cwilluin the chain of gpm -> dbus -> ??? -> pm-utils, what is ????00:37
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maxbSomething weird's going on with dependencies. In a couple Jaunty upgrades I've noticed various -dbg packages getting installed for no obvious reason01:37
nippzafaik mysql-server-5.1 is still messed up also01:37
maxbnew important dependency: gnome-dbg01:45
maxbWhat's an important dependency!?01:45
maxbhmm.. seem to be pulled in via the new bug-buddy -> gnome-dbg Recommends01:49
JediMasterhey guys, anyone having issues with mysql-server-5.1?01:50
JediMasterI have a feeling this isn't mysql that is the issue.. in syslog, getting this:01:51
JediMasterJan 22 01:46:43 delta kernel: [91528.732246] type=1502 audit(1232588803.142:59): operation="inode_permission" requested_mask="r::" denied_mask="r::" fsuid=0 name="/sys/devices/system/cpu/" pid=11517 profile="/usr/sbin/mysqld"01:52
JediMasterbah I can't remember the name of the security program that does this01:53
maxbAppArmor, possibly?01:54
raofmaxb: Correct.01:59
JediMasterthat's the bunny02:02
JediMasterany idea why it's blocking mysqld from starting?02:02
toresbeIt has standards? ;)02:05
JediMasternow I remember why I uninstalled apparmor last time02:06
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hggdhmaxb, if you installed bug-buddy, yes, you are going to get a lot of dbgs02:14
hggdhalthough this might be a problem for apport02:14
raofIt won't be.02:14
raofApport doesn't (generally) try to install any packages.  If anything, this will make apport's job easier, because you'll get richer backtraces.02:15
hggdhJediMaster, what version of MySQL?02:15
hggdhsorry, I meant apport-retrace02:15
hggdhbut, then almost nobody runs it, perhaps expect myself02:17
raofI tend to just attach gdb, yeah.02:17
hggdhI use it to update the dbgsyms I lose on the Jaunty upgrades02:17
nippzquodlibet + easytag + exfalso and just a dash of bulk rename makes tagging not that bad02:21
nippzhaving it organize library by album=folder ;)02:21
JediMasterhggdh: mysql-server-5.1 upgrading from 5.002:24
JediMasterit's a known bug, found a workaround: https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/mysql-dfsg-5.1/+bug/31684902:25
ubottuLaunchpad bug 316849 in mysql-dfsg-5.1 "mysql-server-5.1 5.1.30-2ubuntu3 fails to install/upgrade / doesn't start - skip-bdb option unsupported (amarok)" [High,Fix committed]02:25
hggdhyeah, that's what I was going to tell you.02:25
hggdhnothing to do with apparmour02:26
JediMasteryeah, it's weird, it just triggered apparmor02:26
hggdhthis is a different issue... apparmour profiles or programme usage02:27
JediMasteryeah, just restarted mysql and got a tonne of apparmour entries in the syslog02:28
hggdhprobably the apparmour profile for mysql should be updated02:29
JediMasterta for the help, bbl02:33
linuxman410anyone in here use real player 1102:43
shadowhywindHay all I was wondering if anyone else was running into an issue with signing into kdm goes to the failsafe screen?03:04
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nippzshadowhywind try checking ~/.xsession-errors or so03:36
shadowhywindnippz: There are "alot" of Couldn't determine full name for *03:37
shadowhywindoh wait, I wonder...03:38
shadowhywindNothing shows up in xsession-errors when the failsafe terminal comes up03:43
nippzso its related to X somehow - try using vesa04:09
emmaWhat are the exciting new features planned for Jaunty?04:15
nippzboot time/ recover from suspend/hibernate04:17
emmathat's cool.04:18
nippzmore stuff for performance in general i think also04:19
nippz"Jaunty, the code name for what will most likely become Ubuntu 9.04, will be the focus of our efforts from November through to April next year. We will be gathering forces in Mountain View on 8th - 12th December to survey the upstream landscape and finalize Jaunty plans, enjoying the excellent hospitality of Google and Silicon Valley's abundance of talent and innovation." - said Mark Shuttleworth in the official announcement.04:20
nippzhrmz failcopter04:20
cwillunippz, pulseaudio finally has some features exposed in the volume control05:06
hggdhjust for the record: I am running with the Radeon driver, and was also running the fglrx kernel mod. I noticed X was eating up a lot of CPU (1 hour 50 min in 8 hours of uptime). I took out the flgrx, and it seems tohave gone down dratically.05:40
raofYeah; it's now possible for the radeon driver to do 2d acceleration.05:48
raofI suspect that'll speed things up :P05:48
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bluesmokeraof: don't suppose you use compiz++? :)06:18
raofbluesmoke: The crazy "let's drop a C++ rewrite of compiz in a private branch" thing?06:19
raofNo, I don't.06:19
bluesmokeneed a victim to test a port of the snap plugin06:19
bluesmokeIt does funny things on my machine I'm starting to think are bad RAM06:20
bluesmokeraof: I'd be surprised if we don't switch to compiz++06:20
raofbluesmoke: You're a compiz dev?06:20
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raofI knew that.06:21
Amaranthraof: I play one on TV06:21
raofStop making me repopulate my nick -> person dict!06:21
* crdlb is incapable of case-insensitive name recognition, so he has no idea who raof is06:22
AmaranthOf course 2 minutes before I trace my problems to something funky in either core or libstdc++ the main dev behind compiz++ disconnected and hasn't been back online yet06:22
raofAnyway...  I'll give it a whirl, while I happen to have a functional nvidia driver.06:22
AmaranthSo I'm trying to find victims to see if something on my machine is broken06:22
Amaranthbuilding compiz++ is a bit of a PITA unless you uninstall compiz06:22
AmaranthI'd make test packages if I had any idea how to compile cmake-based things06:22
raofAh... cmake.  THat's right.06:23
raofOh, well.  This install's going to be toast next time an alpha needs testing, anyway.06:23
Amaranthraof: this is the kind of evil I'm facing: http://rafb.net/p/ntzVEC24.html06:23
Amaranthnotice how it goes into the C++ stdlib, it never comes back out (inf loop)06:23
raofAaah, sweet C++.06:23
raofBecause turing complete type systems make for good error messages!06:24
Amaranthso I made a change to my code and the error went away but then I had another one06:24
AmaranthI made a change to try to fix that one and the original came back06:24
raofI'll have a look.06:24
Amaranthsomething is broken but I dunno if it's the code, C++, or my machine06:24
raofWhat's the git to branch?06:24
raofUrgh, git.06:24
Amaranthraof: git checkout --track origin/compiz++ -b compiz++06:25
Amaranththat'll make git pull do the right thing and update the compiz++ branch too06:25
* crdlb wonders waht raof would think of a rewrite of git in C++06:25
raofAh, it's in compiz git.06:25
Amaranthyeah, then the snap plugin is in the snap plugin git in a compiz++ branch06:26
Amaranthalso, the only setting systems that work are the ini plugin and the ccp plugin using the ini backend06:26
* raof doesn't care at all about what language git is implemented in. He just doesn't think that exposing the VCS implementation is a particularly useful UI.06:26
Amaranthraof: It's worth it for the speed06:26
raofAnd clone for the git repository is...?06:26
raofI know it's fast, but bzr's slowness really doesn't affect me very much.06:26
Amaranthgit clone git://anongit.compiz-fusion.org/compiz06:27
Amaranthgit clone git://anongit.compiz-fusion.org/fusion/plugins/snap06:27
raofAlthough it'd be nice for bzr branch to do a little bit more streaming.06:27
raofAmaranth: Ok.  How the hell does cmake work?06:33
Amaranthraof: make a new dir named compiz.build and in there run ccmake ../compiz06:33
Amaranthset your options, push c to configure, then if it passes the checks push g to generate the makefiles06:34
Amaranththen run make06:34
raofAfter first grabbing the build-depends!06:36
raofHm.  Nice dependency checking.06:39
raofcmake could possibly check for boost :/06:40
crdlbthey ought to be bundled as everything used is header-only06:44
Amaranthraof: it also fails to check for librsvg06:44
raofSweet.  But that's pulled in by compiz build-deps.06:44
raofAmaranth: How does one build snap?06:46
Amaranthraof: set PKG_CONFIG_PATH and run make06:46
raofNope, doesn't seem to like it.06:47
raofInitial error is:06:48
raofbuild/snap_options.h:17: error: ‘COMPIZ_BEGIN_DECLS’ does not name a type06:48
raofhttp://paste2.org/p/133783 is full output.06:48
Amaranthraof: oh, did you get the compiz++ bcop?06:49
raofHah, no.06:49
raofWanna drop the git url here for lazy me?06:49
crdlbthat one killed me too06:51
crdlband once I did it, I forgot to make clean06:51
crdlbAmaranth: X died when I enabled it, and froze up after trying it again06:52
Amaranthcrdlb: Yeah, X dies when you enable/disable plugins in compiz++06:52
Amaranthcrdlb: I'm guessing you use intel06:52
Amaranthraof: git://anongit.compiz-fusion.org/fusion/libraries/bcop06:53
Amaranthcrdlb: oh, that's right, that laptop06:53
Amaranththe freeze is either the inf loop in stdlib or the other inf loop in stdlib that eats all your RAM06:54
Amaranthbut at least now I know it isn't just me06:54
crdlband I have absolutely nothing when I vt-switch, not even a backlight06:54
Amaranthraof: you don't need to test snap now :)06:54
Amaranthcrdlb: is that normal?06:54
crdlbit happens now, but I'm not entirely sure06:55
Amaranththat would have to be a driver thing06:55
crdlboh yeah, I was seeing that when I played with multihead too, only the external crt was getting text06:55
crdlbbut inconvenient, nonetheless06:55
AmaranthI just installed putty on a windows machine and run killall -9 compiz && metacity --replace &06:56
raofMmm.  I've always said compiz was getting too stable..07:00
raofThe regular branch tries to consume all memory far to infrequently.07:00
raofSo, we'd be back to the days of specifying plugins on the command line, I presume.  Which ones _won't_ eat all memory?07:01
crdlbit's a good thing I have a ton of RAM07:03
raofAt least VT switching still worked.07:03
raofIt ate through 2GB quickly enough!07:03
crdlbI killed the old compiz process at 1.8GB res07:03
crdlbapparently it didn't die with X07:04
raofSo, what _is_ a safe set of plugins?07:07
crdlbdecor move resize :>07:08
crdlbwhy mr stone renamed decoration, I have no idea07:08
Amaranthwall is safe07:09
Amaranththat's the other one I've ported so far07:09
raofNot so much with the decoration, it seems07:09
Amaranthoh, you are running without compositing07:10
Amaranthto get compositing you need the composite and opengl plugins07:10
Amaranthotherwise only kde-window-decorator currently works without compositing07:10
crdlbI forgot to include L_A_I when I ran it this time; it was so slow, I had to blindly click a terminal and start metacity07:11
raofNope.  Still no decoration.07:12
raofThat does at least act as a composite manager.07:12
crdlbdid you run the new gwd?07:12
raofIs it still called gtk-window-decorator, built from compiz, and installed in PREFIX/bin?07:12
raofIf so, then yes.07:12
Amaranthcrdlb: darn that perfect but slow software tfp :P07:12
* Amaranth hugs DRI207:13
raofNope, no gtk-window-decorator love.07:14
raofSo, what's the thinking about compiz++?  I'm still subscribed to the mailling lists, but it's difficult to gauge the consensus when no one posts anything :/07:28
raofOr, perhaps more depressingly, is the set of posts there the entirety of the compiz developer community?07:30
cwilluwell, I upgraded my root partition to ext4, enabled extents, and rebooted, and it booted07:32
crdlbraof: it'll happen unless onestone backs of for some reason07:32
* cwillu curses as the suspend menu doesn't do anything07:50
* cwillu opens a terminal and types pm-suspend, and goes about his business07:51
nippzthe one upside of having a roomate that heads up an HR dept. - KILLER help with the resume ;)08:03
kulightis java and flash x64 going to be included in 9.04 ?10:17
Ekusheykulight, i don't think so10:18
kulightwell i keep doing that manually i guess10:19
MoldymossMorning, has anyone a link on hand of any PPA's on launchpad that have any workarounds to the nvidia & X issues?10:42
RAOFNo; you don't need them anymore.10:44
RAOFMoldymoss: You just need to add a Section "Server10:44
RAOFSection "ServerFlags" Option "IgnoreABI" EndSection to your xorg.conf10:45
MoldymossRAOF: Thanks, but do i additionally ned to download any more update drivers from Nvidia too?10:48
RAOFMoldymoss: No.  The nvidia-glx-180 driver is all you need.10:48
MoldymossROAF: I will go try it. Cheers10:49
loic-mkulight: flash x64 is already in 9.0410:54
loic-mkulight: as for java amd64, i was under the impression Sun was only going to rely on an open source version, which should be in 9.04 too (but I haven't tested if it's 100% ok though)10:55
knecht_rutrechtdoes jaunty's 2.6.28-4 kernel have pciehp support compiled in?12:18
knecht_rutrechtit's about this bug: http://www.intellinuxwireless.org/bugzilla/show_bug.cgi?id=185512:19
ubottuwww.intellinuxwireless.org bug 1855 in data transfer "Intel 4965 wlan stops working until needs reboot" [Major,Resolved: needsmoredata]12:19
knecht_rutrecht"Can you remove the pciehp module? It is for PCIe hotplug, which should be12:19
knecht_rutrechtuseless here."12:19
knecht_rutrechti was asked this question12:19
knecht_rutrechtI do not have such a module on my system12:20
slavikhmm, find a kernel compilation how to and figure out how to get the current kernel's compilation options, look there for the option :)12:24
slavikthat's what I would do, or ask someone how to figure it out if there is another way12:24
cwilluit's a module in intrepid12:24
cwilludo a locate pciehp, see if it gives anything back12:24
cwillubut ya, if you have a syslog showing that, and it's not a module, it's probably compiled in :p12:25
knecht_rutrechti have this file from an older kernel: /lib/modules/2.6.28-3-generic/kernel/drivers/pci/hotplug/pciehp.ko12:26
* cwillu kinda wishes we'd enable the config.gz-in-/proc config option_:/12:26
knecht_rutrechtbut no pciehp unter .../2.6.28-4...12:26
cwilluknecht_rutrecht, nvm, yes, it's compiled in12:27
cwillupresuming this is the relevant line: CONFIG_HOTPLUG_PCI_PCIE=y,12:27
* cwillu recants his request12:28
maxblibv4l in intrepid-updates is newer than libv4l in jaunty. How peculiar14:40
hggdh|awaymaxb, it may be that this was a security update15:16
maxbhggdh|away: hmm. it's a newer upstream version though15:17
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cumulus007does anyone have a idea with which alpha/beta/rc the new theme will be shipped?15:20
dholbachhttps://wiki.ubuntu.com/UbuntuDeveloperWeek - Day 4 to kick off in #ubuntu-classroom in 19m. :-)15:41
d_rwini am using edubuntu 7.10, after using the recovery cd i cant get the speed i had.     i had kubuntu as my first option in boot menu. i removed kubuntu16:05
Picid_rwin: This channel is for Jaunty/9.04 only, Please direct your question to #ubuntu16:06
albixwhen I try to install 9.04 with the alternate cd I just see a black screen after I choose "install ubuntu". for few seconds I see some ubs failures and then the screen stays black for the rest of the time and the cd isnt moving anymore16:52
albixusb failure16:52
albixthe same with alternate 7.10 and 8.1016:52
charlie-tcaalbix: Have you tried the desktop (livecd) on that system?16:54
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charlie-tcaalbix: Also, you might try moving the USB cable to a different connector. There are some underpowered connector issues16:55
DJonesIf anybody has time, could somebody test something for me on jaunty, when Intrepid came out, my wife found that she could no longer play the yoville application/game thats on facebook, thinking it was a bug in flash 10, it was reported against that package, when it was investigated, it was refiled against nspluginwrapper but there's been no solution in intrepid, I'm just wondering whether there's a solution in jaunty18:58
pwnguinDJones: you can probably grab a liveCD of jaunty and try it out19:04
DJonespwnguin: thats a thought, i hadn't considered that, thanks for the suggestion19:05
Alexia_DeathDoes the nvidia module compile now for .28 series kernels?20:08
Alexia_DeathI dont know why, but nv simply fails at color depth on my lcd20:09
RAOFAlexia_Death: You need to add "Option" "FPDither" "true" to your device section in xorg.conf.  The nvidia driver (and nouveau) detect it automatically.20:14
Alexia_DeathRAOF: afaik I do have it.20:15
Alexia_Deathbut thanks for the tip20:15
Alexia_DeathMay have gotten lost in my many versions of Xorg...20:15
RAOFAh.  Then you need to complain at the nv maintainer; the nvidia & nouveau drivers do dithering slightly differently to nv, and it looks better.20:16
lurknjerkhey, is anyone here knowledgeable about chanserv in freenode?20:16
* Alexia_Death considers stuffing her /etc in some sort of version control... ca 40 copies of singel conf file is a bit much20:16
pwnguinjoey did that20:17
DJonespwnguin: Just tried a livecd with the facebook/yoville problem, the same bug is in jaunty20:19
pwnguinis it flash based?20:19
DJonespwnguin: yes it is, other flash sites work ok, just seems to be this one that has the problem20:20
ashpHey guys, anyone else seen breakage with sound recently?20:23
ashpI'm not sure if pulseaudio or alsa is responsible, but things are definitely bust.20:23
ashpif i do: amixer -c 0 controls20:25
ashpi get: amixer: Control hw:0 snd_hctl_elem_info error: Invalid argument20:25
pwnguinAlexia_Death: http://kitenet.net/~joey/svnhome/20:41
vooxis it possible to install kde 3.5 on ubuntu jaunty21:03
RAOFvoox: No, I don't believe so.21:04
vooxok thanks21:04
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Melikanyone here use banshee?22:30
RyeBryeI keep getting an error related to libmysqlclient-dev15: dpkg: error processing /var/cache/apt/archives/libmysqlclient15-dev_5.1.30really5.0.75-0ubuntu3_i386.deb (--unpack):22:42
RyeBrye trying to overwrite `/usr/include/mysql/mysql.h', which is also in package libmysqlclient-dev22:42
RyeBryeanyone else have this issue?22:42
Melikis ur banshee acting up as well?22:47
Melikin jaunty22:47
tretle_Melik - other than the mono dependancy bugs no, it did uninstall fspot and a few other components when installing banshee though22:52
tretle_are you using ubuntu rep or the banshee repo?22:53
Melikubuntu rep22:53
Melikthe music scroller on the top left22:53
Melikdoesnt work :/22:53
tretle_u using kde?22:54
Melikits the same in22:55
Melikgnome as well22:55
tretle_well I dont have that issue22:58
tretle_64bit or 32bit?22:58
tretle_Melik - you can try asking over at #banshee on gimpnet23:02
Melikwhats the actual server for gimpnet tretle_23:07
tretle_irc.gimpnet.net ?23:08
tretle_the second one23:08
andresmhwhat would be the difference between installing a clean jaunty vs upgrading intrepid to jaunty?23:28
tretle_you wouldnt be able to use ext4?23:29
Teknoyou can convert ext3 to ext423:30
tretle_thats risky23:30
Teknobut you can23:30
tretle_and time consuming23:30
andresmhis ext4 the default in alpha3?23:30
Teknotretle_: 10 mins or so23:30
charlie-tcaandresmh: You have no configurations carried forward on a clean install23:30
VolkodavI am running ext4 ok so far23:31
Teknome too23:31
Volkodavhad fsck died at boot - ran again and back ok23:31
tretle_reccomewnding someone to convert their file system on an alpha 3 build is not the best thing to do23:31
Volkodavthis is what alpha for - you do whatever you can23:32
Volkodavtrow anything at it - it is development/experimental install anyway23:32
andresmhi think i want to run jaunty from a 32gb USB stick with persistency23:33
Volkodavthis is my understanding23:33
andresmhhowever, i haven't been able to follow the steps to run jaunty with persistence on a usb stick, is there a howto you would recommend?23:33
tretle_yes thats what an alpha is for but people have to make sure they have backups of everything first23:34
tretle_most people dont23:34
charlie-tcaThus the warnings:  Do not install on production systems?23:35
KuaeraIs anyone else having problems with Kmail crashing when attempting to open certain folders?23:35
tretle_is anyone here able to get monodevelop to install?23:55

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