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crevettehello there07:26
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seb128mvo: hey08:35
seb128mvo: do you have a minute, I've some questions for you ;-)08:36
seb128didrocks: lut08:37
seb128didrocks: good job on the gnome-games update ;-)08:37
mvoseb128: sure08:38
seb128mvo: ok, so didrocks did update gnome-games08:38
didrocksseb128: thanks (and hi :))08:39
seb128mvo: on lp:~/didrocks/gnome-games/ubuntu, the update is good to be uploaded but how do we move that to standard bzr location? ;-)08:39
seb128I can do the source upload, I'm not sure what to do with the bzr though08:40
mvoseb128: if you have it on your system already as a checkand *and* you actually want to put it into bzr, then just run "bzr push lp:~ubuntu-desktop/gnome-games/ubuntu"08:40
mvoit will remember that08:40
didrocksseb128: it's time to setup a wiki page :-)08:41
didrocksmvo: you have to create the corresponding branch on LP, first, no ?08:41
seb128didrocks: heh ;-)08:41
mvoif you want to make it behave like a checkout (on your local system) run a "bzr bind lp:~ubuntu-desktop/gnome-games/ubuntu" too (but the former command is enough)08:41
mvodidrocks: if there is a gnome-games project already the push should work08:41
seb128mvo: no, I will sponsor the upload now, we just decided to switch gnome-games to bzr so the code should be somewhere else than the didrocks codepage for that no?08:42
mvo(lp is a bit picky about stuff that it does not ahve a project for)08:42
mvoseb128: yeah, if you want to stick with bzr, just push your local tree to the lp:~ubuntu-desktop/ .. location, that should be fine08:42
didrocksmvo: ok, because I remember that I had to create first the branch in my repo, and then push ... --existing-dir08:43
seb128$ bzr push lp:~ubuntu-desktop/gnome-games/ubuntu08:43
seb128Using default stacking branch /~vcs-imports/gnome-games/main at bzr+ssh://bazaar.launchpad.net/%7Eubuntu-desktop/gnome-games/08:43
seb128mvo: what does that mean?08:43
didrocksseb128: I understood that. It was only a technical question :) (for LP push)08:43
mvoseb128: I have not come across this one yet, but I think its just to tell you that it knows about this branch already (sort of) and uses the other branch to avoid data duplication on the server08:44
mvoseb128: I think it has no meaning on the client (your side)08:44
seb128let's try to bzr get lp:~ubuntu-desktop/gnome-games/ubuntu now08:44
mvodidrocks: oh? interessting08:44
seb128can one of you try that?08:44
seb128seems to be working for me08:44
didrockslet me try08:44
mvodidrocks: I know that I sometimes have to do a "--create-prefix" when I push, but that happens only very rarely for me these days08:45
didrocksseb128: it works08:46
mvolooks good here too08:46
seb128ok, thanks didrocks mvo08:46
didrocksmvo: --create-prefix is the old repository format and is included by default now08:46
didrocksmvo: I will give it a try for next update and store the exact message08:46
mvodidrocks: aha, nice. thanks (learned something new again :)08:47
seb128mvo: next one is a bug for you ;-)08:47
* mvo hides08:47
mvobzr > bugs08:47
mvobzr >> bugs even :P08:47
seb128mvo: yet another of those installation bug I don't understand ;-)08:47
seb128mvo: bug #31992208:48
ubottuLaunchpad bug 319922 in evolution-data-server "package libgdata1.2-1 2.24.2-0ubuntu1 failed to install/upgrade: package libgdata1.2-1 is already installed and configured" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/31992208:48
seb128mvo: and bug #319921 which seems to be a duplicate08:48
ubottuLaunchpad bug 319921 in evolution-data-server "package libgdata-google1.2-1 2.24.2-0ubuntu1 failed to install/upgrade: package libgdata-google1.2-1 is already installed and configured" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/31992108:48
* mvo scratches head08:48
mvohrm, that happens on a stable system?08:49
seb128mvo: it seems08:49
mvoit might be a bug in apt when it caclculates how to driver dpkg08:50
mvoI wish I could reproduce it, I have seen some that look similar (very few fortunately, but few is still too many)08:50
seb128mvo: you probably have a better clue than me about that, I'm just confident that's not a e-d-s bug ;-)08:51
mvoI move it to apt08:52
seb128mvo: thanks, the other one is a duplicate?08:52
seb128mvo: that's all for you for now, thanks ;-)08:53
* seb128 hugs mvo08:53
seb128didrocks: oh, btw usually we copy the NEWS summary in the changelog rather than listing "new version (lp: nnnnnnnnn)08:53
seb128didrocks: ie08:53
seb128* new upstream version:08:53
seb128- start faster than the previous one (lp: #nnnnnnn)08:54
seb128- etc08:54
seb128didrocks: so people reading the changelog have a clue about what get fixed and users like to know what's new ;-)08:54
didrocksseb128: you did that for later updates :)08:56
seb128didrocks: did what?08:56
didrocksseb128: I usually do that. But there were too and too many lines08:56
didrocks(see the changelog of a previous version)08:57
seb128didrocks: right, that's why I did sponsor this one and just told you that as a sidenote ;-)08:57
didrocksseb128: ok, but I thought about it. It's just that if I had copied the full NEWS since last version, I thing the changelog would be unreadable08:57
didrocksseb128: was it the right solution?08:58
didrocks(away for at least 2 hours, at a meeting :/)08:58
seb128didrocks: I usually copy the NEWS for the current versions, not all the versions for the update08:58
seb128didrocks: good meeting!08:58
seb128lut huats09:02
huatshello seb12809:02
huatssorry for not posting any stuffs update on LP yesterday...09:03
seb128huats: that's ok, I've been busy too09:03
huatssome are ready to ship...09:03
huatsI just want to test them09:03
mvoseb128: ha! I *think* the issue is that something got killed or crashed during the package install this is why the error is there. so (hopefully) not a apt/dpkg bug :)09:06
mvojust general robustness of our tools :(09:06
andreasnmpt_, http://www.bani.com.br/wp-content/uploads/2009/01/vino1.png <- would it be ok to call the header "Show notification area icon" and the options "Always", "Only when there is someone connected" and "Never"?09:55
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mptandreasn, even then it wouldn't tell me anything09:56
mptWhy would anyone want to "Show notification area icon"?09:56
mptBecause it looks pretty?09:56
mptWhat does it do?09:57
andreasnI was mostly interested in if it's good to say something in a header of in the radiobuttons (although repeating stuff)09:58
andreasnor in the radiobuttons09:58
andreasnI assume the options is so people can show to what amount they want to cram more weird symbols into the right top of their screens10:00
pochuandreasn: sounds good to me10:03
pochumpt: because for security reasons you may want to know when somebody is remotely controlling or viewing your desktop10:03
pochuhaving it always displayed is a bit useless IMHO, but I understand the use case for having it when there are connections10:04
seb128pochu: hey10:04
seb128pochu: do you look at vino and vinagre bugs on launchpad?10:04
pochuseb128: yeah10:05
mptpochu, andreasn, ok, then replace it with a checkbox :-)10:06
pochujwendell too10:06
seb128pochu: ok, because the vinagre list seems to be lagging behind in triaging, I did look at it quickly while sponsoring the 2.25 update crevette did10:06
pochuseb128: I'm gonna see if I can reproduce bug #31870810:06
ubottuLaunchpad bug 318708 in vino "Notification always appears even when disabled - Jaunty" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/31870810:06
pochuseb128: ok, I'll have a look at it10:06
seb128pochu: I don't get this issue here, thanks10:07
pochuseb128: with the latest update?10:07
seb128oh, I didn't upgrade yet10:07
pochuit was opened before the update10:07
pochuIIUC, it says if you disable it completely, the icon will be shown when somebody is connected10:08
mptandreasn, if your question was strictly about the grammar, then yes, your header would be fine10:13
andreasnmpt, great, thanks10:13
mptExcept that it shouldn't really be a header10:13
mptIt should be non-bold and end with a colon10:13
andreasntotally unrelated question, are you going to be in London in the middle of February?10:15
mptMiscellaneous points: can't that foot icon die already; "connectivity" has two "n"s; "You must confirm" should be "Ask for confirmation before"; and "Talk to the router and try to open the doors there" is just weird.10:16
mptandreasn, yes, I'll be back in London from Feb 9th10:18
andreasnok, I'll fix the spinner icon today. I have been having some issues testing it out, but I'll have a friend double-test it for me10:18
andreasnI'll make it the same as in Firefox10:18
mptvery good :-)10:18
andreasncool, I haven't booked any flight tickets yet, but I'm staying at Thomas Wood's place10:19
mptThose bold headings seem often overused in Gnome10:19
mptI don't think I've met Thomas Wood10:19
andreasnthos on irc10:19
andreasnhe works at OHand/Intel10:20
andreasnor just Intel I guess10:20
mptEvolution's Preferences are a trove of examples of overuse of headings10:21
andreasnif you fix Evo's setting to be sane, I owe you a pair of pants10:22
andreasnor a hat, if you rather want a hat10:23
mptfeaturing content-free headings such as "Configuration", "Options", "Default Behavior", and "General"10:23
mptOh, redesigning them to be sane would be easy, implementing it would be harder :-)10:24
andreasnmaybe a tall one, like Abraham Lincoln had10:24
mptstovepipe, yeah!10:24
mptnah, I'm more a cheesecutter sort of person10:24
andreasnwe tend to call it old-mans-cap10:26
andreasnI use one on a regular basis. Just wish I had something to cover my ears with when it's cold and windy10:26
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pochuGConf:ERROR:gconf-internals.c:637:gconf_value_type_to_string: code should not be reached10:39
pochudoesn't sound like a vinagre issue (bug 306957)10:39
ubottuLaunchpad bug 306957 in vinagre "package vinagre 2.24.1-0ubuntu1.1 failed to install/upgrade: subproces post-installation script gaf een foutwaarde 250 terug" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/30695710:39
crevettepochu, could it an error from gconfd ?10:42
crevetteI don't understand how gconf code from vinagre could be invoked during installation10:42
pochucrevette: yeah, vinagre calls update-gconf-defaults in the postinst10:44
pochuto register vnc://10:44
pochushall I reassign it to gconf2?10:44
crevetteI would do that with seb128 validation10:45
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seb128jaunty is still not user switching friendly there, the system hangs, still replies to ping but not to ssh11:08
crevetteseb128, pochu were wondering if https://bugs.edge.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/vinagre/+bug/306957 could be a gconfd problem11:14
ubottuLaunchpad bug 306957 in vinagre "package vinagre 2.24.1-0ubuntu1.1 failed to install/upgrade: subproces post-installation script gaf een foutwaarde 250 terug" [Undecided,New]11:14
seb128right it is11:16
seb128that's not happening to everybody though so the local file probably got changed for some reason11:16
seb128could be a disk issue or similar triggering the bug11:16
pochuseb128: thanks, reassigning to gconf211:19
pochuok, lots of vinagre bugs triaged; will finish with that at other moment. Now gotta study!11:26
seb128pochu: cool, good work ;-)11:34
seb128pochu: the vinagre bug has been fixed to svn now apparently11:52
pochuthe vino one you mean :)11:54
seb128pochu: right11:54
didrocksseb128: let's say it was a good meeting :)11:58
huatsseb128: it is better now : http://paste.ubuntu.com/108201/11:59
didrocksseb128: ok, so, you only copy from the NEWS file the last version, not all the delta (I merged the delta in my previous updates, but here, as it was a very long report, I was afraid to make the changelog unclear)11:59
didrocksI will do as you said11:59
seb128huats: indeed12:00
huatsi am going to eat now, i'll finish after12:00
huatsthanks seb12812:00
didrocksseb128: FYI, we can't rm debian/control from bzr, because when you want to build a package, there is a check to see if debian/control exists *before* executing debian/rules clean (which generate, in most of the case, debian/control)12:01
seb128didrocks: right12:01
didrocksseb128: thanks for sponsoring too :)12:02
seb128you're welcome, thanks for the work you are doing ;-)12:02
didrocksif you have anything I can deal with, it should be possible today :-)12:02
seb128didrocks: want something easy or a small challenge? ;-)12:03
didrocksseb128: small challenge is better for learning :)12:03
didrocks(as well as "middle size" challenge)12:03
seb128didrocks: gnome-python-extras need merging on debian and update12:03
didrocksgreat! I am on it :-)12:04
seb128they splitted the binaries in extra packages and ubuntu add -dbg variants12:04
didrocksok, so, I will see if we need more -dbg variants corresponding to the extra packages12:04
didrocksand what should go where :)12:04
seb128I think the debian way is to have one -dbg built for everything12:06
* mpt wonders why the Calculator icon has the word "cocoa" on it12:10
mptIs that some sort of in-joke?12:10
didrocksmpt: you remind me of something... At my company, the developpers changed a bunch of icons in christmas tree icons last christmas. The testing team, in India, opened a bunch of incident request to fix this regression :)12:12
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huatsseb128: when I run a autoreconf in a patch, do I need to always use the --force parameter ?12:33
seb128huats: no12:33
huatsseb128: ok12:34
huats(i was asking, since I was looking at some notes I took after a chat we had some time ago)12:34
seb128huats: I think Keybuk said it's not required and can create some issues, you might want to check with him though12:34
huatsseb128: ok12:34
huatsKeybuk: I'll be quite interested to know more then :)12:35
* didrocks thinks that Keybuk should really do an autotools classroom next UDW :)12:43
huatsdidrocks: yeah !12:44
crevetteah yeah autotools would be nice12:45
seb128ok, new gdm seems to be working for me now12:45
* seb128 writes email to the ubuntu-desktop list now 12:45
emberhey mvo , about brasero, you are talking about merging the brasero-common on brasero package?13:24
pochuasac: could it be that launchpad new bugs having a "References: $Message-Id" confuses Thunderbird?13:27
pochuReferences: <20081102033117.25404.42581.malonedeb@gangotri.canonical.com>13:27
pochuMessage-Id: <20081102033117.25404.42581.malonedeb@gangotri.canonical.com>13:27
pochuthat happens in all [NEW] bugmail13:28
asacpochu: maybe. does that happen on normal mailing lists too for first mesasge?13:28
pochuasac: nope13:28
asacpochu: note that its the same for mutt here iirc13:28
pochuso maybe it confuses every mail app ;)13:28
pochuI think I'm gonna file a bug report in malone13:28
seb128confuse things how?13:29
pochuseb128: all the replies are in a different thread than the [NEW] mail13:30
seb128pochu: that's not an issue when using evolution thouigh13:32
pochuso if it's that what confuses TB, it would be worth fixing both in malone and TB :)13:32
pochu(I guess, I don't know how these things work)13:32
asachmm seems mutt works too - must have been something else in the past that caused this. still i dont think its right to reference the mail itself on first message13:34
asacpochu: so malone + tbird please13:34
asacpochu: also subscribe me explicitly to the bug13:34
pochuasac: ok13:35
pochuasac: same bug with 2 tasks, or 2 bugs?13:35
asacpochu: make that a tbird bug and add malone task too13:35
asacpochu: have you tested tbird 3?13:35
asac(or did i say that i tested that ;))13:35
asacseems so13:36
asacok file13:36
pochuasac: I haven't yet13:36
asaci just tested13:37
huatsseb128: the gnome-system-monitor and the deskbar-applet updates are on LP13:38
seb128huats: thanks13:38
huatsseb128: no pb13:38
huatshappy to help :)13:38
seb128huats: ;-)13:38
seb128huats: we are mostly uptodate now, you can work on the universe packages you had in your todolist13:38
seb128or do some non ubuntu activies for a change ;-)13:39
huatsseb128: I will :)13:39
huatsthanks ;)13:39
huatsI will take care of the gnome-keyring first... but then anjuta is waiting for me (with ALL that is means :))13:40
pochuasac: bug 320034; you're subscribed13:43
ubottuLaunchpad bug 320034 in thunderbird "Launchpad bugmail having the References header referencing itself confuses Thunderbird threading" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/32003413:43
asacpochu: could you make a mbox file with a single thread that shows the problem?13:44
pochuasac: how can I do that from TB?13:58
asacpochu: no clue ;)13:59
asacpochu: what you could try is to spin tbird-3.0 with the following patch: http://paste.ubuntu.com/108227/13:59
asacthat prevents self-references from being added to the msg references index ...14:00
asacthe other solution would be to fix the threading algorithm, so that it properly deals with self-references14:00
asacbut that would require me to actually read the code  ... so i did this for now14:01
* asac should resurrect his tbird build tree14:01
pochuand the other solution would be to wait for the Launchpad folks to fix their mails... but that won't fix my old threads so better fix it in TB too :)14:01
pochuwill look at it. but launch first :)14:01
asacwho knows. maybe its even legal ;)14:04
crevette__seb128, do you have a plan to update gtk to 2.15.0 ? I'd be interested to package and test epiphany 2.2514:43
crevette__which requires irt14:43
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seb128crevette__: I did start on it a week ago but got stucked it's an hard update14:43
crevetteah okay14:43
seb128it's in the next items on my list14:43
crevettehard on which items ?14:43
seb128the directfb backend14:44
seb128nobody is working on it upstream and it doesn't build14:44
seb128but it's required in debian and ubuntu because the alternate cd uses it14:44
crevetteI though it was no more supported officially14:44
seb128it's used by the debian installer14:44
seb128that's the issue, upstream might not work on it but we need to keep it building14:45
seb128anyway I've that next in my list14:45
seb128let's see how it goes14:45
crevetteI don't want to put pressure on you14:45
seb128I'll probably do the update next week, I want to do some srus tomorrow before14:45
seb128there is no pressure, I've started on it as said and it's on my todolist ;-)14:46
crevetteseb128, is there a written doc to perform a packaging, with testing ? I do test my package but no programmatically, I act as a user, I know you do more check like APIs.14:47
crevetteperhaps you explain that yesterday during the presentation ?14:47
seb128the wiki has some documentation14:49
seb128nothing specific to desktop updates though14:49
seb128that's something we should do better14:50
crevetteI eager to write a wiki page  :)14:50
seb128do it ;-)14:50
crevetteand everybody will know py process is the suck :)14:51
seb128it's not!14:51
mvoseb128: could you please sync gnome-codec-install from incoming?14:52
Quintasanum, I'm trying to update brasero package from 0.9.0 to 0.9.1 (just to check if I can do it ;). There is a patch (010_lpi.patch) that can't be applied. http://wklej.org/id/42934/  Here is build log. What should I do with it?14:52
mvoember: well, if there is stuff that the lib and brasreo have in comon I'm fine with a comon package. I have not really looked closely14:53
mvoember: but if there is not, I guess we can skip a -common14:53
crevetteQuintasan, you should update the patch to make it apply on the source, certainly the code patched on the previous version has changed14:54
johanbrcrevette: the changelog for nautilus-sendto 1.1.1-0ubuntu1 says it has an empathy plugin, but it looks like the plugin is not actually there.15:02
johanbrBut maybe you noticed this already...15:02
crevettejohanbr, the plugin can be installed because empathu is in universe, and we can't depend on universe component15:03
crevettesame goes for upnp plugin15:03
Quintasancrevette: seems like this is beyond my ability :<15:03
crevetteQuintasan, I could help you but the patch system is quilt that I don't know15:05
johanbrcrevette: ahh, okay. Do you plan to package the empathy plugin separately?15:05
seb128Quintasan: somebody already did the update apparently, better to ask on the chan or check on launchpad for open bugs before starting15:06
crevettejohanbr, I don't know if it is possible, I think seb128 told me it was not15:06
johanbroh :(15:07
seb128johanbr: we will not split the source and we can't build-depends on things which are in universe15:07
crevettelet's move empathy to pain :)15:07
seb128johanbr: do you know if it's actually required to build? gajim does look for the binary but doesn't actually require it, we patched it to build the gajim code anyway and it's used at runtime if gajim is installed15:07
seb128crevette: ok, do you want to maintain it?15:08
crevetteunfortunately I would be a horriblem maintainer15:08
embermvo ok i will have a look thanks15:08
mvothanks ember15:09
johanbrseb128: sorry... is what required to build what?15:09
crevetteseb128, I think empathy is required to build if you look at http://svn.gnome.org/viewvc/nautilus-sendto/trunk/src/plugins/empathy/empathy.c?revision=378&view=markup15:10
johanbroh, now I see what you mean...15:10
seb128johanbr: libs which are in universe15:10
seb128the gajim plugin uses dbus calls so that's easier ;-)15:10
crevettegajim plugin uses just plain dbus call15:11
crevetteah too late15:11
seb128I guess somebody could do a source nautilus-sendto-universe which build a binary having the code which require universe depends15:11
Zdrain theory you can also use only dbus API to make the same thing, but it would the same as reimplementing parts of libempathy-gtk15:11
crevetteseb128, the upnp plugin seems interesting too to have15:12
seb128crevette: it requires gnupnp though, is that already packaged in debian or ubuntu?15:12
crevetteI think yes15:12
crevettelet me check15:12
crevettesince intrepid15:13
johanbrseb128: but the plugins are completely separate from the main nautilus-sendto, aren't they?15:13
NafalloGajim \☺/15:14
seb128johanbr: a package in main can't use universe to build15:14
seb128johanbr: the nautilus-sendto source is in main since it's installed by default15:14
johanbrseb128: Sure. But wouldn't it be possible to just package nautilus-sendto-plugins-universe, which just depends on  nautilus-sendto in main?15:14
Nafallojohanbr: split the source?15:14
seb128johanbr: read what I wrote some lines before?15:15
Quintasanseb128: Launchpad says the newest version is 0.9.0. So I thought I could try to build it :P15:15
Nafalloseb128: demote source, keep binary in main and new binary in universe... i.e. pain :-)15:15
seb128Quintasan: that's the current one, look at the bugs list too ;-)15:15
seb128Nafallo: you can't have binary in main and the corresponding source in universe15:15
Nafalloseb128: that's what I wrote, yes :-)15:16
seb128no, you wrote demote source ;-)15:16
Nafalloseb128: which means to put the source into universe :-)15:16
seb128which we can't do because it has binaries on the cd15:17
seb128oh, you mean duplicate the source in universe15:17
johanbrI guess this would be a splitting, but since the plugins are separate, it would be a pretty natural one.15:17
Nafallohave been done before... ;-)15:17
johanbrAnyway, not my decision...15:17
Nafalloseb128: oooh. that would work as well actually.15:17
seb128what I wrote15:17
seb128create a nautilus-s15:17
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seb128create a nautilus-sendto-universe and make it build a nautilus-sendto-universe binary which ship only the extra options and depends on nautilus-sendto15:18
seb128I would sponsor such work but I'm too busy to work on that myself though15:18
* Nafallo pops off for a call15:18
seb128so if anybody wants to work on that let me know15:18
crevetteI'll try to do that15:27
crevetteif nobody wants to do it15:27
asacpochu: ok the patch seems to work. you just have to recreate the index files (e.g. remove .msf)15:35
asacpochu: ok forwarded. its mozilla bug 47479015:43
ubottuMozilla bug 474790 in MailNews: Backend "mails with References: to itself break threading in thunderbird mailnews DB view backend" [Normal,New] http://bugzilla.mozilla.org/show_bug.cgi?id=47479015:43
embermvo updated.16:00
huatsseb128: the gnome-system-monitor build fails...16:20
huatsI'll have a look16:21
seb128huats: that will teach me to start trusting you enough to upload things without test building first on my install ;-)16:30
huatsseb128: but it builds here !16:31
seb128huats: I know what went wrong16:31
huatsseb128: I just did it again, after I have seen that16:31
huatswhat it is ?16:31
seb128huats: you moved the new patch first in the serie so the lpi changes were not applied when you updated it16:32
seb128ie, the autoreconf changes don't have the lpi configure changes16:32
seb128huats: you need to list autoreconf after lpi in the series16:32
huatsI haven't touched the order of the patches...16:33
seb128huats: you did update the serie in some way16:33
huatsI don't know why it did that :(16:33
huatsyeah I understand your point...16:33
seb128huats: if you used quilt new it added it at the start16:33
huatsseb128: may be...16:34
huatsI am fixing it16:34
huatsthe thing is : why it builds here fine, and why the lpi is done correctly here ?16:34
seb128it probably built for you because the build system detected that configure.in changed after configure and ran the autotools again during the build, they are not installed on the buildd though16:34
huatsI understand16:35
huatspffff :(16:35
huatssorry for that...16:35
seb128you still need to learn ;-)16:35
seb128that's ok16:35
huatsseb128: of course I still need to learn...16:36
huatsI am not the one who brings gnome to millions :)16:37
huatsbtw how did the session went ?16:37
seb128okish I guess, there was enough question to be busy for the hour ;-)16:38
seb128let's see if that brings new contributors now ;-)16:38
seb128huats: but you do bring GNOME updates to millions of users ;-)16:38
huatsonce it is done I put the new .dsc and the new .diff on the same bug or I open anotherone ?16:39
seb128you can use the same one, or just a debdiff there16:41
seb128basically edit the series, move the patches order there, refresh the autoreconf changes and build16:41
huatsseb128: do I need to update the package version number ? I am not really sure17:07
seb128huats: yes17:07
huatsseb128: pl :(17:07
seb128huats: the revision, ie -0ubuntu217:07
huatsseb128: sorry :(17:07
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huatsseb128: I need to go now... I'll post it on LP tonight17:17
huatsi am way too late now :(17:17
huatssorry :(17:17
seb128huats: ok, that's alright not hurry, you can fix it tomorrow too17:18
huatsit is building... so we'll be soon fixed :)17:18
huatsit is just putting on LP that I can't do now :)17:18
chrisccoulsonanyone know how i'm meant to handle updating a package to its new upstream version when upstream changed their version numbering scheme between releases (so the new version has an 'older' version number than the old version)17:19
crevettechrisccoulson: how is it possible ?17:19
chrisccoulsoni was asking how i'm meant to handle it?17:19
crevetteout of curiosity, which package17:19
crevetteI bet the version should prepend a version superior like 2:0.3.417:20
ProlescumHey guys. Not sure if this is the right channel... Anybody know how to get ushare working with intrepid?17:20
chrisccoulsonthat seems sensible17:20
chrisccoulsonthanks crevette17:21
crevetteI don't know if this is the right way to do17:21
crevetteperhaps insulting the maintainer is another option17:21
chrisccoulsonperhaps. i need to speak with the debian maintainer really to see if it is acceptable to them17:22
crevetteah I see 1.555 -> 1.117:22
crevettewhat an idea17:22
crevetteah no 2009.1.117:22
chrisccoulsonactually, i just checked again and the current jaunty version is 1.2531 (i forgot the 1), so the new version does actually have a newer version number17:23
chrisccoulsoni thought the old upstream number was just 2531 (so 2009.1.1 would be an older version to dpkg)17:24
crevettechrisccoulson: the version is 1:1.2531-1.1ubuntu2 notice the 1: it already has17:24
chrisccoulsonyeah, i just noticed that17:24
crevettebut you right to contact the debian maintainer17:24
chrisccoulsoni think i need to speak with the debian maintainer and see how they want to handle it17:24
chrisccoulsonyeah, i'll do that17:24
pochuasac: awesome! thank you :)17:58
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* pitti grabs a lock on the gconf package19:18
dobeypitti: !19:19
pittihey dobey19:19
pittimy patch finally works \o]19:19
pitti\o/ actually (no, I don't have a broken arm)19:19
dobeypitti: are your slids from your lunch talk at UDS about mail filters easily available anywhere? (or just the list of filters would be fine)19:20
pittidobey: they are, http://people.ubuntu.com/~pitti/talks/19:20
pittiincluding (LaTeX) source19:20
pittidobey: also, https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Bugs/HowToFilter19:21
dobeypitti: great! thanks!19:23
pittidobey: glad you like it :)19:27
dobeypitti: i think it's about time i added some super magic to my procmail as i start using lp more and more :)19:28
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rickspencer3  /away19:32
calcI HATE EVOLUTION, argh!20:12
calceven after reinstalling it still refuses to move emails into a folder via a filter20:12
* calc is going to record a video of its f*ckage and file a bug :-\20:16
calcits completely rendered itself useless by no longer filtering email20:16
dobeycalc: are you trying to use client filtering with imap?20:17
calcdobey: yes20:23
calcdobey: it was working until a mailing list changed and i renamed the folger20:23
calcer folder20:23
calcand then it no longer worked, and i don't see a bug about it20:24
calcdobey: the bug is it claims the folder to move to is non-existent20:24
dobeycalc: did the filter get updated? (i presume it didn't)20:24
calcdobey: yes i updated the filter and it refuses to work20:24
dobeyoh, hrmm20:24
calci even reinstalled my system thinking something maybe got broken and it still doesn't work20:24
calci deleted the filter rule and recreated it even and it still wouldn't work20:25
calci created a video and about to file a bug20:25
calcif i can't find a way to fix RSN i will have to switch off evolution nothing is getting filtered now20:26
calcbug 32019821:03
ubottuLaunchpad bug 320198 in evolution "evolution: Cannot get folder 'foo': folder does not exist." [High,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/32019821:03
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