my syslog? It happens after my Xorg sporadically restarts. Jan 20 19:13:09 mycomputer2 gdm[11648]: WARNING: gdm_slave_xioerror_handler: Fatal X error - Restarting :000:40
redvamp128mike12:  why can't you open your webbrowser?00:40
zero__i know, i know that from command prompf on win00:40
mike12rww idk nothing is working correctly since i updated and it started saying that  a package i installed has unmet dependencies00:41
redvamp128Which one did you install mike12?00:41
mike12redvamp128 imean00:41
mike12redvamp128 i do not know i updated with update manager one week ago00:42
redvamp128mike12:  have you tried to update again-?00:42
donavan_anyone know of a program that will allow me to do a confidence test on a USB hard drive within ubuntu ... not looking for something like ubcd00:42
redvamp128also mike12 which version of Ubuntu 8.04 or 8.10?00:43
uriel_hi where can i download Adobe flash?00:43
uriel_the adoby website dowsnt seem to work00:43
chris78vok.. i have received useful hints and help. however i am really new at ubuntu and was wondering if any one would help walk me through setting this game up. once i do this once i will have a better idea on how to do it on my own00:43
_Vi_uriel_: 'sudo apt-get install ubuntu-restricted-extras'00:43
Gerinychuriel_: it's adobe00:43
doubletokersynaptic package manager00:43
romanI have just done an upgrade from 8.04 to 8.10.  However my X config has messed up and the default config gives me an out of range error on my monitor.  What is the correct way to reconfigure X?00:43
mike12redvamp128 yes but it says "i have one brocken package"00:44
Gerinychuriel_: and it seems to work00:44
deadowlwhere'd the visual system beep option go?00:44
chris78vok.. i have received useful hints and help. however i am really new at ubuntu and was wondering if any one would help walk me through setting this game up. once i do this once i will have a better idea on how to do it on my own00:44
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uriel_thank you00:44
deadowlchris78v, what game?00:44
chris78vcivilization 400:44
TetracommCan fingerprint scanners work in Ubuntu?00:44
FlannelTetracomm: Yes00:45
deadowlchris78v, proprietary? built for linux? or are you trying to run it on wine?00:45
mike12redvamp wait its finnaly working thank you so much i havent been able to use this for like  a week00:45
chris78vi am trying to run it using wine00:45
redvamp128mike12:  which broswer is broken-- firefox?00:45
Gerinychis there a ubuntu repair disk that can reinstall grub bootloader?00:46
zero__hmm unjustic, whats kernel, i finded that you need to edit something in kernel00:46
exodus_mslive cd00:46
mike12redvamp128 yea00:46
deadowlso you absolutely want civilization and not freeciv?00:46
Gerinychexodus_ms: are you talking to me?00:46
siekenthe volume is really low compared to when i was running windows. is there some sort of volume boost avaliable? using a laptop if it makes any difference00:46
redvamp128mike try this to maybe get a way to view some of the ways I can show you to fix the broken packages00:47
chris78vwell i bought it and want to be able to play it using ubuntu. windows crashing on me00:47
redvamp128mike12:  pm ok?00:47
TetracommFlannel: Which software would I have to download for them to work?00:47
Rencxi have problem with language on aplication it shows me: Âzijâ but i need Āzijā00:47
Jason2gsGuys, can someone tell me what this means in my syslog? It happens after my Xorg sporadically restarts. Jan 20 19:13:09 mycomputer2 gdm[11648]: WARNING: gdm_slave_xioerror_handler: Fatal X error - Restarting :000:47
FlannelTetracomm: thinkfinger is what handles it.  I believe the package is libpam-thinkfinger00:47
TetracommThank you.00:47
Rencxwhat can be the problem?00:48
deadowlchris78v, open up terminal under applications->accessories and type into the shell: sudo apt-get install wine00:48
deadowlanyone know where the visual system beep option is?00:48
ortsvorsteherRencx: did you set the right language for your system?00:48
Robbie_CrashIs there a way to pause cron from running jobs?00:48
TetracommFlannel: I am seeing that Thinkfinger is for a particular scanner?00:49
deadowlRobbie_Crash, not being on that user, or setting cron not to be on. I don't know if killing cron might work... probably wouldn't be the best idea.00:49
Heliodorooo... xampp have a backup feature now, nice00:49
Rencxortsvorsteher: system i want use in English00:49
siekenno volume boost?00:49
FlannelTetracomm: It's for a few different types, not just one.  But I'm not up-to-date on the specifics.00:49
ortsvorsteherRencx: which language is the second you need to set?00:50
Rencxortsvorsteher: can i chage like regional setings like on WIndows second is Latvian00:50
Robbie_Crashdeadowl it's a root cron job, so it will automatically run, I just want all cron jobs that are supposed to run tonight to not run00:50
loveinveinanyone know if you can repair or edit grub to see a windows partition?00:50
ubottuGRUB is the default Ubuntu boot manager. Lost GRUB after installing Windows? See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/RestoreGrub - GRUB how-tos: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/GrubHowto00:50
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deadowlchris78v, after you do that, try following the instructions on this site: http://tombuntu.com/index.php/2007/06/10/special-civilization-iv-playable-on-linux/00:51
ortsvorsteherRencx: yes, i think on the sam place where you have setted your prefered one. let me have a look on my system00:51
Robbie_Crashloveinvein http://www.linuxforums.org/forum/linux-tutorials-howtos-reference-material/19644-how-add-windows-2k-xp-grub.html00:51
Rencxortsvorsteher: ok00:51
deadowlRobbie_Crash, don't know, never done it00:52
guest_ asdf00:52
guest_ d00:52
ortsvorsteherRencx: under system, system settings must be something with language where you can add latvian. sry, i am on an german ubuntu.00:52
FloodBot1guest_: Please don't flood, use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste, don't use Enter as punctuation.00:52
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guest_ha are u a guy00:53
deadowlVisual system beep option ----> Where is it?00:53
Flannelguest_: Please keep it on topic.  This is a support channel.00:53
guest_asd a d d  d d d d d d d d d d d d d d d d d d d d d d d d d  d d  d d dd d d d d d d d d d d d d d d d d ddd d d d00:53
axehi people00:53
redvamp128!ohmy guest_00:53
ubottuSorry, I don't know anything about ohmy guest_00:53
Rencxortsvorsteher: there is suported Languages and if i add Latvian it may work?00:54
deadowlyou can't tell me that no one knows where the visual system beep option is.00:54
ortsvorsteherredvamp128: dont feed the trolls ;)00:54
axei've hace a serious trouble with firefox00:54
ubottuGRUB is the default Ubuntu boot manager. Lost GRUB after installing Windows? See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/RestoreGrub - GRUB how-tos: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/GrubHowto00:54
guest_wehat the problem00:54
ortsvorsteherRencx: yes, i think so . i have added also croatian language, and it works.00:54
Robbie_Crashdeadowl are you using compiz settings manager?00:54
redvamp128deadowl:  try under system preferences then assistive technologies00:55
FloodBot1guest_: Please don't flood, use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste, don't use Enter as punctuation.00:55
Rencxortsvorsteher: does croatian have special charters?00:55
axei'm using the latest ubuntu on a x86_64 system and firefox cannot display ani complex page00:55
ortsvorsteherRencx: yes, some it has.00:55
axeit can open only the simple text page00:55
axenaturally, i've installed the flas plugin...00:55
Robbie_Crashaxe, afaik flash does not work on x6400:56
PC_NerdHow can i unmount partitions higher than 5, when I havent got anything mounted ( running live CD (from usb)00:56
Rencxortsvorsteher: but you can read it in some aplications, because i can write and read after latvian but in applications i cant00:56
redvamp128deadowl:  did you catch that  System -Prefences- then Assistive Technologies00:56
Robbie_Crashat least the official Adobe one00:56
ortsvorsteherRencx: try after setting an sudo apt-get update and sudo apt-get upgrade for installing language packages00:56
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redvamp128ubottu: Assistive Technologies00:57
Robbie_CrashPC_Nerd what do you mean, unmount partitions higher than five when nothing is mounted?00:57
ubottuError: I am only a bot, please don't think I'm intelligent :)00:57
ortsvorsteherRencx: may you have to install the language packages, so that the applications can use it.00:57
timholumhello i am wondering if anyone could help me in routing with ubuntu server 8.04, cat /proc/sys/net/ipv4/ip_forward returns 0, and ufw is disabled but i can not ping through my router ( i am using it just as a network to network router, no nat )00:57
uriel_h0ow can u get get flash to watch videos on youtube?00:57
timholumany idea's?00:57
uriel_adoby istnt working00:57
jsurferanyone could help me configure my wireless card?00:57
Robbie_Crashuriel_ what do you mean by not working?00:58
Rencxortsvorsteher: what mean HIT and IGN in terminal when update?00:58
jsurferubuntu 8.10 64bits00:58
Dr_willisPC_Nerd,  sda5 sda6 and so on get mounted same as any other  partitions..    use 'sudo fdisk -l' to be srue  you are using the right /dev/ name if mounting them manually00:58
redvamp128uriel_:  check your package manager- synaptic00:58
PC_Nerdim using gparted, "UNABLE TO DELETE /dev/sda5"    with the message: "Please unmount any logical partitions having a number higher than 5"          I havent got anythign mounted, and I just went through from sda2 -> sda7 with umount00:58
Melikhow do i know if my system uses ACPI or APM?00:58
uriel_how can i do that?00:58
_Vi_uriel_: i told you , sudo apt-get install ubuntu-restricted-extras  (maybe first you have to uninstall the ones you have though)00:58
uriel_i fif00:58
ortsvorsteherRencx: hit and ign? i mean that you have also take youre sources.list up to date00:58
uriel_i did00:58
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uriel_it didnt work00:58
_Vi_!who | uriel_00:58
ubottuuriel_: As you can see, this is a large channel. If you're speaking to someone in particular, please put their nickname in what you say (use !tab), or else messages get lost and it becomes confusing :)00:58
ortsvorsteher!sources.list | Rencx00:58
ubottuRencx: The packages in Ubuntu are divided into several sections. More information at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Repositories and http://www.ubuntu.com/ubuntu/components - See https://wiki.ubuntu.com/RecommendedSources for the recommended way to set up your repositories00:58
axemy firefox, on a x86_64, cannot display any not only trxt page00:58
redvamp128Melik:  synaptic systeminfo00:58
Rencxortsvorsteher: ok i need restart00:58
PC_Nerd* but I dont want to delete sda7, but possibly move it to sda2    and have sda3 as extended.     sda1 is windows, sda2 is a data partition and beyond that im having ubuntu or another linux distro as well00:59
uriel_<ubottu> ok00:59
ortsvorsteherRencx: reboot? or restart what?00:59
_Vi_uriel_: pastebin the output of dpkg -l *flash*00:59
jsurferanyone to help on wireless connectivity on 8.10 64bits alternative?00:59
uriel_<_Vi_> what do u meen00:59
ubottupastebin is a service to post multiple-lined texts so you don't flood the channel. The Ubuntu pastebin is at http://paste.ubuntu.com (make sure you give us the URL for your paste - see also the channel topic)00:59
ortsvorsteher!anyone | jsurfer00:59
ubottujsurfer: A large amount of the first questions asked in this channel start with "Does anyone/anybody..."  Why not ask your next question (the real one) and find out?00:59
axei've installed flash player, but i think at a xorg problem00:59
Melikwell redvamp128, my system has both ACPI and APM00:59
Melikand ive read somewhere that if you use ACPI you can remove APM01:00
axebecause also gnome has problem to manage win fonts01:00
jsurferDoes anyone/anybody know how to configure the wireless device on Ubuntu 8.10 64bits that can't get connected?01:01
ortsvorsteher!details | jsurfer01:01
ubottujsurfer: Please give us full details. For example: "I have a problem with ..., I'm running Ubuntu version .... When I try to do ..., I get the following output: ..., but I expected it to do ..."01:01
_Vi_for win fonts you need .... medibuntu repos....01:01
ubottumedibuntu is a repository of packages that cannot be included into the Ubuntu distribution for legal reasons - See http://www.medibuntu.org01:01
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ortsvorsteher!hello | uatec01:01
ubottuuatec: Hi! Welcome to #ubuntu!01:02
_Vi_axe go here http://www.medibuntu.org01:02
Robbie_CrashHow can I make all cron jobs sleep for 24 hours?01:02
Dr_willisRobbie_Crash,  you could just stop the cron service  manually for a day :) and restart it later01:03
jsurferortsvorsteher, ubottu: I have installed ubuntu 8.10 64bits alternative cd and I can't get connected through the wireless01:03
jsurferall previous versions have worked perfectly01:03
Robbie_CrashDr_willis I'll forget :( and I can't set up a cron job to restart it... Woe is me... I guess that's the best option01:03
ortsvorsteherjsurfer: ubottu is a bot. just feel free to ask the channel :)01:03
jsurferthe wireless connection process starts01:03
ortsvorsteher!enter | jsurfer01:04
ubottujsurfer: Please try to keep your questions/responses on one line - don't use the "Enter" key as punctuation!01:04
Dr_willisRobbie_Crash,  write a little script that will restart it in 24 hrs. :)01:04
_Vi_Robbie_Crash: there is a GUI for cron, not very many people know about, gnome-schedule01:04
deadowlredvamp128, it aint there01:04
jsurferortsvorsteher, I just can't get the wireless connection to finish the connection process01:04
n8tuserRobbie_Crash -> and you can disable cron via  /etc/init.d/cron stop01:04
jsurferI have googled for similar problems with my wireless device01:04
jsurfer02:00.0 Network controller: Intel Corporation PRO/Wireless 4965 AG or AGN [Kedron] Network Connection (rev 61)01:04
ortsvorsteherjsurfer: just feel free to talk to the channel. which interface you use fore wireless? did you searched the blacklist at first?01:04
KenBW2what's the thinking behind disabling Ctrl+alt+Backspace in jaunty?01:05
jsurferI dont know about the blacklist01:05
ortsvorsteher!blacklist | jsurfer01:05
ubottujsurfer: To blacklist a module, edit /etc/modprobe.d/my_blacklist and add « blacklist <modulename> » to the end of that list - To explicitly load modules in a specific order, list them in /etc/initramfs-tools/modules and type « sudo update-initramfs -u »01:05
jsurferortsvorsteher: i've seen a lot of people with problems with the same device01:05
FlannelKenBW2: #ubuntu+1 for Jaunty questions, thanks01:05
_Vi_that kinda of "thinking" is what forces me to not upgrade and to stick with LTS release's01:05
uriel_<_Vi_>hey the comand you had me do01:05
ortsvorsteherjsurfer: which device is it? does it have a name? ;)01:06
_Vi_new != always = better01:06
_Vi_uriel_: ?01:06
uriel_<_Vi_> it screwed everything up01:06
_Vi_what did?01:06
uriel_<_Vi_> i cant even use the add features function01:06
ratpoisonHello! anybody know what this http://pastebin.com/m69cc4e49 is? 8.10 amd64 user. Symptoms are: system doesn't shut down properly, nautilus crashes and won't launch and dvds won't mount01:06
jsurferortsvorsteher: it's a Network controller: Intel Corporation PRO/Wireless 4965 AG or AGN [Kedron] Network Connection (rev 61)01:06
_Vi_uriel_: are you using sudo before installing things?01:06
jsurferI've googled and a lot of people has reported problems with this same version01:07
uriel_<_Vi_> yes01:07
_Vi_uriel_: can you pastebin the errors?01:07
Robbie_CrashIf I pipe a sudo command through sleep, and have just issued the sudo command, will it execute with sudo priviledges if the sudo timeout has expired?01:07
uriel_<_Vi_> i just copied ur comands into the terminal01:07
deadowlit's in sound preferences, it's just more hidden than before01:07
ortsvorsteher!blacklist | jsurfer01:07
uriel_<_Vi_> im prety new to linux so isk what that is01:07
_Vi_uriel_: 'sudo apt-get install ubuntu-restricted-drivers' would not screw everything up...dont use the quote marks01:08
jsurfermy wiereless problem is that it tries to connect to the wireless network I choose, I get the 2 green balls and it just fails to connect01:08
geeksquadcan wine run the ms zune programs01:08
uriel_<_Vi_> that much i do know01:08
ortsvorsteherjsurfer: i am not familiar with wireless devices. please take a look at the web, google the device or search in ubuntu forums, may there you find at first a solution for your problem01:08
ubottuSorry, I don't know anything about winedb01:08
_Vi_oh gee01:09
uriel_<_Vi_> i deleted them before i hit enter01:09
MK13how do you remove files from apt-get (the ones that let you re-install w/out having to re-download?01:09
jsurferortsvorsteher: I would add the wireless to the blacklist if that's the case?01:09
jsurferi mean, the module?01:09
_Vi_!wine | geeksquad01:09
ubottugeeksquad: WINE is a compatibility layer for running Windows programs on GNU/Linux - More information: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Wine - Search the !AppDB for application compatibility ratings - Join #winehq for application help01:09
ubottuThe Wine Application DB is a database of applications and help for !Windows programs that run under !WINE: http://appdb.winehq.org - Join #winehq for application help01:09
_Vi_well uriel_ I would need a pastebin of your errors, but saying everything is screwed up will not help you01:09
ortsvorsteherjsurfer: at first take a look, may it is in the blacklist. if not, look in whitelist for your device. after that search the web for a solution :)01:09
uriel_<_Vi_> ok well ima restart see if that solves anythin01:10
jsurferwhat's the whitelist?01:10
_Vi_uriel_: probably not necessary...thats a windows concept, but ok01:10
jsurferortsvorsteher:what's the whitelist? i hanve't heard about it01:10
ortsvorsteherjsurfer: in whitelist you find devices which will work in ubuntu01:10
Xacarithhas any one had any luck setting up multi button laser mice in linux, in particular a logitech mx400?01:10
jsurferI will try them both01:10
jsurferortsvorsteher: cool... thaks a lot01:10
ratpoisonHello! anybody know what this http://pastebin.com/m69cc4e49 is? 8.10 amd64 user. Symptoms are: system doesn't shut down properly, nautilus crashes and won't launch and dvds won't mount (the pastebin is the output of dmesg | tail) also, on launchpad https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+bug/27608801:11
ortsvorsteherjsurfer: youre welcome :)01:11
KenBW2anyone else having problems accessing ubuntu+1?01:11
Gerinychi tried reinstalling grub using super grub disk, but now i get error 21 when i try to boot grub01:11
letalisis there a way to find out the MAC address on an ethernet card in ubuntu?01:11
serengetiHi, is it possible to disable apt-xapian-index? I have installed intrepid on an old PIII laptop with only 384 mb of ram... when the update manager gets a new package list, the indexer eats up about 60 megs and the system becomes almost unusable (LOTS of thrashing)01:11
IndyGunFreakGerinych: why don't you just use a live cd to reinstlal grub?01:12
=== SPhcT is now known as Rencx
jslootbeekletalis: ifconfig ethX where X is the number of your ethernet card01:12
Gerinychindygunfreak: i don't know how01:12
IndyGunFreakGerinych: hang on.01:12
letaliscool ty01:12
Spawni cant get ubuntu to live boot into x in my other computer its using a ati card01:13
jslootbeekletalis: look for the HWaddr01:13
DaveWhey, i have a problem described here http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=1043754&highlight=gui%2Fdisplay but not getting any responses, can someone help me with it?01:13
Absolute1Will a fresh installation of 8.10 be any different than an upgrade from an 8.4 installation?01:13
IndyGunFreakGerinych: follow the "quick start" instructions..  https://help.ubuntu.com/community/RecoveringUbuntuAfterInstallingWindows?action=show&redirect=RestoreGrub01:13
cweigleDoes anyone know of a map editor for OpenArena that runs on linux?01:13
letalisyeah i thought there had to be a way to do it, ive even used that before but i havent done it in so long that i forgot about it LOL01:13
jslootbeekAbsolute1: no, other than you losing your personal data01:13
Rencx<ortsvorsteher> hi can i save my data when i make new install?01:14
Absolute1jslootbeek: Why would personal data be lost?01:14
PC_Nerdhow do I make sure that ALL devices are unmountedd, because gparted gives the error: "Please unmount any logical partitions having a number higher than 5"      I dont beleive I have any filesystems mounted, thanks.01:14
IndyGunFreakPC_Nerd: are you doing this from a live CD?01:14
Gerinychindygunfreak: if i boot ubuntu from a live cd, does the system recognize the cd as a hard drive?01:14
jslootbeekAbsolute1: if you do a fresh install, it will generally format your harddrive, if you don't do that it's not really a "fresh" install, so it would be an upgrade01:14
PC_Nerdsort of - live USB01:14
IndyGunFreakGerinych: no, just follow the instructions01:15
rdw200169Absolute1: not really, though it generally makes for a cleaner system to do a fresh install.  one point, though.  either mount your /home on a separate partition, or back it up before you start fresh, if that's what you decidee01:15
jslootbeekAbsolute1: unless your personal data is on external storage, ofcourse01:15
Absolute1jslootbeek: sorry didn't understand what you meant. :)01:15
PC_NerdIm attempting to wipe everything except sda1 and sda7, move sda7 to sda2 and reallocate the remaining 60gb to ubuntu.01:15
PC_Nerd* on a fresh ubuntu install01:15
jslootbeekAbsolute1: no worries01:15
rdw200169Absolute1: because your /home stores just about 99% of the wacky GUI configurations you've made, among other user-specific things01:15
IndyGunFreakPC_Nerd: depending on the size of those partitions, that will take an enormous amount of time01:15
rdw200169Absolute1: i've had the same /home for 3 years without a problem, across every upgrade, or fresh install01:16
PC_NerdIndyGunFreak: time isnt the issue, the "Please unmount any logical partitions having a number higher than 5" is the main issue.01:16
Gerinychindygunfreak: well then i'm getting stuck on the find /boot/grub/stage1 part, i got 2 results and i don't know which one to use01:16
Absolute1I just installed a 8.4 installation, i didnt have the 81001:16
rdw200169Absolute1: it always remembers my panel setup correctly for example01:16
Absolute1and now i am upgrading01:16
IndyGunFreakGerinych: what are the results?01:16
Absolute1rdw200169: well all that is in your .gnome dir01:16
jslootbeekAbsolute1: if you havn't really done anything, an upgrade shouldn't hurt.01:16
Gerinychindygunfreak: (hd1,0), (hd2,0)01:16
woltersamba is not finding some windows xp machines on my network... what should i do?01:16
Absolute1that will stay the same on any distro as well01:16
PC_NerdI need to make sure that the data from sda1 and sda7 arent deleted, but i have backups in case.01:16
rdw200169Absolute1: yeah, but the other . directories do stuff too, like .gconf01:17
IndyGunFreakGerinych: you have two hard drives, correct?01:17
wolterthey can find each other, but i can't find them from my ubuntu machine01:17
jslootbeekAbsolute1: chances are, if you've made lots of customizations, upgrades will probably break something01:17
Absolute1upgrade takse 40 minutes :(01:17
Gerinychindygunfreak: yes01:17
Absolute1install takes 1001:17
rdw200169Absolute1: for example, .mozilla is a definite keeper ;)01:17
kenalexi need some advice on which system is best to use ubunut to run database server for development purpoese and virtualise windows OS (XP and windows 2003). 1) system with athlon x2 6400 ,4GB PC 5300 RAM ,Geforce 8600 GT or Intel Core2 7200 (2.53GHZ) 8GB PC6400 Ram ,radeon 385001:17
IndyGunFreakGerinych: which one is set to boot first?.. hd1 or 2?01:17
rdw200169Absolute1: I would not be happy if i didn't have my 3000 bookmarks ;)01:17
Rudd-Ohello there, a GUI program to convert AVI MJPEG to AVI DIVX ?01:17
KenBW2rdw200169: Opera Link is your friend01:18
MK13how do you delete the files left after removing an application via apt-get (the ones that allow you to reinstall w/out re-downloading?)01:18
Abedguys i have a quick question, when i was using fedora and its terminal when i run a command for example ls -l and when i select a certain line , i could drag and drop it but not anymore on ubuntu's so can i anyone help01:18
jslootbeekkenalex: IMO Intel has better virtualization support if you're planning on using KVM. I havn't done much AMD work, though, so my opinion might be moot.01:18
PC_NerdI just ran "sudo umount /dev/sda*" and all partitions are not mounted, however it still says that partitions higher than 5 are mounted.01:18
Rudd-OMK13: aptitude clean I think01:18
rdw200169KenBW2: ah, but i don't like Opera01:18
MK13kk, thnx01:18
Gerinychindygunfreak: not even sure, when i got the error, i used "setup (hd0)" command01:19
KenBW2rdw200169: terrible01:19
rdw200169KenBW2: i've tried it, so don't hate!01:19
rdw200169KenBW2: i like firefox more01:19
IndyGunFreakGerinych: which obviously isn't right.. i'd try hd101:19
KenBW2rdw200169: what's to not like?01:19
_Vi_operas nice just not enough extensions like firefox :)01:19
cweigleDoes anyone know of a map editor for OpenArena that runs on linux?01:19
KenBW2rdw200169: although i dont like its closed source-ness01:20
PC_Nerd*** It appears that swap space was "mounted" so i had to remove it to remove "lower" partitions01:20
rdw200169KenBW2: this is a debate that has no end, so let's stop01:20
KenBW2rdw200169: good plan01:20
linuxhey this is the ubuntu irc chat right?01:20
Flannellinux: This is the Ubuntu support channel, yes.  Chat is in #ubuntu-offtopic01:20
_Vi_!welcome | linux01:20
ubottulinux: Welcome to #ubuntu - the Ubuntu support channel.01:20
linuxthank you01:21
linuxhey i got a few questions01:21
KenBW2linux: speak and they shall be answered (maybe)01:21
cweigleI guess not01:21
linuxwell first what can i program in ubuntu and with what programs can i do it with01:22
linuxi know c++ and lua programing for the psp01:22
rdw200169linux, you mean what programming languages are available?01:22
Flannellinux: Of course you can.  There's a few IDEs available, and you can also use regular text editors, etc.01:22
Gerinychindygunfreak: so where would i get the source for installing grub?01:22
rdw200169linux, pretty much everything, from assembly to python, to qt, to c, to mono01:22
ratpoisonHello! anybody know what this http://pastebin.com/m69cc4e49 is? 8.10 amd64 user. Symptoms are: system doesn't shut down properly, nautilus crashes and won't launch and dvds won't mount (the pastebin is the output of dmesg | tail) also, on launchpad https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+bug/27608801:22
linuxok explain IDE more info about them01:22
IndyGunFreakGerinych: you don't need the source, you need to follow the instructions on the link i gave you01:23
rdw200169linux, you really gotta dig to find one that *isn't* supported01:23
_Vi_VI :) with plugins :)01:23
rdw200169linux, heck you can even do java01:23
jslootbeekratpoison: initial glance looks like a harddisk problem01:23
THE_THUNDER_LORDhey does anyone use Gnucleus here???01:23
linuxok well can i use Kdevelop to make psp games?01:23
linuxjava FTW lol01:23
jslootbeekratpoison: or even your IDE link01:23
DaveWanyone know a solution to this problem? eek> Absolute1: if you do a fresh install, it will generally format your harddrive, if you don't do that it's not really a "fresh" install, so it would be an upgrade01:23
rdw200169linux, well, i don't know anything about lua, but a quick google search should solve your problem01:23
THE_THUNDER_LORDhey does anyone use Gnucleus here???01:24
ratpoisonjslootbeek: IDE? but... it's SATA01:24
jslootbeekratpoison: that's what i meant01:24
jslootbeekratpoison: sorry it's late...i should learn to read..:)01:24
rdw200169linux, keep in mind that linux, and unix, have some of the best *free* programming IDE's on earth01:24
jslootbeekratpoison: have you tried a different CD/DVD drive?01:24
Gerinychindygunfreak: yeah, but when you use the root command, you set the source of stage1 file and everything else related to that, right?01:24
linuxok well what about psptoolchain thats the hardest thing to install without getting hella errors01:25
ratpoisonjslootbeek: I don't have one available. But it seems unlikely that both DVD drives will fail, no?01:25
MK13who here was asking about openarena?01:25
rdw200169linux, sorry, i know *nothing* about that!01:25
IndyGunFreakGerinych: i really have no idea what you're talking about needign the source code for grub, i've used the live cd to reinstall grub many times w/ those instructions w/ no problem.. thats all i can tell you'01:25
jslootbeekratpoison: yeah, if it's both do you have motherboard diagnostics available?01:25
linuxrdw200169 its cool01:26
Gerinychindygunfreak: no, not the source code, the source of files used to boot grub01:26
_Vi_anyone seen Onetinsoldier? he hasnt been around in like a month01:26
IndyGunFreakGerinych: if you're not gonna follow the instructions, then i can't help you01:26
_Vi_sorry that was OT01:26
jslootbeekratpoison: when did you start noticing the problem? after a kernel update, or just out of the blue?01:26
rdw200169linux forgive me, but that is one darn *obscure* request, not many people out there programming for the PSP out there in the open source community ;)01:26
cappicardanyone else getting "unable to enumerate usb device" in 2.6.28 with no keyboard response? I'm at my wit's end01:27
ratpoisonjslootbeek: I think it was right there from the start I just reproduced it and pinpointed it only recently01:27
rdw200169linux, that I know of anyway, now if you want to know about Python, or C, or something more mainstream, much more help can be found!01:27
linuxrdw200169 yea but what all could i do with IDE's01:27
ctlabslinux:  google psptoolchain & ubuntu -- tons of help, like   http://forums.maxconsole.net/archive/index.php/t-69699.html01:27
ratpoisonjslootbeek: the start = fresh install01:27
Abed guys i have a quick question, when i was using fedora and its terminal when i run a command for example ls -l and when i select a certain line , i could drag and drop it but not anymore on ubuntu's so can i anyone help01:27
Gerinychindygunfreak: i'm kind of trying to follow the instructions, but the "find" command returns 2 results and i dont know which one to use01:27
jslootbeekratpoison: hmm, tough to troubleshoot over IRC, i unfortunately don't have SATA optical drives myself01:28
rdw200169linux, that's a pandora's box, there are more options than I can care to list, but the biggest ones off the top of my head are eclipse, emacs, and the venerable Vim01:28
IndyGunFreakGerinych: and i told you, try hd1, and if that doesnt work, try the other one01:28
linuxctlabs man im not gonna try psptoolcain theres like a 80% chance of getting an error and a 20% cance of success01:28
GoneWestCoastAbed: I don't believe Ubuntu's implemented that version of terminal yet.01:28
Gerinychindygunfreak: oh, i thought you said try hd1 in the "setup" command01:28
_Vi_drag and drop text? O.o new one on me sounds cool though01:28
AbedGoneWestCoast mmm damn it thnx though01:29
ratpoisonjslootbeek: ok, thnx for the effort, though01:29
ari_stresswhat, GoneWestCoast is here? :)01:29
jslootbeekratpoison: have you tried installing 2.6.27-9-generic fromm intrepid-updates?01:29
rdw200169linux I use Vim, then again, i like the dark utilitarian nature of a good text editor with all the features you could possibly want available from the keyboard as opposed to drop down menus and the like01:29
GoneWestCoastari_stress: Oh, I'm lots of places. :-p01:29
ratpoisonjslootbeek:  updates / backports are enabled01:29
ctlabslinux: besides kdevelop you can use Eclipse, which supports java, python, c/c++ etc01:30
linuxrdw200169 ok what language do you program in?01:30
ratpoison2.6.27-11-generic is my uname -r output01:30
rdw200169linux I prefer Python01:30
jslootbeekratpoison: ok, i would take it to the #ubuntu-kernel channel01:30
ratpoisonok, thnx01:30
rdw200169linux then again, i don't do a lot of programming, mostly a lot of high-level scripting which Python is best suited for01:30
jslootbeekratpoison: better chance at catching an expert than this channel01:30
bombshelter13Does anyone know how I can check the expiry date of a GPG key? I have it both imported and in a file.01:30
linuxrdw200169 nice nice well im a hacker(good side hacker) and a programmer01:31
DefunctProcessis it essential to have a swap partition?  can I remove my swap and resize my main partition into the free space safely?01:31
linuxrdw200169 ok well when ur done codding what do u do with the files its not like Visual basic on windows01:31
Shayleguys plz i have a problem, i cant join a channel cuz of a "é", how can i do??01:31
ratpoisonI also tried the #hal channel, since it looks like a hal problem, but it's been dead for a while01:31
temppyDefunctProcess: do you have more than 1g ram?01:31
xubuserHello People.01:31
GoneWestCoastShayle: Ask in #freenode01:31
rdw200169linux Python is also used to create many of the applications used on the Ubuntu Desktop; it's a powerful language with many libraries and compatibility across the board, i.e. windows, mac, and linux, when done right01:31
cdsboyis this a good place to get help with the fglrx driver under ubuntu?01:31
DefunctProcesstemppy, 2GB...01:31
IndyGunFreakDefunctProcess: the installer tends to piss and moan if you don't have a swap, but most modern systems don't really need it.01:32
kdubis there a network manager like the system tray applet that doesnt require a system tray to run?01:32
xubuserhow to determine what drive my wifi card is using.01:32
temppyDefunctProcess: I run on 2g without swap, never had a problem.  In fact, when I did have swap, linux _never_ _ever_ used it01:32
linuxrdw200169 well i prefer c++ very useful and can code alot in it01:32
MK13xubuser: iwlist01:32
DefunctProcesstemppy, thank you.01:32
xubuserMK13: ok iwlist shows what driver is used?01:32
MK13xubuser: iwconfig, mb01:33
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rdw200169linux, you just run them, Python creates binaries, but they're more for quicker code execution; for example, Civilization IV uses Python for a lot of the UI and AI elements to allow users more MOD capabilities since the files don't get compiled and turned into binary garbage01:33
vax_Hey everyone :)01:33
MK13one sec.01:33
=== vax_ is now known as VaxNam
IndyGunFreakxubuser: what wifi device are you trying to get working?01:33
kdubanyway you cut it, C is faster than python though01:33
linuxrdw200169 i thought ubuntu cant execute files like that .exe ect ect01:33
Shaylethey dont answer GoneWestCoast  :<01:33
xubuserIndyGunFreak: I have a wifi card that is working. I want to see what drive it uses. Then when I boot in slax, I'd like to try to modprobe the same driver and see if wifi works.01:34
cdsboylinux: you can with wine01:34
VaxNamHey everyone, Wondering how to remove something from the startup menu. Everytime I start Ubuntu the Install menu shows up, but I allready have the OS Installed. I installed Easy Peasy distro for ubuntu. Anyone have Ideas?01:34
Onidemo2nd time lucky maybe, can anyone tell me how to reinstall an ATI card from the Console?01:34
linuxcdsboy i dont really preffer wine01:34
IndyGunFreaklinux: well i can, but its success varies, .. wine is a free try01:34
xubuserMK13: I don't see the driver by iwconfig. Just the different interfaces....01:34
IndyGunFreakxubuser: i see01:34
kdublinux has so many native apps you rarely need wine01:34
kdubive only used wine for some EE CAD and a game here or there01:35
xubuserIndyGunFreak: so any idea how to determine which one is being used?01:35
OnidemoNeed someone to tell me what console command can reinstall a graphics card!01:35
VaxNamHmm, any help?01:35
IndyGunFreakxubuser: not that i know of, what wifi device is it?01:35
jslootbeekOnidemo: what do you mean "reinstall"?01:35
vigoVaxNam: Startup stuff?01:36
cdsboyis there a way to force a resolution using the fglrx driver? I need 1366x768 or 1280x720 resolution for the external monitor on my laptop but those options aren't showing up01:36
MK13xubuser: have you tried 'lshw -C network' ?01:36
marcelloortsvorsteher: I just reinstalled wpa_supplicant package and it all worked01:36
Onidemojslootbeek: I was told in order to get back intot he GUI , i need to reinstall my ATI Radeon card01:36
BCampbellfarf, hey the reinstall work?01:36
xubuserIndyGunFreak: 03:00.0 Ethernet controller: Realtek Semiconductor Co., Ltd. RTL-8185 IEEE 802.101:36
VaxNamVigo: Indeed, but I tried going to session and I did not see a "Install" application there.01:36
jslootbeekOnidemo: i assume you mean the kernel module is not loaded, if you do 'lsmod' do you see a line that starts with "radeon"?01:36
linuxrdw200169 the IDE is called eclipse right?01:36
rdw200169linux, well i was only giving an example, Python is OS independent, so you can use it in windows or linux01:36
IndyGunFreakxubuser: why not just google instructions to get that device working w/ slax?01:37
linuxrdw200169 ok hey thanks for the help :)01:37
xubuserIndyGunFreak: well, it started with being a quick copy driver thing. But now the google approach might be better. :)01:37
MK13anyone know of working dialup modems for ubuntu?01:37
VaxNamvigo: Any Ideas?01:37
vigoVaxNam: There is a GUI in System> Admin that is a clicky to stop or start programs on boot01:37
VaxNamOr anyone for that matter01:37
ubottuYou want to connect via dial-up? Read https://help.ubuntu.com/community/DialupModemHowto - Also try disabling/removing KNetworkManager if KDE applications cannot connect using dial-up01:37
Flannel!bum | vigo01:37
ubottuvigo: Boot options: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/BootOptions - To add/remove startup services, you can use the package 'bum', or update-rc.d - To add your own startup scripts, use /etc/rc.local - See also !grub and !dualboot - Making a boot floppy: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/GrubHowto/BootFloppy - Also see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/SmartBootManagerHowto01:37
rdw200169linux on a side note, with the 1.0 wine release, it's dang near *fantastic*01:38
rdw200169linux, sure eclipse, if you like the classic form of an IDE01:38
VaxNamVigo: Ok Hold on let me try that. Thanks01:38
vigoThank you01:38
linuxrdw200169 ok thanks01:38
rdw200169linux, but take a shot and try VIM for programming, it's a steep learning curve but many swear it's the best out there01:38
_Vi_it is01:39
vigoVaxNam: it worked for me and was easy.01:39
VaxNamvigo: I'm using a Easy Peasy01:39
linuxrdw200169 ok um do were do i find this out01:39
rdw200169linux, vim.org of course01:39
grkblood13is there anyways to install itunes?01:39
grkblood13other than wine01:39
linuxrdw200169 of course lol brb01:39
rdw200169grkblood13: nope, sorry01:39
THE_THUNDER_LORDanyone use Gnucleus???01:39
linuxrdw200169 thanks again01:39
kdubgrkblood13: you dont need it. try amarok. or banshee01:39
xubuserone other thing is the update acpi-support fails to install.... should one just remove it?01:39
samuellinux: you could also try emacs ;)01:39
grkblood13is there a program that can access the itunes store?01:39
VaxNamvigo: I don't have an option like that, but I tried Session > Startup and it wasn't there.01:40
grkblood13can banshee access the store?01:40
IndyGunFreakgrkblood13: not that i know of.....01:40
vigoVaxNam: whoops,, look at what Flannel popped on01:40
linuxsamuel well for now im going to try eclipse and vim but thanks anyways01:40
kdubi dont think so. boycott drm though grkblood1301:40
rdw200169grkblood13: i Think Songbird is working on it.  I'm not sure.01:40
grkblood13well, i dont wanna buy anything i want the free podcasts01:40
VaxNamVigo: What?01:40
vigo!bum | VaxNam01:40
ubottuVaxNam: Boot options: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/BootOptions - To add/remove startup services, you can use the package 'bum', or update-rc.d - To add your own startup scripts, use /etc/rc.local - See also !grub and !dualboot - Making a boot floppy: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/GrubHowto/BootFloppy - Also see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/SmartBootManagerHowto01:40
samuellinux: no problem01:40
grkblood13a linux user and drm dont really seem to mess rdw20016901:41
xubuserany idea?01:41
rdw200169grkblood13: yeah, doesn't make a whole lot of sense to me01:41
MK13too much trouble to get dialup working, and it's not worth it01:42
grkblood13does any1 know if songbird has access to the podcasts?01:42
xubusernow works.01:42
rdw200169grkblood13: you're gonna have to check their website on that one!01:42
grkblood13will do01:42
uatecI just installed 8.10 on my laptop. The sound card work, but for some reason the headphones socket doesn't.01:43
MK13uatec: what brand laptop?01:44
uatecit's an MSI, the soundcard is realtek, i'm looking for the exact model, but i haven't found it yet01:44
kdubuatec: make sure that the headphone switch is not muted. check alsamixer or the volume control01:44
VaxNamVigo: Thanks, I'm installing bum now to see if it works01:44
grkblood13i foudn a prog with access to itunes! or so the article says01:44
grkblood13im about to grad it01:45
tinnidAnyone know why my volume control settings keep reverting back as soon as I close the window or change audio source?01:45
vigoVaxNam: okee dokee,,was Flannel that suggested it, but that is a fix that I have seen work01:45
MK13uatec: have you updated completely, or is it a fresh install?01:45
uateckdub, the headphone socket is not muted. I also have music coming out of the onboard speakers while the headphones are plugged in01:45
uatecit's fully updated01:45
linuxrdw200169 hey whats up with the make install like what is all that about?01:45
MK13my RealTek has done that b4, but i don't remember how i got it to work01:46
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throwtevolution sucks01:48
sellyoursoulhow do a copy a file from my desktop and paste it to my external drive?  i can't believe i'm having to as this...01:48
AceBlade258is there any way to make ubuntu have drivers integrated in install?01:48
MK13does the grub get updated after every kernel update? Because mine does but it leaves the old entries on the menu.01:48
linuxrdw200169 i love you01:48
linuxrdw200169 lmfao jk01:49
scuniziAceBlade258, ubuntu has tons of integrated drivers already there during install.. what other drivers are you thinking of?01:49
rdw200169linux i'm off to bed!01:49
AceBlade258specifically SB X-Fi and nVidia Ge Force01:49
linuxrdw200169 lol kk man peace01:49
VaxNamVigo: I do not see anything there, even in advanced, that says anything about a startup item 'Install' or 'System Install'01:49
redvamp128MK13:  that is normal-- would not want you update to new one and be left unbootable01:49
BCampbellAceBlade258, those are not open source drivers..so no01:49
sellyoursouli can't seem to write a file to my external usb ntfs drive.  any ideas?01:49
scuniziAceBlade258, nvidia gforce are there.. which version?  as for X-Fi at some point maybe..01:49
_Vi_sellyoursoul: sudo cp /home/sellyoursoul/file /media/disk/   shoudl do it (Assuming /media/disk/ is your external)01:49
kdubuatec: find help in #alsa01:49
\kirasellyoursoul: what does it do?01:49
AceBlade258then is there any way to make it use closed source01:50
sellyoursoulthanks _vi_01:50
\kirasellyoursoul: errors? Does it have the desktop icon?01:50
BCampbellsellyoursoul, insttall ntfs-config it should allow you to set write permissions very easily01:50
vigoVaxNam: what version?01:50
MK13redvamp128: but i can still choose the old entries and boot just fine01:50
sellyoursoullet me try vi's tip01:50
_Vi_sellyoursoul: oh wait its NTFS?01:50
redvamp128That is the point01:50
AceBlade258scunzi: when i boot mine it says "Ubuntu is rinning in low graphics mode"01:50
sellyoursoulyes, ntfs01:50
redvamp128MK13:  that is the point of why--01:50
BCampbellAceBlade258, you just install the drivers after install...same as Windows01:50
poseidonanyone know what apt-get is written in?01:51
VaxNamVigo: Of ubuntu? How would I find out, Easy Peasy really didn't tell me what version I had.01:51
MK13redvamp128: is it safe to remove the old entries after you know the update is correct?01:51
redvamp128sellyoursoul:  have you installed-- in synaptic ntfs-3g?01:51
redvamp128MK13:  for me I remove all but the last 201:51
sellyoursoulredvamp128, yes i have01:51
IndyGunFreakVaxNam: lsb_release -a in a terminal will tell you the version of ubuntu you have01:52
\kira!hi | amadeobellotti01:52
ubottuamadeobellotti: Hi! Welcome to #ubuntu!01:52
AceBlade258BCampbell: there is the problem, when i boot it gives me the low graphics mode message, then when i tell it to continure anyway it restarts the graphics adapter and crashes01:52
amadeobellottii was wondering if i could get some help01:52
_Vi_sellyoursoul: have you tried samba?01:52
redvamp128MK13:  Though you have to sudo gedit and then open the file to edit it01:52
\kira!ask | amadeobellotti01:52
ubottuamadeobellotti: Please don't ask to ask a question, simply ask the question (all on ONE line, so others can read and follow it easily). If anyone knows the answer they will most likely reply. :-)01:52
AceBlade258(i got it working once before)01:52
vigoVaxNam: uhm ok,,let me look up easy peasy01:52
sellyoursoulno, but i'll make a note of samba01:52
BCampbellAceBlade258, which nvidia card and which driver?01:52
VaxNamVigo: 8.1001:53
amadeobellottiok cool so my laptop battery isnt charging all the way the last charge was only 3.8 Wh where the designed was for 88 wh01:53
VaxNamVigo: its a netbook remix distro01:53
sellyoursoulbahhh!  do i need to use an underscore in files names where there are spaces in the file name?01:53
AceBlade258GeForce 8800GTS, and any that works, the last time i got it working took me two hours and the driver version was 17701:53
redvamp128sellyoursoul:  it does not let you write to it but does the system see it01:53
AceBlade258i would like to use 18001:53
IndyGunFreakVaxNam: that command should still work in a terminal, but i believe ubuntu nbr is based on 8.04 Hardy01:53
BCampbellAceBlade258, what stopped it from working?01:53
Jpdotahi, i have several users of debian and/or ubuntu on my LAN, and i would like to set up an apt-cacher to conserve bandwidth.  is there any way to set one up on a non-debian-based computer?  my router is the only computer constantly on and it runs openbsd, so i'd like to set it up on that01:53
_Vi_sellyoursoul: ok, theres a few GUI for samba that you can use too, just look in synaptic for samba, i think one is called swat,01:54
jams44How do I view my Hardware Specs? Is there an easy way to view info like mobo, RAM, chipset and what not?01:54
sellyoursoulredvamp:  yes.  i can copy files from the drive also.  just not write to it, it seems01:54
scuniziAceBlade258, the 177 driver is not the best.. the 180.xx direct from nvidia works much better.01:54
redvamp128sellyoursoul:  and which version of Ubuntu 8.04 or 8.1001:54
sellyoursoulxubuntu 8.0401:54
_Vi_that's what i have01:54
redvamp128you could try opening it up as sudo natilus01:54
BCampbellscunizi, 180.22 crashed my system..but it may just be me01:54
linuxdoes anyone here use ubuntu IDE eclipse?01:54
sellyoursouli like it, i just don't know how to do much yet01:54
redvamp128Though to note-- DO NOT WRITE TO YOUR OWN SYSTEM01:54
AceBlade258scunzi: i think you told me that last time, never got the chance to try01:54
_Vi_redvamp128: gksudo01:54
BCampbellsellyoursoul, "sudo apt-get install ntfs-config"  should fix your problem01:55
sellyoursoulwhat is gk in gksudo?01:55
Jpdotalinux: yes01:55
AceBlade258my brother took the liberty of reformatting my linux partition through windows01:55
_Vi_sellyoursoul: dont use sudo with graphical stuff01:55
VaxNamIndyGunFreak: It did work, I found the distro. It's 8.10. I'm just trying to remove the start up "Install" application from boot.01:55
VaxNamAlso for Vigo01:55
ubottuIf you need to run graphical applications as root, use « gksudo », as it will set up the environment more appropriately. Never just use "sudo"! (See http://psychocats.net/ubuntu/graphicalsudo to know why)01:55
redvamp128ubottu:  gksudo01:55
vigoVaxNam: Okay, is at sourceforge, is not an official Ubuntu package, but heck, back-up, re-install01:55
tbrockhey guys, i'm trying to burn a iso to a usb drive in ubuntu01:55
linuxjpdota: hey did u use instal it in terminal?01:55
tbrockcan someone help me figure this out01:55
redvamp128ubottu: gksudo01:55
_Vi_its !gksu01:55
Jpdotalinux: yes, i installed it in terminal, it's just sudo apt-get install eclipse01:56
VaxNamThere is no way I can remove the startup Item of install, Vigo? I'd have to reinstall the whole thing?01:56
blinghow do i edit the properties of a launcher?01:56
linuxjpdota: ok well um how do i use it?01:56
linuxjpdota: maybe even as a desktop app?01:56
IndyGunFreakVaxNam: try this.. open a terminal type "gnome-session-properties" no quotes, hit enter, and then find what you don't want to load at startup, and uncheck it.01:56
Jpdotalinux: Applications --> Programming --> Eclipse or type eclipse in the command line01:56
BCampbellAceBlade258, when restarting..can you choose the option to use default graphic setting as apposed to low graphics mode01:57
amadeobellottiok cool so my laptop battery isnt charging all the way the last charge was only 3.8 Wh where the designed was for 88 wh. what would cause this, and how do i fix it01:57
sellyoursoulsudo is for non gui stuff, gksudo for gui stuff?01:57
linuxjpdota: kk thanks01:57
=== Mood is now known as mood
prince_jammyssellyoursoul: correct01:57
Jpdotalinux: no problem, happy coding01:57
vigoVaxNam: Ubuntu does have some PPC and other distros that may work,,if you go Terrminal, yes, they might could be removed,,but without proper documentation it is a tough call.01:57
sellyoursoulprince:  thanks01:57
joljami cannot download anythung t ubuntu ibex01:57
linuxjpdota: you to01:57
joljamsomeone please help me01:57
AceBlade258yes, when i do it tells me to restart and i do, it just brings me back to the same thing01:57
AceBlade258it's odd01:57
joljamthis is using firefox01:58
BCampbellAceBlade258, sounds like maybe your x conf is fouled01:58
linuxjpdota: you ever code anything?01:58
VaxNamIndyGunFreak: I tried that already, the Application "Install" or anything along those lines is not in there.01:58
Jpdotalinux: yes01:58
VaxNamvigo: I see01:58
linuxjpdota: like?01:58
IndyGunFreakVaxNam: hmm,01:58
AceBlade258on 2 separate installs? is that possable?01:59
VaxNamIndyGunFreak: What shoud I be looking for?01:59
Jpdotalinux: java applications, php scripts, etc01:59
throwthow to i disable the prompt to run in terminal/edit/run when i double click on a shell script?01:59
IndyGunFreakVaxNam: honestly, i don't know.01:59
sellyoursouldid sudo apt-get install ntfs-config but no luck01:59
VaxNamIndyGunFreak: Haha, I've never seen this before.01:59
sellyoursoulmaybe i need to restart x?01:59
linuxjpdota: ice hey you have a psp? because i code in lua and c++  coding game/app ect ect01:59
MK13redvamp: is there a way to remove the old kernels?02:00
IndyGunFreakVaxNam: what is the name of the program that you're not wanting to start at startup, cuz it has to be in that list..02:00
BCampbellsellyoursoul, did you look in the menu?  applications -> system tools?02:00
Jpdotalinux: no i don't02:00
VaxNamIndyGunFreak: I'll take a screenshot02:00
_Vi_sellyoursoul: try sudo apt-get install ntfs<HIT TAB A FEW TIMES>02:00
linuxjpdota: ok well thanks peace02:00
joljamBCampbell can u help me please02:00
Jpdotalinux: welcome, have a good one02:00
BCampbelljoljam, not sure what are you trying to do?02:01
sellyoursoulBCampbell:  i enabled writing to external device.  no go.02:01
joljamI am trying to download files from my browser..I get the message to save file or cancel.. I hit save... but the file does not get saved02:01
vigoThat one stumped heck outta me, guess I need to go sailing more02:01
BCampbellsellyoursoul, do you have an icon for the drive on your desktop?02:01
=== maxbaldwin is now known as Guest20915
joljamBCampbell:I am trying to download files from my browser..I get the message to save file or cancel.. I hit save... but the file does not get saved02:02
BCampbelljoljam, have you set alocation to save downloads?  usually it the desktop maybe been changed?  or do you get an error message?02:02
redvamp128MK13:  SHould not be taking up a big space-- I know how to remove them from Grub02:02
sellyoursoulBCampbell:  yes i do02:02
Decepticonwhat do i do if i want my script to launch when theres a new dir in /home/decepticon/newstuff/*02:02
joljamBCampbell.. no error messages.. neither did I change the default location from Desktop02:03
BCampbellsellyoursoul, and when you copy a file to the drive you get what kind of error?02:03
VaxNamIndyGunFreak: http://i43.tinypic.com/ipmlts.png02:03
sellyoursoulnothing.  it just doesn't copy02:03
quiksilverwhat's the best music player for linux02:03
BCampbellsellyoursoul, are you dragging the file, cut and paste or how?02:03
IndyGunFreakVaxNam: are you running the "live" version, or are you installed.02:03
quiksilveror at least a reccomendation02:03
VaxNamIndyGunFreak: It's like I'm still on a live CD02:03
VaxNamI'm installed02:03
OnidemoCan someone help me to | Switch my radeon_drv to radeon driver | ?02:04
quiksilverno need for itunes right?02:04
BCampbelljoljam, nothing even starts?02:04
sellyoursoulBCampbell:  i tried both ways02:04
VaxNamI used the "USB" method of installing it though.02:04
linuxjoljam you try reseting your computer?02:04
VaxNamIndyGunFreak: So I'm Installed, I installed using a USB02:04
IndyGunFreakVaxNam: that really shouldn't matter, i did the same thing on my AAO, but i installed normal ubuntu.02:04
joljamBCampbell.. I hit Ctrl+Y and nothing is seen in the window02:04
sellyoursoulBCampbell:  i'm going to restart and see if anything changes.02:04
VaxNamIndyGunFreak: This is so wierd, I'm running Aspire One02:05
joljamhow can I reset my computer from commandline02:05
StargazerI'm trying to install ubuntu but none of my partitions are showing up when the partition editor loads. any ideas ?02:05
IndyGunFreakVaxNam: go through your sessions/startup list.. and see if you see a program called "ubiquity" set to start on startup02:05
joljamlinux:---how can I reset my computer from commandline02:05
Onidemo Can someone help me to | Switch my radeon_drv to radeon driver | ?02:05
quiksilveris there an open source pdf reader02:05
linuxjoljam just reset it from ubuntu02:05
quiksilveror should i just install adobe acrobat?02:05
joljamlinux.. how do I do that02:05
vigoIndyGunFreek: good call..I forgot about that02:05
Cpudan80quicksilver_: evince02:05
joljamlinux.... I am a newbie02:05
Stargazerquiksilver: there should be evince.02:05
Cpudan80quiksilver: ^02:05
IndyGunFreakvigo: took me a minute.. :)02:06
tbrockjoljam, reboot02:06
linuxjoljam what version of ubuntu you have?02:06
Cpudan80I think evince is better than acrobat actually02:06
Cpudan80its much lighter weight02:06
BCampbelljoljam, as root shutdown -r 002:06
KNYis there a way to install kubuntu-desktop (on top of Ubuntu) without having all the KDE apps clutter up my application menus?02:06
joljamlinux:- 8.10 Intrepid02:06
quiksilversays its installed, but i get an error when i open a pdf02:06
sellyoursoulBCampbel:  nothing changed after a restart02:06
VaxNamIndyGunFreak: I removed Ubiquity02:06
StargazerCpudan80: i prefer KPDF even though i'm on gnome. i find Evince to be rather heavy.02:06
IndyGunFreakVaxNam: i'm guessing you won't have that problem anymore.. :)02:06
IndyGunFreak!info ubiquity | VaxNam02:06
Cpudan80KNY: no - youd have to remove them from the menu after the fact02:06
ubottuubiquity (source: ubiquity): Ubuntu live CD installer. In component main, is optional. Version 1.10.10 (intrepid), package size 2544 kB, installed size 9228 kB02:06
KNYCpudan80, dang.02:07
redvamp128KNY:  should you decide to install -- KDE dekstop remember this02:07
IndyGunFreakVaxNam: if it was set to load up on startup, then it makes sense why it kept loading.02:07
linuxjoljam ok in the bottom right hand corner there will be your username just click that and click restart02:07
BCampbellsellyoursoul, very strange lemme look some02:07
KNYredvamp128, er, remember what?02:07
MK131redvamp: yea I know how to take them off the grub boot list, and I have already removed all the old entries from it (making a backup first)02:07
redvamp128KNY:  write this one down-- will help you get back to gnome configure (sudo dpkg reconfigure gdm)02:07
Decepticonwhat do i do if i want my script to launch when theres a new dir in /home/decepticon/newstuff/*02:07
joljamlinux:- in fact I have been restarting several times02:07
StargazerI'm trying to install Ubuntu but the partition editor during install isn't showing any partitions.02:07
KNYredvamp128, ah, will do02:07
VaxNamvigo: and IndyGunFreak: Thank You so much for the help. I'm very greatful for the help!02:07
Cpudan80redvamp128: what?02:08
redvamp128I think there is supposed to be dash in there02:08
Cpudan80redvamp128: He should have to do that at all02:08
redvamp128The KDE display manager takes over02:08
Cpudan80KNY: Dont use KDM02:08
KNYredvamp128, yeah, there is.02:08
IndyGunFreakVaxNam: lol, i'm more curious if it worked..lol, but your appreciation is noted.02:08
KNYCpudan80, eh?02:08
Decepticonhelp in the help channel please? what do i do if i want my script to launch when theres a new dir in /home/decepticon/newstuff/*02:08
linuxjoljam hmm did you install ubuntu using wubi?02:08
VaxNamIndyGunFreak: I thought It would be called Install or something liket hat.02:08
Cpudan80redvamp128: no - you get to pick - stick with GDM02:08
redvamp128If you install Kubuntu desktop it does02:08
StargazerI'm trying to install Ubuntu but the partition editor during install isn't showing any partitions. I need help. :<02:08
Cpudan80KNY: towards the end it will ask whether to use KDM or GDM, use GDM02:08
joljamlinux:- I installed ubuntu from usb02:08
redvamp128Didn't the last time I installed Kubuntu desktop02:08
VaxNamI'll be back02:08
KNYCpudan80, towards the end of the kubuntu-desktop install?02:09
vigoVaxNam: it works, so all good02:09
linuxjoljam is ubuntu on the hardd rive?02:09
VaxNamIndyGunFreak: I'm goingto test02:09
VaxNamBrbr vigo and IndyGunFreak02:09
Cpudan80KNY: You can then select which desktop to use from the bottom of the gdm menu02:09
IndyGunFreakVaxNam: ok.. i'm guesssing that did it.02:09
Cpudan80KNY: yes02:09
BCampbellsellyoursoul, i forgot...which version are you using? intrepid?02:09
node357Decepticon, I don't think there's any way to do that02:09
redvamp128not always on 8.10 -- did ask me on 8.0402:09
joljamlinux:- yes it is on hard drive02:09
Decepticonnode357 lies02:09
KNYhow about I just install it in a VM and just use it there? ;)02:09
tbrockcan someone help me make a bootable windows disk from ubuntu02:09
_Vi_Stargazer: does sudo cfdisk show them?02:09
linuxjoljam ok is the download your only problem?02:09
vigoVaxNam: Make a backup first!02:09
joljamlinux:- yes02:09
VaxNamI will!02:09
IndyGunFreakvigo: what does he need to bacup?02:10
linuxjoljam ok well hmm give me 10 sec to thinl02:10
Stargazeryes, _Vi_02:10
tbrocki've got an iso i need to write to a usb drive02:10
tbrocki could do this in mac os x02:10
_Vi_Stargazer: you using gparted earlier?02:10
tbrockso i don't see why i couldn't do this in ubuntu02:10
vigoIndyGunFreak: the stable repaired system....02:10
IndyGunFreakvigo: oh ok.02:10
quiksilveris evince EPDF viewer?02:10
sellyoursoulBCampbell:  xubuntu 8.0402:10
_Vi_quiksilver: i think its a creator too02:11
_Vi_could be wrong though02:11
redvamp128Cpudan80:  for some reason the past 2 times I installed Kubuntu desktop on 8.10 it asked but then after I signed into the kde desktop KDM took over02:11
vigoIndyGunFreak: Backups are a good routine to get into , especially when making system changes or even typing "Hello World" .02:11
Stargazer_Vi_: any ideas as to why the partition editor in the install isn't showing my partitions ?02:11
Cpudan80redvamp128: hrm...02:11
redvamp128Cpudan80:  but once I ran that command it never took over again (and yes I chose GDM)02:11
linuxjoljam on your control panel go to System - Administration - Software Sources02:11
Cpudan80redvamp128: maybe you have to do it from apt-get on the command line?02:11
linuxjoljam tell me when you got that02:12
Cpudan80redvamp128: When I did it the reconfigure thing came up close to the end02:12
redvamp128Cpudan80:  that is why I told him to remember that02:12
IndyGunFreakvigo: i'm pretty religous about backups, i can be backup, almost completely, in around an hour or so.02:12
joljamlinux:- I am there02:12
=== Guest20915 is now known as maxbaldwin
redvamp128Cpudan80:  The file configured for GDM just fine-- but when from the login screen -- I choose KDE and booted to that desktop KDM took over ...02:12
vigoIndyGunFreak: You have learned,,,many still stumble along and wonder WHY!?!02:12
Cpudan80redvamp128: well if you set KDE as the default that might happen02:13
robdHey guys02:13
_Vi_Stargazer: not off hand, maybe it was just a fluke? at any rate there is a gparted Live CD or ther's is also Parted Magic live CD you could try those to partition the drives02:13
IndyGunFreakvigo: only took me screwing up my windows with a screwed up pclinus OS install to learn the importance...(it wasn't PCLOS's fault, it was me being a newb moron)02:13
redvamp128Cpudan80:  I think it is because 1strun for KDE desktop sets that up as default02:13
linuxjoljam ok now see were it says updates click that and look down towards the bottom it should say large term suport only make it were it says normal releases02:13
robdI'm only getting about 8000 concurrent connections on my Ubuntu server02:13
linuxjoljam then close02:14
robdIs there anything I can tweak in sysctl to support more connections? (i.e. raise the file handle limit)02:14
joljamlinux:- yes it says normal releases02:14
vigoIndyGunFreak: Learning is FUNda-mental02:14
linuxjoljam have you updated?02:14
_Vi_linux: 'long' term support not 'large' :)02:14
joljamlinux it was already Normal releases02:15
linux_Vi_ thank you vi my mistake02:15
joljamI did not have to change anything02:15
=== eli__ is now known as dotbalnk
linuxjoljam ok hm go in firefox and go to your addons02:15
linuxand make sure every addon/plugin is enabled02:15
AceBlade258does adobe cs3 work in linux under wine?02:16
_Vi_yes it does02:16
AceBlade258specifically premier pro02:16
sellyoursoul_Vi_:  does it work well?02:16
_Vi_donno bout premier pro02:16
coffee1how do i get the server time02:16
coffee1on the machine i'm logged into02:16
BCampbellsellyoursoul, sorry but I can't find any other info to send your way.  have you googled the issue to see if something I miss may help?02:16
joljamlinux:- how do I see that02:16
_Vi_that i donno either, im just going by what they say on !appdb02:16
ubottuThe Wine Application DB is a database of applications and help for !Windows programs that run under !WINE: http://appdb.winehq.org - Join #winehq for application help02:16
_Vi_read that02:17
Luke9I got a question02:17
joljamlinux:- I got it .. just a momenty02:17
MK131luke9: then ask it02:17
sellyoursoulBCampbell:  thanks for looking.  i'm searching now.02:17
linuxjoljam well forget that and just anwser this question has your ubuntu froze while updateing or anything like that?02:17
BCampbellsellyoursoul, http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=85005702:17
Decepticonwhat do i do if i want my script to launch when theres a new dir in /home/decepticon/newstuff/*02:17
joljamlinux:- nop02:17
Luke9My friend downloaded Ubuntu, and can't connect to his wireless network.  I didn't have that problem since my version of Ubuntu came with the drivers I needed.  What does he do?02:17
coffee1how do i grab the machine's time that i'm logged into02:17
_Vi_Decepticon: try #bash02:18
\kiracoffee1: date02:18
linuxjoljam hmm wow this is tough give me a sec02:18
MK131Luke9: what wireless card does he have?02:18
IndyGunFreakLuke9: well, first, we need to know what wireless device he has02:18
joljamlinux:- ym ubuntu freezes when I view youtube in firefox02:18
linuxjoljam have you installed adobe?02:18
Luke9He says its linksys02:18
linuxjoljam for youtube02:18
Luke9Do you need the actual model?02:18
IndyGunFreakLuke9: is it internal or USB?02:19
sellyoursoulBCampbell:  i'll try that.  thanks.02:19
BCampbellsellyoursoul, welcome02:19
MK131linksys router or wifi card?02:19
joljamlinux:- you mean adobe pdf or...02:19
kosharianyone have am exaple on using rdiff to do a sys backup, iam looking at an alternative to partimage that requires the source not be mounted?02:19
linuxjoljam give me a sec to fix ur download problem02:19
Tech-Mikeanybody help with webcam-server??02:19
d1ab0l0quien habla español?02:19
ubottuEn la mayoría de canales Ubuntu se comunica en inglés. Para ayuda en Español, por favor entre en los canales #ubuntu-es o #kubuntu-es.02:20
linuxjoljam do you have msn?02:20
\kirawhy does everyone use msn?02:20
sellyoursoulwhen i use 'su' in terminal and enter my password, it says 'authentication failure'.02:21
Tech-Mikeprobly cuz everybody and there brothers comp comes with it02:21
IndyGunFreak\kira: because most people are enslaved by microsoft, thinking its the best...02:21
linuxjoljam do you have msn?02:21
joljamlinux:- I do nto have msn02:21
* IndyGunFreak only has MSn cuz its free.02:21
\kirasellyoursoul: do not try to get the root password, use sudo instead02:21
helannot everyone.. i do jabber:P02:21
_Vi_\kira: they dont want to correct them if they're wrong02:21
helanhi everyone02:21
koshari\kira facebook and myspace are making inroads to msn users02:21
MK131IndyGunFreak: it IS the best, Vista proves it ;P02:21
IndyGunFreakMK131: lol02:21
\kiralol, wow, I didnt expect so many responses02:22
linuxjoljam i sent you a private message02:22
IndyGunFreak\kira: sometimes the mundane gets the responses02:23
\kiraIndyGunFreak: :|02:23
Tech-Mikeno responses on webcam-server ... howbout suggestions on webcam software in ubuntu?? since pidgin doesnt use - webcam to http/web??02:24
dayo_facebook and myspace is for people hellbent on being monitored by the CIA02:24
Luke9IndyGunFreak, he says his wireless card is atheros02:24
* IndyGunFreak pulls radio transmitter of his tooth filling02:24
Nautilus__whats a good GUI FTP/SFTP app, perferably with XCRC support?02:24
\kiraTech-Mike: so you trust microsoft more?02:24
IndyGunFreakLuke9: well there's a lot of atheros chipsets.. please answer my question, is it internal, or USB?02:24
Tech-Mike?? \kira where u get that?02:24
MK131Luke9: madwifi or ndiswrapper would be good02:24
IndyGunFreakLuke9: ok.. if he's on ubuntu, tell him to open a terminal and type "lspci" no quotes, hit enter, and see the what atheros chipset it is.02:25
dayo_ndiswrapper is a nightmare02:25
this_matAnyone know if it's possible to use ubuntu as the file server for an xbox? Streaming music n such to it?02:25
\kiraTech-Mike: well, I was talking about msn, so I assumed you were "defending" it in a way02:25
IndyGunFreakMK131: actually, there's a couple atheros chipsets that madwifi doesn't work w/02:25
Tech-Mikeno - i said peeps use it probably because: it comes on pretty much everybodys comp02:26
MK131Dayo: yea, but thankfully i have Broadcom so i use b43-fwcutter02:26
dayo_this_mat: i saw something like that about a ps302:26
kosharithis_mat orig or 360?02:26
dayo_MK131: *shudder*02:26
this_mat360 koshari02:26
MK131dayo: hey, it works! just can't get master mode (my card doesn't support it)02:27
dotbalnkHow do I remove screen tearing (ubuntu 8.10, nvidia 180.22, default xorg.conf produced by nvidia-xconfig)02:27
kosharithis_mat i guess it comes down to the 360s support of shares and the codecs it supports, prolly a q for #360***02:27
churlubuntu just decided to logout seeming out of nowhere.  popped up something about "anacron" on a black screen, then went to the login screen.  is there a file i can look in and see what error that was? (let me know if im leaving something important out)02:27
this_matkoshari: thanks for the tip, I'll check into that channel.02:27
MindVirusI'm running gnome-terminal --command x.02:28
MindVirusHow do I make it stay open after x is done?02:28
jcapincanacron sounds like a scheduler02:28
dayo_churl: /var/log/syslog02:28
jcapincchurl Anacron is a scheduling program, it is used for scheduling shut downs among other things02:28
__jaschon__does anyone know what directs the audio that is played through the headphone jack?02:28
churljcapinc: weird thanks guys02:28
tsuna27i have a problem with ubuntu it turns gray a lot it just freezes up, with windows this meant a virus of some kind but I have no idea what it means in ubuntu02:29
MindVirusAnyone know?02:29
jcapinctsuna27 what do you mean it turns grey?02:29
MindVirustsuna27, no, it's not a virus.02:29
MindVirusIt means your computer is slow.02:29
vax_I got a virus on my ubintu02:30
MindVirusWhen a window is gray, it's not responding.02:30
vax_I got a virus on my ubuntu02:30
vax_I made it02:30
MindVirusvax_, please, stay on topic.02:30
jcapincvax_ what does it do? :P02:30
Luke9Hmm that's interesting02:30
BatshuaUm, my xorg.conf could use some help.  More like a LOT of help.  I have three ways to connect the mythbox to the TV: DVI, Composite, and S-Video.  So far none of them work right.02:30
MK131just on a side note, how many viruses for ubuntu are there now?02:30
IndyGunFreakLuke9: ?02:30
MindVirusI'm running gnome-terminal --command x.02:30
BatshuaBy "work right", I mean "has proper resolution, is centered, and is the right color".  Could anyone assist me with the configuration?  I would really appreciate it.02:30
Luke9When I try to get on here from my Linux PC it asks me to trust applet/add to whiteboard, so I click ok02:30
vax_Opens 1000 Links every few seconds causeing it to crash.02:30
MindVirusHow do I make it stay open after x is done?02:30
Luke9And it's just a gray screen02:30
jcapincMK131 are you using a nvidia card?02:31
vax_IndyGunFreak: It worked!02:31
IndyGunFreakLuke9: did you ever figure out what chipset your friend has?02:31
IndyGunFreakvax_: i thought i might.. ;)02:31
churljcapinc: it looks like vbox segfaulted02:31
Luke9He's working on it02:31
Luke9Any idea how I can get on here through my Linux machine?02:31
IndyGunFreakLuke9: does he have internet access at all?02:31
vax_IndyGunFreak: Thanks again. Thank you too, Vigo.02:31
jcapincLuke9 XChat, thats what im using02:32
Batshua(I'm hanging out on the Recovery Mode screen right now.)02:32
Luke9Indy, he's booting back to Linux to test it out02:32
IndyGunFreakLuke9: oh ok.02:32
tsuna27mindvirus: so what can i do to make ubuntu not grey up02:32
MindVirustsuna27, get a better computer.02:32
mike12hey my dad has a computer that runs on windows is there any way for us to share files02:32
mike12my comp runs on linux02:32
MindVirusmike12, take your pick.02:32
Tech-Mikemike12 samba02:33
churloh samba02:33
mike12ok thanks02:33
jcapincmike12 check out network places02:33
* ic3fr0g off02:33
Nautilus__whats a good GUI FTP/SFTP app, perferably with XCRC support?02:33
jcapincNautilus__ Filezilla is a wonderful FTP program, but I dont know what XCRC is, though I suspect that Filezilla would support it02:34
MindVirusNautilus__, nautilus.02:34
mcpancakesNautilus__: I really like the FireFTP firefox addon. I don't use any standalone programs.02:34
Luke9jcap, sorry I'm such a newb but when I click download it says "index of /files/binary/rpm" what do I do now?02:34
MindVirusI'm running gnome-terminal --command x.02:34
MindVirusHow do I make it stay open after x is done?02:34
whydoesithurtHello. What would people recommend as the best option for automatic backups?02:35
Killeroidcan anyone tell me where the default java classes are installed to?02:35
caboosificationhas anyone been able to install ubuntu(not live usb) onto an ipod ?02:35
ubottuThere are many ways to back your system up. Here's a few: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/BackupYourSystem , https://help.ubuntu.com/community/DuplicityBackupHowto , https://wiki.ubuntu.com/HomeUserBackup , https://help.ubuntu.com/community/MondoMindi - See also !sbackup and !cloning02:35
nedhow do i repair apt, i accidently deleted my sources.list file02:35
IndyGunFreakwhydoesithurt: i use externaldrive 1.002:35
whydoesithurtmindrape, thanks much02:35
Nautilus__jcapinc: XCRC does a CRC check after the transfer, id i understand it correctly02:35
mindrapened: I can provide you a new one... if you'd like.02:35
Nautilus__bah, cant type02:35
jedi06anyone know of a statistical analysis like minitab for ubuntu?02:35
nedmindrape, please02:35
caboosificationhas anyone been able to install ubuntu(not live usb) onto an ipod ?02:35
IndyGunFreakned: ?... how can you accidentally delete your source list?02:35
jribjedi06: R02:36
n8tuserMindVirus -> remove the --command x02:36
tritiumcaboosification: please don't repeat02:36
nedIndyGunFreak, pretty easily02:36
jcapincNautilus__ yea, Im a web guy and I use ftp all the time, but I dont know what that is.  I still recommend filezilla02:36
MindVirusn8tuser, no, I need to have the output open.02:36
Nautilus__MindVirus: Heh, as you may guess my nick is not about the file manager ;)02:36
dayo_whydoesithurt: http://www.howtoforge.com/linux_backuppc02:36
IndyGunFreakned: in your opinon, what were you doing as root that allowed you to do it.02:36
MindVirusNautilus__, nautilus has FTP/SFTP support, AFAIK.02:36
sellyoursoulstill haven't figured out why i can't write to my usb ntfs drive.  should there be an entry in fstab for the drive?02:36
MindVirussellyoursoul, yes.02:36
sellyoursoulMindVirus:  it's missing02:36
MindVirusThen make it.02:37
Nautilus__jcapinc: thanks, that I'm familiar with02:37
tritiumsellyoursoul: USB drives don't need fstab entries02:37
Decepticonwhich call is better for incron if i want to launch a script when a dir is created inside /my/watch/dir ... the process creating the dir is creating the dir, writing files inside the dir for about 4 minutes, then exiting. should i use : IN_CLOSE_WRITE File opened for writing was closed ........ or should i use IN_CREATE File/directory created in watched directory ?02:37
quiksilvercan anyone reccomend a great music player for ubuntu?02:37
n8tusersellyoursoul -> nope, no need to have an entry in your /etc/fstab for temporarily mounts02:37
MindVirusquiksilver, Rhythmbox.02:37
Tech-Mikequicksilver audacious02:37
MindVirusAudacious is not a music player.02:37
jcapincquicksilver: either Banshee or Amorok02:37
MindVirusIt's a sequencer.02:37
sellyoursoulwell damn.  i'm really lost, ha, ha.02:37
mrwesquiksilver: Rhythmbox?02:37
Tech-Mikeyes it is02:37
IndyGunFreakquicksilver: depends on what you mean by great, audacious, rhythmbox, songbird, helix-player, amarok, there's several good ones02:37
churlquicksilver_: do you want simple or winamp style, or itunes style?02:37
jcapincmrwes quiksilver: Rythmbox is meh02:38
quiksilveritunes style02:38
atom^xquicksilver_: gmusicbrowser02:38
caboosificationhas anyone been able to install ubuntu(not live usb) onto an ipod ?02:38
tritiumcaboosification: I told you not to repeat02:38
jcapinccaboosification: no lol that wont work02:38
n8tusercaboosification -> can you try to google for it?02:38
caboosificationi have tried googling it02:38
atom^xquicksilver_: gmusicbrowser can be configured to look like itunes02:38
caboosificationcant find anything02:38
caboosificationi want to put a partition and boot from that partition02:39
caboosificationon the ipod02:39
mindrapecaboosification: /msg caboosificationhttp://www.google.com/search?hl=en&q=ubuntu+install+on+ipod&btnG=Google+Search&aq=f&oq=02:39
n8tusercaboosification -> then it doesnt magically become available here02:39
IndyGunFreakLuke9: did he ever figure it out?02:39
OnidemoHow do i Navigate to a folder in Terminal so i can execute a command?02:39
lstarnesOnidemo: cd02:39
caboosificationnvm i guess02:39
tsuna27what can I do to make ubuntu run faster02:39
churlquicksilver_: audacious :)02:39
MindVirustsuna27, get better hardware.02:40
churlquicksilver_: or if you have the kde libraries, amarok02:40
MindVirustsuna27, Ubuntu is remarkably optimized.02:40
ubottusbackup is a tool to create complete and/or incremental backups (which can be scheduled to be automatic, and can be done over a network). It is available in !Universe02:40
MindVirusClose running processes or tabs, tsuna27.02:40
Tech-Mikemetacity instead of compiz, or withouth X02:40
=== qb|away is now known as qbmaniac
Nautilus__tx guys02:41
jcapinctsuna27 what type of machine are you running?02:41
liquidIs there any way to limit cpu/memory consumption on a process basis, rather than a user (which I would use ulimit for) ?02:41
quiksilveraudacious doesnt store my music02:41
quiksilverand its tiny02:42
OnidemoI'm trying to reinstall my ATI card's drivers , i downloaded a file from www.ati.com  that ends with .run  , how do i execute it?02:42
Tech-Mikeya its winamp style02:42
tsuna27jcapinc: a toshiba laptop02:42
quiksilvertiniest little window ive ever seen02:42
Tech-Mikeuses playlists02:42
mindrapeOnidemo - ./thefile.run02:42
Tech-Mikeuse rythmbox then02:42
quiksilveri want to have a library02:42
mindrapeOnidemo or you can type      bash thefile.run02:42
mindrapeOnidemo: you may have to chmod +x thefile.run02:42
jcapinctsuna27: what type of processor02:42
Onidemomindrape: ok, so i type this in Terminal ?02:42
tsuna27jcapinc: no clue centrino02:43
mindrapetsuna27 - to tell people your computer stats type          sudo lshw -short02:43
mindrapethen copy and pastebin the results.02:43
avantcorequick question: I can get dual displays working properly using the ATI Catalyst control center (in 8.10) but when I restart my setting get reverted back to one display mirroring the other.  How can I fix this?02:43
oholiabquiksilver: what Tech-Mike said, rhythmox02:43
luke_Woot I'm in02:43
jcapinctsuna27 the thing I dont get is th grey screen, I mean it sounds like a hardware problem and not ubuntu, as if there is something wrong with your screen02:43
quiksilverthanks guysj02:43
atom^xquicksilver_: gmusicbrowser02:44
liquidavantcore I have the same issue, I would love to know the answer02:44
MindVirusForget gmusicbrowser.02:44
luke_thanks jcap02:44
MindVirusDon't install excess.02:44
MindVirusRhythmbox is built-in and is excellent.02:44
tsuna27jcapinc: no it only happens when it freezs up02:44
ubottupastebin is a service to post multiple-lined texts so you don't flood the channel. The Ubuntu pastebin is at http://paste.ubuntu.com (make sure you give us the URL for your paste - see also the channel topic)02:44
atom^xrythmbox = bloat02:44
sellyoursoulwhen i try to change directory via 'cd /home/myname' nothing happens.02:45
mindrapesellyoursoul: you are probably already there... type pwd02:45
Tech-Mikeatom^x  exactly, screw music librarys...just use playlists like winamp/audacious does (winamp can but that windows, bleh)02:45
mindrapesellyoursoul: you can just type cd ~02:46
jedi06jrib what is the package name?02:46
quiksilverTech-Mike: where do i add the songs from02:46
quiksilverif i have alibrary anyways wats the difference?02:46
Tech-Mikefor which, rhythmbox or audacious02:46
=== _emet is now known as _emet_
Tech-Mikefirst right click and do view- playlist editor02:47
Tech-Mikethen use the ADD button02:47
ValentineXany link please to create usb live ubuntu drive from xp?02:48
sellyoursoulmy drive is named 'green box'.  i'm entering 'cd /media/green box'.  terminal says directory doesn't exist02:48
mindrapewhen you have spaces you need a \02:48
mindrapecd /media/green\ box02:48
marinenightrid3r, what's u[ dog02:48
sellyoursoulah ha thanks02:48
jedi06what is the package for R on ubuntu02:49
nightrid3rmarine: yow02:49
mindrapesudo apt-cache search R02:49
raldiI'm trying to download bittorrent for feisty, but every single link is broken at http://packages.ubuntu.com/feisty/all/bittorrent/download02:50
tsuna27jcapinc: hows it goin02:50
oholiabmindrape: I didn't know taht, nice one :)02:50
mindrapesudo apt-cache search R | less02:50
raldiam i doing something wrong?02:50
oholiabmindrape: I usually just google it02:50
oholiabraldi: sudo apt-get install bittorrent02:51
jcapinctsuna27 I just finished looking up your processor..... its OLD, I think tha machine is too old to run ubuntu02:51
marinenightrid3r,  finally figured out what i was doing wrong with the boot up in cd mode02:51
nightrid3rraldi: read the top frame on that page02:51
jemersonalguem ai?02:51
raldioholiab: it doesn't work -- probably for the same reason that all those links are broken02:51
tsuna27jcapinc: what upgrades would you recommend02:51
nightrid3rmarine: so you learned something new :)02:51
jemersonalguem do brasil online?02:51
lstarnes!br | jemerson02:51
ubottujemerson: Por favor, use #ubuntu-br ou #ubuntu-pt para ajuda em português. Obrigado.02:51
marinenightrid3r,  yeah you can say that02:51
mib_yp7344tsuna27: have you tried xubuntu?02:51
thomcIs there a way to tell Ubuntu to automatically spin down my hard drives after a certain period of inactivity?02:51
mindraperaldi -              sudo apt-get update                        sudo apt-cache search torrent                    sudo apt-get install <pick one from prior list>02:52
marinenightrid3r, what option in the live cd02:52
tsuna27mib_yp7344: can I run compiz and make it look like a mac02:52
jemersonalguem do brasil a fim de tc?02:52
ubottuSorry, I don't know anything about hdparm02:52
mindrapethomc - man hdparm02:52
exodus_msjemerson: #ubuntu-br02:52
oholiabraldi: hmm, strange, I just simulated the install and it was fine02:52
nightrid3rmarine: ??02:52
marinenightrid3r,  do i chose to import the rest of the unallocated partition into this onee02:52
raldioholiab: what site did it download it from? i can't find any site that actually has the .deb02:53
nightrid3rmarine: what you want to do?02:53
raldioholiab: are you sure your simulation really downloaded anything?02:53
oholiabraldi: I did the apt-get02:53
marinenight what option do i chose in livecd to import/move the unallocated partition into this one02:53
jcapinctsuna27 wll the memory is fine, but you might need a little more space for ubuntu and a better processor.  which for  a laptop is difficult to replace, so I recomend a new laptop.  Windows XP must be tough to run on that laptop02:53
tritiumoholiab: the -s (simulate) switch doesn't actually do any downloading02:53
oholiabtritium: yes, ut it must check that the package is actually there mustn't it?02:54
nightrid3rmarine: manual ?02:54
tritiumoholiab: nope02:54
tsuna27mib_yp7344: whats the difference btw ubuntu an xubuntu02:54
Tidusubuntu = gnome, xubuntu = xfce02:54
oholiabtritium: fair enough, learn something new every day :)02:54
marinenightrid3r,  it gives you several options one do explore without adding anything to your pc the other is check memory one is the actual install and the other is i forget LOL02:54
tritiumoholiab: it's useful for showing you what additional packages will be installed due to dependencies, but it doesn't check anything over the network02:55
nightrid3rMarfi: do you want to install02:55
tsuna27Tidus: what does the mean for the end user02:55
oholiabtritium: yeah, I've done it for dependencies efore ut never to check whether the package will actually download02:55
nightrid3rmarine: do you want to install02:56
Tidustsuna27: they're both easy enough to use and configure. just depends on how much resources you wish to have used by the system, as xubuntu has slightly lower system requirements02:56
bluelightningvidis there a video compression program for ubuntu?02:56
luke_Need more help with my friends wireless network02:57
tsuna27Tidus then why would any1 use ubuntu if xubuntu can run better on older systems02:57
marineno i have ubuntu installed already i want to use the unallocated partition i made with gparted the other day i couldn't do it because i'm in the system now02:57
ubottuSorry, I don't know anything about mencoder02:57
liquidbluelightningvid check out mencoder02:57
mindrapeluke_ what is wrong?02:57
ubottuWireless documentation can be found at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/WifiDocs02:57
Tidustsuna27: that's almost like using why use linux when windows is already installed...02:57
=== ohness is now known as n8tuser2
tritiumtsuna27: not everyone has older systems, for one thing.  Some people prefer gnome to xfce, for another, and *many* other reasons.02:57
nightrid3rmarine: use try out02:57
Tidustsuna27: some people prefer the feature set of gnome, some want more minimal02:57
Tiduslinux is all about choice02:58
luke_Well he went into Terminal like the other guy said, and came up with this02:58
luke_01:00.0 Ethernet controller: Atheros Communications Inc. AR242x 802.11abg Wireless PCI Express Adapter (rev 01)02:58
marinenightrid3r, no i have ubuntu installed already i want to use the unallocated partition i made with gparted the other day i couldn't do it because i'm in the system now02:58
exodus_msbluelightningvid: ffmpeg02:58
luke_So what does he do to get his wireless internet connected?02:58
nightrid3rmarine: use the first option02:58
mindrapeluke_ sudo lshw -C network          which driver is it using (look near the bottom last 3 lines of the output)02:58
marinenightrid3r,  ut that isn't adding or hanging anything the my system in other words it's a demo version02:59
mindrapeluke_         sudo iwconfig        make sure a device has wireless extentions.              sudo iwconfig wlan0 essid YOURAPNAME                  sudo dhclient wlan0                      (if you have WEP or WPA you need to also use iwconfig to set those parameters)02:59
mindrapeafter you iwconfig and set the essid you can issue              sudo iwconfig             again and if the access point on the 2nd line shows a MAC address then you are good.02:59
nightrid3rmarine: yes so you kan use gparted to work on your disks02:59
mindrapethat means you are associated.  if not then likely your driver is bunk and you will need to get a new one...02:59
mindrape2 good links for wireless:  http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?p=5693578   and    http://wireless.kernel.org/en/users/Download#DownloadlatestLinuxwirelessdrivers (2nd one is preferred choice if you use ath9k driver)03:00
nblracerI'm having a problem with switching users, i get a black screen sometimes03:00
marinenightrid3r, that's fine but when i made the unallocated part i had 60 gigs empty when  i used the demo version for some reason 1.37 gigs had been used up03:00
mindrapenblracer - CTRL ALT BCKSPC03:00
nblracerThe monitor ios on and not in stanby03:01
bluelightningvidliquid: is mencoder in the applications menu? or the package manager for you03:01
tsuna27so can xubuntu do everything ubuntu can03:01
nblracerX is running03:01
nblracermindrape:  i tried03:01
IndyGunFreaktsuna27: yes03:01
Dr_willismarine,  5% of a ext3/2 is reserved by default on any filesystem.. that is changeable with  the 'tune2fs' command03:01
marinenightrid3r, is that what it added when temparirly installing itself unto my desktop03:01
mindrapetsuna27: they are the same except for the window manager/window environment.03:01
nightrid3rmarine: some programs use 1000M for a GB instead of 102403:01
nblracerdid not work, i can her the signle noise of X restarting but still a black screen03:01
mindrapetsuna27 - if you install ubuntu then install xfce you basically are running xfce... they pull from the same repositories...03:01
mindrapenblracer - CTRL ALT F2 and login then  cd /etc/init.d    then      sudo service gdm restart         then ALT F7 to get back to X03:02
LuigiIs there a way to check what all recent file cut/paste operations have been? I think I just accidentally screwed something up and would like to at least know what I did...03:02
tsuna27mindrape: so I have no need 2 uninstall ubuntu03:02
mindrapetsuna27 - if you have xubuntu you are running ubuntu w XFCE...03:03
sirderigo#join #ubuntu-co03:03
tsuna27mindrape: okay okay03:03
exodus_msbluelightningvid: --> https://help.ubuntu.com/community/MEncoder03:03
nblracermindrape:  that does not sound like fix, but a work around03:03
dal_workhey all, having some problems with hibernate on my laptop running ubuntu. It was working but then freezing a few minutes after resuming. I thought the problem might have been the fact that the swap partition was smaller than the amount of memory in the machine, so I increased its size, but now it appears to hibernate (lots of disk activity after hitting hibernate before it turns itself off) but when turning it back on it will only do a norm03:03
dal_workal boot. The UUID of the swap partition appears to have changed when I increased its size, not sure if that's relevant.03:03
marinenightrid3r, i understand that but when i check  it now the full go gigs are avaiable when i used the demo version it had used 1.37 gigs of space03:03
mindrapenblracer - well perhaps this is a one time occurence where gdm got jacked up.  You can always check your X logs...03:03
jcapincno, pres f2 type gnome-terminal press enter type sudo apt-get install xubuntu-desktop press enter type in your password press enter tsuna2703:04
exodus_msbluelightningvid: and also take a look at ffmpeg --> https://wiki.ubuntu.com/ffmpeg03:04
mindrapenblracer cd /var/log      look at all the Xorg logs... more/less them.03:04
n8tuser2dal_work -> then go ahead and change it to the new UUID in /etc/fstab03:04
mindrapenblracer - also /var/log/messages may have some helpful info03:04
nightrid3rmarine: i have no idea what has happend then03:04
bluelightningvidexodus_ms: thanks03:04
dal_workn8tuser, thats done, it wasn't using the swap partition immediately after I resized it but it is now, it still appears to write the hibernate image then doesn't look for it when I turn the machine back on03:05
exodus_msbluelightningvid: that last ffmpeg link will help with the install here is more info --> http://ffmpeg.org/03:05
tienhello there03:06
marinenightrid3r,  i don't want to make this difficult but i just checked with partition editor and it's smaller than i first made it03:06
dal_workn8tuser, I seem to remember some text being displayed when it resumed from hibernate (when hibernate was sort of working) along the lines of "using resume image" or "looking for resume image, can't find it, doing normal init" - there's nothing like that now03:06
tienCan I run "picasa" in Ubuntu03:06
nightrid3rmarine: has to do with the blocksize03:06
ubottuPicasa from Google can be downloaded in .deb format from: http://picasa.google.com/linux/download.html03:06
mindrapetien - when you get it      dpkg -i thefile.deb        (that installs deb files that you get NOT via apt-get)03:07
marinenightrid3r, ok so like you said just use the first option and then format to03:07
daniequyin: "root(hd0,1)" what does it means the ",1"?03:07
n8tuser2dal_work -> honestly i dont trust the hibernate mode yet in linux, not quite stable yet i believe03:07
nightrid3rmarine: yes03:07
tsuna27Jcapinc: if i do that my laptop will run faster?03:08
marinenightrid3r,  and point to the ext 3 which is my linux side03:08
nightrid3rmarine: yes03:08
jcapinctsuna27 yes, XFCE is a different window manager that is lighter AKA needs less power to run smoothly03:08
luke_What exactly is my friend supposed to be looking for when he types that in03:09
luke_Cant cut/paste since hes not online on it ye.t....03:09
mindrapedaniequy: read up here... http://www.linuxmigration.com/quickref/kernel/grub.html03:09
marinenightrid3r,  ok thsnks let me ask you a question i noticed that linux uses a lot more memory ideiling tha windows03:09
emmaPerhaps someone here could tell me, how does one bring up a list of the wifi signals found?03:10
nightrid3rmarine: can't comment on that, my last windows version was win9803:10
mrwesmarine: it does?03:10
mindrapeemma - sudo iwlist wlan0 scan03:10
marinenightrid3r,  on windows with nothing runing in the backgrund i was using aout 178mb with linux it's aout 378mb it there something i'm missing03:10
mindrapeluke_  - - check /msg03:10
daniequymindrape: reading..03:11
zelrikriandohow to make screenshots of dropdown menus03:11
emmaNothing like that in the gui part of ubuntu?03:11
elashishmarine, commonly used programs are loaded into RAM, even if they're not being used03:11
mindrapeemma - gksudo network-manager    I believe03:11
exodus_msPrint Screen03:11
emmamindrape: that isn't on the new desktop without starting it from the commandline?03:11
jribemma: click on the network icon in the tray03:11
mrweszelrikriando: click on the menu to drop down and then hit the print screen key03:11
liquidDoes anyone know of a _good_ way to convert or edit AVCHD hidef video?03:11
mindrapeemma - ALT F203:11
elashishin the case that the memory becomes necessary, those programs are unloaded from RAM03:11
tritiumemma: the network-manager applet should be running in your panel03:11
luke_<mindrape> <what about it>?03:11
zopiachow do i add a printer that is directly connected to the computer with a d-printer port? (never used this sort of port; always network or USB :P )03:11
emmajrib, tritium, yes there's something there but it does not say anything.03:12
marinenightrid3r, the other thing i noticed is with windows i had aout 22 programs running in the background via windows manager and here i have about 40 programs03:12
nightrid3rmarine: linux uses ram for buffering stuff but will clear it as needed03:12
tritiumzopiac: d-printer?  Do you mean a parallel port?03:12
mindrapewhat command is he typing that you want to know how to interpret the output for?03:12
vbabiyHey does any one else have this problem http://dpaste.com/111285/03:12
zelrikriandomrwes, i am asking because that method doesnt work03:12
scunizizopiac, D port?  parallel centronics..?03:12
mindrape!cups | zopiac03:12
ubottuzopiac: Printing in Ubuntu is done with cups. See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Printers - https://wiki.ubuntu.com/HardwareSupportComponentsPrinters - http://linuxprinting.org - Printer sharing: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/NetworkPrintingFromWindows03:12
zopiactritium ya, couldnt remember any other name for it other than d-sub :P03:12
vbabiyThese two process start and just keep running till I kill them03:12
emmasays: enable networking (checked), enable wireless (checked), connetion information, edit connections, about.03:12
exodus_msluke_: it will show you what mindrape has previously typed to you all03:12
emmatritium, jrib ^03:12
vbabiyno idea what starts them03:12
tritiumzopiac: the printer dialog should walk you through it, and detect your printer03:13
nightrid3rmarine: linux uses small chunks of programs, in windows allot is one big program03:13
marineelashish, right now with just x-caht and awn loaded it's using 435md03:13
Uplinkhello :D03:13
unopzelrikriando,  open up a terminal and run this.   sleep 5 && gnome-screenshot  # that gives you 5 seconds to setup your screenshot03:13
=== chaky_ is now known as chaky
jribemma: does the command line given to you before return more information?03:14
jeeves_Mosswhat would cause my Wireless connection so be REALLY slow?03:14
disappearedngHey everyone I am doing an internal SCP transfer over lan, normally it goes about 11mb/s but now only 2 mb/s any idea how I can find out the cause of this ?03:14
emmalet's see03:14
brunnerWhen I play Flash audio on the web, it causes Miro to no longer be able to play audio.  Does anyone know why that might be happening?03:14
marinenightrid3r,  right now with just x-caht and awn loaded it's using 435md03:14
tienCan I use "mozilla thunderbird mail client in Ubuntu03:14
jribbrunner: what ubuntu version?03:14
unoptien, sure03:15
scunizitien, yes.. sudo apt-get install thunderbird03:15
nightrid3rmarine: as i said before i cant realy comment on memory usage03:15
emmajrib, mindrape, says: wlan0 interface does not support scanning.03:15
tienunop, where ca i download it ?03:15
mindrapetien - pull up Synaptic package manager...03:15
brunnerjrib: 8.0403:15
mindrapeemma - sudo iwconfig... what is the name of your wireless interface?03:15
scunizitien, system>Admin>synaptic package managerr03:15
unoptien, it's available from ubuntu's repositories03:15
exodus_mstien: sudo aptitude install mozilla-thunderbird03:16
emmamindrape: is that 'wifi0' ?03:16
brunnerI just upgraded to 64-bit Flash from Adobe's website, and that's when the audio issues started.  Flash and Miro won't work at the same time.  Once one starts playing, it disables the other.03:16
plythemanso I'm trying to update my ATI drivers, is this a good guide? http://news.softpedia.com/news/Install-Nvidia-and-ATI-video-drivers-on-Ubuntu-Edgy-44388.shtml03:16
exodus_mstien: or sudo apt-get install mozilla-thunderbird03:16
unop!thunderbird > unop03:16
ubottuunop, please see my private message03:16
jribbrunner: it will probably "just work" in 8.1003:16
marinenightrid3r, ok brother ut let me point something out i just checked and there is 41 programs loaded in my system monotor's screen03:16
brunnerjrib: why's that?03:17
plythemanI made it as far as "sudo aticonfig -initial" and it told me there's no config file03:17
mindrapeemma - most likely... sudo iwlist wifi0 scan03:17
jribbrunner: there were issues with flash and pulse in 8.0403:17
marineelashish, and most of them are sleeping ut still using ny ram03:17
emmamindrape, jrib doing sudo iwconfig actually is showing the ESSID I expected to see in a list of potential ESSIDs03:17
=== bobby is now known as odium1
brunnerjrib: I see.  How do I force a distro upgrade without using the command line?03:17
jrib!upgrade | brunner03:17
nightrid3rmarine: every peace of functionality is a program in linux03:17
ubottubrunner: For upgrading, see the instructions at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/UpgradeNotes03:17
elashishmarine, if your system is out of RAM, then the machine will start using swap - as long as swap is empty, you have enough memory available03:18
marinenightrid3r,  i have 4 gigs so it's not a big deal03:18
emmamindrape: that did it. You are quite good.03:18
spaw1how do i reset my password or see it?03:18
Nomexousmarine, unused memory is wasted memory. Linux caches lots of stuff in unused memory to make things go faster03:18
mindrapeemma-  thats what all the girls say...03:18
plythemanwhat's the easiest way to update my ati video drivers? I'm trying this: http://news.softpedia.com/news/Install-Nvidia-and-ATI-video-drivers-on-Ubuntu-Edgy-44388.shtml but its not working03:18
emmamindrape: :P03:18
plythemanplease and thanks =D03:18
[biabia]the ubuntu disk has a nice feature to install  or run live on a computer thatwont let you boot from cd, but the library has deepfreeze or something preventing it. is there a way around that03:18
jeeves_Mosswhat would cause an almost 1second ping?03:18
jeeves_Mosswhat would cause an almost 1second ping?03:18
emmamindrape: I'm surprised that there is no gui app by default on the desktop for doing that though.03:18
mindrapespaw1 - crack your /etc/shadow file            or login to single user mode (root) and        passwd YOURUSER03:19
liquidjeeves_Moss about 500ms of latency both ways03:19
unopspaw1, you can't view your password.03:19
tonsofpcs[biabia]: ask the system administrator03:19
mindrapeemma - there should be... network-manager pops up on my laptop install (I turned it off on my desktop though)03:19
emmaseems like there should be a way to see what 'hotspots' are available, if you are walking around with your laptop.03:19
tonsofpcswe will not help you break security systems03:19
marineNomexous, i was just comparing windows memory usage to linux03:19
emmamindrape: network-manager does have an icon in my system tray but it seems to have no content in it.03:19
mindrapeemma - System -> Preferences -> Sessions -> add network-manager to your startup list03:19
jeeves_Mossliquid, thanks professor.  I know that.  I've been having issues since the last update about a week ago.  even local on my LAN @ home, we're not doing much better than 200K/sec03:20
n8tuser2emma -> sudo iwlist wlan0 scan03:20
mindrapemaybe its not network-manager... lemme see if I can find it.03:20
emmamindrape: everything is greyed out except for VPN Connections >03:20
marinenightrid3r, i know windows need swap as linux does not and hasn't used any on my linux side yet03:20
Nomexousmarine: Determining memory usage in Linux is kinda tricky. You might want to google it to see for yourself.03:20
mindrapeemma - if you right-click on it you may have to choose Enable networking03:20
jribmindrape, emma: nmapplet shows it for me, but it should be displaying them by default if the card works03:20
mindrapenmapplet... that is it!!!!!03:20
bravo7I have ubuntu x6403:20
Nomexousmarine: I wouldn't worry about the fact that it seems like Linux is using a lot more memory than Windows.03:20
liquidjeeves_Moss What module does your nic use?03:21
Its_meUSB Keyboard and Mouse not working on my "Ubuntu 8.10 - the Intrepid Ibex"?03:21
bravo7I have ubuntu x64 and i can't view youtube or any thing03:21
Nomexousmarine: I hardly doubut it's the case.03:21
elashishjeeves_Moss can you test from another machine (possibly running windows)?03:21
IndyGunFreakbravo7: you need to install flash03:21
plythemanbravo7, flash plugins installed for FF/Opera?03:21
jeeves_Mossliquid, it's an Intel card.03:21
cactus__so i booted a laptop running vista with the ubuntu CD and installed ubuntu onto a flashdrive, now that's where GRUB is installed and the flash drive is required to boot03:21
marineNomexous, that's fine cause right now it says it's using 11.4% of 3.7 gigs and no swap03:22
mindrape!grub | cactus__03:22
ubottucactus__: GRUB is the default Ubuntu boot manager. Lost GRUB after installing Windows? See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/RestoreGrub - GRUB how-tos: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/GrubHowto03:22
jeeves_Mosselashish, everyone else on the network seems to have normal speed, and last time I checked, the wired Intel NIC is fine as well03:22
liquidjeeves_Moss How long has it done this?03:22
plythemanwhat's the easiest way to update my ati video drivers? I'm trying this: http://news.softpedia.com/news/Install-Nvidia-and-ATI-video-drivers-on-Ubuntu-Edgy-44388.shtml but its not working.  Please and thanks =D03:22
Its_meUSB Keyboard and Mouse not working on my "Ubuntu 8.10 - the Intrepid Ibex", please help.03:22
jeeves_Mossliquid, about a week (it started shortly after an update)03:22
bravo7plytheman for ff03:22
mindrapeIts_me: plug them in and using your ps2 keyboard (you have one, right?)  type lsusb03:22
emmai have the nmapplet showing up in the gnome panel at the top. And networking and wireless are both enabled - indeed, the laptop is on the internet right now -- but what is funny to me is that there is no list of 'available networks' in this gui.03:22
spaw1i need some one on one help with make && install03:22
elashishjeeves_Moss can you revert to the state before the update03:22
emmawithout a list of available networks it might be hard, when roaming with the laptop to know what to get on to.03:23
jribemma: what ubuntu version?03:23
Its_me<mindrape> Yes03:23
mindrapeemma - it shows them for me... if you walk around, based on the beacon timing of each router, it will update.03:23
bravo7plytheman ff03:23
emmajrib: 8.1003:23
scunizimindrape, might also be a bios setting for Its_me03:23
liquidjeeves_Moss Do you know what update(s) you installed?03:23
marinenightrid3r, windows is not even close to comparisom that's why i swtich03:23
emmamindrape: What do you click on to get the list of avaliable networks?03:23
cactus__so i should tell grub that I want it to be on my HD?03:23
jeeves_Mosselashish, I think I tired that.  This has been a longer standing install and has had 2 dist-upgrades, so I think I should blow it away and start fresh.  This is my road warrier laptop03:23
n8tuser2emma -> sudo iwlist wlan0 scan <-- is this overly difficult to type in your terminal to see hotspots around you?03:23
Its_me<mindrape> Its working correctly on my another OS, even in OS choice menu.03:23
mindrapeemma - ask jrib... I dont use that except on my laptop which I barely bootup anymore.03:24
jribmindrape: ditto03:24
elashishjeeves_Moss i would test from a boot disc first03:24
marinenightrid3r,  just want my machine to be in perfect health03:24
plythemanbravo7: check http://www.linuxforums.org/forum/linux-newbie/110894-how-install-flash-player-firefox-ubuntu.html03:24
exodus_msIts_me: did you upgrade from 8.0403:24
IndyGunFreakemma: you can left clcik on nm-applet, and it should show networks you wireless device can see03:24
mindrapeIts_me - check dmesg for errors... ?03:24
emman8tuser2: well i did that earlier and it says it does not support that, however, doing: "sudo iwlist wifi0 scan" does give me a list of available networks in the command line.03:24
bravo7plytheman for 64?03:24
Its_me<exodus_ms> No fresh install03:24
jeeves_Mosselashish, yea, I'll do that when I get home.  I think I've still got the orignal disks I ordered somewhere around the house.03:25
jeeves_Mosselashish, all I know is that the network install of Ubuntu (the mini disk) is a life saver on old/odd ball systems03:25
bravo7plytheman sudo apt-get install flashplugin-nonfree?03:25
plythemanbravo7: not sure, I'm still pretty new to buntu myself, but that should work03:25
n8tuser2emma -> replace wlan0 with your wireless nic name perhaps ath003:25
marinenightrid3r, still with us03:25
elashishjeeves_Moss agreed, and if the latest version doesn't work, i would revert back to LTS03:25
Its_memindrape: but I am using same Keyboard in PS/2 mode.03:25
bravo7plytheman i think i got it03:25
emman8tuser2: Huh?03:25
plythemansweet deal03:26
mindrapeemma - I think I might know the problem... if you got your wireless device working via        sudo iwconfig you may need to sudo ifconfig wifi0 down     then re-enable it via nm-applet so it "has control"03:26
jeeves_Mosselashish, is 9.0 out yet?03:26
elashishjeeves_Moss it's in alpha, you can try it but it's not recommended - it won't be out until april03:26
jeeves_Mosselashish, I'm wondering if it'll fix my nVidia GO issue and actully let me run 3D stuff without locking up my system every 3 mins03:26
scuniziWhat does pci=nomsi mean in the kernel line?  what does it do?03:26
elashishjeeves_Moss i doubt it, nVidia is nVidia :-(03:26
n8tuser2emma -> wireless nic names varies, it could have been wllan0, ath0, anyname0, eth103:27
emmamindrape: my guess is that the same reason "sudo iwlist wifi0 scan" works and "sudo iwlist wlan0 scan" does not, is the same reason that there is no list of available networks showing up in the nm-applet. Maybe there is some way to tell nm-applet to scan using wifi0 too.03:27
EagleScreenwhat is ubuntu hug day?03:27
mindrapeemma - maybe so... perhaps you can pass it parameters when you launch it?  man nm-applet ?03:27
exodus_msIts_me: cat /var/log/Xorg.0.log | grep EE03:27
Its_memindrape: I mean shall I connect my USB mouse first and then check for errors? because I am using same keyboard and I need it to type commands.03:27
plythemanCan someone help me with updating my ati drivers?03:27
mindrapeyes Its_me  :)03:28
jribEagleScreen: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/UbuntuBugDay/ everyone works on bugs together and hugs each other :)03:28
jeeves_Mosselashish, well, I installed the restricted drivers, and as the system runs, the "freezing" gets worse and worse.  I blame it on nVidia and Toshiba.  This "bastard child" they created has keept me close to going insane!03:28
ubottuFor Ati/NVidia/Matrox video cards, see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/BinaryDriverHowto03:28
ubottuGRUB is the default Ubuntu boot manager. Lost GRUB after installing Windows? See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/RestoreGrub - GRUB how-tos: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/GrubHowto03:28
plythemanubottu: thanks, checking now03:28
ubottuError: I am only a bot, please don't think I'm intelligent :)03:28
EagleScreenjrib I said Hug day03:28
liquidjeeves_Moss can you run 'lspci -k' and tell me what module your nic uses?03:28
Its_meexodus_ms: Thanks, I will be back in a while.03:28
emman8tuser2: Where does one make that replacement?03:28
jribEagleScreen: yes, I read that.  You didn't read my link though :)03:28
n8tuser2emma -> can be done via udev rules03:29
Its_memindrape: Thanks, I will be back in a while.03:29
jeeves_Mossliquid, one sec please.  I'm setting up a hosting account for a client03:29
EagleScreenthen bith are the same?03:29
elashishjeeves_Moss what to do, maybe replace the video card with something cheap?03:29
elashishand guaranteed to work...03:29
liquidhave fun with that, we use cPanel where I work and I loathe it03:29
exodus_msIts_me: that will just spit out a bunch of stuff look for is EE03:29
jeeves_Mosselashish, I'd love to, but this laptop has it "on board"03:29
jribEagleScreen: from the wiki: "The term HugDay is a spin on BugDay but every time someone triages a bug, then someone else should hug him/her"03:30
jeeves_Mossliquid, lspci -k dosen't work.  invalid switch03:30
mindrapejeeves_Moss: you are using ubuntu, right?!?03:30
jeeves_Mossmindrape, yes03:30
liquidmindrape That;s what I first thought...03:30
workingchairCan I get MS silverlight and photosynth to work on ubuntu?03:30
mindrape-k is a valid switch...03:30
n8tuser2workingchair -> stay in windows if you want to use those tools03:31
mindrapeworkingchair: possibly w wine... www.winehq.org and check compatability level in the appdb03:31
tritiumworkingchair: silverlight for sure.  I don't know what photosynth is03:31
jeeves_Mossmindrape, I'm getting an error that's telling me it's invalid03:31
redvamp128workingchair:  the linux one for silverlight is moonlight03:31
exodus_msmake sure he type lspci correctly03:31
liquidworkingchair Silverlight 1 is implemeted via mono, Silverlight 2 (like netflix uses) mono doesn't support yet03:31
mindrapewell it'd probably say command not found if he did that.03:31
redvamp128workingchair:  though it can only do with the stable Silverlight 1.103:31
tritiumworkingchair: I used moonlight today03:31
Fezzleranyone ever sync a Palm with Ubuntu?03:32
FezzlerI can sync everything but Evolution03:32
mindrapepersonally, if I want to use windows tools I rev up WinXP via VMWare... like n8tuser2 said, if you wanna use Windows tools then use Windows...03:32
ubottuA good guide for setting up Palm devices is at http://www.faqs.org/docs/Linux-HOWTO/PalmOS-HOWTO.html#PC-CONNECT-USB03:32
jeeves_MossFezzler, good luck!  it works a lot better than syncing to a windows mobile device03:32
workingchairWell I'm mainly just wanting to see the CNN 3D Photosynth of the inauguration.  I'll just check it out on my windows box...03:32
redvamp128workingchair:  this is the moonlight page- http://www.mono-project.com/Moonlight03:32
liquidjeeves_Moss What shell are you using?03:32
redvamp128working unless it is in 2.0 standards03:33
jeeves_Mossliquid, I think it's the default.  I know I haven't changed it03:33
redvamp128workingchair:  Though there is a beta of 2 out there and you may have to compile that can view Silverlight 2.0 content03:33
cactus__um i installed ubuntu onto a flash drive, but it installed grub there, now i think I want to install grub onto my main HD partition, but I'm confused about how to do that03:33
liquidjeeves_Moss Sorry man, I think you may have some deeper options. lspci has had the k switch since... well... like forever :)03:33
spaw1i need help with making and installing some drivers03:34
PC_NerdHi,  using gparted, how can I move a ntfs partition out of an extended partion?03:34
liquidjeeves_Moss options => problems03:34
jeeves_Mossliquid, ok, one sec, I'll try it on my Ubuntu server03:34
liquidjeeves_Moss ok03:34
ubottuSorry, I don't know anything about moonlight03:34
jeeves_Mossliquid, http://pastebin.ca/131424603:35
jeeves_Mossliquid, there ya go!03:35
brunnerWhy does my updater want me to remove Miro?03:35
mindrapespaw1 - sudo modprobe drivername03:35
spaw1i have to make it and the read me file is really confusing03:35
mindrapespaw1 - did you sudo apt-get install build-essential  ?03:36
liquidjeeves_Moss Yeah, that's what it says03:36
spaw1nope this is a fresh install03:36
Fezzlerjeeves_Moss: Have you ever sync'd a Palm?03:36
mindrapeif so then                        ./configure        sudo make             sudo make install                    from the path where the files were extracted to.03:36
jeeves_MossFezzler, nope, sorry03:36
mindrapedrop the sudo actually from the makes...03:36
jeeves_Mossliquid, see, I'm not lying!03:36
liquidjeeves_Moss You know this is a stretch, but is it possible your machine has been rootkit'd ?03:36
mindrapeor add it to sudo ./configure.  :P03:36
jeeves_Mossliquid, both systems?03:37
liquidjeeves_Moss I know for a fact your system binaries have been modified or redirected, but I can't tell you why03:37
mindrapespaw1 - usually if its a driver you need to sudo though... and in the event it fails and you wanna get rid of it then             sudo make uninstall them remove the directories...03:37
liquidjeeves_Moss Ask anyone else in this chat to run 'lspci -k'03:37
jeeves_Mossliquid, that dosen't make any sense though.  BOTH systems?  my laptop AND the server?03:37
liquidjeeves_Moss I'm not just jacking with you - that is a valid switch03:37
exodus_msI did, it worked03:37
mindrapejeeves_Moss: lspci --version03:38
jeeves_Mossliquid, I'm not saying you're lying, I'm just saying it's strange that I've got 2 differen't systems on each side of the country, and they're both pulling the same crap03:38
mindrapejeeves_Moss:   man lspci03:38
liquidjeeves_Moss Sorry man, you might want to play wack-a-mole with you staff, you might uncover some espionage03:38
jeeves_Mossmindrape, 2.2.403:38
mindrapewell mine is 3.0.003:38
mindrapemaybe 2.2.4 is ancient and -k is something else?03:38
protocol1my system said gave me a message saying the defaults for my power manager might have not been installed correctly........there a way to fix this?03:38
jeeves_Mossliquid, lol, if I play that, then the lead shot filled bomb bat is coming in from the Jag, and it's not going to look good03:39
protocol1there a way I can get this fixed?  http://paste.ubuntu.com/107414/03:39
liquidmindrape I have been using -k since at least fc5...03:39
mindrapefc5... I just barfed a bit in my mouth.03:39
jeeves_Mossmindrape, it's the same version on the laptop and the server03:39
liquidjeeves_Moss lol.03:39
Its-memindrape: I typed dmesg command after connecting USB Mouse and it displayed a very long message, how shall I show you the message?03:39
mindrapeIts-me - pastebin.com03:39
liquidjeeves_Moss Well, you def. aren't using the standard binaries that come with any contemporary release of Ubuntu.03:39
jeeves_Mossliquid, my staff are like cockroaches when I'm in a bad mood03:40
mindrapejeeves_Moss: lsb_release -a03:40
mindrapetype that03:40
jeeves_Mossmindrape, 8.04.203:40
joejcdoes it do anything if i install direct x03:41
spaw1mindrape : this is what i got i dont think it made it right http://pastebin.com/m3fa703dc03:41
exodus_msI'm new to this but I didn't see a -k option --> https://www.cs.drexel.edu/cgi-bin/manServer.pl/lspci.803:41
Its-memindrape: Here is the link of my message "http://pastebin.com/pastebin.php?dl=d68b45f62"03:41
PC_NerdAny ideas on moving an ntfs partition from inside an extended partition to "next to" the extended partition?03:41
jedi06is there something like disk defrag for linux?03:41
redvamp128joejc:  that is a question-- you should ask in #winehq -- should be able to tell you more in that room03:42
mindrape!defrag | jedi0603:42
ubottujedi06: The default Ubuntu filesystem (ext3) is engineered to avoid fragmentation issues in most cases, see http://linkpot.net/behead/ for a simple example on how it achieves this.03:42
mindrape!gparted | pc_nerd03:42
ubottupc_nerd: gparted is a !GTK/!Gnome !GUI partitioning program. Type « sudo apt-get install gparted » in a console to install it - A GParted "live" CD is available at http://gparted.sourceforge.net/livecd.php03:42
redvamp128joejc:  if you want to install direct x-- you should need wine and probably winetricks as well as a valid MS liscence03:42
_Vi_jedi06: usually defragging in linux isnt necessary,03:42
redvamp128joejc:  I would probably ask that kind of info about direct x in room #winehq03:43
PC_Nerdim using gparted, but I cant seem to find any way to actuall move the partition outside of its extended "parent"....  it seems it only creates resizes and moves within the current position (ie move it around inside the extended, but not move it out of) ?03:43
liquidjedi06 You really don't want to - you have to mount your disk in ext2 and run tools in single mode - I wouldn't even think about doing that unless you are certain your disk is really fragmented03:43
mindrapespaw1 - sudo apt-get install autoconf03:43
jeeves_Mossmindrape, any ideas on how to force an upgrade of lspci?03:43
mindrapejeeves_Moss - you can download a .deb of it and dpkg -i it03:44
jeeves_Mossmindrape, touche03:44
mindrapeor update your repos in /etc/apt/sources.list and sudo apt-get update03:44
Its-meexodus_ms: Here is the link of my message "http://pastebin.com/pastebin.php?dl=d68b45f62" after connecting USB Mouse.03:44
mindrapeor maybe yell at your cockroach staff to figure it out?03:44
edwardnihilHi all.03:44
liquidmindrape I want to know what else has been done to the machine - I wold said if basic binaries are different, than the networking issue is the tip of the iceberg03:44
Mike_92For some reason I can't open Firefox, I get the error that says: "Firefox is already running, but is not responding. To open a new window, you must first close the existing Firefox process, or restart your system." I know this usually happens right after you close Firefox and try to reopen it, however I did not have Firefox open before this happened. I'm using Intrepid.03:45
Kungfujoe_Hey guys, I'm having a B of a time getting ubuntu to embed the terminal into the desktop, would somebody please help me?03:45
Its-memindrape: Here is the link of my message "http://pastebin.com/pastebin.php?dl=d68b45f62"03:45
redvamp128Mike_92:  try opening -- system then system manager03:45
mindrapeIts-me: see this link... http://www.mepis.org/node/586003:45
redvamp128Mike_92:  I mean System- then Administration then System Monitor and look for firefox there and kill the process03:46
cactus__Mike_92:  i'd do ps -A then kill [firefox psid]03:46
arnaldocapoI there, hmm someone know what Experienced Non Manager means, when job hunting?03:46
mindrapeIts-me - I imagine the echo N > /sys/module/usbcore/parameters/old_scheme_first would fix it for you...03:46
spaw1mindrape : installed the auto config and still got the same error03:46
mindrapespaw1 - lemme look again... hold.03:46
jeeves_Mossarnaldocapo, it means you'll be someone's bitch!03:46
exodus_msmindrape: I was just curious, I searched for a man page for lspci 2.2.4 and found one. The -k option is not listed in the man page or is this irrelevant?03:46
liquidjeeves_Moss LOL, I would agree03:47
redvamp128Mike_92:  I would look for it in the System Monitor under the process tab03:47
arnaldocapojeeves_Moss: Lol, no but what does it really means03:47
jeeves_Mossarnaldocapo, they want someone who knows what's going on and COULD do the managment position, but the current manager is being a bastard03:47
mindrapeexodus_ms: thats what I found too ... :)03:47
=== ohness is now known as n8tuser
Mike_92redvamp128: It worked as killing it under processes, thanks.03:47
mindrapespaw1 - okay, I think it wants you to    sudo apt-get install linux-kernel-headers as well. cause its looking for 'em just before the error occurs03:47
Its-memindrape: "N > /sys/module/usbcore/parameters/old_scheme" is this the command that I have to type in terminal03:47
arnaldocapojeeves_Moss: ahh k03:47
liquidarnaldocapo Or, you have a seriously inept manager that wants someone to make them look good, and the ad is just the beginning of the thumbing you receive and closet treatment and non-recognition03:48
exodus_msok, so that was it then, just needs to upgrade lspci via .deb03:48
redvamp128Mike_92:  for me I have to do it at least once a night as to sometimes the clear private data hangs03:48
mindrapeIts-me - sure as the day you were born.03:48
StarheroMan, once you custimize ub to what you want, it looks really niiiiiiiiiice03:48
redvamp128Mike_92:  though I do know why-- Minefield -- testing03:48
mindrapeexodus_ms: yeah... he is on 8.04.203:48
jeeves_Mossliquid, and a lack of a "reach around"03:48
Starheroinside a cube and all 4 desktops...shit....i love this03:48
Mike_92redvamp128: It's happened to me once before, but I forgot how I fixed it that time. At least I know now in case it happens again.03:48
exodus_msmindrape: thanks, just following along and trying to learan a thing or two :)03:49
liquidjeeves_Moss Def. no reach around, I could vouch for that.03:49
=== osxdude_ is now known as osxdude
Kungfujoe_Hey guys, I'm having a B of a time getting ubuntu to embed the terminal into the desktop, would somebody please help me?03:49
jeeves_Mossliquid, I had a job like that once.  I underminded my manager for MONTHS.  it quickly esculated once her started taking pot shots @ my Jaguar.  So I just mono calking foamed his car to the road.03:49
spaw1mindrape : which one do i want to install it said i should says you should explicitly select one to install03:50
mindrapeKungfujoe explain embed the terminal into the desktop03:50
mindrapespaw1 - uname -ar03:50
tritiumjeeves_Moss: please stay on topic03:50
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ubottu#ubuntu is the Ubuntu support channel, for all Ubuntu-related support questions. Please use #ubuntu-offtopic for other topics. Thanks!03:50
edwardnihilI've been googling for over a week now to no avail, but when I set my resolution to 1280x720 it is larger than my screen both vertically and horizontally. I've been using 8.1 for a little while and loving it all I just want my widescreen sorted. I have a GeForce 7950gx2 running on a 26" BEKO HDTV (BEKO-VJAZ1) using the recommended nvidia accellerated 177 driver. If I set it to 1360x768 then...03:50
Kungfujoe_@mindrape, you know when you have the terminal in front of your wallpaper, but behind apps, and it's transparent03:50
edwardnihil...it fits vertically but is far too wide, even if I reduce the clock on my monitor as low as it'll go. Any ideas would be greatly appreciated.03:50
CShadowRunCan anyone help me? I'm trying to use garted to increase the size of a partition, it has unallocated space right next to it, and i still can't increase it's size :(03:51
jeeves_Mosstritium, thanks man, I'm sure you've NEVER gone off topic before03:51
mindrapeKungfujoe_ I think thats probably a gdesklet...03:51
tritiumjeeves_Moss: it's a *very* busy channel03:51
mindrapeKungfujoe_: answer appears to be here http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=202249&highlight=terminal+desktop03:51
jeeves_Mosstritium, this is true.  and with a name like that, I'm suprized you didn't go necular on someone.03:52
spaw1mindrape : im not installing anything im getting this http://pastebin.com/m7f3cad1303:52
ubottuGRUB is the default Ubuntu boot manager. Lost GRUB after installing Windows? See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/RestoreGrub - GRUB how-tos: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/GrubHowto03:53
mindrapespaw1 - uname -ar on its own... that will tell you the version to get.03:53
mindrapeie; kernel-headers-1.2.3-403:53
Its-memindrape: I am getting "Permission Denied" output even after adding sudo to the command.03:54
exodus_msKungfujoe_: there is an eaier way   sudo apt-get install tilda03:54
Kungfujoetilda? sounds good, i'll try that, brb03:54
liquidSo, when dmesg Tells me "Dazed and confused, but try to continue..." is this cause for concern?03:54
liquidSorry, I meant 'Dazed and confused, but trying to continue'03:55
mindrapeliquid - as long as its trying dont rush it... the Dazed and Confused 60's drug reference is ... merely for your amusement.03:56
StarheroSomething is really wrong with my sound tho, I can't capture on any devices, and I am getting wierd shit in the messages log03:56
liquidI think it's related to this (which happens right before it) 'Uhhuh. NMI received for unknown reason 00 on CPU 5'03:56
jeeves_Mossliquid, has anyone made a bulletproof "howto" on setting up a web hosting box from bare metal yet that's GOOD and works?03:56
mindrapeliquid - good those errors.03:56
mindrapejeeves_Moss - you want to do LAMP development or what?03:56
liquidjeeves_Moss Well, I would just install LAMPS from Ubuntu server and be done with it03:56
cactus__so for grub, does the command setup (hd0) create a copy of Grub on that drive?03:57
liquidmindrape What do you mean 'good those errors' ?03:57
StarheroWhen I do a test of the sound in gnome, it records for 2 sends then starts to break up and then ...just stops...sometimes the test windows then freezes!.03:57
nightrid3rjeeves_Moss: the perfect setup on howtoforge03:57
liquidmindrape I did03:57
StarheroI don't know how to fix it.03:57
mindrapegoogle is good... so I get 'em confused.  nuk nuk03:57
liquidmindrape I ALWAYS google first03:57
nisinkdoes anyone know how to enable paravitrulization for a ubuntu host03:57
jeeves_Mossmindrape, no, a good howto for setting up a Ubuntu baised web hosting server to start a company.  I'm sure that if someone made SOMETHING like that, then it could spur some more people to join us03:57
jeeves_Mossnightrid3r, you mean that mess? I followed it and it didn't work right!03:58
mindrapejeeves_Moss: I can write you one...03:58
Gobby                                                           Internet errors, only two day with ubuntu, when im on mozilla, sometimes it will fade out randomly, and sometimes when im watching youtube videos.. the box turns grey,help please03:58
jeeves_Mossmindrape, it's ok thanks.  I've got a nice little set up running right now.  I have a few clients, and it's paying for it's self and beer $$$03:58
StarheroAnyone see my last msg?03:59
StarheroOr we all too busy with everyone else problem (which is fine, just wanna kno)03:59
liquidOuch, looks like I have a bad CPU03:59
b0xxyrm -rf /03:59
cactus__zomg boxxy!!04:00
jeeves_Mossliquid, sorry to hear that man04:00
liquidb0xxy you forgot the sudo first04:00
mindrapeb0xxy you best be trollin'04:00
b0xxyoh cute04:00
tritiumb0xxy: none of that04:00
mindrape!op b0xxy telling people to rm -rf /04:00
ubottuError: I am only a bot, please don't think I'm intelligent :)04:00
edwardnihillol@boxxy, and Starhero, we saw your message, I for one don't know how to help you.04:00
redvamp128Starhero:  if you have an issue please ask and someone should help you04:00
liquidjeeves_Moss No no, it's good in this case. I'm a software engineer. I get to go tell the support dept. it's not our problem for oncem it;s the hardware :)04:00
StarheroWhen I do a test of the sound in gnome, it records for 2 sends then starts to break up and then ...just stops...sometimes the test windows then freezes!.04:01
jeeves_Mossliquid, lol, and if it was me, I'd be telling you that it must be a code issue!  LOL04:01
Starhero*2 secounds04:01
CShadowRunCan anyone help me? http://i39.tinypic.com/143418o.png Why can't i resize the ntfs partition into the unallocated space?04:01
cactus__so i accidentally Grub onto a flash drive and i can't find a good tutorial for like copying grub onto my main partition04:01
jeeves_Mossliquid, then we'd get a good laugh, order some new hardware, and hit the pub for a few pints04:01
tritiumjeeves_Moss: I recall asking you to stay on topic04:01
StarheroI do have some wierd msgs in the message log04:02
redvamp128Starhero: what is that message --04:02
Starherosomething about operation not permitted04:02
Starherolet me get the acutaul thing04:02
liquidjeeves_Moss That's sounds good to me. OTOH, I had almost forgot what a NMI was until I got that message... I love the linux kernel errors, they are so informal04:02
Starherohold on...cuz seems i have to maunally type it04:03
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jeeves_Mossliquid, give me one sec, I could use a hand figuring out WTF AWStats is telling me for an error since Tritium is acting like a catholic nun at a boarding school here04:04
liquidlol k04:04
Mattsnakescan someone walk me through burning the Ubuntu .iso onto a DVD? I am looking through the winrar archive that I torrented and I can't find a .iso file.04:04
Starheropulseaudio[5898]: main.c: setrlimit(RLIMIT_RTPRIO, (9, 9)) failed: Operation not permitted04:04
Its-meUSB Keyboard and Mouse not working on my "Ubuntu 8.10 - the Intrepid Ibex"?04:04
CShadowRunMatthew|Laptop the winrar archive that you torrented IS an ISO file04:04
Its-meUSB Keyboard and Mouse not working on my "Ubuntu 8.10 - the Intrepid Ibex", please help.04:04
redvamp128Starhero does this look like your issue -- Bug #290052 in linux (Ubuntu): “STAC9872AK failed to get sound input” <https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/linux/+bug/290052>04:05
Starherothat is one of them...let me actually open this file with something other then the log viewer04:05
CShadowRunMatthew|Laptop winrar opens .iso's like they are archives :P04:05
Mattsnakesso, when I burn it to a DVD it won't burn a winrar file onto my DVD?04:05
CShadowRunMattsnakes shouldn't do.04:05
CShadowRuncheck it to make sure, it should be a .iso file04:06
StarheroIf I kno correctly I don't have intel, I'll lspci tho04:06
liquidI don't mean to sound like a broken record, but does anyone know of a way to set limits on a process, that isn't based on user?04:06
StarheroI am possitive I have real tech04:06
Hilikushey guys, some time ago i don't know what happened but it seems openGL is not working anymore, is there some way to test if it is currently supported?? i used to use opengl to render mythtv but now it doesnt start and shows this error04:06
HilikusQGLContext::makeCurrent(): Cannot make invalid context current04:06
Hilikusi can start mythtv if i used qt but i want to fix opengl in my system04:07
redvamp128Starhero:  also check out this bug as well-- Bug #282316 in gnome-media (Ubuntu): “erratic elapsed time count in "sound recorder" ” <https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/gnome-media/+bug/282316>04:07
jeeves_Mossliquid, http://pastebin.ca/131428304:07
jeeves_Mossliquid, grrrr, I think he booted me!04:07
nisinkhas anyone had any success running the Xen enabled kernel with ubuntu especially with it acessing an encrypted disk04:07
edwardnihilNo-one knows why 1280x720 goes off my screen? The only answer I could find was to try 915resolution but when I tried to get that it said it was outdated by something I already have.04:08
liquidwell, ask him to let you stay04:08
liquidhe is an op, it's his channel04:08
edwardnihilWhere'd be the best place to get help, if not here?04:08
liquidAlso, check you suexec logs04:08
redvamp128Starhero:  check out this one from-- Andres Mujica--              Andres Mujica          wrote     on 2008-10-19:                   (permalink)                                 Also, it seems the workaround could be a simple one. https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/pulseaudio/+bug/277532/comments/2 no need to kill PA, just change in audio preferences the sound capture item to Pulse Audio Server, and it would work OK.04:08
jeeves_Mossliquid, I have no idea what/where that is04:08
tritiumjeeves_Moss: of course I did.  You were out of line with that comment.04:08
liquidlocate suxec | grep log ?04:08
CoJaBo-EeeDoes anyone know how to configure software RAID on Ubuntu Server installer?04:08
ubotturaid is Tips and tricks for RAID and LVM can be found on https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Installation/SoftwareRAID wto and http://www.tldp.org/HOWTO/LVM-HOWTO - For software RAID, see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/FakeRaidHowto04:09
jeeves_Mossliquid, dosen't find it!04:09
liquidjeeves_Moss Have you used locate? If not, make sure you sudo updatedb first04:09
MattsnakesI figured it out, thanks.04:09
liquidjeeves_Moss Try running 'sudo updatedb' first04:09
CoJaBo-Eeemindrape: The guide I found is https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Installation/SoftwareRAID , but I can't figure out what is wrong.04:09
liquidjeeves_Moss It works from an index, yours might be stale04:10
StarheroI have changed the sound cap to other things, but alas it seems to do it on ALL things I could change it to, looking at the workaround tho 1 moment04:10
liquidjeeves_Moss 'It' being 'locate', fyi04:11
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* Guest_708[A] is now away - Reason : Work04:11
redvamp128Starhero:  after that that is all I could find about recording issues--04:11
StarheroI may be about to give more insight tho, since that was only ONE log line in the message file04:11
CoJaBo-EeeI get to the step where it says "create MD device", then it says there aren't any partitions. Anyone know how to fix that?04:12
Starheropulseaudio[5898]: ltdl-bind-now.c: Failed to find original dlopen loader.04:12
nisinkyou have to make raid partitions on the disk04:12
nisinkand then when you make the MD device you add them together04:13
Starherokilling PA and trying again04:13
nisinkmaking the RAID Array04:13
CoJaBo-Eeenisink: They show up as "K raid" in the partitioner, is that right?04:13
=== keres_ is now known as keres
digitaljAnyone use Ubuntu for their desktop and Debian as a server?04:15
jeeves__liquid, ok, sorry, connection issues.  where did you say that file is?04:15
Starherogg that was it04:15
Its_meMy USB keyboard and mouse not working, please help.04:15
liquidjeeves__ Run 'sudo updatedb'. then run 'locate suexec | grep log '04:16
mindrapeI use Ubuntu for my desktop and laptop and for my server I have a zSeries tower running zOS 1.8 and zLinux in a zVM.04:16
tonyyarussodigitalj: I've used Ubuntu for both so far, but if I ever have an architecture that Ubuntu doesn't support Debian would be used for that for sure.04:16
Starherosound works in the test thing now, tho it is using onboard mic (webcam) i am sure I can change that and will...then test again...if all is well...I will be aptemping ventrilo on linux yet again04:16
Its_meMy USB keyboard and mouse not working on ubuntu, please help.04:16
tienHello, Can I install VPN (cisco) on this Ubuntu 8.10 ?04:16
jeeves__liquid, this'll take a while.  LOL04:16
CoJaBo-EeeAnyone got any ideas? It seems to be set up right, but then on the next screen it says it cant find them...?04:16
liquidjeeves__ Ok, I figured04:17
tonyyarussoIts_me: Have you confirmed that they work at all yet?  (another computer, dual-booting with Windows, etc.)04:17
jeeves__liquid, one sec.04:17
codyOk, I'm still having problems with that desktop terminal embed. I'm going to be picky, I want the terminal to be BELOW my shortcuts, not above them, kind of defeats the purpose04:17
jeeves__liquid, the DB update worked, it found it.  one sec04:17
Its_metonyyarusso: its working on my another OS and even in OS choice menu.04:17
liquidjeeves__ Cool.04:17
jeeves__liquid, one sec, I'll get the output04:18
liquidjeeves__ K. Are you in the UK?04:18
codyCould somebody who can bend the linux with their mind help me for a sec, I just need a clarification on some instructions04:18
tiendoes anyone know that whether VPN client (cisco) can be run in Ubunto 8.10 ?04:19
Its_metonyyarusso: Here is the link which is the output of dmesg after connecting my USB mouse "http://pastebin.com/pastebin.php?dl=d68b45f62"04:19
liquidcody Bend the linux with their mind? As in there is no spoon?04:19
Alinonanyone know how to get games like warcraft 2 running in Wine, full screen without having to change your res?04:19
jeeves__liquid, nope, I'm in Vancouver, Canada04:19
Alinon(already tried #winehq and the website)04:19
redvamp128Alinon:  try asking that in #winehq04:19
liquidjeeves__ Ah, ok.04:19
codyliquid basically, yeah, I'm still windowsized, can't bash too well04:19
redvamp128Alinon try this one04:20
jeeves__liquid, ok, it's looking like the thing that it's trying to run isn't in the document root.04:20
Alinonredvamp128: didn't get an answer there heh04:20
jeeves__liquid, now to track down WTF that means04:20
redvamp128Alinon: pm04:20
liquidjeeves__ The document root is the root relative to whatever it is trying to open, or ' . ' to the document04:20
tonyyarussoIts_me: hmm - I'm afraid I don't know what to do with that.04:21
liquidjeeves__ Can you upload the log?04:21
jeeves__well, I copied it from a knowen working install04:21
jeeves__liquid, I'm chewing on pastebin right now.04:21
jeeves__liquid, http://pastebin.ca/131430804:21
Its_metonyyarusso: ok04:21
digitaljtonyyarusso: you don't find Debian to run anymore stable or faster than Ubuntu in a server environment?04:21
bluelightningvidwhat would be a good video compression program? I have tried ffmgpeg and it says I have it installed yet cannot find it04:22
liquidjeeves__ OK. Also, whatever it's trying to open might be there, but it lacks permissions because the perms or ownership of the file don't jive with the UID:GID of the process atempting to open them04:22
Its_meMy USB keyboard and mouse not working on ubuntu, please help.04:22
digitaljor find Ubuntu to allow any less configuration and customization?04:22
mindrapebluelightningvid: type          which ffmpeg04:22
jeeves__liquid, hummm.04:22
jeeves__liquid, as far as I know, it's a .htaccess file to another section of the server.  it's just the stats program.04:23
liquidjeeves__ Is the file 'awstats.pl' where it's supposed to be?04:23
jeeves__liquid, as far as I know04:23
disappearednghey how do I chown of a file so that my webserver can access it ?04:23
liquidjeeves__ What do you mean a '.htaccess to another section' ?04:23
mindrapesudo chown user.group thefile04:23
jeeves__liquid, yes.04:23
mindrapereplace user and group with your new stuff04:23
PC_Nerdusign gparted on 8.10, how cna I undo "new partition table" ?04:24
jeeves__if you look @ www.moseley.ca/stats/ it works, but when I go to www.cuntpunt.ca/stats/ I get the error04:24
Wickedwhats a good network monitor?04:24
mindrapeWicked - describe what you wanna do.04:24
Its_meMy USB keyboard and mouse not working on ubuntu, please help.04:24
usserWicked: wireshark?04:24
codywhat filename should I use for a configuration file?04:24
Wickedmindrape, i want a app that will show me ingoing/outgoing speed.04:24
scuniziWicked, wireshark if you can understand everything it wants to tell you.04:24
tonyyarussodigitalj: Not really.  When you're dealing with server stuff they're very similar anyway.  My main reason is pragmatic rather than technical anyway - I simply prefer the Ubuntu community.  Debian is at leas AS stable and fast; I just don't see a compelling enough reason to use it instead.  Would be comfortable doing so of course though.04:24
codydoes it usually make a difference?04:24
Wickedusser, well like a monitor...not a packet sniffer.04:24
ziggles1Hi Guys, if i want to setup a client to be something like host.domain.com.... What do i need to do?  I'm not sure what to google.  thanks04:25
codyor just where it's located?04:25
mindrapeWicket - nm-applet doesn't suffice?04:25
liquidjeeves__ I'll be honest, I may not be able to help you further, I haven't ever personally configured awstats, it comes pre-installed on cPanel04:25
mindrapelol, I just called you an ewok, for this I apologize...04:25
Wickedmindrape, umm. im not sure. where do i install it?04:25
Wickedsays no package named nm-applet04:26
mindrapeALT F2         gksudo nm-applet04:26
disappearednghey how do I chown of a file so that my webserver can access it ?04:26
jeeves__liquid, well, I'd like to get my hands on cPanel, but I don't have the $$ right now04:26
PC_NerdAny ideas on the new partition table?04:26
Its_meMy USB keyboard and mouse not working on ubuntu, please help.04:26
mindrapeoh... Wicked - sudo apt-get install network-manager-gnome04:26
mindrapeWicked - to find what package provides a program type              sudo dpkg -S nm-applet         as an example....04:27
jeeves__liquid, I wonder if the users I created arn't in the www access group04:27
liquidjeeves__ I wouldn't recommend it. Well, I would - sort of.04:27
liquidjeeves__ That's a possibility04:27
jeeves__liquid, oh?  what do you have in mind?04:27
rebel_guican i kill tty1?04:27
mindraperebel_gui - it will probably revive itself... from PID 104:27
Wickedhmm ok. i started it..but i dont see anything? is nm-applet the little computer looking thing in the taskbar? if so that thing has been useless since i installed ubuntu.04:27
mindraperebel_gui - why do you wanna kill it?04:28
liquidjeeves__ Well, if I had time and total control over the machine, I would probably just use webmin and write some scripts to add/disable/remove customers...04:28
Wickedbecause i manually set up my interface....due to having to bridge a connection for virtualbox04:28
jeeves__liquid, that's what I'm doing right now, but I need a "dummy proof" way of doing it04:28
usserWicked: as of version 2.1 you dont have to do it anymore04:28
Its_meMy USB keyboard and mouse not working on ubuntu, please help.04:28
ziggles1where do i start to learn how to configure a host as host.something.com so i dont have to use an IP address?04:29
Wickedusser, even if i want the virtual machine to get its own ip from a dhcp server?04:29
liquidjeeves__ Well, I guess the easiest is cPanel, but don't count on them to help you in an emergency, and be prepared to find yourself stuck trying to troubleshoot a 'cPanel assimilated' machine04:29
mindrape!bind | ziggles104:29
ubottuSorry, I don't know anything about bind04:29
usserziggles1: dyndns.com would be a good start, then u can actually buy a domain04:29
ubottuSorry, I don't know anything about setrlimit04:29
fizzbaneHello. I am trying to enable emerald but every time i do "emerald --replace" and close the terminal window the bar/window thing disappears. How do i fix this?04:29
Wickedbecause i am using the newest version of vb and dont see how that is possible....but thats another issue04:29
mindrapeziggles1: go google                     BIND dns A record04:29
usserWicked: yep they made host networking really simple04:29
Wickedi just want a nice little app like xfce has.04:30
ziggles1mindrape: thanks.04:30
jeeves__liquid, the other option I've been "handed" is webmin04:30
Wickedusser, hmm ok ill have to look into it then...im still manuall making a bridge....but it works perfect for me....04:30
liquidjeeves__ I like webmin, personally.04:30
jeeves__liquid, and virtualmin I think is the one I was looking @04:30
usserWicked: in 2.1 you just select Host networking in the vb settings and it works through magic04:31
liquidjeeves__ Yeah, virtualmin is the package for multi-site hosting04:31
liquidjeeves__ I couldn't remember the name off the top of my head04:31
ziggles1liquid webmin is opensource, correct?04:31
liquidjeeves__ Correct.04:31
rebel_guimindrape, because it is unresponsive, once in a blue moon it locks up entirely, i can kill the processes running on it and its still stuck there, i would like to reload it04:31
Wickedusser, as nice as that sounds....it sounds flakey.....04:31
mindrapeyes it is ziggles104:31
ziggles1liquid, what do you like about it?04:31
jeeves__liquid, well, that's the general idea.  I have one sever in Toronto, and I'll put one up here in Vancouver04:31
liquidjeeves__ Ubuntu server manages it in the packages, so it's easy to get started04:31
jeeves__liquid, true.04:32
ubottuTo add useful applets to your panel, right click on the panel and choose "Add applet"04:32
Its_meMy USB keyboard and mouse not working on ubuntu, please help.04:32
Heavy-Dhey guys, i'm looking to install the msttcorefonts package but it says it doesn't exist anymore, how can I install it?04:32
fizzbaneHello. I am trying to enable emerald but every time i do "emerald --replace" and close the terminal window the bar/window thing disappears. How do i fix this?04:32
=== Cc2iscooL_ is now known as Cc2iscooL
liquidziggles1 I like it because it's MUCH easier than administering the system by hand, but it doesn't store meta information anywhere, it works off the files just like you would04:32
liquidziggles1 You do have to somewhat know what you are doing, it won't hold your hand. It will just make your life much easier.04:33
Wickedbah. this network app that gnome comes with sucks...doesnt even display current speeds...just the networkload...in some god awful graph like monstrosity04:33
ziggles1liquid, cool... good to know04:33
koshariHeavy-D the package is just an installer afair04:33
mindrapefizzbane: emerald --replace &04:33
liquidziggles1 For example, it *almost* completely manages backups for you ... if you want it to. Otherwise, it statys out of the way.04:33
Its_meAny one please, My USB keyboard and mouse not working on ubuntu.04:33
fizzbanemindrape, pardon?04:34
mindrapefizzbane: or you can ALT F2 and type it..       the trailing & disconnects from the term04:34
Heavy-Dkoshari: Any idea where to get it from?04:34
ubottumedibuntu is a repository of packages that cannot be included into the Ubuntu distribution for legal reasons - See http://www.medibuntu.org04:34
fizzbanemindrape: i just type & at the end of the line?04:34
=== tweak is now known as Guest78431
mindrapeyes... emerald --replace &04:34
mindrapethen you should be able to close the term.04:35
=== Guest78431 is now known as Tweaker
jeeves__liquid, ok, I reran the master update scripts, and it looks like it's a premission error!04:35
mindrapeif not then ALT F2 and type emerald --replace04:35
=== Tweaker is now known as Tweaker420
Tweaker420anyone know how to implement voice recognition software04:35
liquidjeeves__ Ok, well great! So you solved it then?04:35
fizzbaneMindrape: how do i get back to my stuff when i type alt F2?04:35
jeeves__liquid, not really, I have to find out WTF isn't set properlt04:35
mindrapeback to your stuff?04:36
liquidfizzbane Alt-F704:36
fizzbaneMindrape: emerald --replace & didnt work.04:36
spawnmindrape : i got the drivers installed and i think working its showing under resrctied drivers as in use i think i need a wireless manager what should i install04:36
mindrapeALT F2 just pulls up a utility to run commands...04:36
=== osxdude_ is now known as osxdude
mindrapeCTRL ALT F2 will drop you to tty2... ALT F7 to get back to X04:36
fizzbanemindrape: ok. thanks. im a bit new to linux so yeah...04:36
liquidmindrape Ah, yes, I meant ctrl... thanks for correcting me04:36
liquidjeeves__ Try launching the awstats daemon from the console if possible, except put 'strace' in front.04:38
liquidjeeves__ You will get a ton of information, and it will reveal unsuccessful file system calls04:38
fizzbanemindrape: alt f2 is doing nothing....04:38
mindrapefizzbane - you in gnome?04:38
jeeves__liquid, one is a conflict with GeoIP and GeoIPFree, so I'll fix that one first04:38
liquidjeeves__ You will prolly have to weed through several screens of text, but it will be there04:38
fizzbanemindrape: yes04:38
jams44Hey whats the best way to find out my what my hardware specs are on my ubuntu laptop?04:38
jeeves__liquid, yep, I know where it is.04:39
Tweaker420anyone know what software to use for voice recognition?04:39
liquidjeeves__ Ok, cool04:39
digitaljjams44: lspci04:39
werdnumIs there a guide to troubleshooting webcam installation on Ubuntu?04:39
digitaljand google04:39
ubottuInstructions for using webcams with Ubuntu can be found at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Webcam - Supported cams: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/HardwareSupportComponentsMultimediaWebCameras04:39
liquiddigitalj You beat me to it :)04:39
jeeves__liquid, I usally get hung up on the premissions thing.  I'm a windows admin, so this is a learning curve04:39
werdnummindrape: <304:39
fizzbanemindrape: yes i am in gnome04:39
jams44digitalj: thanks bruh04:40
liquidjams44 And try 'cat /proc/cpuinfo'04:40
digitaljliquid: indispensable tool for kernel configs04:40
liquiddigitalj OH yes!04:40
jams44liquid: thanks04:40
liquidjams44 Sure thing.04:40
digitaljnothing like a custom kernel tailored to your specific system04:40
digitaljwithout the extra bloat04:41
mindrapejeeves__ permissions are easy... read, write, execute... 4, 2, 1         add them together to get perms you want... 6 for rw  7 for rwx   etc....    in order from left to right its User, Group, Other permissions.... ls -alh...              touch TEST      then tinker w chmod 751 TEST     etc til you get it.  Also you can chmod u+x    for adding execute to User.  (ugo) (rwx)  + to add - to remove04:41
un_davehelp! how do i uninstall something i've installed from source ?04:41
liquidjeeves__ We have a tech at work that comes from windows (which is where I started) I basically just told him everyone always remembers perms, but don't forget about ownership (basically, those are the only 2 things in *nix)04:41
jeeves__mindrape, thanks.  I'll have to do some reading on it04:41
Tweaker420anyone know what software to use for voice recognition?04:41
liquiddigitalj Pfft, you sound like a Slackware hacker talking like that :)04:42
jeeves__liquid, true04:42
christianhello people04:42
rootrotDoes this channel offer support for virtualbox?04:42
digitaljhaha fuck slackware04:42
Odd-rationalerootrot: try #vbox04:42
digitaljwhat a pain to use04:42
tonyyarusso!ohmy | digitalj04:43
tritiumdigitalj: watch the language, please04:43
ubottudigitalj: Please watch your language, attitude, and topic to help keep this channel friendly and helpful. Remember, there are kids here!04:43
rwparris2how do I get rights to move a file into /usr/ ?04:43
digitalji'd rather use gentoo and wait for long compile times04:43
mindrapeTweaker420: http://www.lmgtfy.com/?q=install+"universal+access"+ubuntu04:43
tonyyarusso!sudo | rwparris204:43
ubotturwparris2: sudo is a command to run programs with superuser privileges ("root"). Look at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/RootSudo for more information. For graphical applications see !gksu (Gnome, XFCE), or !kdesudo (KDE)04:43
digitaljdebian is a better hacker distro04:43
rwparris2mv is move?04:43
mindrapeyes rwparris204:44
digitaljrwparris2: and rename04:44
miranda_psidigitalj: and what about Gentoo?04:44
rwparris2so sudo mv startpath destpath ?04:44
liquiddigitalj I actually started with slack... call me a masochist :)04:44
igogoliquid: slackware ?04:44
digitaljmiranda_psi: Gentoo is good for learning the inner workings of linux and learning how to customize everything04:44
digitaljyou have to compile a kernel yourself in the install04:45
liquidigogo Yeah... ubuntu/debian is far better (IMO)04:45
miranda_psidigitalj: thats what I meant - the ideal system to hack it into what you want... :)04:45
miranda_psibut as painful as hell04:45
digitaljyeah it takes a loooong time to finish an install04:45
digitaljbut its soooooo fast when you do get it up and running04:46
un_davecould anyone explain how i uninstall something i've installed from source, using make install ?04:46
liquiddigitalj Until you start trying to emerge things in life because you have to type it so often ;)04:46
mindrapeif you want to get into the nitty gritty of linux then go for linux from scratch (LFS) , gentoo, or slackware... they will force you to manually configure things.     /offtopic04:46
redvamp128un_dave:  you could go back to that folder and choose sudo make unistall04:46
mindrapeun_dave           ./configure             make                 make install                    you need to apt-get install build-essentials and kernel-headers and libc-dev I believe.04:46
un_daveredvamp128: i think i'll try that04:47
mindrapeun_dave err.. didn't read what you wrote... yeah.. make uninstall  :)04:47
igogogentoo provides genkernel to compile kernel04:47
redvamp128mindrape:  he said it was already installed-- so the same folder where he compiled should have the unistall info04:47
digitaljyeah thats true04:47
digitaljgenkernel is nice04:48
un_daveredvamp128, mindrape: cool. it seems to have uninstalled. now to install the proper way with apt-get :)04:48
redvamp128what is the program un_dave ?04:48
mindrapesudo apt-cache search WHATYOUWANT            sudo apt-get install WHATYOUWANT04:48
igogothe manage strategies, apt-get and emerge, are both excellent04:48
mindrapeif apt-cache doesnt find it then try          dpkg -S WHATYOUWANT04:48
igogohere is a really busy channel XD04:49
un_daveredvamp128: pidgin. it's installing as we speak. it needed some ssl stuff, and i realised i makde it from source, not apt04:49
digitaljyou know what really bothers me about Debian04:49
liquidOr, just run 'apt-get  moo' for all the answers.04:49
digitaljinstead of firefox04:49
igogoI can't read all messages clearly.04:50
redvamp128un_dave you could have looked in synaptic in your system under synaptic package manager04:50
mindrapeliquid - have you tried                     sudo apt-get install cowsay                              cowsay YAY!04:51
walter1hello people i just lost my whole harddrive right now i am using the live cd on my system and have ordered a new harddrive to reinstall ubuntu, my question is , is there a way to safely move my data off the old damaged harddrive?, it seems grub and the partition tables are damaged so mounting the harddrive in the live cd or booting into it didn't work04:51
ubottuSorry, I don't know anything about cowsay04:51
liquidmindrape No, I'm totally going to do that now :)04:51
un_daveredvamp128: to install it ? or uninstall it? it wasnt there, because i didnt install it from a package, it was made from the source.04:51
mindraperedvamp128 - it just draws a cow w a dialog box above it and it will say YAY!  :P04:51
mindrapeyou can tell it to say whatever you want and it takes some parameters to configure how the cow looks.04:51
redvamp128that sounds about like Hotbabe on mediabuntu04:52
liquidLOL niiiiiice04:52
liquidI love it!04:52
mindrapeyou can get cowfiles or various pics... tux, women, etc04:52
jeeves__liquid, hummmm, this is strange, there's only one domain that's being a pain (the other new one didn't have the config file made yet, hence why it was erroring04:52
redvamp128mindrape:  though that one as your cpu gets under load her clothes disapear04:52
mindrapeoh my.04:52
redvamp128Medibuntu -- Medibuntu packages <http://packages.medibuntu.org/>04:53
mindrapemy gf might get jealous (assuming I ever let her touch my holy computer w her unholy hands)04:53
kupesoftWill Ubuntu prevent me from balding?04:53
puffAnyone familiar with using rsync between two machines?04:54
redvamp128Though you can google Hair Club For Men04:54
Fezzlerhow do I use grep to find a file?  .coldsyncrc04:54
mindrapegrep is to search within files04:54
mindrapeFezzler - use locate or find04:54
mindrapelocate .coldsyncrc04:54
liquidk, the gf is dragging me off, g2g04:54
mindrapefor locate you need to periodically sudo updatedb04:54
jeeves__liquid, don't say it that way!04:54
walter1hello people i just lost my whole harddrive right now i am using the live cd on my system and have ordered a new harddrive to reinstall ubuntu, my question is , is there a way to safely move my data off the old damaged harddrive?, it seems grub and the partition tables are damaged so mounting the harddrive in the live cd or booting into it didn't work04:54
liquidGood luck, jeeves__ !04:54
redvamp128kupesoft:  ubottu google hair club for men04:55
jeeves__liquid, thanks.  TTL04:55
liquidI'll prolly be back to tomorrow, later04:55
digitaljwalter1: you would have to take it to a place that specializes in that sort of thing04:55
kupesoftredvamp128: And googling will work faster than on Windows 3.1?04:55
mindrapewalter1 - mount it               mkdir /media/OHMY && mount /dev/sda1 /media/OHMY04:55
redvamp128kupesoft:  I actually have NT4 Sp6a installed in a virtual Box04:55
mindrapekupesoft - well I run Windows 3.1 in my virtual machine and its pretty blindingly fast...04:56
mindrapeI have Win3.1, Win98, and WinXP along w OpenBSD 4.3 in VM.04:56
redvamp128mindrape add one more-- puppy linux04:56
kupesoftmindrape: I run a VM with Vista running a VM with XP, running a VM with Windows 2000, running a VM with Windows 95, running a VM with Windows 3.104:56
redvamp12894mb iso04:56
kupesoftOkay enough fun, back to work :(04:56
walter1mindrape i tried that04:57
mindrapekupesoft: I just dropped my bible...04:57
mindrapewalter1 - got errors?04:57
ziggles1does anyone know what kind of disk image vmbuilder generates by default?04:57
miranda_psikupesoft: where's windows 98?04:57
mindrapewalter1 - you may need to fsck it.... fsck /dev/sda104:57
kupesoftmiranda_psi: You win04:59
=== qbmaniac is now known as qb|away
walter1mindrape this is what i get in fdisk -l05:00
* mindrape ducks and covers in anticipation of the flood05:00
walter1dev/sda5  20809  91968   571578402   a1  Unknown05:00
mindrapeso use sda5 instead of sda105:00
mindrapewalter1 - what does sudo lshw -C storage say?05:01
walter1thats supposed to be the home partition mindrape05:01
rootrothi vbox shuts down after XP loads can anyone help? #vbox is dead ATM:http://pastebin.com/m66af93c905:01
jeeves__mindrape, how/were do you set the access for the .htaccess?05:01
walter1dev/sda1   *        7682       38572   248124181    5  Extended05:01
walter1boot partition05:01
walter1dev/sda2               1        7682    61702957   83  Linux05:01
mindrapejeeves__ you just create an .htaccess file in the directory you want the access to be uniquely enforced in.05:02
miranda_psi!paste | walter105:02
ubottuwalter1: pastebin is a service to post multiple-lined texts so you don't flood the channel. The Ubuntu pastebin is at http://paste.ubuntu.com (make sure you give us the URL for your paste - see also the channel topic)05:02
mindrapethen you go to #apache and ask or google as that isn't related to #ubuntu.  :)05:02
jeeves__mindrape, I was wondering how you add users, etc05:02
mindrapeman useradd05:02
mindrapeoh, in htaccess?05:02
jeeves__mindrape, yes.  I have the directory allready protected,  I just need to see if this is a premissions error05:03
phanbthi guys how do you downgrade kernel 2.6.24-7?05:03
=== Swish[\] is now known as Swish
phanbtI have a kernel patch for 2.6.24-7 but I don't know how to downgrade05:04
phanbtso that can't patch it05:05
phanbtI'm sorry.. Let me say this again. I have a kernel patch for 2.6.24-7. But I don't know how to downgrade to that version it's not in synaptic05:05
RegressLess1Evening all!05:06
miranda_psiphanbt: it should be an option in the boot menu to boot to that kernel05:06
RegressLess1How does one get his webcam working on Ubuntu 8.10?05:06
ubottuInstructions for using webcams with Ubuntu can be found at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Webcam - Supported cams: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/HardwareSupportComponentsMultimediaWebCameras05:06
phanbtmiranda_psi:  there is ?05:07
OmegaWarriorHello, I need help with installing Adobe's flash 9 debug plugin.05:08
miranda_psiphanbt: should be - should be 2 options for each of the -7 and -9 kernels (1 for normal boot and 1 for single user mode) you can check by looking in /boot/grub/menu.lst05:08
brand0condata recovery question: tried to erase an NTFS partition and expand a FAT partition on the same drive in order to make the entire drive FAT.  gparted couldn't finish the operation after 7+ hrs and i cannot access the drive or data05:14
brand0conany advice?05:14
=== jose is now known as smash
werdnumI'm still having trouble with a webcam.05:14
werdnumIt's made by Microsoft :P05:14
werdnumIt *seems* as though it *should* work in luvcview, but I just get a black screen.05:15
werdnumIt picks up the res and framerate and all that.05:15
brand0conpartition table seems to still be in place with /dev/sdb1 and sdb2 showing up but gparted tells me the type is unrecognizable05:15
kevinleIt says, update_modules is deprecated05:16
brand0conwerdnum: try a different program05:16
=== smash is now known as Luker
kevinlewhat do i use instead?05:16
=== les_ is now known as les
werdnumbrand0con: using Skype doesn't work either.05:16
werdnumI click 'test' and the test screen stays white.05:16
nashmackHi everyone05:17
brand0conwerdnum: lspci to see if the device is recognized in the terminal05:17
nashmackCan anyone help a newbie?05:17
ubottuPlease don't ask to ask a question, simply ask the question (all on ONE line, so others can read and follow it easily). If anyone knows the answer they will most likely reply. :-)05:17
un_davecould someone tell me how to disable my vpn connection as the default route ?05:18
werdnumbrand0con: Doesn't appear in lspci, but it does appear in lsusb05:18
werdnumBus 004 Device 003: ID 045e:0721 Microsoft Corp.05:18
nashmackK, i'm having an issue in Xubuntu, it seems I've lost my panels and don't know where to find them :(05:18
=== Luker is now known as smash
werdnumnashmack: I don't think Xubuntu has panels.05:19
werdnumright click on the desktop.05:19
brand0conim positive it has panels actually05:20
nashmackWhen I right click on the desktop it gives me the applications menu05:20
freshhawkwerdnum, uh...what? XFCE has panels05:20
brand0conhavent run it in a while but i thinnnk it has a menu entry05:20
werdnumfreshhawk: I didn't think so, oh well :)05:20
werdnumbrand0con: searching for the webcam model gives very few results05:20
brand0condoes anyone have any insight on data recovery.  partition table seems ok in fdisk but unrecognized in gparted05:21
brand0conwerdnum: bummer.  so no word if its supported or not05:21
freshhawkcan someone help me with where i can change the window resize shortcut setting? (it's alt-middle click, i need it to be alt-rightclick)05:21
freshhawkoh, not compiz, metacity05:22
werdnumbrand0con: Just a lot of people trying :P05:22
dethklokhey were is a good java room?05:22
werdnumbrand0con: There are suggested drivers to try and make it work05:22
werdnumthey won't compile on my machine05:22
gerobI'm looking to change the look of my desktop but I'm not exactly sure how I get some of the real nice desktops i've seen on gnome-look with the application bars and the widgets.  Could someone help me or point me to a good tutorial?05:23
werdnum/home/andrew/download/gspcav1-20071224/gspca_core.c:54:27: error: asm/semaphore.h: No such file or directory05:23
bluedragonI have a quick question05:23
bluedragonneed some help05:23
werdnumI'm suspecting it's kernel incompatibility, or some dodgy headers or something05:23
miranda_psi!ask | bluedragon05:23
ubottubluedragon: Please don't ask to ask a question, simply ask the question (all on ONE line, so others can read and follow it easily). If anyone knows the answer they will most likely reply. :-)05:23
brand0conwerdnum: i'd be stuck at the same point to be honest.  sorry05:23
werdnumbrand0con: :)05:24
werdnumthanks anyway05:24
brand0conit took me about 4 differerent progs before mine worked05:24
vduckHey, I'm trying to get a program (Never Winter Nights Linux Client) to use an i386 version of SDL05:24
nickrudubottu tell gerob about cairo-dock05:24
ubottugerob, please see my private message05:24
bluedragonWell My question is I am planing to buy a new computer and I don't wont to loose all my settings and everything is there a way to back up the whole ubuntu os and like restore it on my new computer05:24
brand0conmaybe another will do the trick. even vlc has capture devices supported now05:24
vduckI think (?) it's going for the x86_6405:25
vduckof the SDL05:25
h00kI have two gnome panels, both are NOT set to expand, but where would I look to make the caps (yes, I have show 'hide buttons' unchecked) (see http://drop.io/n8qxpqj)05:25
nickrudbluedragon, if you have never manually edited /etc/* , making sure you have a backup of your home should transfer all your personal settings05:25
=== tweak is now known as tweak66
h00kcaps transparent*05:25
tweak66has anyone use gnome-voice-control05:25
freshhawkbluedragon, you should be able to just copy your home folder over and be good to go05:25
bluedragonnickrud even software05:26
miranda_psibluedragon: most program settings for the user are kept in their home directory, so you can copy those and be set05:26
nickrudbluedragon, and   sudo dpkg --get-selections > mypackages.txt , moving that file to the new machine after install, then sudo dpkg --get-selections < mypackages.txt && sudo apt-get dselect-upgrade will restore the software05:26
vduckbluedragon: when you set if up, have /home mount to a separate partition. You can reinstall / without touching it. which doesn't help if you've already set it up....05:26
nickrudbluedragon, that's sudo dpkg --set-selections < mypackages.txt as the second command05:26
gerobWhat is the shortcut for switching workspaces please?05:27
bluedragonNickrud you lost me05:27
nickrudgerob, ctl-alt-> left/right arrow05:27
miranda_psigerob: ctrl+alt+(left or right arrow)05:27
bluedragonok lets say i installed ubuntu on my new computer what do i do next05:27
gerobAny reason why it wouldn'05:27
gerobt be working?05:27
nickrudbluedragon,   sudo dpkg --get-selections > mypackages.txt will get a list of all installed software, and save it in a file05:27
tweak66gerob: if you have graphics magicx all the way on you can use the mouse scroll05:27
vduckgerob, thanks for asking that; I've wanted to know that for a whiile05:28
h00kI have two gnome panels, both are NOT set to expand, but where would I look to make the caps transparent? (yes, I have show 'hide buttons' unchecked) (see http://drop.io/n8qxpqj for screenshot)05:28
mattgyver83Are Ad-Hoc networks automatically detected in hardy?05:28
h00kmattgyver83, yep05:28
miranda_psigerob: you could override or disable that feature from compiz05:28
gerobAhh might be what i did05:28
bluedragonnickrud ok got you05:28
nickrudbluedragon, then   sudo dpkg --set-selections < mypackages.txt will read that list, on the new machine, and set them up for installation.  sudo apt-get deselect-upgrade  will perform the actual download and install05:28
pizzledizzledid u know that jack bauer spent 2 years in chinese captivity where he was tortured?05:28
tweak66has anyoned use gnome-voice-control?05:28
rww!ot | pizzledizzle05:29
ubottupizzledizzle: #ubuntu is the Ubuntu support channel, for all Ubuntu-related support questions. Please use #ubuntu-offtopic for other topics. Thanks!05:29
nickrudpizzledizzle, tv talk in #ubuntu-offtopic please :)05:29
quibblerh00k, right chick on panel ..then properties the background05:29
h00kquibbler, transparent, yes, they are set to that already05:30
RegressLess1sorry, I still need help with my webcam issue. Ubuntu Community Documentation did not help05:30
bluedragonoh ok05:30
nickrud!webcam | RegressLess1 (about all I know, except mine Works for Me™)05:30
ubottuRegressLess1 (about all I know, except mine Works for Me™): Instructions for using webcams with Ubuntu can be found at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Webcam - Supported cams: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/HardwareSupportComponentsMultimediaWebCameras05:30
bluedragonthanks nickrud05:30
vduckMy program is wanting 386 versions of the SDL libraries, I'm running i686. Can anybody help?05:31
h00kquibbler, regardless of transparency, when it's not expanded, those little side-dealio's are still there05:31
quibblerh00k, do you want to expand..unexpand05:31
RegressLess1nickrud: Yes, Obottu told me that earlier (yes I know it's not a real person). It was not helpful. I wish I was that lucky.05:31
h00kquibbler, please see screenshot, I like their placement as is05:32
h00kquibbler, unexpanded05:32
RegressLess1the commands don't even work in my terminal05:32
RegressLess1and EasyCam2 errors out05:32
gerobmiranda_psi: I cant switch workspaces for some reason what setting in Compiz affects this?05:32
mykehow do i remove programs that came preinstalled with ubuntu .. for instance firefox.. i tried sudo apt-get remove firefox .. and it seemed to remove but its still there05:32
RegressLess1myke: synaptic05:33
vduckAnybody? How about: how do I apt-get the i386 SDL libs? What would they be called?05:33
EnissayHi all, i've just installed Audacious audio player and i can't find how to activate the icon in the notification area?05:33
PUNISHERHi everyone!05:33
Brack10in the guide for integrating samba with kerberos I'm supposed to check what version of MIT Kerberos libraries are installed on m y computer by entering "rpm -q krb5" which of course doesn't work.  so I tried sudo apt-cache showpkg krb5 and that also didn't work.  Anyone know how to check this on Ubuntu?05:33
PUNISHERHow are you?05:33
mykethanks regress ill give it a shot05:33
PC_NerdHow can i move a logical partition out of an extended partition?  Im using gparted at the moment.05:33
RegressLess1System/Administration/Synaptic Package Manager05:34
nickrudRegressLess1, maybe http://linuxwebcam.org/ can point you in the right direction.05:34
Brack10RegressLess1: are you directing that at me?05:34
bling4mmHello all, I have three questions. 1. How do I play rmvb and rm files (and all the other video files that VLC cannot not play) 2. What is the ubuntu quivalent of HJ Split? 3. How do I extract compressed files like rar and zip?05:34
vduckPC_nerd: I think you'd have to copy into an extended partition. I don't believe there's a way to change it. Gpart has tools for copying partitions05:35
PC_NerdOk thanks05:35
PUNISHERbling4mm: for rar archives I recommend install unrar package05:35
nickrudRegressLess1, and http://www.linuxplanet.com/linuxplanet/tutorials/6463/3/ has some good links05:35
PC_NerdGpart as in the "Manage Partitions" under sts->admin ? or how do i get/use it?05:35
h00kbling4mm, file roller will also support splitting archives05:36
mykeok odd in synaptics firefox is uninstalled ,... i assume its asking me to mark it for installation ... but it still shows up under the internet tab .. and works05:36
PC_Nerd*System->Administration->Partition Editor ?05:36
bluedragonhas any one ever used simple backup from the add/remove programs list05:36
vduckPC_Nerd: I'm working from memory, but there's a GUI tool: it shows the whole disk. You can highlight a partition, and there's probably a "copy" button somewhere05:37
vduckYou've got to have an extended part to copy it too05:37
PC_Nerdyeah I found it - thanks :)05:37
vduckYou can only have.. what 4 of those05:37
bling4mmDoes unrar extract zip files as well?05:37
vduck4 extended, and in one of those you can have 4 logical... I think05:38
PC_Nerdim attempting to move it outside of the extended partition.  its currently inside sda3 and im trying to make it so that i only have sda1 (win) and sda2 (ntfs data)  sda2 is currently inside an extedned partition.05:38
h00kbling4mm, file roller supports zip files already05:38
jdsbluedevlhi, I'm having issues installing the update for Moblock.  As in, it doesn't want to upgrade.  Neither does it want to be removed05:38
RegressLess1myke: Sorry, I've not actually tried to remove Firefox. What is the reason you want to be rid of it?05:38
jdsbluedevlwhat can I do?05:38
PUNISHERbling4mm: for zip there is archives manager.05:39
PUNISHERin ubuntu05:39
mykei just want a clean system and i dont want it in my menus, opera seems to be a much better browser oddly on ubuntu05:39
bling4mmSo file roller extracts both zip and rar, AND functions as HJ split?05:40
vduckPC_Nerd: what partitions do you have currently, and what type (logical/extend) are they?05:40
jdsbluedevlI put my error info for the moblock update on pastebin at http://paste.ubuntu.com/107603/05:40
vduckAnybody: running a 32 bit program on a 64 bit machine?05:41
vduckspecifically, SDL?05:41
jdsbluedevlit's very quiet in here, I put out my question and no one is biting either05:41
PC_Nerdvduck:  sda1 (ntfs windoze), sda3 (extended)-> sda5(ntfs data)     im currently in the proccess of removing partitions which is why sda2 and others are missing atm.   Im attempting to make:  sda1(windoze), sda2(ntfs data), so that ntfs3 can be extended with ubuntu in it.05:41
RegressLesswow Pidgin crashed05:42
CostaRicanQuakerAmarok won't play05:42
Flannel!doesntwork | CostaRicanQuaker05:42
CostaRicanQuakercan someone help me fix this, i  just clicked on an mp3 and it doesnt...do anyhting it gets stuck05:42
ubottuCostaRicanQuaker: Doesn't work is a strong statement. Does it sit on the couch all day? Does it want more money? Is it on IRC all the time? Please be specific! Examples of what doesn't work tend to help too.05:42
h00kI have two gnome panels, both are NOT set to expand (which is what I'd like), but where would I look to make the caps transparent? (yes, I have show 'hide buttons' unchecked) (see http://drop.io/n8qxpqj for screenshot)05:42
PC_Nerdvduck, I currently have a 30gb unallocated section outside of the extended partition, so im copying sda5 to there, so that I have 2 partitions outside of extended which is how I want it... waiting for it to copy  (all 29 GB of it ) - so itll be a while05:42
RegressLessmyke: does Opera work across most OS's? I'm mainly looking for as little limitation as possible.05:43
sp0tteh"fdisk -l" shows /dev/sdc1, but there is no sdc1 showing up in "/dev" (only "sdc") .. any ideas?05:43
jdsbluedevlcan anyone help with my issue with Moblock?  Again, my error info is at http://paste.ubuntu.com/107603/05:43
CostaRicanQuakerok, i have a folder, within the folder, i have mp3 files, i click on one, then amarok pops up, and nothing happens no travel from the wee progress abr and no sound either05:43
mykeopera works perfect on every os ive tried it on .. it really has grown as a browser..05:43
CostaRicanQuakerwhich is odd as youtube is playing and it has sound05:43
vduckPC_Nerd: so you've got it to do what you want? The copying will take a while...05:44
mykeyup .. biggest reason i switched is for some reason firefox wouldnt show all the tabs on my schools homework server, but opera will05:44
KetrelIs there any tutorial for setting up *ubuntu so I can SSH into it? (Assume I know fully how to take care of everything on the router's side)05:44
CostaRicanQuakerthat being said i don't know what it might be05:44
RegressLessmyke: I haven't had any problems with Firefox yet05:44
rafase282i need help with vnc05:44
jdsbluedevlvduck: yah05:44
CostaRicanQuakerbut i know this to be true: it should work, and it doesn't05:45
vducksorry, what's the "auto complete a chatter's handle" . .   how do you do that?05:45
RegressLessmyke: Sorry I couldn't help05:45
courpse__Ketrel, sudo apt-get install openssh-server05:45
courpse__then: ssh -l <login> <IP>05:45
CostaRicanQuakerok i tried with vlc, there is travel on the progress bar but htere's no sound05:45
=== courpse__ is now known as CoUrPsE|DeAd
vduckjdsbluedevl, sorry dude. I don't even know what a moblock is.... what is it?05:46
KetrelCoUrPsE|DeAd: what about starting and stopping it?05:46
CostaRicanQuakereverything seems to be fine on the sound control part of things05:46
jdsbluedevlmoblock is the Linux equivalent of PeerGuardian05:46
CoUrPsE|DeAdKetrel, sudo /etc/init.d/ssh stop05:46
CoUrPsE|DeAdKetrel, sudo /etc/init.d/ssh start05:46
CostaRicanQuakerso i can't see why i can't play sound files on the media players05:47
tienHello Ubuntu expert:  I want to use VPN client (cisco)...does Ubuntu bundled this pkg or I have to serach from internet ? Your help is great appreciated.05:47
quibblervduck, letter or two + tab05:47
blingtien: install vpnc05:47
blingtien: and network-manager-vpnc05:47
tienbling, where should i install vpnc ? I am new Ubuntu user....05:48
CostaRicanQuakerclicked on a different soundfile05:48
CostaRicanQuakersame result05:48
mykeregress its ok05:48
KetrelCoUrPsE|DeAd: one more, how would I configure what port to listen on05:48
vduckquibbler: got it, it was offering multiple choices, I wasn't typing in enough letters. Pay attention, yah?05:48
mykethis is my first time really using linux im a avid osx user05:48
vduckSee you all later...05:48
tienbling, could you give a hint how to05:48
quibblervduck, ;-)05:48
blingtien: that is the cisco vpn client.  you can install programs by going to Applications > Add/Remove (look at the bottom of the menu) OR System > Administration > Synaptic Package Manager05:49
rafase282can someoen help me with vnc server?05:49
PC_Nerdvduck, well I dont know if its what I want as a final product - but copying out of the extended, will be a sure start.  Ill then have to check the data went across safely, then Ill remove the extended, merge the unallocated space, and install ubuntu ( I kind of screwed up my previous install )     so yeah Thanks!05:49
FlannelCostaRicanQuaker: Try a different format (not mp3)05:49
tienbling, thanks...I'll look for it.05:49
CostaRicanQuakerFlannel:  how do you mean? they should play mp3s05:50
FlannelCostaRicanQuaker: Right.  But try another format to see if its an issue with the player itself, or something having to do with codecs.05:50
un_davecould someone assist me setup a vpn in 8.10. it wont connect.05:50
CoUrPsE|DeAdKetrel, nano /etc/ssh/sshd_config and change port 22 to port <whatever>05:50
CoUrPsE|DeAdKetrel, Then restart the ssh server using: sudo /etc/init.d/ssh restart05:51
CostaRicanQuakerjust clicked on a wma and it won't play either...05:51
CostaRicanQuakeraudacious that is won't play it05:51
ubottuTo install Skype on Ubuntu, see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Skype - To record on Skype, check: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/SkypeRecordingHowto05:52
FlannelCostaRicanQuaker: Try something with a free format.  Try an ogg Vorbis (.oga)05:52
CoUrPsE|DeAdCostaRicanQuaker, Does the progress bar move in the mp3 player?05:52
un_daveis there a log for the vpn connections?05:52
CoUrPsE|DeAdCostaRicanQuaker, Try shutting down any applications that use sound, eg skype and stuff liek that.05:53
CoUrPsE|DeAdThen playing ya song again.05:53
CostaRicanQuakeri have youtube going05:53
* CostaRicanQuaker closes firefox05:53
=== ein_ is now known as pria_ok
CostaRicanQuakerok well now the wma i clicked on before05:53
CostaRicanQuakeris playing05:54
* CoUrPsE|DeAd nods.05:54
CostaRicanQuakerbut that sucks05:54
CostaRicanQuakerthat means i can't have firefox05:54
Flannel!enter | CostaRicanQuaker05:54
CoUrPsE|DeAdyes, but now u can pause your music playre.05:54
ubottuCostaRicanQuaker: Please try to keep your questions/responses on one line - don't use the "Enter" key as punctuation!05:54
CostaRicanQuakerand music playing05:54
CostaRicanQuakerat the same time05:54
FloodBot2CostaRicanQuaker: Please don't flood, use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste, don't use Enter as punctuation.05:54
tienbling, I updated most of the applciations 1 hr ago, but could not find the vpnc....could you help05:54
FlannelCostaRicanQuaker: You can have firefox, you can't have flash (or maybe just youtube)05:54
CoUrPsE|DeAdCostaRicanQuaker, as long as your music player is open first, you can pause your music player, use sound device or other things, and then unpause when ready.05:54
KetrelCoUrPsE|DeAd: does it have to be nano, or will emacs do05:54
CoUrPsE|DeAdKetrel, Any text editer will be fine.05:55
CostaRicanQuakercan i have youtube playing a comedian05:55
KetrelCoUrPsE|DeAd: thanks (I was worried it was like having to use visudo)05:55
CostaRicanQuakerand then have as background music something from the player?05:55
vinceDoes anyone have any idea on how to recover passwords on an UBUNTU install if you have forgotten them?  I have attempted to load a root console to reset the pass.  It says its successfull but when I restart the user still will not accept the password I set05:55
tienbling, are you still online ?05:55
CoUrPsE|DeAdCostaRicanQuaker, open your player first, then gotto the website.05:55
blingtien: yes05:55
Flannelvince: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/LostPassword  that's the correct method05:55
blingtien: patience, i type slow.  ;-)05:55
vinceFlannel : Thanks! I'll check it out05:56
tienbling, how should I find vpnc05:56
CoUrPsE|DeAdThe oss sound driver is surpose to be bette for multiple devices using sound at same time.05:56
CostaRicanQuakerCoUrPsE|DeAd, the player got stuck05:56
CostaRicanQuakerright after i opened firefox05:56
blingtien: one sec, im looking for the repository to enable...brb05:56
kbrosnanCostaRicanQuaker: it is a conflict between pulse audio and adobe's flash player see https://wiki.ubuntu.com/PulseAudio05:56
CoUrPsE|DeAdCostaRicanQuaker, What driver is it set to in your sound prefences?05:57
tienbling....take your time....awaiting05:57
CoUrPsE|DeAdusing oss.05:57
CostaRicanQuakerCoUrPsE|DeAd, how do i check that?05:57
vinceFlannel : I have already attempted both of those methods, Using the recovery method shows a "Password Change Successfull Message" but whenever I login and try to SUDO anything it still shows invalid Password.  When I attempt to use the second method the system simply reboots and does not drop to Root Access05:57
CoUrPsE|DeAdEG: my settings, but may not be good for you, all except default mixter trascks ar set to 'OSS - open Sound System'05:58
tv7497good morning guys guys whats the name of the program that make ubuntu desktop similar to mac (the downpart)05:58
blingtien: okay, so go to System > Administration > Software Sources, on the tab on the left, there should be check boxes for repositories.  make sure the check box for "Universe" is ticked.  Then hit the reload button (next to close).05:58
CostaRicanQuakerCoUrPsE|DeAd, ALSA?05:58
CoUrPsE|DeAdSet them to OSS.05:59
Flannelvince: Oh, so you can login fine, but you can't use sudo?  Are you logged in right now?05:59
CostaRicanQuakerintel ich5?05:59
_Vi_tv7497: the dock thingy?05:59
CoUrPsE|DeAdOSS ?05:59
CostaRicanQuakerCoUrPsE|DeAd, who me?05:59
CoUrPsE|DeAdyes. Just set them all to oss,05:59
CostaRicanQuakeri don't see an oss option05:59
tv7497_Vi_: is it called dock i have no idea the bottom flashy part like in many of those screen shots05:59
CoUrPsE|DeAdKetrel, Dnt worry, i hate vi, so i dont tell anyone to use it, :D nano easy and pwnz.06:00
_Vi_yeah the dock,06:00
vinceFlannel : Yes but my system is configured to auto login to my account06:00
tienbling, Thx....I searching and update to you. Thx again.06:00
tv7497_Vi_: thanks sir06:00
_Vi_that's avant window navigator tv749706:00
CostaRicanQuakerCoUrPsE|DeAd, oh wait yes, i did, you meant hte dropdown boxes above that06:00
CostaRicanQuakerok now what do i do?06:00
CoUrPsE|DeAdCostaRicanQuaker, There is no option under Sound Playback for OSS - IOpen Sound System06:00
Flannelvince: Alright, try hitting ctrl-alt-f2 (you'll get a console) and try to log in there.  (ctrl-alt-f7 will get you back to the GUI)06:00
_Vi_tv7497: theres another called Cairo06:00
blingtien: no prob06:00
CostaRicanQuakerCoUrPsE|DeAd, so what do i do now? i changed all of those to oss06:00
phpstarhello everyone :)06:00
_Vi_tv7497: np :)06:01
tv7497_Vi_: okie sir cario , avant will google those thanks :)06:01
CoUrPsE|DeAdCostaRicanQuaker, Click close, then reboot music player.06:01
_Vi_tv7497: avant is in the repos06:01
phpstarI m using ubuntu 8.10 and everything is fine except there is no sound in Flash video  ??06:01
phpstaranyone know y06:01
vinceFlannel : Ok once I am there what do I do?  I have no issues getting to concole the problum is when I change the password it SAYS its successfull but does not appear to work.  IE I cannot get SUDO access in order to run Synaptic or other programs requiring the permissions06:01
moodyou sure it's a flash issue?06:02
phpstaryes mood06:02
phpstarcoz VLC is fine06:02
phpstarsound is fine06:02
moodwhat browser are you using?06:02
Flannelvince: Can you log in to the terminal?06:02
phpstarMozilla Firefox06:02
vinceusing ROOT yes.  I have no tried it from console under my User Name06:02
moodand you downloaded the latest flash/shockwave plugins?06:02
phpstarFlash 1006:02
tv7497phpstar: as far as i know they have fixed that thing when other program is running which uses your alsa flash sound didnt work for me in hardy its fine with ibex06:02
Flannelvince: I don't care about root.  I want you to hit ctrl-alt-f2 and see if you can log in to your user there.06:03
phpstarhmmmm it was fine for me in Hardy but not in ebix06:03
CostaRicanQuakerCoUrPsE|DeAd, now youtube has no sound06:03
CoUrPsE|DeAdCostaRicanQuaker, Does the music player?06:03
vinceFlannel : Yes I can06:03
CostaRicanQuakeryes since i opened it first as yout old me06:04
CostaRicanQuakerbut when i opened firefox afterwards06:04
CoUrPsE|DeAdCostaRicanQuaker, Pause your music player, and play something on utube.06:04
CostaRicanQuakeryoutube had no sound06:04
tienbling, I do see the "Software restricted by copyright or legal issues (mutilverse) is checked, but not seeing "repositories"....06:04
moodphpstar: can you try a standalone flash player?06:04
Flannelvince: alright, then the problem has nothing to do with your password.  Type "groups" (you can go back to your GUI now), what is the output of that command?06:04
CostaRicanQuakerCoUrPsE|DeAd, doesn't work, i even switched video06:04
phpstarhow mood ??06:04
blingtien: you want to make sure that the "universe" is checked, is it?06:05
vinceFlannel :06:05
vinceerr lets try that agian06:05
CoUrPsE|DeAdokies, thats weird, Set back to also then, and live with it.06:05
moodphpstar: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/FlashPlayerStandalone06:05
phpstari tried downloading from Flash site but its onli available in x86 and not in 64 bit06:05
vinceFlannel : vince adm dialout cdrom floppy audio dip video plugdev fuse lpadmin admin06:05
CostaRicanQuakerso you can't have both youtube and the music player at once?06:05
CostaRicanQuakerwait, what about the browser?06:05
kbrosnanCostaRicanQuaker: it is a conflict between pulse audio and adobe's flash player see https://wiki.ubuntu.com/PulseAudio06:05
CostaRicanQuakernow the music player got stuck when i tried to unpause it06:06
CoUrPsE|DeAdI've never tried. let me look now.06:06
CostaRicanQuakerkbrosnan, so what do i do about it?06:06
tienbling, I am in the main menu of "software SOurces" and under "Third Party Software...." Am I in the right path ?06:06
kbrosnanCostaRicanQuaker: read the page for suggestions06:06
tv7497phpstar: no idea mate maybe this would be helpful have a look http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=94474206:06
Flannelvince: Interesting.  You are a part of admin.  Ok, I'm unfortunately going to need you to go back to the root console.  Once there, do this: cp /etc/sudoers /home/username/Desktop/sudoers && chmod a+r /home/username/Desktop/sudoers06:06
CoUrPsE|DeAdkbrosnan, He's now using OSS.06:06
phpstarthx tv06:06
Flannelvince: (where username is your username, obviously).  We need to take a look at your sudoers file to see whats going on.06:07
tv7497phpstar: np06:07
vinceFlannel : Ok One moment please.06:07
CostaRicanQuakerkbrosnan, under known issues?06:07
CoUrPsE|DeAdCostaRicanQuaker, Youtube is working fine for me, im using OSS for everything except for default mixer. I am listening to music at the same time.06:08
blingtien: you dont want third party software.  you want the tab to the left.  i would tell you what its called, but im on windows, and i cant remember it.  its something like "main repositories" or something06:08
CostaRicanQuakerIf you experience problems with audio synchronization after installation, you may need to edit the file /etc/firefox/firefoxrc06:08
tv7497Flannel: hello sir was finally able to run enlightenment but i prefer gnome rather than that06:08
CostaRicanQuaker^where is that?06:08
kbrosnanCoUrPsE|DeAd: well what costa is experiencing is textbook for the the issue described in that pulse audio page06:08
moodany vsftpd users know how to check for version#?06:08
CoUrPsE|DeAdkbrosnan, Okies, Does OSS use pulseaudio ?06:09
CostaRicanQuakerIn previous Ubuntu releases, Flash support can be enabled in two ways: by downloading and installing a .deb from logicalnetworking.net or by building a patched version of the Flash plugin from source. (See detailed instructions below.If you experience problems with audio synchronization after installation, you may need to edit the file /etc/firefox/firefoxrc. The line referencing FIREFOX_DSP should read FIREFOX_DSP="padsp"06:09
CostaRicanQuaker^how do i do that?06:09
CoUrPsE|DeAdYes it does, nm.06:09
phpstarmood just edit vsftpd.conf file06:09
tienbling, on the tab left, there is "Ubuntu Software" is that right ? Then I don't see repositories at all06:10
mykeughh kde or gnome i cant decide06:10
moodeh? edit it? i just want to check version#06:10
kbrosnanCoUrPsE|DeAd: thought pulse audio was sort of an uber wrapper that tryed to put all the different sound devices under its control06:10
tienbling, or may be Ubuntu 8.10 is different than your version ?06:10
CostaRicanQuaker^kbrosnan,  how do i do that?06:10
phpstari think its conf file also have version info06:11
moodgrep -i version doesn't turn up anything06:11
CostaRicanQuakerdo i sudo apt-get install libflashsupport first?06:11
blingtien: yes, thats the right tab.  its possible that it got moved around between version, though unlikely.  let me see if i can get a guide to it.  i assume you are on intrepid ibex?06:11
kbrosnanCostaRicanQuaker: i don't know, i don't experience the issue06:11
_Vi_myke: you can have both (just not running at the same time of course) 'sudo apt-get install kubuntu-desktop'06:11
vinceFlannel : Ok I have the file now do you want the output for the uncommented lines?06:11
moodunless of course "vsftpd.conf.5" means verison 5. duh. thx phpstar06:12
Flannelvince: Just patse the entire thing06:12
Flannel!paste | vince06:12
CostaRicanQuakeri mean, you're pointing out that that page has suggestions for it kbrosnan so i'm assuming that there's something to be done in it06:12
ubottuvince: pastebin is a service to post multiple-lined texts so you don't flood the channel. The Ubuntu pastebin is at http://paste.ubuntu.com (make sure you give us the URL for your paste - see also the channel topic)06:12
CostaRicanQuakerbut i don't know how to do what htat page says06:12
mykevi .. yeah but why have both .. im trying to have a clean efficient . good looking system .. gnome is kind of blah06:12
_Vi_well then :P06:12
CoUrPsE|DeAdkbrosnan, Yeah, seems so.06:12
_Vi_myke: I like IceWM have you tried it?06:12
moodoh wait,  vsftpd is only at 2.0.7...06:13
vinceFlannel: http://paste.ubuntu.com/107608/06:13
Frijolieok, Ive came across an annoying problem with my window sizes06:13
mykeicewm is nice but way to simple.. and boxy lol06:13
Frijolieoften times I'll get a window which is too large to fit on my desktop06:13
_Vi_well there's themes ya know06:13
tienbling, then here are the box list under it: 1) Canonical-supported....2) Community maintained open source (univers)...3) Proprietary drivers .....4) Software restrcited ....(multiverse).....06:13
phpstarmood dude u can open sysnaptic manager and search for vsftpd :)06:13
ubottupastebin is a service to post multiple-lined texts so you don't flood the channel. The Ubuntu pastebin is at http://paste.ubuntu.com (make sure you give us the URL for your paste - see also the channel topic)06:13
Frijolieso the top of the window will "bump" up against my top taskbar but will then extend below the bottom taskbar06:13
moodphpstar: yeah, vsftpd is just so streamlined that i don't think it even self documents what version it is :-p06:14
_Vi_myke: just like fluxbox has like 20 themes (built in) so does Icewm :)06:14
CoUrPsE|DeAdFrijolie, Check /etc/X11/xorg.conf for virtual resolutions on your screen device.06:14
Frijolieand therefore I cannot resize the window by draggin on the bottom right corner06:14
mykeis there a dock for icewm?06:14
Flannelvince: Alright, everything looks... in order there.  Ok, um, open up a terminal, and do `sudo echo "foo"`  enter your password, does it give you an error?06:14
CostaRicanQuakerCoUrPsE|DeAd, kbrosnan : here http://paste.ubuntu.com/107609/06:14
CoUrPsE|DeAdFrijolie, Is it only just out of reach ?06:14
phpstaryo mood06:14
FrijolieI've heard of some workarounds CTRL + Left-clicking, and CTRL + Middle mouse06:14
phpstardid u searched in synaptic manager ??06:14
phpstar2.0.7 is latest version06:15
CoUrPsE|DeAdCostaRicanQuaker, Whats the problem?06:15
_Vi_myke: that I'm not sure of. I bet they do have something like it as a seperate download06:15
FrijolieCoUrPsE|DeAd: man that's hard to type...yes it's just beyond reach06:15
moodphpstar: yes, i know 2.0.7 is latest and greatest. the problem is i don't know what version i have installed and running06:15
FrijolieI dont know if it's a Compiz, VirtualBox, Ubuntu, or Xorg problem06:15
CoUrPsE|DeAdFrijolie, Type Co<Press Tab>.06:15
blingtien: make sure the "community maintained open source (universe)" is ticked and hit reload.  or, if you prefer the shotgun approach ( :-) ), make sure all 5 are ticked and hit reload.06:15
vinceFlannel : Sorry, Please Try agian06:15
CostaRicanQuakersorry about that06:15
CoUrPsE|DeAdFrijolie, How far out of reach is it?06:15
phpstarthen FTP with filezilla06:15
FrijolieCoUrPse: huh?06:15
phpstarand u will know ;)06:15
moodphpstar: i don't think you can :-(06:15
CostaRicanQuakerCoUrPsE|DeAd, what do i do?06:16
CostaRicanQuakeri'm sorry, i accidentally closed the window06:16
CostaRicanQuakeri'm trying to follow the directions on that page06:16
FrijolieCoUrPse: well it's usually about an inch below my bottom taskbar06:16
CostaRicanQuakerwhat do i have to do though...i typed that into the konsole06:16
mykewow .. that downloaded quick .. i just installed and downloaded icewm in about 20 seconds lol06:16
CostaRicanQuakernow what am i suposed to do06:16
CoUrPsE|DeAdFrijolie, If you move your taskbar to the side, then move it from the bottom?06:16
Flannelvince: Erm.   And you're sure youre typing the same password that you used to log in to the console a few minutes ago?06:16
CoUrPsE|DeAdCostaRicanQuaker, its installed.06:16
ganeshwhere can i get pcap.h in ubuntu06:16
FrijolieCoUrpse: nope, tried that it's below enough where I can't get it by doing that06:17
CoUrPsE|DeAdCostaRicanQuaker, You dont do anything else with that bit.06:17
vinceFlannel : Positive06:17
FrijolieCoUrPse: sometimes the CTRL + Left-clicking works06:17
Flannelvince: Alright... for yucks... what does "groups username" (where username is you) return?06:17
FrijolieCoUrPse: and sometimes the CTRL + Middle Mouse works06:17
jdsbluedevlcan someone help me with Moblock?  It won't upgrade, and when I try to remove it, it won't uninstall.  My error message is at http://paste.ubuntu.com/107603/06:17
CostaRicanQuakerCoUrPsE|DeAd, so next is changing the /etc/firefox/firefoxrc. and changing the line to FIREFOX_DSP="padsp" how do i do that?06:17
CoUrPsE|DeAdFrijolie, Okies, Look in /etc/X11/xorg.conf for virtual resolutions for your screen device.06:17
FrijolieCoUrPse: but neither are working now and it's extremely annoying!06:18
CoUrPsE|DeAdCostaRicanQuaker, nano /etc/firefox/firefoxrc.06:18
kbrosnansudo nano06:18
CoUrPsE|DeAdCostaRicanQuaker, then look for the line and change it.06:18
vinceFlannel : vince@Pong:~$ groups vince06:18
vincevince adm dialout cdrom floppy audio dip video plugdev fuse lpadmin admin06:18
CoUrPsE|DeAdyes sorry, sudo nano.06:18
Hilikushow do i install packages deemed "backports" ??06:18
Hilikusim looking at http://packages.ubuntu.com/hardy-backports/bacula06:19
tienbling, the "community maintained open source universe" was checked initially. Therefore I don't see the "reload" button ....Am i following your instruction correctly....Then where should I finf vpnc and launch it ?06:19
ubottuIf new updated Ubuntu packages are built for an application, then they may go into Ubuntu Backports. See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/UbuntuBackports - See also !packaging06:19
Hilikusand i don't have that version, i have the version in http://packages.ubuntu.com/hardy/bacula06:19
zetheroohey, I got an Ipod that says its a read-only filesystem  ... how do i get into it and full rights to it?06:19
FrijolieCoUrPsE: whoa! I have the most simple xorg file I've ever seen06:19
CostaRicanQuakerer...is there a different notepad or somethign i can open that file with CoUrPsE|DeAd ?06:19
CostaRicanQuakerit seemed odd so i just closed it i didn't want mess anyhting up06:19
gonewestcoastzetheroo: Mount read write.  But I'm reasonably sure you can't on modern iPods.06:19
FrijolieCoUrPsE: only simple entries and only about three of them, but nothing about virtual resolutions..or any resolutions at all06:19
blingtien: did you manage to install it?06:20
binMonkeyhow do i add a public key so i can download a program?  i've add the ppa info to my sources.list already.06:20
jdsbluedevlcan someone help me with Moblock?  My error message is at http://paste.ubuntu.com/107603/06:20
CoUrPsE|DeAdCostaRicanQuaker, sudo gedit /etc/firefox/firefoxrc.06:20
tienbling, okey, when I closed it, then the reload button appears, then I clicked on it.06:20
CoUrPsE|DeAdFrijolie, Humm... Im afraid im not sure then.06:20
tienbing, how do i manage to install it ?06:20
FrijolieCoUrPsE: http://paste.ubuntu.com/107612/06:20
CostaRicanQuakerum.... CoUrPsE|DeAd it opens an empty file06:21
CostaRicanQuakershould i take that final . out of the name? sudo gedit /etc/firefox/firefoxrc06:21
_Vi_!tab | Frijolie06:21
ubottuFrijolie: You can use <tab> for autocompletion of nicknames in IRC, as well as for completion of filenames and programs on the command line.06:21
jdsbluedevlcan someone please help me with Moblock?!!!!06:21
CoUrPsE|DeAdCostaRicanQuaker, Okies, i must of typod fiule, do sudo gedit /path/to/file06:21
blingtien: it will appear in the network-manager applet.  so click the applet (should be in the upper right and list networks to connect to), go to "VPN Connections" and "Configure VPN"06:21
CoUrPsE|DeAdCostaRicanQuaker, sudo gedit /etc/firefox/firefoxrc06:21
Flannelvince: well, I don't know what to tell you.  Everything looks normal.06:21
zetherooipod with read-only filesystem here ... need to delete files ...06:21
CoUrPsE|DeAdcould be it.06:21
Frijolie_Vi_: well thanks for the tip(s), I was underware of the tab completion for IRC06:21
werdnumYou were underwear of it or unaware? :P06:22
Frijolie_Vi_, and now I understand what he was trying to say "type Co<TAB>"06:22
vinceFlannel : alrighty,  I think at this point im just gona have to burn another CD.  I have no idea what else to do either06:22
CostaRicanQuakerCoUrPsE|DeAd, still empty? what am i doing wrong06:22
tienbling, is it under "system" or application ?06:22
CostaRicanQuakerit looks like the name on that page06:22
_Vi_that factoid doesnt help, but Frijolie basically just type Cou<TAB> yep yep you got it :)06:23
jdsbluedevlthanks guys, you were much help.  VOMIT!!!!!!!06:23
vinceI can login to the accounts but whenever I try to access anything with SUDO rights it acts like the password is wrong06:23
ganeshhow to install pcap.h in ubuntu?06:23
_Vi_I tried to update the !Tab factoid but the ops wont/didnt approve it yet :(((06:23
CoUrPsE|DeAdCostaRicanQuaker, Is the how-to you got for 8.10 ?06:24
blingtien: neither.  in the toolbar (called a panel) that has Applications, Places, and System, on the right side of the _panel_ there are a few buttons/icons/applets.  thats what you want.06:24
CostaRicanQuakerCoUrPsE|DeAd, i pasted waht you told me...but i still can't seem to get anything btu the empty file06:24
moodthere just ain't pleasing anyone, even with free, altruistic help :-p06:24
FrijolieCoUrPsE|DeAd, any idea what could be causing it other than Xorg? Compiz, VirtualBox..?06:24
phpstarmood did u find version number yet ??06:24
homeskillethow do you install postgres 8.3 in ubuntu? is it just apt-get install postgres-8.3 or do i need other things?06:25
CostaRicanQuakerCoUrPsE|DeAd, https://wiki.ubuntu.com/PulseAudio06:25
CoUrPsE|DeAdFrijolie, Sorry, i dont, :( I'm having a google.06:25
_Vi_dont forget 'sudo' homeskillet06:25
moodnope. i figure it's just rule of thumb to use synaptic to update to the latest and greatest. god forbid i have to downgrade06:25
phpstarif u open synaptic maanger and click on installed menu then it will show06:25
Frijoliesudo apt-get purge Gee Dubya; sudo apt-get install Barack Obama06:25
Frijolieis this an Easter Egg?06:26
phpstarit is showing mine vsftpd version as well ;)06:26
moodphpstar: schitte.... why didn't i think of that?06:26
FlannelFrijolie: No.  Please take offtopic comments elsewhere.06:26
CoUrPsE|DeAdCostaRicanQuaker, What flavour you using?06:26
CostaRicanQuakerhow do you mean?06:26
CoUrPsE|DeAdwhat version ubuntu ?06:26
CostaRicanQuakerCoUrPsE|DeAd, how do i check?06:27
liquidnething special i should keep in mind when upgrading ubuntu 8.04 kernel?06:27
moodphpstar: it works, it shows the installed version. kind of clunky for *nix though...06:27
CostaRicanQuakerHow do i check what version of ubuntu i'm on?06:27
=== ein_ is now known as ADJIE
_Vi_liquid: do you use Vbox ? if you do you'll likely have to recompile it after that06:28
liquidyes i do...good info06:28
_Vi_CostaRicanQuaker: lsb_release -a06:29
blingtien: how are you doing?  did you find it?06:29
CoUrPsE|DeAdFrijolie, Dual heads or single?06:30
CostaRicanQuakerCoUrPsE|DeAd, Description:    Ubuntu 8.04.106:30
tienbling, I found VPN under "preferences"/Network Connections" but the "VPN" tab is grayed out of the "add, edit,etc..button"06:30
_Vi_8.04 FTW! :)06:30
FrijolieCoUrPsE|DeAd, for what?06:31
SteelflintI'm trying to use Cron to execute Audacious on a timer, I have it set up in Gnome schedule, and when I "Execute" the command in the scheduler, it works, but when the actually time comes for Cron to run the command itself, it does not work.06:31
CoUrPsE|DeAdCostaRicanQuaker, do: sudo updatedb06:31
CoUrPsE|DeAdCostaRicanQuaker, do: sudo locate firefoxrc.06:31
CoUrPsE|DeAdFrijolie, Your computer, has it got 2 monitors or one?06:31
blingtien: i ran into that too, and im not sure why.  this is the place to ask that question though.06:31
KetrelCoUrPsE|DeAd: thanks, I got SSH up and running06:31
CoUrPsE|DeAdKetrel, np.06:31
KetrelCoUrPsE|DeAd: of course the purpose was so I could use Finch while in class without anyone suspecting an IM program XD06:32
FrijolieCoUrPsE|DeAd, sorry, I shoulda known what you meant. Only one monitor, I'm on a lappy06:32
CoUrPsE|DeAdFrijolie, okies.06:32
tienbling.....is there anyhow to unlock the VPN icon ?06:32
FrijolieCoUrPsE|DeAd, man, you're like the Help Desk machine! Look at you go!06:32
CostaRicanQuakerCoUrPsE|DeAd, i did the first command you told me and i lost the prompt06:32
CoUrPsE|DeAdKetrel, on terminal msn or something argh?06:32
_Vi_!cookie | CoUrPsE|DeAd06:33
CoUrPsE|DeAdCostaRicanQuaker, Wait a bit, it well come back.06:33
ubottuCoUrPsE|DeAd: Wow! You're such a great helper, you deserve a cookie!06:33
KetrelCoUrPsE|DeAd: were askign what finch was?06:33
tienbling, also isthere anyhow to configure VPN by manual (cmd) instead of GUI ?06:33
CoUrPsE|DeAdKetrel, Yeah,06:33
CostaRicanQuakerCoUrPsE|DeAd, here's to you http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OafqYNCzq5U06:33
KetrelCoUrPsE|DeAd: Text-based Pidgin06:33
blingtien: i dont know.  ive run into the same problem, but i havent had the time to figure out why yet.06:33
Ketrel(Pidgin being the multi protocall IM program)06:34
CoUrPsE|DeAdKetrel, Ahh k, well have to install it, pidgin minest well be tui anyway.06:34
blingtien: if there is, i dont know it.  i would recommend the applet plugin though, its actually quite good.06:34
CostaRicanQuakersebastian@sebastian:~$ sudo locate firefoxrc. sebastian@sebastian:~06:34
tienbling, you ran into the problem before....so you could not run vpnc on your ubuntu, right...06:34
CostaRicanQuaker^ CoUrPsE|DeAd06:34
CoUrPsE|DeAdCostaRicanQuaker, okies, then ya not going to be able to edit what dnt exist,06:35
CostaRicanQuakerCoUrPsE|DeAd, so what do i do next?06:35
CostaRicanQuakerto play both at once06:35
McDoogledoes anybody have a Belkin N1 router?06:35
CoUrPsE|DeAdYou give me time, I am not here 100% of the time to reply back to just you.06:35
CostaRicanQuakerCoUrPsE|DeAd, me?06:36
FrijolieCostaRicanQuaker, that the new Rick Roll?06:36
CostaRicanQuakerrick roll?06:36
blingtien: yes, but i have used it on a different machine where it worked absolutely flawlessly.  to me at least, it would be more worth my while to find a way to get it working through the GUI, but you may wish to do otherwise.06:36
Bogaurdi've got tightvncserver installed, as well as gnome-core and gdm. how can I have tightvnc open to a GDM login prompt? I dont want to attach to an existing screen, i want to spawn a new one..06:37
blingtien: since im interested in the answer to the GUI question, ill ask it.06:37
FrijolieCostaRicanQuaker, http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Yu_moia-oVI06:38
tienbling, thanks for your time....I might find the way to download vpnc from outside of Ubuntu, then confiugre it from there....06:38
biouserdo you think that we could roll-back the ekiga version in the repos... wouldn't want to get too bleeding edge there06:38
CoUrPsE|DeAdBogaurd, Well thats not possible,06:38
CostaRicanQuakerfrijolia that video is not vailable in my country06:38
BogaurdCoUrPsE|DeAd - why not?06:38
blinganybody know whats wrong if all of the buttons in the VPN connections manager (with vpnc installed) are grayed out?06:38
biouseranyone have ekiga + pulse audio working and liking the behavior?06:38
CostaRicanQuakerFrijolie *06:38
CoUrPsE|DeAdcoz VNC veiws what the computer is viewing at the time.06:38
CoUrPsE|DeAdits not a seperate login.06:38
FrijolieCostaRicanQuaker, hehe06:39
Frijoliebiouser, I dumped PA a while back06:39
CoUrPsE|DeAdVNC simplys passes information back and forth with whats happening.06:39
biouserFrijolie pulse audio will be breaking new ground, now just broken06:39
GrayvonIn windows you can put .log at the beginning of a notepad or word document and then anytime you open it the date and time are automatically written before you cursor.  Is there a similar command in ubuntu?06:39
Frijoliebiouser, some day we'll get skype06:39
tienso how do we figure out to ungray the VPN tab ?06:39
BogaurdCoUrPsE|DeAd: you can setup VNC to do whatever you like, it's only a protocol. I'm not talking about installing the default package and using the default settings.06:39
Frijoliebiouser, and I don't see a shovel in their hand(s) anytime soon06:40
* regeya isn't liking pulseaudio, period, biouser06:40
BogaurdCoUrPsE|DeAd: I already have it spawning new sessions, but with the X session manager, not GDM06:40
biouserFrijolie I would much prefer to go open-source of course06:40
regeyathen again, I don't have any hardware that DOESN'T have Intel HDA06:40
josephnexushello everyone06:40
josephnexusi'm running ubuntu 8.10 and installed the lamp packages...06:40
CoUrPsE|DeAdI thought you were simply running vnc server, then connecting and expected mircles.06:40
ymeHi is anybody there?06:41
regeyaturn the switch and the light will turn on, josephnexus06:41
biouser8.10 is way better for pulse audio than 8.04 at least06:41
regeyaif not, replace the bulb!06:41
Frijoliebiouser, yeah *prefer*06:41
josephnexusi can connect to my db server using phpmyadmin.. and I can create dbs and so on, but I can't connect to the db using any other method06:41
ymeI've got a problems with my mounted drivers06:41
josephnexusfor example... mysql from the terminal doesn't le tme connect... and my php app can't connect... i've made a new user in phpmyadmin and ensure it has the permissions that I need... anyone have any ideas?06:41
jrgpany way to get nvidia drivers on jaunty yet?06:42
biouserjosephnexus sounds like #php perhaps, you should look into a python framewerk :P06:42
CoUrPsE|DeAdFrijolie, http://ubuntuforums.org/archive/index.php/t-89455.html06:42
blingtien: good luck06:42
biouserjosephnexus you could stop firestarter if it is running and sudo iptables -F and that might work06:42
josephnexusit's not a php issue though, since I can't connect anywhere... i've set this up before on 8.04 and such, but this was my first time with 8.10... and the first time i've seen this issue06:42
josephnexusi'm not running firestarter06:42
josephnexusbut I'll ensure that iptables isn't doing anything06:42
ymeI specified two different entries for two different drivers in /etc/fstab, however Ubuntu exchange the entries06:43
biouserjosephnexus what does iptables -L return?06:43
Shitalhi all06:43
FrijolieCoUrPsE|DeAd, checking it out as we speak..thanks06:43
josephnexusChain INPUT (policy ACCEPT)06:43
josephnexustarget     prot opt source               destination06:43
josephnexusChain FORWARD (policy ACCEPT)06:43
josephnexustarget     prot opt source               destination06:43
josephnexusChain OUTPUT (policy ACCEPT)06:43
FloodBot2josephnexus: Please don't flood, use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste, don't use Enter as punctuation.06:43
lytemy sound card has stopped working in the last few days, i seem to recall an alsa update i installed without paying much attention, does anyone know of any known issues?06:43
josephnexustarget     prot opt source               destination06:43
biouserif all ACCEPT then that is def not the problem06:43
tienbling,   I saw you asked vpnc,,,,,but I am lost....Thanks so much though.06:43
josephnexussry... my bad floodbot2... my apologies06:43
biouserright josephnexus then I don't know, sounds like users and permissions maybe?06:43
Shitalin Ubuntu-8.10 how can i add an user to sudoers file?06:43
jrgpany way to get nvidia drivers on jaunty yet?06:43
blingtien: if you want, i can email you a solution once i find one.  it will make configuring vpnc easier in the future.06:44
biouserdoes jaunty have the new ekiga in the repos?06:44
ymecan anyone help with mount?06:44
biouseryme perhaps06:44
adamzygShital , visudo06:44
ymeHi biouser06:44
CoUrPsE|DeAdCostaRicanQuaker, Dont know where it is sorry.06:45
ubottuSorry, I don't know anything about myphpadmin06:45
ymebiouser, I have two external USB HD, for which I entered two different entries in /etc/fstab06:45
ubottuSorry, I don't know anything about phpadmin06:45
biouseryme okay06:45
liquidhas neone had random wireless disconnects with ubuntu 8.10?  It's the reason I do not use it.06:45
ymebiouser, however randomly Ubuntu will exchange the destinations06:45
tienbling, yes.....please....BTW: I just find the way of running vpnc manual (cmd)...I am figuring it out....But I hope you  plscould send me the email. would you06:46
blingtien: pm me your email and i will.  :-)06:46
ubottuSorry, I don't know anything about mysqladmin06:46
=== kompi07 is now known as bebe
tienbling, my email: tienhoodida@gmail.com06:47
biouseryme destinations as in mount points?06:47
CoUrPsE|DeAdCostaRicanQuaker, http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=68662406:47
kinja-sheeptien: Thanks.  I'll start spamming your emails.06:47
ymebiouser, yes.06:47
scuniziWhats a good gui front end for managing mysql?06:47
biouserscunizi the one that synaptic tell you about when you search MySQL in synaptic06:47
=== loz is now known as loz-
Dunazsomebody can help...i need to know, how to install my ATI Xpress 200 m06:47
ymescunizi, look for MySQL Administration tools on MySQL website06:48
adamzygMysql query Browser06:48
FrijolieCoUrPsE|DeAd, what qualifies as the <super> key? the "window's key"?06:48
Dunazeae bebe06:48
scunizibiouser, kmysqladmin.. but I thought there was another that was more recommended....06:48
biousermysql-admin package06:48
tienkinja sheep, what do you mean to spam my email06:49
Dunazai bebe você é da onde?06:49
biouserscunizi with mysql-query-browser I think or some helper program so that you can actually edit the tables06:49
syockitIs phpmyadmin considered a gui? But to me it's a gui06:49
Flannel!br | Dunaz06:49
ubottuDunaz: Por favor, use #ubuntu-br ou #ubuntu-pt para ajuda em português. Obrigado.06:49
biouseryme you can just mount without fstab, right?06:49
scunizibiouser, just hadn't scrolled down enough. thanks.06:50
ymebiouser, no worries06:50
ymebiouser, how?06:50
* josephnexus feels like an idiot... I suppose if I remembered what my password was that would help... i remembered it and now I can connect06:50
FrijolieCoUrPsE|DeAd, nope article didn't help...thanks for trying06:51
CoUrPsE|DeAdFrijolie, I dont know, :(06:51
tv7497_Vi_: sir i just avant worked cool here is the screen shot  sir how do i make this little tool bar go away in back of the avant toolbar06:51
CoUrPsE|DeAdFrijolie, okies, /me looks again.06:51
FrijolieCoUrPsE|DeAd, I'm thinking it's a VirtualBox issue06:51
biouseryme well I mount my nfs with $sudo mount /to/this/mount/location06:51
biouserI think that I had to have portmap and a few other things from06:51
CoUrPsE|DeAdFrijolie, I've never used VB before.06:51
CoUrPsE|DeAdFrijolie, so i dont think i can help ya.06:52
biouserone of the top hits for NFS ubuntu that I followed06:52
FrijolieCoUrPsE|DeAd, those keyboard shortcuts on that forum posting and others on Google will resize any window but my guest OS06:52
ymebiouser, yes, but then I'd have to do it everytime I reboot right?06:52
biouseryme that is correct...06:52
Shitaladamzyg: in that file where i have to include user name to access all the privilages??06:52
FrijolieCoUrPsE|DeAd, and the boneheads in the VBox IRC chat room aren't responding06:52
blingtv7497: you should be able to right click on the panel and click "delete this panel"06:52
FrijolieCoUrPsE|DeAd, thanks for trying06:52
ymebiouser, I'd like this to be done automatically06:52
biouseryme is there some hidden file in like the gnome settings or something that can interfere with /etc/fstab/ ? I don't know06:52
biouseryme so it always mounts it just changes location?06:53
tv7497bling: thank you sir :)06:53
ymebiouser, the worse thing is that it doesn't happen always. For instance I declared two entries: /dev/sdc1 <mount point a> and /dev/sdd1 <mount point b>06:53
ymebiouser, sometimes <mount point a> points to /dev/sdd1 sometimes to /dev/sdc1 and viceversa06:54
adamzygShital, not always06:54
lytewhat's the volume control called in gnome?06:54
tv7497bling: how can i make avant start up as soon as the desktop starts is there any option ?06:55
biouseryme these are usb drives?06:55
ymebiouser, yes06:55
Shitaladamzyg: i just want to include my user name to sudoers file, but which line?06:56
blingtv7497: yes, i think theres an option in avant to do it, but i cant remember where.  if there isnt an option, you can add it to your session by going to System > Preferences > Sessions and clicking add and then asking in this channel what to add (I dont know that either).06:56
adamzygShital, satisfy yours needs06:56
biouseryme so maybe you are changing the order in which they are plugged in, to which usb inlet, I don't know I am out of my league here, how does ubuntu know which is to be sdc1 and which is to be sdc2?06:56
ubottuSorry, I don't know anything about ubuntu-ce06:56
Ahmuck_Jrdoes anyone know if ubuntu-ce has a irc channel?06:56
jrgpis there a jaunty nvidia driver or not?06:57
ymebiouser, the drives have been assigned a name during partitioning. So /dev/sdc1 always refers to one disk, /dev/sdd1 always refers to another disk. The difference is in the mount points06:57
CoUrPsE|DeAdUbuntu will search the usb root hubs and then put them in /dev as they go.06:57
=== Kwitschibo_ is now known as Kwitschibo
adamzygroot    ALL=(ALL)   ALL06:58
adamzygShital ALL=(ALL)   ALL06:58
ymebiouser, it's like somehow Ubuntu looses the mount points for the drives06:58
CoUrPsE|DeAdyme, The /dev/sd* change.06:58
biouseryme the entries in fsatb actually change??06:58
=== Swish[\] is now known as Swish
ymeCoUrPsE|DeAd, what do you mean?06:59
adamzygShital, this is the easiest way.06:59
Shitalwhich one?06:59
adamzygShital, after the line of "root ALL=(ALL) ALL"06:59
CoUrPsE|DeAdyme, if one is plugged in before the other, or is first in line at the usb root devices, then it will be made sdc, if the other drive is first in line, it well be sdc otherwise sdd.06:59
Shitaladamzyg: k after this line, i should add "user_name ALL=(ALL) ALL"???07:00
adamzygyeah ^_^07:01
FlannelShital: Why do you want to add your user to the sudoers file?07:01
ymeCoUrPsE|DeAd, are you saying that also the internal name can change? I thought I assigned the names during partitioning. So how am I going to solve this problem?07:01
tv7497bling: thanks found this thread http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=555781 will restart and let you know07:01
FlannelShital: You just need to grant access to the user?07:01
CoUrPsE|DeAdyme, Keep them in the same place, or plug em back in the same place every time you use em.07:02
ymeCoUrPsE|DeAd, the devices are always plugged to the box07:02
Shitali want the user also to have all the access rights as root07:02
afrokenhi, is there a way to install nvidia drivers from terminal?07:02
CoUrPsE|DeAdyme, the mount point isnt changing at all, its doing what you told it to do in fstab, its just the order of devices have changed.07:02
ymeCoUrPsE|DeAd, I never change the location07:02
ganeshhow to log in as root in ubuntu?07:03
CoUrPsE|DeAdganesh, su root07:03
Flannelganesh: Use sudo instead.07:03
FlannelShital: Just add the user to the "admin" group07:03
biouserhow unrecommended would it be to update-manager -d to jaunty right now?07:03
ganeshCoUrPsE|DeAd: i tried but it is not accepting the password07:03
* CoUrPsE|DeAd nods with Flannel, There should be no need to login as root. sudo is fine.07:03
FlannelShital: You don't need to edit sudoers at all.07:03
Flannelbiouser: Jaunty is alpha software.07:04
ymeCoUrPsE|DeAd, do you think it would be worthwhile trying to exchange the entries and see what happens?07:04
ShitalFlannel: how to do that?07:04
CoUrPsE|DeAdganesh, root passwd is different to your normal password, you entered your root password when installed ubuntu.07:04
FlannelShital: sudo adduser username admin07:04
ganeshFlannel:i tried using sudo with cp command it showes some error07:04
TTilusif i conf  sys -> settings -> proxy, will updates obey it too?07:04
werdnumchild what?07:04
FlannelCoUrPsE|DeAd, ganesh: No, the root password doesn't exist.07:04
Flannelganesh: what error?07:04
FlannelCoUrPsE|DeAd: You don't set a root password during the install.07:05
ganeshFlannel: omitting the directory from where i was copying07:05
CoUrPsE|DeAdWell then mine must be diff.07:05
Flannelganesh: That's not a sudo issue then, thats a cp issue.07:05
a_l_eis there a good way to install oo.org 3.0 for 8.04?07:05
CoUrPsE|DeAdyme, Are they wrong every time?07:05
Rishabhi all07:05
syockitganesh: you're copying a directory?07:06
biouserIn software testing terminology alpha testing is done by the client in the presence of the tester or developers and the test environment is not open for the end user.07:06
syockitganesh: you'd need the -r parameter07:06
CoUrPsE|DeAdFlannel, Im pretty sure i did, and i can su root, and stick in a diff passwd to my sudo passwd, and it logs in.07:06
Rishabwhile trying to restart my network service i am getting error msg "Reconfiguring network interfaces...SIOCADDRT: File existsFailed to bring up eth0.done."07:06
ganeshsyockit: let me try yes i was copying a directory07:06
ymeCoUrPsE|DeAd, from what I can see this happens randomly07:06
biouser8.04-8.10 helped my audio so much but not enough... it is tempting to try jaunty07:06
Flannelbiouser: Right, Jaunty is not fit for normal users.  Alpha software generally is day to day.  Today's upgrades may break something that was working just fine  yesterday.07:07
CoUrPsE|DeAdyme, Then im just as confused as you.07:07
FlannelCoUrPsE|DeAd: Then you're not using Ubuntu07:07
syockitganesh: So it'd be like: sudo cp -r <directory> <target>07:07
CoUrPsE|DeAdPretty sure i am..07:07
ganeshsyockit: hey thanks it works07:07
FlannelCoUrPsE|DeAd: Are you sure you're not using some third party remix of Ubuntu?07:07
FlannelCoUrPsE|DeAd: What site did you get your ISO from, etc?07:08
CoUrPsE|DeAdNow im wondering...07:08
ganeshsyockit: hey  can u help me with pcap networking!!07:08
syockitI thought it's okay to 'su', as long as you know the 'exit' strategy07:08
ganeshpcap header file configuring07:08
kalvin_hi, can somone help, i have winxp installed on virtual box, but when i click settings it says theres a usb error, could not load usb proxy service07:08
CoUrPsE|DeAdFlannel, I got Ubuntu from a PC shop locally, NZ has crap bw caps, so i just paid $5 bucks for a copy, Maybe its not orginal... which could explain alot of other things that just dont seem to fit...07:09
zhangleiwhere is "sysconfig" directory?07:09
Flannelsyockit: Ubuntu doesn't use the root account, it's locked.  So "su" won't work.07:09
Rishabwhile trying to restart my network service i am getting error msg "Reconfiguring network interfaces...SIOCADDRT: File existsFailed to bring up eth0.done." can any one help me ??07:09
adamzyg$ whereis sysconfig07:09
biouserjaunty here I come!07:09
ganeshFlannel: can you help me with configuring pcap.h header file??07:09
zhangleithanks,i will try it07:10
ymeCoUrPsE|DeAd I exchanged the usb plugged sockets now, I'm going to reboot to see if it's happening again07:10
Flannelganesh: Likely not.07:10
syockitFlannel: oh, I mistook it with 'sudo -i'07:10
FlannelCoUrPsE|DeAd: Fair enough.  You could try to contact your LoCo team about getting a real copy.07:10
CoUrPsE|DeAdFlannel, Sounds like a idea to me. /me growls.07:11
tv7497bling: sir is it possible to secure my wi-fi router with some sort of pass phrase so that only guys i know can use it07:11
=== JamesMowery is now known as JamesMowery|away
CoUrPsE|DeAdAll this time i've had nothing in my hardware driver sections and stuff, cant enable any desktop effects, that could be it...07:11
blingtv7497: probably, but that depends on the router.  i would consult any paper or online documentation, as every router does things differently.07:12
FlannelCoUrPsE|DeAd: Sounds extremely likely :)07:12
syockittv7497: should be in the router's manual07:12
tv7497bling: syockit thanks sir will look into it07:12
CoUrPsE|DeAdLol, and i've been helping people with ther ubuntu with some 3rd party install... No wonder why some things we diff.07:13
biouserso where do I search/discuss/publish bug reports for 9.04?07:13
FlannelCoUrPsE|DeAd: #ubuntu-nz (and they have a ML, etc): https://wiki.ubuntu.com/NZTeam07:13
Flannel!launchpad | biouser07:13
ubottubiouser: Launchpad is a collection of development services for Open Source projects. It's Ubuntu's bug tracker, and much more; see https://launchpad.net/07:13
syockitThe first time I read that it seemed like "sir, do you know how to bling the router...". My eyes are getting weak07:13
Flannelbiouser: Also, Jaunty questions/support/etc is in #ubuntu+107:13
CoUrPsE|DeAdFlannel, nice...07:13
ymeCoUrPsE|DeAd it looks now they booted normally, after having exchanged the USB entry sockets07:14
blingsyockit: or you are just way cooler and have more bling than the rest of us here.  ;-)07:14
CoUrPsE|DeAdyme, Still weird, but coo coo.07:14
CoUrPsE|DeAdYay, 16 users in NZ have ubuntu+IRC~07:14
vinceHey Flannel are you still in here?07:16
biouserI should have read the topic in ubuntu+1 before starting the upgrade haha, oh well, it's time for me to give a bit back :P07:16
zhangleiwhy does not the directory "/etc/sysconfig" exist?07:17
Flannelvince: Yep07:17
syockitzhanglei: why do you want it exist?07:18
CoUrPsE|DeAdzhanglei, Are you looking for /etc/sysctl.d/ ?07:18
vinceFlannel : I figured it out although I have no idea why the heck this worked nor why it wasn't working.  I logged in via a straight console and went into root.  I then disabled the autologin on GDM.  Once I did that I was able to reset the password and now it's taking it.07:18
Flannelvince: Odd indeed.07:18
vinceFlannel : But it seems to have had something to do with the autologin07:19
norgayhi.....how do I share a folder to another computer on a windows network through samba07:19
zhangleicuz it contain a lot of configs by the book07:19
syockitlet's try !samba07:20
ubottuSamba is the way to cooperate with Windows environments. Links with more info: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/MountWindowsSharesPermanently and http://help.ubuntu.com/ubuntu/serverguide/C/windows-networking.html - Samba can be administered via the web with SWAT.  Also see https://bugs.launchpad.net/bugs/21209807:20
zhangleibut i can't find it07:20
syockitzhanglei: What book?07:21
nyaaI'm trying to speed up my boot time, if I remove 3 tty's, what exactly am I getting rid of?  What do tty's do?07:21
syockitzhanglei: More importantly, what year is that book?07:21
IchiFishnyaa: ttys are the things which listen for logins when you press ctrl-alt-F*07:21
=== JamesMowery|away is now known as JamesMowery
syockitnyaa: You don't get to increase that much time with that07:21
IchiFishnyaa: although, to be honest, they're small enough that stopping them booting will only decrease your boot time minimally07:21
lstarnesnyaa: they are consoles or terminals07:21
nyaaso if I push control-alt-f2, then another users session comes up?  all I got was a black screen07:22
syockitMaybe you'll increase more productivity if you learn how to live in ttys. No more X!!07:22
syockitnyaa: ? No login prompt?07:22
IchiFishI get some garbage on X startup relating to old contents of the framebuffer. this includes stuff from other operating systems. I suspect a way around this would be to clear the framebuffer before X start. how would I go about this?07:23
nyaasycokit I'm trying with f1 next so I guess I may dissapear, but there was no login prompt.  this is a 1 user machine hehe07:23
nyaahere goes07:23
CoUrPsE|DeAdUm, Anyone tell him how to get back to X?07:25
* CoUrPsE|DeAd chuckles a little.07:25
CoUrPsE|DeAdlol. Guess he didnt figure it out.07:25
ActionParsnipstartx or gmd start07:25
IchiFish...or just ctrl-alt-f707:26
* CoUrPsE|DeAd nods.07:26
CoUrPsE|DeAdBut peeps told him to press cltr+alt+F1 and didnt tell him how to get back to X.07:26
IchiFishI would hope that he could figure it out himself, even if through trial and error07:27
tv7497bling: for network authentication what should i go to wep , wpa ,wpa2 wpa2-psk mixed wpa2/wpa-psk07:27
CoUrPsE|DeAdWell he just disconnecged eith connection reset so im guessing he didnt, if he was willing to try a few combinations he would of figured it out, doesnt take a genious...07:27
tv7497guys anyone ?07:28
nyaawhy would you use tty instead of a terminal?07:29
tv7497nyaa: hi !!!!!!!!!07:29
IchiFishnyaa: they were used in the pre-X days07:29
nyaahey tv =)07:29
IchiFishnyaa: also if X dies for some reason07:29
CoUrPsE|DeAdtty pwnz.07:29
CoUrPsE|DeAdtty is good for dedicated servers.07:29
IchiFishnyaa: also if you don't want to use X in the first place because you're all hardcore teminally07:29
CoUrPsE|DeAdand repair jobs.07:29
nyaaI kinda like tty now that I've figured it out a little, but I don't think I need 6 of them for a laptop with no server purpose =)07:30
tv7497nyaa: could you help me with what should i go with my Network Authentication wep , wpa ,wpa2 wpa2-psk mixed wpa2/wpa-psk07:30
nyaastill, is there a better way to speed up boot times?07:30
IchiFishnyaa: even so, disabling them will do little07:30
CoUrPsE|DeAdif a tty is sitting there with going, then it aint gunna use jack ****.07:30
IchiFishtv7497: I'd recommend you go with wpa, it's a good compromise of security and compatibility07:30
IchiFishnyaa: I'd recommend you take a look at http://lwn.net/Articles/299483/07:31
tv7497IchiFish: thank you sir07:31
IchiFishnyaa: bootchart in particular is fun07:31
IchiFishnyaa: depending on how much experience you have with linux compiling a kernel without modules can speed up kernel boot a fair bit07:31
CoUrPsE|DeAdYou could get a better pc, :P07:32
IchiFishnyaa: and disabling any unneeded services in /etc/rc*.d (see update-rc.d)07:32
alprixhi can some one tell me how to have efnet start on connet07:32
CoUrPsE|DeAdalprix, Xchat ?07:32
nyaaichifish I'll check it out, thanks =)07:33
moodalprix: your client usually has a gui that enables you to auto connect upon startup07:33
homeskilletdo programs run faster on 64bit ubuntu?07:33
moodalprix: check your preferences07:33
CoUrPsE|DeAdalprix, Xchat/Network list/ select efnet, click edit, enable "auto connect to this network on startup" For further information ask in #xchat07:33
IchiFishhomeskillet: depends what you're doing as far as I know07:33
IchiFishhomeskillet: for most things, not significantly07:34
homeskilletlike will firefox load faster07:34
alprixok thanks07:34
CoUrPsE|DeAdUm, firefox itself doesnt take much to load anyway.07:34
KunalagonHello, I just want to check if it is possible to browse Windows shares using Nuatilus in Ubuntu 8.10 ? I tried yesterday, but no share are displayed. Maybe, something is wrong setup in Windows. But when I share folder in Ubuntu, Windows is able to see it. So, if somebody can tell me if there is some bug about that or it is MY mistake somehow?07:34
IchiFishcourpse|dead: depends what sort of a system you're on :P07:34
CoUrPsE|DeAdKunalagon, Windows Vista ?07:34
IchiFishif you want to make firefox load lightning quick, set up a ramdisk and dump firefox and its libs in that07:35
CoUrPsE|DeAdIchiFish, Meaning a hos?07:35
KunalagonCoUrPsE|DeAd: no, Windows XP Professional07:35
IchiFishcourspe|dead: hos?07:35
* CoUrPsE|DeAd shurgs firefox opens from my 'sessions' and gets sent to virtual desktop 2, second head, using devilspie, and doesnt get closed when my pc is on.07:36
CoUrPsE|DeAdIchiFish, /noticed what i meant.07:36
IchiFishcourpse|dead: even so, compared to, say, opera, firefox is slow07:36
IchiFishcourse|dead: and not all of us can afford system upgrades every few years07:37
CoUrPsE|DeAdGuess so, fixfox pwnz thou. :)07:37
CoUrPsE|DeAdoh neither can i, i aint even got a GB of ram, or a 64bit cpu.07:37
* CoUrPsE|DeAd is old school.07:37
IchiFishcourpse|dead: yeah, same here, firefox still kills my system whenever it's in a bad mood07:37
syockithomeskillet: 64-bit is not significantly faster07:37
werdnumIt depends on your use case.07:38
CoUrPsE|DeAdIchiFish, Humm, I've never bothered bout tweaking to get it to run fase.07:38
howlsomething really weird is going on with my user's groups07:39
Shitalwhich command i should use in 8.10 to install kde4, what all the repositories i have to add?07:39
syockitnyaa: also, check if your system's running those server that you don't really need as a normal user, like apache, mysql, etc...07:40
syockitShital: You mean you're on Ubuntu?07:40
syockitShital: and not Kubuntu?07:40
syockitShital: sudo apt-get install kubuntu-desktop07:41
Shitalyess i installed ubuntu with live CD, now with internet i want to install kde407:41
syockitwerdnum: I refer to his case of starting firefox07:41
=== mike is now known as Guest6439
werdnumFirefox loading is disk-bound, I think.07:42
werdnumso the fastest processor in the world won't help.07:42
syockitshiman__: refer http://www.psychocats.net/ubuntu/kde . But if you still want to use GNOME, don't change to kdm07:43
howla little while ago I could type groups and www-data would show up but I couldn't write or modify files despite belonging to the group.  I opened up the group manager in ubuntu and www-data didn't even exist.  So I created it.  Now when I type "groups" I get an error "id: cannot find name for group ID 33".  I look in /etc/groups and there is no group 33 ... any ideas/ways to solve this?07:43
CrownAmbassadorInternet connection via ADSL (LAN, wired connection) with 8.10 on some computers seems to be a problem. Looks like a lot of people has this problem but no one has a work around. Anyone here having this problem?07:44
IchiFishcrownambassador: any specifics?07:45
CoUrPsE|DeAdYou havent stated a problem...07:45
syockitCrownAmbassador: it's too generic to say ADSL. It might be problem with the network card/interface07:45
CrownAmbassadorThis is what I posted in the Ubuntu Forum: Hi guys.07:46
CrownAmbassadorI might have asked this question here before, but nobody could help me, so as this is about 2 and a half months later I figured I'd try again. Was actually hoping this would be sorted out via a update by now.07:46
CrownAmbassadorSince doing a fresh install to 8.10, my ADSL (wired, lan or whatever you wanna call it) does not work. When I plug the modem in, the network manager starts working and then connects to a connection it creates on its own called Auto eth0. Only problem is this is all it does. I can't open websites, ping Google, or even ping the router. My work computer running Windows XP is connected to the same router, so the router is fine.07:46
CrownAmbassadorThe machine is question is my personal laptop and it has a built-in 3G card which works perfectly with the network manager.07:46
FloodBot2CrownAmbassador: Please don't flood, use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste, don't use Enter as punctuation.07:46
Caim____bri need help with atheros ar5007eg on amd 64 please!07:46
tienhi there....does anyone know where the "vpnc" profile located in Ubuntu 8.10 ?07:46
syockitCould've just posted the link to the forum07:46
IchiFishcrownambassador: in a terminal, do ifconfig eth0 after network-manager has done its thing, and send a link to the output07:47
CoUrPsE|DeAdCrownAmbassador, when using wget in terminal, does it tll you resolving address to ?07:47
CoUrPsE|DeAdOften the case you need to enter your nameservers manually.07:47
Caim____bri did everything that the ppl says on forums and dont work07:49
IchiFishcaim____br: what have you tried thus far?07:50
CrownAmbassadorIchiFish: http://linuxoutputs.blogspot.com07:50
IchiFishCrownAmbassador: alright, you're not even receiving an IP address from the router, how odd...07:51
IchiFishtry: sudo dhclient eth0, and paste a link to the output of that07:52
CrownAmbassadorCoUrPsEDeAd: what must i wget?07:52
tv7497guys whats the best linux game ?07:52
syockitCrownAmbassador: also, try some non-conventional  solutions like restarting the router, and replugging the cable07:52
Kunalagonhello, Is there any GUI for configuring PPPOE connectuion, wireless for example ?07:52
IchiFishtv7497: UT2004, in my opinion07:52
syockittv7497: many will say Tux Racer!!!07:52
CoUrPsE|DeAdFollow what IchiFish is saying.07:52
IchiFishsyockit: that's true too :P07:53
tv7497IchiFish: what kinda game is it sir07:53
=== desti_T2 is now known as desti
IchiFishtv7497: it's a commercial game, an FPS07:53
CrownAmbassadorIchiFish: will do as soon as its doen running that command07:53
syockittv7497: mindless killing and fragging07:53
IchiFishtv7497: yeah, what syockit said07:53
=== eric is now known as Guest71488
CrownAmbassadorsyockit: i've tried that a million times. that router is connected to this computer i'm using at work now running windows.07:54
tv7497syockit: similar to crysis07:54
CrownAmbassadorit worked perfectly with hardy07:54
syockitOh sorry, UT2004's got assault! Now that's not mindless...07:54
IchiFishtv7497: the original unreal tournament is already very good if you don't mind the outdated graphics07:54
AlfarinI took over a friend's laptop (legally, he no longer wants it), but I messed up when I tried to remove his user and adding myself... now when I try to start System > Admin > User & Groups or whateve, it wont let me edit anything... if I try to unlock it, it'll say it encountered an unknown error w/o asking me for password... any idea where that applet is so I can manually su before launching it?07:54
* syockit doesn't know crysis. He's been off from gaming scene for years07:54
IchiFishtv7497: roughly the same genre but completely different feel07:55
dinesh372which is the latest version of the book ubuntu unleashed07:55
luxariewould any1 be interested in helpin a noob?07:55
CrownAmbassadorIchiFish: posted07:55
IchiFishluxarie: depends what your question is07:55
syockitAlfarin: nice, you accidentally added yourself as a non-admin user07:55
syockitBut I think that can be solved through a live cd hacking....07:56
IchiFishCrownAmbassador: that's rather peculiar, it looks like it might be a driver issue or something07:56
tv7497syockit: crysis is the most awesome game  played for a while you play as an invincible super agent discovering what Koreans are up-to07:56
AlfarinI have root account access, but gnome wont let me login using that account :p07:56
IchiFishCrownAmbassdor: do you know the model/chipset of your NIC?07:56
_2is this the internet ?07:56
eatThisAndDie_2: no this is IRC07:57
CrownAmbassadorIchiFish: Driver for my network card?07:57
Alfarinso if I can get access to the panel thing using command line, it shouldnt need live cd07:57
syockittv7497: But they're only up to conquer asian countries with their korean drama influence!07:57
tv7497IchiFish: what about fifa sir could it be played n ibex ?07:57
=== Guest71488 is now known as talntid
_2eatThisAndDie heh.  irc==internet relay chat   :)07:57
CrownAmbassadorIchiFish: *feels like a newbie* what is a NIC?07:57
IchiFishtv7497: maybe, check the wine application database07:57
tv7497syockit: eh ?07:57
luxariewell i have a laptop for my home rec. studio and it wasnt fast enuff so i got a dt and now the mill$ task at hand now is ftp so i guess i just needa host name etc07:57
syockitCrownAmbassador: like, do a lmesg and look for the network interface name07:57
IchiFishtv7497: UT and UT2004 run natively though, without a compatibility layer07:58
Alfarinno, irc = i repeat classes07:58
syockitCrownAmbassador: sorry, dmesg07:58
IchiFishCrownAmbassador: a NIC is just a network interface :)07:58
=== croppa_ is now known as croppa
TidusNIC = Network Interface Card07:58
* _2 wonders where the acronymn command is...07:59
IchiFishluxarie: can you rephrase that a bit? what do you mean by "mill$ task at hand now is ftp"?07:59
luxariedid that make sence ichifish?07:59
syockitCrownAmbassador: try something along the lines of 'dmesg | grep Ethernet'07:59
CrownAmbassadorCrownAmbassador: What is the difference between dmesg and lspci?07:59
IchiFish_2: wtf is fun07:59
IchiFishCrownAmbassador: dmesg prints the kernel's log output, lspci prints a readout of what's connected to the PCI bus07:59
CrownAmbassadorsyockit: This has got me for a long time: how do I get that little stripe? hehe07:59
IchiFishCrownAmbassador: lspci might be easier to look through07:59
luxariea lil sarcasm ive been trying to do it for 5hrs or so just take files from computer 1 and send to computer 208:00
IchiFish_2: it's in bsdgames or something like that I think08:00
IchiFishah ok08:00
_2CrownAmbassador   lshw -C network08:00
IchiFishluxarie: I take it both of your computers are running linux of some description?08:00
syockitCrownAmbassador: it's called the pipe. You don't have it on your keyboard? mine's a japanese, I forgot the regular ones...08:00
CrownAmbassadorIchiFish: syockit: I'll post all the outputs on the blog again.08:01
_2luxarie ssh ?08:01
luxariexp on 1 and vista on 208:01
IchiFishluxarie: why are you posting on an ubuntu irc then? :P08:01
syockit_2: cool, learnt something new!08:01
_2luxarie ##windows is for you08:01
luxariedoh didnt know srru08:02
IchiFishluxarie: set up a shared folder on one, probably easier to do it on the xp one (right click -> properties, sharing tab)08:02
_2syockit full list is   lshw | less08:02
CrownAmbassadorMmm... anymody have an idea of how to get the pipe a "normal" keyboard?08:02
IchiFishCrownAmbassador: on US keyboard's I think it's near the enter key08:03
_2syockit pretty handy command   imo08:03
=== rob is now known as Guest41876
Alfarinhazzah, hacked myself as admin now :)08:03
rwwCrownAmbassador: US keyboards usually have the pipe symbol as shift-\. \ is just above the enter key08:03
njosephis anybody there08:03
syockitAlfarin: congrats! now a hacker, eh08:03
IchiFishCrownAmbassador: on my UK one it's just to the right of the right shift key08:03
Alfarinnjoseph> no, we're just figments of your imagination :)08:03
njosephu are a hacker?08:04
shaunoIchiFish: other left08:04
IchiFishnjoseph: just ask the question08:04
syockitCrownAmbassador: don't forget to give the link to the blog or anything you said08:04
rww!ot | njoseph08:04
ubottunjoseph: #ubuntu is the Ubuntu support channel, for all Ubuntu-related support questions. Please use #ubuntu-offtopic for other topics. Thanks!08:04
Alfarinsyockit> not yet :p08:04
IchiFishshauno: whoops :P I haven't slept for a while08:04
_2njoseph i'm just a hacker wannabeee08:04
syockitAlfarin: In where I came from (Malaysia), anyone who's computer literate is called a hacker08:04
tv7497syockit: sir did you say something before i leave unusual power cut here08:04
IchiFishpah. use computers because they're fun and to learn. don't label yourself a hacker unless you actually hack in the proper sense of the term, you modify programs and hardware to do what you want08:05
tv7497syockit: lol08:05
njosephhow happy it is08:05
syockitApparently, you can't easily mend cultural differences08:05
tv7497njoseph: dude are you an indian ?08:05
syockittv7497: nothing much, just that since you said you'd be pasting the result on a blog, you should give the link to it08:06
CrownAmbassadorIchiFish: found the | looks broken on the keyboard! dmesg cuts off. It doesn't show everything on the screen. Kinda like it is too long...08:06
syockittv7497: ayyyy wrong person!08:06
tv7497syockit: never mind :)08:06
IchiFishCrownAmbassador: try lspci | grep -i network08:07
afrokenhi - is there a way to install nvidia drivers thru the comand line ?08:07
luke_Hey, little trouble with compiz here08:07
IchiFishafroken: I would guess something like sudo apt-get install nvidia-glx-18008:07
_2CrownAmbassador are you in "less" if so use the dirrectional keys to move08:07
=== tien is now known as john
tv7497afroken: the series sir ?08:08
afrokenIchiFish, i guessed the same - but i couldn't google any precise info , i dont want to mess my system up08:08
luke_*waves his hand in the air* Hey, hey, over here people08:08
=== john is now known as Guest77453
afrokentv7497, erm?08:08
Flannel!ask | luke_08:08
ubottuluke_: Please don't ask to ask a question, simply ask the question (all on ONE line, so others can read and follow it easily). If anyone knows the answer they will most likely reply. :-)08:08
luke_I'm trying to get the cube on my desktop again, but for some reason it's not working08:08
tv7497afroken: i meant he series of the card mine is geforce 9400gt08:09
afrokentv7497, you mean : nVidia Corporation GeForce 8600 GT (rev a1)08:09
rwwHow do I change the theme of Gnome applications run as root?08:09
wjchello !08:09
Guest77453Hello All, I just installed Ubuntu 8.10 and updated all latest software application, then reboot....the display is coming back with a large font....how/where to reset the better Display ?08:09
syockitrww: you'd probably have to run the theme settings as root.08:10
tv7497afroken: well nvidia 177' driver would support that08:10
Guest77453how to get nvidia ?08:10
syockitrww: sorry, I don't know the commands for that though08:10
_2gksudo gnome-theme-manager   @ rww08:11
PC-Entewhat time is it  ?08:11
IchiFishafroken: sudo apt-get install nvidia-glx-177 should do it08:11
PC-Enteoh yes 9/11...08:11
CrownAmbassador_2: What do yo mean?08:11
syockit17:11 in Japan08:11
tv7497afroken: is it okie for you to install it graphically using add/remove08:11
afrokentv7497, dont have add/remove08:11
ubottuSorry, I don't know anything about less08:11
syockitdamn it!08:11
_2CrownAmbassador i didn't raddle your cage,  did i  ?08:11
tv7497afroken: sir in application>add remove whats the version of ubuntu you are using08:12
syockitCrownAmbassador: less is a tool for viewing contents of a file, but can also read from standard output (the hell that means anyway)08:12
shaunorww: I believe if you're using gnome's sudo thing, the theme settings should propogate via gnome-settings-daemon.  You just have to make sure the theme you're using is in /usr/local/themes rather than ~/.themes/ else the root apps don't see it08:12
afrokentv7497, SERVER08:12
CrownAmbassador_2: I'm trying to multi task so I'm loosing the plot! Hehe! Customers! Even if I scoll up in terminal I can't see the whole output.08:12
IchiFishCrownAmbassador: try pressing q, do you get back to a regular prompt?08:13
_2syockit less is a pager08:13
shaunoless is more, more or less.08:13
afrokentv7497, sorry for the caps, server+xfce08:13
nbah_Guest77453: edit /boot/grub/menu.lst whiothin naon or whatever08:13
_2shauno no.  "more is less than less, because less is more than more"08:13
lesshehe, shauno.. dont hl me :P08:14
tv7497afroken: :) lol sorry sir i cant help you i have no idea how to in server version well '177 will support your card sir are you using irssi now to talk in this channel ?08:14
rwwshauno: You mean it'll propogate my (non-root) theme to root apps? I actually want it to /not/ do that. I'd like my root apps to be bright-red or something similarly dangerous-looking ;)08:14
_2gksudo gnome-theme-manager   @ rww  < again.08:15
rww_2: tried that, isn't working08:15
_2rww define ?08:15
afrokentv7497, i have a GUi but very simple08:15
tv7497afroken: does synaptic work in server sir ?08:16
Out_Coldwell i don't know what i did to screw up my web flash player as it was working until recently. anyone give me an idea of what to look for or where to start?08:16
rww_2: after changing appearance settings using gksudo gnome-theme-manager, gksudo'd applications continue to use my user's theme settings, rather than root's08:16
shaunorww: it used to be that symlinking /root/.gtkrc straight to a themes's gtkrc would do the trick.  no idea if that was ever a sensible idea, or if it still works with settings-daemon08:16
_2hmmm ///08:16
IchiFishOut_Cold: could try sudo apt-get --purge remove flashplugin-nonfree && sudo apt-get install flashplugin-nonfree08:17
Out_Coldwill do thanks IchiFish08:17
afrokentv7497, it does! i didnt think of that,,,, what should i look for in synaptic ? nvidia?08:17
IchiFishOut_Cold: (that reinstalls the flash plugin, by the way; the && does the second command after the first, providing the first one is successful)08:18
tv7497afroken: yes sir nvidia 177' driver08:18
_2rww sorry. i haven't done that sense dapper,  don't know what may have changed.08:18
afrokentv7497, thank you so much08:18
IchiFishafroken: *buries face in hands*08:18
IchiFishCrownAmbassador: how's it coming?08:19
CrownAmbassadorIchiFish: It comes back to the regualr promt without pressing q.08:19
Out_ColdIchiFish, the purge was successful yet i still don't have any flash.... anyone with more ideas?08:19
syockitOut_Cold: restart browser?08:19
tv7497IchiFish: sir well along with 177 driver we need to install many more application  to make nvidia card work the add/remove program took care for me sir you know what are required ?08:20
CrownAmbassadorI posted everything exept for dmesg on http://linuxoutputs.blogspot.com08:20
Out_Colddid also syockit08:20
ElipsisWhat's the GNOME version of this?: http://packages.ubuntu.com/intrepid/Smb4K08:20
ElipsisA Samba (SMB) share advanced browser for KDE08:20
syockitCrownAmbassador: also, next time, let's use pastebin :)08:20
IchiFishtv7497: the package's post install script should take care of that, and apt should handle any dependencies08:21
syockitCrownAmbassador: so it's NetXtreme BCM5755M Gigabit Ethernet PCI Express08:21
tv7497IchiFish: oh!08:21
syockitCrownAmbassador: strange. it should've worked. Did it work when using live CD?08:21
* tv7497 wine says fifa09 works in wine 08:23
CrownAmbassadorsyockit: how does pastemin work? The live CD also didn't work. But I'm just thinking... A while back I had the live cd on the desktop here at work and it also didn't work. Runs threw the same router...08:23
* syockit suspects something wrong on the router...08:24
_2!pastebinit | CrownAmbassador08:24
ubottuSorry, I don't know anything about pastebinit08:24
ubottupastebin is a service to post multiple-lined texts so you don't flood the channel. The Ubuntu pastebin is at http://paste.ubuntu.com (make sure you give us the URL for your paste - see also the channel topic)08:24
mib_rj5tfoI set the "shopt -s histappend" and exported HISTFILE=~/.bash_history but there is no such file created!08:24
_2syockit no the python script08:24
syockitI forgot the08:24
mib_rj5tfoand I get different bash histories for different terminals I open08:24
_2!info pastebinit | CrownAmbassador08:24
mib_rj5tfoso where is the history saved then??08:24
ubottupastebinit (source: pastebinit): command-line pastebin client. In component universe, is optional. Version 0.10-1 (intrepid), package size 9 kB, installed size 88 kB08:24
syockitpipe. oh, there's a python script for it?08:24
IchiFishCrownAmbassador: post the output of dmesg | grep -i bcm to your blog08:25
_2!info pastebinit > syockit08:25
ubottupastebinit (source: pastebinit): command-line pastebin client. In component universe, is optional. Version 0.10-1 (intrepid), package size 9 kB, installed size 88 kB08:25
syockit_2: ahah, that doesn't work if you don't got no net!08:25
_2if he didn't have any net he wouldn't be here08:26
_2what am i missing ?08:26
IchiFish_2: he could be on on another computer08:26
syockit_2 ... true indeed08:26
=== JamesMowery is now known as JamesMowery|away
IchiFish_2: although I wonder how he's pasting output...08:26
syockit_2 but thanks for another new idea!08:26
_2IchiFish yep08:26
syockit_2: Copy output message to a file. Copy file to a disk. Copy from disk to the net computer08:27
CrownAmbassadorIchiFish: posted it on my blog and pastebin. What do I do after pasting it in pastebin?08:27
paul68is there a way to automaticly change the network connection from home (connection without proxy) and work (connection with proxy) without having to adapt this manually each time08:27
mib_rj5tfoI set the "shopt -s histappend" and exported HISTFILE=~/.bash_history but there is no such file created! And I get different bash histories for different terminals I open. So where is the history saved then??08:27
IchiFishCrownAmbassador: hmm, ok, so there are no obvious errors the kernel's reporting...08:27
syockitCrownAmbassador: on pastebin, after clicking send, you can select the url and paste it here08:28
_2syockit that's still a network connection...    granted pastebinit.py probably wouldn't help there tho08:28
exsanetkuntum ndi?08:28
syockit_2: I think his net pc is a windows anyways....08:28
CrownAmbassadorsyockit: oh... hehe. Aduh! http://paste.ubuntu.com/10763808:28
_2python works in windos to08:28
IchiFishCrownAmbassador: do you happen to know the details of your network, so you can set an IP address manually?08:29
afrokenhi, need help with compiz- installed nvidia drivers but running compiz-replace i get "Checking for Xgl: not present.08:29
afrokenNo whitelisted driver found"08:29
CrownAmbassadorIschFish: I know the username, password and router IP. What else do I need to know and can I get that via this windows pc?08:30
syockit_2: but need to install python etc. A, see it was a windows!08:30
exsanettaeek semua08:30
_2CrownAmbassador you did look at   ifconfig -a    to make sure that eth0 is recognized there didn't you?08:30
IchiFishCrownAmbassador: that should be enough. paste your internal IP address to somewhere so I can give you the commands to type08:31
xxploit__afroken: try #compiz08:31
afrokenxxploit__, ok, thanks08:31
IchiFish_2: he tried ifconfig eth0 a while ago, was found there, but with no IP address08:31
exsanetow...i now08:31
CrownAmbassador_2: Well I don't know what to look for there http://paste.ubuntu.com/10764008:32
_2IchiFish ok.    ifdown eth0 ;ifup eth0     did he ?08:32
CrownAmbassadorIchiFish: You mean the router ip?08:32
paul68is there a way to automaticly change the network connection from home (connection without proxy) and work (connection with proxy) without having to adapt this manually each time08:32
IchiFishCrownAmbassador: sorry, yeah08:32
Tiduswow... kline time...08:33
IchiFish_2: network-manager didn't seem to work. dhclient also didn't do much08:33
syockitNow I wonder if dhcp is even enabled or not on his router08:33
IchiFish_2: he seems to have tried rebooting and the like so I don't think it was anything weird caused by a temporary thing08:33
=== JamesMowery|away is now known as JamesMowery
IchiFishsyockit: yeah, that's why we're trying setting it manually08:33
IchiFishCrownAmbassador: hang on a second08:33
IchiFishCrownAmbassador: can you clarify your setup to us?08:33
_2IchiFish right.   he's online via the wifi card ?08:34
FlannelJamesMowery: Please turn that off.08:34
CrownAmbassadorIchiFish: ip on http://paste.ubuntu.com/107641/08:34
IchiFishCrownAmbassador: the ppp0 entry from ifconfig -a, is that a separate modem to the router we're trying to get working?08:34
tarelerulzI have the hardest time sharing files .   I want to share the home directories of my desktop and laptop.  I looked in the smb.conf and everything seems fine .  I keep getting permission problems anyone else try to do this ?08:34
CrownAmbassadorIchiFish: The ppp0 might be my 3G connection.08:35
Mayankwhen is try to install wubi with my xp..its says nsis_error...why?08:35
IchiFishCrownAmbassador: ah, alright, fair enough08:35
IchiFishCrownAmbassador: ifconfig eth0 up; route add default gw; echo 'nameserver > /etc/resolv.conf'08:35
Mayankwhen is try to install wubi with my xp..its says nsis_error...why?08:36
IchiFishCrownAmbassador: that may well knock out whatever connection you have on there at the moment though (only temporarily though, nothing a reboot or just network manager won't fix)08:36
_2IchiFish bad quoteing on the echo08:36
CrownAmbassadorIchiFish: Do I just paste that in terminal or do i manually paste it in resolv.conf?08:36
IchiFish*echo 'nameserver' > /etc/resolv.conf08:36
tarelerulz:/join  #samba08:36
IchiFishjust paste that in a terminal08:36
tarelerulz /ion  #samba08:36
afrokenwhere is xorg.conf in intrepid?08:36
rwwafroken: /etc/X11/xorg.conf08:37
tarelerulz                             /join  #samba08:37
tarelerulz /join #samba08:37
_2afroken hardly used anymore08:37
lartzhi everyone i have a question. how good is wubi ubuntu? i wanna try the new ubuntu becouse i havent used ubuntu for over a year now.08:37
rwwlartz: If you're okay with partitioning, do that instead of Wubi. Wubi can be problematic.08:38
_2lartz still has bumps and twists08:38
IchiFishlartz: I can't speak from personal experience but I would suspect that the disk performance from a wubi install would be significantly worse than a proper install08:38
paul68is there a way to automaticly change the network connection from home (connection without proxy) and work (connection with proxy) without having to adapt this manually each time08:38
afrokenrww: afro@server:~$ cat /etc/X11/xorg.conf08:38
afrokenit doesnt exist08:38
IchiFishafroken: find / -name 'xorg.conf'08:38
nbah_lartz: bun a live-cd08:38
IchiFishafroken: might want a sudo with that08:38
rwwafroken: Well, that's where it should be.08:38
=== Helloeoo is now known as Rachid_
shaunoafroken: I believe that's the correct location.  It's obeyed if it exists, but Xorg will try it's best to do the right thing without it these days08:39
_2IchiFish nah, just chuck the stderr in /dev/null08:39
jeeves_Mosshow do I track down a zombie process and figure out why it's lost it's min?08:39
lartzichifish> ok thanks. <rww> thanks.08:39
IchiFish_2: hmm true, it always scares me a bit when I get lots of permission denied errors with things like that08:39
_2no good reason to use sudo with find, unless you are wanting to search places you don't have a right too08:39
IchiFish_2: not that it means anything...nice little quirks to keep me sane08:39
Rachid_Can someone tell me why i dont get ownership of a partition I just created in Gparted?08:40
IchiFishRachid_: define ownership08:40
syockitIchiFish: by the way, is /etc/resolv.conf owned by user?08:40
lartzhow is the game support in ubuntu now? is it alot of twisting to get some games to work?08:40
IchiFishsorry, it's been a while since I woke up08:40
afrokenrww, it is there except its an empty file!08:40
paul68Rachid_: is that partition still active? if so unmount and try again08:41
jeeves_Mosslartz, what are you looking to run?08:41
IchiFishCrownAmbassador, all of those commands should have been done after sudo -s08:41
syockitafroken: newer Xorg doesn't use xorg.conf08:41
syockitafroken: any particular reason why you needing this?08:41
rwwafroken: Intrepid's Xorg can autodetect most settings. The default xorg.conf file, in fact, is mostly empty.08:41
syockitof, the compiz matters. I forgot08:41
rwwafroken: If you're not having problems with Xorg, /etc/X11/xorg.conf being empty shouldn't be a problem.08:41
syockitwell you can create a xorg08:41
lartzjeeves_moss> well for starters w.o.w and maybe some other games08:41
Rachid_IchiFish: i go to the folder propreties and its says im cannot change permissions since im not owner08:42
_2Rachid_ as a general rule only the superuser should ever own a partition.    i don't think we are talking about the same thing though.08:42
syockitI forgot the lines...08:42
_2Rachid_ what "folder" ?08:42
IchiFishRachid_: the raw device files for disks and partitions are usually ever (and should ever only be) owned by root08:42
jeeves_Mosslartz, good luck!  I'd just like to play some steam games.  Go check on the Wine pages08:42
CrownAmbassadorIchiFish: Oh! Just restarting quick. Gave me some weird error.08:42
IchiFishRachid_: if you're referring to the mounted folder, I'm not sure08:42
rwwRachid_: gparted runs as root. Newly-created partitions are owned by root by default.08:43
lartzis wine still the only game emulator for ubuntu?08:43
syockitafroken: You need to create a xorg.conf first.08:43
_2owner of a partition is totally irrelivant08:43
IchiFishlartz: wine is not an emulator08:43
Rachid_how can i ever use(copy stuff into itfor eg.) a partition I created then08:43
shaunoall partitions should be owned by root.  ownership is a role of the filesystem within the partition08:43
syockitafroken: and that involves some Xserver killing.08:43
_2Rachid_ what filesystem ?08:44
rwwsyockit, afroken: Default xorg.conf that comes with Intrepid: http://pastebin.com/f6e4bf50d08:44
IchiFishRachid_: sudo cp -R source /mnt/whereitsmounted08:44
paul68is there a way to automaticly change the network connection from home (connection without proxy) and work (connection with proxy) without having to adapt this manually each time08:44
IchiFishafroken: as far as I know you should just be able to put a <device> section in the blank file and put what you need in there and it'll autodetect the rest08:44
_2IchiFish heh.  why not just have him login/run as root   heh...08:44
lartzthen what is wine? (converter?)08:44
IchiFishpaul68: adapt what manually each time?08:44
Rachid_IchiFish: everytime i want to copy??08:44
_2Rachid_ what filesystem ?08:44
afrokenIchiFish, should i just copy rww's file into mine?08:45
Kunalagonso, nobody can confirm if it is possible to browse windows shares using Ubuntu 8.10 ?08:45
IchiFishlartz: sorry, I was just being weird :P wine is an acronym for wine is not an emulator, technically speaking it's a compatibility layer08:45
_2Rachid_ i'm willing to help you,  if you will answer my questions08:45
rwwlartz: http://www.winehq.org/about/08:45
IchiFishkunalagon: sorry, yes, it is08:45
Rachid__2: reisFS08:45
IchiFishkunalagon: if you can't see it under places -> network, then try putting the info in manually in places -> connect to server08:45
_2Rachid_ and mounted where ?08:45
CrownAmbassadorIchiFish: so the right command is http://pastebin.ubuntu/107645 ?08:45
rwwlartz: Anyway. Wine's compatibility has gotten better over the years, but it still has problems with some games. You can use the Wine AppDB ( http://appdb.winehq.org/ ) to look up details.08:45
KunalagonIchiFish: I share some folder in WIndows, and I see my Windows machine, but when I double clikck, there is no folder there (using nauitlus)08:46
EF_CoddSorry if this is OT, but is there any truth to a "Obuntu" release for the inauguration?08:47
IchiFishkunalagon: that's odd, you're sure you've got things set up correctly? can other windows machines see them?08:47
FlannelEF_Codd: No08:47
lartzichifish> ok ;) rww> ok thanks i will check it out becouse i wanna know befor i jump in and starts to install and cant get my wow to work that would be the end of the world for me :-P08:47
RemsSshi everybdy08:47
EF_CoddFlannel ah ok08:47
KunalagonIchiFish: I have to try that...08:47
Rachid__2: I first tried in an existing extended partition where there was unallocated space because I had already created many partition this week and it was always possible for me to use it right away08:47
EF_CoddFlannel guess they are playing games in #debian again08:47
_2Rachid_ and mounted where ?08:47
huwenfengone server run rsync as daemon, i use ps aux | grep rsync | grep -v grep to get the number of rsync. how can i caculate the real rsync number from this number?08:47
IchiFishCrownAmbassador: sudo -s; ifconfig eth0 up; route add default gw; echo 'nameserver' > /etc/resolv.conf08:47
_2Rachid_ and mounted where ?      i mean where are you mounting the filesystem you just created ?08:47
IchiFishCrownAmbassador:  notice the semi colon after the sudo -s08:47
Rachid_well its automatically mounted as /media/data308:47
rwwlartz: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/WorldofWarcraft may be of help for WoW :)08:48
Rudd-Ooh yeah for those who may be interested: http://rudd-o.com/new-projects/linuxvideoconverter08:48
_2Rachid_ ok, run this command,   sudo chown $USER /media/data308:48
EF_CoddFlannel so I guess the rumours of "Bushuntu" are also false?08:48
FlannelEF_Codd: Indeed.  I suggest future inquiries like this should be in #ubuntu-offtopic08:48
_2Rachid_ you now "own the partition"  in your terminology08:48
EF_CoddFlannel of course. Thank you for your patience.08:48
lartzrww> thanks :)08:49
CrownAmbassadorIchiFish: Okay. That finished without any output. Usually a good thing right?08:49
Rachid__2: it says chown: cannot access `/media/data3': No such file or directory08:49
IchiFishCrownAmbassador: yup. now try pinging your router, see what happens08:49
IchiFishRachid_: adapt the command to where it's mounted08:49
_2Rachid_ then it's not mounted there.08:49
avantcoredoes anybody in here have any experience getting dual monitors working?08:49
_2Rachid_ you can use    df -h   to see where it is mounted08:49
_2Rachid_ or    mount08:50
Rachid_oops, right... i changed it so many times08:50
Rachid_ill try again08:50
lartzbtw is a AMD1.8ghz 512mb-RAM 128mbGeforce to low to run the new ubuntu on?08:50
IchiFishlartz: plenty08:50
rww!requirements | lartz08:50
talntidavantcore: if you have a specific question, ask it08:50
ubottulartz: Hardware requirements to install, boot and comfortably use Ubuntu are listed at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Installation/SystemRequirements - For a !flavor with lower requirements, see !Xubuntu08:50
CoUrPsE|DeAdavantcore, What exactly the problem?08:50
avantcoreeh I don't really have a good question to ask, I've just got this situation I'm dealing with08:51
CrownAmbassadorIchiFish: response is "connect: Nework is unreachable". Isn't that command I entered suppose to be in the resolv file now?08:51
avantcoreI can get both monitors to work if I'm not using fglrx08:51
_2lartz i would certainly hope not.    i run old ubuntu on a p1 100mhz 64mb ram08:51
Rachid__2: root is still the owner and i cant even create a folder in this mounted partition08:51
avantcorebut I get flickering around the mouse which is really annoying08:51
avantcoreso I'm trying to use fglrx08:51
avantcoreand it works properly when gdm comes up08:51
luke_I'm trying to enable 3d cube on my desktop with compizconfig like I had last time but for some reason it's not working08:51
IchiFishCrownAmbasador: no, the resolv.conf thing was just to set the dns server information08:52
avantcorebut then when I log on it just starts mirroring08:52
_2Rachid_ what is the mountpoint ?08:52
IchiFishCrownAmbassador: paste the output of ifconfig eth0 again somewhere08:52
bobslaedeis there a channel for complaining about vista? :)08:52
talntidbobslaede: yes, #2,00008:52
rwwbobslaede: ##windows08:52
luke_bob, google Vista Forums :p08:52
Rachid__2: /media/sdfs08:52
CoUrPsE|DeAdavantcore, System/Prefences/Screen resolution/disable mirror, and click on the monitor it shows, and drag it, sometimes second head hides behind the first.08:52
luke_So can I get help with my probllem?08:52
bobslaedeluke_: no forums, instant complains! :)08:52
rwwavantcore: have you tried changing the stuff in System > Preferences > Screen Resolution (it has a "mirror screens" setting)?08:53
syockitRachid_: should've mounted with different permissions08:53
_2Rachid_ and   sudo chown $USER /media/sdfs08:53
Rachid__2: and i typped : sudo chown $USER /media/sdfs08:53
Spawnhay when i updated ubuntu from 8.4 to 8.10 x no longer works08:53
eatThisAndDieguys, anyone know how to configure Intel GM965/GL960 Integrated Graphics Controller so that my PC doesn't hang whenever i need 3D?08:53
luke_Ahh my mistake, try vista chatrooms08:53
_2Rachid_  and you aren't doing that from a root terminal ?08:53
IchiFishSpawn: will almost certainly be easier to just backup and reinstall08:53
avantcoreyes I've messed around with The screen Resolution preferences pane; only one monitor shows up there08:53
CrownAmbassadorIchiFish: My 3G connectin was running when I ran that command. Would this have caused a problem?08:53
syockitRachid_: never mind, after sudo chown, what did it say?08:53
luke_So is anyone going to help with my 3d cube problem?08:53
lartzThanks guys you have been a great help i will start to test the new ubuntu on my old pc insted :)08:53
bobslaedeluke_: alright. they made me switch to vista at work :( im going crazy08:53
IchiFishCrownAmbassador: hmm...it shouldn't have, but come to think of it, network manager might have08:54
paul68IchiFish: well now I have to adapt each time the proxy settings and want to have this done automaticly08:54
luke_bob, what for08:54
IchiFishCrownAmbassador: hang on a sec08:54
CoUrPsE|DeAdavantcore, click on the one you see, and drag to the right, one often hides behind the other.08:54
Spawnit does the same thing when i put in a live cd of ubuntu 8.1008:54
_2Rachid_ show me the output of   mount | grep sdfs08:54
Rachid_syockit: nothing, just as if it was working08:54
bobslaedeluke_: no idea, active directory stuff i guess08:54
Spawnor anything with the new kernel08:54
luke_bobslaede: can you help me with compiz?08:54
bobslaedeluke_: i have a load of 100% most of the time, because of the about 20 apps i have installed, so its useable :P08:54
avantcoredragging to the right does nothing.  I think I've experienced the hiding monitor box when I wasn't using fglrx so I don't think that's the issue08:55
bobslaedeluke_: depends on your problem?08:55
CrownAmbassadorIchifish: Hanking ;-)08:55
CrownAmbassadorI meant hanging!08:55
_2Rachid_ and the output of    ls -l /media/sdfs08:55
talntidSpawn: what error does it give?08:55
luke_Trying to enable 3d cube, for some reason it's still flat08:55
syockitbobslaede: tell them that with samba4, you don't have to worry about active dir compatibility08:55
IchiFishpaul68: I don't know how to do this off the top of my head, search for ubuntu network profile setups08:55
bobslaedesyockit: i told them... didnt work08:55
Rachid__2: /dev/sda1 on /media/sdfs type reiserfs (rw,nosuid,nodev,uhelper=hal)08:55
Spawnwith live cd it gives some pci error08:55
syockitDamn corporates!08:55
bobslaedeluke_: sometimes you need to restart compiz for it to take effects, log out, and log back in08:55
_2Rachid_ and the output of    ls -l /media/sdfs08:56
bobslaedeluke_: do you have the compiz settings manager installed?08:56
IchiFishCrownAmbassador: OK, I don't have network manager installed at the moment and I can't find anything obvious on google, try setting the information for eth0 manually to a static ip address08:56
* syockit suspects uber business deals going around the top management08:56
Rachid__2: ls -l /media/sdfs08:56
talntidSpawn: "some pci error" -- that's not going to get you much help here. go find the error, write it down, come back, and tell us.08:56
bobslaedesyockit: i agree08:56
Rachid__2: total 008:56
Spawnbut with the update from 8.4 to 8.10 it gives aperture pointing to e820 ram. ignoring08:56
IchiFishCrownAmbassador: the relevant info will be ip address:; default gateway (or something similar):; dns servers (if it needs them)
Spawnyour bios doesnt leave a aperture memory hole08:57
luke_I have tried restarting.  I have compizconfig settings manager running right now so yes08:57
_2Rachid_ try with + before you paste     so we can see it.08:57
bobslaedesyockit: also, ironicly enough, we have php develpment servers running only thru ssh, so i need an app for that, and it takes like 80% of my cpu :)08:57
Spawnplease enable the iommu option in the bios setup this will costs you 64mb of ram08:57
bobslaedeluke_: then i don't think i can help, i'm sorry08:57
_2Rachid_ sorry the output of    ls -dl /media/sdfs08:57
bobslaedeluke_: im sure there is a #compiz channel around? have you tried there08:58
_2Rachid_ the -d is important there.  my mistake.08:58
Spawnthats it08:58
Rachid__2: gives "Total 0"08:58
CoUrPsE|DeAdavantcore,  i have 'multiple screens' installed on mine that i use, But i cant remember where to get it.08:58
_2Rachid_ i don't think so.08:58
luke_How would I access that, I'm a newb :p08:58
talntidSpawn: did you look for that option in bios?08:58
syockitRachid_: you didn't create the directory before mounting?08:58
Spawnidk where i would look08:59
CrownAmbassadorIchiFish: So I just add a wired connection? It is asking for a Mac address, if it must use 802.1X security and the method of the ipv4 setting08:59
luke_So can anyone else help me with comizconfig?08:59
syockit_2: do you need to mkdir for mount?08:59
bobslaedeluke_: /join #compiz08:59
avantcorecourpse: is that a separate program?08:59
talntidSpawn: when you reboot the computer, go into bios, usually the "del" key08:59
Spawnand i also have vista installed and i dont want to mess that up talntid08:59
IchiFishCrownAmbassador: eek, I think you might be on the wrong screen08:59
_2syockit if there is not dir   mount will just fail with "mountpoint does not exist"08:59
CoUrPsE|DeAdavantcore, Yes, im trying to find itnow.08:59
Rachid__2: mount | grep sdfs  gives "drwxr-xr-x 4 jean-francois root 80 2009-01-21 03:30 /media/sdfs"08:59
IchiFishhang on a second, I'll install network-manager to see how it works08:59
talntidit won't, and if it does, you can just disable it08:59
avantcoreI just found it in apt08:59
avantcoreI'll take a look at it08:59
CrownAmbassadorIchiFish: oops! I'm being so humbled today!09:00
luke_Thanks :)09:00
_2Rachid_ "jean-francois"  owns that dir(filesystem mounted there) now.09:00
Rachid_syockit: I create a partition and then after I see it  in "computer" so then I double click on it and it opens09:00
IchiFishCrownAmbassador: ok, brb, apt needs to kill networking09:00
=== JamesMowery is now known as JamesMowery|away
_2Rachid_ so if you are user "jean-francois"   do something like   touch /media/sdfs/boo09:01
CoUrPsE|DeAdCrownAmbassador, Does your 'ifconfig' give you a ip?09:01
xcodehi i have a small problem overe here09:01
_2Rachid_ if no errors then we are done.09:01
xcodei wanted ti change my splash screen but i didnt find it on my prefrenceses09:02
zirodayxcode: splash screen?09:02
CoUrPsE|DeAdCrownAmbassador, type in Xchat: /exec -o ifconfig eth0 | grep inet09:02
=== JamesMowery|away is now known as JamesMowery
xcodethe splash screen09:02
Rachid__2: typing this just created a file named boo (im logged as Jean-Francois) but I still cant drag and drop a file in this place09:03
aeosynthwhat's the command to give my group folder access - create and delete files, file access - read and write?09:03
zirodayxcode: ubuntu has no splash screen. What are you referring to?09:03
bullgard4What means '61c61' in  http://paste.ubuntuusers.de/393818/? (man diff stinks.)09:03
_2Rachid_ correct.  which means you own the filesystem09:03
CrownAmbassadorCoUrPsE|DeAd: The only thing it gives me is a hardware address. I'm not running Xchat on my linux laptop. Its on the works windows machine.09:03
IchiFishright, back09:03
_2Rachid_ need anything else ?09:03
zirodayaeosynth: chmod g+rw <folder>09:03
xcodethe one that comesin the beginnong09:03
aeosynthxcode: you mean the ubuntu logo and progress bar?09:04
Rachid__2: oh sorry, actualy i just drrag and drop and it has worked09:04
xcodei thinkg09:04
zirodayxcode: before you logon?09:04
rww!usplash | xcode09:04
ubottuxcode: To select the usplash artwork you want, use "sudo update-alternatives --config usplash-artwork.so && sudo update-initramfs -u" - See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/USplashCustomizationHowto for adding your custom artwork09:04
Rachid__2: but i still cant create any folder in this reisFS partiotion09:04
ubottuAs you can see, this is a large channel. If you're speaking to someone in particular, please put their nickname in what you say (use !tab), or else messages get lost and it becomes confusing :)09:04
CrownAmbassadorIcheFish: I'm just wondering. When we ran all those commands that I pasted, I was connected on 3G. Would this have made a difference?09:04
aeosynthxcode: check out startupmanager (sum)09:05
CoUrPsE|DeAdCrownAmbassador, okies, System/Prefences/Network configuration09:05
_2Rachid_ yes you can.   mkdir -p /media/sdfs/testing/dir/creation09:05
aeosynth!startupmanager | xcode09:05
ubottuSorry, I don't know anything about startupmanager09:05
IchiFishCrownAmbassador: on the network manager main pane, on the 'wired' tab, click edit when auto eth0 or whatever is selected, then navigate to the ipv4 settings tab, change the method to manual, click add, fill the address as, the netmask as, the gateway as, then click ok09:05
CrownAmbassadorCoUrPsE|DeAd: That is the same screen when I just click on the network manager.09:05
rww!info startupmanager | aeosynth, xcode09:05
ubottustartupmanager (source: startupmanager): Grub and Splash screen configuration. In component universe, is optional. Version 1.9.11-1 (intrepid), package size 88 kB, installed size 1016 kB09:06
_2Rachid_ if your file manager is defuncted  close it, (maybe logout and back in) then reopen it and try the gui way.09:06
CoUrPsE|DeAdokies, IchiFish is back, i'll stop else u'l;l get confused.09:06
Rachid__2: this works, but why can't I just create with the File Browser menu or right click in the window...as usual09:06
Rachid__2: ?09:06
adacI have installed the ubuntu server edition. Now can anyone tell me how to force the server to get an ip address on startup? I always must start dhclient by hand at the moment...09:06
Rachid__2: Could it be corrupted? if yes can I reinstall it?09:07
Slartadac: edit the interfaces file and set it to use dhcp.. afaik that should be enough09:07
rwwadac: are you using wired ethernet or wifi?09:07
IchiFishCrownAmbassador: on the network manager main pane, on the 'wired' tab, click edit when auto eth0 or whatever is selected, then navigate to the ipv4 settings tab, change the method to manual, click add, fill the address as, the netmask as, the gateway as, then click ok09:07
CrownAmbassadorIchiFish: Done09:07
adacrww, ethernet. Slart: where are they located?09:07
IchiFishCrownAmbassador: ah, ok, sorry, not sure if my message had got through09:07
rwwadac: then read "man interfaces" and edit /etc/network/interfaces appropriately09:07
_2Rachid_ short answer is "because everyone keeps crying 'why wont it just work'(automatic) and the developer keep trying to make things more and more like windows, for the sake of all the 'why wont it just work' crap"09:08
IchiFishCrownAmbassador: now try pinging router09:08
adacok rww09:08
CrownAmbassadorIchiFish: Same thing. Should I not restart first?09:08
CoUrPsE|DeAdTry ifconfig09:09
CoUrPsE|DeAdsee if it gives you ip./09:09
IchiFishCrownAmbassador: hmm, you shouldn't have to. what does ifconfig eth0 say now?09:09
rwwadac: You'll probably end up adding two lines: "auto eth0" and "iface eth0 inet dhcp", but it's probably a good idea to read that man page anyway.09:09
Rachid__2: I see...09:09
Jonathan_Ri need the developers site for metapackages09:10
Rachid_thanks il try rebooting now09:10
_2Rachid_ traditionally a linux user would expect to manually mount and dismount file systems   so the developers didn't worry much about gui apps that worked with file needing to keep track of changes,  but with the attempts of automating everything it kindof throughs a wrench in some of the "take for granted's"09:10
Rachid_one more time...09:10
xcodei still didnt get anywhere could someone tell me how can i change the ubuntu progress bar at the beginning please09:10
CrownAmbassadorIchiFish: CoUrPsE|DeAd: Still not getting an ip. http://paste.ubuntu.com/10765609:11
xcodelike tell me a a program name or anaything09:11
Jonathan_Rxcode, you mean when your booting?09:11
rww!info startupmanager | xcode09:11
ubottustartupmanager (source: startupmanager): Grub and Splash screen configuration. In component universe, is optional. Version 1.9.11-1 (intrepid), package size 88 kB, installed size 1016 kB09:11
rwwxcode: install startupmanager09:11
dalilahello guys,  i've just installed ubuntu  8.10,  but i have no sound. i tried to test  my sound in Applications --> sound . test  it all but nothing is functioning. plz help09:11
Jonathan_Rthats a boot theme09:11
Rachid__2: Yes I dont really matter typping commands and thats how I was able to use this partition before going here, but I would be loosing time always doign that for a lot of multiple copying all day09:11
CoUrPsE|DeAdman, your nic's borked...09:12
rwwJonathan_R, xcode: "usplash theme", specifically.09:12
IchiFishCrownAmbassador: yeah, I think I'm going to concur with courpse on this one09:12
Jonathan_Ri need the developers site for metapackages09:12
Rachid__2: I was supprised it suddenly stopped working as usual09:12
rwwJonathan_R: what do you mean by "developers site for metapackages"?09:12
gagicahello every body09:12
_2Rachid_ yes.  well the change of ownership we made is permanant.  so restarting your gui should fix all your woes09:12
dalilathis is the ifrst time i try ubuntu;  btw. please help me.  i'm not familiar  with linux systems.09:12
gagicais anyone here?:d09:12
IchiFishCrownAmbassador: if it's not even managing to bring itself up it sounds like a hardware problem09:12
Rachid_ok thanks09:13
Rachid_good night09:13
Jonathan_Rthere has to be documentation for metapackages, not geared for users09:13
IchiFishCrownAmbassador: paste the output of dmesg | tail somewhere09:13
Slartgagica: lots of people here.. if you have a questions about ubuntu just ask09:13
gagicastart - hello09:13
Jonathan_Ri'm working on a project, and i need specific info09:13
gagicai am new in ubuntu09:13
gagicaand i am lost:((09:13
rwwJonathan_R: What do you want? A list of metapackages in Ubuntu, information on creating metapackages, etc...09:13
miranda_psianyone know what skb buffers are?09:13
Slartgagica: well, we've all been new to ubuntu.. what is your problem?09:13
Jonathan_Rnot creating metapackages09:14
dalilanobody seems to help me. bye  guys.09:14
sl00Hi. How can I remove Places and System menu? Or even just remove entries from those menus? Right click does not work (which suck IMO). I have tried the menu editor but it only allow me to add/remove programs from the menu and not all entries.09:14
Jonathan_Ri'm trying to generate a channel list, or a repo list09:14
IchiFishmiranda_psi: google says it's a socket buffer09:14
gagicastart - a have a lot of wuestion. my pc is gone crazy :((09:14
Jonathan_Rso that all a user would need to do is just click which repos they want09:14
gagicacan any one help me09:14
IchiFishgagica: be specific with what you want help with09:15
SuPeRhAmlol, 1k people in here and people want to be answered straight away.09:15
Jonathan_Ri'm sure their is an xml file of something like this somewhere, but i need to know where the server is, and how ubuntu does it09:15
gagicai don't find my drive to ati radeon 925009:15
adacrww: I think there is a command which writes those two lines: auto eth0 AND iface eth0 inet dhcp automatically in the /etc/network/interfaces file. But I added them by hand and it works now. thx rww and Slart09:15
gagicaand a lot of programs09:15
_2sl00 you could right click the panel and add the gnome menu then remove the existing menu09:15
rwwJonathan_R: 1) What does that have to do with metapackages? 2) You mean something like System > Administration > Software Sources?09:15
IchiFishgagica: can you rephrase that? your drive?09:15
Slartadac: great =)09:15
gagicawho want help me ?09:15
IchiFishgagica: do you mean your driver?09:15
rwwadac: There might be; I don't use Ubuntu Server ;)09:16
gagicaati driver09:16
FloodBot2gagica: Please don't flood, use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste, don't use Enter as punctuation.09:16
gagicais not compatible or what?09:16
IchiFishgagica: with ubuntu the video drivers tend to be installed automatically so you shouldn't have to worry about it09:16
gagicai didn't know09:16
gagicasory about that09:16