luke-jrmwhudson: I mean when I 'rm a', 'bzr status' lists it as deleted and 'bzr commit' removes it from the repository00:00
luke-jrI don't want that.00:00
luke-jrrather, I want bzr to leave it alone like svn does00:00
lifelessluke-jr: there isn't a global option for this at the moment. I wanted to make it be like svn but got shot down on the mailing list00:03
luke-jrwtf ☹00:03
luke-jris there a not-so-global option?00:03
lifelessluke-jr: you can supply --strict to commit, and it will cause missing files to be considered an error00:03
luke-jrno way to automatically use --strict?00:04
luke-jrwait, an error? ☹00:04
luke-jrwhy can't it just ignore it⁇00:04
ScottKIs there a bzr command that just pushes back where the code was pulled from?00:04
lifelessScottK: bzr push :parent00:04
ScottKlifeless: Thanks.00:04
lifelessluke-jr: well its code, anything is possible. I'm just describing what the current code does, and that I wanted to make new files and missing files be treated symmetrically, but didn't manage to get consensus on the list for this00:06
lifelessluke-jr: you're welcome to dig up that thread and post referring to it. Support from users would be good :P00:06
fullermdYou could automatically use strict by just setting up an alias.00:08
luke-jrfullermd: an error blocks commits, I presume-00:09
luke-jrI just want the files not present in my WC00:09
luke-jryet not delete them from the repo00:09
luke-jrand still be able to commit changes00:09
mwhudsonoh well, that's less likely to win favour00:10
mwhudsonthe idea of commit is that it records what's on disk00:10
luke-jrit doesn't go trying to add my temp note files]00:11
mwhudsontrue, that's why i have commit --strict on by default...00:11
luke-jrso how do I get that?00:12
luke-jrbetter an error than remove I suppose00:12
lifelessluke-jr: there is a plan, for 'views' which will be a WT setting that says what files to have present on disk; when that is implemented you could use it to get rid of some files from disk without having commit remove them from the branch00:14
lifelessluke-jr: its not implemented yet, I'm just letting you know that its planned00:14
delaneyis there anyway to make local commits the default with TortoiseBzr?00:46
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lifelesshttp://paste.ubuntu.com/108059/ - currnet knit vs gc with 1G corpus01:07
mwhudsonseems a bit better :)01:09
mwhudsonis the "how do we make gc stream" question addressed yet?01:09
NfNitLoopare there known issues with bzr blame?01:10
NfNitLoopI ran blame on a repo that I've branched from svn.01:10
NfNitLoopbzr blame says a line was last changed in r101:10
NfNitLoopbut when I svn blame the repo, I find otherwise.01:10
NfNitLoop(yes, I know svn rev#s are different from bzr rev#s)01:11
NfNitLoopWhat I seen in svn is that the line has been changed since it was created.   bzr blame leads me to believe that it has been the same since its initial revision.01:12
spivNfNitLoop: no issues like that.01:12
spivNfNitLoop: but bzr-svn will have recalculated all the diffs between revisions.01:13
lifelessmwhudson: well, just compress on the fly01:13
spivNfNitLoop: and so it's possible that it's calculated a different (but equivalent) diff to svn for the same change to a file01:13
lifelessmwhudson: (as one possible answer)01:13
NfNitLoopYes, I see, spiv.  Thanks.01:14
NfNitLoopThe file was copied in svn.01:14
spivNfNitLoop: e.g. consider four lines "aabb" becoming "bbaa"01:15
NfNitLoopand svn keeps the history through copies.01:15
NfNitLoopand, IIRC, bzr doesn't?01:15
spivNfNitLoop: did "aa" get deleted and re-added, or did the "bb" lines get deleted and re-added :)01:15
spivNfNitLoop: oh, yes, that too.01:15
NfNitLoopyeah, that's it.01:15
NfNitLoopthe diff is pretty simple.   one line's boolean is getting switched between "true" and "false".01:17
NfNitLoopwith no justification in comments or commit messages.01:17
NfNitLoopAnyway, thanks for the help!01:18
luke-jrdoes 'bzr mv' work with bzr-svn right, or does it just add?01:35
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enkrates794I filed a bug about a week ago and got a response asking for more info. I provided the info, but I'm not sure if I should do something else in launchpad to get a further response. Could someone take a look at the bug and let me know if I've missed something? https://bugs.launchpad.net/bzr/+bug/31619602:17
ubottuLaunchpad bug 316196 in bzr "Error adding iTunes library on OSX" [Undecided,Incomplete]02:17
alevinewhat's the easiest way to make a personal bzr repo that can be shared (preferably over http)?02:19
alevinewith subversion I used the apache module02:19
tecani have problems with bzr02:22
nDuffalevine, just push your repository to somewhere some web server is sharing02:23
nDuffalevine, no special web server module needed.02:23
nDuffalevine, (though if you want more performance, a "smart server" is available).02:23
tecansuse came with bzr 1.8 but i installed 1.6 and now everything is more complicated02:23
alevinenDuff, push it over...ssh?02:23
tecanits probably python 2.6 issues02:24
alevinethats very cool02:24
nDuffalevine, ...it's fairly common to use SFTP for uploads (yes, pushes or bound commits) and let third parties use HTTP to download.02:24
asabilalevine: you must know that http is way way slower than the smart protocols02:24
nDufftecan, could you be more specific about the issues you're seeing? "everything is more complicated" isn't very actionable. :)02:25
mwhudsontecan: new bzr's work with 2.6, but 1.6 isn't very new02:25
alevinenDuff, asabil: thanks, performance is not an issue, mostly just for myself and for sharing code every once in a while02:25
tecanthere is no where to download the latest tarballs ?02:28
tecan1.6 is the latest i can get the source to02:28
nDufftecan, http://bazaar-vcs.org/02:32
luke-jrso what's the deal with file copies anyhow?02:35
luke-jrsuch a simple feature has no progress for years?02:35
nDuffluke-jr, merge semantics become *much* complicated when one supports copies -- such that one pretty much *has* to do unintuitive things some of the time.02:37
nDuffluke-jr, there's a pretty good argument to be made that supporting features that require you to do unintuitive things is bad.02:37
* igc lunch02:42
nDuffluke-jr, ...I can see supporting copies inasmuch as "create a new file which looks at this old one for purposes of blame and log operations", and that's probably a pretty reasonable feature request...02:42
thumperwhere can I find the default ignore list?02:43
thumperas in the files that are ignored by default02:43
nDuffluke-jr, ...but having merges not change the new version under any circumstances probably isn't end-user-intuitive behavior either.02:43
nDuffthumper, ~/.bazaar/ignore02:46
thumpernDuff: ta02:50
thumperanyone know where the bzr svg icon lives?02:56
thumperI want it for a presentation02:56
jamhttp://bazaar-vcs.org/Icons I think02:59
jamthumper: http://bazaar-vcs.org/LogoOptions02:59
thumperjam: fantastic, ta02:59
thumperjam: is there an svg without the text?03:01
jamthumper along the bottom03:01
jamor you can look here: http://bazaar-vcs.org/LogoOptions?action=AttachFile03:02
jamthere seem to be quite a few .svg files03:02
luke-jrnDuff: screw merge stuff, that's secondary to actually recording a copy03:30
nDuffluke-jr, ...if you tell users you'll record a copy but don't then give them the behavior they expect when merging between a branch where a copy happened and a branch where the file was changed (whatever that "behavior they expect" may be), that's just asking for surprised/unhappy users. Heck, there'd be likely folks who'd expect copy+rm to behave the same way as a mv -- lots of other SCMs do it that way, after all.03:33
nDuff...but anyhow, it's been discussed on list; see the thread [RFC] Tracking file copies03:34
luke-jrcp+rm = mv03:34
nDuff...so are changes in the original going to impact copies on merge or not? (And, more to the point, will changes in the *copies* impact the *original* on cherrypick? If so, which copy?) "Only if the original has since been deleted" means you've got a new set of corner cases.03:36
nDuffconverting cp+rm to mv *only if the original was deleted within the same commit* is a reasonable behavior, but it's not quite the same thing as the generalization cp+rm=mv.03:38
luke-jrchanges to both copies could be merged03:38
luke-jrcreating conflicts if necessary03:39
nDuffwhether that's appropriate depends on why you did the copy. If you're copying a template out to create a new file you're going to modify, merging changes from the new versions back to the template is absolutely wrong behavior.03:39
luke-jryes, ok03:40
luke-jrso cp+rm might not always be = mv03:40
luke-jrso keep cp+rm separate from mv03:40
nDuffanyhow, see the mailing list thread03:40
luke-jrhow about just having changes to a copied file depend on the copy changeset?03:41
luke-jrIMO, cherry picking is a less needed feature than copying03:43
nDuffluke-jr, well, you might ask jelmer how the spec is coming along sometime.03:50
thumperis there a nice page explaining how to get bzr working with eclipse?03:52
thumperI have some pug people asking03:52
thumperand I don't use eclipse03:52
luke-jrthumper: open a terminal and Alt-Tab03:55
luke-jr(why anyone would use eclipse is beyond me, it sucks)03:55
* thumper looks strangly at luke-jr03:55
nDuffthere's a bzr plugin for Eclipse03:55
thumpernDuff: yes there is03:55
thumpernDuff: is it packaged for ubuntu?03:56
nDuff...though I haven't used it recently; last time I tried, it didn't support linked resources. (They've fixed that since, but not early enough for my purposes)03:56
thumperis bzr-xmloutput?03:56
* thumper wishes for bzr-eclipse and bzr-xmloutput to live in the ~bzr PPA03:58
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vilahi all07:12
tecan ERROR: The user tecan has not registered any SSH keys with Launchpad.07:38
tecanhow do i fix this ?07:38
bob2login via the web interface and add an ssh key07:40
tecani dont see ssh anywhere07:41
tecanoh o found it07:43
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awilkinsWhere is the keyserver where Launchpad keeps it's PPA signing keys? The latest bzr packages are signed with keys I can't find and apt is refusing to associate with them :-)08:34
igcping vila08:38
vilaigc: pong08:38
igcvila: any thoughts on jam's comments re log --include-merges option naming?08:38
igche voted tweak but I think we should get the name right first08:39
igcin particular, how useful would depth control be?08:39
igce.g. ..08:39
igclog -n1 => flat08:39
vilawhich thread ? I'm a bit out of loop on log for the last few days :-/08:39
igclog -n0 => fully nested08:40
* igc looks08:40
vilaI read that I think, I'd prefer --merge_depth to be: 0: flat, -1 fully nested or something like that08:40
fullermdYou mean depth like how many levels deep to show merges?08:40
vilai.e. matching our internal merge_depth so that it can be used more broadly08:41
vilafullermd: yes08:41
fullermdThat strikes me as way too fiddly.  It seems like you'd need really contrived cases for a user to actually know what to do with it other than "none" or "all".08:41
vilaI encounter the use case yesterday in a loom where I wanted mainline but at depth 108:42
igcfullermd: it a shame we don't have optional parameter values to options08:43
igcthen log --nested could mean all08:43
vilaand depending on the workflow you use I'm sure there are other such use cases *other* than mainline of full08:43
vilas/mainline of full/mainline or full/08:43
fullermdWell, you could add a --nest-level to supplement it.  That's not a major objection.08:43
igcand log --nested=2 could mean show just 2 levels (total or beyond the mainline depending on one's thought pattern)08:44
fullermdYah, but it seems like it would have to be a very specific workflow, AND you'd have to know that it was universally followed.08:44
vilaigc: Ha ! That thread ! Exactly the one I wanted to comment in priority08:45
igcfullermd: with PQM not showing the real author, I think was suggesting looking down just one level would be nice08:45
fullermdIMO, by the time you have the need and environment to be able to do that level of control, you're in a position to also want much more control over the rest of the output too.08:45
vilaSo, first of all, I still think we should refactor log to be able to pass parameters to log formatters *before* adding generic parameters to log08:45
vilai.e. not all parameters all relevant for all log formatters08:46
igcvila: I'm still not sure about that08:47
vilaSecond: I think there are more ways to select and present the revisions than just mainline and full, in the broader perspective, any sub-graph may be interesting08:47
igcvila: I think it ought to be simple for a plugin to define a new LogFormatter like "email" or "xml"08:47
vilaoops, forget Second for a moment then, let's discuss first first08:47
igcand making every log-formatter see most parameters seems to be introducing complexity to the "create a new LogFormatter" process08:48
vilaIMHO LogFormatter deals mainly with formatting *one* revision and everybody tends to think about them only in that context08:48
vilaThat's no the entire truth08:49
igcvila: also, I think the immediate priorities need to be:08:49
vilaLogFormatter also deals wiht the graph of revisions they are presenting08:49
igc* make it fast so people can use it on large projects08:49
igc* provide the blatantly missing functionality (like log DIR)08:49
vilaigc: I understand your priorities, that's one reason I stepped back on refactoring log (the other main one being that I had an already full plate with other issues and my changes to log can stay private for the time being)08:50
vilaRegarding your priorities, "fast" can be done without refactoring, "DIR" I don't think so08:51
igcvila: I'm not rejecting your idea, I just don't want to hold up improvements than are arguably orthogonal08:51
vilaigc: full agreement08:52
igcvila: so returning to my UI question, I think fullermd's suggestion has merit: namely ...08:52
vilabut I think *some* of them are not that orthogonal :)08:52
igcleave the option called --include-merges (and add --nest_level later)08:53
jelmerluke-jr, That's a known bug in that rc, should be fixed in the 0.5 branch08:53
vilaMy main concern is that IMHO we're introducing options that we may deprecate later or force some log formatters to handle things they don't want to care about08:54
igcvila: but perhaps the LogFormatter constructor should take a nest_level now.08:54
igcbut it's pretty damn easy given depth is a field in every record passed to a LOgFormatter to format08:55
vilaigc: nest_level to constructor sounds good to me08:55
igcchecking if n <= m isn't more complex than if prefer_merge_revisions IMO08:56
fullermdCan't the formatters just eat whatever args you give them and only bother looking at the ones they care about?08:56
fullermdIt seems insane to have to explicitly add each possible arg, even if they'll never care about it...08:57
vilaif it's under log formatter control I'm happy enough, it means they can decide to handle the option or not, or even reject the option08:57
igcbut it implies lots of common filtering code repeated in each log formatter08:57
vilafullermd: we are not there yet, but the idea is to pass unprocessed option to log formatter which in turn can pass back unprocessed option for error handling08:58
igcrather than a log formatter having a clear responsibility, i.e. "format this record"08:58
vilaigc: that's why we want a base class with all the utilities !08:58
vilaYou're back to reducing log formatter to "format this record" that's not their only responsibility IMHO08:59
igcit is currently08:59
igcthey don't really so a graph ...08:59
vilano it isn't : look at begin_log end_log08:59
igcjust a sequence of tuples (including a depth field)08:59
igcbegin_log and end_log are hooks as I understand them for opening/closing headers/footers, yes?09:00
vilaof course the LogRevision are called in sequence but that's also a part that could/should go under the lf responsability09:00
igcand/or opening/closing resources perhaps09:00
vilaThat's why I say the lf responsability is currently unclear, parts of it being implemented by the log module, I think that's wrong and blurry things09:01
vilaigc: Have a look at the xnloutput Log Formatter for example09:02
* igc looks09:03
vilaIt's a lf that consider itself responsible for the whole log display, not only each individual revision display, because it must balance the xml flags for each level09:04
vilaso it must understand the whole graph (or tree if you prefer)09:04
vilaYou can argue that it could just use depth as an attribute and just format the whole as just a sequence...09:05
vila...but that's not the point I'm trying to make :-)09:06
igcso begin_log & end_log put out the <log> and </log> markers09:06
igcthe rest looks like the usual HTML formatting dance :-)09:06
igci.e. balancing of tags while outputting nested lists09:07
vilai.e. taking care of the whole formatting not only of the "format this record"09:08
vilathat's my point09:08
vilaend-log do a bit more than just putting out the </logs>  (not <log>) marker, there is a stack to purge to09:10
igcit's format-this-record-in-the-context-of-what-I've-seen-already and ...09:10
igcunwind levels as we step outwards09:10
vilayou can stop there, you said context09:10
igcvila: I guess I'm asking ...09:11
igcwhy would passing more to the log formatter help it?09:11
igcwe don't pass through end-of-merge for example09:11
igcvila: would that make things easier say?09:12
vilawhat is end-of-merge ?09:12
igca True/False field generated by tsort.merge_sort (along with rev-id, depth & revno)09:13
igcI suspect having it would help much09:13
igcit's not until you see the *next* depth that xmlformat will know the amount of levels to unwind09:13
vilaI think that giving more responbilities to lf, will make it easier them to access the data they need instead of relying on the log module to format them in a generic way09:14
vilaBeing able to decide at the lf level what 'revision' parameter is valid or not sounds like a solution to several problems you tried to address recently09:16
vilaigc: Won't you be happier with get_view_revisions being specific to a log formatter ?09:17
igcI'll be happier when get_view_revision goes!09:18
igcit's a crap API!09:18
vilaI think that will make the include_merges parameter useless for example09:18
vilaigc: great, delegate to lf will make it less crap09:18
igctrue, but so will fixing it :-)09:19
igcthe mainline rev, revnos and include_merge parameters are all unnecessary IMO09:20
igcBranch.iter_merge_revisions is the way forward I feel09:20
vilaexcept for the fact you need them to be reasonably fast, I entirely agree :)09:21
vilai.e. they are implementation details09:21
vilaBranch.iter_merge_revisions ? IS there where you use a reverse parameter ?09:22
igcjam wanted a reverse parameter to it and I've submitted a patch along those lines but ...09:22
igcI'm not sold yet on reverse being meaningful at that level09:22
vilaCan we please, please, stop using 'reverse', 'forward' and 'backward' have a meaning by themselves 'reverse'... always makes me wonders09:22
igcso currently, reverse in log & missing calls sort_by_depth09:23
vilahmm, more than just that I think09:24
igcThat feels a bit too fancy for Branch.iter_merge_revisions where forward/backwards makes a lot more sense09:24
vilaoff-topic forward without 's' and backwards with 's' always /09:25
vilalol, perl is noise :)09:25
igcno, I meant forward/backward09:25
vilaooh, you mean 'reverse' as used at UI level, I was meaning internally also09:26
igcvlia: anyhow, I need to have dinner now09:26
vilaEnjoy your dinner :)09:26
igcso you're ok with --include-merges at the UI level & preferred_depth at the LogFormatter API level?09:27
vilawhy preferred  instead of just depth ?09:28
vilaI'm ok for --include-merges09:28
igcyou're right, just depth is good09:28
igcor levels09:29
vilaOverall: I'm globally ok with your modifications anyway, it's just that I think some of them may be simpler *after* refactoring and some of them may make refactoring *harder*09:29
vilaBut since you'r the one spending the time on it, you get to choose :)09:29
vilaigc: And I'm perfectly fine that09:30
vilaigc: And I'm perfectly fine with that09:30
igccool - time to go. Thanks for the chat09:30
vilaYou're welcome09:30
vilajam: Ha ! Look who is blocking pqm now ! Welcome to the club :-)09:45
NET||abusehi guys.. basic usage question, i've a little project on my laptop, i'm concerned for the hardware, how do i clone up to my server for backup? can i just sftp copy the whole versioned directory(working copy i guess) straight up to the server?09:51
NET||abuseor do i need to use a bzr instruction to do so?09:51
pygiNET||abuse, either bzr branch whateva on server works, or you can sftp things09:52
pygior bzr push from local to server09:52
NET||abusehmm, ok09:52
NET||abusei'll have a look at it.09:52
NET||abusehmm, missing page in the bzr docs,, http://bazaar-vcs.org/Scenarios/NewProject09:59
pygiNET||abuse, that Scenarios page is new :)09:59
pygiwe're yet to work on it ;)09:59
NET||abuseso i can push to my server where it has no bzr repo setup, initi'd yet10:02
vilaherb: It looks like you're the only losa around, can you have a look at PQM please ?10:06
vilaherb: I meant when you come online...10:06
NET||abusehmm, ok so branch from my local to remote doesn't work,, i did bzr branch ./ svn+ssh://me@host/path/to/new/bzr/dir    and it throws error "bzr: ERROR: No repository present:"10:08
NET||abuseWhat i'm looking to do is move my current standalone branch on my local laptop, up to a dir on my webserver, and then have that act as the main branch for my work, i will be opening it up to someone else next week, so need it up there, and also worried my laptop is about to croak10:10
NET||abuseit's gotta a discreet nvidia NVS135M card in it, they're known to have issues, this is my 1st replacement from dell, the first one died and 5 engineer visits didn't fix it, so they just gave me whole new model, now last night during 10,000 bc :) the screen glitched like the last one had started to before it died...10:11
NET||abusenot good.10:11
fullermdI don't think you can branch into SVN...10:18
fullermdI don't even know if branch CAN target somewhere remote.  Used to definitely not; can't remember if that was changed or not.10:20
fullermdGenerally you just push anyway.10:20
NET||abuseumm, you see this is why i need to ask,, yeh, svn+ssh,, oops,, i'm not looking to push to svn, was looking to make a new bzr repo... so i just tried bzr ./ bzr+ssh://me@host/path/to/repo/to/create   and it didn't like it,, error unkown command 'server' connection closed: please check connectivity and permissions10:28
NET||abuseunknown command wasn't 'server' just 'serve'   still the error stands...10:29
NET||abuseso last effort,, i just tar.gz up the bzr repo directory,, then upload it.10:30
NET||abuseextract it on the remote server then try to point my local to it.10:30
NET||abuseor will they conflict? would i have to re clone/branch from the server back down to my local machine?10:30
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fullermdUnknown command serve?  That sounds like a *REALLY* old bzr on the far side...10:34
fullermdTaring it up should work just fine for backing it up.10:35
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NET||abusefullermd: yeh, the far side is the old LTS ubuntu, dapper i think?10:39
spmvila: what seems to be the problem? One of your submissions appears to have succeeded about 20 minutes ago?10:39
vilaspm: thanks for looking in to it, it looked like last *jam* submission was blocking the pqm, mine was just waiting10:40
vilaspm: things seems fine now10:40
vilaspm: did you do anything ?10:40
spmvila: cool. apart from looking? no. :-) Easiest fix I've done in ages :-)10:41
vilaspm: pqm is just afraid by you then :)10:41
vilaOr may be *I* just misread or read too soon...10:42
spmshrug - is no matter. when it gets stuck it's pretty easy to unstick - better to keep things flowing10:43
dr_barnowlfullermd: You can branch into SVN10:48
dr_barnowlfullermd: I had to "svn-versionize" a list of dated archive folders recently, which I did by committing them to bzr branches and pushing them to svn10:49
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fullermdWell, I know you can push them in.  I mean I don't think you can use _branch_ to do it.10:54
fullermd(actually, I thought you couldn't use push either, and there was some other command to create one ab ovo)10:54
wgrantYou have to use bzr svn-push to create a new branch.10:57
clementeIn latest bzr.dev:  File "/home/w/bzr/oficial/bzrlib/ui/__init__.py", line 237, in make_ui_for_terminal:  UnboundLocalError: local variable 'cls' referenced before assignment11:00
vilaclemente: thanks, fix is on its way11:19
nuahi I'm having real trouble starting the bzr server, it breaks and I get a traceback: http://pastebin.com/m6638241011:37
nuaI'm using the standard install for ubuntu 8.1011:37
nuawhich reports to be bzr 1.6.111:38
lifelessthats a bug in bzr-dbus which has been fixed since that release11:42
lifelesseither uninstall bzr-dbus, or upgrade it, or have dbus running11:42
ScottKSounds like a good SRU candidate then.11:48
nuahmm, now I'm just getting address already in use, I think that other attempt is still using it11:52
frk2hello all12:02
frk2had a question regarding the use of hooks in bazaar12:02
frk2Im using a shared repository arch12:06
frk2so basically everyone commits to a singular server12:06
frk2to send commit notifications out do i have to configure bzr-email on every single desktop?12:07
frk2configuring on the remote repo in .bzr/branch/branch.conf does not seem to work, configuring locally does12:07
lifelessbzr-email on te server, and push via bzr+ssh should work just fine12:13
lifelessgnight all12:13
frk2but a bound commit does not12:13
frk2lifeless,  i can try to push and see if that works. But I have the branch bound to the server- a commit does not help12:14
frk2guess you have gone off to bed :) gnite12:14
Jc2kfrk2: you could try bzr-hookless-email as a workaround in the mean time12:22
frk2Jc2k, whats that?12:22
=== dr_barnowl is now known as awilkins
Jc2kfrk2: it uses inotify (or just run it very frequently in cron) and looks at what changed and generates emails12:23
frk2is it part of bzr tools now?12:24
frk2so get it from lp directly?12:24
Jc2kbzr branch lp:bzr-hookless-email12:25
Jc2kits not a plugin, so no need to put it in .bazaar/plugins or anything12:25
Jc2ki've not used it myself, but i think debian are using it for their commit emails12:25
frk2Jc2k, got it running- am guessing it uses sendmail or something to actually send the email12:31
Jc2kfrk2: its based on bzr-email, so imagine its the same kind of thing as that12:32
mtaylorlifeless: coupla quick things about stacked branches... --stacked-on=lp:~mordred/wafflegrid/5.1-upstream doesn't work - doesn't recognize lp: syntax ... and also, that fails, so the push aborts, but not before it creates _something_ on launchpad12:33
nuaI add the bzr PPA and got the latest version, all working fine now12:55
nuaI was wondering how I require log-in to access the repositories if I'm using bzr serve? it seems like anyone can checkout the code12:56
frk2nua, you do not, i think12:58
frk2thats why its read obly12:58
frk2unless explicitly enabled12:58
frk2i use bzr+ssh12:58
nuaok, so I basically have to use bzr+ssh if I want authentication?12:59
nuathat's ok, but it means I get really ugly urls12:59
frk2AFAIK, yes13:00
nuawould I create an ssh account for each collaborator (I'd rather not) or could I force them to use a single bzr user and authenticate on their ssh keys?13:00
nuafrk2: what about https?13:07
awilkinsnua: You can use http and your http server will take care of auth for you if you configure it13:12
nuaawilkins: ok thanks, I think I'll give that a go13:13
awilkinsnua: ssh also works with a single ssh user as long as you put each users public key on your authorized_keys file13:13
nuaawilkins: I think http sounds like the most sensible route13:14
awilkinsnua: It's very easy for read-only access13:15
awilkinsnua: It'll work out of a dumb http server ; write-access takes a little more work13:15
nuaawilkins: I can run a smart http server by using bzr+http:// right?13:15
awilkinsnua: You can _access_ a smart server by specifying bzr+http://13:16
awilkinsnua: To run one you need to configure the server to pass requests to bazaar through WSGI13:16
nuaawilkins: ok, but I can write to the sever over http/https?13:17
awilkinsnua: Yes, as long as the smart server is configured13:17
awilkinsWhich web server are you using?13:18
nuaawilkins: I usually use apache or lighttpd... just looking at which to set up now13:18
nuaawilkins: do you know of any guides on how to set up bzr smart server and http?13:19
awilkinsI wrote the page at http://bazaar-vcs.org/ServerGuide/IIS13:19
awilkinsI think there are hints for apache in the docus somewhere13:19
nuaawilkins: yeah, just found that :)13:20
awilkinsI had to fix the code to make it work with IIS :-)13:21
awilkinsHalf IIS's fault though13:21
vilahaaa, just finish talking with igc, saw lifeless less than an hour ago, now poolie is joining... Did I enter the TZ ? (Twilight Zone :)13:26
vilaHi poolie :-)13:26
poolie1hello vila13:29
=== poolie1 is now known as poolie
igchi poolie13:33
igcjam: thanks for the review re the dotted_revno_to_revision_id patch. Much appreciated13:33
pooliehello igc, you're up late13:33
pooliei think13:33
igcpoolie: my hours are all the place right now13:34
igc7am start yesterday, 6am finish, hospital visit in between13:34
igcI sleep when I tired currently13:35
igcjam: I'd also love a review of the iter_merge_sorted_revision patch if you have time/interest13:36
igcpoolie: re log --include-merges, I think I'd prefer log --levels N to control how many levels are displayed14:09
igcN=0 would be "all of them"; N=1 would be a flat list14:10
igctogether with a shorthand of -n, I think it would work well ...14:10
igce.g. log -n1 seems better than log --no-include-merges14:11
igclikewise log --short -n0 is easier than log --short --include-merges14:11
igcalso, when logging from a merge revision, it's the number of levels down that matters, not mainline vs merge revision display14:12
igcpoolie, jam: thoughts?14:12
igcfullermd suggested having both --include-merges and nest_levels14:13
igconce we have the latter though, the former seem redundant14:13
aquariusI had a conflict in my branch when I merged another branch into it, on a file foo/bar/baz. I've done "bzr rm foo" (it doesn't need to be there any more), but bzr still says the conflict is present14:13
aquariushow do I unconfuse it (and me)?14:14
pooliepoolie: that sounds nice, um14:14
pooliei would have thought -n0 means "no" :-)14:14
poolieactually seriously 0 means "none"14:14
pooliealso, being indented one level does not precisely correspond to "one step away" in the actions the user took14:15
pooliethough arguably it does when you pull the dag around a bit14:15
poolieshorter options == better14:15
pooliedoes that help at all?14:19
igcpoolie: I think 0 meaning all is ok; asking for zero levels isn't very useful :-)14:28
poolieif you're counting from kind of column zero on the screen14:28
pooliethen yes14:28
igcwell, for log at least!14:28
igcso I guess we can have n mean either total number of levels or number of nested levels14:29
igcdo you have a preference?14:29
igcif # of nested levels, then -n0 means flat & we need a # or symbol for all14:30
igclog -n all is actually ok btw14:31
igcwe don't have int options, just strings we parse into ints it turns out14:31
igcpoolie: ^^14:31
igcn fact, -n all would work regardless of what exact semantics we gave the numbers14:32
poolieigc, that makes sense, i think -n0 is nice and short to type to mean everything14:33
igcme too14:33
poolieso -n0 would be the default?14:33
igcit's format specific14:33
igcthe -n just overrides the default14:34
igcthat way we keep c ompatibility for existing users14:34
pooliesounds good14:35
igcinternally, -1 will mean "let the format decide" and it will be the default14:35
luke-jrjelmer: which bug?14:41
bakuninI'm trying out bzr on my Windows box towards our Subversion repository, but I haven't been able to find out how you specify username and password towards the subversion repository. Any pointers to documentation about this?14:42
luke-jrjelmer: isn't the difference between "Fix Committed" and "Fix Released" that the latter is actually in a release?14:46
luke-jrjelmer: BTW, any chance we can get a 'bzr svn-cp' or such that pushes a 'svn cp' upstream? >_<14:50
luke-jrmaybe represent it in bzr through a 'copied from' property or such14:51
luke-jr(until it has proper copy support)14:51
vilaigc: catching up ! +1 +1 +1 for -n !! Including 0 for all15:04
igcvila: thanks. I think it will work well15:04
vilaI also prefer that to having several options15:04
vilaigc: "internally, -1 will mean "let the format decide" and it will be the default" :-)15:08
vilaLet the format decide ftw ! :-)15:08
igcand for backwards compatibility :-)15:08
vilasame boat ! More room to improve other lfs :-)15:09
=== phinze_ is now known as phinze
nuadoes this mean I need to edit the bzrlib source?? http://pastebin.com/m533f12af16:26
=== beaumonta is now known as abeaumont
trobakunin: use the HTTP method of specifying username/password. ie: svn://username:password@svn.repo.com/path/to/repo/trunk16:36
awilkinsnua: I think the WSGI handler that is posted is a bit out of date16:40
awilkinsnua: When I upgraded on Windows I had to change the logging parameters16:40
bakunin@tro Will the same work for a http URL?16:43
trobakunin: yes17:09
pickscrapeGiven a revision ID, what is the quickest way in bzrlib to determine the number of parents that the revision has? (i.e. whether or not it is a merge)17:13
garyvdmpickscrape: http://pastebin.com/d2ec223ca17:22
pickscrapegaryvdm: thanks for that17:23
=== jfroy|work is now known as jfroy|emo
poolievila: hello17:46
bakunintro: Thanks a lot. It worked. I guess this is how basic authentication is handled18:00
=== fawek_ is now known as fawek
=== sabdfl1 is now known as sabdfl
luke-jrhow do I get teh 'svn revno' with bzr?18:23
james_wluke-jr: recent bzr-svn will put it in the output of "bzr log"18:26
luke-jrjames_w: programmically18:27
james_wluke-jr: dunno18:28
james_wluke-jr: take a look at bzr-svn's source for how it implements that18:28
james_wshow_foreign_revid perhaps18:29
luke-jrs/programmically/from a shell script/18:30
* garyvdm wishes he could use python 3.0's nonlocal statement...18:45
lorphis tortoisebzr usable yet18:58
garyvdmlorph - I use it.19:03
garyvdmHeh - He left allready :-(19:04
=== jfroy|emo is now known as jfroy|work
mrooneyI am using bzr-svn to attempt to branch a rather large svn repository, but it doesn't seem robust enough to ever make it the whole way through. Is there a way to continue/resume this process?19:24
mrooneyIt seems to get a few thousand revisions in and then die and I have to start all over.19:25
james_whey mrooney19:25
mrooneyjames_w: hey!19:25
james_wyou can "bzr branch -r 1000"19:25
james_wthen "bzr pull" 1000 revisions at a time19:25
mrooneyjames_w: ahh that sounds perfect, so if I branch 1000 and then the next pull fails, what state is it left in, the original before that pull? or is it still broken?19:26
james_wit should be left as it was before the pull19:26
james_wbzr pull -r 200019:26
james_wbzr pull -r 300019:26
james_wshould stop it doing too much in one go19:27
mrooneyjames_w: thanks so much, this seems good19:30
mrooneyI figured an easy way to back up our SVN repositories incrementally was just to branch once from another machine via bzr-svn, and then pull every night19:30
mrooneyjames_w: does that sound sane?19:30
james_wseems reasonable19:30
mrooneyIt would also probably help if I wasn't doing this over wifi :)19:31
asabilbtw, does bzr have a way to see the diff/log of changes that where retrieved using a pull ?20:00
garyvdmasabil: There is before you pull. You can use missing to see what revisions, and diff pull_branch for diff20:03
garyvdmasabil: bzr does not remember what the tip revid was before the pull20:04
asabilit would be really very useful if it did20:05
amanica_asabil: you can tag it before you pull20:28
=== abadger19991 is now known as abadger1999
amanica_or maybe we can do an implicit tag before pulling20:28
amanica_eg BEFORE_LAST_PULL20:29
amanica_maybe this would be possible to do with a plugin...20:29
lifelessmtaylor: file a bug on the stacking-on failure please20:35
garyvdmIs there a way to specify the bound branch?20:36
garyvdme.g. bzry push -d --bound_branch--20:37
lifelessgaryvdm: bzr bind <url>20:37
lifelessgaryvdm: oh; :master I think20:37
garyvdmlifeless: re:bind Then I would need to bind every time I switch - which is often20:38
garyvdmI'll check out :master20:38
garyvdm:bound works - thats very cool20:39
knittlhi! is there a way to stash commits like in git?20:45
knittlbzr shelve? i can't find it in the manpage20:46
knittland it doesn't work … (binary files)20:47
lifelessknittl: in used to be in a plugin, it recently got moved to core and fixed for binary files20:51
LarstiQknittl: which shelve is this with btw, shelf1 or `shelve` from 1.10 and up?20:52
lifelessknittl: what bzr version do you have?20:52
LarstiQknittl: hi, btw :)20:52
knittlhi LarstiQ :)20:52
knittl1.6.1 i got on my machine20:52
knittlLarstiQ: i checked out blender (took hours)20:52
LarstiQknittl: got everything though?20:53
knittlyup, i'm not missing a thing (till yet)20:53
knittl-yet +now … sounds better xD20:54
knittlok, i just bzr rm --keep the files, committed my changes and pulled20:54
knittlweirdly enough it told me there was nothing to pull/merge, but before committing it told me there was a pending merge20:55
lifelessknittl: that means you had done a merge20:58
knittllifeless: well, i didn't tell it to do a merge. but nevermind … i'm only doing a little branch for a sideproject xD20:58
lifelessknittl: check your bash history, I can pretty much guaranteed that 'bzr merge' is in there somewhere :)20:59
knittlyes, but it aborted and told it couldn't merge because of uncommitted changes20:59
lifelessknittl: it would do that after you'd made changes; such changes could have included an earlier attempt to merge21:00
knittlok, i see :)21:00
lifelessone of the most obvious differences to git is that 'bzr merge' always waits for the user to commit the result - we don't autocommit21:00
lifeless-> breakfast21:02
=== fta_ is now known as fta
lifelessPeng: btw, you should find bzr search lower on memory but not too much slower on indexing21:29
Peng_lifeless: The new group_size stuff? Cool, how much lower?21:30
* Peng_ fires up "bzr -Dmemory index".21:31
lifelessa lot lower for mysql trees :P21:31
lifelessalso loggerhead suggestions should be faster in format 2 search indices21:32
Peng_Oh, cool.21:32
Peng_Should suggestions in general be faster, or is it specific to LH?21:32
lifelessfaster in general21:33
Peng_Bah, the progress bar is already off the side of the screen.21:35
=== kiko is now known as kiko-zzz
Peng_9 minutes 14 seconds for bzr.dev. "VmPeak:   121356 kB"21:41
Peng_That's awesome memory usage. It used to take decreasing the group_size to ~80 to do that.21:41
jelmerluke-jr, you can get the svn revno with "bzr log -r -1"21:45
jelmerluke-jr, "Fix released" means it's part of the main branch in the bzr world21:45
jelmerluke-jr, wrt svn-cp, there is no way to make that work while bzr can't represent that internally21:46
Peng_Nice, "bzr search aye" returns an excerpt from doc/en/user-guide/images/workflows_pqm.png. At least it didn't confuse my shell.21:49
jelmerhi Peng_21:51
jelmerPeng_, Did you get anywhere further with that bzr-svn+bzr-search issue you were seeing?21:51
Peng_jelmer: I didn't try to.21:52
luke-jrjelmer: bzr doesn't have arbitrary metadata?21:54
Peng_Haha, "bzr search branch" on bzr.dev sure has a lot of results. :)21:54
luke-jrjelmer: I'd rather not have to grep/sed on log -r -121:54
jelmerluke-jr: only revision properties, but they are set at commit time21:55
jelmerluke-jr, and the amount of work to work around the fact that bzr doesn't have copies makes me think we should really just implement copy support in bzr first21:56
jelmerluke-jr, sorry :-/21:57
Peng_"bzr search branch" had 5311 results. FYI. :P21:58
* jelmer notices bzr-search is Peng_'s latest toy21:59
Peng_jelmer: Well, I go through a lot of toys. :P22:03
luke-jrjelmer: so implement copy support already :/22:28
luke-jrjelmer: honestly, I'd benefit greatly from moving a number of my projects to bzr, but without copy support I can't :/22:28
knittlis there a bzr move?22:28
jelmerknittl, yes22:28
knittlit's not bzr mv … what is it?22:28
luke-jrknittl: it is22:29
knittloh … i must've mistyped it then …22:29
luke-jrjelmer: supposedly the problem w/ copying is cherry-picking, but IMO copying is more important than cherry picking, so that problem should be deferred :/22:30
jelmerluke-jr, fwiw, I agree with that (some copy is better than no copy)22:31
jelmerand just having the history stored now means we can use it later when there is proper merge support (if ever, as that's a very hard problem to solve)22:31
knittlcan somebody help me with a concrete repo? (+branch)22:32
knittli'm still more used to git … after all i'm a programmer and like it complicated xD22:33
jelmerknittl, what's the problem?22:33
knittli can't get two directories pulled into b22:33
knittl* -b +my branch22:33
Peng_jelmer: Hg supports merging across copies.22:34
jelmerPeng_: So what do they do when you copy a file and then merge in another branch that changes that file?22:35
jelmerDo you merge it into both copies ? Or just into one?22:35
jelmerIf you base one source file on the other, you don't necessarily want the changes22:35
Peng_jelmer: The other branch changed the original or the copy?22:35
jelmerThe other branch changed the original22:35
Peng_jelmer: The changes are merged into both.22:36
Peng_Cue Peng_ being proved wrong.22:36
lifelessPeng_: 9 minutes is slower than usual to index though?22:40
Peng_lifeless: I dunno. The group_size is 2000, and I'm not sure if I have numbers for that (and if I did, it would be for format 1).22:42
Peng_lifeless: For group_size = 1000 from a couple months ago, it was 9m56s, so it's faster.22:42
Peng_lifeless: So, I figure that if it is slower, it's not significant.22:42
knittlhm, how do i get those folders into my branch? :-/22:45
* Peng_ /aways22:46
lifelessPeng_: thanks,c ool22:46
jelmerknittl, I'm not I understand completely what you're trying to do22:48
jelmerknittl, if you're trying to import folders, just "bzr add" followed by "bzr commit" should be sufficinet22:49
knittljelmer: the folders already exist in the master branch22:49
knittlbut they are 'unknown' in my branch22:49
jelmerknittl, so you want to do a cherry pick merge of those folders?22:49
knittli just want to have them in my branch :D22:50
lifelessknittl: normaly you would just 'bzr merge master && bzr commit' to get something into your branch22:50
knittli only tried bzr merge till now22:51
knittlit tells me there's »nothing to do«22:51
lifelessknittl: what is the *exact* command line you are running22:53
ivazquez|laptopGiven a bzrlib.branch.BzrBranch6, how do I get the revision of a file within?22:53
knittllifeless: bzr merge (master)22:53
knittlmaster or not, the output is the same22:54
lifelessivazquez|laptop: you need a revision tree - so tree = branch.repository.revision_tree(branch.last_revision()); tree[tree.path2id('path')].revision22:54
ivazquez|laptopExcellent, thanks.22:55
lifelessknittl: the literal word master, or the URL ?22:55
knittllifeless: ok, i tried "master" after your advice. but i tried the url before and it doesn't change anything22:56
lifelessknittl: does 'bzr missing URL' report anything?22:56
knittl»you have 4 extra revisions« + the logs22:58
lifelessknittl: ok, you have everything from that branch already; so either the folders you are talking about aren't versioned, or you've deleted them locally :)22:58
lifelessknittl: are you able to give us some more data? Is it an open source project that we could go peek at the url ?22:58
knittli don't think i deleted them …22:58
knittlsure … lp:dnd or lp:~knittl/+junk/dnd22:59
lifelessI'm on a terrible wifi network at the moment, one second while I wait for my packets to get through :)23:01
knittlno problem … i'm glad you help me understand bzr a little23:01
lifelesshttps://code.edge.launchpad.net/~knittl/+junk/mtd ?23:01
lifelessI can't see a dnd branch of yours23:02
ivazquez|laptopHrm. I'm getting "TypeError: unsubscriptable object" from tree[...].23:02
lifelessivazquez|laptop: oh sorry, tree.inventory[...23:02
ivazquez|laptopAh, thanks.23:02
knittllifeless: yes23:02
lifelessknittl: so is this your branch without the folders, or the branch with the folders that you want to get into your current copy?23:03
knittlit's my branch without the folders from dnd23:03
knittlthey got added in r12, my r12 differs …23:03
lifelessand where is the dnd branch?23:04
knittlthe dnd branch is just lp:dnd23:04
knittlor what do you mean?23:04
lifelessok, got it. Now what are the folders you want?23:07
knittland i didn't remove them … i looked at my history23:09
lifelessyour rev 15 merged his rev 12 that added the files, but your merge backed out his changes23:10
lifelessI imagine you did something like 'bzr revert .' and then committed something23:10
lifelesswhich will have kept the merge record but reverted all the code changes23:10
lifelessthis is easy to fix23:11
lifelessare you still on rev 15?23:11
knittliirc i did bzr rm --keep because they were changed (oh damnit …)23:11
knittlyup, i'm still on 1523:11
lifelessok, do  a 'bzr st' and make sure there are no pending changes - no pending merges or changed files23:11
knittlno output—good  :)23:11
lifelessnow, 'bzr uncommit' and say yes when prompted.23:12
lifelessthen do 'bzr shelve --all'23:12
lifelessyou should now be on rev 1423:13
lifelessdo 'bzr st' again - is there any output23:13
Peng_lifeless: Should "bzr search" use more memory when it finds tons of results?23:14
knittlok, output after uncommit is added [my files] and 1 pending merge23:14
knittlbzr shelve --all23:14
Peng_(Well, "more" = 88 MB, and "tons" = "5300")23:14
luke-jrjelmer: when multiple possibilities are valid, Conflict23:14
lifelessPeng_: probably, though that does seem excessive23:15
lifelessknittl: 'bzr st' output after doing the shelve ?23:15
knittlwops, that bzr shelve shoulda go into my shell xD23:15
knittlshelve won't complete23:15
knittl$ bzr shelve --all23:15
knittlbzr: ERROR: Changes involve binary files.23:15
lifelesswhat bzr version do you have?23:15
lifelessok, when you get a chance upgrade, cause that is fixed23:16
knittlthat's the latest bazaar i get from the ubuntu repos23:16
lifelessfor now though, just take a copy of your new files somewhere23:16
lifelessknittl: when you've taken that copy, run 'bzr revert'23:17
lifelessknittl: and then 'bzr merge lp:dnd', if it merges without conflicts then do 'bzr commit'23:18
knittlok, i'll try23:18
knittlok, did that, worked fine :)23:18
lifelessput your files back, run 'bzr add' then 'bzr commit'23:19
knittlmy files are still there … now just the regular bzr add?23:19
knittlgreat :)23:19
knittlwhy is this so complicated? :p23:19
lifelesswell, its not normall :)23:20
lifelessknittl: also, you may like to know that you can push to lp:~knittl/dnd/mtd23:20
knittllifeless: yes, i know that …?23:20
lifelesscool (I just found it odd your branch was in +junk)23:21
knittloh yes, i just wanted to test … maybe i'll move it to ~knittl/dnd later on23:21
lifelessyou can do that in the web ui I think23:22
lifelessanyhow, http://bazaar-vcs.org/Download/ has newer versions of bzr for Ubuntu - just follow the link to the ppa23:22
knittlyes, but that's not important atm. is long as i can pull/push and have all data xD23:22
knittl$ bzr push23:24
knittlUsing saved location: bzr+ssh://knittl@bazaar.launchpad.net/~knittl/%2Bjunk/mtd/23:24
knittlbzr: ERROR: These branches have diverged.  Try using "merge" and then "push".23:24
lifelessadd --overwrite23:25
lifelessthat error is just a protection against mmistakes, but we redid that commit deliberately23:26
knittlok, i really need to get a newer version23:26
knittlbut that will hopefully be available in jaunty23:26
knittllifeless: got it all back to normal. thanks!23:27
knittli can always count on irc :)23:27
Peng_"bzr search a" on bzr.dev takes 84 seconds (user time; realtime fluctuated), VmPeaks at 96 MB, and returns 12,429 results. :D23:30
wgrantjelmer: Is that add_records() fix in bzr.dev the one to stop it complaining about knit corruption?23:37
jelmerwgrant, it will stop a complaint if you run "bzr merge"23:38
jelmerwgrant, it won't affects "bzr check"23:38
wgrantjelmer: Right. Thanks for handling the bug quickly.23:38
enigma1Hm...I just got an assert error with bzr-svn 0.523:39
enigma1I was pushing a tag back up to SVN.23:39
wgrantjelmer: Is 0.5 stable now?23:39
wgrantI thought it was still unreleased.23:39
enigma1AssertionError: Unable to find direct lhs parent for <RevisionMetadata for revision 9707, path cpp-common/tags/0.11 in repository 'daff2dd8-1c3d-0410-9cd2-f6297dd8f964'>23:40
jelmerwgrant: Yeah, it's not yet released (there's one rc out, another to follow soon)23:40
enigma1No...this is off 0.5-trunk23:40
=== enigma1 is now known as enigma42
jelmerenigma42, Any chance you can try after removing the local cache?23:40
jelmers/try/try again/23:40
jelmerthere was a bug similar to this fixed some days ago23:40
enigma42jelmer: I'm a little nervous to clear the cache.23:41
jelmerenigma42: Why?23:41
enigma42Last time I cleared the cache, my svn branches got out of sync with the SVN server.23:41
enigma42So, the latest revisions in bzr were in svn, but they weren't correlated.23:41
jelmerenigma42: alternatively, you could just move it out of the way for now23:41
jelmerjust to see if it helps23:42
enigma42OK...let me try.23:42
enigma42Um...I think my 0.5-trunk my be a little of of date, do you know when the bug was fixed?23:42
wgrantjelmer: Is 0.5 in a PPA somewhere yet?23:42
jelmerwgrant, there's a month old package in debian experimental23:43
jelmerenigma42, I think about a week23:43
* wgrant shall update that and PPA it.23:43
jelmerenigma42, if removing your cache causes issues, that would be a sign there's a lot more wrong..23:43
enigma42jelmer: OK. So you think I should update to the latest 0.5-trunk, remove the cache, and try again?23:44
jelmerenigma42: Please do - that should tell us if those problems are still there, and allow us to fix them23:44
enigma42OK. Let me give that a go.23:45
enigma42Oh...on a different note, why is the bzrtools in the PPA *way* out of date?23:47
enigma42Is that hard to build?23:48
enigma42Is that something I could build and email to someone?23:48
lifelessPeng_: yes, thats not that useful :P - searching for multiple terms might be more useful :P23:49
lifelessjelmer: where is bzr-git up to?23:52
lifelessjelmer: [should the help be improved, is there meant to be a git:// urlspec?]23:52
jelmerlifeless: I'm making sure dulwich is ready for a release23:53
jelmerI blessed the current mapping as stable yesterday and renamed it appriopriately23:54
jelmerThe idea is to release a simple bzr-git in a couple of days23:54
jelmermeanwhile I'm still working on optimization23:54
enigma42jelmer: The most recent revision I'm seeing for the 0.5 tree is from Saturday, Dec 27. Does that sound right to you?23:55
jelmerlifeless, I was hoping to receive comments about my local branches spec, that's the main thing important about URLs23:55
enigma42jelmer: I'm pulling from: http://people.samba.org/bzr/jelmer/bzr-svn/0.5/23:55
jelmerenigma42, no, the most recent one is from a couple of hours ago23:55
spiv"[###################/] determining changes:analyzing repository layout:determining changes:copying revision:determining revisions to fetch:discovering revisions -2349/6886623:56
enigma42Looked at the wrong end of the log. :-P23:56
lifelessjelmer: I glanced at it23:56
spivjelmer: that's an amusing progress line :)23:56
jelmerspiv: bug in the new progress code :-(23:56
jelmerspiv, btw, did you see my comments to your import patch?23:57
spivjelmer: yeah, I did.23:57
ivazquez|laptopTaking a look at https://fedorahosted.org/packagedb/browser/0.3.x , how do I get 182 from the InventoryFile for AUTHORS?23:58
jelmerhmm, ohloh seems to've released the sourcecode related to their vcs analysis23:59
lifelessivazquez|laptop: you map the revision back via the branch23:59
jelmerand added hg support23:59
jelmerunfortunately it's all ruby :-(23:59

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