primes2hkwwii: Hi, I would like to ask you something about human-icon-theme, please :-)10:07
kwwiiprimes2h: sure, shoot10:07
kwwiiI was thinking about the translation issues...to be honest my specialty is artwork and such, not internationalization10:08
kwwiithere might be someone who could help you much more/quicker than I can10:08
primes2hWhen I build human-icon-theme (e.g. ./autogen.sh and make) it doesn't update automatically po files.10:09
primes2hI need to do it manually going to po/ directory giving make update-po. Is it normaĆ²?10:09
kwwiierm, exactly that kind of stuff is what I really don't understand10:09
primes2hah, ok :-)10:09
primes2hwho is a specialist of this ?10:10
kwwiisomeone in ubuntu-devel could help more (seb128 would be a good start)10:10
primes2hok, thanks. about icons I would like to ask you somrthing..10:10
primes2hThere is an emblems that in someway is broken.10:11
kwwiiI can probably help with that :-) what is the exact problem?10:12
primes2hHold on, I'll tell you the name...10:12
primes2hkwwii: stockmail-priority-high10:14
primes2hwhen you are dragging it no icon appears....10:15
primes2hit has the same icon as important emblems icon.10:16
kwwiilet me look into it, one second10:16
primes2hthe strange things is that it's not mentioned in scalable/emblems/10:16
primes2hit's not present in it.10:17
primes2hand there is an underline on the "m"10:17
kwwiimy guess is that it is not included in the makefile and is therefor not installed when building the package10:18
kwwiisorry, I am doing three things at once, give me a minute10:19
primes2hno problem , I'll wait :-)10:19
kwwiihrm, this is not in the human theme10:21
kwwiimaybe it is just a symbolic link, one second10:21
kwwiiI am guessing that it is not in the human theme10:22
primes2hbut it takes the same icon as important.10:23
primes2hdid you see?10:23
primes2hI faced it because using my patch, you get two identical  "important" emblems10:24
kwwiithe orange icon with an exclamation point?10:25
primes2hwith "important" instead of "stockmail-priority-high in the text...10:25
kwwiiahhh, now I see it in the interface10:26
primes2hAs I was telling you, using my patch you get two exclamation point icons with "Important" in the text10:27
primes2hLooking at the original version, I saw the issue...10:28
kwwiiwhen I click on it, it changes to another icon I made for jockey which does *not* belong there10:28
kwwiithis seems to be an issue for the interface and not the icons10:29
kwwiithat is really wierd10:29
kwwiithanks for bringing this up10:29
kwwiican you create a bug and assign myself (kwwii) and seb128 please?10:29
primes2hok, but we need to coordinate all to bring internationalization patch too.10:30
kwwiiyou can file a bug for that as well10:31
kwwiibugs are the way to push us canonical employees to get what you want :p10:31
primes2hit's already reported bug #17235310:31
ubottuLaunchpad bug 172353 in human-icon-theme "Human theme has non-translatable emblem names." [Low,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/17235310:31
kwwiioh right10:31
kwwiiI forgot10:31
primes2hA last thing.10:31
primes2hDid you see a jockey icon when you push it?10:32
primes2hI see a sort of blank sheet10:32
primes2hof paper10:33
kwwiilooks normal here10:36
kwwiiI am guessing you changed the size and that icon does not exist at that size10:36
kwwiiteh jockey icon does not belong there to begin with though :-)10:37
primes2hIn fact when I click on jockey icons it appears the same sheet of paper too...10:39
kwwiivery strange10:40
kwwiiseems like some wierd name space error or such10:41
kwwiior perhaps just a mistake in the interface10:41
kwwiinot sure10:41
primes2hThere is another strange thing. There are some icons (Download, default etc.. ) that are not in scalable/emblems/directory but they are translated. It seems that they fallback from gnome-icon-theme (which has internationalization)10:44
primes2hBut they are not broken..10:44
primes2hif you click on them the icon is correct.10:44
kwwiiwell, do they exist as pixmaps in the different dirs?10:56
kwwiithere are quite a few human icons that we do not have scalable versions of10:57
primes2hoh, yes, they are.10:59
primes2hThat's ok.10:59
kwwiidealing with icon themes can get quite tricky11:00
primes2hI still don't understand why they fallback to gome-icon internationalization but it doesn't happen with the scalable ones.11:02
primes2hat least those with the same name.11:02
kwwiiI don't understand that either11:03
kwwiiinternationalization is big and scary :p I know pretty much nothing about how it all works11:03
kwwiiouch, I get the feeling that seb128 is on vacation11:04
kwwiiif you cannot find him in the #ubuntu-devel channel ask pitti11:05
primes2hok, thanks. About the new bug, do i have to add seb128 or pitti instead?11:06
kwwiiseb128 would be best as he works on the gnome desktop11:07
kwwiibut pitti is a good fallback as he is seb's boss :)11:07
kwwiiwell, not boss, but technical lead11:07
kwwiiso he can figure out who to push this on11:07
primes2hso , due to seb128 vacation, I'll put pitti and you on the new bug.. :-)11:17
primes2hor maybe both... ;-)11:18
primes2hpitti and seb12811:18
primes2hkwwii: I opened this bug #319991. Have a look and feel free to add any other special comment...11:39
ubottuLaunchpad bug 319991 in human-icon-theme "Strange behaviour of some emblem icons." [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/31999111:39
kwwiiprimes2h: excellent, thanks11:39
primes2hkwwii: Thank you too!11:40
kwwiiprimes2h: it's really great that someone is interested in this stuff, I would never have noticed - I don't use emblems :p11:41
primes2hkwwii: I faced this because I'm a member of Italian Ubuntu Translator team, and It's bad to have some part of Ubuntu untranslated, like emblems :P13:00
kwwiiprimes2h: cool...in the meantime I have mentioned this to pitti so he has a heads up on what is coming13:01
primes2hkwwii: That's nice! Now I'm going to ask him about po regeneration issue..13:03
kwwiigood idea, have fun!13:05
primes2hThank you indeed for your help. It's nice to find collaborative people like you...13:06
kwwii:) I hope that there are many others just like me - or ubuntu won't keep being what it is today!13:07
primes2hI'm surprised once more about this Ubuntu spirit ;-)13:07
primes2hOh, sure... a lot :-)13:09
kwwiimpt: wanna see a really wierd bug? right click on a folder and open the emblems tab, then select the stockmail-priority-high emblem13:17
kwwiiwrong channel13:17
* _MMA_ waves13:17
kwwiihey man13:20
* kwwii gets lunch13:20
primes2hkwwii: I tried it but it seems normal...13:23
tretle_doesn anyone know if its possible to have two seperate colors for the input box's and the treeviews etc?21:28
tretle_yeah, I was going to ask you about gtk colors and the dialog box's, was thinking of leaving it on your site under feature requests but decided it would be much faster to just ask you on irc21:33
FlawHi, is anyone here 'good' with gradients?21:33
tretle_so do you know of any way of having seperate colors for treeviews and dialog box's? I would like the treeviews etc to use a dark color and bright text but I would like the dialog box's to use white bg color on black text to keep visual consistency with websites21:34
tretle_right now from the looks of it the treeviews and dialog box's share the same pallet21:35
FlawI need that but in green, would anyone be able to do that?21:36
Cimitretle_, you just need to change base and text for gtkentry21:45
SealVFlaw you could just open it in Gimp and colorize it21:46
FlawSealV: I don't have much experience with graphics, I usually only do coding on websites.21:49
SealVgimme a sec, let me try my luck. could you point to a green that you like/want?21:50
FlawIt just needs to be green (royal green would be a good choice) but in a gradient, light to dark, starting nearly white.21:51
FlawLike the blue one.21:51
FlawI've tried using colorize but I get blocks of colour, not a gradient21:52
SealVmaking an svg21:56
SealVcolors are changable very easily now that its an svg22:02
FlawSealV: what's the white on the side?22:07
Flawthis image is being repeated vertically, so it doesn't look too good22:08
SealVis the white part not supposed to be there? I just imported the png and worked from there, but no worries.22:10
FlawSealV: sorry, i confused you.22:11
SealVno worries :)22:11
Flawthe white bit at the top is sup post to be there, just not the white bit on either side22:11
SealVno whit bit to the sides.. let me check22:12
Flawon the first one you posted there was.22:12
SealVbloody strokes22:12
SealVhold on I see the prob22:12
SealVits the default setting of inkscape22:13
Flawthe white bit at the top is suppose to be there, just not the bit on either sides22:13
SealVtry that22:23
Flawthanks! that looks great.22:26

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