sml1226Hey guys I just put xubu on my ps3 and have all kinds of problems00:43
sml1226It won't let me access any folders00:44
sml1226xfce keeps disabling itself as desktop manager00:44
sml1226What do I do???00:44
sml1226Hello ppl???00:47
sml1226please help me00:57
R[a]ndomsml1226, don't pm random people01:02
R[a]ndomif anyone is available we'll help01:02
sml1226sorry man01:02
sml1226is there anybody here???01:03
pleia2sml1226: you probably want to try a channel/forum that specifically addresses xubuntu on a ps301:09
sml1226Where can I find that???01:11
sml1226_plela2 u still there?01:13
pleia2sml1226: looks like you want to try http://psubuntu.com/01:13
sml1226_ok thanks man01:13
sml1226trying to use ubu to get back to xubu cuz psubuntu was no help at all01:20
retourubuntu is ubuntu the only difference in name is if you use Gnome or Xfce01:22
Grant-A|busydoes gufw require root permissions to be effective?03:03
gartralhello, whats the steps for getting flash/java working in xubuntu03:04
Grant-A|busygartral: Platform?03:04
gartralxubuntu latest03:05
Grant-A|busyno, x32 or x86_64?03:05
Grant-A|busywhat is your processor?03:06
gartralunfortunetly, im dealing with a total idiot, acting as an intermidery, and he feels too overwhelmed to ask here, i assume its 32, however, hes rather cluless when came too windows, and is pretty much vompletly lost in any linux03:06
Grant-A|busyflash works pretty well on both platforms now in ubuntu03:07
Grant-A|busyso let me dig up the commands for both03:07
gartralno commands, please, this is the fifth time hes reinstalled >.>03:07
gartralit really would be best if we could do this through the gui03:08
Grant-A|busyit's a simple apt-get command03:08
gartralhes already screwed that up five time, trust me03:08
Grant-A|busysudo apt-get install flashplugin-nonfree sun-java6-jre03:09
Grant-A|busythat should install everything you need03:09
gartralthats what i found in the forums, and hes botched it five times...03:09
Grant-A|busydo you know what is processor is?03:09
gartrali already said, were assuming 3203:10
Grant-A|busyI don't know how you botch that 5 times03:10
Grant-A|busydoes he have firefox installed?03:10
gartralneither do i, but hes totally cluless03:10
gartralyes, thats base package, isnt it?03:10
Grant-A|busyDepends on your version of ubuntu03:11
gartralxubuntu, latest 8.1003:11
Grant-A|busyopen synaptic03:11
gartralsix times... he just reformatted the main drive...03:11
gartralc l u e l e s s03:12
Grant-A|busyit's ok, we were all there at one time03:12
Grant-A|busytype gksu synaptic in a terminal03:12
Grant-A|busythat will open a GUI for installing programs03:13
gartralbrandon = terminalphobia03:13
Grant-A|busyoh wait, he's on xubuntu?03:13
Grant-A|busyApplications -> System -> Synaptic03:13
Grant-A|busyenter the root password03:13
Grant-A|busythen search for flash03:13
Grant-A|busycheck flashplugin-nonfree03:13
Grant-A|busythen search for jre03:14
Grant-A|busyand check sun-java6-jre03:14
Grant-A|busythen hit apply03:14
gartralyou dont need to designate the nonfree packages?03:14
gartralhes just installed03:14
gartraland at prettymuch zeroconfig03:14
Grant-A|busyXubuntu 8.10 doesn't require that multi-verse thing anymore03:14
Grant-A|busy*multiverse configuration03:15
Grant-A|busyit should just ask when you try to install, just hit ok if that happens03:15
gartralok, thats explains why he didnt find it when i told him too look03:15
Grant-A|busywhen jre asks to agree to the Sun EULA, scrolldown and check the box, and press accept03:15
Grant-A|busythen wait for it to finish and you should be done03:16
gartralok, lets put it this way, he thinks synaptic is in firefox03:16
gartralwhen i say cluless, i mean clueless like the former president clueless03:17
Grant-A|busywow, um03:19
Grant-A|busyI can't really explain this any other way...03:19
Grant-A|busyyou COULD install it from firefox03:19
Grant-A|busyit may be a bit more difficult, though03:20
gartralbut you have too hunt down the packages03:20
Grant-A|busymuch simpler, actually03:20
gartraland there deps03:20
Grant-A|busygo to a website using flash, and when it says missing plugins, click the little popup, and do as it says03:20
gartraland here we go, he finally got it, god03:21
Grant-A|busythrough firefox?03:21
gartralnah, synaptic03:21
Grant-A|busygood luck with Linux03:21
gartralheh, ill tell him, im running a different distro, and the layouts way different03:22
Grant-A|busyoh, it's not installed yet?03:22
Grant-A|busyflash and java03:23
Grant-A|busyyou may want to teach him to use the terminal03:23
gartralyou relise, ths helps being relayed, this isnt on my system, and i said, he has severe terminal-phobia03:23
gartralok, where all good03:24
gartralthank you all03:24
Grant-A|busyyou're welcome03:24
Grant-A|busyhappy to help03:24
gartrali have yet too use the latest ubuntu, i had severe issues with thermal overloads in dapper and havent touched it since03:25
Grant-A|busydapper was over two years ago03:25
Grant-A|busythermal overloads? When was the last time you cleaned your fan?03:26
gartralnot a fan issue, its just an old AMD newark, 05 series, the system has a liquid coolant system and still overheats03:26
Grant-A|busyI'm not real big on hardware03:27
gartralcrappy hardware, nothing i can do03:27
gartralyea >.>03:27
Grant-A|busybuy a new one?03:27
gartralno money03:27
gartrali literally have $75 a month for food03:28
Grant-A|busywhat country?03:28
MisterFlibblegartral: Find a job03:29
gartralim on SSI, and they dicked me for $ on my birthday03:29
Grant-A|busyyou're making BELOW minimum wage? O_o03:29
gartrali cant work, im multiple dissability03:29
MisterFlibblegartral: Too "sad" to work?03:29
Grant-A|busyignore MisterFlibble, he's a troll03:29
MisterFlibbleSocial Security is just a program for fakers03:30
gartralbetween having half a leg, and rare lung condition, i can leave my house much03:30
MisterFlibblepeople that need it can't get it03:30
MisterFlibblecause of all the "I'm sad" cheaters03:30
Grant-A|busygartral: Have you considered working in the Informations Technology field?03:31
gartralno degrees03:31
Grant-A|busyyou don't need one03:31
Grant-A|busy...for certain things03:31
MisterFlibbleSSI can pay anything from $623 to like $2,000 or so a month I think03:31
Grant-A|busyselling websites doesn't require a degree03:32
gartralnever finished high school cause the track and feild couch ran me till my leg clotted, the it was amputated03:32
MisterFlibbledepending on your income before you were on it03:32
Grant-A|busygartral: You didn't sue?03:32
gartralthey won the case with the staement of "we were never made awear of any prior health issue in your family"03:32
gartralmore cause the lawer apointed too me at the time was a fucking pig03:33
gartralexcuse my language03:33
MisterFlibbleThe government covers their ass retroactively, and the hearing is decided by a government judge03:33
MisterFlibbledon't you love the hypocrisy?03:33
gartralno, MisterFlibble, its an idiocracy03:33
MisterFlibbleso then you have to hire a bloodsucking lawyer and fight them for a year or three03:34
gartralwith what?03:34
gartralmy "good looks?:03:34
MisterFlibblethey'll work on contingent03:34
MisterFlibblethey only get paid if you win03:34
Grant-A|busyyou could try selling websites03:35
MisterFlibblethe SSI pays you a certain back pay03:35
MisterFlibblethe lawyer takes part of that03:35
gartralyea, he still is..03:35
gartrala year after he fucked me03:35
MisterFlibbleYou have to be careful what lawyer you hire03:35
gartralone of the friedmen domino and smith asses03:36
gartralanyway, if i could rewind a year or two, ide just avoid lakewood as a city all together, and wouldnt be here03:37
MisterFlibbleI had a case in the court system at one point, and my lawyer lost paperwork she needed for my case03:37
MisterFlibbleand I was lucky the judge gave me a continence or I'd still be in jail03:38
MisterFlibbleI love how our system works, it says "innocent til proven guilty" but what really happens is the state charges you with a crime and you have to spend thousands on a lawyer to prove you didn't do it03:39
MisterFlibbleand you don't get that back, even if you're not guilty03:39
gartraland also, in america, the land of the free, you cant get a job at Buger King or Toxic Bell without a collage diploma03:40
MisterFlibblethere's high school dropouts working there03:40
gartralnot in lakewood ohio03:40
MisterFlibblethe register even counts change for them now03:40
MisterFlibbleyou could put a monkey there03:41
Grant-A|busywhy the hell would you go to college to work at burger king?03:41
gartralohh, but having animals do the laber is workers right violations03:41
Grant-A|busythat sounds like discrimination to me based on your disabilities03:41
MisterFlibbleGrant: There's not such thing as needing a college degree to flip hamburgers03:41
Grant-A|busyI think you've been lied to03:42
MisterFlibbleeven their managers don't need them usually03:42
MisterFlibblejust on the job training03:42
Grant-A|busyour president didn't act like he had one03:42
MisterFlibbleMcDonalds hires people off the street03:42
gartralhah, then why do the all have their degrees posted on the wall?03:42
MisterFlibblegives them uniforms03:42
MisterFlibbleand pays minimum wage03:42
Grant-A|busyWelcome to McDonalds, would you be interested in giving me change?03:42
MisterFlibbleit's a job for kids and for people that are honestly not competent to do anything else03:43
gartralno, the unemployment rate in the craphole is way too high too be sustainable03:43
MisterFlibbleThey probably can't spell "college"03:43
Grant-A|busythose diplomas on the walls are most likely city business licenses, land leases, awards, and one of the manager's03:44
MisterFlibbleWhen they tell you the economy is growing and the unemployment is going through the roof03:44
MisterFlibbleit means "The rich are doing fine, where's the problem?"03:44
MisterFlibbleHopefully our new government will be a little less apathetic to workers, but I doubt it03:45
MisterFlibbleMaybe on the surface at least, Obama won't be an insensitive clod like Bush :P03:45
Grant-A|busyWell, the only difference is a democratic majority and new commander in chief03:45
Grant-A|busythe president has very little power03:45
gartralhah, no, they all bear marking from big name colleges like stanford-brown, ITT, Phoenix, and ohhyea, the manager went too kent state03:45
Grant-A|busyI highly doubt those are the employee's03:46
gartralyea they are dudre03:46
MisterFlibbleGrant: The President has lots of power, but he can't use most of it without Congress approving it03:46
MisterFlibblewhich is how it should be03:46
Grant-A|busyno one in hell would go to college just to work at minimum wage for the rest of their lives...03:46
MisterFlibble15 year olds work at BK and McD03:46
MisterFlibblenot college graduates03:46
Grant-A|busyI looked up his IP address...03:48
Grant-A|busyit's not from anywhere in Ohio...03:48
gartralit not that they WANT too, its that, booger fling and toxic hell are the only places left too work, unless youed rather work a Caribou Coffee, or the Library, or perhaps free-lance journalist.... all of which pay SHIT i might add03:48
gartralduh.. proxy03:48
Grant-A|busyburger king and taco bell pay less than the other places...03:48
Grant-A|busyminimum wage is $8 an hour, and they only work 12 hour days03:49
gartralno, sadly, they honestly pay more, the other 3 pay 6 and under, and i dont know how they get away with it03:49
MisterFlibbleminimum wage is $6.50 an hour, and it will be $.7.25 this May03:50
Grant-A|busy((8*12)*7)*4 =03:50
MisterFlibbleanything over 40 hours is time and a half03:50
MisterFlibbleby law03:50
gartraland my frind says that the media plugins arnt working after installation03:50
Grant-A|busypeople who work full time at burger king and taco bell only make $2,688 a month, add all utility, food, and housing bills, and that leaves them with $300 a month03:51
gartralhonstly, you really think a search by ip is reliable?03:51
gartralyea, and SSI pays me under 120003:52
Grant-A|busyI'm not going to argue anymore... you aren't making sense...03:52
gartralanyway, this is severly OT, my frin says he cant get flash working still03:53
gartralok, so what, your all went clueless?03:56
Grant-A|busyI've explained it every way I can...03:56
gartralis it that, or have you just tooken a cold shoulder too me for being a complaining cripple?03:58
Grant-A|busyum no... I explained to you every possible way to install it03:58
gartralreally, be honest, you wont hurt me much more than i already am03:58
gartralugh.... clueless moron, hes had KUBUNTU on his system this whole time!03:59
Grant-A|busyhe needs a terminal in that case, because adept is broken04:00
Grant-A|busywell, konsole in this case04:00
gartralyet he just rebooted and it works anyway >.>04:00
gartralok, now im baffled there04:01
Grant-A|busy< 30 second reboot?04:01
gartralno, he dissapeared a few minutes ago04:03
gartrali was just too busy typing too notice04:03
gartralhes so clueless, he needs help finding volume controls..04:04
afrokenhi, whats the best way to install nvidia drivers on intrepid ?04:09
Grant-A|busythe jockey pop-up didn't come?04:10
Grant-A|busyApplications > System > Hardware Drivers04:11
Grant-A|busyThen select the NVidia driver that corresponds with your car04:11
afrokenGrant-A|busy, actually i'm running server+xfce i don't have application>system etc...04:11
Grant-A|busyah, I am not sure then04:12
afrokeninfact i dont have "applications" at all...04:12
gartralyoull need too know the name of the file, and use wget from terminal04:16
judgenquote of the day: How could you compete, they are smart enough to have mastered space travel. While you are a emotionally crippled buffoon with a Napoleon complex."05:37
judgenRoughly translated maybe..05:37
jarnosHi! I wonder why I can see group audio by groups command, but not by the graphical utility.08:18
ballgroup audio what?08:25
jarnosball: I meant a group called "audio".08:29
tajleroFile and image hosting sites that do not require registration list. http://pastebin.ca/raw/131446008:30
MisterFlibbleI want to know why Gstreamer still has that bug that tints my video playback blue08:39
MisterFlibbleI've seen that come and go since 7.0408:39
selyoursouli'm having a problem writing to my external drive (ntfs).  i've tried drag/drop, copy/paste via gui, and copy via terminal.  no go.  i also installed  ntfs configuration tool and enabled write support for external drive.  nothing seems to work.09:44
ubottuTo view your Windows/Mac partitions see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/AutomaticallyMountPartitions - For write access, see !NTFS-3g or !FUSE09:48
selyoursouli can see my drive and copy files from it.  it seems to auto mount fine.  i've installed ntfs-3g09:48
knomeany output if you try to copy from terminal09:49
selyoursoulknome:  no09:50
knomei'm already out of ideas.09:51
selyoursoulthat's what has been lurking in the back of my head all day.....hmmmm, ha, ha09:51
selyoursouli'm new to linux and i figured maybe i'm too stupid, being a windows user and all09:52
KosiNusshi, how can i update xfce to version 4.6? is there a repo already?11:53
KosiNusson xubuntu 8.1011:54
TheSheepthere was a repository, but I'm not sure it still works12:03
TheSheepit's generally a bad idea though, it's not finished yet12:04
KosiNussi think i can wait till its final release in about 2 weeks12:11
jarnosKosiNuss: https://launchpad.net/~xubuntu-dev/+archive12:19
tingleKosiNuss: there gonna be a new release of xubuntu in two weeks?12:23
KosiNussyes, official release date is feb 2nd12:24
KosiNusssry on feb 6th12:24
tingleKosiNuss: thanks alot!12:26
tinglehmz issnt that just a new release from xfce?12:27
tinglenevermind i read it correctly now12:28
atari_is ther a useful way to use bluetooth on xubuntu? any tool or so?12:39
ubottuFor instructions on how to set up bluetooth, see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/BluetoothSetup12:40
knome!info bluetooth12:41
ubottubluetooth (source: bluez): Bluetooth support. In component main, is optional. Version 4.12-0ubuntu5 (intrepid), package size 4 kB, installed size 40 kB12:41
atari_no. not the ubuntu one... i just get nautlius startet all the time etc...12:41
atari_is there really only the ubuntu way to use bluetooth on xubuntu?12:41
knomei use bluetooth with hcitool, sdptool, obexfs ...12:42
knome!info bluetooth-applet12:42
ubottuPackage bluetooth-applet does not exist in intrepid12:42
knomei have to go ->12:42
knomei hope you get it sorted out.12:42
atari_knome: the bluetooth-applet alway starts nautilus which messes up with xfce12:42
judgenatari_ dont run naulius fully then. run it without the desktop.12:58
judgenjust the file manager.12:58
atari_how can i tell it not to run the desktop part?12:58
TheSheepvia command-line option12:59
TheSheepsee nautilus --help13:00
atari_and how? i used the gnome-bluetooth app13:00
atari_and that starts nautilus13:00
TheSheepwell, start it yourself before it does13:04
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Pres-GasHey all.13:52
tawhas anybody used xubuntu + multi-head workstation without xinerama?14:38
Pres-Gastaw, what graphics card to you have?14:48
RattyHey, can anyone tell me why using the following command grub fails to locate the file : find /boot/grub/stage115:15
RattyThe file is in /boot/grub15:15
RattyEven though it keeps on saying tgat it doesnt exist15:16
atari_taw: yes15:24
atari_taw: but i use the nvidia xinerama like emulation15:24
Pres-GasRatty, the way you did your command...it is telling find to start looking in the DIRECTORY /boot/grub/stage1. stage1 is a file and that is why you are getting the error15:26
Pres-GasRatty, read this over to get a handle on find.  http://www.linux.com/articles/5537715:27
Pres-GasIt is a great tool, but the syntax is hard...I had the worst time getting the hang of it, but now I love it.15:28
RattyPres-Gas: good point, but does still not work without the wacky15:28
atari_do you have a separate /boot/ partition?15:28
RattyDefault install really15:29
PsynoKhi0hi, I'm looking for anyone with some experience with Kino15:29
Ratty3 partitions... Primary, extended, and swap15:30
RattyDual booting XP15:30
RattyHmmm... For some reason or another the grib gfx package is not installing correctly15:41
RattyUsing dpkg -i (file)15:41
RattyAhhh so you cant use it on xubuntu since its ext3 partitions use the newer 256 byte inode unlike what grub gfx uses which is 12815:47
tawPres-Gas, at the moment one matrox dual-head, and one even older Matrox16:04
tawbut planning to install some dual head ati + that old matrox for third head16:05
knomeatari_, nautilus --no-desktop16:14
atari_knome: yeah. but that doesnt help... even if i already have started nautilus, it gets started as normal...16:19
knomeatari_, so do you want to browse files on a device?16:27
atari_knome: yeah16:32
knomeatari_, install obexfs, then "obexfs -b 01:02:03:04:05:06 -B channel -- /mount/point"16:55
knomeatari_, to unmount, "fusermount -u /mount/point"16:56
knomeatari_, and of course replace 01:02... with your device mac16:57
knomeatari_, and channel with obex file transfer channel on you device16:57
atari_knome: ill try it later17:02
atari_knome: thanks for the advice :)17:02
knomeatari_, np. just had to find out this yesterday myself17:06
saint-tropezhey guys!18:47
saint-tropezi have a q18:47
saint-tropezcan anyone help please?18:47
saint-tropezi just installed xubuntu, but looks like it loads with GNOME18:48
saint-tropeznot rite button menu and stuff18:48
saint-tropezany advice?18:49
DaemonXPGNOME and XFCE share a lot of packages18:49
saint-tropezi c18:50
saint-tropezbut still no right button menu... can you advice how to make it more like XFCE?18:50
Pres-Gassaint-tropez, if you want it more traditional XFCE you will have to go into the settings manager18:51
saint-tropezah... k ill try18:51
Pres-Gasxubu is made to behave very similarly to ubu18:51
saint-tropezty both18:51
DaemonXPyeah, Xubuntu sets XFCE up to basically clone GNOME18:51
saint-tropezyeah i can see this... now, was a bit scared at first =)18:52
DaemonXPThe resource usage isn't different enough to make much difference on a reasonable fast machine18:53
DaemonXPbut the menus and file manager load and navigate a lot quicker18:53
saint-tropezall i need is speed =)18:53
DaemonXPis how mine's set up :P19:01
DaemonXPXFCE has better themes than GNOME19:01
RediXeHello, does Xubuntu not offer to encrypt your hard drive when installing? 8.1019:05
Odd-rationaleRediXe: i beleive you need to use the alternative install disc for that...19:05
Odd-rationale!alternative | RediXe19:05
ubottuRediXe: The Alternate CD is a classic text-mode install CD. It supports a wider range of hardware than the !LiveCD, and can also be used as an upgrade CD.  Look for the alternate link on the Ubuntu download page - See also !minimal - Torrent at http://releases.ubuntu.com/8.10/ubuntu-8.10-alternate-i386.iso.torrent19:06
lc2uh so guys19:10
lc2i had a problem with my xubuntu install cd, and it gave an IO error half way through19:10
lc2unfortunately, that leaves me in the curious position of having a half-installed xubuntu system19:11
lc2so, i can't boot it because the install cd thinks that xubuntu is installed, and so boots from the disk19:11
lc2(as in the hard disk)19:11
lc2i can't use the one half-installed on the hard disk because well, it's half-installed19:12
lc2if anyone has some evil genius plan here, please do let me know19:12
Odd-rationalelc2: reinstalling seems to be the only option... i also reccomend using the alternative install disc... as it seems somewhat more secure...19:13
lc2Odd-rationale: i can't reinstall, that's the whole problem19:13
Odd-rationalelc2: you have to change the boot order in the bios...19:14
lc2Odd-rationale: when i put the install cd in, it boots from it, and i'm guessing it's like "lol there's a ubuntu system on the hard drive, let's boot from that!11"19:14
Odd-rationalelc2: no, it should ask you whether you want to install, or boot from first hard drive...19:14
lc2Odd-rationale: if i go to install, it boots me into xubuntu, from my hard drive.19:15
Odd-rationalelc2: hmm strange... did you check the integrity of the disc?19:15
lc2Odd-rationale: no i didn't, i had one i had sitting around19:15
lc2Odd-rationale: but that's not foremost among my concerns at the moment19:16
lc2somehow being able to get into the installer again, would be great19:16
Odd-rationalelc2: for some reason, you install disc is not behaving properly... i was wondering whether an incorrect burn could be the issue...19:17
lc2oh btw i can't even ctrl+alt+Fx to get into a real terminal, because 1) i can't log in 2) getty or whatever it's called these days hasn't installed19:17
lc2Odd-rationale: no, i suspect it's behaving just as it should, it's seeing i have xubuntu installed on disk, and booting from that rather than CD19:17
lc2that is, the CD is doing that19:18
Odd-rationalethat's my point... the cd shouldn't be doing that... :P19:18
lc2that seems like rational behaviour, *if* there was no such thing as a hosed install19:18
lc2Odd-rationale: i don't think a corrupted CD would cause that19:18
lc2you know, corrupted CDs mean random corrupted files, not "hey let's boot off another disk entirely"19:19
Odd-rationalewhat version of the iso do you have?19:19
lc2uhh hardy19:19
lc2in before "upgrade", i like LTS19:19
lc2well, gonna go play around with boot parameters, brb!19:20
lc2hey guise, if i do get it to boot fully off the CD again, is there a way i can tell xubuntu to install everything from the internets, rather than from the CD?19:26
lc2saves me booting into the rootkitted windows installation to download another ISO19:26
Odd-rationalelc2: you need to use the mini.iso to download packages from the internet.19:26
ubottuThe Minimal CD image is very small in size, and it downloads most packages from the Internet during installation, allowing you to select only those you want (the installer is like the one on the !Alternate CD). See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Installation/MinimalCD19:27
Odd-rationaleit is like 10mb...19:27
lc2Odd-rationale: there's not something i can change on the live cd to do that? ;(19:27
lc2Odd-rationale: that makes me a sad panda19:28
lc2hey well, i'm gonna try it from the CD again, then i'll go back to the spam zombie windows installation19:29
lc2(seriously, that's sending out like a spam every second)19:31
lc2(the people who own it were like, "lol linux")19:31
lc2(and i was like "k!")19:32
Odd-rationalelc2: what are you on right now?19:32
lc2Odd-rationale: i'm on my own pc, xubuntu19:32
lc2the one i'm installing on is a rootkitted XP box19:32
Odd-rationalelc2: can you use the one you are on to burn the mini.iso?19:32
lc2Odd-rationale: no cd burner ;\19:33
lc2although the xp box has one19:33
Odd-rationalei see...19:33
lc2hmm will the mini iso permit me to install xubuntu?19:33
lc2so like19:33
lc2well, i'll try the cd again19:33
lc2then if it doesn't work try the mini one19:33
Odd-rationalebut be sure you have reliable internet connection...19:33
Odd-rationaleas it downloads everything from the net...19:34
lc2Odd-rationale: it's reliable19:34
lc2not very fast, 1mbit ;\19:34
lc2what UI does the mini iso have?19:34
Odd-rationalethe good side, is that it downloads all newest packages... so you won't have to update after you install...19:34
Odd-rationalelc2: text-based19:34
Odd-rationalethat is how it can be so small... < 10mb19:34
lc2yeah that's looking like a good option right now19:35
lc2*is booting the rootkit laden, spam-spewing windows install*19:44
saint-tropezi have one more question19:56
saint-tropezwell... i don't know how to add layouts and how to make them switch wit Shift+Alt19:57
lc2oh shi--------20:04
lc2Odd-rationale: will this installer ask me about how i want to partition the disks?20:05
lc2or is it just gonna nuke everything there20:05
lc2because it's already downloading stuff20:05
Kiptionit has a partitioner20:05
lc2Kiption: i meant, the mini-cd's installer20:06
lc2(in case you missed it)20:06
Kiptioni don't know20:06
Odd-rationalelc2: it will ask you how to partition... (or should)...20:06
lc2Odd-rationale: nm, i just looked and it did :D20:07
lc2woohoo :D20:08
lc2now for downloading like 6 terabytes of stuff20:08
DaemonXPUgggh, Midori works just enough to make you like it20:19
DaemonXPyet enough stuff is missing that you can't use it20:19
malcolmbthat's true20:21
malcolmbepiphany is a joke as well.  But at least it has a webkit version20:21
saint-tropezdear all, please advice how to to set keyboard shortcuts for switching between layouts?20:22
Kiptionis sylpheed-claws still a pain?20:23
malcolmbhmmm, I know other DEs have applets for thah20:24
malcolmbdon't remember xfce having one20:24
Kiptionit has one20:25
Kiptionat least an applet20:25
Kiptioni don't know about a key command20:25
saint-tropezok ty20:30
lc2Odd-rationale: you still there?21:20
lc2Odd-rationale: so i installed from the mini-cd, and i installed gdm from the command line, how do i make gdm load by default at startup?21:21
lc2hi slow-motion21:21
slow-motionhi lc221:21
TheSheeplc2: by making apropriate link in /etc/rc.d21:22
Odd-rationalelc2: i think the command is sudo dpkg-reconfigre gdm21:22
lc2Odd-rationale: ooh, winrar21:22
lc2TheSheep: i'll try that if Odd-rationale's idea doesn't work :) cheers21:22
DaemonXPmalcolmb: Epiphany-Webkit breaks compatibility with extensions, has even less settings you can edit21:43
DaemonXPand pulls in Epiphany Gecko and only sets up a shortcut to that :P21:44
CaelThunderwingis theres a Netinstall iso for XubuntuPPC21:46
CaelThunderwingwas trying to install 8.04 xubntu ppc on G3 mac towerand it failed when detecting CD Drives and wont contune install from there21:50
lc2there is for ubuntu but not xubuntu21:51
lc2which is fine21:51
lc2sudo apt-get install xubuntu-desktop21:51
lc2and you're away21:51
CaelThunderwingsweet thanks21:51
lc264 or 32 bit21:52
lc2also, hardy or intrepid?21:52
lc2the line above the one above was a question21:52
lc2but go there and decide for yourself21:52
CaelThunderwing32bit and hardy21:53
CaelThunderwingits a G3 (300MHZ) mac tower21:53
lc2^ see above21:54
lc2good luck with that21:54
lc2wait hold on, how is that gonna work21:54
lc2booting from an iso if it fails to detect your cd drive21:54
CaelThunderwingit shard to say. where it gets to the stage of "Detect and mount CD-rom"21:56
lc2hm ;(21:56
CaelThunderwingit fails there butr boots and runs upto there21:56
lc2CaelThunderwing: hrm21:57
lc2well give it a shot21:57
likemindeadHello all. Are PCI ethernet cards pretty universally supported? I've never had issues with any.23:54

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