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sbalneavMorning all14:38
juliuxhi sbalneav14:52
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nubaesbalneav: u were looking for me yesterday...19:04
sbalneavI saw a comment on how your fat client script is "unsupported"19:14
nubaewell, unsupported by anyone but me19:14
nubaeseems to be a lot of people installing it19:14
sbalneavWhy not just push it upstream?19:15
sbalneavthen it just becomes part of LTSP19:15
nubaehave to make some changes to the way the users are copied to the fatclient19:15
nubaeright now its not going through ssh19:15
nubaeso its a security issue19:15
* sbalneav shrugs19:16
nubaeand I don't see a easy fix19:16
sbalneavif it's an optional thing to install, it's not a huge problem19:16
sbalneavand if it's upstream, then you may ultimately attract more people to it.19:16
sbalneavTo help you with it.19:16
nubaeok... so how should I go about pushing upstream?19:17
nubaeb4 I do that though, I'd like to implement zentiy for some stuff like choice of packages and input of admin user19:17
sbalneavWell, I'd say all we need to do is get you added to ltsp-drivers group, then you'd have access to ltsp-trunk19:17
nubaeok, should I apply somewhere or what?19:18
sbalneavYou in #ltsp?19:18
mpihWould it possible to run a 133 Mhz PC as a thin edubuntu client ?19:25
nubaempih: not ltsp 5, no19:26
nubaenot unless it has stupid amounts of ram, and even then I'd say no19:26
mpihI don't think they have a lot of RAM :p19:26
mpihIt might even be as little as 32 mb :o)19:26
nubaethen no way... but u could run ltsp 4.219:27
mpihI'll have a look at 4.2 then. There is this company who want to donate 300 small touch screen PC's previously used for trucks. It would be great to install edubuntu on them and donate it to an education project19:29
nubaehmm, but are they wired?19:29
nubaeor wireless?19:30
mpihIt's this type: http://www.currentdirections.com/hardware/intermec/5055.html19:31
Ahmuckmpih: crunchbang19:32
nubaeu know... I'd still try it out...19:33
nubaeif win 95 can run on it...19:33
nubaeu can probably run xfce19:33
nubaealthough kernel these days needs a lot of power and ram19:34
mpihYeah, I'm not sure Xfce can run with 32 mb rAM19:34
mpihperhaps openbox can, as Ahmuck suggested19:34
Ahmuckthere's also opengeu as well as tinyme19:35
nubaeand matchbox19:35
mpihMy biggest concern is running browser, text editors and such19:36
nubaewell, one thing u could do for sure... is run a totally text based environment19:36
nubaeI toyed with that idea for a while19:36
nubaelynx, pine, pico, etc19:36
mpihHehe, Iøm not sure 300 students with no PC experience would like that :)19:36
Ahmuckat least they would learn something :)19:37
nubaewell, u know... when I was first at Uni19:37
nubaethats the way it was19:37
nubaea big menu19:37
nubaeand 1, 2, 3, 4 for email, for web, for editting, etc19:37
nubaeand u know what... we used the frac out of it19:37
vogesewhere is ubuntu 8.04.2?19:37
nubaejeez those were the days19:38
Ahmuckyes, but it always worked.  and "finger" as well19:38
nubaeyeah exactly :-)19:39
nubaeI personally, for nostaligic reasons, I admit.. would love something like that19:42
Ahmucki can recall fingering one uni from another and then randomly chatting with that person19:42
LnsUnix roots ftw!19:43
nubaeoooh, yeah... talk19:44
nubaehehe, and irc when it had about 1000 people in total in efnet19:44
* Lns is nostalgic about the good ole BBS days...19:46
vogesewhere is ubuntu 8.04.2?20:18
nubaevogese: well download hardy, and just upgrade20:19
vogesenubae: i know, but since it's coming so soon i'd like to download a clean cd20:21
vogesenubae: has it been postponed?20:21
nubaeI have not seen it as a CD20:22
Mip5I'm running edubuntu ltsp 8.04, and have about 5 clients successfully using it.22:53
Ahmuckwhats up with *untu printing lately and hp printers?22:53
Mip5However, I've got a different box (dell optiplex GX 270) that can't complete the boot process.22:54
Mip5The last thing I see is: Starting ltsp client22:55
Mip5Then there is a flashing cursor in the upper left hand corner22:55
Mip5I see many entries when I tail -f the syslog including this one:in.tftpd[25390]: tftp: client does not accept options22:56
Mip5and then: ldminfod[25427]: connect from (, which repeats until I kill the client22:57
Mip5Any ideas?22:57
Mip5Ahmuck -> I've found printing to work fine. Are you having troubles - or just wondering how it will work?22:58
LnsMip5: maybe a video driver issue? have you done chroot updates?23:02
Mip5These are pretty old machines - at least a few years older than the ltsp build.23:03
Mip5How often in general should I do the chroot updates?23:04
LnsMip5: I do mine weekly23:04
Lnsjust to check23:04
Mip5I've enabled a SCREEN_02=shell for this mac address - but I'm not sure what to look for23:05
stgraberMip5: if you get a lot of ldminfod request, it's because X fails to start on that client23:06
Mip5ok - thanks. When I grep the Xorg.1.log file for EE I get: module ABI major version (1) doesn't match the server's version (2) and Failed to load mudle "psb" (module requirement mismatch, 0)23:10
Mip5I haven't googled these - but does anything here jump out at you?23:11
stgraberMip5: hmm, right. "dpkg -l | grep psb" what's the result of that23:12
Mip5lots of ======= and then, No packages found matching psb.23:13
Mip5When I look at xorg.conf, I see no entries for screen dimensions ("1024x786"), etc23:27
Mip5If I launch X by hand, I get two (EE)s. 1) EE VESA(0): No matching modes23:28
Mip5and the other is (EE) Screen(s) found, but none havea  usable configuration, and then, Fatal Server error: no screens found23:29
Mip5I'm not sure why xorg.conf would be so far off... Is there a way to run it by hand, and see if it can grab the right config?23:30
stgraberyou can try generating a minimal xorg.conf with only the Device section and the right Driver23:35
stgraberthat should fix most of your bug23:35
Ahmuckgenerating a xorg.conf tosses HAL out?23:35
Mip5stgraber -> how should I go about generating the xorg.conf?23:38
Ahmuckrebooting and fixing x on the resue menu from grub will do it23:38
Mip5Ahmuck - this is a thin client, so I don't get the grub option. I'll need to generate xorg.conf on the fly, and then try to launch X23:39
Mip5Someone on this channel - it might have been sbalneav, had me alter usb params in the BIOS (for a different machine), and that solved the issue.23:41
Mip5As I said, it was a different box entirely, but it failed in the same way (blinking cursor in the upper LH corner.23:42
Mip5I *think* he also had me disable some power params, but I can't recall what they were - really need to write this stuff down....23:43
Mip5OKay - well thanks gang. I'll have to hit this again tomorrow.23:44
stgraberX -configure will give you a sample configuration23:46
stgraberyou can then edit it and copy it to /etc/X11/xorg.conf23:46

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