jpds[NikO]: ping.10:41
[NikO]jpds: pong ?10:42
jpds[NikO]: See /msg.10:42
erUSULFWIW and FYI 14:02 <akaSweet> http://www.youtube.com/user/sarfios welcome in my youtube acc please visit it ^^ u can like something14:14
erUSULon a query14:14
[NikO]hostmask ?14:15
erUSUL[NikO]: it was an hour ago i was afk and i do not know how to fin him...14:15
erUSUL[NikO]: and im afraid i closed the query window... :|14:16
[NikO]2009/01/22 15:15:21 -!- akaSweet [n=lovvly@]14:17
[NikO]2009/01/22 15:15:21 -!-  was      : lovvly14:17
erUSULfrom the lastlog on channel 14:11 < FireFox> Everybody got spammend in a PM by akaSweet?14:18
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james_wis there a procedure for a new channel in the #ubuntu-* namespace?16:57
Picijames_w: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/IrcTeam/CreatingChannels16:59
james_wthanks, I did look, honest :-)17:00
james_wcould I get approval for the #ubuntu-bzr channel?17:05
james_wit will be for discussion about development of tools to develop ubuntu using bzr17:06
james_wdeveloper focused, small number of people probably17:06
Picijames_w: The wiki needs to be changd to say that you don't need approval, just keep the other guidelines in mind when creating the channel.17:10
james_wah, ok, thanks17:11
PiciI've made a note to discuss that particluar point with the other ircc members.17:11
Myrttialso, we'd be grateful if you'd add the irc council to the access list17:19
Myrttithat way if any problems should occur, people would have atleast one point of contact that isn't ever going to go away17:20
james_wMyrtti: is there some way to identify you as a group?17:21
* Myrtti prods nalioth 17:22
james_wa.k.a. how do I do that?17:22
MyrttiPici: do you remember the hoops and loops?17:22
PiciThe account is UbuntuIrcCouncil17:23
PiciOnly the IRCC members know the password17:24
Picijames_w, Myrtti: ^^17:26
james_w /msg ChanServ FLAGS #ubuntu-bzr UbuntuIrcCouncil +votiA ?17:26
MyrttiI guess that would do it17:27
james_wcool, thanks team17:27
naliothjames_w: and freenode staff, too, please (to the ACL)18:58
james_wnalioth: already done18:58
jpdsubot2: join #ubuntu-nordic21:13
ubot2jpds: Error: I am only a bot, please don't think I'm intelligent :)21:13
[NikO]really stupid in this case :)21:14
jpdsOK; returns error, but still does the command. Right.21:14
Nafallojpds: iz logic!21:17
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Nafallojohanbr, Philip5, purity^: hur mycket vill vi ha en engelsk bot?22:19
Philip5vad gör den?22:29
NafalloPhilip5: ubottu ?22:31
Philip5vad har den för funktion(er)?22:31
Nafalloeller ja. en av kopiorna...22:31
NafalloPhilip5: inte varit i #ubuntu mycket? :-)22:32
Philip5inte alls22:32
Nafallo!ask | Philip522:32
ubottuPhilip5: Please don't ask to ask a question, simply ask the question (all on ONE line, so others can read and follow it easily). If anyone knows the answer they will most likely reply. :-)22:32
Nafallosaker som det ;-)22:32
Nafallofolk brukar klistra in svar fran den i kanalen :-P22:32
Philip5kan man inte sätta yeager på att översätta den? :)22:33
NafalloPhilip5: troligen. #ubuntu-uk verkar ha en lokal variant.22:33
Nafallopopey, Daviey, Seeker`: ping22:33
Philip5har den någon sajt med koden?22:33
Philip5kan man kolla på den?22:34
popeyNafallo: wasup?22:34
Nafallopopey: your ubot are localised in some way, yes? :-)22:34
Nafallopopey: and that is something that can be set per channel? :-)22:34
popeyi believe so yes22:34
Nafallowe ponder adding one to -se :-)22:34
popeyfor example we had it set to give a different answer to !paste22:34
jussi01you can set ubottu or its  clones like that also22:35
Nafalloso it just overrides certain answers if you want? :-)22:35
jussi01simple as !factoid-#ubuntu-se is <reply> your custom factoid22:35
* popey leaves Nafallo with jussi01 who clearly knows more22:35
Nafallopopey: ta :-)22:36
Nafallopopey: was helpful :-)22:36
jussi01popey: :D well I am the bot owner...22:36
Nafallocute :-)22:36
NafalloPhilip5: answer enough? ^ ;-)22:36
Nafallojussi01: I host ubot2 now :-)22:37
jussi01Nafallo: ahh :)22:37
Nafalloat troll.magicalforest.net ;-)22:37
Philip5well, it can't hurt i guess but it would have been nice to have had the bot translated into swedish for the swedish channel22:37
jussi01jpds is running it no?22:37
Nafallojussi01: yea. gave him the rights needed :-)22:37
NafalloPhilip5: on-going task maybe? :-)22:38
jussi01Philip5: if you get an editor added then when you want to change a factoid you do as I said above22:38
NafalloPhilip5: we could always ask in the channel :-)22:38
Nafallojussi01: I reckon I have the file if I want to branch it as well... and we could put a translator on just changing the raw database, no? :-)22:39
jussi01Nafallo: not really22:39
Nafallohehe. worth a try ;-)22:40
jussi01Nafallo: because you have to re add the factoids with the -#ubuntu-se on them... as well as sqlite db's... bleh22:40
jussi01you are actually adding whole new factoids, channel specific ones22:41
Nafallosounds like export the database, diff what's new, get them translated, run a sed on the column, import ;-)22:41
* Nafallo feels geeky :-P22:42
jussi01Nafallo: meh22:43
jpdsubot2|5's db gets synced and overriden every 12 hours.22:43
ubot2jpds: Error: I am only a bot, please don't think I'm intelligent :)22:43
jpdsHowever I think there's a way to create multiple dbs.22:44
jussi01we could simply add the -se factoids to ubottu and theyll sync across...22:44
jpdsplugins/Encyclopedia/README.txt: seems to suggest that there can only be one db per bot..22:46
Nafallojpds: you're supposed to be asleep ;-)22:47
Nafalloat least I thought you said you were going to bed :-P22:47
jpdsI checked IRC for a sec.22:47
NafalloPhilip5: vi far se vad yeager sager forst kanske ;-)22:54
NafalloPhilip5: du kan prata med honom, for jag behover duscha && sova22:54
johanbrPhilip5, Nafallo: nån sorts bot vore bra att ha. Men jag vet inte hur det görs på bäst sätt.23:05
Philip5håller med men det hade varit kul om den kunde körts på svenska i vår svenska kanal... men det verkar vara ett önsketänkande23:05
purity^Nafallo, hade vi inte en sån bot för ett tag sedan?23:07
Philip5han gick för att duscha och sussa23:07
johanbri den ordningen, får man hoppas :)23:11

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