ChExHello everyone.17:25
ScriptRipperit got now Jaunty 9.04 with HDMI output on LCD, Keyboard, Mouse, Networking, xubuntu-desktop files installed and xfce login running20:38
ScriptRipperon my beagleboard....20:39
ScriptRipperusing the linux kernel package "linux-image-2.6.27-oer4_1.0hasty_arm.deb"20:39
ScriptRipperogra, persia: are you happy with that?20:40
ograsure, i run the same here :)20:41
ian_brasildunno about ogra and persia but i sure am happy about that20:41
ScriptRipperogra: you use a beagleboard?20:42
ScriptRipperogra: the same image works with QEMU also.20:42
ScriptRipperogra: i only use another kernel for that20:43
ograi have a beagle here among a bunch of other arm hw20:43
ScriptRipperogra: what kind of windowmanager etc. do you use with 128 MB of RAM?21:01
ScriptRipperogra: even xfce is using quite a lot of memory for the beagleboard21:01
ograon a udb disk, with 512M swap21:02
ScriptRipperme here: Swap:   658656k total,   100928k used,   557728k free,    24868k cached21:02
ScriptRipperswap is on my Flash memory card21:02
ScriptRipperwhich is in fact suboptimal ....21:03
ograusb disks are chep21:03
ograthough you need a powered hub ...21:03
* ogra goes back to dinner21:03
ScriptRipperI have a powered hub also running here.21:03
ScriptRipperotherwise I could not get Ethernet working...21:04
ScriptRipperI was told by the TI people that I should not start without a powered USB hub...21:16
jkridneris there a place where I should get the latest build for the beagleboard?23:32

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