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evandlfaraone: any luck getting usb-creator to build and run last night?10:03
evandcjwatson: What are your thoughts on wrapping a preseed file that does ubiquity-preserve-home in a CD boot option for "recover my system"?  I somewhat recall mentioning this before, but I cannot for the life of me remember the conversation.11:07
evandIt could parse fstab for the mountpoints and if they weren't specified by UUID, bail out.11:07
cjwatsonit would need to be described a bit better than "recover my system"11:10
cjwatsonin principle it sounds OK but we need to be aware that people who aren't expecting it may regard it as data loss11:10
evandsure, considering it, among other things, would effectively upgrade you if you used a newer version11:11
evandI'll spec it out for Jaunty+1 then11:11
evandif you think it's a reasonable goal, that is11:11
cjwatsonI'd almost prefer a more sophisticated rescue mode with a number of options11:14
cjwatsondropping you into a UI on the ubiquity side11:15
cjwatsonsometimes "recover my system" just means "reinstall my bootloader"11:15
evandSure, that equally works for me11:16
evandLast crazy idea for the day, I promise:12:16
evandI was speaking with someone at UDS who ran into the problem whereby the install failed partway through and left a ghost system on their computer.  Ideally they wanted ubiquity to detect on a follow up run that it had already tried to install previous and failed, and that it should offer to wipe out the failed install attempt.12:16
evandI thought we could easily accomplish this by ubiquity writing a hint file to the system at the start of the install containing the partitions it's added. It would then delete this file as its last step in the install.  Alternatively, we could set the status flag of each partition to an undefined (but understood by ubiquity) value.12:16
evandEither way, if ubiquity detects the presence of this file or flag at the partitioner screen, it offers to delete the partitions in question, then reload partman.12:16
evand^ cjwatson, does that sound like a worthwhile effort for a future release?12:17
cjwatsonwhere would it write it (to which partition)?12:17
evandany one created by ubiquity12:17
evandin the 0 bit for each partition that it creates12:18
evanderr byte12:18
cjwatsonwhich means it would have to mount all partitions, which potentially means replaying journals (we have an os-prober bug about this)12:21
cjwatsonit's an interesting and worthwhile idea, I think, and we certainly have some bugs that it would help with12:21
cjwatsonbut I think it has some hidden assumptions we need to examine carefully12:21
cjwatsona related suggestion would be making sure that log files end up on the target system earlier, to make it easier to diagnose bugs after a user reboots following an installer crash12:22
cjwatsonso maybe we should have a general look at the handling of installer crashes, including your suggestion?12:22
evandindeed, I think so12:28
evandok, I'll make a skeleton specification for that as well, just so it doesn't get lost before the next UDS.12:33
lfaraoneevand: havn't had a chance to look into it, sorry :(13:37
evandno worries, was just curious if you got any further since we spoke last13:38
evanddo let me know if you have any questions13:38
cjwatsonI wish my test cycle were shorter14:17
cjwatsonhaving to get through base-installer and apt-setup before the relevant code runs is annoying14:17
cjwatson31283 execve(...) = -1 EFAULT (Bad address)14:27
cjwatsonoh dear14:27
cjwatsonoh, I forgot to terminate argv. idiot14:29
DogWateroh, and for some reason the 8.10 installer spews a bunch of busybox errors when it is starting up14:29
DogWaterat least here it does.14:29
cjwatsonDogWater: fairly sure it doesn't do that as standard - I'm sure people would have screamed at me during testing14:31
DogWatermaybe only the pxeboot image does it?14:32
DogWatererr netboot?14:32
cjwatsonmaybe it would be easier if I saw the errors :-)14:34
DogWaterI can put it on a KVM if you want, if that would make it even easier14:35
DogWaterbut yeah i'll start with the bug report you requested14:35
cjwatsonKVM => keyboard video mouse or kernel virtual machine?14:35
DogWatersorry, i meant KVM-IP ;-)14:35
cjwatsona screenshot would probably be less fiddly14:36
DogWaterhrm, not sure how to pause it during the pre-boot phase to see exactly what busybox is complaining about, it looks like it is saying invalid option -i about 20 times14:38
DogWaterbut it moves pretty fast14:39
davmor2DogWater: is this actually 8.10 or 9.04 netboot that your on about?14:41
DogWaterI downloaded the 8.10 iso and moved the netboot directory onto my tftpserver14:42
DogWaterso whatever version that is14:42
DogWaterits 8.10 server14:42
DogWaterdont know if that matters14:42
DogWateralso, just a general question about the installer, is there any way to instruct it to blow away whatever is on the disk so that you don't run into the LVM limitation where you have to manually partition the disk, and/or is there a way to automatically partition the disk?14:45
DogWateri'm coming from the redhat/fedora/centos kickstart14:45
DogWaterand i guess i'm a little spoiled14:45
cjwatsoninvalid option -i> hmm, that sounds like something I remember fixing14:46
cjwatsonyes, there is at least a preseeding option to do that14:47
cjwatsonand you can certainly automatically partition the disk, even via the usual kickstart methods14:47
cjwatsonalthough LVM partitioning is not yet provided via kickstart, unfortunately14:47
DogWateri use clearpart --all and it still hangs up if there is already a LVM partition on the drive14:47
cjwatsonbut it can be done directly via preseeding14:47
cjwatsonif you look at the installation guide, there's a preseeding directive for that14:47
DogWateroh, well i dont need LVM partitions, i just want regular partitions, but for some reason even though i use clearpart --all it still complains about LVM14:47
DogWatercjwatson: it is complaining about busybox -l sorry, not i14:48
cjwatsonhttps://help.ubuntu.com/8.10/installation-guide/i386/preseed-contents.html and search for device_remove_lvm14:49
cjwatsonthat transforms into 'preseed partman-lvm/device_remove_lvm boolean true' in a kickstart file14:49
DogWaterah, i guess i didn't get that you could use preseed commands in a kickstart14:50
cjwatsonyeah, https://help.ubuntu.com/8.10/installation-guide/i386/automatic-install.html documents our extensions and things we don't yet support14:50
DogWaterah okay i think i've nailed down the problems i'm having, essentially the rootpw and the14:53
DogWateruser directives dont appear to work14:53
DogWaterin kickstart anymore, looking at /etc/shadow there is no pw set for root and it doesn't create the user i have specified14:54
DogWater(and asks to create a user manually)14:54
cjwatsonI really just need the kickstart file14:54
cjwatsonI can take it from there14:54
DogWaterno problem14:54
ubottuLaunchpad bug 320053 in kickseed "Kickstart on 8.10-server irregularities" [Undecided,New]14:56
cjwatsonok, great; let me finish up the other thing I'm working on and I'll have a look at that14:57
DogWatercjwatson: I realize you're busy but regarding auto-partitioning the documentation you refered to indicates that folks should refer to the redhat documentation, the redhat command for autopartitioning is autopart in the ubuntu installer this command doesn't appear to work.15:03
cjwatsonit wasn't when I wrote that :-)15:03
cjwatsonand it does link specifically to the RHL 9 docs15:03
cjwatsonwhich do not list autopart15:04
cjwatsonautopart is a new addition since I last updated kickseed to match Anaconda, I suppose15:04
cjwatsondo you have a current documentation link?15:04
DogWateroh, okay i'll go back and look at the rhl 9 docs then ;-)15:05
* cjwatson finds http://www.redhat.com/docs/en-US/Red_Hat_Enterprise_Linux/5/html/Installation_Guide/ch-kickstart2.html15:06
cjwatsonok, you should probably just look at the preseeding documentation and translate it to kickstart in the usual way to get automatic partitioning15:07
DogWateryeah, thats for RHEL 5 not rh 9 ;-)15:07
DogWateryou're right autopart doesn't show up in the rh 9 docs ;-)15:07
cjwatsonI've filed bug 32006215:09
ubottuLaunchpad bug 320062 in kickseed "update to RHEL 5 Kickstart syntax" [Wishlist,Triaged] https://launchpad.net/bugs/32006215:09
DogWaterautopart actually goes back as far as rhel 315:11
DogWaterjust so you're aware15:11
cjwatsonright, I wrote kickseed for Ubuntu 5.04 though15:11
cjwatsonit's had some updates since then but not major ones15:11
DogWaterso the preseed commands i just remove the d-i and pop them in the kickstart?15:12
cjwatsond-i FOO BAR BAZ => preseed FOO BAR BAZ; anything-else FOO BAR BAZ => preseed --owner anything-else FOO BAR BAZ15:13
DogWaterthanks sir15:14
DogWaterif only debian would backport your kickstart enhancements ;-)15:14
cjwatsonthe relevant code is already in Debian's d-i repository15:15
DogWaterso then a command like this: preseed partman-auto/disk string /dev/sda shouldn't "break" the kickstart process?15:15
cjwatsonhowever, there is some contention about the extra space required to add the necessary busybox modules15:16
ubottuDebian bug 348314 in busybox-udeb "busybox-udeb: please enable getopt" [Wishlist,Open]15:16
cjwatson(and subsequent stuff on debian-boot somewhere15:16
cjwatsonDogWater: clearpart --all should already do that partman-auto/disk change (effectively)15:16
cjwatsonand in fact I think it's roughly equivalent to the stuff you need for autopart15:17
cjwatsonthe only things you'd need to add would be:15:17
DogWaterah, i added some preseed commands to the kickstart and now its asking me what kind of keyboard i am using ;-)15:17
cjwatsonpreseed partman/choose_partition string finish15:18
cjwatsonpreseed partman/confirm boolean true15:18
cjwatsonthat's odd, since your keyboard command is correct15:18
DogWaterI just pasted what I added15:18
DogWaterto your pm15:18
cjwatsonoh, your getopt -l bug is bug 29358615:19
ubottuLaunchpad bug 293586 in busybox "lack of CONFIG_GETOPT_LONG in busybox-udeb completely breaks Kickstart" [High,Fix released] https://launchpad.net/bugs/29358615:19
cjwatsonI guess I should backport that15:19
cjwatsonand indeed that explains your other bug15:19
cjwatsonthat bug has a link to an initrd I put together as a temporary measure15:20
cjwatsonjust i386 at the moment15:20
DogWaterthanks, I guess not many people do the completely hands off server installs15:20
DogWaterwee bit important for a hosting company ;-)15:20
DogWateris the syntax on my new preseed commands okay or is that all blown? i believe that comes right out of debian15:21
cjwatsonpartman-auto/purge_lvm_from_device is outdated - you need to work from the installation guide for your release as preseeding syntax does sometimes change15:23
cjwatsonI suspect you're using documentation for Debian etch there15:23
cjwatsonpartman-lvm/device_remove_lvm is the one you want nowadays15:24
DogWaterI see the patch is there a built initrd linked?15:25
cjwatsonignore the patch, it isn't necessary if you follow the link in a different comment to my initrd build15:25
DogWaterI think i'll have to make a public mirror for ubuntu since you're being so helpful15:25
cjwatsonI've started the stable update process for that busybox change now15:26
davmor2cjwatson: would it be worth setting up a testcase for this process?15:27
cjwatsonit was my fault that took so long15:27
cjwatsondavmor2: yes15:27
cjwatsonit's a sin that we don't test kickstart15:27
DogWaterI guess its this line that ks doesn't like.15:28
DogWaterpreseed partman-auto/choose_recipe \15:28
DogWater       select All files in one partition (recommended for new users)15:28
DogWateri'll read the docus for preseed on 8.1015:28
cjwatsonthat line should be fine15:29
DogWaterah it complains about the ( when it goes to read the ks file15:29
cjwatsonah, hmm, that's possible15:29
cjwatsonmore current syntax is:15:29
cjwatsonpreseed partman-auto/choose_recipe select atomic15:29
cjwatsonwe instituted that a little while back to avoid all the problems with preseeding the verbose versions15:30
DogWateri'm just trying to get it so that no matter what it doesn't ask me anything ;-) if i can do that i'll be pleased15:30
DogWaterthanks for taking care of that. if you need any test servers or anything i can help15:31
cjwatsonshouldn't, as this is pretty system-independent, but thanks anyway15:31
DogWaternice, it skipped right over the partitioner this time15:32
DogWaterwell i must say this was alot easier than getting a bug in Dell's PERC 6i for windows x64 driver fixed ;-)15:33
DogWatercjwatson: the last nitpicky question i had is there a way to use a local source as the install media (http) and then have it automatically put the apt sources to their defaults for updates and installs?15:34
cjwatsonnot quite out of the box, but you can always rewrite the sources.list in a preseed/late_command script15:36
cjwatsonsed -i 'whatever' /target/etc/apt/sources.list; in-target apt-get update15:36
cjwatsonor something like that15:36
DogWateri could just wget the original from the http server, too?15:36
cjwatsonwget the original what?15:36
DogWaterthe distribution version of sources.list15:37
cjwatsonwhich is built programmatically - it's not on an Ubuntu mirror in plain form15:37
cjwatsonyou can of course fetch it from somewhere if you happen to have a version you'd like15:37
DogWaterah i meant i could put it up in my local http server and then at the end of the install replace the old one15:37
DogWaterhm i wonder which way would be proper as the version stored locally would be static15:38
cjwatsonI'd use the sed approach if I were doing it15:38
cjwatsonbut either is fine15:38
DogWaterhrm, i'm not sure i understand your syntax in that sed line, does apt-get update provide the mirror list?15:40
cjwatsonapt-get update tells apt-get to fetch index files from the servers listed in sources.list, and is necessary after changing sources.list15:41
DogWaterah so the 'whatever' would be new content15:42
DogWaterI could also use sed to just replace the current listed URL with a new URL15:42
DogWatereverywhere it appears15:42
DogWaterin that file15:42
DogWaterlike preseed/late_command sed 's/mirrors.domain.com/ubuntu/whatevermirror.domain.com/ubuntu/g' /target/etc/apt/sources.list; in-target apt-get update15:47
DogWaterobviously i'll need to escape the /'s in the url15:48
cjwatsonyes, that was the kind of thing I meant15:51
DogWatercool, i'll give it a shot i'm installing centos on this machine now to make sure it wont choke on lvm15:54
davmor2cjwatson: I'll have a chat with you after alpha 4 and see if we can't get a kickstart testcase together16:03
DogWatercjwatson: so preseed partman-lvm/confirm boolean true  should make it automatically confirm the removal of an LVM partition, correct?16:06
evandhrm, now that we have ext4 support, perhaps making fallocate calls in copy_all would be worthwhile.16:06
cjwatsonDogWater: believe so16:07
DogWaterhrm, its asking me to confirm, i'll check the docs, thanks16:07
cjwatsonwould need to see the text of the confirmation dialog16:07
DogWaterin general is it normal for the installer to request a bunch of files that aren't available on the CD?16:09
cjwatsonin general you should be using the netboot installer against a proper archive mirror, not against a mounted CD image. The latter is not really supported.16:10
DogWaterhm, so i will just need to create an archive mirror for the dists im using16:14
cjwatsondebmirror makes it not too bad assuming you have reasonable bandwidth16:18
DogWateryeah but my tftpserver is centos16:18
cjwatsonI maintain a limited mirror for stuff I care about behind a sub-megabit ADSL line16:18
DogWateroh we have 5Gbps across 6 connections here16:18
cjwatsondebmirror's just a perl script and should be easy to run on centos16:19
DogWateri was thinking it was a pkg16:19
cjwatsonit's a package containing a perl script ;-)16:20
CIA-59ubiquity: evand * r2985 ubiquity/ (4 files in 3 dirs):16:27
CIA-59ubiquity: Modified the keyboard setup page to produce a more visually obvious16:27
CIA-59ubiquity: suggestion.16:27
evand^ That could probably use some more work, and needs the Qt end done, but I wanted to get it committed so it can be further discussed.16:28
DogWatercjwatson: sed 's/http:\/\/\/Ubuntu8.10/http:\/\/ubuntu.osuosl.org\/ubuntu/g' /target/etc/apt/sources.list; this command should actually edit the file right? it seems to just output the changes16:36
cjwatsonnote that I said sed -i16:38
cjwatson-i => in-place edit16:38
DogWatermy bad you're right im not much on sed yet16:39
DogWateror reading apparently16:40
cr3cjwatson: how would you feel if I replaced preseeds with kickstarts in my testing rig? would that be a preferable way of testing automated installs considering I believe kickstart is the officially supported technology?17:20
cjwatsoncr3: kickstart is not the only officially supported approach. both kickstart and preseeding are supported, with different audiences.17:39
cjwatsonI would appreciate you adding at least one kickstart test case17:39
cjwatsonbut please don't drop preseeding17:39
cr3cjwatson: ok, I got overly excited with nijaba's whitepaper on automated installs17:39
cr3cjwatson: it would be complicated for me to perform one install with preseed and another with kickstart, for the same image. how about I use preseed for alternate images and kickstart for server images, might that be a decent compromise?17:40
cr3cjwatson: https://wiki.canonical.com/WhitePapers/AutomatedInstall17:40
cjwatsonI don't mind; there are other sensible ways for us to test Kickstart17:40
DogWatercjwatson bah my damn sed has a syntax error ;-) love it17:49
DogWatercjwatson: is it preseed preseed/late_command or just preseed late_command?18:05
evandthe former18:08
DogWaterthat explains that18:12
evand^ gives the exact format of the line18:14
evanderm actually18:14
evandnevermind that, you're using kickstart18:15
evandjust as you said, preseed preseed/late_command :)18:15
evandso: preseed preseed/late_command string echo success18:16
DogWaterpreseed preseed/late_command sed -i 's/http:\/\/\/ubuntu/http:\/\/ubuntu.osuosl.org\/ubuntu/g' /target/etc/apt/sources18:20
DogWater.list; in-target apt-get update18:20
DogWateris there some reason why that wouldn't run?18:20
DogWaterah, maybe i need to add string18:21
evandyou need string in there18:22
DogWaterah, the final question i had is does anyone know how to prepare a gpg keyring for debmirror but on centos?18:23
DogWateri guess i'll have to copy the archive keyring from an ubuntu box18:26
DogWaterand hope for the best ;_)18:26
DogWaterah, for some reason getopt is saying -i is not a valid option18:28
DogWateri must need to escape the command line or something18:29
DogWateron those preseed/late_commands18:29
DogWaterhrm, that is odd yeah getopt says invalid argument -i when it goes to issue those commands18:36
cjwatsonyou sure it's getopt not sed?18:47
cjwatsonerm, sorry, busybox sed doesn't support -i. Use   chroot /target sed -i '...' /etc/apt/sources.list   instead18:47
DogWaterwould in-target also work there?18:48
cjwatsonit would, but it's overkill18:50
cjwatsonin-target is chroot /target wrapped in a bunch of other stuff you don't need for just running sed -i18:51
DogWaterah, are you familiar with debmirror? how do you make it get two arches and more than one release at a time?18:52
DogWateri'm trying to get amd64 and i386 on 8.04 server, 8.10 server and the latest 718:53
DogWaternevermind figured that out, still can't get sed to run ;-) lol19:04
DogWaterseems like it just doesn't want to do it ;-)19:07
DogWatercjwatson: still says getopt: invalid option -- 'i'19:10
DogWatereven with the darn chroot19:11
DogWaterhere i'll try it without the auto reboot to see if i can run the command myself19:12
DogWateryeah, it works if i just type out the command, but not from preseed/late_command19:20
DogWateri commented those commands out to see if the getopt -i error is coming from that, i assume it is, but who knows at this point19:24
DogWateryeah no getopt error when i remove those, now im going to try in-target19:35
DogWateryeah, doesnt work regardless of what i do19:38
DogWaterlet me know if you have any ideas please19:40
cjwatsondoes the error show up in /var/log/syslog? if so, could I have the full syslog please?19:46
DogWatercjwatson: do i need to call a different shell somehow to get away from busybox?19:46
cjwatsonchroot /target ... will use dash in the chroot19:46
cjwatsonit actually sounds like it may not be from preseed/late_command at all, which is why I'm asking for logs19:47
DogWaterah, i tried both chroot /target and in-target ...19:47
cjwatsonbecause, well, preseed doesn't use getopt at all19:47
DogWateroh, okay well when i comment those two lines out it doesn't show that message19:47
cjwatsonsure, but please check the logs anyway19:47
cjwatsonthe installer is a complex system19:47
DogWateri did a grep -R getopt * in /var/log and it just says popt was heavily influenced by the getopt() and getopt_long() functions19:48
DogWateris there a way to get a copy of the kickstart file as the system interpreted it?19:50
cjwatsonerr, that's a very confusing question19:52
cjwatsonit implies there's such a thing :)19:52
DogWaterwell, i am trying to determine what the installer thinks the command after 'string' is19:53
cjwatsonyou could run 'debconf-get preseed/late_command' from tty219:53
DogWateri mean it is kind of a crazy command19:53
DogWaterso maybe it isnt intrepreting it like i expect it to19:54
DogWatercjwatson: it returns a newline19:54
cjwatsonI think you're barking up the wrong tree here, TBH19:54
DogWaterokay, well what would you consider the issue then?19:55
cjwatsonI don't know, I'm going to need to reproduce it myself I think19:55
cjwatsoncould you put the most recent copy of your preseed file in bug 320053?19:55
ubottuLaunchpad bug 320053 in busybox "Kickstart on 8.10-server irregularities (dup-of: 293586)" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/32005319:55
ubottuLaunchpad bug 293586 in busybox "lack of CONFIG_GETOPT_LONG in busybox-udeb completely breaks Kickstart" [High,Fix released] https://launchpad.net/bugs/29358619:55
cjwatson(passwords removed again)19:55
cjwatsonpreseed preseed/late_command string in-target sed -i 's/http:\/\/\/ubuntu/http:\/\/ubuntu.osuosl.org\/ubuntu/g' /etc/$20:02
cjwatsonpreseed preseed/late_command string in-target sed -i 's/http:\/\/\/Ubuntu8.10\//http:\/\/ubuntu.osuosl.org\/ubuntu/g'$20:02
cjwatsonis the $ there a cut-and-paste error (from vi maybe)?20:02
DogWaterYeah try the 2nd one20:02
cjwatsonand you know that only the last one will take effect?20:03
cjwatsonthe last one is cut off too20:03
DogWateri posted another comment without the $$20:03
DogWaterit kind of wrapped it funny20:03
cjwatsonthough it's just cut off with no $ :-P20:03
cjwatsondoes it go "sed -i '...' /etc/apt/sources.list; in-target apt-get update"?20:04
cjwatsonI really need an accurate copy here20:04
ubottuLaunchpad bug 320053 in busybox "Kickstart on 8.10-server irregularities (dup-of: 293586)" [Undecided,New]20:04
ubottuLaunchpad bug 293586 in busybox "lack of CONFIG_GETOPT_LONG in busybox-udeb completely breaks Kickstart" [High,Fix released]20:04
cjwatsonoh, it's wrapped not cut off20:04
DogWateryeah, sorry the text box wrapped it20:04
cjwatsonI can cope with the wrapping, as long as it isn't wrapped in your original file20:05
DogWaterno its not that is why it had the $ in the original file because i copied it from the editor20:05
DogWatererr the original comment20:05
DogWateri should say20:05
DogWaterand the busybox in the installer has sed -i at least according to it's help20:08
DogWaterso i have no idea where those getopt: messages are coming from20:08
DogWaterthe exact message is getopt: invalid option -- ' i'20:10
DogWaterand it does it once for each preseed/late_command line in the kickstart20:11
cjwatsonyes, you're right, it does support -i - sorry20:11
cjwatsonconfirm that you're using the fixed netboot image posted in the other bug?20:12
DogWaterwell, yes I have to be right because otherwise the root user wouldn't have a password and it would ask me to create a user20:13
cjwatsonjust making sure20:17
cjwatsontest running20:18
cjwatsonDogWater: gah, my test didn't seem particularly useful; I didn't get your error, though ran into a different one just before the end of the installation23:22
cjwatsonDogWater: I'd appreciate a copy of your syslog anyway; you can extract it from the installer environment by running 'anna-install openssh-client-udeb' and then using scp. Make sure to copy the syslog from the installer root, *not* from /target23:23
cjwatsonDogWater: you said that the exact message was: getopt: invalid option -- ' i'. I don't think that space can be there - I've tracked down the relevant code and it only ever prints one character between the quotes?23:29
cjwatsonI'll have to look further tomorrow :-/23:30

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