ubuntu_habe ein problem mit kubuntu 8.1000:03
ubuntu_genauer gesagt ein problem mit der grafik00:03
ubuntu_ist hier jemand der mir helfen kann?00:03
wesley_Nein, du hast to sprech engels, das eine oder germaanse tale00:04
ubuntu_habe ein problem mit kubuntu 8.10 und zwar mit der grafik00:06
wesley_was fur eine grafik karte had du then ?00:06
ubuntu_habe eine ati x1950 pro graka00:06
wesley_ati is sheise, du kans google auf deine ati00:07
ubuntu_aufm laptop läufts ohne probleme, aber auf pc mit ati nur probleme00:07
wesley_Ich bin immitating german sprache, so kan dich nich hilfen00:07
ubuntu_ah ok00:08
ubuntu_kennst du das problem denn?00:08
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cjaeanyone know how to put panel on tvout (nvidia twinview?00:19
trepan_Anyone know how to fix the touchpad in Kubuntu Intrepid?  I don't see a touch pad setting anywhere.  I can fix it with the mouse settings but then it screws up my mouse when I use that00:30
GoanHello. Is there a way in Kubuntu that I keep on working on a local file and once I save my file locally, some sort of software syncs that version of the file on a remote host - that I can ssh to00:32
faileasGoan: rsync and something to run it every so often00:34
faileaspossibly dropbox might work, but on kubuntu you're stuck with the cli interface i think00:34
GoanIt is a pain to keep scp'ing the saved file to the remote host, once after making changes locally00:35
faileashmm, or unison?00:36
faileashttp://www.cis.upenn.edu/~bcpierce/unison/ (there's a package too but good to read to see if its what you need)00:37
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Goantks faileas, i'll have a look at it00:42
Goanever came across kernel panics with caps lock flashing?00:42
Goansince last week, i am experiencing a lots of those00:43
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Goandon't know if it is hardware or software issue.. called up lenovo t61 tech support, and they adviced me to unplug the hdd and plug it back in properly00:44
Goanwill try it tonight00:44
faileasi run an r61. only issue i have at the moment is everything not linux hating my ext3 partition ;)00:45
Goanhehe.. no problem here00:45
faileas(i run xp too. ext3 ifs, and acronis throw a fit at it. forums say its the inode size.... )00:46
marceli can find on net an another KMix sound Mixer ?00:48
marceli need that for 5.1 boxes00:48
marcelnow i have just 4 channels mode00:48
marceland i need for 5.1 mode00:49
Blitzz|KubuntuKMix doesn't mute sound. 64-bit Hardy, SBLive Audigy 2 ZS01:00
ActionParsnipdo the sliders modify the sound volume ok01:01
lunar-ravenI'm having trouble compiling my video card driver. It is integrated video..some sort of intel. I got the right driver for it..but when I try, I get the error "The DRI drivers can not be installed without the latest kernel modules. Installation will be aborted. See the dri.log file for information on what went wrong."01:06
lunar-ravenany idea what is wrong and how to fix it?01:06
lunar-ravenI'm assuming I need to install some sort of kernel module first..but im not sure what01:07
Blitzz|KubuntuActionParsnip: Yes, they do01:07
Blitzz|KubuntuBut the mute function does nothing01:07
ActionParsnipBlitzz|Kubuntu: are you using pulse or alsa?01:07
* n00bi3 was waken up by the frosty cold weather01:08
Blitzz|KubuntuI have KDE set using OSS. I honestly don't even know which sound system is being used now. It might be using ALSA. :S01:08
ubottuIf you're having problems with sound, first ensure ARTS is running, by going to K Menu -> System Settings -> Sound System and making sure "Enable the sound system" is checked. If that fails, see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Sound - https://help.ubuntu.com/community/SoundTroubleshooting - For playing audio files, see !Players and !MP301:08
Blitzz|KubuntuPulse doesn't seem to be on here01:08
* n00bi3 has a real cool dream about giant b00bs!01:08
bazhangn00bi3, not here01:11
Blitzz|KubuntuActionParsnip: Where do I look?01:12
ActionParsnipBlitzz|Kubuntu: its in the sound settings in systemsettings01:12
Blitzz|KubuntuYeah, I've been there, I just didn't know if it actually had any effect01:13
Blitzz|KubuntuIt's set on OSS01:13
Blitzz|KubuntuIt also seems that some programs have noticeable sound lag, while others don't01:14
ActionParsnipBlitzz|Kubuntu: creative support is very limited, even in windows01:15
Blitzz|KubuntuLatency was fine in Windows...01:15
ActionParsnipBlitzz|Kubuntu: i dont know what to advise. I flat out avoid them as the support sucks hard01:19
ActionParsnipBlitzz|Kubuntu: try again later, diferent users in the channel etc01:19
faileashmm. If i kept my home directory synchronised between two systems, would it keep track of what i've read on akrigator, and my firefox history?01:21
alipiohi there... when I try to configure samba share through dolphin nothing happens01:21
alipiowhen I try to run kdesudo kcmshell4 fileshare I get01:21
alipiokcmshell(22452) KServiceFactory::findServiceByDesktopPath: "findServiceByDesktopPath: fileshare.desktop not found"01:21
alipioCan anybody help me?01:22
ActionParsnipfaileas: just share your home directory and smbmount it to use it on the 2 systems. I'd imagine if you did use sync then the settings would fly over too including history etc01:22
ActionParsnipalipio: i can show you how to configure samba using smb.conf, its ridiculously easy01:23
faileasActionParsnip: naw, its for backing up. i MIGHT need to temporarily wipe my linux partition01:23
jammen33alipio: http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=20260501:23
alipioI know.. but I'd want to learn my brother to configure that through GUI01:24
ActionParsnipalipio: i only know the file, I can send you mine to inspect if you like01:24
faileasActionParsnip: the plan is to use unison to test it. if it works, its cool but i can't be bothered to test something that dosen't work right at this moment01:25
ActionParsnipfaileas: sounds like a project01:25
faileasActionParsnip: actually no. getting a decent backup of my laptop is. ;p01:26
alipioActionParsnip: It's not necessary... but thanks.. I'm going to configure the file for him... but I'd want to know if there is a bug in kubuntu kdenetwork-fileshare package or something like that...01:26
ActionParsnipfaileas: i just cron a cp task to run at 5am, simple yet effective01:26
ActionParsnipalipio: you could try later if you arent in a massive hurry01:27
faileasActionParsnip: not as fun ;)01:27
ameliei want to know how do i get disk information on the console01:27
faileasand i can do this over a network01:27
ActionParsnipfaileas: smbmount and cp01:28
ActionParsnipamelie: what sort of info do you need?01:28
faileasActionParsnip: not as fun ;p01:28
alipioamelie: how what? disk space?01:28
faileasand any changes on one homedir is automagically propagated on the other01:29
alipiodf -h01:29
ameliedisk space01:29
* n00b13 has a real cool dream about giant b00bs!01:29
ameliethank you very much alipio01:30
ActionParsnipamelie: df -h will show disk usage, the -h means humanly readable01:32
ActionParsnipamelie: if you want to view partition info there is: sudo fdisk -l01:32
matisseIs there a way to download the sent mails (which were sent via web interface) ?01:33
amelieyou guys are very kind01:33
ameliethank you very much01:33
GoanIf I start updating from hardy to intrepid, could I loose my data during the process .. in case lets say, there is an error or something during installation01:35
ActionParsnipGoan: shouldnt be, if you want, run your backup just before the update but it is very much a safe process imho01:38
GoanIs there a backup utility that I can use?01:38
TweakedEhIs swap just as good as ram?01:39
ubottuThere are many ways to back your system up. Here's a few: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/BackupYourSystem , https://help.ubuntu.com/community/DuplicityBackupHowto , https://wiki.ubuntu.com/HomeUserBackup , https://help.ubuntu.com/community/MondoMindi - See also !sbackup and !cloning01:39
ActionParsnipTweakedEh: its a tonne slower but if you need the capacity its cool01:40
TweakedEhActionParsnip: alright, Thanks.01:40
ActionParsnipTweakedEh: its like the pagefile in windows01:40
ActionParsnipTweakedEh: except windows is isnt smart enough to have it on its own partition so it can affect fragmentation01:41
TweakedEhActionParsnip: Lol, So would it still be worth it to go out and get a new ram card?01:42
ActionParsnipTweakedEh: if you need extra ram for activities, grab some. its cheap01:44
faileasActionParsnip: well in theory you can have a windows style swap file ;p01:45
ActionParsnipfaileas: true01:45
ActionParsnipfaileas: i'd rather have it on a different disk, extra speed01:46
faileasActionParsnip: and i think a poweruser of windows can move the pagefile to its own partition01:47
faileasa lot of sillyness is mainly cause they chose a different approach ;)01:47
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ActionParsnipfaileas: well the default user model is admin so you should be ok :D01:55
faileasActionParsnip: i don't run it that way ;p01:56
* faileas insists on 2-3 accounts (admin for maintainance, user, one account for VMs on vmware server running boxen)01:57
ActionParsnipfaileas: true but standard idiots do and then they moan the get system issues01:57
faileasActionParsnip: ;) ... and there's a reason why we have a !root factoid here ;p02:00
ActionParsnipfew windows kids learn02:01
ActionParsnipthen jump into ubuntu and enable root and login to it to browse the web etc02:02
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ubottuGTK is the !GIMP toolkit, which forms the base of !GNOME and is used by many applications to provide a !GUI02:17
TweakedEhWoot, Lost season 5 is on =]02:23
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luis__hello guys good nite all of you, can somebody help me pls02:46
luis__i just install kubuntu 8.04.1 so i am so new in here and i cant find mozilla, and also i was looking on google and all they said konsole, sudo aptitude(apt-get) install frefox mozilla whatever the rest might be but it just wont work02:49
luis__so how can i install mozilla on kubuntu help plss???02:49
ubottufirefox is the default web-browser on Ubuntu. To install the latest version, see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/FirefoxNewVersion Installing plugins: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/FirefoxPlugins02:49
luis__i cant02:49
Dr_willisits right there in the package manager tools.. a few clicks and it isntalls...02:49
Dr_willisfirefox - meta package for the popular mozilla web browser02:50
Dr_willissudo apt-get install firefox02:51
luis__that dont work02:51
Dr_willisthen why dont you tell us some more info.. it works for most everyone else....02:51
luis__it say that it couldnt find any package with that name02:51
Dr_willisupdate the package manager listing, upgrade, and try again02:52
Dr_willissudo apt-get update02:52
Dr_willissudo apt-get upgrade02:52
Dr_willissudo apt-get install firefox02:52
Dr_willis!info firefox02:52
ubottufirefox (source: firefox-3.0): meta package for the popular mozilla web browser. In component main, is optional. Version 3.0.5+nobinonly-0ubuntu0.8.10.1 (intrepid), package size 67 kB, installed size 124 kB02:52
Dr_willisits in the 'main' repo - so that shouldent be a problem02:52
luis__DR. Willis if i do the second comman (sudo apt-get upgrade) it means it will upgrade the systm to the newest kubuntu intrepid?02:54
Dr_willisit will upgrade to the latest  stuff yes.. if you are using intrepid02:55
Dr_willisif you are not using intrepid.. then it wull upgrade whatever release you are using02:55
luis__see this is my problem for somereason i do have the latest kubuntu but it wont start02:55
luis__that is why i decided to install the previous one02:56
Dr_willisMost likely some driver issue02:56
Dr_willisIf you are using the older one.. upgrade will NOT force you to upgrade to intrepid02:56
luis__i mean i did install kubuntu intrepid and everything seems just find but then when it reboot after user and password the screen freeze02:57
Dr_willissounds like a driver issue to me02:57
Dr_williswork time for me. bye.. good luck02:58
luis__hello thanks a lot DR WILLIS  after done what you say is installing it02:58
zicadanot strictly a kubuntu question, but there might be a commandline ninja lurking03:07
zicadabasically i have a text file with 100 email adresses, that i need to send the same email to03:07
zicadaand no, its not spam, just a big community03:07
zicadapicked them out of a mysql db03:07
zicadaany command line tool that can take that file as input ?03:08
derjenshello everyone03:20
derjensi have just activated two finger scrolling on my T6103:20
derjensunfortunately it scrolls back to the last position when removing both fingers at once03:20
derjensi can only scroll correctly when removing the fingers one after another -- this is pretty annoying03:21
derjensyou have any ideas how to prevent that?03:21
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PyleDriverMy wireless only works occasionally. I have an intel 3945 card. it works fine in windows and a belkin card works every time. any ideas?03:35
geniiThe 3945 are notoriously horrible on linux. You could try ndiswrapper but I doubt it would help much04:04
PyleDriveri've noticed the terrifying amount of forum posts on it. i've pretty much come to the conclusion that it just won't work reliably04:05
Fragilityso I reinstalled kubuntu, actually only a temporary install to download a new livecd etc, and my nvidia 6600 is stuck at 640 resolution after running envyng (and 800 was the highest it could go before)04:06
geniiPyleDriver: If you already have a backup adapter I'd just disable it or so04:06
Fragilityit sees my GPU and the drive and wont go above 640 resolution04:06
Fragilityon 8.4 right now04:07
Name141is it possible to install Kubuntu through Wubi in more than 30 itty bitty GBs?04:10
PyleDrivergenii: the belkin card is an external one that i can plug in if the 3945 isn't working04:12
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vbgunzI am currently using a 32bit processor. I plan on getting a 64. I see kubuntu supports it at the downloads. what about it being multicore? don't I need something else for this?04:17
p_quarlesvbgunz: no, current kernels support multi-core processors04:19
vbgunzp_quarles: so I get the 64bit download, install, and the latest kernel automatically picks up on all cores?04:21
p_quarlesvbgunz: yep, been that way for awhile now04:21
vbgunzsweet. damn, I love it04:22
geniiNo more separate smp kernel04:23
gartralhello, im trying to install a game from a cd (UT 2004) and its saying i have no write perms to  /usr/local/games, and this is with running the install script with sudo04:28
=== ubuntu is now known as setuid_w00t
geniigartral: sudo -i                    then run it. then: exit04:33
geniigenii: You'll need to cd to the dir it's in, sudo -i puts you in the root users home dir04:34
geniigartral:  You'll need to cd to the dir it's in, sudo -i puts you in the root users home dir04:34
geniiBah. bad tab-complete ....04:34
gartralwell, i cant do that, because the way the script runs, it locks the tray, and wont eject the disk (and when theres 5 cds too go throgh, you kind of need to eject)04:35
gartraler, at least i cant run the script from the cd, or it will do that04:39
khalidmianlooking for information regarding installation of amarok new version pls help04:41
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=== vladamir is now known as valtieri
gartralok, if the script is on my desktop the cd path would be /home/[name]/desktop , right?04:42
=== valtieri is now known as Corleone
=== Corleone is now known as nikalaos
nikalaosso guys.. i did something pretty stupid >.<.04:43
nikalaoschanged my home folder04:43
nikalaoswithout changing the user name04:43
nikalaosso i couldn't log in at all04:43
nikalaosi created a new user and deleted the old one04:44
nikalaosnow i can't seem to get sudo priviliges..04:44
blockywhen i press ctrl tab and ctrl f4 in firefox it doesnt do anything04:44
blockyhow can i change this behavior04:44
khalidmiancan anyone assist in telling me how to get amarok via sudo command04:45
gartralblocky: whats ctrl+F4 supposed too do, as far as i see, it doesnt do squat in any web browser04:45
blockycoses current tab04:46
blockycloses rather04:46
blockydoes so in windows on most browsers04:46
gartralnot for me >.>04:47
gartralare you thinking _shift_+F4?04:48
gartralohh wait, nvm, im rambling like a fool04:49
* gartral wears a dunce cap and halds a "disregard" sign04:49
* nikalaos sighs04:50
gartralok, if the script is on my desktop the cd path would be /home/[name]/desktop , right?04:50
nikalaoscrap, I hate my luck >.<04:51
gartralor more properly the command would be cd /home/]name]/desktop to get to the dir, right?04:51
dopeif i make a change to the iptables do i have to restart networking?04:53
nikalaoshey guys how do i add a user to "sudoers"04:54
setuid_w00tHow can I tell which swap partition I am using?04:54
nikalaosmore specifically when i deleted the only account in the "sudoers" group to begin ith 0.o04:54
gartralnikalaos: easiest thing i can think of is to reinstall... but there may be another way04:56
nikalaosdamn... that sucks04:56
nikalaosguess third time really is the charm >.<04:56
gartrallol... this is why you should take regular backups04:57
nikalaoslol backups wouldn't have helped me too much04:57
nikalaosi just started like two days ago.04:57
nikalaosfirst i burned a bad cd so my install didn't work properly04:58
nikalaosthen i mistyped a username and messed up trying to fix it so this is my third lol04:58
TweakedEhI got a new keyboard. The vloume buttons works but they play/pause does not work with VLC, any ideas? I'm messing with the 'Hotkeys settings' but nothing seems to be working.04:58
gartralnikalaos: it common pratice to do a _complete_ image backup of your drives after your enviroment is up... at least, is for me, it saved me from similar04:58
nikalaoswell anyway05:00
nikalaosthanks for your help again guys05:00
nikalaosits nice to be out of the windows enviroment finally lol05:00
gartraland its _still_ saying i dont have write perms to /usr/local/games05:02
JohnFluxgartral: what are you trying to do sorry?05:03
gartralinstall unreal tourny 200405:04
gartralfrom the CDs05:04
JohnFluxwhat's the command that you're using?05:04
JohnFluxto install it05:04
gartralcd /home/[name]/desktop && sudo install.sh (using "[name]" so i dont give my username away here >.>)05:05
gartraland yes, the script is smart enough too look fer the cdrom, and run from anywhere, but theres no reason i cant write too the games dir once sudo 'd05:08
JohnFluxgartral: strange05:08
gartralvery... and im worried...05:09
JohnFluxgartral: you could change the permissions of /usr/local/games05:09
gartralis there a way too get adept too do it?05:09
JohnFluxgartral: but I have no idea why it's not working05:09
gartrali did, A+X05:09
gartralis there a way to get adept to do it?05:10
gartralor add/remove05:10
akiidoes anyone know anything about oasis media player?  if so, how can i put music to it and other thing's that i would like in linux???05:15
=== akii is now known as skii
skiidoes anyone know anything about oasis media player?  if so, how can i put music to it and other thing's that i would like in linux???05:17
jammen33i know nothing05:17
gartralskii: please dont double post05:17
skiihow else am i gonna get someone to answer me than05:18
gartralskii: stop flooding, please05:18
skiican't u take a joke05:18
skiii guess not!!!05:18
gartralthis is a dev/help channel, please take this too kubuntu-community05:19
skiii guess someone has there panties in a twiest05:19
skiii'm in kubuntu channel05:19
skiian i would like some help with that i'm ask'n for so do NOT be a dick or u will find one very ticked off person!!!05:20
gartralyes, this is kubuntu, i directed you to kubuntu-community, theres a BIG differebce05:20
skiilike i care i don't wanna talk to u any more so go away05:21
gartralcontinue this, and youll find a bunche of ticked people, so...05:21
skiiif u do NOT wanna help me out then leave me alone!!!05:21
gartralfirst off, as far as "help" goes, you asked if we knew of stuff *you* would like, that is a matter of personal opinion, and not something we would know, second, the oasis media play is buggy, and still in early stages of development last i knew, i recomend Amarok, which is already on your system if your running any recent kubuntu05:23
skiiwhat u r like 5 yr's old?  stop being a dick and if u r gonna help me out then do so but if u r NOT then leave me alone cuz i really do not wanna punish a 5 yr for being bad!!!05:24
PyleDriverok i have a .tar.gz for openoffice. how/where do i extract it?05:25
skiinow when i say that i have a oasis media play i do mean it's a MEDIA PLAYER aka MP3 PLAYER05:27
skiihow can ppl be so dumb these day's05:27
* gartral looks around, "as far as I see, your the 5 year old, especially by your in-unique sense of grammar"05:27
skiiwhy don't u get down on ur kneess and open wide cuz that's all ur be do'n tonight!!!05:28
gartralok, well its not my fault that theres both a DAP and software called "oasis media player" and second, to load music too it from kubuntu, the easiest way would be through Amarok, especially if the device is MTP based05:29
skiiit is but everytime i try to put music to it my computer alway's restart's by it's self and i wanna know how to stop that from keep happening!!!05:31
setuid_w00tI moved Kununtu on to a new hard drive.  On my old hard drive, I was dual-booting windows and kubuntu.  I would now like to be able to boot Windows (which still exists on the old hard drive) from grub.05:31
setuid_w00tWhy would it have stopped working?  I updated the menu.lst to point at the right partition for windows05:31
jammen33windows might be trting the wrong hard drive05:32
setuid_w00tIs the fact that grub is in the MBR on the old hard drive screwing things up?05:32
gartralthe device _probably_ needs a windows based transfer client then, and is totally incompatible with linux05:33
setuid_w00tjammen33: That is quite likely05:33
jammen33if the new drive is set to be the master drive windows migth be use to be on that and there for can not load05:33
skiiit does the same when i go to window's05:33
skiiso i am sol no matter wat i do and i just got the damn thing too05:34
PyleDriverhow do I install a program from a .tar.gz file?05:34
gartralskii: then the device is faulty, ide send it too the manufacture for a replacment05:34
jammen33PyleDriver: is it source or bin?05:34
setuid_w00thmm.  I have seen some posts about using the repair functionality of the windows XP CD.  Maybe I'll try that.  I'm a bit nervous about it blowing away all of my linux data though05:34
faileasPyleDriver: untar it, read the readme05:35
skiii just got it today cuz my other didn't work ither and that was a creative zen v plus05:35
jammen33setuid_w00t: it will change the mbr05:35
gartralskii: try every USB port?05:35
gartralsometimes a faulty port can cause wierd things05:35
PyleDriverjammen33: bin faileas:thanks05:36
setuid_w00tjammen33: yes, but hopefully only on the disk I want it to05:36
jammen33setuid_w00t: it will change it on the primary harddrive im farly sure05:36
setuid_w00tjammen33: I think I'll unplug that one then  :)05:37
jammen33setuid_w00t: what i would do is set the windows drive to primary and have grub set to boot linux off the other05:37
jammen33so windows will be happy05:38
skiiok i'll try every usb port but what if that doesn't work then what???05:38
setuid_w00tjammen33: That's another option...05:38
jammen33setuid_w00t: i think that might be the easist05:39
gartralthen its a bad device, or see if it has an MSC mode in its firmware05:39
setuid_w00tjammen33: thanks for the ideas05:39
jammen33setuid_w00t: np05:39
gartralis there a logbot still?05:56
=== Zag is now known as Borg^Zap
ubottuPulseAudio is a sound server intended as a drop-in replacement for !ESD - See https://wiki.ubuntu.com/PulseAudio for information and installation instructions05:57
ubottufirefox is the default web-browser on Ubuntu. To install the latest version, see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/FirefoxNewVersion Installing plugins: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/FirefoxPlugins05:58
ubottuSorry, I don't know anything about lde05:58
ubottuKDE (http://kde.org) is the !desktop environment used natively in !Kubuntu. To install from Ubuntu: « sudo apt-get install kubuntu-desktop », or see http://help.ubuntu.com/community/InstallingKDE . See http://kubuntu.org for more information. For more information on KDE 4, see !kde405:58
=== uten_ is now known as uten
ubottukde4 is KDE 4.1.3 is the latest major release of the K Desktop Environment. Packages can be found at  http://www.kubuntu.org/news/kde-4.1.3 |  4.2 Beta 2 packages http://www.kubuntu.org/news/kde-4.2-beta-2 | Support in #kubuntu06:06
ubottuInstant Messenger Client Kopete (http://kopete.kde.org) supports MSN, Jabber, AIM, YIM, Gadu-Gadu, Novell Groupwise, ICQ and, in KDE 3, IRC. See also !Pidgin06:07
TheElevatedHey guys, I'm trying to install Kubuntu and I ran into a bit of trouble.06:07
TheElevatedAnyone here?06:08
jammen33whats teh prblem06:08
TheElevatedI'm getting the "No root file system" error06:08
TheElevatedIt's my first linux installation, ever, on a laptop that already has Vista.06:09
gartraltoo set a system dir a writable its chmod A+X right?06:09
jammen33TheElevated: are you wanting to keep vista?06:09
TheElevatedPreferably, yes.06:09
TheElevatedI have the laptop with me, so I can do anything on it in real-time, so to speak.06:10
jammen33TheElevated: are you using the manual or guided partitioning?06:10
TheElevatedGuided sees my entire drive as a single partition, while it came with two (visible) and one I just found out about when I clicked on manual.06:10
jammen33have you created a parttion you want to install kubuntu on?06:11
TheElevatedI have a partition with sufficient space and no other OSes installed there.06:11
TheElevatedBut it was already present when I bought the laptop.06:11
jammen33ok so click on it and click edit06:12
TheElevatedAnd then?06:12
jammen33oyou will also need a swap partition06:12
p_quarlesgartral: chmod a+x - it's case sensitive06:12
TheElevatedI'm guessing that's the third partition that I just discovered.06:12
jammen33quite posibly06:12
jammen33under edit06:13
jammen33hold on06:13
TheElevatedOkay, I'm there. For "new partition size in megabytes," I entered its previous size, use as "ntfs", don't format and mount point, my options are /dos and /windows06:14
jammen33is that your windows partition?06:15
TheElevatedNo, that's the non-OS partition.06:15
TheElevatedThe one I intend to install it in.06:15
jammen33ok select use as Ext306:16
jammen33and mount point as '/'06:16
TheElevatedWhat effect will that have on the data in that partition?06:16
jammen33it will erease it06:16
TheElevatedWell, that would seem like an issue.06:16
TheElevatedIs there any way I could avoid that?06:16
jammen33if you boot back into window and run tthe cd06:17
jammen33you will be given an option to us ewubi06:18
TheElevatedRegardless of how it's spelled, what is it?06:18
jammen33it will let you install kubuntu inside windows06:18
TheElevatedIt claims that'll result in slower performance.06:19
setuid_w00tDoes Intrepid support reading and writing of ext4 filesystems?06:19
ubottuSorry, I don't know anything about ext406:19
PSiL0setuid: jaunty does06:19
setuid_w00tI noticed that mkfs.ext4 is available06:19
setuid_w00tthat's why I asked06:19
setuid_w00tjammen33: I got windows to boot by having grub fake that windows was the first drive06:20
faileasis there any way to set inode size during install or to change the inode size of a current install for an ext3 partition?06:21
jammen33setuid_w00t: thats good06:21
TheElevatedjammen33, if I use Ext3, format the partition, will Windows then be able to read whatever else I put there?06:21
jammen33no and yes06:21
jammen33by default it wont06:22
jammen33but you can get drivers06:22
TheElevatedIs there some advantage of using Ext3 over NTFS?06:22
faileasTheElevated: most of the ext3 drivers for windows won't work in intrepid06:23
TheElevatedI have no idea what intrepid is.06:23
jammen33faileas: i have one that works06:24
faileasTheElevated: the current release version of ubuntu06:24
faileasjammen33: which one?06:24
faileasthe fsdriver one is broked for me06:24
jammen33its ext206:24
faileasit asks me if i want to reformat. according to the forums its a result of the inode size that newer linux distros use06:24
TheElevatedWell, NTFS seems like less headache and more compatability.06:25
setuid_w00tIn case anyone was curious, Intrepid can create, but not mount ext406:25
jammen33thats ood06:25
faileasTheElevated: in my opinion, go for NTFS if you'll use windows more, and ext3 if you use linx more06:25
JohnFluxTheElevated: NTFS is really slow06:25
JohnFluxTheElevated: in linux06:25
faileasJohnFlux: actually ntfs3g is quite fast06:26
JohnFluxfaileas: hmm, I saw some benchmarks of it compared to ext306:26
TheElevatedfaileas, yea, adding 3G to anything makes it faster, ;)06:26
JohnFluxabout twice as slow06:26
JohnFluxfaileas: although maybe that wasn't ntfs3g but the other driver06:26
faileaswierd. i remember the early version being about as fast06:26
JohnFluxI forget06:26
JohnFluxokay cool06:26
TheElevatedSo, of all the options, which is the best?06:28
TheElevatedAlso, if I, for example, transfer everything on that partition to my PC's HDD (NTFS), could I then transfer it back quickly/painlessly to the newly formatted Ext3 partition?06:29
noaXessgood morning..06:32
jammen33its night here06:32
jammen33so good night06:33
noaXessif i upgrade kde to 4.2 rc1, what happends on 27th january, when 4.2 comes out?06:34
gartraldo i need ./ in front of a script too get it too run?06:39
JohnFluxgartral: if it's in your current directory, yeah06:41
setuid_w00tgartral: Probably.  Linux does not usually have "."  (the current directory) in the path it searches for programs.06:41
ubuntu\nick jo06:43
=== ubuntu is now known as Joseph
noaXesshas anyboy upgraded to kde 4.2 rc1?06:45
=== Joseph is now known as Jox
gartralyea, most other linux distros do allow easy symbolic linkages though06:45
cuzntim 4.2 rc106:46
cuzntit works06:46
ActionParsnipgartral: i cant think of one that doesnt use symlinks06:47
noaXesshey ActionParsnip wasup..06:47
noaXessnice to see a kubuntu friend ;)06:48
ActionParsnipyo yo yo06:48
noaXesshave you upgraded to kde 4.2 rc1?06:48
setuid_w00tgartral: can you explain that?06:49
ActionParsnipnoaXess: no, 4.1 is fine for me, i run fluxbox so dont have all the dumb kwin issues06:49
noaXessActionParsnip: ok06:49
Joxi need to change my keyboard conf06:49
Joxcan anyone help me_06:49
ActionParsnip!keyboard  Jox06:49
ubottuSorry, I don't know anything about keyboard  Jox06:49
noaXessbut.. now, if i upgrade to 4.2 rc1, what about if the real version comes out, need i just disable the spezial repo from http://www.kubuntu.org/news/kde-4.2-rc1?06:50
ActionParsnip!keyboard | Jox06:50
ubottuJox: To switch your keyboard layout on GNOME: System -> Preferences -> Keyboard (GNOME) - KDE: K -> System Settings -> Regional & Language -> Keyboard Layout (KDE) - Xfce: see https://help.ubuntu.com/6.10/xubuntu/desktopguide/C/switch-keyboard-layout.html - See also !Shortcuts06:50
Joxgot it thank you06:50
Joxwas looking under keyboard06:51
ActionParsnipnoaXess: im not sure, makes sense if its on the main repos06:51
noaXessActionParsnip: ok... that what i think too, thanks06:51
ActionParsnipnoaXess: just keep your ear to the ground ;)06:52
Joxmuch better now-06:52
setuid_w00tHave any of you tried changing the kwin setting for "Walk through windows" to Meta+Tab from the default (Alt+Tab)?06:52
setuid_w00tI have found that it behaves differently when I change the keys assinged to that action06:53
PSiL0TheElevated: In linux: NTFS<->Ext3; In Windows: NTFS only06:53
TheElevatedWhat about this, PSiL0, http://www.go2linux.org/accessing-linux-drive-ext-with-vista06:54
gartralwhats the mount command for forcing a cd to mount?06:55
ActionParsnipPSiL0: theres www.fs-driver.org06:55
PSiL0well, I hardly go back to xp nowadays anywayz :-p06:55
ActionParsnipgartral: sudo mount /dev/cdrw /media/cdrom0 --force06:56
Enanito1i need some assistance installing my webcam... i already tried everything found on google... my webcam is an omega (pixart if lsusb), already installed gspca and spca from the repositories... tried modprobe gspca and nothing....06:56
Enanito1installed easycam and nothing06:56
gartralok, sorry, how do i mount via term, i didnt mean force as actually force06:56
gartrali meant is tell it too mount, the auto mounter is broken whiel my installer sccript is running06:57
ActionParsnipgartral: then just remove the --force bit, as long as /dev/cdrw points to your cdrom drive you are ok06:57
gartralis it just mount /dev/cdrw /media/cdrom0 ?06:57
ActionParsnipgartral: you need sudo for it, users can't mount06:59
Enanito1i need some assistance installing my webcam... i already tried everything found on google... my webcam is an omega (pixart if lsusb), already installed gspca and spca from the repositories... tried modprobe gspca and nothing....07:00
Enanito1also, tried easycam and nothing07:01
ActionParsnip!webcam | Enanito107:01
ubottuEnanito1: Instructions for using webcams with Ubuntu can be found at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Webcam - Supported cams: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/HardwareSupportComponentsMultimediaWebCameras07:01
Enanito1ActionParrsnip: already tried that :(07:08
szer0Hey I am wondering what kubuntu/linux kernel does if bad memory is detected (eg if it puts data in memory then it turns out corrupt) do programs crash or kernel freezes or what?07:12
=== cam] is now known as Ratchet|needs_he
=== Ratchet|needs_he is now known as Ratchet|
TheElevatedIt makes a deal with Satan and gets it back for you.07:12
TheElevatedOr what somebody with actual knowledge of the system will tell you.07:13
TheElevatedsudo mount /deals/devil/RAM/recover07:13
Ratchet|how do i get my webcam to work? its a ogitec and i think i need drivers for it07:14
* Ratchet| pokes07:15
ubottuInstructions for using webcams with Ubuntu can be found at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Webcam - Supported cams: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/HardwareSupportComponentsMultimediaWebCameras07:17
JohnFluxRatchet|: ^^07:17
Ratchet|thanks ^07:21
darkdelusionaHorray for projects :)07:25
ActionParsnipoh only lots07:25
=== darkdelusiona is now known as darkdelusions
PyleDriverI have no sound. except for when i start up and shut down. help?07:27
darkdelusionawow it appears pidgin hates nickserv07:28
noaXesson a test maching, with installed kde 4.1.4 i h try to upgrade to 4.2 rc1, but now i get some errors..http://paste.ubuntu.com/108143/07:28
darkdelusionaPyleDriver: have you checked the alsamixer07:28
PyleDriverdarkdelusiona: no. i don't know what that is07:29
ActionParsnip!sound | PyleDriver07:30
ubottuPyleDriver: If you're having problems with sound, first ensure ARTS is running, by going to K Menu -> System Settings -> Sound System and making sure "Enable the sound system" is checked. If that fails, see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Sound - https://help.ubuntu.com/community/SoundTroubleshooting - For playing audio files, see !Players and !MP307:30
PyleDriverActionParsnip: thank you sir07:32
TheElevatedMy laptop has "dedicated" buttons on the side that, in Vista, regulate the (overall) volume and play/pause in WMP. Is there anyway to assign those buttons to regulate the volume, or anything else, in Linux?07:32
ActionParsnipPyleDriver: you dont need the sir bit :)07:33
ActionParsnipTheElevated: do they create events in xev/07:34
TheElevatedI have *no* clue.07:34
TheElevatedI didn't even install Kubuntu yet.07:34
TheElevatedI just feel awkward sitting in the chat while I backup my HDD without asking anything.07:34
noaXessabody an idea what to do if sudo apt-get -f install output this http://paste.ubuntu.com/108143/07:35
noaXessi upgrade from kde 4.1.4 t 4.2 rc1..07:35
ActionParsnipTheElevated: if you run ubuntu and run xev in a konsole, if there are outputs when you press the keys, they have been detected and you can map the keycodes to actions07:36
TheElevatedSo just treat the keys as any other keys.07:36
=== Zag is now known as Borg^zap
=== Borg^zap is now known as Borg^Zap
PyleDriver'twas the alsamixer. thank you07:43
ActionParsnipPyleDriver: awesome, sweet move dude07:45
ActionParsnipTheElevated: well, thats all they are07:46
noaXessany idea or hint? http://paste.ubuntu.com/108143/07:47
=== desti_T2 is now known as desti
ActionParsnipnoaXess: you could force install those apps with: sudo dpkg --force-all -i /var/cache/apt/archives/*.deb07:50
noaXessActionParsnip: wow.. nice07:51
noaXessActionParsnip: thanks.. seems to be ok07:51
ActionParsnipnoaXess: try not to use it but it can help07:52
noaXessin this way it helped07:52
ActionParsnipnoaXess: truly, but it can break stuff if used excessively07:53
noaXessActionParsnip:  ok.. but its a testmachine07:53
ActionParsnipnoaXess: fair donks, just try to keep it to a minimum07:54
gartralthanks for your help tonight all07:54
noaXessActionParsnip: ok.. just jus it as last chance07:55
noaXessuse ^08:07
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=== shadeslayer1 is now known as shadeslayer
=== kenan is now known as Guest70491
knusperfroschwhat's the easiest way to update xserver-xorg-video-intel-2.4.x to 2.6?08:53
knusperfroschi'm running 8.1008:53
deborahhello. i accidentally exited the clear desktop thingy, how do i get it back?09:01
=== rob is now known as Guest23389
deborahi am using kubuntu 8.10.  the kde desktop has a clear panel on it, and i accidentally closed it. what is its name, and how do i get it back on the desktop?09:05
shadeslayerdeborah:its the desktop plasmoid09:05
shadeslayerits in the gadgets list09:06
shadeslayerdont know the exact kname though ;)09:06
* deborah reads thur the plasma help files. :)09:08
shadeslayerdeborah:did you find it??09:14
=== ame is now known as Guest32329
deborahhello again. does anyone know how to get the plasmoid deskop thingy to open. i accidentally closed it and now it wont appear.09:31
jussi01deborah: which thing do you mean?09:45
deborahjussi01 hey. the clear borderless window on the left side of the desktop. i assume it is to put widgets in. i accidentally closed it before i could find out what it is, and what it can do, what its name is, and how to get it back.09:47
brokenHello, anyone had the problem where their keyboard doesn't work under KDE 4.1?09:48
jussi01deborah: ok. right click the desktop, add widgets, then drag "folderview" to the desktop09:48
deborahjussi01 keen. that is it!  :)    where can i find instructions on what it can do?09:50
jussi01deborah: its pretty much like dolphin, but embedded into the desktop09:51
deborahjussi01 how do i get it to show the desktop. right now it will only load the home folders.09:56
amitbkhi, i have a question, but i'm not sure this is the right place to ask it. i want to install opera from the ubuntu repository, but following the steps on the wiki page - the opera package is not found.09:56
jussi01deborah: click the wrench icon on the black bar that comes up when you hover over it ;)09:58
deborahjussi01 keen. now it makes sense!  thanks juss10:00
jussi01amitbk: as I understand it, its been removed from the ubuntu repos10:00
amitbkjussi01: has it? that means it's no longer tested?10:01
jussi01amitbk: to be honest Im not certain of the status10:03
amitbkjussi01: how can i check it myself?10:04
ActionParsnipyo yo yo10:10
amitbki have another question - how can i map a key to open up amarok window? i have a multimedia key on my keyboard that i want to use for that. it has an X event i can use10:16
ubottukeyboard shortcuts can be set in K -> System Settings -> Keyboard & Mouse. Try also "Input Actions" in KControl. If your multimedia keys don't work with that, try the 'keytouch' package, explained at https://wiki.kubuntu.org/KDEMultimediaKeys - See !Keyboard for changing layouts10:18
amitbkubottu: i have "Keyboard shortcuts" under "Keyboard and mouse" but how do i add a new shortcut there?10:19
ubottuError: I am only a bot, please don't think I'm intelligent :)10:19
amitbkhmmm, the ubottu just wrote me a message, and then said he's actually a bot. anyone?10:20
ubottuRetrieve information on a package: !info <package>10:20
ubottuHi! I'm #kubuntu's favorite infobot, you can search my brain yourself at http://ubottu.com/factoids.cgi - Usage info: http://wiki.ubuntu.com/UbuntuBots10:21
amitbkok, i'll try that.10:21
shadeslayerjussi01:what does !botsnack do BTW10:23
ubottuYum! Err, I mean, APT!10:24
shadeslayerthats just for fun right10:24
shadeslayerwhat made you add that function??10:24
noaXessihae a lot of keyboard shortcut entries in my system settings... lot of the same type and name..10:24
noaXesshow can i delete them to create the default shortcuts?10:25
jussi01shadeslayer: its just a fun factoid. for more bot questions -> #ubuntu-bots10:25
shadeslayerhehehe ok10:25
=== sparklingshrew is now known as shinygerbil
shadeslayerjussi01:can i try out the bots in  #ubuntu-bots10:29
shadeslayerok thanks10:30
noaXessjussi01 do you know how to remove all unnessecary keyboard shortcut entries?10:32
jussi01noaXess: no... why would you want to?10:33
noaXesscause there are a lot of double entries.. look at this http://files.wmx.ch/upload/jpeg/70_keyboard-shortcuts.jpeg10:34
eleve_ça va10:37
eleveoui et toi?10:37
Tm_T!es | eleve10:38
ubottueleve: En la mayoría de canales Ubuntu se comunica en inglés. Para ayuda en Español, por favor entre en los canales #ubuntu-es o #kubuntu-es.10:38
eleve_et toi10:38
eleveca va10:38
eleve_alor quoi de neuf10:39
elevebein rien de + et toi?10:39
eleve_je suis en maths et toi t'es ou10:39
eleveOH MOI AUSSI!10:39
ActionParsnipnoaXess: mine does that, no idea why.10:39
eleveJE TE VOIS PAS TES OU?10:39
ActionParsnip!fr | eleve10:39
ubottueleve: Ce canal est en anglais uniquement. Si vous avez besoin d'aide ou voulez discuter en francais, merci de rejoindre #ubuntu-fr10:39
eleve_tourne te tete10:40
eleveah oui!!10:40
noaXessActionParsnip: you have same problem you mean?10:40
ActionParsnipnoaXess: yeah, but now i use fluxbox I just add an entry in ~/.fluxbox/keys :D10:43
noaXessActionParsnip: where are the s'cut entries for kde4? is there any config file?10:44
ActionParsnipnoaXess: not sure man, sorry, you could try asking in #kde. I'd imagine its someplace in ~/.kde10:44
noaXessActionParsnip: ok.. will thry there.. or search for myself ;) thanks10:45
* fidji probablement en train de jouer au Go10:50
matt_Hi, does anyone know when the release notes for jaunty alpha 3 will be available?10:54
matt_I see that ubuntu has release notes for 3, but no kubuntu10:55
ActionParsnipmatt_: same deal, just kubuntu uses kde + kwin instead of gnome + metacity10:56
matt_Hi ActionParsnip, I understand that my friend. but usually when a new alpha comes out there are release notes for both ubuntu and k10:57
ActionParsnipmatt_: they are essentially the same deal10:57
ActionParsnipmatt_: i cant see how theyd be different10:57
Zagarothcan someone tell me how to rename a file from command line10:58
ActionParsnipZagaroth: mv <old name> <new name>10:58
matt_ActionParsnip - https://wiki.kubuntu.org/JauntyJackalope/Alpha2/Kubuntu - this is the release notes for Kubuntu.  This has notes on KDE stuff10:59
matt_you see, such as powerdevel and KDE 4.2 beta 2.  These are not ubuntu related10:59
ActionParsnipmaybe someone has a link in#ubuntu+111:00
matt_it seems to me, my friend that they are missing the alpha 3 build - which I am running btw11:01
ActionParsnipjaunty isnt supported here dude, its all in the +111:02
amitbki'm sorry, i couldn't figure out how to use the bot for this. i want to add a new keyboard shortcut. i am using kde with kubuntu 8.10.11:02
matt_it is working fine, however 'enable desktop effects' is not working.  usually the release notes for an alpha would say such a thing11:02
amitbki want to assign a keyboard key to open up amarok11:02
ubottukeyboard shortcuts can be set in K -> System Settings -> Keyboard & Mouse. Try also "Input Actions" in KControl. If your multimedia keys don't work with that, try the 'keytouch' package, explained at https://wiki.kubuntu.org/KDEMultimediaKeys - See !Keyboard for changing layouts11:02
amitbki can't seem to find out how.11:02
matt_it is true, it is not supported, I am on my own, and I am happy with that :-)11:03
amitbkActionParsnip: yes, i got this message already, however, i can't find the place in which to add the new key mapping.11:04
amitbkActionParsnip: i'm not sure this is updated for kde411:04
matt_amitbk - do you know which version of KDE you are using?11:04
amitbkthe one intrepid installed. 4.1.2, isn't it?11:06
matt_amitbk - there was an issue with KDE 4.0 and 4.1 with regards to global shortcuts11:06
amitbkmatt_: can you reference me to read about it?11:06
sorsethi, can i use desktop in kde4 as a folder? like kde3 or windows11:07
jussi01sorset: its not implemented until kde 4.211:08
sorsetjussi01 can u explain?11:09
ActionParsnipfluxbox shorcut keys are way easier to configure11:09
jussi01sorset: the feature you want is not added in the older release, it comes in kde 4.2...11:09
matt_amitbk - iirc it was on www.planetkde.org - but the link has now gone11:09
amitbkmatt_: an interesting question you asked. now that i check using the Help > About KDE, every program gives me a different KDE version.11:10
sorsetjussi01: ok, thx11:10
matt_amitbk, that is strange, what does konqueror say as the KDE version?11:11
amitbkmatt_: 4.1.311:11
amitbkmatt_: Konversation gives 3.5.1011:11
amitbkmatt_: amarok also gives 3.5.1011:12
jussi01amitbk: thats because konqui is still the old qt3 version11:12
jussi01same with amarok11:12
matt_amitbk, this is because these programs with 3.5.10 are using KDE 3,11:12
jussi01err... konvi11:12
amitbkmatt_ jussi01: so it means i have both kde3 and kde4 libs installed here?11:12
matt_konqueror is a program written for KDE 4 (qt4)11:13
jussi01amitbk: correct11:14
jussi01some of them anyway11:14
amitbkjussi01: do you might have any idea how i can define global shortcuts in kde4?11:15
jussi01amitbk: you asked me before..11:15
matt_amitbk, I am using kde 4.2 rc1, in the system settings, click on keyboard and mouse11:17
matt_then global keyboard shortcuts11:17
matt_do you have this option, my friend?11:17
amitbkjussi01: have i? i'm sorry, but i guess i'm a little confused about it. i can't understand from the settings gui where do i add new global shortcuts.11:18
matt_amitbk, how are you doing?11:22
amitbkmatt_: i guess i'm on 4.1.3 . i can't find "global keyboard shortcuts" under keyboard and mouse.11:23
amitbkmatt_: I have "Keyboard Shortcuts"11:23
amitbkwith specific applications in it11:24
matt_amitbk, as I said I have 4.2 and global shortcuts, however they are limited also in the applications that you can open11:24
matt_while amarok is on the list, and you can change the volume and the next track11:25
matt_I do not think that you can 'open' amarok with a global shortcut key11:25
amitbkmatt_: i'm looking at a page i found. it suggests the answer is under the "advanced" tab. looking at it now.11:26
Jadohi, i need some help : if i choose the 640x480 resolution (xrandr --size 640x480 or nvidia-settings), the desktop does not appear entirely on my screen and i can't see the bottom part of it. With other resolutoins, such as 800x600 or 1280x800, i can see all the desktop and not only a part11:26
matt_but say if you were in another program, you could stop, play and pause11:26
knusperfroschJado: hit the auto-adjust button on your tft ;)11:27
ActionParsnipJado: try killing then restarting plasma in 640x48011:27
ActionParsnipwell, knusperfrosch is probably a better first try11:27
sorsetcan i mount ntfs with konqueror in kde4, like kde3 ?11:31
matt_ActionParsnip, you seem very knowledgeable - do you develop KDE?11:31
Jadoknusperfrosch: it's a laptop :(11:32
JadoActionParsnip: i'll try11:32
JadoActionParsnip: but how can i start plasma in 640x480 ?11:32
knusperfroschJado: plasma --help-kde11:34
knusperfroschJado: so i guess --geometry is what you're looking for11:34
Jadoi have no manual entry for X11:35
BeteNoirewhat is that application in kubuntu's tray to manage network connections?11:35
matt_BeteNoire: hi -11:35
BeteNoirewhat version?11:36
matt_0.7 - i think11:36
matt_depends on your kde11:36
Jadohow can i have a manual entry for X ?11:36
BeteNoireit was fresh install of newest kubuntu, when i saw that app11:37
BeteNoireso that was in KDE 411:37
amitbkmatt_: thanks for you assistance. i will keep looking for this later. leaving now.11:37
fillipbiserahow to install compiz???11:37
matt_amitbk - hope it works for you my friend11:37
knusperfroschJado: just try 640x480 or what ever11:38
Jadoknusperfrosch: i've tried but my desktop stays on 1280x80011:38
matt_BeteNoire - I think that for KDE4 it is 0.711:38
matt_are you having problems?11:39
BeteNoirematt_: but 0.7 is version of networkmanager, not knetwork*, right?11:39
fillipbiseraplease tell me how to install compiz11:39
ActionParsnipJado: just start it like any other app11:39
JadoActionParsnip: i've tried ; but the resolution stays at 1280x80011:39
fillipbiseradownload adress11:39
Jadoi've tried plasma --geometry 640x480 and plasma --geometry 800x600 but that does not change the resolution11:40
Jado(and i kill plasma before)11:40
Jadoany other idea ?11:41
matt_Betenoire - what I saw on Suse - I thought that it was knetwork manager version 0.7 - but I could be wrong11:42
BeteNoirematt_: newest is 0.2.2 but i wonder how it can be compiled with kde411:43
Jadoknusperfrosch: i found it : http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=34342611:43
matt_is knetwork a qt3 app?11:45
knusperfroschJado: o you added "640x480_60" to your xorg.conf?11:45
knusperfroschmatt_: knetworkmanager, yes11:45
Jadoknusperfrosch: actually i tried xrandr --size 640x480_60 but the screen still does not fit11:45
BeteNoirematt_: i think so, it pulls kdelibs 3.5 on my gentoo box and on suse page svn version comes from KDE/3.5 dir11:46
knusperfroschJado: xrandrr --output <whatever> --mode 640x480 --rate 6011:47
matt_I seem to recall on Kde planet about knetwork manager, but the blog is not current11:48
Jadoknusperfrosch: there is an error in the command i can't see it11:49
Jadoknusperfrosch: Rate 60.0 Hz not available for this size11:50
knusperfroschdpaste xrandr11:50
Jadoknusperfrosch: ?11:50
matt_did anyone watch Barack Obama on linux?11:52
Jadoknusperfrosch: actually me screen cannot have the refresh rate 60Hz11:53
knusperfroschput the output of xrandr on dpaste.com11:59
Jadoknusperfrosch: the only output is that "Rate 60Hz not available for this size"12:00
Jadoi cannot have this refresh rate on my laptop screen12:00
knusperfroschxrandr without options12:02
Jadook sorry12:03
Jadohttp://dpaste.com/111798/ knusperfrosch12:04
Jadoi'm sorry i have to go ; if you have an idea let me know i'm staying connected on the chan12:04
estanhm. if i do sudo aptitude update && sudo aptitude safe-upgrade, and see that there's some updates. what's the easiest way to see what has changed in those packages? is there any way to do it from the command line using aptitude, or do i go to some web site?12:12
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* Heinz|Hawi is away: Zur Zeit abwesend12:15
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knusperfroschJado: xrandr --output default --mode 640x480 --rate 6112:23
estanah i found the "aptitude changelog" command now. nevermind12:37
estanor hm. seems there's no way to download the changelog using that command for only the packages that are to be upgraded..12:38
Dr_willisive noticed a lot of the changelogs are not listed in the updates lately. Not sure what the deal is12:39
Dr_willisthey all say go to this or that.. web site.. :)12:39
estanhm. okay. it would be nice if you could pass a flag to "aptitude changelog" to get the changelogs for the packages that needs upgrading.12:40
ActionParsnipestan: doesnt apt have a log soeplace?12:44
estanActionParsnip: hm. probably.. but i mean what i'd like is to see the changelog before deciding to do the upgrade.12:46
ActionParsnipestan: if you run: sudo apt-get upgrade you can review what apps are being upgraded before saying 'yes upgrade my system'12:47
estanActionParsnip: of course, but you don't get the changelog.12:47
estani'll have to do "aptitude changelog <package>" for each of them manually.12:47
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* Heinz is back.12:47
ActionParsnipestan: you'd have to hit the developers sie to see whats new12:48
estanit would be nice with either an option for "safe-upgrade" command to output changelog, or an option for "aptitude changelog" to give the changelog of out-of-date packages.12:48
ActionParsnipestan: i guess, submit it as a functionality request12:48
ActionParsnip!bug | estan12:48
ubottuestan: If you find a bug in Ubuntu or any of its derivatives, please file a bug report at: http://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu  -  Bugs in/wishes for the bots can be filed at http://launchpad.net/ubuntu-bots12:48
estanActionParsnip: yea. but you can get the Debian changelog.12:48
ActionParsnipestan: i'd mention that too12:48
estanActionParsnip: yea, but it should be filed at bugs.debian.org i think, that's where aptitude has its bugs.12:49
estanmaybe i'll take a look at it myself.. should be pretty simple since all the functionality is already there, it's just a new option that combines it the right way.12:50
ActionParsnipestan: its where I submit functionality requests. You'll get an email later saying "is this a bug or a functionality wish"12:50
ActionParsnipestan: yeah, you could make it yourself12:50
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estanwell i just saw that aptitude wants it's bugs filed at bugs.debian.org (http://algebraicthunk.net/~dburrows/projects/aptitude/bugs/).12:51
* estan off. bbl.12:51
wesley_uys did you know that, gwenview does turn your foto´s good? But not saves it12:53
* khalidmian needs recommendations of must get list for kubuntu o/s12:53
ActionParsnipwesley_: check out imagemagick ;)12:54
ActionParsnipkhalidmian: there isnt one, every single users use is different12:54
wesley_actionparsnip, i mean gwenview fools us12:55
* khalidmian is also looking for suggestions on what to ad to repositories12:55
ActionParsnipwesley_: i didnt think it could save back12:55
ActionParsnipkhalidmian: again, it depends what your system is for. If you use a lot of image manipulation and web browsing theres no point advising wine config tools and dvd ripping software12:56
ActionParsnipkhalidmian: your request is moot, and please stop with the /me commands12:56
ActionParsnipkhalidmian: if you can be specific on what you like or need we can advise, right now we could advise you ANYTHING12:57
zer0ohi guys is there a windows support channel?13:01
toborzer0o: seriusly?13:02
zer0ounfortunately yes13:02
toborzer0o: did you effing LOOK?13:02
zer0oim getting crazy with a friend's of mine pc13:02
zer0oaudio drivers13:02
zer0othey dont want to get installed13:02
toborzer0o: what would you guess such a channel might be called?13:02
wesley_lol pulseaudio and so gives trouble in jaunty13:03
ActionParsnipzer0o: use device manager if you are SURE they are correct and tell it to use the drivers by force13:03
zer0oive installed them 3 times (from the mobo's cd, downloaded them from the mobo's website) but nothing!13:03
ActionParsnipzer0o: point the system to the .inf file13:03
Dr_williswith windows you often have to try weird/random/backwards things  and hope stuff works..13:03
Dr_willisi recall a few problem hardware drivers i had to do the REVERSE of what the docs said. :)13:04
Dr_willis'dont do  this....' so i had to do that. :P13:04
toborActionParsnip: I beg thee fair and gentle goodknight, do not encourage therabbel to promulgate in this fair channel, for tis 'bundant enow for all such as thee!13:04
wesley_I think its kde4 thats having a fight with pulseaudio13:04
zer0oActionParnsip: the thing is i install the drivers, the setup goes ok, reboot and it says "no audio peripheral device"13:04
Dr_williskde dosent use pulse audio as far as i know.. so that may be right wesley_13:04
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ActionParsniptobor: peace :D13:05
zer0oseriously man :D13:05
wesley_Dr_willis, I though of disabeling them, maby13:06
wesley_I putted pulse above and then it switched to alc13:06
Dr_willisI got a kde and gnome system here.. ive not had any issues with kde and pulse audio,. i was thiniing if you booted to the kde desktop.. you dident ahve pulseaudio running13:06
ActionParsnipzer0o: yeah man, if you are sure its the right one say "look thats the driver, just install it. i dont are what you think"13:07
wesley_but when i putted alc abovce, it switched to pluse13:07
ActionParsnipzer0o: then get your pimp hand out13:07
ActionParsnipzer0o: shouting shabba is optional13:07
Dr_willis'gort clacko barato nickto!'13:07
Dr_willisor somthing like that..13:08
wesley_but i am running jaunty on this pc13:08
ActionParsnip!jaunty | wesley_13:08
ubottuwesley_: Jaunty Jackalope is the code for Ubuntu 9.04, due April 2009 - Lots of breakage between now and April - Please join #ubuntu+1 for discussion and support.13:08
wesley_So I know the risks off it, but it runs fine, better then Windows13:09
Dr_willisall bets are off then - are riding the rabbit rollercoaster!13:09
* ActionParsnip is waiting for release13:09
ActionParsnipid rather kill zombie dogs with my (t)rusty pickaxe in pernumbra overture than mess with possibly flaky software13:10
ActionParsnipruns native too :)13:14
alarmhello, is it worth to instal kubuntu 64bit, or should i stay in the standard edition ? 1) will i see any performance difference 2) any application issues ?13:14
ActionParsnipalarm: 64bit is also standard13:15
ActionParsnipalarm: whats the system going to be used for?13:16
alarmpersonal use13:16
alxjuHello! I use DVB with Kaffeine. But the EPG display doesn't work (but dvbepg.data seems updated). Ana idea?13:17
alarmi have used before on my desktop 64bit before, but i cant say that i did see some differences. but i am aware of the applications availability in 64bits , like flash,java etc13:17
velgiakciao a tutti13:18
ActionParsnipalarm: still need more infor, is it just web browsing and chat or will you be doing stuff like encoding video / audio?13:19
velgiaki need help13:19
ActionParsnipalarm: flash now has a 64bit plugin13:19
ActionParsnip!ask | velgiak13:19
ubottuvelgiak: Please don't ask to ask a question, simply ask the question (all on ONE line, so others can read and follow it easily). If anyone knows the answer they will most likely reply. :-)13:19
velgiaki've kubuntu 8.1013:19
velgiaki'm a beginner13:19
Dr_willisAnd the problem is?13:20
velgiakso i've to install globus toolkit13:20
alarmuse, for compiling, development generaly13:20
ActionParsnipvelgiak: everyone is at one point13:20
Dr_willis!find globus13:20
ubottuFile globus found in mpi-doc13:20
ActionParsnipalarm: then 64bit will help there, if you have > 2Gb RAM I suggest 64 bit too (personal opinion)13:20
velgiakwhen i try to ./configure as globus user13:21
* Dr_willis has no idea what globus is. :()13:21
ActionParsnip!info globus-toolkit13:21
ubottuPackage globus-toolkit does not exist in intrepid13:21
alarm4gb ram13:21
velgiaki've an error13:21
* Dr_willis guesses at the anwer.. :) 'install build-essential' package yet?13:21
raphinkvelgiak: do you really need to compile it?13:21
velgiakpermission denied13:21
velgiakcannot create file.sh13:22
raphinkvelgiak: ActionParsnip has given you some info, and I've asked you a question13:22
Dr_williswhats the exact error? You may want to use one of the pastebin sites to paste the whole error message.    and youmay juat have the files miss-owned dependign on how you unpacked the source13:22
ActionParsnipvelgiak: have you ran: sudo apt-get install build-essential13:22
velgiakok, i try sudo apt-get install build-essential13:22
ubottuCompiling software from source? Read the tips at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/CompilingSoftware (But remember to search for pre-built !packages first)13:23
ActionParsnipvelgiak: that will install a compiling environment for you13:23
squid0hi. when I try launch kbluetooth4, it crashes13:26
velgiaki try sudo apt-get install build-essential, but the error is the same: ./configure: 97: cannot create conf28151.sh: Permission denied13:26
ActionParsnipvelgiak: where is the source folder located?13:27
ActionParsnipvelgiak: if you run pwd what is the output13:27
velgiakone moment13:27
squid0kbluetooth4: symbol lookup error: kbluetooth4: undefined symbol: xxxxSolid7Control16BluetoothManager8securityxxxxQString13:27
ActionParsnipsquid0: i seem to remember it bing broken. I think you have to se the gnome app13:28
squid0ActionParsnip: ok, thanks13:28
velgiakthe output of pwd is: /home/velgiak/gt4.2.1-installer13:28
ActionParsnipi may be wrong, i'd check it out first13:28
ActionParsnipvelgiak: ok try sudo chown -R velgiak /home/velgiak/gt4.2.1-installer13:29
ActionParsnipvelgiak: you sure its no an installer script and not source13:29
velgiaki've to launch .configure as globus and not as velgiak13:30
velgiaki've switched to globus user13:30
Dr_willisyou made a globus user?13:32
velgiakand i made the directory /usr/local/globus-4.2.013:33
velgiakwith the right r/w for globus13:33
ActionParsnipvelgiak: you dont need to, if its part of the install, it wll be made for you13:33
Dr_willisbut  you ADDED a 'globus' user?  theres a /home/globus ?13:33
ActionParsnipvelgiak: sudo make install will give you the access and the installer will install where it needs to go13:34
racquadhi guys, where in KDE I can write a shell script so the user, when logons, execute that script?13:34
Dr_willis./configure, make, sudo make install    <----------- the normal install from source  3 step process. :)13:34
Dr_willis!autostart | racquad13:34
ubotturacquad: To make programs autostart with your KDE session, you can make a link to it in ~/.kde/Autostart. In KDE 3.X the package 'kcontrol-autostart' makes a kcontrol item for handling items in that directory. For a complete KDE 3.X guide, see http://jucato.org/kde/kde-autostart.html13:34
Dr_willisracquad,   make script. make it excutable.. link it to some name in  ~/.kde/Autostart13:35
velgiakyes, there's /home/globus13:35
racquadDr_willis is it possible to write this script on xinit or something?13:35
Dr_willisracquad,  that would be for ALL users...13:35
racquadDr_willis to be system wide?13:35
racquadyes, that's what I want13:35
Dr_willisand you are on your own there.. what does this script need to do?13:35
racquadthis is insane, but: xhost +13:36
Dr_willisracquad,   xhost + localhost is better :)13:36
Dr_willissafer at least heh.. dependin ion what you are doing13:36
Dr_willisI havent had to use xhost+ since ive learnd ssh -X :)13:37
racquadDr_willis the thing is: i'm configuring a network with LTSP and I want to get access, via VNC, to all the terminals. So, I will not access from localhost, but from another host13:37
Dr_willisIm not clear on why using vnc. you need xhost + , but i guess you can dissedt/tweak the X startup scripts all ya want :)13:38
Dr_willisive not messed with LTSP - I just vnc back and forth to the box's on my lan. or ssh -X, or use X and xdmcp.13:40
Dr_willisits bed time for me.. good luck. Night all13:40
racquadDr_willis ssh -X may work on somecases, but on others, I'll need to see the screen of the user13:40
ActionParsnipracquad: then vnc is cool so you can see the user screen, if its over wan, do it over ssh tunnel so its secure (vnc traffic is unencrypted)13:41
DragnslcrThere are VNC servers and clients that can do SSL13:42
racquadActionParsnip I'll use over SSH. But I still need to open xhost to be able to connect13:42
khalidmianhow do i connect konversation via proxy server13:43
ActionParsnipracquad: if you have a headless, you can connect to a virtual x session using vnc, then vnc from there (maybe)13:43
raphinkkhalidmian: use quassel, it rocks :)13:46
raphink(and it's Qt4)13:46
raphinkkhalidmian: and it supports using proxies13:47
khalidmianraphink: what is quassel and how does it help me with the proxy server question i had13:48
raphinkkhalidmian: quassel is a new IRC client for KDE4, and the proxy settings are very easy to set in it13:48
raphinkkhalidmian: that's how it helps you, especially since Konversation is not yet ported to KDE4 ;)13:48
raphinkkhalidmian: http://quassel-irc.org/13:49
khalidmiancan i get it via sudo command?13:49
khalidmiani tired sudo apt-get quassel didnt work13:50
raphinkyou have to choose whether you want the simple quassel (equivalent to konversation), or the client/server version, which is very nice if you use IRC from different locations13:50
raphinkkhalidmian: you miss "install" in your command line13:51
raphinkkhalidmian: sudo apt-get install quassel13:51
khalidmianraphink: just installed it how do i config core account lol13:53
velgiakthis is the link for globus installation: http://www-unix.globus.org/toolkit/docs/4.0/admin/docbook/ch04.html13:53
velgiakwhen i arrive to point 313:53
raphinkkhalidmian: if you installed the "quassel" account, you don't need to configure a core, just connect to freenode and join #kubuntu13:54
velgiaki've the error:13:54
velgiak./configure: 97: cannot create conf29280.sh: Permission denied13:54
velgiak./configure: 97: cannot create conf29280.sh: Permission denied13:54
velgiakchmod: cannot access `conf29280.sh': No such file or directory13:54
velgiak./configure: line 88: conf29280.sh: Permission denied13:54
raphinkkhalidmian: if you want to use a proxy, you can do so in the configuration of the network13:54
velgiak./configure: line 89: conf29280.sh: Permission denied13:54
velgiakchmod: cannot access `conf29280.sh': No such file or directory13:54
velgiak./configure: line 201: conf29280.file: Permission denied13:54
velgiak./configure: line 907: config.log: Permission denied13:54
raphinkvelgiak: please use a pastebin for this kind of things13:54
raphinkkhalidmian: go to File -> Networks -> Configure Networks13:54
raphinkkhalidmian: and there you can mofidy the servers, and set the proxy you want to use in the "advanced" tab13:55
Tim___what is the replacement of "kdesu ...." in intrepid? My users are not in the "adm" group so I think kdesudo wont help?13:55
raphinkTim___: what you do mean it won't hel?13:56
raphinkTim___: what do you need to do ? get admin rights or change users ?13:56
Tim___raphink: run a command as root13:56
raphinkthen kdesudo should be the way13:56
Tim___raphink: but it asks for the users password?!13:57
raphinkif the user has sudo rights to become admin13:57
raphinkTim___: yes13:57
raphinkTim___: if your user doesn't have admin rights, you should either add it to the admin group, or add a rule in sudoers13:57
khalidmianim toonewbie for this13:58
raphinkkhalidmian: did you start quassel?13:58
khalidmianraphink: i dont know how to13:58
=== baboso is now known as bukharin
raphinkkhalidmian: it should appear in your K menu in the bar13:59
Tim___raphink: OK. But in hardy and earlier there was "kdesu" which asked for the root Passwort. It didnt rely on sudo but on su. I think the removed it for whatever reason :(13:59
raphinkkhalidmian: or else you can do Ctrl+F2 and type quassel13:59
khalidmianraphink: its asking me to connect to quassel core13:59
raphinkkhalidmian: you installed the quassel package or quassel-client?14:00
khalidmiani have no clue i just did sudo apt-get install quassel14:00
raphinkTim___: that's good actually, it's much safer for your security to have a group that can access root priviledges without knowing the root password14:00
raphinkkhalidmian: my bad then, do "sudo apt-get install quassel-client quassel-core"14:01
raphinkand then start quassel14:01
raphinkand it should give you a nice interface to configure your core14:01
raphinkit's easy I promise :)14:01
khalidmianraphink: i did theres a window to connect to quassel core14:02
raphinkkhalidmian: ok, then just select the local core (which should already be listed) and connect to it14:02
raphinkTim___: you know how to do that?14:02
khalidmianraphink: connectio to localhost failed connection refused14:03
Tim___raphink: I am not sure, are you referring to sudo?14:03
raphinkkhalidmian: did you do the "sudo apt-get install quassel-core quassel-client" and restart quassel?14:03
raphinkTim___: yes, either adding people to the admin group, or adding rules in sudoers14:03
khalidmianraphink: i just typed apt-get install quassel thats all14:04
raphinkkhalidmian: and it was not the right command. it's my mistake sorry. Please type "sudo apt-get install quassel-client quassel-core"14:04
raphinkso you have a local core to connect to14:04
Tim___raphink: Thanks14:04
raphinkTim___: thanks for what?14:05
Tim___raphink: he, for your help of course :)14:05
khalidmianraphink: quassel-core failed to install/upgrade14:07
khalidmianraphink: forget it14:07
khalidmianraphink: connected to localhost now what launch wizard?14:08
khalidmianraphink: connected to localhost now what launch wizard?14:10
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nahyhey guys. i'm using ubuntu and i want join an ubuntu chan. how can i do this?14:14
raphinkkhalidmian: you can go to File -> Networks and connect to Freenode14:14
raphinknahy: you want to join #ubuntu ?14:15
nahyyes that is it14:15
khalidmianraphink: thats all greek to me14:15
raphinkkhalidmian: I'm telling you about menus, on top of the window14:16
nahyi try to connect but i don't know the instructions14:16
raphinkkhalidmian: Click on "File", then "Networks", then "Freenode"14:16
raphinknahy: /join #ubuntu14:16
nahyyes but i cant see network14:16
raphinkkhalidmian: and then type "/join #kubuntu" and you should end up here14:16
raphinknahy: if you're here, you're already on the network14:16
khalidmianraphink: i dont have any networks14:17
khalidmianits all blank14:17
raphinkah, that's weird14:17
nahyi wanna ask something else14:17
raphinkkhalidmian: then you can go to Configure Networks14:17
raphinkand add Freenode14:17
raphinkalthough it's weird if it's not already there14:17
raphinknahy: what else?14:17
nahywhen you erite something to me how you do that so my name appears in the beginning14:18
khalidmianraphink: says i need to define server14:18
raphinknahy: I type your name ?14:18
nahywhen you write?14:18
raphink(and I use tab for completion)14:18
Tim___has anybody tried the OpenOffice3 packages from launchpad, are they good?14:19
raphinkkhalidmian: use chat.freenode.net:8001 as the server14:19
raphinkTim___: openoffice 3 is great :)14:19
nahyif you remember my problem was freeing up some space in my root and couldn't14:19
raphinkkhalidmian: as in, chat.freenode.net, on port 800114:20
khalidmianraphink:ok now what14:20
raphinkkhalidmian: are you connected to Freenode now?14:20
khalidmianraphink: apparently yes14:20
raphinkif you are it should say "Freenode" in the right top corner, under "buffer"14:21
Tim___raphink: Does the KDE Filepicker work?14:21
raphinkif you are, then click on the "Freenode" word, and type "/join #kubuntu" in the field at the bottom of the window14:21
raphinkTim___: haven't tried14:21
khalidmianraphink: yes it does14:21
raphinkkhalidmian: or you can right click on "Freenode" and choose join channel14:23
raphinkand put "#kubuntu" as the channel name14:23
khalidmianraphink: its going through ident check14:26
khalidmianraphink: no identid14:26
raphinkjust checking if konversation does proxy connection, but I can't see that it does14:28
raphinkso I still think quassel can solve your problem14:28
raphinkkhalidmian: did it take you through the core configuration steps?14:28
khalidmianraphink: yes14:28
raphinkdid you configure the freenode network with "chat.freenode.net" as server and 8001 as port?14:29
kpenroseAfter adding medibuntu to my software repositories, searching for anything from that site (e.g. acroread) in adept doesn't return anything, command line apt-get does work however.  Why doesn't adept show the medibuntu pkgs?14:30
khalidmianchat.freenode.ney port 80014:30
khalidmian8001 i mean14:30
raphinkthen you connected to it?14:31
khalidmianim trying to14:31
khalidmianits refusing connection14:31
khalidmianidentd issue14:31
raphinktaht's weird14:31
raphinkyou're on the same machine as the one you're using to be here?14:31
ActionParsnipkpenrose: did you sudo apt-get update14:31
khalidmianyes same machine14:32
ActionParsnipkpenrose: if apt can see it you got the gold14:32
raphinkkhalidmian: what are you using to be here right now?14:32
ActionParsnipkpenrose: i dont use adept myself, apt-get does everything a man can need14:32
kpenroseActionParsnip:  Doesn't adept do that automatically??14:32
raphinkkpenrose: you need to refresh in adept14:33
raphinkkpenrose: like ActionParsnip said, apt-get does everything you need, and much faster than adept14:33
kpenroseActionParsnip - I think searching is easier in adept14:33
khalidmianits irc.ubuntu.com14:33
raphinkapt-cache is a great tool, and grep is good, too14:33
raphinkkhalidmian: you can try with irc.ubuntu.com, too14:33
raphinkalthough it should be quite the same result14:33
raphinkkhalidmian: unless maybe your network doesn't allow you to connect to port 800114:34
ActionParsnipkpenrose: apt-cache search <something>14:34
ActionParsnipkpenrose: you can even grep the output to get intelligent results14:34
raphinkkhalidmian: you can add chat.freenode.net on port 700014:34
raphinkand the ones you have in konversation14:35
raphinkkhalidmian: the more servers you have, the more likely to get connected if one fails14:35
kpenroseActionParsnip:  I guess I'm getting lazy in my old age.  I will reform my ways.  Thanx for the help.14:35
raphinkkhalidmian: you can also use irc.freenode.org on port 666714:35
BluesKajhmm, I noticed your converstaion about quassel ,raphink, khalidmian ...tried out quassel , not my cup of tea , the GUI is too restictive doesn't show much info and it wouldn't connect14:35
ActionParsnipkpenrose: it may just need time to settle in14:36
raphinkBlueEagle: ah, it works great for me, and khalidmian wants to use a proxy to connect, which konversation doesn't allow14:36
ActionParsnipkpenrose: try adept tomorrow14:36
raphinkBlueEagle: + quassel allows me to keep my session open without using irssi+screen, which is lovely14:36
khalidmianBluesKaj: all i wanted to know is how i can connec  via proxy server14:36
raphinkkhalidmian: and quassel can do that, while konversation can't (that I know of)14:37
BluesKajIC , khalidmian, raphink14:37
kpenroseAnother question - anyone using knetworkmanager for ppp sessions (tethered modem)?14:38
BluesKajraphink, how did you get the server page to expand so one can see what is happening? ...looked for options in configure/settings but to no avail :(14:38
raphinkBlueEagle: I clicked on the limit and dragged it down14:39
raphinkwell edge14:39
khaldmiani have two quassel14:40
khaldmianone is client only14:40
BluesKajraphink , I tried that , there was way to do it14:40
raphinkah, weird14:40
raphinkit works for me BlueEagle :s14:41
raphinkblackflag: http://r.pinson.free.fr/snapshots/quassel3.png14:42
raphinkkhaldmian: yes, that's normal14:42
raphinkkhaldmian: you have a local core, which is what connects to IRC, and a client, which is the graphical part that connects to the core14:42
raphinktaht's how quassel is designed14:43
raphinkthis is why it's great :)14:43
khaldmianraphink: im not using client at moment14:43
raphinkin my case, the core runs on my machine at home, and I'm on the client at work :)14:43
raphinkkhaldmian: if you're in a graphical interface, you're using the client14:43
raphinkthe core has no graphical interface, it's only a command line service14:43
BluesKajraphink, BTW I'm BluesKaj, not BlueEagle14:44
raphinkhaha sorry BluesKaj14:44
raphinkand sorry BlueEagle for spamming ;)14:44
khaldmianraphink: ok using client quassel14:45
raphinkkhaldmian: ok14:45
khaldmianraphink: can u know tell me how to use proxy server14:46
raphinkkhaldmian: edit the server in File -> Networks -> Configure Networks14:46
raphinkkhaldmian: and where you add the server (e.g. chat.freenode.net), you have an "advanced" tab14:46
raphinkin this tab, you can set the proxy14:46
BluesKajraphink, np:)14:47
raphinkBlueEagle: you should give it another try though, quassel is really worth it ;)14:48
khaldmianraphink: advanced tab only shows encoding14:48
raphinkkhaldmian: when you edit the network, click on a server (e.g. chat.freenode.net:8001), and click on "modify..."14:49
raphinkthere, you have an "advanced" tab, which lets you set the proxy14:49
raphinkat least in my version of quassel14:49
raphinkwhich might be a bit more recent than yours probably14:49
khaldmianraphink: there is no modify only add edit or delete14:50
raphinkwel lthen edit14:50
raphink(sorry, I have it in French, so I'm trying to guess what it says in English )14:50
khaldmianraphink: all it asks me is for server and port14:51
=== geek is now known as faileas
raphinkkhaldmian: http://r.pinson.free.fr/snapshots/quassel_proxy.png14:51
raphinkdo you have something like this?14:51
raphinkwith two tabs: "Server info" and "Advanced"14:52
khaldmianraphink: yes14:52
raphinkthen click on the "Advanced" tab14:52
raphinkand there I see : http://r.pinson.free.fr/snapshots/quassel_proxy1.png14:53
raphinkwhcih lets me set the proxy14:53
cjaehi how do I enable the nvidia driver in 8.04, actually I used thr hardware driver gui to install the driver, but cannot access the nvidia-settings14:54
khaldmianraphink: maynot be available in client only14:54
khaldmianone sec14:54
cjaesudo nvidia-settings does not work14:54
=== javier is now known as Helio2000
raphinkkhaldmian: did you find?14:57
khaldmianraphink: no14:57
raphinkno "advanced" tab?14:57
=== mike is now known as Guest45881
khaldmianraphink: its there but just shows encoding i wanna use14:58
raphinkah ok14:59
raphinkit probably changed between versions14:59
raphinkI can tell you how to install a newer version if you want14:59
BluesKajcjae, try looking in the kmenu/applications/system/Hardware Drivers14:59
cjaeI thought it had the nvidia-settings15:00
khaldmianam i suppose to use clint or what?15:00
cjaeit just shows a gui that says the driver is in use15:01
BluesKajraphink, I'm looking in synaptic for quassel , do I install the client and the core or... ?15:02
raphinkBluesKaj: it depends on what you want15:02
BluesKajwhat do they mean by core anyway ?15:03
raphinkBluesKaj: if you only want a standalone system, install "quassel", if you want to use the distributed functionality, you can install quassel-core (server) and/or quassel-client (the GUI)15:03
raphinkin my case, I have quassel-core installed at home, and quassel-client instaled at work15:03
raphinkso I connect to my core at home from work15:03
raphinkthat's what's interesting with quassel15:03
raphinkI have another quassel-client at home, connect to the its local core15:04
BluesKajso what benefit is that, like a server over irc ?15:04
raphinkso both clients are connected to the same core15:04
raphinkthis way I'm connected only once to freenode, and I see the same conversation/history in both places15:04
raphinkwhen I leave work, if someone talks to me on IRC15:04
raphinkI will see it when I get home15:04
raphinkand vice versa15:04
BluesKajwell, I'm retired so I connect from one , altho i suppose if i decide to use the laptop in a diff part of the house that might be an option15:05
raphinkBluesKaj: apart from that special functionality, it also uses KDE4 libraries15:07
raphinkwhile konversation uses KDE315:07
raphinkso that's also good for me, since konversation was the last bit of KDE3 still running in my session15:07
BluesKajyeah, but I still like konversation a lot15:07
raphinkI liked konversation a lot too :)15:08
raphinkuntil yesterday :)15:08
raphinkBluesKaj: the newer version of quassel also supports proxies, which is good for khaldmian15:10
raphinkunfortunately, I didn't know the earlier version didn't15:11
raphinkkhaldmian: do you want me to tell you how to install a newer verions?15:11
BluesKajhmm, interesting client , I guess :)15:24
BluesKajraphink, I prefer having the chat  channel indicaors as tabs on the bottom ...what's the fix for that ?15:28
lakis1982hello .. i have installed kubuntu 8.10 intrepid in my pc... but there is no power settings for the pc....  how can i put the pc go into sleep mode when system is inactive for some minutes ?????15:28
toborlakis - look under system settings menu15:28
lakis1982i have looked there15:29
* fidji ne joue plus au Go15:31
toborlakis1982: look unders "services" there15:33
tobor BBL15:33
raphinkBluesKaj: I haven't searched, because I prefer them on the side15:35
lakis1982service manager?15:36
BluesKajlakis1982, system settings/advanced/service/15:37
BluesKajerr service manager15:37
lakis1982i am in service manager but i cat see anything about power setting15:38
lakis1982i cant see15:39
robin0800lakis1982: its in advanced but i think only in 4.2rc15:41
robin0800lakis1982: before that i think there was a task bar icon15:42
lakis1982there is no taskbar15:42
lakis1982i have kde 4.1.415:42
robin0800lakis1982: try 4.215:43
cuznt4.2 rc1 work great15:45
lakis1982how can i install it ?15:46
robin0800lakis1982: clean install or update it15:46
lakis1982but how can i update it ... i dont know15:47
robin0800lakis1982: update instructions here http://www.kubuntu.org/news/kde-4.2-rc115:48
khalidmianraphink: got dc15:50
raphinkkhaldmian: ah ok15:50
raphinkkhaldmian: I was asking you15:50
raphinkkhaldmian: do you want me to tell you how to install a newer verions?15:50
khalidmianraphink: wait i wanna dcc send u something15:51
kpenroseicons in my panel (like clock, clipboard) flash - empty blue box one second, regular icon the next. any ideas?15:51
=== shadeslayer1 is now known as shadeslayer
khalidmianraphink: how do i dcc15:52
raphinkkhaldmian: hmmm in quassel no idea actually15:53
raphinkI don't really use DCC15:53
raphinkmost of the time, it's blocked15:53
khalidmianraphink: i want to share pic of quassel config15:53
raphinksend it by email15:54
ubottuSamba is the way to cooperate with Windows environments. Links with more info: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/MountWindowsSharesPermanently and http://help.ubuntu.com/ubuntu/serverguide/C/windows-networking.html - Samba can be administered via the web with SWAT.  Also see https://bugs.launchpad.net/bugs/21209815:59
=== ame is now known as Guest83148
Guest83148i need a little explanation about sharing folder betwen kubuntu16:00
betohi all16:01
betoi just want to know if i can use skype on kubuntu16:01
geniibeto: Yes16:02
betotnks :) but i'm trying and no microphone16:02
betoi'm using the skype tesst16:02
geniibeto: Sonds more like a soundcard/driver issue than a skype issue16:03
betook should I install something?16:03
beto(i'm not an expert :(  using kubuntu  )16:04
geniibeto: Try instead first looking in the mixer (kmix, which is that speaker icon on your bar) to see that the input is set for the microphone, also there may be in there a setting for the volume of the input16:04
=== mikael_ is now known as _ZoutH
betoi have front PCM and Internal mic boost16:06
betothey are all at the highest level16:06
betobut the speaker icon is '' HDA Intel'' and not kmix16:08
geniibeto: In Konsole program, what says result of command: lspci | grep Audio16:08
geniiThe HDA Intel has some problems with microphone input for some reason (this is the same card I have)16:09
beto00:1b.0 Audio device: Intel Corporation 82801H (ICH8 Family) HD Audio Controller (rev 03)16:10
=== Maniac is now known as Guest86953
beto00:1b.0 Audio device: Intel Corporation 82801H (ICH8 Family) HD Audio Controller (rev 03)16:16
betois what i have in comand16:16
=== Guest83148 is now known as ame_
=== ame_ is now known as ame
=== ame is now known as ame__
=== ame is now known as ame__
khalidmianraphink: what now16:38
ame__hello .... in a lan i have 2 PC with kubuntu and 2 PC with XP ..... with samba i can share XP folder also for kubuntu .... but how can I share kubuntu folder both for XP and for Kubuntu?16:39
reesehi! is it normale not to have the ~/.kde4 directory, but only the ~/.kde one?16:39
ubottuSorry, I don't know anything about share16:41
ubottuSorry, I don't know anything about folder16:42
ubottuSorry, I don't know anything about azz16:42
ubottuSamba is the way to cooperate with Windows environments. Links with more info: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/MountWindowsSharesPermanently and http://help.ubuntu.com/ubuntu/serverguide/C/windows-networking.html - Samba can be administered via the web with SWAT.  Also see https://bugs.launchpad.net/bugs/21209816:42
=== shadeslayer is now known as goobuntu
=== k4v is now known as m4v
=== floown_ is now known as floown
geniireese: Yes, with 8.10 onwards it is just .kde    again16:50
geniiame__: You should be able to browse from the windows machines to any samba share you have on the kubuntu boxes16:51
Jadohi, i need some help : if i choose the 640x480 resolution (xrandr --size 640x480 or nvidia-settings), the desktop does not appear entirely on my screen and i can't see the bottom part of it. With other resolutoins, such as 800x600 or 1280x800, i can see all the desktop and not only a part ; i've tried xrandr --size 640x480 --rate 60 but my laptop screen does not support this refresh rate.16:56
=== ofi is now known as chewwe
chewweme pasa algo harto curioso con el bluetooth16:59
chewwepuedo mandar de pc a movil, de pc a pc pero no de movil a pc (a traves de bluetooth)17:00
chewwepero si puedo mandar de otro pc a este pc, y eso e slo curioso17:00
=== gaetan is now known as gaetan_
=== gaetan_ is now known as gaetan
=== gaetan is now known as Guest51872
=== goobuntu is now known as shadeslayer
raphinkhelllo freeRag17:06
sven_hello, does anyone knows how to add shortcuts on the plasmadesktop in kubuntu 8.1017:07
=== john is now known as Guest97412
freeRagkde is better then be7a 10 folds17:07
raphinksven_: you can use a folder view and put a shortcut there17:08
=== floown_ is now known as floown
freeRagim connected thru Sweden :D17:10
freeRagbe ware of black flags17:11
sven_raphink: what do you mean by folder view?17:11
raphinksven_: there's a plasmoid that lets you see the contents of a folder17:11
raphinkfor example, your ~/Desktop17:11
raphinkonce you use this plasmoid, you can put shortcuts in this folder17:11
raphinkso they will appear on your desktop17:12
sven_quick access,17:12
raphinkyou can also use the quick launcher plasmoid for that17:12
raphinkno, folder view17:12
raphinkbut quick access can be used too17:12
BluesKajraphink , i think I'll wait til we can have diff coloured nicks in the chat text page on quassel before i use it agian ... I find it easier for these old eyes to ID nicks by name and colour , and confusing when the nicks are all the same colour17:19
raphinkBluesKaj:  hehe ok17:22
raphinkBluesKaj: that's an interesting point. We don't all want the same features... that's why there's different clients :)17:22
BluesKaj!enter | tomek17:23
ubottutomek: Please try to keep your questions/responses on one line - don't use the "Enter" key as punctuation!17:23
NeremorI can't kill a process, not even if i'm logged in as root17:24
Neremorthe process is pulseaudio17:24
Neremori tryed "kill $PID" several times right now but it is still running... any ideas what i could do to really kill a prozess?17:25
noir_lordkill -s kill $PID17:25
=== snake_ is now known as albuntu
aaroncampbelltomek: What the heck was with the PM?17:26
Neremor-s ??17:26
noir_lordkill -s just allows you to send a particular signal to a process, in this case kill17:27
noir_lordits functionally the same as kill 917:27
Neremorthanks :)17:27
Neremorthat worked, now i don't have to restart my pc anymore if pulseaudio crashes :)17:27
Neremorand that happens very often ;)17:27
noir_lordbe wary of over using it though since you are sending SIGKILL and thats untrappable17:29
noir_lordany resources allocated to the process may not be released17:29
noir_lordincluding temporary files and other state data17:29
freeRagthis channel is buzzier then M$ core developers channel :)17:30
freeRagSIGKILL sounds like danger too me17:31
noir_lordits not optimal to use it but sometimes you have little choice, as with most *nix commands improperly used you can blow your own foot off17:32
freeRagthats noir_lord u tha killah rrright ?17:32
freeRagmet  noir_lord the best haxor on the web17:33
freeRagnoir_lord: dont kill MY connection pls!17:34
=== navid_ is now known as nahy
rociomy box just froze stone cold.17:45
Jadohi, i need some help : if i choose the 640x480 resolution (xrandr --size 640x480 or nvidia-settings), the desktop does not appear entirely on my screen and i can't see the bottom part of it. With other resolutoins, such as 800x600 or 1280x800, i can see all the desktop and not only a part ; i've tried xrandr --size 640x480 --rate 60 but my laptop screen does not support this refresh rate.17:45
rociohow can i konw what happened?!?17:45
=== rocio is now known as bukharin
user74hello to all17:46
bukharini got a full freeze... nev er happende to me before, is there a log i can check on reboot to see what happened?17:47
user74newby question can anyone tell me how to copy some file to /usr/share/virtualbox17:47
noir_lordsudo cp <filename> /usr/share/virtualbox not work?17:48
bukharinbox doesn't reply to pings, fully dead...17:48
user74thanks lord17:49
user74hehehe jebus save me i just getting forget the commands17:49
noir_lordbukharin, normally you would start with /var/log/messages I think unless you suspect some other subsytem of causing the crash17:50
bukharinnoir_lord: ok, will look into that. i'm suspecting a hw failure, as it is completely dead, no mouse, no nothing.17:50
bukharinshould a busted ram or hd appear in messages?17:51
=== Carnage` is now known as Carnage\
noir_lordbukharin, possible, also have a look in /var/log/dmesg17:51
bukharinaha... and how can i determine if the messages are from the past session or the new one?17:52
bukharindo the logs get rotated on boot?17:52
noir_lordbukarin, not sure what the behaviour is on Ubuntu/Kubuntu but normally yes17:54
bukharinok, so i can expect to find an older log with a timestamp corresponding with the lock up?17:54
bukharin(sorry for the many questions, but i want to know how to preserve the onfo before presing the reset button...)17:55
noir_lordbukharin, make a folder in your home directory then copy all the output from /var/log to that17:55
noir_lorddirectory in your home directory* (too many years of windows)17:55
bukharinnoir_lord: sorry, could you develop?17:57
bukharinyou mean, rebbot, and inmeadiately copy all contents of var/log somewhere?17:57
noir_lordbukharin, is the system completely frozen?17:58
=== JackWinter_ is now known as JackWinter
bukharinstone cold dead. not even beeps when i move the mouse.17:59
noir_lordbukharin, then restarting will stomp over some of the stuff in /log at the moment, if you want to preserve that then if it was me I'd boot of a LiveCD/USB Drive, mount the partition and copy the files17:59
bukharini haven't re-cycled it yet... i want to ensure i save all relevatn info :P17:59
bukharinaha! good idea.18:00
bukharinyes, i think i will do just that. thx a bunch for the tip18:00
noir_lordnot a problem, hope it helps :)18:00
bukharini hope my ram didn't fry or something :S18:00
bukharinsee youlater, i'm sure to come back for help deciphering the contents of the logs :D18:01
bukharinok, doing good, box passed POST with no warnings... at least i have ram still :)18:03
noir_lordif you suspect the ram try running memtest8618:05
noir_lordiirc Kubuntu has that on the live CD (someone can probably confirm)18:05
venik212when I reboot my 64 bit HP Kubuntu 8.10 machine, it often (but not always) gets stuck in Starting Bluetooth devices, and cannot continue.  TO get it going, I have to start several times.  Is there a way around this old bug?18:07
casper_i got a problem about me shutting down my system, i dont have a turn off button in the restart/change account menu18:08
casper_anyone know how i get it back?18:08
rabxIm using Konversaition in Hardy, and cannot get identd to work port 113 is forwarded - any ideas ppl ?18:12
bukharinnoir_lord sorry, was busy saving the logs... memtest86 would perform a thorough ram test?18:15
noir_lordit was designed for the purpose, it checks every byte by writing specific patterns of bits, it can find really obscure memory errors, its not infallible but its useful to rule out certain kinds of problems18:16
bukharinnoir_lord, ok, will look into that too.18:18
rabxhmmm, nobody awake who knows about identd ??18:19
=== DarkSmoke is now known as DS-Gaming
bukharinok, i have the logs... but i can'f find anything in messages or syslog18:22
bukharincould kdm or X hang the machine like that?18:22
noir_lordhave a look in /var/log/Xorg.0.log if you suspect x1118:24
noir_lordgrep for '(EE)' if its a long log file18:24
bukharinnothing there either18:24
bukharinls -l --sort=t shows auth.log and sys.log as the last modified files...18:25
=== max_ is now known as modestMAX
noir_lordbuk, its possible it crashed so hard/fast it didnt have time to output to the logs, has this system been previously stable?18:26
bukharinnow that you mention it, i seem to recall something similar a few days before. but yes, in general it has been rock stable.18:27
ubuntuпривет всем, помогите пож-та, слетела виста пришлось грузиться с Live CD, как востановить не теряя данные?18:27
noir_lordchanged any drivers/hardware recently?18:27
bukharinintrepid messed up a few things, though, but hadn't produced system locks until now18:27
bukharinmmm, nop18:27
bukharinunless something managed to get through apt... but  i usually check the updates.18:28
noir_lordhas found Kubuntu 8.10 to be a bit unstable at best, had a couple of X crashes and KDE 4.1 was about as stable as britney spears18:28
bukharinwell, i have had some stability issues in specific things...  i dont know, dolphin crashung when moving files, or plasma crashiung and restarting from time to time...18:29
noir_lordupgrading to the nvidia 180 drivers and switching to the RC for KDE 4.2 has (ironically considering its an RC) been much more stable18:29
bukharinbut a full system lock? not even mouse or keyboard responding?18:29
bukharinwell, i think that i will wipe the system and start ove with jaunty.18:30
bukharini just want to make sure that neither the ram or the hd failed...18:30
noir_lordbuk, Ive only seen that happen twice running linux (once with Kubuntu and once with slackware), the time with Kubuntu I never figured out the problem, the time with slackware the fan had failed and the processor was melting18:30
noir_lordimportant lesson, dont use cheap fans on the processor, do install thermal managment software and dont disable thermal warnings in the bios heh18:31
bukharinwell, i only seen it once on windows.... and it was a hd failure. "click" and then nothing. but i still use that hd :P18:31
bukharinnot on this box, though18:31
noir_lordbukharin, if you suspect the HD most manufacturers have software you can run from a boot disk that will run their diagnostics against the suspect drive18:32
bukharinhe, i got a pound of thermaltake copper sitting on my cpu18:32
tueHello, is there a command i can type to find out what chipset my computer uses?18:32
bukharinmight be a little dusty, but usually, it operates at 30 celsius or the like18:32
noir_lordtue, lspci18:32
bukharinwell. it seems i won't find anything on the logs. will reboot to memtest86, and see if i can get some good hd stress tests around18:33
bukharinthanks for the help...18:33
noir_lordbukharin, no problem18:33
tuenoir_lord: this is the output. http://paste.ubuntu.com/108329/ does this mean i have a 945g chipset? because lenovos page about my computer says its either a 975, 955 or 965 :-(.18:36
tuenoir_lord: its because im trying to buy some ram and then i need to find out how much it can address.18:36
noir_lordtue, dual booting the machine with windows?18:36
tuenoir_lord: yah18:36
noir_lordtue, crucial.com has a neat little utility (windows only) that will tell you what the maximum amount of ram your system can utilise is18:37
tuenoir_lord: ah, this is really cool :-) . you know if its reliable? i suppose i can also try the device manager in windows and see if it says something about the chipset.18:38
tuenoir_lord: just feels silly to trust windows with something like this ;-)18:38
noir_lordtue, I've been recommending it to customers for a while, if its not reliable then I'd be in a world of hurt by now ;)18:38
tuenoir_lord: okay, thats all i need :-) . thanks a lot for the help!18:39
noir_lordtue, no problem18:39
venik212The Nvidia 177 driver messes up under Kubuntu 8.10 on my HP 64 bit machine (kde 4.1)-- it leaves lines all over the place, and shows great hesitation.  WIthout it, however, I cannot get desktop effects.... ;-(18:40
noir_lordvenik, tried 180?18:40
venik212I did not know they had 180.  I got 177 from the window that popped up when I clicked on Hardware Drivers18:41
noir_lordits nearly current its 180.11 (current on nvidia.com is 180.22)18:42
venik212where do I get it and how do I install it?18:42
=== carlos is now known as Guest5271
noir_lordiirc its in the normal repos, so it should just be sudo aptitude install nvidia-glx-18018:42
noir_lordfor some reason it doesnt show up under the hardware driver managment tool but its in the repo's18:43
venik212thanks-- I shall try it18:43
=== apachelogger is now known as apachelogger_
noir_lordI had major problems with 177 but 180 has been much more reliable (Im on an AMD64x2 running 32bit Kubuntu and a 7600GT)18:44
venik212I just installed it, and got a fatal error from Kmix18:46
=== broken is now known as tsopp
hyper__chvenik212: what did you install?18:47
venik212the 180 nvidia video driver18:47
=== Zorix_ is now known as Zorix
venik212but despite the error, things seem to be working18:48
=== DS-Gaming is now known as DarkSmoke
noir_lordvenik, I had a few kmix crashes as well but I dont think it had anything to do with the nvidia drivers, it was just unstable from the start with 8.1018:48
hyper__chwhich version of it?18:48
venik212I agree-- I saw the same thing18:48
noir_lordI did something I dont normally do and ran a RC on a production system (KDE4.2RC) and its *much* better18:49
cpgood bye18:49
venik212However, I still have those weird lines when the screen saver kicks in18:49
noir_lorddescribe the lines18:50
venik212noir-- can you explain what you mean by RC?  Reconfigure?  if so, how?18:50
venik212an empty square or two18:50
noir_lordRC == Release Candidate18:50
fhensleyRC = Release Candidate version18:50
noir_lordthe final version they release before the release the "final" version18:50
venik212oh.... I would have thought that the final release would be better.  Was that wrong?18:51
noir_lordtypically an RC sits between a Beta and a Final Release (unless your Microsoft then you just release the Beta and what should be the RC is called Service Pack 1)18:51
noir_lordvenik, there isnt a final release of KDE4.2 yet (its not due till end of the month)18:51
venik212I can live with this, but I hate the delay that I feel when I click on an application.  It was not there until I install the proprietary driver18:52
noir_lordvenik212 its possible its one of the compositing effects misbehaving, try switching them off and seeing if that helps18:52
venik212until then the machine was amazingly responsive18:53
=== blizzzek is now known as blizzz
noir_lordmenu transitions are a particular pain for me18:53
venik212do u have any idea about the Bluetooth-related  hangup during restarting?18:54
=== rob is now known as Guest24304
venik212THis seeems to be an old bug (2005?), but it is still with us18:54
noir_lordvenik212, if you want to play with the compositing options for kwin, Alt+F3 and then Configure Window Behaviour , they are in there18:57
noir_lordto be honest I turned all of them off pretty much (eye candy just slows things down)18:57
=== DarkSmoke is now known as DS-Away
venik212I do this through the system settings18:58
noir_lordshrugs, same result thats just the way I get to the options quickly18:58
venik212Yes, things are much faster without the effects, but I sort of liked them, and thought that with the right driver, things will work just fine19:00
JackWinteri have 8.10 in a vbox.  thought it might be a good idea to install the virtual kernel.  now /boot/grub/menu.lst shows the server kernel installed while adept show the virtual kernel installed.  any ideas ?19:01
noir_lordvenik212 there is a problem with the current nvidia drivers on linux, Qt4 seems to make extensive use of some features in XRender that nvidia didnt implement completely/test properly19:01
J_A_Xhow do I get a time/date widget into a panel? there doesn't seem to have one installed by default...19:02
noir_lordJ_A_X, you know how to add widgets to a panel?19:02
noir_lordJ_A_X, when you add a widget one of the ones on the list is "Simple Digital Clock"19:03
noir_lordadd that then right click on it, Digital Clock Settings, then select "Show Date"19:03
J_A_Xhuh, can't believe I didn't see that one before...19:03
venik212Thanks, Noir.  This confirms my observations.  I can live with that for now19:03
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venik212thanks for pointing out the existence of 18019:04
noir_lordno problem19:04
Jadohi, i need some help : if i choose the 640x480 resolution (xrandr --size 640x480 or nvidia-settings), the desktop does not appear entirely on my screen and i can't see the bottom part of it. With other resolutoins, such as 800x600 or 1280x800, i can see all the desktop and not only a part ; i've tried xrandr --size 640x480 --rate 60 but my laptop screen does not support this refresh rate.19:04
J_A_Xman, kubuntu + compiz = teh win19:04
J_A_Xhow do you mount a windows shared drive?19:27
J_A_Xusing dolphin?19:27
J_A_Xor do you have to go through terminal?19:28
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fhensleyMounting a Windows NTFS Partition - http://www.linuxquestions.org/questions/linux-laptop-and-netbook-25/i-want-to-mount-ntfs-partitions-after-booting-kubuntu-435704/19:29
wesley_ amsn gives me the error that there is no capture loaded19:31
wesley_whats a other msn program that can cam19:35
AliTarihiany idea why powerdevil does not lock the screen on resume? (KDE 4.2 but the same on 4.1)19:37
J_A_Xfhensley: I don't want to mount an NTFS partition, but a network windows drive19:37
fhensleyJ_A_X - Have you tried clicking "Network" on the Places panel within Dolphin and following the prompts?19:41
J_A_XI can get to the drive no problem19:43
J_A_XI just want to mount it19:43
jussi01!samba | JackWinter19:43
ubottuJackWinter: Samba is the way to cooperate with Windows environments. Links with more info: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/MountWindowsSharesPermanently and http://help.ubuntu.com/ubuntu/serverguide/C/windows-networking.html - Samba can be administered via the web with SWAT.  Also see https://bugs.launchpad.net/bugs/21209819:43
jussi01!samba | J_A_X19:43
ubottuJ_A_X: Samba is the way to cooperate with Windows environments. Links with more info: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/MountWindowsSharesPermanently and http://help.ubuntu.com/ubuntu/serverguide/C/windows-networking.html - Samba can be administered via the web with SWAT.  Also see https://bugs.launchpad.net/bugs/21209819:43
jussi01sorry JackWinter19:44
fhensleyJ_A_X - If you can see the drive contents, then it *is* mounted...  Are you wishing to automount a Windows network share every time you power up the workstation?  If so, I might manually edit /etc/fstab, but am now aware of a solution via dolphin..19:47
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wesley_what are msn clients where i can use a cam19:49
ubottuInstant Messenger Client Kopete (http://kopete.kde.org) supports MSN, Jabber, AIM, YIM, Gadu-Gadu, Novell Groupwise, ICQ and, in KDE 3, IRC. See also !Pidgin19:56
ubottuInstant Messenger Client Kopete (http://kopete.kde.org) supports MSN, Jabber, AIM, YIM, Gadu-Gadu, Novell Groupwise, ICQ and, in KDE 3, IRC. See also !Pidgin19:58
ubottuSorry, I don't know anything about kopete-kde319:58
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||arifaXhi, i created a new partitition, formatted it, created /vmachines and did an fstab entry. what permissions do I have to set now in fstab or on /vmachines to make it working for my user? in fstab I did a duplicate of / but changed the UUID and the mountpoint20:01
fhensleyJarifax - Do a "man mount" from the console, paying attention to the "-o" options for elements to customize fstab for specific users or groups..20:08
edilsoncomo puedo instalar una webcam logitec20:14
ubottuInstructions for using webcams with Ubuntu can be found at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Webcam - Supported cams: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/HardwareSupportComponentsMultimediaWebCameras20:15
bazhangedilson, check the link to see if it is supported ^^20:15
techbwhi all.20:16
techbwI wonder if someone can help me with flash player in firefox?20:16
ubottuTo install Flash see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/RestrictedFormats/Flash (a recent version for !Dapper is available in !backports) - See also !Restricted and !Gnash20:17
techbwI have kubuntu 8.04 and managed to install flash 9 and it was working on firefox, now only working in konqueror20:17
techbwyoutube video loads, and only a white space is displayed and the about:plugins shows that it is installed20:17
bazhangtechbw, with compiz or not20:18
techbwno I tried installing compiz, but have a SiS graphics, so removed it, it was working after I removed compiz though20:19
techbwjust disabled, and enabled will let you know if it worked20:19
bazhangtechbw, did you try and remove then reinstall flash with firefox closed20:19
techbwno have not, cos it took forever to get it installed, and flash 10 is a no go, have even tried to manually copy to plugins directory, but that too did not work20:20
ncfi1013is there an equivalent to internet explorer for firefox?20:20
techbwwill try remove now20:20
neothecathello.  i am running KDE RC 2.  i set it up, and it says my inbox has 1K unread messages,  when i select "Inbox", it crashes, and there is no backtrace.  if there are not any unread messages in a folder, it reads it fine.  as anyone else seen this problem and know a way around it?20:21
=== KennethP__ is now known as KennethP
PhilRodneothecat: I get around those by deleting the indexes: they're in ~/.kde/share/apps/kmail/imap (for imap indexes at least)20:23
PhilRodneothecat: try renaming that folder and reopening kmail20:23
jendamuzu poprosit o radu s pridavanim zdroju? jsem linux newbie :-)20:23
ubottuČeské uživatele žádáme, aby mluvili v kanále #ubuntu anglicky. Česky je možno se domluvit v #ubuntu-cz. Děkujeme.20:23
bazhangjenda, ^^20:23
techbwI have removed flash using apt, but it is still showing when I about:plugins in konqueror, and firefox, how to I totally remove so that it uninstalls from firefox and konqueror20:24
neothecatPhilRod:  thanks, i'll give it a try.  but for the renaming the folder, it's the "Inbox" folder.20:24
PhilRodneothecat: no, I mean rename ~/.kde/share/apps/kmail/imap/20:24
jendahi, can someone hep me with adding-removing sources?20:24
BluesKajtechbw, whay are you uninstalling flash20:24
neothecatPhilRod: ooops, sorry.  thanks :)20:24
techbwto reinstall, it's not working in firefox20:25
techbwwas only working in konqueror20:25
BluesKajjenda , adding-removing sources in sourceslist or adept or both20:25
=== ernesto is now known as spine55
techbwBluesKaj:  I am removing flash to re-install, as it was not working in firefox, but even after removing in apt, it still shows up in about:firefox20:27
BluesKajtechbw, check apt or adept for "flashplugin-nonfree", that's what you should be using in FF20:27
techbwI installed from an old download of flash 9, as flash 10 did not want to work with either, for some unknow reason, it looks like a problem many people are having, only way I got vids to work was flash 9 but that died today for no reason in firefox20:28
techbwtried flashplugin-nonfree20:29
techbwdid not work20:29
techbwalso tried adobe-flashplugin20:29
Manda tutti20:31
Mandcè nessuno?20:32
ubottuVai su #ubuntu-it se vuoi parlare in italiano, in questo canale usiamo solo l'inglese. Grazie! (click col tasto destro sul nome del canale per entrare)20:32
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ubottupastebin is a service to post large texts so you don't flood the channel. The Ubuntu pastebin is at http://paste.ubuntu.com (be sure to give the URL of your paste - see also the #kubuntu channel topic)20:33
neothecatPhilRod: so far, so good.  i think the 1K+ new emails was to much for it.20:33
=== rob is now known as Guest38378
J_A_Xhum, sound doesn't seem to work in kubuntu, is there a way to configure this?20:40
J_A_Xor auto-detect the drivers?20:40
bukharinhello! doe anyone know of any good app to maange a collection of pdf aticles?20:41
bukharinie, a bunch of leeched jstor file?20:41
lakis1982i have an old pc that i will change now and i was thinking to make it as a server inside my home network ... so that all my files are stored there ... is it better if a buy an external ethernet hard disk case and mount two hard disks inside  ???20:42
bukharinIakis1982: if i were you, i'd get one of those SAN boxes where you can hotplug a bunch of satas into raid...20:43
bukharinIakis1982 but they can set you back a coupleo' hundred...20:44
bukharinor, alternatively, you can buy a good sata controller card, and plug the drives directly into your old box... which would be like building your own san box, actually :)20:45
lakis1982but whihc solution would be better.  which one would achieve better transfer speeds ?20:46
paolo_hi. I upgraded kde4.1 to 4.2 RC1 as suggested in the topic but something caused a mess in apt. now, when I try to install a new package, apt doesn't work and tells me to do "apt-get -f install". I have no result if I do this last operation... what should I do ?20:46
lakis1982in may reviews i have heard that most san boxes do not have good transfer speeds .... maximum 15mb/sec...20:46
Jadohi, i need some help : if i choose the 640x480 resolution (xrandr --size 640x480 or nvidia-settings), the desktop does not appear entirely on my screen and i can't see the bottom part of it. With other resolutoins, such as 800x600 or 1280x800, i can see all the desktop and not only a part ; i've tried xrandr --size 640x480 --rate 60 but my laptop screen does not support this refresh rate.20:48
bukharinIakis1982: usualñly, when you have a san box or the like, all traffic is done through a network interface, and that is usually the bottleneck.20:48
bukharintraitionally, you'd plug the san as an exported nfs filesystem...20:49
mooperdI want to use the latest version of asterisk from svn, is there anything I should do before doing this or should it just work?20:49
mooperdshould I uninstall it first for instance?20:49
bukharinbut the important  question is... you want good tranfer rates between whcih points of the network?20:49
lakis1982between my everyday pc and the server ...20:50
Muzerargh, I miss katapult20:50
Muzerwhy was it removed from the repos?20:50
paolo_please help me :)20:50
bukharinIakis1982, well, in that case, traffic is going to be through the network, and the ethernet link will be the main bottleneck.20:50
lakis1982and what does this mean ?20:51
bukharinIakis1982, the alternative i mentioned would imply differente tr between the server and the bunch o disks...20:51
techbwhi I am back, managed to get Flash9 running again, when I was installing flash on a remote pc I must have done somthing locally, cos the file was a newer file that it should have been.  All I did was copy the .so file back into /home/user/.mozilla/firefox/plugins directory, because it does not work if you run the setup file included, cos then it wants to install to /usr/lib/mozilla20:51
bukharinIakis1982: it means that is not so relevant20:52
bukharinIaki1982: with the same box acting as SAN and network router/server, that box is going to have good transfer rates to disk.20:52
bukharinIakis1982. with two boxes, one acting as server and the other as SAN, you will have somewhat slower transfger rates between disk and server...20:53
bukharinIakis1982 but in both cases your pc would conect to the disk through ethernet, either PC -> server -> san or PC -> server/san20:54
=== deniz is now known as Guest79423
lakis1982yes but i think that if i make the old pc a server and i connect it to the router , and also connect to the router my everyday pc that i use , that transfer rates would be better....20:55
bukharinok, now i know how to ask my question in better terms: anyone knows a good personal document management system for KDE?20:55
bukharinIakis1982: as opposed to?20:56
lakis1982as opposed to a san connecting to the router and my everyday pc connectin to the router...20:56
[EGC-i]ThinIceHi all. I've just upgraded to intrepid. however now my arrow keys (and certain others such as del, insert etc) don't work in KDE. They do however seem to work if I open up another terminal session and login text only. any ideas?21:01
bukharinIakis1982: you have many options for the layout of a lan. i thought that ou were asking about wether to get another box to handle the disks, or handle them directly with your old box...21:04
mooperdis there anything I should consider when compiling and installing asterisk from svn on my kubuntu 8.10 install?21:04
bukharinIakis1982 i don't think youll get a vast improvement in tranfer speed between those two, its main features would lie in security, redundancy, etc.21:04
BluesKajmooperd. yerah be prepared for probs with svn sourced stuff21:05
techbwBluesKaj: Thanks for the help just now, I managed to get flash working, had to copy the .so file for flash into the kubuntu mozilla directory, for some reason it sees /usr/lib/mozilla as install directory in the installer, but it actually is /home/user/.mozilla/firefox/21:07
paolo_hi. I upgraded kde4.1 to 4.2 RC1 as suggested in the topic but something caused a mess in apt. now, when I try to install a new package, apt doesn't work and tells me to do "apt-get -f install". I have no result if I do this last operation... what should I do ?21:08
BluesKajright techbw , that's an old prob , are you running an older version of kubuntu ?21:08
techbwI am running Kubuntu 8.0421:08
techbwstill downloading 8.10 alternate21:09
techbwwant to try upgrading instead of clean install...have never done that before21:09
BluesKajpaolo_ try this,  sudo fuser -vki /var/lib/dpkg/lock21:10
BluesKajupgrading works well21:10
mooperdBluesKaj: What type of problems and will they be reversable?21:11
paolo_BluesKaj: nothing solved :(21:11
BluesKajpaolo_ , then try  sudo dpkg --configure -a21:13
paolo_BluesKaj: neither...21:13
BluesKajdo you have a package manager open somewhere21:14
paolo_BluesKaj: no21:15
BluesKajpaolo , have you updated apt since you upgraded kde ?21:16
paolo_BluesKaj: I can't update anything21:17
BluesKajpaolo_ can you open adept ?21:17
paolo_BluesKaj: yes21:17
paolo_synaptic too21:18
BluesKajok, then make sure you r thirdparty sources are open and make the cdrom source is not...it could be interfering21:21
paolo_BluesKaj: and which is the cdrom one ? so I can comment out it from the source list21:22
ubottuHi! I'm #kubuntu's favorite infobot, you can search my brain yourself at http://ubottu.com/factoids.cgi - Usage info: http://wiki.ubuntu.com/UbuntuBots21:22
bukharinhello, anyone knows how can i configure the appearance of old kde 3.5.10 apps under intrepid with kde4?21:22
BluesKajpaolo_, it'll start with: # deb cdrom ...mkae sure it's commented21:24
usuario_hola alguien que me pueda ayudar21:24
paolo_BluesKaj: but I don't have a cdrom inserted21:24
BluesKajno matter. paolo it will sit and wait for one21:25
Nomexoususuario_: !es21:26
Nomexous!es | usuario21:26
ubottuusuario: En la mayoría de canales Ubuntu se comunica en inglés. Para ayuda en Español, por favor entre en los canales #ubuntu-es o #kubuntu-es.21:26
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BluesKajpaolo_ , if you comment it , then apt won't look for anything there , whether a cdrom is inserted or not makes no difference21:27
paolo_BluesKaj: let's try21:27
vincent__Hi guys, I have a question about Dragon Player: it always starts with a video as small as a stamp and I always have to resize it manually. When opening the same with gmplayer, it will adapt to the video default size. How can I have the same behavior with Dragon Player?21:28
paolo_BluesKaj: it's already commented21:28
BluesKajok, paolo_ , then I'm stumped ...but maybe a reboot will help , dunno for sure21:29
bukharinusuario_ yo hablo español21:29
paolo_BluesKaj: I've tried all... thanks anyway for your help21:29
BluesKajsry we couldn't solve it, paolo_ :P21:30
paolo_BluesKaj: don't worry21:30
BluesKajvincent__ , may I suggest you try Kaffeine instead21:31
vincent__Dragon player is the default one... But I can try, yes. Why do you prefer Kaffeine?21:33
BluesKajmore mature, more options and more stable , vincent__21:34
david_edmundsonvincent__: it's a bug in Dragon Player21:35
david_edmundsonit's been fixed - but only in the past week21:35
david_edmundsonit won't make it into 4.221:35
david_edmundsonit will be in 4.2.121:35
BluesKajI have it in 4.2 , david_edmundson21:35
BluesKajbut i don't bother with it21:36
wesley_I have a problem with amsn, i cant set the brightness right21:36
david_edmundsonthe patch isn't in 4.2.021:36
david_edmundsonBluesKaj: what would Dragon need for you to bother with it?21:38
david_edmundsonthis may be a bit off topic so jump to #dragonplayer21:38
wesley_Why arent my contacts in msn in kopete getting a cam invite when i invite them ?21:38
BluesKajkaffeine is fine in my experience , my alternative is usually VLC21:39
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vincent__OK, then I think I will stick with gnome-mplayer or try VLCk, I like simple and kafeine looks too cluttered...21:39
david_edmundsonvincent__: when 4.2.1 comes out, could you check back on Dragon21:39
david_edmundsonit'll have the fixes21:39
david_edmundsonmany fixes in fact21:39
vincent__when is 4.2.1 scheduled for?21:40
bukharinhow am i supposed to use strigi if strigi protocol is not supported in konqueror? am i missing some critical package?21:40
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=== Axis- is now known as Axis
BluesKajkaffeine has a lot more options , like fastforward to check if conversion went correctly etc21:43
=== Axis is now known as Y-Axis_
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wesley_what another msn client where i can cam ?21:43
david_edmundsondragon has seeking througha file21:44
david_edmundsonBluesKaj: I'm not trying to have a go at you or anything - I just want to make Dragon better21:45
=== BrianH_ is now known as BrianH
BluesKajdavid_edmundson , no offence taken.. we all have our preferences ..I merely gave my reasons for them21:51
david_edmundsonaye. well check back on us at some point21:52
david_edmundsonthe entire full screen toolbar is being rewritten (once I stop pissing about on IRC) and it's having a shiny view for displaying metadata whilst playing audio21:53
david_edmundsonI'll win you over at 4.3 :-)21:53
BluesKajdavid_edmundson , using amarok 2 ?21:53
=== bazhang_ is now known as bazhang
david_edmundsonI am.21:54
david_edmundsonthe view isn't21:54
david_edmundsonit's just ID3 tags21:54
david_edmundsonbut it's better than a blank white screen21:54
paolo_hi. I upgraded kde4.1 to 4.2 RC1 as suggested in the topic but something caused a mess in apt. now, when I try to install a new package, apt doesn't work and tells me to do "apt-get -f install". I have no result if I do this last operation... what should I do ?21:54
neothecathello.  if i want to share my kontact calendar, not only on kontact on my desktop, but with an online calendar also, does anybody have any recommendations?  the online calendar can be part of a groupware server i install.  thanks.21:54
BluesKajpaolo_ , do you have the experimental deb ppa repos in your sources.list ?21:57
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paolo_BluesKaj: solved all! see this article22:00
BluesKajpaolo_ , sorry didn't realize it was a broken package , sometimes one can use synaptic/edit/fix broken packages to do the same thing as the article.22:07
paolo_BluesKaj: I tried fix-broken option, but without results22:07
paolo_the article suggested other ways22:08
besitzer__n,n ,.22:09
=== krzycho is now known as krzycho_
stnormalanyone know how to install libdrm-intel?22:19
stnormali'm not sure which repositories i have to add to include libdrm-intel22:20
stnormaland google isn't being halpful at all22:20
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LKS-chelhi all =)22:36
lakis1982has anyone tried making an old pc to a home server ??22:42
Stathis`hey all22:50
venik212when I try to use some web sites that require Java on my 64 bit Kubuntu (8.10) I am told that Java is not installed.  But it IS installed, and checked in the Firefox preferences22:56
venik212what do I do?22:56
Raylz1how do i exapnd my desktop folder to fullscreen in 4.2rc?22:56
venik212is 4.2 RC working well?  Should I try it?22:58
Raylz1venik212: only some minor graphic bugs in the systray22:58
Raylz1upgrade is definitely worth it22:59
lakis1982how can i install kde 4.2rc ??i now have kde 4.1.422:59
venik212how do I find the latest version of my kde?22:59
fliegenderfroschlakis1982: depends on the distribution23:00
fliegenderfroschah sorry23:00
lakis1982i have kubuntu 8.10 intrepid23:00
fliegenderfroschdidn’t see that this is the kubuntu channel, thought it was kde23:00
fliegenderfroschlakis1982: see here: http://www.kubuntu.org/news/kde-4.2-rc123:00
Raylz1venik212: open some help -> about kde windows23:01
noir_lordlakis1982, you need to add the correct repositories23:01
fliegenderfroschvenik212: which version do you mean? the latest of kde 3.5 series? the latest stable kde4 version? the latest unstable kde4 version?23:01
noir_lordhttp://www.kubuntu.org/news/kde-4.2-rc1 has instructions23:02
venik212I would like to find out which version of KDE 4.1? I am running now23:02
venik212on Kubuntu 8.1023:02
noir_lordopen a console and type konqueror --version23:02
=== Ardarandir1 is now known as Ardarandir
stnormalmy 3d graphics in open windows aren't working right. I can see the stuff being rendered, but when I move my mouse, everything turns to garbage or black23:08
stnormalalso: How do I disable the click on my trackpad? It's way too sensitive, and i prefer using the buttons anyhow23:10
=== ubuntu is now known as internet626
mooperd I need to install a version of asterics later than the standard one in the ubuntu repositories. Can anyone advise me on how to go about this. I tried downloading from the svn and compiling but I got pid lock file problems and it was all a bit ropey23:12
KetrelI'm having two problems with the Network manager23:16
Ketrel1. I can't have more than one set to autoconnect, and 2. It won't autoconnect to a network with SSID broadcast off. (This is in 8.10, and neither of these were problems in 8.04)23:17
supert0nessomehow my codecs got all messed up for wmv and xvid how do i fix that?23:19
lakis1982i have kubuntu 8 and firefox 3.. how can i change the fonts of firefox ..  mean the fonts that are displayed in the menubar , in the tabs ......23:19
fliegenderfroschlakis1982: just a wild guess, but it is possible that it changes when the gnome settings are changed, as firefox uses GTK afaik23:23
=== paul_ is now known as moonvolta
lakis1982i have kubuntu 823:24
fliegenderfroschlakis1982: i know. (you probably mean 8.04 or 8.10). but firefox happens to be a gtk program, and they usually use the gnome settings afaik23:26
lakis1982so i cant change the fonts in menubar etc ??23:28
venik212Where do I set the background for what used to be called the Desktop (main windows) in KDE 4.1?23:29
venik212Like MS, the Ubuntu folks hide functions as ssoon as I learn where they reside in the menus23:30
fliegenderfroschlakis1982: i’ve got an entry in systemsettings, appearance, gtk-styles and fonts23:30
fliegenderfroschlakis1982: maybe you could look there23:30
venik212I looked everywhere in System Settings, but cannot find it in Appearance, Desktop, Windows behavior, etc.23:31
fliegenderfroschvenik212: rightclick on the desktop?23:31
velgiaki need help23:31
velgiaki installed a package for my printer23:31
velgiakbut it give me an error23:32
venik212Yes, it USED to be doable by a right click on the desktop, but alaas, not in kde 4.123:32
velgiakif i try to uninstall, linux says me that package in inconsistent and require to be reinstalled+23:32
venik212OK-- found it23:32
velgiakbut i cant reinstall because it give me always the same error23:33
velgiakwhat can i do?23:33
velgiaknnobody can  help me?23:35
fliegenderfroschvelgiak: what is the error message?23:37
supert0neshas anyone else had codec problems today?23:37
velgiakone moment23:40
velgiakthe packet is in an inconistent state, it may be reinstalled23:41
velgiaksorry for my english, but i try to translate from italian23:41
=== claudia_ is now known as fiona
khalidmianhow to i add conical to software sources in kubuntu23:49
=== ubuntu_ is now known as Leonard
fliegenderfroschkhalidmian: what do you mean with ‘conical’23:55
HenryHeronHi, I'm having some Gnome troubles w/ a recent clean install of ubuntu 8.10 (disks, partition, network, cd/dvd rom won't mount, trash will not work, etc.) & I'm thinking of downloading kde desktop, is this do able? & which file do I call?23:59

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