Tonio_wesley_: and I wake up at 6...00:00
Tonio_so time to go I guess :)00:00
wesley_no i am workless00:00
Tonio_wesley_: seya !00:00
* ScottK learns about bzr push :parent00:05
wesley_whats that ?00:05
ScottKPushes a bzr branch back where it was branched from.00:08
wesley_aha, i am bored00:08
wesley_man 720 doesnt seem to run that good00:14
neversfeldeis a get-orig-source rule necessary, everytime I repacked the source?00:24
wesley_I should use messages like contact person has left the chat use more often00:33
jjesse-dell9interesting couldnt input text on quassel until i quit and started again00:37
ScottKjjesse-dell9: Split client/core?00:39
jjesse-dell9ScottK: no core with internal server00:39
ScottKOK.  No idea then.00:39
jjesse-dell9trying to figure this out00:40
ScottKneversfelde: Most MOTU won't advocate without it.00:40
neversfeldeScottK: thanks, I should provide one with plasmoid-windowslist then00:41
ScottKneversfelde: Yes.00:41
ScottKneversfelde: You need to version your build-dep on libplasma-dev to 4.1.96~ or higher00:44
ScottKDue to your CMake patch it won't work on earlier ones.00:44
ScottKneversfelde: Also add a comment to the patch explaining why it's needed.00:46
wesley_hehe she says she goes offline, but then she shows up again00:46
Ramblurrany news regarding nvidida drivers version 180.22 ?00:47
ScottKIt's not really a Kubuntu issue.00:47
jjesse-dell9in quassel is there a way to notify on all events?  only see notifications of my nickname00:48
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jjesse-dell9what channel is kpackagekit maintainer in?  #packagekit?01:19
Nightrosejjesse-dell9: i think people said he is not online much01:20
Nightrosemostly email01:20
jjesse-dell9Nightrose: thanks01:20
jjesse-dell9question on the lcd weather plasmoid, if i am not connected to the internet when it starts up, it never updates01:26
jjesse-dell9if i close the lcd weather applet then open it back up connected to internet it works again01:28
ScottKSo I've lost non-root write access for the 2nd time in a week.01:30
* ScottK starts to thing running the kernel from -proposed wasn't a great idea.01:30
vorianlook at bug 31684901:36
ubottuLaunchpad bug 316849 in mysql-dfsg-5.1 "mysql-server-5.1 5.1.30-2ubuntu3 fails to install/upgrade / doesn't start - skip-bdb option unsupported (amarok)" [High,Fix committed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/31684901:36
vorianScottK: ^01:37
ScottKLooks like01:38
_neversfeldere again, probably not long01:53
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neversfeldeScottK: I added a get-orig-source rule and the libplasma version but where should I add a comment of the patch01:54
neversfeldefor plasmoid-windowslist01:54
* vorian whispers 'changelog'02:00
neversfeldevorian: there is a description02:00
vorianwhat do you mean?02:01
vorianneversfelde: that patch allows the plasmoid to build against the new libplasma-dev02:04
neversfeldeyes, but I added a description to changelog02:04
neversfeldeis it not good enough?02:04
vorianit really doesn't have anything to do with the buildsystem change02:04
neversfeldeah ok, I thought02:05
vorianyou were close02:05
neversfeldeand copied it somewhere02:05
vorianthat patch fixes pre 4.1.96 plasmoid/plasma stuff02:05
vorianno problem02:05
neversfeldeuploaded again02:07
NCommanderRiddell, ping02:13
ScottKvorian and neversfelde: Lintian will whine at you if your patch doesn't have a description in it.  For quilt it is freeform text before the start of the patch.02:42
neversfeldeScottK: do you know an example?02:43
ScottKLook at the qt-x11 packages.  They are chock full of commented patches from the Trolls.02:44
neversfeldeScottK: ty02:44
nixternalwhat is that webpage that apachelogger uses to figure out the best time for a meeting?02:52
nixternalnevermind, found it02:52
neversfeldenixternal: doodle?02:53
neversfeldeadded the description03:00
neversfeldepuh :)03:00
ScottKnixternal: Can you do a bit of sponsoring for vorian?03:04
vorianor that03:04
nixternalI am unable to right now...working on getting a snapshot out for our QA team03:05
vorianno big deal03:05
nixternalI am kind of screwed right now because we restructured on friday, which means I took on the jobs of 2 previous people03:05
nixternalI am about to head up to the gas station and see if they are hiring03:06
a|wenScottK: ping04:09
ScottKa|wen: ^^04:09
a|wenScottK: have you had time to look at kdesvn (just wanted to know if you had any comments/questions)?04:10
ScottKHaven't had a chance to look.04:10
a|wenokay, no problem04:11
a|wendo you have anything atm which needs to be done / looked at (have some time later today for stuff)04:13
ScottKPackaging or coding or either?04:14
ScottKBTW, I CAN haz bluetooth.04:14
ScottKRiddell: kdebase-workspace for 4.1.4 uploaded to intrepid-proposed.04:14
a|wenpackaging or testing mostly04:14
ScottKWhat are you running?04:16
a|wenintrepid with 4.2rc204:16
ScottKNot sure then.04:16
* ScottK looks at vorian.04:16
* ScottK needs 4.1.4 testers.04:17
ScottKIf you wanted a coding thing to look at http://aseigo.blogspot.com/2009/01/todays-tip-turning-off-fancy-schmancy.html seems useful.04:17
vorianScottK: i run jaunty, sorry04:17
ScottKRight, but anything you know of needs testing?04:17
voriannot off the top of my head04:18
a|wenScottK: i have an eeePC with me which run "stock" intrepid ... will look at upgrading that to 4.1.4 while i'm in class later today04:18
ScottKa|wen: Great.  Thanks.04:19
a|wenwere you referring to the plasma configuration dialog thing? ... it want make it for 4.2?04:20
ScottKI was.  It won't make it upstream, but if you could produce a patch for 4.2 we could add it locally the then push it up into 4.3.04:21
ScottKGenerally we want to package as many interesting plasmoids as we can this cycle.  That's also useful.04:22
a|wenScottK: from the link you gave: "Update: A patch for this has already shown up on the plasma devel list. Nice.." ... so we pretty much just need to find that mail04:22
ScottKAh, even better.04:23
* a|wen starts searching04:25
a|wenScottK: http://reviewboard.vidsolbach.de/r/331/diff/ ... and the comment from Aaron Seigo to it was "Ship it!"04:29
ScottKGood enough for me.04:30
a|wendo we know in which of our packages it belongs? kdebase-workspace?04:32
ScottKThat's what it looks like.04:32
a|wengood; didn't want to start out with the wrong one04:33
ScottKIf you're up for it, I'd suggest adding it to our current package locally and then if it works for you, kvetch at vorian to make sure the patch gets into our 4.2.0 packages (he's coordinating packaging of 4.2.0)04:34
a|wenScottK: i'll do that04:37
ScottKa|wen: Great.  It's good to have you back.04:37
a|wengood to be back :)04:38
a|wenScottK: our kde-packaging is in bzr, right? is it in lp:~kubuntu-members?04:38
ScottKa|wen: https://code.launchpad.net/~kubuntu-members/kdebase-workspace/ubuntu04:40
ScottKRiddell: New kdebase-workspace in intrepid-proposed is currently building (StevenK accepted it).  kdebluetooth is also uploaded and needs accepting (unless he gets to it).04:47
ScottKI got at least as much bluetooth as I had before, so it's progress.04:47
vorianScottK: i give up on these symbols, clearly not anywhere near my ability04:48
ScottKvorian: OK.  I'm heading to bed here shortly (bluetooth is all I'm going to manage tonight).04:49
voriansleep well then04:50
ScottKIf someone wants to do some bug stuff, all of https://bugs.edge.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+bugs?field.tag=kde4.1.4 need tagged needs-verification.04:53
a|wenrather verification-needed04:58
ScottKThat's it. Thanks.05:00
* ScottK isn't very good with the paperwork.05:00
a|weni'm just as bad remembering tags ... (except the SRU ones; try to do a lot of SRU testing when possible)05:01
* a|wen starts tagging while waiting for a download05:03
a|wenScottK: should anyone be subscribed to the bugs as well (sru-verification)?05:04
ScottKa|wen: I think so, but I don't recall for sure.  The wiki page tell all I'm pretty sure.05:04
* ScottK really needs to get to bed.05:04
a|wendoesn't look like it from the wiki ... but last time i had an sru where they weren't subscribed they did complain a bit05:08
ScottKFor Main, it's ubuntu-sru I think.05:08
ScottKBut I wouldn't swear to it.05:09
ScottKGood night all.05:09
a|wenScottK: are the packages uploaded?05:09
a|wenScottK: or is it approval we are looking for?05:09
ScottK4.1.4 is in -proposed.05:10
a|wengood ... thx05:10
ScottKThe update to kdebase-workspace to get bluetooth working is buildng now.05:10
a|wencool :)05:10
a|wennight ScottK ;)05:10
a|wenScottK: all 4.1.4 bugs tagged and sru-verification subscribed05:23
* a|wen leaves for a while ... only one inet connection and is going to upgrade his other machine to 4.1.405:28
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=== freeflyi1g is now known as freeflying
jussi01Riddell: I mentioned a logout problem to you a few days ago, (straight logout when clicking on the shutdown plasmoid) and you mentioned that usually happens when ksmserver has crashed. however, ksmserver is running, and its still happening. any other ideas?09:05
Riddelljussi01: nope09:54
jussi01Riddell: ok then. Ill file a bug :)09:55
a|wenRiddell: if an lp:~kubuntu-members branch of a package is still listed as "unreleased" for a package that is actually released, how to go about that?10:40
Riddella|wen: commit the fix10:44
Riddella|wen: did you have a package other day that needed review?10:45
a|wenokay, thx10:45
a|wenRiddell: yes, kdesvn - http://awen.dk/packages/kdesvn/10:45
Riddella|wen: looks fine, uploading10:52
a|wenRiddell: thx10:53
* a|wen- hates being kicked out due to laggy inet10:59
ScottKa|wen-: Thanks.11:08
jussi01sad... the only decent qt4 browser is closed source11:08
ScottKRiddell: I messed up kdebase-workspace for Intrepid (didn't actually apparently do something I thought I had. New one in a moment.)11:09
a|wen-ScottK: np11:09
a|wen-ScottK: Riddell has just looked at kdesvn ... so you get away this time11:10
ScottKI saw.  Thanks Riddell.11:10
a|wen-ScottK: just a note ... the lase release in jaunty of kdebase-workspace wasn't committed to bzr; i've just shuffled the missing bits up (would result in a build error if you took it directly; so that might be your backporting error?)11:12
ScottKa|wen-: No.  This is Intrepid and when I was moving my changes out of the chroot I was building in, I messed up.11:13
* ScottK does note that someone ought to ping Tonio about that.11:13
a|wen-ScottK: okay ... then just ignore11:14
Riddellguess I'll write those packagekit main inclusion reports11:14
* a|wen- was about to ping Tonio ... but he wasn't there11:14
ScottKMaybe even the NM plasmoid too ....11:19
RiddellScottK: does it work?11:19
jussi01which svn still doesnt build...11:20
Riddellalthough given the speed of MIRs pre-emptive is not a bad idea11:20
ScottKApparently not with wep, but someone said they had wpa working11:20
ScottKerr wpa2 I think.11:20
jussi01current svn isnt building, just tried again then...11:21
jussi01hrm, cleaned builddir and starting again. lets see if it compiles now11:25
ScottKRiddell: Would you please accept kdebase-workspace and kdebluetooth in intrepid-proposed (kdebluetooth has a versioned build-dep so it'll just depwait until workspace builds)11:26
RiddellScottK: what's the bug number?11:27
jussi01yeah, nm plasmoid, current svn still not building11:27
ScottKRiddell: Bug 28099711:28
ubottuLaunchpad bug 280997 in kdebase-workspace "solid-bluetooth needs update for bluez 4.x" [High,Fix committed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/28099711:28
ScottKBack in a bit.11:28
ScottKRiddell: I'm headed back to bed for an hour.  Is there anything else you needed for workspace and bluetooth on Intrepid?11:38
RiddellScottK: that's fine11:39
ScottKOK.  Thanks.11:39
Riddellvorian: new soprano is out http://soprano.sourceforge.net/node/2811:45
Riddellvorian: debian has packaging in their branches/kde4.2/packages/soprano/debian11:45
RiddellScottK: accepted (although normally only pitti is trusted to accept SRUs for main but it can't get more broken in this case)11:48
Lureapachelogger: kdegraphics failed to build - missing quilt as build-depends12:03
Lureapachelogger: can you upload the fix or should I find some other core-dev to sponsor fix upload?12:03
* Lure needs working okular12:04
RiddellLure: I can if you commit to bzr12:06
LureRiddell: will try (did not use new bzr model until now)12:07
LureRiddell: this bat* scripts just obscure stuff - where are bzr branches for kde packages?12:14
* Lure just want to work directly with bzr12:14
LureI suspect it is lp:~kubuntu-members/kdegraphics/ubuntu12:16
Lureuf, but it does not have apachelogger's change in changelog...12:17
RiddellLure: that's the one12:17
LureRiddell: ok, will merge in apacheloger's change too - it was anyhow just upload to trigger rebuild12:18
* Lure is not sure how kdegraphics has built before withou quilt12:18
RiddellLure: it doesn't need quilt if there's no patches, maybe a patch was added recently?12:19
LureRiddell: probably12:19
LureRiddell: it is patch to fix arm build12:19
Riddellpesky arm12:19
LureRiddell: commited12:38
vorianRiddell: thanks. i'll grab it next12:56
apachelogger_who is getting grabbed?12:59
apachelogger_ScottK: http://aplg.kollide.net/screencasts/quilt-edit-patch.ogv13:01
Lureapachelogger: hi, I have commited fix for kdegraphics build (missing quilt build-depends)13:05
Lureapachelogger: can you or Riddell upload it to get my okular working?13:05
Lureapachelogger: btw, your upload was not in bzr, so I merged it in from package13:06
apachelogger_Lure: did you testbuild?13:08
* apachelogger_ noticed earlier that said patch does not apply13:08
apachelogger_in fact, I think the whole patches dir should be removed completely13:09
Lureapachelogger: no, as my overheating laptop is currenlty busy with digikam13:09
apachelogger_launchpad diff from ubuntu1 to my ubuntu2 will know13:09
apachelogger_Lure: just take a look at the diff13:09
Lurehow did then ubuntu1 upload work?13:09
apachelogger_without patches dir13:09
Lureapachelogger: so it was in bzr by accident!?13:09
apachelogger_that is one of the problems that occur if ninja packaging is not centered around the branch but around the source13:10
apachelogger_Lure: more like not removed at all13:10
Lureapachelogger: ninja packaging confuses me13:10
* Lure uses normal bzr or debdiff rather ;-)13:10
ScottKapachelogger: That's a start.  Part of the idea though would be to not have to do the quilt add foo step.13:10
apachelogger_ScottK: that would take away 45% of why quilt is superior13:11
ScottKI'd like to be able to just toss a patch at the tmp and have it work.13:11
apachelogger_if you run with -t it would take away another 45%13:11
apachelogger_remaining 10 % is quilt import I suppose13:11
apachelogger_ScottK: you should use import13:11
* Riddell still not convinced quilt is superior13:12
ScottKapachelogger: I'd say it takes away a substantial chunk of why quilt is annoying.13:12
* Lure too13:12
apachelogger_ScottK: use import :P13:12
apachelogger_Riddell: in either way it is faster13:12
ScottKapachelogger: Well that didn't work at all on the bluetooth thing13:12
apachelogger_ScottK: read the doc before you try using superior software :P13:13
ScottKI tried every -p option more than once and ended up with empty patch every time.13:13
ScottKapachelogger: Read man quilt and the Debian how to several times.13:13
ScottKAll lack a good example of import actually working.13:13
apachelogger_now that can be fixed13:13
apachelogger_for now back to work13:13
ScottKSo don't bitch about my lack of reading what's not written.13:14
ScottKIt's almost like bzr.13:14
ScottK"Why aren't you using this option that isn't actually documented.13:14
RiddellI've found bzr to be very well documented13:15
Riddelland also good enough that it doesn't need documentation13:15
* ScottK didn't know about bzr push :parent until he asked on #bzr.13:17
ScottKRiddell: It does have a lot of documentation.  It's perhaps I don't use it enough to get through stuff like knitted double stacked branches (I know that's slightlyl made up) and what the difference is.13:18
LureI noticed another thing while moving digikam package to kde4.mk: *.install are relative to debian/, while with cmake.mk (used before) it is relative to package base - is this kubuntu specific change in kde4.mk?13:27
Riddellit's a debian kde packagers change I think13:27
ScottKIt is and it's bloody annoying.13:28
* ScottK had to do the same change when moving quassel to kde4.mk.13:28
Riddellbug 320028  bug 320012  bug 31999813:31
ubottuLaunchpad bug 320028 in plasmoid-network-manager "main inclusion report for plasmoid-network-manager" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/32002813:31
ubottuLaunchpad bug 320012 in kpackagekit "main inclusion report for kpackagekit" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/32001213:31
ubottuLaunchpad bug 319998 in packagekit "main incluson report for packagekit" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/31999813:31
cbrthe network manager plasmoid wont connect to wifi networks for me :(14:10
ScottKcbr: Using WEP?14:12
* JontheEchidna huggles whomever is responsible for co-installable amarok and kmail14:40
JontheEchidnaKDE is winning ^_^14:45
cbrScottK: both with wpa-psk and no security14:52
ScottKcbr: OK.  Recently WEP was reported not working.14:52
cbri went back to nm-applet14:53
cbrworks fine except it wont connect to wifi network @ one building in school14:53
cbrbut that's a linux issue for some reason14:53
cbrdoesnt work with network-manager nor wicd14:53
cbrwindows people dont have problems14:54
freeflyingcbr: whats type of your wifi module15:01
cbrintel's 3945abg15:02
cbrbut another guy uses kubuntu on his laptop too and i doubt he has the same wifi hardware15:02
cbrbut it fails for him too15:03
freeflyingcbr: mine intel 4965 works fine15:03
cbrit kind of associates with the AP but can't get DHCP reply15:03
cbrit just waits for it and fails15:03
freeflyingwith nm or wicd, wep/wpa15:03
cbryeah, works for me for most networks too15:04
cbrbut fails @ that building15:04
cbrthe only thing that's different from most networks is that it's 802.11a15:04
cbrit also supports some handover function between AP's15:05
cbrbut dont know whether that's relevant15:05
Lurecbr: it may be some timeout issue (slow dhcp response)15:07
Lurecbr: timeouts were raised a bit with 0.7, but may not be enough for all AP15:07
cbrcan i somehow manually change it to test?15:08
Lurecbr: I had one AP, that did not work with pre-0.7 due to it15:08
Lurecbr: not sure - check network-manager package changelog fr coment and then inspect the diff to see what have changed15:08
Lurecbr: it may be that it was actually accepted upstream (as I also recall a thread on networkmanager mailing list)15:09
Lurecbr: from changelog: make manual regristration timeout patch out of automatic one (which15:10
Lure    was applied upstream)15:10
Lurecbr: bug 303142 may have more info15:11
ubottuLaunchpad bug 303142 in network-manager "3G [Option] some modems take a while time to register on network (CREG)" [Medium,Fix released] https://launchpad.net/bugs/30314215:11
Lureor better bug 29205415:12
ubottuLaunchpad bug 292054 in network-manager "Some drivers take too long to associate (Was: network-manager 0.7 always asks for WPA passphrase)" [High,Fix released] https://launchpad.net/bugs/29205415:12
Lurecbr: it looks it is hardcoded...15:13
cbrthat network isn't encrypted though15:14
cbrno wpa/wep15:14
* Lure is not sure if wpasupplicant is not used there to to kick dhcp request...15:15
Lurecbr: according to src/dhcp-manager/nm-dhcp-manager.c, dhcp timeout is 45 sec15:17
cbrthe retries occur more often imo15:17
cbrbut yeah, eventually it just fails.. so dunno15:17
Lurecbr: so in less than 45 sec?15:18
Lurecbr: does it take long also for windows users?15:18
cbrhaven't asked really15:18
cbrwell the whole thing times out in 45 seconds maybe.. but there are several requests like every 10 seconds15:19
cbrdont know about dhcp, does the previous request get superseded by a new one or how does it go15:19
a|wen-cbr: the problem with dhcp is that is it udp, so in a wifi environment maybe with a lot of traffic, they easily get lost15:28
cbri doubt there's very much traffic15:33
cbrthere are a lot of ap's15:33
a|wen-could also get lost in the network behind the AP's ... but hard to know15:34
Tonio_Riddell, apachelogger, rgreening: plasmoid-network-manager seems to build again and received a HUDGE number of changes...15:58
Tonio_I'm uploading an update right now so that everyone can test15:59
Tonio_Riddell: also uploading kpackagekit if nobody did15:59
RiddellTonio_: go ahead15:59
RiddellTonio_: I did the MIRs15:59
apacheloggerScottK: it must be documented somewhere, otherwise I wouldn't know it16:00
* apachelogger doesn't read bash source :P16:00
rgreeningTonio_: \o/16:01
a|wenScottK: kdebase-workspace committed to bzr with the notification configuration dialog ... i've tested the patch on intrepid (made a local backport)16:02
a|wenif anybody wants to test it, it's build for both intrepid as well as jaunty in my ppa: https://launchpad.net/~andreas-wenning/+archive16:05
Riddella|wen:  notification configuration dialog?16:06
a|wenRiddell: http://reviewboard.vidsolbach.de/r/331/diff/16:06
Riddella|wen: do you know upstream's opinion of that patch?16:08
Tonio_Riddell: the MIRs ? all of them ?16:08
jussi01Tonio_: I just built the plasmoid nm :)16:08
a|wenRiddell: Aaron Seigo said "Ship it!"16:09
rgreeningRiddell: yeah, he indicated it would be main for 4.316:09
Riddella|wen: that's encouragement :)16:10
a|wenRiddell: exactly my though :)16:10
RiddellTonio_: bug 320028  bug 320012  bug 31999816:10
ubottuLaunchpad bug 320028 in plasmoid-network-manager "main inclusion report for plasmoid-network-manager" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/32002816:10
ubottuLaunchpad bug 320012 in kpackagekit "main inclusion report for kpackagekit" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/32001216:10
ubottuLaunchpad bug 319998 in packagekit "main incluson report for packagekit" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/31999816:10
Tonio_Riddell: rocking !16:13
Tonio_Riddell: sorry for the delay for the MIRs... I was too tired yesterday to go on that :) I left the work at about 21...16:17
ScottKa|wen: Great.16:19
ScottKRiddell: I think we ought to include the notification control in our 4.2.0 package.16:19
RiddellScottK: yes should be good, just want to make sure upstream are happy16:21
Tonio_kpackagekit uploaded16:21
Tonio_plasmoid-network-manager too16:22
a|wendo we know if there will be an rc2 ... or when 4.2 will arrive?16:22
Tonio_Riddell: k3b seems to work pretty decent and I mostly finished the packaging, fyi16:23
Tonio_Riddell: could be uploaded this we probably16:23
ScottKa|wen: 4.2.0 is tagged16:23
jjesseTonio_: i had no issues with the .deb you provided me16:23
jjessethey worked fin on my box16:23
a|wenScottK: oh; so packaging has begun?16:23
RiddellTonio_: packaged as k3b or k3b-kde4 ?16:23
Riddella|wen: yes it has, in the secret channel if you want to help16:24
a|wenRiddell: just got an invite from ScottK16:24
jjessewow a secret channel :)16:25
ScottKOnly for dealing with unreleased upstream tarballs.16:25
rgreeningTonio_: I successfuly burned a DVD with k3b. looks to be fine.16:26
jjesseTonio_: i burned a CD fine with it, no issues16:26
cbris devicekit better than hal or smth?16:48
neversfeldeTonio_: I burned an iso, went fine, but md5 was not checked16:50
apacheloggerneversfelde: is your crap uploaded yet?16:51
apacheloggercbr: it is hal just named *kit :P16:51
neversfeldeapachelogger: no, I had to add get-orig-source rules and several other things16:52
apacheloggerneversfelde: urlies please16:53
smarterneversfelde: urls I imagine16:59
Tonio_neversfelde: good point ;)16:59
Tonio_Riddell: I plan to finish the all k3b packaging for tomorrow, and then will also look at partitionmanager17:00
neversfeldeapachelogger: http://tinyurl.com/a7u6s7 and http://tinyurl.com/cj9ml517:01
apacheloggerScottK: do you really think a get-orig-source for kde-look hosted stuff is worth the effort?17:03
ScottKapachelogger: I think if we figured it once, it'd make things much easier in the future.  I'm willing to accept it's more trouble than it's worth.17:04
apacheloggerScottK: it would have to be hardlocked to $upload17:05
apacheloggerso there wouldn't be any benefit but being able to redownload the tarball17:05
ScottKOK.  Maybe not worth it.17:06
apacheloggerneversfelde: that patch header for the plasmoid... did you add that with quilt?17:08
neversfeldeapachelogger: no, should I?17:08
apacheloggerno, I just wanted to sign you up for documenting that :P17:09
apacheloggerneversfelde: does that get-orig target work?17:09
apacheloggermv windowslist_0.3 plasmoid-windowslist.orig  ... looks phony17:10
apacheloggerso does rm -rf plasmoid-windowslist.orig17:10
neversfeldeapachelogger: mhh, that was new to me, I will look into it again17:10
apacheloggerneversfelde: well, you should at least testrun stuff :P17:11
apacheloggermake -f debian/rules get-orig-source17:11
apacheloggerneversfelde: btw, if you end every line with ; \17:12
apacheloggeryou don't have to do ../ all the time17:12
* ScottK confesses to have asked for a get-orig-source and forgot to specify 'working'.17:12
RiddellScottK: could you unsubscribe ubuntu-sponsors-main from bug 17765217:13
ubottuLaunchpad bug 177652 in k3b "Typo in K3b : Apppended" [Low,Fix committed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/17765217:13
apacheloggerwell, there is not much point in a broken one ;-)17:13
ScottKI'd have thought that, but who know.17:14
ScottKRiddell: Done.17:14
apacheloggerneversfelde: general note about get-orig-source targets ... if you can't implement them in a way that they can easily bumped for a new upstream release, there is little reason to do them at all17:26
apacheloggerthe other reason I could think of would removing binary blob17:26
neversfeldeI do not understand these rules atm17:28
* ScottK notes http://albertomilone.com/wordpress/?p=312 and wonders if this ought to be integrated into something.17:30
rgreeningScottK: can we add the package to the desktop seed? or make a recommends of system-settings?17:32
ScottKrgreening: Needs a MIR first.17:33
ScottKDunno how big it is, but if there's a convenient package already in main that could be patched, it'd save space and avoid a MIR.17:33
* ScottK didn't look at the code.17:33
neversfeldeapachelogger: when I repackaged the source, a get-orig-source rule is absolutely necessary, isn't it?17:33
rgreeningScottK: It's small (python) < 11K src, < 5K deb, ~66K installed17:37
rgreeningScottK: works fine here.17:38
apacheloggerneversfelde: well, you only should repack the source when you need to remove non-free stuff anyway17:38
neversfeldeapachelogger: I did it, because of wrong directory layout17:39
apacheloggerneversfelde: wrong directory layout?17:39
rgreeningScottK: It also requires python-xkit as a dep17:40
ScottKOh.  Well we need that for jockey anyway17:40
rgreeningcool. then its a no brainer17:40
neversfeldeapachelogger: the unpacked dir is windowslist_0.3, so I renamed to plasmoid-windowslist-0.3 and packed it again17:41
seeleScottK: what do you mean "integrated into something"?17:42
apacheloggerneversfelde: unnecessary17:42
neversfeldeapachelogger: ok, only rename the directory?17:42
ScottKseele: Not a separate package17:42
apacheloggerneversfelde: not at all17:42
rgreeningScottK: install it.17:42
apacheloggerneversfelde: it wouldn't even matter if the unpacked dir is called "foobar" ... everyone but you will use dpkg-source to extract the source package, and that takes care the dir is named properly17:43
seeleScottK: i think that's just for now17:43
rgreeningScottK: dontzap is the interface to editing the xorg.conf  and can be run cmdline.17:43
rgreeningIt's looks integrated into system settings from users perspective.17:43
seeleright and it will be included by default in Jaunty.17:44
ScottKseele: In what package?17:44
neversfeldeapachelogger: I remembered that dh_make complains, so I did this. Ok, I will do another run and remove that get-orig-source thing17:44
apacheloggerneversfelde: dh-source probably complained ;-)17:44
apacheloggerstupid thing17:44
seeleScottK: i dont know that kind of stuff.  stuff either works, is broken, or is missing in my world17:45
ScottKUnderstand.  But that's the kind of integration I'm talking about.17:45
seeleoh i thoguht you meant with the ui17:46
neversfeldeapachelogger: The directory name must be <package>-<version> for dh_make to work!17:50
neversfeldethis was my problem17:50
rgreeningScottK: I'm pretty sure there was a patch added to systemsettings to show this option if dontzap exists (I have ot verify)17:50
apacheloggerneversfelde: you don't need to change the tarball for that17:51
apacheloggerneversfelde: just rename your working directory17:51
neversfeldeapachelogger: ok, easy^^17:51
ghostcubesorry to disturb you :)18:27
ghostcubebut i noticed a problem since the last proposed update for kde 4.1.4 oO18:28
ghostcubewhat exactly changed to the alsa device handling18:28
ghostcubeit seems kde4 is capturing the hw:0 device and doesnt release it if not in use18:29
ghostcubeiam not able anymore to start jackd it claims about alsa hw:0 in uzse stop application this startet with the last update before it worked like charm18:30
ScottKghostcube: How did you stop it?18:34
ghostcubefrom working ?18:35
* ScottK notices we actually got the dontzap U/I first (before Gnome).18:35
ghostcubeScottK, i just updated lol18:35
ScottKI misread you then.18:35
ghostcubei worked with jackd till 2 am updated at 5 pm now its not starting anymore ;(18:35
ScottKI read you were manually stopping something.18:36
ghostcubenah :)18:36
ScottKThat update just patched bluetooth-solid, so I can't imagine how it might affect you that way.18:36
* ScottK wonders if Riddell might have ideas.18:36
ghostcubei installed rt kernel and bootet it up want to start jackd after i updatet 4.1.4 then i noticed hmm jackd not startin and thought it is rt kernel but its not starting on normal generic kernel too and sound works fine in all audio players but if i shut down all audio apps by kill jackd still claims alsa hw:0 in use18:38
ghostcubesorry for my dman bad english18:38
ghostcubeand a force-reload on alsa kills plasma too oO18:39
ghostcubeis this normal ?18:39
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ScottKIs bugs.kde.org down generally or just for me?19:26
JontheEchidnablame the servers, they run suse19:26
JontheEchidnabut yes, it does seem to go down a lot19:27
apacheloggermore importantly ... they run @suse's19:27
samppadoes someone know if kdenlive 0.7.1 is somehow available for intrepid19:27
smarterScottK: http://downforeveryoneorjustme.com/19:29
ghostcubeanyone here on 4.1.4 from today may can test if jackd is starting hmm so i could see if its only mee oO19:29
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smarter(actually, it doesn't seem to handle subdomain correctly, so disregard that :p)19:29
=== apachelogger_ is now known as apachelogger
ScottKsmarter: Doesn't like three level domains19:29
ScottKghostcube: Using the RT kernel and jackd isn't our most common use case.19:30
ghostcubenah i didnt use rt :| cause single core build19:30
ghostcubei am on normal generic kernel for 64 bit19:30
ScottKSo how do I start jack?  I can try it.19:31
ghostcubeehm jackd -d alsa19:31
ghostcubebe sure no apps running alsa19:32
ScottKHow do I do that then?19:32
* ScottK doesn't mess with sound much.19:32
ghostcubeclose all sound apps19:32
ghostcubeamarok xmms or so19:32
ScottKghostcube: Starts here/19:37
ghostcubethats not good :D19:38
ghostcubethe playback device "hw:0" is already in use. Please stop the application using it and run JACK again19:38
ghostcubethis is what i get19:38
ScottKNot here.19:39
ScottKThe only think I stopped before trying it was Kmix.19:40
* Lure is considering to switch to i386 kubuntu, just to get packages faster from build farm ;-)19:41
ghostcubeScottK, hmm no chance here can i somehow see what is connected to alsa ?19:43
ScottKI'm sure there's a way.  IDK what it is.19:44
smarterghostcube: asoundconf list ?19:44
smarter(not sure what you're asking for)19:44
rgreeninglsof | grep -i alsa maybe?19:45
smarterah, I get it19:46
smarterlsof | grep snd19:46
smartershould work19:46
ghostcubergreening, ok this tells me plasma19:46
ghostcubeyep all commands ell me plasma19:47
apacheloggerLure: doesn't lpia on average build faster than i386?19:49
rgreeningkquitapp plasma && plasma..19:50
ghostcubeaye jackd starting up19:51
ghostcubewhen i kill plasma jackd starts19:52
ghostcubethats no good19:52
smarterstrange that plasma uses alsa19:53
smarterit doesn't here19:53
ghostcubelsof | grep snd19:53
ghostcubeplasma    31312    incubus  mem       CHR              116,6               33017 /dev/snd/pcmC0D0p19:53
smarterdo you have some weird plasmoids running?19:54
ghostcubeehm teacoocker19:54
ghostcubebut this was running yesterday too :|19:54
ghostcubehmm ill check19:54
ghostcubesmarter, u get the price19:55
ghostcubei never had thought it would be an applet19:55
ghostcubebut why is this startin 2 month after i first used teacoocker19:56
ghostcubewith the update today19:56
Lureapachelogger: but does lpia runs on regular core2duo?19:56
Lureapachelogger: now I see that we have only one amd64 build machine: https://edge.launchpad.net/+builds19:57
apacheloggerLure: at some point we had two I think19:57
apacheloggerah yeah19:57
apacheloggerall broken :D19:57
Lureapachelogger: there are two, one is reserved for private build19:57
ghostcubehmm guys sorry for being stupid and disturbing you19:57
apacheloggerah, all private19:57
smarterghostcube: you may want to report the bug19:58
apacheloggerLure: it's only private because something private is getting built right now19:58
apacheloggerI suppose ubuntu-secrurity19:58
ghostcubesmarter, is  this a bug i should file ?19:58
mariuzcan i ask here about that error from classroom??19:58
smarter(if it's a bug, which I'm not sure since I haven't followed the conversation :p)19:58
ghostcubesmarter, ok short version19:58
smarterghostcube: probably19:58
Lureapachelogger: I suppose Riddell is building daily kde-from-svn for his laptop ;-)19:58
apacheloggervorian: help mariuz resolve the issue :P19:58
ghostcubei updated today kde 4.1.4 from porposed cause new packages19:58
apacheloggerLure: lol19:58
ghostcubethen jackd doesnt want to startup again19:59
vorianmariuz: give me two shakes19:59
ghostcubeand i never had checked it is teacoocker applet19:59
ghostcubecause this worked before too19:59
smarterso something has changed somewhere which causes this bug? :p20:00
mariuzi have intrepid on 64 and i build the plasmoid-toggle-compositing i have this error20:00
mariuzMakeFiles/plasma_applet_toggle_compositing.dir/toggle_compositing.o: In function `~ToggleCompositing':20:01
mariuz/home/mariuz/work/plasmoid-toggle-compositing-0.2.2/toggle_compositing.cpp:112: undefined reference to `Plasma::Applet::~Applet()'20:01
ghostcubesmarter, seems so20:01
apacheloggervorian:  are you sure it builds with 4.1?20:01
smarterghostcube: it's probably worth reporting it to http://bugs.kde.org with all the details you can20:01
vorianit prolly doesn't due to ole libplasma20:01
mariuzso i should upgrade to kde 4.220:02
voriannot if you don't want to20:02
ghostcubesmarter, hmm yep its definetly changed anything inside plasma cause teacoocker now connects permanently to pcm this wasent before20:03
ghostcubeand this causes jackd to wont startup20:04
ghostcubehmm i report this to bugs kde would be cool if teacoocker applet only would connect to  sound if needed20:06
ghostcubeso this wont cause anny probs20:07
smarterand say that it worked on 4.1.320:07
ghostcubeit worked on 4.1.4 till today too20:07
ghostcubei had 4.1.4 already20:07
ghostcubethis started with the last update today20:07
* ScottK wonders who knows about KDE sound stuff.20:08
ScottKsmarter: Which was my kdebase-workspace patch for bluetooth-solid.20:08
ghostcubehmm there have been 8 packages or so20:08
ghostcubebut ScottK you can reproduce this20:09
ScottKAll those binaries are built from one source package.20:09
ghostcubeyoust add teacoocker and try startin jackd20:09
ScottKActually I need to run.20:09
ScottKPerhaps later.20:10
ghostcubeok no prob )20:10
ScottKa|wen may have a 4.1.4 box he can test with?20:10
NCommanderRiddell, ping20:20
RiddellNCommander: pong21:01
a|wenScottK: what should i test on 4.1.4?22:23
Riddellglatzor: I made MIRs for packagekit and kpackagekit22:24
ghostcubea|wen, the thing that teacoocker applet stops jackd from loading since todays update, cause plasma is using alsa hw:022:25
glatzorRiddell, great. thanks22:32
a|wen-ghostcube: when are you trying to load jackd ... just after teacooker stops or while it is running?22:45
ghostcubea|wen, no if u add teacooker to miniprograms and then u try to launch jackd it says jackd cant be loaded cause alsa is in use22:46
ghostcubethis waent yesterday on 4.1.4 i used teacooker and jackd after todays update i cant use both at the same time22:47
a|wen-ghostcube: no problem here it seems; i can load jackd just fine22:57
a|wen-which driver do you use for jackd22:57
ghostcubewith teacooker  ?22:57
ghostcubejackd loads fine if i didnt use teacooker22:57
ghostcubeso thats the thing i dont get here22:57
ghostcubewhats the output for lsof | grep snd if you start teacooker22:58
ghostcubeis there plasma pcm0 ?22:58
ghostcubea|wen, i can live without teacooker but i was just wondering why this happened after todays update for me23:00
a|wen-ghostcube: i've got plasma, kmix and jackd as output23:02
ghostcubecan u may pastebin this so ican look at it23:02
a|wen-just a min ... the comp testing has no inet23:03
ghostcubeoh no prob isnt needed is to much hastle23:03
a|wen-ghostcube: which driver do you load teacooker with?23:04
a|wen-sry jackd23:04
a|wen-same then23:05
ghostcubeand the 4.1.4 is with the latest updates from today ?23:05
a|wen-ghostcube: can you remember what got updated?23:06
ghostcubei  can look into dpkg log23:06
a|wen-please, thx23:08
ScottKa|wen: Everything.23:11
ScottKa|wen: Eventually we need comments in all those bugs saying "works good".23:11
ghostcubebtw the amsynth package for intrepid is b0rked lol  the hardy one works but all 64 bit23:13
a|wen-ghostcube: seems to not have the newest one then23:14
ghostcubea|wen, hmm this started with the latest packages i noticed this cause jackd wasnt starting and smarter pointed out maybe an applet23:15
ghostcubeso i get it it was teacooker and i can show you what it does23:15
dtcheni think libsoprano4 is missing a Replaces on soprano-daemon (<= 2.1.64+dfsg.1-0ubuntu1)23:16
ghostcubethis is when tea is started it grabs an pcm port23:16
a|wen-ghostcube: there it cached hw:023:17
dtchenvorian: did you test the upgrade of libsoprano4 on current jaunty?23:17
ghostcubea|wen, yep and jackd is default cathing hw:0 to23:17
ghostcubeand yesterday tea wasent catching hw:023:18
a|wen-ghostcube: i tested it with the package from yesterday (eg. not the newest)23:18
ghostcubeyep there it works fine23:18
dtchenis tea now trying to grab raw hw:*?23:19
dtchenby default, jackd will, which will obviously break on hardware not supporting native multiopen23:19
ghostcubeintel hda isnt at the moment as it seems23:19
dtchenerr, *which* hda codec?23:20
a|wen-ghostcube: i can get it to not work fine with the previous package23:20
dtchen("intel hda" is much too ambiguous - there are dozens of hda codecs)23:20
dtchen(e.g., certain sigmatel 927x have hardware multiopen with prelim support in sound-2.6 git HEAD)23:21
a|wen-ghostcube: so it is not the latest one (but could be 4.1.4 in general, i cannot say)23:21
ghostcubedtchen, iam looking for it23:22
ghostcube82801JI (ICH10 Family) HD Audio Controller23:24
ghostcubeits onboard on asus p5q-pro23:24
a|wen-dtchen: it didn't grab raw here the first time ... but now i can't get it to stop grabbing raw23:27
dtchenghostcube: i really would need the codec if it in fact is an alsa issue (see http://www.alsa-project.org/alsa-info.sh ; it's a bash script)23:29
ghostcubedmeasg shows me an hda_codec not known23:29
ghostcubewith a number23:29
ghostcubedtchen, http://pastie.org/36826723:34
a|wen-ScottK: i'll just work with 4.1.4 over the next time, and see if i clash into anything horrible23:36

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